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The Spoons

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Jamie followed the sound of laughter into the main sitting room. He had stepped out of the room to change the twins’ diapers. Having completed his task, he now re-entered with a baby on each hip.

As he made his way into the room, Jenny’s face lit up in excitement.

“Och! Give them to me, please!” She reached her arms out as she sat on the couch. Ian sat on the couch with Jenny while Claire was sitting on the couch opposite. Most of the older kids were out, frolicking around Lallybroch, while the youngest handful of both families were rushing in and out of the rooms inside playing their own games.

Jamie gratefully handed Gail and Jo to their willing aunt and backed away to find his seat next to his wife. Just before he could sit down, however, Julia and Janet called out to him.

“Da! Come look at our flowers!”

Hovering just above his seat, Jamie looked up and over at his girls who were sitting in the corner, weeds and wildflower stems strewn about the floor around them. Standing straight back up again, he made his way over to them.

“Aye, show me yer wee flowers then, mo chridhes.” Once he was there, he crouched down next to them on the floor as they showed him their findings.

He reached up to poke a flower that was nestled in Janet’s braid, “Did ye have to roll around in a pile of weeds to get these, then?”

Julia and Janet both giggled, sounding like heaven in Jamie’s ears as they cried out, “No, Da! We put these in our hair on purpose!”

Jamie glanced over his shoulder at his wife as he smirked at her, “Och, I see. My mistake.” Claire smiled back at them. He paused when he saw the look in Claire’s eyes.

She stared at him, eyelids hooded and lips curled up just a bit as she brought her legs up under her on the couch.

He turned back to his girls, “A very bonny collection of weeds, very bonny.”

Julia huffed at her father, “They’re called spec…specimianans! Right, mama?” Julia’s red ringlets whipped Jamie in the face as she turned abruptly to look at her mother in question.

“Specimens.” Claire enunciated the word slowly, smiling at her little assistant.

“That’s what I said!” Julia’s delightfully inquisitive face scrunched up in a small frown before she turned her attention back to her “specimens.” Jamie smiled and bent down to kiss the top of her head.

He whispered something in her ear and she smiled and nodded in agreement. She bent down, looking across at her selection of flowers. Jamie bent down to let Janet in on the secret and she, too, began to look at the different flowers laid out before her.

After some whispered consultation between the three of them, the two young girls both grabbed a flower and made their way over to their mother on the couch.

Claire smiled at them, “And what do we have here?” Janet and Julia beckoned their mother to lean down closer to them. When she did, the girls reached up and each tucked a flower into their mother’s hair.

Julia, with a cheeky grin, “Da said that only the bonniest lasses get to have flowers in their hair and that since yer the bonniest lass that….that…” Julia turned to look at her father, unable to remember the whole thing. Jamie quickly made his way over to whisper in her ear again.

Smiling, Julia turned back to her mother and finished, “…since yer the bonniest lass that ever walked the earth, ye needed flowers in yer hair too!”

Claire looked to Jamie, her eyes misting with tears as he gave her a heart-melting smile.

Looking back to her girls, Claire smiled at them, “They are the most beautiful flowers I’ve ever had in my hair, thank you, my loves.” She squeezed a cheek on each them before sending them back to their collection.  

Jamie took one more look down at his little girls before making his way to sit with his wife, finally. Her hand came up to mold itself around his bicep as he lowered himself down next to her. She gave the bicep in her hand a quick peck as he did the same to the crown of her head.  

“I can’t believe they are a year old.” Jenny exclaimed, looking down at the twins in her arms.  

Jamie and Claire shared a similar look of disbelief as Jamie laughed, “Aye. Seems just yesterday they were born. Surprising all of us when two came out instead o’ one.”

A round of laughter rang out among the adults as the children continued to keep themselves occupied with their own games of imagination. Claire nudged his arm with her head and he took his cue, lifting his arm up to go around her as she tucked her head onto his chest and shoulder. One of her hands came to his chest, stroking it gently. As always, he felt his skin tingle beneath his shirt at her touch.

