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The Spoons

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This damn boot. I tugged hard and finally it popped off and landed on the floor with a clunk. I tossed my eyes up and over to where my wife sat in our bed. Her back against the headboard, eyes closed. Well, they were closed when I snuck in moments ago. Now they blinked open slowly. Damn it. 


“I’m sorry, mo ghraidh, I didna mean to wake ye.” 


Still blinking slowly, she smiled sleepily, “It’s alright. I probably shouldn’t sleep sitting up like this anyway.” Her hands had been resting on her protruding belly, but as she spoke she reached a hand out in my direction. An unspoken request for me to go to her.


Both boots off successfully, I made my way over to sit on the edge of her side of the bed. I took her offered hand and kissed the knuckles on it before enclosing it in my own and placing both of our hands over my heart. 


“How did bedtime go?” She asked, her voice still soft from sleep. I kissed her knuckles again, watching her eyes slowly beginning to close once more.


I could tell her about the bath time soap explosion or the lost pajamas fiasco, but instead I said, “Just fine, mo nighean donn. They are all tucked in and fast asleep.” 


She smirked, even as her eyes remained closed. She didn’t need to see me to know I was leaving the messy parts out. She squeezed my hand in gratitude. 


“And you? How are ye feeling?” Before she could answer me, I released my hand from hers and rested it on her belly. “How’s my wee little man?” 


“We’re alright. Tired. But that’s always true. You’d think my body would be used to it by now.” She laughed as both of her hands began to caress her belly alongside mine. 


“This is the last one, Sassenach.” 


“You’ve been saying that for eleven babies now, James Fraser.” She finally opened her eyes again to give me a pointed look that didn’t match the smile playing at her lips. 


I smiled in return but then frowned as I saw her frown. Only a second passed before I realized the cause of her grimace. Little man was kicking strong under our hands. 


I leaned in closer, my hand rubbing circles around her belly as I spoke softly, “Ach, mo mhac, calm now. Be still, wee laddie. Yer mam needs to rest now. That’s it, there ye go, that’s a good lad.” I spoke to him until he halted his movements. 


Claire sighed contently and her hands moved to stroke my fingers as I rested my hand on her belly. 


I could hear the smile in her voice as she spoke, “He always calms when he hears your voice.”


She had only recently begun to refer to this one as a ‘he’. I thought every baby was going to be a boy. Not purposefully, mind ye. I genuinely had a feeling every time. Eventually, I was right. Finally, Claire agreed with me on this one. She said he felt like a boy too.


As gently as possible, I rolled myself across her body to my side of the bed. I didn’t stay there long as I immediately nestled into the side of her body. I lifted her arm so I could duck under it to put my face in her neck and then draped one arm across our child in her stomach. 


Her arm that I had scooted under came to rest in my curls as she gently began to scratch at my scalp. I practically purred into the skin of her neck. Because of this placement, I felt her giggle at my nuzzling. 


“So, are you going to tell me how bedtime routine really went?” Again, I didn’t have to look at her to know she was smiling. 


I kissed her neck gently before answering, “Nah, I wasna planning to.” 


She laughed. “That bad, huh?” 


Scooting my head into a more comfortable position, I nuzzled again before answering. “Bathing took a hundred years and ended in a giant mess, but then I told them each a story and they fell asleep almost immediately.” 


“You told a story to each of them?” She answered, her hand still in my curls but the other hand joining mine on her belly. 


“Aye, every last one of them.” 


“Not all of them.” She pressed her hand into mine that lay on her stomach. 


I lifted my brows in surprise. “Aye, I suppose that’s true.” I sat up and kissed her cheek. “I cannae forget our youngest, hmm?” I gave her an equally fast peck on her lips before I promptly scooted my body down the bed until my face was level with her expanding belly. 


“Lad? Do ye need a story as well? Course ye do, yer a Fraser.” 


I settled into a comfortable position for story time. Propping my elbow on the bed, I placed the side of my head on my hand, my face an inch from the side of Claire’s belly. I lifted one leg to rest on one of hers and she immediately used her legs to pull mine in to nestle between hers. She left one hand on her belly with mine and the other she propped up behind her head as she smiled down at me. 


“Now where to begin...” I sighed. 


“Perhaps the beginning.” My wife spoke softly but there was a smirk in it. I held my head up on my own and used the hand it was resting on moments ago to reach up and place a few fingers over Claire’s lips. “Shhh, I’m the storyteller here, Sassenach.” 


She giggled, her lips brushing against my fingers, “I do apologize, sir. Do carry on.” Her smile widened against the pads of my fingertips but I decided to stop teasing her. 


I returned my elbow to the bed and once again rested my head in my hand, turning my attention to our unborn child. 


“Now, the beginning. Weel, there was once a lass. More stubborn and frustrating than any other lass that had ever lived.” 


Perhaps my Sassenach has been married to me for too long because the sound she grunted was practically a perfect imitation of the Scottish noises I was known to voice. I continued on without acknowledging it. 


“She was tough and refused to listen to anyone. She had a birds nest for hair,” 


A high-pitched scoff came from the direction of my wife. 


“...and she had the bonniest blue eyes.” 


“Don’t try and flatter me now, darling.” I looked up just in time to catch her eyes rolling. After they rolled, they floated down to connect with mine and I gave her my most charming smile.


“You know, I didn’t realize the story was about us. I think the beginning of that story is a bit too far back. You’ll be telling this story all night if you start when we met.” She laughed but looked at me lovingly as she used her finger to dip into the spaces between each of my fingers, our hands resting against the space that held our son.


“But the story of how we met is a Fraser child tradition! I tell it to each of them.”


She widened her eyes, “You do?!”


“Aye! They love it. Especially the part where we are forced into matrimony so that I, their father, the hero, can save you, their mother, the damsel in distress.” Finishing with a cheeky grin, I began laughing as soon as her eyes widened even further.


“Jamie! That’s not funny! You really told them all of that?!”


“I most certainly did.” I stopped laughing and met her gaze straight on. “It may not have been conventional but I’m so grateful that that happened to us. It brought us together. It was the greatest gift I’ve ever been given. Besides our children, of course.”


I watched her face soften as I spoke, “Of course, Jamie, I didn’t mean I was embarrassed. I’m grateful as well. I just—well, they’re just children, Jamie.” She laughed even as she became flustered.


“They’re no too young.” I countered.


“Well, this one is.” She answered and nodded to her bump.


I laughed, willing to drop the subject for now. “Aye, fine. What story shall I tell the lad then?”


She pursed those perfect pink lips and tilted her head up to think. She smiled the smile that warms me to my core and looked back down at me. “Why don’t you tell him about his brothers and sisters?”


I could work with that. I nodded and resumed my position, kissing her belly once before settling my head back into my hand.


