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High School Apocalypse (metaphorically, not literally)

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Kim Dokja stares blankly at the whiteboard in front of the class.

"Alright, it's all what you need for the scout camping trip this weekend! I really hope you prepare it well because, trust me, this is the most basic needs for camping and you'll get some trouble if you don't bring all of it."

Lee Jihye, one of the scout camping trip committee who's in charge of the class 12-3, stands in front of the class. Because this is a camping trip for 12th grades, then it's obvious that the 11th grades scout members like her would be its committee.

Kim Dokja observes the camping checklist that's written on the whiteboard. His eyebrows furrow deeper when he realizes how long the checklist is.

"I have a question." He raises his hand.

Lee Jihye sighs, as if she's tired of seeing his face. "What is it?"

"Do we really have to bring three pairs of shoes? I think it's a bit exaggerated?"

"It's a must. Because... Well, I can't say it right now, because it'll be a spoiler and it won't be a surprise anymore, but trust me, you will need it!"

Kim Dokja has a bad feeling. "Don't tell me we're going to cross the stream or some sort of it?"

"Uhh... Of course not! Well, it's for your spare shoes, in case it rains and floods." It's a lie.

"Nonsense. Why do we have to do this again?" Han Sooyoung says from behind him, clearly unimpressed.

"Because it will raise your active points by 50 points." Yoo Sangah, who sits beside her, calmly replies.

Han Sooyoung groans and puts her head in the table with a loud thud

"Any other complaints?" Lee Jihye ignores her.

"Can we go home when it's night?" Jung Heewon shamelessly asks.

Lee Jihye makes a frustated noise. "Of course you can't!"

"Why?? It doesn't matter where we sleep as long as we participate the day activities, right?"

"That's not how 'camping' works, unnie."

"Argh who cares about it."

"I do care. And--MASTER! Are you sleeping??"

Yoo Joonghyuk, who settles down on his chair comfortably and lowers his head until no one can see his face since the teacher left their class, immediately straightens up. 

"No, I'm not." He says. But his voice is hoarse and his eyes are red, as if he just got up from taking a nap.

Lee Jihye doesn't know how many pained groans she has let out since she entered this damned class. "Master, you're the worst."

"I'm listening."

"No, you're not." Han Sooyoung interrupts. 

"Shut up, Han Sooyoung."

"Don't worry, Jihye. You know that Yoo Joonghyuk is super good when it comes to multitasking, right? He can sleep and listen at the same time!" Kim Dokja's butting in.

"What bullshit you're spouting now." Lee Jihye says tiredly.

"Alright, I'm off. I've told you all you need to know. If you have more questions, just send me messages." Lee Jihye waves her hand and leaves the class.

Kim Dokja stands up in a flash and runs toward the door. Unfortunately, one step to go and he has to stop. Because Han Sooyoung grabs his collar from behind, that's why.

"Hold on, you bastard. We haven't finished our discussion."

"What? What now? I won't be much help, you know!" Kim Dokja struggles to break free from her grasp, which is a meaningless effort, because in less than ten seconds, he's dumped back in his chair beside Yoo Joonghyuk.

"This class is literally named 'Kim Dokja's Company'. It would be strange if the representative is absence, eventhough he's useless, don't you agree?" Han Sooyoung smiles sweetly at him.

After makes sure that Kim Dokja won't escape, she walks to the front of the class and starts the meeting.

"Alright, you all have heard Lee Jihye. There are a few things we need to prepare together."

"Wait! Can you please repeat what did she explain? I don't quite remember it all." Lee Hyunsung raises his hand, and then scratches the back of his head sheepishly.

"Okay, I'll resume it, so please pay attention."  Han Sooyoung takes a marker and opens its cap. "First, the camp will be held for three days two nights. It'll be this weekend, from Friday afternoon until Sunday morning." She writes it down on the whiteboard.

"We will be divided into two groups, male group and female group. Each group needs to prepare its own tent. But it'll be better if we rent them together, it'll be easier that way."

Some people begin to yawn. Jung Heewon rips a paper, creates small balls from it, and throws it to Jang Hayoung. 

Kim Dokja tries to take off Yoo Joonghyuk's fingers from his wrist, while Yoo Joonghyuk stubbornly maintains his grip, acting as his chain--Han Sooyoung's method to prevent Kim Dokja's escape.

"On the first day, we have to build our own tent, then there's opening ceremony, and bla bla bla, nothing's important. As well as the third day." Han Sooyoung starts to feel thirsty and decides to skip the unimportant things.

Jang Hayoung's competitive spirit is awaken and she throws back the paper balls that hit her head. But she misses her target (Jung Heewon), and hits Yoo Joonghyuk's head instead. 

Yoo Joonghyuk glares at Han Myungoh because he thinks that it was his doing. The poor Han Myungoh shrinks down in his chair due to fright. While Kim Dokja's still trying to pry Yoo Joonghyuk's hand from his wrist. He fails.

"The second day is the most important day, obviously. We will have outbound activities, games, cooking competition, art performances and campfire."

"What the hell?! Hey, isn't it too much?"

Han Sooyoung frowns. "Don't complain to me. You should complain to Lee Jihye. Weren't you listening?"

"Don't think too much about it. Just send Yoo Joonghyuk to all activities, he will win it all for us." Kim Dokja says, finally gives up to remove Yoo Joonghyuk's hand.

"They are group activities, idiot."

"Yeah? So what? You'll do it, while the others will ride the bus and cheer you on."

Yoo Joonghyuk kicks his shin under the table, and Kim Dokja shuts up immediately, winces in pain.

Han Sooyoung continues. "We just need to prepare for the cooking competition and the art performances."

"Oh, oh, oh, I have an idea!" Jang Hayoung raises her hand enthusiastically.

"What is it?"

"We can perform a dance cover! It'll be so much fun!"

"That's a pretty good idea. But I think we should use a simple choreography, since if I'm not mistaken, the art performances will be held at night, most likely all of us have been tired already." Yoo Sangah kindly reminds them.

"Let's perform Baby Shark then." Jung Heewon suggests lazily.

"No way, it's stupid." Han Sooyoung blurts out.

"Oppa Gangnam Style?"

"Are you kidding me?"




"You literally don't have any better idea other than PSY, do you?"

"Oh? Then, do you have a better idea, genius?" Jung Heewon says sarcastically.

"Well, actually, I do have a better idea." Han Sooyoung forms a wicked smile. "But I need three sacrificial lambs to do it."

She explains her plan to them, and a few moments later...

"It's a good plan, I think." Yoo Sangah nods approvingly. 

"The problem is, who's going to do that?"

"Of course, one of them must be Kim Dokja." Han Sooyoung says like she won't accept any arguments.

"What? Why me?" Kim Dokja's surprised, clearly doesn't expect it. "I don't want to!"

Han Sooyoung ignores him. "And since Kim Dokja is the first lamb, then Yoo Joonghyuk will naturally follow."

Yoo Joonghyuk's glaring daggers at her. "I won't do that."

"You will."

"No." His tone of voice is final, like he doesn't accept any complaints and he will cut down anyone who opposes him.

"What a shame, Yoo Joonghyuk. I really don't wanna use this method." Han Sooyoung shakes her head like she's really regretting it, but everyone can see the evil gleams in her eyes.

Yoo Joonghyuk's eyes slowly widen in horror as he realizes something. 

"I will tell Kim Dokja that you--"

Yoo Joonghyuk slams his hand on the table. "Alright. Fine. I'll do it."

"Wise decision, Yoo Joonghyuk."

Yoo Sangah shakes her head slowly. "Devils will resign from their job due to the shame that they're less competent than you, Sooyoung-ssi."

Meanwhile, Kim Dokja is creating a fuss. "What? Tell me what? Joonghyuk-ah? Sooyoung-ah? I thought we're best friends??" Unfortunately, everyone ignore him.

"Okay, but now, who's gonna be the third?" Han Sooyoung touches her chin, thinks hard. She's eyeing the whole class with a judgmental expression, but no matter how hard she looks, she can't find the third person that suits her plan.

"Why don't you be it, Han Sooyoung-ssi?" Lee Hyunsung innocently asks. Han Sooyoung glares at him, but before she can open her mouth to retort, someone cuts her in.

"Perfect! Han Sooyoung-ssi is actually really good at this, isn't she." Yoo Sangah claps her hands.

"Yes, I agree with Yoo Sangah-ssi." Lee Seolhwa nods solemnly. "Also, the best person who can perform this plan is actually the one who suggests it."

'Damn it.' Han Sooyoung immediately regrets it.

Jung Heewon laughs wholeheartedly. "Let's trust these three dumbasses for our art performance then."

"Excuse me?" Han Sooyoung looks offended.

"Yeah, you dumb," Jung Heewon points at her, "dumber," she points at Yoo Joonghyuk, "and dumbest," finally she points at Kim Dokja, "will perform the best stand-up comedy show."

"No, hang on--"

"I'll kill you--"

"Wait, I never say that I agree--"

Unfortunately, no one seems to hear their complains. They're already busy chatting away, even some of them already stand up, getting ready to leave the class.

Kim Dokja groans. "Eiii, I don't want to know anymore." He glances at Yoo Joonghyuk from the corner of his eyes and sees the murderous aura around him. He nudges Yoo Joonghyuk's side with his elbow. "Joonghyuk-ah."


"With whom you will sit on the bus when we go there?" The camping location isn't too far away, but to make it easier, they will depart together by bus.

