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Can't Buy Me Love

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Dani woke far earlier than she had planned the following morning, in fact, it felt as if she hadn’t had any sleep at all, her eyes burned, and her head ached, as did the rest of her body from her night with Jamie. Or more to the point, the past few nights she’d had with Jamie. She’d been lying in bed for a while, staring up at the ceiling, or tapping away on her phone, and more recently, watching Jamie as she slept. Her face smoothed out, her breathing even, and some of her curls falling loose from the up-do they had been in the previous night.

She’d thought Jamie was an incredibly attractive woman as soon as she’d seen her that first night, and last night she’d told Jamie she thought she might be the prettiest woman she had ever seen, sticking to non-committal ways of phrasing her thoughts. 

Thoughts she knew she shouldn’t be having about a client regardless of if they were committal or not.

A client.

Someone that had paid Dani for her company for the past few nights, someone that had hired her to do a job, someone who wanted her to keep doing that job. She knew, if she were going to get through this, and keep her job, she needed to shake any thoughts like that from her head. Though that was becoming an increasingly hard task, especially after last night, when Jamie had brushed damp messy hair from her face, with a look of awe in her eyes, as she told Dani she was perfect.

She had rolled her eyes in response and had leaned up to kiss the older woman, not knowing what more she could do, those few words had made her stomach flip in a way that nothing else ever had before. The words catching her off guard, uttered with such reverence before they registered in her mind as the pillow talk that she was almost positive they were meant to be.

But still, being looked at in that way, and being spoken about and to in that manner had made her smile, no one had ever spoken about her quite like that before. No one had ever described her a perfect. She ran her hands over her face, knowing that she shouldn’t be overthinking the things Jamie said to her in the afterglow of sex, she shouldn’t be overthinking anything Jamie said to her at all.

Jamie was simply a client.

And Dani was simply doing her job.

She sighed softly, before pushing herself out of bed, being careful not to wake Jamie, just because she had hardly slept, didn’t mean Jamie had to suffer the same. Dani made her way to the bathroom, closing the door behind her with a quiet click. She set the shower running before walking over to the bathroom mirror, taking in her messy hair, and the bags under her eyes. A small smile spread across her face as she caught sight of a hickey, left on the swell of her breast the night before.

In the past, when her ex had left hickeys on her, she hated them, hated what they signified, hated the reminder that she was constantly lying to herself, living a life she didn’t want, a life that was making her truly unhappy.

Now, this particular hickey reminded her of the opposite.

She was now living a life of honesty, being the most authentic version of herself that she could be, living a life she loved, in a city she loved. This hickey was a signifier of a life she was happy to be leading.

However unconventional that life might seem to other people. She was, for the first time in her life, well, and truly happy.

She ran her fingers over the mark, smiling again, she wondered just how many more would be left on her by the time Jamie was done with her, and just how much longer she would have with Jamie before the older woman got bored of her and moved on to someone else. 

She shook that thought from her mind, before stepping into the shower, allowing the hot water to wash away any lingering thoughts she couldn’t allow herself to be having about Jamie, though, deep down she knew, nothing would be enough to remove those kinds of thoughts.


Jamie woke the next morning, to the sound of running water and a soft, lilting voice filtering in from the bathroom, she opened her eyes with a groan, squinting against the bright sunlight, she reached for her phone to check the time. Even though it was 10 am, she hadn’t had nearly enough sleep. Not with the night she and Dani had. They’d found it near impossible to keep their hands off of each other, and in between rounds, all they’d seemed to want to do was talk, with neither of them showing any real signs of tiredness until it had hit five in the morning when Dani’s eyes had started to flutter closed. Her words coming out mumbled and lazy as she tried her hardest to continue the conversation.

In the end, Jamie had placed a gentle kiss to her lips saying good night, and watching as a tired smile crossed the younger woman’s face, before sleep took over her, smoothing out her features and turning her breathing even. After that, she had shuffled a little further away from Dani, allowing herself to succumb to sleep too.

Last night, had been one of her favourite nights with Dani so far, second only to the night of the charity event, when they had been too tired and too drunk to do anything other than kiss and talk. That night stood out to Jamie above all the others.

That was the night she and Dani had admitted to maybe liking each other, only now, Jamie was damn sure that she liked Dani, after all, what wasn’t to like? She was funny, kind, smart (Great Wall of China story not included), and unbelievably attractive. Though maybe attractive didn't quite cover how Jamie really saw Dani. 

God, you’re fucking perfect.

Like, seriously, perfect…

Those words had been running around her head since she’d first said them. They’d been uttered as a whisper, and with such reverence, that it made her mentally curse herself for ever saying them. She shouldn’t be thinking that way about someone like Dani, someone who was just doing her job, a job Jamie had to remind herself of constantly, it was so easy to like Dani and so easy to forget what the younger woman did for a living and why she was there.

But every so often, the thought would seep into Jamie’s mind and bring her crashing back to the reality that Dani was a paid professional, a professional Jamie had asked to stick around so she wouldn’t have to date other people and keep going through the same old dull routine.

For the most part, her plan was working.

Dani didn’t expect anything more from her, she didn’t expect Jamie to be anything other than who she was, and Jamie liked that, it’s what she had been wanting. Being around someone like Dani meant she could be herself. Rather than treating Dani coldly to build walls around them to stop any potential relationship from growing, she had been able to be herself, and it was nice being able to fully be herself around another person with no consequences.

