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A Good Life

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“Good morning, sleepyhead,” greets Laura as Bill stumbles into the kitchen, hair ruffled from sleeping.  A warm steaming cup of coffee awaits him and he gives himself a moment to appreciate the rich smell of the black liquid after having gone so long without it on Earth.  “Would you like some toast?” she asks running her fingers through his thick hair, tousling it even more.  If there is one time of day that she finds him completely irresistible, it’s in the morning when he has just awakened.

“That would be great, thank you,” he says before taking a small sip of the coffee to test its temperature.  As she walks past him, he grabs her arm and tugs her back to him. 

“I thought you wanted toast,” she says.

“Kiss first,” he replies, pulling her down to his lap and wrapping his arms around her so that she can’t move.  Half a dozen kisses later, he releases her from captivity on his lap, although she didn’t really mind having a little dessert before breakfast.

Once the bread pops from the toaster, she butters the pieces and adds fresh strawberry jam made from their garden.  The plate of hot toast is set on the edge of the table just out of his reach and before he can object, she straddles his lap and lays another kiss on his lips.  The thin t-shirt she wore to bed rides up to the top of her bare thighs as she sits on his lap facing him, red messy curls on her shoulders, a smug look on her face.  She knows he is torn between her and the toast but the victory is hers when his hands stroke up her thighs exploring what’s underneath the t-shirt. 

“I don’t want you to starve,” she says reaching for a piece of toast and holding it to his mouth as he discovers she isn’t wearing any panties.  “Take a bite,” she orders.

He complies and a big glob of jam sticks to the side of his face.  She kisses it away and takes the next bite of toast herself.  “Open up, you’re turn,” she says holding the toast to him again.  They take turns eating, kissing, groping, sipping on coffee, repeating the process until all the toast is gone.  She dabs his face with a napkin, then stands and walks out of the kitchen.  “I’m going to shower,” she calls from the bottom of the steps, waiting just long enough for him to follow her.  He watches the hem of her t-shirt ripple at the top of her legs as she climbs the steps, offering him an occasional peek at her ass.  “Are you coming?” she asks, the innuendo leaving no doubt what she wants from him.


After their hot steamy shower, they dress and tend to the garden.  “Bill, I was thinking – would you like to go to the market today?  Do you feel up to it?  We don’t have anything to trade right now but it might be nice to get out so you can familiarize yourself with the area, maybe see some people you haven’t seen in a while.”

“As long as I don’t have to let go of you,” he says with a grin, knowing she may not like his possessiveness.

“I’m OK with that – I want you to feel comfortable.  So maybe after lunch?”

“I’m looking forward to it,” he says with a smile.

“Some things we should talk about first,” she says as she waters the tomato plants.  “You will probably have some memories as you bump into people from the past, but hopefully nothing too dramatic.  You’ve done really well with memories so far.  The other thing that you should know is that you may see some Centurions.”

“Centurions?” he asks, hoping she’s joking.

“If you think about it, it does make sense.  Sam is here and he’s Cylon.  I’ve also seen Deanna, Boomer, Tory, some Six models, and Leobens.  The Centurions that are here are the ones that had their inhibitors removed so that they were no longer under Cavil’s control – they’re the ones that fought with us in the attack on the Colony.  There aren’t very many, but you do see them around, especially in the market.”

“It never occurred to me that Centurions would be here,” he says still shocked at the information.

“Daddy has spoken with them extensively and it really is an atrocity how Cavil manipulated their programming and perverted them for his own personal vendetta.  They are benevolent people, fascinating, really.  They build things to trade in the market in exchange for books, music, paintings, anything artistic in nature.  Daddy’s theory is that once their inhibitors were removed by the rebel Cylons, they were free to believe in the One True God, and that is why they are here.  You basically have to believe in something other than yourself to arrive here.”

“They’re able to communicate?”

“Yup, just talk to them like you talk to anyone else.  I haven’t spent as much time with them as Daddy has, but I do have a better sense of them now and the predicament Cavil put them in.  If it hadn’t been for him, I don’t know that the second Cylon war would have ever happened.  If we see any of them, I’m sure they will speak to you because they have a lot of respect for Admiral Adama.”

“Is Cavil here?”

“I don’t think so, at least no one has seen him if he is and it’s impossible to hide for very long here.  He only believed in himself anyway, so it’s doubtful.  No one has seen any Simons or Dorals, either.  Daddy pays close attention to who arrives – ever since the shore was full of people after the initial attack.  That’s when he started collecting histories by interviewing people.  Imagine his surprise one day when some boats full of Centurions showed up.  I know I was startled the first time I saw one here.”

Bill reaches for the hose from Laura and takes over watering the tomato plants in silence.  “Bill, are you alright?” she inquires.

“Yeh, I’m OK,” he says focusing on the plants. 

“Talk to me,” she says.  “What’s bothering you?” she asks placing a gentle hand to his arm.

“There’s so much I don’t know about this place.  I’m not sure what my reaction will be when I see a Centurion.  I know they helped us fight against Cavil, but I wasn’t comfortable having them around.  I suppose it’s because I fought against them for so long.  And now you’re telling me they respect me – I don’t know what I did to earn their respect.”

“I think we’re done out here for now,” she says taking the hose from him and rolling it back up to the patio.  “Have a seat,” she says patting on a chair.  “Bill, you were their Admiral for a while.  They had a choice of fleeing or joining the fleet and they chose the fleet.  You could have had them killed or made them leave, but you didn’t.  You also realized the importance of rescuing Hera, whom many believe is the future of the human race and the cylon race.  And when that little girl was safe with her parents again and the Colony was defeated, you set the Centurions free.  I know it was Ellen’s idea, but it was up to you to allow it to happen, and you did.  That was the first time in their existence that they were truly free.  You were the first human to treat them as something other than a machine and you trusted that they wouldn’t take that basestar and turn around and annihilate everyone.  These are the reasons why they respect you.”

“Thanks for the pep talk.  I’m still not sure about this,” he says with a frown on his face.

“I’ll be with you the entire time.  If you start feeling too uncomfortable, let me know, and we will leave.  We can make a quick exit since we aren’t there to trade.  How does that sound?” she asks with a hopeful smile on her face.

“You talked me into it.  We should probably have some lunch soon and then be on our way, before I change my mind,” he says.

“Trust me, you can do this.  It won’t be as bad as you think,” she promises.