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"Are you excited?"

"I am really nervous…"

"Don't be! You'll be great kiddo, you've practice enough"

Beca and Emily were heading to Em's talent show. Beca asked Chloe for a half day off so she could hang with her sister before the show. She knew Emily needed support and a little bit of pampering before stepping on the stage.

"I don't know Becs, I have never done anything like this before…what if they boo me or throw tomatoes or ….or….they don't clap? Or… or what if they leave?" the little girl said panicking.

Beca wanted to laugh, but Emily was too stressed out, it would only backfire.

Beca pulled over and put the car on park. She turned to face her sister who was fidgeting with her blue blouse buttons. She was on the verge of tears.

"hey, look at me Em…come on don't make me ask you twice…" Emily looked terrified…her bottom lip was quivering trying to control her emotions. "Ok good. You know there is always a first time for everything right?" Em nodded "and it is ok to be nervous, it's expected. But you need to just focus on you and my guitar and forget about people. Just imagine we are in the studio, just you and me jamming, if you need to close your eyes, do it. It helped me a lot when I played the piano or the violin. I didn't like people watching me…but I had to do it. So every time I got on top of a stage I would close my eyes and let it all out. You can do that. Just feel the music and forget about everything else. And if you are worried about people booing or "throwing tomatoes" don't because I will throw it right back at them and I am a hundred percent sure Chloe and Ashley will too, ok? so don't worry too much, I'm here for you. Just take a deep breath and enjoy it."

Emily mumble a "thank you" and hugged Beca.

"it's ok sis"

"Ok, now let's go, don't want to be late!" Emily said pulling apart.

"there she is" Beca chuckled.


"Have any plans tonight Chlo?" Stacie asked the red head while picking a perfect salad bite.

"oh! It's Emily's talent show tonight! She invited me! She is so excited!" Chloe said before taking a sip of her wine.

"that's cute…so you are going with Beca?" Stacie inquired.

This made Aubrey perked up.

"what? No, Emily asked me…Beca will be there, she is actually playing…that's it…we are not going together…"

"Can we go?" Jesse intervened.


"Oh yes! Can we?" added Stacie.

"ok ok you guys calm down. I guess you can… you have to say the performers name. At least that's what Beca told me."

"Babe? What do you say?" Stacie asked grabbing Aubrey's hand.

"oh me? Well I guess we could go…you know…to support young talent."

Chloe was impressed…

"Yes! Let's make some banners!"

"wow, hold up Stace, as much I love cheesy portrays of love and friendship, WE" Jesse said pointing to himself, Chloe and Aubrey "Have a meeting with Pasek and Paul tomorrow…"

"Jesse, relax, we are good; besides its just a first meeting we are not sharing anything…actually we don't have anything to share yet…" Chloe said kind of worried.

"We do…" Said Aubrey casually.

Erlier in the week

"hey Aubrey…can I bother you for a sec?"

"Yes, Beca please come in, what can I do for you?"

"so I kind of just finished one of the songs I've been working for the movie…" Aubrey's eyes widened…she was impressed. The script came in less than a week a go and Beca already had songs line up.

"songs? As in several? Wow Beca!"

"Easy, I don't know if they are any good…I need your feed back for that..." Beca said nervously playing with her lyric book and a music sheet.

"Why didn't you ask for Chloe's help? She knows a thing or two you know?" Aubrey smirked.

"uhm, I know… I just…I was hoping for this to be a surprise…kind of" Beca shrugged, "I mean she took a chance on me…I want to make her proud, you know?"

Aubrey was moved. Take that Sara Hart. This girl just got here a little over a week ago and she's already working her ass off.

"I get it, I'll be happy to help you, it has been a while since I sat down at the sound table though."

"yes! You'll be great. So here is the first one, this is the music sheet. I feel is going to be great, I asked Emily to sing the first part, since is from a kid's perspective, the characters younger self, and then me, and I need another one for the last part which is the counterpart." Beca explained getting super excited. while beca explained Aubrey starter reading the music sheet with the lyrics...

