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Indecent Proposal

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Sukuna Ryomen takes pride at the fact that despite his questionable teaching methods, he remains to be one of the most lauded teachers in the academy. The higher-ups just cannot deny that his methodology works and they can't afford to lose it in the midst of complaints about him at parent-teacher conferences. Somehow, he managed to make Japanese History, one of the more lax subjects, harder than every student's majors. Tons of essays that need proper citation and classroom debates in a week's worth, maybe throw in a book report and one hundred-item quizzes somewhere within that timeframe on occasion — Sukuna ensured his curriculum is brutal. As a history fanatic, he has long established that there is strength in knowledge and while the entire subject tends to leave the students with trivial shit they won't even bother using and applying in their daily lives, the skills and brain power required in his classes ensure his students leave his class as capable individuals. 



The Tokyo Metropolitan Academy for the Religious is currently housing both its faculty and its students inside its premises. Sukuna chose this academy to teach precisely for three reasons — one, the academy managed to survive and adapt in the ever-changing liberated society while keeping its rather conservative values; two, the academy is one of the top-rated schools in all of Japan. Who wouldn't want to work for such a prestigious school with humongous pay? And three, taking advantage of the school's generosity and housing himself inside means he practically has no reason to go back to his boring family back in Sendai and he gets to send his idiot of a half-brained half-brother to a school of this caliber with a hefty discount and simultaneously wedge his clingy and annoying ass off his back. Each faculty member gets issued a room for themselves entirely free of charge and loaded with amenities, and each student gets to board with a handful of their kinfolk for a fee. Sukuna's faculty discount together with his dimwitted brother's athletic scholarship means Yuji gets to study and live here for free, Sukuna's monthly paycheck gets reduced by a laughable 10%, and Sukuna can finally get himself some peace and quiet seeing how the teachers' dorms and students' dorms are worlds away from each other. 


Sukuna has just finished wrapping up his class who left his classroom in pure dread and horror. After all, he just made them sit through a boring war documentary and made them write a review about it exactly an hour before dismissal. He gripped the sickly thin stack of handwritten reviews on his one hand and carried his laptop bag on the other the proceeded to head back to his room. Already feeling confident that the highest grade he can give to these papers would be a 3.5, he tossed them to his work desk and fixed himself a snack consisting of coffee and day-old cafeteria panini. He then tucked his work laptop beneath his bed and replaced it with his personal laptop, which he propped on his workstation. When he's done, he stripped to his boxers, grabbed the bottle of lube sitting on his drawer and logged in. 


Sukuna is very comfortable at the fact that he's bisexual, and that he'd bend anyone over his desk if he liked them enough. One thing he liked about society these days is everyone being more open and lenient towards sexuality. However, since he is working for a conservative institution, he needs to have reservations or risk losing such a good job. Needless to say, he has always felt repressed within the premises. He can't remember the last time he fucked a good hole. The most he can get these days are hookups with strangers on the down low during the weekends— and those just aren't enough to satiate his thirst. On busier days like this, he finds himself resorting to his stash. Sukuna palms himself with his hand as he licks his lips and browses the website for any model he fancies beating his meat to for tonight. And yes, he's going to pleasure himself while checking the papers. He's already confident that most of the works will severely disappoint him so he needs this to counteract. 


Sukuna does have a favorite student. This student of his is very straightforward and operates by the book while also being one of the smartest kids he has ever handled. This same student's face is staring back at him coyly from the thumbnail for his page while he's bent over a couch wearing nothing but a bright red pair of jockstraps, showing off his tiny hole for the world to see. 


Sukuna froze on his seat. He gulped. Megumi Fushiguro just turned 18 a few days ago. He's a pretty boy with a lithe and limber body. His pale skin makes his onyx eyes pop out from beneath his long lashes. His thick dark hair, while being a mess, makes him more rugged and appealing. Unfortunately for him, he is dense and oblivious to the affections from the other students thanks to his good looks. Fortunately for Sukuna, he can undress the boy in front of him with his gaze when he's alone with him and the boy won't even notice. 


Sukuna let out a deep breath he didn't know he had stored. Part of him wants to hit himself and wake up because there is no way his object of desire is right here in front of him in this sketchy website ready for consumption. Sukuna unconsciously traced the boy's pink hole from the thumbnail with the hover of his mouse as his dick started throbbing angrily inside his boxers. Before he can even think straight, he fumbled for his credit card dedicated just for his nightly activities and booked Megumi for a private session. Before he can even evaluate the risks this action brings to the table properly, Sukuna tabbed in his pledge and braced himself for a rather interesting view. 


Megumi accepted his offer and routed him back to a private chatroom. A few moments later, Sukuna is staring at his student, still wearing his blue uniform, looking at the webcam sultrily within the comfort of his dorm room. Looks like Yuji got dragged off by one of his female friends to shopping again. Sukuna gulped a lump in his throat. The Jennifer Lawrence poster in the background is smiling at him, taunting him, accusing him of being a perverted freak. 


Oh who was he kidding — he is a perverted freak. He jumped at the first chance of his beloved student being open and vulnerable to him on camera for a generous tip moral obligations and repercussions be damned. 


"What can I do for you, sir?" Megumi chewed his lip. Sukuna felt his legs tremble at the sound of his sexy voice. He's pictured how his voice would sound when he's crying his name as he slides in him, and Sukuna can just cum at the idea of him actually hearing him do just that. He grabbed his earphones and quickly plugged it in. He fervently typed: call me daddy. 


At that, Megumi's eyes widened just a bit, his face flushing a lovely shade of red. Sukuna's breath hitched when Megumi obliged, "D-daddy. What can I do for you?" 


The more rational part of him says Megumi is pretty new to the webcam boy scene. Sukuna pulled his boxers down. He maybe a newbie, but the boy sure is a natural. Sukuna is impressed how Megumi internalized being an online slut. He never dated anyone (he checked his social media), and while he does get hit on, Megumi never even experienced first base (contrary to popular belief, he pays attention to gossip especially when it involves him).  Sukuna wants to give Megumi his full, undivided attention — preferably, alone in the same bed where he sleeps while clamping a hand over his pretty mouth to muffle his cries, but he'll make do for now.  He squeezed a handful of lube on his hand and began spreading it on his fully erect dick as he typed with one hand: strip



Megumi did so much to Sukuna's delight. Sukuna rubbed circles around his cock's head as he went with the flow. He stared as Megumi undid the zipper of his uniform top and tossed the garment on the floor. Sukuna tightened his grip on his cock and stroked slowly as he relished the sight of Megumi's creamy skin before him. Sukuna pictured himself leaving marks on his delicate neck. Hell — he can practically taste the sweat on Megumi's damp skin. He wondered how soft his lean warm muscles would feel under his touch, how his toned chest would accommodate his palms, and how his pink nipples would feel when it's rock hard between his fingers or his teeth. "Do you like what you see, daddy?" 


Sukuna nodded as if Megumi can see him. Opening the chatbox again, Sukuna keyed in his next request: show me your hole


"M-my…" Megumi stuttered, "my hole...uh, okay…" The boy stood up from his seat and turned to his back. He peeled his briefs off him then spread his cheeks. Sukuna picked up a whimper from him, which made him grin. Megumi stared back at the webcam — or, rather, at the chatbox. 


Sukuna upped his pace. Megumi's tight, pink hole is clenching and throbbing, practically begging Sukuna to enter him. Sukuna grunted and bit his lips. One downside of the dormitory is that the walls are pretty thin. His own precum started leaking, which prompted him to spread it all over his dick. Sukuna can just tell Megumi's hole can service him deservingly. He started thrusting from his seat, imagining that the fist he's pumping his dick in is megumi's hot and tight entrance. There's no way Megumi isn't a virgin. The only other man he saw with Megumi is his half-brother, who is pretty much the straightest thing on this campus. Megumi is not the type to experiment, either, that's why this ordeal is a welcome surprise for him. He would very much like to have the honor of being the first man inside this boy. 


Sukuna typed: finger your hole open. 


Megumi gasped, which made Sukuna shudder. The boy coated his index finger with saliva and hesitated. To further motivate the pretty boy, Sukuna tipped him more. Megumi gulped, then proceeded to start inserting his finger clumsily. "A-ah!" Megumi stifled a yelp. The tip of his finger is barely in, and he's already in pain. The lack of lubrication contributed to that, Sukuna is sure. As if he needed more proof that Megumi has never been fucked pretty. 


With trembling hands, Megumi clamped his mouth. Sukuna felt bad for a moment there; Megumi can't fully indulge himself in the act or else his neighbors will hear him. He is pretty much in the same boat. Looks like him and Megumi need to make do. 


After some time, Megumi has successfully buried his index finger inside. Sukuna admired the way his ass swallowed his finger and was not letting go. Megumi struggled to pull the finger out then thrust again. Sukuna writhed in his seat and matched his hand's pace to Megumi's rhythm. He can feel the coiling heat inside him starting to unravel. Grunting, he typed once more: faster



Megumi robotically obliged. He clenched his eyes shut as his finger started moving in and out of his hole at a faster pace. Sukuna followed through. He starts leaking more precum as he can see Megumi quivering from the angle. The squelching sounds from the lube, together with Megumi doing his best to muffle his little whimpers drives Sukuna insane. He risked letting out a low moan. Sukuna headed for the chatbox again. His insides are about to unravel completely and he can't take it any longer. Try curling your finger inside while thrusting. 


Megumi obeyed the order. He slowed his pace down to adhere to Sukuna's request. It only took him a handful of time before Megumi seemingly found his spot and let out a whine. Megumi gasped and pulled his finger out. Sukuna closed his eyes and replayed megumi's whine inside his head, "Ah, Megumi~" he gasped. He focused his gaze on the slightly puckered hole, clenching for more attention. Sukuna would love to give the hole his love and attention when he gets his hands on megumi. He bet the hole tastes sweet. "Megumi...Megumi," Sukuna uttered as he felt his climax approaching. He clung to his shaft and pumped harder, frantically visualizing the heat and tightness of his fist to be the young student's insides. Megumi's toned down whimpers and moans from the background kept bouncing off inside his head. Sukuna imagined the boy is making such lewd noises because he buried his dick inside his tight hole and kept thrusting and thrusting. 


Sukuna jumped out of his seat as he felt the coils inside him snap. He bit his lip as he started spewing his seed. His mind went blank as he kept on thrusting in his hand as his orgasm pumped out of him. Opening his eyes, he realized he sputtered his thick fluid on his laptop screen. It looks like he just came all over Megumi's ass. He typed his thanks and exited the website as he caught his breath. 



He began checking the papers after wiping off some of his semen out of the works. As he read through the mundane thoughts of his students, he can't help but wonder: Why is Megumi Fushiguro, whose legal guardian until recently is Satoru Gojo — one of the school administrators — doing webcam work on the sides? Judging from the stuff he brings to his class, it seems like Gojo keeps the boy loaded so it can't be money issues. He just doesn't know enough about Megumi to at least deduce why he'd resort to such work. 


Sukuna knows he should just drop it. Tonight was a happy little accident and he should not even entertain the idea of having Megumi Fushiguro all for himself. For one, he is one of his best students. Plus, he is backed by a very powerful man in this institution. The boy is a walking hazard and he should just move on and be thankful for the experience. 


On the other hand, he remembered how his little pink hole clenched, almost like it's begging to be filled by him. He likes the sound of Megumi calling him daddy, of Megumi moaning and whimpering because of his cock plunged deep inside him, of Megumi losing it when Sukuna finds his spot and abuses it. Sukuna has always had his eyes set on the boy and now he has the leverage and means to get what he wants. Does he wanna risk it all just for a young student's attention? 


Yes. Yes he wants to. Ethics and risks and hazards be damned. Sukuna always gets what he wants and Megumi is not going to be an exception. 


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Sukuna's ample window of opportunity presented itself two days ago, when Megumi barely scraped by the passing grade on one of his surprise quizzes. He is aware that ambushing his students with a 50-item enumeration quiz tends to lead to disastrous results. He is also aware that Megumi can get at least 75% of the answers right on a typical day and secure a passing grade for that activity. The pretty boy is that smart. Megumi is content in sulking behind everyone else's, only participating in class when called. He is pretty antisocial, Sukuna observed that much. Whatever he lacks in social etiquette, he more than makes up for his intellect and work ethics. Sukuna never had a problem with him as his student — Megumi submits his assigned work on time, aces his classes for the most part, all while keeping his head cool. 

Which is why Sukuna is rather puzzled why his favorite is...underperforming in his class, to say the least. For the past weeks the outputs he's been submitting is not up to par to his usual work. He's been consistently tanking the quizzes, and lately he observed that the boy's pretty features are starting to get marred with tense agitation. Sukuna can only let the boy skate by with a handful of 3.75s under his belt. Considering the fact that Megumi isn't his usual self in class and the fact that Sukuna has discovered his camboy persona, he can easily deduce that the two are interconnected. The teacher in him wants to find out what is going on. The lover in him wants to hold Megumi's delicate frame into his arms and let him sleep so he can alleviate the puffy eyebags he's rocking. The pervert in him wants to reward Megumi by hitting his prostate whenever he gets an answer right. 

And, because Megumi is a good student with ample self-awareness, he approached Sukuna after nearly failing the surprise quiz much to the latter's delight. "What can I do for you, Fushiguro?" Sukuna casually probed as he tried to shelf the mental picture of Megumi bending over the camera and fingering himself open for tips at the back of his head. He pretended to busy himself with the spreadsheet showing everyone else's grades. Thank goodness everyone else is still in a dreadful state that made them eager to leave his classroom. Sukuna's mind is already racing with the possibilities he can arrange between the two of them. 

Megumi scratched the back of his head. "Sir, I know I've been struggling with your class lately," he began. Sukuna began sorting his stuff out because while he liked the idea of ravaging the innocence out of Megumi in the same lacquered wood desk, he needed to attend a faculty meeting. "I don't have any excuses," Megumi continued, "But I was wondering if I can do any extra activity for credit?" 

Sukuna stared at the boy. One look at his angelic face and Sukuna can tell that he's worn out despite his good effort in concealing it with a mask of boredom and apathy. He can definitely offer his compromising cards here, right now, when Megumi is starting to become more vulnerable. "Right now I don't have anything," Sukuna said. He patted the boy on the back and prompted, "But if something comes up I'll let you know." He snaked his hand all the way down to Megumi's lower back and nudged him forward as they both walked out of the classroom. "Thank you, sir." Megumi mumbled, clearly oblivious to the fact that Sukuna is digging the pads of his fingertips ever so slightly on the small of his back. Sukuna hummed under his breath. "Don't get too worked up about it. Go to your next class." 

It is a Wednesday, and Sukuna told Megumi to drop by his office after their class. The professor practically had to restrain himself from dragging the boy to his workstation and kiss him all over. Today is the perfect day for his plan. Japanese History is Megumi's last class for the day, and the said class ends at 6 pm where the majority of the building is vacated with only a handful of people loitering around. Sukuna deliberately wore a pair of light gray sweatpants and a white shirt to match for the day. Megumi's essay from a few days ago is sitting at his desk, front and center with the really ugly 4.5 mark in red ink. He glanced at the clock. 6:02. And sure enough, the knock he's been anticipating came in. Sukuna jumped off his seat and clambered to get the door open for his visitor. "Good evening, sir." Megumi nodded. Sukuna politely greeted him back and urged him inside, his body starting to heat up with anticipation as he locked the door behind him and switched his plexiglass setting to a blurry frost. 

"I won't be taking too much of your time, Fushiguro." Sukuna gestured at the seats. Megumi decided to occupy one of them. "So I'll make this quick. We only have two things to talk about."

"Okay," Megumi cocked an eyebrow. His onyx gaze fell on the essay in front of him. He began reading the boy's expression: blank and impassive. "I'm gonna be honest, I find your recent class performance troubling," Sukuna started. And it's true — he could always rig the boy's scores to lead to this same outcome but it turns out he doesn't even have to do anything. "That is your third 4.5 in written outputs and you got failing scores on our last quiz. What is going on?" 

"Um," Megumi curled his fists on his lap, which intrigued Sukuna even more. Crossing his arms, Sukuna stood up and leaned his entire upper back against the wall, conveniently emphasizing his dick print on the sweats in the process. "Like I said," Megumi looked up to meet his professor's gaze only to find himself staring at his pants. Megumi's ears turned pink, and Sukuna took extra effort to keep the unbothered facade in his face when he wanted to grin so badly. "I don't have any excuses. I just wanna make it up to you. I've been learning from your class and I just don't feel like I'm not living up to the standards you have set."

Sukuna nodded. That much is true. Megumi is just getting by when he is capable of doing so much more. From an objective standpoint, Megumi's words mean well; they're a showcase that he is a good student, not that it needs to be established. From Sukuna's standpoint, however, his pretty words did a number to his heart. "We can certainly work something out," Sukuna offered, "though I do hope for your own sake you're not getting into any trouble." He feigned innocence at the situation. 

There was silence on Megumi's end. He's back to staring at his fists on his lap. He merely shook his head in response. Sukuna took that as another cue, feeling internally elated. Looks like coercing the boy to doing the questionable things he has in mind is gonna be easier. 

"Which brings me to my second agenda for tonight." Sukuna fished his phone out of his pocket and showed the incriminating screenshot of Megumi's profile on the camsite. When Megumi stared at the screen, his eyes widened and his creamy complexion turned into pale milk. Sukuna allowed himself to smile a little at the sight. "I've been informed by somebody that you've been doing extra work for money on the down low," Sukuna supplied, "I'm not for shaming sex workers but I think this has something to do with your performance in class lately." 

"I...uh, I—" Megumi gulped. Sukuna is fixated on the way his Adam's apple bobbed nervously as the boy stared into his guilt in a pure state of shock. He tried saying something, but his words keep leaving his mouth when they're about to say them. He can only look helplessly at the photo, then at his professor, and back again. 

"What's going on?" Sukuna repeated, clearly liking where the situation is going. 

"I…" Megumi closed his eyes and took a deep breath, "P-please don't report me," he managed to utter out. "I know what the campus policies say about this and I really, I—"

"Like I said," Sukuna pocketed his phone back, "I'm not for shaming sex workers. Frankly, I don't give a damn about your reasons for resorting to this. But have you considered what would happen if word of this got out?"

Megumi stared at his shoes, horrified. Sukuna knows where his terror is coming from. Megumi Fushiguro, a star student of a conservative institution who is also under the care of one of the school's administrators, prostituting himself online for money is not going to be a good look for any and all of the parties involved. The campus officials would not appreciate having a camboy within their ranks because, to quote that old fart Gakuganji, "we must rid our students of the impurities that they carry from the outside world the moment they step in our campus premises — a rather cheesy, romanticized way of saying 'we'd beat our antiquated ideals into the unfortunate children who'll be enrolling to us'. Satoru Gojo — boy genius, playboy, and philanthropist at 28 — would not appreciate his name getting tainted by the ward he's forced to take in (or so the rumours say). 

"Look I'd be more than happy to not tell anyone. You're an exemplary student." Sukuna huskily said. He finally allowed himself to be fully aroused in front of the boy. His sweatpants started getting tighter. "I know you have your reasons and it would be a shame if we lose the likes of you to a scandal."

Megumi jumped out of his seat, "Thank you." The relief in his voice is music to Sukuna's ears. Megumi tucked his loosened fists inside his pockets. He accidentally averted his gaze to his teacher's sweatpants — only to find that the print from a while ago is now a full on bulge. Heat creeped on his face and he tore his gaze away immediately. Taking that as another cue, Sukuna smirked and came closer to the student. He grabbed him by his shoulders and started leading him towards the wall. Megumi yelped and froze on spot. "S-sir?" 

"Are you seriously not going to ask me who was my source?" Sukuna grinned. He pressed his mast against Megumi's thigh, earning a shaky breath from the boy. Megumi yelped and tried to squirm away from him, but Sukuna secured him to the wall by pinning his entire body against his. 

Megumi blinked his dark eyes at him. Now that he mentioned it, his teacher conveniently has a copy of the screenshot and opened the topic at a time when most of the students are in their dorms and the teachers are handling paperwork or teaching other classes. "No way!" Megumi cursed, "Y-you—" Megumi tried pushing the teacher away, but Sukuna retaliated by grabbing his wrists and pinned them beside his head. 

"I," Sukuna growled in his ear. "tipped you 11000 Yen to bend over and show me your asshole. Nothing more, nothing less. At least a thank you from you would be great." Sukuna traced the boy's ear and jaw with his tongue, the taste of sweat and skin making his arousal throb fervently. He cupped Megumi's chin and rested his forehead against his, "I'll be more than happy to give you credit for my class and keep quiet about your side hustle as long as you get to be my boy toy."

"You'll get fired," Megumi growled bluntly, doing his best to subdue the forming erection in his slacks. "Itadori will be expelled. Do you wanna risk that?"

Sukuna's grin widened. Not only is the boy smart— he also know what cards to play and when. Unluckily for him, Sukuna has already anticipated that risk. "You're not exactly saying no." Sukuna licked the outline of Megumi's lips. He pulled his sweatpants down and let them fall on the floor. "As for me, I wouldn't exactly worry about your empty threat because when I go down, you'll be going down with me. You know that." His dick is poking painfully out of his boxer briefs but Sukuna ignores that and pressed his member against Megumi's crotch. Megumi closed his eyes and lips shut and furrowed, his hips reflexively jerking back upon contact. 

"Do you really think I'd let anyone in on this arrangement?" Sukuna continued. He clung on to Megumi's hips and rocked his hips slowly against the tent forming on the boy's pants. Megumi whimpered when his teacher started unfastening his slacks. He squirmed in retaliation. "Think about it," Sukuna taunted, "Extra credit and the privilege of keeping your dirty secret while you're visibly enjoying yourself—"

"Don't put words in my mouth!" Megumi hissed.  Sukuna shook his head, looking rather amused, as he undid his zipper and fondled his aching cock through his briefs. His other hand snaked behind him on his ass cheek and gave it a firm grope. Megumi let out a soundless moan.  Sukuna stared at the boy menacingly, "I don't have to," He bit his lip, "Your body is speaking for you. You want me. You want what I'm doing with you." 

"No," Megumi said with trembling lips. 

"No?" Sukuna mirrored, "Then why is your cock begging for more of my attention? And why aren't you fending me off?" He spat on his hand and slid it inside his underwear and grabbed him by the shaft. Sukuna licked his lips and admired megumi's cock in his hand that is throbbing for the attention being given to it. He gave the slit a light press with the pad of his thumb, then grasped at his manhood firmly. Sukuna gazed at Megumi's eyes as he began stroking him oh so slowly. He can see the lust starting to cloud the boy's dark orbs, a welcome cloud of smoke. That is the same lust inhabiting every cell in his body after that night. 

Sukuna bowed his head, resting it on Megumi's shoulder. He stopped his ministrations on his dick and cupped his cheeks from inside his underwear. Sukuna sighed. The globes feel as soft and thick as they look like. He wedged a finger between the cheeks and hunted for Megumi's hole. The boy in question gasped when Sukuna found it and traced its outline with his warm, thick fingers. Sukuna closed his eyes and pulled up the mental image of Megumi's hole from the stream as he rubbed the area. Sukuna placed his gaze up towards Megumi again. He took in every single detail of him and committed it to memory. He watched as Megumi writhed underneath his touch, and admired the way his furrowed brows and gaping mouth are speaking testaments on the sheer pleasure he's receiving. He rutted his dick against him in a painfully slow and sensual pace as he continued to rub circles on his small hole. 

"W-wait," Megumi grunted. The student found himself clinging to Sukuna's shoulder for support. He's trembling all over. 

"I'll be generous to you." Sukuna's mind is starting to become hazy as well. He quickened his pace. "I will wait for your decision in the arrangement to make things official." More than anything, he badly wants to bend Megumi over his desk and devour all of him, but he wants to be a gentleman. He'll save the bedroom antics once Megumi says yes. 

Despite being lost in passion, Megumi managed to look at his professor incredulously. "And this isn't making it official?" Sukuna chuckled at how absurd and cheesy the declaration is. 

"No," Sukuna grunted. Rubbing against Megumi's throbbing member feels so damn good. "I wanna seal the deal by putting my dick in you." Sukuna rocks his hips in deeper, increasing the pressure of his dick pressing and rubbing against Megumi's. The boy's hot breath blasted him in the face, which drove him crazier. Sukuna aimed his head against the back of Megumi's tip and made little upward thrusts. Before Megumi can utter anything, he didn't stop the soft moan escaping his lips. Megumi jerked his hips further forward and arched his back. Pleased at himself, Sukuna clamped Megumi's mouth shut with his hand. 

Megumi glared at him. Sukuna finds it adorable considering the amount of flush present in his face. "Why would I let you do stick your dick in me?" 

"Because you do have a reputation to keep." Sukuna pondered. His precum is starting to stain his underwear's fabric. Sukuna closed his eyes and bit his lip as he let himself feel all of Megumi's hard flesh against his while kneading the best pair of ass cheeks he's had in a long time. The friction from the fabrics rubbing makes him more sensitive, and the familiar tightening coil inside him is starting to unravel. "Don't worry, I'll give you time to think." He breathed. 

Megumi let out another gasp as he felt Sukuna's finger breach him slightly. His hips are on autopilot and in sync with the professor's, and try as he might he just cannot focus on the topic at hand fully. He just finds himself succumbing to the intense pleasure and stimulation. "Shit," Megumi gritted his teeth, "Shit, wait, I—" Megumi didn't finish his sentence; he lurched forward into his teacher's strong shoulders as he orgasmed. The fluid started seeping through his briefs. 

"Already?" Sukuna mocked, "So much for not putting words in your mouth, huh?" 

Sukuna pulled out his hands off his ass and cupped Megumi's member once more. He scooped some of Megumi's cum in his fingers then tasted it. He can't help but whimper at the taste — just the perfect balance between salt and sweat and bitterness. "You taste good." Sukuna commended. He throttled even more against Megumi, who is still riding out his orgasmic bliss. "Do you wanna taste yourself?"

"What?" Megumi blinked his weary eyes, still not getting down from the high of cumming using his teacher's thick shaft. Before he can even respond properly, though, Sukuna leaned forward and wrapped his mouth against his, forcibly pushing his tongue inside the orifice. Megumi moaned as he felt Sukuna's tongue explore every crevice of his mouth. Sukuna started getting rougher at his pace, clearly becoming more desperate for his own release. 

Megumi tasted his own tangy semen from Sukuna's tongue. He instinctively sucked on to the older man's tongue and lapped back at it, for once finally letting all his reservations go. Sukuna inserted his hands inside his shirt and brought him closer. His thrusts are becoming rougher, and the friction between the fabrics and their dicks is sending the teacher into a state of euphoria. The thought of dry-humping Megumi until he cums didn't even occur to him until now, and he's happy he risked going for more.  Sukuna's grunts became more prominent, and his grip on his hips tightened. Megumi lowkey hoped his strong grip wouldn't leave any marks. Sukuna broke the kiss and dawled, "Megumi...megumi...oh fuck—" he closed his eyes shut as his release finally arrived. He finally let Megumi go and ran his hands on his peach-colored locks dripping with sweat despite the air conditioning. Sighing, Sukuna scooped some of his sticky cum and held it up using two digits. "Oh my," Sukuna feigned, "I got messed up. Clean this up for me will you?" 

Before Megumi can object, Sukuna shoved the fingers inside his warm mouth and made him lap it clean. Megumi cringed at the taste — his is more bitter than salty, but cleaned up the fingers nonetheless. Sukuna took his time to use his fingers to explore the insides of Megumi's mouth. Once he's finally satisfied, he pulls the fingers off and traces a wet streak on his cheek. "Within three days," Sukuna paused to catch his breath, "I'll be texting you a location. Go to that place if you have your answer for my proposal." 

Megumi nodded, clearly dumbfounded. Sukuna nodded back in satisfaction and pecked at his lips once more. "Now, it's getting late. You should head home. Your roommate is probably waiting." 

In a daze, Megumi clothed himself back and did his best to conceal any potential hints that might give away the tryst that happened between him and Professor Sukuna Ryoumen. He picked up his bag and left the office without a single word, the only sounds audible is the clicks of his shoes. 











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Megumi somehow feels both stiff and weakened at the same time when he leaves his (apparently) perverted professor's office. His entire body felt numb when he put his pants back on, and now that he is finally outside of the cramped space his knees feel like giving out on him any second. He's sure the professor said a few things to him before he left, but at the moment he feels like he's hearing him from underwater. The echoes are just out there ringing in his head as he navigated the deafening silence and the dancing shadows in the hallways. Every cell in his body is telling him to get out of there and hide like he always does. Because he's been found out. The one time he decides to be noble and he gets found out for his machiavellian ways. The click-clacks of his shoes feel like punches in the dark, a harsh reminder that he's found out, that he's screwed and he'll be gone for good. A wave of chilly air hit him, which made him gasp. And suddenly he's back in that wall, and he's cornered, and the phantom of Sukuna's sizable member is pressing against him. 