"Definitely not you."

"Thank you, Joonghyuk-ah, I know I can rely on you to accompany me during the trip."

"I said no--"

Kim Dokja covers his ears with both hands. "What? I can't hear you?"

Yoo Joonghyuk sighs, defeated, and massages his temple, feels an incoming pounding headache. Looks like he's already running out of energy to deal with this rat bastard.

Kim Dokja laughs cheerfully and pats Yoo Joonghyuk's head. "Joonghyuk-ah, let's go home?"

Wordlessly, he stands up and walks toward the door. Kim Dokja grins cheekily and follows him.

Their school is already quiet when they reach the gate, only a few people here and there. The sky have turned red and orange due to the sunset. Looks like the discussion took more times than how it felt.

Kim Dokja quietly walks alongside with Yoo Joonghyuk, it's their habit to walk home together.

'Most likely, Mother hasn't come home yet, should I just have instant noddle for dinner?' Kim Dokja thinks. 'No, wait, I've had it this morning, maybe I should go to sleep right away. I'm not hungry, either.'

Yoo Joonghyuk sneaks a glance to his side, observes Kim Dokja's calm face. From his eyes, his nose, his cheek, and finally his lips... He immediately averts his gaze when he feels that his face is getting hot.

"Kim Dokja."


"Come for dinner." Yoo Joonghyuk says, doesn't even look at him.

Kim Dokja blinks. 'Did he read my mind?' Then he laughs. Oh, such a caring friend he is. Kim Dokja can't help but feels touched.

"Sure, thank you Joonghyuk-ah."

[ Apocalypse D-1 ]

Lee Jihye
>> you all are exaggerating
>> it's just a camping trip

Jung Heewon
>> feels like an apocalypse to me

Han Sooyoung
>> @YooSangah
>> i'll only bring toothbrush
>> bring some extra toiletries for me

Yoo Sangah
>> Okay

Kim Dokja
>> Are you planning to take a bath together?

Han Sooyoung
>> yeah why? wanna join?

Lee Jihye
>> no debauchery under my watch

Han Sooyoung
>> @KimDokja @YooJoonghyuk
>> don't forget to practice

Kim Dokja
>> Practice? What practice?

Han Sooyoung
>> kim dokja

Kim Dokja
>> I'm just kidding.

Jang Hayoung
>> aileen help
>> i'm running out of underwear
>> what should i do

Jung Heewon
>> hayoung-ah, you aren't supposed to send something like that in the group chat

Lee Seolhwa
>> I think they are mistexts.

Jang Hayoung
>> OOPS sorry my bad

Han Sooyoung
>> i hate packing
>> who has already done?

Kim Dokja
>> I have.

Han Sooyoung
>> impossible

Kim Dokja
>> [picture]

Han Sooyoung
>> damn

Jung Heewon
>> it'll be so much faster if you put down your phone and start packing

Han Sooyoung
>> shut up, the same goes for you too
>> hey how did you pack three fucking pairs of shoes?

Kim Dokja
>> Just put them in a plastic bag, and tie it to your backpack.

Han Sooyoung
>> no wonder your luggages look like mountains of trash
>> too much plactic bags

Kim Dokja
>> You're welcome.
>> I know you will do it anyway.

Lee Hyunsung
>> Excuse me
>> How many ropes do we have to bring?

Lee Jihye
>> as many as you need, hyunsung-sunbae
>> you'll need it for build your tent
>> 4 x 3 metres will be enough

Lee Hyunsung
 >> Thank you
Lee Jihye
>> you're welcome

Han Sooyoung
>> so sleepy

Kim Dokja
>> You should eat.

Han Sooyoung
>> that doesn't make sense, why would i eat when i'm sleepy?

Kim Dokja
>> So you won't be sleepy anymore?

Jung Heewon
>> but you'll get fat instead
>> it's currently 11.23 p.m

Han Sooyoung
>> thanks for the information
>> not helping at all

Yoo Joonghyuk
>> All of you
>> Be quiet

[ Apocalypse D-1 ]

[ Han Sooyoung changes the group name to "Apocalypse Day". ]

[ Jung Heewon changes the group name to "Wish me luck". ]

[ Han Sooyoung changes the group name to "You're the first to die". ]

[ Jang Hayoung changes the group name to "See you in the next life". ]

[ Kim Dokja changes the group name to "Ways of Survival". ]

Lee Jihye
>> why do you have to make it sounds so brutal

[ Lee Jihye changes the group name to "Camping Trip 12-3". ]

Han Sooyoung
>> boring

[ Han Sooyoung changes the group name to "KDJC vs Camping Trip". ]

[ Jung Heewon changes the group name to "Apocalypse D-Day". ]

Jung Heewon
>> this is better

Chapter Text

Kim Dokja squints his eyes due to the blinding sun. He never enjoys a ceremony, especially the one that's held at 3 p.m in the middle of a field. The sunlight hurts his head and his body sweats so much. The uniform he's wearing also doesn't help at all.

The uniform he hates the most is unarguably the scout uniform. It's stiff, it's uncomfortable, and it has too many accessories.

When the opening ceremony is over, Kim Dokja has to fight the urge to strip immediately.

While he's walking towards the male group's tent, suddenly Han Sooyoung approaches him.

"Hey, Kim Dokja."

"What do you want?"

"Help me build the female's tent."

Kim Dokja stares at Han Sooyoung incredulously.

"You haven't finish it? We were given literally two hours to build it! And also, are you seriously asking me that?"

"None of us has an experience of camping, you know? And sorry, I think I asked the wrong person." Han Sooyoung says, annoyed, then steps on Kim Dokja's foot for a good measure and looks around.

A few seconds later, her face brightens up.

"Hyunsung-ssi!" Han Sooyoung runs towards Lee Hyunsung.

A moments later, Han Sooyoung summons all of the girls from their class. "Come on, girls! Hyunsung-ssi will help us!"

"Really?! Thank you so much, Hyunsung-ssi!"

"Oh, what a relief." Yoo Sangah sighs in relief. "Thank you very much for your help, Hyunsung-ssi. We have some trouble while setting up our tent, you see."

The girls walk towards their tent while dragging Lee Hyunsung.

Kim Dokja reaches his tent and lifts the tent flap. Suddenly a scream enters his ears, and some kind of cloth lands on his face, blocking his eyes.

"Have you ever heard of knocking??"

Kim Dokja removes the cloth from his face and frowns. "Why are you screaming like a maiden? And don't ask me to knock on canvas."

He enters the tent, takes off his uniform and put on a shirt and a sweatpant, while ignoring Han Myungoh's grumbles about 'at least give me some warning before enter'.

"Hey, do you know where Yoo Joonghyuk is?" Kim Dokja asks, interupting his grumbles.

Han Myungoh shrugs his shoulder. "I don't know, I have been inside the tent since the ceremony was over."

"I heard that he's preparing dinner." His other classmate answers for him.

"Thanks." Kim Dokja quickly leaves the tent, and observes his surrounding.

He turns to the left and surrounds the tent, and nearly hit a table after the second turn. There he is, Yoo Joonghyuk's wearing an apron, chopping vegetables and occasionally stirring something in the pan. Of course, the cooking duty's dumped on Yoo Joonghyuk's shoulder as there's no one wants to can cook except him.

"Get your ass over here and help me." He says when he feels Kim Dokja's presence.

Kim Dokja clicks his tongue, but then speaks with an amused voice, "If you're asking for help, you're supposed to ask it gently." But he approaches him anyway and helps him.

The committees provide them breakfasts. But for lunches and dinners, they have to cook it by themself since the committees only provide them groceries.

"Why don't you just cook instant noddles, Joonghyuk-ah? They are a lot easier."

"They are disgusting."

"You just insult my everyday breakfast, you know that?"

"You eat it everyday?" 

"Hey! What's with that disgusted face? And no, actually. Just a few times when I'm in a rush."

"You will die faster than your original schedule."

"Bastard, don't curse me like that."

"It's a warning."

They continue to bicker while cooking, and sometimes step on each other foot or kick here and there.

"Joonghyuk-ah, try this." Kim Dokja raises a spoon to his mouth.

Yoo Joonghyuk glances at Kim Dokja's innocent face and hesitantly opens his mouth, eyes are still fixed on his face.

He barely closes his mouth around the spoon when Lee Hyunsung, Lee Jihye, and Han Sooyoung come.

He immediately retracts his face. But they already saw them.

"Ukh! Help..." Han Sooyoung stumbles and struggles to breath.

"Unnie?? What's wrong?" Lee Jihye asks with a panicked voice.

"I'm choking..."


"...on the sexual tension..." 

Lee Jihye lets out a laugh, Lee Hyunsung coughs nervously, while Kim Dokja blinks in confusion, hand's still holding the spoon and floating in the air.

Yoo Joonghyuk glares at Han Sooyoung. "Han Sooyoung, shut up."

Han Sooyoung laughs mischievously. "Don't worry, he doesn't get it anyway." She waves her hand in dismissive manner. "By the way, about the cooking competition tomorrow..."


"This jerk... Let me finish!"

While Yoo Joonghyuk and Han Sooyoung are bickering away, Kim Dokja tilts his head, wondering their weird behaviours.

But then he decides that it doesn't deserve more of his attention, so he shrugs and reaches his phone from his pocket. He types a message in the group chat, summons their other classmates to have dinner.

