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Can't Buy Me Love

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She’d never done anything like this before, wasn’t even entirely sure how things like this were supposed to go. All she knew was that she had to give it a try. She was so sick of the same old, dull routine. The routine where she’d meet a woman, either in a bar, or on a dating app, would talk with her a while, maybe take her out for a drink or some good food, take her home and spend the night with her, only for the other woman to want a little more than a one-night stand, and then it always ended the same way, with the woman feeling used and them never seeing each other again.

That’s how it always went for Jamie Taylor, and she was so totally and utterly sick of it.

She wasn’t sick of the sex, nor the meaningless of it all, she was just sick of people expecting more from her. Sick of people always wanting something that she just couldn’t provide them.

She didn’t need the distractions that real relationships brought with them. She didn’t need that feeling of being tied to another person and of having another person be tied to her. No matter how much the other person might want that from her, it was something, that Jamie just couldn’t do.

That’s why she’d done it.

That’s why she’d called the number of the escort service.

Just to see what this was like.

To see how it could be with someone who didn’t want anything real out of it.

Someone who understood that once the act was over, it was just that, over.  A quick and easy business transaction, where both parties were in full understanding, where both parties knew it would just be about a casual night of fun.

She’d been pacing around her hotel suite for what felt like an eternity when she heard the hard, quick knocking on her door. She ran her hands through her dark, curly hair, took a deep breath, and drained the remnants of his whiskey in one mouthful and screwing her face up slightly at the burning sensation as it slid down her throat.

She had no idea why she was nervous, but that was the only word she could think of to describe the palpable energy coursing through every vein in her body.

She had no idea what was waiting for her on the other side of the door, no idea what she was getting herself into, but she knew, that she wanted this, she pulled the door open slowly, putting the best smile she could on her face.

A smile that had been proven to leave many women speechless in the past.

What Jamie hadn’t banked on, was the fact that she would be the one left feeling speechless as she came face to face with an all too elegant, and perhaps, a bit too pretty blonde-haired woman, with the most stunning blue eyes Jamie was sure she’d ever seen. Never, in a million years would Jamie have guessed she’d be answering the door to someone like this, not even if her life had depended on it, a slow smile spread across the other woman's face, and Jamie felt as if all the air had been knocked out of her lungs.

“Hey… I’m supposed to be meeting a Jamie here... are they around?” She asked, American, undoubtedly, her voice a perfect match to her face, soft, and sweet somehow, and laced with confusion as she watched Jamie watching her.

Jamie nodded her head dumbly, never, in all her thirty years had a woman ever left her speechless, it was new territory for her, a territory she wasn’t entirely sure she liked being in.

“Uh, yeah,” She said, struggling to form the words, “Yeah, that’s, uh… that’s me… come in,” Jamie instructed stepping to the side to let her in.

“Oh… okay…” The blonde replied as she stepped into the suite.

“You uh, sound a bit put out by that…” Jamie replied as she closed and locked the door behind them, “Any reason?”

She shook her head slowly as she turned to face Jamie, that smile still ever-present on her face, “No… not put out by it, as such… just… not what I expected when I got the call, saying I was wanted by a Jamie…”

Jamie nodded her head slowly, “Yeah… get that a lot,” She admitted, “Mum and Dad settled on Jamie when the hospital wouldn’t let them call me Oops,” She joked, feeling slightly more at ease when the other woman laughed.

“Well, Jamie, you’re in luck… because that just happens to be my favourite name in the whole word… and it’s a damn sight better than Oops.”

“Bet you say that about all the names?” Jamie replied, she was good, Jamie would give her that, job or not, she had a way at making Jamie feel at ease, making her feel like maybe she was different to the others, and she’d only been talking to her for a matter of minutes.

She shook her head slowly, “I don’t say things I don’t mean,” She smiled.

“Alright then, if you say so,” She shrugged, “But uh, you know my name… what do I call you?”

“What do you want to call me?” She asked, tilting her head to the side slightly, giving Jamie every inch of control even down to her name.

Jamie rolled her eyes and headed towards the bar in her room, “I want to call you your name,” She replied.

“Danielle,” She replied, dropping herself down onto the sofa and smiling again, “You can call me... Danielle.”

Pretty, Jamie though, she couldn’t help but wonder if there was any truth to the name, or if it was simply a stage name, a working name, it certainly wouldn’t have surprised her, she couldn’t ever see herself giving out her real name if she were to do anything like this.