“Alright, mo mhac. It’s me, your father, again. I, and myself alone, just had a brilliant idea for your story. I’m going to tell ye about your older siblings.” My cheeky comment was answered with a soft slap to the back of my head and I smiled as the hand in question then softened and tangled its fingers into my hair again.


“Weel, I guess I’ll start where the babies started…our first born, your oldest sibling, Faith. Our wee miracle. Ye see, yer mam didna think she could have children. We were both sad, but we knew we’d always have each other, ye ken?”


Claire’s hand untangled itself from my hair and made its way around my face. Her fingers traced a line from my temple down to my jaw, one finger curling under to lift my face up to face hers. We shared a look, both of us remembering how heartbroken we felt about potentially never getting to be parents together. And now here we were, parents to 11, almost 12 kids.


Her voice was merely a whisper, “I love you.”


She stroked the stubble along my jawline as I responded, “I love you, mo nighean donn.”


I pushed my nose into her hand to kiss her palm before turning my attention back to her belly.


“Aye, so. You’d ken our surprise when just a few months later, yer mam was with child. Your oldest sister, Faith, was in her belly even as we had that conversation!” We both let out small laughs, still unable to believe the course of events.


“Faith, yes, our miracle in more than one way. Her birth was something awful. Yer supposed to stay in there for nine months, ye ken? Weel, yer sister had her own plans. She came out verra early. She was so tiny, I could fit her in my hand. Her birth was scary, we didna think she would make it. Her wee little heart actually stopped beating for a minute. As did mine, ye ken. Scared yer mother and me half to death.”


Claire and I found each other’s hands and squeeze tightly.


“She’s just fine now, growing like a weed every day and she’s the oldest so she’ll always look out for ye, little one.”


“Next, we had Bree. Brianna. The most stubborn lass I’ve ever met.” I leaned in and pretended to whisper to the lad, “Aside from yer mother, o’ course.”


I felt Claire’s fingers once again move from in my curls to pinch my earlobe playfully before returning to resume their caresses.


“When yer second sister and yer mother are in a stramash, I’d advise ye to make yourself scarce. That’s what I do, ye ken.” Claire made a sound somewhere between a scoff and a laugh.


“She’s 13 now but I can already tell ye she’s one of the best hunters on the ridge. Ye’ll never have to worry about having dinner on yer plate, I can assure ye that.”


“All of your sisters were born a little early. Except one. Elizabeth. Beth was born verra late. Almost two weeks had passed and yer mother was absolutely miserable. And no amount of foot rubs could appease her.”


“Oooh, a foot rub…” My wife mumbled as the idea was now planted in her mind.


“After the story, mo ghraidh.” She mumbled again, quieter, and I was quite glad I couldna hear whatever she was saying.


“As I said, Beth took her time. She’s cautious about the world, ye ken? Cannae say I blame her. She’s twelve now, but she’s still very wary of the world. She likes to stay close to home, close to the family. She’ll always be around if ye ever need someone to talk to ye.”


“Two years later, we had Janet. Ten years old and feistier than any lad I’ve ever met. She only wants to do what the lads do. She follows her cousins across the lands around Lallybroch and ruts and clamors about. Wrestling and running around wi’ her skirts tied up around the ankles. She’s tough, when ye wanna learn how to throw a punch, go to her, ye ken?”




I looked up at my wife, innocently, “What?”


“We are not encouraging them to fight.”


“I ken, Sassenach! I just mean if the need ever arises, he should ken how to punch. And Janet throws a better punch than anyone I’ve ever seen.” I spoke only the truth, and Claire knew it. But she wasna happy about it. We both knew the dangers of war that always seemed to loom around the corner, and as much as we didna like it, we knew any boys of ours would be expected to fight if the time came.


“Alright, lets keep it going. We’ve got a lot of kids to get through here.” She smiled playfully, ruffling my hair and nodding back towards our son in her belly.


“Next we have Julia. She’s supposed to be eight, but she is basically just a smaller version of yer mam. Besides the red hair from me, she’s the spitting image of your mother. Not just on the outside, ye ken. Same mind, too. She follows your mother around the surgery and the gardens, day in and day out. She asks her question after question about the human body and all the different plants. Your mother acts like it’s a nuisance to have a shadow all the time, but she actually loves it.”


I looked up at my wife. Her eyes were closed again as she listened but she smiled at this and opened her eyes to look down at me.


“It’s only a nuisance sometimes. Every now and then I just want some quiet time to myself…or with my husband.” She raised an eyebrow at me and we both laughed at the memory of a time when we had been in the surgery, Claire sitting atop the counter and my head buried under her skirts. The door had slammed open, little Julia flopping in with a flower, immediately demanding answers to questions about its origin and its uses. Safe to say, she learned quite a bit more than just flowers that day.


I growled a little, remembering how my wife tastes and I grabbed her hand, biting playfully down on one of her fingers. She laughed, though I could see a slight shiver pass across her sternum. “Enough, or we will be on our way to number 13.”


I smiled, keeping her finger between my teeth as I answered, “Mmm. Yer right, Sassenach. Best wait until after this one to start on the next.”


Laughing even more heartily now, she pulled her finger from my mouth and pointed it at me, “Mmm-mmm. No, Fraser.” She wagged her finger back in forth in front of me like she does when she’s scolding the kids.


“You said one for each spoon, and God knows how we actually wound up with that, but that is it. No more, do you hear me, soldier?” Her finger got closer to my face and after she spoke, she used that hand to grab my shirt collar and tilt my head up to face hers even more. Her eyebrow raised in question.


I laughed, “Aye, I hear ye, Sassenach.” She released my collar but continued to give me a threatening look even as I turned my head back to her stomach.


“Now, where was I? Aye, yes. At six years old, there’s wee Ellen. Our little thinker. She’s quiet and reserved. Dinna ken where she got that from, to be truthful. While her sisters play outside, she’d rather be curled up wi’ a book. She learned how to read and write by the time she was five. And she hasna been interested in doing anything else in the year since. Ye’ll enjoy having a sister that ye can just sit wi’. Sometimes it’s just a comfort to have her in the room wi’ ye, ye ken?”


I felt Claire squeeze my hand, still laced with hers on top of her belly.


“We had been worried about yer sister, Ellen, for quite some time. She was born wi’ her legs first. Your mother assured me this was something to worry about. When she came out, one of her legs got broken on the journey out of the womb. Your mother made her these wee little wooden legs to walk wi’. She’s gotten better at getting around since she started using them, but she’s still verra shaky on her feet.”


“It had been a hard birth for both of them, Ellen and yer mam. Yer mother got verra sick afterwards. Fever, aches, hallucinations. I held wee baby Ellen and sat by yer mother’s side every moment of everyday for 4 days. I was absolutely terrified I was going to lose her.” Another hard squeeze to my hand allowed me to continue.


