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MooMoo Milkers: Riders

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HUGE Shoutout and thanks to the incredibly talented artist that inspired this, none other than Sumisumii! Specifically, it's this lovely collection of ladies posted here. But please make sure you check out the rest as well!

I have a Discord now! Come on over to The Steakhouse and join us. See you there :)

Moomoo Farms was in quite a perilous spot - all of its prized Milktanks had fallen ill. While they weren’t in any danger of passing, it did leave the Farm without its main export until the medicine could be procured. And that would take at least a season for the coveted berries to fruit. Months without being able to provide quality Milk against the more industrialized plants that had cropped up from Unova and Kalos in particular.

They needed money, and milk, to make ends meet. There was a possible solution based on a combination of science and the wonders of Pokemon. Thanks to a rather costly endeavor, there was a method to procure Miltank-quality milk from a human female. Not the same quantity, but a near-match for quality. The process wasn’t permanent but it did require a regular dosage to keep the recipient in safe conditions to procure milk.

Luckily there were some very generously proportioned volunteers, or at least ones willing to offer their services. Even luckier that they were receptive to not only the medical process but the constant stimulation that would be needed to keep milk pumping.

A nice, thick pokemon cock.

Hence the ruckus inside the barn as a trio of beautiful starlets and champions were being pumped and squeezed. Their now-massive breasts bounced and swayed as large suckers and tubes steadily pumped and hummed away. All three were naked and securely strapped into padded harnesses as they were rammed by fat Rapidash cocks.Near each of them was a black-and-white patterned swimsuit for when they were off duty. The concoction that let them help out had the added effect of making their bodies too sensitive to wear most fabrics save for these specially conditioned outfits.

The designs were purely aesthetic, however.

“H-Hoooo so big!” Serena gasped as she writhed and squirmed against the poke-cock between her stocking-clad legs. Her long blonde hair bounced and swayed under her stylish cap as she gripped the padded handrail for dear life. The pumps on her breast churned away as Kalos’ number one star did her part to save Johto’s oldest milk ranch.

“Ngh! F-Faster you st-aaah!” Dawn panted beside her. Her own breasts clapped and crashed together as she openly drooled from the mind-numbing bliss. Her nostril flared as the scent of sex filled her mushy brain. The shining eyes of Sinnoh’s premier coordinator rolled up as another spine-tingling orgasm ravaged her from toes to tits.

“C-C’mon…” May groaned in disappointment as she tried to stimulate herself. The Rapidash behind her - the biggest one no less, was already planted to the point his balls clapped her thighs. But besides the sheer girth that had been disturbedly stuffed in her small, busty body, the milk simply didn’t flow as well as the other girls. Perhaps her own experience with handling pokemon had left her a tad numb, even to the intense heat of the simmering stallion.


Dawn and Serena heard the beast whinny but paid no heed as they rolled their hips back against their partners. Their bodies jerked and shook in their restraints while the suction cups attached to their breasts hummed and pumped the rich, creamy milk as it spurted out of their nipples. The once-clear cups were smeared in tit milk before it was sucked down the tubes and towards the large canisters on the wall in front of them.

Dawn openly drooled until a nice puddle had formed on the barnyard ground as she felt the thick equine cock pump in and out of her pussy. She wasn’t really sure how long her shift had gone on for, and she was too addled to simply turn her head to the big clock that helpfully counted that down for her. All she knew or cared about was being stuffed and ridden by a stallion poke-cock until she couldn’t ride no more.

Serena was in a similar spot as she happily gasped and writhed. Her shakes made the hair tumble down from beneath her cap and sway into her rolled-up eyes. Sweat eventually made the wild blonde locks stick to her cheeks and nose as ragged gasps escaped her lips. Her massive mounds were milked relentlessly as canister after canister was filled up and slotted aside.

So far the production had been a little down this shift, thanks to May’s issues. But luckily for Hoenn’s champion, Sinnoh and Kalos’ own starlets were there to pick up the slack. Still, the lustful coos and cries of her fellow ‘cow’ girls made May’s already sour mood worsen. Her frustrated hips smashed back against the Rapidash. “RRRGH!”


