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Wolf's Nights

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1- Kiss

When you are alone, without anyone or anything to interrupt intimate conversations, he leans and kiss you without any previous warning, you told him he can and lips meet making your body a little hot, he’s used to the cold and makes sure you are not by deepening the kiss and being careful your tongue doesn’t touch his fangs, although they are small compared to other erunes the sharpness is indeed there, breath and air are stopped in time until you can’t anymore. A flash of a smile is visible on his face and his visible eye gaze upon you with feelings that words can’t express.


2-  Dogs

Since the events in North Vast, you discovered that Eustace has some affection towards dogs, their fur, barks and gentle nature somehow makes him feel at ease. When you got the Lumberjack class and the ability to talk to animals you went to an island full of dog lovers to know more about breeds, behavior and food with the goal to understand more the erune and his fixation with them.

One afternoon you spotted him coming back from a mission and with a bright smile salutes him while having a puppy on your arms, he froze his tracks to put his total attention on the small pup who wiggled its tail and barking happily, Eustace’s ears twitched while hesitating to touch, confused you ask him what’s wrong and the pup jumps onto him, by pure instinct the gun wielder catches him “That was dangerous…” sighing Eustace hugs the pup with affection. You just watch the scene with awe and love because he deserves something to be happy for “Thank you” he whispers while patting your head.



Life is not fair for some people, the balance between happiness and misery holds into a thin line so clear is invisible. Who could imagine that in just a single night his hometown, his friends, family and the baby wolf he cared so much for vanished, forever…leaving a life of nightmares and tears which resulted in a will of iron, suppressing his emotions and working hard for a goal: discover the one behind the tragedy and getting revenge. With Ronan’s help he became one of the top agents from the Society with a big record of solo missions, then on a particular day he met you and your crew, at first by reflex his distrust on people showed up with sarcasm and distancing himself, but with long time and your presence he found something more valuable than revenge itself, the peace and quiet he was so starved for. As a token of gratitude he confessed to be by your side and also his feelings for you, probably he’s not the best at saying stuff like “I love you” but his actions talk louder than words.



Anxiety clouded your thoughts since days passed on the long journey, and despite having your friends, Lyria and Vyrn nothing seems to be of progress to the destination where your dad is waiting for you and sure really miss him. Feeling lonely and lost you closed the door which belonged to the captain’s room with a lot on mind. Hours later a knock was heard.

“I’m back, I was searching for you” straight to the point Eustace’s voice echoed by the other side of the door, that said you rushed to open and meet the marksman just to find his visible eye looking at you with a bit of surprise “what happened?” with some worry he lowered himself to be on your size and have better view of your face. You say it’s nothing but that makes things worse since the erune is an expert at interrogations but because it’s you and not some wanted criminal force was not an option then with a frown he asked again “It’s not normal to your eyes to have tears, tell me what happened” more than a question, a slight order on his tone of voice.

Without containing it anymore you explain your loneliness and how much you want the journey to be over, Eustace takes your hand to put it on his head, ears twitching and a relaxed hum escaped your lips, how much you liked to touch his ears, at first to tease but now is a habit of you two to calm you down on bad days.

“Thanks to this journey…you have met lots of people and places…including myself, and as long as this travel continues I’ll fight with you any enemy on your way, remember that” he stated while letting you to pet his ears, the fluffiness his fur gives a wave of peace running through your body like the best lavender tea, your body feels heavy with sleep and the erune helps out to let you rest.



5- Tranquility

After feeling free from the chains that contained him called revenge his mind feels light and his cold heart with blazing desire to protect you, making an oath in front of you to never let you go and being there for you the air feels crisps on your skin while temperature rises to your face. How he can say such things with a straight face, however you were prepared too to surprise him with giving him a box, Eustace opens it to reveal the content, Nightshade earrings.

“…Are you sure of this?” a little smirk crossed his lips while gazing at your blushed features, you nod and he wastes no time to hook them to his furry ears, little he cares about what others will say, power surges to him to the point to Flamek flash a bit as a response to the new accessory. “Thank you” in a sudden movement the erune was behind you and embraces his arms on your waist “You gave me something I will treasure…tranquility” and with those words your mind went blank with his gestures as gentleman with rotating your body leaning for a passionate kiss.