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Technically speaking, Korra wasn't breaking any rules. Mako was a good buddy. Sure, they would butt heads now and then, but they had each other's back when it mattered. Plus, she was a girl, so they weren't "bros" - they were pals. It shouldn't have mattered anyway since he only dated Asami for a couple of months. And she couldn't ignore the fact that she and Asami had struck up a friendship of their own. It had only grown over the past year after Mako and Asami had called it quits. Or, they were friends, until a few weeks ago. An unexpected kiss had permanently skewed the friendship line. They started hooking up shortly after.

And then, well…

What was the protocol here? Asami had text her to "hang out" earlier that day. Korra knew the true intent of the text, and she had been right. Over an hour had passed, and they were still in her bed after having a go at one another. Asami had decided that they should watch a movie together. Korra had never been a fan of cuddling in the past, but if a beautiful girl wants something, she almost always gets it.

But how was she expected to concentrate on the character development of Ellie Chu on the TV when they were both half naked in her bed? Korra had done a decent job pretending she was relaxed. But then Asami had casually reached over with both hands, to capture one of hers, and place it over a bare leg, just above her knee.

Korra felt her pulse quicken at the feel of Asami's smooth skin beneath her hand. What the hell was wrong with her? They had just had sex. It wasn't like it had been their first time either.

Asami clicked on the remote to raise the volume on the TV. "I can't believe you haven't seen this movie yet."

It took some effort to add a layer of indifference to her voice. There was no reason to advertise the fact that the intimate proximity made her nervous. "You know me. I prefer TV shows."

"But I told you to watch this movie months ago."

"Clearly, I have better things to do with my time."

"Oh please," Asami scoffed. "Did you forget who you're talking to? You're just stubborn."

Korra arched a brow in response. "Have you met you?"

This she could handle; the way it used to be when they were just friends. Now they were…what was this? They'd started sleeping together weeks ago, but the subject of their new relationship status hadn't been broached. It both relieved and unnerved her. Up until now, Korra had been perfectly content with random hookups and casual dating. Falling into bed with her closest friend hadn't been planned. She hadn't secretly pined for her or sought anything other than her friendship. Yet it had happened.

A familiar Chicago song played on the TV. Asami leaned into Korra's shoulder and began leaving a light trail of kisses along her jaw.

Korra tried to keep cool. "I thought you wanted me to watch this boring movie?"

Asami released a breathy chuckle. "Who's stopping you?" she teased into her ear. Her lips wavered between soft and firm while she took her time grazing along Korra's jaw before making her way to her neck. Eventually her tongue joined in the lazy exploration of her heated skin.

This was a side of Asami that Korra was quickly learning about. She clearly loved teasing her and drawing out the inevitable. In the past, Korra had always been the aggressor in bed. But these days, Korra felt like she was the prey being stalked. More often than not, she exerted the façade that she wasn't so damn affected by her seductive tactics. It was an illusion that Asami obviously loved disproving over and over.

Korra's voice dropped. "Are we really playing this game?"

"What game?" Now Asami was occasionally using her teeth to nip at her. Korra's breath was uneven. This wasn't fair.

In one swift move - which made Asami happily yelp - Korra had her pinned to the mattress, with her wrists firmly secured in her grasp. "Why do you always seem to have so much energy after sex?" she asked while she hovered above.

Asami gave her a look of false innocence. "Hm. You must be doing something wrong."

She bit back a laugh and shook her head, disapproving. Calling Korra's prowess into question was obviously bait. Keeping physically active was her calling. More than (almost) anything, she loved kickboxing, rock climbing, and surfing when the weather allowed it. Compared to the average person, she was the energizer bunny. And that included all endeavors.

"If you're trying to incite me, it won't work."

Asami hooked one of her long legs around her hip to bring her closer. Korra could've resisted, but she allowed the attempt at closeness. "Why would I want to do a thing like that?" she demurred.

She wasn't even close to falling for that fake angelic act. "Why don't we try this again? Only this time, you point out everything I'm supposedly doing wrong," Korra challenged.

Those green eyes lit up at the suggestion. Before either could make a move, Korra overheard a key being noisily inserted into the front door of the apartment. That was the other complication…

"Dammit," Korra muttered. She started to pull away, but Asami tightened her leg that was still wrapped around her.

