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Our Bouquet of Peach and Lemon Blossoms

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The moon hung heavy in the sky as the second division tiredly made their way into the citadel. Kashuu was especially tired after having to be captain for this longer than usual mission into Toba, a little frustrated that he had to be stuck in the same clothes that were covered in flecks of dirt and sweat. If only he had his scarf to wipe away any dirt off of his face he'd be even just a little happier. Kashuu envies the way Mikazuki had been all but glowing and giddy the entire expedition and nowhere near in the same physical disarray that Kashuu was. He would have actually had clothes to change into too if it hadn't been for-

"Yamatonokami Yasusada!" 

The sage shouts, rushing to the foyer to greet the division- obviously out of breath and looking more flustered than usual. Everyone looks around with curious glances as he catches his breath, Kahsuu cocking an eyebrow in confusion. "He's not here, you didn't assign him on this mission, Master," Namazuo says with a tired yawn, kicking away his shoes as everyone else does.

"Not that... I need Kashuu... emergency," he pants, reaching out for Kashuu's arm and ignoring any protest as he drags the sword off with the breathy and barely enunciated explanation. Mikazuki can't help the pleased grin that spreads across his face as he begins the arduous task of taking off his accessories on his walk to his room as the remaining members of the division split off, too tired to care about what just happened. As he approaches his room, heat pools in his navel as the scent of a very aroused and barley restrained alpha- his alpha- greets him as he slides open the door. The scent of another similarly ailing sword wafting through the hallway makes him think that he should write Kashuu and Yasusada a lengthy thank-you note, sometime later.

"Is this about the field report? I already sent the Konnosuke ahead with it hours ago! If you’re late sending off paperwork, that’s your fault this time,” Kashuu complains loudly as the Sage continues his mission of dragging the disgruntled sword along. “Paperwork? Oh- no, this is not about that at all,” he replies after he finally catches his breath, making no move to let the sword’s arm go or slowing his rushing. “But there is an emergency. It’s about Yasusada,” he says with urgency as the human continues to usher the sword along.

“What’s wrong? Is he okay?” Kashuu asks as they finally stop in front of the double shoji doors of the Sage's bedroom. “He’s doing... okay, I think. But, he locked himself in his room about a day ago and he smells different. He won't come out for meals and even Horikawa can't get him to do anything,” the Sage says, motioning the sword to come into the room and ushering him to sit down at the low table, cluttered with official-looking documents and a few books- still nothing entirely out of the ordinary. “That isn’t very comforting, Master. What do you need me to do?"

The Sage is still dancing around a bookcase as Kashuu impatiently taps his fingers against the table with a concerned glare leveled at the human. “I know we don’t speak about it much, given how this doesn’t happen all that often to sword warriors, but do you know about this sort of thing?” he finally asks, seemingly avoiding the tsukumogami’s question until he speaks up and takes a seat next to the sword at the table with a thick book, presenting the cover for him to read.

Alpha, Beta, and Omega: Understanding Secondary Roles ” is the title written in bold font- the words not unfamiliar to the sword, but makes Kashuu cock an eyebrow in slight confusion nonetheless. “I guess a little bit? I know that Mikazuki and Kogitsunemaru had this happen to them and they're dating, or something like that," he says in response, looking at the man for confirmation. The Sage only sighs heavily at his answer. “That’s just about what I was expecting. It's something pretty hard to explain to be perfectly honest. Humans have this thing that... can make life a little more difficult for us sometimes and we need to be very careful about it," he tries explaining, despite how Kashuu looked even more confused by the minute. 

"It's difficult with swords because it rarely happens to you guys, but having Mikazuki awaken as an Omega was a pretty big headache before. If something like that is happening again, I might give up on this week completely," he says with a huff and passes off the book to the uchigatana, pointing out a worn paper bookmark as he examines the text.  "We'll go over the field report later for Toba, but I need you to read through this chapter and tell me if Yasusada has done anything like what's being described in this book, okay? If that's the case, things might get a little awkward,"

"More awkward than forcing one of your most beloved swords to sit here looking like a mess?" Kashuu quips, his anxiety for the well-being of his partner somewhat quelled. The Sage rolls his eyes and points at the book insistently. " Yes, now read it already,"

"Omega: Describes the more receptive and passive role of the trio and the one that will, under correct circumstances, will be more likely to bear children. Betas have also proven capable of both siring and bearing children, but do not do so at the same rate as an Alpha or an Omega. Their presentation can be the more troublesome one of the trio as they have more of a tendency to spur Alphas into aggression and can be difficult to manage, even by a Beta."

