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Blow me (one last kiss)

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The Bellas have been going to these retreat every year now. It was a way for them to keep in touch with Aubrey whilst also practicing their team-building.

Aubrey had started directing the lodge the week after her graduation. Her uncle passed it on to her knowing she would take great care of it. She was a Posen after all. It was kind of stressful at first but nothing Aubrey couldn't handle, she had to make her father proud. That is if he even noticed her in the first place. She had fun bossing people around and her favorite time of the year was spring break. The week spent bossing around her favorite victims. The Bellas!

Her eyes were unable to close when the clock hit 5am, the excitement taking over her need to sleep as the idea of spending time with her friends again made her feel restless. So she got out of her bed on her way to make some coffee knowing she would need it for what she had planned. After dressing up and getting some official director stuff done she sat on a bench facing the lodge entrance through which the Barden Bella's tour bus would appear. A newspaper in one hand and a coffee sitting in the other as she checked the time knowing full well that they would be at least 30 min late. That was unless someone other than Fat Amy was driving.

The tour bus entered her peripheral vision 25 minutes later. A new record for them and what made it even more surprising was the fact that Amy was actually the one driving!

She stood up taking a few steps towards the bus now coming to an alt. She tried making a strict face as to assert her dominance right away. Her body reacting a completely different way as soon as the new girl stepped out of the bus. The previous Bella leader had to pull at the scarf around her neck to make sure she could breath fine after choking a little on her saliva. She couldn't help but stare at the cutie.

Her mind shot back to reality as she felt herself being tackled by Chloe. The rest of the girls following soon after she had hit the ground.

"BREE!!! We missed you so freaking much!" the ginger said not letting go the tiniest bit. And to be honest Aubrey didn't really mind, she too had missed her friend a whole lot. Chloe's head shot up in realization when her brain processed that she was able to tackle the blonde so easily. Usually her best friend would've at least put up a little bit of a fight as not to make it to easy for her former Bella sister. "What's in your mind?"

Aubrey felt her face redden a bit at the idea of being caught staring. The blush creeping in her cheeks would've gone by unnoticed if the person looking at her was anyone but Chloe. "What are you talking about? I'm just happy to see you!"

"oh so you're happy to see me? That's weird I didn't feel anything." Chloe raised a single eyebrow proud of her sexual innuendo.

"No you freak get off of me I can't breath you're choking me." Aubrey answered playfully hoping Chloe would drop the subject. Right as she was getting off the ground she noticed the expression on Chloe's face and stopped her immediately. "I swear to God Beale if you make a choking joke I'm gonna torture you this week". The threat made Chloe close her mouth with a smug look, the ginger not willing to do all the dirty work just for a sex joke.

Aubrey stood up and wiped the dirt out of her clothe ready to greet her friends. She gave a friendly hug to all of them until she arrived in front of Emily, the Legacy Chloe had texted her about. Aubrey didn't know much about her, just that she was a Junk and was highly motivated. The blonde introduced herself as a formality knowing that the other Bellas had probably explained to her who she was. She then gave the taller girl a shy hug before she could introduce herself too. "Hi! My name's Emily Junk! I can't wait to get to know you. My mom was so happy when you became the new captain after Alice graduated. She could never stand the girl, a true bully." Emily spoke fast clearly excited and a little awkward.

Aubrey smiled genuinely happy to hear that. She always had a hard time accepting words of kindness and Emily seemed full of them." Oh thank you this is nice to hear but I fear that I wasn't really a good captain the following year. But your two captains here taught me how to be a good Bella sister." Chloe and Beca smiled at that, knowing that Aubrey had to work hard on herself in order to improve. But Chloe's gaze seemed more knowing, as if she was starting to see something the others weren't.

Amy broke the moment to ask the same question as every year. "So we gonna sleep on real beds this time? We're seniors we deserve better back support."

Aubrey rolled her eyes not surprised by the question. She did make different sleeping arrangements than last time though. "Listen up Bellas! I'm gonna show you to your bed for the next week. I thought that everyone sharing a tent with Amy's farts was kinda cruel and so I'm sparing you the nightmare this time. I'm gonna give you 5 tents so you're gonna have to share it with only one person." The older woman explained on her way to their sleeping ground not missing the difference between Emily's happy expression and Amy's moody one.

" Still no bed?? I'm warning whichever one of you is gonna be sleeping in my tent, I'm using her as my mattress." Amy scared off the others knowing that would grant her a tent for herself.

The girls agreed quite quickly on who was gonna spent the night with who.
Of course Ashley and Jessica shared a tent seeing as both girls were attached by the hip.