Now, she just needed to focus on the fact that while she liked Dani, nothing could really happen between them. She didn’t do relationships, and she was simply Dani’s client, if she kept those two thoughts firmly in her mind, she might be able to keep herself from liking Dani even more. She knew, to keep this from happening, she was going to have to stop with the domesticities as much as she could. Not cuddling with Dani helped, keeping her at a safe distance on a night really helped.

Now she just needed to work on not kissing her so much.

Especially when she had no reason to kiss her, which she knew she had been doing a lot.

She sat up in bed slowly, and looked around the room, taking in the discarded clothing that had been thrown around haphazardly last night.

They’d been in more of a rush last night than any other night, with Jamie being spurred on by Dani’s words in the bar the prettiest woman I’ve ever seen. Whether she had meant it honestly or had simply said it because she thought it was what Jamie wanted to hear, it had definitely had the desired effect. The whole night had been one hell of an enjoyable one, from their conversation on the balcony, where Dani had sheepishly approached the topic of Jamie’s silence, to the story she had told Jamie in the bar, to their escapade in the lift (something that Jamie would like a repeat of at some point), to their night full of sex and talking.

If she was being honest with herself, she had enjoyed the talking just as much as she had the sex, and that was a rarity for Jamie. 

She pushed herself up into a sitting potion, groaning softly, at both the thought of herself liking someone this much when it was clearly a hopeless case and at the heavy banging in her head from lack of sleep. She tried to run her hands through her hair, only to find she’d never freed it from its pins, and ties the night before. She slowly removed them all, sighing heavily, before shaking her head and running her fingers through soft, dark curls, tugging at a few snags.

She rested her back against the headboard of the bed and listened to Dani singing.

She vaguely recognised the song, but couldn’t place who the original artist was, whoever it was, she was sure there was no possible way they could sing it as well as Dani could.

Jamie began to scroll through her social media accounts, just as she had the previous morning, boredom scrolling, and hardly taking any notice of what anyone was posting, all she could focus on was the sound of Dani’s voice and how the water had shut off, and how the younger woman’s voice was growing closer and closer. She locked her phone, before placing it back on the bedside table, watching as Dani emerged from the bathroom, followed by a plume of steam from the shower, her singing stopped abruptly, and her eyes widened slightly as she took in the sight of Jamie, her brown curls wilder than usual.

“Good morning, you seem to be in a good mood today,” Jamie said with a smile, “Don’t look too surprised to see me, this is my suite… and you’re my guest remember?” She smirked.

Dani nodded her head and smiled, “Yeah, I know… I just didn’t expect you to be awake is all…” She admitted, “I didn’t wake you, did I?” She asked, a small amount of concern ebbing into her voice.

Jamie nodded her head slowly, “Yeah, a little bit,” She admitted smiling slightly, “But uh, I can’t really complain, seeing you like this is definitely a sight for sore eyes,” She beckoned Dani over to her, her smile growing as Dani began to cross the room.

She threw the covers off herself, her hands reaching for Dani’s hips as she perched herself on Jamie’s thighs, keeping the towel wrapped tightly around herself, a small smile tugging at her lip, “Hmm, I doubt that,” She replied, “But thank you all the same… how did you sleep?”

Jamie shrugged tightening her grip on Dani’s hips, “Alright, didn’t get nearly enough sleep though… you did a pretty good job of wearing me out last night…” She smiled.

Dani chuckled and shook her head again, “Yeah, well you didn’t do a bad job of that yourself,” She replied with a playful smile, making Jamie’s heart skip several beats, “You also, did a pretty good job of leaving lasting reminders on my body.”

“Yeah?” Jamie asked with a small smirk, although she was sure of the answer, there were times last night when her bites to Dani’s skin had been anything but soft and gentle, but if the younger woman had minded, she definitely hadn’t let it show.

Dani nodded her head slowly, a small smirk spreading over her face, “Mhmm,” She replied, “Do you wanna see?” She asked, moving her hands to where her towel was twisted to keep it around her body.

Jamie nodded her head eagerly, pushing herself away from the headboard, and putting herself a little closer to Dani as she moved the towel, shifting slightly to fully remove it from her body allowing it the drop to the floor. Jamie’s eyes widened slightly at the sight of the hickey on the swell of her right breast, and the smaller ones left around her hips before they trailed back to the biggest, and angriest looking of them all on her breast.

“I’m really sorry about that,” Jamie replied, knowing how bad it could be for Dani’s job should anyone else see the marks on her. She had tried her hardest to leave them in places that could be covered with clothing.

She just didn’t realise how carried away she had been.

Dani shook her head slowly, “I really don’t mind,” She shrugged her shoulders, “I mean, it’s not like anyone else is ever going to see them… I’m very single and not really looking to date right now… and y’know I don’t make a habit of sleeping with my clients… it’s just you,” She smirked.

Jamie felt her heart twinge slightly at the mention of money, at the reminded that Dani, as always was just doing her job. She nodded her head slowly, choosing to ignore the feeling, pushing it away like she did most other things she didn’t want to be feeling. Instead, she focused on the fact that she had been the first and only client Dani had actually slept with, that thought made her stomach flutter just slightly, she liked that fact more than she probably should. It made her feel different from the rest. 