“But luckily, yer mam is the strongest lass I know. And she fought verra hard and she came to eventually. But after that, I told your mother under no circumstances were we having another baby. I was convinced that I almost lost yer mam because we had been too greedy, ye see? We already had so many beautiful children and I worrit that we were being punished for wanting more than we were already blessed with. So we said that was it, no more children.”  


We both shared an amused look with each other.


“A little over a year later, the twins came. Gail and Jo. Josephine, but we call her Jo. Twins, aye, but they couldna be more different. Jo is our wee little adventurer. She’s always running off into the woods to play out the stories in her head. She gives yer mother and me a good scare at least once a day when she climbs and jumps and runs away wi’ out a care in the world.”


Claire chuckled at our restless daughter and her many moments of scaring us.

“Gail, though, she doesna seem to know what kind of person she wants to be. Which is just fine, she’s only five, she’s got plenty of time. She goes through phases where she follows Janet around, and then the next week, she’ll be curled up reading beside Ellen. She’ll find her place soon enough, I suppose.”


“Now, I ken what yer thinking, lad. And yer right. Eight girls all in a row. I truly thought we would never have a boy.”


Claire chuckled as she recalled my many moments of confidence that the next one would be a boy.


“Every time another girl would come out, yer mother would look over at me, worried that I would be disappointed. And I’ll tell ye a secret, lad…I was worried, too. I was so sure every time that it would be a boy. I was worried that if I was wrong, again, that I wouldn’t love a girl as much. But every single time, I was worried for nothing. Each time I saw one of the lassies faces, my heart would expand even further. I kept thinking there was no way my heart would have room for another lass. And then it did. The time I spent wi’ just yer mam and all of your sisters, I treasure it so much, laddie. Me and my nine lasses, I just wanted to have them all curled into me at once so I could protect them forever, ye ken?”


“Jamie.” My thoughts were interrupted when I heard Claire’s voice choke out my name. I looked up to see her eyes misted with tears. I promptly sat up and made my way up to her until our faces were level with each other.


“Mo nighean donn?” I reached a hand up to cup her cheek. She responded by resting one of her hands on top of mine.


“I’m okay, I’m okay.” She insisted, smiling even as a few tears made their way down her face. She looked to me, pleading with her eyes, “Please…keep going.”


I nodded to her but didn’t return to her belly. Instead, I wrapped my arms around her shoulders, tucking her face into my collarbone. I rested one hand on the back of her head and brought the other one down to find her belly once again.


“I’m going to finish the story from up here, aye lad? I ken you can still hear me from here and I need to be closer to my wife. You understand, lad.” I patted her stomach softly a few times before beginning to run soothing circles once again.


Claire sniffled once and then pressed her nose into my skin, sighing contently.


“Right. You just learned about your twin sisters, Jo and Gail. Now let’s talk about your twin brothers, Brian and Alex. That’s right. Your mother had two sets of twins in a row. She is a warrior, lad, a damn warrior.”


“Don’t curse in front of the baby.” She smiled sweetly into my neck.


“A warrior.” I emphasized again, squeezing the shoulders of the warrior of which I spoke.


“Now, Alex and Brian. Unlike your twin sisters, these two couldna be more similar. They are three years old and they do everything together. They refuse to be separated. They must be fed at the same time, held at the same time, changed at the same time. Thick as thieves, those two.”


Claire smiled against my skin again, “Last but not least.”


“Aye, wee little Malcolm. Now, I’ll tell ye laddie, I’ve no much to say about your closest kin. He’s barely over a year old. He doesna do much but sleep, eat, and shite his pants.”


My wife responded to this by jabbing an ineffectual fist into my side.


“It’s true, Sassenach, and ye ken it.”


“Alright, so now it’s wee baby’s turn. What do you have to say about our littlest?” She tilted her head down to look at her own belly, both of us stroking the skin there.


“I dinna ken anything about him, yet.”


“You know all about who he’s named after, though.” She whispered softly as she stopped stroking her belly and started stroking my chest.


“Aye, perhaps I’ll tell ye all about who yer named after, another day. He was a great man, lad. That I can tell ye right now.”


“Yes, another day. Me and baby are tired now.” She sleepily kissed my jaw before lowering her head again. She whispered softly, “I love hearing you talk about our children, Jamie.”


“They are my world, Sassenach. I don’t have to tell ye that. But they are. And you, mo nighean donn. My life, my soul, as well.”


Claire hummed before she nestled back into my chest, preparing to sleep and I leaned back to do the same. Before drifting off, though, I lay a hand on my wife’s belly and softly whispered.


“Good night, wee Murtagh.”


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Jamie followed the sound of laughter into the main sitting room. He had stepped out of the room to change the twins’ diapers. Having completed his task, he now re-entered with a baby on each hip.

As he made his way into the room, Jenny’s face lit up in excitement.

“Och! Give them to me, please!” She reached her arms out as she sat on the couch. Ian sat on the couch with Jenny while Claire was sitting on the couch opposite. Most of the older kids were out, frolicking around Lallybroch, while the youngest handful of both families were rushing in and out of the rooms inside playing their own games.

Jamie gratefully handed Gail and Jo to their willing aunt and backed away to find his seat next to his wife. Just before he could sit down, however, Julia and Janet called out to him.

“Da! Come look at our flowers!”

Hovering just above his seat, Jamie looked up and over at his girls who were sitting in the corner, weeds and wildflower stems strewn about the floor around them. Standing straight back up again, he made his way over to them.

“Aye, show me yer wee flowers then, mo chridhes.” Once he was there, he crouched down next to them on the floor as they showed him their findings.

He reached up to poke a flower that was nestled in Janet’s braid, “Did ye have to roll around in a pile of weeds to get these, then?”

Julia and Janet both giggled, sounding like heaven in Jamie’s ears as they cried out, “No, Da! We put these in our hair on purpose!”

Jamie glanced over his shoulder at his wife as he smirked at her, “Och, I see. My mistake.” Claire smiled back at them. He paused when he saw the look in Claire’s eyes.

She stared at him, eyelids hooded and lips curled up just a bit as she brought her legs up under her on the couch.

He turned back to his girls, “A very bonny collection of weeds, very bonny.”

Julia huffed at her father, “They’re called spec…specimianans! Right, mama?” Julia’s red ringlets whipped Jamie in the face as she turned abruptly to look at her mother in question.

“Specimens.” Claire enunciated the word slowly, smiling at her little assistant.

“That’s what I said!” Julia’s delightfully inquisitive face scrunched up in a small frown before she turned her attention back to her “specimens.” Jamie smiled and bent down to kiss the top of her head.