Seeing a nearby bench, he rushed as his wobbly legs would allow him and took a seat. He looked up at the night sky above him, and is it just him or do the stars look more glistened tonight? He squirmed and tucked his arousal in between his thighs. Megumi opted for one deep breath, but it seems his chest can only accommodate shallow puffs of air. Heat rose on his face and when he closed his eyes he could feel Sukuna's finger tracing his hole and sending shivers down his spine. He can taste his finger — a weird concoction of musk, sweat, flesh, and bitterness — inside his mouth. Megumi lightly slapped himself to break free from his delusion. He's been busted. He's gonna get punished badly because of it, and he deserves it. That is because everything about him is wrong. 


When he thought he's calmed down enough, he stood up, tucked his shaking hands inside the pockets of his trousers to shield it from the cold, and headed back to his dorm with his head down. It's pretty dark out here but the lights coming from the street lamps are bright enough to hurt his eyes. Thankfully the campus is mostly deserted at this time of the night; Megumi can only see a handful of what looks to be seniors heading out for their dorms or straight up fooling around. He's confident enough they won't give him odd looks considering his current disheveled state. He's grateful for that. 


When Megumi finally reaches his dorm, all the lights are on to his annoyance. He winced in pain and stared at his roommate Yuuji, who is currently preparing for a night out. Yuuji, who begrudgingly looks like a carbon copy of his significantly older half-brother. "Hey man," Yuji greeted as he tamed his peachy hair into a neat brush up. "There's salad in the fridge you can go eat it— woah dude are you okay?"


Megumi flinched at the question. He hates it when people like Yuuji are staring at him with such concern. His hand reflexively flew on to his face and sure enough, there's a handful of tear tracks running down his cheeks. "Y-yeah. Yeah I'm fine." Megumi tore his gaze away from his roommate and busied himself by changing for bed. He dumped his backpack on his side of the room and kicked his shoes off. Yuuji remained staring at him, frowning. "Really." Megumi insisted despite the fact that his puffy red eyes give away the fact that he's everything but okay. 


Yuuji just stared at him, "Okay," he finally conceded, "If you say so." 


That's what he likes about Yuuji Itadori— despite reeking of kindness, he doesn't overstep boundaries and take everything he says at face value. He only becomes a nag when Megumi wants him to nag and dote at him with permission.  


"Um," Yuuji scratched the back of his head, "Todo might be crashing here later when we get home. Do you mind?"


Ah, yes. Aoi Todo. Megumi is not exactly fond of him and the feeling is mutual. Todo thinks he's wasting oxygen for being one of the blandest, dullest, most boring people in the world with shit taste and Megumi thinks he's an overgrown gorilla with the attitude of an angry bull, the reputation of a sex offender (for the record, he's not but everyone bar Yuuji practically hates him for good reason and treats him like one) and the working brain of an earthworm. How Yuuji managed to befriend him remains a mystery. 


Megumi furrowed his brows and tossed his shirt in the laundry bin, "He does have a room of his own, does he?" 


Yuji hummed, "Well, yeah, but after the concert he decided he wants to find out about Jennifer Lawrence so we'll be binge-watching her movies tonight."


Megumi rolled his eyes. Such simpletons. "You guys sure do a lot of simping for a school night." Megumi suddenly wonders if having an athletic scholarship allows them to have more room to slack off and simp for an idol and a celebrity. He can't even fathom how he can go to class for tomorrow if he went to the Tall Idol Takada-Chan tour and binged all of Hunger Games afterwards. 


Megumi sighed and plopped to his bunk, "Just tone down the volume to like, a 3." He can't exactly say no to Yuuji considering he's been a good roommate and an even better friend after all. "And if you can stuff one of your socks inside Todo's mouth that would be great."


Yuuji chuckled, "I'll do my best to get him to shut up." He threw on one of his varsity hoodies and nodded at him. "Bye now."


"Bye." Megumi waited for Yuuji to leave before he stripped naked and headed for the shower. The water is icy cold, but he didn't bother tinkering with the heater settings. He just wants the long day to be over. When he's done scrubbing himself clean, he dried up and put on a pair of boxers and a baggy sweatshirt. He didn't feel like eating. At this point, he's just too weary to do anything. He plopped back to his bunk and clung to his pillow. He rested his head to the cold, soft surface and sighed. 


For a moment he just laid there at a standstill. Megumi replayed every memory he could muster to see where everything went wrong. He pulled up his phone and stared at the 11000 yen he wired to Ijichi-san's bank account. He contemplated how he hadn't bothered questioning the rather generous tip. Now, because of that one fateful session he is yet again forced to make another decision he'll probably regret.  


Looking back, he'd say yes to Sukuna's proposal. He doesn't have a choice. He'll get outed for prostituting himself, then Gojo-san, despite being one of the most annoying people in the world, would grow to hate him for going behind his back. He'd fire Ijichi, which means Tsumiki would be left at his biological father's mercy, and if Tsumiki finds out what he's been doing to pay for her bills…


Megumi finally allowed himself to sob. He's more than willing to get his hands dirty to get the job done but even he has his limits. Just how many more wrongs must he do to make things right anyway? Megumi has had enough of being fed hate and yet he seems to be a magnet for it. 


He'll wait for his perverted professor's text, and then he'll have to give him his virginity when he's supposed to give it to a woman just to ensure Sukuna keeps his mouth shut about his dirty laundry. And that doesn't even stop there — Megumi would need to spread his legs open on command for Sukuna to keep on keeping quiet about his filthy secret.


His degrading thoughts are cut off by a ping from his phone. Megumi rubbed the lone tears off his eyes and read the notification. Just his luck— it was homework assigned by Sukuna Ryoumen, Japanese History teacher. He needs to write a two-page commentary about the article linked. Formatting includes a formal font size 9, justified alignment, and half-inch margin. 


Megumi tossed his phone beside him. Damn him. Damn Sukuna for assigning yet another difficult homework after what he did to him inside his office. Damn Sukuna for the 11000 tip that triggered this stupid proposal in the first place. 


Heat started rising within Megumi when he realized the pervert was having his way far longer than he can remember. He can remember all the times when Sukuna has been boring holes at him, when Sukuna is giving him a pat on the back, maybe a shoulder squeeze. Megumi's mind raced. He looked back to every interaction he had with the older man and determined for himself if they meant anything or nothing at all. Every touch and praise and stare—


Megumi is burning up; to his surprise, it isn't from anger from what happened. Sukuna had deliberately blackmailed him and used his body for his own sick and twisted kind of pleasure. Sukuna is vile enough to use his lowest point against him to his advantage and exploit the fuck out of it. Damn him for making him play at the palm of his warm, strong hands. 


Megumi cupped his member to see if the underlying disgust is there— and much to his horror, he's rock hard. That can't be right. Sukuna defiled him with every touch and caress of his hand. Sukuna, who Megumi should remember, is a man. A man known for his brutal teaching methods and toned body. This is not normal. Megumi's breath hitched when he accidentally ran the tip of his finger to the head. The phantom of Sukuna's thumb is pressing against his peehole again, and Megumi is trembling again from the sheer shock of pleasure he felt. 


He wants to laugh at himself. Megumi didn't expect he can outdo the sinfulness of him being a prostitute by getting aroused at the idea of a handsome man who is considerably older than him discovering his dirty secret and blackmailed him to be his personal sex doll. He knows two wrongs don't exactly make a right. Hell— he knows accepting Sukuna's perverted arrangement isn't even the worst thing about it. 


It's the fact that he is deliberately fondling himself, trying in his darndest to recall how Sukuna did the same to him a while ago. It's the fact that he's actually eager to say yes to the crazy proposal and it's not because of what Sukuna is holding against him. His body remembers how the older man handled him, and his eyes and cock recall how long and thick Sukuna's member looks and feels. Megumi yanked the straining boxers off him and spread his legs. He traced a line up and down his shaft with his fingertips as he chewed his lip and pretended it was the professor's thick shaft pressing against him. 


Closing his eyes, Megumi gripped his cock in his palm and racked his brain to recall how Sukuna stroked him painstakingly gently. He chewed on his lip in an effort to conceal the moans of sheer pleasure that threatens to escape his lips. He writhed around his bed like an animal in heat as his hand finally recreated that pervert's touch. When he started leaking precum, Megumi spread them around his member, hissing when he learned that the head is far too sensitive for his own good. "Fuck," he breathed. His cock twitched when he pictured Sukuna's dick inside his mind. This time, because he's alone with his sinful thoughts, he allowed himself to drool over the memory of Sukuna's tasty bulge beneath those sweatpants. 


Megumi wandered his hands down to his thighs and between them, where Sukuna made him feel every inch and girth of his member. He sunk further on his mattress as he took himself back to the wall in the teacher's office yet again, but this time, intentionally. Every rub on his skin made him shiver. His hand dove further inside, wedging between his ass cheeks. Megumi snapped his eyes open and took a deep breath. He stared at his cock, throbbing angrily at him for stopping his ministrations. He recalled the ghostly pleasure he felt when Sukuna rubbed circles on his hole. Surely, it can't be possible to feel good there. His body is just playing tricks with him. He's already gone too far when he touched himself to the idea of his teacher assaulting him.


But was it assault when Megumi liked it so much to the point that he's touching himself in an effort to recreate the heated moment?


Shrugging off, Megumi decided: fuck it. He's alone, and he's already had a handful of sins just for being who he really is so what is one more? Megumi grabbed his cock and arched his back and allowed his finger to trace his hole the same way Sukuna did— achingly slow but firm, in circling motions. Megumi gritted his teeth. It's getting harder to hold back and stop himself from moaning like a whore but he has to take an extra effort within the four thin walls of his dorm room. He tightened his grip around his member and stroked harder as he tried syncing the rhythm of his hands in doing the work. He is too caught in the pleasure to hold back the long string of moans that escaped his gut. He clasped his mouth shut with his own hand immediately. Megumi paused and frantically looked at the surroundings. He's still alone in the dark, sweating and in heat. He closes his eyes once more and listens — not a sound from their surroundings. He took a deep breath. That was too close. 


His tongue grazed his fingers, which sent cold shivers down his spine. Megumi is back to pumping his dick again, eager for his own release. He jabbed the fingers inside his mouth and tasted them himself. He can only taste his own flesh and sweat and the odd sweetness of his own sex, but he can't help but imagine it's Sukuna's long, thick fingers that's probing every crevice inside his mouth. Gulping, he focused his strokes around his head which made him produce a low whine. He's read from somewhere that dick apparently pretty much tastes like skin. Megumi eagerly sucked on his fingers and wondered if Sukuna's meat flesh would taste the same. He plunged his fingers in and out of his mouth as he quickened his pace, almost to the brink of thrusting on to his own hand. He visualized how the tip of Sukuna's dick head massaged him, and the same shocks of pleasure engulfed his veins. The electricity is starting to burn him from the inside — a gradual build up, if you would. Megumi spreads his legs once more and lets his fingers inside his mouth go back to his hole, the digits slick with saliva erratically rubbing the surface. Megumi's hips kept jolting forward as he did, and he started feeling overwhelmed with the electricity building inside him. He tried holding himself back from it, but the more pleasure he gets the harder it gets to hold back, and he decided he can't take it anymore. Through gritted teeth and curling toes, Megumi spewed his seed all over his hand and on his sweater. The watery texture dripped down his member as Megumi's mind blanked out. 



Still hazed out of his senses, Megumi stood up and turned his night light on. He grabbed a used towelette from his bin and wiped himself clean. When he realized he can still catch a faint whiff of that bleachy, cummy stink, he poured a handful of rubbing alcohol all over his hands and arms and scrubbed (or did his best to scrub) the filth all over him. He's not going to hop in the shower again. 


As he attempts to lose himself in the idle action, the weight of what he has just done starts sinking to his stomach. He touched and ejaculated to the idea of his teacher coercing him sexually — his male, Japanese History teacher, who has a sizable penis and the body and face of his worst devil. The idea that he is woefully attracted to that pervert alone should sicken him; the fact that his sexy, perverted teacher defiled him against the wall should be sending him straight for the toilet bowl, puking his guts out. 


And yet, despite everything feeling so wrong, Megumi can't help but feel his little altercation with Sukuna is the one right thing that happened to him, and it makes him sick to his core that he doesn't even know why. Was he really defiled if he actually enjoyed it? Megumi buried his face on his pillow once more and closed his eyes, wanting desperately for his weariness to take over. 


Since when did his life turn into a cheap porno? 


And just how did he end up in such a bootleg Fifty Shades situation? 



The next morning, Megumi texted Nobara Kugisaki — one of his promiscuous friends who's also attending the campus (she prefers the term "sex positive" but Megumi would beg to differ) to ask if she has any spare douches he can use. Nobara talks big for someone who hasn't gotten any kind of action in the past 6 months, but at least she knows her stuff and she can be trusted with his nastiest secret. 


The woman in question Facetimed him a few seconds later. She still has her morning mask and under eye patches on, and her auburn hair is still wrapped in a towel, which means she must be really intrigued on why Megumi Fushiguro, one of her most conservative friends, is asking if she has an extra douche at 6 AM. 


"So you finally decided to get laid," she opened, looking smug as ever, "Who's the unlucky guy?" 


Megumi rolled his eyes. He may have been blushing a little. "It's none of your business." 


Nobara sighed, "Alright, don't spill. Have it your way. I don't have any extra. I'm not gonna lend you anything if I did have — that's just unsanitary and gross, dude." 


Megumi looked away from the camera, "Ugh, fine." He said as quietly as possible; not that he's risking waking Yuji, it's just that he'd rather not risk anything in general. "Where do them?" 


Nobara grinned on the other end, "Man you must really like this guy to go homerun with him on the first night, huh?"


I'd really like for the guy to shut his mouth about me being a camboy for my sister's medical bills, Megumi thought. Deep down, he knows he likes more than just that idea, but he suppressed the idea just as quickly. "I just feel like experimenting, you know." 


Nobara whistled appreciatively. Megumi doesn't feel like being appreciated at the moment. "Looks like our poor baby little Megumi is finally going out of his shell," she babied, which annoyed him. "I should come over with a lot of sake. Me and Itadori would like to toast you getting laid."


"You know that's not allowed." Megumi pointed out. 


"Didn't exactly stop us from that one time." Nobara rebutted. "Back to the topic, you need more than a douche, my guy." She tutted, "You'll want to stock up on lube, butt plugs so you can prep yourself beforehand, and poppers."


Megumi cocked an eyebrow. "Poppers?"


"Don't look at me like that," Nobara scoffed, "Apparently it's a sex drug. One of my guy friends say it makes the sex feel better and hurt a little less on the morning after. Wait," Nobara sneered at him from her phone screen, "You're actually taking down notes, aren't you?"


As a matter of fact, he is. Megumi is typing whenever Nobara is dictating on his Notes app and includes a brief description of what each item probably does. He ignored Nobara's fit of giggles in the background. 


"What a nerd!" Nobara jibed. "You must really like this guy. Introduce me to him some time, yeah?"


"Hell no, Kugisaki." Megumi said firmly. Introducing won't be necessary because she takes the same Japanese History class and because while she can take a secret to the grave, it won't stop her from probing around Megumi's scandalous arrangement. 


Megumi ended up ordering just a decent douche online because that is the only thing that can pass for actual household equipment. Yuuji, despite being far more experienced than him, is dumb and innocent enough on this sort of thing. The butt plugs are gonna be harder to hide and explain. Yuuji may be familiar with what lube is at least if he's doing anal with some of his casual hookups, and Todo (who gatecrashes way too often for Megumi's own convenience) definitely knows what a bottle of lube is for considering his penchat for tall women with big butts so he can't risk that lying around. He's not even gonna consider the poppers thing; he doesn't know anyone who can hook him up with such a thing, and if the sex is gonna hurt then he probably deserves it for being such a nasty being. 


Megumi navigated the hallways in cold dread. Sukuna hasn't texted him yet, but when he does, he has no choice but to say yes. He has to say yes. He is also hoping that outside of the arrangement, the professor won't do anything weird. 


Too bad the thought only lived for a moment because Megumi felt a familiar hand groping and fondling his backside for a full two seconds before letting go like nothing happened. Megumi glared at the professor walking beside him, who looks like his usual impassive self. Thankfully the campus is still deserted at this hour. Megumi made the right choice of coming into class early because he's still only halfway done with his assigned homework. 


Megumi took his usual spot inside the classroom and let himself get taken away from the task at hand despite Sukuna's teasing. "Did you come in so early because you're eager to be alone with me, Fushiguro?" Megumi opted to focus on the silent clicks of his laptop keyboard to drown the sounds of Sukuna's loud footsteps heading towards him. He focused harder on the task when he felt the teacher's hot breath on his neck and his warm hand caressing and massaging his inner thigh. Megumi squirmed a little on his seat. "Do you intend to turn in your homework late?" The teacher murmured in his ear. Megumi shuddered but relented, "I'd gladly accept any markdowns for my late essay, sir." He surprised himself at how he managed to get that out firmly. 


"Don't mind if I do, then." Sukuna finally left him alone to prepare for his class in shared silence. And for the next few minutes during the lecture, Sukuna actually managed to become his usual domineering self in the class, roasting everyone capriciously for their "hideous" works. Everyone left the class feeling really down, which is nothing new, and for once Megumi is grateful for the normalcy of the situation. The professor stopped making passes at him for the meantime, and Megumi finally managed to get his peace of mind back on his next classes. 

That is, until he received the dreaded text message during his lunch break. Megumi glued his wide eyes on the location his perverted professor had sent him. It is a love hotel in Shibuya, and along with it came a message. 

Bring an overnight bag. I'll have you for all of Saturday and the entire Sunday morning. 












Chapter Text

Megumi is busy packing a night's worth of extra clothes and toiletries on a Friday noon when somebody knocked on his dorm room door. Puzzled, he stared at the clock: 4:52. That can't be Yuuji— he's still in his varsity practice, and he doesn't ever knock. Like, ever. Cocking an eyebrow, he secured the door chain before taking a peek to see who could possibly be visiting him — only to end up shutting the door with a slam as soon as he got a glimpse of that familiar white hair. 


"Megumi!~" His annoyingly stupid legal guardian said from the other side in a sing-song tone. Megumi dove for the douche lying idly on his bedside drawer and tucked it inside his overnight bag as quickly as possible. "Wait, I'm naked!" He shouted to buy himself time. Shit. How could he have forgotten that Satoru Gojo comes over every Friday night to play 'cool uncle' or so he puts it? 


"No, you're not!" The irritating white-haired man taunted, "Besides, I've seen you in less. Why are you so shy about it?"


"No, you didn't," Megumi snapped back as he scooped all the clothes he's been planning to take to Shibuya and stashed them haphazardly inside his bag. When he's done, he kicked the bag under the bunk and took a few quick breaths to compose himself. "The pizza's getting cold, you know." Gojo called out. 


Megumi fetched the door once more, scowling, "We have a microwave here, jeez." 


The other man on the other side stared down at him through his designer glasses, "Wow." He smirked, "Are you on your period or something? I'm feeling the love here, Megumi." He kicked his sneakers off and helped himself inside. Rolling his eyes, Megumi took his guardian's shoes and placed them in the dedicated shoe rack like a decent human being. "Yuuji-kun's not home, yet?" Gojo bantered as he placed the snacks on the table. "Baseball practice," was all Megumi said. 


Gojo laid his tall, lanky frame down on the bottom bunk — the same bunk Megumi's been sleeping on, and the same bunk he had just tidied up literally a few minutes before he arrived, which ticked him off just a bit more. "Pass me the remote." Megumi obliged by taking the remote and tossing it in his direction. Gojo caught it no problem. He turned the TV on and started surfing for any good. "What about you? Got any plans?"


"Nothing." Megumi replied a little too quickly. Thankfully Gojo is too lax to care. "I'm about to write another paper for Japanese History. That's all." He supplied. That much is true— Sukuna has assigned him and his class yet another homework with an unrealistic workload and infeasible deadline. He went for his desk and pretended to busy himself with the task. 


"Man, you should really loosen up a little." Satoru yawned and stretched his limbs. "When I was your age, I had a fuckbuddy. You should consider getting yourself one. Good pussy can make even somebody as uptight as you get freaky." 


"And you should consider getting an STD test." Megumi clapped back as he let his words fly into the document he is working on. Ironically enough, he's about to get himself a fuckbuddy as his guardian had lewdly put it, although the circumstances are far more questionable than anything else. Gojo merely chuckled at his quip and ruffled his hair as he headed back to their pantry and grabbed a plate and fork. He then unboxed the cake for himself and served a very generous portion. Megumi glared at him, "Not on my bed!" He barked. 


And because he's Satoru Gojo, he ignored his request and sat on his mattress as he stuffed himself with triple chocolate cake. Megumi cringed at the thought of how sweet that thing can be. It's honestly a surprise his sponsor hasn't gotten fat nor gotten his teeth rotten off from cavities considering the copious amounts of sugar he's consuming, but then he pays for a good dentist and he does have an extensive workout regimen so shit balances out, he supposed. "Pizza's getting colder," he repeated while his mouth is still half-full to Megumi's disgust. 


Deciding that Gojo is gonna keep on nagging at him until he complies, Megumi just paused his task and grabbed himself a slice of pizza with a sigh. He can only hope that his guardian has no plans of having a sleepover because that would significantly complicate things for his weekend plan. Yuuji is already hard to get rid of. "That was for Sukuna's class, right?" Gojo jerked his head at the open laptop. Megumi nodded in response. "I hate that guy. He is strict and by the book in the worst way I can't stand it. I'd really like to fire his ass and replace him with somebody more...liberating, if you would."


Megumi felt something pit inside his stomach at the idea of his guardian firing his teacher. Did Gojo catch on? There's no way. He won't be having this conversation with him if he suspects anything. "Well you technically can," he played off. 


"But everyone else loves him." Gojo grumbled, "The higher ups are all over his dick saying that he's a rarity, and that he is a prime example of the campus vision and yadda yadda. I'd need to fire all the higher ups first before I can fire him." 


"You do realize," Megumi came in on the defensive, "That he is also Yuuji's brother, right?" Sukuna's words rang in his ears. He can't afford to get his perverted ass fired because Megumi is going down with him. He's gonna become a pariah and Gojo is gonna hate him and Tsumiki is gonna hate him once his secret gets out. And when Sukuna gets fired, Yuuji will be parting ways with him with so much bitterness because he did get his older brother fired. No. Megumi anxiously nibbled at his pizza slice. 


Gojo dismissed his concern with a wave of his hand, rightfully oblivious to what is going on inside his head, "Yuuji-kun is smart. He doesn't need his stupid brother's faculty discount to sustain his studies here." 


While Megumi can agree that Yuuji is talented in all things physical, he honestly can't say the same for his academics. He chose not to bring that point up and just worked on his paper. 


Yuuji arrived shortly afterwards, looking extremely delighted to see his favorite teacher (even though Satoru hasn't stepped inside a classroom to teach for a long time) and even happier when Gojo gestured at the pizza waiting to be consumed by the two of them. Megumi's roommate somehow became elated despite looking worse for wear after their training— his damp jersey is clinging to his skin, his hair disheveled, his under eyes darkened after his pointless movie marathon with Todo from last night — and he can't help but be impressed at just how Yuuji can keep going after a long day. Yuuji went to take a shower for a moment then returned and started blabbering with Gojo while Megumi sat there on his desk working on his homework and occasionally chiming in. 


Thankfully Gojo doesn't have any sleepover plans for tonight much to Megumi's relief. He had set an alarm for 4:30 and went to bed earlier than usual, the pit lodged in his stomach helping him drift to rest easier. He is going to say yes to Sukuna's indecent proposal, and he really is going to go to Shibuya tomorrow morning to seal the deal. 


When his alarm went off, Megumi snapped out of his stupor. Yuuji is such a heavy sleeper, so he's fairly confident his alarm hasn't woken him. Megumi fished the douche out of his bag and headed straight for the bathroom. Sitting on the toilet bowl, he scanned the instructions on the leaflet that came with it. Then read it once more. Then read it one more time to ensure he commits it to memory. Once he's satisfied, he ripped the manual to shreds and dumped the remains to the trash can. Sighing, he stripped naked and began cleaning himself. 


Because he doesn't wanna be an ungrateful friend, Megumi wore the jockstrap Nobara bought him "for the occasion." He held up the flimsy material and flushed. He does own a red pair but that's the typical athleisure kind. The pair his friend picked out for him seems more suited for athletic activities inside the bedroom. The fabric is silky, and the color is a jet black, the kind of black that is hard to get due to how intense it is. Before he can think better of it, Megumi put them on. It's a snug fit, to his surprise. But then — Nobara has a good eye in general so he assumed size estimates aren't behind her. He picked a pair of loose sweatshorts also in black in case he gets a slip up then contrasted it with a white button-up. He tucked his hair in one of Yuuji's baseball caps (he informed Yuuji before sleeping that he'll be borrowing the cap to go to a middle school reunion) and took one surgical mask from its box. Megumi slid in a pair of sneakers and then made a final check on his overnight bag. Once he's satisfied, he slung the bag over his shoulder and left. 


He was aboard the train when Sukuna texted him the room number. Megumi closed his eyes and repeated his mantra inside his head: do this for stupid big sister. Do this for stupid big sister. Do this for stupid big sister. His hands have gone rigid, and the pit inside his stomach got heavier. He bounced his leg a little too much. 




Sukuna decided to keep his clothes on and sifted through the essays that need revision inside his laptop. His slacks feel a little too tight considering that he popped two Viagra pills after he received Megumi's confirmation text, but he can be really patient when he wants to. He would like the boy to unwrap him like he's a present with his soft, delicate hands. He made the right decision to blow through his clothing budget and booked a suite. After all, it's a once in a lifetime opportunity to take the virginity of somebody as fine as Megumi Fushiguro, and he will take every chance he can get while he is alone with him in this room. The suite he booked is a perfect cross between traditional Japanese and edgy goth aesthetic. The tranquil shades of blue, red, and green adorning the room serve as an offset to the plastic animal skulls hanging on the wall. Sukuna licked his lips when his gaze fell to the one ornament that prompted him to book the room in the first place — the mirrors. 


Across the low bed which has a headboard that resembles a traditional Japanese temple gate is a humongous cabinet filled with all sorts of toys and gear. The cabinet doors have large mirrors on them. Above the bed on the ceiling is yet another large mirror.


Sukuna grinned. He closed his laptop shut. Now the party is about to start. He pranced for the door and opened it. He stared down and met Megumi's dark orbs. He opened the door wider for him and led him inside. Sukuna hung the 'Do not Disturb' sign on the door handle and locked it shut. He wasted no time wrapping his arm around the pretty boy's shoulder and holding his prone body close to him. 


"What's with the unnecessarily big room?" Megumi pondered. 


Sukuna grinned at him, "Why, Megumi," he says, "It's because I will be fucking you on every corner of this room." 


The professor's grin widened when Megumi flushed a bright red, a much needed color that popped against his pale, creamy skin. He took his overnight bag from him and laid it on the loveseat. "Sit on the bed," Sukuna commanded. Megumi took his shoes off and placed them beside the bed frame and obeyed. 


Sukuna walked towards him, stopping right in front of him so that Megumi would be forced to look up to him. He yanked the baseball cap off his head and tossed it across the room, "Let me see your beautiful face, Megumi." He breathed as he proceeded to take the mask off him next. Once he's done, he cupped the boy's chin and held his gaze steady. Sukuna pressed his thumb against Megumi's lower lip. "Are you agreeing to my terms?" 


"Yes." Megumi said in a daze. 


Sukuna nodded in affirmation. "If that is the case then let me tell you my first condition: when we're doing this, I want you to call me daddy. Understood?"


"Yes." Megumi blinked his eyes at him. 


Sukuna raised his eyebrows and cupped his jaw harder, making the boy wince. "Yes what?"


"Yes d-d-daddy." Megumi stuttered. His breath hitched. The boy closed his eyes shut. Pleased with himself, Sukuna leaned down. "Good boy," he says before he begins peppering Megumi's lips and face with small pecks that feel like steaming hot brands on his skin. Sukuna pried his mouth open with his tongue and Megumi clumsily obliged. The teacher slid inside and lapped hungrily at the boy's tongue. Sukuna leaned further to deepen the kiss. Megumi tried keeping a distance from the suffocating kiss by pushing him away but the man is far too strong for his attempts. Sukuna grabbed the back of his head to hold him in place as he ravaged the insides of his mouth. The foreign feeling of his warm, wet tongue makes him squirm in discomfort. Megumi can only moan wantonly as Sukuna engulfed his tongue in an awkward dance wherein the professor is doing all the work. Sukuna doesn't seem to mind though. 