Her grip on Dani’s hips tightened even further, as she pushed herself closer to the younger woman, “Hmm, that’s right it is just me,” She replied, teasingly, before peppering kisses along her collar bone and down to the hickey, “I must just be really lucky, huh?”

Dani hummed softly, nodding her head, “Guess you must be,” She replied with a small smile, arching further into Jamie’s kisses, giving a soft whimper as Jamie wrapped her lips around one of her nipples, sucking it gently.

Dani brought one of her hands up to the back of Jamie’s head, her fingers threading through dark curly hair, “Fuck Jamie,” She whispered, rolling her hips, grinding herself down on Jamie.

Jamie groaned softly at the feeling pulling away from Dani’s breast to lock eyes with the younger woman, “I think I know how we’re gonna be spending our last morning here,” She replied with a devilish smile.

“I could think of worse ways to spend it,” Dani replied with a teasing smile, “It’s really our last morning here, huh?” She asked.

Jamie nodded her head slowly, “Yeah… so any other time we do anything like this… I was thinking we’d end the night at my place… y’know if you want to?” She asked, both making sure Dani was okay with going to her apartment and making sure that Dani was still okay with being hired out for longer.

“Yeah, I’m fine with that… I’m having a hard time believing you wanna keep this going, though,” She said motioning between the two of them with her left hand, “I mean, that’s gonna be really pricey.”

“Worth it though,” She shrugged, honestly, it was worth it, Dani was worth it. She watched as that bright smile and light blush crept along her Dani’s face, “More than worth it even.”

“You sure do know how to charm a girl…” She replied with a soft smile, "I really like it," She admitted, before connecting her lips to Jamie’s once more, smiling into the kiss when Jamie’s hand moved from her hips to the space between her legs, stroking gently through folds that were already gathering wetness.


After their morning tryst and shower, (Dani’s second of the morning), they found themselves on the balcony, Dani with a cup of coffee, and Jamie with a cup of tea, basking in the late morning sunlight, “God it’s so hot today,” Dani commented, tipping her head back slightly, and closing her eyes.

Jamie nodded her head slowly, “Yeah, it’s almost like it’s summer,” She replied sardonically, a small smile spreading across her face when Dani rolled her head forward and turned to face her, giving her an unamused look.

“You’re an ass sometimes,” She replied, no real malice to her voice, she shook her head slowly and took a sip of her coffee, “I’m really gonna miss this view y’know,” She admitted, “It’s been nice to wake up to something like this… I mean, I live in the city… but we don’t have a balcony.”

“Well, don’t worry you’ll have a view similar to this from my flat,” Jamie informed her, “Don’t live too far away from here actually,” She shrugged.

Dani quirked her eyebrow, “Then why pay thousands of pounds a night to stay here?”

“Because, I had some lunches and meetings in the function room, a couple of days before you got here, and I like to stay here when I’ve done things like that, the staff is great and it’s a really nice hotel… sometimes I just wanna stay here… and…” She sighed before rolling her eyes, “Okay, please don’t take this the wrong way, but I knew I wanted to hire someone out and until I knew if it would work out or not, I didn’t wanna invite someone to my flat or me go to theirs… I had no idea who I was gonna be meeting so… staying in a hotel the first week just seemed like the better option.”

Dani smiled and shook her head, “I don’t take that the wrong way, trust me, I think I would’ve done the exact same… I mean, it doesn’t happen often, but there have been times I’ve had to go to someone’s apartment and it’s not nice it makes me pretty anxious…” She admitted, “Besides, turning up at The Savoy that first night was a really nice change.”

“You don’t normally show up to places like this?” Jamie asked, lighting a cigarette, her tone slightly teasing.

“I turn up to some nice places, don’t get me wrong,” Dani replied, “I mean… look, I know I’m not cheap… but not many people could afford an escort for a week, or a night even, and afford to stay here for the duration of their time together,” She pointed out.

Jamie shrugged her shoulders, “Honestly, I never thought I’d be able to afford anything like this,” She admitted, watching as a small slightly amused smile spread across Dani’s face, “I’m not talking about the whole escort thing… although never saw myself doing that either… I just meant being able to afford to stay somewhere like this…” There was a beat of silence before Jamie spoke again, “Really glad I did hire you though, and that I could afford to.”

“I am too,” Dani nodded her head, “And not just because I made a lot of money this week,” She teased, bringing a small smile to Jamie’s face, “I just had a lot of fun with you.”

She could handle reminders of money when they were made like this, teasing comments between the two of them, like it was just some inside joke. Something they could easily laugh off, not drawing much attention to the reality of the arrangement.

“Yeah, me too…” She said softly, a small smirk spreading across her face, “But, uh can I let you in on a secret?”

“You’re not really paying me, are you?” Dani asked, a teasing tone to her face, though the look in her eyes told Jamie she wasn’t entirely sure of her joke.

“No, no, I definitely am,” She assured her, nodding her head quickly, “I was just talking about the fact that I usually use the business account to stay here… which means, in the end, I haven’t paid for this, it’ll just get written off as a business expenditure… and will, in the end, be paid for the same way anything else is with the business… and Henry and Dominic won’t question it because I did have some meetings and lunches here.”

“Sneaky…” Dani smiled, “I like it… and here I was thinking you were just some sort of millionaire.”