Flo and Stacie had both decided on sharing a tent because Flo was kinda scared of Lilly and Stacie preffered not to sleep with Cynthia-Rose following last year's events. That left CR and Lilly in a tent together.

Beca and Chloe agreed on sharing a tent fast enough but unfortunately that left Emily with only one choice.. Amy.

Chloe, clearly worried for her friend offered her a spot in their own tent. Beca looked annoyed but Aubrey knew it wasn't because she didn't like Emily, the small brunette just wanted some time alone with her ginger friend. Emily seemed oblivious to that and hugged Chloe in rocognition.

The director gave them time to mount their tent while she answered a few calls regarding the lodge's care.

About 30 minutes later Aubrey thought she had given the Bellas enough time to mount their tents but apparently her expectations were a bit too high. She got off her phone and faced some kind of situation. Ashley and Jessica minded their own business already in their tent. Flo and Stacie were still having a hard time building it seeing as the built tent fell down on their heads. CR was yelling at Lilly who had hung their tent from a three to "escape the wrath of bears". And finaly Fat Amy was lying on her still packed tent using it as a mattress trying to convince Legacy to make it for her while Chloe and Beca stopped Emily from actually doing it. The girl seemed too kind for her own good and it kind of made Aubrey's heart melt. But she would never admit that.

After a desperate sigh the woman spoke up to attract attention. "Listen up Aca-Bitches! Those of you whose tent isn't mounted yet will have the occasion to continue after lunch and our first activity. I will make sure you mount your tent yourselves because as much as I love teamwork I would hate to find out that one of you is abusing of another's kindness. " She eyed Amy indicating that the message was directed to her." Because we all know that last year one of the Bellas woke up on her inflatable bed (which I didn't authorize here in the first place) floating in the middle of the lake. I don't think we want to see that happen again? Do we?" She said looking at Amy AGAIN.

Amy spoke up from her comfy looking spot laying without a care in the world. " I still think it was an asshole move from your part Aubrey. I could've asked Jessica to blow my bed too but I didn't. "

" You did though... " the quiet girl spoke for the first time that day.

Amy stood up looking scared "Did you guys hear a voice too? Was that a ghost?"

Aubrey already felt tired of Amy's bullshit but tried to stay positive anyway. "You zip it or I'll make you clean the dry toilets!"

"Well at least we're not shitting in a hole behind the tent now."

"The toilets were always there Amy you just never listen." Chloe said not knowing why cause she knew Amy would just answer with a stupid come back.

Fortunately the director didn't leave time for the girl to answer and blew loudly in her whistle before barking out orders." I want you in ligne ready to march to the kitchen tent. We just got new rations also used by the military. You guys will looove lentils" Aubrey started marching with the other girls following her. A smirk on her face as she hears a bunch of disgusted noises.


Emily was so excited for the retreat. She told her mother about it and how happy she was to finally meet Aubrey. The other Bellas had told her stories about their previous coach and the pictures hanging in the Bella house were telling just as much. She had always kind of admired the previous captain more than some others even though her mom had told her just as much about many of them.

She had prepared for the trip watching YouTube videos about camping and survival skills, wanting to give the other woman a good first impression.

When the day finaly came she seemed restless and prepared her whole introduction speech in her head sitting in the bus while listening to some songs she had recorded in her room. She felt ready but immediately knew she wasn't the second she stepped out and locked eyes with the most beautiful woman she had ever seen in her entire life. Nothing could prepare her for that. She regained awareness when she realized that Aubrey was being tackled to the ground by her fellow sisters. After a few words exchange she saw them all stand up and took her chance. She searched in her head for the introduction speech she had prepared but couldn't find it. Before she knew it Aubrey was already introducing herself. But she didn't need to, Emily already knew a lot about her and she almost cringed at the thought of crossing the stalking line.

And then she spoke back, fast and full of excitement. The words already forgotten as soon as they left her mouth. Aubrey replied to the younger girl but she was too flustered to retain a single word. Amy broke the conversation unknowingly saving the brunette from an awkward silence between the two.

By the time she had gained her composure back all of the other girls were looking at Amy and Aubrey's interaction. In that moment she was more than happy for the lack of attention, noticing a bulge forming in her pants. She was used to hiding and had worn her constricted pair of boxer but none had ever turned her on that much, making it noticeable for others. The blonde started speaking with an authority in her voice that didn't help Emily's case. Fortunately the walk to their camping grounds arranged the situation and Emily could now rest easy again.