He whispered something in her ear and she smiled and nodded in agreement. She bent down, looking across at her selection of flowers. Jamie bent down to let Janet in on the secret and she, too, began to look at the different flowers laid out before her.

After some whispered consultation between the three of them, the two young girls both grabbed a flower and made their way over to their mother on the couch.

Claire smiled at them, “And what do we have here?” Janet and Julia beckoned their mother to lean down closer to them. When she did, the girls reached up and each tucked a flower into their mother’s hair.

Julia, with a cheeky grin, “Da said that only the bonniest lasses get to have flowers in their hair and that since yer the bonniest lass that….that…” Julia turned to look at her father, unable to remember the whole thing. Jamie quickly made his way over to whisper in her ear again.

Smiling, Julia turned back to her mother and finished, “…since yer the bonniest lass that ever walked the earth, ye needed flowers in yer hair too!”

Claire looked to Jamie, her eyes misting with tears as he gave her a heart-melting smile.

Looking back to her girls, Claire smiled at them, “They are the most beautiful flowers I’ve ever had in my hair, thank you, my loves.” She squeezed a cheek on each them before sending them back to their collection.  

Jamie took one more look down at his little girls before making his way to sit with his wife, finally. Her hand came up to mold itself around his bicep as he lowered himself down next to her. She gave the bicep in her hand a quick peck as he did the same to the crown of her head.  

“I can’t believe they are a year old.” Jenny exclaimed, looking down at the twins in her arms.  

Jamie and Claire shared a similar look of disbelief as Jamie laughed, “Aye. Seems just yesterday they were born. Surprising all of us when two came out instead o’ one.”

A round of laughter rang out among the adults as the children continued to keep themselves occupied with their own games of imagination. Claire nudged his arm with her head and he took his cue, lifting his arm up to go around her as she tucked her head onto his chest and shoulder. One of her hands came to his chest, stroking it gently. As always, he felt his skin tingle beneath his shirt at her touch.

Jenny handed Gail to Ian so she could give one of her arms a rest. Ian gratefully accepted an opportunity to get to know them. This was the first time they were meeting the twins. While they passed the baby, Claire nuzzled gently into Jamie’s chest with her nose. Jamie looked down at her with a questioning look.

Before Claire could say anything to Jamie, Jenny began talking again and Claire turned her attention back to the room, “I’m still cross that ye didna let me come and be there when they were born.” She gestured to all of the present Fraser children, “They’re all sae big now.”

Still stroking Jamie’s chest, Claire smiled at her sister-in-law, “We’re sorry we haven’t been back in so long. It’s difficult to make the trip now that we have so many little ones.”

Jenny smiled back at her in response, “Aye, I ken. I’m just grateful you still came at all once ye found out about this one.” Jenny pointed to Claire’s stomach and Jamie smiled, bringing his hand to rest on his wife’s belly, not showing yet but would be very soon.

Claire laughed, “Yes, well, I knew we better make the trip before I had yet another baby to worry about carting along.” She nuzzled further into Jamie’s side, being even more tactile than usual as one hand stroked his torso lovingly while the other was busy wedging itself between his back and the back of the couch.  

Leaning over to look at the baby nestled in Jenny’s arms, Ian wondered aloud, “I’m sorry to sae, I dinna ken which one is which.” His eyes went back and forth between the twin he held and the one his wife held.

Jenny scoffed, rolling her eyes at him, “That’s wee Jo. I’ve got Gail.”

Ian’s eyebrows curled in confusion, “Are you sure?”

“O’ course I’m sure. Ye think I dinna ken my own nieces?”

“Ye ken they are my nieces too, Jenny. And I swear that Jo had that outfit on earlier.” Ian pointed again at the baby in Jenny’s arms.

Claire and Jamie let Jenny and Ian continue their guesses as Claire now turned to look up at Jamie, “I missed you.”

She smiled up at him, her hand that was stroking his chest was now using a bit more pressure in its movements.

Jamie smirked, “Oh, aye. It did take me the whole of ten minutes to get the lasses sorted. I imagine it was verra difficult for you to be parted from me for all of that time.” He scoffed sarcastically but Claire’s hand moved up to stroke the stubble on his chin.

“I think I’m ready for bed, Jamie.” She said quietly and he frowned.

“Are ye ill, mo ghraidh? That usually only lasts for the first two or three months...I thought you had been doing better.” He questioned, his hand still sitting protectively on her belly as he looked down at her with concern.

“Uh, no…I’m feeling quite well, actually…” She let one finger trail away from his chin and down along the path of his neck. She gave him a pointed look.

The realization hit him as his eyes instantly darkened two shades. A little over three months wi’ child… he thought to himself. Yes, this was right on schedule, he should have seen this coming. Her actions over the past ten minutes made a lot of sense now.

He gulped, his eyes now scanning around the room at his sister, brother-in-law, their children and his children.

“Sassenach…” He gulped again, his fingers tightening around her shoulders, “It’s not exactly an ideal time fer that.”  

Her eyes widened up at him, pleading, “Please, Jamie, I need—” He felt her skin tightening even as he held her. She looked around the room herself.

Unable to miss it, he noticed her breath getting deeper as well, “What do ye need, Sassenach?”

He watched her legs squeeze together ever-so-slightly before she glanced around the room again. She licked her lips and then leaned up as far as she could, whispering directly into his ear, “I need you to lick me.”

Blushing furiously, she pulled back to make eye contact with him, “I’m sorry…I—I can’t help it. The hormones…it’s all I can think about.” She smiled sheepishly at him, biting her bottom lip.

He almost choked on his laughter, “Christ, Sassenach. If I ever ask ye to apologize for that, ye’d better look me over because it means I’m verra, verra, sick.”

She exhales a laugh as he brings his face forward to peck her on the forehead. His lips still pressed against her forehead, he whispers to her, “You go on up, mo ghraidh. I’ll follow you as soon as it seems like it willna be too obvious, aye?”

He gives her another good squeeze with his arm around her shoulders before she untangles herself from him and begins to stand.

“I’m afraid I’m going to have to bid you all goodnight.” She placed a hand over her belly, hoping to convey that her pregnancy was what was making her tired just after dinner. She walked over, arms out, to grab the baby from Jenny.

“I’ll go ahead and take her now,” Claire said before turning back to Jamie, “you can bring Jo up later?” He nodded and she made her way from the room as Jenny looked at her husband smugly.

“I told ye.” Ian laughed and nodded in agreement.

Jamie became nervous, starting to sweat with the combination of desperately wanting to run up the stairs to his wife and also with the fear that his sister knew it.

“What?” He asked them, eyes wide with worry.