“Signs of an Omega Presenting,”

"1. Scenting

When an Omega is getting ready to present from their previously sexless form, their bodies begin to create a unique scent meant to attract a possible mate as a result of their rapidly changing hormones. With the existence of sword warriors, it seems that they too are no exception to this rule, presenting the unique trait of a secondary role in much the same way as a human."

It was like the morning of a warm spring, maybe after the rain just fell? Definitely when the cherry blossoms were in full bloom. There was no mistaking its unique floral scent- but something like the incense burned by the more religiously inclined swords joined it as Kashuu sniffed the air a few times, trying to place the new aroma. It was almost like fresh rain too- what a lovely blend of scents, he thinks as he hears the shoji door of the room slide open as he lounges in his bed.

“Yasusada, are you wearing perfume?” Kashuu asks as his partner wanders into their room, obviously fresh from a bath. “Perfume? Why would I need something like that?” Yasusada asks, cocking his head to the side while Kashuu pauses from the casual browsing of his phone to look at his partner exasperatedly. 

“Because you want to smell nice. Perfumes are pretty pleasant, you know. It smells like you’re wearing some right now,” he says insistently, standing up from his place on the ground to approach Yasusada who was finishing up putting away his clothes and soap, running a fluffy towel through his damp hair. “But I’m not wearing any. Maybe it’s the soap?” he offers with a curious look, picking up the bar to sniff momentarily and turning to offer it to his partner.

Suddenly Kashuu is much closer than he was before, looking him up and down with an incredulous stare. He leans in to bask in the new and interesting aroma radiating maybe?  off of the other sword. “It doesn’t smell like soap- it smells kind of like...  cherry blossoms? With patchouli or some kind of musk?” he tries, sniffing the air around his partner before giving up on the vain attempt and invades the other uchigatana’s personal space, sniffing his hair as Yasusada sputters at the sudden closeness.

“Jeez, what are you doing all of a sudden?!” Yasusada squeals his face flushing deep red while Kashuu continues to look more annoyed than anything as he picks up a damp lock of hair and inhales deeply with a frustrated look. “I’m trying to figure out what that scent is! It's really good. I won’t tease you if you’re wearing perfume, you know. I think it’s rather nice,” he says with a smile that makes a confusing feeling boil in the pit of Yasusada’s stomach as he takes the towel to help properly dry the still damp hair.

“I get it, okay? Now stop being a weirdo! We have a sortie early in the morning and I won’t wake you up if you oversleep again.” Yasusada says indignantly, ignoring the heat rising in his cheeks as he pushes away from the other uchigatana with an annoyed huff. 

“Fine, fine. Only because I know how mean you’re willing to be to a cute sword like me,” Kashuu replies, breaking Yasusada out of his thoughts as he returns to his own futon with a graceless flop, the light of his cell phone illuminating his mildly bored expression as he settles into his bedding and a pout forming on his petulant lips.

“Yes, you’re very cute. But I’m sure our Master would appreciate a sword who is cute and diligent much more,” Yasusada says with a slight laugh, as he turns to give his partner a cheeky grin. “Speak for yourself, Master appreciates me plenty,” Kashuu says, sticking his tongue out at him childishly and getting an eye-roll in kind from the other tsukumogami who was tucking himself beneath the warm winter blankets. “Yeah, yeah. Time to sleep,”

Yasusada is turning off the lamp next to them when he notices an odd fluffy lump tucked underneath the other sword’s arm, almost blending in with the white yukata he was wearing. “Hey, why are you sleeping with my towel? It’s wet,” he pointed out with a grimace. 

It was Kashuu’s turn for his face to flush as he tossed it to the side, landing in a formless lump a few feet away from his futon. “I- uh... It’s nothing. Jeez, didn’t you say it’s time for bed?”



Kashuu let himself be lulled along to sleep of the gentle aroma still wafting in the room, thinking nothing of it when he realized that he could still smell the scent just as much as he could when he was in close quarters with his partner.  Stubbornly engraving itself into his memory.

“2. Mood Changes

This phenomenon is largely attributed to the changing hormones of the omega, though little else is known and varies from case to case. An Omega that is beginning to present their first heat seems to be in wildly different humor than their normal mood- sometimes only by a fraction, and other times by a great deal. Any Sages with omega sword warriors are advised to monitor them closely, as it may become a hindrance to daily activities if drastic enough.”

Yasusada was beginning to act... strange. Ever since his scent changed, something was going on with his behavior over the past few days. 

It started with small things that were easy to miss because that was just how Yasusada was sometimes- between an overactive appetite, despising being alone, and general stubbornness- that simply just made him Yasusada; But things went from the easily missed kind of acts to downright worrisome behaviors.