It was Sukuna who broke the kiss, leaving behind a copious trail of saliva. Megumi wiped the mess with his hand as he glared daggers at the older man, who is now undoing every button on his shirt. "If I didn't know any better," Sukuna huskily growled on his ear, "I'd say you dressed up pretty for me, Megumi." Once he's done, he steps back to admire his handiwork and pushes the shirt open, revealing Megumi's lean flesh and creamy skin. His cock throbbed approvingly inside his pants. Megumi tilted his head to the side reflexively as Sukuna got down on his knees and began trailing his tongue on the side of his neck down to his chest. "So beautiful," Sukuna sighed when he noticed the flush on Megumi's face creeped out towards his ears and neck. The boy's skin is a bit damp with sweat. He probably took a walk from the station all the way here. The taste and smell of his sweat is a nice contrast for the clean deodorant and spicy cologne he's wearing. Sukuna licked both of Megumi's pink nipples, slicking them wet for his own pleasure. Megumi's hisses at the action vibrated straight to his straining cock. He then proceeded to nibble on one teat while pinching the other. "A-ah!" Megumi trembled. Sukuna ran his hand on the boy's arm to soothe him. It only made him more tense. Megumi chewed on his lip as Sukuna caressed his sides and pulled on the waistband of his shorts, discarding them on the floor. Megumi pressed his thighs when the cold air hit them. Sukuna spread them apart and squeezed as he bit on the hardened pink nub. He stopped his ministrations for a moment once more to admire the boy. He nodded in approval at the flimsy underwear he's wearing. "Oh," he says as he begins kissing on the inside of his thigh, "You are dressing up for me."


"Shut up," Megumi caught his flustered expression in the large cabinet mirror and looked away. 


Sukuna shook his head in amusement. Megumi is still in denial when he doesn't have to be. He stood up and took his phone out of his pocket and snapped a quick picture of him in all his ethereal beauty at the angle. Realizing what he's done, Megumi jumped out of the bed and tried to snatch the phone away from his teacher's hand. The last thing he needs is more compromising evidence. Sukuna taunted him by waving the phone in front of him, "Relax, the photo is purely for my own use." That is true. He'll need the pictures as leverage and as his personal pornographic stash. "Now be a good boy and start unwrapping daddy's present for you, hmm." 


Sukuna placed the phone on a nearby desk beside the box of condoms. He gestured at his fully-clothed body, looking expectantly at Megumi. The boy in question took the hint and sneered. He stood up and undid the buttons on Sukuna's shirt and cuffs. He did his best to remain composed despite the fact that he can feel the older man's rigid muscles beneath the soft fabric. He pushed the shirt open and threw it on the side. Megumi somehow turned redder. He cannot take his eyes off Sukuna's toned chest and rock-hard abs. His arms look like bridge cables with how thick and strong they look. Megumi gulped a lump on his throat. Sukuna can manhandle him easily, so he made the right choice of complying. "Like what you see?" Sukuna taunted. Rolling his eyes, he fumbled in unfastening his belt and undoing the zipper on the teacher's slacks, freezing a little when he accidentally palmed his member. Sukuna smugly thrusted his hips forward to rub the hardened flesh on his hand. Megumi chose to ignore the action and pulled the pants down, leading him to be on his knees as he did so. Wide-eyed, Megumi stared at the member throbbing at him like a wagging finger. He stared up at Sukuna, who was smiling from his eyes. "Well?" He cocked an eyebrow. Psyching himself up, Megumi pulled the briefs down too, letting the strained cock free in all its girth and glory. As expected, it is long and thick, and veiny. The head is slightly fatter than the rest of its body. Megumi eyed the thing, unsure of what to do exactly. He looked up at Sukuna for any hint. 


"Put it in your mouth," Sukuna supplied helpfully. Megumi felt cold. He wrapped his hand around the root and slightly opened his mouth. There's no way the entire length can fit inside his mouth, can it? He proceeded to plop the entire head first inside his mouth then paused. Megumi allowed his tongue to run circles around the bulbous head. Sukuna gripped his hair and hissed, jerking his hips forward to put in more of his flesh successfully, making Megumi whine incessantly on his mouth. The vibrations from the rumbles on his throat sent delicious shivers down Sukuna's spine. 


Megumi sucked on to Sukuna's head experimentally. The member isn't even halfway inside his mouth. It was all he could do to prevent himself from gagging. He closed his eyes and savored the taste of Sukuna's sex; it is exactly just how he imagined it before, but muskier. He picked up the faint whiff of mint on the skin — maybe his body wash? — as he slowly bobbed his head up and down for as much as he can take. Sukuna's deep moans popped up the goosebumps on his skin. "Yes, like that." Megumi looked up to Sukuna, who has his eyes shut from the pleasure. Feeling a twisted kind of satisfaction at the act, Megumi upped his speed. Sukuna's grip on his hair tightened, making him grimace as the dick inside his mouth plopped around. "Fuck, wait, slow down." Sukuna's lustful gaze at him oddly made him feel gooey inside. Megumi hates it. "Your teeth," he hissed, "Slow down, babe." 


Blinking stray tears off his eyes, Megumi tried loosening the grip of his teeth and he bobbed slower as requested. "That's better," Sukuna praised, "but you don't need to chomp on my dick. Let your lips grasp it." 


Puzzled at how he can keep his manhood in place with just his lips, he let it go hesitantly. Megumi furrowed his brows and focused on clamping his lips to secure Sukuna's dick. He closed his eyes and exerted extra effort on bobbing his head back to a steady pace without biting on his flesh. "Yes!" Sukuna groaned, "Fuck, you're good. Ugh—" 


Sukuna pushed his hips forward, pushing in more of his cock inside Megumi's unprepared mouth. The boy took out his cock with a pop and coughed. "Don't do that," Megumi pleaded, "Please, daddy." 


"I do as I please, baby boy." Sukuna rebutted. He plunged his dick back inside Megumi's mouth before he could even say anything. The boy's muffled groans added an extra kick of pleasure to him, prompting him to thrust further forward until he reached the back of his throat. Sukuna angled himself before pushing further in, wincing at the tightness of the throat constricting him. Dear god. If his throat is this tight then Sukuna can only imagine how good his hole is gonna be. 


The boy grasped at his hips and dug his fingernails in an attempt to get a reaction from Sukuna to no avail. Megumi is gagging when Sukuna stuffed his mouth full, hitting certain crevices inside in the process. This got a rise from Sukuna though; he plunged in and out of his throat happily. Megumi can only cry freely in silence as his teacher gripped his head harder and made him follow the fast rhythm of his rolling hips even though he is practically choking. Sukuna bruised his throat until he reached a certain point where Megumi can taste something slightly bitter and watery. He pulled out of his mouth to Megumi's relief. Sukuna guided his cock and smeared his leaking precum all over Megumi's face, tears and snot be damned. Megumi is still in the process of catching his breath when Sukuna hiked him up by his armpits and pulled him in for another bruising kiss. The man shoved his shirt out of the way and left it to fall on the floor as he shoved him to the bed and straddled him. 


Megumi is panting. He wiped his tears off his eyes and saw Sukuna smiling down at him in a sinister fashion. "You look rough, Megumi." He mocked, "and yet somehow it makes you look even more beautiful."


Sukuna kissed him again. Megumi can only stare at his pathetic reflection from the mirror above him as Sukuna kissed him all over. "Don't leave a mark," Megumi said weakly. 


"Don't kid yourself," Sukuna said and sucked on to his neck harder. Megumi arched his back and moaned. "You like what I'm doing to you. See?" He cupped Megumi's boner to prove his point. He then proceeded to leave burning trails of kisses down his stomach. Sukuna nuzzled his nose on his bulge, "You're a natural cocksucker, Megumi Fushiguro." He praised as he pulled down his underwear and revealed his erect cock. Megumi looked away, flustered. "But let me show you how it's done." He said. 


Sukuna paused to admire Megumi's cock. He's smaller especially compared to him but the size isn't bad — definitely within the average spectrum. Sukuna lapped at his heavy ball sack hungrily. The hisses coming from Megumi urges him to go on and do more. He traced the boy's shaft with his tongue, then, remembering that he's more sensitive around the head from their previous encounter, focused his attention on that area. The obscenities flowing from the boy's mouth is music to his ears. Sukuna wasted no time and took in all of Megumi inside his mouth, gagging slightly when his gag reflex hit but not stopping. His enthusiasm reeked as he sucked and blew him, and Megumi finally letting himself be loud and vocal encouraged him to keep going. 


"Aaaahhh! Sukuna!" Megumi writhed all over the sheets. Sukuna's mouth is doing a number on his member. So this is what Sukuna felt when he blew his dick a few moments ago. The teacher expertly roamed his tongue all over his hard member, and he can feel his saliva coating him. He slurped on him like Megumi is the tastiest meal he's had in a while. "W-wait!" Megumi warned. Sukuna built him up too fast. The pooling pleasure inside his gut is about to explode and he's not sure he can stop it. "S-s-Sukuna...aaahh!" Megumi whined as he squirted all over inside his teacher's mouth. Sukuna slowed down to his relief and relished on the bitter taste of his sticky semen, swallowing every single drop to prevent wastage. 


"Good work, Megumi," Sukuna is all over him again. "Did you feel good?" 


Sukuna's doting and praising went in over Megumi's head. He nodded, still feeling feverish from the euphoria brought by his own orgasm. When he met his gaze, Sukuna's lust is clouded with what looks to be sadism. Megumi gulped. He feels like something bad is about to happen to him— 


Sukuna rolled him over to his stomach and spanked his ass. Hard. Not the teasing kind. Megumi cried out. It hurt. He didn't even have time to brace himself. "And what did I say my first condition was, hmm, Megumi?" He chided. Sukuna proceeded to knead the cheek. He smiled at the handprint— there is no such thing as hitting too hard. 


"T-to call you— ah!" Megumi stuttered when Sukuna landed another hard blow on his backside. 


"Call me what?" Sukuna barked and slapped him on the other ass cheek with more force this time. Megumi is reduced to a sobbing mess. "D-daddy," he croaked out. "Daddy, please, stop that— Ah!" 


Sukuna sadistically hit him on the same side again. "My second condition," he supplied, "is if you break any of my other conditions you're gonna get punished badly." He then proceeded to land three more blows to each side, which left Megumi heaving in sheer pain. How could he be so stupid, after all. In Sukuna's twisted game he doesn't get to have a say. Plus he probably deserved the beating considering he slipped after Sukuna made the condition clear.


Megumi is about to acknowledge that he understands the rule but he yelped; Sukuna spread his ass cheeks that are still red and stinging from the spanking. "What are you—" Megumi moaned loudly, dripping his own saliva in the pillows. Sukuna started feasting on his hole. He kissed and lapped at it like it is his main course for the day. "Tasty," Sukuna praised, "You taste so damn great, Megumi." He tugged at Megumi's straps to pull him over and put his ass up in the air for easier access. He teased the pink hole by assaulting it with tiny, kitten licks all over the rim. 



"Pass me the lube," Sukuna commanded. Megumi squirmed and reached out for the not-so discreet bottle standing proudly on the top of the bedside table. He tossed it to Sukuna, who caught it and stopped eating him out. "I hope for your own sake that you cleaned yourself," Sukuna said as he began coating his fingers with lube. "Because you're probably gonna end up a bloody, shitty mess when I'm done with you." 



Taking the hint that he might get punished if he didn't clean, Megumi blurted out almost immediately, "I did! I did. Daddy." He coaxed. He doesn't need the sex to be unnecessarily painful. Maybe he should've invested on poppers, after all. 



"Good boy," Sukuna nonchalantly said, "that means you've been waiting for me to fuck you hard, yeah?"



Megumi kept his thoughts to himself. I committed this far because I wanna ensure you're shutting up about me being a cam-whore. 


"I remember you found your spot pretty easily, huh." Sukuna mused as he began inserting the first finger inside his hole. Megumi winced. So this is what it feels like to have someone inside you. Sukuna fingered him slowly, but he is far from being gentle. "You're too tight, Megumi." Sukuna closed his eyes and felt how Megumi's insides were clinging to his one finger. "Have you been fucked by anyone?"


"No," It's the truth, but Megumi figured there is no point in omitting. Might as well say what Sukuna wants to hear. It didn't take long for Sukuna to find what he was looking for; one curl of his finger, and Megumi was screaming from pleasure again as the finger put pressure on his prostate. "You're a pretty little boy. Anyone would fuck you given the chance," Sukuna added another digit, "But you chose to save your virginity for me? How thoughtful."


Despite his mind being hazed in pleasure, Megumi still managed to hold back his quip. "Yes!" Megumi cried out when Sukuna's two fingers took turns poking his spot. He needs to tell Sukuna what he wants to hear if he wants this to be over as soon as possible. 



"I'm flattered," Sukuna smiled. He knows that is a lie — he basically forced the boy his hand. Still, hearing the words of affirmation made his heart flutter. "I'll make sure you feel amazing on your first time, Megumi." Megumi arched his back further when his fingers did scissoring motions inside in an attempt to loosen him up just a little. He pulled out the digits and added more lube to make things easier. Megumi's breath hitched at how cold the lube feels. 



Once he's satisfied enough, Sukuna stands up off the bed. He ordered Megumi to do the same. Confused, Megumi let Sukuna take the lead. With a hand on the small of his back, he led the boy in front of the cabinet mirror. Megumi looked away instantly. "What's wrong?" Sukuna cooed, "Don't you wanna see how sexy you look? Look in the mirror." He said this time with more authority. Megumi had no choice but to obey. Sukuna handed him the bottle of lube, "Lube my dick up. It's for you to decide how much lube you want for me." 



Megumi pumped a large amount of the gelly liquid on the palm of his hands and started spreading it on Sukuna's hard member rather timidly. The older man closed his eyes and basked in the warmth of Megumi's hand. When he's done, Megumi laid the bottle back in the drawer and went back to Sukuna, who, in turn, positioned himself behind Megumi.


"Don't you wanna see yourself get laid?" Sukuna probed as he hugged Megumi from behind. 


"Yes. Yes I do." Megumi doesn't want to see himself getting defiled for this man's sadistic pleasure, but, and he is tired of saying this, he has no choice but to submit. 



"Bend over for me then." Sukuna ordered. Megumi did as he's told. He forced himself to look at his reflection and braced himself for the worst that is about to come. Sukuna is gonna stick his dick inside him and he will not stop until he's done. 



With one hand on his cock and the other hand spreading Megumi's cheeks apart, Sukuna positioned himself in Megumi's entrance. "Aren't you gonna use the condoms, daddy?" Megumi pointed out. 



"I want your first time to be special." Sukuna affirmed. "So I want you to feel all of daddy. Ok?" He said, then began pushing his dick inside. 


Megumi cried out. Sukuna barely managed to stick the head in but he's already in pain. It feels like he is about to be torn apart in the most humiliating way possible. He held on to the cabinet handle as he watched his own face contort into an expression of pain while Sukuna was slowly breaching him. Once he is halfway in, Sukuna gripped his hips and thrusted in fully, sheathing himself in Megumi's warm tight heat. Their moans echoed around the room. "T-tight," Sukuna growled in his ear. "Shit. Shit!" Sukuna started thrusting in and out of Megumi in a slow place. 



Megumi feels like every thrust burns in him. It hurt. There is no denying that. But, for the first time in years, in what seems to be a fucked up sense, Megumi has never felt so full. Sukuna's member inside him has filled him like it's the one missing puzzle piece that he's longed for. Megumi is starting to become dizzy from the absurdity of it all — Sukuna actually managed to fit his dick inside, and Megumi actually feels good. The line between pain and pleasure started blurring as Sukuna dicked him down in a slow, steady pace. 



"You like that?" Sukuna moaned in his ear. "Because I'm loving it. So hot and tight for daddy...ugh." He stared at where their two bodies joined in wonder. Megumi's warm insides feel like they're clinging on to him out of sheer desperation. Megumi's erratic moans are music to his ears, and his lovely expression in the mirror is a sight to behold. He gained a bit of traction when thrusting, which made Megumi into a shivering beautiful thing. "Ah...ah!" Megumi cries. "Daddy." 



When you tell Sukuna that he's gonna have one of his finest students alone with him and calls him daddy a few months prior he would've laughed. Now it just feels surreal. "M-more," Megumi whimpered, "Please, daddy."


"Please what?" Sukuna taunted and gripped Megumi by his shoulders for leverage. "Harder? Faster maybe?" He said as he ended up doing both. Sukuna found his prostate yet again, and this time he focused all his energy and power in abusing that area. Megumi clamped and squeezed on to him harder in response, which made Sukuna nearly lose it every time. Groaning through gritted teeth, he stared at Megumi through their reflection. Megumi is turning redder, and sweat is trickling down his facial features despite the ac at a notch. "Mmgh.. ah! Ah! Daddy—nggh!" He cries out. Sukuna's ears are ringing and his vision is becoming red as well. He's not gonna last longer, which is a surprise. Alarmed, he pulled out of Megumi, who whimpered in relief. He yanked the jockstraps off the boy and dragged him back to bed. Megumi laid there on his back. Sukuna cupped his cheek and kissed him hard. This time, Megumi actually kissed back albeit clumsily. Sukuna was taken aback and whimpered on his mouth. When Sukuna danced around the boy's tongue with his own, Megumi tried returning the favor. He obviously failed, but the point is he is doing more than what he's asked for and Sukuna can't help but smile. 


He broke the kiss again and smooched the boy on his forehead. Megumi sighed. Taking that as his cue, Sukuna rested the boy's legs on his shoulders and reentered him. Sukuna buried himself deep inside first before laying all over Megumi, who clung on to his back as he began thrusting hard. Sukuna rested his head on the crook of the boy's neck and closed his eyes. He inhaled the boy's scent and listened to the sounds he produced in sync with the erotic squishing courtesy of the lube. Megumi rocked his hips to match Sukuna's thrusts; he decided to just say fuck it and might as well enjoy himself if he's gonna be so sinful. "Megumi...fuck, Megumi!" He growled. Sukuna rested his forehead against Megumi's as he chanted, "I'm gonna cum. I'm gonna cum. Ah fuck— shit, shit, shit!" He snapped his hips in deep, and Sukuna let out a long moan as he came deep inside his student. He saw stars as he emptied himself inside Megumi's warmth, pulling out with a loud pop when he's done. 


Sukuna crashed beside the boy, staring at their naked bodies in the mirror above them. Catching his breath, Sukuna shifted to his side and ruffled Megumi's tangled hair. Megumi is still too blanked out to act like his usual self; he leaned on to the touch and sighed. Sukuna pulled him closer and pecked him on the lips. The peck turned into another bruising kiss, "So I guess our deal is on, huh." Sukuna murmured. 


"Yeah, whatever." Megumi broke out of his stupor and sat up. "I'll clean up. Don't do anything funny." He winced slightly when he stood up. Megumi clutched his backside and grimaced in pain. Sukuna roughed him up a little too much. He grabbed his underwear off the floor and headed for the bathroom. Sukuna can't help but laugh his heart out, prompting Megumi to glare at him again. 


"Didn't I tell you a while ago?" Sukuna said, smirking. "I'm gonna fuck you on every corner of this room." 


Megumi is honestly still spacing out from what just transpired between the two of them, but when the words did reach him, he froze on the spot and cringed. 



















Chapter Text

"Ah! Ah! Ah! Oh, fuck," Megumi dug his nails all over Sukuna's back as the man pressed his prone body against the lacquered hotel room door while he plunges in him hard. The door's cold and glossy surface squeaked whenever he rubs against it, and the friction warms him up even more (not that he needed it). His moans and cries can probably be heard in the outside world, but Megumi just can't find the strength in him to hold back. His head feels like it's covered in soft wool, and amidst the stray tears he shed from the sheer pain and humiliation he's been subjected to he is seeing stars from the pleasure that's electrocuting his entire body. The line between blissful pleasure and excruciating pain got blurrier and muddier as the time he spent in Sukuna's arms got longer. He feels too good to care about his morals. For every moan he lets out, Megumi feels just a little bit lighter on the inside. The feeling is foreign, but a welcome one. He locked gazes with Sukuna, and for a moment the fact that he is becoming his teacher's living sex doll at the moment, that he is feeling actual lust for the man twice his age, and that he is a camboy on the down low didn't matter. It's just him and Sukuna, and the sparks of pleasure all around. 

Megumi secretly hopes that Sukuna is about as tired as he is, but judging from his dick that never faltered from its hardness and the way he can still thrust in him rough and hard it looks like he still has more to give him. Megumi feels sore all over the place; after all, Sukuna made him ride his dick on the loveseat, had split him open while bent in an extreme angle on the couch, had sprawled him all over the coffee table, had sat him down against the kitchen counter and laid down on the cold floor. They stopped only for water break and lunch wherein Sukuna made him sit on his lap and spoon fed him. It's a miracle that he isn't bleeding out from Sukuna's large dick and rough treatment of him to be honest. The man leaned in for another deep kiss and this time, Megumi didn't hesitate to kiss back. He feels so damn good, and this is the least he can do to acknowledge that fact. He tried to match Sukuna's rhythm every step of the way, he really does, but the kiss is one of the many clumsy kisses they shared for the day — all teeth and tongue and saliva. Sukuna doesn't seem to mind, though. For someone who's been devouring him for the entire day mercilessly, Sukuna treats him with such patience Megumi didn't know he had in him. 

"Megumi…" Sukuna breathed, a warning. The two of them are practically breathing the same air with the distance between them. He sounds like he's been submerged underwater — Megumi is too sore to hear him properly. Plus Sukuna is ravaging that one spot inside him again relentlessly, prompting him to claw on to his teacher's skin. Megumi arched his back to take in more of Sukuna's blows inside him. The older man is biting on his lip, hard. His grip on Megumi's thighs and buttocks are starting to tighten. Realizing what is about to happen, Megumi feebly pushed Sukuna away from him in an attempt to lodge him off. He doesn't need any more of his stinking semen inside of him. 

To his surprise, Sukuna actually let him go. He pulled out, leaving Megumi a mess gasping for air. Megumi's wobbly legs gave in, conveniently putting him on his knees in front of Sukuna. Wasting no time, Sukuna grabbed Megumi by his hair and began rubbing his genitals all over his face, moaning incoherently as he does. The man now smells like a little bit of everything — a concoction of dried cum, strawberry-flavored lube, sweat, sex, and the faint whiff of his body wash. "Hnngh— Megumi!" Sukuna growled. The man pried his mouth open with his slick fingers and shot his load inside. Megumi wrapped his lips around the head on instinct. A weak gush of semen started coating his tongue. It felt and tasted like seawater with a bit of sweetness to it. The coldness of the floor and the door creeped in further to Megumi, lulling him to just rest for the day. He leaned further back against the wall and swallowed Sukuna's watery load.

As it turns out, Sukuna isn't even done with him. He also dropped to his knees and devoured Megumi's mouth with his searing kiss as he began stroking Megumi's member desperately. Megumi latched on to his biceps and groaned. While aroused, his boner genuinely hurts. He's not sure if he can still get hard after this time. The teacher's vise grip and firm strokes on him isn't exactly being helpful, either. Megumi pulled out of the kiss. "Wait. Daddy. Wait," He gasped. "I don't think anything i-is coming out— mmh!" 

Sukuna spat on his hand and focused his ministrations on the upper half of Megumi's cock. He can only arch his back and curl his toes helplessly as Sukuna overstimulates him. "Cum for me," Sukuna murmured as he nibbled on his ear, "Cum for me, baby. C'mon." 

Megumi writhed on his spot in the floor. He isn't sure if he is crying out loud due to the pain of the soreness he's been feeling especially on his cock, or from the explosive pleasure the man is forcing out of him. Sukuna's strokes got rougher, and it was only a matter of seconds before Megumi was shouting again as he came on the man's hand. Sukuna kept pumping on his cock at a slower pace, milking every drop out of him. When the orgasm was finally over, Megumi opened his eyes and caught his breath. He stared at Sukuna, who is cleaning his tryst up by lapping hungrily at his filthy hand with a soft smile on his face. Megumi can only watch Sukuna savor the taste of his own watery cum that coated his hand, and he may have felt his heart skip a beat. He must be really exhausted. He has to ask for a proper rest this time. 

Noticing his stare, Sukuna reached out and stroked his face with the hand he's been cleaning up. Megumi closed his eyes and leaned in to the wet, warm touch. "Let's clean up." Sukuna said, almost as if reading his mind. "I'm tired. Can you walk?" 

Megumi weakly shook his head. His eyelids started feeling heavier all of a sudden, and his legs have been reduced to the consistency of jello. "No, sir." He hoarsely said. 

Sukuna stared at him for a long while, probing him under his inquisitive gaze. "Fine. I'll carry you, then." The older man scooped him under his strong arms bridal style, and Megumi can't find it in him to complain. He's just tired and he could use somebody to take care of him properly for once. 

The water Sukuna had prepped a few hours ago had gone cold. Megumi doesn't mind though. In fact he feels like it could help with the soreness he's been feeling all over him. The porcelain tub is big enough to fit 2 people in them with ample wiggle room. Sukuna lowered him in the bath first before going in himself. The man wrapped his arms around him and held him close, and they both just stayed there, catching their breaths and processing everything that just happened while the bath bomb fizzed around them. 

Sukuna reached out for the loofah and began scrubbing Megumi's back clean, "You did a good job," He praised. The words sent tingles inside the boy's brain, shuddering just a little. He then made Megumi raise his arm and went to work with his chest and armpits. Megumi whimpered when the loofah's rough surface rubbed against his nipple while Sukuna was placing butterfly kisses on the side of his neck. "Please," Megumi begged, "No more. I can't do it again, Sukuna. Please." 

"We'll save the bathtub sex for tomorrow," Sukuna pecked him on the cheek and scrubbed circles on his entire torso. Sukuna watched from his shoulder as he began washing his nether regions. He pried his legs open and scrubbed around his flaccid cock. "You're such a beautiful little thing, Megumi." He murmured. This oddly made Megumi feel warm inside, which is welcome considering the freezing water temperature. Once he's done scraping his body clean of their tryst, Sukuna traded the loofa for the hotel shampoo. 

"I can bathe myself, you know." Megumi said despite the fact that he is enjoying the attention a little bit too much. "Is this some kind of weird fetish for you too?" 

Sukuna chuckled as he poured quite an amount at his hands and lathered it, "This is my idea of aftercare." He says, then he pulls Megumi closer and begins rubbing circles on his scalp. The boy inhaled the scent of lemons, "What's aftercare?" 


"Google it." Sukuna nonchalantly said and continued washing his hair. Megumi can't help but whimper in utmost satisfaction at how gentle he is being handled at the moment. He opted to just let his guard down and enjoy the lightheadedness that came from nowhere. 

"Yeah, well I don't have my phone with me," Megumi rebutted, "And you basically arranged this weird sex affair thing so you might as well fill in the blanks for me. I don't know shit about stuff like this, remember?" 

 Sukuna paused, "Good point." He leaned down and pressed his lips on Megumi's forehead. If Megumi didn't know any better he'd think the action is out of affection not of perverse satisfaction. "Aftercare is where we'll be looking after our sexual partner's needs after an intense session."

Megumi cocked an eyebrow, genuinely confused by the foreign concept Sukuna is introducing to him, "I don't need anything." 

"Oh, trust me. You do." Sukuna tilted Megumi's head and kissed him on the lips, nibbling at his flesh rather delicately. Megumi made soft approving noises as he sloppily kissed back. "You'll thank me later when we do this again and you experience a subdrop afterwards."

Or maybe you're just being a creep and sugarcoating it. Megumi bit back his thoughts. His ass still stings from the beatings it took from Sukuna's powerful hands. "You're seriously not gonna help me on those foreign terms, huh." He pondered. He absentmindedly rolled his feet to tread the water. 

"I'm a Japanese History teacher," Sukuna grabbed the showerhead and rinsed his hair off the suds. "Not some kink freak at the red light district."

"Could've fooled me," Megumi scoffed — and all of a sudden, Sukuna wrapped his hand around his throat, leaving him gasping in shock. The man took the opportunity to shove his tongue inside his mouth, further suffocating him. The strong gush of water pelleting his face from the showerhead is not helping matters. Megumi tried prying the man off him by punching him on his sturdy chest desperately, but Sukuna won't budge. Megumi tried removing the fingers off his throat but they won't move, either. Luckily for him, Sukuna released him from his grasp. Megumi is left in a coughing fit, his lungs heaving for air as he glares towards his assailant. "That's the best I can do right now for your sassy mouth," Sukuna grinned at him, "Next time will be rougher." 

Megumi gulped a lump in his throat. Just what the hell did he exactly sign up for? One look into Sukuna's eyes and he can tell he isn't even joking. Sighing in defeat, he chose not to say another word and just went back to Sukuna's arms. The man in question pressed the same loofa from before into his palm. "Your turn," Sukuna smirked and gestured at his naked body expectantly. 

Megumi turned to face him— and blushed hard. Sukuna is already laughing at him while he helplessly turns red like a schoolgirl with a crush to the sight in front of him. Up close, in the sufficient bathroom lighting, Sukuna's toned body is more defined. His solid chest, his sturdy six packs, the way the water emphasizes that defined v-line — Megumi is too enthralled to tear his gaze away. His gaze further traveled downward, to that rough tuft of hair on his navel leading down to his thick cock, that is now getting hard again, throbbing enthusiastically, as if beckoning for him to give it attention. 

"Don't mind that," Sukuna caressed his face, "Just wash me. I don't think anything will come out even if I try." 