“I like it,” She replied finally, “It’s pretty…” She looked over her shoulder, to see a slightly brighter smile than before, “Suits ya,” Jamie said, hoping the slight compliment would suffice.

“Thank you,” Danielle replied.

The air around them falling silent, for the first time since Danielle opened her mouth, what surprised Jamie the most was that the silence didn’t feel awkward, there was no tension, no expectation for either of them to speak.

Just like there was no expectations about what this was or what this would turn into.

She could get used to this feeling.

“Do you want a drink?” Jamie asked, “Got quite a lot over here…” She said turning around once more to see Danielle shrugging out of her coat to reveal a low cut, form-fitting classic little-black-dress.

She could feel her heart rate increased slightly.

Danielle was undoubtedly the most beautiful woman she’d ever seen, and that dress looked incredible on her, and Jamie really couldn’t wait to see what she looked like underneath it.

“Uh, yeah, sure,” Danielle replied, “Thank you.”

“What do you want?”

“Scotch on the rocks with a twist, please?” She replied, her request coming out as a timid question, and Jamie couldn’t help but wonder how many times Danielle had done something like this before, or if her timid nature was all part of a very clever act.

“You got it,” Jamie said before setting to make Danielle’s drink, “That’s, uh, quite the accent,” She commented, mentally scolding herself for how she’d worded the compliment, “You seem to be a long way from home…”

“Oh yeah,” Danielle replied, “Moved here a few months ago… didn’t wanna be... home anymore,” She admitted, though she seemed to trip up over the word home, almost like it wasn’t the right word for her to use.

“Where exactly is home?”


A small smile flashed over Jamie’s face, “Don’t hear about that state too much… don’t think I’ve ever met anyone from Iowa before,” She said, turning around to see a small smile on Danielle’s face.

“Well, you’re really missing out then,” She teased, “You’ve got a bit of an accent too,” She replied, “Well... everyone has an accent to me, but yours is different to what I usually hear… where’s that from?”

“England,” Jamie replied with a slightly joking tone entering her voice as she walked over to Danielle with their drinks.

“Funny,” She replied dryly, “Where in England?”

“North of England… Lancashire to be more exact… have you heard of it?”

“No,” Danielle admitted shaking her head slowly, “Why don’t you tell me about it?”

“Not much to tell you, other than it’s a county in the North of England, and I grew up in a little town in that county…” Jamie shrugged, “Pretty boring actually…”

“Well, Jamie, wherever you’re from… the accent is really great,” Danielle smiled before taking a slow sip of her drink and putting it on the table just next to the sofa, turning her body to face Jamie. 

Jamie narrowed her eyes slightly, “You can’t actually mean that…” She replied, “It’s a shite accent.”

Danielle smiled and shook her head, “It’s really not… I think it’s my favourite accent I’ve heard so far.”

Jamie rolled her eyes and smiled, “And there you go with the flattery again, first my name, then my accent, what else of mine is your favourite?” She asked a teasing tone entering her voice.

Danielle shrugged and gave a small smile, “Guess we’ll have to wait and see, won’t we?” She leaned closer to Jamie, to close the gap between them, and for reasons unbeknownst to her, Jamie turned her head away slightly, before standing up and moving away from the blonde, the action caused Danielle to stop.

Danielle stood up, grabbed her coat, and made her way over to Jamie, her blue eyes soft and full of concern, and it seemed odd to her, that this woman would be looking at her like this, rather than anything other than annoyed at the small rejection.

“Are you okay?” She asked, “Because if not, I can just leave?” Danielle shrugged, “I mean... I get these types of dates aren't for everyone..." She gave a small chuckle, "Actually seems like it's a bit of a right of passage to be turned down at least once... so if you wanna back out... there'll be no hard feelings, trust me," Danielle sighed quietly, "Just say the word and I can leave." 

Jamie nodded her head slowly, "Yeah, yeah, I'm fine I mean... do you not wanna talk a little bit first?" She asked, "I mean you know how this works better than I do..." 

Danielle nodded her head slowly, "Jamie, we can do whatever you want to do... we don't have to talk... or we can only talk..." She replied with a small shrug, her tone soft, "It really is your call, not mine," She explained, her voice only just audible, even in the silence of the hotel suit. 