The equine dismounted her and pulled its whole cock out of her pussy. May actually blinked and shuddered before she stuttered out, “H-Hey why’d you pull o-OOOOOOOUH?!!”


May swore as the entire equine dick was rammed right up her unprepared ass. Her fingers curled in until they drew blood from her palms. She blindly groped for the pole and squeezed it tight enough to make her knuckles white.

And it felt amazing.

The Hoenn cowgirl spat out as pain and pleasure shot through her body. Her breasts shuddered as deep, haggard breaths escaped her lips. The Rapidash behind her began to thrust in and out until his balls clapped against her thighs and even on her crotch. Each meaty slap made her ear twitch as the speed and vigor increased.

“Oh. Oh ohhh. Oh! Oh! Oooh! OH! OH! OHHH! OOOOOOH YESSSS!”



Milk flew all over the barn as May’s unbound, uncapped tits shot out like geysers. Her wild breasts clapped and rolled all over the place as the floor and far wall was coated in her breast cream. A few squirts shot onto Serena and even managed to get to Dawn all the way to the right. Neither girl offered more than a surprised or irate squeak as they kept going on and on while the farmhands scrambled to re-cup May.

“H-Huh, what was tha-haaaaa~”

Rosa’s attempted question was cut off as pleasure wormed its way up her spine and right into her head. Her shoulders rubbed against the padded bed she laid down on as her own Rapidash pumped into her from above. The reason for her arrangement was more than clear as both of her gigantic udders flopped apart at her sides as the deluxe-sized suckers milked her.

Nobody really anticipated how the already-busty Rosa would wind up once the procedure started. The results being her needing a walker and regular massages were a last-minute accommodation for her, as well as the makeshift bed to let her Rapidash ram her down on. Thankfully for her, it was enough to keep her comfortable as she did her part to save the farm. She even had little pillows for her boobs to rest on while her lactation was being collected.


Rosa looked up at the pure-white coat that towered over her. The heat that wafted off the pokemon had left her quite sweaty, even with the fans that blew over her. She wiped her moist brow with her wrist. “Whew, it's ho-hoa?!”

Her careless action almost made her fly off the bed as a hard thrust slid her up to the edge. Rosa grunted as her massive breasts flopped and crashed down against the padding. She quickly grabbed the nearby handlebar and halted her advance. The sudden stop made the Rapidash’s balls slam right between her legs. Her eyes bugged out before she kicked against the padded ankle clamps. “F-Fuck!”

The horse pokemon snorted and thrust back out. His jerky pumps slid her sweaty body back against the bed. Her tits bumped against the edges of the cushions before they slid back into place. A sigh of relief passed over her before she huffed up at the uncaring Rapidash. “E-Easy big guy,” she scolded him.

The horse didn’t hear her. Or perhaps he did, as his thrusts picked up the pace. Rosa’s brows raised as she struggled to roll her hips back against the increased speed and sudden rise in heat. “H-Hey are you gonna-?!”


The equine slammed down on her and erupted right into her womb. Rosa moaned as thick pokemon cum filled her up and leaked out of her plugged lips. She felt it trickle down her legs and pool onto the bedding below her until her rump was in a puddle of Rapidash cum. “Oooh you diiid,” she shuddered at the heat that attacked her sweaty body, both inside and out.


The nearby bell rang as the canister was filled all the way up. Rosa’s ear twitched as the mechanical whirring shifted around until the next empty canister was slotted into place. A hiss and a splash signified the lockdown and disbursement as the already-full reservoir dumped her precious breast milk in and let the rest flow down as well.

“Four down. T-Two more to go,” she cheered herself on as the Rapidash started to thrust again.

L-let's see if you can last this time, okay?” she coaxed him.


The chaotic barn soon settled back into a steady lull as the quartet of ladies let their altered bodies be milked dry. Their payment and prize of thick, hard poke-cocks was worth more than any battle’s spoils, especially for such a group of elite, sex-hungry young women.

Eventually, their shifts would have to end and let another group of ladies take the reins to keep production going strong. Usually, it was only three girls on shift at a time, with Rosa being her own rotation entirely thanks to her massive breasts and special accommodations. Off duty, the other ladies were free to roam around the farm grounds as they wished and soak in the rays on this long, clandestine vacation. Or use any of the other rustic, humble facilities such as the outdoor shower.


