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Kablooie's Non-Canonical (Soon to be Forgotten) Romance!

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Kablooie Duck sat in his room, he kicked his little, clawed, webbed feet and looked out the window. He had sharp teeth, white spiky anime hair but it's feathers, orange eyes that looked as if a paused atomic explosion, an orange tank top, a pair of orange flame shaped sunglasses, fake leather jacket, and fake leather fingerless biker gloves. He looked like your edgy original character that you made in middle school or high school. I personally regret to inform that he also acts probably like your edgy oc.

The Preteen Duckling poured half a bottle of beer on his trashcan full of torn, written on, paper and lit the damn thing on fire. All the male child could think of was how much he hated his entire family. Of Course, he didn't actually mean it. He was just upetti spaghetti about his mom sending him to this summer school his never there dad works at. All his other siblings got told their dreams were great but when he wanted to become a villain to prove heroes are dumb and kill the real bad guys. Suddenly his dreams were "admitting to committing arson" and he "couldn't just kill Scrooge McDuck."

At least that's what he told himself. Any other Thrid Person, Semi-All Knowing, Narrator would tell you that he's a loser. That he's '"Cringe"' and '"Toxic"' or so on. That he deserves to watch himself destroy his own life in flames, that he did it to himself. I think I killed cringe culture and pissed on it's grave so redemption story go!!

Kablooie Duck looked out the window as he thought about bitter, hateful, grudges. Like you do as a preteen because he's a 13. Kablooie was pretending he wasn't crying at all, when he noticed two bunnies. The Arsonist put the rest of the beer in the trash can as he watched them. You see, each Duck Triplet got one of Daffy's traits. Huey got wrath, Dewey got pride, Louie got greed, Phooey got absurdism, and Kablooie got lust of rabbits. To his heart and eyes, he fell in love at first sight. This is because he's teenager and nobody knows if it's true love on sight especially not a teenager.

The Firebug was pressed against the window like a fly on the wall. He watched the blue, boy, bunny and the pink, girl, bunny. The Edgy, Preteen, Boy committed their image to memory as he plotted evilly how to kidnap them. The girl bunny was wearing a yellow, short sleeved, blouse and an almost knee length, purple, skirt. The boy bunny only had a red sweater. Kablooie's heart raced as he decided his favorite parts of a rabbit were their toe beans and their tails. The two disappeared from view as they got closer to the house.

Buster Bunny and Babs Bunny, no relation, were just walking through the woods to their teacher's Daffy Duck's house. Buster complained, "I can't believe Plucky wants us to convince Daffy's son to be his friend. Why doesn't he do his own dirty work?" Babs shrugged and nodded in agreement, "Yeahhh, but at least we're getting paid in carrots." The red sweater crossed his arms and huffed out, "And maybe we can get a better grade if we bargain with Daffy." Just as they got 4 feet from the door, it slammed open. A white duckling that was dressed like a knock off Sonic character stood in the doorway.

The Snarky PROTAGONIST snarked, "I heard Daff's kid was a Disney character but I didn't know he was from Kingdom Hearts." The Girl, Second, PROTAGONIST put her hands on her hips and shaked her head in disappointment at that non joke. The said Disney character rolled his eyes and then greeted, "Hi, I'm Kablooie Duck and we've never met but I want to marry both of you." Buster and Babs Bunny slowly backed away from the stranger as they began to realize why Plucky Duck didn't come here. Just as they were about to run, the rando creepster jumped on top of them.

In the dirt of the cement stairs, they wrestled up a cloud of dirt that hide everything they did from view. Not two seconds after that cloud formed, the two toony Toons exited the fight with the modern toon to fight himself in the cloud of dust. They two stood eating carrots and watching to see how long he'd keep going. Kablooie Duck yelled for them as yet thought they were still in the dust cloud, "I only wanted to love you!" Babs Bunny laughed, "That's what every creep says." Kablooie paused with his leg in his bill and upside down on his head.

The duckling frowned and questioned, "How? Just Fucking How?" The blue and pink bunny pointed finger guns at him and joked, "Hi, Buster/Babs Bunny, (no relation) We're Toons." Before throwing pies at him and hopping off into Acme Acres. The 13 year old watched those 14 year olds hopping off into the forest and shouted back, "I'm a FUCKING Cartoon Character too, you stupid adorable pricks!!" The short fuse started cleaning himself in gasoline, by that I mean he poured gasoline on himself then lit a match.

Also like your edgy original character, he had super powers and super easy to abuse weaknesses. Like his name suggested, he was empowered by flammable things and weakened by water and ice. So guess who can't bath in water, that's right the one named after the explosion sound effect noise.

The End.