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Friend uses discipline

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Mariah walked into the conference room and saw Kyle was visibly frustrated. "What's wrong" Mariah asked and all Kyle responded with was "Sally" then walked out the room. Mariah didn't like seeing her friend upset so she devised a plan to end the Sally/Summer feud then and there. She called her girlfriend, "Hey remember when we were talking about that idea I think we need to do it. Yeah, tonight in the apartment. Can you get everything set up while I bring the naughty girls. That's a surprise my love. See you later bye." Mariah knew both girls were here in the Jabot building but Summer was easier to approach first. "Hey Summer can we talk?" Mariah asked. "About what?" Summer asked bratty. After walking into Summer's office uninvited Mariah answered, "Sally. I have a solution to your feud with her but you're not going to like the compromise." "At this point I'll try anything." Summer said. "Anything ?" Mariah asked looking for clarification. "Anything." Summer responded. At this Mariah sat down in the couch in Summer's office and then demanded, "Come stand in front of me." Unsure what was happening Summer did as asked. Mariah then said, " Take off your dress. Summer's response was to stand there with her jaw on the floor. "Now!" Mariah demanded. Summer took her yellow dress off letting it pool around her black heels leaving her standing there in a hot pink bra and matching panties with her arms crossed under her ample bossom. Mariah then told Summer to step out of her dress and to fold it neatly and place it on the guest chair in front of her desk. Mariah then said, "Get across my lap. To this Summer responded "What, No." Mariah then laid the guilt on asking Summer if she wanted to help Kyle then telling her this was the way to do it. Summer conceded and lowered herself across Mariah's lap. As Mariah had her hand in the air ready to punish the bratty Snowflake for this feud and countless other things she did Summer's office door opened and another woman stopped in the door unsure about what the other two women were doing. .....