Nessa arched back and let the hot spray of water hit her milky body. Her hands reached up and weighed the fat tits as she slowly wept fresh milk, courtesy of her hearty meal from before. Her fresh bikini hung over the rickety boards that walled off the outdoor shower along the edge of the barn. The lazily drawn rag barely even covered the gap as she showered with no shame at her surroundings or state. She ignored the muffled squeals and grunts from inside as she focused on lathering herself up to get all nice and clean.


The Galar gal froze with her hands in her sudsy hair. She blinked and glanced over in time to see a flash of red from a nearby Rapidash that had settled next to the wall. His head peeked around the edge and through the cover as he looked at the water gym leader and her naked brown body.

“Oh?” she cocked her head aside, an act the pokemon replicated. Nessa felt no shame as the proud horse beast gazed at her openly. Instead, she leaned forward and presented her big, full breasts as she offered him a smile. "Did you hope to catch a peek?” she teased the beast


The Rapdiash bristled and turned to leave. Nessa quickly reached through the boards and stroked his side. Her soft touch placated the beast before she pushed her other hand through and reached to caress the limp, dirty cock beneath. The gap in the fence left just enough room for her to rub the shaft as she kept tried to console the horse. “No no - why don’t you stay and let me take care of you~”

Her suggestion seemed to reach the pokemon’s ears as he loudly snorted. Nessa felt him shift around before he reared up and hooked his legs over the top of the wall. The boards groaned but managed to hold against the Rapdiash’s weight. More importantly, it left the cock lined up against a gap just wide enough to peek through into the shower.

Nessa tucked her hair back and licked her lips as she gazed in wonder at the fat, meaty cock..she squatted down and reached through to grasp the majestic stallion’s shaft. The puffed-out tip smacked her chin before she leaned in and smooched it.


His snorts coaxed her on as she feathered kisses and licks over the equine prick. Her hips rolled as she leaned forward and slurped around the dick until it was poised over her. Nessa’s eyes rolled up as the musk and the heat that wafted from the fiery pokemon’s loins pressed down on her. “Oh wow - s-so hot,” she licked her lips in anticipation.

The Rapidash whinnied, impatient. Nessa took pity on the poor stud and wrapped her hands around the fat shaft. She gently pulled the cock down her face until it was lined up with her eager lips. Her nostrils flared in excitement before she threw her mouth open and over the poke-cock.



The wall rustled as the stallion shuddered atop it. Nessa’s hands perched against her side of the barrier as she bobbed her head against the tip. Her eye winced against the hot spray from the showerhead while the rest of her body was exposed between the delicate rag cover. She didn’t pay it any mind as her soap-lathered hand reached out and stroked the dirty dick while her lips polished the top. It was important to clean up after work, after all.

In fact, it was often a particular duty of the off-duty girls to take care of the Rapidashes after their own shifts. A nice brushing could be therapeutic of course or something to follow in Nessa’s example as she used her spit and soap to clean off the stallion’s used shafts. Sometimes soap wasn’t even necessary - just a pair of nice, wet tounges in the stables.


Champion Gloria pulled back and licked her spit-soaked lips clean. A few drops of drool still landed on her cleavage as her breasts bounced in her tiny, printed bikini top. Her hips squirmed against the scandalously tiny bottoms as her arousal leaked out and around her hips. Her sweaty cheeks nuzzled against the warm poke-cock as she gently squeezed his scrotum. “Hah...Oy Bea - How ya holding up?”


The Galar gym leader perked up as her lips slurped the Rapidash’s other scrotum. Her silver hair and patterned headband brushed against the brilliant ivory coat as she huddled beside Gloria under the placid pokemon. The fit girl’s usual physique had been somewhat lost thanks to the expansion on her breasts, hips, and rump. However, she still had the muscle mass buried beneath her cocoa skin and the too-tight bikini that left indents behind. “Mwuh mus ahh?” she blinked around the ball in her mouth.