Shrugging, Megumi looked to the side as he began running the loofah up and down his chest. He is exhausted to the core, and he no longer has strength to resist feeling the raw, primal strength lying in those muscles. Sukuna tuts and tilts his head back at him, making him meet his intense, domineering gaze, "Hey now, you're making me feel shy here, Megumi." The man grabbed his wrist and guided him, licking his lips in satisfaction, "Put a little more force in it."

Gulping, Megumi obliged. He pressed a little harder and he can feel the warmth of Sukuna's skin just a bit more, and he can feel his chest rising and falling with every breath he takes, and his heart is racing. Megumi realized that Sukuna's erratic heartbeats are too much for him to feel and began rubbing circles on the very toned stomach. Before he even realized it, Sukuna reached out and wiped a trail of drool coming down his chin with his thumb to Megumi's shock. He stared as Sukuna sucked on his thumb hard. "Tasty," he huskily growled, "Keep going. I'm not even halfway clean yet." 

Megumi closed his eyes. Dear god, this man is gonna be the death of him. Megumi wrapped his hands around him, which clearly took Sukuna aback. He began scrubbing his back eagerly. He briefly stopped when Sukuna winced, "You might have scratched me a little too hard on that area." And so Megumi scrubbed more gently. When he's done, he stared at him. Sukuna played innocent, "Only halfway done." He pouted his lips to point conveniently at his cock. 

Megumi locked eyes with him as he wildly scrubbed around Sukuna's genital area. He is not exactly planning on filling his Bingo card to hell. He pretended that he cannot feel Sukuna's hard member that twitches whenever he brushes against it or his soft, full balls. He made quick work of the area, then ran the loofah on his thighs. "Are you in a hurry?" Sukuna inquired. 

"Yeah," That was true. "I'm getting cold," That was a lie. Megumi tossed the loofah back to where the man got it and stood up — or tried standing up. He is still weak on the knees. Sukuna caught on to him and steadied him. "Slow down, boy." 

Sukuna helped him dry down with a towel in front of the bathroom mirror. The bruises decorating his neck, as well as certain areas around his chest and hips are glaring at him accusingly. If he inspected his thighs he'll probably find more of those same small bruises flowering the delicate skin. When they're done, Sukuna clothed himself in nothing but a pair of dark briefs and lied down on his side of the bed. Megumi can feel his heated gaze on his skin as he puts on his pyjama bottoms and a baggy shirt. Sukuna patted the empty space beside him and wagged his finger at him, beckoning him to come closer. Megumi's body started waning down even further to the idea of bedtime. He just went along with it and lied on his stomach. 

"Hey now," Sukuna turned him around to face him. He pulled him close to his arms before he could even properly react. "Don't be like that, Megumi. Cuddle with me. I'm cold."

"Turn down the ac then," Megumi yawned. The springed mattress beneath him feels nice and comfy and the thick comforter is helping him doze off a little more. "Or maybe put actual clothes on." 

"Eh, this is more practical." Sukuna pulled him close to his chest. "Besides, part of the deal means I get to do what I want with you. If I want you to be my heater, then you'll be my heater, ok?"

Sukuna pressed his lips against him. Megumi feels warm again, and this time he doesn't know if he should be grateful for it. "Sleep," Sukuna commanded. "I'll wake you for dinner." 

The validation of his weariness is the one thing that he needed. Megumi is swept under by the wave of his exhaustion, and his entire body seems to throb in soreness out of agreement. He snuggled closer to Sukuna on instinct, closed his eyes shut, and inhaled the man's scent as he slowly drifted off to sleep. 

As luck would have it, Megumi didn't woke up for dinner. He involuntarily slipped back to his consciousness from his dreamless slumber early in the morning when his stomach kept on nagging at him. Sukuna's heavy and nearly naked body is lying on top of him, and the man is snoring to his heart's content. The man's weight is starting to crush him. "Move," he muttered under his breath. He did his best to lift or at least roll the weight off him only to end up groaning in frustration "Damn it." 

Almost as if taunting him, Sukuna pressed his entire weight on to him further. Megumi yelped and cursed him out to get off him. To his horror, he can feel Sukuna starting to get hard again. "Megumi," the man slurred as if in a trance. He began rubbing himself against Megumi again much to the boy's annoyance. He's starving, and he is not in the mood for more sexual activities. Luckily for him, Sukuna's antics allowed him to grab the man and flip him off to his side out of perseverance and desperation. The man landed to his side with a soft thud. His hips are still thrusting to Megumi's disgust. At least the man is courteous enough to let him keep his clothes on for the entire duration of his sleep. 

Megumi clutched his stomach as he headed for the mini-kitchen as quietly as possible. He feels significantly better especially after yesterday's activities. The soreness from his entire body are mostly gone but the same can't be said for the bruises scattered all over his body. 

Thankfully, Sukuna seemed to left him quite a lot of food for his own consumption. There's a box of takoyaki, what looks to be beef stew, a large slice of cake, and Italian pasta. Frowning at the odd and totally random choices for him, he just grabbed a fork and went for the pasta. There's no way these are all from the love hotel; for one, he doesn't exactly trust the quality of food being sold at love hotels not that he's ever been in one before today. As he slurped on to the noodles hungrily he can't help but wonder what Sukuna is exactly thinking when he fetched all these for him. 


Megumi looked back to the events of yesterday. Everything went by in a blur, but he thought back to how Sukuna fucked and made love to him for nearly the entire day. He thought that the lightheadedness and fullness that he filled when he's fucking him were just emotions he felt on a whim thanks to the thrill and the rush of it all. But now, when he felt the phantom of Sukuna's lips on every inch of his skin, he can feel himself getting weak on the knees again — which is weird considering that he has disgust eminent on his body before he stepped in to this room. Then he recalled all the things Sukuna has whispered to him that sounded sadistic and sweet. Then their entire "aftercare" session. The idea of somebody like Sukuna, a man twice his age, doing all those things to him and he felt good even after the process — Megumi can't help but sob. Just what the hell is wrong with him and why can't he be normal like Yuuji? He doesn't know what he is feeling, but whatever it is, he hates it. 


How disgusting. 


Megumi finished his meal quickly. He washed his plate and returned it to its cabinet and hopped back to the bed. As if sensing his presence back, Sukuna turned and embraced him from behind, his nose nuzzling him by the neck. Megumi squirmed, but didn't pushed the man away. Rubbing his eyes off the tears, Megumi closed his eyes and hoped he can just sleep his despair away. 


He can't. He just stared at the wall across him, dumbfounded, while he was being cuddled by the man who put him into such a compromising position. Megumi's mind raced at all the things wrong with him, and with the situation, as hot tears flowed freely off his face and moistened his pillow. 






Chapter Text

Megumi feels exposed. 

Sukuna gave him a few more bruises when he spread him open across the bathtub earlier that morning before they checked out of the hotel. When it was time to dress, he was horrified to see that he didn't packed anything that can cover his bruise-filled neck. Sukuna on the other hand looked elated, "Looks like you'll be doing the walk of shame, Megumi." It didn't helped his fried nerves and the weight on his chest, but he chose to shut up about it. 

Megumi feels exposed and his ass is sore. 

He winces a little for every wrong step he takes. While Sukuna made him feel good despite the awkward and clumsy bathtub sex wherein they're a mess of flailing limbs and slippery skin, his ass is feeling the aftermath and Sukuna had practically robbed him of all of the underwear he had packed for the night. The pervert even had the audacity to sniff one of them in front of him. The staff on the reception were very professional when they handed over their room keys, but Megumi can see in their eyes the judgement and scorn they're cloaking beneath their politeness and discretion. And as he stepped outside the hotel the dreaded reality kicks in — he just allowed himself to be objectified for his teacher's sick pleasure. The weight on his chest became heavier, and the pit on his stomach dropped harder.

The good news is he packed a pair of jeans ahead; the bad news is he got one of his light blue skinny fit jeans, which somehow made him feel more exposed especially considering that he's not wearing any underwear beneath and that the fabric is hugging his skin. The white boxy shirt managed to hide any bulging he would probably flash but did nothing for the necklace of bruises he had going on. He definitely got a handful of heavy, scrutinizing looks because of that. Megumi sincerely hoped he wouldn't run into anyone he knows. He doesn't know how to explain the bruises. 

Well, except Nobara conveniently mentioned that she is going shopping at Shibuya on Sunday morning and insisted Megumi join her after he told her of where he'll be "experimenting." And she insisted afterwards that he join her to be a glorified bag carrier and to spill the details of his little one night stand. And because he felt that Nobara would only become more annoying about the ordeal if he refused, Megumi just said yes in defeat. He just hoped for his own sake that Nobara won't say anything embarrassing about the bruises when they meet. 

It was Megumi who spotted the lady first. She donned her auburn hair (they're not her natural hair color by the way) in space buns Princess Leia style, and she's wearing a white high-waisted romper that made her legs appear longer (which gives her the illusion of more height) paired with gold gladiator sandals. She has a lot of charm bracelets on her wrists, and she complimented them with white gold hoop earrings. It's only 8 in the morning, but she is already carrying two large bags. Megumi suddenly felt underdressed — but then, Nobara's flamboyance has that effect on people in general. When Nobara spotted him in the crowd, she didn't say anything; but rather, she broke down in a fit of loud, obnoxious laughter, which drew the attention of the crowd at her, who looks like she just lost her shit. Well, knowing how Megumi looks, she probably did. Megumi prayed that the ground would just open up and swallow him whole. This is too much even for a walk of shame. 

"Oh, man—" Nobara chortled, still clutching her stomach. "You look rough." She wildly gestured at him, then laughed harder. Megumi can only scowl at her in embarrassment for him and for her as the public bore their gazes at the odd pair. He just watched her laugh her heart out to exhaustion awkwardly. Nobara, after what seems like forever, finally managed to calm down, "You know," she caught her breath, "if you told me your hookup is gonna have you for dinner like that I would've given you the full sex ed lecture." 

"Yeah, well," Megumi pocketed his hands. Sukuna had him for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacktime technically speaking. There's no way in hell he's gonna point that out or she'd nag at him even more. "I'd rather not talk about it in public. Please." 

"Oh, hush." Nobara rolled her eyes and somehow managed to smack him on the arm. "You made a promise to me, remember? Besides you'll be spilling all the tea in a coffee shop. Get it? Get it?" Nobara nudged at him, "That was funny, right? Good wordplay?" 

"Yeah, yeah, you're such a good jokester whatever." Megumi dismissed her. Nobara handed the bags to him before he could even agree to anything and dragged him to a nearby coffee shop which, to Megumi's frustration, is very public to the core. The place is loaded with tons of half-awake people waiting to get their boost of much needed caffeine. The two are lucky they managed to find a vacant table; but then, the only vacant table there is sitting right in the middle of the dining area. Megumi sighed. As if his day couldn't get any worse now the spot where he is gonna spill his guts is bound to make him feel under the spotlight. 

But then, he doesn't exactly have a choice, either. He can't risk talking about his...experience to Nobara inside the campus and its rather conservative environment. This is as good as it can get for him, and it annoys him to the core. At least despite her brash and violent exterior, Nobara is a genuine person that he can trust. There's always a positive in a sea of negative things, he supposed. Megumi winced when he took a bad step and resisted the urge to grab at his ass reflexively. Unluckily for him, Nobara noticed. "You okay?" Megumi nodded, feeling the heat creep up on his face again. This didn't escape her eyes too. "You're blushing. Penis for your thoughts?" She smirked. 

"My ass hurts," he mumbled softly. 

Nobara cocked a teasing eyebrow at him. She fished money from her purse and handed it to Megumi's hand, which is currently carrying one of the bags. "Order me my usual. I'll reserve these seats." Megumi glared at her but obeyed nonetheless. He secured the shopping bags first on the table before heading to the counter to order. 


Megumi returned a few minutes later carrying a Venti iced mocha latte for Nobara and a Grande iced cappuccino for him. When he returned to the table, he stared at the construction measuring tape Nobara is fiddling with. "Oh good. You're here. We can start." She grabbed her drink and took a sip before gesturing to her handy tape measure. "Let's talk about his dick size first. Now—" Megumi's blush creeped in harder and he can only stare at his drink in sheer embarrassment for her friend. "I know you're uncomfortable discussing stuff like that, so I have this tape measure. I'll keep it rolling and then all you have to do is say 'Stop'. Ready?" 

Megumi frowned at her friend, who is now undoing the tape measure slowly while showing him the measurement side. He got what she is trying to portray with the tape measure, don't get him wrong, but he still finds it cringe-ey. But because it's Nobara, she would stop at nothing to poke fun at him and be extra at making him "spill the tea."

"We're past four inches now, looking good so far…" Nobara said as she continued to unravel the tape. Megumi squirmed on his hot seat as he began feeling aroused at the idea of Sukuna's large member even though he's only trying to recall the size for an answer. "Past 6 inches now. Good for you," Nobara's smile widened. Megumi eyed the tape and waited for the 9 inches mark to show before finally saying, "Stop." He covered his face with his hands. 

Nobara whistled in appreciation. "9 inches. Damn, he's hung. No wonder you're in pain. How many rounds did he manage?"

Megumi fiddled with his fingers, "One." 

Nobara is unimpressed. She scoffed and mirrored, "One? He's gifted in terms of size but he can only last one round—"

"One round in the bathtub this morning," Megumi continued, gulping a large lump off his throat, "before we checked out."

"This morning?!" Nobara is now wide-eyed, "And what about yesterday?" 

"H-he…" Megumi shifted on his seat as he began enumerating all the rounds he's done with Sukuna for the entire day yesterday, with each recount making Nobara's eyes go wide and jaw slacker. By the end of it, she is practically the embodiment of the surprised pikachu meme. 

"Woah," Nobara clasped his mouth shut. She opted to drink up a little more of her coffee. Megumi decided to do the same as a breather. "No wonder you look rough." There is a glint in her eyes that speaks volumes on how amused she is right now. "The love hotel room is stacked with condoms and lube, I hope."

Megumi nodded. It's true. There is a box of condoms and lots of lube in various flavors, however, "Um...he," Megumi stuttered, "He didn't use a condom when he entered me for the first time. Something about making me feel all he can offer or some shit." That is certainly true, but Megumi still omitted one crucial detail; from all the sex they did yesterday, Sukuna only used three condoms and broke two of them. The man spat his jizz wherever he wanted — usually inside him, but when he felt like covering him in spunk he would pop it on his face, his mouth, his chest, his ass.


"You let a casual hookup bareback you?!" Nobara said a little too loudly for his own preference. "And did he cum inside?" 


Megumi feebly nodded. Great. Now he feels even more stupid, knowing where Nobara is going. 


"Dude," she sighed, "on one hand that sounds really romantic but for fuck's sake— he's a hookup! You can't exactly trust him to be clean."


Megumi nodded in agreement. Maybe he should've clarified to Sukuna first if he is clean of any STDs. Now, Megumi has risked getting caught something from the man whom he's having an arrangement with. "You're right," he admitted, "That was stupid on my part, sorry." He grabbed his coffee with trembling hands. Of course, as if he couldn't make another slip up. Of course. Now he has to pay up for an STD test just to ensure Sukuna didn't give him anything. Megumi resisted the urge to cry then and there — how could he be so stupid? Now he feels even dirtier. Megumi held on to the sugar rush his iced coffee has generously provided. 

"Look, I'm sorry." Nobara squeezed his hand reassuringly, almost as if he has just verbalized his thoughts. "I don't mean to put it like it's your fault but next time, if there's gonna be a next time with this stranger, have him wear a condom, okay?" 

"Okay." Megumi said in a small voice. He doubts he can even coerce Sukuna into wearing one given his penchant to be self-serving and smug. "Thank you." 


The tension from the disclosure finally diffused after a few more sips of caffeine. "I hope you're getting the next time with him, though." Nobara encouragingly said, "You seemed to have enjoyed his antics and he knows how to use his dick." 


There is definitely going to be a next time because Sukuna is his teacher who coerced him into a highly sexual and intimate arrangement to keep his mouth shut about his down low side hustle after all, but Megumi isn't gonna say that. He just let his silence speak for himself. 

"What was he like in bed, though?" Nobara probed into the next topic. She speaks too loud for his own convenience and he can already feel the prejudice radiating from the other people who don't share the same views as him around him when they overhear the tiniest bit. "Is he gentle, or is he like, rough?" 

"Rough." Megumi nibbled on the ham and cheese sandwich he ordered. 

"And…?" Nobara tapped an acrylic nail on the table. 

"He's rough," Megumi elaborated, "Like, really sadistic kind of rough. And perverted. And he's good with his hands and mouth. He's very touchy." He pondered. His jeans started feeling tight again as he recalled all the ways Sukuna caressed him and handled him like a delicate flower while pounding into him like he's a beast in heat for mating season. If he focuses hard enough he can feel his tongue and fingers poking at his skin.

Nobara cupped her chin, as if deep in thought, "Sounds like he's hot and he knows it. And he has a lot of experience. Is he hot? On a scale of one to ten, with ten being the highest?" 

Megumi paused and evaluated. His roommate Yuuji is basically if someone photocopied the devil incarnate Sukuna himself in heaven. Does he think Yuuji is hot? Absolutely not. He's straight, and he's leaning more into cute. Yet somehow, Sukuna, who practically shares his DNA in the looks department has a look he honestly finds enticing (he'll be seen dead first before he can be heard saying that out loud though) and dares classify as "hot." Something tells him his age played a huge factor. The domineering aura he projects around him which makes everyone in class cower is surely another factor. The way he smiles at him — smug and sadistic that most certainly reminds him of someone. His messy hair, his chiseled body — "10." He blurted out before he could even think about it. Nobara looked at him smugly, "You're attracted to your hook up." 


"No I'm not!" Megumi went in on the defensive a little too quickly. Nobara leaned forward and taunted him, "Yes you are." 


"Why would I?" Megumi averted his gaze. 


"Because your hookup is a hot guy with great bedroom skills," Nobara shrugged. "Considering how repressed you are, I don't blame you exactly."


Megumi finished his sandwich. "Like fuck if I'm gonna do anything about it if I am attracted — which I'm not — it's just wrong on so many levels."


"Why?" Nobara pointed out the dreaded, the bottom of Megumi's issues, "because you're both guys?" 


That is correct. They're both guys, and Sukuna is twice his age, and Sukuna is his Japanese History teacher. The entire arrangement is purely layers of taboo, and Megumi wants to be a good person. 

Wait...why is Megumi considering all these now??? He's only in it for his dirty little secret. He'll only play along with Sukuna's filthy game so he can play the good younger brother. He needs Sukuna to keep quiet about his filthy side hustle. He just has to keep being a camwhore until Tsumiki wakes up and recovers. Megumi drilled down the idea inside his head. It's a plan with many flaws but it's the best he can honestly cook up. 

When Megumi responded with more silence, Nobara sighed. "I figured you won't even tell me you're gay if I didn't caught you. I hope you do realize by now that I don't give a fuck about your sexuality, right? So chill out. Cut yourself some slack. Enjoy a good and guilt-free dick when it shows up on your front door."  

"Yeah," Megumi dismissed her concern with a wave of his hand. He'd rather not talk about his abnormal preferences in public spaces. "No. Thanks for that, though." 

Nobara nodded, clearly anticipating the response, "And have you considered my advice from before—"

"Hell no, Kugisaki." Megumi said firmly. This time, there is no humor in his words. Only resentment at his friend who had the audacity to propose something as ridiculous as that. 

Nobara stared at him. Thinking better of it, she just brushed it off and stood up. "Yuuji won't even care even if he sees those hickeys on your neck. He's that much of a doofus. But you would care about Yuuji caring when he won't so let's go grab some concealer for those marks, yeah? Come on."

The tension on Megumi's shoulders were gone for a moment. Feeling a bit tense, he picked up Nobara's bags (which he assumed to be shoes) and followed her outside the sunny Shibuya crowd. She led him to a drugstore and they both headed for the makeup section where they are met with more inquisitive gazes. Nobara swatched a few shades of concealer from the samples on his jaw as Megumi mused silently how unhygienic the entire ordeal was. She nodded in satisfaction when she seemingly found the shade for him. She picked out what looks to be a sponge, a pack of wipes, and some powder to set it apparently, then handed it to him, "Obviously I'm not paying for your stuff." 

After their drugstore trip, Megumi followed Nobara to a dedicated makeup boutique where she shopped her own stash. "How are you using all these makeup and shoes?" Megumi can't help but ask. "The dress code isn't allowing pretty much almost your entire makeup and wardrobe." 


"I do have a life outside of my school stuff," Nobara replied while trying on a lipstick shade that he swore she already owns. "Besides, maybe I wanna look good while hanging out in my dorm."


Nobara led Megumi around Shibuya for the rest of the hours, shopping for more clothes that she'll probably only wear only once or twice. Megumi is practically running out of breath by the time they stop by a pizza place for lunch, with his hands, back, and shoulders sore from all the bags he's carrying for her. 


When they're done with their meal, Nobara shows Megumi how to use the concealer, sponge, and powder. "There, I covered up one hickey for you." She admired her handiwork, "You go do the rest in the bathroom. I'll wait up."


Clutching the items, Megumi headed for the bathroom to do as she says, secretly hoping he won't get jumped for wearing a concealer. Nobara is one of the few real people in Megumi's life so far. Despite her insistence that Yuuji and Satoru Gojo wouldn't mind him being gay, he can't help but think otherwise. They're only keeping him around because they both think he's like them. Yuuji would be disgusted at him when he finds out; after all, he boards a room with him. Todo would just have a proper excuse to beat him. Gojo would sell him for good this time because obviously he won't want to get associated with a faggot like him. 


Megumi is more than fine with hiding. It's what he knows best, after all. Still, it sucks. It's exhausting.


When he got back, Nobara sneered at him — or rather, at his sloppy work — and tuts. "Good thing Yuuji is too dumb to discern makeup." They headed out to go back home to their dorms. As Megumi watched Shibuya disappear into the distance through the train windows, he can't help but think if all the things he's doing is gonna pay off in the end. 


It has to, right? 










Chapter Text

It had been a few days after Sukuna had claimed one of his students for his personal pleasure, and yet he just can't get him out of his head. Megumi Fushiguro got him hooked into quite a strong drug. The boy has continuously appeared in his dreams and invaded his thoughts. Even now, during his Japanese History class, he is eyeing the boy from his seat. Megumi is nibbling on the end of his pencil, oblivious to the fact that the innocent action is making Sukuna imagine his lips wrapped around his cock. The teacher's thoughts are racing, and all of the ideas involve bending Megumi over his desk as he takes him from behind while he is answering the routinary refresher quiz he issues at the onset of the class. He shifted uncomfortably at his seat as he pretended to busy himself with the class' current standing; from an objective viewpoint he cannot deny that Megumi Fushiguro, one of the academy's star students has been flunking his class. Hard. He's been receiving red marks on all the outputs he's submitting lately. Unfortunately, Sukuna is far too horny to care about the fact that his precious student is scraping by the bottom of the barrel for the past few days now, and that his puffy, darkening under eyes indicate his lack of sleep. He just wants Megumi to turn all the pretty shades of red while he's eating his sweet, delicate ass and wipe all the stray tears off his angelic face as he mounts him, batting his eyelashes at him as he begs daddy for more. 




Sukuna pretended that something came up. He huddled over his work laptop, as if reading on to something, before announcing to the class: "I'll be leaving you guys for a moment. Looks like the lessons we'll be covering for next semester are finally ready." Sukuna deliberately showed the class the flash drive he's holding as he walked outside the room a little too casually, "I'll get them from the resources center. Keep answering that quiz. Don't do anything funny while I'm gone." 


While it's true that next semester's lessons are finally ready, Sukuna had already gotten them a few days prior. He just brought the flash drive with him to make a show of letting the class take a peek of what's in store for them after their finals when he gets back. He sprinted for the farthest bathroom in the hallways and locked himself in the last stall. Sukuna fished one of Megumi's underwear from his back pocket — he brought a pair of boxer briefs that matches the color of the boy's eyes — and sniffed. He hastily dropped his pants and sat on the toilet bowl as he clumsily fondled himself. 


When he picked up the scent of Megumi's sex, and bits and pieces of his cum, Sukuna decided his hand won't be cutting it. He grabbed his phone and sent a quick text to the boy of his location. Counting on their little deal, Sukuna began stroking himself. He would like to ravage the boy in the cramped corners of this bathroom, but he had only bought them enough time for a quick blow job. He just wants to unload all the repressed desires he has stockpiled inside Megumi's mouth. 


After what seemed like forever, the weak feeble knock Sukuna is expecting finally came. He wasted no time; he fumbled for the lock, yanked the door open, and dragged Megumi inside the bathroom. The boy dropped the hall pass he carried to his side as he got down on his knees. Sukuna shoved his member inside Megumi's open mouth. The boy whimpered upon contact. Sukuna latched on to his hair as he began fucking the boy through his pretty face. "Look at me," he growled softly. 


Megumi obeyed. He batted his lashes at him just like in Sukuna's fantasies as his dark blue eyes began welling up with tears from the sheer feeling of getting a dick forcefully shoved down his throat. Sukuna bit through his hand to stifle a moan threatening to escape him. The boy held on to his thighs and through furrowed brows focused on the task ahead of him as he eagerly bobbed his head up and down Sukuna's member. The warm, wet feeling of his mouth and tongue is already driving him insane, but Sukuna wants to be greedy. He pulled at Megumi's messy locks hard enough for it to hurt, and the boy under him whimpered as more stray tears dripped down his face. "Keep those eyes on me, pretty boy," Sukuna ordered through gritted teeth. With tears welling up, Megumi obliged this time for real and held his gaze against the professor looming over him. 


Sukuna gapes, a silent moan reverbing through his core as Megumi sucked and licked on to him like his life depends on it. The boy is eager to get him off; Sukuna is rational enough to think that it's only because the two of them are on borrowed time. With this stake in mind, as much as he would like to bask every minute he has with him to abuse his mouth, Sukuna has to finish quickly. He angled himself and thrusted forward, securing the boy's head in his hands as he invaded his throat again. This time, Sukuna managed to push more in than their first encounter in Shibuya. Megumi's muffled cries vibrated on his dick, and it was all Sukuna could do to stop himself from moaning the boy's name. 


Sukuna started thrusting erratically on the boy's hot mouth. The familiar tightness of his throat sends shivers down his spine as he ravaged it relentlessly, panting. Megumi is reduced to tears as he begins taking the abuse, closing his eyes and hoping that things will be over soon. The wetness from his tears and saliva egged him on, and the slippery sounds the action is producing is music to his ears. "Shit," Sukuna hissed. He's close. 


Sukuna dug his fingers on Megumi's scalp as he rubbed the surface of his dick against the boy's warm tongue, eager for his release. The tongue is clumsily swirling around his member, and Megumi started gagging when Sukuna leaked precum. He yanked the boy's face up to force him to meet his gaze, and Sukuna stared at those ocean eyes as he hastened his short, spasmic thrusts. Through trembling knees and frenzied huffs of air, Sukuna bit on his lip as his semen started pumping out of him in strong bursts, causing his vision to go dark. He may have pulled out of the mouth too soon for when the air hit his sensitive flesh, in a trail of thick cum and thin saliva, he spewed more of it out, splattering Megumi's cheek and sending a few drops to the dingy floor beneath them. The boy in question retched at the taste, but swallowed his seed nonetheless. Amused, Sukuna ruffled his hair. He then hiked his pants up and pocketed the boy's underwear. He leaned down to plant a chaste kiss on the boy's lips and left the bathroom stall without another word. Sukuna admires himself in the mirror; he fixes all the little crimps and creases on his shirt and wipes off his sweat before heading back to class. 


His class' hushed and tense rowdiness became a nervous silence when he walked in, but Sukuna was still caught up in euphoria so he paid them no mind. The class is well-aware of the consequences of them cheating, and Sukuna in all his years of service at the academy has only failed to catch any acts of cheating thrice on separate occasions (which is one of the reasons why the higher-ups adore him). He made the class pass their work five minutes later, and Megumi came back from the bathroom in ten minutes. He looks deathly pale, which made the appearance of his under eyes worse, and is it just him or is Megumi looking far more even disheveled post-coitus considered? His hair is everywhere and his clothes look like they could use a good ironing. Sukuna is certain he didn't leave the boy to sort his stuff looking like a mess. Their gazes meet, and there is no reaction — almost as if he's quite literally dead. Sukuna raised an eyebrow at that but decided not to say anything. 


He then proceeded to show next semester's curriculum as staged, basking in the horrified faces of his students' reaction to everything he had cooked up for the term. Afterwards, he then proceeded to his lecture for the day. Everyone else sat upright and their gazes are fixated at the projector screen where Sukuna is presenting — everyone but him. Megumi is resting his head on his hand, looking like he is about to doze off any moment now. Sukuna chose to ignore it; it would seem out of the blue if he suddenly decided to pick on one of the class' top performers. 