Instead of the occasional second trip back into the cafeteria line for any leftovers, Kashuu found his partner rushing back into the line the moment his plate was wiped clean at least five times one day. When asked about it, Yasusada only gave him an offended huff. "I'm eating just as any healthy warrior should be," he groused through mouthfuls of rice and curry.

Then there was this newfound clinginess his partner now had, though Kashuu wasn't too sure if he could complain about it. They were already close and definitely something more than friends, both swords either too shy or unwilling to name it yet; But Yasusada trailed behind Kashuu even more so now. Baths were taken together more frequently along with meals and despite sharing a room the red-eyed uchigatana soon found his partner curled up next to him in his own futon. It wasn't unwelcome and Kashuu couldn't help it when a protectiveness over the other sword started taking root, this new development certainly endearing Yasusada even more to his partner. 

It was nice being wanted by someone- no matter how unkempt they could be, but it became a problem Kashuu soon found out. 

"You can find something else to do today, I'll help him with the laundry," Kashuu heard Yasusada all but growl as he approached the assignment board, hoping not to see his name block pinned under any arduous tasks. He found the other tsukumogami glaring at Mikazuki- who thankfully only returned the glare with an amused smirk.

"Oh my, I would hate to disobey our Master. Do you think Kashuu is unable to complete such a task without your guidance?" The Tachi said with a grin, eyes mischievous and knowing as he analyzed the other sword.  "Not at all, but he's my partner. It's not your fault Master made a mistake, but I'll be helping Kashuu because he doesn't need anyone else," Yasusada defended with increasing irritation and Kashuu could see that Yasusada was holding one of the name blocks hostage from the other sword.

"Oh, look who's here. Why don't you go let your partner know about the change then? So you can remind him he doesn't need anyone else," Mikazuki said with a shit-eating grin, before walking away with an off-handed comment.  "Having someone else awakening reminds me I should be doing the same thing with my own partner..." he muttered to himself, walking off in the direction of his shared room with Kogitsunemaru before Kashuu could ask him what was going on.

"Yasusada, what was that? You shouldn't be so mean to others you know, it's not very-" the sword was cut off by his partner's pale hands grabbing his own and serious blue eyes staring him down.  "You only need me, right? You don't need Mikazuki, he's not like me and he doesn't smell like me and you like the way I smell and you like being with me, right?" He rambled immediately. It was almost pitiful, the worrying way that Yasusada's eyes bore into him, and the swelling protectiveness from before returned then almost ten-fold. 

Kashuu should have demanded more answers, should have scolded his partner for trying to start a fight with one of the tenka goken and most respected swords in their Master's roster. But instead, he brought his partner in close for a hug- his scent, still aromatic and perfume-like, more intense than before- and gently ran a fond hand through his hair. "I only need you, you're a good partner who wears really nice perfume," he said with a chuckle, the previous tension completely unwound as Yasusada nuzzled into the embrace.

"I'm still not wearing any, but it seems like you are. It's nice, spicy like cinnamon, I think," he muttered into his chest as Kashuu raised a curious eyebrow at the other sword. He wasn't wearing anything like that...

It probably didn't mean anything, a happy accident if nothing else. 

“3. Nesting

Understood to be a left-over instinct from the past, nesting is natural for any Omega who is beginning their heat cycle; the heat cycle referring to the beginning of the breeding period for Alphas and Omegas. The Omega builds a “nest” out of bedding, blankets, and even out of the clothes of their chosen partners. Omegas who are in the nesting stage of their cycle may find their heat starting within only a few days of such an event.”

Apparently, there really must have been something going on with whatever new smell Yasusada ascribed to him- at least, that's what he could only guess to be the cause when he frequently found clothes from his laundry bin missing, only to turn up somewhere in Yasusada's side of the closet and drawers.

"I'd let you know if I were doing something different, but I'm not wearing perfume and I still use the same shampoo and soap! I'm running out of clean clothes Yasusada, and it's embarrassing that you're piling all of my dirty laundries in one place- you could at least take the stuff that's washed so I have decent things to wear!" Kashuu complained as he donned what was to be the only clean clothes he'd have for a while, as long as he could maintain them properly during his expedition into Toba.

"But it doesn't smell the same! And isn't the bed feeling more uncomfortable to you? It actually feels kind of nice laying on top of your clothes on the floor," Yasusada complained, boldly unashamed of his bizarre behavior- confusing, but not out of character.  "And you're wrinkling my stuff? C'mon Yasada, I can't look cute with you messing up my things," Kashuu chided, a worried pang hitting his stomach when Yasusada looked up at him with sad eyes. "I think you're cute already... Are you trying to be cute for other people now? Do you not want me around?" 

