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Beca was pacing around her tiny Miami apartment while on the phone, she was exhausted. Exhausted and unemployed. Thank goodness, her cousin Ashley moved back from Finland a few years back. Now they weren't all alone, but still, Ashley had her own life and Beca had hers. She had to quit that shitty diner, the night shift guy was a total creep and she hated having her sister sitting there doing homework while this sleazeball flipped burgers. she had to find something more suitable for her and her sister. She was getting closer to her teens and Beca wanted to be there for her as much as she could.

"Yeah, got it Ash…thank you so much for this…I'm driving myself crazy about this. Summer is a bout to start and Ems school just changed their uniform policy for the next year and is fucking expensive…geez" Beca said to her cousin, Ash was like her life saver, she just got her a new job interview where she works. Nothing fancy, but with a really good environment.

"you are super welcome, but why is she going to a privet school Becs? We all went to public! Granted I was in Finland most for high school but we did ok, didn't we? Don't you think it would be better for you guys to switch to public? Money wise…and stress wise for you?" Ash said over the phone.

She has been helping Beca ever since she moved back to Miami, their hometown. She's been Becas rock since they were born. Beca was and only child for way too long, so they got it each other's back since babies. So, when the news broke that Beca and her baby sister lost their parents in a plane crash, Ash decided to say goodbye to Finland and start fresh with her cousins in Miami, different apartments but close enough for emergencies. Her dad couldn't make the move or even go to the cemetery, he was Becas Uncle from her mom side and he couldn't leave because of his Job, and his new Finish wife didn't even know Beca. She honestly couldn't care less. Her only concern was her baby sister Emily. There was no time to grieve when at eighteen you get custody of a two-year-old.

Beca and Emily were supposed to be financially safe because Becas dad was somehow wealthy and owned quite a few companies. But truth be told, he was in debt…. huge debt, so the banks took everything as soon as they found out. Their house, his cars, the companies, the company's buildings everything that was attached to her father's name.

Thankfully, her mother came from money and put her inheritance in Becas trust found. With that and the shitty amount the Airline actually gave them from the insurance was enough to gave them a steady life for a while…. but Beca had to sacrifice college in order to make it. That was eight years ago. Now, Beca was struggling because she wanted the best for her little sister and money was running really low.

"Trust me I know, but she deserves this, I couldn't even start college, what can I teach her, she needs the best education possible, the best of the best. I want her to have what I didn't, a shot at a higher education. So, she stays in private school. She is my sole responsibility Ash, you know this."

"Of Course I know, sorry…just…lets just focus on the interview. You need to be there 9 am sharp Becs, I got you an interview with Jesse Swanson…. are you writing this down?"


"he is the head of Business Affairs, and overlooks Human Resources as well, He is a big deal. Try dressing like a….well…like a twenty-six-year-old for once…. it's an office after all. Blouse, slacks, shoes…. just try. And please behave, no smart-ass comebacks or snide comments… I really like my job so… take that in consideration." Ashley said almost in one breath. She was praying to all the saints in the universe for Beca. This job could change everything if she gets her shit together.

"Got it, I need this, I promise I won't blow it. I swear on my mommas spirit"

"yeah yeah that's what you said while working at the diner" Ashley chuckled.

"Yes, I'm fully aware of that Ashley thanks for the reminder, but the guy in charge of the kitchen on the night shift was a total creep. Also, I want to be there for Em…no more neighbors taking care of her. I need my 9 to 5 job." Beca said knowing what a lose 10-year-old in Miami could do…she was one of them.

"chill Dolly Parton, you'll get your 9 to 5 if you nail this interview. Don't worry about you CV…I made one for you. It's all real, so you are welcome"

"Oh gee I don't want to know what could go in one of those since I had to drop college the first week I got there. Fuck my life dude, this is so embarrassing."

"you have a lot of talents Beca Mitchell, never forget those. TRUST ME ON THIS. I promise you will shine soon DJ. Hey, its 2:45 should you be picking Emily up?"

" SHIT SHIT SORRY GOTTA GOOO! TTYL!" Beca said hurriedly while looking for her wallet and keys and putting on shoes.

"Bye Becky say hi to my munchkin."

After hanging up the phone and rushing through traffic Beca made it to pick up her little sister.

"Sorry sorry sorry im late! Wasn't my intention Ems!" Beca said opening the car door to her sister.

Emily sighed "whatever…." She muttered looking away.

"hey I said I was sorry kid…" she said softly…" I promise it won't happen again ok?"

"I hope not…is not like you have a job to be busy and stuff…." She said wincing at her own words… "sorry I didn't mean like that Becs" she said embarrassed.

"yeah you did…but I deserve it I guess. Lets just go." She was holding back tears. She never cried in front of her sister… even if her frustrations were palpable. She just bottles up everything putting her mask on.

Shifting the gears of her old blue Mercedes she left the school parking lot… it was the only car left because it was her mom's, and she refuses to let it go even if it costs a lot to maintain. It's one of the few things left of her and she was kind of saving it to teach Emily how to drive when the time came.

"sorry…" Emily said.

Beca didn't say a word. She just drove back home.

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WW Records Office

"What's with the face Aubrey?" Chloe Asked from her desk…. looking rather amused at her best friend's face.

"uhm? What face…this is the only face my mom gave me…" she scoffed.

"Bullshit, I know you like I've given birth to you, you don't fool me dear. So, Talk."

"hum…So Jesse is going to hire a new secretary…." She said rolling her eyes "I mean, please…The guy is way to waaay. And still they run away. Besides you know I hate change."

Chloe let a huge belly laugh, her friend was crazy…. but she loves her dearly.

"Aubs, you are ridiculous! First, Jesse is just sweet…like cavities maker sweet." Chloe chuckled." And the girl was just to young and freaked out because she had horrible bosses before so she wasn't used to Jesse being atentive, and yes I talked to both of them and nothing happened and Jessica is there like ALL the time. So, she left because it was "too good to be true". Besides her boyfriend screamed trouble, he was such a pain…he was a stalker!"

"Urgh whatever Chlo! Gail should be his secretary, it is physically impossible to be nice to her. She growls Chlo, LITERALLY GROWLS when you ask her for anything." At that they were both laughing. It was great sharing a job with her best friend. Their mornings were spent like this, coffee, croissants and gossip. They were the bosses, it was their right after all.

"Poor Gail, she's just old for us…though maybe you are right," she whispered…" Maybe I can switch them. I COULD TOTALLY HIGHJACK JESSES INTERVIEW! I need new blood in this office!" she said a little bit louder while taping her hands in her desk.

"Tone down the creepiness down a notch Chlo, you don't even know this person. they could be a disaster and you are the CEO… you need someone somewhat capable, not just a coffee run pal"

"Nah, I'll take my chances, besides its been a while since I trained someone… I'll take it as a challenge." She winked "And I actually need and assistant closer to my age… you know" Chloe said looking at Aubrey "Gail looks at me like I'm a freaking sinner or the devils child every time Pitbull calls….SHE THINKS IM HOOKING UP WITH HIM… he is adorable but gross, he is my guy bestie…and don't get me started with the ONLY time I flirted with someone on the phone and it was a girl… her face was priceless Bree…I tell ya." She grinned.

"She listens to your calls Chloe? i think she's bored...yeah, she needs to go to Jesse. But who was this girl though?" Aubrey said crossing her arms.

"oh my, no one, well she just answers the phone when I call Ruby's diner to put an order. Her voice was super sexy oh my god. So, I flirted a little… no biggy." She blushed.

"You…I…I actually have nothing else to say on that matter…" Aubrey giggled.

Chloe smiled widely. And then winked at her best friend. She gets her.

"Do you know at what time is the interview?" Chloe said moving her hand over the intercom pressing her index finger on the red button "Gail please come in, I need you for a sec."

"In a minute…" Gail growled…Chloe choked a laugh.

"You are really doing it… Oh my god, you are actually sending THE Krampus to Candyland? This will be epic" Aubrey couldn't hold her laughter.

Chloe smiled, it was known to the whole company that the corporate offices where divided in three groups, of course, leaving Chloe out of it because you know, she IS the big boss.

Legal was baptized as "Hot and Cold". Yes, like the song, it was a record label after all. They were hot as hell according to one of the top lawyers, an Australian named Patricia, but called herself Fat Amy. The head of the Legal department though, could pass for a Victoria Secret Model. Tall and curvy, with the longest legs ever known to men. And now, being almost summer and all, a little bit blonde. She also had one of the sweetest smiles there is. But just like that she could be a real cold-hearted Pitbull in court or just managing contracts. Stacie Conrad was as smart as they came. And her team, well… it was the shit. Her words.

Business Affairs was also known as "Candyland". They where fucking high in marshmallows and skittles. Always happy and cheerful. Jesse Swanson was in charge and he was just the sweetest guy in the whole company. His team was just like him…but less creepy. Jessica was his personal assistant. They even called themselves "The JJ team". Nauseatingly cute.

Human resources were under business affairs wing but managed by Florencia Fuentes with Benjamin Applebaum's help. They where an odd pair but worked amazingly together. Benji was super into magic and he took care of the entertaining during office parties. And Flo, well…she was just super into Juice cleanses. Odd pair.

And then it was "The Death Star". Aubrey Posen was the Executive Vice President of WW Records …making her, well… Darth Posen. She supervised everything. From A&R to promotion, marketing, publicity and media to artist development. Aubrey along with her team make sure the label works like a well-oiled machine. She made shit happened. Ashley Stevens was her assistant, but she was way too good at her job, so Aubrey promised her a better position in marketing, Ashley area of expertise, for next year. She knew Ashley's potential, so she took care of it. She cared about her people. Even if they called her Darth Posen or Mrs. Vader. She actually found it funny.

And accurate.

And then there was Chloe, President of WW Records. Every single person in that company loved Chloe, even Gail. She was just so caring and thoughtful but not to be confused with a pushover. She was all fun and games but took her job seriously. WWR is her baby. Build from the ground up by her and the help of Aubrey. She made this happened, she studied hard and worked twice as hard. She started as an intern for Sony Music but soon became indispensable for her boss. She was just too good at her job. She was becoming a very successful music producer in the New York area. Her Boss told her years later that she should be her own boss and that she was ready to fly solo. Chloe was stunned…she took everything she learned all those years and called her best friend. Aubrey was working at Universal Music, she was now in corporate barking orders and such, but started as a music engineer. Nobody in WWR knew that…only Chloe, Jesse and Stacie. She accepted Chloe's offer on the spot. The next day she was packing to meet Chloe in New York for a meeting.

A month later they were looking for loans at the bank and searching for an office in Miami. It was cheaper, the weather was perfect, and it was the perfect spot to scout new DJ's. They recruited Stacie after Aubrey met her while studying for her MBA in Stanford and Jesse from Sony music. He was a perfect fit to balance everyone else around. The next thing they knew, WWR was up and running. They had a few new DJ's working there, they signed a alliance with Sony so they could use their location whenever, and also they would send smaller artist to them. It was a dream come true.

That was six years ago.

"Yes miss Chloe?" Gail asked as politely as she could.

"Gail, I have an offer for you… well is not an offer really….is a challenge… I want you to break Candyland… they are just too…. happy you know?" Chloe said trying to be as serious as possible. "it is kinda getting in my nerves… I need my toughest soldier in there." She bit the inside of her cheek.

Gail eyes where sparkly with pride. There was a chance to break The J&J Team…and with permission…" YES!...i mean I would love to Miss Beale" Aubrey was doing everything in her power not to laugh. Gail was just to easy. Poor Jesse and Jess.

"Well that is all Gail, grab your things and go over there! Make me proud!"

Gail nodded and sprinted to her desk. As soon as the door closed, they couldn't hold it anymore. Aubrey peed a little from laughter. "YOU are the worst Chloe!"

"its going to be fiiiineee…. I will deal with Jesse later" as soon as she finished that sentence her phone beeped. New message. She read it out loud.

JSWAN: I am a nice guy Chlo, but nice guys can kill too. I love you, but I hate you more.

"woops!" She giggled.

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"Come on Emily, we have to go…please" Beca begged her sister while finishing her lunchbox. "I have to be downtown at nine! You know Miami traffic sucks…let's go!"

"i'm coming gee, you know i'll be in school for like a half hour early…what am I supposed to do?"

"uhm don't now…study maybe? Don't be difficult right now please. We must move"

"whatever…" the ten-year-old rolled her eyes.

"You know what, stop it already with the eye roll and the "whatever's" it's not as cool as you think. Trust me. Just stop being a brat, I'm doing the best I can ok?" Beca was not looking forward to a teenage Emily…she was such a sweet kid, but lately she noticed a switch in her personality. And between jobs and taking care of her, she missed it. Sooner or later they would have to talk.

"Fine." Emily huffed. She loves her sister, but she didn't had time for her anymore, and girls at school where being mean to her because she was the only one that didn't live in the Aventura area. She knew her parents used to have money and they used to live there, she had seen the pictures, but now they live at El Portal…it wasn't the it was a half an hour ride to school every morning. While her so called friends only spent five minutes in their fancy SUVs. She didn't understand why her sister kept her there. It was pissing her off.

It was a long drive and Miami traffic was the worst. If Beca wanted to get anywhere on time she had to live almost two hours earlier. Today she was late. Today she had an interview that could change things. Today Emily decided to take her sweet time. Today Beca was going to break. She could feel it.

Getting close to the school Emily broke the tension in the worst way possible. "Miss Owens wants to talk to you today." Becas eyes widen

She was getting mad.

"And you are telling me NOW? Emily what the hell, you are supposed to tell me these things beforehand!" Ashley is going to kill her.

"Well I'm telling you now…what's the big deal you don't have a job anymore…you have time." Beca didn't believe in violence…but she was about to slap her…*control yourself Beca, she is just a kid….breath*

Beca parked her car and then turned to glare at her little sister. "You know what Emily, I don't know what's gotten into you lately, and you won't share, so I think is a little selfish of you to treat me like trash when I DO NOT KNOW what is going on! And you talking would be really helpful you know?" The older brunet said sarcastically "and stop with passive aggressive shit, I am not in the mood. I am doing the best I can ok? Why don't you get it!? I know is hard for you not having parents and shit, but is even harder for me because I have to take care of you! And FYI no one is taking care of me. Get out of the car, we are done talking. I'll be here to pick you up. I will talk to Miss Owen in another moment". She said looking to her left side window, it was hard to look at her sister after talking to her like that.

Emily just grabbed her things and closed the door. She was a smart ten year old, way advance for her age, she was even a grade ahead… and she knew she was hurting her sister, but she couldn't help it, it was like a Mitchell trademark to not talk about things. She knew Beca only worked really hard because of her… she busted her ass pulling doubles for her…

she once asked Ashley if her dad would take her to Finland so Beca could be Beca again… But Ashley told her it was unlikely. Her dad was to old to take care of her, and Beca would kill her.


Beca is probably going to receive a couple of speeding tickets on the mail. She has to make it to her interview or else she would be still out of a job, and Ashley…brr she didn't want to think about that.

Ash was scary sometimes.

She made it to down town in 45 minutes… in one piece. New record "fuck yeah". She quickly found a parking spot. She turned off the car, took a deep breath, checked her make up one more time. And head out towards the fancy building. It had several names on it. One was WW Records.

"This is it." She whispered to herself fixating on the shinny golden plaque. *WW Records*.

"HEY, its not like you have time to spare Becky!" a voice broke her thoughts…it was Ashley.

"yes! Coming! sorry! Em was being difficult today…" She shrugged.

"that kid… I swear…"

"It's ok Ash, If I get this job I will talk to her. Just to clear things up."

"WHEN you get this job. Now come on! I need to be there before my boss arrives, she is super scary. Luckily you'll be working in Candyland"

"What the fuck is candyland?" Beca asked.

"You'll find out soon and watch your language please. Here…this is your resume. You are welcome" she said handing over a fancy green folder.

"Thank you, Ash, really." They walked towards the elevator, pressing the 30th floor.

"Its no Biggy, anything to get you out of that neighbourhood." Beca smiled…she only needs to be polite and run errands for now. She could do it.


The elevator opened to a big black wall with the name WW Records in silver. It looked real fancy. Finally! a non-smelly workplace. With actual anti-harassment guidelines. And fucking insurance. They were met with a skinny Asian girl with enormous bangs behind a huge desk. Ashley introduced her as Lilly the receptionist and head of security… "don't ask" the taller brunet whispered. Beca politely said hi and moved along.

Ashley told her to wait, she was going to get Jessica, so she can take her to Mr. Swanson's office.

Beca sat down to read her resume…

-High School: Highland Oaks, Aventura, Fl.
-Accepted into Julliard Academy, New York.
-Major in Music Composition: Incomplete
-Minor in Conducting: Incomplete

Beca wanted to cry. Don't think about it don't think about it.

-Extensive musical knowledge: Self-taught
-Trained in: Violin, Cello and Flute
-Self-taught instruments: Classic guitar, Piano and Drums

She hasn't touched an instrument in eight years. What a joke she was. Can't blame Ashley…she was just helping. Keep it together Mitchell.

-Handling of editing equipment and mixing consoles
-Former Resident Dj at: Basement, 1439 Washington Ave., Miami Beach.

Beca sighed…this was all true but bullshit at the same time, it had been too long. Nobody would remember this… "what if this Swanson guy call for references… they are going to laugh at him. I was 17 when I started…It was kinda illegal" she thought…but she missed it…she actually celebrated her 18th birthday while working there, just months before she started her short-lived Julliard experience.


"Hey Jess…" Ashley said with the most loving voice…" remember the interview I schedule with you?"

"Oh, hey Ash! Hi!" she said chirpily "oh no!" Jess facepalmed.

"what? What's wrong?" Ashley asked nervously.

"The job was filled yesterday! Sorry I didn't tell you! It was insane! In the span of 10 minutes, no joke, I had Gail barking orders around! Unbelievable…" she said apologetically.

"Gail? No way! What am I supposed to tell Beca…shit" She was going to puke. "why Gail though?"

"don't know, Chloe send her sweetheart, I wish I could give you more info I am so sorry" The term of endearment just rolled out of her mouth making her blush. Ashley smiled bashfully.