“I told him that I had Gail and he was holding Jo.” She stated simply. Relief rushed through Jamie, his shoulders relaxing. Just then, little Ellen crawled over to him, thrusting a wooden snake into his legs. Ellen was three and still having trouble with her legs but Claire was constantly working with her to find a solution to help her weak joints.

Each of their children were given a carved snake (carved by Jamie himself, obviously) when they turned three and Ellen, having recently received hers, was still obsessed with it.

He picked it up and smiled down at her, “Thank ye, a leannan.” She grabbed it back from him and began to slide it up and down his legs. He watched her playing in her own little world for a moment before he turned back to Jenny and Ian.

Waiting until Jenny’s eyes were on him, he made a point to yawn widely.

“I also told Ian that Claire was in her third month.” Jenny said pointedly.

Jamie’s mouth snapped back together from his fake yawn, his eyes darting between them.

“Ye forget how many times I’ve been wi’ child, brother. And ye forget that the first few times Claire was pregnant, we all still lived together here.” She raised a challenging eyebrow at him. He opened his mouth, but he didn’t have any words.

Jenny laughed, rolling her eyes, “Just go. We’ve got the bairns.” She promptly stood up, took the baby Josephine from Ian’s arms, plopped her down into Jamie’s, and then stroked little Ellen’s hair who was still running her snake along her father’s feet.

“Come, wee one. Ye can play wi’ yer snake over here.” She leaned down to lift Ellen up and away from Jamie and over to the other couch where the young girl curled into the seat and began to play.

Jamie looked around quickly at the rest of the children, feeling bad to leave his sister and friend alone with both families worth of children. Jenny nodded towards the group of now five girls in the corner (four his, one theirs),

“They’ll be fine. Maggie’s teaching them how to put double plaits in their hair.” Jenny nodded to the door, ending the conversation.

Jamie looked to them both gratefully before exiting with Jo in his arms and making his way up the stairs. He felt bad for leaving them to care for all the bairns…but as he made he way to his and his wife’s room, thinking about what awaited him…he didn’t feel that bad.

The first thing he saw when he walked into their room was his wife, in nothing but her shift, on the bed with her legs spread and her feet propped up on the sheet. The shift had ridden up her legs and pooled around her waist, leaving her entire bottom half exposed and Jamie almost licked his lips in anticipation of what he would find between her legs when he got closer.

“Claire!” He whisper-shouted, quickly turning around to shut the door behind him.

“Put down the baby.” Her voice was raspy, but firm.


“Put down the baby and get over here. Now.” He didn’t need to be told again.

He rushed over to the bassinet in the corner of the room and smiling down at Gail, whom Claire had already deposited in the bed, placed her sister down next to her. Running a gentle hand down both of their torsos, he made sure they were content before quickly turning to look back at his wife.

He promptly choked at what he saw. She had spread her legs further, her head now laying down on the pillow. A single hand was between her legs, brushing against herself as she let out a small whimper.

“Sassenach! That’s my job!” He again whisper-shouted at her while simultaneously trying to get his shirt off as quickly as possible.

“Well then hurry up!” She whisper-shouted back at him, her hand moving faster now.

Faster than he previously thought was possible, Jamie had shed his shirt and boots and was now diving himself onto the bed with just his breeks on.

Jumping on to the bed, he grabbed her legs and pulled her body towards his face as he made himself comfortable on his stomach.

“Yes!” Claire whimpered in delight at Jamie’s rough handling of her.

He took hold of her wrist and moved her hand to the side, replacing her wandering fingers with his own. She was already glistening like a peach, her folds swollen and juicy. He breathed out at the sight and the skin of her inner thighs twitched.

“Christ, Sassenach. You really did need this.”

She pulsed her hips into the air in desperation, “For God’s sake, yes, now give me your mouth, dammit.” She rasped out, her voice breathy.

Teasing his wife was a personal favorite pastime of Jamie’s. Even a sport, maybe. However, after 8 pregnancies, he has learned that when she is just after three months pregnant, she needs him. Needs that release. And as long Claire kept on growing his babies, he would keep giving her anything she asked for.

Within a heartbeat’s time, Jamie latched his lips onto her clit. His tongue immediately started fluttering against it and Claire let out a cry of relief. One hair tangled into the hair on his head and the other clamped over her own mouth.

Instantly, her legs began to shake as her climax spread throughout her body. Jamie knew this would happen. Her hormones get her so wound up that by the time they can do anything about it, she’s practically to the finish line already. His main job is to help her cross it and try to prolong it as long as possible without going too far. She also gets sensitive afterwards a lot more quickly now.

Muffling her moans with her hand, Claire grips Jamie’s hair in her fingers and her chest arches into the air as Jamie releases her clit and begins to give long circular licks around her opening. Every time he got back around to the top, he would flick his tongue up and over her clit quickly before returning to his path around. Sensing the end of her climax coming, he latched onto her bundle of nerves once again and sucked gently on it as she trembled all around him. As soon as her trembles began to subside, he released her completely before it became too much for her hypersensitive nerves, leaving sweet kisses on her inner thighs as she worked to get her breath back to normal.

Her grip on his hair loosened and she used her hand to tilt his face up to her. His eyes met hers, his clouded over with lust and hers barely peeked out from her barely opened eyelids.

Still breathing shallowly, Claire pulled on his chin, encouraging him to come and meet her eye to eye.

He pushed up on the fabric of her shift until it rode up her torso, revealing her stomach. He left one, two, three, four gentle open-mouthed kisses on her belly which was already getting hard with life and just barely showing a small swell where baby #9 was growing. His large hands held onto her tiny, bare, hips as he pressed his lips to her belly and breathed in deeply.

A few moments passed as she allowed him to have a moment with his child before he pushed her shift back down over her hips and crawled up her body to lay beside her.

Their legs stayed tangled together as their hands came to find purchase on the other person. With one hand, Jamie softly pushed some curls away from her face and leaned down to kiss her.

They kissed with open mouths and tentative tongues but they did not rush to put any heat behind the kisses. After pushing her hair away, Jamie’s hand stayed tangled in her curls, cupping the back of her head. He readjusted and felt something in her hair that did not feel as soft as her curls usually did. Pulling away, he reached his hand in and pulled out a small flower.

Thinking of their sweet girls, the two of them looked at each other and chuckled softly.

She tucked her head into his neck, smiling contently, “That was a nice moment between you and the girls.”

“I feel grateful for them every day, mo nighean donn.” He whispered, his lips tucked into the curls on the top of her head.

“So do I.” She answered and they tightened their grips on each other.

Jamie tossed the flower behind him before pulling her in closer. Surprising him, she pulled back from him instead.

“Pardon you, sir. I’ll have you know that I had that flower there because I am the bonniest lass that ever walked the earth.”