Red eyes widened with concern and despite not having any idea of how to comfort this sudden wave of neediness from his partner, his body moved on instinct and brought Yasusada into a gentle embrace. "Of course I want you around, stupid," he said with no bite in his voice, something inside him sparking with delight when the other tsukumogami cutely nuzzled into the embrace- something he found happening more often and caring about any idea that he should be embarrassed much less.

"But I do have an expedition to go on today, and I'll be gone for a bit with only this to wear. I'd feel a lot better about it if I knew I could change into something clean and less sweaty at the end of the day," he continued, only vaguely aware of the hitch in his partner's breath as he played with the tips of his hair, flicking them lovingly between his fingers.

That was until the arms that were trapped between their chests wound around him like a vice grip, and Yasusada's lithe form began to tremble slightly. "Yasusada?"

When Kashuu pulled back to check on the other sword, he was met with the gut-wrenching sight of tears falling down his partner's face, almost like the times he'd try to calm him down from a nightmare. The ruddy cheeks stained with tears and petulant lips trembling as Yasusada held back sobs had Kashuu panicking internally, trying to think of how he could try and console his partner.

"Please don't leave me, you just said you still wanted me around. Are you really going to leave?" He asked between hiccups, and it almost tore Kashuu up inside to try and reason with him. 

"Master assigned me as the captain for this one,"

Another sob-

"It'll only be for three days,"

Pale hands failed to keep tears from falling-

"We'll be safe, I'll be going be going with other strong swords, like Mikazuki,"

That was definitely the wrong thing to say as his partner no longer bothered with wiping his face and cried openly, leaning his face heavily into the crook of the other's chest. His rebuttal was muffled into the fabric of Kashuu's scarf, and the other sword had no idea how to handle how quickly the situation had devolved. The reassuring pats to his partner's back did little to offer any sort of comfort, and Yasusada downright refused to let his partner go- even when Mikazuki, of all people, had come in to gather him to set off on their mission.

"Oh my, still not ready?" He'd asked, ethereal eyes glinting with playfulness as the Tachi looked knowingly down at the pair of uchigatana. "Yasusada is-"

"He's not going! Kiyomitsu is staying here with me!" Yasusada shouted petulantly, his grip unrelenting on his partner, especially when Mikazuki let out a soft chuckle. It's not until Kogitsunemaru came by that finally had Yasusada lessening his death grip. "I was just going to say goodbye and- oh my,"  Red eyes glued onto Yasusada's trembling form like a hawk, which made the blue-eyed uchigatana whimper as he curled defensively behind his partner when he met that gaze. Kashuu couldn't help the sudden irritation that sparked when the white-haired Tachi kept his gaze on his partner. "What the hell is your problem?" he hissed, unable (or more rather, unwilling) to catch himself.

Before Kogistunemaru could give any answer, Mikazuki stepped in looking a lot like the cat that ate the canary. "He's just noticed Yasusada's new perfume, that's all. The both of us have, actually. Though I'm sure he thinks mine is much better, right?" He said pointedly, enough to show he was speaking in subtext but giving no other clue as to what he was alluding to. It made an uneasy feeling settle inside of Kashuu's gut as he watched the pair.

"Of course I do, but we should probably tell-" 

The more muscular tachi was interrupted by a playful shove, Mikazuki shooing him away with a laugh. "I'll go say my farewells to you in our room," he says with a wicked grin before looking back at the pair.  "I did want to let you know I'd be late to our little briefing, but that will give the two of you your own time for a private send-off," the tsukumogami said, the mischievous glint in his eye confusing Kashuu and irritating Yasusada further before he finally let the two of them have their own privacy.

"Don't leave me to go with him," Yasusada mumbled, resting his head on his partner's shoulder as Kashuu sighed. "I'm only going because Master said we have to. Why are you so- mmph!"

Kashuu's confusion was cut off with a heated kiss pressed to his lips, Yasusada gracelessly trying to come up with a rhythm as he clung to his partner. There was no helping how he had reciprocated the desperate action, Kashuu tried to defend mentally, and if this was what it took to calm his suddenly erratic companion down he wouldn't complain.

When they finally broke apart from their rushed lip-locking, panting for air, Kashuu had no desire to leave or do anything that wasn't basking in the sudden attention he received so passionately. "I still can't stay but..."