Jamie rolled her eyes, she’d known it would come up eventually, with all the events she’d be taking Dani to, and the amount of money she would end up spending there was no way the topic of her wealth couldn’t come up, she’d just hoped it would be later. She realised, somewhere deep down, that it didn’t matter if Dani knew how much money she had, especially when money was the only reason they were stood together right now, but still, the thought of Dani liking her more or less when she knew the true extent to Jamie’s money made her stomach knot slightly.

It wouldn’t be the first time someone had changed around her based on the knowledge of her wealth.

“Well, yeah, I am,” Jamie chuckled, “But uh, I still like to cut corners where I can, and as I said, Dominic and Henry have so much money that they don’t even check the business account, they just pay off the credit card bills and don’t question it.”

Dani hummed quietly, “Well it must be nice to have so much money you don’t care about that stuff.”

“Yeah, because you must really struggle for money, doing what you do, and making five hundred pounds a night,” Jamie joked.

Dani chuckled and shook her head, “I make enough, sure… but I think if someone spent thousands on a credit card and I had to pay the bill I’d notice and would definitely ask questions… I don’t earn that much…” She smiled taking another sip of her coffee, watching as Jamie took another drag of her cigarette, “So… you’re only thirty and you’re already a millionaire?”

Jamie had to remind herself once again, that however, Dani viewed her based on her net worth didn’t matter, and so, for the first time when talking to someone new about this particular topic she threw caution to the wind.

“Multi-million,” Jamie corrected, “But I really don’t like throwing that information around,” She admitted, her tone softening slightly as she took another drag of her cigarette.  

“You get more and more impressive by the day, Jamie, do you know that?” She asked, “Why don’t you brag more? I mean, that’s something to be really proud of.”

“It is,” Jamie agreed, “And I am proud of myself for it, but I don’t brag about it because I’d rather people like me for me, I guess,” She shrugged, “Admittedly people don’t like me at all, all that often, but when it does happen I like knowing they like me for who I actually am as a person… and if people know about my money right off the bat, it’s really hard to know why they like you.”

Dani nodded her head slowly, “Well… I like you,” She shrugged, putting more emphasis than was probably needed on the word, Jamie rolled her eyes and shook her head, “No, I mean it… I think you’re pretty great… you’re kind, considerate, smart, you’re very hard-working, and I don’t know, I just think you’re a good person… what’s not to like?”

Jamie smiled softly, not used to hearing people talk about her in this way, it made warmth spread through her and her heart swell slightly, the one person, who was there solely because of money, saying she liked her as a person struck Jamie as odd, but she’d be lying if she said she didn’t like it. Even if Dani didn’t truly mean those words, it felt nice to have someone looking at her with such sincerity in their eyes and speaking to her with a soft tone, admittedly, it also felt odd, but totally and utterly welcome.

“Yeah, well, I know a few people that would disagree with you on that one, but thank you,” She replied, thinking back to all the women she had shut out in the past, all the women she had treated coldly, stopping them getting too close to her.

“Then maybe they need to spend more time with you…” She replied with a small smile, “I’m looking forward to getting to know you better as you keep hiring me out,” She shrugged, “I think that we’re gonna have a hell of a lot of fun together, y’know?”

Jamie felt her heart rate increase slightly as Dani looked at her, a soft smile tugging at her lips, and the late morning sun making her eyes look impossibly blue, “Yeah, I think so too.”

But Jamie didn’t think they were going to have fun, she knew they would. She knew that she’d had more fun with Dani in those few days than she’d had with another person for a long time.

She had no doubt in her mind that she and Dani were going to have fun no matter what they ended up doing; be that going to business dinners, more business parties Dominic and Henry had planned just because they could, or the nights she would be spending with Dani wrapped in the sheets of her bed and wrapped up in each other until the wee hours of the morning.

She knew them having fun wasn’t going to be an issue at all, the real issue, was that she was worried, that she and the all too pretty woman she was hiring out for company would have too much fun, and that somewhere down the line that too much fun would end with someone feeling too much hurt.

And that person would most likely be her.

She shook the thoughts from her head, taking a long drag of her cigarette, hoping the slight nicotine rush of her first cigarette of the day would help to clear any thoughts like that from her mind, she didn’t need them, she didn’t need to convince herself this was a bad idea.

Especially not when her arrangement with Dani was working- her budding crush on the younger woman aside.

Jamie cleared her throat, “Uh, speaking of us spending more time together, there’s this work retreat next week… Dominic and Henry plan one every year for us, just to give us all a break from work… and they claim it’s to build morale outside of a work setting but more than anything it’s an excuse for us just to have time off work, drinking alcohol… I mean, it’s a family weekend so people bring spouses and kids if they have them… and it’ll be pretty boring because most of the people I work with are boring… but I thought if you were up for it, maybe you could come with me?” She asked, she could hear the hopefulness in her own voice, “I mean… that’d make my weekend a lot less boring.”

“And that’s next weekend?”

“Yeah, Thursday late afternoon to Monday mid-day, obviously I’ll clear everything up with your boss, I mean, I still need to check with her about hiring you out for any other event… but I thought I’d ask you first… I don’t wanna arrange something with your boss and then you turn around and say you don’t wanna go with me anyway.”

“Jamie, you don’t need to ask if I wanna do this stuff with you.”

“I do though,” She replied, “As much as I wanna take you to things and have company at all these events I’ve got coming up, I only wanna take you to them if they're something you’d want to go to… no point in making you be miserable at them.”

“Well thank you,” Dani smiled softly, “And to answer your question, I would love to go on the retreat with you.”