She could feel herself becoming a little calmer as Danielle spoke to her, telling her there were no expectations on anything they did that night made her even more convinced this was the solution to her problems, "Alright, well, how much is it gonna cost me?" She asked with a small smile, something she hadn't considered before now. 

“How long’s a piece of string?” Danielle asked with a small shrug, Jamie rolled her eyes and sighed quietly, “Okay… well for a night it’s five hundred pounds but—”

Jamie nodded her head slowly, "Guess I'll just take you for the whole night then." 

Danielle chuckled and furrowed her brows,  "I mean, it's already pretty late... the night isn't going to last that long at this point... are you sure you wanna pay that much?" 

"Are you seriously trying to make less money right now?" Jamie asked with a bemused smile. 

Danielle rolled her eyes and shook her head, "No, I'm trying to make sure that you get what you pay for." 

Jamie smiled and shook her head slowly, “Trust me, looking at you it’s gonna be well worth the money,” She said, moving closer to Danielle, and weaving an arm around her waist, her confidence slowly working in its way into her body. She trusted Danielle, maybe a little more than she should do given the situation.

“You know, you don’t have to compliment me… it’s pretty much a sure thing at this point, Jamie,” Danielle said, bringing her hands up to toy with Jamie’s suspenders, bringing their bodies a little closer together.

“Is complimenting you a bad thing?”

Danielle shook her head slowly, moving ever closer to Jamie, her nose brushing against hers as she shook her head, “No… not a bad thing… you just don’t need to if you don’t want to,” She informed her, that soft voice pulling Jamie in fast, her voice mixed with her accent, that small smile, the smell of her perfume, and the liquor was a heady combo, and it made Jamie feel lightheaded in the best way. And she wanted so much more of it.

“And if I want to compliment you?” Jamie asked, her eyes dropping down to red-clad lips, watching closely as they pulled back revealing the brightest smile Jamie had seen all night.

“Then I can’t… and won’t stop you.”

“Good… because you, Danielle… are so beautiful,” Jamie all but whispered before closing the gap between them, capturing Danielle's lips in a soft kiss, smiling when the other woman kissed back, applying the slightest amount of pressure to her lips, Jamie pulled back, her eyes searching Danielle’s face closely, “How long have you been doing this kind of thing?” She asked.

“Not long,” Danielle admitted with a small shrug, “Maybe a month… why?”

“Just wondered… because I’ve never done anything like this,” She admitted, “And I don’t really know how this is supposed to go…”

Danielle gave a soft sigh and shrugged her shoulders slightly, “Well, I guess it goes however you want it to… I mean, usually, I accompany people to business events or weddings, or reunions… y’know stuff like that… it’s not very often I get a call for something like this…”


Danielle nodded, “Yeah, see… we can offer stuff like this and sometimes we do… but… we have to be pretty careful… I’m not looking to get arrested any time soon,” She gave a small chuckle.

“So, you really don’t do this that often?”

“Jamie… I’ve never done this type of work,” She smiled, her tone a little softer, turning a little caring, almost, “But hey… I am a safety girl and I take precautions like all the time…” She explained, “I know I’m clean and I do have all kinds of protection, I always have them with me, just in case someone wants this, so if you’re worried abou—”

“I wasn’t,” Jamie shook her head slowly, giving Danielle a small smile, “I mean, obviously it’s good to know you’re into safety and all that… but I was more concerned about what you’re comfortable with… I mean… I know I’m paying you for your… company… but I don’t want you to do anything you’re not happy with…”

Danielle smiled and shook her head slowly, “You don’t need to worry about me, okay?” She asked, “But just know that if this is some clever plan to catch me out... you solicited me for sex, and if someone finds out… you’re going down too…” She teased

“Well, we really don’t want that, do we?” Jamie asked, pulling Danielle a little closer. 

The blonde shook her head, "No, we don't." 

“But, uh, I won’t tell anyone if you won’t tell anyone?” Jamie asked

Danielle nodded her head slowly, a small smile spreading across her lips, making Jamie's heart race once more, “I think I can live with that,” She replied before tightening her grip on Jamie’s suspenders and pulling her in for another kiss.

Slow at first, their lips finding a steady rhythm, as one of Danielle’s hands moved to become tangled in her hair, keeping her close, as the other one stayed gipping her suspenders. Danielle gave a light tug of her hair, causing a small gasp to leave her mouth, her heart lurched forwards slightly when Danielle took the opportunity to slide her tongue into Jamie’s mouth. She couldn’t help but smile at the soft moan Danielle emitted when her tongue rolled over hers.