The brunette was grateful when Chloe said she could sleep in their tent but she felt kind of awkward too. In all of those years she had managed to keep her secret quite easily but sharing a tent in the woods with her friends was gonna be a though one. The Bellas always did kind of liked changing in front of each other and Emily admired their ability to just not care about stuff like that.

That wasn't the only problem. Emily was a big time bloe shipper and didn't want to third wheel the entire week. Everyone could see that Chloe and Beca loved each other even if they themselves couldn't see it. She thought the week could've been the occasion for them to make light of their feelings. That's the reason she almost considered sharing a tent with Amy but she changed her mind again when the older girl tried to make her all the dirty work. She could built that tent quite easily and fast but didn't just out of principle.

Thankfully Aubrey came to the rescue and defended her. If the younger girl had to be honest she would admit liking the blonde more and more every second she was near her.

During lunch the girls sat on logs placed on a circle, the soup heating up above a fire. The legacy sat next to Beca since she felt comfortable with her and Chloe the most. What she didn't expect was to feel Aubrey sitting close to her on the very same log. The brunette looked at the older girl and could already feel her cheeks redden.

"There isn't much space is it?" Aubrey said to ease the tension.

"It's not much but it is enough for both our cute little butts." Panick! It's all Emily felt in that instant. Her mouth had a mind of its own apparently and why the hell would it say that?

Thankfully Aubrey laughed wholeheartedly and... Was that a blush Emily could see on those beautiful cheeks? No it couldn't. " You're cute you know that?" The blond made intense eyecontact after speaking with a sultry voice.

That was it. Emily was a DEAD woman. She could pass out right there right then if it didn't mean humiliating herself in front of a pretty lady. Unfortunately her body found another way to humiliate her and it was too late.

Her moves were swift as she grabbed a tray to put over her lap but the movement had only brought more attention to her lap and judging by the look on Aubrey's face, she's scared the woman may have caught a glimpse of what was actually happening down there. The blonde's face was even more red and she got cut off as she was about to open her mouth.

"hey Bree you okay?" Beca's words snapped her right out of her trans.

"yeah looks like you've been sitting a little too close to this fire. Your face is aaaall red." Chloe smirked knowing damn well the blonde was getting a crush on Legacy.

"Yeah I guess you're right. I'm gonna put some water on my face and I'll tell the guys the get the activity ready. I'll be joining you after I make those preparations." Aubrey stood up quickly not looking anywhere near Emily.

The action put Emily in a state of high anxiety and quickly the girl's thoughts were spiraling" Had she seen it? What a dumb question of course she had seen it. But what did she think? She ran so she must be disgusted. She probably thinks I'm repulsive. Or even creepy getting hard in front of her like that. Oh my god how could I have let this happen. "


Aubrey was now power walking to the bathroom in her cabin to" refresh herself". she sent a quick text to her employees asking them to prepare the activity for the Bellas.

"oh my fucking God" she thought to herself once she reached the bathroom.

This sweet sweet girl was already beautiful and she would've eaten her all up anytime given the occasion. But what she had just witnessed surprised her to no end. Her body reacted so strongly she swore she could've came just from the realization of what was happening down there.

The feeling of burning making itself more and more present in the pit of her stomach was only gonna go away one way. Aubrey really couldn't go back out there without taking care of it.

So she laid a hand on the sink counter, gripping it in a way that would give her balance while the other undid her belt and her pants ready to enter her heat. The knowledge that the younger girl was hard for her was what turned her on the most.

A slender finger slipped in between the blonde's lips, teasing herself a bit before really getting into it. She thought of how a simple sentence could provoke such a reaction and gasped as her finger was now entering herself.

Knowing she would have to get out there soon enough, she stopped waisting any time and added a second finger into herself as to reach her climax quicker. A loud moan came out of her mouth when she started circling her thumb over her clit.

She kept pounding the fingers quicker and quicker into herself thinking of how the brunette probably wanted to do the same to her. That is if she'd read that one big signal correctly.

Now leaning her entire forearm on the counter to ground herself, the woman imagined what the brunette's appendage would feel like inside of her. Hips rocking more and more against her own hand Aubrey finaly came with a loud moan and a whine.

The blonde wasn't really one to make noise while she had sex or touched herself but in that moment she couldn't help herself.

After her hips had rocked one last time, she cleaned herself and washed her hands quickly. Checking her face in the mirror to be sure she was ready to get back out there.

She started walking towards the girls already looking at the small parkour trail. Her excuse already prepared in her mind she joined the girls ready for questions.

"hey you okay hon?" Chloe smirked looking at the blonde.