"it's not your fault Jess, thank you anyways…I better go tell Beca. See ya' later"


At 9:15 am the elevator doors opened. Aubrey Posen started walking to her office with a venti cup of coffee from Starbucks.

Saying good morning politely to Lilly, she passed the waiting area but then stopped.

She tilted her head to her left and backtracked a little. Sitting there is a brunet girl or more like chestnut? said girl was reading a folder very intensely. She was a little heavy on the eyeliner and she was wearing a white Gap button up shirt, black skinny jeans and black Louboutin's.

Wait, what?

Who wears Gap and Louboutin's in the same outfit?

"Excuse me,"

Beca shot her head up, widening her eyes.

"Yeah? Yes! sorry. Good Morning," Beca said nervously *remember what your mom taught you. yes, not yeah*

"Uhm. May I ask, who are you here to see?" She was some serious chick…is she the boss here? Beca thought while the blonde was checking her up and down…but not that checking out…more like the judging kind.

"Jesse Swanson ma'am. I have an interview with him?" Beca explained nervously.

"There is no job opening in that area. Well not anymore." She said with a tone... "It was filled yesterday afternoon. Sorry." She was grilling her…she knew it was wrong, but she wanted to see how much the girl could take. Is a tough business. No biggy. Friendly fire?

And she was intrigued though….THE GAP AND LAUBOTINS? There's a story there.

Beca was about to cry, but she didn't let it show.* There is no job?. Where the fuck was Ashley? Why didn't she tell her! How embarrassing*.

"Well," Beca cleared her throat "thank you for telling me." *held your head up* She was standing up to leave when a super tall honey blonde total babe walked their way.

"Hey Aubs! Who's this cutie?" Stacie say winking at Beca. Aubrey felt the jealousy starting to come out while Beca blushed.

"Stacie… please, she's just some girl, she was leaving actually." Beca winced at her words. *What her problem?* Stacie ignored the blonde.

"OhEMGEE love your shoes! Classics!," She winked again "But wait, I didn't catch your name…" Stacie asked looking directly at Beca's eyes extending her hand.

"uhm thank you, they were a gift from my mom actually. And Beca, Beca Mitchell Hattler, nice to meet you" Beca shook Stacie's hand.

"Stacie Conrad at your service. Hum, Hattler…sounds familiar… why?" Stacie asked curiously while Aubrey was turning green.

"She was, mm my mom… She was a fashion designer actually…" she didn't want to get into details…

Aubrey snorted… getting a look from both women.

"Excuse me? What was that for?" Beca asked her directly. People can mess with her all they want, but not her mom or Emily.

"Sorry is just, I mean you are wearing Gap for Christ sakes…I mean, if you are the daughter of a fashion designer maybe you could do better you know?"

Aubrey thought she was being the funniest person on earth mocking this girl.


"Did you hit your head between know and when I said WAS, as in past tense, as in I don't know, maybe DEAD? Do you like making fun of orphans? Do you find it amusing to belittle people for the way they dress? Do you think you are better than us because you can afford Carolina Herrera and Hermes? Yes, I know those brands too, Carolina jr. was my nanny in the nineties. And I can tell you that blouse is at least 3 seasons old. So, don't judge me on my Gap shirt. At least is new." Beca said breathless as she grabbed her stuff. She didn't belong here. Stacie was nice, but this uptight bitch….no thank you.

She took off.

She was pressing the elevator button like a mad person.

Fuck the elevator.

She took the stairs.

30 floors….

Well, she needed to calm herself.


"What is going on?" Chloe asked coming out of her office. She heard people arguing in the hall, there was a no arguing policy in the company…. she hated when people argued.

She saw Aubrey being reprimanded by Stacie…

*Wait, that is new... It's always the other way around…*

"Guys, stop…what is going on?" Chloe asked again, but she was ignored…*hell no*.

"SHUT UP BOTH OF YOU! MY OFFICE NOW!" At least they looked guilty. Pissed redhead was scary. "…wait for me there…and if a hear a peep…you are both in trouble. I'll be right back"

Chloe went to the waiting area to see if Ashley's cousin was still there, but nothing…she only found Ashley while she passed Aubrey's office. Switching from crazy redhead to nice human in seconds.

"Hey Ash, sorry I forgot to tell you, and Jess only just told me, I switched with Jesse, I was hoping to interview your cousin…Beca right? I didn't even know you had family here" Said smiling.

"Beca is gone…she… Ms. Posen was…well she was being Mrs. Vader actually, and Beca didn't took it well…she just left. She texted me like a minute ago...I don't know what she told her to be honest…" she said sadly.

"WHAT? Please call her and ask her to come back. The position is hers…I really need an assistant. So please tell her to come back. I will convince her to stay I promise." She said running back to her office.

Slamming her door open, she marched towards her desk. She started pacing behind her desk chair.

"Care to explain Aubrey?" she said sternly. It felt weird acting like this, but it was necessary.

"Chlo…Chloe I am sorry, truly sorry, I didn't know who she was…"

"And that makes it ok to treat her badly? I don't even know what you told her, but I can imagine… snob Aubrey is the worst version of Aubrey. What the hell is wrong with you?"

"I thought she was super nice and polite" Stacie intervened. Aubrey looked ashamed. She totes fucked up.

"Thanks, Stace, can you please leave us alone I would like a word with Aubrey…and if you find Beca outside, please tell her to wait for me." Stacie nodded…looking quite disappointed at Aubrey. This type of behavior was keeping her away. She wanted to be with Aubrey so bad, but she could be such a bitch sometimes. Cool boss Bitch was fine… mean bitch was a turn off.

"Don't forget where you came from Aubrey…" that was the last Stacie said before closing the door.

Its true… Aubrey came from a conservative middle class southern family. Her dad had a farm and Aubrey along with her 5 siblings where in charge of handling the pigs and cleaning cow shit. She hated it. She got a scholarship at Barden University in Georgia. And as soon as she finished high school she left and never looked back. She worked her ass off to be where she is. But she didn't have the manners to go along with the lifestyle. She was still learning. Beca on the other hand, had the class but not the money.

"I don't even now where to start Aubrey… I'm kind of disappointed in you…" that hurt, but she deserves it.

"I am really sorry! I promise I was just messing with her, I didn't know about her background…I guess you don't either, but seriously I was just grilling her… but I crossed a line…and offended her…"

"you guess? The girl bolted Aubrey. Why on earth would you mess with her…she is just trying to get a job! She doesn't need your shit or anyone else's… god Aubrey when are you going to learn? You should take a good look in a mirror, you were her at one point remember? looking for jobs and getting rejected. I WAS HER TOO. You need to get your shit straight. I know we laughed and make fun of our friends, and gossip, but never offending them, what did she do to you, hu? I love you Aubrey, so much. You are like a sister to me, but this shit is unacceptable. And you better come up with and apology soon. Because she is going to work with me. Now go." Chloe just dismissed her…that hurt too but the redhead was right.

"I am really sorry Chlo…" Aubrey said standing up.

"It's not me you should apologize…It's Beca…and Stacie by the way. You will never get a chance with her acting like that. Close the door on your way out please."

At that Aubrey left…

She needed some soul-searching asap.

Chapter Text

She has been through a lot in her 26 years on this earth. She has come across various types of people; the kind type, the fake type and the rude type. She knew how to handle all of those but today was different. Today she felt extremely tired and sick of her life, today IT just got to her.

She never complains, or when she does, is in front of a mirror, never to another soul. Every time Ashely asks her, she minimizes her struggle.

She has never played the victim card.


Yes, she lost both her parents at Eighteen. And left her alone with a two-year-old.

Yes, she was the legal guardian of a ten-year-old.

Yes, she was almost broke.

Yes, she was single as fuck. Talk about frustrations. But there was no time for that.

But she never took it on anyone or blame it on anybody.

It just happened.

Shit just happens.

She couldn't wrap her head around as to why that lady up there gave her so much crap for a fucking blouse. Who does she think she is?

Beca knew success was a double edge sword if you let it. She saw it first hand with her dad. It went up to his head in a blink of an eye. Buying unnecessary shit like boats and cars, jets and apartments everywhere. And then, because buying shit wasn't enough, he started treating people like crap because he felt somewhat superior. He mistreated her workers… he fired her long-time pilot because he refused to take off due to bad weather. Who does that?

What Charles Mitchell wanted, he got. He wanted to go to New York that day.

Beca's mom told him to wait a day or two. But he was hell bent on going that evening," business can't wait Christina!" So, he hired a young pilot who agreed to take him just because he flashed him with some cash.

Her mom reluctantly agreed to go because she needed to sign some documents too. And it was an excuse to visit Beca at Julliard. Beca was only weeks in, but she missed her daughter like crazy. It was going to be a surprise.

They left 2-year-old Emily with her nanny.

On that same day, Beca was having the best day of her life. She was so happy it couldn't be real. She had her second Lyric Composition class and presented her professor with some of the material she gathered over the years. Her professor was impressed, and he told her so.

"You will do great things miss Mitchell." And patted her on the back.

The greatest day ever.

Until that phone call.

The phone call that changed everything.

They never made it to New York.

They got caught in a thunder storm.

They didn't even make it out of Florida.

And Beca had to leave Julliard.


Huge mistake taking the stairs with 5-inch heels. Her calves were burning. She could feel a cramp coming. Add that to the anger and frustrations combine. Fucking time bomb… the detonator, her phone.

"WHAT?" she didn't even bother to look.

"Hey Becs…" Ashley said softly "are you ok? where are you?"

"Gone," she said pretty agitated "look, I am in a really bad place right now, that blonde chick messed up my head and the last person I wanna lash out to is you. Ill call you tomorrow." She hanged up.


Ashely run to Chloe's office but stopped when she saw her boss coming out. She was about to turn when Aubrey called her.

"Ashley…" Aubrey's voice wavered a little "I know that by now you know what happened, I want to apologize to you. I was rude, and it was uncalled for." She said looking down in shame.

"Ms Posen, we can talk later, I need to get to Ms's Beale Office as soon as possible."

"Oh yeah, ok, I just…we'll talk later, sure."

Ashley walked past Aubrey and knocked on the redhead's door. She heard a soft "Come in"

"Oh, hey Ashley, where is Beca?" she said excitedly while Ashely's shoulders dropped.

"she didn't let me finish talking…she was very agitated like she was running a marathon…. wait…. I think she took the stairs…." Her eyes widen.

"oh my god, those are a lot of steps! But…by know she will probably be heading out…shit!" Chloe grabbed her phone and dialed the lobby in the first floor. *Pick up!*

"Hello Sammy, Chloe Beal here, I need you to stop a-"She looked at Ashley mouthing "what does she looks like?"

"Oh!, short, chestnut hair, not too long, blue eyes, really pale, white blouse, black jeans and black shoes." She whispered rather quickly. "scowl! … like a I could kill you scowl" she added.

"sorry Sammy! Pale, short and brunet, white blouse, black jeans and shoes. With a scowl. Just stop her! I'll be right down! Do not let her go!"

"I will personally stop her Ms. Beale!" The man hanged up.

Chloe grabbed her Id, her phone and her purse moving really fast.

"I'm going down to fix this! Thanks Ashley! Go take a break, you've had a rough morning too, I am really sorry"

"Thanks…and Ms. Beale…she might actually NOT be really friendly right now… don't take it too personally. Sorry in advance."

"Do you trust your cousin in all aspects of life Ashley?" Chloe said opening the door… Ashley looked confused at the question but answered anyway.

"Yeah, one hundred percent."

"Ok! We will talk later, I'm going to get your sneaky cousin." She smiled and winked.


"What the hell man, let me out!" Beca has had it with this damn building! *What is wrong with everyone here, so rude!* "Look man, I just wanna leave, I need to leave! Or I might do something stupid" Beca yelled.

"I have orders to not let you out, who knows what you did…did you steal anything?" Sammy the guard raised his eyebrow.

"WHAT? Are you accusing me of stealing now? oh Yeah, wait i'll get a recording booth out of my pocket you moron! You don't even know me! Oh, my fucking god! What is wrong with this place, I didn't steal anything! If anything, they stole MY time and MY patience! Unbelievable…." She huffed.

"I got it Sammy!" Said a cheery voice behind her.

Beca turned around and saw a smiling redhead there, just smiling. She wanted to punch her teeth out. *Ok, maybe not punch but wipe, just wipe Beca.…god you are so aggressive sometimes.*

Beca gave the redhead the deadliest glare. If it was someone else Chloe would've been offended, but she knew shit went down upstairs. And things weren't looking pretty here either. The glare was fair.

"Look lady, I don't need more crap ok, just tell blonde hulk here to let me go. I rather be rolling in a rose garden than being here."

"Funny" Chloe thought. "Sammy, thanks for your help." The man nodded and went on with his business. She looked back at Beca "Miss Mitchell, look I am terribly sorry about everything that happened today. Would you please let me treat you with some coffee or a late breakfast perhaps?" Chloe asked pleading.

Beca shook her head….* what's her deal?* "Thanks, but no. I am super tired right now. I really really don't want to be rude. But I want to go. Thanks for the offer but think I will pass."

"Please…just one coffee" she said wiggling her index finger "…maybe it's just what you need, a good cup of coffee and some stranger to listen. What do you say" she was pulling the big guns.

The pout with shiny blue eyes.

Eyes that Beca just only realized were gorgeous. Suddenly she was nervous.

"I…ok? ok fine…" Beca sighed.

"yay! Trust me you wont regret it! Let's go!" Chloe locked her left arm with Beca's right disregarding any type of personal space.

Beca just rolled her eyes.


Walking down the street, Beca took a deep breath inhaling the ocean breeze. What a nightmare of a day. First, Emily is behaving like a brat; second, a blonde bitch treated her like trash; third, they stopped her at the door like some kind of criminal and last… This redhead appeared like a goddam …angel? So much shit... but she suddenly felt eager to write something about it.

"Penny for your thoughts?" Chloe asked her.

"sorry, just recapping all the events of this day…hell, morning! its not even eleven!" She snickered…but it sounded tired though. "I guess today is taking a toll on me and my body is about to crash…"

"Hey, it is ok. look, let's go in there…" she pointed a little Cuban coffee shop "and we can talk, how about that?"

Beca nodded but then turned to the redhead, "you know…I don't really know your name…"

Chloe smiled and turned her head to look at Beca "she is really attractive" she thought.

"Chloe, Chloe Beale." She extended her hand towards the brunet. Beca took it and smiled.

"Nice to meet someone who doesn't want to bash my taste in clothes. I'm-"

"Beca Mitchell, I know…nice to meet you too" Chloe smiled. "and you look great!" *Yummy even.*

"how did you know my name?" Beca said entering the little coffee shop, making the bell ring above them.

"Ashley told me, she wanted to come down but…" she lied "but she had to stay behind…her boss is a pain in the ass, at least today anyway." Chloe said taking a seat. It was true, Aubrey was a pain, specially today.

"oh, don't tell me is the blonde bitch!" Chloe winced.

"Aubrey Posen, yes…that's her boss. She actually treats Ashley really good. She has offer her a position for her next year in marketing." She said trying to defend Aubrey's honor a little bit.

"I hope she gives it to her, god know she works her butt off for that Nazi. She deserves everything." Beca said proudly.

The waitress took their order, one espresso doble with a Cuban sandwich for Beca, and a café con leche with a chicken empanada for Chloe. When the waitress left, Chloe asked Beca about Ashley.

"You two close?"

Chloe wanted this to be like a low-key job interview. She wanted to know Beca on a professional level and she also wanted to apologize now in the name of WW for Aubrey's behavior earlier. But she was really intrigued. She thought telling the girl right of the bat that she was WWR CEO would put a damper on their conversation and Beca might recoil. She wanted to know everything about her. "chill Beale, you are here to do damage control. Not to get into her pants…. where the fuck is that even coming from? Omg my brain is a mess sometimes!" Chloe's mind was on fire this morning.

"The closest. Besides my sister, she is the only family I have. I mean her dad is my uncle, but he lives in Finland."

"have you always lived here?"

"yep, born and raised in Miami." Ok, short answers…she can work with that.

"I moved here from New York six years ago. It was a huge change. I was there for almost five years working, and before that I lived in Georgia, where I went to school. But I was actually born in Milwaukee but then we moved to Chicago when I was 2." All in one breath… this tiny lady was making her nervous…what?

"wow, you talk a lot and really fast…" Beca smirked.

Chloe smiled widely.

"daaaamn" Chloe thought, "that's hot."

"So, you were at WW for an interview, right?" Chloe asked pretending to be clueless.

"Yes. I thought so. Ash hooked me up. But the spot was taken. So…I guess I'll just look elsewhere." The tiny brunet explained.

"I think I can help you with that. I know the one who calls the shots… she will hire you just like that" she snapped her fingers.

"how would you know? My resume sucks, I am literally ashamed of it, no joke. I feel useless. I don't think anyone would want me there. Specifically, the crazy Aubrey lady. She seems to be in a position of power…I rather not…like…be there. At all." Beca crossed her arms over her chest.

Their food came. And Beca pushed her espresso like a shot. She needed a boost.

"Come on Beca, I bet your resume is not that bad. If you want the job, fight for it. Don't let a crazy ass chick get in the way. How about…you give me your resume, and I check it out. I will tell you if you are a fit or not. I kind of know how things work there…"

"if you only knew. I'm totally gonna hire you." Chloe thought while biting her lip.

Beca was eyeing the girl suspiciously. *Why was she so interested… why was she wasting her time with her? why is she biting her lip… oh god... I need to get laid.*

"You are gonna tell me if it sucks right?"

"I swear on Madonna's first album! Only the truth and nothing but the truth your honor! Scouts honor!" She responded saluting.

"oh my god. stop, please. You are insane…" Beca laughed. Chloe was glad she was cheering her up.

"Soo? Gimmie gimmie!" Beca just smiled and shook her head at the redhead antics. She opened her purse to get the green folder out. She looked at it and sighed. Here goes nothing.

"here… enjoy" Said sarcastically. She gave Chloe her folder and started with her sandwich. She couldn't watch.