The sad look Yasusada gave him left him with a hole in his gut at the idea he was leaving his partner (or lover now? How exciting this was becoming-) dissatisfied and opts to unwind his scarf and hand it to his partner. "This probably still smells like whatever you think I smell like. If it helps you not miss me so much, I guess I'll sacrifice my charm," he said, any reservation or shame at the situation nowhere to be found. Yasusada nodded with a sniffle and the sight of him clinging to the crimson scarf like a lifeline filled Kashuu with the excitement of coming back home to someone who wanted him so obviously- the usual anxiety that would have followed such attention strangely absent.

But there was a lot Kashuu wasn't going to let himself be worried about now.

"So?" The Sage asks as the sword continues his flipping through the pages, the text definitely providing a lot of context to the matter at hand and the last chapter making his face flush with heat as he recalled the memory. When Kashuu flips to the next page, it begins to show detailed - way too detailed - depictions of Male and Female Omegas anatomy and he can’t help shutting the book tightly with an embarrassed sputter. “Did anything like this happen before you left?"

Kashuu swallows around the knot in his throat and nods uncomfortably. The Sage sighs heavily and lets his head fall to the table with a withering look. "Great, just what I thought. Well, I definitely can't go near him so I'm going to have to ask you to check on him," he laments as he picks his head up from the table.

"He is my partner, but why can't you be near him? I know he can be a handful sometimes but Yasusada isn't so unbearable," Kashuu demands with an offended huff, the idea of their master having some kind of problem with the other sword striking a tender nerve that almost made him want to snap at the man. "Are you crazy? An Alpha around an Omega going through their heat is a bad idea! He'll make me go into a rut and I don't even have my own mate yet-" the Sage all but shouts, thoroughly scandalized but stops short when he receives a confused look.

"Just, educate yourself on the matter so we can get him through his first heat. I'd rather not get into another fight with Kogitsunemaru just because someone's awakening set him off again,” he groans, face turning redder by the second while snatching the book from the sword and turns it to another page before shoving it back into the flustered hands of his charge. 

“Such a rude master,” Kashuu complained dismissively while looking over the text that reads:

Heats are the periods of time that humans (and in rarer cases, sword warriors) develop a secondary form of sexual maturity-

"Master this is- are you saying you would want to have sex with him?!" Kashuu growls, leveling a glare at the human whose face turned beet red. The thought that their master would even think to try and do something like that to Yasusada, his partner, his friend, his-

"It's not like it would be on purpose! That's just what happens to Alphas around this sort of thing, just- please bear with me here, this is already embarrassing enough. It’s going to be difficult, Yasusada might not even listen to you- but if you can get him to calm down and eat something at least, I promise I won’t ask anything like this of you again!” The sage pleads as he bows his head. Instead of the usual teasing smile that the uchigatana would give as he pretends to think about fulfilling a request for his master, Kashuu scoffs indignantly. “Of course I’ll take care of him, especially after you said something so inappropriate! What a perverted master you are too,” Kashuu sneers, picking himself up from off the ground and storming away before he can hear any protest from the human, leaving the Sage to groan in frustration as he finds himself alone in his room.

The Sage takes the book that had been abandoned on the floor by the sword with a weary sigh as he glances over the text that had been left on the table, the rest of the chapter text plainly visible.

Heats are the periods of time that humans (and in rarer cases, sword warriors) develop a secondary form of sexual maturity- and can copulate or breed with a chosen partner. During this time, those with secondary maturity experience heightened levels of arousal in the hope of mating and producing offspring. 

Sages are directed to act with extreme caution with the presence of an omega in the citadel due to the effect they may have on other swords who may go through this form of development. While almost symptomless save for a few behavioral changes, Alpha awakenings are troublesome as they can go almost completely unnoticed. Omegas going through heat can also trigger the first rut of an alpha going through their own sexual development, leading to conflicts between Alpha swords and Sages.

The Sage reminisces bitterly at the last part, of scrambling out of Mikazuki’s room during the sword's first heat, the scent almost spurring him into a rut. He would have distanced himself successfully and calmed down if Kogitsunemaru didn’t think that he was attempting to “encroach on his territory,” and it certainly didn’t help that the moon-eyed tachi goaded his partner on with a sly grin.

He had to wonder if he was just dull, not noticing the sudden possessiveness both tachis had displayed, seemingly out of nowhere, and how confrontational Kogitsunemaru had become with him. Almost like- 

“God damn it!”

By the time Kashuu makes it in front of the shoji doors of their shared room, it does dawn on him that he didn’t spend enough time reading the book to really know what to expect when he opened them. Was Yasusada just being stubborn the same way before he left? All clingy and more than ready to put kisses all over him again? That would be nice if not leave them with an awkward conversation about their new status, obviously no longer friends or connected only through their previous master.