"yeah yeah I'm fine. I guess the fire and the general heat combined weren't that good of an idea in the first place. All I needed was a wet towel." Aubrey hoped she wasn't gonna get anymore questions on that subject and was ready to move on.

At that moment Beca spoke up." oh so that explains the humidity on your forehead. Your hair is all stuck to it. "

" well yes and I did jogg on my way back here." while speaking to Beca. Aubrey tried to sneak a glance Emily's way but the girl was clearly avoiding her gaze. A shame, the blonde loved looking into those beautiful eyes.
" Anyway we're gonna start with the basics. You're gonna do a riff off while helping each other through this trail. I'll be giving you a category while also forcing you to keep going."

Aubrey brought her whistle to her lips when Flo said "oh god no not the whist-"

"Phwwwwwwwwwt" the loud noise made all of the girls groan in pain. "Your first category is..." Aubrey managed to look Emily in the eyes. "Songs about fantasies!"

All the girls started running and singing immediately, their stamina not yet exhausted. Except for Emily, it took her a few seconds to start moving. A few seconds during which she intensely stared at Aubrey.


Like a dear in headlights. That's what Emily must've looked like standing there, frozen in front of Aubrey. The younger girl panicked and started running, still feeling the green eyes on her. Thankfully the physical effort distracted her for a while, even though the songs kept bringing her mind back to the older woman.

She sneaked a look towards the director from time to time, hoping not to get caught. She didn't know what she was really looking for but just something, something to soothe her worry. She stopped when she realized that it was useless, the woman hiding her emotions too well.

Overall she was handling everything quite well but her voice was still a bit off. Not much but just enough for Beca and Chloe to notice.

After a loud whistle the Bellas came to a stop, all breathing hard happy to finaly be over with it. Then Aubrey spoke up "All right! That was very good for a first day"

"for a first day? We were GREAT" Cynthia Rose retorqued

"Well to be honest we did sound a bit tired from all that CARDIO!" Beca made herself heard. Still hating that part of acapella singing. When Aubrey left the brunette had convinced Chloe, her co-captain, to do less cardio. "Legacy did sound a bit off though."

Aubrey rose a single eyebrow at that. "what do you mean she sounded perfect?"

"Oh no yeah yeah she sounded great but usually she sounds even better" Beca explained also looking at Emily to make herself understood. "you okay kiddo?"

In that moment Chloe reacted and made faces at Beca behind the younger girl, signaling her that she should drop the subject. The redhead having caught up with what was happening between the two girls, before them even.

Emily answered Beca with the most basic excuse ever "Well I guess it's just the fatigue from the bus ride at such an early time. And I'm not used to this, you guys do it every year." None questioned the brunette, the excuse being quite legitimate.

"Well I think all of you deserve a nice shower, then you can finish setting up your camping grounds. I'm not gonna be too hard on you for your first day."
The director was happy to see her friends again and just wanted to enjoy spending time with them for the first day.

They all cheered, ready to get clean before resting and started walking towards the showers outside the lodge. Aubrey and Emily walking next to each other not really on purpose or even realizing it, they were like magnets.

"Still got those horrible outside shower? I wouldn't mind an upgrade. At least something with a cover." Beca said knowing damn well she wasn't gonna get the answer she wanted.

That remark made the younger girl stiffen. She would have to shower with the other girls, which she had always managed to avoid till that moment. Before she could start panicking too much she heard whispering in her left hear.

"You can shower in my cabin, I'll find you an excuse for now." The blonde said acting as calm as ever looking in front of her as if they weren't even speaking. "But you'll need one that last the week eventually."

The brunette sighed reassured, closing her eyes with relieve. And then she opened them quick. "oh... OH so you... Eh you saw that earlier"

The older woman finaly looked into hazel eyes "Don't worry your secret is safe with me." she said as she passed her keys on to the brunette.

"thank you sooooo much, I'll find a long term excuse. Just say that I felt sick or something like that." Emily's spoke fast and with gratitude as she started walking backwards on her way to the cabin. She then turned around and started jogging.

"Why is legacy running away?" lily spoke quietly. She was the only one observant enough to see the girl leaving but mentioning it brought attention to the newest Bella currently running in another direction.

Aubrey had learned how to handle stress but she was still a really anxious person. That's why words left her mouth before she could even think about what she was gonna say. "She's gonna throw up!" all of the bellas were looking at her quizzically so she kept going. "She told me she wasn't feeling well so I gave her my keys so she could take a bath in my cabin. I don't know how long it's gonna last, we have a great medic here who will help don't worry."

Chloe then said "But she's never sick? She got sick once and I swear we thought she was gonna die on the spot. You should really go check on her."

