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“Where d’you wanna eat?” Nicole questioned as she pulled the passenger’s side door open of her black Dodge Charger for Waverly. 

“I don’t care.”

“Yes, you do.” Nicole shut the door and walked around the front, climbing in her own side and starting the car. She looked towards Waverly with a warning raise of her brows.  “Either you pick or I will.”

“Noo,” Waverly whined as she grabbed her wrist and gave it a little shake.

Nicole pulled out of the parking space she was in, moving her hand off of the shifter and dropping it on Waverly’s thigh with a squeeze. “Then pick.” 

Waverly let out a heavy sigh with a hint of a shake as she stared down at her hand for a moment. “. . . There’s a really good pizza place on 12th Avenue.”

Nicole pulled up to the exit of the parking lot, looking towards her with a little grin. “You can’t go wrong with pizza.” 

They drove through the city before turning down 12th Avenue and pulling up to the pizza place. Nicole parked and looked towards Waverly, and she met Nicole’s eyes, swallowing a little under her gaze. Nicole furrowed her brow a bit, tipping her head at her. “You ok?”

She quickly nodded with a smile. “I’m great.” 

Nicole stared at her for a few more seconds before nodding and climbing out of the car. “If you say so.” 

Waverly climbed out of the car even though Nicole was on her way around to get the door for her, and she watched her halt in front of the car. She closed the door and walked around the car, catching Nicole’s wrist before they could head inside. “Ok, wait.”

Nicole turned towards her, furrowing her brows in question. “What?”

“I just . . .” She let out a breath as she raised her hands to gently grab her face. Nicole’s features softened, and she smiled a little against her palms. “I need to stare at you for a minute.”

“Why?” Nicole asked softly.

“I just do, don’t question my motives.”

Nicole sighed, relaxing her face in her hands. “I mean, I don’t blame you.” Waverly threw her a look as she dropped her hands, and Nicole let out a chuckle. Waverly stared up at her for a few more seconds, and Nicole’s brows furrowed again. She raised a hand to trace her thumb across her cheekbone. “. . . Are you sure you’re ok?”

Waverly wrapped her fingers around her forearm for a moment before pulling her hand off as she stepped forward to bury her face in her chest. Nicole wrapped her arms around her middle, hugging her even tighter than she was. She slowly ran a hand up and down Waverly’s back before she raised her head and looked up at Nicole with scared eyes. “Tell me this is ok,” she mumbled just above a whisper. 

“That what’s ok, Wave?”

“That . . . That what we just did is ok. That I didn’t, like, fuck everything up.” 

Nicole shook her head. “You didn’t fuck anything up.” She slowly stepped back from her. “Did I fuck everything up?”

“I don’t think so,” Waverly mumbled. 

Nicole slowly stepped back forward. “Ok . . . What’s going on? I don’t-” 

Waverly leaned back against the hood of the car and covered her face with her hands, letting out a groan. “I don’t know!” She looked up at Nicole. “I- Nic, I don’t do this- I mean, c’mon, I work at a bar, so I sleep around every once in a while, but- I don’t do this with people I actually know. Usually it’s people I’ve known for, like, two hours. And we’ve known each other for a month now, we talk all the time, we were, like, friends. So now . . . Now it’s different. I mean, duh, I need you to finish the tattoo, but I also just . . . I don’t wanna lose you, and-”


Waverly lifted her head that she had dropped at some point, now seeing that Nicole was standing in front of her with her hands on her arms.

“Breathe,” Nicole whispered with raised brows. “Everything’s fine.” 


“Breathe,” Nicole repeated. “. . . If you don’t want to do this-”

“I do, that’s the thing!” 

“Ok,” she mumbled, moving to lean back against the car hood beside her. “. . . Then we’ll figure it out, alright?”


“I dunno.”

“Well, that’s helpful.”

“Wave,” Nicole huffed. “Tell me what you want.”

Waverly looked over at her, pushing off the car hood and moving to stand in front of her between her knees. Nicole lifted her hands to rest on her hips, pulling her closer with a small tug and tipping her head. Waverly dropped her hands to Nicole’s thighs, picking at one of the rips on her black skinny jeans. “. . . How many girls are you seeing right now?”

Nicole’s eyes shot open, and she let out a surprised laugh. “I really don’t think you wanna know the answer to that.” 



“M’kay, so it's a lot.” 

Nicole let out a hum, but she shrugged as her thumb toyed with the loop of Waverly’s jean shorts. “I could make it only one, if you want?”

“Me?” Waverly questioned.

“No,” Nicole grumbled sarcastically. 

“Would you really?”

“If that’s what you want,” she mumbled.

Waverly looked down, moving her hands to the bottom hem on the sides of her flannel. “I mean . . . I guess.”

“You guess?” 

Waverly tugged on her flannel with a groan. “Cole, I don’t know what I want!” 

“Yes, you do. You’re just not saying it.” 

Waverly threw her a look, but she pursed her lips. “Ok . . . So, like, we don’t sleep with other people. But right now we’re not . . .”

Nicole shook her head. “No, we’re just . . . yeah.” 


Nicole smiled with a nod, leaning forward and pressing a quick peck to her lips. “Great. Now pizza.” 

Waverly pushed off her with a giggle, and Nicole grabbed her wrist as she passed her, dragging her towards the entrance. 


«» «» «»


“Stop.” Nicole smacked Waverly’s hand away before she could open her own car door, doing it for her. 

Waverly rolled her eyes with a laugh. “You really want brownie points, don’t you?” 

“I’m trying to be polite.” 

“Coming from the one who had their hand wrapped around my throat two hours ago.”

“Alright-” Nicole shut the door on her, hearing her laughing inside the car. She shook her head as she walked around to the driver’s side, climbing in and buckling up. “You’re a brat, you know that?”

Waverly giggled, setting the box of leftover pizza on the floor and shifting towards Nicole as she trailed her fingers down her arm. “I’m well aware.” Nicole sighed, shifting out of park and turning back in the direction of Celestial Ink. 

Lunch had gone good in their eyes. After their somewhat uncomfortable parking lot predicament, they were less stiff and were able to act normal around each other like they usually did. Now the plan was to head back to the tattoo shop, get a new stencil put on, and then Nicole would finish up the outline on her tattoo. 

Well, that was the plan. 

Now the plan was to find out why there were eight cop cars lining the street outside of the shop. 

“What in the fuck?” Nicole muttered under her breath as she pulled into the parking lot and stopped, not even bothering to find a parking spot before shoving the car into park and flinging her seatbelt off. “Stay here.” 


“Stay here, Waverly,” she repeated as she jumped out of the car and shut the door, jogging across the parking lot to where the cops were standing by the door with a huge older redheaded man. He was just in a black band t-shirt and black jeans with chains hanging from all of the pockets, so Waverly could see that both of his arms and his neck were covered in tattoos. His hair was slicked back and he had a pretty full beard, which didn’t help in making him look any less scary.

So yeah, Domino looked like he could knock anyone and everyone down.

Waverly hit the button on her window and rolled it down a crack so she could hear what they were saying, but she wished she hadn’t after a moment. 

“What the hell is happening?” Nicole questioned as she pushed through the cops to get to her father. 

“Where the fuck have you been?!” Domino shouted, throwing his arms out. “I called you nine times!”

Nicole dug her phone out of her pocket, seeing the nine missed calls and a million texts that she had missed since she had put her phone on silent when they sat down to eat. “I was getting lunch and my ringer was off- What happened?” 

She stepped away from him to look through the door, but Domino grabbed her arm and yanked her back towards him. “Someone broke into the fucking shop.” 

Her eyes shot out of her skull. “What?! We were just here!”


Nicole swallowed a bit, realizing she had just let it slip that she had, in fact, been there even though she had told her father the day before she wasn’t going to be working any overtime over the weekend. “Yeah . . .”

Domino glared down at her for a few long seconds. “I’m gonna beat your ass, you know that? Leavin’ all the lights on, leavin’ the door unlocked, movin’ shit around in your studio and shit, makin’ me think someone’s been in there.” 

“Wait, so no one broke in?” she questioned. 

“You broke in!” he shouted. “You told me you weren’t gonna be here, and you weren’t when I stopped by to grab some shit, so I thought someone had!” 

“I’m sorry!”

“Good! ‘Cause you bet your ass you’re-” Domino stopped, narrowing his eyes at her as he grabbed her jaw and turned her head to the side, poking one of the hickeys on her neck. 

She pushed his hand back with a glare. “Don’t.”

“Did you have sex in my shop?”

“No,” she mumbled.


She let out a huffed whine. “Can I just finish the outline on this piece? Please?”

Domino glared at her before moving around her. “Don’t move.” 

Nicole sighed, slumping back against the wall of the shop as she watched him apologize and then send all of the cops on their way. It took a minute for them to clear, and he turned back around and slowly walked towards her with his arms crossed. He stopped in front of her, staring down at her for a few long seconds. “. . . Is she fine?” 

“Bad as hell.”

He smirked wide, and Nicole rolled her eyes with a grin. “You gonna break her heart, too, like you do with the rest?” 

She raised her brows at him before slowly shaking her head. “I think she’s gonna break mine.”

“Oh god,” Domino muttered. “Treat her right then, Cole.”

“I plan to.”

“Good.” He shifted back from her, and she pushed off the wall to stand up straight. He looked over his shoulder at the Charger in the parking lot, looking back down at Nicole. “She ain’t gotta hide in the car, ya know?”

“I told her to stay there,” Nicole mumbled, pulling her phone out again and shooting Waverly a text. 

Nic: u can come over now, he don’t bite

Waverly dropped her phone into her pocket and let out a slow breath, pushing the car door open and stepping out. She pushed her hands through her hair a few times as she walked over, slowing to a stop next to Nicole. She looked up at Domino with a little smile, putting her hand out. “Hi.”

He smiled as he shook her hand, and Waverly quickly realized who Nicole had gotten the dimples from. “Domino.”

And the eyes.

And the nose.

“Waverly.” She dropped her hand when he released her’s, looping it around Nicole’s and hugging her arm to her chest. Nicole looked down at her with a soft smile, giving her hand an assuring squeeze when she interlocked their fingers. 

“So you’re the one that was munchin’ on my kid’s neck, huh?”


Waverly’s face went tomato red as her eyes widened, but Nicole’s gave her a tug as she started for the front door. 

“You don’t have to answer that,” she mumbled, pulling the door open and touching the small of Waverly’s back to coax her in first. She walked in behind her, walking straight over to the thermal-fax and getting another stencil made for Waverly’s tattoo. 