Sukuna then drew off and let the time pass by. He decided to tone down the class difficulty just for today because he is in a good mood, and because he would like to keep the class on their toes. When his Powerpoint reached the slide that serves as his cue to discuss Fujiwara's marriage politics, he looked at Megumi expectantly. Wanting for him to share his knowledge about the topic since it's within his caliber as a student, Sukuna is about to call him when he realizes that Megumi doesn't quite meet his gaze. That caught his attention. Megumi, like all the other students, knows their cue when Sukuna stares at them. As a matter of fact, because of this, everyone started shifting their gazes at the boy, whose face crumpled under the weight of their stares. He then addressed him by his name and fired his question. 


The boy merely blinked his weary eyes at him, which further confused Sukuna, before standing up. "Um," Megumi lifted his hand to scratch the side of his face with a slightly trembling finger — which clued Sukuna in that something is definitely wrong with the boy. 


Call him a creep all you want, but Sukuna has always noticed every inch of Megumi even before their sexual arrangement. From the way he perks up when presented with new information, to the way he shifts around when in an uncomfortable situation — Sukuna has picked up every single habit the boy has in his body. Megumi would remain composed and tense even when caught under the headlights of surprise graded recitations. 


Megumi should not even tremble at the idea of sharing his mundane ideas about a generic subtopic. 


"Get out of my class," he barked. And because he does have a reputation to keep, he followed up: "Meet me in my office after this."


Sukuna cocked an eyebrow at the boy, who, for better or for worse, became stiff as a board again like he usually is. Then, without saying another word, he packed his stuff, slung his bag over his shoulder, and left the class in trepid silence. 


The entire class looked at him like he was a monster. Despite his stoic, antisocial nature, Megumi is adored by this batch regardless if it's about his looks or his academic ethics. Sukuna merely shrugged them off and proceeded to call another student in lieu. He is used to infamy, and he is fairly confident that he did the right thing by kicking Megumi out of his class.


As he had hoped and expected, Megumi is waiting for him outside his office, sitting at one of the plush chairs. He is as pale as a ghost, and his widened eyes are glued on the floor. The boy is tinkering with his own fingers. Sighing, Sukuna went and clasped him a bit harder than usual on the shoulders. It barely broke Megumi out of his stupor. "Follow me," Sukuna commanded. As if in a trance, the boy stood up and tailed him inside his office. He jerked his head towards one of the seats inside as he bolted the door shut and blurred his plexiglass settings. The action brought an odd sense of deja vu to the teacher; after all he made his first advances towards the boy under pretty much the same circumstances. 


Sukuna laid his teaching equipment on his work desk. "I have 15 minutes before my next class," he says as he approaches the boy, "So I need you to be as quick and honest to me as possible."


Sukuna seated himself with the other chair across the boy and scooted closer to him. He cupped the boy's slender face on his hands and stared at his soulless orbs, "What is going on with you?" 


"I'm fine—" Sukuna cut him off by brushing his lips against him; Megumi is quick to voice out his displeasure as he is again squirming against him. 


"I'm gonna ask one more time," Sukuna pressed his forehead against Megumi's, "What is going on with you? How are you feeling?" 


"What's it to you?" Megumi's voice faltered, a sign that the fight is starting to leave his body again. So, naturally, Sukuna exploited it. He kissed Megumi full on his mouth, then on his jaw, then on his ear all the way down beneath his Adam's apple, and the boy is whimpering with every contact. 


"Just answer the damn question," Sukuna chided. He took another look at the boy; he is now trembling slightly, almost as if he had just been doused with a pail of freezing water. "What's going on with you?" He rubbed circles on his cheek with his thumb. Megumi closed his eyes, and a few more tears managed to escape him. 


"Empty," Megumi sighed at the pattern Sukuna is tracing on his cheek. Sukuna's shoulders sagged a little. He may be a creep and a total asshat, but he genuinely cares for the well being of anyone he sleeps with regardless if the circumstances are as abnormal as what they have right now. Megumi is not going to be an exception. "Like I've been drained until empty, sir."


"Good boy," Sukuna cooed as he undid the button on the boy's collar to help him breathe easier. So he may have overexploited the boy sexually. Bad move on his part. Maybe he really should've taken it slow with the boy during their retreat in Shibuya — but then, he enjoyed the experience too much to back out. But still, post-coitus aftercare is one of the things he hates doing regardless of how necessary it is. Given how Megumi has virtually zero experience with sex before him, maybe he should've taken more time with the aftercare he provided in that shoddy hotel room. And then maybe he isn't stuck potentially compromising his work schedule to take care of a boy who is too shaken to properly function outside of an intense sexual encounter. He seems to be in a downward spiral before Sukuna fucked him, and Sukuna may or may not have made things worse.



At the end of the day, Megumi is one of his most brilliant students. He'd be caught dead first before he admits out loud that he is at fault here and therefore should take responsibility. 


"What can I do for you, baby boy?" Sukuna nuzzled his lips against his chin. "At least let me help you feel better, hmm?" 


Megumi — or rather, whatever is left of Megumi after zoning into a certain headspace — considered, "Hold me?" 


"Come here." 


Megumi straddled him and snaked his entire body up against him. He rested his head on Sukuna's shoulder. Looks like Sukuna's job here is easier than expected. He slipped his arms inside Megumi's top as he pulled him close to him. If he is gonna provide an impromptu aftercare, he might as well enjoy himself too. He rubbed circles on Megumi's back, which soothed the boy enough to make him cry rivers on his shoulder. At least he isn't a loud crier or Sukuna would have a lot of explaining to do why he made another student cry. Good thing he always tucks a blazer jacket inside his locker, though. The tear blotches would also be hard to explain, and not to mention it would draw unnecessary attention from the fearful students and the nosey faculty. 


For the next ten minutes, he just sat there still, whispering pure nothingness on Megumi's ear as he cuddled him. He took the chance to explore Megumi's body with his hands under the guise of comforting him even more through gentle touches. He committed every single detail of Megumi Fushiguro to memory, not that he needs it — his thick dark hair, his lean body with a good ratio of fat and muscle, the way his heart beats steadily…


He hates resorting to this, but Sukuna is so going to run late for his next class and as much as he would like to be with the boy for the rest of the day to look after him, he just can't. He picked up his phone. As expected, the brat picked up on the eighth ring. 


"Oi brat!" He barked onset, "Your dumb roommate passed out in my office after a round of scolding. Bring him to the nurse's office, will ya?!" 


He hung up. When he realized Megumi wasn't letting go, Sukuna unfurled his legs and made them wrap around his torso before carrying him. He then proceeded to lay the boy's unconscious body on the floor, beside one of the potted plants and positioned him so he is comfortable while still passing as somebody who had a panic attack and fainted. He then returned his plexiglass to its normal transparent setting and sat down behind his desk. 


A few more minutes later, to his disdain, Yuuji barged in, banging on his door when he realized it's lock. Rolling his eyes, he unlocked the door for his idiot of a half-brother and complained, "Don't break my damn door." 


Yuuji ignored him. He slung Megumi's backpack over his back and then proceeded to check on his friend, "I hope you're kind enough to at least make sure he didn't hit his head." 


Sukuna scoffed at him. He knows sarcasm when he hears it. "I'm a teacher, you punk." He plays off coolly, "Not a doctor who can play nurse. That would be your older brother." 


"Yeah, whatever." Yuuji hiked Megumi up and made him cling to his shoulders for him to be able to support his weight. Despite looking rather worn down for routinary practice, his stupid "brother" is ridiculously strong and can handle Megumi with no problems. "Open the door for me, will you?" 


Sukuna did. Yuuji raised his middle finger to him as he kicked the door shut behind. Sukuna played the bigger man and just rolled his eyes and took his stuff, leaving for his next class as soon as the two of them are out of his vision. 



Chapter Text

Megumi's stress is off the roof. Between reviewing for his finals, camming on the Saturday nights when Yuuji isn't around, and letting his body be used as Sukuna's personal cum dumpster inside a random love hotel room every Sunday, he feels like he is being torn in three pieces and the parts are being trashed all over the place. He skimmed through his notes one more time, for what looks to be the seventh time now, and all he gets are words flying in front of his eyes. Not a single word is being absorbed. Megumi scratched his head and groaned in frustration. Slumping to his study table, he stared at the clock — 1:27. It's the third day of his finals week, and he is far from being relaxed. He's already confident he failed the final tests on Mr. Nanami's Calculus and Professor Mei's Business 101, and to top it off he passed the case study he wrote for Miss Iori's Advanced English Language class two days late. While she is kind and considerate enough especially for such a minor subject, Miss Iori is really strict with deadlines and he can't afford to have points deducted on his already mediocre work. 


In contrast, Sukuna's Japanese History class, which is the most minor among the minor subjects he has to take for the semester, is straight up asking him to kill himself with the unrealistic final requirements and mind-fucking final tests. Megumi finds it ridiculous that the academy requires at least two semesters for Japanese History. If he is lucky enough, he'll be stuck with Sukuna for a year— but luck is never on his side no matter how hard he wills it to. 


He stared at the notes and contemplated if it's worth getting further sexually degraded for extra credit in his stupid class. He's already letting Sukuna do questionable things to him so he can keep his side hustle on the down low; god knows how much more Sukuna has in his sleeves if Megumi bargains his body again just to secure a barely-passing grade. 


Come to think of it, last Sunday Sukuna made him see his class standing while feasting on his neck and burying his humongous dick inside him. "You know I can rig your grades for you," Sukuna huskily whispered in his ear as he tweaks his nipple between his fingers while thrusting in slow, solid paces. "Think of it as a bonus. You've been a good boy for me after all." 


Megumi chewed on his lip upon recalling the memory. He said no. Of course he said no. He still has a bit of dignity left in him, plus Megumi doesn't need to be a class thot to pass a general studies subject. The entire ordeal is morally compromising already. He doesn't need to get any dirtier as he already is. Though he has to admit— the offer is starting to become even more tempting, plus Sukuna actually knows what he's doing.


Megumi gulped. He hates thinking about Sukuna especially in times like this. His mind and body is too much of a traitor. Heart racing rapidly inside his chest, Megumi is back in the hotel room again. Sukuna is kissing him hotly as he keeps on pressing on his prostate, making him see stars and frying his nerves from pleasure. Sighing, Megumi checked on Yuuji just to make sure that he's asleep. When he's confident that his roommate is still knocked out, Megumi pulls his shorts and briefs down to his thighs and wraps his hand around his cock and stroked. Sukuna always plagues his thoughts with sinful ideas whenever he so much dares to think of him when he's all alone, and so far the only way to make it go away is if he wanks it off like a horny teenager. Through muffled moans and shaky breaths, he pumped himself until he came all over his hand. He then wiped himself clean with paper towels he stocked up on his desk. Yuuji thankfully bought his alibi that it's for emergency spillage; technically speaking Megumi is having an emergency spill but he is not going to admit it out loud. 


He decided to call it a night. He already feels drained, but somehow thinking of his bedroom activities with his professor makes him even more weary. He can't explain it, but whenever Sukuna is done with him he gets reduced into an even more pathetic state. He hates it when it happens, and he hates that it's happening now when all Megumi did is have a wank at the thought of Sukuna making love to him. 


Burying his face to his pillow, he closed his eyes. When he realized he could still picture Sukuna holding him in his arms, Megumi groaned in frustration. Damn him. Damn him. Damn him. Megumi feels warm and sluggish whenever Sukuna cuddles him and whispers affirmations to him as he smothers him with quick kisses. He especially hates the fact that he needs them to feel slightly better at himself after a round of fucking. He loathes himself for craving them now. Grabbing his earphones, he plugged it on his phone and called Sukuna. He clung to his pillow and waited patiently. The professor thankfully picked up. 


"Daddy," he whimpered, hoping that it's more than enough to convey what's going on. This is Sukuna's idea too; whenever he feels like he's spiraling down hours or even days after their tryst Megumi is to call him so he can provide the aftercare he needs at the moment. Because Megumi genuinely doesn't know any better, he obeys. He decided that this would be a band-aid solution; until he finds a way to work out his downtime he's gonna need Sukuna's help to help him go through it. The idea leaves a sour taste in his stomach, but it is more than sufficient. 


Sukuna yawned from the other lined, which made him feel drowsy. "What's wrong?" He softly said. 


"I can't sleep, sir." Megumi withdrew even further in himself as he finally allowed his tiredness to sweep him over.   


"You poor thing," Sukuna cooed. Megumi closed his eyes and gave in. "What do you need from me?" 


Megumi hummed underneath his breath, "Tell me about your day." His mind is too hazy to question why he asked for that of all things, but Sukuna doesn't seem to mind. Sleep is starting to take over, but he doesn't wanna hang up. He needs to consume this until he's snoring just to make sure. 


"Horrible," Sukuna mused from the other line. "To start off…"



Megumi woke up the next day in shambles. His earphone chords are entangled all over him, and to his horror he realized he forgot to set an alarm last night. Cursing at himself for his oversight, he threw himself off the bed and fixed it in haste. He reapplied some deodorant before he picked out a fresh shirt, changed his underwear, and threw on a pair of sweatpants. He scrambled for his stuff hoping that everything's in place because he doesn't have the time to check. He is fumbling for his shoes as he did his best to run a comb on his bed head. Looking at the clock, he has precisely 20 minutes to run for Sukuna's classroom. He can't afford to skim through his notes and he doesn't even have the time to scold himself for being so irresponsible and stupid. 


So run, he did. And more. 


Megumi was out of breath by the time he reached the classroom. On the upside, the sprint ensured he made it on time — 2 minutes before the finals start, to be exact — so the layers of sweat are definitely worth it. Completely ignoring the gazes of his classmates and Sukuna's inquisitive stare, he rushed for his usual seat and prepped his writing instruments. 


"You have the entirety of today's session to answer this," Sukuna began by showing them the thick stack of papers that contains all of their first semester. "8 pages, back to back. The usual 2 points deduction for a single erasure. No whiteouts. I'll personally gouge your eyeballs if I see you staring at somebody else's paper and this shredder here—" he gestured at the paper shredder set up on his desk for the occasion "—will destroy your exam paper if I catch you cheating by other conventional means. Are we clear on that?" Sukuna delivered the instruction in a rather deadpan manner— which makes him scarier and drives the implication that he is not joking about any part of what he just said. The entire class voiced their agreement about the terms with a dreadful 'yes'.  


Megumi racked his brain for virtually anything at all. Nope. Nothing. His shoulders sagged in defeat. Guess he'll be flunking another class. His thoughts are practically confirmed when Sukuna handed him his copy of the exam sheet and he stared at the format — long bond paper, 9 in font size, half-inch margin (also, is it just him or did Sukuna take a big inhale when he handed the papers to him? That's weird.) Looks like he might just ask Sukuna to give him extra credit in exchange for more humiliating sex. He does have a reputation to keep as a star student. While he is not on any scholarship, the Satoru Gojo is both his legal guardian and his sponsor regardless of how annoying the man is. Him getting failed marks for more than 3 subjects in one semester is not gonna bode well for his reputation. If Gojo won't kick him out for liking and fornicating with men, he will definitely kick him out and sell him for cheap for being a dumb and ungrateful student. 


"You okay, Fushiguro?" Sukuna addressed him from across the room.


"I-I'm fine. Sir," Megumi croaked. To his horror he realized he's starting to cry again. Dammit. Not here. "Thanks for asking." 


Between Sukuna's heavy contemplating gaze and his classmates' pity, the weight Megumi is carrying inside his chest suddenly became heavier. Taking a deep, shaky breath, he just brushed all of them off and started answering his test. 


Cue 30 minutes into the exam and he only managed to barely answer a handful of questions from all eight pages. There is something bitter lodging on the pit of his stomach. He skipped a lot of items, and to make things worse he caught two minimal erasures on all of his answers so far. Megumi's head swam. He desperately dug inside his head for any information about the subject at all to no avail. He only managed to uproot a lot of lust, resentment, pressures, and emptiness. Contrary to popular belief, it didn't make him feel any better. 


One hour into the exam, Megumi decided to go on autopilot. Better to turn in a finals paper with shit all over it. He's more likely to be questioned for barely passing a subject if he turned in an empty paper. He just has to whore himself out even more on the down low and everything should go down smoothly. Megumi wants to hurl at the dreadful idea of bargaining his body further but he doesn't really have good cards to play in the first place. He stared at the man in question — only to find him staring at him with his arms crossed and his face unreadable. He tore his gaze off him before irrelevant ideas can invade his already cluttered mind again. 


One hour and thirty minutes in, Sukuna has called the exam over in boredom. "Alright, turn your papers in. Leave my class. See you next semester." 


If there's any consolation he can get from his situation, it's that Megumi doesn't seem to be alone with the idea of failing this class. At least half the class including him looks dead inside as they begin passing their papers to Sukuna himself, their eagerness to just leave his classroom and breathe evident in their slumped bodies. Megumi placed his sheet on top of the pile and Sukuna has the audacity to casually brush his finger on his hand as if by accident. "Do you need anything, Fushiguro?" Sukuna masked his interest. Megumi just shook his head and brisked away from the man in haste. He doesn't need Sukuna plaguing his head any more. 



Come Friday night and Megumi is being dragged by Yuuji to one of Todo's stupid dorm parties. While he agrees in Yuuji's suggestion to wind off and take a short break, loud parties is not exactly his idea of relaxing after such a hectic week. Though he gotta admit, he'd rather be anywhere else than be alone with his thoughts inside his dorm room. He's not gonna have a good time but partying with Aoi Todo and his small gang of equally rowdy friends is far better than the alternative of him lusting over his History teacher. 


"BROTHER!" Todo greeted them with a boom. To this day, Megumi is still wondering how this gorilla isn't getting penalized for being loud. He and Yuuji did a chest bump, then the overgrown monkey's eyes landed on him. "Ah, Fushiguro," Todo mused, "Try not to be boring at this party, okay?" 


Megumi just rolled his eyes and decided to help himself with the bowls of snacks prepared on hand. Todo's room stank of booze and weird fruity scents that's probably coming from his vape. Yuuji proceeded to hand him one of those familiar red cups. "Oh, no thank you." Megumi passed. 


"Dude. It's punch," Yuuji offered the cup again with a grin. "It's not laced with any alcohol. Swear."


Megumi eyed the drink cautiously. He took the cup from Yuuji and sniffed. "Thanks," He began sipping on the punch when he realized that it doesn't smell funny. There's too much water that the sweetness of the fruits are being overpowered, but it's not too bad. Megumi just stared at everyone in awkward silence. He doesn't belong here, but then he doesn't exactly have a choice and he hates it. 


Yuuji and Todo are talking about this one idol Megumi doesn't know and care about. His other senior Inumaki looks like he just lost a dare for he is now drunkenly performing the Chika dance while wearing a senior year uniform skirt. He is too into it, and Junpei Yoshino is filming him with his phone. His other senior Yuta is drinking more booze straight from the bottle while he's giggling at his phone as he (most probably) texts with his girlfriend. Yuuji is now setting up the karaoke, and Todo is now on his trail to his annoyance. He wedged the punch off his hand and replaced it with another red cup that is most definitely alcohol. 


"C'mon," Todo sneered at him, "I said try not to be your boring self in this party right? Drink up." 


Megumi sneered back. Yuuji will defend him, of course, but Todo will only get more annoying if he doesn't comply. He grabbed the cup off his grip and dunked its contents in one straight drink. The strong, bitter taste almost reminded Megumi of something, and the alcohol leaving a trail of fire isn't helping his case. He is not gonna pop a boner in front of all these people. No. 


Todo looked amused when he managed to finish a cup. "That's my brother's friend! Now drink up more! Loosen up, buddy. It's Friday! Let's celebrate!" Yuuji spared a glance at him, looking apologetic on Todo's behalf. 


Megumi is forced to participate in the gang's antics and the alcohol singing in his veins is lowering his inhibitions and making him compliant. Still, he can take a hold of his rationality and didn't act stupid like everybody else is doing. How he wished he had Yuuji's tolerance though; the one cup he drank is already making him feel a little too light for his own convenience. One upside is he does feel a little more loose and he can now see the hype behind the drink. He can get used to this feeling — just not when he's around with these people. 


All of them gathered around the snacks and decided to play catch up while intoxicated. Because he is Megumi Fushiguro, star student, he can't pitch anything relatable to all the ridiculous stories everyone is telling. And because he is Megumi Fushiguro, when the topic shifted to the subject of sex, he didn't pitched in either. He just laughed along at Yuuji's impressions and exaggerated storytelling and sat through everyone's drunken rambles about their sex life. 


Everything seems mundane for the most part. Granted Todo and company are grating his eardrums with their obnoxiousness but Megumi decided this is good. It at least brings any sense of much needed normalcy. Plus the warmth the booze provides certainly helps. He feels a little woozy, and his head may or may not be spinning, but it's better that way; he'd rather have his mind spiralling than going all over the place at once. Just how much did he drink anyway? Megumi stared at the empty cups beneath him, wondering if he managed to consume all of those — or maybe he's seeing double? He isn't even sure anymore. 


Yuuji's phone rang. Megumi watched him lazily pick it up and answer with a very slurred, "Hello?"


Now, Megumi cannot hear the words from the other line, but purely judging from how Yuuji's relaxed features turned stoic in an instant, he knew it can't be good. "Thanks," Yuuji monotonously said, "I'll drop by and pick him up." Then he hung up. 


Yuuji addressed all of them, "Guys," he hiccuped, "I haf'ta go. Stupid brother also decided to get drunk stupid and now he's picking up — hic — picking up fights." 


"Brother, wait," Todo stood up. He's also slurring his speech but he seemed to be more sober than the rest of them. "I'll help you. You're too drunk." He stood up and helped Yuuji up his feet. He wobbled a bit before managing to stabilize himself just barely. "Megumi~" he croaked, "Don't….don't lock the door yet, man. I just need to pick up my stupid brother before he does anything stupid, mmkay? Mmm. Thanks roommie." 


Megumi took that as his cue to leave as well. He clumsily sorted his stuff up and he may have knocked down a chair or two on the way, but he made it back to their dorm room in one piece so that should be counted as a miracle. He decided to take a quick shower in hopes that the cold water can help him sober up. 


It didn't. It cooled him down a bit, yes, but he still feels dizzy from all the alcohol he recklessly consumed. Looking at the time, he decided to just put on a pair of boxer briefs. He turned the lights off and lied on his back. Yuuji isn't going home any time soon, and he doesn't have the energy to put on extra layers. Now that he mentioned it, Yuuji does have a lot of brothers. He thinks Sukuna is the only adopted one — or is it Yuuji that was adopted? The two of them not sharing a surname is already weird enough. 


He just spent the rest of the time half-awake. Megumi did promise he's not locking the door up, so he has to wait for him to go home. Good thing tomorrow's Saturday — or is it Saturday already? Megumi lost track. The spinning in his head has lessened and the puddle of heat inside his stomach has cooled a bit. It should be safe to put on clothes—


Megumi winces when the room gets filled with lights and his eyes got hurt from it. He sat up and saw Yuuji trying to drag — to his horror — Sukuna inside their dorm room while cursing the heavens. Megumi froze on his spot. The alcohol running in his bloodstream ignited, and blood started rushing all over him. 


"Hey, roommie!" Yuuji grinned at him. "Would you mind looking after my stupid brother for a moment?" He dumped Sukuna's body on the floor beneath him. Megumi can only stare in horror, "Sure thing, man." 


"Don't do anything funny to my roommate, okay?!" Yuuji scolded before heading to the bathroom. Grunting, Sukuna sat up and crossed his legs, meeting Megumi's gaze. His heart skipped a beat. There is a slight cut on his lip, and his knuckles look bloodied. For a moment, the two of them just stared at each other not quite sure of what to do. 


"Oops—" Yuuji stumbled out of the bathroom. "Looks like we haven't restocked our first aid kid. I'll go ask Todo if I can borrow his, mmkay? Just wait here…"


Before Megumi can even object, Yuuji is already on his way out. Almost as if on cue, when Yuuji closed the door, Sukuna lunged at him and kissed him hotly on his mouth. 


He's not sure if it's the alcohol's own doing, but Megumi eagerly kissed him back. He is practically on fire now. His subconscious is beating him up, but the liquor courage is helping Megumi fight back. He feels warm all over the place, and it feels nice. It's the kind of heat that he can bask in greedily. 


And Sukuna feels so fucking hot too. Their tongues lapped hungrily at each other, an intense dance of lust and desire. Megumi unfastened his zipper and inserted his hand. Sukuna moaned as Megumi starts manhandling him clumsily. The sound gave Megumi shivers. Megumi listened to the devil on his shoulder and decided that he wanted to be greedy. He wants more of that heat. 















Chapter Text



Megumi did his best to hold his moans back as Sukuna began marking the inside of his thighs as he bent over his bunk. At this point, he isn't sure if he is in heat due to the alcohol or due to the desire overflowing inside him. Sukuna yanked his boxers down, leaving him bare at his mercy. Knowing what is about to happen, he spread his legs further apart for easier access. The older man grabbed his ass cheeks and spread them apart. The cold air and Sukuna's warm, meaty hands left him with goose flesh all over him. 


Megumi felt his warm mouth press against his hole, and he had to bite through his arm to prevent himself from moaning like a used whore. His entire body is in flames, and his frayed nerves are even more sensitive. His mind is blanked out, only seeing white. He feels too light, and Sukuna took him higher by practically kissing him through his hole and grazing it with his soft, wet tongue. The patterns Sukuna is tracing around the sensitive area is driving him insane, prompting him to buck his hips further inward towards Sukuna's face. "Fuck!" He hissed beneath his breath. He rolled his hips wantonly, syncing it with the slow, sensual rhythm of Sukuna's tongue. He feels really hot down there and he needs him to smother the flames for him. "More, please, Daddy," he breathed. 


And then Sukuna stopped. Megumi whines incessantly, squirming towards Sukuna to pamper his hole with more attention. He deserves such a pleasurable break after all, plus he is still on fire. He needs his strong, big, daddy to smother the flames off his skin with his kisses. He needs to get doused with Sukuna's hot and sticky cum to lower his temperature. 


He isn't sure how much of it is the alcohol speaking but Megumi is too far gone to care. 


But Sukuna didn't even explain. He just pulled the boxers up again, making him sigh upon getting clothed from the elements again. "Put some clothes on," Sukuna ordered and gave his ass a light spank. Megumi stared at his daddy. Sukuna went back to his position a few minutes ago— curled up on the floor after getting thrown by Yuuji—







Remembering his roommate sent enough shock in his system to rail him up. Megumi fumbled to get up, and all of a sudden his head started spinning even more — or was it the entire dorm room? The heat inside his stomach started erupting in the literal sense. He stumbled towards the bathroom with half-lidded eyes. Megumi slipped on the bathroom rug, but pursued nonetheless as he practically crawled for the toilet bowl and hugged it as if it were a lifeline. 


Megumi retched. The heat in his stomach bursted, and he is now spewing every drink and food he consumed from the past hours in a large release. Clutching at the bowl's sides, he tried to breathe only to exhale more of his stomach's contents. He may have heard the main door open, but he feels too sick to care. It certainly doesn't feel too nice to have all the alcohol exit his body through his mouth. It burns, and it tastes even more horrid. 


Somebody knocked from the door and called, "Megumi, you okay there, bud?" 


"Mm fine!" Megumi hoarsely called out. His hand found the flush and brought it down too hard to get rid of the sick. The heat on his body didn't subsided, and he needs to wash the nasty taste off his mouth, but at least his stomach feels empty again. His entire body is too warm save for that area where it's hollow. Like he is supposed to be. He hates it. 


Megumi stood up, using the sink as support. He glanced at himself in the mirror as he rinsed his mouth clean with some strong mouthwash. There are a few bruises — oops, he stands corrected. Hickeys. There are hickeys blooming beneath his chest like small flowers. 


"Yuu~ji!" He slurred, "Can you...can you hand me a shirt, please?" 


Megumi leaned back against the door as he clutched at his now empty stomach. Yuuji knocked again after a few moments. He opened the door and just took his hand out. His roommate seemed to take the hint and just left the shirt he requested at the palm of his hands. It's one of his baggy- fitted white shirts. Thank goodness. With a spinning vision, he put them on. The shirt is long enough to conceal his mark-ridden thighs, but Megumi further lowered his boxers just to be safe. He stumbled out of the bathroom pretending he didn't shag Yuuji's brother in his bunk a few minutes before. 


And speaking of, Megumi is still half-hard from ecstasy. He grabbed the hem of his shirt and tugged down reflexively, hoping that his erection will not be visible to the brothers. Sukuna is faring better with concealing his; he is hugging his knees and he looks out of it. Like he didn't just kiss Megumi all over. 


Yuuji is currently unboxing the first aid kit Todo probably has provided. He seems to be more stable now thanks to his tolerance. Lucky him. Megumi is jealous because he still feels warm and gooey inside and he is now unsure of where to put the blame this time — on the alcohol, or on his lust for his teacher, who is currently curled up on his floor. 


"Show me your hands," Yuuji coldly ordered, almost as if taking care of Sukuna is a tedious chore not a familial obligation. This piqued Megumi's interest. Sukuna merely glared at his younger brother and refused to show his bloodied hands. Upon noticing this, Yuuji rolled his eyes, "I'm not gonna fight you on this one. Just hand those bloody hands already."