"Wow Beca this is really good! And I'm only reading it, I can't wait to hear it…. but we need the band…I have to make some calls…"

"oh! I can play all, it is for a demo anyways…"

"ok ok, why don't we start tonight…I can pull an all-nighter… I miss those" Aubrey proposed.

"oh! Ok! yes! I'll tell Ash to take Emily for the night and she can record after school tomorrow! thank you so much Aubrey! Oh here, these are parts of the other two I have started….one was inspired by you, I hope you don't mind. I will leave them for you to check those up. I need to call Ash."

"oh, wow ok, and I don't mind by the way…I'm happy something good came out of that "encounter","

"Yeah...i know...and the other one I started it when my dad was alive…it's hard to explain…sorry." Beca shrugged.

"it's fine Beca, we search and find inspiration in every way we can…sometimes pain other times happiness. It's cathartic."

"it is…feel free to make notes. See ya' tonight!"

Aubrey chuckled…"ok Mitchell see you later. Bring coffee!"

"will do!"

Three pairs of questioning eyes were looking straight at her.

"ok cool it with the stare guys…Beca has something… I haven't heard it or read it, but she told me she was working on some songs…I think she might actually have one ready" She lied. She actually sang part of the song.

"she does? Wow" said the redhead.

"Yeah wow… I'll ask her later if she is ready, if not I guess is fine too…we have to schedule a meeting after our two week break anyways." Added Aubrey cutting her steak.

Chloe was really happy. Her best friend and Beca worked so well together…. Who would've thought…

"well…I guess we can make banners" Jesse smiled at his friends.

The three women smiled back and continue to eat their lunch.


Back at the office, Ashley was the one pacing around this time, gathering courage, so she could ask Jessica out. They had an amazing weekend. The Jazz festival was sublime, and the company was even better… it is now or never.

"Hey Jess!" Ashley said trying to hide her nervousness.

"Oh! Hi Ash!" The blond beamed. "What can I do for you?"

"I was wondering…if you have plans this evening…"

"I don't… I don't usually go out or make plans on week days…why?"

Oh shoot.

"oh…nothing…is just…-"

"I can make an exception though…" Jessica cut her.

"Oh…ok, I was going to ask If you wanted to go with me to Emily's talent show…she's been practicing a lot and Beca is playing the guitar and its been a while, you know?"

"I know…I'd love to go Ash."

"Yes!" Ashley exclaimed "I mean yeah, great I can pick you up at 6:30? Its not far but you know…traffic…"

"perfect! I will see you later then!"

"yes, you will" Ashley winked making Jessica weak on the knees…thank goodness she was sitting.


The talent show was about to start, and Emily was on the verge of a breakdown. Again.

Beca run to Starbucks to get her a chamomile so she would relax but it was pointless. she just sat her down next to her and started rubbing circles on Emilys back trying to soothe her. She received a text from Ashley telling her that she was on her way with Jessica.

Beca smiled…

"Hey little star, Ashley is on her way with Jessica" the older brunet said softly.


"Yeah, the more the merrier right? More applauses for you" Beca winked.

"or the only ones…"

"come on! Do you trust me?"

"Of course I do, you are my sister" Emily said with a serious tone.

"well then, trust me when I say you will rock it."




"soooo are the seats numbered…." Aubrey wondered out loud walking down the lateral isle of the school theater.

"Aubrey this is a middle school talent show not the Opera…" Chloe said making Jesse and Stacie chuckled.

"well it is a private school… if I were the principal I would totes numbered the seats."

"We know you would babe…" Stacie said before giving her girlfriend a peck.

"Look! There is Ashley!...and Jessica? What is she doing here? I guess they are friends…" Jesse said pointing a few rows down.

"Boy, you are one clueless dude." Stacie mused. Jesse frowned and then:

"what? Noo? really? Am I surrounded by lesbians?"

"YUP" said the three girls at the same time. "Pretty much"

"damn… is Beca single?"

The randomness of the question made Chloe turned back to face Jesse.