Domino wandered over to where Nicole was, taking the stencil from her hand the second she grabbed it. She looked up at him, and he smiled down at her, giving her shoulder a squeeze. “That’s good, Kid.” 

“I know, right?”

He rolled his eyes at her, handing it back to her. “That’s a big ass piece, though. Where’s it going? Her hip ‘n thigh?” 

“More like waist to hip to thigh,” Nicole sighed, catching Waverly’s eye and nodding towards her studio. “I’ve only got about three hours left, though. I got a lot done earlier.” 

“Before you two defiled my tattoo shop?” 

“Dude, I was literally conceived in this tattoo shop, shut up.”

Domino laughed, following her as they headed towards the studio. “You were, but still. Never again or I’m givin’ you all the tattoo virgins that come in for the next year.” 

“Oh god, please no,” Nicole begged. 

Domino shrugged, leaning back against the door frame of Nicole’s studio. “Then save the nasty for after tattooing after you leave. Capiche?” 

“Yeah, ok.” Nicole grabbed a pair of gloves and pulled them on. “You can go now.” 

“You sure I don’t need to babysit and make sure you’re not gonna-”

“I’m gonna call Mom,” Nicole warned. 

His eyes widened a bit, and he put his hands up as he pushed off the doorframe. “Ok, I’m going.” 

“Thank you,” she grumbled as she got her tattoo machine ready. “Goodbye, Father.” 

“Goodbye, Child. Nice meetin’ you, Waverly.” 

“You, too,” she said from the chair with a smile. He gave them both a wave before getting whatever he needed and heading out the door. 

Nicole waited until she heard the front door shut to let out a heavy breath with a shake of her head, looking up at Waverly with a sigh, “He’s a lot, I’m sorry.” 

Waverly laughed with a shake of her head, standing up when Nicole signalled for her to. She wiggled her shorts off and tossed them onto the floor, looking down at her partially-completed outline. “He seems fun, Nic. It’s fine.”

“Fun is an interesting adjective,” she mumbled, pulling the plastic off of it that she had put on there before they left. 

Waverly shook her head at her. “You’re just mad he embarrassed you.”

“I am, you’re right,” she said with a little laugh, pulling the tie on the side of her bottoms. 

“Are you gonna shove your fingers in me this time?” Waverly questioned as she kicked them off.

“Not right now, no.” She smirked a little as she gently cleaned her leg off. “Maybe later.” 

Waverly grinned, slowly pushing her fingers through Nicole’s hair and meeting her eyes when she looked up at her. “I’m down for that.”


«» «» «»


And she had stuck her fingers in her. 

Multiple times through the entirety of that night. 

Now, though, it had been about a month since Waverly had gotten the outline finished on her tattoo, and she was super pumped to get the shading done. She had practically been counting down the days over the past week, and now it was finally the Saturday that they were going to knock it out. 

It wasn’t like she hadn’t seen Nicole since the last session. They had actually been seeing each other a lot over the past month. 

Like, a lot lot. 

It wasn’t always initially for sex. A lot of the times it was, yeah, but if it wasn’t a planned meeting, there was usually some sex that ended up happening anyway.

Sometimes they would just meet up to go get some food.

And then they’d end up either at the other’s house or cramming themselves into a car.

Sometimes they’d just want to hang out and do whatever.

And they’d end up whatevering in one of their beds.

So yeah. They had a lot of sex. Even when they hadn’t planned on it. 

On occasion they would just hang out because they truly did enjoy one another’s company, so it wasn’t like they were going at it like rabbits every time they made eye contact. 

It was just more like . . . every other time they made eye contact. 

And, in all honesty, they were both completely happy with their relationship with one another. 

Waverly put her Jeep in park and grabbed the coffees from the cup holders. She climbed out and headed for Celestial Ink’s entrance, hooking the handle with her arm and pulling it open. She scanned her eyes around the front, cocking a brow when she didn’t see Nicole anywhere. “Nic?” 


She poked her head into her studio, seeing that there was some stuff set up, but Nicole wasn’t in there. She walked towards the back, pushing the back door open and looking out, smiling when she saw Nicole leaning back against the wall. 

Waverly flicked her eyes up and down her body, seeing her booted foot hitched up against the wall and the cigarette she was pulling from her lips. Waverly licked her lips and let the door close behind her as she stepped out, and Nicole tossed the cigarette and took the coffee she handed over. “Hey.”

Waverly hummed, raising a brow at her. “You know I don’t kiss you with cigarette breath.”

Nicole sighed, chugging down a couple of sips of coffee before grabbing her hip and pulling her closer. “Better?”

Waverly slid her hand onto her chest under her black leather jacket with a smile. “Mhm.” 

“Mhm.” Nicole leaned down into a kiss, and Waverly fisted her hand into her white t-shirt. “You ready for today?” 

“Yeah. Are you?”

“Let’s hope so,” Nicole said with a little chuckle in between kisses. She pulled back with a sigh after a few more seconds, taking a step back from her. “Alright, c’mon.” 

Waverly let out a groan, but she followed her back inside. “But why?” 

“‘Cause this shit is gonna take me all day,” Nicole answered as she headed into her studio. “We can do that later.” 

Waverly let out a grumble, taking a pull of her coffee before setting it down on the table by the tattoo chair and kicking her short shorts off. Nicole got everything prepped and ready, and before they knew it, she was working. 

“So what’d you do last night?” Waverly questioned, knowing she had seen a litter of pictures on her Instagram about it. 

“I had a gig downtown,” Nicole answered as she turned to re-dip her needles in the ink. “It was for this Metallica cover band, so I knew all the songs already, but yeah. It was this huge ass bar we were playing at.” 

Waverly let out a hum, wincing a bit when she felt her getting closer and closer to her hip bone. Nicole looked up at her with a little smirk, and Waverly met her eyes. “Don’t even-”

“Does that hurt, Baby?”

Waverly rolled her eyes at her, smacking at her head. “Asshole.” Nicole laughed, and Waverly was going to smack at her again, but she furrowed her brow, shifting a bit and hooking the hem of her jacket and pushing the collar away. She shoved her finger into the rather dark bite mark on her neck, flicking her eyes back up to meet Nicole’s. “Who’s that from?”

“You,” Nicole answered with raised brows. “I feel like I can never show my neck these days.”

“I didn’t do that,” Waverly mumbled, pulling her closer by the chin. “I’d remember if I did.” 

Nicole blinked at her before sitting back. “What’re you tryna say?” Waverly’s eyes went softer as they pulled from her face, and Nicole let out a little tut. “Baby, I told you. I’m not seeing other people.”


“This?” Nicole pulled the collar of her jacket back. “This is from the other night when you got wasted at my place. You kept trying to eat me, so I had to put you to bed and wait until you passed out to climb back on and go to sleep.” 

“Oh,” Waverly mumbled, and Nicole gave her thigh a squeeze with her free hand before continuing. 

She was quiet for a few seconds, and Nicole looked up at her with raised brows. “What, Wave?”

“. . . Are you sure?”

Nicole tipped her head with a little smile. “Would I lie to you?” 

“I dunno.” 

“Put it this way, would I make up the fact that you were basically trying to eat me?”

“That sounds like something I would do,” Waverly mumbled with a little grin. 

“Mhm. You bring out them teeth when you get drunk.”

“Is that why you’re always getting me drunk?” Waverly questioned.

Nicole chuckled through a hum. “Maybe.”

“Mhm, thought so.” 


«» «» «»


Waverly was on her back now that Nicole was finishing up the leaves of the sunflower that were on the top of her thigh, so she was able to watch her as she worked. It had been a long six hours, so they were both glad that she was almost done. 

“How much longer after this one before I can get another?” 

Nicole quickly looked up at her. “You want more?” 

Waverly let out a little huff. “Yeah. Why wouldn’t I? Your shit is beautiful.” 

Nicole tipped her head at her. “You don’t need an excuse to see me anymore, Miss Thing. You know that.” 

“I’m serious!” Waverly said with a whine. “I just want more!” 

Nicole sighed, wiping at her skin before continuing. “Alright, then what d’you want?”

Waverly leaned her head back against the headrest as she thought about it. “Well . . . I’m really into history stuff, especially Roman and Greek Mythology. Something with, like, Juno or Athena or another Goddess would be cool.” 

Nicole nodded in agreement, shifting a bit in her seat when she felt Waverly’s eyes on her. “I dig it. Where, though? Like, are you wanting a sleeve, half-sleeve, maybe even something on your back? If you’d want it smaller, we could do it on your calf or something.”

“We could do it on the top of my back maybe . . . or my other thigh.” 

“Yeah, that’d work, too.”

Waverly shrugged with a sigh. “I dunno. I’ll think about it later.” 

Nicole chuckled with a nod, wiping at her skin again. “That’s probably a better idea.”

It only took about 30 more minutes for Nicole to wrap things up. She sat back and stared at it for a few seconds before leaning back in and touching one little thing up before sitting back again as she looked up at her. “Done.”

“Yeah?” Waverly asked with a grin as Nicole cleaned it off.

“Hell yeah. Finally.” Nicole turned and set the paper towel down, dropping her hands to her lap when she looked back towards her. 

Waverly let out a happy squeal, jumping off the side of the chair and rushing over to the mirror on the wall. Nicole pushed out of her chair and twisted to pop her back before walking over with her arms crossed and standing behind her as she watched her look it over. Waverly met her eyes in the mirror with another squeal, spinning around and grabbing her face to yank her down into a kiss. “It’s so pretty!” 

Nicole steadied herself with her hands on her hips, laughing against her lips. “It’s awesome, ain’t it?” 

Waverly pulled back from her, turning back around and looking it over again to see that it looked just as much like three real sunflowers glued to her leg like it did the first time. “God, Cole, I love it. It’s amazing.”

Nicole hummed with a little grin. “So you gonna pay me or what?”

Waverly shot her a sharp glare in the reflection of the mirror, but Nicole could still see the small smirk that was on her lips. “What’s your preferred payment method?” Waverly questioned as she pulled at the skin on her bottom lip, keeping her eyes locked on Nicole’s in the mirror. 

“Well.” Nicole stepped towards her, grabbing her hips and pulling her straight back against her. She watched her eyes pop open in the mirror, and Nicole dipped her mouth near her ear. “That depends.” 

Waverly’s eyes probably would have widened if she had done that anyway, but the bulge pressed against her lower back had her shook to the goddamn core. 

They had spoken about that and if it was something they both would be into, but Waverly hadn’t expected it now. 

“Oh my god,” she breathed out as her eyes closed. “Nicole Haught, have you been wearing a strap-on all fucking day?”