“Great, so I’ll call your boss soon and work things out with her, but we'll have to leave quite early on Thursday, usually we wouldn't have to but this year with where it is, it's gonna take me five hours to drive us there, and to make sure we get there for the check-in time we need to set off early... but if you're busy on Thursday or would just rather head down on Friday, I can sort some stuff out with our room and change our check-in day?" 

Dani shook her head slowly, “I will make sure that I have nothing to do on Thursday, don’t worry,” She replied with a soft smile, “So where is this retreat?”

“The Lake District in Cumbria,” Jamie replied, “We’re staying in a hotel called The Ro…” She watched as Dani nodded her head slowly, “... Henry and Dominic made sure that Peter and I have really good rooms, ours has a lake view and a balcony so does Peter’s but—”

“Jamie,” Dani said, cutting her off with a small smile, “You don’t need to sell me on the trip, I’d love to go with you… like, I’ve just been talking about how I’m looking forward to spending more time with you… I think I’d be mad to turn down that offer.”

Jamie smiled softly, and shook her head, trying her hardest to not think too much about the sweet things Dani said to her, odds were, she’d said them to other clients, but there was something in the shine of her blue eyes, the softness of her voice, that had a way of making Jamie think she was different.

Like she was the only person Dani had ever said these things to. At work or otherwise. 

“Right, okay,” Jamie replied, “I’ll call your agent,” She said, putting more emphasis than was necessary on the word agent, more to remind herself of their situation than anything else, “And just get everything sorted… do you think she’d be angry if I called her on a Sunday or should I just wait until tomorrow?”

Dani shook her head, taking another sip of coffee, “No, you can call her today, I mean, it’s sort of a seven-day-a-week job, she’ll probably be getting calls about bookings as we speak, so if you wanna arrange something that’s fine.”

“Well then, sounds like I best get calling her pretty soon, don’t wanna be wasting my time waiting around then have someone else take you away from me,” She teased, a small smile tugging at her lips.

Dani hummed and shook her head slowly, “No, we really don’t want that to happen, do we?” She asked, a small playful smirk spreading across her face, making Jamie’s stomach flip and her heart race, her eyes locking with Jamie’s watching her closely.

Jamie shook her head slowly, “No we really don’t,” She replied, the thought of Dani getting hired out by someone else bothering her far more than she had ever expected it to.  


Her phone call with Dani’s agent (whom she was now on a first-name basis with), was far more productive than she could’ve imagined it would be. Viola had agreed to let Jamie hire Dani out to any event she wished, as long as Dani was still happy to work with her. They had worked out all the payment methods, with Viola already having Jamie’s details from their very first phone call, and Jamie stating she wanted Dani to receive the full five thousand she had been offered, with Viola getting a payment of seven-hundred-and-fifty pounds.

She hadn’t wanted Dani to lose fifteen percent of the five thousand, and Viola had been more than happy to agree with Jamie’s terms and conditions. Overall, Jamie couldn’t really complain about the phone call, everything had worked out for the better and had gone exactly as she’d hoped it would.

“Sorry about that,” Jamie said as she slipped back into the suite, smiling when she saw Dani lock her phone and slip it back into her pocket, giving Jamie her full attention, “She’s a bit of a talking isn’t she?” She asked with a small smile.

Dani smiled and nodded her head, “Yeah, she can be,” She replied with a chuckle, “Especially where work is involved… but she’s great… she uh, she really takes care of us.”

“Yeah, I can tell,” Jamie said, “Could hardly get her to shut up about you,” She teased, though she knew that she had been talking about Dani just as much during that call. Not that Dani needed to know that, “Think she’s got a bit of a soft spot for you.”

Dani rolled her eyes, “She has a soft spot for whoever is making her the most money,” She informed her with another light laugh, “But, I can’t really complain, I mean, she’s been checking in on me a lot during this first month that I’ve worked for her.”

“Good I’m glad she has,” Jamie replied dropping into the spot next to her on the small couch, “And speaking about making her the most money, I’ve made sure that you’re gonna get the full five thousand I promised… you should’ve already had the full five hundred from the first night, but you’ll be getting the other four thousand five hundred tomorrow… I’ve told her to take an extra seven-fifty out of my account for herself so that she isn’t taking fifteen percent of what you earned... but she's still getting fifteen percent of five thousand." 

A small smile flashed across Dani’s face, as she shook her head slowly, “That’s very sweet of you, but, Jamie, you really didn’t need to do that… she could’ve taken fifteen percent of five thousand, I’d have been left with more than enough.”

“I know really didn’t have to… but I really wanted to… is there anything wrong with that?” She asked, her eyebrows furrowing slightly, she wondered if she was breaching some kind of etiquette with what she’d done, more than anything she wondered if she’d offended Dani, as that had been the last thing she’d wanted.

“No, there is absolutely nothing wrong with that,” Dani assured her, shaking her head once more, “But... you’re already spending so much on me, and you want to keep spending that money and—”

“You're right, I do want to… so just let me, yeah?” She said with a soft smile, “Look, Dani… if I couldn’t afford to be doing this, I really wouldn’t be doing it… so can you please stop trying to do yourself out of money… I said I’d pay you that much, so I am just making sure that I am… besides Viola was fine with it.”

“Oh, she’s Viola to you now?” Dani asked with a small chuckle.