Kim Dokja opens his eyes, and finds himself in the darkness. His back is drenched in sweats, as well as his forehead. It's too hot inside the tent, he can't stand it anymore.

So after he sneaks his way out, careful enough that he doesn't step on his sleeping friends accidentally, Kim Dokja leaves the tent and takes a deep breath.

He doesn't want to go back into that hellish tent, so he decides to take a little walk. 

Kim Dokja checks his phone, it's currently 3 a.m. It's too early to wake up, but also too late to sleep again.

From the other side of the field, there is a medium-sized stage. Looks like it'll be the stage for the art performances tonight. And behind the stage, there are a few committees' tents. But even at this early, Kim Dokja's pretty sure that none of them is sleeping right now.

Kim Dokja keeps walking until he realizes that he arrives at the edge of the male groups area. He turns back to return to his tent, but suddenly he sees something. Or someone. 

Someone is lying on the ground behind a certain tent. It can be anyone, but Kim Dokja knows that no one is crazy enough to wear all-black during a hot weather like this, except for one person.

So he approaches that person sneakily.

"Kim Dokja."

Kim Dokja flinches. "...How the hell do you know that it's me?"

"Your ogre steps tell me."

"Oh fuck you."

"Come here."

Kim Dokja approaches him, and lies down next to him.

"How long have you been here?"

"Since midnight."

"Can't sleep?"

Yoo Joonghyuk doesn't answer. Just closing his eyes and lying down quietly. Kim Dokja imitates him.

"Why are you here?" Suddenly Yoo Joonghyuk asks.

"No particular reason. Am I bothering you? I can leave if you want." Kim Dokja tries to sit up, but Yoo Joonghyuk's hand keeps him on his place.


So Kim Dokja stays.

He says, "I can't sleep inside the tent."

"You can sleep here."

"I wish I could."

"Why not?"

"My back's hurt, I think I lie on a rock."

Yoo Joonghyuk huffs out a laugh. "Idiot."

Kim Dokja laughs with him. 

"Hey, Joonghyuk-ah."


"Do you remember when the first year, I talked to you for the first time?"

Yoo Joonghyuk's face darkens immediately. "During Kyrgios-seonsaengnim's lesson? I remember."

Amused grin's formed in Kim Dokja's face. "But you kept ignoring me."

"And you kept talking."

"Until suddenly Kyrgios-seonsaengnim asked you to close the door..."

"...From the outside!" Yoo Joonghyuk says through his gritted teeth, while Kim Dokja bursts out laughing.

Yoo Joonghyuk scowls and glares at the laughing Kim Dokja. "It wasn't just me, you got kicked out too."

"Yeah, right." Kim Dokja wipes his teary eyes, he still has a wide smile on his face. "Also, when you..."

They're reminiscing their first year, their second year, and finally their last year.

When they get back to the present, Kim Dokja says, "You know, Joonghyuk-ah, this will be the last time we spend time together like this."

Yoo Joonghyuk turns his head to stare at him, eyes unreadable.

Kim Dokja smiles and continues, "After this, we will be busy for exam this, exam that, and after we graduate, we will be on different paths."

"Kim Dokja."

"What I want to say is, please don't lose contact with me or forget me."

"Kim Dokja, don't be a fool."

"You're the most precious friend I've ever had, do you know that?"

Yoo Joonghyuk shuts his mouth.

"My high school life has become so much better than my school life before, because of you." Kim Dokja closes his eyes. "So I hope I can maintain this friendship with you." Now he yawns widely. "...Suddenly I feel sleepy..."

Yoo Joonghyuk exhales heavily. "Sleep, Kim Dokja."

"Then you will leave me alone."

Yoo Joonghyuk gazes at him, there's a lump in his throat that prevents him to talk. 'Do you really think I can leave you after all this time? After all the time we spent together, how can you still don't understand?'

"I won't."

Kim Dokja has fallen asleep. Yoo Joonghyuk shifts, now he's lying on his left side, facing Kim Dokja. He slowly raises his hand, touches Kim Dokja's cheek gently, softly, so he doesn't wake him up, and brushes his hair that obscures his eyes.

While staring at Kim Dokja's face, he thinks, 'Friend...' He closes his eyes, feels empty in his chest due to the wistful longing. 'Why can't we be more?'

Yoo Joonghyuk is annoyed. Well, not that he's happy in the first place.

"I swear it was S."

"No, I'm sure it was R."

"Oh? Then is there anyone who thought that it was T?"

"I did."

"Shut up." Yoo Joonghyuk growls. "Each of you just have to remember 5 codes, yet you can't even do that?"

"I remember! I swear it was--"

Kim Dokja makes a quick decision to shove a candy to his poor friend's mouth, effectively shuts him up before Yoo Joonghyuk surges forward to shut him by himself.

"There, there. This isn't the time to fight, yes? Let's see..."

He looks at the booknote he hold on his hand. 




He sneaks a glance to Yoo Joonghyuk's booknote. His works are better than him, but they're still unreadable.

The outbound activities have begun. But they have to solve a semaphore code to depart. 

Three words have been given, yet none of them can be solved by them.

"Here's the plan. Just write down any letters we recognize, then we guess a random word, and then Han Myungoh will sprint to the stage to deliver it."

"Are you saying that we should just answer it without knowing the real answer?"

"Exactly. Look, Lee Jihye will start the fourth words."

Lee Jihye is standing on the stage, holding two flags and waving it in a way that's saying, 'Attention!'

Silence descends on the field. Everyone is pouring their attention to her.

'Flap!' That's the first letter. 




'Flap!' Lee Jihye crosses the flags in front of her legs. That's the end signal.

"...What was that?"

"I got S_NFIS_." Yoo Joonghyuk says.

"I only got T."

"What the hell? There's no letter T!"

"Oh yeah? Then what have you got?"

"Well I didn't get anything but I know for sure how's the letter T code and she didn't do it!"

"If you didn't get any letter, then your argument is invalid."

Kim Dokja checks all the letters his friends have got, thinks for a moment, then writes down something on a paper and gives it to Han Myungoh. 


Han Myungoh stands up from his sitting position and dashes to the stage. He's surprisingly good in running.

"What did you write?" Yoo Joonghyuk asks.


Yoo Joonghyuk shots him a death glare and pinches his waist.

"Hey! I didn't write it to mess with you!"

Han Myungoh comes back to them. His expression is weird.

"Our answer was right."


"Then can we depart now?"

But Han Myungoh shakes his head. "Someone preceded me."

[Okay, female group of class 12-5, you may depart!] A committee speaks using a microphone.

Loud cheering erupts from afar. Then they see a girl group walks out of the field.

"...Damn. If we depart late, we will enjoy the sun at its fullest."

Then Lee Jihye starts the fifth word.

After she finished, Yoo Joonghyuk writes down something, and then stands up, running at full speed by himself.

When he comes back, he wears a smug look on his face.

"Did you make it?"


[Male group of class 12-3, please depart!]

Kim Dokja gives a standing applause and 90 degree bow to Yoo Joonghyuk. Their classmates are also worshipping him.

Originally, they have an agreement that each person must remember at least 5 letters codes. 

But if Yoo Joonghyuk can solve a word by himself, most likely he remembers more than 5 codes.

"Good job, Joonghyuk-ssi!"

"I will rely on you from now on, Yoo Joonghyuk-ssi."

"Joonghyuk-ssi is amazing!"

"Yoo Joonghyuk is truly admirable!"

"Be quiet." Yoo Joonghyuk says, exasperated.

"By the way, what was the word?" Kim Dokja asks him while walking.

"It's 'Squid'."

Kim Dokja feels a vein throbs in his temple. He stretches out his leg, tries to kick Yoo Joonghyuk's ankle, which can be evaded easily by him.

"Ask Lee Jihye if you don't believe it." He says with monotonous voice, but the amused quirk on his lips betrays his whole expression.

They walk together, leaving the field to begin the hellish route.

Walking 3 kilometres is not too far actually. As long as they're walking on a straight road, that is.

Unfortunately, they're walking on a nature route, with a rocky road and wild grasses.

In summary, their outbound can be described like this--


"I'm on the verge of death, please tell my mother that I love her."

"...We've only been walking for 15 minutes."


"Shit, help!! Help me! HELP-"

"IT'S JUST A SNAKE! Calm down!"

"You tell me to calm down after I'm almost getting bitten by a snake??"

"It's a lot better than a crocodile, no?"

"Where do you think we are?! Amazon?!"


"What is the biggest animal in the world?"

"Mmm... Elephant?"

"Blue whale."


"Who painted the Mona Lisa?"


"He's a composer, idiot!"

"Leonardo Da Vinci."

"Ah, Joonghyuk-ssi really knows a lot."

"If all of the states of America were placed in alphabetical order, what would be first and last?"


"How am I supposed to know?! What kind of general knowledges is this? Do I really need to know all of these knowledges?!

"Alabama and Wyoming."


"Hand me the questions. You all are useless."

"Here you go, Yoo Joonghyuk-nim."




"Shut up."

"...But I didn't say anything??"

"Your breathings. It's noisy."

"Well, I'm sorry about it, but I can't help it if I'm breathing hard while climbing this fucking hill."

"Just take care of it."

"...You're basically telling me to stop breathing, you know that?"

"I don't care."

"...Yoo Joonghyuk-ssi, you're too heartless."




"Carry me."

"...Come here."


"So I can throw you to that river below."



Male group's route starts at the finish line of the female group's route and vice versa.