“Yeah, and it’s felt weird as hell, so it better’ve been worth it.” Nicole grabbed her arm and spun her around, and her lips were on Waverly’s before she even had a chance to look at her. Waverly moaned against her mouth, gripping her arm with one hand as the other dropped to the front of her black jeans and squeezed at the dildo tucked sideways up under her waistband. 

Nicole backed her towards the wall, hooking her hands under her thighs and lifting her to press her back against it. Waverly looped her arms around her neck, tightening her ankles behind her back with a heavy breath when she felt her rock against her. “Cole,” Waverly mumbled, feeling her teeth nip at her lip. “Cole, your dad’s here. We can’t.”

Nicole let out a groan of annoyance, pulling back and pursing her lips. She knew that he had showed up about an hour before to do some weekend paperwork. It had truly thrown a complete wrench in her plans, so now she was still trying to figure out a plan B. 

And she just had. 

Nicole quickly set her down and turned around, chucking her shorts at her. "C'mon, we're leaving." 

Nicole quickly wrapped her tattoo with the intention of doing it properly later, and Waverly got her clothes back on. They were soon peeling out of the tattoo shop, and Nicole grabbed Waverly's wrist as she drug her to the parking lot. 

"Where the hell is your car?" Waverly questioned as she flicked her eyes around the lot in search of the black Dodge Charger. 

Nicole drug her over to a black and crimson Harley Low Rider before grabbing the helmet off the seat and tossing it to her. Waverly looked down at the helmet for a moment before snapping her eyes up to Nicole. "What?" 

"What?" Nicole asked with a laugh, throwing her leg over the seat of the Harley and starting it up. "C'mon." 

"You have a Harley?" 

"Of course I have a Harley, have you met me?" Nicole climbed back off of the bike and grabbed the helmet out of her hands, flipping it around and pulling it onto her head. She strapped the chinstrap and tightened it, giving the side of the helmet a pat. "There." She grabbed Waverly's wrist and pulled her over to the side of the Low Rider, climbing on and putting the jiffy stand up before holding her hand out. "Step on the foot rest and swing your body over." 

Waverly let out a quick breath before grabbing her hand for balance and doing so. She settled on the seat behind her, dropping her hands to Nicole's waist. "Ok, I'm good."

"You sure?" Nicole questioned as she looked back at her over her shoulder. 

"Just don't kill me." 

Nicole laughed, shaking her head as she revved the engine a bit. "Just sit still back there unless we're leaning on a curve and you'll be fine." 

Waverly looped her arms around Nicole's middle, gripping the shirt over her stomach. "If you say so." 

Nicole looked down at Waverly's hands for a second before shaking the feeling of them there off and rolling forward, lifting her feet off the ground as she steered them towards the exit of the parking lot. Waverly gripped onto her a little tighter when they actually turned out onto the road, but she relaxed after a minute when she got used to the feeling. 

Though, she was quick to realize after several minutes that they weren't going in the usual direction of either of their houses. 

"Where the hell are we going?" Waverly questioned over the roar of the motorcycle. 

"The back way," Nicole answered. 

"The back way?" Waverly questioned, widening her eyes when she saw that they were turning down a back road that she had never been on. "Nicole." 

Nicole ignored her, shifting gears on the bike when she sped up. Waverly pressed her body closer against her back and squeezed her even tighter, peeking over her shoulder to see where the hell they were going. 

Nicole slowed down after a few more minutes, and Waverly lifted her head a bit with wide eyes when she felt them roll to a stop along the side of the back road. "Where are we?" she asked with a huff. 

"We're on the back road that leads to my apartment complex," Nicole answered as she shut the Harley off, reaching back and grabbing Waverly's hand. She pulled her around to the front seat as she scooted back, coaxing her up onto her lap. "This way's faster, but I still can't wait any longer." 

Waverly gripped her shoulders tightly as Nicole pulled the helmet off her head and dropped it to the ground beside them, wrapping her legs around her hips. "Is this gonna tip?" she questioned, knowing Nicole had put it up on the kickstand thing. 

"Nah, we're fine," she assured.

"Are you sure?" 

"I'm positive, Baby." She pulled her down into a kiss as she grabbed the tie on the front of Waverly's crop top and undid it. "Everything's fine." 

Waverly pulled from her lips, pulling the sides closed over her bare chest. "Nic, we can't do anything here. Someone's gonna see us." 

"I've gone down this road a million times on days I don't wanna take the city road and I've never seen another car." She cupped Waverly's face, rolling her thumbs across her cheeks. "Just trust me, ok?"

Waverly saw both the assurance and need in her pleading eyes, and she let out a shaky breath, knowing that Nicole was completely sure with everything that they were doing. "Alright," she breathed out, pushing at the leather jacket she had on and getting it off of her. "I trust you." 

Nicole grinned, wiggling out of it and setting it back against the end of the motorcycle. Her hand wrapped around Waverly’s jaw and pulled her down into a kiss, and she palmed her ass with the other hand. Waverly pressed her hips forward, letting out a shaky breath against her lips when she felt the bulge in her pants again. 

Nicole dropped her hands to her chest, giving them a squeeze before sliding her hands down to her sides as she slipped her tongue through her lips. Waverly continued to grind against her lap, and she soon felt both of Nicole’s hands on her ass coaxing her movements. She moaned against her mouth, following Nicole’s head as it tipped back. She grabbed Nicole’s chin and forced her head back down, and Nicole growled, shooting her hand up to grip around her throat as she met her dark eyes with a warning glare. 

Waverly’s hand went to the buckle of her belt at the same time that Nicole hooked her fingers around the hem of her shorts. Waverly scooted back off her lap, sitting back against the front seat as she lifted her hips and got her shorts down. Nicole grabbed them, getting Waverly to lift her legs so she could pull them off. She set the shorts and bikini bottoms behind her on the back of the motorcycle, pressing her hand against Waverly’s stomach and leaning her back against the handlebars. Waverly bit her lip as Nicole slipped her fingers through her folds and rolled them over her clit for a moment before slipping back to press into her. Her head went back with a moan, and Nicole drew them in and out a few times. 

“Fuck,” Waverly breathed out. Nicole pulled her hand back, and Waverly sat forward, getting Nicole to sit back some and pulling at her belt. She got it undone and moved to her jeans, popping the button and unzipping them. Her hand felt around on the front of her briefs, and she swallowed as she slid her hand up the shaft of the dildo over the fabric. She reached through the hole on the front of her underwear and pulled it through it, looking up at Nicole with wide eyes. “That’s big,” she mumbled.

“I know it is,” Nicole said through a smirk as she wrapped her hand around the reddish-purple shaft. “Is that alright with you, Miss Thing?” 

A grin tugged at Waverly’s lips as she rolled her eyes, pulling Nicole’s hand off of it and leaning forward to drop some spit onto the tip of it. “I guess we’re just gonna have to wait and see, huh?” 

Nicole licked her lips as she watched Waverly’s hand spread the spit around onto the whole thing, and she raised her eyes back up to look at her. “I guess so.” 

Waverly shifted forward, climbing back up onto her lap. Nicole looped her arm around her for a moment as she shifted back onto the front seat since it was bigger, and Waverly waited until she looked up at her to move again. She stood up on the foot rests, dropping her hand to Nicole’s shoulder as she tipped the dildo up and eased herself down onto it. Her mouth opened, and a breathy moan left her lips once she was fully seated on Nicole’s lap again. 

“Good?” Nicole questioned as her hands slid up her back.

“Mhm.” Waverly slowly rocked her hips a few times before dropping her lips onto Nicole’s and picking up the pace. 

Nicole’s hand squeezed at her waist, and she reached between them and nudged the base of the strap-on down so it was pressing more against her. She let out a groan against her mouth when it was positioned perfectly, smacking her hand against her ass with a grip. “Fuck yeah, Baby.” 

Waverly’s hips snapped forward against her stomach, and her hand pulled at Nicole’s hair as she leaned completely against her front. Nicole let out a breath, beginning to wiggle a bit to pump up into her as much as she could manage. “Why haven't we done this before?” Waverly questioned as her face pressed up against the side of Nicole’s.

“I dunno,” she mumbled, tipping her head away so she could suck on her neck. “That’s changing, though.” 

Waverly let out a throaty moan when she bit down on her pulse point. “Shit- Yeah, definitely.”

Nicole pulled from her neck, meeting her eyes for a moment before shifting, looping her arm around Waverly’s waist and tipping her forward off her lap. Waverly gripped at the side of the Harley when her back pressed up against the handlebars. Nicole leaned forward, putting her feet on the ground and grabbing the base of the toy. She spread some more spit onto it before grabbing Waverly’s right leg and hooking it over her shoulder, tapping the dildo on her clit before slipping it back into her. She wrapped one arm around her thigh and pressed her other hand back against the edge of the seat behind her for balance as she began to thrust into her. 

“Fuck,” Waverly said through a groan, running a hand through her hair to get it out of her face. 

Nicole looked up at her with a little grin, putting more force behind her pumps as she gripped her fingers harder into her thigh. Waverly grabbed whatever it was on the bike that she was holding onto a little tighter, feeling the entire thing shaking underneath them in time with Nicole’s thrusts. She dropped one of her hands and spun her fingers around over her clit, rolling her head back with a moan. 

Nicole let out a breathy groan, pushing her leg off her shoulder and leaning forward over her. She slipped her hands up her back and hooked her fingers over her shoulders, now able to piston into her that they were closer to one another. Waverly’s mouth fell open as she stared up at her, and Nicole pressed their lips together, feeling Waverly’s legs come up to wrap around her hips. 


Nicole met her eyes as she still heard her voice echoing off her eardrums, now feeling her nails gripping into her back. “S’that good, Baby?” she questioned in a low, gravelly drawl as she snapped roughly into her before rocking against her. Waverly whimpered, tightening her legs around her hips. She tried to pull her back down into a kiss, but Nicole slipped a hand up and wrapped it around her throat, meeting her eyes with a glare when they flew open. “Answer me when I talk to you.”

Nicole felt her swallow against her palm, and she tipped her head as she drew back and snapped forward again. Waverly’s head tipped back with a moan, but she met Nicole’s eyes with a quick nod. “It’s- God, it’s amazing, Nic.”

Nicole hummed with a little grin, loosening her grip on her neck and starting to pump in and out again. “Thought so.” 

Waverly pulled her down into a kiss, feeling her fingers flex against her throat the second their lips connected. She let out a shaky breath, slipping her hands up to grip at her hair. Nicole moaned against her mouth, thrusting even faster and feeling Waverly’s quads tremble against her from the way her legs were tightened around her.