The sight of a lovingly wrapped bento placed by the door does give him an idea of where to start with his approach, surely the sight of his partner, though woefully disheveled, coupled with a nice meal definitely could be just what Yasusada needs, nothing more complicated than that.

Even as sure as he was, Kiyomitsu felt his resolve of knowing what he was walking into crumble to dust as he slid the door open. The scent, the one from before, hit him like the punch in the face first, leaving all sorts of feelings in its wake as the uchigatana scrambles to close the doors behind him, before facing the entirety of what he can only describe as wreckage that lay before him.

“Kiyomitsu!” the usually melodic voice of Yasusada whines with a raspy keen, unaware of his partner’s presence.

Their room had become a mess- like someone had taken everything out of its place, clothes, books, and other miscellany is strewn about the floor but most especially anything that belonged to Kashuu. In the middle of the chaos, dashed upon the sword’s futon like a depraved mess, Yasusada was aggressively pumping two fingers inside of himself- a vulgar squelching bringing ruby eyes to the sight of a slick substance staining the thighs of his partner as the scarf that Kashuu lent to him was caught amongst pale thighs as he desperately ruts his own pink cock against the soft fabric.

Yasusada was blissfully unaware of Kashuu’s presence as he continued to pound his own deft fingers into himself, spreading his legs apart momentarily for Kashuu to take in the sight of a cute pink hole that he was fucking his fingers into, it sitting just below his cock and shameful red tinting the lips of it as the delirious tsukumogami stretched and fingered it further.

It was... getting hard to think straight. Why their Master believed so fervently that Kashuu could do anything about his partner when the other sword was already like this, he had no clue. The embarrassment of watching Yasusada, his partner, his friend, do such a thing is non-existent and Kashuu fights a rush of heat through his own body at the sight. He should... go away. Turn away and tell the Sage that they were going to have to let Yasusada keep locking himself in his room until this heat had finally passed.

But the lewd squelching sound of fingers dipping into a - dripping, sloppy, god it smelled absolutely divine, that must be where the tantalizing scent came from - hole, shoots the idea down before Kashuu has enough time to compose himself to follow through, especially when Yasusada keens with a broken whine, hips pushing up from the makeshift nest, a mess of Kashuu’s clothes and their shared bedding, how troublesome- 

How cute.

There’s the passing thought that he should care, that Kashuu should stop Yasusada’s little lustful display and scold him for stealing his clothes of all things, and maybe tease him a little just to punish the other sword a bit. But in this moment of crying out “Kiyomitsu!” with aerated gasps as Yasusada surrounded himself with Kashuu’s belongings, - breathing in his scent no doubt as he pushed his ruddy face into the scarf while fingering that cute little pink hole that really looked like it could use more than just fingers in it - the uchigatana feels a new feeling rise along with the heat in his abdomen. 

Yasusada wanted him, needed him, to the point that even his body was craving him in ways he couldn’t quite understand yet- but Kashuu was certainly willing to learn, to try. “Yasusada,” he growls as he lets his body move on its own accord, a fog-like feeling washing over him as he approaches the sword, the omega, and completely loses himself in the heavy aroma of his partner’s heat.

“Kiyo... Mitsu? Y-You’re here! You’re finally here!” Yasusada rejoices as he all but pounces on his partner, giddily wrapping his arms around the other uchigatana’s neck and pulling him down onto the little mess of bedding and clothes that made up Yasusada’s nest. “So indiscriminate, look at what a mess you made,” Kashuu says, letting himself be tugged into the needy hold of the other sword while putting aside the bento as an after-thought. Yasusada’s hungry eyes follow it momentarily before his ruddy cheeks are fervently being squished into a slightly sweaty collarbone, the bite of the buttons on the dress shirt doing little to stop him from embracing his partner.

“I missed you so much, don’t leave me, I’ll go crazy if you leave me- you love me, right? Kiyomitsu, won’t you love me too? I love you so much, I’ll love you always,” Yasusada rambles deliriously as he wraps his legs across his partner’s lower back, rutting his messy groin against Kashuu’s already dirtied clothes. Kashuu knows that he should be shouting with joy that there was someone who loved him, so whole-hearted and obviously, or at least be trying to ease Yasusada from his almost hysteric proclamations of love.

But the desperate whining, the shallow rutting of their hips, and the way pale hands clung to him as if he were the only one who could help him make sense of this world and his body encourages a sultry chuckle out of him and leans back to take in the sight of his partner. “I guess I really am loved,” he says with a grin, running his own manicured fingers up and down slick thighs before they travel further up, prodding the puffy lips of the drooling hole, the unbearable heat that was growing in his hips ramping up when Yasusada’s face contorts with pleasure- thick eyebrows drawing together as his petulant lips breathily draw out an 'Oh !' “Please, please, please- Kiyo, I need you to... just, please something, anything inside of me, please!” Yasusada begs when he shoots out a hand to grip onto his partner’s wrist, forcing a finger inside of him with moans that were slowly turning into outright howling.

