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This Christmas Was Suprisingly Gay

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After the unexpected roadtrip that had started that morning Lizzie was exhausted and just wanted to go to sleep, but first she decided to go to the kitchen to see if she could get herself something to eat.

But on her way down the halls of the school she passed an extremely angry Landon, muttering to himself in a low and harsh tone, knowing that he was probably coming back from a conversation with Hope, the blonde changed her destination to go find the older girl.

After a relatively short search around Lizzie found Hope sitting alone on a bench outside the school, she was staring at the ground as snow fell lightly around her.

The young witch walked the distance that separated them, but even with the relatively loud sound of her footsteps in the snow, the tribrid did not seem to notice her.

"Hey there Hope" the blonde tried to sound as soft as possible so as not to disturb the older one.

"Uh? Oh, hi Liz"

"Can I sit with you?"

Hope nodded slightly and Lizzie took a seat next to her.

"Are you okay?"

"I-I'm fine" The redhead said in a not very convincing way.

"You are a terrible liar Mikaelson"

Hope gave a half laugh without much humor, but didn't seem to have any intention of saying anything else.

"I saw your garden gnome walking around irritated, apparently cursing god and the world, what did he do this time? Do I need to stab him again?"

The tribrid raised an eyebrow in response to Lizzie's offer.

"Are you going to be my knight in shining armor and you're going to rescue me?"

"If I need to, I will be, I already stabbed him with a sword once, I can do it again if you want"

This made Hope laugh a little more genuinely and she shook her head slightly.

"He wanted us to go back to dating right away, I tried to talk, but he was more interested in his logic of 'you came back, I'm here, we can go back to what we were' and pretend that there was nothing wrong with our relationship. "

"Of course he would say something like that, that selfish idiot" Lizzie whispered angrily.

"Yeah" Hope whispered back "I told him that we needed to improve a lot to make this work, but he insisted that there was nothing wrong to him"

The tribrib was silent for a moment, looking at some no specific distant point.

"Hey? Then what happened?"

"We fought, and I broke up with him, officially" Hope pauses to take a deep breath "After he left me alone at Miss Mystic Falls we were in a weird limbo, then the next time I saw him I broke his neck, then I spent the next few months in Malivore and he started dating Josie . . . And thing dpn't really feel the same as before you know?"

Seeing a tear fall from Hope's eye the witch turned to the side and pulled the redhead into a hug, the angle was a little strange but Hope didn't protest against the contact in any way, not even when Lizzie's cold hand touched her face as the blonde pulled a lock of hair out of her eye.

"Your hands are cold"

"And you are incredibly hot" the blonde held on to the tribe with a little more force "But my question has not yet been answered in a sincere way, are you okay?"

Hope was silent for a while, and didn't speak again until she felt Lizzie shiver a little from of the cold air.

"I'll be fine, I liked him but I think it just wasn't meant to be"

"You deserve better than that ancient jar of artesanal mayonnaise"

The redhead ignored Lizzie's comment almost completely, just rolling her eyes without much seriousness.

"I said I'll be fine, you can go back inside if you want"

"Nah, if you're going to stay sulking here, I'll keep you company"

"Hey, I'm not-"

"Yes, you are Mikaelson"

"I am not!"

Hope's voice was muffled against Lizzie's neck, and her breath was warm against the blonde's skin, making the younger girl blush from their proximity.


"For what?"

"For going after Landon just because I asked. For staying here with me. For everything in general"

"I'm here for whatever you need, we're in this til the bitter end remember?"

"Uhum, til the bitter end"

For a while neither of them moves significantly, Hope intertwines her fingers with Lizzie's and they remain in the same position. Until the tribrid detaches herself from the blonde's embrace and looks directly into her blue eyes.

"You are incredible, you know?" Hope smiled genuinely for the first time that night.

"I do the best I can, sometimes it's not enough, but what matters is to keep trying isn't it?" Lizzie smiled back more softly.

It doesn't take more than a few moments looking into Hope's eyes for Lizzie to start talking fast and impulsively.

"I know my timing sucks, but can I kiss you?"

Hope stuttered some unintelligible noises, then opened and closed her mouth a few times without a single sound coming out of it. When Lizzie was about to tell the redhead to forget what she had said, the tribrid murmurs something that sounded like a affirmative.

"What did you say?"

"I - uh- yes, you can do that"

The witch wasted not a extra second, grabbing Hope by her jacket, leaning forward and pressing their lips together.

Lizzie moved her hands slowly up Hope's face until her fingers were tangled in red hair. Snow melted through the blonde's fingers, making them wetter and colder than before, and her lips felt cold compared to Hope's, but still, the moment was perfect and she wouldn't change it for anything.

As time passed, the tribrid moved closer until it was basically on the younger girl's lap, with her arms tightly around the taller girl's body.

At some point one of them let out a strangled groan that was corresponded with the same intensity.

An indefinite time passed before Lizzie stopped the kiss completely out of breath, breathing heavily, and with her cheeks flushed. The blonde opened her eyes and found Hope's still closed, but her mouth was partially open and she was breathing slowly and deeply.

Lizzie touched the redhead's jaw with her fingertips, moving them slowly to the older girl's chin, then pressing her thumb on Hope's lower lip before kissing her again, but this time the kiss was shorter and more chaste.

"Can we stay like this forever?"

"As much as I want to stay here, you're freezing Liz, what do you think about us going back inside?"

"That would be . . . Very good indeed, yeah, but you know we're going to have to talk about this, right?"

"We can do that later" Hope smiled and placed another kiss on Lizzie's lips.

Hope then stood up and offered her hand to Lizzie, who accepted it and intertwined thheir fingers again, they walked hand in hand without letting go all the way to the blonde's bedroom.