Nicole pulled back after a minute with a heaved breath, sitting up straight and dropping her hands to the tops of Waverly’s thighs when she dropped her legs from being wrapped around her. Nicole slowly pulled out of her and climbed off the bike, grabbing Waverly and pulling her to stand in front of her. “I need a minute,” she breathed out, wiping the sweat off her face with the bottom of her t-shirt. 

“Tired?” Waverly asked with a little grin, dropping her hand to the dildo and giving it a few lazy pumps before pressing it forward and rolling it around against her. 

“No,” Nicole answered with a smirk, looking down to watch her hand. “I just need a minute.” 

Waverly let out a hum, letting go of it and slipping her hand up and pushing it under both the hem of her boxers and the harness underneath. She rolled her finger over Nicole’s clit, and Nicole licked her lips as she gripped her arm, dropping her mouth onto Waverly’s. 

Waverly hadn’t even noticed that Nicole had slowly begun backing them up until she felt Nicole’s hand grip around her wrist and pull it back. She spun Waverly around and bent her over the seat of the Harley, pushing her boxers and jeans down until they were around her ankles. Waverly stared back at her with wide eyes, and Nicole pressed her hand against her back to get her to relax against the seat propped up on her elbows. Nicole stepped towards her and grabbed the dildo, rubbing the tip up and down her folds a few times before pushing forward into her. 

Waverly moaned and let her head drop forward, and Nicole smacked her hands down onto her ass before gripping at it with both hands as she found a rhythm with her thrusts. Waverly’s hands gripped at the edge of the seat as whines and whimpers slipped out of her lips. She slipped a hand back to rub at her clit again, and Nicole only sped up her thrusts, smacking her ass again before grabbing the non-tattooed hip and beginning to pull her back into her each time she pounded into her. 

“Harder, Baby,” Waverly begged through a whine. “I’m gonna come.” 

Nicole looked up as Waverly looked back at her over her shoulder with pleading eyes. She leaned forward and grabbed a handful of Waverly’s hair, wrapping it once around her hand before giving it a rough tug back towards her. Waverly’s back arched forward against the seat with a sharp cry, and Nicole put all of her weight behind her thrusts as her fingers dug deeper and deeper into her hip. “Yeah?” 

Waverly pushed up on her free hand, rocking back against her every thrust as she felt her walls threaten to snap shut. Nicole tugged at her hair again to get her head tipped back even more, and Waverly let out another cry, “Nicole!”

Nicole bit her lip, giving it her all for a few more seconds until Waverly let out a strangled moan and pressed back against her. Nicole let out a hum with a little chuckle, leaning forward to press some kisses against her back as she rocked against her.

Waverly’s legs were trembling the entire time that she was coming down from the orgasm, and she was afraid that they were going to buckle underneath her. Nicole must have noticed, though, because she had somehow gotten her to stand up straight and turn around to sit on the back of the motorcycle, all without slipping out of her. 

Nicole gently pulled her fingers through Waverly’s hair, still hearing the small whimpers slipping out of her lips even with her face pressed against her chest. “Breathe,” Nicole mumbled softly with a little chuckle. “You’re ok.”

Waverly’s fingers retracted from where they had been gripped into her back, and she cupped her neck with one hand and met her eyes after lifting her head from her chest. "Holy shit."

 Nicole grinned, wiping the tear from her face. “That good, aye?”

Waverly let out a raspberry, pressing her hand against Nicole’s stomach to give her the ok to pull out. “With you? Always.”

Nicole hummed, grabbing her jaw and pulling up on it to get her to stand up in front of her. Waverly’s hands went to her sides for balance on her still-shaking legs, and she met her eyes with a swallow. “You know we ain’t done, right?” Nicole questioned in a mutter as she dropped her lips to the corner of her mouth before trailing them down her jaw. 

Waverly grinned a little, slipping her hands up the bottom of her shirt and running her fingers across her abs before grabbing her sides again. “I’d hope not.”

Nicole hummed, pulling back from her jaw and meeting her eyes. “You can’t scream as loud in my apartment, though.” 

“I always do.” 

“I know you do,” Nicole said with a chuckle as she reached around her and handed her the shorts that were on the back of the Harley. “And you’re gonna get me evicted.” 

Waverly giggled as she pulled them on after her bikini bottoms, looking up at Nicole and watching her tugging her pants up from around her ankles. “That’s my plan.” 

Nicole let out a huff with a laugh, but they both looked down the road when they heard the wheels of a car heading their way. Nicole’s brows raised when she saw the truck in the distance, and she looked towards Waverly, watching as she quickly tightened her shorts before working on the knot of her shirt to close it. 

Nicole was still fumbling with the belt on her jeans when the truck rolled past them, and there was heat on her face from the look they were both shot from the old man driving the truck. She looked up at Waverly as she let go of the knot on her shirt and tipped her head at her with crossed arms. “I’ve never seen anybody on this road.” 

“I haven’t!” she defended. “That’s the first car I’ve ever seen, I swear.” 


Nicole shook her head at her, reaching around the Harley and grabbing the helmet off the ground and dropping it onto her head. “Just be glad I wasn’t eight inches deep in you.” 

Waverly whacked her arm, and Nicole laughed, grabbing her jacket and pulling it on before climbing up onto the motorcycle again. “You’re gross,” Waverly grumbled, climbing up behind her. 

“I know,” Nicole said with a grin as she looked back at her over her shoulder, starting up the Harley and giving the engine a rev.


«» «» «»


Waverly tapped her thumb on the steering wheel as she drove, contemplating the thought that had been going through her mind the entire time that she had been out running errands all day. 

Did she go bother Nicole at Celestial Ink? 

Or did she leave her alone?

It had been a little over a week since she had gotten the shading finished on her tattoo, and she swore she was still walking weird. She wasn’t complaining by any means, but yeah.

She had truly gotten railed. 

They hadn’t hung out since then, and Waverly was slowly accepting the fact that she missed her. Not just the sex either. She missed . . . Nicole. 

Waverly sighed, deciding to ignore her feelings that she was slowly realizing that she had. She slowed towards the road she only now realized she had been driving towards anyway and turned down it, pulling into the parking lot of the shop and climbing out of her Jeep. She made her way up to the door and pulled it open, hearing both the hum of several tattoo machines in the rooms around her and whatever rock song that was coming through the speakers of the shop. 

It was a Friday afternoon, so she wasn’t too shocked that it seemed everyone that tattooed there was there and was busy, but it was a different experience since anytime she had gotten tattooed nobody else had been there. 

Waverly pushed her hands into the pockets of her jean jacket as she walked over to the window of Nicole’s studio, bending forward a bit to see if she was working on someone in there.

And she was sure working on someone alright. 

“Oh, fuck no.” 

Waverly quickly made her way over to the door and shoved it open, meeting both Nicole and her client’s wide eyes. “Absolutely not!” 

Nicole set her tattoo machine down and stood up out of her chair now with hard eyes. “Waverly, what the fuck?” 

Waverly stomped towards her and poked her chest. “No, you what the fuck!” She threw her arms out, flicking her eyes towards the still wide-eyed client. “What the hell are you doing!” 

“I’m working!” 

“No, you’re tattooing my sister’s tit!” 

They both looked towards the topless brunette on the tattoo chair, and she sat up a bit with a toothy but nervous smile. “Hi, Babygirl . . .”

Nicole flicked her wide eyes from Waverly to Wynonna to Waverly again, slowly taking her gloves off. “I- Wh- . . . That’s your sister?”

“Yes!” Waverly moved around her, walking over to Wynonna and looking down at the lipstick kiss that she was getting on her boob. “Wynonna.” 

Wynonna widened her eyes at her. “Shh-”

“Wynonna?” Nicole narrowed her eyes at her. “That’s not the name you gave me.” 

“Oh my god,” Waverly grumbled as she smacked her arm. “Quit doing that to people! It’s not funny anymore!” 

“You’re not even gonna ask me which one I used?” Wynonna asked with a huff. Waverly crossed her arms, tipping her head at her. Wynonna let out a chuckle, wiggling her brows a bit. “Dixie Rect.” 

“Good lord,” Nicole grumbled, mostly at herself for not looking hard enough at the name when she had checked at her appointment log. 

Waverly smacked Wynonna’s arm again. “You are a child!” 

Wynonna whined and rubbed her arm, but she smirked a little as she looked towards Nicole. “I’m truly upset you never said it out loud altogether.”

Nicole rolled her eyes, shifting uncomfortably as she kept her eyes strictly on either Waverly or Wynonna’s face. “So you’re the fun sister, huh?”

“Hey,” Waverly whined. 

Nicole looked over to her with a little smirk. “You’re not that kinda fun, Miss Thing.” 

Waverly threw her a look, and Wynonna narrowed her eyes between them. “How do you two know each other?”

Waverly quickly pointed to her leg. “She did my tattoo.” 

Wynonna flicked her eyes up to her face. “She poke your nose, too?”

“I did,” Nicole confirmed.

“And your nipples?” Wynonna questioned, though slower this time. 

Waverly gasped a little and covered her chest. “You know about that?!” 

“You literally only wear shirts two sizes too small, you can see them all the time.” 

Waverly pursed her lips, slowly dropping her hands and looking down, seeing that you could see them pushing out against her tight white tank top she had on under the jacket. “Whatever.” She walked back around the chair, grabbing Nicole’s wrist as she passed her and dragging her out the door. 


“Sh.” Waverly drug her all the way out the back door onto the patio. She turned and poked her finger into her chest, backing her to the brick wall of the building. Nicole widened her eyes at her and put her hands up, and Waverly tipped her head at her. “You’re tattooing her boob?” 

“I didn’t know she was your sister!” Nicole defended. “I wouldn’t have done it if I had, Baby, you know that.”

“I don’t care!” 

Nicole let out a huff in disbelief. “Waverly, wh- This is my job. She wanted a tattoo and I’m giving her one. Have I been staring at your sister’s boob for the past hour, yes. Is it a big deal? No.” 


“Waverly,” Nicole said in warning, pressing her hand against her shoulder to back her up. “This isn’t my fault. She gave me a fake name. Don’t put this on me.”

Waverly let her body release the tension it was holding, and she let out an annoyed groan as she slowly stepped back forward towards her. Nicole rolled her eyes when she pulled her down into a kiss and she dropped a hand to her hip with a squeeze, bringing the other down with a bruising smack to her ass. 

Her body jumped forward towards her with a cry, and Nicole hummed against her mouth. “That’s what you get for being a brat about this shit.”

“Your eyes have been on my sister’s boob, I’m allowed to be mad.”