Obviously, they will meet the female group at some point.

"Kim Dokja! You're still alive?" Han Sooyoung laughs on his face.

Kim Dokja scowls. It's so unfair how the female group still looks fine compared to the male group who's drenched after they have to cross a stream.

But then again, they will walk through the same route anyway.

"Just wait until you meet the crocodile."

Han Sooyoung goes pale. Kim Dokja smirks.

Kim Dokja groans, his legs are sore, his pale skin is burning eventhough only a little of them is revealed. He's never been an outdoors person.

While Yoo Joonghyuk is the exact contrary. He's excellent in sport, and he performs better when he's in the outdoors than the indoors. His already tanned skin is getting more tanned, but he still looks unfairly attractive. He's currently sitting in front of their tent, legs stretched out.

Kim Dokja slumps down on the ground beside him after he grabs his bottle, and gulps down the water. Really, the outbound activities didn't suit him at all as he feels his whole body's slowly aching.

On the stage, a committee hold a mic and starts speaking, [Test. Test. Ehem.]

[Alright, everyone is here, right? Please, check your surrounding, in case you lose one or two of your friends, eheheheheh.]

Kim Dokja faintly hears someone's shout, 'Cut the crap, asshole!'. It suspiciously sounds like Han Sooyoung's.

[The next activity is games, and it'll start at 3 p.m. So take your time to rest, no need to rush. We still have some times left until the next activity. Okay, that's all, goodbye!]

Kim Dokja sighs. Fortunately, the sun isn't as scorching as yesterday, although it's still capable of burning his skin. 

Next to him, Yoo Joonghyuk shifts and stands up.

"Where are you going?" Kim Dokja immediately asks.


"Wait, I come along." He tries to stand up, but his wobbly legs don't give much help for it. "Joonghyuk-ah, help me up?"

"Tsk, weakling." But he stretches his hand and forcefully pulls Kim Dokja's hand, earns him a surprised yelp.

The route to the toilets is terribly far from their camp. They have to pass the male groups area, get out from the field, then down the road, until they reach an elementary school.

That's right, the committees borrow an elementary school's toilets for this camping trip. An incredibly frugal way to save budgets.

As expected, the toilets are crowded by the other students. Even if each toilet is used by two people at the same time, there's still a long queue.

By the time they finish their bussiness and get back to their camp, there's a fuss around their group tent.

"Hey, what's wrong?" Kim Dokja pokes at someone's shoulder. Surprisingly, it's Jang Hayoung.

"What are you doing here?"

"We--Ah! Joonghyuk-ssi! We've been looking for you!"

At Jang Hayoung's yell, everyone turn their head towards Yoo Joonghyuk. Yoo Joonghyuk furrows his eyebrows due to the sudden attention. "What now?" He says and marches forward. People make way for him and he immediately sees the culprit.

"What did you do, Han Sooyoung?" 

"Ah, Yoo Joonghyuk! Our mother hen!" Han Sooyoung laughs in relief. "You see, I was trying to cook--"

"You cooked?"

"I mean, boil! I just boiled water."

"It doesn't explain why the pan is jet-black in charcoal."

"Well, all of us were hungry, you know... So I boiled water to cook instant noodles, and left it while waiting for it perfectly boiled. But turned out, I left for too long, and here's the result!"

Yoo Joonghyuk presses his thumb and his index finger to his temples.

That's the reason why the class 12-3 spend the rest of their leisure times cleaning up the mess, nagging Han Sooyoung, and helping Yoo Joonghyuk to prepare their lunches.

[Test. Good afternoon, everyone! It is currently 2.45 p.m. We will start the games in 15 minutes!]

It's that committee again. Then Kim Dokja realizes that he's Kim Namwoon, member of the e-sport team that Yoo Joonghyuk leads, as well as Lee Jihye. Kim Dokja has this suspicion that he actually follows every Jihye's activities.

[We have a few games here--]. Loud roars of complaints are heard all over the field. [Whoa! Don't be too upset! Not everyone has to participate. Just send some people of your group as your representative and the rest can be their cheerleader!]

"I'll pass." Yoo Joonghyuk immediately says. No one opposes his words since they all know that he already played a big role in the outbound activities this morning, and evenmore, also prepares their meals.

[Your committee in charge will explain the games for you, so listen for them well!]

At the same time, they see Lee Jihye approaches them.

"Oh, please don't be like that! The games are not that bad!" Lee Jihye says when she realizes the gloomy atmosphere.

"Yes. Let's appreciate the committees who have worked hard to prepare these games. After all, this event is held as our last trip, right?" Yoo Sangah says as a saintess as always, a gentle smile curls on her lips. 

"Sangah-unnie..." Lee Jihye sees her with admiring eyes. Probably in her eyes, there's an imaginary halo behind Yoo Sangah's head.

"Alright! I'll explain them so please listen well!" Lee Jihye claps her hands excitedly.

"--They will be me, Lee Hyunsung, Jung Heewon, Jang Hayoung, and Kim Dokja."

Kim Dokja flinches when he hears the mention of his name. What are they talking about?

"You weren't listening, were you, Kim Dokja?" A vein throbs in Han Sooyoung's temple.

"We're talking about the representatives for the tug of war, Dokja-ssi." Lee Hyunsung kindly explains.

"Ah, I see." Kim Dokja nods. Huh. Wait. "Tug of war?"


Kim Dokja gapes, his jaw falls to the ground. "You must be kidding me."

"Actually, I don't expect you to be much help either, but we're lacking of manpowers, you see." Han Sooyoung explains, deadpan. "This game needs 5 people, and everyone already has their own role. In addition, Yoo Joonghyuk doesn't want to participate."

Kim Dokja feels a little offended. "If I won't be much help, why don't I join the other games?"

"It's impossible."


"Because you are the strongest weakling. The best of the worsts." Han Sooyoung explains slowly, with a fake patient tone of voice. "Even if you're weak, the others are worse, they are garbages." Her rude words elicit loud exclamation of protests from their classmates. "At least, you can win an one-on-one against Han Myungoh."

That doesn't sound convincing at all. Kim Dokja can't help but stares at Yoo Joonghyuk in envious.

"Don't worry, Dokja-ssi." Jung Heewon pats his shoulder. "We have Hyunsung-ssi and Hayoung-ah! And you know that you can't underestimate me either!"

True to her words, they are the only ones they can rely on for this game since they are the real athletes. Han Sooyoung is chosen probably because she has a record of dragging Kim Dokja from the first floor to the rooftop despite her short stature.

Surprisingly, three athletes and two ordinary-but-not-so-unreliable people are enough to bring them to the semi-final. The problem occurs after the semi-final.

Jang Hayoung's palms are injured after two rounds of tug war.

"Are you okay?" Yoo Sangah asks worriedly.

"I'm okay, don't worry, Sangah-ssi." Jang Hayoung smiles between her winces of pain.

"You can't participate further than this, Hayoung-ssi." Lee Hyunsung says, looks worry at Jang Hayoung's determination.

"Yes, you step aside and rest. We can't take the risk of infection on your injuries." Han Sooyoung adds. 

"But we don't have anyone left to replace me." Jang Hayoung argues. "Besides, this is nothing compared to my injuries during training!"

"And we have another problem." Kim Dokja decides that this is a good time to butt in.


"Our opponents at the final are from class 12-5."

Han Sooyoung's visage is noticeably paler.


The other companions' expressions don't look good either.

"Well, it can't be helped." Han Sooyoung says then with a shrug. "Hayoung, you step back and rest."

"But--" "Trust me, it'll be worse for you to participate in this, you won't be any help and you'll get infections instead." Despite her harsh words, everyone know that it's her way to show her concern.

"After all, we still have one trump card." Han Sooyoung forms a wide, devilish grin and reaches out for her phone that have been entrusted to Yoo Sangah. "We really need him if we want to win this game."

But after a few moments, she's losing her patience.

"Yah this bastard! He ignores my messages!"

"Are you talking about Yoo Joonghyuk?"

"Of course, who else? Kim Dokja, call him. He definitely will answer if it's you."

Kim Dokja scowls. "He will beat me up if I make him participate in this game."

"No way. Now hurry up! The final will be started soon!" They see Lee Jihye from afar, explains their situation to other committees so they can gain more time to solve their problem.

Kim Dokja sighs and takes his phone from Yoo Sangah.

Yoo Joonghyuk's sitting under a tree in the side of the field, closing his eyes and leaning back to the trunk.

Unfortunately, his rest time is disturbed by the chimes of his phone.

Frowning, he checks his phone.

[ Apocalypse D+1 ]

Han Sooyoung
>> @YooJoonghyuk
>> where r you
>> come here and be our hero

[ Yoo Joonghyuk has left the group. ]

[ Han Sooyoung added Yoo Joonghyuk to the group. ]

Han Sooyoung
>> yoo joonghyuk!!!

[ Yoo Joonghyuk has left the group. ]

He puts away his phone, but then scowls because he forgets to put it in silent mode. He barely unlocks his phone, when a message comes.

[ Kim Dokja ]

>> Yoo Joonghyuk.
>> Where are you?

Why <<

>> Hayoung-ssi is injured.
>> We need you to replace her.

Don't want to <<

>> Our opponents are from 12-5.

Yoo Joonghyuk's left eyebrow twitches. He doesn't want to play this stupid game, but he also won't let his class to be defeated by them. Especially by them.