“Yeah,” Jamie replied shrugging her shoulders slightly, “We’re like best friends now,” She joked, giving Dani a soft smile. “No, she uh, told me to call her that with how much we’re gonna be liaising… said it was better to be on a first-name basis with all the business we’ll be doing.”

“Oh, so it’s gonna be a lot then?” Dani asked with a small smile, her blue eyes wider than they had been before, almost like she had been expecting Jamie to say anything other than that.

Jamie nodded her head slowly, a small smile tugging at her lips, “Yeah… sorry to disappoint you, Dani, but you’re gonna be spending a hell of a lot of time with me.”

Dani reached her hand out, taking Jamie’s in her own, and lacing their fingers together, her smile growing slightly, “Hmm, I guess I can be okay with that,” She teased, rolling her eyes slightly.

“Oh, you guess you can be okay with it?” Jamie asked with a small chuckle, tugging on Dani’s hand, silently asking the younger woman to move closer, her smile growing when Dani moved to straddle her legs. It hadn’t necessarily been what she was asking for, but now that she had it, she wasn’t about to complain about it, especially not when Dani rolled her hips forwards slightly, gently grinding into Jamie.

“Yeah… I guess can be okay with it, y’know… if I have to be,” She teased, putting on a tone of faux disinterest, rolling her eyes in an overly exaggerated way, bringing a small smile to Jamie’s lips.

“Yeah… seems like you’ve really hated this week with me,” She teased moving her hands to Dani’s hips and gripping lightly, pulling her down as she rolled her hips upward, grinding against Dani, emitting a soft whimper from the younger woman.

She leaned down, capturing Jamie’s lips in a chaste kiss, bringing her hands up to either side of Jamie’s face, cradling it gently as their lips began to move languidly against each other’s. A soft content sigh slipping past Dani’s lips, as Jamie's hands, gripped her hips just a little harder. She pulled out of the kiss, grabbing Dani’s bottom lip between her teeth, and tugging it lightly, before letting it go, and locking eyes with Dani, a small smirk pulling at her lips, at the sight of Dani’s eyes that were a shade darker than they had been before.

She placed soft kisses to Dani’s jaw, before moving them down to her neck, biting and sucking intermittently, one of Dani’s hands moved to Jamie’s hair, fingers threading through dark curls, while the other slid from Jamie's face down to her shoulder, gripping tightly.  Dani tilted her head to one side, giving Jamie more room to explore, whimpering softly as her teeth grazed her pulse point, “So this is really our last night here, huh?” She asked, her grip in Jamie’s hair tightening to keep her close.

“Yeah… can’t believe how fast this week’s gone, to be honest,” Jamie admitted, her lips brushing softly against Dani’s neck before biting down harshly, eliciting a sharp gasp from the other woman, and another, harder roll of her hips.

Dani hummed thoughtfully, “Hmm, I wonder what you’ve got planned for us?” She teased, and Jamie could almost hear the smile in her soft, voice.

“Well, I was thinking… for out last night here… we could just stay here and get some room service… maybe have them send some champagne up?” She suggested, trailing hot, open-mouthed kisses down Dani’s neck, as one of her hands gripped Dani’s t-shirt, untucking it from her high-rise jeans, before quickly slipping her hand underneath and lightly trailing clipped nails over her toned stomach. Relishing in the way her muscles seemed to tense slightly under her touch.

“That… uh…” Dani stammered, her breathing becoming ragged in anticipation of Jamie’s touch moving higher and higher up her body, “That sounds… really nice,” She breathed, a soft moan slipping past her lips as Jamie’s hand moved to cup one of her breasts over her bra, palming it gently, “But uh… what are we gonna do in this room all night?” She asked her tone teasing.

Jamie nipped at a particularly sensitive spot on Dani’s neck, smiling against the younger woman at the soft, high-pitched moan that tumbled from Dani’s lips, “Dunno…” Jamie trailed off, moving her lips away from Dani and removing her hand from under her t-shirt, “Guess we’ll have to wait and see, won’t we?” She asked, before shifting slightly and giving Dani a gentle push, silently asking her to move.

She moved from Jamie’s lap, and into the space beside her resting her back against the arm of the couch, and letting her legs fall open slightly, as she quirked an eyebrow at the older woman, giving her an expectant look. Jamie leaned forwards and brushed her lips over Dani’s, barely kissing her, before she pushed herself up from the couch and moved over to the phone, “Uh, where are you going?” Dani asked, no sign of irritation to her voice, her eyes soft and curious.

“just getting a drink… and then I’m gonna call room service and get some champagne ordered… want anything in particular while I’m calling them?” She asked, a small smirk tugging at her lips.

“I just want you,” Dani replied without missing a beat, her voice lower than it had been before, dripping with suggestion and want.

And while Jamie knew it was a line, and something that Dani had probably said to every client before her. But she found it hard to ignore the fluttering in her stomach at the thought of Dani actually wanting her.

“Well, you’ve already got that,” Jamie replied with a small, teasing smile.

“Then I guess I’ve already got all I need for a very good night,” She smirked.


“You sure know how to treat a girl, Jamie, do you know that?” Dani asked, taking a glass of champagne from Jamie as she made herself comfortable on the couch, tucking one leg beneath her and letting the other one hang off the edge.

Jamie shook her head slowly, as she poured herself a glass of champagne, “You’re just saying that because I’m paying you well…” She joked, “Well, that and you’re all liquored up,” She smiled as she places the bottle of champagne back into the ice.  