Her nerves were long since forgotten, had been the second she’d felt Danielle’s lips on her own, the other woman seemed to have a slight calming aura to her, and Jamie couldn’t really explain it. She didn’t know whether it was Danielle’s honesty, her kind eyes, her soft smile or a mixture of it all, all she knew was that was happy that Danielle had been sent to her that night.

For more reasons than just one.

Danielle seemed sweet, considerate, and she was so unbelievably beautiful, and Jamie could feel herself getting more and more worked up just from kissing her, needing more than just this, needing Danielle to be closer, with fewer layers of clothing between them.

“Is this okay?” Jamie asked, her words coming out as a whisper, as Danielle nodded her head, Jamie began to move the zipper of her dress down, a slow-motion, giving Danielle time to back out and change her mind.

She wouldn’t blame Danielle for backing out. Wouldn’t blame her for refusing to go this far, after all, she didn’t have to, that wasn’t her job and they both knew that all too well, knew the trouble they could both get in if anyone were to find out about this.

“You can say no if you’re not okay with it,” She whispered, “Just say the word and I’ll stop.”

Danielle pulled away, her blue eyes almost black with want, and nodded her head slowly, the look in the blonde woman’s eyes, paired with the sentiment of I won’t tell if you won’t, was all Jamie needed to fully tug the zipper down, before her hands moved to the black dress, pulling the material away from Danielle’s body.

Jamie’s jaw dropped open slightly, and her mouth ran dry at the sight of the other woman, in lacy black underwear, and black sheer stockings, “Christ,” She breathed, “You are so fucking beautiful.” Danielle gave a small, timid smile, and Jamie couldn’t help but find the juxtaposition of Danielle standing there, looking like that, and her now timid attitude to be so completely compelling.

She pulled her closer, her lips quickly finding Danielle’s, as her hand came to rest on the small over her back, brushing over the soft, warm skin. Her lips moving frantically against the blonde’s, she was sure a kiss like that was going to result in swollen lips. But she couldn't find it in her to care too much. Danielle’s hands came up to tightly grip her suspenders once more, pulling her impossibly close, though there was no real danger of either of them wanting to lose the close proximity.

Danielle quickly slipped the suspenders down Jamie’s arms, stopping when she couldn’t get them any further past the crook of her arm, due to Jamie’s hands trailing all over her back, sides, and hips.

“You’re way too overdressed,” Danielle said, around their kisses, tugging on Jamie’s suspenders once more, she smiled against Danielle’s lips before she pulled away from the kiss and sliding the suspenders down her arms, both of their breathing ragged as Danielle began to make light work of the buttons on Jamie’s shirt, before pushing it off of her body, dropping it to the floor with the black dress.

Before stripping her of her pants too, Danielle stepped back slightly to take a look at Jamie, her eyes raking over her body, her bottom lip pulled between her teeth before her mouth pulled back into a bright smile.

“Jamie,” Danielle whispered, “You’re beautiful,” She complimented, her voice full of a quiet conviction that brought a smile to Jamie’s face, she’d not expected the other woman to be so soft, to be so appraising, she’d thought it would be quick, seamless, she had never imagined it would be this.

But she really wasn’t complaining, she found, that she quite liked this, that she liked Danielle, looking at her with awe and lust-filled eyes and she wondered, if Danielle looked at all her clients this way, or if this was simply because Jamie had mentioned she’d never done anything like this before.

“I thought you said compliments weren’t needed here?” Jamie asked, a joking tone edging its way to her voice as she took a step closer to Danielle, taking gentle hold of her hands and pulling her towards her once more.

Danielle gave a breathy chuckle and shook her head, “They’re not needed… like, at all, but maybe, I just wanted to compliment you,” She replied, “How do you feel about that?” She asked, her head tilted to the side slightly, “Because if you don’t like it, I won’t do it again… I’m supposed to do what you want, remember?”

Every time Danielle said some variation of that phrase, it sent a shockwave through Jamie’s body, I’m supposed to do what you want. I’m supposed to be whatever you want me to be.

She’d always enjoyed having the upper hand in these situations, always loved being given the control, and she couldn’t help but feel that having control over someone like Danielle, was going to be all the more fun.