Jenny handed Gail to Ian so she could give one of her arms a rest. Ian gratefully accepted an opportunity to get to know them. This was the first time they were meeting the twins. While they passed the baby, Claire nuzzled gently into Jamie’s chest with her nose. Jamie looked down at her with a questioning look.

Before Claire could say anything to Jamie, Jenny began talking again and Claire turned her attention back to the room, “I’m still cross that ye didna let me come and be there when they were born.” She gestured to all of the present Fraser children, “They’re all sae big now.”

Still stroking Jamie’s chest, Claire smiled at her sister-in-law, “We’re sorry we haven’t been back in so long. It’s difficult to make the trip now that we have so many little ones.”

Jenny smiled back at her in response, “Aye, I ken. I’m just grateful you still came at all once ye found out about this one.” Jenny pointed to Claire’s stomach and Jamie smiled, bringing his hand to rest on his wife’s belly, not showing yet but would be very soon.

Claire laughed, “Yes, well, I knew we better make the trip before I had yet another baby to worry about carting along.” She nuzzled further into Jamie’s side, being even more tactile than usual as one hand stroked his torso lovingly while the other was busy wedging itself between his back and the back of the couch.  

Leaning over to look at the baby nestled in Jenny’s arms, Ian wondered aloud, “I’m sorry to sae, I dinna ken which one is which.” His eyes went back and forth between the twin he held and the one his wife held.

Jenny scoffed, rolling her eyes at him, “That’s wee Jo. I’ve got Gail.”

Ian’s eyebrows curled in confusion, “Are you sure?”

“O’ course I’m sure. Ye think I dinna ken my own nieces?”

“Ye ken they are my nieces too, Jenny. And I swear that Jo had that outfit on earlier.” Ian pointed again at the baby in Jenny’s arms.

Claire and Jamie let Jenny and Ian continue their guesses as Claire now turned to look up at Jamie, “I missed you.”

She smiled up at him, her hand that was stroking his chest was now using a bit more pressure in its movements.

Jamie smirked, “Oh, aye. It did take me the whole of ten minutes to get the lasses sorted. I imagine it was verra difficult for you to be parted from me for all of that time.” He scoffed sarcastically but Claire’s hand moved up to stroke the stubble on his chin.

“I think I’m ready for bed, Jamie.” She said quietly and he frowned.

“Are ye ill, mo ghraidh? That usually only lasts for the first two or three months...I thought you had been doing better.” He questioned, his hand still sitting protectively on her belly as he looked down at her with concern.

“Uh, no…I’m feeling quite well, actually…” She let one finger trail away from his chin and down along the path of his neck. She gave him a pointed look.

The realization hit him as his eyes instantly darkened two shades. A little over three months wi’ child… he thought to himself. Yes, this was right on schedule, he should have seen this coming. Her actions over the past ten minutes made a lot of sense now.

He gulped, his eyes now scanning around the room at his sister, brother-in-law, their children and his children.

“Sassenach…” He gulped again, his fingers tightening around her shoulders, “It’s not exactly an ideal time fer that.”  

Her eyes widened up at him, pleading, “Please, Jamie, I need—” He felt her skin tightening even as he held her. She looked around the room herself.

Unable to miss it, he noticed her breath getting deeper as well, “What do ye need, Sassenach?”

He watched her legs squeeze together ever-so-slightly before she glanced around the room again. She licked her lips and then leaned up as far as she could, whispering directly into his ear, “I need you to lick me.”

Blushing furiously, she pulled back to make eye contact with him, “I’m sorry…I—I can’t help it. The hormones…it’s all I can think about.” She smiled sheepishly at him, biting her bottom lip.

He almost choked on his laughter, “Christ, Sassenach. If I ever ask ye to apologize for that, ye’d better look me over because it means I’m verra, verra, sick.”

She exhales a laugh as he brings his face forward to peck her on the forehead. His lips still pressed against her forehead, he whispers to her, “You go on up, mo ghraidh. I’ll follow you as soon as it seems like it willna be too obvious, aye?”