They’d spent the rest of the day talking and drinking, trying their hardest to get to know each other better, as they headed to a close of their first week together, and prepared for the rest of the time they would be working together, easily establishing some form of a friendship between the two of them. Though Jamie knew neither of them had drunk nearly enough to be anywhere close to drunk, or for Dani's words to be said out of inebriation; they had been far too busy talking and sharing stories, and the odd stolen kiss here or there to actually focus on the drinking part of the evening.

In fact, before their champagne arrived, Jamie was sure that she and Dani might have only had two drinks each in the space of five hours.

“No, I really mean it,” Dani replied smiling softly, “I know this is just work and everything, but this is a really nice way to end a really nice week,” She gave a small shrug, “I think you’re very good at this and I have no doubt in my mind, that when or if you ever wanna do the dating thing again, you’ll sweep a woman off her feet in no time.”

Jamie rolled her eyes playfully at the younger woman's words, though she knew what Dani was saying was true, she had never been bad at getting the girl, or sweeping one off her feet as Dani had put it, Jamie’s issue came in the fact that they always wanted more when she couldn’t give them that. In the end, she would always turn cold with them, doing everything she could to push them away, she was sure that the women she had treated that way in the past would disagree with what Dani was saying right now.

"You keep saying things like that," Jamie replied, reaching her hand out and lacing her fingers through Dani's once more, "And like I said earlier, I think you're the only person that thinks that way." 

“And like I said earlier, if I am then, I think that people just need to spend more time with you,” Dani shrugged, “Unless all this is just a ploy, so I’ll let you keep hiring me?” She challenged playfully.

Jamie smiled and shook her head again, “No, definitely not a ploy,” She admitted, “Just really wanted to do something nice since it’s our last night here… seemed fitting to end it this way… I actually wanted to start our time together this way too but when you got here, and I saw you…” She trailed off a small smirk tugging at her lips, “I didn’t wanna wait much longer before we did anything…”

“Yeah, those few minutes must’ve been hell for you huh?” Dani teased.

“Didn’t hear you complaining,” Jamie pointed out. A small smile tugged at Dani’s lips, a smile she tried to hide by taking a slow sip of champagne, a light blush creeping into her cheeks at Jamie’s words, she moved the glass from her face and shook her head slowly. “In fact, pretty sure I heard the exact opposite,” She smirked, giving Dani’s hand a gentle tug, smiling when Dani instantly moved closer, straddling her legs once more, “Fucking loved what I heard that night." 

Dani hummed softly, grinding down into Jamie, smirking as a soft whimper slipped past Jamie’s lips, “Well, maybe if you’re really lucky, I’ll let you hear it again tonight,” Dani husked, leaning forward to brush lips over Jamie’s.


Soft gasps and high-pitched moans filled the suite as Dani’s back arched off of the bed, her grip tightening in Jamie’s hair as she pulled her impossibly close, keeping her mouth where she needed her most, the slight sting on Jamie’s scalp, eliciting a soft moan from the older woman. The sounds of her own pleasure melding together with Dani’s. A stuttered breathless moan slipped past Dani’s lips as Jamie gave a rougher thrust of her fingers, sucking her clit into her mouth, and curling her fingers with each out draw, her strained moans, and trembling legs a tell-tale sign that Dani was close.

“Fuck Jamie,” She breathed, bucking her hips in time with each other Jamie’s thrusts.

Jamie pulled back, pressing a soft kiss to the inside of Dani’s thigh, a smug smile spreading across her face as she watched Dani closely, picking up the pace of her thrusts, “This good for you?” She asked. The way Dani was bucking her hips into her, and the soft moans of pleasure and words of encouragement had been enough for Jamie to know the answer to her question. But that didn’t mean that she didn’t want to hear the confirmation from Dani herself.

Loving it whenever Dani told her what she needed, told her how good she made her feel, she would encourage Dani to be vocal during sex any chance she got.

“God yes,” She whimpered, a soft gasp tumbling from her lips as Jamie curled her fingers, once more, she gave dark hair a gentle tug, bringing Jamie’s mouth back against her clit, her breath stuttering as Jamie sucked her clit into her mouth once more,  “Fuck… right there, baby.”

Jamie moaned quietly at the pet name; she wanted to hear it over and over again, that one simple word moaned breathlessly as Dani arched further into her, desperately chasing her peak, uttering it so softly that it sounded almost like a prayer in its deliverance. She pulled back again, glancing up at Dani, the sudden loss of contact on her clit making Dani roll her head forwards, locking eyes with Jamie, “Say that again?” She all but demanded, “Say it again,” the pace of her thrusts increasing, each one a little harder than the last.

Her eyebrows furrowed slightly, before realisation of what it was hit Dani, “Fuck baby,” She breathed, putting so much emphasis on that one word.  

Jamie was sure that she had never heard anything better than Dani calling her that word, those two syllables had never spurred her on so much in her life, and she knew, that had everything to with the woman moaning it so softly. She leaned forwards once more, lavishing Dani’s clit with her tongue, her fingers still thrusting between her legs, “Fuck, I’m so close,” She all but whined, “Just a little harder?”

It was more of a request than a demand, spoken so softly, timid in telling Jamie what she wanted, what she needed.