Jamie shrugged her shoulders slightly, “I quite like them,” She replied, “And I can’t and won’t stop you from giving me them,” She smiled, before capturing Danielle’s lips in a bruising kiss, guiding her to the bed. The back of Danielle's knees collided with the mattress, causing the blonde to drop down gracelessly, and with a small, breathy laugh of surprise, "You alright there?" Jamie asked with a small smirk. 

Danielle nodded her head and smiled, "Never better," She replied, beckoning Jamie down to give her another kiss, Jamie cupped her face in her hands and pulled her in for a gentle kiss, their lips moving against each other's slowly, as Jamie's tongue came out to trace Danielle's lips, the blonde pulled away slightly, shifting further onto the bed, and further away from Jamie, a small smile spread across her face as she took in the confused, and slightly disappointed look on Jamie's face. 

"You okay?" 

Danielle nodded, "Yeah, just thought we'd be comfier, a little further up the bed," She explained, quirking her eyebrow at Jamie. 

"Oh, yeah, yeah," Jamie nodded smiling slightly as Danielle shifted her position until she had her back against the pillows of the king-sized bed, in a semi-sitting position, Jamie smirked as she took hold of Danielle's ankles, pulling her just a little further down the bed, so she was laying on her back, relishing in the slight, gleeful chuckle the erupted from Danielle at the movement, she wondered how she managed to be cute and sexy at the same time. 

She made her way over to Danielle, hovering over her as she ducked down to kiss her, smiling slightly when the blonde woman sighed into the kiss, her hands coming up to rest on the small of Jamie's back, pushing her a little closer to her body. Jamie happily complied with the hint, resting more of her weight on the blonde, kissing her with passion, her nerves now losing the battle to the lust that coursed around her body, she wanted this. 

Danielle, opened her legs slightly, allowing Jamie to rest a little easier, the dark-haired woman nipped Danielle's bottom lip with her teeth, before moving her kisses to her neck, one of her hands coming up slip under the thin lace of Danielle's bra, palming her breast gently, as she pushed her thigh up into Danielle's centre. 

Her name falling from Danielle's lips, in a soft breathy moan at the action and Jamie was sure that her name had never sounded better, she repeated the action, earning herself another breathy moan, the sound of Danielle cursing quietly sending shiver down her spine. 

“Pretty sure I’m supposed to be here for you,” Danielle groaned, rolling her hips up once, moaning quietly at the friction Jamie’s thigh provided.

“Trust me, letting me do this is something for me,” Jamie mumbled against her neck, before sinking her teeth in gently, being mindful not to leave any marks, she didn’t want to get in the way of Danielle’s career, she also didn’t want any evidence that this had actually happened, especially not with the illegality of the whole situation.

Jamie knew, should anyone find out about this specific part of their interaction and the exchanging of money for this they'd both be looking at criminal charges. Danielle being there for a 'date', would be fine, but this would be a totally different ballpark, the thought, only made it seem more exciting to Jamie. 

“Fuck,” Danielle whimpered, grinding hard against Jamie’s thigh, “Jamie, touch me,” She pleaded, the desperation evident in her voice, if she’d expected her words to spur Jamie on, she’d been wrong. Jamie had always like taking her time, had always loved the slow build-up, and so, she kept moving at her own pace, trailing kisses down Danielle’s collar bone, leaving hot kisses and eager nips in her wake.

One of Danielle’s hands wound its way into her hair, pulling her mouth closer to her as she arched her back up as Jamie continued to move her kisses lower and along the swell of each of her breasts. She closed her mouth around one of Danielle’s nipples through the thin lace of her bra, relishing in the high-pitched moan that slipped past her lips.

Her back arching even further off of the bed.

She gave Danielle’s nipple a gentle tug with her teeth, before giving the same attention to her other breast, all the while, Danielle’s grip on her hair became tighter, vice-like sending a slight stinging sensation down Jamie’s scalp.

She pulled back slightly, struggling against Danielle’s grip as she tried to keep Jamie's mouth close, “Can I take that off?” Jamie asked, her voice a low whisper, her eyes locking with Danielle’s as she nodded her head eagerly and shifted a little so Jamie could remove her bra.

