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The Badge

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          "Fraser, you can sew?"

          "Actually this is more like embroidery, Ray."

          "Sewing, emboldening, what's the difference."

          "Embroidering. Well, the difference is significant; whilst sewing is generally for utility, and uses a fine, unobtrusive fibre strand, embroidery more often utilises more substantial threads, and is for embellishments and decoration. Though, both are similar in that they use needles and a kind of-"

          "And now in English?"

          "Sewing is useful, embroidery is pretty."

          "And you can do both?"

          "In terms of technique, they are not dissimilar. Embroidery requires more of a creative mind than sewing, leading many to-"


          "Yes, Ray?"

          "Shut up."


          "Thanks for the badge."

          "You are very welcome. However, many might say that it's really more of a patch than a badge, the classification being a matter of dispute within the Scouting community. There was a very interesting treatise on the subject by two scout leaders..."