Jamie drew her fingers almost all the way out before thrusting them into her roughly, still lapping at Dani’s clit, moving in time with her thrusts, relishing in the way that Dani’s breathing became erratic, her hips moving frantically, desperately seeking release. She glanced up at Dani, arousal pooling deep in her abdomen when she locked eye with the younger woman, her bottom lipped snared between her teeth, as she held back her moans.

She pulled back slightly, and shook her head slowly, “Wanna hear you,” She panted, her breathing ragged, “Don’t hold back… wanna hear you when you come,” She smiled as Dani released her bottom lip soft whimpers slipping past her lips as Jamie’s hand worked mercilessly between her thighs, “Good girl,” she husked, leaning forwards once more, wrapping her lips around Dani’s clit, sucking it into her mouth, pulsing her lips around it as she rolled her tongue over the bundle of nerves, curling her fingers in just the right way that had Dani cumming loudly, and with Jamie’s name on her lips.

Jamie slowed her movements slightly, helping Dani through her orgasm, only moving her mouth from Dani’s clit when the younger woman gave her hair a gentle tug. She kissed her way up Dani’s body, her fingers still knuckled deep, and moving slowly. Dani leaned up, capturing her lips in a heated kiss, her tongue running over Jamie’s bottom lip, asking for entrance, a soft moan sunk into her mouth as they shared the taste of Dani, the high-pitched sound spurring Jamie on once more, picking up the pace of her fingers, catching Dani off guard as the younger woman groaned softly.

“Got another one in you?” Jamie asked, her lips brushing against Dani’s, her fingers thrusting harshly, a smile crossing her face when Dani nodded and mumbled a laboured yeah into her mouth.

Dani’s hips bucking in time with Jamie’s hard and fast thrusts, her movements frantic as loud moans ripped through her, her grip in Jamie’s hair tightening once more, as her left hand lifted from the sheets, moving to Jamie’s shoulder, clipped nails digging in harshly.

“Fuck Jamie,” She panted, her head falling back against the bed, her eyes closing tightly, her back arching, pushing herself closer to Jamie, her walls tightening around Jamie’s fingers slightly as her second orgasm built quickly. Jamie dipped her head, latching her lips onto Dani’s neck, biting and sucking intermittently, with a particularly rough bite, a choked moan ripped through Dani, her hips stuttering, growing sloppier as she tried to keep with Jamie’s pace.

She pulled back looking down at Dani, her eyebrows furrowed slightly, “You alright?” She asked, her voice full of genuine concern for the other woman, “Do you want me to stop?”

“God no,” Dani moaned, using all the strength she had in her to lift her head meeting Jamie in the middle for a quick kiss before Jamie pulled away and rested her forehead against Dani’s, “Fuck Jamie…” A high-pitched moan tumbling from her lips made sure she never finished that sentence. As her second orgasm quickly ripped through her, her jaw dropping open slightly, her brow furrowed tightly.

Jamie helped Dani through her second orgasms, watching the younger woman with a look of awe stamped all over her face, only stilling her fingers as Dani collapsed heavily onto the bed, a soft whimper slipping past her lips as Jamie withdrew her fingers. She couldn’t help but smile as Dani’s eyes closed, and she tried to steady her breathing,  Jamie sucked her fingers clean, smiling around them as Dani slowly opened her eyes, at the sound of Jamie moaning quietly.

Dani lazily beckoned Jamie towards her for a chaste kiss, their lips barely touching, before Jamie pulled away, she brushed, wild, damp, blonde hair from Dani’s face, “Are you okay?” She asked with a small smile.

She nodded her head, a tired, lazy, blissful smile spreading across her face, “Thank you,” Dani replied, her voice sounding a little raspier than usual, Jamie quirked her eyebrow at the younger woman, “Just thank you… for… that…”

Jamie shook her head slowly, dropping into the space beside her in the bed, resting on her elbow, her head in her hand as she watched Dani, “Pretty sure I should be saying thanks to you for letting me do that to you…” She chuckled, as Dani slowly rolled onto her side to face her, blue eyes struggling to stay open, “Tired?” She asked softly.

“A little,” Dani admitted, “But just give me a second and I’ll be fine… and then I’ll do you.”

“Don’t have to,” Jamie shook her head, “Trust me, Dani, I got just as much out of that as you did,” She assured her, “You don’t need to repay the favour every time.”

“I know I don’t have to… but I want to…” She replied tiredly, her eyes closing, there was a beat of silence before the younger woman spoke again, her voice soft, and only just audible, even in the quiet room, “Thank you... I’ve had a really nice week…”

“Don’t mention it… I’ve had a nice week too,” Jamie replied, her fingers tracing abstract patterns along Dani’s arm, “I can’t wait for next weekend… another full weekend of you… in a hotel room…” She said, her voice turning suggestive.

“You’re insatiable,” Dani replied with a small chuckle, “But I like it…”

"Yeah?" She asked with a small smile, and she only just made out Dani nodding her head slowly, a ghost of a smile on her lips.

Jamie laid there a moment, waiting for the younger woman to say something else, but as her breathing evened out, and her face became smoother, it became increasingly obvious that Dani had fallen to sleep.

Jamie smiled to herself, and before she had time to think about what she was doing, she leaned forwards and placed a soft kiss on Dani’s forehead, before settling into the bed beside her.

“Goodnight, Dani,” Jamie whispered, reaching for Dani’s hand under the cover, the only contact with the younger woman she could allow herself. Not daring to break her one golden rule, no matter how much she might want to.