Jamie gently, guided her back down onto the bed before she returned to teasing Danielle’s breasts with her mouth. Without the thin barrier between them, her whimpers and soft moans became more frequent, a sound that Jamie could see herself getting all too used to. A sound, that was almost poetic to her. Danielle began to squirm on the bed, her breathing escaping her in eager gasps, Jamie slipped a hand between their bodies, moving to between Danielle’s thighs and pressing hard against her.

Her moan matching Danielle’s at the wetness she could feel through the thin lace of her panties, “Fuck, you’re soaked,” Jamie whispered, her voice full of awe.

She nodded her head quickly, “Please,” She begged, her voice strained, and only just audible in the quiet room.

A small smirk crossed Jamie’s face, “Please what?” She asked, lightly brushing her lips over Danielle’s, barely even kissing her before her lips made their way back to her neck, her fingers rubbing her over the thin piece of lace, the only barrier between Jamie’s hand and where Danielle needed her most.

“Fuck me, please,” She begged, rolling her hips up, and grinding harder into Jamie’s hand, the action made Jamie feel like a starting pistol had fired through her whole body, biting down a little harder on Danielle’s neck, as her hands moved to her panties, working them down her hips, legs, and finally pulling them over the heels still on Danielle’s feet.

Danielle spread her leg’s a little wider, anticipating Jamie’s touch, she wasn’t waiting too long, as soon as Jamie had discarded the panties dropping them to the floor, her hand moved to Danielle’s centre, her fingers slowly stroking through her folds, gathering some of the wetness pooled there before she slowly dragged her fingers up, and began moving in circles over her clit.

Danielle let out a moan, her clipped nails digging into Jamie’s shoulders.

She took a minute, figuring out what pace, what amount of pressure, and what kind of movements drew the loudest sounds from Danielle, sounds that sent waves of arousal washing over Jamie like nothing she had ever known before. She reconnected their lips, kissing Danielle with everything that she had in her while her fingers worked mercilessly between her legs, sounds of contentment tumbling from the blonde’s mouth and into her own. 

Jamie paused her movements over Danielle’s clit, lowering her fingers and circling her entrance before, slowly pushing two fingers inside her, moaning against her lips at the feeling of how wet, warm, and welcoming she was around her fingers. Danielle’s mouth dropped open, a stuttered breath, and slightly choked moan tumbling from her red-clad lips, “You okay?” Jamie asked, pulling back slightly to watch her, her fingers stopping when they were fully inside her.

“Yeah, no, I’m fine,” Danielle replied, slightly breathless, “Just keep going, please?”

Jamie smiled, and pecked Danielle’s lips, before slowly drawing her fingers back, almost all the way out and then pushing them back in again, moving at a slow pace, slow, but deep.

As Danielle began to dig her clipped nails into Jamie’s back, and rocking her hips against her hand, Jamie picked up the pace of her thrusting, only stopping when Danielle released a steady chant of encouragement. She trailed kisses down, Danielle’s neck and collarbone, nipping at her skin gently, as she made her way down to her breasts, worrying one of her nipples with her teeth, while her free hand moved to give the other breast the same attention.

Emitting a slightly louder, rough moan from Danielle, as she rocked her hips into Jamie’s hand, “Fuck... Jamie,” She panted, her words coming out as more of a whine than anything else.

“What’s wrong?” Jamie asked, her fingers stilling, she lifted her head, green eyes locking with Danielle’s, who rolled her eyes and gave a slightly frustrated groan as she rolled her hips upwards, asking Jamie to keep going, “What do you want? Tell me and I’ll do it,” She instructed, dipping her head once more to bite the swell of Danielle’s breast, relishing in the throaty moan that she released.

“I just need a little more,” She panted.

Jamie nodded her head slowly, before resuming the fast pace she’d set before, her fingers curling with each outdraw. High-pitched moans and vulgar wet slapping sounds seemed to fill the room, her fingers thrusting quickly and roughly, Jamie moved her thumb to Danielle’s clit, brushing against it with firm pressure, her fingers still curling inside her.

Chants of encouragement filled the room, in breathless pants, as Danielle neared her peak, and then with a brush of her thumb, and one last curl of her fingers, Danielle came loudly, and with Jamie’s name on her lips, her back arching slightly, bringing her body ever closer to Jamie’s.

She helped Danielle ride her orgasm, only stopping when she felt a hand wrap gently around her wrist, stilling her movements, Jamie removed her fingers, and brought them up to her mouth, making a show of sucking them clean, Danielle’s eyes tracking the movement, as she tried to catch her breath.