"why do you care Swanson…I won't let you spook my assistant" Chloe said in a challenging way.

"Maybe I can get a shot…who knows"

Aubrey shook her head trying not to laugh at the guy "I know, … I heard Ashley and Beca talking about the Derek thing, so keep looking big guy"

"What Derek thing?" Asked the clueless manboy.

"He tried to "woo" her…but she wasn't having any of it, so she told him she was gay and that's that" Chloe answered.


"Yeah, oh. Why don't you go out with Derek?" Stacie added.

"I'm not gay!"

"Not like that you idiot! Why are men so sensitive?! Like go to a bar and be each other's wingman, you need guy friends my friend."


"Geez Jesse have you lost half your brain since lunch?" Aubrey said exasperated. "let's go find some seats!"

"There is the Aubrey we know and love…" Chlo said sarcastically making everyone laugh, including the blonde.


"You ready?"


"Lets do this!" Beca grabbed her guitar and walked out.

Behind the curtain were two stools and two microphones. Beca sat down and strum the guitar lightly.

Emily hesitated at first but watching her sister so relaxed gave her the strength to go out there.

She sat down next to Beca and adjusted her microphone like Beca showed her back in the studio. Her palms were sweaty, so she rubbed her jean clad thighs with them.

The announcer introduced them as the Mitchell sisters.

They heard really loud cheers, which they found weird… they look at each other and smiled.

"You got this little star" Beca whispered.

Emily exhaled while the curtains started going up.

Another round of cheers came…but they couldn't see a thing because of the lights, they did manage to catch a "Kill it Em!" from Ashley.

"Hi, my name is Emily and this is my sister Beca and this was my mom's favorite song…"

Beca winked at her sister and began playing really softly…barely touching the strings of her guitar… Emily closed her eyes started singing.

Wise men say only fools rush in
But I can't help falling in love with you
Shall I stay?
Would it be a sin
If I can't help falling in love with you?

Beca couldn't keep her eyes away from her sister. She was so damn proud. Emily opened her eyes in that moment, and locked eyes with her sister. She felt safe.

Like a river flows surely to the sea
Darling so it goes
Some things are meant to be
Take my hand, take my whole life too
For I can't help falling in love with you

Like a river flows surely to the sea
Darling so it goes
Some things are meant to be

Beca joined Emily for the last part of the song…they didn't rehearse it like that, but Emily welcomed her by melting their voices together perfectly.

Take my hand, take my whole life too
For I can't help falling in love with you
For I can't help falling in love with you

As soon as the song ended, the lights were on and the crowd exploded. They were finally able to take a look around, Emily spotted Ashley and Jessica and waved frantically at them while Beca found Chloe's eyes on the 5th row. She couldn't help but smile. The redhead was clapping like a maniac.

Emily followed her sisters gaze and gasped.

Not only was Chloe there, but also Stacie, Aubrey and Jesse.

"Em look at the sign!" Beca pointed towards Jesse's.

"M&M! My arms hurt!"

And then she pointed to Stacie. Emily beamed.

"Mine too, but it's worth it! You Are Awesome!"

They bowed down and waved to the crowd before leaving the stage.

"OMG! They all came! And they have signs for me! Wow!" Emily said really excited.

"I know! I'm so proud of you little star! You crushed it!" Beca hugged her sister.

"Thank you Becs…I couldn't have done it without you" She said hugging back.

"ok ok enough sappiness" Beca chuckled "Lets get something to eat! I'm starving!"

As soon as they stepped in the lobby, they were showered with compliments.

"You guys! I…gosh…auntie would've been so proud!" Ashley said getting emotional. Beca hugged her, mumbling "thank you"

"that was incredible you guys!" Jessica said while rubbing Ashley's arm slowly.

"M&M, WOW just WOW! I didn't know you could sing like that…. damn girl!" Jesse said ruffling Ems hair, she was Candy land little helper, they named her M&M.

"I have to say, it does not surprise me at all that you are so talented Emily, that was incredible."