He has built some kind of competition with some people there, and Kim Dokja knows this fact. Fuck him to wake his competitive spirit up.

Fine <<

Reluctantly, he leaves his comfortable spot and searches for his companion.

Chapter Text

A cunning smile is formed on Kim Dokja's lips. Coaxing Yoo Joonghyuk is easy if you know his weakness.

Wait... That's not coaxing then, it's manipulation.

"Well? Did it work?"

"He's on the way."

"Told you so." Han Sooyoung looks smug.

"It's because I know how to coax him."

"I think it doesn't matter how, as long as it's you."

"Huh, why?" Crinkles are formed on between Kim Dokja's eyebrows.

"Urgh, stupid Kim Dokja, I begin to feel pity for Yoo Joonghyuk." Han Sooyoung groans in frustation. Suddenly she straightens up and powerfully waves her hands while shouting, "YOO JOONGHYUUUKK!!"

Kim Dokja turns his head to see Yoo Joonghyuk who walks towards them from afar.

[Alright, finally we will begin the final match of tug war between class 12-3 and 12-5!! Representatives from both classes, please get ready!]

Kim Dokja stares at the opposite side, their competitors are coming.

"Let's rearrange the formation." Suddenly Yoo Joonghyuk's voice startles him.

"The fuck? How do you walk so fast." Kim Dokja mutters under his breath.

"I'll be at the front." Yoo Joonghyuk continues. "Followed by Kim Dokja, then Jung Heewon, Han Sooyoung, and lastly, Lee Hyunsung."

All of them nod with determined faces and position themself in one side of the rope, but their faces change almost instantly when they feel the intimidating presences from their enemies.

Yoo Joonghyuk's face darkens when he sees the person in front of him. The one who's facing him is someone he knows better than anyone in this world.

He has the exact same face as him, with the only difference is a scar that cross the other's cheek. The infuriating smirk on his face almost brings Yoo Joonghyuk to punch him.

"Long time no see, Joonghyuk-ah."

"The last time we saw each other was yesterday, bastard."

His older twin brother laughs. "For me who see your face every single day, I think 24 hours without seeing each other are long enough."

A lot of people misidentified them since they have almost similar faces and names. As the result, people one-sidedly called the eldest 'SP' (where did that nickname come from remained as a mystery) and forgot his real name. And now, the only ones who know his names are his family, and probably his classmates.

And he is the reason why Yoo Joonghyuk finally wants to join this game. Because it'll hurt his pride if his class is defeated by them, that's why.

Moreover, they rarely get along well due to the sibling rivalry, so no one is surprised by their clash this time.

"Dokja-yaaa!" But it seems like there's one person who's oblivious to the current situation.

"...Uriel, it's been a while." Kim Dokja smiles awkwardly.

"I'm really surprised that you participate in this!" Uriel grabs his hands and brings him to spin around together excitedly until he's nauseous.

'Well, me either.' Kim Dokja thinks.

"Don't worry, I will do my best! Even though you're my favorite person after Yoo Joonghyuk, I won't hesitate to fight with my full power!"

"Eh, but, I prefer if you do the opposite though..."

But Uriel already stands on her position behind SP with resolute eyes.


[Whoah! This will be very interesting~]

From the class 12-5 side, there are SP at the front, followed by Uriel, and then a chunni who only wants to be called 'Black Flame Dragon', then Cheok Jungyeong, and lastly, Sun Wukong.

Compared to them, the Kim Dokja and others are nothing but babies. All of them are their school's aces when it comes to sport competitions. That's why they are called 'The Kings'.

True that Yoo Joonghyuk, Lee Hyunsung, Jung Heewon and Jang Hayoung are athletes too, but they're on a completely different level.

[Okay, without further ado, let's start the final match of tug war game!]

They grab the rope tightly and start to take their stances.

[Get ready!]




Loud cheering erupts from around them. 

"Yoo Joonghyuk!! Yoo Joonghyuk!!"

"SP!! SP!!"

"Dokja-ssi! Heewon-ssi! Fighting!"


"Uriel! Sun Wukong!"

And in the middle of the crowd, a rope is stretched tightly, pulled from the both sides by almost similar forces.

But, unfortunately, the situation begins to tilt to one sides.

Yoo Joonghyuk and friends are slowly dragged to the middle line, their feet drag traces on the ground. 

Yoo Joonghyuk grits his teeth. "Bastard!" He spits out.

SP glares at him, offended. "Asshole!"







"The fuck are they doing!" Han Sooyoung yells from behind. "Are they having some kind of brotherly war??"

Kim Dokja pants heavily. He pulls with all his might but the rope still doesn't on their side. If it continues like this, they won't win this game.

But then, as if he receives an enlightement, an imaginary light bulb pops in his head.

'Perhaps...?' He glances at the opposite side. 'Well, Yoo Joonghyuk will kill me for this, but I'll worry about it later.'

"Uriel!!" Kim Dokja shouts loudly.

"Eh, huh?" Her scary and determined expression is distorted at the call of her name. She stares at Kim Dokja in confusion. "...Yeah?"

"If you surrender now, I'll give you a photo of shirtless Yoo Joonghyuk!!"

There's a beat of silence.

"What the fuck, Kim Dokja!!" Yoo Joonghyuk roars furiously.

Even SP's eyes widen in surprise. "Playing such a dirty trick..!"

Uriel gapes. Her face is flushed red, and her eyes are glittering. "Really?!"

Kim Dokja nods vigorously. "Yes!!"

"Kim Dokja, I'll kill you."

Uriel still has a conflicted expression on her face as if she isn't sure she will take the offer or not. But slowly, it's clear that she lose her will to fight, because gradually, they create a bigger distance between the middle line and Yoo Joonghyuk's feet.

"What the hell? It actually works?" Jung Heewon says, almost laughs.

Uriel is Yoo Joonghyuk's fan, although Kim Dokja doesn't understand why she's a fan of Yoo Joonghyuk when she's literally in the same class with SP.

Speaking of SP...


Now, he's enraged.

"I've been with him since we were embryos! I can give you better photos as many as you want!"

"Stop selling my photos!" Yoo Joonghyuk cries out in anger.

"...For real?" Uriel now glances at SP from behind. "You're not lying?" Apparently she trusts Kim Dokja more than him.

SP nods solemnly. "You know that time when Kim Dokja slept over in my house?"

"Uh yeah, I think..." 

"I have their photos when they slept together."

"The fuck?!" "Fucking hell?!" Both Yoo Joonghyuk and Kim Dokja are scandalized.

"Now that, my friend, is actually very interesting." Han Sooyoung's comment really isn't needed.

Meanwhile, Uriel's wide-eyes are shining in excitement.

"But I'll give it to you only if we defeat Joonghyuk-ah."

Uriel thinks for a moment. "Promise?"


"Okay!" She pulls again, stronger than before. Once again, class 12-3 is in disadvantageous position.

"Shit." Kim Dokja totally doesn't expect this counter-attack.

Yoo Joonghyuk glares at SP, his eyes are burning in fury.

"So that's how you want to do it, huh." He says coldly. "Two can play at that game."

Then he shouts out, "Sun Wukong!!"

"What?! Please don't drag me to your sibling war--"

"Surrender now and I'll grant your old request!"

Sun Wukong flinches. "...Which one?"

"That one time, you asked me a photo of SP when he cross-dressed at middle school--"

"HE WHAT." SP gapes incredulously, but then averts his gaze over his shoulder.

"Sun Wukong." His voice is dangerously quiet, like the calm before the storm.

"Uh..." Sun Wukong is torn between getting beaten up by SP but also get a new jerk off blackmail material and missing a rare chance but winning this stupid game.

He has picked his choice.

Slowly, The Kings are dragged to the middle line. 

"Sun Wukong." SP calls him again solemnly, emphasizes every syllables. "We will talk about this later." It's a threat.

Slowly but surely, SP's feet are getting closer to the line.

But they aren't called 'The Kings' for no reason because even without Sun Wukong, they're only dragged a few centimetres and then come to a stop.

Not surprising actually, especially with the enraged SP and the more-determined-than-before Uriel. Evenmore, Kim Dokja and friends are almost running out of energy.

"Goddamnit!" Han Sooyoung curses when the rope doesn't even budge no matter how hard she pulls it.

But then...



The rope breaks with a loud snap and all of them hit the ground.

"Urgh bitch, get off me this instant!" Han Sooyoung yells when Jung Heewon falls on her body.

"You think I did this deliberately?! Tell that to Kim Dokja!" Jung Heewon shouts back, points at Kim Dokja who slumps on her feet.

"More correctly, tell that to Yoo Joonghyuk." Kim Dokja says from under Yoo Joonghyuk.

Yoo Joonghyuk lets out a pained groan and rolls over from Kim Dokja's body.

They're looking like a parody of human dominoes.

"Oh my god! Are you okay?" Lee Jihye, Yoo Sangah, and Jang Hayoung approach them, help them to stand.

[Ahahahahah, hahahahah, this is hilarious! I can't--ahahahah]

"Hey, Kim Namwoon! You better stop laughing and call the medics!" Lee Jihye cries in irritation.

[Ahahahah--sure, I've called them, but this is--hahahah] Kim Namwoon removes the mic from his mouth and keep laughing.

"That motherfucker..." Lee Jihye glares at him, irritated.

"Is there anyone hurt?" A few committees who's in medical charge approach them.

"Nope, we're good, thank you." Fortunately, no one is hurt.