She beckoned Jamie down for a kiss, moaning at the taste of herself on her lips.

“You alright?” Jamie asked, her lips brushing gently over Danielle’s.

She nodded her head slowly, “Better than alright,” She replied with a small chuckle, before connecting her lips with Jamie’s once more, kissing her feverishly, wasting no time before tracing Jamie’s bottom lip with her tongue asking for entrance that was quickly granted to her.

Danielle quickly moved her hands to the clasp of her bra, pulling back from the kiss and quirking an eyebrow at her, “You okay with me returning the favour?” She asked, her hands stilling their movements.

Jamie nodded her head, “God yeah,” She replied, maybe a little too quickly, the other woman gave a small chuckle at her eagerness, “But, only if you want to?” Jamie asked.

She wouldn’t do anything Danielle wasn’t comfortable with, and she’d already stated that night, that she’d never done anything like this with a client before, Jamie didn’t want her to think that she had to do anything simply because there was money involved.

Danielle nodded her head, “I want to.”

Jamie gave a small smile before nodding her head slowly, “Then by all means go for it.”

Danielle pecked her lips before making light work of her bra, removing it with ease, and throwing it somewhere across the room with little care, her hands moved to Jamie’s breasts instantly, cupping them lightly, before she began to roll Jamie’s straining nipples between her fingers.

Jamie moaned quietly before reconnecting their lips, in a softer, more languid kiss, Danielle rolled her hips upwards slightly, her legs circling around Jamie’s waist to pull her closer.

As her legs circled her, she could feel the tough plastic of Danielle’s shoes against her back, and the material of her stockings scratching gently against her sides, Jamie pulled away and gave her a soft smile, “Totally forgot you were still wearing them,” She admitted, looking down at Danielle’s legs and bringing a hand up to toy with the top of the black stockings, “I kinda like it though,” She admitted.

“Yeah?” Danielle asked.

Jamie nodded her head, “Yeah.”

“What else do you like?” She rolled her hips upwards again as she asked the question, and Jamie could already feel how worked up she was, she knew, that when Danielle finally started touching her where she needed her most, she wasn’t going to last long, “Like, what do you want me to do to you?”

Jamie felt her breathing stutter slightly, thinking of all the things she’d love Danielle to do to her and all the things she still wanted to do to Danielle. She watched, as Danielle’s tongue darted out to wet her bottom lip, and she couldn’t help but track the movement, “I wanna know what that mouth can do,” She replied before she could even think about what she was saying.



“On your back, now,” Danielle said, her eyes turning impossibly dark.

Jamie nodded her head before rolling to the side of Danielle, her breathing becoming heavier as the blonde quickly hooked her fingers into the waistline of Jamie’s panties, and quickly removed them from her body, throwing them carelessly across the room too.

She settled between Jamie’s legs, placing hot, open-mouthed kisses to the inside of her thighs, sucking and nipping at the soft skin, alternating between harsh and gentle actions leaving Jamie second-guessing her next moves.

Jamie’s breath was stuttering in her chest as she watched Danielle’s lips move closer and closer to where she needed her most.

“Danielle,” Jamie muttered, and the other woman looked up from between her legs, their eyes locking, for a beat, a beat that seemed to last entirely too long for Jamie, before a soft, warm tongue ran over her folds, causing her to release a breathy moan.

Danielle repeated the action, dipping her tongue a little deeper as she passed by her centre, she hummed quietly, before pulling away ever so slightly, “You taste so fucking good,” She mumbled before biting the inside of Jamie’s thigh harshly.

Clearly, Danielle wasn’t as concerned with not leaving a mark as she was. She ran her tongue over the burning sensation on her thigh, before leaning forwards once more and running her tongue over Jamie’s swollen clit. A soft, low moan slipped past Jamie’s lips, her head falling backwards, as one of her hands fisted the sheets, and the other became tangled in Danielle’s hair tugging gently to keep her close.

The blonde moved her tongue in slow, deliberate circles, building her own rhythm as she dragged her clipped nails along Jamie’s thighs, leaving angry red lines in their wake.

Jamie couldn’t keep the breathy moans from slipping past her lips, it took her everything she had inside her to lift her head, seeing Danielle with her head buried between her thighs, her blue eyes locked on her, was undoubtedly the hottest thing that Jamie had ever seen in her life, and she wanted this over, and over again.