"What are y'a gunna do, brat?!" Sukuna growled. The sound of his drunken voice made him tremble just a little. "Play nurse? Fuck off. Don't make me laugh." Sukuna jerked his chin towards Megumi's direction, which made the boy jump from his spot. "I'd rather have your roommate over there dote on me—" 


Yuuji moved so that he is shielding Megumi from his brother's sight, "You can be a fucking creep all you want, Sukuna, but not on my watch and especially not on my roommate, okay?" Megumi shifted uncomfortably. He met Sukuna's cold gaze and just stood still on the spot. A lump suddenly welled on his throat. They have a deal, but Sukuna is inebriated and the two brothers are gunning for each other's throats. Megumi chewed on his lip and said his prayers silently, hoping that Sukuna wouldn't so much as to dare out him to his roommate to spite him. 


"It's not about me being a creep," Sukuna rebutted, "It's about you being a total moron who can't even look after yourself. Why would I entrust my hands to you, hmm? My hands are fine but if you insist on somebody playing mother hen then I'd rather have your roommate over there. You don't mind right?" Sukuna directed his attention at Megumi, a small smile forming on his lips. 


Feeling like a deer getting caught in headlights, Megumi sputtered, "Y-yeah! Yeah. It's fine. You go rest now, man." 


"Dude," Yuuji also turned his attention towards him. Megumi did his best not to get whiplash from the splitting image in front of him. The only way to tell them apart is by their age and by their stances. "You sure?" 


Megumi nodded sternly, feeling just a bit more braver. This is the least he can do to payback Yuuji for being such a good roommate...and deep down, he knows that playing nurse for his daddy gives him more windows of opportunity to have him quench his thirst and heat that still isn't subsiding. "Yeah. Besides if you guys are gonna fight all night you're gonna make a lot of noise we might get reported." 


That much is true. The dorms have paper thin walls and Megumi can only hope their neighbours aren't awake from Sukuna and Yuuji's little...altercation. Yuuji balled his fist beside him. Sukuna on the other hand, smirked at him, making his chest burst in flames, "I like him. He's smart." 


Yuuji glared at his brother and actually threw the first aid kid at him. Sukuna is too drunk to catch or defend himself from it, so the container ended up hitting him square on the chest and spilling its contents on the floor. "Don't do anything funny towards him, Sukuna." Yuuji growled, the threat evident in his voice. The other brother merely shrugged at him. 


Yuuji turned his attention towards Megumi, and the apologetic look on his face caught him by surprise. "Sorry about this, Megumi." He squeezed his shoulder, "But thanks. I owe you one."


Yuuji kicked his shoes off him and stripped his socks before climbing to his bunk. He grabbed one of his pillows and threw it at Sukuna again. "You're sleeping on the floor," he says before turning his back on them to finally rest. 


Sukuna just let the pillow hit him and land on the floor with a soft thud, muttering something beneath his breath. He stared at Megumi, then gave him a sultry look. "I'd pick up the stuff my idiot brother threw at me," he says, "but I feel dizzy. Do you mind?" 


He gestured towards the scattered items throughout the floor. Megumi gulped. The smirk on Sukuna's face widened. He knows what he is doing. 


But he wants to be a good boy if he wants daddy to cool him down, so he obliged. Megumi got down on his knees and began picking up the discarded stuff. Sukuna reached out and lazily carded his strong hands on his hair. Megumi suppressed a whine. He instinctively leaned forward towards the touch. The man scratched at his scalp, and the gesture made him feel light inside. He almost dropped the items off his hands that feel like lead. He carefully organized the items back inside the kit and when he's done, he set those aside and looked up at Sukuna, who now cupped his cheek and is absentmindedly swiping his thumb on his bottom lip. 


Sukuna leaned forward, and Megumi closed his eyes. His daddy's hot breath feels prickly, but he is willing to consume the kiss that is about to come — until a loud stomach growl breaks the tension between them. 


"Do you guys have food here?" Megumi thinks the slight blush forming on Sukuna's embarrassed face is adorable. 

Fearing that his words might give him out, Megumi nodded fervently and stood up. He gestured for Sukuna to hold on to him. The man took his hand and wrapped his arm around his shoulder. Megumi supported him by putting his hand on his back and leading him on towards their pantry. He can't help but find the idea of two horny drunks helping each other walk straight funny, and before he knew it he was already giggling out of nowhere. Sukuna frowned at him but paid him no mind. 



Megumi found a pack of white bread and a jar of peanut butter. He then proceeded to make plates of sandwiches for the two of them to share. He laid it beside Sukuna, who is currently sitting on the edge of the table. The man eyed the plate, then turned his gaze at him. "M—hic!— my hand feels like water." 


Taking the hint, amidst his own swimming vision, Megumi took the slice and hazily positioned the bread in front of Sukuna's mouth. Sukuna nodded in satisfaction before taking a bite. For a while, the two of them stayed like that without saying a thing. Sukuna finished the sandwich Megumi is hand-feeding him while he is in between his legs. Heat rose on his face as the weight of how intimate the entire thing is. "Tasty," Sukuna sighed. "I need more." 


Not quite catching his meaning, Megumi just grabbed the sandwich he made for himself and offered it as well. Sukuna eyed the food, looking rather amused, and then continued eating it. Once he's done, he sighed under his breath, "Tasty," before grabbing Megumi's wrist and nibbling on his fingers tenderly. 


Megumi gasped. Sukuna's small bites and kittenish licks as he sucked his fingers clean ignited him once more. He's already sure that the alcohol in his bloodstream has been reduced, but somehow, he is still on fire. Sukuna then pulled his fingers out with a pop then planted kisses on his wrist, then on the back of his hand, then on his palm. Megumi squirmed as he started getting hard again at how erotic Sukuna looks while peppering him with affection. 


God, what is wrong with him? 



"Megumi," Sukuna's hot breath tickled his skin. His hand found the hem of Megumi's shirt and tugged at it, "I need more, Megumi. Please."



Hearing Sukuna beg for him awakened something in Megumi. He lifted his shirt off him and tossed it on the floor. Sukuna ran his hands idly on his sides as he pulled him close to him. Megumi squirmed from the cold air and the hot fumes of lust around them. Wrapping his arms around his body, Sukuna leaned forward and planted another sloppy kiss on the center of his chest before nibbling on one of his already hard teat. 


Megumi bit himself on the hand to prevent himself from moaning too loud. His erection strained against his boxers. He ran his hand over Sukuna's spiked locks that are slick with pomade as a gesture of appreciation. "M-more," Megumi groaned. 


Sukuna stopped his ministrations and licked a trail up his neck. He then pressed his lips against him, and despite the tremble, Megumi kissed him back with as much passion as he could muster. Sukuna actually moaned at his mouth, and Megumi can't help but feel proud. He's doing this to daddy. He is not sure how much of it is due to liquor, but Megumi would thank the spirits in the morning for letting him loose and express his unspoken desires. For now, he just basked in the warmth of Sukuna's mouth and the softness and sweetness of his tongue. 


Sukuna found the waistband of his boxers then tugged it down. Megumi yanked them down, letting it fall on the cold floor. The older man took his erect cock on his hand and fondled him. A wave of pleasure washed over him, and he lost the fiery dance between their tongues and Sukuna invaded his entire mouth again. Megumi clung on to Sukuna's shoulders as the wave sucked him in further to a sea of euphoria he knows he's gonna end up in by the end of the night. 


Sukuna got off the table and kicked his shoes off him. Megumi broke the kiss and eyed his daddy's fully clothed body. Realizing that he's being unfair, Megumi began fumbling for Sukuna's belt and undid the buttons and zippers of his pants. He yanked the pants down, and Megumi rutted his bare cock against Sukuna's member that is straining inside his black briefs. There is a sense of deja vu in the gesture. The growl emanated from Sukuna's throat is primal, sending delicious shivers down his spine. "I wanna taste you, daddy." Megumi's own words scare him, but he's far too out of it to care. He cupped Sukuna's hard member and felt his mouth water at the prospect of tasting all of him again.


"Yeah?" Sukuna bit on his lip. He then grabbed his shirt and ripped it off him to Megumi's shock. His daddy is so strong…


"You have all night to eat whatever you want, babe." 



Megumi pinned Sukuna against the wall and hungrily kissed him full on the mouth. He has his daddy right here with him, and he's on fire, and nothing else matters. He's free. He roamed his hands all over Sukuna's hard abs, then on his strong arms as he fervently explored Sukuna's hot mouth with his tongue. When he decided that he is starving for more, Megumi broke the kiss in a trail of saliva and turned his attention towards his neck. The strong scent of Sukuna's sweat and cologne further intoxicated him. His brain remembered how Sukuna would always kiss him in this area, so he figured he should do the same. He kissed and sucked on to the skin, and Sukuna writhed beneath him. 


"Baby," Sukuna grabbed a handful of his hair and hissed,"Shit! Yes, like that." He paused to take a look at his daddy, who has his eyes closed, and his teeth gritted. Pride swelled inside Megumi's chest. He's doing a good job. From the tons of fuck ups he keeps on doing he finally managed to do something right. He can almost cry just thinking about it. 


So he did more. 


Megumi dove for his dusky nipples. He licked at one slowly while softly pinching the other between his fingers, turning both of them hard and nub. "Ahh~" Sukuna drawled, which fueled him more. He popped a nipple inside his mouth and continued teasing and pinching the other. "Look at me," Sukuna huskily said. Megumi met his drunken gaze as he grazed his teeth against the sensitive flesh. Daddy loves looking him in the eyes when they're doing this, he remembers. 


He stopped teasing the other nipple as he let his hands feel the toughness of Sukuna's torso while savoring the hard, fleshy nipple. His fingers idly fumbled with the rough trail of hair as he began slipping his hands inside his underwear and grabbed his erection by its shaft. Pulling the hard, thick member out of its constraint, he pumped and squeezed it oh so slowly as he kissed his teat. Sukuna is curling his toes, and his cock throbbed with such enthusiasm from all the attention Megumi is giving it. 


Sukuna grabbed his cheeks and yanked him off his chest so he could kiss him again. Megumi melted at the action, and he was reduced to a slobbering mess as Sukuna ravaged his mouth. "On your knees, babe." He ordered. Because he's a good boy, Megumi dropped to his knees and admired his daddy's cock. 


Now that he thought about it, Megumi never really took the time to really indulge in the taste of Sukuna's member. Licking his lips, he positioned himself underneath the man before lapping at the full ballsack. He closed his eyes as he nibbled on the thing with his lips. It's soft and warm and musky. The skin tastes a bit sweaty, but he doesn't mind. Satisfied, he popped his tongue out and licked at the shaft. Sukuna rained down more murmurs of affirmations on him as he allowed his taste buds to discern the flavor of Sukuna's dick — a delicious and addicting concoction of sex, musk, skin, and sweat. He swirled his tongue around the enormous head which feels warmer than the rest of the thing. His cock twitched and started leaking pearly drops, which Megumi also cleaned up. 


"Fuck, baby, you're so hot like this," Sukuna groaned. Megumi grinned and was about to pop the erect cock inside his mouth when Sukuna held him back. Puzzled, he looked up to meet his daddy's gaze. He loves it when he is sucking on his dick. Sukuna leaned down to plant a chaste kiss on his mouth. "God, I love kissing you." Sukuna muttered as he nibbled on his bottom lip some more. "I wanna put it in you, Megumi," Sukuna huskily murmured on his ear, which made him shiver even more. "So don't make me cum right here and now." 


The remaining rationality in Megumi says that going all the way inside his dorm room is a terrible idea. Granted, he is actually enjoying himself — oh, fuck that, he enjoys all the times he's intimate with his professor like this. He's just too much of a coward to admit it. But letting Sukuna use him inside this room with thin walls and with Yuuji Itadori sleeping within earshot is too much of a risk for him. 


But then, the alcohol running through his blood decided to take over again. "Please, daddy," Megumi whined as Sukuna started poking at his hole with his finger, "Put it in me. Please, sir." 


"Yeah?" Sukuna inserted a finger inside as he sneered at him. Megumi bit on his shoulder, trembling as the finger wiggled its way inside him. "Look at you, Megumi. Begging me to fill you up like a good slut." He paused, then grinned, "Well, you are my slut."


"Yes!" Megumi hissed as Sukuna found the spot inside him. He's always good at making him feel ecstatic. Megumi jerked his hips in an attempt to push more of Sukuna's fingers inside. "Fuck, yes. I'm empty. Please, sir. Fill me up. I'm—ugh!— too empty." 


"Look at me, boy."


Megumi did. Sukuna affectionately wiped the stray tears running down his face. Megumi felt his heart skip a bit, and his insides now feel like a furnace. In that moment, Megumi isn't seeing Sukuna as somebody who'll rat him out; his daddy is somebody who makes and keeps him warm, and Sukuna is definitely more than capable of filling the gaping emptiness inside him. If he would just put it in….


Megumi jumped and wrapped his legs around Sukuna's waist, forcing the man to carry him. He can hardly feel the man's usually bruising grip, but he knows Sukuna won't let him drop. He wrapped his arms around him as they went in another fiery passionate kiss as they walked back to his bed. 


Nestled in between his arms, Megumi is in cloud nine. Nothing else matters. His daddy will make love to him on the bed that he sleeps in every night. The very thought of it already drives him crazy already.


They tried walking back towards the room with their tongues tied. He is kissing Sukuna— and then gravity hits him and suddenly he is winded on the cold hard floor, gasping at what just happened. Sukuna managed to secure his head with his hand on time, and he is looming all over him, his eyes full of concern and worry. To reassure him that he's fine, Megumi nudged him in the butt with his foot. 


Sukuna seemed to take the hint. He covered his body with his and kissed him again deeply. When Sukuna broke the kiss he was gasping for air due to how intense it is. This time, it was Sukuna's turn to taste and kiss him all over. He just hopes his taste is good enough for his daddy. Sukuna sucked on his neck, which made him arch his back and his eyes roll towards the ceiling. 



His blurry vision settled, and amidst the bright light, he saw the horrified gaze of Yuuji Itadori staring back at him. 


Megumi froze. 




Sukuna is still tracing his body with kisses, but Megumi felt cold and numb. His grip on Sukuna's back hardened. His lungs constricted, and his breath came in shallow puffs of air. The body pressing against him makes him feel trapped. He is quite literally falling from heaven as he crashes into the hell of the filthiness he's been doing. Whatever headspace he was in got shattered to a thousand pieces the moment he locked eyes with his roommate.


His roommate Yuuji, who is straight. 


His roommate Yuuji, who didn't know he's gay. 


His roommate Yuuji, who is the adopted brother of the professor who is currently defiling him. 


Megumi opened his mouth to say something; what came out is a guttural cry as he sobs and desperately pounds at Sukuna's sturdy chest in an attempt to get him off him. He didn't budge at first, but when he looked at him, he noticed something was wrong and followed his gaze.


Yuuji is glaring at his brother. He said, in a rather low voice for the sake of discretion, "Sukuna," his fists are balled tightly on the guard railing of his bunk. "I do not want to make a scandal at this time of night, so I am giving you one chance to explain what the fuck are you doing to my roommate."












Chapter Text


"You have one chance to explain what the fuck are you doing with my roommate."


Yuuji's cold, dead stare sent chills down Megumi's spine. He is well aware that the glare is being delivered to the man on top of him, but he feels like he has just been thrown in the middle of a cold ocean in the dead of night, and there are boulders chained to his feet, and his lungs are being crushed by the pressure. He opened his mouth, but nothing came out. And Sukuna is crushing him terribly. The flames that are burning inside him now actually hurt him like it should. 


It hurt. Everywhere hurts so much that he feels numb. Megumi's vision danced between the bright light above him, the red, and the blacks. 


Yuuji went down from his bunk. He looks tense. He looks pissed. Megumi cried out. Is he pissed at him for hiding the fact that he's a disgusting fag? Is he pissed at him for being a disgusting fag that is seducing his brother? Oh god, oh god, oh god—


His stomach crumpled from the inside, and he is back in that dreaded house, and it's dark again. Yuuji is there, standing. His gait — tense as an overstretched coil. His fists are balled too tightly. Megumi sobbed. Yuuji is one of his greatest friends. He tried to pry his mouth open and force himself to say anything at all to explain to his only friend that this is a mistake and that he can explain himself. Deep down, he knows no explanation would suffice. He can't exactly say why he's letting Sukuna fuck him pretty or his friend would be even more disgusted at him. He cannot afford that, no.


Yuuji locked eyes with him, and Megumi saw something die inside him. His fist is trembling from anger. Megumi gave up; he's gonna be like him too. To his relief, the weight crushing him is gone, and Megumi took the opportunity to curl up on himself, closing his eyes as he braced for the incoming hits that he is about to take from his roommate. 


There was a dull thud, and Megumi's breath hitched. He dared cracking an eye open, and to his bewilderment, it was Sukuna who was stumbling around naked. It would've been a funny sight had their entire situation is not this compromising. His daddy is clutching his cheek and is now returning the glare back at Yuuji, who is currently carrying a blanket and is heading towards him. Megumi shivered. What does Yuuji want to do with him? 


Yuuji knelt on his side and helped him up. The touch made Megumi flinch, but he welcomed it. At least it's not a punishing blow. "You okay, man?" His gentle voice sounds underwater as he wrapped the thin blanket around his naked body. 


Megumi can only stare at the blanket that is now covering him. It was his blanket. "W-what?" He managed to utter. He stared at Yuuji, who genuinely looked concerned for him. He can only pathetically stare. 


"Dude. You don't have to talk about it." Yuuji rubbed circles around his back, almost as if he's sensing the distress racking up his body. The gesture only made Megumi weep some more, and Yuuji, being the good soul he is, shared his sentiment as his face crumpled to that of despair as he looked at his brother in disgust. "Just….just hang tight there. I'll… I'll call the cops. Do you want me to call Gojo-sensei?" 




"No!" He hissed, well aware of the fact that the students boarding within the next rooms might just hear everything transpiring. If so much as anybody takes a hint that Sukuna Ryomen, one of the professors at the academy, is in the boys' dormitory fucking his student, it's gonna be a huge scandal. He can't afford to have the cops come over and he especially can't afford Satoru Gojo to find out about this. He's an annoyingly kind man, but once he learns about this Sukuna will get fired, and Sukuna will reveal him being a camwhore, and then Gojo would kick him out back in the streets. To make things worse, Yuuji will also get caught and the entire ordeal might cost him his scholarship. 


He can't afford that. Heart racing, and breath erratic, his mind got overloaded with the overwhelming chain of events that is about to happen for this one stupid mistake. He has to make it up somehow. Megumi, with shaking hands, grabbed weakly at the collar of Yuuji's shirt. "I—" his breath came out as a pitiful whine, "I— I'll explain. I'll explain. Just...just…"


The tightness in Megumi's chest further constricted his airways, making him huff shallow puffs of air. The colors are dancing in his blurry, puffy vision, and everything feels really shaky and spinning. He is hot and cold at the same time, which is weird, and he tried in his darndest to focus but he just can't.


Sukuna seemed to take a hint what was going on and shoved Yuuji aside much to the latter's protest. The younger brother is in fact about to retaliate when Sukuna dropped down to his level and planted his soft kiss on his lips, and for a moment, everything slowed to a standstill. 


Sukuna then proceeded to wipe circles around his cheeks, wiping the fresh tears off him. Megumi feels light again. His heart is jumping, and his breathing is still unstable, but at least the lightness evens everything out. "Name five things you can see. Now."


Megumi gulped, "Y-you. Yy-yuuji—" he sobbed, "My d—my desk. This-s-s blanket. Bunk."


Sukuna nodded in affirmation and kissed him on the lips again, then on his jaw. Each kiss sent jolts of electricity down his weary bones and muscles, as if he is bringing him back to life. "Good boy," Sukuna sighed, then ordered again, "Name four things you can touch. Now."


Megumi took a shaky breath before answering, "Y-you. The...the floor. M-my hair. My c—clothes."


Sukuna kissed him again full on the lips, then back to his jaw, then down the side of his neck. He then tousled his hair that's damp with sweat as he began ordering with a frown, "Three things you can hear?" 


"Y-you." Megumi closed his eyes to try and focus his hearing. Surprisingly, the ringing on his ears subsided. The sounds are starting to become clearer. "I hear you," he huffed, "then...then the wind outside." Megumi leaned down and pressed his ear towards Sukuna's toned chest. The gentle thumps of his heart soothed him even further, making him curl on to himself instinctively, "Your heart." 


At that, Sukuna pushed some of his hair away from his face and grazed his lips on his forehead before raining him down with kisses on his lips, jaw, and neck. "Two things you can smell. Go." 


"Y-your cologne," Megumi took a whiff just to be sure. His erratic breathing, to his surprise, went back to almost normal. Almost. "The fabric conditioner." He is astounded that he can still pick up the flowery scent from the laundry on the blanket. 


Sukuna cupped his chin and nibbled on his lips, prying them open. Megumi complied, and the older man slipped his tongue inside his mouth. When he opened his eyes, the dancing colors in his vision gradually got reduced to slow beats until it faded to gray. "One thing you can taste?" Sukuna asked after pulling out of the kiss. 


"You," Megumi breathed. 


"Good boy," Sukuna praised, and Megumi felt his heart flutter from the affirmation. The older man turned his attention back to Yuuji with a frown. 


"You can let my roommate go now," Yuuji crossed his arms on his chest. Strangely enough, he doesn't look fazed out by everything that has just transpired which Megumi found weird. He cannot read the expression on his roommate's face. Rolling his eyes, Sukuna stood back to let Yuuji dote on him again. 


"Dude," Yuuji kept his distance, but the concern is still very much evident on his face. Megumi braced himself for the question that is about to come:


Are you gay?


"Did you consent?" Yuuji asked, which shook Megumi to his core. He is not expecting that. Why isn't Yuuji crucifying him? 




"When this jerk's…doing things with you," Yuuji elaborated, "Is it consensual?" 


"Yeah," Megumi spilled because of course it is. He has no choice but to consent or his dirty secret is gonna get leaked. As fucked up as it sounds, he needs to protect Sukuna. One of his secrets has been compromised at the worst time possible, and he doesn't need the other one to be revealed. He cannot take any further lashings. 


Yuuji, on the other hand, pinched the bridge of his nose. He took a few deep breaths to calm himself down. Megumi can already smell the smoke coming from his head, "But you're drunk. You can't possibly consent when drunk." He justified, almost as if he really wants to incriminate his own brother. There is rationality in his reasoning, don't get him wrong, but still. 


Megumi stared at Sukuna in hopes he'll help him explain. The man merely shrugged at him. The weight of the situation is now solely on his shoulders. Helplessly, he tried nevertheless. He has precisely one chance to not blow this up into a nuclear mess.  


"No, dude! Listen to me. Please." Megumi furiously scratched and pulled at his hair desperately. He exerted extra effort to steady himself; he is still pretty inebriated after all. "I," Megumi took a deep breath and closed his eyes. He is seriously coming out to his friend right here and now. Part of him wants to hit himself for being so stupid and for a slight hope that this is just one big funny ironic dream. He opened his eyes and realized — nope. Yuuji is still here. Front and center. And Sukuna is still in all his naked glory. "I'm gay. I've been…I've been experimenting with…with...with him…" he lied through gritted teeth, hoping that Yuuji won't sniff it out. 


Sukuna, the sick fuck, looks delighted hearing that from him. 


"And how long has this been going on?"



"A...a couple m—months," Megumi sputtered. That's the truth. 


"Oh, jesus." Yuuji combed through his hair nervously. He glared at his brother and Sukuna merely nodded in confirmation. "I— did he somehow coerced you into this, Megumi? Did he bribe you to suck his dick or he's giving you failing marks, something, anything like that?" 


At that Sukuna rolled his eyes, "I'm not that evil, brat."


"No," Megumi said to compliment Sukuna's claim, "Like I said, I've been experimenting with him." Megumi twirled his fingers around, feeling as small as he can possibly get. He endured a lot of degrading things from Sukuna, but somehow, this is the most degrading of them all. He can't even look at his good friend in the eye. He hid the fact that he's gay, and he hid the fact that he is shagging the one person Yuuji Itadori, a man who has a lot of love to give, loathes the most. 


"But that one time I had to bring you to the nurse's office." Yuuji recalled, "You were passed out on this creep's floor and the door was locked. Did he...did he raped you there?"


Cold sweat trickled down his forehead. Yuuji is more concerned at the prospect that he might have gotten sexually assaulted inside a faculty's office than the fact that he had just admitted he's a filthy faggot. "No," Megumi snapped as quietly as he can. "I legit passed out. Yuuji, please. He didn't rape me. I seduced him. I...I'm sorry."


Megumi covered his face with his hands in shame as he sobbed helplessly on the floor. Yuuji rubbed more circles on his back as he hushed him back down. "P—please. Don't call anyone," Megumi desperately begged, "Don't tell anyone. Especially not Gojo. Please."



Yuuji objected, "But—"


"I'll do anything," Megumi's stomach churned into a bitter pulp. He can't believe his own desperation has urged him to seriously negotiate another compromising deal that involves whoring himself out for his straight roommate. "I'll let you use me. I know you're straight but I— I'll service you. Just don't tell anyone, please." 



"Stop," Yuuji just looks...sad, which genuinely confused Megumi. Why isn't he lashing out at him? This feels wrong. "I'm not like my creep of a brother. You don't have to do anything dude. If you want me to shut up about this, then fine. I can do it for you. Just," he loosened up the tight balls of fists hanging on his side. Oh. So Yuuji wants to beat him up after all. "If he gets bad you tell me first thing and we'll call the cops on him." 


Megumi blinked his tired eyes, "Yuuji—"


"Megumi," Yuuji clasped him by his shoulders. "You have been really miserable and stressed out for the past few weeks. You say he's treating you well, fine, I'll take your word for it. But I can't just let the fact that you have been a mess lately slide when he's the one that is clearly causing it."


Sukuna decided he cannot deal with the drama and just headed for the pantry to fetch his clothes. Megumi felt cold. Really cold. Sukuna really left him all alone to deal with this by himself when this matter involves both of them. He shook his head defiantly, a futile attempt at shifting the blame for his trainwreck from the past days. Sukuna isn't the only reason why he skipped meals, showered and slept too little or too much, and overworked himself from studying and camming just so he can pass out from the sheer exhaustion and get a well-deserved rest. 


"Yuuji, please." The words left a sour taste. He is getting tired of begging. "I've been stressed out lately, yes, but w—with him—" Megumi internally cringed at just how awfully casual he is laying this down. He hates it. He thought coming out in such a wrong time is the worst that can happen tonight, but now he has to wear his heart on his sleeve to further conceal the other skeleton he's been shoving inside the closet. "—I needed it to destress. Nothing more. Nothing less. Please believe me. Please." 


Fact of the matter is he always ends up in a pathetic state after every sexual encounter with Sukuna, and the cruel irony is that he needs Sukuna to bring him back to his usual self by showering him with affection and attention through aftercare. Obviously he is omitting that. 


"You've got to stop nagging at him, brat." Sukuna said as he put his pants back on, leaving his upper body bare, "You heard him. He likes and enjoys it. He just got out of a panic attack — which, I should also add that I was the one who pulled him out of that state — and you are bombarding him with your ridiculous questions. Do you want him to panic even more, you stupid little monkey?" 


Megumi met Sukuna's warm gaze. Something inside him fluttered and swelled. He hates the fact that the betterment of his well being is on the hands of this pervert, and he hates that Sukuna knows him quite a lot already to know what to say when he needs something but doesn't wanna express it. 


Because this has been a long day and Megumi just wants to rest. 


The idea seemed to have sunk inside Yuuji's head. "I'm sorry," he helped Megumi up back to his feet. "It's late, and you must be tired from all these. Let's call it a day, yeah? We'll talk about it when you're ready." 


Yuuji then ushered him back to his bunk. Megumi, while feeling rather grateful that Yuuji didn't beat him for being gay, is still confused. Is Yuuji just delaying the inevitable? Is he being polite for the sake of being polite? The paranoia started eating up Megumi on the inside again, but he exerted the last bits of his energy to hide it. He wrapped the blanket around him tighter as he laid down on his side. 


Sukuna approached him but Yuuji blocked him out of his sight. "You've done enough damage for a night," and the venom is back in Yuuji's voice. "You're sleeping on the floor."


"It's okay," Megumi offered and even moved further to the side. "We can share."


"No, dude." Yuuji's stare is stone-cold hard. "We can't guarantee he won't be doing anything perverted—"


"Oh, c'mon you heard him." Sukuna rolled his eyes. "He says he doesn't mind—"


"And I said you're sleeping on the floor," Yuuji fired back. The two doppelgangers engaged each other in a long stare down. Meanwhile Megumi just watched them, wishing the night to be just over so he could rest. 


After what seems to be forever, Sukuna finally budged. "Fine," he says, "Can I borrow one of your shirts, though? The floor's kinda cold."


"Absolutely not." Yuuji turned to his back and climbed up to his bunk again. "I'm not done with you, Sukuna. We'll talk about this first thing. Turn the lights off when you're ready to sleep."