"You should even make an exception for her. Let her sleep in a cabin if she's not feeling well" Beca said with multiple intentions, both wanting to help the younger girl and wanting some alone time with her long time crush in the tent.

The director saw the way the smaller girl looked at the redhead and knew what her intentions really were. She decided brush it over for now and started walking to her cabin. "I'll meet you at the camping ground with some food, get the fire prepped after your shower. And please don't burn the woods!" her hands were placed together as if she was praying, she knew of fast the bellas could fuck things up.

"Aye aye captain!" CR yelled out!


Once she opened the door to Aubrey's cabin, Emily was met with a small and minimalist appartement-like living room / kitchen. It wasn't a surprise that Aubrey was a practical woman but she still expected something bigger or fancier. The lodge wasn't exactly a "small business". The smell though didn't disappoint, the entire place smelled like Aubrey and she loved it.

Aware that she didn't have all the time in the world, she cleared her mind and headed for the bathroom.

The younger woman happily dropped her clothes ready to get the stink off of her. Today had been a busy day running and singing in the mud and she couldn't wait to get in a hot bath. She tried to spare Aubrey's bathroom of any dirt the best she could while the bath was running. A loud sigh came out of her mouth the second her skin had touched the hot water and she sank into it with her eyes closed letting the heat surround her body.

Outside the bathroom a door could be heard being opened, Emily guessed it was the owner of the cabin checking in on her. Knowing that the blonde was waiting for the younger woman made her speed up and regret taking a bath instead of a quick shower. The moment she stepped out of the bath another problem occured to her, and the only thing she could do was ask for Aubrey's help so she opened the door slightly making sure that only her head could be seen and she cleared her throat. "Um excuse me Aubrey... It seems i have forgotten about my dirty clothes situation, i have absolutely nothing to wear at the moment."

"Shit Em i didn't think about it either, i'll go get you a bathrobe from my room." Bonde hair could be seen leaving in another room so Emily closed the door and waitaid against the wall next to it. She heard knuckles knock ont he door and saw a single arm handing her a bathrobe from in between the door. She put it on and did a quick knot around her waist before coming out of the mist filled bathroom.

"Thanks Aubrey, you don't know how much all of this means to me." The taller woman said voice full of grattitude towards her new found crush.

"Oh no don't worry about it it's really nothing." The woman said adverting her eyes, fighting a strong urge to stare at the beautiful woman whose long legs and collarbones were showing. "I told the others you were sick and apparently you're never sick and when you are you seem on the verge of death so they want you to sleep in a real bed. The only other cabins are for employees and none of them are free so i'm gonna let you take my bed, I'll sleep on the couch." Emily tried to protest but Aubrey wasn't having any of it at the moment. "No you can't try to bargain with me, we'll eventualy find another excuse for the week, if you're sick you can't participate in any of the activities and you don't want to spend all of your time in here."

"Thank you so much, I really thought i had scared you off earlier. that's why i never told any of them, I'm scared they'll threat me differently if they knew." Hazel eyes were looking at the ground not daring to cross the other woman's gaze.

"Oh my sweet  Emily, none in their right mind could be repulsed by you." Aubrey's left hand carressed Emily's right cheek to make her look into her eyes, observing the wetness growing in them. "You're a beautiful young woman and you're kind, your private parts don't change any of that." The blonde's other hand came up to hold the girls's face, gentle palms meeting soft cheeks.

Emily closed her eyes  for a few seconds trying to keep her tears from falling. "I've been hiding it for so long, none but my parents knows and i never realized how much it affected me." A small sob came out of the young woman's mouth. "I've always been thought how to hide it and never how to embrace myself."

The blonde's heart was aching for the younger woman, so she did the only thing she could, she hugged Emily and let her cry her feelings out. At first Emily was surprised but she hugged back, hugged harder. The embrace was thight and gave Emily all that she needed in that moment, support. She cried and sobbed, letting it all go not caring anymore of what the other woman thought of her, she knew she was here for her and that's all she cared about.

After a few minutes Emily wasn't crying anymore, but Aubrey's arms were too comforting, she never wanted to leave but she had to eventually. So she did, slowly, only moving her head from the crook between Aubrey's shoulder and neck, letting her forehead rest against the blonde's. Once she opened her eyes, crisp green ones were already staring at her, not pitiful or judging, they were understanding and supporting. So much was said in a simple gaze, that's all they needed to close the gap between their mouths. Slow at first, they felt frozen, barely moving and enjoying each other's touch. Soft lips moving against one another while they kept holding each other, not wanting to let go.