“At her, not me.” 

Waverly pulled from her lips, staring up at her with a glare. “You’re a dickhead.” Nicole narrowed her eyes at her, and Waverly swallowed a bit. “But Wynonna’s a bigger dickhead.”

Nicole slowly nodded in confirmation with raised brows. “Mhm.” 

Waverly swallowed yet again under her gaze. “. . . I’m in trouble, aren’t I?”

Nicole hummed, lifting her hand and wrapping it around her throat. Waverly tipped her head up a bit, letting out a shaky breath as she closed her eyes. Nicole leaned her head down towards her, waiting for her to open her eyes and look at her. She smirked a bit, licking her lips as her eyes flicked from her Waverly’s to her lips a few times. “I find it adorable when you’re jealous.” 

“I’m not-”

“Yes, you are,” Nicole muttered. “You’re jealous my hands are all over your sister, don’t lie to me.”

Waverly let out a heavy breath, and Nicole raised a brow at her. She shifted and let out a whine, “Fine, I am.” 

“Mhm.” Nicole leaned down and pressed a rough kiss to her lips, and Waverly’s hands came up to grip onto her dark grey t-shirt. “Well, stop.” 

She let out a heavy breath when Nicole stared down into her soul, swallowing against her palm. “Ok,” she breathed out. “Ok, I’ll stop.” 

Nicole chuckled a bit, sliding her hand around to rest on the side of her neck. “That’s better.” Waverly glared up at her, and Nicole smiled innocently, leaning down to press a softer kiss to her lips. “Well.” She shoved her hands into the back pockets of her black jeans as she backed away from her. “I’ve got a tattoo to finish.”

Waverly pursed her lips, but she rolled her eyes, crossing her arms and following Nicole back inside. They headed back into Nicole’s studio, seeing Wynonna standing at the mirror checking herself out. “Ew, Nonna,” Waverly grumbled. 

“Ew, Nonna,” Wynonna mocked in an insanely high-pitched whine as she walked back over to the tattoo chair and sat down. 

Waverly grabbed one of the little figurines off a shelf she walked past and drew her arm back to throw it at her, but Nicole caught her wrist with a sharp glare before she could. “No physical projectiles, only verbal ones.”

Waverly let out a grumble, and Nicole grabbed the figurine from her hand and set it back down on the shelf. Waverly walked over and dropped down onto the couch with a sigh, grabbing Nicole's black jacket that was draped over the arm of it and pulling it over herself. Nicole sat back down in her chair and waited for Wynonna to settle before pulling a pair of gloves on and firing the tattoo machine back up. “Anyway.” 

“What’d she have to go yell at you about?” Wynonna questioned.

Nicole glanced up at her, furrowing her brows a bit before realizing that it seemed Wynonna hadn’t put two and two together yet. She shrugged a bit, turning to dip her needles and glancing towards Waverly with a small smirk. “She’s just being a brat.”


“Fair enough.”

“Hey,” Waverly whined again. 

“Don’t deny it,” Nicole grumbled with a tip of her head. “You know you’re a brat.”

Wynonna looked between them as they stared at one another with a bit of confusion. “Am I missing something?”

Nicole raised her eyes up to look at her, shrugging with a shake of her head. “Not that I know of.”

“M’kay,” Wynonna sighed. “If you say so.” 


«» «» «»


It only took about an hour more for Wynonna’s tattoo to get done, so Waverly had stuck around to hang out with the two the entire time. It seemed that Nicole and Wynonna got along pretty well, so they had all just fucked around while Nicole worked. 

And, of course, Wynonna had yet to pick up on any of their flirting. 

Nicole turned and set the tattoo gun down, grabbing the cleaner and a paper towel and wiping it off. “And done.”

Wynonna pushed out of the chair and walked over to the mirror to look at it, turning to look at her with a grin. “Damn, Haughty, that looks real.” 

“I know.” Nicole pulled her gloves off and pushed out of the chair, looking over at Waverly as she got up off the couch to go look at it. She followed them over, glancing over Waverly when she stopped behind her. She did a double take, flicking her eyes back southbound with raised brows. She smirked a bit as she stepped forward to stand right behind her, dropping one hand to her hip and letting the other slide down the side of her thigh with the tattoo over the tight ass black yoga pants she had on. “I thought I told you not to wear tight pants for a few weeks, Miss Thing.” 

Waverly looked back at her over her shoulder with wide eyes, and she pushed her hands off of her as she stepped closer to her sister. “And I thought we knew that I don’t listen to you.” 

Nicole caught her by the back of the jacket and yanked her back towards her. She dropped her mouth closer to her ear with a smirk. “Well, we all know that’s not true.” 

Wynonna stared at them in the reflection of the mirror with a disgusted scowl on her lips. “Haughty, are you feeling up my sister right in front of me?”

Waverly wiggled away from her again, crossing her arms as she glared at Nicole playfully in the mirror. “You should see what she does not in front of you,” she grumbled, but her eyes widened when she realized what she had said. 

Wynonna turned from the mirror to look at them, and Nicole slowly backed away from them in preparation for what she knew was coming. 

“You’re schupping my baby sister!?” 

Nicole raised her brows at her as she walked around to the other side of the tattoo chair to start cleaning things up. “Pshh, no.” 


“I have no idea what you’re talking about,” Nicole sighed. 

Wynonna walked over to the opposite side of the tattoo chair from her and grabbed her bra, proceeding to fling it around as she spoke. "You let me touch my tits without telling me your hands have also been . . ." She waved the bra around in front of the entirety of Waverly's body. "There?!" 

Nicole looked up at her with a tight-lipped smile. "Well, if you hadn't given me a fake name in the first place, we wouldn't have this problem, now would we?" 

Wynonna pursed her lips as she pulled her bra on, then grabbing her shirt and angrily yanking it onto her body. "Whatever." 

*Mhm." Nicole moved the red ink bottle back onto the shelf with all her colors on it. "Now come pay for your tattoo so I can defile your sister." 

"Ew!" Wynonna whined. 

Nicole laughed, walking out of her studio and over to the counter. "I'm joking . . . Maybe."

Waverly rolled her eyes, crossing her arms as she followed them out and hopped up onto the counter next to Nicole. Nicole flicked her eyes up to her with a playful glare, and Waverly smirked, kicking her thigh with her foot a few times. Nicole caught her ankle and gave it a warning squeeze, looking up at Wynonna with an innocent smile. 

“Can you two wait to eye fuck until I leave?” Wynonna questioned as she handed a wad of cash over to Nicole.

Nicole had planned on shooting back a snarky comment, but she cocked a brow as she slowly took the money. “I ain’t even gave you a set price yet.” 

“I know,” she said with a shrug. “You gave me a badass tattoo, though, you deserve it. Go buy my baby sister something pretty.”

Nicole raised her brows at her. “Like Victoria’s Secret pretty or-”

Wynonna cut her off with a gag. “No. Just . . . Something nice. Treat her right or I’ll make sure you’re never seen again.”

Nicole nodded as she thumbed through the bills with an only slightly scared smile. “I planned on it.”

“Good,” Wynonna said without a hint of emotion in her voice, and Nicole kept her eyes locked on the daggers she was being shot. Wynonna’s face shifted to a smile when Waverly turned her head to look at her, and she stood up on her toes to press a kiss to her cheek before backing towards the door. “See ya, Babygirl.”

“Bye, Nonna,” Waverly sighed, and Wynonna pushed the door open with her back and shot them a salute before heading out. 

Nicole let out an audibly heavy breath the second the door shut again, and Waverly grabbed her arm, gently pulling her to stand in front of her and running her hands across her shoulders with a smile. “Hi.” 

“Hi,” Nicole mumbled, setting the wad of cash on the keyboard of the computer next to her and moving her hands up to rest on the sides of her thighs. 

“Well . . . Now you just need to see Willa’s tits and you’ll have the whole Earp Sister Set etched into your brain.”

Nicole scrunched her face up with a groan, letting her forehead fall forward to press against her chest. “I don’t wanna see anymore of your sisters’ tits.”

“Just mine?” she asked with a little giggle as she gently pulled her fingers through the hair poking out the bottom of Nicole’s black beanie. 

“Mhm,” Nicole mumbled, lifting her head but keeping herself leaned forward against the counter. “Always just yours.” 

Waverly hummed, leaning down to press a kiss to her lips as she brought her ankles up to lock behind her back. “Good.” 

Nicole’s hands slipped up to her hips and she nudged her jacket out of the way and pulled her tank top up so she could see the part of the tattoo that traveled up her side. “How’s it doing?” 

“Good,” she answered. “A little sore, but it’s not bad.” 

Nicole nodded, letting her clothing slide back into place when she moved her hand and gently patting the side of her thigh. “I was being serious about the whole tight pants thing, ya know? Too much friction against a fresh tat isn’t good for it.” 

“These aren’t that tight,” Waverly grumbled with a roll of her eyes. 

Nicole widened her eyes at her. “Uh, I can literally see the entire shape of your ass, so that’s a lie.”

Waverly tipped her head at her as she twisted a red lock around her finger. “Like you care.”

“I mean . . . Do I need you to always wear these now? Yes. Do I not want you to wear them until your tattoo is a little more healed? Also yes.” 

Waverly sighed, rolling her thumb down her face. “Well . . . I guess you better get these off me, huh?” She grinned wide when she immediately watched Nicole’s pupils dilate. 

Nicole let out a slow breath, feeling Waverly’s equal exhale on her lips when she leaned down closer to her. “Well, I would love to,” Nicole muttered, tipping her chin up and biting at her bottom lip. 

Waverly let out a sad whimper as Nicole let go of her lip. “I feel a but is coming . . .” 

Nicole met her eyes with a sorry smile. “I have another client coming in about 15 minutes and I need to clean up my studio before they get here.”

Waverly groaned, pulling her closer with her arms looped around her neck. “Noo.” 

“I’m sorry,” Nicole said with a little laugh. “Hey, ok, look.”

Waverly pulled back from her, meeting her eyes. “What?” 

“I . . .” Nicole flicked her eyes around before allowing them to land back on her face. “I have a gig tonight. If you’re not working . . .”

Waverly pouted her lip with a whine. Seeing Nicole drum was the one thing she had yet to do and it was killing her. “Noo.” 

“You are?” Nicole asked sadly.

“Yeah,” Waverly mumbled. “It’s Friday, Baby. Of course I am.”

Nicole groaned, letting her face fall against her chest again. “But I wanna see you.” 

“I’m sorry,” Waverly said softly. “Maybe this weekend?”