Gloria didn’t respond as her tongue glided down from tip to base and back again. Her lips closed around the flared head as she gave the proud equine’s equipment a friendly nibble. The Rapidash trotted in place and whinnied under the onslaught of the double-team attack.

Bea tucked a hair back before she let the sac flop out of her mouth. Her tongue instantly attacked the space between the Rapidash’s balls as she licked them clean. She tasted the faint nectar of some other ladies, but couldn’t quite discern who would be who. All she knew was that the heat on her face was a pale comparison to the fire stoked in her loins.

Gloria shuddered as the fire horse’s cockhead brushed over her nose. She inhaled a deep whiff of musk that almost made her topple back. Her shaky knees knocked and rattled as she pushed her lips down and licked a noticeable vein that throbbed up the shaft’s length. Her hands gently wrapped around the girth and massaged his limp loins.

A wicked idea crossed in the Galar champion’s mind. She glanced down from the thick dick at her bouncy bosom as it strained against the padded bikini. The telltale splotches left by her lactation seemed to darken against the white fabric and shine in the black spots. Her eyes shifted and focused on the fringes of the bronzed beauty that laid out beneath her.

Bea was too focused on her work as her tongue reached the other nut. She plopped the salty, massive ball in her mouth and bristled at the heat. Her legs squirmed and rubbed together. She was so focused she didn’t even see the shadow shift beneath her as something was pointed her way.

“Gloria used Milk gun!”


The gym gal gasped as a cold stream shot right against the back of her neck. Instantly her already-hard nipples throbbed and spurted in her bikini top. The fiery horse whinnied and shifted out of her mouth as she fought against the sudden chill and bliss that had struck her.


Gloria winced as Bea fumbled forward flat on her chest and knees. The Galar champion’s fingers were stained with milk as it drizzled out of her exposed nipple and onto the floor. She gulped as Bea struggled back onto her hands before she turned and glared pure death right into the brunette’s eyes.

“I-It’s Super effective?” Gloria nervously grinned.

The muted shrieks and moans from the stable barely registered over towards the barn as the girls swapped out their shifts. Gingerly, Serena and Dawn helped an utterly mush-headed May as they limped over towards the shower. The next round of gals was already slotted in and raring to go as Nessa, Iris, and Hilda were being set up.

“O-Oooh big guy~” Nessa cooed as the same exact Rapidash she’d serviced in the shower now slid into her moist, wet pussy. Her hands rolled down her goosebump-ridden body before she grabbed the bar in front of her for support. Her chest pushed out as the newly-applied suckers worked to pump out her milk into a fresh set of canisters.

Iris bit her lip as her tiny body shuddered and spasmed. The thick Rapidash cock in her pussy throbbed and rubbed against her velvet walls. A mishap left her down a sucker as her exposed teat wept precious milk down onto the harness and to the floor. Yet she was too preoccupied with euphoria to comprehend the issue and instead cooed in sheer, utter bliss. “Hah~”


Hilda crossed her arms under her still-covered chest and frowned as she watched Iris waste precious milk. The cap on her head left a shadow over her narrowed eyes as she shifted her focus between the display in front of her, and the clutter off to her right. Her mood only shifted further south as an unpleasant sneer crossed over her lips.

Her own station was taking a while to set up due to May’s prior mishap and she’d yet to be padded down with a pokemon to fuck. That left the former champion of Unova in a horny hell as she was forced to watch the brattish dragon tamer get pleasure ahead of her. Her thighs squirmed against her bikini bottoms as the grunts and whinnies started to affect her. She spared a glance at the cluster of nameless, faceless farm hands that scrambled around her station’s milking machine before she made up her mind and stepped forward.


“Hey Iris - you shouldn’t waste milk you know,” she chided the girl as she squeezed her former foe’s exposed breast. Hilda’s fingers dug into the dragon tamer’s tit and coaxed a weak scream from the girl as she struggled between the pleasure in her pussy and on her sensitive chest. Hilda ignored Iris’s plight as she decided to lean down until her lips were right over the teat. “Well, since I have to wait I may as well grab a drink. I am feeling a bit...thirsty~,” she licked her lips and dove down.