The slick and tight heat along with the heady scent of his partner all but chokes the words out of Kashuu as he pumps his finger along with the desperate thrusting, looking in perverted fascination as it slips in further and Yasusada’s delirium grows.  “Yes! Yes! Yes!” the blue-eyed tsukumogami begins to scream as Kashuu experimentally teases in a second finger, enjoying the slight gap as he scissors his fingers apart before pulling away, eyes zeroed in on the string of slick that remains connected to him as he pulls his fingers out.

The scent- Yasusada's scent - definitely was coming from the hole, fragrant and enticing as it was before. He experimentally licks his stickied fingers into his mouth and relishes in the taste of his aroused partner while Yasusada whines helplessly at the lewd display. "Kiyomitsu, please do more- I want more, I missed you so much I was so lonely-" Yasusada rambles again as he replaces the empty feeling in his hole with his own fingers again, the slick from inside of him still dripping out and onto the vibrant red scarf, now a dull color as it absorbs more of the tacky fluid.

Three fingers encourage the redness to deepen. along the lips as Yasusada stretches himself with more than he could reasonably handle, and Kashuu hisses as his own arousal makes itself known, his throbbing cock pulsing even harder at the sight and- wouldn't it feel so good to push it inside of Yasusada? Jacking off was nice enough but that hole looked tighter than he could imagine, and it was just begging for him to do something to it, to Yasusada-

"Fuck, Yasada, I want more too. Just- let me..." he all but pants out, hurriedly undoing his belt and growling in frustration when his boxers get stuck in the zipper, Yasusada's own slender hands joining his as they push down his boxers enough for his cock to spring free as he abandons the scarf on the nest-

With only a whiny grunt Yasusada pounces on the other sword and straddles his hips, wrapping his hands around both of them as he encourages pre-cum out of their dicks and pumping at an almost vicious pace. "Mm, Kiyo you're dripping all over me, you're making me filthy," he keens, throwing his head back when manicured hands sneak around his and return to prodding the messy slit again, shallowly thrusting.  "Ah, where'd- shit, you feel so good, ah! Where'd you get such a perverted mouth from?" Kashuu tries to demand between grunts, but the further he pushes his fingers in the tighter Yasusada holds them as he rubs themselves together- choking out any snark he might have still had in his system. "I'm just being honest, your stuff is all over me now and it feels so nice," Yasusada keens wantonly as he pitches himself backward, catching himself on one arm as he spreads his legs out.

The sight of the depraved uchigatana slicking up his hand with his partner's precum to toy with his hole and pushing it inside of himself before stroking more on his own erect cock makes the bestial something inside Kashuu growl with delight. 

"It feels really nice in here too," Yasusada moans, not a hint of coyness or shame as he earnestly works himself open even more- abandoning their erections as the pink slit becomes host to the cacophony of perverted sounds made louder by the sticky precum joining along with his own slick. "Yasada, stop messing around and touch me too," Kashuu whines, unable to handle the sudden irritation and arousal that began to boil in his stomach. He brings his hand to toy with his dick while Yasusada seems too preoccupied with his own body and pushes the blunt head of it against his partner's hole.

"O-Oh! I feel so tingly and n-numb down there Kiyomitsu, please do it again?" Yasusada pleads pathetically, sobbing with pleasure when a sly grin spreads over the other sword's face and pushes against his hole once more, the friction of the bare skin on skin contact encouraging him to push against the slight resistance of the sudden intrusion until-

"Shit! "

In one fluid motion, Kahsuu sheathes himself fully in Yasusada, the stretch of his cock making him gasp for air as it stretches with the feeling of a weight that never plateaus to something bearable. The redness on his face deepens as his eyes roll back, unable to see what has stolen Kashuu’s attention. 

On Yasusada’s lean stomach is a barely-there outline of his own cock, moving in time with Kashuu’s experimental thrusts. It's impossible to tell if Yasusada is still coherent as his head lolls around with the slight bounce until Kashuu reverently pushes his hand against the slight protrusion. "Ah! Kiyomitsu, it's so good, you're so good- please do it again!" he babbles, grinding his hips down in desperation on the length splitting him open. 