Hearing Danielle making small moans of satisfaction as she continued to bring Jamie pleasure only turned her on more, “More,” Jamie moaned, breathlessly and desperate, as pleasurable as this was, she knew she needed more if she was going to get the release, she desperately craved.

The blonde pulled back slightly and gently stroked her hands over Jamie’s thighs, “Just tell me what you want, and I’ll do it,” She husked, her voice soft and sweet, she placed another gentle kiss on her thigh, “C’mon Jamie, tell me what you need me to do.”

“Use your fingers as well,” Jamie instructed, bucking her hips slightly, trying to encourage Danielle to resume her ministrations.

The blonde nodded her head and gave a small smile, before she slowly entered Jamie with two fingers, a low moan ripped through the dark-haired woman as Danielle began to thrust in and out slowly.

“This okay?”

“Yeah, perfect, just,” Jamie panted, “Don’t stop,” She gave Danielle’s hair another tug, bringing her mouth back against her clit, a shockwave ripping through her as Danielle’s eyes seemed to flash at the assertive move. A high whimper tumbled from Jamie, as Danielle wrapped her lips around her clit, sucking gently, as her tongue rolled over the bundle of nerves, as her fingers moved faster and faster, Jamie’s moans became louder and more frequent.

Jamie could feel her legs beginning to shake her orgasm quickly approaching’s as Danielle’s fingers began to curl inside of her with each outward movement, her lips pulsing around her clit, her tongue circling it with a skilled pressure “Harder,” Jamie panted, her grip on Danielle’s hair tightening, she could feel herself so close, she just needed something more, something that would send her over the edge, “Please, I’m so close,” She moaned.

Danielle began to lavish her clit with her tongue, speeding up, and adding more pressure, as her thrusts became harder and harder, pulling almost completely out, before quickly and roughly thrusting back in again. Jamie bucked her hips in time with Danielle’s thrusts, a string of encouraging chants tumbling from her lips. Moments later, Jamie hit her peak. Her back arched off of the bed and her mouth opened, releasing a strangled cry of pleasure. Danielle helped her ride out her orgasm, her movements slowing, and becoming gentler, until Jamie, shoved her head away lightly.

Danielle kissed her way back up Jamie’s body, a smile crossing her lips when Jamie took her chin in between her thumb and index finger, pulling her in for a kiss, regardless of her own arousal coating Danielle’s lips and chin, the kiss was hungry, and intense, with Jamie moaning quietly at the taste of herself on Danielle's tongue. The blonde woman pulled away first her breathing ragged.

“How was that?” She asked, a small, coy smile on her face.

She couldn’t help but smile at the timidness of the other woman, and how different it seemed to the woman that had all but demanded she lay on her back those moments earlier, but Jamie found, that she liked the switch up in demeanour. “Was well worth the fucking money, that’s for sure,” Jamie replied with a slightly breathless laugh, Danielle smiled and rolled her eyes, moving to lay beside her, her arm stretching out to wrap around Jamie’s waist, gently, there was a beat of silence before Jamie spoke again, “And you’ve really never done that with a client before?”

Danielle chuckled and shook her head slowly, “Never… a lot of the clients I get are men, and I mean, I’m really not into that, no matter how much they offer,” She admitted, her fingers drawing abstract patterns on Jamie’s hips.

“You enjoyed it though, yeah?” She asked.

Danielle nodded her head slowly, “I did,” She replied with a wide grin, “My reactions to it all didn’t tip you off?”

“It’s your job to pretend like you’re having fun on your ‘dates’,” Jamie pointed out with a small smile.

“Touché,” Danielle replied. They fell into an easy silence, and Jamie was sure that this was the best decision she’d ever made. Neither of them had any expectations further than what had just happened, and to Jamie, it was an almost perfect situation.

“So,” Danielle sighed softly, propping herself up on her elbow, and giving Jamie a soft smile, “You hired me for the night… what now?” She asked.

Jamie flashed her a smile, her hand moving to the blonde hip and gripping tightly, “Well, I might have had a little taste of you earlier… but now I just really wanna have my head between your legs making you cum over and over again,” She admitted, her smile growing when she saw the flash of lust in Danielle’s eyes.

Danielle nodded her head slowly, “Let’s do it,” She replied.

Yes, it was definitely the best idea Jamie had ever had.