The redhead took the folder and opened it. With a glance she notices it was just one page. She looked up and smiled at Beca who was munching her sandwich adorably. She lowered her eyes and started reading. "Julliard…Music Compo…conducting…interesting… both incomplete…mmm musical knowledge… violin, cello, flute, guitar, piano and drums…geez is there anything she can't play? Editing…interesting…DJ? Hot. What? Hum Resident DJ…so she was that good. I wonder what happened…she is actually really beautiful…and her voice is really nice…she is funny too…sarcastically funny…so she is smart…her eyes are gorgeous though…and that skin…fuck Beale sidetracked much?"

Chloe looked up and saw the most beautiful face looking back at her. Beca looked like a little puppy waiting to be adopted. Her heart broke. "Beca can I ask you a couple of questions?" said with a serious tone. Beca put her sandwich down.

"Yes, totally…I bet you want to know about Julliard… everyone does..." she said the last part in a whisper.

"uhm. Yes, that too. But first, you mention that you have a sister, is she younger or older?" Chloe asked genuinely intrigued.

"oh, yes, Emily, she is ten. She is in 6th grade, little advance for her age, but she is super smart. I've been looking after her since she was two. We lost our parents when I was eighteen. I only had 6 classes in Julliard before I came back. So…it should not be in there at all." She pointed at the paper in Chloe's hand.

Disregarding Beca's negativity she went on asking "So you look after her? only you?" Chloe was shocked. Beca was so young. Her future was completely interrupted.

Beca nodded…

"When WW hires you, who's going to look over your sister. I mean, you will be getting in at 9, and leaving at five most days… six even…of course the company will pay you extra, but we need to figure something out for your sister. WW really cares about their employees and their families. That's why i ask." Beca was stunned…she never thought about it really… *Emily could just stay for an extracurricular…shit… those end at four… dammit…how does single moms do it? So much respect for them… * Chloe watched Beca's face going from excited to thoughtful to concerned and to panicky in seconds.

*Think Beca think…!ok… Wait….GOT IT!*

"If I get hired – "

"WHEN" Chloe interrupted.

Beca chuckled.

"ok, when I get hired… I could push my lunch till 2 so I can go pick her up and ask my neighbor to look after her." Beca shrugged, she hated asking for favors… her neighbor was nice, but 5 days a week…" maybe I could pay Mrs. Lopez."

Chloe knew that Beca needed this job or else she wouldn't be here at all. But she also knew the girl won't be able to save money if she keeps coming and going spending her paycheck in gas and a nanny. Traffic sucked in Miami, the heat sucked, so that meant AC and AC means more gas.

"I know summer break starts soon, in two weeks, right? So how about this. I will provide transportation for your sister. Derek is my driver most of the times because I hate driving…New Yorker remember? He can pick her up from school and bring her to the label until you clock out. So, you get to save money!" Chloe felt like she just solved a Rubik's cube in like 10 seconds.

Beca noticed the slip…*her driver* she tilted her head looking very intently at the redhead. They locked eyes and Chloe blushed. The redhead cleared her throat looking rather uncomfortable. "why…is she looking at me like that?" Chloe wondered.


"Yeah. OH" the redhead's eyes widened like a cartoon. She said that out loud. *busted.*

"Who are you Chloe Beale?"

Chapter Text

"Me? Pfff, No one important right now.  Let’s just keep talking. How are you feeling?" Chloe asked trying to change the subject.

"I have a feeling you are not being honest with me Chloe Beale. You know… I might be unemployed and lacking a higher education, but I have a phone…I know how to google." Beca said with a straight face but a tiny smirk was showing.

"ok how about this. We are kind of friends now, right? I feel like we are so let's finish our food and then you can go on with your day, you can google me or the label or anything you want. You should rest though, you look drained. And tomorrow you will show up again at the label, but you will ask for me. Nobody but me ok? if someone gives you shit, which I think no one would even dare, throw my name in, ok? Can I finish my empanada now? I will answer anything you want to know, tomorrow. Now we are Beca and Chloe, sharing a meal getting to know one another."

"Sounds fair. And by the way…Thank you." Beca said looking at the redhead.

"For what?"

"Treating me like a human being. Listening…I don't know it has been a while since I interacted with another adult other than Ashley. Those creeps at my old job don't count." Beca half smiled.

Chloe was moved. "I'm so damn emotional right now…when is my period due?"

"You don't need to thank me, you are a really great woman Beca, I mean…you are like wonder woman, looking after your sister and everything. And so young too. What happened with your parents if you don't mind me asking?"

She let out a long puff…" since we are friends and all…I'll tell you…" She rolled her eyes.

Chloe beamed and grabbed her empanada.

Beca told her about that day, she would get emotional now and then, she only talked about this with Ash or Emily, the latter asked her the most because she couldn't remember much. Beca was ok with it, it is after all Emily's right. She just left some information about their dad out. She wanted her sister to have a good image of him. Emily knew and understood about her dad debt. what she didn't know was that he was a douche that basically committed fraud.

Chloe couldn't believe the bad luck of these girls. Losing their parents, and then their home. An eighteen-year-old putting the weight of the world on her shoulders, all alone… she wanted to help her. She needed to help her. But Beca looked like the kind of person who won't ask for it…or even accept it that easy… It needs to be approached casually. All within time Beale.

Chloe also asked her about Emily, her school, where they lived…And Beca was sharing. She was glad, she loves making friends, but this girl was different. This tiny brunet was making Chloe feel excited. She didn't like mixing business with pleasure, shes's been burn before, but she could totally make an exception. She watched Beca talk proudly about her sister and how much she looked like her mom.

She wondered if Beca was single…

"…so yeah, her talent show is scheduled for the last Thursday before summer break… Ashley told me because Em is not sharing a lot with me lately… I think she hates me…or is ashamed of me…I don't know… I mean I would be ashamed of me too, a twenty-six-year-old failure. I mean there are single women who can do amazing things… I can't, It's so hard." That failure comment pulled Chloe back from the clouds.

"Hey, you are amazing." Chloe said grabbing Beca's hand, taking Beca by surprise "Everyone has a choice Beca, you chose your sister. And it is ok. I know there are single moms that have everything under control, or seems like it, but your career choice is quite complicated. Going after a career in the music business is really hard, there is not a lot of time for anything else if you wanna be your best. It is not impossible but is so damn hard. Look at me, I'm 32 with no family of my own. My career is everything to me. Would I've change it if a knew beforehand that it was this demanding? maybe… maybe not, I'll never know. And I have made my peace with it. Who knows maybe I just need to meet someone as passionate about music like me, so they would understand." The redhead shrugged.

"Who are you Chloe Beale?"

"Tomorrow. I promise."

Chloe felt her phone ring. She took it out of her purse and looked at the screen.

JSwan: Hey ginger where you at? Its almost 2 o'clock… we have a meeting at 2:15!

Chloe looked at her other messages…

General P: I know you are super mad at me, but we have a meeting soon, where are you?

"Shit! Omg its super late! Gosh Beca, I am so sorry I need to go! I will see you tomorrow ok? Please be there tomorrow" Chloe pleaded.

"Wow ok, where did the time go…" Beca chuckled looking at her watch "I will be there, I promise Chloe."

"YES! Ok! Gotta Run! Take care of yourself ok? go home and relax. You have a job now. Talk to Emily." Chloe rushed out.

"Thanks, do you want me to walk with you?" Beca asked and Chloe melted.

"Thank you! But that's ok, you will probably distract me, and I have a meeting. So next time ok?" Beca blushed so hard it was embarrassing.

"Until tomorrow" Chloe said.

"Until tomorrow" Beca winked.

"I think I just came….omg Chloe inner you is so gross."

Running to the door, Chloe shouted "Rosita! Put it on my tab! Gotta run! Beso!" And she was gone. The woman just gave her a thumbs up.

Beca chuckled, that woman…yep confirmed and sighed.

I am super gay.


Chloe was stepping out of the elevator when Stacie approached her.

"Where have you been all day? You had your phone off…not cool Chlo…" said mockingly.

"I know I know I just lost track of time…" she said while walking to her office. She was smiling. Like "You just won a price" smiling. Stacie took notice.

"I'll try again, maybe you didn't hear me, were where you just now?" Stacie closed the door behind them.

"Stace, sweetheart, honey bee, sweetie pie, I need to prepare for my biweekly meeting…so…" Chloe said moving her hand dismissively.

"How rude! I won't leave until you spill Beale! HA! It rhymes…" Chloe laughed at her friend.

"ok, how about we get together for drinks after work and we can talk… you and me. One on one" If she was about to tell someone she had a crush on her soon to be assistant, Stacie was the best for the job. Things weren't great with Aubrey just jet. She would just judge and make snide comments about Beca…Oh Beca.

Snap. Snap.

Stacie's fingers brought her back.

"hey where did you go? Thinking about someone hu?" Stacie smirked.

"Don't you have work to do? Contracts to revise? A crazy aussie to control?"

"urgh fin, you my Boss friend" Stacie pointed "are no fun."

"I am super fun, but I need to keep my company afloat so… shooo go flirt with Flo" they both laughed…. Flo was just to easy to bother. But deep down she loved been part of this almost functional family.

There was a knock on the door and after a second it was opened. Aubrey was there with her tablet in hand ready for the meeting.

"Hey guys, am I early? Do you want me to come later Chlo?" Asked a super shy Aubrey. Chloe sighed. She tried to make eye contact with her friend.

"Come on in Aubrey, Stacie was on her way out to harass Flo. I'll text you later babe"

"I'll wait, bye Chlo!" She said almost singing "Goodbye Aubrey" Stacie said firmer as she walked past Aubrey.

"Take a seat Aubrey, Jesse must be on his way."


Awkward silence.

It was actually deafening.

Aubrey was biting her lower lip trying to control herself. She was about to go on an apology rant again. But she knew who she needed to do that with. She behave like such a bitch to the girl. How embarrassing.

Beca Mitchell.

She asked Ashley about her, but she didn't share much. She understands. It is not her place to tell Beca story. But she did googled her. She learned about her parents, about her dad. Her fashion designer Mother, who was pretty talented and indeed very close to the Herrera family. Also, with the Versace's. There were also paparazzi pictures of a young Beca playing in the beach with Allegra Beck, THEE Versace heir. She wasn't lying. The girl had everything. And it was taken away in a blink. Aubrey felt even worse.

"Hello Ladies" Jesse cut the tension in the room. "What's with the faces? Someone die?"

"Hey J, no…just some stuff happened today, it was a bit of a mess, but is under control now…Aubrey being the culprit of said mess has her tail between her legs…" Chloe said almost amused watching Aubrey's face.

"OK enough! I get it ok, I do. But, just stop. I will apologize as soon as I see her. You have my word." Chloe nodded.

"wow…you two rarely fight….is this because of the new girl? Why won't anybody tell me. You guys suck." Jesse huffed.

"Fine, I will stop… for now. Let's focus on business now. My former boss at Sony gave me a heads up with this… Rumors has it Benj Pasek and Justin Paul are fishing for songs. They are working alongside Director Michael Gracey for his upcoming movie "untitle" so far, but it's a musical. They have a couple of songs already, but they need more and one that is the BIG one. It seems they had a short circuit and the lyrics won't come to them. They start shooting in December. So, we need to get together with Cynthia to see what she has in her awesome brain. This could be huge for us. And we need to reach out to them."

Aubrey and specially Jesse looked shocked. This is big.

"Which company is producing it?" Asked Aubrey taking some notes in her iPad.

Chloe read her email…. "20th century Fox…. Producers Hugh Jackman and a Laurence Mark."


"Jesse calm down…you sound like a girl getting a puppy" said Aubrey in her professional mode. Jesse blushed.

"You guys! This IS a big deal! Once we are connected to them we are connected for life!" Chloe giggled a little. Jesse was just… so enthusiastic.

"Well first we need to do our job, get the script and then meet with our guys down stairs. Maybe we can brainstorm with them" Chloe said in work mode.

"Did they tell you what's the theme they are going for?" asked Aubrey

"Well, like I said we need the script first but, the told me something in the lines of empowerment, self-love, realization, taking the bull by the balls sort of stuff…they are basically looking for an anthem and mm a let's say an "overcoming" song." She explained.

"by the horns Chlo…not the balls. So crass." Aubrey intervened.

Chloe laughed. They were getting their groove back. "you get it" the redhead said smiling.

"OK, so I will contact these Pasek and Paul guys to set a meeting…. I guess two weeks from now? Before our summer shut down? And ask for the script too" Said Jesse.

"Shit I forgot we had those…." Chloe facepalmed herself.

"You asked for them in the first place" Jesse couldn't handle her silliness. "You have officially become a workaholic Chloe. Forgetting breaks…who are you woman?"

The three amigos laughed. It's true, they established the summer break trend because they worked their asses off all year long. Chloe decided to give every single person who work in the company, two weeks paid vacations, besides the weeks they had because of government regulations. She wanted her people rested and happy. It was the least she could do.

"ok so that's that. As soon as you talk to them and set a date, let Stacie know so she can draw a contract. I'm excited for this you guy!" Chloe said clapping.

"We need to do our best for this one. I am really excited too!" Aubrey added.

"Yeah, and tomorrow I'm setting up a meeting with everyone in this floor and Cynthia, so we kill two birds with one stone. Beca is coming and I want to introduce her to everyone. Also, I think she could help CR downstairs in her spare time." Chloe added.

"oh…. she is coming tomorrow then?" asked the blonde.

"Yeah, so get your big girl pants and be ready to apologize."

"so that's it? I'm Hungry…" Jesse interrupted rubbing his tummy diffusing the tension.

"I thought you guys had lunch?" Aubrey and Jesse shook their heads.

"Nope, we lost track waiting for you. We should get something though…. care to join me girls?"

"Sorry, I have a date with Stacie." Chloe said nonchalantly. Aubrey felt her heart stop.

"Excuse me what? I think my brain just died. What?" Aubrey was grabbing her iPad really hard.

"What's the problem? We gonna get drinks and talk. Like grownups do" Chloe was enjoying this. That's what she gets for being a bitch to my girl. What? She snapped out of it…what is it with all these thoughts?

"Chill Bree, we need to vent about you. Just being honest. You can go with Jesse. And tomorrow we are going to be a happy family again. Unless you keep your head in your ass. I love you though!"

Jesse and Aubrey stood up "I get it…just don't let her hate me too much. I will see you tomorrow. Come on Jesse, let's go play pool."

"nooooo you always win! Not fair" Jesse whined stomping his foot.

"cos' I'm the best. Let's go big baby. Bye Chlo"

"yeah bye Chlo!"

"Bye guys, don't forget about tomorrows staff meeting at 8:15!"


Chloe knew she couldn't be mad for too long…they had that kind of friendship. They could kill each other but hug afterwards.


Chapter Text

Beca was driving her car thinking of the day she just had. It is safe to say it was out of the ordinary. She didn't have those days anymore. Her life became a routine basically the day she stepped down from the plane 8 years ago. She wasn't a parent, but she had to feel like one in a matter of hours. But today marked a day Beca will never forget. It started on the most awful note but ended in the most perfect one.

Chloe Freaking Beale…

She wanted to google the redhead…it was going to be hard not to, but she liked the game. She was intrigued. She was thinking about someone else besides her and her sister. And that was new.

Beca never had a long-term relationship. She had one boyfriend in high school who turned out to be a douchebag. She wasn't in love with him, but she liked the company. But that quickly ended because he decided to bang her neighbor.

Yes, Beca caught him cheating.

The image of them screwing was horrible… literally. But she felt nothing. She didn't felt hurt or betrayed…She just shrugged and took off. Of course, for the public eye she was sulking like a new widow. But deep inside she knew something was off. She never slept with said boyfriend. She was 17 and she didn't want to rush into things. Maybe that's why douche canoe decided to bang the girl next door.

He could have at least break up with her. Asshole.

Beca decided to go to Europe that summer. It was the summer before College. She wanted to visit Ashley in Finland and travel around. Her parents let her because they were absorbed with Emily. Besides she was eighteen already.

She just wanted to see the world.

She felt unstoppable.

To say it was an eye-opening experience was and understatement. The first thing she did when her plane landed in Barcelona was buy a map and go to the Palau de la Música. The building itself was incredible, the stained glasses, the auditorium, the light that came through the ceiling was just mesmerizing. And the acoustics left her speechless. She sat down for two concerts in one night. It was one of the best nights in her life.

The second thing she did before Ashley met her was going to a gay bar.

After the whole boyfriend-banging-neighbor thing she began to question a lot of things. She noticed that whenever she would go to see a movie with her friends, the girls would always gush about the lead actor, but she would gush about the lead actress. She was obsessed with Tegan and Sara and Joan Jett. And she felt things while watching Lindsay Lohan and Amanda Seyfried in Mean Girls. She hated movies, but that one she saw on repeat.

So, it kind of clicked.

As soon as she stepped in the bar, she knew. By the end of the night she felt happy. She didn't go to her hotel with anyone or even kissed a girl. But she felt ok with herself. That was the important part.

The next day Ashley met her in her hotel lobby, she was so happy to see her cousin. It had been like a year or so. Beca noticed a girl standing next to them smiling. Ashley introduced her as Leena, her girlfriend.

Beca felt validated.

But because of what came after she kind of forgot about her romantic life. There was only one thing on her mind and that was Emily.

When Ash moved back to the States, she tried to get Beca to date or at least hang out with other girls, but she wasn't having it. She lived the life of a Nun.

And she was too depressed for that anyways.

Her lack of sexual activities never bothered her. She has two functioning hands and some stuff you can get online.

The life of a kinky Nun.

But today she met an even better version of Lindsay Lohan. She knew she had a thing for red heads. As cliché as it sounds, she felt alive for the first time. She was actually excited for tomorrow. Maybe this time things will change for the better.

She just needed to start with her sister.

After picking up some food and some goodies from Ems favorite bakery, she picked her up from school. She hoped things would run smoothly. She was very happy.

Entering the curb, she saw Emily sitting against the wall next to the doorway. She looked sad.

Almost like she was crying.

"shit" the older girl mumble.

Beca hit the brakes and run to her sister. She kneeled and took her in her arms. She was massaging her little sister scalp with her fingers trying to soothe her. Emily let out a sob. It was breaking her heart.

"Em please you need to talk to me, did someone hurt you? Do I have to kick some kid ass?" she said trying to relax her sister.

Emily shook her head…. And the sobs where subsiding.