He gives her another good squeeze with his arm around her shoulders before she untangles herself from him and begins to stand.

“I’m afraid I’m going to have to bid you all goodnight.” She placed a hand over her belly, hoping to convey that her pregnancy was what was making her tired just after dinner. She walked over, arms out, to grab the baby from Jenny.

“I’ll go ahead and take her now,” Claire said before turning back to Jamie, “you can bring Jo up later?” He nodded and she made her way from the room as Jenny looked at her husband smugly.

“I told ye.” Ian laughed and nodded in agreement.

Jamie became nervous, starting to sweat with the combination of desperately wanting to run up the stairs to his wife and also with the fear that his sister knew it.

“What?” He asked them, eyes wide with worry.

“I told him that I had Gail and he was holding Jo.” She stated simply. Relief rushed through Jamie, his shoulders relaxing. Just then, little Ellen crawled over to him, thrusting a wooden snake into his legs. Ellen was three and still having trouble with her legs but Claire was constantly working with her to find a solution to help her weak joints.

Each of their children were given a carved snake (carved by Jamie himself, obviously) when they turned three and Ellen, having recently received hers, was still obsessed with it.

He picked it up and smiled down at her, “Thank ye, a leannan.” She grabbed it back from him and began to slide it up and down his legs. He watched her playing in her own little world for a moment before he turned back to Jenny and Ian.

Waiting until Jenny’s eyes were on him, he made a point to yawn widely.

“I also told Ian that Claire was in her third month.” Jenny said pointedly.

Jamie’s mouth snapped back together from his fake yawn, his eyes darting between them.

“Ye forget how many times I’ve been wi’ child, brother. And ye forget that the first few times Claire was pregnant, we all still lived together here.” She raised a challenging eyebrow at him. He opened his mouth, but he didn’t have any words.

Jenny laughed, rolling her eyes, “Just go. We’ve got the bairns.” She promptly stood up, took the baby Josephine from Ian’s arms, plopped her down into Jamie’s, and then stroked little Ellen’s hair who was still running her snake along her father’s feet.

“Come, wee one. Ye can play wi’ yer snake over here.” She leaned down to lift Ellen up and away from Jamie and over to the other couch where the young girl curled into the seat and began to play.

Jamie looked around quickly at the rest of the children, feeling bad to leave his sister and friend alone with both families worth of children. Jenny nodded towards the group of now five girls in the corner (four his, one theirs),

“They’ll be fine. Maggie’s teaching them how to put double plaits in their hair.” Jenny nodded to the door, ending the conversation.

Jamie looked to them both gratefully before exiting with Jo in his arms and making his way up the stairs. He felt bad for leaving them to care for all the bairns…but as he made he way to his and his wife’s room, thinking about what awaited him…he didn’t feel that bad.

The first thing he saw when he walked into their room was his wife, in nothing but her shift, on the bed with her legs spread and her feet propped up on the sheet. The shift had ridden up her legs and pooled around her waist, leaving her entire bottom half exposed and Jamie almost licked his lips in anticipation of what he would find between her legs when he got closer.

“Claire!” He whisper-shouted, quickly turning around to shut the door behind him.

“Put down the baby.” Her voice was raspy, but firm.


“Put down the baby and get over here. Now.” He didn’t need to be told again.

He rushed over to the bassinet in the corner of the room and smiling down at Gail, whom Claire had already deposited in the bed, placed her sister down next to her. Running a gentle hand down both of their torsos, he made sure they were content before quickly turning to look back at his wife.

He promptly choked at what he saw. She had spread her legs further, her head now laying down on the pillow. A single hand was between her legs, brushing against herself as she let out a small whimper.

“Sassenach! That’s my job!” He again whisper-shouted at her while simultaneously trying to get his shirt off as quickly as possible.

“Well then hurry up!” She whisper-shouted back at him, her hand moving faster now.

Faster than he previously thought was possible, Jamie had shed his shirt and boots and was now diving himself onto the bed with just his breeks on.