[Well, since we don't have a winner, how about we do this once more--]

"What did you say, son of a bitch?" Han Sooyoung yells in anger, "I'm fucking done!"

"I won't do this anymore." Yoo Joonghyuk vows.

[Ehhh?? But your opponents--]

"Do I look like I want to do another round?" SP growls ferociously, he's still sitting on the ground.

"I can't do this anymore..." Uriel's lying on the ground, speaks powerlessly.

"Well, at least we prevent the spread of our blackmail materials." Kim Dokja murmurs, but Yoo Joonghyuk still can hear him.

"Kim Dokja."


"Run and pray that I can't catch you."

With a surprising skillful technique, Kim Dokja evades when Yoo Joonghyuk lunges at him, and breaks into a sprint, running away from the furious Yoo Joonghyuk.

Unfortunately but obviously, Yoo Joonghyuk can catch him. After he got kicked on the ass, he's grabbed by the scruff of the neck and hauled to their tent. All of their classmates are there. They're getting ready for the cooking competition.

It's not literally a cooking competition though. They just need to cook as usual, and serve an addition plate for the judges. But of course, they have to make it better than usual if they want to win the competition.

"Relax, Yoo Joonghyuk. We will take care of the meals, so you can do something else!" Han Sooyoung proudly declares when she sees Yoo Joonghyuk approaches them while dragging Kim Dokja.

"And watch you create another mess? What an excellent idea." Yoo Joonghyuk says sarcastically.

"Hold your insult." Han Sooyoung raises her palm. "You've worked hard enough so it's time to trust your classmates!"

Yoo Joonghyuk narrows his eyes suspiciously but Han Sooyoung doesn't even waver under his glare.

"Besides, we have something that's more important to do."

"And what is that?"

"Practice for the art performance?"

Yoo Joonghyuk has to bite back his groan. He completely forgot about it until now.

"Come on, you idiots, practice it properly so we won't humiliate ourself."

Then they (with Kim Dokja's still hauled by Yoo Joonghyuk) enter the tent to practice their upcoming performance.

The night comes faster than they thought. At 7 p.m, the committees summon them all to gather in front of the stage.

"Do you really think I can do this?" Kim Dokja is suffering from anxiety.

"No one can do better than you." Han Sooyoung nods reassuringly. "Don't think too much about the audiences. Just think of them as rocks. Or ghosts."

"That's not making me feel any better, but thanks."

Jung Heewon makes comforting pats on his back. "You've been done worse than this, Dokja-ssi. Do you remember when you accidentally--"

"Thank you for the reminder, Heewon-ssi, but I don't think I want to know anything you want to say just now."

"Don't think anything unnecessary and calm down." Yoo Joonghyuk's voice enters his ear, and he, strangely, feels relief in instant.

Right, of course. Yoo Joonghyuk is more popular than him. Obviously, all attentions will go for him. Kim Dokja sits more comfortably than before.

[And now, we will watch a perfomance from class 12-1! Please give them applauses!]

Loud applauses erupt from the audiences while students from class 12-1 ascending the stage.

[And after this, we will have a performance from class 12-3, so please get ready!]

"Oh, we're early?" Han Sooyoung jumps from the ground and kicks both Yoo Joonghyuk and Kim Dokja. "Come on! Let's get ready from behind the stage."

The three of them head towards backstage. Kim Dokja crouches down, feels nervousness coils in his stomach.

"Kim Dokja?" Yoo Joonghyuk calls him with a slight concern.

"...I'm fine." Kim Dokja takes a deep breath. Fuck this stage fright. Talking in front of a lot of people is definitely not one of his favorite things to do.

"Calm down, I'm sure you'll be fine. We've practiced hard, after all." Han Sooyoung pats his head. "And you've been practicing it in daily life too. I mean what's the difference between acting and lying?"

...Damn her.

"It's different. I can lie with a straight face, while I will only be laughed at if I'm acting sad with a straight face."

"...You've got a point."

Although it's irritating, talking with Han Sooyoung works well to calm himself.

From the front of the stage, loud applauses are heard. Looks like now it's their turn.

[Now, please welcome to the stage, class 12-3!!]

Like trio little ducklings form a row, Yoo Joonghyuk, Kim Dokja and Han Sooyoung get on the stage.

"Yoo Joonghyuukkk!!"

"Handsome Yoo Joonghyuk!!"

"Kyaaaa!! Joonghyuk-ssi, over here!!"

"Kim Dokja is the best!"

"Dokja-ssii!! Do your best!"

"Our dumb, dumber and dumbest are the best!!"

"Han Sooyoungg!!"

Their classmates position themself on the frontline of the audiences to cheer them on. Kim Dokja will be touched by their comradeship if only they don't act shamelessly.

But Yoo Joonghyuk maintains his expressionless face, looks undisturbed by the shameless cheerings.

After each of them receives a microphone, Kim Dokja begins the introduction.

"Hello. We're from class 12-3. My name is Kim Dokja--"

"Dokja-yaaaa!!" Uriel waves the flashlight of her phone and forms a finger heart.

Kim Dokja waves his hand to her sheepishly. "--and my companions..." He elbows Yoo Joonghyuk, who continues his introduction with, "Yoo Joonghyuk." And Han Sooyoung follows him automatically, "And me, Han Sooyoung!" She forms a peace sign next to her face.

"--We will perform a medley of poetries. With me as an egg seller..." Kim Dokja elbows Yoo Joonghyuk once again, who immediately says with a dark expression, "Me as a casanova."

Someone (Kim Dokja is pretty sure that it's SP) bursts out laughing out loud in the middle of the girls' screams. 

"--and me as a fighter!" Han Sooyoung ignores the chaotic audiences and continues the introduction.

"Then I'll hope you enjoy!" With Kim Dokja's last words, they're bowing simultaneously and taking their formation; Yoo Joonghyuk in the right, Han Sooyoung in the middle, and Kim Dokja in the left, each of them is separated by two arms' length distance.

The first one to start is Yoo Joonghyuk.

"The moon looks beautiful today..." With an admiring expression, he looks up to the sky. ("No? There's no moon, Master! It's cloudy!" Lee Jihye says.)

"But it's not as beautiful as you, my lady... Oh, what a gorgeous smile you have..." Yoo Joonghyuk reaches out to the empty air, his hand caresses it with an adoring eyes. ("KYAAAAAAA--" "Shit, they hurt my ears--")

"Really, your feature is very beautiful like--" "Bombs and missiles that burn down the village!!" Han Sooyoung declares her war poem loudly and cuts in Yoo Joonghyuk's poem, totally ruins the romantic atmosphere. ("That doesn't sound right..." Jung Heewon wonders.)

"I'm not afraid of you! You're just an--" "Egg! Chicken egg! Duck egg!" Kim Dokja shouts loudly. He makes a desperate yet determined expression, as if he's tired but he will never give up. ("HAH! Nice one! You're just an egg!" Jang Hayoung cries out while pointing at Han Myungoh who gapes, "...Is that an insult?")

"My voice was reverberating all over the village... The proof of my efforts to earn a single grain of rice..." ("Aawww I will gladly adopt you, Dokja-ya! No need to sell eggs!")

"These eggs--" "Smile at me, oh my beautiful lady." Yoo Joonghyuk forms a gentle smile. "Then I will smile at you, I seduce you..." ("KYAAAAAAAA!" "GODDAMNIT shut the fuck up!")

"Your lips touch my ear... And you whisper--" "LIBERATION!" ("But that's not a whisper, Sooyoung-ssi." Lee Hyunsung says, forehead pinched in a frown.)

"No one can colonize us! We are unstoppable! To the world, we must shout--" "Chicken egg! Duck egg!" ("...Did not see that coming." Sun Wukong's astonished.)

"I shout relentlessly, every single day... The heat and rain can't even stop me..." Kim Dokja plasters a pitiful expression on his face and his voice becomes even more dramatic. ("Dokja-ssi..." Yoo Sangah and Jung Heewon are carried away by his acting.)

"Oh my chickens and ducks..." "I really love you... You are my everything..." ("Stop making that expression with my face!" SP looks like he wants to vomit.)

"Slowly I bring my lips closer to--" "The battle tanks of the invaders." Han Sooyoung interrupts him, points her finger at random direction, then clenches her fist. "We have to destroy it!"

"For freedom and liberation... From today on we must--" "--lay as many eggs as possible." Kim Dokja says with a resolute eyes. ("Disaster. Really, I can't bear this stupidity any further.")

"Buck-buck-buck! Oh look! My chickens lay eggs!" Kim Dokja points at his imaginary chickens.

"I watch my chicken lays eggs and--" "I hug her tightly..." ("Wait, why did it sound so wrong..." Lee Seolhwa crinkles her eyebrows.)

"Her skin is hot under my touch..." ("OOOOOooooHHHhhh filthy-" "LADIES please--")

"Her pleading for mercy.. Yes, I know you like it hard, darling..." Yoo Joonghyuk with seductive eyes and sexy deep voice is really an overkill. ("I can't... It's too much..." Uriel covers her flushed face while SP is gagging.)

"Ah, it has been a long time since I want to--" "--Kill the invaders!" ("Oh my god." Yoo Sangah gasps.)

"We can't lose today, We have to win! With all my might, I shouts--" "My eggs!!" Kim Dokja cries, miserably and dramatically. "I'm very, very sad..." He clutches his shirt in front of his chest. 