Sukuna looks like he is contemplating smothering Yuuji with a pillow or dragging him back down for an actual proper beat down. In the end, he chose to just drop it and headed back to the pantry. He returned wearing Megumi's previously discarded shirt and the briefs he's wearing. 


Heat rose on Megumi's face. Sukuna seemed to notice this and asked, "Do you mind?" He shook his head fervently. Shrugging, Sukuna just hangs his pants on one of the chairs before lying down. The baggy shirt surprisingly fits him well although given his build it's a little tighter around the chest area. His thighs are also toned with muscle. For someone with a really stationary job, Sukuna is well-built. This, together with the fact that he thinks Sukuna wearing one of his clothes is intimate, made him blush like a schoolgirl. "Oh," Sukuna sat back up and dug in the pockets of his pants. He fished out the boxers Megumi was wearing from before. He handed it back to him. Megumi just took the garment without a word and put them on before turning his back and trying to sleep again.


Megumi closed his eyes and willed the exhaustion to sweep him over. After minutes of shifting uncomfortably around the bed while in the cocoon of his blanket, he still isn't dropping. Looks like he is too tired to even try sleeping. He just wants to rest and call it a day. Why is his mind still going back to the events that transpired?


Sukuna left him hanging to deal with the entire thing and fend for himself. He hates it. acting weird. Why isn't he lashing out at him? Megumi can't help but think that Yuuji is just saving up his anger towards him for the morning. He's gay, and he's fucking his brother after all. His kindness is genuine, but it being directed at him felt...wrong. 


Megumi stood up, wrapping the blanket around him even tighter. He raided the fridge and drank some milk hoping it would ease him up to sleep. Then he washed it down with more glasses of water. He didn't realize how thirsty he is until he drank such large amounts. He went back and turned the lights off as Yuuji ordered. Scratching his head, he carried his body back to his bunk. 


He can't help but stare at Sukuna who is actually now asleep while curled up on the floor. The moonlight beams from the window illuminated his face. Megumi thought he looked rather peaceful under the light despite the emphasis on his sharp features. 


Something in him wants to curl up next to him. 


Megumi hates it. Megumi hates the fact that Sukuna threw him under the bus, and hates it even more that he literally needs him to function. Rationally speaking, it's toxic and addicting. But Megumi needs the kick really badly or he's afraid he'll end up pulling an all nighter for the rest of his life. Giving in to his needs, he rolled Sukuna's body over so he's lying on his back then Megumi laid beside him, using his sturdy chest as a pillow. He wrapped his arm around him as he closed his eyes once more, trying to bask in the warmth of the body next to him. 


Sukuna stirred. He slipped one of his hands inside his boxers and groped his butt. Megumi stared at him but said nothing. He didn't mind his touch now, when he really needed it. "What do you need?"


"Just hold me," Megumi sighed as the much-awaited wave of exhaustion finally started sweeping over him. "Please. I can't sleep." 


"Alright," Sukuna said. He planted a swift kiss on his forehead and wrapped the blanket to their bare bodies as they clung to each other. "Oh, the brat is so gonna be pissed…"


Objectively speaking, Megumi knows Sukuna is referring to himself. The paranoia inside his head tells otherwise, though. Still, he sank into Sukuna's warm embrace as he finally started dozing off to the sleep he desired so badly. 








Chapter Text

Megumi woke up to a pounding headache,heat radiating off his skin, and the sounds of hissing oil from their mini kitchen. He sat up and took a look in his surroundings. He's pretty sure he slept on the floor last night, but now he is situated on his bunk, not that he's complaining. He can vaguely recall somebody carrying him — maybe that was Yuuji? Clutching his head, he rolled off his bed groggily, and the morning light teeming from the windows worsened the pain banging inside his head. He fumbled for a top inside his drawer. He rubbed the sleep off his eyes as he stared at his reflection in the mirror — only for his jaw to get slack when he saw the hickeys and bite marks decorating his torso and thighs. His hands flew on the areas where he'd been marked by the devil last night, wincing a little when he realized a couple of those are still pretty fresh. To his bewilderment, Megumi's ass doesn't feel sore like it normally does after the usual dicking down from a certain hot professor. So Sukuna came over the students' dorms to have his way with him. Weird. At least they didn't take it all the way. Megumi caught his roommate snoring peacefully on his spot from the mirror, and then it suddenly dawned on him. 




He threw the tank top he managed to fish out of his drawer into his body. The pounding inside his head worsened as last night's events started going back to him — from everyone in that stupid party getting wasted including him, to Sukuna making love to him, to his drunken confession to Yuuji, who is still sleeping his hangover away. 


So he really blew it last night. Goddamn it. 


Megumi's shoulders sagged in defeat. The best he can do is delude himself that everything last night is just one big crazy dream. Everything is normal and it's all in his head. 


But when he stumbled upon the kitchen, his eyes landed on Sukuna cooking breakfast in relative silence. He's only wearing his underwear from last night and one of their aprons, which practically increased his temperature to his own resentment. He also looks like he just stepped out of the shower, with his peach locks still a bit damp. "W-what are you— what are you doing here?!" Megumi gasped. Maybe he wants to delude himself that everything is okay, but he just cannot bring himself to admit the fact that one: he not only allowed Sukuna to have his way with him but even initiated it, but also that the two of them being intimate caused him to get outed in the worst timing possible to his precious roommate. 


Sukuna turned his gaze at him. When the older man noticed that Megumi was barely holding on to his two feet, he lowered the heat from the stove and put his task aside. He brisked to the boy's side and supported him by wrapping an arm around him to steady him. "We fucked. Don't you remember?" He teased as he helped Megumi sit down to one of the chairs. 


Horrified, Megumi's head snapped up towards him which did a number on his headache. "No." He snapped. He's sure of it. Sukuna only went as far as leaving hickeys all over his body. He'd know if they fucked. 


"Yeah, no." Sukuna shrugged him off. Megumi caught whiff of the soap he's been using and glared at him. Sukuna brushed his bangs upwards as he leaned closer and felt his forehead, "How are you feeling?" 


"Did you use my soap?" Megumi ignored the question. The last thing he needs right now is Sukuna doting on him. He doesn't feel too good, yes, but the anger bubbling from his chest last night had resurfaced. The man threw him under the bus as if he's just one of his many sex dolls. He has every right to be pissed. 


"You didn't answer my question," Sukuna pointed out, "And you're burning up."


Megumi frowned at him. He wants to be defiant this time. "You didn't answer mine, either." He crossed his arms around his chest and met the man's intense gaze. Heat and blood rose to his face but he didn't let his attraction towards the man budge him. He is supposed to be pissed. 


And then Sukuna had to lean over and kiss him chastely, which practically evaporated all the pent up anger inside him. Megumi winced a little when Sukuna grappled him by his jaw. Hard. "You're lucky you're having a sick day today," he sneers at him, "Or I'll be bending you over this table and spank you for being a feisty little brat." 


"I'm not sick," Megumi snapped. 


Sukuna hummed underneath his breath. He then straddled Megumi, which made the latter yelp in shock. Megumi squirmed; Sukuna feels really heavy after all. The boy chewed on his lip when Sukuna started kissing him on the side of his neck while he inserts his hand inside his top and rested the other on his forehead to prevent any obscenities from flowing out of him. When he's done, Sukuna rested his chin on his shoulder. "You're burning up, Megumi." He murmured softly, which sent tingles all over Megumi's warm body. "Is it because of the fever from the stress last night, or is it because of what I am currently doing to you?" 


Megumi tried averting his gaze but Sukuna tuts at him as he cups his chin and forces him to meet his gaze. Sukuna licked on his bottom lip, which made him heave for more air. "Answer me, boy."


Megumi gulped. He didn't realize how dry his throat is until now. "Fever," he answered through gritted teeth. 


Sukuna smirked at him. He stood up to Megumi's relief. The hand beneath his shirt started making a fiery trail down his stomach and slipped inside the waistband of his boxers. "Liar," he grinned at him, which annoyed Megumi even more because he is right. "It's from both."


"Alright, you've proven your point already," Megumi writhed on his seat as he averted his heavy stare. Sukuna is now palming his half-hard cock menacingly. "What's it to you, anyway— mmgh!" 


Megumi clasped his own mouth to prevent more moans from spilling out of him. Sukuna kisses him a little more, and Megumi is reduced to a puddle. He hates him, and he hates that he has this effect on him. 


And then Sukuna broke from the kiss again and left him aroused and stunned to tend to his cooking. "At least answer one of my questions, damn you." Megumi tucked his boner down in an effort to conceal it. Yuuji might wake up any time soon. Rage started boiling inside the pits of his stomach again. 


But Sukuna ignored him much to his annoyance. The scent of whatever his frying wafted on his nose which calmed him down just a bit. His stomach growled reflexively, which got the older man to stare at him, then laugh. He grabbed one of their large plates and started taking out the stuff he's been frying — which turned out to be thick slices of Spam. Megumi recognized those instantly. "Oh, Yuuji is gonna kill you." He muttered under his breath. 


Sukuna laid the steaming plate down which confirmed Megumi's thoughts. Yuuji's one week supply of canned meat is sitting pretty in the middle of the table, hot and ready for today's breakfast. "That brat is gonna kill me for less," Sukuna ruffled his hair. Megumi slapped the hand away. He wants answers from this man, not more uncalled gestures of affection. 


Sukuna's eyes glinted sharply as he stared at the hand that got slapped away. Megumi briefly wondered if he did the wrong thing. From the way Sukuna is looking at him he obviously did, but luckily for him, he didn't do anything about the sign of disrespect. "You're getting worked up over soap, Megumi?" He teased, "I had no idea you're even grumpier when sick." 


Megumi found himself blushing at the admission. What is it with him, finding the idea of his own scent all over Sukuna erotic? "Answer my other question," he muttered. 


Sukuna headed back to the stove and started frying the leftover rice from yesterday. "Grumpy and demanding. How annoying." Sukuna sighed, "Fine. I feel responsible for you from whatever the hell happened last night. Does that satisfy your question, hmm?" 


Megumi's heart skipped inside his chest upon hearing that — which isn't normal at all. He's sobering up, and he's not in that pathetic post-coitus state so what exactly is causing this? 


What in the world? 


"Yeah." Megumi buried his face on his arms to hide the creeping heat evident on his features. He chose to just ignore Sukuna and his antics; he just allowed his senses to savour the cooking without tasting it. It would be rude to eat first before everyone else, after all. He doesn't have the energy to deal with whatever is stirring him inside today. Maybe he should get a rest.


Yuuji joined the two of them a few minutes later, still rubbing the sleep away from his eyes. Megumi looks worse for wear when compared to his roommate, who seems to be his usual self and is unaffected with hangover. Now that he mentioned it, neither Yuuji nor Sukuna look like they just got wasted from last night. He can't help but get jealous. Yuuji saw the generous stack of the canned meat he's been saving for next week, prompting him to glare at the older man who's currently humming to himself. 


"Got a problem, punk?" Sukuna said. He is far too focused on his task to pay Yuuji any attention. The latter looks like he is contemplating whether he should break the plate over Sukuna's head or let the insult slide. Yuuji decided to be the bigger person and sat down on his seat albeit grumpily. "Put some clothes on," Yuuji complained, "We're gonna eat breakfast, and we don't want your ass hanging around."


"You can't be sure of that," Sukuna winked at Megumi and licked his lips. Flustered, Megumi looked away and rested his cheek on the palm of his hand, doing his best to hide his expression. Yuuji thankfully ignored him and kept going for Sukuna. "What part of 'we're gonna eat breakfast' can't you comprehend, you pervert?" 


Sukuna rolled his eyes and fetched a large bowl from their shelves where he'll be storing the fried rice. He then laid the rice beside the plate of meat and headed back to his station to fry some eggs. "You're being loud again," Sukuna sternly pointed out, "And your precious roommate over there is burning up from fever. At least have some decency."


At that, Yuuji started doting on him too, which further shortened his fuse. "I'm fine. Really," Megumi brushed the two of them off his back and just sat there in awkward silence. He is secretly hoping Yuuji would say something, anything about what happened last night. A lot of ideas are currently running inside Megumi's head about how Yuuji is feeling in regards to the revelation that his roommate is gay and sleeping with his brother — and none of them are good. 


Once the eggs are done, Sukuna fleshed them out on their table and fetched two sets of plates and mugs. He handed a set to him, to which Megumi said his thanks, and the other he left on the kitchen counter to his puzzlement. Sukuna then began serving him rice, which perplexed him even more. His mouth agape, he stared at the man, who is laying down ample amounts of fried rice on his plate. "Is that enough?" He softly said to him, frowning. Megumi can feel his legs turn to jelly at that moment, which infuriated him. What the fuck? 


"Yeah. Yeah, thanks." Megumi politely nodded at the man, who smiled in satisfaction. "Want some coffee?" 


"Please," Megumi yawned. He can feel himself slowly slipping back to that headspace where he's in a pathetic state and he depends on Sukuna for nourishment. He pinched himself on his thighs beneath the table in an effort to stop himself. 


Sukuna took his mug and came back with steaming hot black coffee inside it. He even took the containers with sugar and cream in them and sat them aside for him. He rubbed a knuckle on his cheek, which made him gasp a little. Megumi can only sink. Sukuna just had to humiliate him even more in front of Yuuji as if last night isn't enough. So much for taking responsibility. Megumi punched himself internally for swooning at his kind words. Of course he's not serious about being responsible for him. Something inside him wants Sukuna to be like that exactly, but Megumi suppressed it again. He doesn't need that, especially now. 



Sukuna then proceeded to serve himself with the food he cooked. Yuuji glared at his brother, who in return, shrugged him off. The younger brother stood up and fetched his own tableware, making his displeasure known by making as much noise as he can while getting his items.


"Oh?" The familiar glint in Sukuna's eyes appeared again. Megumi reflexively froze himself still in his seat. That can't be good. "There's three of us and only two seats."


"Yeah, no shit, Sherlock." Yuuji snapped, "Sit on the floor. I'm not getting you a chair."


"That's not a good way to treat a visitor, don't you think?" Sukuna frowned rather innocently which further cued Megumi in that he's up to something. "Either give up your seat or your sexy roommate and I will share. He can sit on my lap, I don't mind."


Yuuji slammed his palms on the table and left the mini kitchen with a look of disgust on his face. Megumi flinched. He can't help but think that Yuuji is projecting on him but is too kind and polite to say anything. He later returned with his work chair and placed it awkwardly in the middle. "Megumi might say he's fine but honestly I don't think you're treating him well," Yuuji coldly stated at Sukuna, who rolled his eyes in response. "Sit." He violently patted the back of the chair for emphasis. 


"Thank you, dear brother." Sukuna smugly taunted. 


The three of them ate their breakfast in uncomfortable silence; the thick tension from last night is still hanging in the air. Megumi thinks the food is delicious, he really does, but whenever he crosses gazes with Yuuji and Sukuna, he can't help but find the taste disappear gradually. His mind wanders back to all the disgusting lies he told last night to protect Sukuna and what he got in return is more sexually charged advances as a form of thank you. His mind clearly tells him to just snitch out and be done with it. He hates being on a tightrope. 



But Megumi just doesn't have the heart to spill. He's a coward, and he knows what is at stake if he calls the arrangement off. Plus, there is also the issue of something in him getting stirred up with the idea of Sukuna Ryomen that he has to resolve. Whatever he's feeling inside had to be based on sinful lust. That is the only logical explanation. He'll never admit it out loud, but he is deeply drawn towards Sukuna — but that is only because the sex is amazing. Sukuna is a vile, disgusting and predatory pervert who bared his fangs at him at the first sight of a vulnerability he can exploit. He should never feel anything other than contempt and hate. 


It's a long shot, and he already has a lot on his plate, but if he can sort the right feelings he's supposed to feel for the older man in the table then that is one big thorn off his chest. 



"My baseball practice is at 9." Yuuji finally broke the ice, "You're leaving with me, Sukuna." 



"Are you an idiot?!" Sukuna retorted, "Oh to hell with that — you are an idiot. I can't do that."


Yuuji's grip on his fork tightened, "Why not?" 


"Number one: I am infamous," Sukuna held up his hand for emphasis, "Number two: you made a ruckus last night and these rooms have paper thin walls. Number three: Megumi is sick and somebody needs to look after him."


Megumi stifled a gasp upon hearing that. He opted to keep staring at his food and focused on consuming them. He can't afford to overthink about Sukuna's intentions. He has to shift his attention on the food. 


"Oh, so I am to blame?" Yuuji's voice started rising again. 


"Boys, please," Megumi tiredly mumbled as his head started pounding angrily at him due to the excessive noise. "Can we just eat in peace? And he— he's right; he can't be seen." He anxiously nibbled on the slice of meat. Yuuji seemed to calm down a bit. Sukuna stared at him, and Megumi can't quite read his expression. His brain must be getting fried from his own body heat. The weight of last night's situation hasn't gotten lighter, it seems. That is the only reason why he literally got himself worried sick. How lame and pathetic. 


Thankfully the two brothers seemed to respect his request. They just went on to finish their meal though their tableware is getting the brunt of their repressed rage. 


Yuuji did the dishes afterwards before preparing and leaving for his baseball practice. "If he does anything funny, and I do mean anything," Yuuji squeezed his shoulder reassuringly, which puzzled him, "Call me." 


He still finds the idea of Yuuji not giving a fuck about his sexuality and treating him like before absurd; but then, Yuuji did mentioned last night that they need to talk about the situation (is that how he worded it?) so he's not exactly out of the woods, either. They had to stash Sukuna inside the bathroom when Todo pounded their door yelling for his "brother." Todo might be sharing a braincell with Yuuji, and he's straight up weird and annoying, but he is not dumb. He can read a room and he'll immediately find it weird that Megumi is too disheveled for someone so boring and plain and that his Japanese History professor stayed the night. 


That leaves Megumi alone with Sukuna again. He just curled up in his bed and did his best to rest as ordered by the two of them. He cannot and does not trust himself when he's left alone at the mercy of his highly attractive and significantly older professor. He's been betrayed by his own mind and body far too many times. 


Sukuna is not doing anything "funny" as Yuuji puts it; he borrowed one of his shirts (which obviously looks smaller and tighter on him, which obviously didn't help Megumi's enflamed hormones) and did some cleaning inside their dorm. When he's done, he sat on the floor beside him and opened a bag of chips (which also belongs to his roommate) and asked, "Do you have Netflix on your laptop over there?" 


Still groggy from the haze of his fever, Megumi stuttered, "W-what?" 


Sukuna patiently repeated, "Do you have Netflix on your laptop? I wanna watch something." 


Megumi nodded. Sukuna grabbed the laptop from his desk and handed it to him to unlock and access the application. The older man bored holes on his skin with his stare as he finished the task at hand. "What?" He probed, feeling small beneath his gaze. 


Sukuna took a moment to answer, "Fuck, you're adorable." He held the back of his head and kissed him chastely. "Cuddle with me here on the floor." 


"I'm tired," Megumi placated. 


"And I'm not asking." Sukuna cocked an eyebrow at him, his stare a bit sharper. Gulping, Megumi rolled off the bed in obligation and crawled over the older man, who has just finished setting down his laptop on his chair. Lying his back against his torso, Sukuna wrapped his arms around him in a warm embrace as the movie he picked began playing. 


The two of them watched the film in silence. Megumi snuggled closer to him, and Sukuna rested his head on the crook of his neck. As time went by, he could feel himself slipping back to that headspace. Megumi fought it, but this time the fight is an uphill battle because his fever is burning up, and Sukuna is making him feel light and cozy by simply holding him against his chest. 


"What do you want for lunch?" Sukuna murmured on his ear. Megumi whined a little when he nipped at the shell of his ear. 


"Anything," Megumi sighed and curled in further towards Sukuna's body. "Do you wanna cuddle on your bed?" Megumi blinked his sleepy eyes at him and nodded. His professor let him go for a while and helped him up. Megumi lays down on his back, and Sukuna spreads his legs. Megumi sat up immediately, but Sukuna pushed him back and, much to the former's surprise, lied down on his chest. "Relax," Sukuna rubbed the side of his leg, "I'd really like to fuck you right now because you're warmer than usual but you're also not doing so good. I just wanna cuddle," he says as he further buried his face on his chest and his shoulders sagged in relief. 


Not quite knowing what else to do, Megumi just buried his hand underneath Sukuna's thick peach locks. The heavier man nuzzled his cheek against his chest and sighed. 


Having Sukuna all over him like this is...a rather refreshing and welcome change of pace. Megumi can't help but admit that he rather likes this. Sukuna is taking it easy on him because he is sick. He decided that his fight is leaving his body again because while Megumi still hates whatever he's feeling, this is a good change. He feels like he's being treated like a normal person rather than a glorified sex doll. His eyelids started getting heavier as he felt the way Sukuna's sturdy chest kept rising and falling at a steady rhythm against him.


That is until his phone rang and when Megumi saw the caller ID, he jumpstarted back to life. Sukuna shot him a curious look but he just shushed him. "Ijichi-san?" Megumi yawned. 


The man on the other line sounded worried. "Megumi-kun," he said, "we are supposed to visit your sister today." 





"Y-yeah. Yeah, I remember." Megumi grunted a little as he shoved Sukuna off him and hastily grabbed a pair of sweatpants and reapplied deodorant. The older man in the room is now glaring daggers at him. "Are you in the waiting area? Wait for me there I'm on my way." Then he hung up. Megumi cursed himself as he fumbled to put on one of his loose sweatshirts. He just grabbed his Birkenstocks off the floor and headed for the door. How could he be so stupid and forget that he is scheduled to meet the one important person in his life today? Disregarding his health, Megumi decided he needs to be on his sister's side. The weight from last night pressed against his lungs, and he is painfully reminded again of the sex work he has to do on the down low, and of how said work has been exploited by one of his teachers for their own disgusting pleasure. And now, he remembers that his own mind and body is betraying him for a kick of pleasure, said teacher is providing him. Yuuji won't understand, Gojo won't understand, but Tsumiki would. Tsumiki would hear him out. Tsumiki would know what to do. 


Sukuna yanked him rather violently by his wrist. Megumi, now fully alert, has the fight in him again. "Let me go, dammit." He growled at the man. Ijichi is waiting for him and he doesn't realize how badly he needs his sister until after the phone call.


"You're not going anywhere," Sukuna hissed back. "You're sick—"


"Piss off! You're not my dad," Megumi snapped, "Or my boyfriend. You're just a perverted freak who's using my mouth and ass." He shook Sukuna's sturdy grip off him and stumbled for the front door before Sukuna could even say anything. 


His fever addled mind can't even process what he just said to Sukuna properly. Every cell in his body is just screaming at him to go to Tsumiki. He met Ijichi in the dorm's waiting area as arranged. He must be looking worse than he thinks because Ijichi immediately went to his side, looking really worried. 


"I'm fine, Ijichi-san." He brushed him off like he normally does. "Just...just take me to Tsumiki. Please."


He can see the fine lines becoming more prominent on their driver's forehead. Ijichi most certainly doesn't look like he's just two years younger than Satoru Gojo, which initially baffled Megumi at how stressful it must be to work for one of the most influential people in all of Japan even as a measly driver. 


When he asked Ijichi for this secret, he honestly cannot believe he agreed. He is loyal to the Gojo family, and he is definitely gonna get fired if word that he's complicit on Megumi's secret regarding his half-sister gets out. When he asked why he accepted, the older man refused to elaborate, but it's evident in his stressed eyes that he's pitying him. So he never bothered asking again. 


The two of them arrived at their destination two hours later. Ijichi dropped him off two blocks away from the hospital as per usual, where he would then walk on the way. Between the sun fully visible and his fever, he considers it a miracle he managed to go to the reception area in one piece. 


The male nurse in charge of the area met his gaze— and paled. Like he had just seen a ghost. "U-uh. Hi. Welcome." The male nurse stuttered. Megumi thinks it's weird but paid no attention. He just registered his name and verified Tsumiki's information. The male nurse won't meet his eyes the entire time. He just cleared Megumi almost as if he wanted to get rid of him off his sight and even excused himself to one of his colleagues that he suddenly needed to use the bathroom. 


Weirded out by the entire ordeal, he just brisked towards Tsumiki's room number and stumbled inside. There she is, in her peaceful slumber. Her black hair is concealed by the ample amounts of bandages wrapped around her head. The vital monitor beeps in a steady rhythm, a friendly reminder that his stupid big sister is alive, she's just sleeping way too long. A stupid and tragic accident will do that to anyone, and it is honestly a miracle that Tsumiki is still alive. 


Megumi occupied one of the chairs beside Tsumiki and laid his head to rest beside his slumbering sister. He feels at peace, now that he is around her again. Tsumiki just has that kind of effect on people. Her kindness emanates from her even if she is in a suspended state. 


He remembered how Tsumiki accepted him despite his sexuality. She is the one who always looks after him especially after their deadbeat of a father abandoned them. When his own father won't accept him, and Tsumiki's side of the family won't even welcome him, she remained beside him. 


He's eternally grateful for that, but now, more than ever, he just needs his sister back. The emotions overflowing inside Megumi's chest bursted out, but this time he allowed his floodgates to remain open. Tsumiki would always let him cry and today certainly won't be an exception. Now that he is truly alone with his thoughts and he is in his safe space — although his safe space is currently in a coma — he decided to spill every bitter content inside him all over. Tsumiki would understand, after all. 


"Tsumiki," Megumi sobbed, "I…I….I…"















Chapter Text

Megumi spent his week-long semester break as a whore. 


Yuuji went home back to Sendai to spend time with his family, which meant that Megumi had the dorm room all to himself. He'll put on a show for anonymous strangers at night before he goes to bed, and then in the morning, he'll masturbate to thoughts of Sukuna fucking him in shoddy hotel rooms. Yesterday, he received a package from one of his sponsors on his page. It is a big, pink dildo with a large bottle of candy-flavored lube. Said sponsor booked him for a private session at 7 p.m tonight. He normally only fingers himself on camera, but the donor of the toys wired him fifty thousand yen in exchange for fucking himself with a dildo in his dorm room. To his own mortification, the dildo has a mount and is also connected to a pump where he supposed he'll be putting the fake semen included in the package. He can't help but blush as he had assembled the entire thing to one of the chairs available in their dorm, setting it upright as the sponsor had requested. He also positioned his webcam so that the focus will be on his entire lower body. He then cleaned himself in the bathroom before going online for the session. Megumi closed his windows shut and bolted his door — a vain attempt at ensuring his sounds won't leak. He had to do his best in performing for tonight, while also doing his best to muffle himself to minimize the risk of him getting caught. 


The sponsor, who goes by the username 'Yushiro' made him ride the dildo on camera as he expected. Megumi's mind blanks out as he gets filled by the cold plastic toy. He rolled his hips and rode on the length he can accommodate while picturing a certain peach-haired man inside his head. He can already hear said man's grunts and words of approval ringing inside his head as the dildo hit certain spots in him, and he can feel the phantom of his hands all over his body, and the kisses hot like specks of ash spreading all over his skin. "Daddy...daddy…" Megumi bit his lip hard to suppress the explicit moans that were trying to break free from him. His chatbox dinged, and his sponsor says: yes baby. Fuck yeah that's hot. 


As his eyes skimmed over the words over and over he pictured it was Sukuna who was saying those words to him. Realizing his imagination isn't enough, he fondled his own chest and stroked his cock roughly like Sukuna would. Megumi finally managed to hit his spot with the toy, and he spasmed. Eyes rolling to the back of his head, he kept the quick, shallow, sporadic thrusts of his hips to maintain the pleasurable sensation from his prostate being fucked and exploited as he hit that over and over. His precum coated his fingers, and Megumi licked the digits clean, imagining that it was Sukuna's fingers he's servicing. 


Eager for his own release, Megumi tightened the grip on his cock and bounced faster on the toy. Panting, he verbally begged for his daddy to let him cum. 


Cum for me baby, the chat from his sponsor says. 


Hearing Sukuna's approval inside his head, Megumi focused on the underside of his head. He erratically grinded himself against the dildo, and the cold thrusts became more painful but he is too out of it to care. The coils inside him snapped, and he spilled his seed all over his stomach. Megumi took that as his cue to pump the fake cum inside him too. Right now, his body is wishing that the cold cum and colder toy is Sukuna's hard dick filling him up with his bitter spunk, but this would have to do. 


Megumi then bent over his camera to show his sponsor his puckered hole with the fake cum dripping out. Catching his breath, he stayed in that position for a bit to gather his thoughts. There was a familiar ding, and he stared at his profile. The sponsor has tipped him another hefty five thousand yen for his work. A small smile formed on Megumi's lips. He made the money he usually earns in three days under an hour. He got lucky tonight. He made sure to send his earnings to Ijichi-san so that he can pitch the money back to Tsumiki's bill first thing in the morning.


The next morning, he went to the large school cafeteria to have breakfast with Nobara. Turns out his friend also has been getting some kind of action recently. She introduced him to the hookup app she's been using. Megumi just let her ramble on about how great the app was and how she has managed to find good dicks in there. "You should try this," Nobara said, and Megumi choked on the egg he's been eating. Coughing, he quickly resolved it by consuming a lot of water on the getgo while his friend laughs at him for being so worked up and flustered at the idea of using a hookup app despite having experience already. 


