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I Picked These For You

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When Cameron went to college, Claude and Danny had needed an extra set of hands around the house with the twins - Gavin and Gwen.

And Travis had met that extra set of hands on the first day of Camp, when he came to drop the twins off at the end of the session. G had introduced him as Nolan and Travis had been speechless for the first time ever in his life. And Nolan’s cheeks had pinked up at the sudden attention.

From that day on, Travis had made it his goal to make Nolan blush, to make him smile, to make him laugh. He was smitten and G had fined him more than once for staring at his nanny in general, but staring at his nanny’s ass in particular. He also may have gotten a little drunk and ranted about how pretty Patty was - and Travis didn’t know when he stopped referring to him as Nolan, but Patty hadn’t complained - and about how he was probably pretty everywhere. That comment had gotten him sent back to his hotel room before he said anything else that would scar one of the rookies.

The point was that the Briouxs had a smoking hot nanny that Travis was a little in love with and A LOT in lust with.

So when he was on his run through the park and noticed Nolan, he wouldn’t have been able to stop himself from staring a little. Nolan was on a large Flyers blanket - because the Briouxs very on brand all the time - with the twins and Morgan - Nolan’s friend that Beezy was even more embarrassingly into than Travis was into Nolan (Joel had written rap about Morgan that he had to be bribed not to record and/or send to the other man because it, frankly, terrible but in a kind of sweet way - but it should never see the light of day).

Travis found himself walking toward the blanket, stopping to pick some clovers and little yellow flowers when he thought about how red Patty’s face would go if Travis ever presented him with flowers.

“Hey,” he grinned, walking over to them.

“Travis,” Morgan grinned widely while Nolan seemed to try to distract himself by wiping non-existent dirt off of Gavin’s face, “What’s up?”

“Just going for a run,” Travis grinned, “You?”

“Hanging out with Patty and the Brioux Terrors,” Morgan grinned as Nolan got him a glare at the nickname. Travis would never say out loud that he agreed, the twins adored Nolan so they were always well behaved for him and never the little monsters they had been that one time Travis had had to emergency babysit. Morgan leaned back on his elbows as he continued, “Getting a drink with Joel later. But Pat, here, doesn’t have any plans for tonight.”

“Frosty,” Nolan growled, Bitch Face in full effect, which was definitely negated by the toddlers in his lap, both looking up at him adoringly.

“Whatcha got there, Konecny?”

“Why are you being so nosy, Morgan?” Nolan mumbled.

Travis held out the flowers and grinned, “I picked these for you.”

“Why?” Patty’s cheek were a telltale rosy color which completely gave away his feelings and made Travis grin wider.

“Because they reminded me of you,” Travis replied, laughing as Patty went redder, “So, what are you up to tonight? After you’re off the clock?”

“He’s free,” Morgan replied.

“Patty?” Travis prompted.

“G and Danny won’t be home until 6,” Nolan replied, “You can pick me up from their house then.”

“Can’t wait,” Travis grinned.

Nolan was prevented from responding by Gavin hitting Gwen, which resulted in Gwen crying and chucking the ball in her hands at Gavin. And then both toddlers were crying and Travis needed to get out there - kids liked him just fine, but babies and toddlers did not like him so his presence was not going to help Nolan at all.

Not that he needed help because as Travis was about to sneak away, Nolan calmed the toddlers down - talking to them calmly and rationally, like they were people and not miniature drunk adults.

He added it to his list of things about Nolan that amazed him. It was getting to be a pretty long list and he hoped that no one on the team found that particular note - he also probably should have kept it a mental list with Kevin’s penchant for stealing phones and snooping.

“I’ll see you tonight, Patty,” Travis waved as Nolan finished calming the toddlers.

Nolan blushed and tucked his hair behind his ear and mumbled out a, “See you later, Travis.”

And as Travis left the park, he texted G for First Date restaurant suggestions and got the eye roll emoji in response.