Beca took Ems face in her hands and cleaned the tears with her thumbs.

"Please…Em…" the older brunet begged.

"they…they are me-mean to me…the girls…" Emily finally let out. "they where making fun of you… us… and I didn't say anything I'm sorry Becs I'm sorry" she hugged her sister for dear life.

"Hey kid, you know I could care less of what people think of me. The only one that matters for me it’s you. Your opinion. And I am sorry I haven't been the best sister, but I am trying. I promise it will get better." Beca was fighting her own tears.

"you are the best sister in the world Beca, I am sorry I never tell you that. And I'm sorry I've been a pain in the butt." Beca giggled, making Emily smile.

"its ok baby sis, we are sisters, we are meant to fight and stuff. As long as you say you love me once in a while, we are cool."

"I do love you Becs. More than bacon."

"YES! Finally! I get to beat bacon dude! About time" She winked at the small brunet.

Emily launched herself to Beca.

"We are going to be ok Em, I promise. Now let's go, I have some goodies in the car and amazing news! Let's go go go go !" she pulled her sister to her feet heading to her car.


"So…you are telling me you have a crush on the assistant you are going to hire, and she doesn't know who you are inside the company?" Stacie asked raising her perfect eyebrow.

"well…kinda. I mean I JUST met her, but she is adorable. I mean she deff has an attitude, in a good way. She is tiny but with this kinda big personality. She is super serious but funny as well. She is super responsible; she takes care of her sister! She left her life on hold for her. who does that? Eighteen-year old's with such aspirations even forget they have families in the first place. She is amazing, but she doesn't know it. And if she does she doesn't care or show it. She stood up to Aubrey. She was this close to hit Sammy…I mean…" the smile gracing Chloe's face was enormous. She couldn't help it.

"feeww… you my little redhead friend are in deep shit." She took a sip from her drink and continued "you need to be careful. I know she is Ashley's family and all, but you literally just met her 8 hours ago. So please breath and think things through."

"but Staaaaaacie she is too cute!"

"I know, I have eyes too sweetie. But you said it yourself, she needs this to get back on her feet. She doesn't need a distraction right know Chloe. She needs to work and hard, I might add. And with all she knows about music and stuff, she may have a shot climbing the corporate ladder. If you get involved so soon, she may think she is just getting her shot because she is sleeping with the boss. Do you get where I'm going with it?"

"uuuuurgh why are you so smart, dammit, I shoulda' brought Jesse."

"Never go to Jesse for these things. He is way too cheesey and has zero regards on the consequences. Talk to me or Aubrey…when she is not being a bitch that is" Stacie said bitterly. They had been playing cat and mouse since Stanford. But Aubrey was always pulling away. She was about to call it. She was 32… she needs stability.

"Hey, don't be so hard on her…you know why she is like that… cut her a little tiny bit of slack"

"I was there remember. God bless Beca for not hitting her right in the face. She totes deserve some whipping."

"so? Go whip her… "Chloe smirked.


"No, for serious, you two need to talk shit out. You two should be married by now dammit. I am seriously tired of seeing you too on and off on and off! Grow up! Tell her you want her, tell her you need her to get her head out of her ass coz is not a damn hat. And that's me quoting her. So please… push her Stace. Push hard and get your girl. Trust me. She is ready."

"Let see first how this week goes… if she fucks up tomorrow…I am done." Stacie said wiping a tiny tear from her face.

"That's fair." Chloe reached to grab her hand.


"I knew you were a witch…-"

"it’s ok Jesse you can say the word bitch, it’s like my second name by now…"

"Like I was saying, I knew you were witch, but I also know you are kind too Aubs, you just need some filter checkup. Tell me how you are going to apologize?"

"That's the thing…. I don't know… I can say I'm sorry a thousand times but that won't cut it. Specially for Stacie…I think this might be it… she is going to drop me just like that if I don't get my shit together."

"you two have the weirdest relationship. Why is that?" Jesse genuinely asked.

"duh, because I'm an ass perhaps. I know I irradiate this sense of power and strength…but on the inside, I'm this little girl from the south who grew up in a farm with super catholic parents and no tv to show me what was on the outside. Stacie was the first woman I ever laid eyes on…she was the first ever everything for me. But I'm just so scared. I'm so scared of being like my parents or waking up one day to her realizing she can do way better than me. You see her every day, she is the most amazing human being on the planet. She is so caring and thoughtful. And she loves me…and no one has ever love me like that. Not even my parents. So, I panic. Every time things gets serious between us I panic and shut down. I…I am so scared Jesse. So scared of having her and losing her at the same time. How can a live a normal life?!" Aubrey said clearly upset.

"Look, you are a smart woman Aubrey. And you know how Stacie feels about you. So, don't be a goddamn pussy and get your girl" Aubrey's eyes widen…this was so out of character for Jesse. "don't look at me like that, I can be crass too... You know I'm right though. You want something you take it! you wanted out of the farm, you got out. You wanted Barden, you got it. Full ride! You wanted Stanford and you got it too! You wanted to create something from the ground up and you did that with Chloe, so don't tell me Aubrey Posen is scared! Aubrey Posen, now, is just too lazy to get what she wants. She is just settling for seconds when she can have firsts! So GO GET YOUR GIRL!"

"I am going to get the girl…." Aubrey repeated.

"yeah you are…"

"I'm getting MY girl!" said lauder.



"YEAH YOU ARE! …wow wow wow wait what? DUDE! that escalated severely quickly!"

"what? …it is what I want…" Aubrey whispered.

"Ok… we'll go ring shopping tomorrow but let's do one thing first. Your apology to Beca the new girl."

"I already have one…well the design…" she mumbled. Jesses eyes bulge.

"oh wow…Let’s put a pin on that. Though I will brag about being the one who push you though…" He winked.

"Fine, you get bragging rights. But ok, for the apology, besides the talking you know… I was thinking of getting her something? Like a welcome to WW gift? Flowers? No to the flowers?" Jesse shook his head.

"Its 9.45 pm… I won't let you buy her some crap in CVS"

" Hey! CvS is awesome!"

"yeah it is…but that's beside the point. How about a spa day?" Jesse asked.

"I know she has a little sister… I don't really know if she can afford a nanny…"

"so, let's get both a treat…."

"how about a weekend getaway? For the two of them? I can book it right now… all on me…" Jesse was nodding in approval. "oh! What about Disneyworld? I can get her a package deal! For her and the girl! A weekend in Disneyworld!"

"My work here is done. Check please!" He grinned and signaled the waitress.

"Thank you very much Jesse. You are a great friend. And I love you very much" Aubrey hugged the man.

"You are super welcome ma'am. Now, lets get going because we need to get up early." He said walking out the bar.

Before they got in their respective cars they share one last hug.


"so? What do you think Em?"

"I didn't even know you liked music…I mean I've heard you sing but nothing else…what are you going to do there?" Emily asked after Beca explained her day and her new job.

"well…I don't think I'll be making music kid. I'm just an assistant. Probably run errands, get coffees, arrange meetings. But, I will be getting paid more according to Ash, and we are going to have insurance! And we'll definitely have more time to hang out! We can finally move Em!"

"Are you happy with this?" Emily asked.

"Yeah…I am. I'm gonna work with Ash and I met this super kind lady there. She said that the company will send a car to pick you up from school, so I don't have to waste gas… I'm pretty sure it is a nice car." Beca winked.

"I can come to your job?" the little brunet asked excitedly.

"well of course! That's what we agree on…it is super fancy Em! I think you are going to like it! It’s in downtown! Like a few blocks from the beach."

"Whoa! I am so happy Becs! You are awesome! But can you show me your music? Can you teach me something? What instruments do you play?" Beca giggled.

She sold everything she owned…it was hard, but money was more important, and there was no use in having instruments laying around. Emily had little notions of her sister talent, but she never actually heard her play anything. She only caught her singing in when no one was watching.

"I guess I have some videos I can show you…" thinking about her audition for Julliard…" you know what? With my first paycheck, I'll buy a guitar and I can teach you…. what do you say?"

Emily started jumping up and down. she looked so happy! Beca was relieve. That's how she wants to see her sister every day from now on….happy and excited.

"ok, go get some microwave popcorn and I’ll get the videos. Go go go!"

Emily run to the kitchen and grabbed the pop corn and put it in the microwave. It wouldn’t work in the first try…so she taped it a couple of times to get it working. "Beeecs! We need another microwaaveeee!"

Beca chuckled while looking for her videos "I WILL GET YOU A NEW KITCHEN!" she yelled back

Emily smiled and started jumping again.

"found it!" Beca said approaching the kitchen…." ready?"

"yeah! Gogogo!"

This was the happiest they have been in a long time. It’s amazing how one negative thing could change so much in your life. Maybe the encounter with the blonde stick was a miracle in disguise…she met an amazing person who gave her the security she needed.

She put in the dvd and pressed play.

An hour later Emily was wiping her tears. She was amaze by her sister talent. She was so going to brag about this at school. Her sister was awesome. It just took her years to finally realize it.

"Sis you should go on the X Factor or The Voice! You would deff win!"

"hold your horses! The life of a musician is hard and lonely. I don't want to be apart from you like… ever. So, no, no music competitions for me. Besides I am so old!" she finished with a dramatic tone.

"yeah…super old" Emily giggled.

"hey! You are supposed to say I am not! How dare you!"

"I love you becs"

"I love you too kid. You are the best thing in my life."


Chapter Text

Beca tossed and turn all night. She couldn't sleep because she was nervous but also excited. This is the first job in which she wouldn't have to deal with pervs or nasty costumers, cleaning restrooms or washing dishes. It was useless to try at this point, she checked her phone and saw it was only 5:30 am. "great" she mumbled.

She sat on her bed and stretched. She went to check on Emily who was sound asleep in her tiny room that looks more like a closet. Beca sighed…"this changes today" she whispered to her sister while caressing her forehead. She then went to the small kitchen to grab a couple of pop tarts. She started munchin one while going back to her room to find something to wear.

She kneeled next to her bed and pulled out a box from underneath.

It was one of the boxes that contained a lot of her moms clothes…the ones she made, the ones she bought and the ones that were gifts. She tried to keep most of them not even for her, but for Emily.

She opened the box and the first thing that caught her eyes was this green and gold Versace vintage blouse. Then a light bulb turned on. She smiled to herself and grabbed the blouse. She then found a pair of black Chanel pants she remembered her mom wearing a lot. They were super comfy and flowy. She stood up and went to her closet, she picked up a sweatshirt and a pair of black oxfords she bought at payless.

"how you like me now blondie."

She then went to iron the blouse and pants, took a long shower and blow dried her hair. She also did her makeup perfectly and put on her mom's tiny gold hoops.

She checked the mirror.

She was quite impressed with herself.

She looked super professional.

She wanted to impress a certain redhead and take a jab at the blonde devil spawn.

She put on her clothes…she looked cool. She then put her black hoodie on. She looked ridiculous, but she wanted to make a point.

"what are you doing? That looks terrible…" said a sleepy Emily leaning on the door frame.

Beca let out a laugh…. she most certainly was the daughter of a fashion designer.

"I know…I just want to show that blonde stick that I can work there wearing a Gap hoodie you know?" Emily giggled and then yawned. "what are you doing up its only…. Seven already! oh gee go take a shower! We are going to be late again! I need to be there at 9!" Beca whinned.

"Calm down Becs! I have P.E. first period, so I'll shower at school." Beca sighed in relieve.

"You are the best and super smart sister ever! But we still need to get to school early because I need to leave the drivers name with your teacher so there is no problem when he picks you up. So go change while I make you breakfast," at that Emily run to her room to change and grab her backpack.

Beca made her scramble eggs with toast and apple juice. She eat something too. But not too much, she was way too anxious.

Then she realized she didn't had the driver's information. "shit shit shit think dummy…."

She grabbed her phone and dialed Ashley

"what?" Ashley barked.

"Good morning sunshine! Why so grumpy?" Beca laughed.

" I am so gonna kill you, you bitch…its like 7 and I need to be there at-... 8! OH SHIT FUCK shes going to murder me!"

"while I didn't know you had to get in earlier, you are super welcome, and I won't let her kill you."

"I can feel the smug face trough the phone Becky…but thank you I forgot to set an alarm. What do you need? Its early for you too."

"This Chloe chick promised to have a driver pick up Ems from school, but I need his information, so the school won't call the police on his ass. Do you have that info or Chloe's number, so I can text her?"

"This Chloe chick uh…" She still doesn't know who she is…what a surprise she's in for, Ashley thought "quite the charmer isn't she?" she laughed.

"She is actually and really pretty and super smart…and shut up why are you laughing? Dude help! I need something, her number or the dudes last name and id!"

" Ok hold on….ok I'm sharing their contact info right now…you can call Derek or Chloe…"

"I don't even know this Derek dude! Why would I call him…"

" hey, you will be making a lot of phone calls to people you don't know Becky -important people…might as well get used to it… its part of the job."

"My phone anxiety is gonna be throuh the roof…. dammit. I have to go … I guess I will see you later co-worker."

"oh goodie….you still know how to rhyme" Ashley chuckled.

"fuck you love you byeee" Beca hanged up.

Beca decided to text Chloe, it was easier. "should I go formal? We are friends now right? kinda…go formal…it´ss better for her to correct you than making a fool out of yourself." She murmured.

"Stop talking to yourself you sound cuckoo sis…" Beca glared at her.

"Dude this is important…. shut up and eat your eggs." Emily lifted her hands up in surrender smiling.

BM: Good Morning Mrs. Beale, I was wondering if the driver offer was still on. If it is, I need the driver's information to share it with my sister's school. - Beca Mitchell.

ChloeB: Hi Beca! Good Morning! Super on! His full name is Derek Mastrokalos, I will attach a picture of him so you can leave that at your sisters school too. I already talked to him, so everything is settle. Just FYI the whole floor will be in a meeting when you get here. Just ask Lilly to take you. See you in a few!

Beca kept smiling like a fool. but- She didn't correct me though... weird.

"yoo…you drooling…" Em brought her back to reality.

"whats whith the slang?"

" TV…duuh" Emily said.

"I'm cutting you off."


"Quit the drama, let's go!"

In the car Beca asked Emily about her talent show. It was coming up and she didn't know anything about it except for the date.

"Ashley told me you are doing something at the talent show…why didn't you tell me?" She said trying to hide the slight hurt.

"Sorry Becs… I'm just embarrassed and… I know I suck but Miss Fisher told me I should go for it…and I like her… she is cool, so I don't want to let her down." Emily said.

"ok, first, no one can force you to do anything you don't want to. Second, I can help you, you know… are you singing?"


"Ok, sing it for me…"

"now? No! …its stupid… Besides you are way better"

"No, I am not and it's not stupid come on. You are great, don't think I haven't heard you… what are you singing?"

"´Can't help falling in love´…I remember mom singing it to me… its actually one of the 3 things i remember of her…I know I was only two, but I remember."

"I know you do kid…and that's a beautiful song, it was her favorite…she sang that to me too. Who is backing you up?" Beca said traying not to choke on her words.

"Miss fisher is playing the piano. That's it." She shrugged.

"You know… its way better to sing it with a guitar…"

"Miss fisher isn't that good with the guitar…. It is what it is…" Emily shrugged.

"What if I play while you sing?" Beca asked hopefully still looking at the road.

Emily gaped.

"are you serious? You will do that for me? Do you know how to play it?"

"I take offense in everything you just said! Of course, I'm serious, I definitely want to accompany you while you sing Sis and are you kidding me? That song is like guitar lessons 101! Maybe I can borrow a guitar from work"

"That's…I can't even!" Emily said shocked.

"oh god… I prefer Emily from the hood…. not valley girl." Beca giggled….

Emily slapped her arm jokingly.

"HEY! Driving here! Watch it!" they both giggled.

This was nice, talking and laughing…Beca felt good. This was going to be a good day.


It was 8:15 in the morning when Chloe heard a lot of groans coming from the hall. "Bunch of lazy asses" she mused. She admits it's a little early for Stacie, Aubrey and Jesse since they preferred to come in late in the morning and leave super late at night. But this meeting was necessary before Becas arrival.

One by one they came in, Stacie, Amy, The JJ Team, Gail, Aubrey, Ashley, Flo and Cynthia rose.

"Good morning everybody! I'm glad you could make it!" Chloe said chirpily "I know is early for some of you…and I know with traffic and such its terrible. But thank you for being here! This meeting is urgent for a couple of reasons…"

"How can you be so awake Boss….and in a good mood?" Cynthia Rose asked.

"Endorphins CR, I run at the break of dawn" She smiled. "and this meeting is to explain a couple of things and introduce you to my new assistant as soon as he gets here, which is in a few minutes. I know by now everyone knows what went down yesterday morning, gossip spreads like wildfires here…I want to reiterate that malicious comments are not welcome here." She looked pointedly at Aubrey. "No matter what your job is or rank, it doesn't matter, we treat each other with respect and equallity. ALWAYS. We can have fun, give respectful nick names here and there and stuff but never offending anyone, am I clear? If you feel offended or bothered, please, and i can't stress this enough, go to Flo, ot Benji, or come to me. ok?"

A bunch of "Yes sir" "Yes ma'am" "Totally!" were heard.

"ok good. Aubrey do you have anything to say?" Chloe raised an eyebrow.

Aubrey's head shot up…her ears were turning red…

"hum, way to put me on the spot…but yes Chloe, thank you. I want to apologize to everyone here because I am part of the face of this company and I messed that up yesterday. I am ashamed, and I am sorry. I will not make up an excuse because there isn't one. And before you ask, I will talk to Beca as soon as we finish this meeting." She said looking to Stacie.

The tall former brunet gave her a nod and a smile.

Aubrey felt almost relieve. She had to wait to talk to Beca before claiming victory.

"Ok, so now that we have forgiven our own Adolf Posen… Care to share who's this Beca girl? I can't believe I-Fat Amy, AMY! Is so behind on the gossip! You Americans are the worst…why don't you like to share?" asked Amy.

Everyone laughed with the aussie. Ashley intervened quickly.