"There you go with that- that dirty mouth of yours again. I'm already riled- ahh - up!" Kashuu complains, enunciating ' up ' with a sharp and staccato thrust of his hips as he pushes his body up from the nest. "Oh! I can't- I can't, I'm gonna go crazy K-Kiyo, my head feels like jelly!" Yasusada shouts, his hole now spasming against the intrusion as he stops his own minute movements and leaves his partner to growl in frustration at their sudden pause.

Yasusada pushes back to fully sit on the cock seated inside of him, letting out a long groan as he squeezes down on it and grinds his hips slow as the sword below him hisses in pleasure and pain. That slight distending of his body by Kashuu’s cock never goes away and the red-eyed uchigatana huffs as he brings his hand back to toy with the shape, making his partner sob with astonished pleasure on his hips.

"It f-feels too big to move in me now, Kiyo I can't move it- I need you to move it for me," he pleads, making a show of trying to pull himself up before dropping his weight back down and splaying a hand over what felt like a full pelvis- the whoreish red of his slit glistening with a mix of both of their fluids and the swell of Kashuu's flesh stretching it to its limit, no longer able to slip out easily- as if the base had grown.

The sight of his own shaft not being able to completely slip out of the hole brings a grin to his face as he grips shaped hips and Kashuu slams his own up into them sharply, enjoying the little squeak of surprise as Yasusada's eyes shoot open again. His blunt fingernails claw at the no longer pristine white of the other sword's shirt as rough movements jostle his lithe and sweaty body around on top of rapidly moving hips. "Kiyo-! Mitsu-! It's getting bigger!" Yasusada shouts obscenely as he lets himself be fucked into, spreading his legs wider as the thick cock pumps into him fully and begins to catch onto his swollen hole.

The slight burn of the snagging is enough to encourage blue eyes to roll to the back of his head and saliva spills out of a mouth that pants wantonly at the slim hips that piston the cock into the frenzied tsukumogami. “Yasada, ah, you’re squeezing me s-so tight!” Kashuu grunts out, bringing Yasusada’s face close to plant sloppy kisses across his lips as the thrusting becomes frenzied and stuttered.

That encourages Kashuu to shoot forward, roughly pinning his partner to the ground by his wrists as he joins him in a knee-shaking orgasm. He settles himself between stained porcelain thighs painted with bruises chrome his frustrated gripping with a final thrust and heavy groan. “F-Fuck, fuck you made me... all over your insides,” he says with an exhausted huff as Yasusada comes down slowly from his high with a goofy grin and a hand splayed over his navel once more. Kashuu bites his tongue. That move was definitely dangerous, and it almost felt like he was-

“It’s so warm in here, and you’re still going. It’s so nice, like a bath maybe? Or eating soup?” Yasusada says with a dazed look in his eyes and a soft smile that makes the other sword’s heart curl with delight before he pulls back in sudden realization. “S-Shit, I’m sorry I’ll take it out,” he mutters in a panic, scrambling off the lithe body of his partner before he’s stopped by a gentle tugging on the fringe of his hair, or at least, the parts that weren’t stuck to his now even sweatier forehead. 

It makes him feel self-conscious enough to try and dodge the kiss coming his way but Yasusada being able to move his tongue with articulation was an even more dangerous thing as deep kisses quell his resistance. His tongue trailing over the other’s teeth before sucking Kashuu’s tongue back into his mouth to lightly scrape over it before breaking the kiss with a breathless sigh of satisfaction.

“I like it. Stay like this, for me?” Yasusada pleads with a cute smile, one that looked so ruefully satisfied that the other sword is almost ready to scold him for such a suggestion, but at the same time... There was no denying the way his heart tugged with satisfaction at the pleased sight of his lover (or something; they could worry about what this new thing was between them later) and putting on a showy display of being dissatisfied, Kashuu settles back into his position and maneuvers into an awkward cuddle.

“You’re lucky I’m feeling generous with you tonight,” he playfully warns as he brushes deep navy curls from Yasusada’s now sleepily hooded eyes. “Only me?” he asks with an even sweeter smile, happily nuzzling his face into Kashuu’s white shirt as they settle on the nest further. “H-Hey, go to sleep you little imp,” the other uchigatana quips back with no bite to his flustered defense as he pulls a blanket over them. “Yay, Kiyomitsu loves me,” is the sleepy cheer that Kashuu hears as they nuzzle each other further and finally settle comfortably in their new sleeping position. When the omega’s (that would take some getting used to) breathing finally leveled out with soft snoring, Kashuu pressed the only chaste kiss they'd exchanged to the top of his head before finally giving in to the sleep that was calling him with an “Of course I do. You better love me too,”

The pair remained completely unaware of the knot locking them together, or that a tiny little lump sat like a small weight on Yasusada’s navel.