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Beca was pacing around her tiny Miami apartment while on the phone, she was exhausted. Exhausted and unemployed. Thank goodness, her cousin Ashley moved back from Finland a few years back. Now they weren't all alone, but still, Ashley had her own life and Beca had hers. She had to quit that shitty diner, the night shift guy was a total creep and she hated having her sister sitting there doing homework while this sleazeball flipped burgers. she had to find something more suitable for her and her sister. She was getting closer to her teens and Beca wanted to be there for her as much as she could.

"Yeah, got it Ash…thank you so much for this…I'm driving myself crazy about this. Summer is a bout to start and Ems school just changed their uniform policy for the next year and is fucking expensive…geez" Beca said to her cousin, Ash was like her life saver, she just got her a new job interview where she works. Nothing fancy, but with a really good environment.

"you are super welcome, but why is she going to a privet school Becs? We all went to public! Granted I was in Finland most for high school but we did ok, didn't we? Don't you think it would be better for you guys to switch to public? Money wise…and stress wise for you?" Ash said over the phone.

She has been helping Beca ever since she moved back to Miami, their hometown. She's been Becas rock since they were born. Beca was and only child for way too long, so they got it each other's back since babies. So, when the news broke that Beca and her baby sister lost their parents in a plane crash, Ash decided to say goodbye to Finland and start fresh with her cousins in Miami, different apartments but close enough for emergencies. Her dad couldn't make the move or even go to the cemetery, he was Becas Uncle from her mom side and he couldn't leave because of his Job, and his new Finish wife didn't even know Beca. She honestly couldn't care less. Her only concern was her baby sister Emily. There was no time to grieve when at eighteen you get custody of a two-year-old.

Beca and Emily were supposed to be financially safe because Becas dad was somehow wealthy and owned quite a few companies. But truth be told, he was in debt…. huge debt, so the banks took everything as soon as they found out. Their house, his cars, the companies, the company's buildings everything that was attached to her father's name.

Thankfully, her mother came from money and put her inheritance in Becas trust found. With that and the shitty amount the Airline actually gave them from the insurance was enough to gave them a steady life for a while…. but Beca had to sacrifice college in order to make it. That was eight years ago. Now, Beca was struggling because she wanted the best for her little sister and money was running really low.

"Trust me I know, but she deserves this, I couldn't even start college, what can I teach her, she needs the best education possible, the best of the best. I want her to have what I didn't, a shot at a higher education. So, she stays in private school. She is my sole responsibility Ash, you know this."

"Of Course I know, sorry…just…lets just focus on the interview. You need to be there 9 am sharp Becs, I got you an interview with Jesse Swanson…. are you writing this down?"


"he is the head of Business Affairs, and overlooks Human Resources as well, He is a big deal. Try dressing like a….well…like a twenty-six-year-old for once…. it's an office after all. Blouse, slacks, shoes…. just try. And please behave, no smart-ass comebacks or snide comments… I really like my job so… take that in consideration." Ashley said almost in one breath. She was praying to all the saints in the universe for Beca. This job could change everything if she gets her shit together.

"Got it, I need this, I promise I won't blow it. I swear on my mommas spirit"

"yeah yeah that's what you said while working at the diner" Ashley chuckled.

"Yes, I'm fully aware of that Ashley thanks for the reminder, but the guy in charge of the kitchen on the night shift was a total creep. Also, I want to be there for Em…no more neighbors taking care of her. I need my 9 to 5 job." Beca said knowing what a lose 10-year-old in Miami could do…she was one of them.

"chill Dolly Parton, you'll get your 9 to 5 if you nail this interview. Don't worry about you CV…I made one for you. It's all real, so you are welcome"

"Oh gee I don't want to know what could go in one of those since I had to drop college the first week I got there. Fuck my life dude, this is so embarrassing."

"you have a lot of talents Beca Mitchell, never forget those. TRUST ME ON THIS. I promise you will shine soon DJ. Hey, its 2:45 should you be picking Emily up?"

" SHIT SHIT SORRY GOTTA GOOO! TTYL!" Beca said hurriedly while looking for her wallet and keys and putting on shoes.

"Bye Becky say hi to my munchkin."

After hanging up the phone and rushing through traffic Beca made it to pick up her little sister.

"Sorry sorry sorry im late! Wasn't my intention Ems!" Beca said opening the car door to her sister.

Emily sighed "whatever…." She muttered looking away.

"hey I said I was sorry kid…" she said softly…" I promise it won't happen again ok?"

"I hope not…is not like you have a job to be busy and stuff…." She said wincing at her own words… "sorry I didn't mean like that Becs" she said embarrassed.

"yeah you did…but I deserve it I guess. Lets just go." She was holding back tears. She never cried in front of her sister… even if her frustrations were palpable. She just bottles up everything putting her mask on.

Shifting the gears of her old blue Mercedes she left the school parking lot… it was the only car left because it was her mom's, and she refuses to let it go even if it costs a lot to maintain. It's one of the few things left of her and she was kind of saving it to teach Emily how to drive when the time came.

"sorry…" Emily said.

Beca didn't say a word. She just drove back home.