Jumping on to the bed, he grabbed her legs and pulled her body towards his face as he made himself comfortable on his stomach.

“Yes!” Claire whimpered in delight at Jamie’s rough handling of her.

He took hold of her wrist and moved her hand to the side, replacing her wandering fingers with his own. She was already glistening like a peach, her folds swollen and juicy. He breathed out at the sight and the skin of her inner thighs twitched.

“Christ, Sassenach. You really did need this.”

She pulsed her hips into the air in desperation, “For God’s sake, yes, now give me your mouth, dammit.” She rasped out, her voice breathy.

Teasing his wife was a personal favorite pastime of Jamie’s. Even a sport, maybe. However, after 8 pregnancies, he has learned that when she is just after three months pregnant, she needs him. Needs that release. And as long Claire kept on growing his babies, he would keep giving her anything she asked for.

Within a heartbeat’s time, Jamie latched his lips onto her clit. His tongue immediately started fluttering against it and Claire let out a cry of relief. One hair tangled into the hair on his head and the other clamped over her own mouth.

Instantly, her legs began to shake as her climax spread throughout her body. Jamie knew this would happen. Her hormones get her so wound up that by the time they can do anything about it, she’s practically to the finish line already. His main job is to help her cross it and try to prolong it as long as possible without going too far. She also gets sensitive afterwards a lot more quickly now.

Muffling her moans with her hand, Claire grips Jamie’s hair in her fingers and her chest arches into the air as Jamie releases her clit and begins to give long circular licks around her opening. Every time he got back around to the top, he would flick his tongue up and over her clit quickly before returning to his path around. Sensing the end of her climax coming, he latched onto her bundle of nerves once again and sucked gently on it as she trembled all around him. As soon as her trembles began to subside, he released her completely before it became too much for her hypersensitive nerves, leaving sweet kisses on her inner thighs as she worked to get her breath back to normal.

Her grip on his hair loosened and she used her hand to tilt his face up to her. His eyes met hers, his clouded over with lust and hers barely peeked out from her barely opened eyelids.

Still breathing shallowly, Claire pulled on his chin, encouraging him to come and meet her eye to eye.

He pushed up on the fabric of her shift until it rode up her torso, revealing her stomach. He left one, two, three, four gentle open-mouthed kisses on her belly which was already getting hard with life and just barely showing a small swell where baby #9 was growing. His large hands held onto her tiny, bare, hips as he pressed his lips to her belly and breathed in deeply.

A few moments passed as she allowed him to have a moment with his child before he pushed her shift back down over her hips and crawled up her body to lay beside her.

Their legs stayed tangled together as their hands came to find purchase on the other person. With one hand, Jamie softly pushed some curls away from her face and leaned down to kiss her.

They kissed with open mouths and tentative tongues but they did not rush to put any heat behind the kisses. After pushing her hair away, Jamie’s hand stayed tangled in her curls, cupping the back of her head. He readjusted and felt something in her hair that did not feel as soft as her curls usually did. Pulling away, he reached his hand in and pulled out a small flower.

Thinking of their sweet girls, the two of them looked at each other and chuckled softly.

She tucked her head into his neck, smiling contently, “That was a nice moment between you and the girls.”

“I feel grateful for them every day, mo nighean donn.” He whispered, his lips tucked into the curls on the top of her head.

“So do I.” She answered and they tightened their grips on each other.

Jamie tossed the flower behind him before pulling her in closer. Surprising him, she pulled back from him instead.

“Pardon you, sir. I’ll have you know that I had that flower there because I am the bonniest lass that ever walked the earth.”

Jamie smiled down at her as she gave him a playful smile of her own. Giving her a quick kiss on the nose, Jamie looked into her eyes with wonder, “Ye dinna need a flower to be the bonniest lass in the world, Sassenach.”

Widening her eyes in joking innocence she asked, “Well then, how am I possibly to know that I am beautiful?”

“I will spend every hour of every day of the rest of your life telling ye and showing ye that ye are.”

Smirking again, she settled back into his chest, “Fair enough.”