Jamie smiled down at her as she gave him a playful smile of her own. Giving her a quick kiss on the nose, Jamie looked into her eyes with wonder, “Ye dinna need a flower to be the bonniest lass in the world, Sassenach.”

Widening her eyes in joking innocence she asked, “Well then, how am I possibly to know that I am beautiful?”

“I will spend every hour of every day of the rest of your life telling ye and showing ye that ye are.”

Smirking again, she settled back into his chest, “Fair enough.”

Chapter Text

Jamie was practically dead on his feet. Christ, and it’s only lunch time, he thought to himself as he dragged his sluggish body up the steps of the big house. After a lengthy trip for supplies in town, Jamie had returned home late yesterday evening only to be promptly dragged upstairs by his wife where they spent the better part of the night showing each other exactly how much they missed each other.

Feeling his cheeks get warm, he pictured the way Claire had writhed beneath him, her naked body moving with his as they both came to their climaxes. At the end of their second round, sweat had pooled in the dip between her collarbones and Jamie once again felt a flush of warmth shoot through his veins as he remembered exactly how it tasted when he leaned his head down to lick it up. In fact, it had tasted so good that he continued to lap at her skin all the way across her shoulders and then down her sternum. Still coming down from her orgasm, Claire’s breath came in shallow pants as he licked long lines across her torso. She let out a delicious moan and shivered and Jamie shivered now in response to the memory.

Afterwards, their bodies had floated together and she curled her face into his neck. Wrapping all four of their limbs together, she nuzzled into him. “Mmm. This bed is so much more comfortable when you’re in it.”

He had chuckled, his laugh rumbling in his neck and tickling Claire’s nose. Stroking her curls away from her face, he whispered, “That’s because you sleep on me, not the bed, Sassenach.”

His joke was answered with a gentle slap to his chest. Her hand stayed, though, and ran soft patterns against his sternum. She giggled, “That’s because you’re so warm, and comfy.” She nuzzled her nose even deeper into his skin as her arms and legs tangled even further around his body. With their legs intertwined, Jamie could feel her core against his thigh, still dripping from their actions moments ago. He moved his leg to feel their mingled juices spread across his thigh even more and she moaned softly into his neck.

“Give me ten more minutes, darling.” She had whispered.

“I was just thinking that it seems we need a wee bit of cleaning up. You rest, mo graidh, I’ll take care of ye.” Jamie whispered back, his lips against her forehead. She had hummed in gratitude and felt his body unmolding itself from hers. She sighed at the loss of warmth until she found that he had pushed her gently onto her back and was making his way down her body.

Two large hands softly pressed her legs apart and it wasn’t until she felt a wet tongue on her core did she realize he meant to clean her up…after.

“Oh.” She let out a surprised and soft gasp, still feeling languid from their first two encounters.

He had taken his time, using only gentle strokes of his tongue, careful not to overstimulate her. He stayed away from her clit for the time being, just using his tongue to lick around her opening, dipping in slightly to gather any of their juices that were still lingering. A small climax had pulsed through her, shaking her legs and contracting her abdominal muscles. She then breathed deeply through it, letting out quiet sighs of satisfaction.

Then they had wrapped around each other once again and fallen asleep, Jamie’s head resting against her chest and their limbs thrown haphazardly over each other.

Coming back to the present, Jamie stood on the front porch, looking out over the ridge. He sighed at the memory of the night before, feeling his cock twitching but not quite rising just yet. He had had a terrible cockstand when he woke up after their amorous night. The window had just the tiniest sliver of light shining in on them, it was very early. He felt his cock pressing tightly into Claire’s side. Closing his eyes again, he thought he would let his wife have a few more minutes of sleep before waking her up just for that. Without him there, he knew she had had to take on a lot more work with the kids while he was gone and he wanted to give her some much needed rest.

Mere seconds after closing his eyes, though, there had been a banging on their door. He jolted upright, jostling Claire awake in the process.

“What on earth—” She mumbled, her curly hair a giant brown mess around her face so all he could see was her lips frowning in confusion.

“DA! COME QUICK! Angelica’s having her bairn!” Faith’s voice had called out to him through the door and as soon as his sleep-muddled brain processed her words, he had jumped up.

Again, Jamie’s fast and sporadic movements jostled the bed and his wife in it. “What’s going on?” She croaked, pulling the blankets over her body and up to her chin as she used a hand to push her curls away from her eyes to watch her husband.

Jamie found his pants and jumped into them, buttoning them as fast as possible, “It’s time, Sassenach, the foal is coming!”

“Jesus H. Roosevelt Christ.” Claire mumbled in surprise, doing her best to jump out of bed as well before Jamie had quickly put a hand on her shoulder, pushing her back down.

“Nay, Sassenach, there’s no need for ye. Rest some more.”

She looked up at him in surprise, “Jamie, I’ve given birth 12 times, I could probably help this horse give birth with my eyes closed.”

“Wi’ yer eyes closed is exactly how I want ye to be.” He pushed on her shoulder until she was laying back in their bed, “Resting. I’ll send someone if Angelica or her foal need ye.”

Without another word, he threw on a shirt and was out the door. It had been a long morning, helping the foal enter the world. It was now several hours into the afternoon and Jamie was finally making his way inside for some food.

Looking out over the ridge, he sighed once again at his life and his land. At that moment, another one of his precious gifts appeared.

“Da! Da! Da! Da!”

Bree rounded the corner of the porch, holding a three year old Murtagh in her arms. The boy chanted for his father, arms reaching out for him.

“Ah! Number 2 and number 12!” Jamie cried out enthusiastically, reaching to relieve Bree’s muscles and take Murtagh into his own arms.

Murtagh pressed his tiny hands to each of his father’s cheeks, squeezing his face affectionately while Bree rolled her eyes. Years ago, Bree and a few of her sisters got into an argument. They fought over how many siblings they had wanted. Julia and Ellen and Faith all wanted a lot. Bree, however, jokingly said that if their parents had too many children, they wouldn’t be able to remember their names and they would eventually have to resort to calling them by numbers. Using numbers instead of their names was now one of Jamie’s favorite ways to tease his second born stubborn lass.  

“Da! I saw a MUR-DER!” Quickly forgetting any of his previous thoughts, Jamie looked down at his youngest bairn.

“What the devil did ye just say?”

Bree rushed forward, “Here, Da, let me take him, you go inside and eat.”

Narrowing his eyes at his daughter, Jamie asked, “Why did my son just say the word murder?”

Relenting, Bree sighed, “Alex taught him that word, not me.”

“I’m a wee bit more concerned about why he says he just witnessed a murder rather than where he learned the word, a leannan.”

She widened her eyes, “No! No no no, I was just showing him how I use my arrow to hunt and told him what happens when I shoot an animal and he asked if that was murder and I said ‘technically, yes’—”

“Alright, alright, lass.”