"Because my chickens and ducks... They are--" "Drunk in love." ("...That sounds very, very wrong." Jang Hayoung gapes.)

"I kiss your lips--" "With a grenade!" ("GYAHAHAHAHahahhah fuck help I can't breath--" "Shut up, Kim Namwoon. I can't fucking hear them.")

"I won't give up... Even though my bullets have--" "Bad odor!" Kim Dokja makes a sorrowful expression. "Oh I can't sell it anymore..." ("Oh no!" Uriel screams.)

"Oh my chickens, Oh my ducks, Oh my eggs..." Kim Dokja crouches down in a gloomy atmosphere.

After a while, he stands up and grins widely, claps his hands excitedly with a child-like expression. He grabs both Han Sooyoung's and Yoo Joonghyuk's hands, guides them to bow and say together, "Thank you for watching us!"

Loud cheerings and applauses erupt from the audiences. Especially from their classmates who shamelessly wave their shirt, hold a poster with Kim Dokja's, Yoo Joonghyuk's and Han Sooyoung's faces, or hold a banner that's written, 'All hail the Dumb, Dumber, and Dumbest', like their fanatical fans.

Kim Dokja resists the urge to cover his face in embarassment.

He's still embarassed, even after he gets out from the stage and joins their classmates.

"You're doing great, Dokja-ssi! Sooyoung-ssi and Joonghyuk-ssi, as well!"

"Of course!" Han Sooyoung is puffing out her chest proudly, looking smug. "I'm a genius author, after all."

"You made me acting out of character." Yoo Joonghyuk grumbles.

"You've done a great job, though?" Han Sooyoung grins and blocks her face from a pair of laser eyes.

"Dokja-ssi's acting skill is also surprising! I mean, it's really good!"

"That's good to hear." Kim Dokja sighs.

They move from their position at front of the stage to the rearmost of the crowd.

"Now this is better. I can lie down freely in here." Jung Heewon plops herself on the ground, and after Yoo Sangah sits beside her, she lies down with her thigh as a pillow. Han Sooyoung imitates her with the other thigh.

A few moments later, and they have fallen asleep, snoring softly, undisturbed even by a band performance by other class. Kim Dokja shakes his head when he sees them.

"They really made themself comfortable, huh. How can they go to sleep in less than ten minutes anyway."

Yoo Joonghyuk spares a quick glance at them, and snorts. "They're always like that."

Kim Dokja laughs. "True." He extends his legs and leans back on his hands, quietly enjoying the art perfomances.

But after a couple of performances, he begins to feel sleepy as well. Not a surprise, since it's currently 9 p.m. He suppresses a yawn into his shoulder. He glances at Yoo Joonghyuk who's sitting beside him, as always.

Kim Dokja shuffles closer to him and puts his head to his shoulder, leans against him, but immediately groans. "Joonghyuk-ah, why is your shoulder so hard? I feel like I was leaning on a rock."

Yoo Joonghyuk who stiffens due to the sudden contact, replies, "Don't lean on me then."

Kim Dokja pouts. Still don't give up, he manhandles Yoo Joonghyuk's legs so they're stretched out while ignoring his glare, and then happily lies down and drops his head onto his lap. In the end, he copies Han Sooyoung's and Jung Heewon's position.

He feels Yoo Joonghyuk goes stiff and he's readying himself to be shoved away, but nothing happens.

He looks up to meet Yoo Joonghyuk's eyes that look down at him with unreadable eyes.

Kim Dokja smiles. "Joonghyuk-ah, be my pillow for a while, will you?"

Yoo Joonghyuk huffs in annoyance. "I'll drop your head if my legs go numb."

Kim Dokja laughs again. "Sure." Then he shifts his body until he lies on his side.

For one second, he's sure he's still watching the art performance comfortably, but the next second he has fallen to a dreamless sleep.

Chapter Text

Yoo Joonghyuk stares helplessly at Kim Dokja who's sleeping peacefully on his lap. 'This fool... Extremely clingy yet stupidly oblivious... Do you know that it's very frustating?'

After observing Kim Dokja's side profile for a moment, he decides that it doesn't enough, so he strokes his hair gently. 

He caresses his cheek, to see if it's really as soft as it looks like.

His thumb brushes Kim Dokja's lips, the lips that like to spouting nonsense and make Yoo Joonghyuk starts thinking nonsense too. 

He feels a sudden warmth creeps to his cheek and to the dangerous place below, so he quickly retracts his hand and turns away his gaze.

He suddenly awares where they are, and he looks around to check if there's someone who saw them.

Luckily, since they are the rearmost audiences, there's no one who can look at them without turning back.

Except, there's a certain bastard who coincidentally meets his eyes, staring at him with judgmental eyes. Yoo Joonghyuk frowns deeply.

SP is the first one who breaks the eye contact. He averts his gaze to Kim Dokja on Yoo Joonghyuk's lap, raises an eyebrow and then looks at him again, only to let out a muted mocking laugh at him.

Yoo Joonghyuk's frown deepened. He flips him off, but his laughter's only getting bigger.

SP mouths something that suspiciously sounds like, 'Go get a room, idiot.'

'Fuck off.' Yoo Joonghyuk replies.

'Just confess already.'

Yoo Joonghyuk covers his ears with his hands.

SP laughs once again, and finally returns his gaze to the stage.

Yoo Joonghyuk stares at Kim Dokja again. Well honestly, maybe he deserves to be mocked at. Why does he let himself to be drowning in his feeling and suffering from it, when he simply can either confess or move on?

Yoo Joonghyuk raises his head, glances blankly at the sky. Thinking about how much longer he can keep this feeling for himself.



"Kim Dokja."


"Wake up. It's time for the campfire."



'Ctak!' "Ouch!"

Kim Dokja immediately awakes and touches his reddening forehead, thanks to a certain jerk. He opens his eyes, stares at Yoo Joonghyuk's face that looming over him. He scowls. "Joonghyuk-ah, what was that for?"

"Move. I can't feel my legs."

He grins. "Thank you, Joonghyuk-ah. I'll never forget your sacrifice as long as I live."

Yoo Joonghyuk fights the urge to spit on his face and shoves his head away.

Kim Dokja laughs at his rudeness, then sits up and sees his surrounding.

A few people have been standing, while the others are still sitting on the ground as if they're reluctant to leave their seats.

Jung Heewon and Han Sooyoung are still snoring peacefully, and Kim Dokja can't miss this chance to kick Han Sooyoung's feet.

"Hey, you wicked witch."

She doesn't budge.

"...Is she dead?"

Yoo Sangah pats their cheeks gently. "Heewon-ssi, Sooyoung-ssi, wake up now, it's time for the campfire."

[Sunbaeeesss, come on! Chop chop! It's getting late!]

"Sunbaes! Let's form a big circle! Hurry!" Lee Jihye appears, shouts using a megaphone.

Jang Hayoung snatches it from her, and yells on Han Sooyoung's face, "WAKE UP, YOU LITTLE SHIT!"

The effects are instant; Jung Heewon is surprised and wakes up immediately, while Han Sooyoung sits up with a dazed expression.

A few seconds have passed when her expression changes.

"Fuck you all. I thought I lost my soul for a moment."

Kim Dokja grins. "I really admire your sleeping ability. I'm pretty sure that you won't awake even if a train crashes into your house."

"Of course I won't, but for an entirely different reason, because most likely I would be dead if a train really smashed my house, dumbass." Han Sooyoung retorts back, annoyed.

[Sunbaeesss!! Come on now, the sooner the better!]

Thanks to the committees' endless patiences and their reluctant cooperations, finally they successfully form a giant circle, encircle a pile of firewoods.

With so much efforts, finally their campfire has burnt. It lightens the whole field, and gives a comfortable warm for everyone.

"Argh, it's so fucking hot! Which idiot that suggests we should have a campfire during this weather? Hurry up and finish this shit!"

...Well, not everyone, apparently.

Han Sooyoung complains loudly, makes Yoo Sangah reflexively slams her hand to her mouth to shut her up and Kim Dokja beside her facepalms in embarrasment.

"Be a bit more patient, Sooyoung-ssi. This won't take too long."

In the middle of the circle, SP is giving his speech as the representative of the 12th grades.

While listening to his speech (bullshit), Yoo Joonghyuk's mind wanders around. He feels the warm presence that Kim Dokja emits from beside him.

He thinks about the mischievous glints in his eyes when he was planning something awful.

He thinks about the wide smile he formed when he succesfully made Yoo Joonghyuk annoyed.

He thinks about how clingy he was, yet didn't realize how Yoo Joonghyuk was very disturbed by it.

He thinks about all the times he caught Yoo Joonghyuk staring at him, but then he was frightened because he thought that Yoo Joonghyuk was angry at him.

He thinks about how he was bullshitting his way out and dragging Yoo Joonghyuk name when he was caught by a teacher after doing something shitty.

The emotions gather in his heart and urge him to do something that, perhaps, he will regret.

He raises his hand, makes its way to find Kim Dokja's hand, and when he intertwines their fingers together, the feelings explode in his heart. It feels like the dam in his heart has broken, and every emotions he has felt ever since their first meeting are delivered through his hand.

This isn't the first time they're holding hands, but this is the first time it feels so... Intense.

He adjusts his grip, to be firm enough to convey his feeling yet gentle enough that Kim Dokja can easily retract his hand. 

Yoo Joonghyuk doesn't even have courage to meet his eyes when Kim Dokja turns his head to glance at him. Right, he's a coward.