"You where not here yesterday.  But, she is my cousin Ames, she is going to be Mrs. Beale assistant. And I don't want to toot our own family horn, but she is incredibly talented. She was…is…. kind of a music prodigy…, she used to write lyrics and compose music when she was younger …she is really good, she will deny this until she dies though…but I know it is true. She could really help out here. And she is very nice, kind of grumpy but with a great heart. She has been through a lot….and getting her this shot is like the best thing for her and my little cousin too."

Everyone nodded in agreement. Even Aubrey.

The intercom beeped signaling a call. Chloe pressed down the button.

"Yes Lilly…"

" I have Beca here…we are coming your way,

"ok thank you!" replied Chloe, she started fixing her clothes.

Stacie smirked at her friend…

"Ok people! Behave! She is super shy don't embarrass her..."

The door opened, and Lilly appeared, taking a step to the side she let Beca pass. As soon as Beca entered the room everyone started laughing. Even Beca herself.

Chloe and Aubrey's mouth went to the floor.

Beca wasn't one for pettiness but she decided to pull the blondes hair a little. And what better way to break the ice with her new coworkers than a joke. Also, while doing this people will know she can get up and fight.

There Beca stood, with Chanel pants and a Gucci  belt,  an old black hoodie that said GAP in the front.

Jesse started slow clapping. "Genius!" he yelled.

Stacie was impressed "Well played Tiny…." She winked.

Ashley and Jessica covered their mouths with their hands chuckling.

Flo didn't get it at all "estos gringos locos" said rolling her eyes.

Beca looked over to Aubrey and she could see the struggle. The blonde looked like she was about to throw up. She was turning green …oh shit. Wait…is she laughing?

"Welcome to WW Records Beca, You will fit right in." Aubrey said leaving everyone in shock. Beca too. "And after this I want to talk to you in my office please- nothing bad I promise,"  Aubrey said raising her hands.

Beca just nodded. She expected punches and kicks not this.

"Welcome Welcome Welcome Beca! You look dashing! Love the style! Up top!" he said raising his hand looking for a high five.

"Dude no…" Beca said lowering his arm.

"I like her Chloe, she is feisty!" Jesse said excited. 

"Wipe the drool Swanson!" Stacie chimed in.

At that Beca took her hoodie off. It was getting kind of hot with all the attention towards her.

"Oh wow, nice combo there my friend! You have really nice taste Beca, love the blouse…is it vintage?" praised Stacie. Aubrey agreed with Stacie, making the tall ex brunet smile.

"Ok! enough! You guys are embarrassing her! Beca, welcome, you look great" Chloe said making Beca blush instantly.

"Thank you, Chloe, I hope I'm in time,"

"You are, please have a seat here" Chloe pulled a chair next to her.

Stacie leaned towards Aubrey and whispered "first name basis"

"oh…OH! What, really?"

"shhh I'll tell you later babe" at that Aubrey felt so relieve…

Chloe was standing up to address the whole room.

"Ok guys, to finish the introduction part, and make it official, this is Beca Mitchell, she is going to be working with me." SHES MY BOSS?!!  "Beca these buffoons are my friends and heads of corporate with their teams. The only one missing is Benji, he works in HR. The tall fake blonde is Stacie head of legal, the real blond is Aubrey, Vice president of the label," Beca was trying to digest all this "well you know Ashley, this goofball is Jesse, Head of Business Affairs, and that's Jessica his sidekick. That's Gail, she works with them as well. The crazy Australian is Amy, next to her is Florencia, aka Flo, she is the HR supervisor, she will help you with all the paper work. And last but not least, Cynthia Rose. She is the supervisor of A&R and Artist development, she is also our first lyricist and music producer. She is just awesome." Chloe finished.

"And the one that said that speech without taking a breath, is your boss Beca. Chloe Beale WW Records Company President and musical genius, former Sony Music Producer" Said Aubrey sending a wink to Chloe. The redhead smiled back and blushed a little. Holy smokes. Thats a lot of information!

"Hi everyone, I am really excited to be here. You have no idea." Beca said nervously. Everyone in the room was very welcoming.

"Ok now that introductions are over, I want to share with you some amazing news…but first, Jesse did you made the call?" Chloe Asked expectantly.

"Yup! The script should be here later today, and the meeting is next Friday, just before we go on break." He said excitedly.

"what is going on you guys?" Stacie asked looking around.

"Chloe, take it away!" Aubrey said drumming her hands on the table.

"Ok you guys! This is huge," she said looking at her friends as she started explaining the call and email from her former boss, and what these guys were looking for.

The whole room was quite, they were letting all the info sink in.

"I guess is great you are here now Becs, you are a great lyricist" Ashley said without thinking.

"Dude…" The brunet shook her head mouthing "no"

"Actually, we need all hands-on deck Beca, if Ashley thinks you can help, please do." Aubrey said to Beca. Why is she being super nice all of a sudden?

Clearing her throat "Yeah of course Mrs. Posen"

Chloe and Stacie were walking on clouds over Aubrey and Beca interaction. They were proud of Aubrey.

"OK, I'm guessing we need to draft ownership contracts and discuss our terms… Ames, come on let's leave the musical talent work. Legal Out!" said Stacie standing up. "I will see YOU at lunch." She said pointing at Aubrey. The blonde gave her the biggest smile ever seen. "Welcome again Beca I will see you around!"

"Thank you Stacie."

"We are going too, so many things to do, so little time! JJ team let's go! As soon as we get the script ill make copies and send one your way."

"Thanks Jess, see you guys later" Said Chloe while Candy land left.

"Beca come to my office whenever to sign your contract and hand you the Handbook and explain some things," Flo addressed Beca, the Brunet nodded. "See ya' later gringas."

"Bye Flo!" they all chanted.

"ok…this was a productive morning. Now, Cynthia I will email you all the details I have for now. As soon as we get the script we will get together to brainstorm. Sounds good?"

"Sounds beautiful Boss, I'll go downstairs maybe I can find something in my archives. Yo Beca, if you wanna check out downstairs, just holla girl. I'll get going I don't like leaving those dummies downstairs alone for long!"

"Bye CR"

"She is cool." Beca added.

"And then they were four" Chloe said stating the obvious.

Ashley was the first now to break the silence, "Ms. Beale, do you want me to train Beca? I can show her around if you want."

"No need Ashley, I got it! Thank you for the offer though."

"ok then, we will leave you to it, Chloe send Beca to my office as soon as you finish."  Aubrey said while Beca looked constipated "Chill Beca, I wont bite. Promise."

"Ok, I-I will see you around Ms. Posen." Aubrey nodded but turned to Chloe right away.

"Chlo, you know what…lets drop the Ms. thing its dumb…I mean everyone calls me Darth Vader behind my back for christ sakes…lets go with first names…we are all kind of the same age here…its weird. I'll send a Memo"

"wow, ok yeah…its getting on my nerves too! Well off you go Posen I need a quick chat with my assistant!"

"OK bye guys, see you later Beca, feel free to shut her up if she talks too much."

Ashley send her cousin a wink and left the room with her boss.

"We should take this to my office" Chloe said motioning the door. 

Beca sighed and nodded. She was her bossThe hot redhead was her boss… well that's just awesome! Talk about frustrations… Bad luck Beca…. just when I found someone I am interested…BOOM she's my boss.

They were walking down the hall when the redhead asked her if she was ok.

"Um yeah, everything is cool…"

"I'm sorry I didn't tell you yesterday…. I guess i wanted to get to know you first without the weight of knowing I was going to be your boss" Chloe said shyly.

"yeah no, totally…I get it…"

"So, you didn't google me…that's impressive."

"I was going to, but I got distracted with my sister…so…"

"Oh, how are things with her? did you tell her? how did she reacted to the news?" Chloe said reaching to her side of the floor. "Wait sorry before you answer, this here is your desk, this is your phone, duh! the blue button is my office, the green one is Ashley's desk, the orange one is Candyland and the purple is HR, and Legal is yellow. 4563 is the annex to call CR downstairs. Ok, lets get inside." She gestures to her office. "You are too quiet Beca…feel free to talk"

"yeah, I'm just nervous and kind of letting everything sink in. I told you things yesterday that you should not say to your boss EVER. I'm kind of embarrassed…I'll get over it though! So what do you need from me Boss?"

"to answer my previous question, how did things go with Emily?" Chloe sat on her chair while telling her Beca to do the same,

"It actually went really well… we ended up watching my audition tape…she had no clue I played so many instruments. And this morning we talked a little more…and she told me about her talent show next Thursday, and I am really excited because I'm gonna play the guitar while she sings! So, I guess we need to rehearse a little."

"Beca that's amazing! You know you can use one of the studios downstairs, besides Emily will come here after school and we have everything you need if you feel like bringing your own guitar is a hassle." Chloe said missing the slight pain in the brunet's eyes.

"Thank you I will take you up on that offer." Beca smiled

"OK great! Let's start, shall we? I have a few things to teach you."

"Ok, let's do this!"


Chapter Text

From: Jesse Swanson

To: Chloe A Beale; Aubrey L Posen

CC: Ashely H.; Jessica S; Gail AMCH; F.Fuentes

Morning Beautiful co-workers.

First, Flo: Beca needs a work email.

Second: The script is here!

I repeat, the script is here!


Beca was finishing up tiding up her work space when the phone rang. It was the blue light. She picked up instantly.

"What can I do for you, Boss?" she heard Chloe laughing even through the door.

"Stop with the boss thing Beca! You can call me Chloe…or Chlo… all my friends do…" Beca smiled and blushed thanking the gods the redhead couldn't see her.

"I know… but I like it boss… I'm finishing up re-organizing my desk, do you need anything?"

"you know…your phone voice sounds really familiar… have I heard it before…"

"I don't know…never worked in a call center or something like that…. And I have major phone anxiety…the only time I dared to use the phone was when I worked at Ruby's and only one costumer would call for an order…"

Flirt girl! Omg Could it be? Beca wondered…"it was you wasn't it?"

"I flirted back with this woman…how embarrassing. And now she is my boss? Whyyy!?" Beca whined.

"Ruby's yes! It was you!? Ohmygod…. I knew it! I imagined a hot girl…. wasn't wrong…" Chloe giggled but then realized she'd made the horrible mistake of going too far…it's what she does. No filter at all.

Fuck. im hot?

"oh wow…T-thank you I guess…" responded the brunet smiling awkwardly.

"I'm really sorry Beca I tend to talk too much sometimes…this is aca-embarrassing…." Chloe pinching the bridge of her nose.

"Its cool boss,cool cool cool… you are hot too by the way…" she laughed it off…nervously " I mean everyone here is hot uh…. Where did you find them though?" Beca said making Chloe feel lighter "and what does "aca" mean?"

They both shared a giggle.

"Victoria Secret Catalog…its easier that way…Anyway, thanks Beca for not being weird about my slip….and "aca" is a story for another time"

"Oh please…I've heard worse, like really worse" she shuddered "…that was actually nice and not ill intended. Besides, Its time someone appreciates this hot Miami bod…" Beca grinned.

"omg did you just said BOD? You are too funny Beca Mitchell. You can tell, I mean you can hear me laughing out there dontcha?"

"Yes, I love it when my fans laugh at my jokes…I feel such a rush…"

"You are too much Mitchell, but anyways, I was calling yooou because you need to head to Aubrey's…. don't worry, she is back on being super nice. Good Luck!"

Beca groaned….

"If I'm not back in 30, call the cops… and then break it to my sister." Chloe laughed again.

"You'll be fine Beca…Oh! Don't forget to go over Flo's too!"

"Will do Boss, laters!"


Chloe couldn't stop smiling…but she remembered what Stacie said…she needed to hold on for a while. It was Becas first day, and she already said too much. She knows the girl is shy…but she flirted right back….so maybe she will try to tone it down just a little. There is something there…. she knows it.

Don't blow it Chloe… don't get to involved. Remember what happened.

Yes, mixing business withpleasure not always goes as you want it. Even if it started with love...


Sarah Hart. Gorgeous and petit with amazing green eyes.

Chloe met Sarah when the redhead did her first summer internship at Sony in NY. Chloe was a young Barden student eager to learn and Sara was already on payroll paying her dues; she was the assistant of the assistant producer, so their boss asked her to show Chloe how things worked around.

They clicked instantly.

Chloe found Sarah to be amazingly talented, it was a shame she was only in the booth doing copies of demos when she could've been easily working with an artist…any of the hundreds they had coming in and out of Sony Music. But apparently, she was kind of shy and felt intimidated by some of them according to Chloe. Sara for her part, didn't care that much about that… she was sure she was going to make it…and big, she just needed to wait. They became friends really fast…they were just friends until the end of Chloe second summer in NY. when thet started dating seriously. 

Chloe, on her part, made quite the impression around the studio just by being a social butterfly and her cheeky self almost all the time. Everyone around the label loved her. Even though she spent her first summer as a coffee girl mostly, when she applied for a second internship, they accepted her right away.

That second summer was even greater. She learned so many things since she was assigned to one of the producers that worked with Shakira on her Oral Fixation vol.2 album. That was the tits according to Chloe. He also let her work on the Westlife Greatest hits album, just selecting songs and polishing them, making a couple of changes here and there. She couldn't wait to work here full time.

Her relationship with Sarah developed even more, Chloe moved in with Sarah during that summer, so she could save some money. Sara was so caring and found Chloe adorable. And Chloe felt super safe with her in the big apple; they were going steady. Chloe returned to Barden, but they decided on keeping the relationship long distance. It was working for them.

Chloe applied for a third time and got it. Sarah was thrilled.

While Chloe was working alongside huge artists with the help of her boss, Sarah was still an assistant but this time for a reggae producer. She hated reggae. She was starting to doubt herself, but Chloe told tell her "It takes time, you just need to be patient! You are super talented! You just need them to notice you!" and she would suck it up. "You are the hot shot here, I'm just the summer intern babe" Sarah sure loved her girlfriend.

When Chloe graduated from Barden, she moved permanently to NY because Sony offered her a job as an assistant producer. She was super excited for the opportunity, she felt safe, she was going to live with her girlfriend, she knew everybody at the office and she was living her dream. The only downside to this…. Aubrey was in Stanford, all the way across the country. But they were happy for each other.

Sarah on the other hand was really happy living with her girlfriend, but she started hating her job… she would come home moody and tired while the redhead would come home extremely excited sharing amazing stories and all the progress they were making for whatever record she was helping produce.

Things started to get rocky between them when Chloe got promoted to junior producer after only a year of being on payroll. It was the talk of the company, "so young and so talented and super driven" …Sarah heard that everywhere. It didn't help that she still was frustrated and stuck in reggae. She felt like the universe was poking fun at her.

Then, just like that… she was relocated. After 5 years in the company, she finally became a junior producer... for Jazz. She had zero to none knowledge about jazz. She hated it, but she needed to pay her bills. After a few months, unbeknownst to Sarah, Chloe, who knew Sarah struggles with this change, had pull a few strings to move her girlfriend around, but the only position left was for an Audio Engineer in Chloe's team. The redhead thought that it would be a great idea to work so closely with her girlfriend.

She thought wrong.

It was nice at first, but after a few months of working together Sarah found Chloe rather annoying, controlling and demanding. But it was the perfectionist side of the redhead, and Sarah didn't get it. She apparently couldn't keep up. Chloe, who was almost her boss, told her to step up because they were going to let her go if she didn't. Sarah was beyond humiliated. As soon as they got home that night 3rd world war began.

"I can't believe you are suggesting that they are going to fire me! Who the hell do you think you are?" The petit brunet yelled at her girlfriend's face. "what the hell happened to you? You are this fucking know it all miss perfection its fucking annoying Chloe!"

"Oh wow…first of all, calm down Sarah! I was just warning you! People talk! You think you go unnoticed but newsflash, everybody knows who you are! And the talk aint' pretty. I just want you to step it up and show them you are better than this! And how dare you say I've changed, I have improved myself! You are the one stuck! So don't go projecting your stupid insecurities on me!"

"Better than what Chloe? I am doing my best! I am out of shape! I've been doing fucking Jazz shit until recently! I only got to work on one album last year! ONE FUCKING ALBUM! It's like they don't even care!"

"Yeah and it flopped…" Chloe said instantly regretting her words.

"Are you shitting me right now? You are going to throw that to me now? of course it did! Its Jazz goddammit! Nobody buys that shit anymore! And they know it! They just sent me there to rot and work on shit nobody else wanted!"

"You just complain…. you always complain but you don't do shit about it! Fucking own your shit! Own your mistakes Sarah! If you want a better job fucking work for it! You've been there for what? Five years…how many albums have your name on it? ONE! That is because you are waiting for someone to give you everything in a silver platter. WELL HONEY THE WORLD DOESN'T WORK LIKE THAT! If you want something you go for it, and you work hard to prove it to yourself and others!"

"I can't believe you are saying this to me, why are you being such a bitch? You want me to quit? Is that it? Are you ashamed of me or something? Now that you are a junior producer you think I have to fucking listen to everything you say? Like is the rule? Well It's not! You are not my boss! So save it!"

Chloe cleared her throat...

"I am. Beginning Monday I am your boss. And I was telling you to step it up, to be honest, because you are doing an average job, you don't listen to suggestions and you don't make suggestions either… you were so talented Sarah I know you can do better… but you make it impossible to work with…I don't know what else to tell you…"

"You just said plenty… mediocre, talentless, awful team player, slacker… am I missing something?" Sarah said sarcastically…" I feel like I'm missing something…"

"don't be like that I didn't say those words… I'm just calling it as I see it…as a co-worker."

"And as a girlfriend? What do you say as my girlfriend?" Sara challenged.

"you've lost your spark… I don't know what else to tell you…"

"I don't want to hear anything more from you to be honest. I'm done." Sara huffed.

"come on Sarah, you just need to-" but Sarah interrupted her.

"Quit. I am done. And I am done with you too. I didn't sign up for this…this is too much to handle" she said. Her chin wobbling

"Too much to handle? What did you expect? For me to be theeternal intern? You are breaking up with me because I have a better job than you? Are you fucking serious? How mature of you…" Chlore was having so many mixed feelings. frustration. rage. sadness.

"It just hurts Chloe! Don't you get it? You are my fucking boss now! And according to you I suck! So what's gonna happen uh? Tell me? Are you going to fire me and then cook me dinner? Tell me!" Sarah was letting her tears fall.