"Where do you think you're going?"

She shot her an incredulous look. "Are you serious? I have roommates."

"So? Your door is locked, isn't it?"

"You're the one who locked it after your striptease," Korra smirked.

Asami's gaze rotated upward as she pretended to think about it. "A striptease? That doesn't sound like something I would do."

She rolled her eyes before her hands shot from pinning her wrists, to clutching her sides so she could mercilessly tickle her. Asami squirmed and laughed as her body contorted to try and escape. Her strength had been zapped away, and pawing at Korra's determined hands was futile.

"Stop!" she pleaded more than once.

She didn't.

"Korra!" Asami barely managed to gasp out between fits of laughter. Her eyes were watery with happy tears and her cheeks were flushed.

The sight made Korra pause. She couldn't help it. She thoroughly enjoyed the view and took a mental picture of the moment.

"What are you staring at?"

It took another second before she reluctantly broke her gaze to glance to the side. She cleared her throat. "Nothing."

Asami raised herself on her elbows. "Something," she insisted. She noticed that Korra was having a hard time making eye contact, so she took her chin in her hand and turned her so they fully faced one another. "Hey," she whispered.

When she finally looked at her, Korra was met with softest gaze she had ever seen. Her green eyes traveled over her face admiringly before landing on her mouth. Asami took her time closing the small distance between them before pressing her lips against hers in a slow kiss that held the promise of so much more. Only minutes passed before they found themselves tangled between the sheets yet again.

Awhile later they were both searching for their scattered clothes that had been discarded throughout the bedroom. Asami was in the middle of fastening her purple bra. "I have to admit," she began, "I'm a little offended that you've never offered to let me spend the night."

Korra had just stepped into a pair of running shorts when she stiffened on the other side of the bed. "Oh."

Oh? That was the best she could come up with? She dragged an anxious hand down her face. "Um," she searched her suddenly empty brain for words. "You never said anything about it. I wasn't sure what the protocol was."

"Because you've never had a girlfriend before?" Asami asked matter-of-factly.

"I've had girlfriends before!" she insisted as she flushed. This was the drawback of befriending her first. She knew her history. She knew she was lying. Korra groaned and threw a pillow at her. "Shut up."

Asami easily deflected the fluffy missile with a playful grin. Then she crawled over to her side of the mattress at a deliberate pace. When she was close enough, she whispered in her ear: "You are adorable."

"I am not," Korra huffed.

"Yes," she left a lingering kiss on her cheek, "you are."

When they were dressed, Korra unlocked her bedroom door so she could walk Asami to her car.

They were greeted with: "Is that a hickey?" from Bolin.

Shit. Korra rubbed the side of her neck and threw a purposeful glare in Asami's direction. How many times had she told her that she didn't like hickeys? Instead of looking mortified or even a touch of embarrassed, Asami merely smiled back. Like this was the most normal thing in the world.

"Asami?" came Mako's voice from the kitchen.

"Hi Mako," Asami greeted warmly.

After they broke up, he was falsely under the impression that she was still hung up on him and used her "friendship" with Korra as a flimsy excuse to keep tabs on him. He didn't even know the two had kept in touch until a month after their breakup and he came home to see the pair sharing lunch in the kitchen. It was awkward and he waited until Asami left to confront Korra about the situation. She insisted that they never talked about him, but he wasn't convinced. Even after the better part of a year had passed, he still maintained his suspicions.

Until now.

Mako's eyes narrowed. "Did you just get here?"

Asami pulled her purse higher on her shoulder. "No. I've been here awhile." She tried catching Korra's eye, but her blue eyes refused to make contact with anyone in the room.

He looked at Korra's closed bedroom door. "Is someone else here?"

She knew what he was getting at. "No," she admitted.

Mako straightened and he stared at Asami.

Bolin's jaw dropped. "That was you making all that noise earlier?"

At long last, Asami finally had the decency to look a little embarrassed. She brushed back her black hair. "That probably depends on what you heard, but, yes."

Korra squeezed her eyes shut and pinched the bridge of her nose. Was the truth really coming out this way?