Hilda noisily slurped and guzzled milk as the rest smeared her cheeks and even drizzled down to her chin. The farmhands stopped and oggled as Hilda feasted on Iris’ bare, open breast. Nessa’s eyes cracked open as she glanced at the display before her own pleasure overtook her again. Even the Rapidash slowed down and gawked as Hilda feasted on Iris’s fresh breast milk.


Iris gasped as Hilda’s teeth gently squeezed the sensitive nipple. Her heightened arousal caused even more milk to shoot out from both her breasts - one into the sucker, the other into Hilda’s greedy mouth. It didn’t take long for either the pad or the former pokemon champion’s mouths to be stained pure, milky white. She still didn’t stop until a farmhand stepped towards her with his hands down against his crotch.

“Um, ma’am? Your station is ready,” he meekly told her.

Hilda’s eye cracked open and glanced at him from beneath her cap’s brim. She gave Iris’ grown breast one last deep suck before she spat it out. “Pah!”

Iris slumped forward and wheezed as her body was struck by pure orgasmic bliss. Hilda licked up the remaining milk around her lips and chin before she swallowed it all down. She accepted the farmhand’s shaky grip as he helped her and her massive milkers back to her feet.

“Oof...Alright, Iris - make sure you don’t spill anymore, okay?” She lectured the addled younger gym leader-turned-elite. Hilda grabbed her breasts and bounced them once right in Iris’s face before she walked over to her freshly-assembled station. Her fingers easily undid the ties between her tits before she bent over to hike down her bottoms.

The rest of the shift went by with mostly no other issues or altercations. The trio of trainers was fucked and pumped until a good quantity of canisters were filled up. Along the way, their pussies were also stuffed full, first of poke-cock, and them poke-cum that bubbled and fizzled in their packed wombs. Eventually, the timer buzzed and the trio was gently helped out of their harnesses and guided back to a nice, hearty meal that awaited them.

But more complications arose as shift three was getting ready to go. As the sun drew low in the sky over Moomoo farm, the issues that had plagued Station 1 made it inoperable. What was worse was that two of the girls on shift three had to be removed from duty due to a slight altercation. Nothing permanent, but that would leave just Selene at the milker station.

Selene, and a pair of very ornery Rapidashes


The farmhand grunted as one of the pokemon broke free of his reins and trotted back towards the barn. His hoofs clopped over the boards as he passed the light skeleton crew and homed in on the Alolan champion currently being stuffed and sucked at the mostly-pristine Station 3. The Rapidash that had her wrapped around his cock snarled at the other equine.




Selene gasped as her mouth was stuffed full of hot, heavy Rapidash cock. The bar over her head groaned as the two equines squirmed atop her. Her eyes glanced up at the pokemon before more of the hot dick was shoved between her lips and even down her throat.


Selene’s hips rolled back against the Rapidash in her pussy as her head bobbed up and down the Rapidash in her mouth. Her breasts flopped and bounced as she squirted a copious amount of milk into her pair of suckers. Without Gloria and Bea to help her, that meant that Selene would have to fill at least her own quota.


Based on her blissful reactions, it wasn’t gonna be a challenge at all.

Selene settled into a comfortable lull as the familiar sense of being stuffed with fat poke-dick washed over her. The weight of her swollen breasts as they rolled in her suckers barely even registered to her as she gleefully added another pokephilia encounter to her long, long list of surpassed trials.

The farmhands squirmed around her as the Alolan champion was pounded from both ends. The two pokemon seemed to settle into a tepid alliance as their 2 vs 1 double battle left a lusty, sweaty mess of Selene. Her once-wide eyes rolled up as the intense euphoria left her a puddle of orgasmic delight.

“Glrk Glrrrrp Glrk~”

Slowly, Selene succumbed to the pleasure as she was spitroasted between fat poke-cocks. The golden glow of the fields outside dimmed as the first peeks of night kissed Johto’s soil. Another day at Moomoo Farm drew to a close as the ten elites graciously volunteered their time and bodies to ensure that this humble farm could stay in business. Eventually, they’d be able to go back to their normal lives with normal bodies (though some would likely miss their boosted attributes), but they never seemed to stay away from the farm for long.

The cold milk, and hot pokemon cocks, would keep them coming back.