Chloe could only look at her shoes… Sarah was right… it was way too complicated. And she did feel sad, they were together for so long, they shared a lot of things… but she was just disappointed… no one likes to fail at a relationship. Everything else was working in her life. But this relationship was indeed doomed.

"You are right…" Chloe whispered choking a sob.

"I know…I…I will crash at my sisters…I'll come back tomorrow for the rest of my stuff…"

"Sarah, don't… this was your place first, I'm the one that should be leaving…" Chloe offered.

"Don't bother…I won't be able to pay the rent anyways since I'm sending my resignation letter tomorrow so you don't have to sign it…" she wiped the tears from her face while walking to their shared room. She grabbed a duffle bag and throw it on the bed, started packing essentials.

"Sarah are you sure about this? You don't have to quit…please think this thru, you can relocate!" Chloe begged.

"Stop ok. I know what I'm doing…I can't be here anymore…or there for that matter. I need a change…" she said zipping her bag and pulling it over her shoulder. Chloe stopped her on her way out. She gripped Sarah's hands. They were face to face, make up smeared… with blood shot eyes.

"I am sorry Sarah…I really am" Chloe said looking directly at those green eyes that felt like home…"and I want you to know that I do love you very much"

" Yeah...I love you too. And I am sorry I couldn't hold up to your expectations" Sarah sniffled.

Chloe touched her face as she leaned to kiss her one last time. Sarah returned it with so much passion…it was the last one. They pulled apart, but their foreheads were still touching…this was the hardest thing Chloe has ever done. 

"Please take care of yourself…" Chloe said softly.

"I will…and you too ok? take it easy at work. And I am really proud of you…" Chloe started crying again. But Sara started to pull away…it was time.

"Good bye Chloe Beale"

And she was gone…


An email alert brought Chloe back to reality… she couldn't go trough that again…but Beca seemed so different from Sarah….except for the physical part.

Just listen to Stacie… she is almost always right.


Beca knocked on Aubrey's door. She was quite scared to be honest. She didn't know what to expect. Ashley assure her that her boss wasn't THAT bad...and that couldn't stop apologising to her.

Beca tried to calm herself, before…

"Come in!"

Beca let out a breath and walked in slowly "Hello..." said awkwardly.

"Hello Beca! please have a seat " Aubrey pointed to her leather couch. Beca sat down at one side and Aubrey sat opposite of her. The blonde could tell Beca was nervous...or scared...or something in between.

"Hey Beca, you can relax...I won't go all crazy on you ever again...I mean...not like ever but not soon either." Aubrey laughed at her own joke.

Beca wasn't having it though. Yes, she was nervous but she won't let anyone walk all over her.

"Tough crowd..." Aubrey murmured.

"Sorry if I don't find what you just said amusing... I just find it kind of creepy that you are nice all of a sudden...and I don't know how to act, considering you are practically my boss too. So I have to bite my tongue before I say something that could get me fire before I even sign my contract."

"No, you are right, I'm sorry, really sorry...I was completely out of line and I know...I can actually feel in the air that you want to punch me and your holding thank you for that. I have plenty of meetings this week, so a black eye would be a pain in every sense of the word,"

Beca cracked a smile.

"I mean I forgive you is too short to get into stupid arguments. And everybody has bad days...I didn't like it but I can handle it."

"I'm glad Chloe stopped you from leaving... you are great asset to the company Beca..."

"Oh please...I'm just an assistant...not gonna cure cancer or whatever..."

"I'm not either...but you are can't deny it..."

"How would you know...? "

"Well...I got a hold of your resume, and because I am "kind of your boss too" I wanted to check some things...I mean it is expected you know…for references."

Beca groaned... she called the club...she rubbed her hand through her forehead...trying to hide the frown.

"I called Julliard."

"WHAT?" she shrieked. That caught her off guard.

"Why so surprised? Ohh you thought I was going to call the club…I was going to...but I was more interested in your actual career choice...I assumed being a DJ was just a gig to get your name out until Julliard...right?"

How does she know? Is she in my brain?

"Yes was my outlet...and I got paid so win win...But it's been 8 years since Julliard I'm sure no one remembers me I was there for a short period"

"Oh how wrong you are my friend...They remember you..."

"They do?" Beca asked surprised.

"Yeah, you left quite the impression. I talked to Professor Stevens...your lyrics compo professor. He said you have the mind of a writer and the heart of a poet...I honestly don't know what he meant but sounded beautiful..."

"Oh wow... I don't know what to say..."

"You don't have to say anything, but you have to do something... for us... for WW"

"What is that?"

"Help us with this project, the movie, its big...and we are doing great but this could take us to the next level...and it would make Chloe so happy. If you manage to write something I can help you with the production...I am a musical engineer after all..."

"You are? Really?" She asked. The only thing she associated Aubrey with, was rudness and corporate. Less rude now, thouhg.

"Don't look so shocked...I may be stuck in an office most of the time but I know how to run a recording studio," Aubrey said smugly.

"Ok, cool... I will go through my things...can I get to have the script too? I won't show it to anyone, I promise, but it will help a lot"

"Oh yeah totally, Jesse just sent us an email saying its been I will get you a copy by the end of the day ok?"

"Awesome! So now that we are ok...I guess I'll get back to work...thanks for apologising Aubrey, I know it's a  hard thing to do."

"It's ok really, but before you go, I wanted to give you something...take it as a welcome slash I'm sorry gift...I just thought it would be nice to get you something..." Beca wanted to protest but Aubrey cut her off " I can't get a you might as well use, for you and your sister."

Aubrey handed a big manila envelope...

Beca gasped when she saw what was in there.

" says Disneyworld...plane tickets? Hotel? Wow…no…This-this is too much I can't take it honestly..."

"Yeah you can Beca, is the least I can do...and like I said no refunds..." Aubrey shrugged. 

"But I have to work...this is for a whole week! I just started,"

"I assume you haven't talk to Flo yet...we have two weeks off at the start of summer to recharge...we shut down the entire company. Its paid also so you can relax...take this and go have fun."

"Wow I can't- i mean...shit...sorry " She cringed "I have never taken Emily past ft Lauderdale...she has never been on a plane before...thank you so much Aubrey you have no idea what this means to us..." Beca said holding back tears.

"You are so's nice to give away a gift to people who appreciate them, take pictures though, i want to see your sisters face when you get to Flo's, you need a company email... and welcome again to WW Beca."

Aubrey extended her hand but Beca pulled her in a hug. "You are sooo getting soft mitchell...this is awesome you get to take Emily to disney on her birthday!"

"Thank you thank you!" Aubrey chuckled at the brunet antics.

"You are welcome…now go!"

"ok, there is someone at the door" Beca said making Aubrey turn around. Stacie was leaning at the door. Beca stood up and said goodbye again before passing Stacie at the door.

The lawyer closed the door behind her while Aubrey stood up.

They basically sprinted towards each other, Aubrey grabbed Stacie's cheek with one hand while the other was running trough her long blond wavy hair. Stacie's arms soon were around Aubrey's waist pulling her closely. They were nose to nose…inhaling each other scents, reuniting like old lovers do after being miles apart.

"I'm sorry for being such a bitch Stace, I can't stand you being mad at me…I will change I promise…I need us to work so bad" tears were pooling in the blond's eyes.

"hey hey, you did good today…I am really proud of you babe…you honestly exceeded my expectations with this Beca thing. You did great." Stacie kissed her softly on the cheek while pulling away a little.

"Stace…I need you…" Aubrey said suddenly…now or never Posen.

"what? Babe we are at the office! So scandalous!" Stacie grinned.

"Not like that you dork, I mean yeah like that also but not now…shit im rambling…look, I need you in my life…as in forever… no more running or panicking…I need to be with you so I can function…I promise to be better. I promise to treat you like the queen you are…I promise to love you forever." The blonde said getting emotional.

"You…You love me?" Stacie asked with so much hope….Finally!

"Of course, I do! God I do… Since the day I met you! I was just so scared baby, so fucking scared! But I'm tired of it all. I just want you, only you…I want to love you…please let me make you happy... please" Aubrey begged.

Stacie just threw herself at Aubrey kissing her like the world was about to end. It was hard but slowly at the same time. Their lips were a perfect fit. Aubrey let out a moan and Stacie took her chance to deepen the kiss. It was the most perfect kiss. Full of promises and hope.

Aubrey couldn't wait for the kiss they would share after she proposes.

Chapter Text


"Chloe! jesus! Knock much!?" A flustered Abrey whispered loudly.

"Sorry not sorry… should I change the name from WW Records to WW Hotels?" Chloe said laughing.

"Not funny Chlo!" Aubrey huffed fixing her blouse and hair.

"It is kinda funny babe…she just busted us groping each other…" intervened Stacie not even bothered about the intrusion, she fixed her lipstick sending a wink to her girlfriend.

Their kiss got slightly carried away… they were making up for lost time, so of course a make out session was mandatory.

"Oh em GEE! you guys!" the redhead cooed. "Did you just get your head out of your ass blondie?"

Stacie kissed her girlfriend cheek which was red from their pervious activity and now because of Chloe putting her on the spot.

"Lay off her Chlo, she might combust. But yes, I think we are ok aren't we honey?"

Aubrey beamed at Stacie, "Yeah we are…more than ok I'll say"

"HELL YES! Ok! I know you probably want to keep groping each other…I would too. Not you…but my nonexistent girlfriend…I mean I would wanna grope her…not you guys, that would be weird…wouldn't it?" Chloe rumbled.

"Sweetie? Breath for me, come on.…you are acting kind of idiotic… not a great look for Chloe Beale" Said the blonde

"sorry, Can I sit down? or the couch is tainted? I had the weirdest flashback you guys…" 

"was about to be…till you came in…. but please, proceed" Stacie added.

"Gross" Chloe scrunched up her nose.

"OK! Chloe sit the hell down!" Aubrey said teasingly.

"OK, so I was talking to Beca on the phone and guess what? she IS Ruby's girl! Remember I told you abut the girl that flirted back when I placed my orders?"

"Chlo… too soon…" Stacie said warningly.

"I know Stace, I know. Your words are like haunting me! I spaced out for like an hour because it got me thinking about Sarah and all the shit that happened between us…I don't want to go through that again…it was awful." Chloe shook her body as she remembered once again what went down all those years ago.

"But Beca is completely different…" The blond whispered.

Stacie and Chloe shared a confused look…. Is Aubrey for real?

"what? Stop looking at me like that, she is! Sarah is a resentful bitch with no talent… Beca on the other hand, has talent and I know for a fact she is not that resentful…she forgave me."

The redhead and fake blonde were in shock.

"Again, what? It is true guys! Sarah had issues, you offered her something better, but she blew it and then...gosh she is insane Chlo. If Beca were to have the same opportunities I think she would do great things." Aubrey pushed.

"Aw babe, do you want to include Tiny Becs to our already blossoming relationship? I would totes have a threesome…" Stacie said smirking at her girlfriend.

"Stacie!" both Aubrey and Chloe yelled. " You can be so inappropriate sometimes" Chloe finished. 

"Oh whatever!…" She rolled her eyes.

"Let me get this straight-" Stacie snorted…"Stacie so help me…" Chloe snapped.

"Sorry… go on…"

"As I was saying, You, Aubrey Posen would not be against me dating Beca?" Chloe asked trying to figure Aubrey out.

"Wow stop right there red, who said anything about dating? She just got here, like TODAY. I just said Beca is completely different…except for the physical stuff…. They look too alike for my taste." Aubrey grimaced.

"I know right?!" Stacie chimed in. "Creepy"

"Yeah but that's not the point, I guess I'm with Stacie on this…is too soon. Let her settle or…."


"Let her come to you."

"My my Posen….do you know something we don't? I mean you guys talked for like an hour…. I only catch the gift part."

"What gift?" asked a clueless red head. "Drinks after? So, we catch up?" Chloe added.

"I thought we were catching up now" Stacie chimed in.

"Chloe, we need to work! We need to check the script remember? its already in the building"

"OK fine, lets go to GIGI's after work, on me. TTYL" The redhead said getting up and walking to the door.

"Really? You are text talking now? is annoying"

"you find everything I do annoying Bree…get real"

"True." Aubrey laughed at her friend. "OK I will see you guys later, I'll text Jesse since he gave me pretty good advice yesterday" finished looking at Stacie. The ex-Brunet smiled.


Jessica dropped a heavy looking notebook on top of Becas desk.

Beca almost fell off her chair.

"Dude! A warning first!" The tiny brunet said trying to get herself together.

"Sorry! You looked like this people who sleep with their eyes open? You know…"


"what did you just call me?" Jessica looked horrified.

"Lagopthalmos…it's the name of that disease." She said chuckling.

"Oh wow…how do you know that…?"

"I watch a lot of tv and have amazing memory for useless stuff" She said proudly.

"You are funny! I guess it runs in the family…" Jess said dreamily.

"yeah…. we are funny…." She quirked an eyebrow.

"What?" The blonde asked distractedly…. she did found Ashley hilarious…and adorable…and so cute. But it's been like 3 years of nothing… she actually blew up actual dates just to hung with the girl instead. But she couldn't find the courage to ask her out.

"Look, since I'm new here, and I want everyone to like me…" Beca winked at her "I am going to let you in a little secret….come closer….closer….a bit more" She gestures with her fingerfor the blond to bend down a little.

"Ashley is a pussy." She whispers.

The bond's eyes widened.

"what do you mean a pussy?"

"what do you want it to mean?" Beca wiggle her eyebrows.

"What? Really? Are- are you sure? So…. should I….."

"Yeah you should…Hundred and ten percent chief."

"I have to go!" she turned around and sprinted back to her office while throwing a "thank you" to Beca.

"about fucking finally…Kids these days man…" She mumbled to herself,

She opened the script and started reading….

A couple of hours later, Beca grabbed her pen and a notepad and started writing like a maniac…too many ideas were running through her head. It was amazing how the little knowledge she had on the matter came back rushing to her.

She had four ideas for songs. She already had a song that could work, she wrote it when her parents were still alive; the other one was inspired on yesterdays showdown between her and Aubrey…She was totally over it, they were on good terms…Disneyworld ya'll…but some of the blonde's words really hurt, so she channeled them into a song. The last two…man, the last two were inspired by a certain redhead…it was bold to write a song about a girl you just met, but there was something there…and she had to let it all out. Besides, no one needs to know.

She just wants her boss to be proud of her.

And maybe a little more.


"Here we are Kid, WW Records." Derek; Chloe's young tall and tanned raven hair Chauffer informed Emily.

She was beyond herself…when the black Escalade stopped at the curve, she was waiting for the regular nanny or some real housewife of Miami to pick up one of the girls in her class. But not today. No, today she was the one picked up by the huge SUV, with a Chauffer with a hat! She wanted to turn around and yell "suck it" to the snobbish girls around her, but Beca told her to save those for when she gets to college. Derek opened the door and she hopped on.

During the ride they got to know each other a little while they sung together too. They were approaching the building that housed several companies and WW Records too.

"WOW! Is it the whole building? It is hugeeeee!" It was a super tall and modern building. Derek entered the underground parking lot to find his spot. He shut down the engine and turned to look at Emily.

"The office is in the 30th and the studios are in the 29th but it is huge right?! Come on, this is a full delivery service, we need to go up, let me help you with your bags" said Derek.

"Thank you!" they were walking down to the elevators. Derek pressed the 30th floor.

"Omg!" Emily squealed. Derek laughed at her antics, she was cute kid. He actually enjoyed the ride. The kid was a talker and a great singer.

"So Emily how old is your sister?" Derek asked.

"uhmm twenty-six…but her birthday is coming! I need to buy her a present!"

"well, if you want, since I'm driving you from school to here, we can detour a little to find something nice for her."

"That would be nice! But I have to ask her anyways…she likes to know where I am like… always and I only just met you" Derek chuckled.

"I totally get it! I was like that with my little sister. She is not that little anymore, but I get it. Talk to her and let me know"



Emily was dazed. Her sister worked in a cool place!

She followed Derek through a waiting area and then some empty glass rooms with huge tables, until she saw her sister. She run towards her.

Hearing an increasing tapping on the carpet, Beca raised her head and smile at her sister running. She stood up to wait for the impact. Emily launched herself to her sister whispering "this is soooo cool Becs"

Derek finally catch up with them,

"Hey Emily, here is you backpack" He handed the little burnet her light blue JanSport with a bananas design.

"Thanks Derek. Derek this is my sister Beca, Beca this is Derek, he picked me up from school!"

"Nice to meet you dude, thank you for picking her up…I know it is not your job…but thanks anyway." This Derek dude was looking at her funny… is he checking me up?


"Hey, its fine, anything the boss asks, is my job so…its cool"

"You darn right it is!" Said a teasing voice behind them. Derek turned and saw her boss coming their way.

"Miss Beale, Good evening. I'm just dropping one precious cargo to another one…"

"oh, he thinks he is super smooth…" thought Beca shaking her head.

"Oh hell no Ken doll…" Thought Chloe crossing her arms.

"Such a sweetheart Derek…" Chloe said in the most fake tone ever known to men, but only Beca caught on "You can call it a day, I'm going out with Aubrey…"

"Oh ok, I will see you tomorrow then Miss Beale. Emily, looking forward to our sing alongs. Beca, I am very pleased to meet you." He said cockily.

"bye Derek!" Em said sweetly.

"yeah bye Derrick."

Chloe hold a chuckled. Beca was too transparent. She loved it.


Now that Derek was gone, Chloe turned her focus on the smaller version of Beca.

"Hi Emily! It is super nice to meet you, I'm Chloe!" the redhead said crouching down to be on the same level as Em extending her hand for the little girl to shake.

"Hi! You are Becs boss!" Beca squeezed Emily's shoulder trying to calm the kids excitement. "Em…" She whispered.

Ignoring Beca, Chloe said "that I am! how do you like your sisters new job?"

"It's so cool! her other jobs were terrible…this is way cooler! she told me you have tons of instruments and that you can lend her one! We need a guitar for my talent show next Thursday, Beca is playing with me, but she doesn't have her guitar anymore, she sold it last year to buy me a new uniform, sneakers and this backpack, isn't it the coolest it has bananas on it!" She said pointing at her backpack. It was a cool backpack. Fact.