Looking back down at Murtagh, Jamie pried one of the boys hands from his face and held his tiny hand in his own much larger hand. “Mo mhac, dinna scare yer auld man like that, aye?”

Giggling, Murtagh completely ignored his father and asked, “Horsies?”

Jamie chuckled at his son, pressing a kiss to the boy’s forehead, “Tomorrow. Tomorrow we will ride horses.”

Smiling at her little brother, Bree interjected, “He sure loves to ride.”

It was true, Jamie thought to himself. All of the Fraser children loved to ride, naturally. But Murtagh was only three and already could ride all by himself for much longer and much harder rides than any of his older siblings.

“Aye, just like the man he’s named after.” Jamie smiled again at his godfather’s namesake. “Your godfather, aye, mo mhac?”

From their very first born, Faith, Murtagh had been named the godfather of all 12 of the Fraser children. He had passed away before their last child was born, though, hence their decision to name their son Murtagh. That didn’t stop Jamie from making sure his son knew exactly who he was named for.

Nodding at his father, little Murtagh exclaimed, “Aye, Da! God-Murtagh! God-Murtagh!”

Being three, Murtagh had not quite gotten the hang of the meaning of the word godfather, or how to say it, so the little man had taken to calling him God-Murtagh. Bree had drawn a nice drawing of their godfather when he passed and they had it sitting out in the library, so the young children all recognized who Murtagh was when anyone spoke about him.

Chuckling, Jamie once again kissed the boy’s forehead before handing it back to Bree, “Go and find ye both some food, aye? I’ll be in shortly.”

She scurried off with him and just as Jamie was about to turn into the house in search of his wife, he heard giggling. Turning around, he saw a flash of something before a small person latched itself to his leg.

He looked down and ruffled the red hair on his son’s head, chuckling, “Aye, hello Malcolm. Are ye here for a wee snack, aye? Is that why all of my children seem to be appearing?”

Nodding his head but keeping his arms wrapped around his father, Malcolm, 4 years old, looked up at his father, “Aye, Da! I’m starving!”

“Well, ye won’t be fed until you get inside, aye?” Jamie tried to extract the arms from around his leg but when the young boy gripped harder and started giggling, Jamie gave up.

Bending his knees, Jamie swooped down and lifted the boy up into the air. Malcolm squealed as Jamie hoisted his torso over his shoulder into a fireman carry.

“Come on, mo ghraidh, let’s find us men some food, aye?” Malcolm’s little legs kicked as the boy screamed wildly at being held upside down as Jamie made his way into the house.

As he got to the door, he heard shouts behind him that were the tell-tale signs of more of his children arriving to the big house. He got inside and, still holding Malcolm over his shoulder, he propped the door open with one foot to allow the newcomers into the house.

“And how are my sweet lasses today?”

Five red-headed and one brunette lass made their way through the door, each of them smiling up at Jamie and answering, “Hi, Da!”

As each one passed, Jamie used his free hand to pat each one on the head, “Hello Faith, Beth, Janet, Julia, Ellen, Jo, Gail.”

Once they were all inside, Jamie made his way into the dining room, Malcolm still struggling in his arms.

Most of the kids were already seated with Faith and Bree and Beth helping to set the food out. Lunch was a casual affair in their house. Rarely did this many of them come in at the same time and there was no planned meal, everyone just grabbed what they could find or what Mrs. Bug offered them.

As soon as Jamie set Malcolm down on the ground, Claire entered through the side door and placed a bowl of fruit on the table. As soon as she saw him, though, she made her way over to him in the doorway.

“How’d it go?” She pecked him on the cheek. As soon as she had walked in, Jamie was reminded of what he had been so pleasantly daydreaming about outside moments ago. That familiar rush of heat came back all at once at the sight of her.

“Jamie? Darling?” She placed a hand on his arm to bring him from his thoughts.

“Oh! Aye, well. Angelica and the new foal are both doing well, they—” He stopped midsentence as he took in her appearance.

“Is that my stock?”


He leaned in a little closer towards her neck, “That’s my stock.”

She reached a hand up to touch the item in question, “Oh…well, yes, it is.”

“Why are you wearing my stock?”

Her eyebrows curled in confusion as she looked up at him, “Five seconds after you left, Brian ran into our room, naked and crying, saying that Alex had taken his pants. I dressed in a hurry and just grabbed the closest one I could find—” She touched the fabric again, “Is there a problem?” She smirked up at him, wondering why he cared so much.

“Nay, Sassenach. It’s just a wee bit big around your bonny wee neck.”

Smirking again, she glanced over to make sure all of the children were still immersed in their own conversations, “You didn’t seem to mind when I borrowed your shirt.”

His ears flushed as he too glanced towards the children and then back down at her, “If I recall, that was the only thing you were wearing and no…I absolutely did no’ have a problem wi’ that.”

Both of them flushed at the memory of that particular night as he wrapped his arms around her waist. Before either of them could speak again, a flurry of movement happened as their few remaining children finally made their way into the house and burst into the dining room, running to find an empty seat.

Brian pushed his way directly in between Jamie and Claire’s bodies, forcing them to take a few steps apart.

As soon as they were able, the pair moved back into each other’s arms, smiling at their loud and rambunctious brood.

As Claire looked back up to Jamie, she saw his eyes had darkened considerably as he looked pointedly at her neck.

“Is it really bothering you that much that I’m wearing your stock?”

His eyes never left the item in question but he shook his head in reply, “Nah, I was just thinking how you would look wearing nothing but this wee thing.”

Jamie reached a hand up and with one finger, he traced a line directly down the center of her chin and slowly down the front column of her neck. When he reached the stock, he hooked his finger inside of it and used it to pull his wife closer to him as he leaned down to kiss her lips.

Only a moment did they enjoy the feel of each other’s lips before a chorus of “Ew!”s erupted in the room.

“Mama! Da! I’m eating!” Janet called out to them.

Rather than tease their children further, Jamie turned to Claire, “Oh! I have a wee problem, Sassenach. Can we pop into your surgery?”

Concern crossed over her face, “What happened?” She quickly raked her eyes over her husband’s body, using her hands to caress across his arms, searching for injuries.

Taking her hand in his, he ignored her question and quickly walked them out of the room and across the bottom floor of the house into the surgery, closing the door behind them.

She raised an eyebrow in inquiry.

“What’s your ‘wee problem’ then?”

Jamie smiled at her, “Well, it’s actually no’ so…wee.” Crossing the room in two strides, he pressed himself into her, pushing her into the counter. He flexed his hips into hers so she could feel his… problem.

She raised both eyebrows now, “No…that certainly is not wee…” Wrapping her arms around him, she smirked into his lips, “Oh my…you poor thing. How can I help you with that?”