“I guess,” Nicole sighed, lifting her head to look up at her. “I’ll just text you if I’m busy or whatever.” 

Waverly nodded with a smile, cupping her cheeks and pressing a kiss to her lips. “Sounds good.” 

Nicole hummed, stepping back from the counter so she could hop down. “Why’d you come here anyway?”

“Just . . . wanted to bother you.”

She rolled her eyes with a laugh, smacking her ass as she walked around the counter. “Mission successful. Now I’m hot ‘n bothered, Miss Thing.”

Waverly jumped with a surprised shriek, quickly stepping away from her and turning around before she could do it again. "You mean Haught 'n bothered?" 

"Har har," she grumbled with a roll of her eyes. 

Waverly giggled as she walked over to the door. "Bye, Baby. I'll talk to you later." 

"Bye, Wave." 

"Good luck with your gig tonight, don't be stupid." 

Nicole chuckled, leaning her elbows against the counter with a shake of her head. "I'll behave myself, I promise."

"Mhm, I'm sure." 


«» «» «»


Waverly poured tequila into the shot glasses she had already lined on the tray, sliding it towards the girl in front of her with a smile before quickly moving to pour the man snapping at her yet another Old Fashioned. 

He had had probably four too many of them now. 

They were usually super busy on Friday nights considering that they were one of the most popular bars in the city, so she was used to the crowds of people heckling her for whatever liquid death they wanted. 

But tonight? 

Every fucking time she blinked there was a new angsty teen girl pushing her way through bodies to get up to the bar, and Waverly was about to lose her damn mind if she didn’t get a chance to go on break soon. 

In fact, she was so busy that she almost missed the announcement that the band that was performing at the bar that night was heading onto the stage. 

Key-word almost. 

She probably would have if not for the peculiar name of the band that sounded through the loudspeakers. 

Horny Dandelions. 

Waverly slowly slid the Old Fashioned towards her regular as she looked towards the stage across the room with a hitched brow. They had certainly had some interesting live bands come and go over the time that Waverly had worked there, but this one’s name certainly stood out from the bunch. 

It wasn’t all for naught, though, because now her eyes were on the stage.

And if her eyes hadn’t been on the stage, she probably would have missed the familiar redhead that dropped down behind the drum set. 

“No fucking way,” she muttered to herself, letting out a little laugh with a shake of her head. 

The fact that she worked at this specific bar had never come up in conversation apparently because if it had, there was no way Nicole would have just not told her that her gig for the night was going to be there. 

Waverly handed out a few more drinks to the teens surrounding her, and now it seemed to make sense as to why the main group of the night seemed to be high school girls with fake IDs that Waverly was letting slide because she didn’t care enough nor did she get paid enough to care. 

The four on stage pretty much looked like some kind of all-lesbian Paramore cover band. 

The lead singer and rhythm guitarist was in some sick pastel pink and black checkered pants, the bassist had the same kind of checkered skirt, the lead guitarist had checkered overalls, and Nicole had a checkered bandanna tied around her forehead. 

And in Waverly’s opinion, she looked the hottest of them all. 

She was in tight ass ripped jeans that looked more ripped than not and a pastel pink cut-off hoodie that had black paint splatters all over it that left her arms out to show all their toned, tattooed glory. 

“I need to bang all of them.” 

Waverly pulled from her trance on Nicole as she got settled behind the drums, looking towards Rosita with raised brows. She nodded towards the band, and Waverly smirked a bit as she looked back towards Nicole. “I already am banging one of ‘em.” 

Rosita gasped, tracing her eyes across all four women. “Which one?” 

“The drummer,” Waverly answered, flicking her eyes towards Nicole’s hand as she subconsciously spun one of her drum sticks as her other hand messed with her earpiece. 

“You lucky bitch,” Rosita muttered. 

Waverly chuckled, smacking her ass as she moved past her to hand out some more drinks. “She isn’t up for grabs either, so don’t try it.” 

Rosita glared playfully at her, but they both looked towards the stage at the unmistakable start-up of Misery Business by Paramore. 


So they were a Paramore cover band. 

The bar fell quiet for a few seconds, and the lights dimmed all up until the first snap of Nicole’s drumstick against the snare, and that was also the moment that Waverly absolutely positively creamed her jeans. 

There was just something about Nicole . . . and those drums . . . and the song . . . and the concentration on her face. 


Waverly knew she was barely aware of anything but Nicole at the moment, but she did catch the pronoun swap in the middle of the first verse. 

So this was an all-lesbian Paramore cover band. 

In her bar. 

Well, that was a first. 

They were barely even through the first chorus of the song before the entire bar was screaming along to every word, so Waverly knew she was in for one hell of a night. 

Both for her eardrums and her underwear. 


«» «» «»


The band was still rocking just as hard as they had been two hours before. They had only taken three breaks now, but they hadn’t even come off stage during it. All of the screaming in the bar seemed to be leaving all of the girls' throats dry because they were now serving out more drinks than they had been before. 

Waverly was pretty much exhausted, and the only thing keeping her from passing out at this point was the glances of Nicole across the bar that she was able to snag every few minutes. She was about 99% sure Nicole still hadn't noticed that she was there, but she was sure that would change after the show was over. 

Speaking of. 

A roar of screams and clapping filled the bar, and Waverly tuned back into her surroundings enough to gather that the band had just finished off their last song of the night. The lead singer said a few words, mostly thanking everyone for coming and whatnot. She wrapped it up in a few short minutes, and all of the band members hopped off the stage to both socialize and get away from the blinding lights that had been periodically shining on them all night.

Waverly watched Nicole, and her jaw immediately locked the second she stepped onto the main floor. 

It wasn't nothing she was doing. 

It was the fact that just about every girl in the bar was flocking over to her. 

"Looks like your girl's popular," Rosita hummed, bumping her with her hip as she passed her. 

Waverly looked towards her with a glare for all but a second before looking back towards the drunk teen girls that were getting way too feely with her- with Nicole. Nicole was just giving them all a tight-lipped smile as she tried to keep their hands off of her, and Waverly slowly but surely felt the colored anger rising to her cheeks. 

But the second she saw one of the girls slip her hand up the bottom of Nicole’s hoodie, she was jumping over the bar. 


Waverly pushed through the crowd of girls, quickly making her way over Nicole. She grabbed the touchy drunk girl that Nicole was trying to ease away from her by the shoulder and yanked her backwards, sliding into the space where she had been standing and grabbing Nicole by the face. She pulled her down to crash their lips together, and Nicole quickly stiffened and pushed her back. 

Waverly tipped her head at her when she met her eyes, and Nicole’s face lost the tension that had formed within the snap of a finger when she recognized who she was. She quickly stepped forward, grabbing her by the jaw and leaning back down into a kiss. Waverly grinned against her lips, sliding her hands up her chest and gripping them around either side of her neck. 

“How’d you know I was here?” Nicole questioned when she pulled back for a breath. 

“I work here, you idiot.” Waverly pointed to her blue and red crop top that had the bar’s name across the front of it. 

Nicole traced her eyes across it before looking up at her with a crooked smile. “This is the bar you work at?”

“Yes,” Waverly answered with a laugh, adjusting the bandana across the top of her forehead. 

Nicole let out a hum, leaning down into another kiss. "D'you hear me playin'?" 

"I did," Waverly confirmed, sliding her hands back down to rest over her chest. Her eyes did a quick flick around their surroundings for the first time, and she noticed that almost all of the girls previously surrounding Nicole had fucked on off now that she wasn't giving them attention. 

"I was good, wasn't I?" 

Waverly rolled her eyes, grabbing her hand and pulling her along behind her over towards the bar. "You were amazing." 

Nicole took a seat at the empty bar stool she led her to, and Waverly walked back around the bar. She poured up a Jack and Coke and slid it towards her. She whipped up a few more drinks for the people surrounding them, but her attention never left Nicole. 

Especially when the lead singer of Horny Dandelions plopped down on the empty bar stool next to her.

Nicole looked towards her with a friendly smile, raising her brows at her. “Ya know, you sounded really fuckin’ good up there.” 

She blushed dark with a little laugh as she dipped her head. “Aw, thank you. You did, too.” 

Nicole’s dimples flashed, but she partially masked it as she took a drink. “It’s Becca, right?” 

She nodded, gently dropping a hand to Nicole’s forearm that was resting on the top of the bar. “Nicole, yeah?”

Nicole’s eyes dropped down to the hand for a millisecond, but she met her eyes again with a hint of an awkward chuckle since she could feel Waverly’s eyes on her. “Yeah.”

Waverly cleared her throat as she stopped in front of them, crossing her arms and flicking her eyes between the two. “So you two just met, right? Since Nic’s not actually in the band?”

Becca nodded with a smile. “We did earlier tonight, yeah. Our normal drummer fucked her hand up a few days ago and we needed a replacement, so we got in contact, gave her the songs from the set, and hooked up tonight.” Nicole turned her head towards her with a rather hard blink at her wording, and Becca met her eyes with a smile, sliding the hand on her arm down to her hand. “If I’m being honest, though, I don’t think we’ve ever sounded as good as we did tonight.” 

Nicole gave her another friendly smile considering that’s all she was trying to be. “Well, I’m glad I could help.”

Becca grinned and leaned her chin on her hand when she propped her elbow up on the bar with a hum. “I’m glad you could, too.”

Waverly could actually feel the heat on her face as she watched Becca tracing patterns around the tattoos on the back of Nicole’s hand, and she looked up at Nicole’s face to see that she was looking almost as done with Becca’s attempts at flirting as Waverly was. 

All it took after that was the subtle shift of Becca’s body closer to Nicole for her to snap, though.

Waverly quickly dropped her hand onto the bar and met Becca’s eyes with nothing short of a glare. “She’s my girlfriend.” 

Becca’s jaw popped open, and she quickly shifted away from Nicole. “Oh my- I- I’m sorry.” She looked towards Nicole with wide eyes, who wasn’t looking at her, but at Waverly with equally wide eyes. “I’m so sorry, I didn’t know-”

Nicole shook her head when she looked back towards her. “No, it’s ok. She’s just . . .” Nicole looked back towards the horrified expression Waverly was trying to mask, though it wasn’t working quite well considering how hard she was trying to shove her foot in her mouth. “Protective,” Nicole finished, giving Becca a smile as she watched her distance herself from her a bit more. 

She nodded, looking between them before letting out an uncomfortable sigh, “Right.” She threw her thumb over her shoulder. “I’m gonna . . .”

“I can help you guys pack everything up after the bar closes for the night?” Nicole offered. 

“Yeah,” Becca breathed out with a thankful smile. “That’ll be great, thank you.” 