Yoo Joonghyuk can feel Kim Dokja's gaze from the side of his face. Kim Dokja still doesn't budge.

How long has it been passed like this?

His palm begins to sweat and he feels difficult to breath because of his nervousness.

He takes a deep breath. 'I shouldn't be greedy.'

Kim Dokja doesn't move his hand. He doesn't reciprocate him nor remove his hand.

It means he doesn't reciprocate him, but it's also not a rejection nonetheless.

'This is enough.' Yes, this is enough. This won't change anything between them. 

Just when Yoo Joonghyuk starts thinking that he should release his grip, Kim Dokja's hand shifts a little.

And tightens their grip.

His heart skips a beat. Almost instantly, he turns his head to glance at Kim Dokja, stares at him in surprise.

Kim Dokja doesn't look at him, he's staring straight at the campfire. His eyes are bright, the reflections of fire are dancing in his eyes. But the brightest among them, is the gentle smile on his lips.

'Kim Dokja.' Yoo Joonghyuk wants to call him. 'You...' But his lips can't move.

'Do you really...' He wants to ask. He wants to confirm. He really wants to know. 'Do you know about this? All this time?'

Now he isn't sure that Kim Dokja is genuinely stupid or he just feigns ignorance. Kim Dokja is such an enigma, after all.

But the most important thing is, 'Does this mean that you feel the same?'

Yoo Joonghyuk averts his gaze, now looking down at the ground, hiding his smile.

That night, when they're finally alone, they're both lying on the ground, the exact same place as the night before. They're lying on their side, face to face.

Kim Dokja doesn't speak, just staring quietly at his eyes, as if he's reading everything Yoo Joonghyuk has been hiding.

The feelings grow rapidly the longer they stare at each other eyes.

When it reaches to the degree of suffocating, Yoo Joonghyuk can't restrain himself from leaning in, slowly closing the distance between their faces.

He doesn't remember if he has ever been this close to his face. He can see his long eyelashes, fluttering from above his glittering eyes. He lowers his gaze to his pale lips, following his tongue movement when Kim Dokja licks it alluringly, then back to his eyes.

Like receiving an encouragement, Yoo Joonghyuk raises his hand to put it on Kim Dokja's cheek, caresses it gently, down to his jaw. Lightly cups his jaw, Yoo Joonghyuk pauses and looks right to Kim Dokja's eyes, "May I?"

Kim Dokja doesn't answer, and instead, closes his eyes. That's all Yoo Joonghyuk needs to remove the distance between them and capture his lips in a kiss.

The first time their lips touch each other, it feels like his body is electrified, sending a pleasant feeling through his veins. He hears a throaty sound, half growl half moan, and it takes a moment to realize that it comes from him.

He presses his lips gently, as if Kim Dokja's made of glass.

Maybe even too gentle for his liking, because he can feel Kim Dokja's hand runs through his chest, to his shoulder and to the back of his neck, hauling him to move onto the top of him. So he does.

He moves onto the top of Kim Dokja, traps him under his torso. He already feels overwhelmed with the touch of his lips and their heated bodies are pressed together, but when he feels Kim Dokja's arms around his neck, digging his fingers to his hair, as if luring him to deepen their kiss, a shiver of pleasure flashes through him and encourages him to do more.

He licks his lower lips curiously, hesitantly, almost feels like testing the water. A silent request. When Kim Dokja parts his lips, his heart jumps in his chest and he subconciously lets out another throaty sound.

The chaste close-mouthed kiss turns into an open-mouthed kiss. Not an invasive kiss that involves the tongue and lip biting, but more like a slow and warm kiss, like seeking union and closeness.

Yoo Joonghyuk feels a foreign but comfortable warmth coils in his stomach, raises to his chest. Kim Dokja lets out a sigh to his mouth and tugs his hair weakly when Yoo Joonghyuk sucks his lower lip gently, body's slightly trembled from the sensation.

It's like the kiss is a connection, opening each other souls and tasting each other feelings. The feelings that can't be put into words.

It's like the world around them melts away, there's only the unhurried, almost sensual, joining body and soul. Yoo Joonghyuk feels the body beneath him squirms when he sucks his lips, and when he sucks harder, Kim Dokja slightly arches his back and whimpers, the pleasure creeps his spine.

Yoo Joonghyuk doesn't know how much he loves the touch of Kim Dokja's lips against his own, until he withdraws.

Still dizzy from the kiss, he takes a moment to enjoy the view beneath him. Kim Dokja's pale lips are now pink and shiny, slightly parted, panting lightly as if he's out of breath. Yoo Joonghyuk is curious if it can be redder. So he leans again to satisfy his curiosity.

Their second kiss still manages to shot a pleasure throughout his body. Mainly because of the soft moans Kim Dokja lets out when he deepens their kiss and slips in his tongue between his parting lips.

With their lips perfectly slot together, it's like they are made for each other. How their lips brush each other, their heads tilt to the perfect direction to deepen their kiss, how their shared moans ignite their desire evenmore, almost feel like they are belong to each other.

Slow and gentle and passionate and sensual at the same time. Even between the pauses of their kisses to steal a breath, their eyes are still locked and when their lips meet each other again, the feelings grow deeper and heavier. As the tension between them becomes more and more sensual, Yoo Joonghyuk thinks he won't be able to stop if he doesn't stop now.

So he reluctantly retracts his lips and touches their forehead together, unwilling to create a proper distance. Silently he scrutinizes Kim Dokja's face while calming down his cloudy mind.

Half-lidded eyes that's hazy from desire, flushed cheeks that shows his growing arousal, red and swollen lips, heavy breaths that mingle against his own. If he wants to describe it in one word, it'll be tempting.

But instead of kissing him again, he buries his face on the crook of Kim Dokja's neck, inhales the soft citrus scent from the soap that he used.

"...Dokja." His voice is barely above a whisper. The hot breath he lets out against Kim Dokja's neck elicits a shudder from the body beneath him. "Please don't leave me."

"...Yoo Joonghyuk. But... Why...?"

"Why what?" Yoo Joonghyuk raises his head when he hears a hint of hesitation in Kim Dokja's voice.

"Why me? Of all people..." The lights in his eyes are dimmed. Ah, his self-loathing and insecurity are showing up.

"...I don't think I need a specific reason to love you." Yoo Joonghyuk says slowly, feels Kim Dokja's body jolted when he hears the word 'love'. 

"I love you." He says again and Kim Dokja stills.

Yoo Joonghyuk observes his expression. "Do you hate it?" He hides his face again. "I'll stop, Kim Dokja."

"No, that's not it! I just don't understand... I mean, you can be with whoever you like. There are a lot people that are better than me, so why...!"

"True that there are." Yoo Joonghyuk drags his lips along his neck. "But they are not you."

Kim Dokja closes his mouth tightly.

"I just want you. Is that not enough? What reason do you expect?" 

"...You said that I was a bastard."

"You are."

"You also said that I was irritating."


Kim Dokja's eyebrows twich, feels a little bit annoyed now. "That doesn't make sense! Why would you want with a bastard like me? What do you want from becoming my boyfriend or whatever it is?"

Yoo Joonghyuk raises his head, opens his mouth to retort, but Kim Dokja is always faster when it comes to running his mouth.

"What do you want, huh? A romantic 'good morning' text every morning? A homemade packed lunch specially made for you? I can't! I can only be an irritating bastard that will be more often than not, annoy you until you realize that there is nothing good within me and you'll regret--"

"Kim Dokja, shut up. Seriously, your ability to running your mouth always amazes me."

"Alright, I've had enough--" Kim Dokja pushes Yoo Joonghyuk's shoulder to shove him away, but then his wrists are pinned onto the ground, and Yoo Joonghyuk shuts him up with a kiss. A rougher, harder kiss, almost commanding.

When they part, Kim Dokja is breathless.

"I didn't ask you to be mine." Yoo Joonghyuk finally says. "I just want to convey my feelings."

Yoo Joonghyuk presses their foreheads together, his eyelashes are fluttering against Kim Dokja's. "Like I've said, I love you. You being you is enough. I don't need you to do something like that."

Only the sounds of their breathings are heard for a while.

"Do you understand now?"

Actually this is the exact reason why Yoo Joonghyuk never confesses his feelings. Just like Kim Dokja feels that he isn't good enough, Yoo Joonghyuk feels the same.

He doesn't have the right to demand anything from him when he also doesn't have anything to give.

After all, they're still young and have a long way to go. They will meet a lot of new people and, maybe, Kim Dokja will find someone better than him.

He shouldn't be selfish to keep Kim Dokja for himself.

"You asked me to not lose contact with you nor forget you." Yoo Joonghyuk kisses his nose, and brushes his lips along the way from his cheek to his ear.

He just needs to be there for him whenever Kim Dokja needs him.

"I give you my promise, Kim Dokja. I won't leave you." He whispers right beside his ear. "So please don't leave me either." 

He presses a kiss to his cheek. "That's the only thing I ask from you." For now.

When he raises his head, he sees tears in Kim Dokja's eyes.

"...Okay." Kim Dokja takes a deep breath. "I won't go anywhere."

Yoo Joonghyuk smiles at him and Kim Dokja takes this moment to admire his face. He looks relief, or maybe even, liberated. Like the burden he was carrying for years finally lifted.

"Good." Yoo Joonghyuk leans in to give one more kiss on the lips.

And Kim Dokja kisses him back.