She pushed her hips forward into his and he groaned at the friction. Leaning forward, he licked the shell of her ear before whispering, “See, my real problem is that my wife keeps taking my things…I better teach her to keep her hands to herself before she starts taking all of my wardrobe.”

Smirking into his neck, she nipped the skin there before whispering back, “Hmmm. I think it’s you who has the trouble keeping his hands to himself…and I’ve got twelve children to prove it.” She giggled into his neck as his hands roamed across her back. She licked one spot on his neck and he shivered, so she quickly latched onto the spot, sucking harshly on it.

Pressing her harder into the counter behind her, he chuckled while simultaneously trying to remember to keep breathing as her suckling began to burn against his skin.

He pulled away enough for her lips to lose his skin and he bent forward to suck her earlobe into his mouth. Releasing it, he replied, “Nah…it’s you that canna keep her hands to herself. Definitely you.”

With no warning, she reached into the front of his pants and took a hold of his cock. He hissed as she pulled back to look him in the eyes.

Blinking in fake innocence, she replied, “I have no idea what you’re talking about.”

 “My shirt…my stock…now my cock. Anything else of mine yer keen to get yer paws on, Sassenach?” He asked, gasping lightly as her hand in his pants started stroking him gently.

Looking up in thought, her hand continued its movements as she answered, “I do happen to think my legs would look good in those boots of yours.” She fixed him with a sultry stare, leaning her head closer to him.

Keeping eye contact, she licked his chin, “You know…” another lick to his jawbone, “the leather ones…” She reached her free hand up to wrap around the front of his neck, “the ones that would come up to my knees?”

As fast as lightening, his hands grabbed both of hers and shoved them back onto the counter behind her. He pressed his palms into the tops of her hands to keep them in place, propping herself up. “That’s enough talking, mo nighean donn.”

He didn’t give her a chance to respond as he pressed his lips against hers harshly. She responded immediately and opened her lips to give his tongue access to her mouth.

Instead of accepting her invitation, however, Jamie pulled back from her and quickly spun her around, pressing his hips against her arse. He leaned his back into her torso and she leaned forward onto the counter, slapping her hands in front of herself to hold her body up.

With no other preamble, Jamie flung her skirts into the air, exposing her backside, before using one of his legs to squeeze in between hers and widen her stance. He swiped a finger through her folds to check her readiness.

Finding his finger coated with her juices, he groaned into the back of her neck as he allowed his newly wet finger to run circles around her clit.

Claire gasped as she felt a shiver run through her body as Jamie continued his ministrations with one hand while unbuttoning his trousers with the other.

His one-handedness was proving difficult as it was taking him too long to free himself and Claire grew restless. She pressed her arse back into his body, rolling her hips as his other hand continued to rub hot circles on her core.

“Jamie, hurry up.” She practically whined just as he finally freed himself. It took him only seconds to line up and thrust into her quickly and fully.

She choked out a sound from deep in her throat and her hands curled into fists on the counter in front of her. Jamie gave no time to adjust as he began to quickly pump himself into her. After a handful of such thrusts, Claire’s head dropped down, eyes closed to focus only on the sensations rushing through her lower half.

Jamie dropped his head in a similar fashion until only his forehead lined up perfectly with the back of her neck. Using one hand to quickly shove her curls out of the way, he latched his lips onto the skin above her—no, his, stock. He did his best to nose his way to more of her skin but the clothing was proving to be in the way.

He reached around to the front of her body and used his right hand to wiggle at the knot at the front of the stock. His other hand was busy holding tightly to her hip, leaving him once again trying to disrobe with one hand.

Still thrusting deeply into her, he grunted into her ear as he tried to get his eyes forward enough to see what his was doing, “Sassenach…give me yer hand.”

Half dazed, she didn’t respond for a moment until she felt him tugging on the fabric wrapped around her neck. Realizing if she didn’t help him, he would probably end up choking her to death, she reached one hand up.

Working in perfect tandem, they each took hold of one side of the knot and worked the pieces of fabric through each other until her neck was released and Jamie quickly threw the stock to the ground.

Immediately, Jamie pressed his lips to the newly exposed skin, sucking purposefully until he heard her moan.

“Harder.” She grunted, and he put all of his weight into the next thrust. His body hit hers with enough force that her toes almost lifted from the ground and she cried out.

He sunk his teeth into the delicate flesh on the very back of her neck before scraping his teeth along the bottom of her hairline and she fell apart. Shivering and gasping, she hit her climax and pressed her palms harshly into the countertop as she felt Jamie rearing back for another hard thrust.

It took him only two more pumps into her to find his own release and then he gasped as well, breathing openly into her hair. Both of their hips rolled a few more times into each other, softer now, as they both felt their climaxes declining.

He released her hips and reached forward to place his hands on top of hers that were still braced on the counter in front of them. She left her palms pressing into the counter but allowed his fingers to slide in between hers as they both panted to catch their breath.

They shared a few moments of peace before hearing some yelling coming from the dining room.

Sighing, they peeled apart and began to right themselves. Checking to make sure her hair was still properly pinned, she watched as he rebuttoned his pants, his neck still flushed from their coupling. She wouldn’t be surprised if her neck had a few red spots on it as well from Jamie’s suckling. This thought reminded her that she had a stock for that.

Reaching down, she picked up the item from the floor and began to make moves to return it to her neck but Jamie grabbed it from her.

“I believe we established this was mine, Sassenach.”

She reached a hand up to her neck, feeling the spots that still pulsed with blood from his lips, “I need it to cover this.”

Feeling his own neck, he smirked when he found a spot of his own that was no doubt red and speckled from her own lips, “And I need it to cover this.”

She moved his hand out of the way to see the spot in question, and sure enough, there it was: a quarter-sized red circle, growing more and more red by the second.

“Damn.” She said, looking around as if there might be some kind of solution for them in her surgery.

No sooner had she turned back to face him, though, than he had stepped forward and started wrapping the fabric around her neck. “Dinna fash, you take it, mo nighean donn.”

“And what about the kids? We have to go and face them at the table now.” She questioned.

He shrugged, “I’ll tell them I got thumped by a horse.” He smiled knowingly at her.  

She laughed at his reference, “Well the little ones won’t care but Faith and Bree are certainly going to know you are lying.”

He shrugged again, finishing the last knot on her stock. He appraised her slowly, grinning, “Mmm. You know, Sassenach, you do look good in my things. Perhaps I’ll let ye try my boots on one day after all.”

She smirked and pecked his lips in reply, “Oooh, James Fraser, I don’t think you could handle it.”

He smirked back and rubbed his nose against hers, “Oh, but I am willing to try, lass.”

They both leaned in for one more kiss before they made their way out of the surgery and back into the dining room.