Chloe gave Beca a look, but she couldn't read her…" Omg it is! I love it! I think I want one!" Chloe said trying to hide her sadness. She sold her things for her sister? Chloe was heartbroken.

Beca was about to crawl under her desk. What the hell…what's with spilling all the beans!

"Hey kid, I really hope you aren't applying for a job for the government in the future, way to sell me out!" Beca try to hide her embarrassment.

"I'm sorry Bec I got excited…. Sorry Miss Beale" Emily blushed.

"Don't be sorry for speaking! And call me Chloe or Chlo Emily, we at WW Record are family… and you guys are part of it now." Emily beamed looking from Chloe to her sister.

"ok ok your face is about to explode kid, why don't you get settle at my desk and start your homework?"

"Ok!.." Emily being the curious type…asked: "What does WW mean Chloe?"

The read head was caught way off guard, she actually paled at the question…it was an honest question for sure, but most of the time people wouldn't care, they though WW was just that…two fucking W's together…. but that wasn't it. This is so embarrassing.

Beca looked amused…there was a story there for sure.

"by the look on your face boss…. now I'm intrigued too" said an amused Beca.

"yeah well… its…I mean...We....uhm AUbrey....It" What was the safest one?! Chloe focus!  "Mmm- it means Winter Wonderland!!" Beca raised her eyebrow…mouthing "really?"

"But we are in Miami…there's no winter here." Emily said.

"Aren't you clever. Do you need a job too? You are even smarter than some of my coworkers." Chloe chuckled. Emily beamed "But the name is just a joke Ems, nothing serious." Emily nodded and started her homework. She liked Chloe, she talked to her like a grown up, not just some kid.

"I will leave you to it…" Said Chloe heading back to her office. But Beca's voice made her turn.

"Boss, a word please…"

"Yeah come on in."

"Sit tight Ems, I will check your history paper later…" The little girl rolled her eyes.

Beca followed Chloe to her office and closed the door.

"Winter Wonderland? Is this a prom theme or something?" They both chuckled.

"it's the PG version of the name…. WE, as in Aubrey and I decided to give that answer whenever someone asks for the meaning."

"Oh, so there is one! Care to share boss?"

"Omg….ok…its Warm Walls" Chloe blushed a little.

"warm walls? What is wrong with warm walls that you are embarrassed?" Chloe couldn't believe it. Shes so pure.

"You don't get it?"

"No why would I? is it an inner joke of something?"

" Well kinda…"

"so? What's it about?" She is straight….super straight. Chloe thought.

"Well, Aubrey and I are Lesbians. We the founders decided to call our label Warm walls…because…you know…. we have walls…that are warm...and it was funny at that moment…. we were drunk as fuck too." she said softly for Beca to get it.

Yas! Boss is a lady lover! But…

"I don't get it…..what walls? Like your esophagus? and why you guys being lesbians has to do with it?" there was confusion written all over her face.

Chloe tilted her head…looking straight to Beca steel blue eyes…. she really doesn't get it, she couldn't be THAT clueless… but then it hit her….Oh MY GOD. Realization washed over her like ice cold water.


"is she….is she a virginwhat the hell Chloe, it's her second day here…don't ask her something so personal…. just let it go.

"you know what, its fine Beca, you'll get there. I need to finish some stuff before I head out…oh! did you proof-read those emails I sent you?" She said quickly changing the subject.

"yeah…Yes, they are ready to be send."

"OK! I guess that's it, if you finish early…feel free to go! I am basically done for the day so…"

"Oh ok…thanks Choe. I'll get back to my desk then." She turned to leave.

Warm Walls…. What's the big deal?

Beca closed her boss's door and pulled out her phone.

BMH: What does WW mean? Be honest!

AshHat: Warm Walls… why?

BMH: yeah but what does warm walls mean? Just tell me.

AshHatA Vagina Beca. Va jay jay, v-jay, a hooha…Warm walls inside your vagina? wait…. I know you do your thang down there…you are telling me you have never like went in?"

Ashley was having a field day with this. She knew Beca was a virgin, but this was a little too much.

BMH: don't ever use the word THANG with me againI am not having this conversation with you…and no…just above and around… never inside….i hate you, kay bye.

AshHat: Beca, you need to get laid. ASAP.

Beca huffed.


"should I text her…. call her…or go to her desk…what if Beca is messing with me…darn it…" Jessica said pacing in the copy room…it was always empty…she normally goes there to meditate. Her boss knows all about it. Just for fifteen minutes every day. That's why she is so happy every single day. But today she was locked in there trying to decide how to proceed with Becas information.

"suck it up Jessica, if she says no…then you move on and remain friends. That's it… simple."

Doing her breathing exercises, she squared her shoulders and cleared her throat.

"Let's do this!" She dried her clammy hands with her dress.

She was now standing in front of Ashley's desk; the brunet was super focus on her computer when she heard shuffling feet. When her head shot up she saw her gorgeous blonde friend staring at her with a pale face….

"Oh fudge, im so nervous….geez" Thought Jessica.

"Oh, hey sweetie, are you ok? you look…unwell…" Ashley said checking the cute blonde out.

"Shii-ngles! I'm sweating like a pig…. I can't do this!" she got lost in her inner monologue.



"JESSICA!" Ashley called one last time.

"What!? Sweet cheesus…what's with the screaming Ash…" Ashley just laughed... the blonde was too adorable.

"I asked you, what can I do for you?"

"Oh, yeah…so… I was wondering…maybe if you want to go with me to the South Beach jazz festival this weekend? It's ok if you can't or don't want to…I get it…. ok…well….bye…." Jessica turned to leave when a hand grabbed her elbow to stop her.

"Hey, you didn't even let me answer…" Ashley said sweetly. Jessica was so embarrassed by now. She was just shuffling her feet nervously.

"I want to."

Jessica almost got whiplash. She found Ashley's eyes, beautiful hazel eyes.

"You do?"

"yes, I would love to go" Jessica beamed so hard it made Ashley chuckled a little.



They were on their way home when Beca decided to keep the Disneyworld trip a secret. She wanted to surprise Emily on her birthday, July 1st. She would pack their bags and hide them and then tell her they were going to Ashley's for the weekend. Perfect!

"Your boss is really cool Becs. And Derek is really cute…he asked how old you were…"

"Yeah she is…." Beca said with a sigh…. But then the last statement brought her back.

"He asked what? What did you tell him?" asked Beca with a frown.

"your age duh…"

"Em, if he ever asks anything else about me, don't tell him ok. He is a stranger."

"but maybe he could be you boyfriend Becs! He looks like a model…"

"hold on there…I am not looking for a boyfriend…nor I find this Derrick dude handsome…"

"its Derek, and why not? I found him handsome and I'm 10…" Emily didn't get why her sister was being so picky. She never saw her with a boy...she must feel super lonely.

"I guess we need to talk…let me park the car and then fix dinner…. we'll talk after"

"About what?"


Chapter Text

After a lot of pacing and sighing Beca finally told Emily about herself. Beca talked to her about why she didn't want anything to do with Derrick, Derek or whatshisface; about how she found out and about how she would've love to talk to her mom about it. She never got the chance, but she knew she would've been ok.

Emily's reaction left her in shock.

The girl just run away to her room and slammed the door.

Beca was heartbroken.

She cried for the first time in ages all alone in her room. She wanted to be her sister's role model, her heroine… but what if after this… Emily decides to hate her because this new information added more drama and pain into their already unconventional life style?

Did she had to find a husband now in order for her sister to accept her?

Beca tried to call Ashley but her line was busy. Shit.

Why don't I have more friends? Wonder Beca sobbing.

Well…she did have one more friend.

"Fuck it. She said we were"

Beca looked through her contact list and pressed call.

"Hi Beca! How are you this fine evening?" Answer a happy but fairly tipsy Chloe Beale.

Beca sniffled a little before answering. "HI…hey Boss…I…-"

"Beca, are you ok? you sound weird…" the redhead asked worriedly getting sober by the second.

"Am I interrupting something? I don't want to interrupt you…you must be busy having a life or with people or maybe on a date…I don't want to inconvenience you with my shit…shoot sorry…language Beca!" she tried to giggle but it came out more like a sob.

"Ok Beca you are rambling, please tell me what is going on? Are you hurt? Where are you? You are kind of worrying me…"

Fuck it.

"I just came out to my sister and I think she hates me" She broke into tears. Beca was gay? unimportant Beale, focus!

"Beca, honey, do you need me to come over… I don't even know were you live but if you need me there I'll be! I'm sure Emily is just confused… you told me she was smart for her age but remember she is only ten Becs… give her a chance…please breath for me…"

"I am so sad I can't- I don't know what to do… she just left me there… not a word. I feel worthless…I don't want to lose my sister too…I already lost too much. I hate my life… I hate it!" Beca said with gritted teeth making her point by punching her thigh with her fist.

"Listen to me Beca, and listen good! you are brave. The bravest! Coming out to your family is nerve wracking, especially when they don't understand…and you are just a little bruised…not worthless. Never worthless. You need to understand this in order to explain to Emily once she is ready. This is what you are meant to be Beca, and I can imagine what things are going through your mind right now, and no…going "straight" is not an option if you ever want to be completely happy. This is you! Embrace it, show Emily this is ok, being gay is ok! everything will be fine Beca. Let her swallow this first…don't jump into conclusions…trust me."

"I'm sorry….i'm sorry to drop all this on you…I just met you… this is insane….and you are my boss…im sorry this is so embarrassing… I didn't have anyone else to call…apparently Ashley is on the phone and I was losing my mind…so sorry Chloe"

"Calm down Beca, you can call me anytime, we are friends remember? We were friends before you started working with me!" Beca could feel the wink through the phone…she smiled for the first time in hours. "and i'm kind of offended that I wasn't the first choice though!" Chloe protested making Beca laugh. "Yeah, that's more like it. Feeling better?"

"Yes…thank you Chloe, my hero." Beca said blushing.

"nah, just being a good friend and all that." The brunet smiled.

Beca heard Emilys door creak open…

"Boss, I think Emily is coming out of her room…I want to check on her. But thank you so much for everything you said…thank you and sorry for interrupting your night."

"Beca Mitchell so help me god if you say sorry again! You can call whenever ok!? get that through your skull. I'll see you tomorrow. Good night!"

"ok ok got it, Good night Chloe…and thank you"

They shared one last goodbye before they hanged up.

Beca indeed felt better, she needed that in order to face Emily. She was about to get up from her bed when her door swung open. And there was Emily running towards her and…


With a tackle they fell over the bed.

Emily was hugging her sister with all her strength and she was relieved when Beca hugged her back.

As soon as Beca told her about her being gay…she ran. She was so confused she didn't know how to react. She needed to talk to someone…she couldn't go back out to Beca because she was embarrassed of how she reacted in the first place. So, she called the next best thing.


She found out Ashley was gay too during that phone call…but it helped. A lot. She wanted to know why it was kept a secret. And her cousin told her it was hard to come out… that people judge just because they don't understand o just didn't want to at all, and that she was too young to get it too. She argued that she was smart enough to understand…"but you still ran…" Ashley said to her… well, burn…Ashley finally told her that the only thing Beca would want now, was a hug. That's it. No words no apologies…. just a hug. So, she did that. She ran to her sister and hugged her hard.

Emily started crying damping her sisters shirt… she was attached like a little koala bear. Beca found it adorable but she hated seen her sister cry, so she pulled away a little cradling Ems face with her hands.

"hey kid, look at me," Emily looked upward shyly, sniffling a little "we are ok…it is ok…no more crying please."

"I'm sorry BecBec I'm so sorry!" another round of tears came down Emily's face, but Beca quickly wipe them out.

"there is nothing to be sorry for, it is fine, we are cool… I promise! I love you and if someone has to apologize is me sweetie, I should've tell you sooner or something… or smoother maybe…I don't know. The point is, I love you and I want you to love me just the same…ok? do you love me the same?"

"I love you more" Beca smiled widely.

"I'll take more every time! Now let's get ready for bed ok?" Emily nodded.

"yeah ok, but can I ask you something?"

"yes, of course, anything…"

"why don't you have a girlfriend? Is it because of me?"

"What? Why do you ask that?"

"I don't know, I have never seen you with anyone… and… and I don't know… you are super pretty and smart and funny… so I was thinking maybe it was because girls don't like that you are kind of a mom… " Emily shrugged.

Beca laughed. Emily just stared back at her with a frown.

"why are you laughing?!"

"Because! Sweetie I don't have a girlfriend because I don't want to…plain and simple. I've had more important things to do, and I have... to this day. And I'm fine with it, honestly. If I ever found someone worthy...I will give it a go. But you must approve first. If you don't, just yell Neeext!"

They both giggled.

"I think you will find someone very soon. And what do I tell derrick?"

"oh, poor derrick boohoo. Just tell him I'm unavailable… that should keep him away."

"ok," Emily yawned "can I sleep with you tonight?"

"Obviously…why are you even asking?" Beca tickled her and then got up to turn the lights off.

"Nite Bec"

"Nite Emi, sweet dreams little star" Beca whispered.


Beca felt lighter the following days. She went to work, had fun with it, something she only did while DJing back in the day. Sure, she was just an assistant, but in the right environment it felt like heaven. Emily was back to her sweet self, they talked every day about school or work. They practice every day for the talent show too. She even told Derek that her sister was seeing someone, but the chauffeur didn't mind at all.

Because on Wednesday there were flowers on Becas desk.

"What the fuck…." She said as soon as she got there. She was picking up the card when she heard….

"Good morning Beca!" a very happy ray of sunshine appeared. Beca turned her head so she could hide the flowers with her body. This was so embarrassing.

"Good Morning Boss, your coffee is waiting riiight on top of your desk." But Chloe wouldn't budge…she was slowly circling Beca too se what the burnet was hiding.

Beca felt like a contortionist trying to hide the flower arrangement. It was big and ugly.

Who sends orange flowers?

"what's that?" Chloe finally asked when she spotted the flowers.

"That? Uhm nothing…someone must've left them there for no reason…" Beca was sure they were from Derek.



"I do not want to be rude, believe me, but they are kind of big, and kind of…."

"Ugly?" Beca laughed. Chloe blushed.

"well…I was going to say hard on the eyes….but yeah ugly, who sent you those?"

"I have no idea…I will get rid of them asap boss… they are making me gag… I prefer lilies. What's your favorite flower?" Beca asked smoothly.

"Mine…simple purple tulips."

"Pretty…hum I better throw these… I'll be right back."

"Yeah totes, see you in a bit."

As soon as Chloe head to her office, Beca opened the card.

"Dear Beca: Every time I see your face it reminds me of you. XO

"OH MY GOD" She couldn't help it, she laughed so hard it made Chloe run out of her office to see what was going on.

"What? What? I wanna laugh too…" without uttering a word and without thinking, Beca handed the card to Chloe.

"Every time I see your face it reminds me of you? What the hell… who wrote this? a chimpanzee? It doesn't make any sense…. what? who sent you this?" Chloe said while laughing.

"well… I think it was Derek…"

"He what?"

"wow calm down, the guy has good intentions, but he is jus not getting the hints… my sister already told him I was seeing someone…but he dismissed her."

"Are you?"

"Am I what?"

"seeing someone?" Chloe asked trying to sound nonchalant.

"Me? No, nada, no tiempo." Beca responded casually. Chloe smiled.

"Oh ok…good. Should I talk to Derek? I mean I'm his boss, and if he is bothering you I have to step in."

Good, hu? Chill Beca!

"no no, I got it… I can handle it. Thank you though."

"Just tell me he goes too far ok?" Chloe went back inside her office.

"Yeah totally." The brunet answer before she turned to the arrangement from hell.

Beca grabbed the flowers and walked towards Candyland, she knew they were the only ones who would take this without a peep. She passed by Ashley's desk on the way throwing a "don't ask" and receiving a "wasn't gonna" back.

Gail actually liked the horrible piece…it matched her personality…do the math.


Beca was sitting at her desk finishing her second song when she heard Emily approaching.

"Hey sis, let me finish this and we'll go practice, maybe we can ask Chloe to give us some feedback…."

"I was going to….-"

"Hey Beca!" Derek rudely interrupted Emily. Beca sent a glare his way, but he didn't catch it.

He was as dumb as a rock apparently.

"Dude, my sister was speaking. What was on your mind sis?"

"I was sa-" Emily tried again but-

"Sorry Beca I just wanted to ask you if you liked the flowers!" Emily liked hanging with Derek but this was crazy. She started glaring at him while she crossed her arms over her chest.

Beca took a deep breath…oh she was going to punch him.

"Derek, let my sister finish her sentence…then we will talk." Beca said gritting her teeth.

"But Beca this is important!" Derek whined.

Strike three dumb dumb.

"Em, why don't you go to Ashley's, she bought reeses pieces at lunch…go get me some." Beca winked with a smile. Emily was smart enough to get it and walked away.

Beca stood up to face Derek. At first, she was going to let him off easy…but this whinny shit was crazy. And nobody is more important than her sister.

"Sooo, did you like them? You seem like an orange kinda gal…where are they though?" Derek looked around the office trying to find the flowers.

"I'm kind of allergic to anything orange…" Derek laughed super hard. Beca just rolled her eyes cleary bored.




"Wait! You cant be allergic to the colour orange! That's crazy!"

Yup, dumb.

"Look Derek, first, I don't like orange, it gives me nightmares. Second, absolutely no one else is more important than my sister, so you cutting her off and demanding attention…not cool. And third, I do not want a relationship with you. Do you understand that?" Beca made sure to articulate everything like he was a little kid.

"But why?"

Really? OMG….

"Are you serius?" Beca raised her voice, she was about start her rant when the phone rang. She picked up switching from crazy ass bitch to professional bitch in seconds.

"WW Records, this is Ms. Beale office…"

"Beca, breath…I can feel a blood vessel about to pop in your head…." Beca chuckled, relaxing as soon as she heard Chloe's voice.

The walls were kind of thin, and she saw Derek approaching Beca so she got closer to her door just to hear… she knew eavesdropping was wrong…but just this once she made an exception.

She knew Derek wasn't the brightest crayon in the box, but this was wrong.