"Thanks Miss Posen" Emily said shyly.

"You can call me Aubrey, M&M" The blonde winked. Making Emily beam.

"Your softness is showing babe," everyone chuckled at this. "I loved the performance! I recorded it! So, we can show everyone at the office!" Stacie added.

It was finally Chloe's turn to congratulate the Mitchell sisters. The truth is, Chloe heard them before, but this time it was different. She was moved to tears.

"I'm so proud of you guys, it was by far the best cover of that song I have ever heard in my life. You are so talented Ems, if you want to pursuit a career in music, you have a bright future. And Beca, wow." That's all she could say…wow. She was speechless. Beca looked so relaxed and so happy playing the guitar and singing with her sister. She even looked younger.

And that made Chloe insides tinkle.

Beca was blushing profusely, she was in awe of this group of weirdos. They all came to support Emily, just because. The feeling was incredible.

"I don't know what to say but thank you for coming and supporting us… it's…it's great to have people cheering for you sometimes…"

"yeah thank you! Can I keep the signs?" Emily asked.

"of course, pretty lady! We are also going to sign it for you! Would you like that?" Jesse asked


"ok! so that is settle, how about we go get something to eat? I mean…. we need to celebrate our Mitchell girls debut!" Chloe said enthusiastically "burgers on me? What do you say?"

A chorus of "yes" erupted. They began signing Emily's banners.

Beca pulled Chloe gently to the side.

"Boss you don't have to…" she whispered.

"I know I don't, but I want to, please let me…"

"ok fine, only because we are starving and super happy" Beca's lips curled up.

Insides. Tinkling. Oh Beale, you are screwed.

"hm...ok, hey guys! Let's move this to Proof Burgers!"


The restaurant wasn't packed so they managed to get a table to fit everyone.

They began talking about their summer break, and what plans they had. The only one flying out so far was Jesse, she was visiting his sister in Portland. He was using this time to scout some new talent over there. Portland was a well-known spot in the music scene, so he would take advantage.

The others were just playing it by ear.

They all started talking about everything and anything. Beca took a minute and pushed herself back a little bit from the table so she could take a look around. She watches everyone interact, laugh and cheer. Emily was sporting a smile that was about to split her face. She watched Stacie and Aubrey share a kiss; Jessica's head was laying on top of Ashley's shoulder, she was really happy for her cousin, Jesse was playing magic tricks for Emily making her laugh so hard.

And then there is Chloe.

She was siting in front of Beca but was poking fun at Stacie about something Beca wasn't paying attention, her smile could light any darkness in the world. Her eyes… just the color only, made Beca remember of greater times. Ocean blue eyes. And that hair… that fury red hair rounding that angel face… it was the most beautiful contradiction she's ever witness.

She got lost looking at the piece of art sitting in front. Until that angelic voice brought her back.

"hey Becs…you ok there?" Chloe asked.

"sorry what?" Beca blinked a couple of times. Becs.

Get your shit together Mitchell…she just busted you staring like a creep!

Chloe laughed a little.

"You were staring…not that I mind…" She winked.

Shit shit shit…

"uhm…I didn't mean too, sorry boss. I got lost in thought"

"yeah…I'll buy that for now Mitchell. But seriously, you ok right?"

"More than ok…. a lot more than ok." Beca said smiling at a beaming Chloe.

"I propose a toast!" Jesse said standing up with a beer in hand. "To our brand-new family members! The talented Mitchells! Please never stop singing! Cheers!"

Everyone cheered with their glasses up.

"On behalf of Emily and me, we want to thank you for being there. You know, it's usually just us and Ashley…but I'm really glad you all came. We appreciate it. So, Cheers again!"


They fall back into their conversations when Beca felt something warm covering her hand.

It was Chloe's hand…she squeezed and said very slowly and sweet:

"I am really glad you let me come tonight."

Beca blushed so hard. wtf?

"Too easy Mitchell… too easy…" Chloe chuckled but didn't let go.


I'm going to die from heart failure because of her.