Nicole nodded, and Becca shifted away from them before disappearing into the crowd behind her. Nicole slowly turned back towards Waverly, and she pushed out of her bar stool and walked over to the end of the bar. Waverly pursed her lips, shoving her hands into the back pockets of her jean shorts as she followed. Nicole stared down at her when she stopped in front of her for a few seconds before tipping her head. “Jealous, hm?”

Waverly’s lip hitched as her eyes narrowed. “Fuck you.” 

“You want to obviously,” Nicole hummed as she took a step closer to her. “What’d you call me again? Your . . .?”

Waverly huffed and threw her arms out. “You just let her do that right in front of me!” 

“Do what?” Nicole questioned innocently. 

“She was trying to bang you right on my bar!” 

Nicole’s brows furrowed, and she took another small step closer to Waverly. “I mean . . . I thought she was just being friendly.” 

“Liar,” Waverly grumbled, though she had stepped back with a swallow the second Nicole had stepped forward. 

“You know I’d never lie to you, Miss Thing,” Nicole mumbled, only now allowing the small smirk to start forming on her lips. 

“Well, I guess that makes that two lies now.”

Nicole hummed, lifting a hand and tucking some of Waverly’s hair behind her ear. “She didn’t directly ask me if I wanted to fuck her. In fact, we were just talking about the gig. How was I supposed to know if she didn’t say anything specific about it?”

“You knew she-”  

“Answer my question, Waverly.” Nicole met her eyes, watching Waverly’s pupils blow wide.

“I- Nic, she was- You-” She let out a heavy breath and pulled in a slower one to try and regain her composure, but it was already far too late for that.

Nicole smirked wide, taking another step towards her and watching as Waverly’s back hit the bar when she stepped back from her. Nicole closed the gap between them, hooking her chin with her finger and forcing her head up so she would look at her. “Now I’ve got you flustered.”

“You let her do all that on purpose,” Waverly grumbled. 

Nicole shrugged, flicking her eyes down to her lips. “I told you, Baby . . .” She ran her fingers down Waverly’s arm before grabbing her hand and drawing patterns onto the back of it just as Becca had been doing to her. “I didn’t even realize she was flirting with me.” 

Waverly’s bottom bomb went off then and there, and she quickly pushed Nicole back from her and moved past her, grabbing her by the wrist as she went. Nicole followed along behind her with a proud laugh, stumbling along behind her as she was quickly led to the back through a door. Waverly ripped the first door on the left open the second they got back there, and she pulled Nicole in through it before spinning around and feeling Nicole catch her by the throat.

Waverly let out a loud moan when she was roughly shoved back against the door she had closed behind them, and Nicole nipped at her chin, lifting her head to meet her eyes as she let out a hot breath against her lips. She turned her head to look around and see where they were, concluding from the boxes and such stacked around that it was a storage room for the bar. “Anyone gonna come in here?” 

“Well, I hope not,” Waverly mumbled.

Nicole grabbed the door handle, pressing the button on it to lock the door. “Now they can’t.”

Waverly grabbed at her face, pulling her head down to kiss her and tasting the whiskey on her lips. “Make it quick.”

Nicole hummed through a chuckle, flexing her fingers against her neck before dropping her hands to her ass and hoisting her up. “Don’t need to tell me twice.” 

Waverly looped her arms around her neck, feeling Nicole’s weight press her harder against the door as she leaned into her. Nicole rocked against her as her fingers gripped at her ass, and Waverly let out a heavy breath, tightening her ankles around her. 

Nicole pulled from her mouth after a minute, doing a once-over of the room before catching the ice chest to the right of them. She pulled Waverly off the door and walked over to it, dropping her down on top of it. Waverly let out a high shriek when the cold metal touched the back of her legs, and Nicole met her eyes with a laugh. “Cold?”


She grinned with a shake of her head, reaching between them and popping the button on Waverly’s shorts. “I would say sorry, but I’m not . . . And I don’t lie to you.” 

“Oh, shut up and fuck me, Nicole.” 

She rolled her eyes at her and hooked her fingers under the hem of the shorts and her underwear, getting her to lift her hips so she could pull them off. Nicole dropped them to the ground beside her, pressing her hand against her stomach to get her to cant her hips up towards her a bit. "What turned you on more, the drumming or the jealousy?" she questioned as she traced her middle finger all around to gather the wetness that was coating her. 

Waverly let out a shaky breath, dropping her hands to grip at the edge of the ice chest. “Both, Baby.” 

“Both?” Nicole echoed as she leaned forward towards her and nudged her head up with her nose, kissing down her neck as she eased two fingers into her. 

“You’re a fucking douchebag,” Waverly said through a moan as her head tipped even further back. 

Nicole hummed against her pulse point, thrusting her fingers forward into her. “No, I’m not,” she muttered. “Asshole maybe. But douchebag? . . . You’re not into douchebags, ‘n you’re into me.”

“Says who?” 

Nicole shot her free hand up to wrap around her throat and met her eyes with a deathly glare. “What was that?” Nicole questioned. Waverly whimpered, hooking her hand around the back of her head and pulling her down into a kiss. Nicole loosened her grip on her throat, raising the speed that she was pumping her wrist. “Mhm. That’s what I thought.” 

One of Waverly’s hands slipped up the bottom of Nicole’s hoodie, sliding up her stomach and over to her waist. Her nails dug into her skin, and Nicole let out a hot breath against her lips that sent chills down her spine. “Harder,” Waverly moaned, meeting her eyes when Nicole’s forehead pressed against her own. 

Nicole pressed a rather rough kiss to her mouth before pulling away from her and dropping to her knees in front of her. “Mm, I’ve got a different idea.” 

Waverly swallowed, tipping her head back to stare up at the ceiling as she ran a hand through her hair to push it back. She looked back down at Nicole as she looped her arms up under her thighs, grabbing her hips and pulling her forward some. Waverly’s hand dropped to the top of her head, but her fingers immediately latched on and she let out a sharp shriek the second Nicole’s mouth met her clit. 

Nicole’s quite literal ice cold mouth met her clit. 

Nicole laughed, looking up at her with a huge smirk. Waverly stared down at her with wide eyes, squirming when she pressed a few freezing kisses to the inside of her thighs. “Jesus, Nic.”

Nicole shoved the still-melting ice in her mouth to the side. “You’re on an ice chest, why are you surprised?” 

“I didn’t see you get any,” she huffed, whining when Nicole wrapped her lips around her clit. “Fuck.” 

Nicole hooked Waverly’s legs over her shoulders, slowly sliding her hands up her thighs and letting them rest on her hips to keep her steady. Waverly was throbbing against her mouth, and both she and Nicole knew it. Nicole gripped her a little tighter to keep her from moving whether it was voluntary or involuntary at this point. 

“I’m close,” Waverly breathed out as her head rolled back again. 


“Shut up,” she grumbled, giving Nicole’s hair a tug. 

Nicole growled against her, adding more pressure to every swipe of her tongue piercing against her clit, hearing the noises of approval she was letting out because of it. Waverly bit down on her lip, and her eyes squeezed close in preparation of what she knew was coming.

But then it stopped. 

Waverly’s eyes snapped open as almost a pained groan left her lips. “Nicole.” 

“What, Baby?” she questioned innocently, tipping her head at her. “Oh, were you gonna come?” 

Waverly tried to force her head back where she wanted it, but Nicole didn’t budge. “God, you’re a-”

“What, douchebag?” Nicole asked. “Maybe I do suit that crown now that I think about it.” 

Waverly’s eyes turned pleading as she gripped at the fistful of hair in her hand. “Nic, please.” 

“Please what?” 


Nicole tapped her thumbs on her hips. “I dunno what you want, Wave. You’re gonna have to tell me.”

Waverly’s jaw locked and unlocked as she glared down at her, but the tiny amount of reserve that she had crumbled the second Nicole raised her brows at her, proving that she truly was not giving into her. “Are you gonna make me beg?” 

Nicole shrugged with a little grin. “Depends on how convincing you are.” 

Waverly groaned, lifting her eyes from her face. “I could just do this myself-”

Nicole caught her wrist before she barely even had enough time to move her hand. “Not if I have anything to do with it.” 

Waverly met her eyes again, seeing the hardness in them that matched the tone of her voice. She swallowed, letting out the sigh of defeat that she knew she should have given Nicole in the beginning. “Please let me come.”

Nicole rolled her eyes. “You can do better than that.” 

“Nic,” Waverly whined. “Please?” 


“Baby, please,” she breathed out, and Nicole’s lips started to curve into a smirk at the now true sound of pleading in her voice. “You’ve had me horny and distracted all fucking night, and- and I’m literally gonna explode ‘cause I’ve needed you so bad, and now I need you, like, super bad. I can’t take it anymore. Like, I’m gonna lose my mind if-”

Waverly’s voice cut with a throaty moan the second that Nicole had dove right into where she needed her. Her hands tightened on Waverly’s hips thankfully before they had any other chances to snap towards her face because she immediately came, and oh, how she came hard.

Nicole had previously been worried about her being too loud, but it seemed that wouldn’t be an issue now because the orgasm had knocked the wind right out of her the second it hit. In place of screams was choked gasps for air, and it told Nicole clear as day that she had done her job. 

She decided she didn’t want to deprive her of oxygen for too long, so she loosened her grip on her hips as she brought her down to Earth again, replacing her tongue with her thumb and rolling it in slow circles as she pushed her legs off her shoulders and got to her feet in front of her. Waverly let her hand drop from the top of her head and slid it to her bicep for something to hold onto. Nicole leaned forward and pressed a few gentle kisses to her face, pushing her hair back out of the way with her free hand. “You good, Baby?”

Waverly let out a little hum of approval, meeting her eyes as she tried to slow her breathing. Under the smile on Nicole’s face, she could see the traces of smugness on all of her features. She shook her head at her, dropping her hands back to the edge of the ice chest with a heavy sigh. “You really are a douchebag, aren’t you?” 

Nicole hummed through a grin, leaning into a soft kiss. “I’m your favorite douchebag.” 

Waverly looped her arms around her neck, pulling her closer. “Sure, you are.” 

“I know I am.” Nicole stepped back from her, bending down and grabbing her shorts and underwear off the ground. She tossed them onto her lap, and Waverly slowly pushed off the ice chest, gripping Nicole’s arm for balance on her shaky legs when she held it out for her. 

Waverly got her pants back on, turning and leaning back against the chest with her arms crossed. Nicole raised a brow at her in question, and Waverly pursed her lips as she looked away from her. “I can’t believe you made me beg.” 

“I didn’t make you do anything,” Nicole reasoned.