"Yes, I feel it too…but I've got it under control Ma'am"

"Ma'am ? really Beca? I'm ready to jump in…I'm your hero remember? Ready to save the day!" Chloe giggled making Beca blush instantly remembering her conversation from last week.

"That you are Ma'am, that you are" She smiled.

Derek was looking lost. Whatever.

"Just say the word ok?"


As soon as Chloe hanged up Beca looked back at Derek…he looked like a lost puppy…urgh.

"Look dude I will make this super clear and super duper easy for you. I am GAY, I am super into the ladies like you are…and I am already kind of taken sooo from every angle you look at it…I CANNOT BE WITH YOU. Do you understand now?"

He looked confused, but he nodded.

"sooo you like chicks…it's not me then?"

Really? Is like the first part of this conversation never happened! so self absorbed!

"It is all me and my leeeesbian ways Derek. You are good bro…" She patted his arm trying to give him some comfort. He beamed.

"Oh ok! cool! well…I'll go then…see ya' around Beca!"

"Bye Derek"

Her phone vibrated inside her pocket alerting her of a message.

ChloeB: "You and your lesbian ways"? You crack me up Mitchell.

BMH: I aim to please Ms. Beale ;)

ChloeB: My my Mitchell…didn't pegged you for a fifty shades reader…



BMH: I didn't pegged you either.

ChloeB: Touché.

BMH: Please don't tell anyone. It is one of my deepest darkest secrets. ;)

ChloeB: Your secret is safe with me. Do you have notes too? I have so many…it could be better.

BMH: OMG! Please stop! I have to get back to editing some of your letters.

ChloeB: Laters ;)

Emily return as she was finishing her last text, and asked "why are you smiling so much?"

"me? I'm just telling my boss I have to work."

"ok…is Derek gone? I wanted to ask you something before"

"Yeah he is gone…for good."

"Good, Can I ask Chloe to come to my talent show tomorrow?"

"Whaa-?" Beca was interrupted by her phone vibrating in her hand.

ChloeB: Yes, she can! I would love to go!

"Why don't you go aske her then…"

"Really?!" Emily asked excitedly

"yeah go, you know you are the only one welcome there without knocking"

ChloeB: Yeah she is!

Beca couldn't help but chuckled.

BMH: Don't spoil her too much.

ChloeB: I do not know what you are talking about…

Emily didn't wait for anything else and ran to Chloe's.

Beca noticed that her sister had created a unique bond with the redhead. They had their inner jokes, and had a lot in common. Chloe even surprised Emily with her own banana backpack one evening "it's my new laptop bag Beca..." she said after being teased. It was really cute. Everyone in the office loved Emily, she was just a great kid that didn't cause trouble and was very polite. So, she was welcome everywhere. Even down at the studio with CR.

They were both completely accepted,

And she felt great.

Chapter Text

"Are you excited?"

"I am really nervous…"

"Don't be! You'll be great kiddo, you've practice enough"

Beca and Emily were heading to Em's talent show. Beca asked Chloe for a half day off so she could hang with her sister before the show. She knew Emily needed support and a little bit of pampering before stepping on the stage.

"I don't know Becs, I have never done anything like this before…what if they boo me or throw tomatoes or ….or….they don't clap? Or… or what if they leave?" the little girl said panicking.

Beca wanted to laugh, but Emily was too stressed out, it would only backfire.

Beca pulled over and put the car on park. She turned to face her sister who was fidgeting with her blue blouse buttons. She was on the verge of tears.

"hey, look at me Em…come on don't make me ask you twice…" Emily looked terrified…her bottom lip was quivering trying to control her emotions. "Ok good. You know there is always a first time for everything right?" Em nodded "and it is ok to be nervous, it's expected. But you need to just focus on you and my guitar and forget about people. Just imagine we are in the studio, just you and me jamming, if you need to close your eyes, do it. It helped me a lot when I played the piano or the violin. I didn't like people watching me…but I had to do it. So every time I got on top of a stage I would close my eyes and let it all out. You can do that. Just feel the music and forget about everything else. And if you are worried about people booing or "throwing tomatoes" don't because I will throw it right back at them and I am a hundred percent sure Chloe and Ashley will too, ok? so don't worry too much, I'm here for you. Just take a deep breath and enjoy it."

Emily mumble a "thank you" and hugged Beca.

"it's ok sis"

"Ok, now let's go, don't want to be late!" Emily said pulling apart.

"there she is" Beca chuckled.


"Have any plans tonight Chlo?" Stacie asked the red head while picking a perfect salad bite.

"oh! It's Emily's talent show tonight! She invited me! She is so excited!" Chloe said before taking a sip of her wine.

"that's cute…so you are going with Beca?" Stacie inquired.

This made Aubrey perked up.

"what? No, Emily asked me…Beca will be there, she is actually playing…that's it…we are not going together…"

"Can we go?" Jesse intervened.


"Oh yes! Can we?" added Stacie.

"ok ok you guys calm down. I guess you can… you have to say the performers name. At least that's what Beca told me."

"Babe? What do you say?" Stacie asked grabbing Aubrey's hand.

"oh me? Well I guess we could go…you know…to support young talent."

Chloe was impressed…

"Yes! Let's make some banners!"

"wow, hold up Stace, as much I love cheesy portrays of love and friendship, WE" Jesse said pointing to himself, Chloe and Aubrey "Have a meeting with Pasek and Paul tomorrow…"

"Jesse, relax, we are good; besides its just a first meeting we are not sharing anything…actually we don't have anything to share yet…" Chloe said kind of worried.

"We do…" Said Aubrey casually.

Erlier in the week

"hey Aubrey…can I bother you for a sec?"

"Yes, Beca please come in, what can I do for you?"

"so I kind of just finished one of the songs I've been working for the movie…" Aubrey's eyes widened…she was impressed. The script came in less than a week a go and Beca already had songs line up.

"songs? As in several? Wow Beca!"

"Easy, I don't know if they are any good…I need your feed back for that..." Beca said nervously playing with her lyric book and a music sheet.

"Why didn't you ask for Chloe's help? She knows a thing or two you know?" Aubrey smirked.

"uhm, I know… I just…I was hoping for this to be a surprise…kind of" Beca shrugged, "I mean she took a chance on me…I want to make her proud, you know?"

Aubrey was moved. Take that Sara Hart. This girl just got here a little over a week ago and she's already working her ass off.

"I get it, I'll be happy to help you, it has been a while since I sat down at the sound table though."

"yes! You'll be great. So here is the first one, this is the music sheet. I feel is going to be great, I asked Emily to sing the first part, since is from a kid's perspective, the characters younger self, and then me, and I need another one for the last part which is the counterpart." Beca explained getting super excited. while beca explained Aubrey starter reading the music sheet with the lyrics...

"Wow Beca this is really good! And I'm only reading it, I can't wait to hear it…. but we need the band…I have to make some calls…"

"oh! I can play all, it is for a demo anyways…"

"ok ok, why don't we start tonight…I can pull an all-nighter… I miss those" Aubrey proposed.

"oh! Ok! yes! I'll tell Ash to take Emily for the night and she can record after school tomorrow! thank you so much Aubrey! Oh here, these are parts of the other two I have started….one was inspired by you, I hope you don't mind. I will leave them for you to check those up. I need to call Ash."

"oh, wow ok, and I don't mind by the way…I'm happy something good came out of that "encounter","

"Yeah...i know...and the other one I started it when my dad was alive…it's hard to explain…sorry." Beca shrugged.

"it's fine Beca, we search and find inspiration in every way we can…sometimes pain other times happiness. It's cathartic."

"it is…feel free to make notes. See ya' tonight!"

Aubrey chuckled…"ok Mitchell see you later. Bring coffee!"

"will do!"

Three pairs of questioning eyes were looking straight at her.

"ok cool it with the stare guys…Beca has something… I haven't heard it or read it, but she told me she was working on some songs…I think she might actually have one ready" She lied. She actually sang part of the song.

"she does? Wow" said the redhead.

"Yeah wow… I'll ask her later if she is ready, if not I guess is fine too…we have to schedule a meeting after our two week break anyways." Added Aubrey cutting her steak.

Chloe was really happy. Her best friend and Beca worked so well together…. Who would've thought…

"well…I guess we can make banners" Jesse smiled at his friends.

The three women smiled back and continue to eat their lunch.


Back at the office, Ashley was the one pacing around this time, gathering courage, so she could ask Jessica out. They had an amazing weekend. The Jazz festival was sublime, and the company was even better… it is now or never.

"Hey Jess!" Ashley said trying to hide her nervousness.

"Oh! Hi Ash!" The blond beamed. "What can I do for you?"

"I was wondering…if you have plans this evening…"

"I don't… I don't usually go out or make plans on week days…why?"

Oh shoot.

"oh…nothing…is just…-"

"I can make an exception though…" Jessica cut her.

"Oh…ok, I was going to ask If you wanted to go with me to Emily's talent show…she's been practicing a lot and Beca is playing the guitar and its been a while, you know?"

"I know…I'd love to go Ash."

"Yes!" Ashley exclaimed "I mean yeah, great I can pick you up at 6:30? Its not far but you know…traffic…"

"perfect! I will see you later then!"

"yes, you will" Ashley winked making Jessica weak on the knees…thank goodness she was sitting.


The talent show was about to start, and Emily was on the verge of a breakdown. Again.

Beca run to Starbucks to get her a chamomile so she would relax but it was pointless. she just sat her down next to her and started rubbing circles on Emilys back trying to soothe her. She received a text from Ashley telling her that she was on her way with Jessica.

Beca smiled…

"Hey little star, Ashley is on her way with Jessica" the older brunet said softly.


"Yeah, the more the merrier right? More applauses for you" Beca winked.

"or the only ones…"

"come on! Do you trust me?"

"Of course I do, you are my sister" Emily said with a serious tone.

"well then, trust me when I say you will rock it."




"soooo are the seats numbered…." Aubrey wondered out loud walking down the lateral isle of the school theater.

"Aubrey this is a middle school talent show not the Opera…" Chloe said making Jesse and Stacie chuckled.

"well it is a private school… if I were the principal I would totes numbered the seats."

"We know you would babe…" Stacie said before giving her girlfriend a peck.

"Look! There is Ashley!...and Jessica? What is she doing here? I guess they are friends…" Jesse said pointing a few rows down.

"Boy, you are one clueless dude." Stacie mused. Jesse frowned and then:

"what? Noo? really? Am I surrounded by lesbians?"

"YUP" said the three girls at the same time. "Pretty much"

"damn… is Beca single?"

The randomness of the question made Chloe turned back to face Jesse.

"why do you care Swanson…I won't let you spook my assistant" Chloe said in a challenging way.

"Maybe I can get a shot…who knows"

Aubrey shook her head trying not to laugh at the guy "I know, … I heard Ashley and Beca talking about the Derek thing, so keep looking big guy"

"What Derek thing?" Asked the clueless manboy.

"He tried to "woo" her…but she wasn't having any of it, so she told him she was gay and that's that" Chloe answered.


"Yeah, oh. Why don't you go out with Derek?" Stacie added.

"I'm not gay!"

"Not like that you idiot! Why are men so sensitive?! Like go to a bar and be each other's wingman, you need guy friends my friend."


"Geez Jesse have you lost half your brain since lunch?" Aubrey said exasperated. "let's go find some seats!"

"There is the Aubrey we know and love…" Chlo said sarcastically making everyone laugh, including the blonde.


"You ready?"


"Lets do this!" Beca grabbed her guitar and walked out.

Behind the curtain were two stools and two microphones. Beca sat down and strum the guitar lightly.

Emily hesitated at first but watching her sister so relaxed gave her the strength to go out there.

She sat down next to Beca and adjusted her microphone like Beca showed her back in the studio. Her palms were sweaty, so she rubbed her jean clad thighs with them.

The announcer introduced them as the Mitchell sisters.

They heard really loud cheers, which they found weird… they look at each other and smiled.

"You got this little star" Beca whispered.

Emily exhaled while the curtains started going up.

Another round of cheers came…but they couldn't see a thing because of the lights, they did manage to catch a "Kill it Em!" from Ashley.

"Hi, my name is Emily and this is my sister Beca and this was my mom's favorite song…"

Beca winked at her sister and began playing really softly…barely touching the strings of her guitar… Emily closed her eyes started singing.

Wise men say only fools rush in
But I can't help falling in love with you
Shall I stay?
Would it be a sin
If I can't help falling in love with you?

Beca couldn't keep her eyes away from her sister. She was so damn proud. Emily opened her eyes in that moment, and locked eyes with her sister. She felt safe.

Like a river flows surely to the sea
Darling so it goes
Some things are meant to be
Take my hand, take my whole life too
For I can't help falling in love with you

Like a river flows surely to the sea
Darling so it goes
Some things are meant to be

Beca joined Emily for the last part of the song…they didn't rehearse it like that, but Emily welcomed her by melting their voices together perfectly.

Take my hand, take my whole life too
For I can't help falling in love with you
For I can't help falling in love with you

As soon as the song ended, the lights were on and the crowd exploded. They were finally able to take a look around, Emily spotted Ashley and Jessica and waved frantically at them while Beca found Chloe's eyes on the 5th row. She couldn't help but smile. The redhead was clapping like a maniac.

Emily followed her sisters gaze and gasped.

Not only was Chloe there, but also Stacie, Aubrey and Jesse.

"Em look at the sign!" Beca pointed towards Jesse's.

"M&M! My arms hurt!"

And then she pointed to Stacie. Emily beamed.

"Mine too, but it's worth it! You Are Awesome!"

They bowed down and waved to the crowd before leaving the stage.

"OMG! They all came! And they have signs for me! Wow!" Emily said really excited.

"I know! I'm so proud of you little star! You crushed it!" Beca hugged her sister.

"Thank you Becs…I couldn't have done it without you" She said hugging back.

"ok ok enough sappiness" Beca chuckled "Lets get something to eat! I'm starving!"

As soon as they stepped in the lobby, they were showered with compliments.

"You guys! I…gosh…auntie would've been so proud!" Ashley said getting emotional. Beca hugged her, mumbling "thank you"

"that was incredible you guys!" Jessica said while rubbing Ashley's arm slowly.

"M&M, WOW just WOW! I didn't know you could sing like that…. damn girl!" Jesse said ruffling Ems hair, she was Candy land little helper, they named her M&M.

"I have to say, it does not surprise me at all that you are so talented Emily, that was incredible."

"Thanks Miss Posen" Emily said shyly.

"You can call me Aubrey, M&M" The blonde winked. Making Emily beam.

"Your softness is showing babe," everyone chuckled at this. "I loved the performance! I recorded it! So, we can show everyone at the office!" Stacie added.

It was finally Chloe's turn to congratulate the Mitchell sisters. The truth is, Chloe heard them before, but this time it was different. She was moved to tears.

"I'm so proud of you guys, it was by far the best cover of that song I have ever heard in my life. You are so talented Ems, if you want to pursuit a career in music, you have a bright future. And Beca, wow." That's all she could say…wow. She was speechless. Beca looked so relaxed and so happy playing the guitar and singing with her sister. She even looked younger.

And that made Chloe insides tinkle.

Beca was blushing profusely, she was in awe of this group of weirdos. They all came to support Emily, just because. The feeling was incredible.

"I don't know what to say but thank you for coming and supporting us… it's…it's great to have people cheering for you sometimes…"

"yeah thank you! Can I keep the signs?" Emily asked.

"of course, pretty lady! We are also going to sign it for you! Would you like that?" Jesse asked


"ok! so that is settle, how about we go get something to eat? I mean…. we need to celebrate our Mitchell girls debut!" Chloe said enthusiastically "burgers on me? What do you say?"

A chorus of "yes" erupted. They began signing Emily's banners.

Beca pulled Chloe gently to the side.

"Boss you don't have to…" she whispered.

"I know I don't, but I want to, please let me…"

"ok fine, only because we are starving and super happy" Beca's lips curled up.

Insides. Tinkling. Oh Beale, you are screwed.

"hm...ok, hey guys! Let's move this to Proof Burgers!"


The restaurant wasn't packed so they managed to get a table to fit everyone.

They began talking about their summer break, and what plans they had. The only one flying out so far was Jesse, she was visiting his sister in Portland. He was using this time to scout some new talent over there. Portland was a well-known spot in the music scene, so he would take advantage.

The others were just playing it by ear.

They all started talking about everything and anything. Beca took a minute and pushed herself back a little bit from the table so she could take a look around. She watches everyone interact, laugh and cheer. Emily was sporting a smile that was about to split her face. She watched Stacie and Aubrey share a kiss; Jessica's head was laying on top of Ashley's shoulder, she was really happy for her cousin, Jesse was playing magic tricks for Emily making her laugh so hard.

And then there is Chloe.

She was siting in front of Beca but was poking fun at Stacie about something Beca wasn't paying attention, her smile could light any darkness in the world. Her eyes… just the color only, made Beca remember of greater times. Ocean blue eyes. And that hair… that fury red hair rounding that angel face… it was the most beautiful contradiction she's ever witness.

She got lost looking at the piece of art sitting in front. Until that angelic voice brought her back.

"hey Becs…you ok there?" Chloe asked.

"sorry what?" Beca blinked a couple of times. Becs.

Get your shit together Mitchell…she just busted you staring like a creep!

Chloe laughed a little.

"You were staring…not that I mind…" She winked.

Shit shit shit…

"uhm…I didn't mean too, sorry boss. I got lost in thought"

"yeah…I'll buy that for now Mitchell. But seriously, you ok right?"

"More than ok…. a lot more than ok." Beca said smiling at a beaming Chloe.

"I propose a toast!" Jesse said standing up with a beer in hand. "To our brand-new family members! The talented Mitchells! Please never stop singing! Cheers!"

Everyone cheered with their glasses up.

"On behalf of Emily and me, we want to thank you for being there. You know, it's usually just us and Ashley…but I'm really glad you all came. We appreciate it. So, Cheers again!"


They fall back into their conversations when Beca felt something warm covering her hand.

It was Chloe's hand…she squeezed and said very slowly and sweet:

"I am really glad you let me come tonight."

Beca blushed so hard. wtf?

"Too easy Mitchell… too easy…" Chloe chuckled but didn't let go.


I'm going to die from heart failure because of her.