Waverly threw her a glare. “Fine. I can’t believe you got me to beg.” 

Nicole laughed, “Honestly, I didn’t think you would either, but you really went off.” Waverly grumbled something under her breath as she pushed off the ice chest and headed towards the door, and Nicole followed her, pressing her hand against it before she could pull on the handle and looping her arm around her stomach. 

“What?” Waverly questioned, looking up at her when Nicole pulled her back against her front. 

“Am I really your favorite douchebag?” she asked as she pressed a few kisses to her cheek.

Waverly smiled a little, meeting her eyes with a knowing raise of her brows. “You’re my only douchebag. Slim pickings there.” 

“So if I see some jagoff- or, ya know, a herd of drunk jagoffs, flirting with you, I’m allowed to just make out with you then and there?” 

Waverly’s cheeks went red, and she pulled the hand splayed out against her stomach off to continue out of the storage room. “Go for it.” 

“Alright then.” Nicole moved her hand that Waverly was tugging at off the door and gave her ass a smack. “Back to work now, Miss Thing.” 


«» «» «»


The rest of the stragglers inside of the closed bar were led out, and Waverly finished wiping the top of the bar off, tossing the rag into the bucket by her feet. She made her way out from behind the bar and walked over to the stage where Nicole and the Horny Dandelions band members were semi-drunkenly packing up their things. 

Well, Becca was sneaking out the front door with Rosita, but that was besides the point. 

“You gonna help?” Nicole questioned when Waverly climbed onto it, and she heard the slight slur that was starting to pull Nicole's words together. 

“I might,” she answered with a smile, plopping down onto the stool behind the drum set before Nicole could grab it to take out to the trailer. 

Nicole threw her a look, locking her jaw when Waverly grabbed the drum sticks that she had quickly tried to grab for before she could get a hold of them. “Wave,” she mumbled in warning. “C’mon, I wanna go home.” 

Waverly looked down at her feet and stepped on the bass drum pedal, looking up at her with a little giggle. “Home with me?” 

“Sure, why not.” Nicole shot her hand forward and yanked one of the drum sticks out of her hand. 

“Hey,” Waverly whined, doing grabby hands with a pouty lip to try and get it back. 

Nicole tipped her head at her. “This ain’t my set, I don’t want you messin’ with it.”

“I’m not gonna hurt it,” Waverly mumbled, lightly tapping the single drum stick she had against the snare. “See? Gentle.” 

Nicole let out a heavy sigh, turning to tend to other things since she was obviously not getting anywhere bickering with Waverly. “If you break it, I break you.” 

“Is that a threat?” she questioned, smacking the stick against the biggest cymbal.

Nicole grimaced, turning and grabbing it to silence it as she shot Waverly a glare. “It is. Please leave it alone.”

“I don’t wanna.”

“Waverly,” Nicole warned. “C’mon.” 

"Make me." 

Nicole's cheeks immediately tinted red, and she heard the other two girls from the band packing up each let out a ooooh in response to having heard the comment. Nicole tipped her head at her with a raise of her brow. "You think I won't?"

Waverly's eyes widened when Nicole took a step or two closer to her with that feral look in her eyes that drove her absolutely mad. Nicole took the opportunity of her second-long moment of shock to rip the drum stick out of her hand. She flipped it over in her hand and hooked the bottom of her chin with the tip of it, tipping it up so Waverly met her eyes as she leaned down towards her. "Now get up."  

Waverly immediately scrambled off of the stool, and Nicole snatched it up by one of the legs with a roll of her eyes as she shoved both drum sticks in her back pocket with her free hand. Waverly swallowed, watching as she grabbed the hi-hat before carrying both items out the back door of the bar. She snapped out of it after a second and looked back when she felt a hand on her shoulder, meeting the Horny Dandelions bassist’s eyes. “Good luck with that tonight,” she said with a raise of her brows. 

Waverly let out a breathy laugh with a nod. “Thanks, I’m gonna need it.” 

She nodded with a snort, moving around her towards the back. “Trust me, I know you will.”

Waverly watched her as she turned the corner towards the back of the bar with her bass, letting out a slow breath as she tried to relax a bit and block out the absolutely nasty thoughts that were flying through her head. She managed to do so enough to contain herself while Nicole helped clear everything out of the bar. Nicole took a few more minutes to chat with the band members before Waverly felt her eyes on her from where she was sitting on the end of the stage. Nicole crossed her arms and walked over to her, and she looked up at her with an innocent smile. 

“You’re a damned brat, you know that?” 

“I’m well aware, Baby,” Waverly answered.

Nicole let out a hum, hopping off the stage and reaching down to grab her wrist as she started for the door. Waverly quickly stood, following along behind her as Nicole pushed the front door of the bar open and drug her out to the parking lot. She pulled her keys out of her pocket when she saw Nicole was heading towards her Jeep, and she was going to pull from her to get around to the driver’s side, but Nicole pulled her towards her and shifted so she could shove her up against the side of it.

“Shit,” Waverly breathed out, meeting her eyes as she pressed her hands against the window on either side of her head. 

Nicole nudged her head up with her nose so she could kiss her neck. “Your place or mine?” 

“Wynonna’s definitely not home on a Friday night, but yours is closer,” Waverly reasoned. “Whatever you wanna do, it doesn’t matter to me.” 

Nicole hummed, pulling from a hickey she left right below her pulse point. “Well, mine then. ‘Cause I need you now.” 

Waverly’s pupils blew wide, and Nicole lifted her head with fire in her eyes. Waverly let out a curse under her breath, pushing at her hips so she could slip out from in front of her and rush around to the driver’s side. 

They were both quickly in the car, and Waverly was peeling out of the parking lot before Nicole was even buckled. They were pulling up in front of Nicole’s apartment complex before they knew it, and Nicole was dragging Waverly by the wrist towards the entrance once again. They stumbled up the single flight of stairs before Nicole’s back was pressed back against her door as Waverly got it pushed open. 

Their journey into the house consisted of a couple of pit stops. 

One was getting all of Waverly’s clothes but her underwear off right inside the front door. 

One was after they fell onto the couch and Nicole dry humped them both to an orgasm. 

After that, Nicole was two knuckles deep in her up against the wall outside of the kitchen. 

And after that, it was Waverly’s turn to wrestle Nicole’s clothes off of her the second they stepped into her bedroom. 

They made it to the bed eventually, and that’s where they stayed for the next few hours until they passed out for the night.


«» «» «»


And when they had passed out the night before, Waverly, of course, had called it quits cuddled up on Nicole’s chest.

She hadn’t realized it the second that she woke up, but the subtle thumping of Nicole’s heart under her ear pressed against her bare chest had made it pretty clear. 

Waverly let out a sleepy hum, uncurling her arm from underneath herself and poking it out from under the blanket to slide it down Nicole’s outer arm. She now registered the subtle weight of Nicole’s hands on her body as she slowly woke up. One was wrapped around her and resting with a light grip on her hip, and the other was wrapped around her top half and covering her shoulder blade. 

Nicole was quite literally holding her in her sleep, and it probably had something to do with why she felt like she had never slept any better. 

Waverly swallowed a bit when more thoughts of that kind of variety began to fill her head, and she let out a slow breath as she let her eyes close again. These kinds of thoughts had been bothering her for a while now, and they probably had something to do with her little slip up at the bar the night before. 

The whole sHe’S mY giRLfRieNd thing? Yeah. 

Was she against the idea of Nicole being her girlfriend? Absolutely not. Did she actually want to make things official between them? Obviously. Was she too afraid to mention it in fear that Nicole wasn’t into her like that? Yup. 

Whether it was fortunately or unfortunately, no one knew, but the truth was that Nicole was having the exact same feelings that she was. 

And she was also too afraid to bring them up.

Well . . . she had been at least. 

Nicole stirred after a few more minutes, and her body shifted under Waverly’s weight on top of her. She felt Waverly’s fingers flex where they were resting on her bicep, and she hummed, slipping her arms all the way around her body and hugging her tighter.

Waverly giggled, looking up at her when she tipped her head to the side and opened her eyes to look at her. “Mornin’,” Nicole muttered, and the rumble of her morning voice sent chills down Waverly’s spine. 

Waverly scooted up her body, pressing her face up against the side of her neck. “Morning.”

Nicole slid her hand up and down her back a few times before tracing her backbone with her pointer finger. “Sleep ok?” 

“Mhm,” Waverly mumbled, sliding a hand up to push into her tangled hair. “You?”

“Always with you, Baby.”

Waverly opened her eyes and moved her head back a bit, and Nicole turned her head to look at her with a soft smile. Waverly smiled back, letting her hand drift down to her cheek from her hair and tracing the dimple that was popped out. “Yeah?”

Nicole leaned forward and pressed a kiss to her forehead. “Yeah.”

Waverly relaxed further on top of her, sliding her hand down to rest on the side of her neck. “I’m always better with you, too.” 

Nicole met her eyes again, and they stayed with their eyes locked for several silent seconds. She only closed them involuntarily for a moment because of a throb of her hangover headache, but she opened them again to see Waverly still staring at her. She looped her arm around her body and turned them so they were both on their sides facing one another. Waverly let out a whimper, scooting closer to her front and burying her face in her chest. Nicole pulled her fingers through her hair, letting her nails scratch at her scalp and hearing the approving noise Waverly let out because of it. 

They sat like that for a few minutes, unknowingly thinking about the same things. There were so many thoughts and feelings that were flying through each of their heads, so the silence in the room was only being filled by the hum of Nicole’s ceiling fan as they tried to decipher them. 

It seemed that Nicole was the one to find a consensus within her head first, though, because her eyes opened and she swallowed down the nerves in her throat when Waverly looked up and met her eyes again. 

“Hm?” she mumbled in question, having noticed the look on Nicole’s face the second she had looked up at her. Nicole flicked her eyes up above her head for a moment before looking back down at her. Her brows raised, and she let out a slow breath when she saw the confusion on Waverly’s face. “Why’re you looking at me like that?”

“Like what?” Nicole asked. 

“Like that.”  

Nicole sighed again, slowly tracing her jaw with her thumb. “. . . So girlfriends?” 

Waverly’s eyes widened for a moment, but her face softened with a smile. “Yeah . . . Girlfriends.” 

Nicole grinned wide, slipping her arm under Waverly’s waist and pulling her onto her lap when she rolled to her back again. Waverly giggled, cupping her face as she leaned down into a kiss. Nicole slid her hands down to her hips, pulling her closer.

A kiss. 

With her girlfriend. 

Well, that was quite the hangover cure if she had ever felt one.