"You haven't heard from 9 inches, right?" Nobara went on. Megumi confessed that he's been sleeping with the same guy, and Nobara is happy for him. He wonders if she'll keep the same energy if she finds out the reason why he's letting "9 inches" fuck him. "I hope for your own sake that he didn't ghost you. You already hit the jackpot with the guy. But, in case you get horny, you should use this app to fill the hole he has left." Nobara smirked at that, looking rather amused at herself. 


"I don't think that's a good idea," Megumi rebutted, "And I'm not horny." 


Nobara rolled her eyes, "C'mon, just try it. It won't necessarily harm you, wouldn't it? Give me your phone. I'll set up your profile for you."


Megumi stared at the woman. She is definitely not gonna take no for an answer. Sighing in defeat, Nobara thankfully compromised, "Alright, just try it for one time. Then delete it."


He can't risk running into anybody who might know him from the app, either from the university or from his side hustle. Plus he is still inside the closet. Deep down, he'd rather not do this at all. There are just far too many risks associated with it. 


But then, maybe he deserves to take a break from Sukuna. The older man hasn't spoken to him after he walked out on him on that one Saturday morning. Not even a raincheck on when and where they'll be fucking. He is happy he got a much needed vacation from Sukuna's antics, and yet, every morning and every cam session where he's pleasuring himself for others to see, he can't help but think of him. Plus this is just a one time encounter, and he does want to humor his friend a bit. So Megumi unlocked his phone and let Nobara fiddle with it. "I won't put any pictures of you on your profile," she comforted, as if reading his mind. That, Megumi is thankful for. "What do you want to put in your bio?"


Megumi deduced she is talking about basic profile details. "Just say i'm only here to try on the app out of curiosity." Nobara nodded and continued to work. Once she's done, she handed the phone back to him. Megumi started at the profile— and cringed. Nobara keyed in the description he'd like, alright, except she typed it word for word. "Um, thanks. I guess."


"No problem," Nobara flicked his hair and sipped more of her coffee. "Just try it for one encounter, then delete your profile if you don't feel like it. Now, I want you to be safe so when somebody does hit you up, insist onset that you're only up for safe, condomed sex, and that they should do a videochat with you to ensure they're legit, and that you're meeting up in a public place." 


Megumi took note of the advice in his mind. The parameters she has laid out makes sense. "And if you do manage to land a hookup let me know so if he does anything funny I can pick you up and beat his ass with a baseball bat alright?" 


Megumi chuckled a little to the idea of his short friend bonking big guys with a metal bat if they try anything against his will. "Yeah, I'll keep that in mind. Thanks, Kugisaki."


Later that evening, when he was preparing dinner, his phone pinged. Upon checking, Megumi has a text from Yuuji and a notification from the app that somebody 'tapped' him, whatever that means. His roommate says he misplaced his dorm key again and he'll be returning earlier tonight. Looks like his vacation got cut short due to his obligations as one of the top baseball players in the campus. Megumi rolled his eyes and sent a quick reply before opening the app notification he got. 


When he checked to see who slid into his dms on the app, he nearly dropped his phone. He paled, and his phone feels like it's hot metal. 


He is greeted with the profile of Noritoshi Kamo, one of the seniors that's enrolled in the same program as him. He can definitely pass for a good looking guy if only he isn't so stoic, brooding, and authoritative. Just what the hell is he doing here? 


Intrigued, Megumi quickly scrolled on his profile. It says he's a bicurious top, and that he's only in the app to explore his sexuality. If anyone would've told Megumi before that he'll stumble upon Kamo, one of the most well-regarded students in their campus who also happens to be the student council president in a hookup app, he would've laughed. His profile picture is just a mirror selfie of him in a pair of sweatpants and a tank top. Megumi's throat went dry. His eyes are glued at the profile in front of him. He is acquainted with him, to say the least. They attended the same business class with Professor Mei last semester, and he may have worked on a group report with him. Megumi's mind went wild with the possibilities. As if he had to be reminded that the app is a stupid idea….



Before he can compose himself properly to take the right course of action, Kamo messaged him: Hello. Stunned, Megumi just stared at the text. Should he reply? Or should he block him and delete the app entirely, forgetting about this entire ordeal. 


Kamo chatted him again before he can respond: you're near. Do you want to come over? My roommates are not around. 


So Kamo has deduced that he's within the area. Great. Just Megumi's luck. Does Kamo even remember him? He'll have to bet he doesn't. His thumb hovered over the block button, but something in him wants to come over and jump ship. 


Then, almost as if a sign from above, Sukuna texted him, instructing him to sneak to the faculty dorm so they can fuck. The older man finally acknowledged him again. This is Megumi's chance to apologize for the words he said from Saturday morning; he means the words but he shouldn't have said them. His dirty secret isn't out, so he isn't ratted out yet. Still, he feels compelled to apologize to the man. 


But then, the faculty dorm is off limits to the students. Sukuna and Megumi will be really pushing their luck if he comes over there — and from tonight's events, his luck has evidently run out. Gulping, Megumi made his decision. If he is gonna do a stupid, reckless decision tonight to appease his repressed horniness, he might as well choose the safer one. Besides, hooking up with Kamo would mean he can finally delete the app and his profile. 


When he didn't text back, Sukuna called him. Megumi picked up on the first ring. The other man on the line isn't saying anything, so Megumi just took the opportunity to speak up, "I can't tonight, sorry." 


"Why not?" Sukuna quietly said, but he can feel the sharp edges of his tone cut through the connection. "You're just a mouth and ass I'm using, right?" His tone is equal parts mocking and accusatory, which made him really uncomfortable. 


"Look, I'm still in on our deal," Megumi anxiously nibbled at his fingernail, a habit he has already outgrown. "Just...tonight I can't. Yuuji is coming home earlier and he wants me to pick him up." He closed his eyes and lied. Megumi is so gonna pay for the consequences of this lie, but he'll have to deal with that later. It's a good lie, don't get him wrong, but he has to trust the fact that Yuuji hates his brother, and if Sukuna calls him to verify he'll caught on what is going on and hopefully cover for him. 


Sukuna said nothing. He hung up. A lump welled down his throat. Before he can think it through, he sent a reply to Kamo's profile. His senior sent him his dorm room number. Megumi slid in on his slippers and a hoodie and headed outside in the chilly evening. 


Megumi knocked on Kamo's door feebly. He isn't too ecstatic at the prospect of using another guy for proper sex but here he is. The good thing about the dorm building Kamo is residing in is that because it was made as an extension in response to the increasing amount of students enrolling to the campus, the construction is significantly better which means the walls aren't paper thin. Because the building has just finished a few months ago, there are only a handful of students boarding this particular dormitory which translates into discretion. 


Noritoshi Kamo opened the door for him, looking rather confused, "Fushiguro, right?" Megumi nodded. So he does remember him. Great. "What are you doing here— oh." Kamo threaded his long fingers on his untied hair. Without saying another word, he let him inside their room. Megumi left his flip flops on the footwear rack and took a quick look at his senior's dorm. It's pretty much the same standard decor, save for the tons of books organized in shelves mounted on the wall and the Ultimate Mechamaru merch which obviously belongs to the roommate. Megumi doesn't think Kamo is a nerd for comic book superheroes. Megumi caught sight of a condom packet and a bottle of lube on one of the bedside drawers and blushed. 


"I have no idea you're into guys," Kamo stood in front of him, his bare arms crossed against his chest. 


"I can say the same to you," Megumi suddenly feels nervous. He fiddled with his fingers. 


"Yeah, well," Kamo scratched his head, which lifted his shirt a little. Megumi dared taking a peek, and sure enough, his torso seems to be lean with the v line that he managed to see. The both of them share the same body build, but Kamo hid his frame underneath baggy fitted clothing so he may have been taken aback a little. "Looks like we are the same in that regard. Is this gonna be your first time, if ever?" 


Megumi shook his head. That is another story for another day. Kamo sighed in relief, "That's good. I would feel really bad if this is gonna be your first time—"


"Yeah, well, don't." Megumi snapped, getting a tad bit impatient. "Are we doing this?" 


Kamo frowned at his outburst, "Do you want to?" 


Megumi blinked his eyes. He nodded. 


Wasting no time, Kamo stripped off his shirt and covered the distance between him and Megumi in a stride, then pushed him to his bunk (it better be Kamo's bunk for the sake of his roommate). He tilted his chin up and pressed his lips on him. Megumi closed his eyes to savor the feeling. Warm. His lips are warm just like Sukuna. He felt bad that he is still thinking of his professor while kissing his senior. He's not being fair. 


Kamo slid his tongue inside his mouth. He is patient and slow with him, taking his time to adjust to Megumi's clumsy pace. Megumi pulled him in closer, prompting Kamo to hold him. His gentle hands touched every inch of Megumi's skin; he whimpered when his senior deepened the kiss, and he is now exploring the inside of his mouth. Kamo's tongue tasted something minty, which is probably his toothpaste.


Megumi broke away from the kiss and sat up to take his top off. He tossed it on the floor and kissed the man again. Megumi held on to the back of his neck as their tongues engaged in a slow, sensual dance while Kamo took his time to run his hands all over him. The minty taste won't go away, and his senior's hands found his buttocks. Kamo slid his hands inside his underwear and squeezed his rump lightly. The warm kisses, the touches, and the mint he's been tasting — Megumi was hit with an odd sense of deja vu. 


"Daddy," he moaned when he felt Kamo grinding his erection against him. Kamo paused but said nothing; he just broke the kiss and got up to remove the silky pajama bottoms he's wearing. Megumi took the hint and yanked his shorts and underwear down in one go. He spread his legs open for the other man to ogle. Kamo admired him with his gaze, "How far do you wanna go?"


Megumi squirmed beneath his hot gaze, "All the way, please, sir—" 


Kamo licked his lips shut, "Honorifics won't be necessary, Megumi." He huskily said, "Call me by my name. That's enough."


Megumi is taken aback. His heart jumped to his throat. "O-okay. Kamo-san." He experimented; somehow, saying that doesn't feel right. The man seemed more satisfied at that though, so he kept his opinion to himself. Megumi took the time to admire his senior in his naked glory. He's as lean as him, except Kamo got more muscle. Heat rose in his face when he gazed upon the man's navel and his v-line. It's not as defined nor toned as Sukuna's, but he still thinks it looks sexy. His eyes fell down to his erect member, that looks longer than his by an inch, maybe an inch and a couple centimeters at most. He caught whiff of something lemony on his senpai's skin, which awfully reminded him of Saturday morning because Sukuna did used his soap. 


"Hey," Kamo cupped his face and looked down on him, the worry evident on his face, "Are you okay?" 


Megumi squinted at him. His eyes hurt from the light above him, and he didn't realize how badly trembling he is until now. "I—" he tore his gaze off. Even if he is with another man, his mind and body still goes back to Sukuna almost as if Sukuna is the devil incarnate and has branded him as his. 


"I'm sorry," Megumi chewed on his lip anxiously. "I— I don't think I can actually do it—" 


Kamo hushed him, "You don't have to explain." He rubbed a comforting hand on his back, which greatly relieved Megumi because looks like Kamo won't pressure him into having sex. It feels strange that he's not feeling any sort of guilt; after all, he led the man on. Kamo handed him his clothes back, "I get it. You're nervous," 


"Please don't tell anyone," Megumi's voice cracked. He immediately steeled himself. He is not going to have a meltdown in the midst of a failed hook up. 


Kamo merely shook his head, "I won't out you, I promise," He says as he dresses back. "I have a feeling we are on the same boat, Fushiguro. I wouldn't want to be ratted out, either."


Megumi wanted to say that they are far from the same, and that their situations are vastly different, but Kamo has been nothing but kind so he should at least be really polite. "Thank you," he says. 


"No need to thank me," Kamo helped him up and led him to his door. "If you wanna talk about it, let me know okay?" 


Megumi knows all too well that he is not gonna talk, but he just nodded in response. Nobody would understand. Not even he understands why he feels the way he feels towards Sukuna so how can he expect the others to be any different?


Megumi wandered back to his dorm room feeling cold despite the thick hoodie he's been wearing. He just wanted to help his half-sister, yet somehow here he is, in a rather compromising arrangement with his teacher and because of it nothing is ever the same. He finds himself comparing and contrasting people with Sukuna and his brain goes haywire to every thought and possibility he cooks up. It's draining and exhausting, but he just can't stop himself. 



Yuuji found him first in the hallways. It's the dead of night, and he seems to be exhausted from the trip, but he looks as alive and energetic as he usually does. Megumi can't help but be jealous. "Fushiguro!" He called out like an overexcited puppy. He wrapped his arm around his shoulder and joked about the timing and the fact that he lost his key. He is honestly too tired to banter, but he tried nonetheless. 


When they reached their room, Yuuji handed him a box of cream-flavored Kikufuku to be handed as a souvenir for Gojo. He kept it in their fridge and made a mental note to give it to his guardian some time. Yuuji then hopped into the shower and got back a few minutes later towel drying his hair. He then proceeded to talk his ear off like usual; while he is fixing his stuff back to where they are supposed to go, he rambles about how this big barbecue party his dad threw when he got home and how Choso (one of his older brothers) is basically a totally embarrassing person when drunk. The good kind of embarrassing. The kind of embarrassing that is endearing and you'll want to film on your phone to post all over social media for the laughs. He is halfway through this story about Choso barhopping while singing George Michael songs offkey during their boys' karaoke night when Megumi interrupted him. 


"Are you mad at me?"


Megumi stared at his roommate dead in the eyes and waited for his response. He contemplated whether tonight will be a good time to open up the topic they parked a few Saturdays ago, but between his week of whoring himself for money and his failed sexual encounter with a senior, he needs any form of reassurance that he can get. He is holding on to hope that Yuuji really isn't mad about him — why else would he act like nothing has changed after he came out? At least Megumi is hoping that's the case. If not...well...this is not the first time he gets ostracized for his sexuality. 



Yuuji is pulling off one of his dumb faces again, the kind of look that tells you his brain cells are struggling to catch meaning. "Huh?" He tilted his head to the side. Megumi can practically smell the smoke coming from his brain. "No, I'm not. Why would I be mad at you, dude?" 


Megumi stared at his hands that were curled up on his lap. He's gonna say the dreaded words out loud for the second time again, but he wants to clear up anything he just has to. If he didn't, between this week and tonight's recent events, and the fact that his daddy is probably angry at him for denying him pleasure, he probably won't get any sleep. "I'm...I'm gay, Yuuji," he breathed. He is afraid to look his roommate in the eyes again, but he has to. "Why aren't you mad at me for" 


To his surprise, the emotion he sees in Yuuji's eyes aren't rage nor disgust like he anticipated, but fondness and pity. Strangely, he didn't hate that for once. "Dude, why would I?" He softly said, "You're my friend, and even if you are not, I don't have anything against gay people—"


Megumi pulled Yuuji into a hug. His chest feels slightly lighter now. Yuuji is not mad at him. He gets to keep his friend. He can breathe easier now. "Thanks, man." He held it together. He had shed enough tears about this topic. 


"No need to thank me," Yuuji hugged him back and patted him on his back. "What kind of friend would I be if I curse you out for your sexuality anyway? Kugisaki is gonna hit me for that." They both laughed at that. 


"Although," Yuuji broke away from the hug and squeezed his shoulder, "I think I'm more than qualified for love advice. Do you wanna….talk about him?"


Megumi gulped. Of course he's gonna bring that up. Sukuna is the root cause of why he is coming out to his roommate right now, although the results couldn't be any better. 


"Not really," Megumi honestly said. Then, in an effort to lighten the mood a little, he bantered, "But I'd like to see you try giving out advice. What do you have for me."


It was Yuuji's turn to sigh at that. "Look," he begins, "If you like my brother—"


"I don't," Megumi just jumped on the defense, "Like I said, I'm only in it for the...for the sex." He feels bad for lying at Yuuji straight in his face but he has to keep the narrative running. 


"Same shit, dude," Yuuji shook him by his shoulders a little, "If he shows first signs of getting bad at you. I do mean showing a single, minor, red flag. It's a red flag dude. And Sukuna hoarded the entire stock of red flags. Run. Don't look back. I got your back if he tries anything when you do, okay?" 


Megumi can only nod, "Okay." Satisfied with his answer, Yuuji ushered the both of them to go to bed for a much-needed rest. Megumi agreed. He changed to his night clothes and turned the lights off. 


He kept Yuuji's advice to his heart. He really did. But in that advice he saw two problems. One: it got bad already. Way even before Yuuji found out. All of Sukuna's antics at him are warning signs. He is aware of that. He had no choice but to take the bait anyway or else he's going down the worst way. 


And two: he has no intentions of running. His time with Kamo proved that. He is far too addicted to Sukuna Ryomen to run. He only had to take the bait to hide his secret, but now he finds himself willing to bite on every single bait the man offers because, in a rather fucked up manner, that is the only thing that grounds him and keeps him sane. He's a junkie, and Sukuna is one hell of a drug. Unless he finds a way to become clean of him, he's not going anywhere. 



















Chapter Text

Megumi met up with Sukuna the day before the second semester started. 


It was a rainy afternoon, and Megumi had to put on extra layers of clothes to minimize the probability of him getting soaked to the bone on the way. As luck would have it, the downpour got stronger, which made the thin jacket he wore heavier, his sandaled feet wet, and the baggy white shirt beneath cling to his skin. The love hotel staff eyed him as he entered the reception area. He dragged his soaking body around the pristine marble tiles as he checked in and got his spare room key. He navigated the brightly-lit hallways shivering from the cold both from the rain and from the air conditioning. 


He found the right room and knocked. Sukuna didn't fetch it. Megumi stood there outside the door, hugging himself in an attempt to warm him up. He felt compelled to knock again but then, maybe Sukuna would be even more pissed at him. He cannot risk that. He is submerged in enough hot water as it is and he is considering himself lucky that Sukuna kept his end of the deal about their arrangement. He waited as patiently as he could. Time passed by, and his teeth were clattering from the cold. He can only hope he won't catch anything from this. He just wants to come inside and rid himself of the wet clothes, hopefully warm himself using Sukuna's body heat. 


As if he verbalized his thoughts out loud, Sukuna opened the door for him. Heat creeps up on his face when he sees that Sukuna is buck naked. Between his erection throbbing eagerly at the sight of him or his eyes filled with sinister hate, Megumi doesn't know where to look. 


Without a word, Sukuna let him inside the hotel room. Megumi locked the door behind him per usual, and to his despair, the room's ac is kicked up lower, which left him shaking in his feet as he navigated his way inside the room. He can tell Sukuna is doing this on purpose; he had anticipated the weather and chose to keep the ac at the lowest temperature possible. Despite the situation, Megumi can easily tell that Sukuna is treating him way colder than the elements with his silence and indifference. Dear god, Megumi sincerely hopes this is the worst of it. 


"A—about l—l—lassst—" Megumi struggled to get the words out of his mouth. He is freezing cold. But Sukuna had cut him off, his eerily calm and deep tone sending even more chills to his core. "You will not say anything," the man finally faced him with a glare in his eyes. Megumi's breath hitched, and it was at this moment he realized truly how badly he fucked up. "You will not do anything. You will do as I say, or you'll be punished."


Megumi bit his tongue back from retorting about his current state. Is this not enough punishment, leaving him in a dowsed and disheveled state at the mercy of his cold hotel room and colder demeanor? Besides, their deal only specifies they fuck and go. Nothing to this extreme — unless Sukuna has conveniently decided to add more rules to his sinister and perverted game. 


"On your knees, boy." Sukuna pointed at a spot on the floor adjacent to the bed. "Kneel."


Looking down at his feet and bringing the shame of his own stupidity, Megumi dragged his feet to the spot where Sukuna pointed and kneeled as ordered. "Hands on your lap where I can see them." He nodded and placed his hands as instructed. 



Sukuna strided to the bed and turned the TV on in front of him, "Watch," he ordered. Megumi glued his dry eyes on the screen — and blushed. Gay porn played on the screen. The moans from the actors filled the room from the speakers. Megumi squirmed uncomfortably at the action happening in front of him as his jeans started feeling tighter. His throat became dry. His chest is heaving from the erotic sight in front of him. Sukuna ran his hands on his soaked sleeves delicately, making him feel hot inside even more. Megumi chewed on his lip as the older man absentmindedly rubbed his arms. 


And then, when the bottom from the video bent over to show his puckered hole, the clip got cut abruptly. There was a flicker, and this time a different homemade clip played.


Megumi's jaw slacked. His eyes threatened to pop up out of his eye sockets. His lungs started feeling like they're being filled with water, and the delicious shivers tingling down his skin turned into punishing tremors racking up his muscles. 


Megumi looked away. Sukuna tutted and forced him to watch the clip running by holding his head still. A pitiful whine was released from his throat as he watched himself ride Sukuna on the loveseat in that Shibuya love hotel. The quality of the video is bad, which cues him that it's filmed with spy cameras. Despite that, he can tell at first glance that the two bodies having sex on screen is him and Sukuna. The lewd moans reverbing inside the room are undeniably his. 


"You look good riding my dick," Sukuna traced a line on his cheek with his nail. He is openly sobbing as he looked at the video filmed without his knowledge. Megumi is bouncing up and down on the loveseat, and his obscene moans felt like blows to his psyche, "Daddy...daddy, oh fuck, daddy!" Horrified, Megumi stared at Sukuna, who was smugly smirking at him. 


"I think you're hot," Sukuna licked his lips, which didn't exactly help his nerves, "And I think you look good in that video, bouncing up and down for 'daddy'. I wonder if other people would think the same."


"Don't!" Megumi hissed. His vision started dimming, and his head feels like it's submerged underwater again. "Don't you dare!" He gasped out, "We have a deal, Sukuna." That is true, and filming a sextape without his consent is not part of it. He started beating himself up inside for being so stupid, for not even considering that his cunning professor will resort to something as low and even more degrading as this. 


"That is true, Fushiguro Megumi." Sukuna wiped a stray tear off his face, "And speaking of deals, do you recall how many times you failed to keep your end of the bargain?" 




"That was one time!" Megumi screamed out. The moans from the background drowned him even further. He raised a shaking finger at him for emphasis. The man is unfairly putting judgement on him for one slip up. Sukuna slapped the finger away from his face and nonchalantly reiterated, "Hands on your lap where I can see them."


"One time," Megumi wailed. He can't bring himself to care that he is openly weeping like his heart got crushed— oh fuck that, his heart is shattered and he can only cry as he pick up the shards and prick his skin as pale as parchment as the heavy feeling of utter betrayal pushed into his stomach. Surely one stupid decision can't possibly cost this much? Megumi stared at his hands and contemplated that maybe he is paying a little too much for something he cannot change. 


Sukuna mirrored his position in front of him and affectionately caressed his cheek before squeezing his jaw hard with one hand. It hurt. Another strangled noise got out of his throat, and the older man's disdain is evident in his eyes. "I ordered you to shut up, didn't I?" He growls, then kisses him. Hard. The hot and violent kind of rough kiss. Megumi whimpered against his mouth and tried to push him away because he can't breathe and the room is spinning and he can taste acid on his mouth. Sukuna caught his wrists and pinned them on the floor and brushed his lips against him as if he wanted to hurt him.


"This will be your only warning, Fushiguro Megumi," Sukuna grazed his teeth on his jaw as he murmured the words that sound crystal clear to him. "Be grateful I'm giving one. That tape is meant for my personal use but you forced my hand by not complying to your end of the deal. Now let's hear your excuse for doing so, hmm?" 


He tapped him lightly on the cheek. Megumi sputtered, "I— I told you! I told you Yuuji needed me to pick him up—"


"Yuuji," Sukuna snapped, "arrived at campus premises at 9:36 p.m alone. I saw you sneaking out to another dorm building around 8:50."


Megumi died inside. He knew he can't escape that lie he made for himself, but he didn't know that Sukuna would go as far as actually stalking him. The little warmth preserved in his core dissipated in a steam of despair. "I'm sorry." Megumi can't even look him in the eyes. He deserves the punishment that is about to come to him. The stupidity can cost this much. Still, in vain, he did he best to at least minimize the damage. "I'm so sorry—"


"No you're not," Sukuna said through gritted teeth. Megumi noticed that his fists are balled dangerously tight. The sight made him shake pretty badly, which Sukuna ignored. "You lied to me because you are not taking our deal seriously, right? You are too scared of the rules to sneak into my dorms and yet you are brave enough to break the same rules so you can get dick from some other student, so which one is it, Megumi?"


"Nothing happened that night!" Megumi wants to do nothing more than cover his face with his hands in shame. Of course Sukuna found out, and of course there is no one to blame but him. He's so stupid. He can only cling to hope that Sukuna isn't pissed enough to make him pay for the consequences of his reckless actions. "Please, daddy," he begs, deciding to play his last card to hopefully appease the older man a bit, "I...I can't bring...I can't bring myself to sleep with anyone because...because…"


"Because what?" Sukuna's gaze darkened, "So you are now admitting to almost fucking somebody else."


So the last card seems to be a bad idea too. Goddammit. Megumi is out of cards to play so he has to wing this one somehow. "Because," he struggled to get the words out partly because he is sobbing hoarsely and mostly because he is gonna admit something true again and he hates doing that. "Because I keep thinking of you...when I'm being kissed. And touched."


Megumi dared himself to look Sukuna in the eye after that rather intimate admission. The man in question cocked an eyebrow up, but his cold expression didn't budge, "Did you think of me— hell, even what our deal is, when you decided to pull that stunt, hmm?" 


Megumi shook his head wildly.


"We have a deal, Fushiguro Megumi," Sukuna reiterated, his furious and mocking tone bringing him deja vu from a certain phone call, "You are just an ass and a mouth where I'll put my dick in and cum as you have worded it, remember? I would rather keep your being such a smoking hot slut who can take dick as my best kept secret but if you keep going like this I'm gonna have no choice but to let the world know and see if everyone would like to stuff you with their cocks. Do you want me to do that?"


"No," Megumi whimpered. "Daddy, please no. I'll make it up to you. Please let me make it up to you. Please." It's fitting that he is now on his knees, begging for another chance to not screw things up. Things have been looking good for Megumi until tonight. His vision is teetering between light and darkness, and his lungs feel like they're on fire while being full of water. Under normal circumstances, Megumi would've laughed at the cruel irony of his predicament where he is begging a predator like Sukuna to keep on defiling him to keep his even dirtier secret. He has receded far too deep into his mind. He only has enough awareness to recognize that. 


On instinct, Megumi started stripping off the heavy jacket — only for his hand to be yanked and pinned to the bed. Sukuna is now looming over him, trembling from anger, "I said not to move unless I ordered you, goddammit!" He yelled in his face, "I swear to god, Megumi. You are getting on my last nerve."


Sukuna's words hurt more than it should. It reignited something in him, something he had buried deep within him long ago. His vision started swimming in the darkness as his lungs collapsed on him. He is back at home again. Tsumiki...Tsumiki is crying in a corner. Sukuna is gone but Tsumiki is weeping as she is clutching her swollen cheek. And in Sukuna's place, another man manifested from the shadows. It was dark, and he suddenly smelled the all too familiar stink of booze, as the shadow formed a familiar fist and hit him. It knocked him up cold. 







Megumi woke up gasping for air— only to realize he was being held. Before he could realize what was happening, he squirmed and tried to push whatever was holding him away. The object held him closer in retaliation, which suffocated him even more. Megumi opened his eyes fully and as his vision started adjusting in the darkness, he managed to see who's keeping him company at night. Sukuna wrapped him tighter around his embrace. Frozen, Megumi began assessing himself and his surroundings. The AC's temperature is adjusted to humane levels. He's buck naked, but his ass doesn't feel sore. Gratefulness swelled inside him at the fact that Sukuna set him free from his soaked clothing. He felt something hard twitch against his side. Curious, he slid his hand underneath the comforter to find what was poking him on his side — only to realize it's Sukuna's wood. Heat creeped on his face. As he wrapped his hand around Sukuna's thick shaft, the events prior started going back to him. So he passed out because he is a coward and he's a pathetic wimp who can't even say sorry properly. 



Now that his mind is significantly clearer, he realized that Sukuna is right; the sextape is for leverage because he doesn't trust Megumi to keep his word despite the deal's conditions. It makes sense now. Apparently collapsing hard enough will knock some much needed sense to a person. And Sukuna was right in his foresight — Megumi broke the deal first by denying Sukuna. He should be really grateful the older man slumbering heavily beside him still hasn't exposed him. 


Still, he can't just lie here and wait for him to get pissed off at him again. He absentmindedly strokes Sukuna's cock until it becomes fully erect as he thinks of ways on how to apologize to his daddy, now that he nearly blew everything up. 


Speaking of…


Sukuna, his daddy, does love it when he is sucking on his dick. He stared warily at the man, who is sleeping rather peacefully. He doesn't want to disturb his rest, but he needs to apologize. This can't wait until the morning. He can't run the risk of Sukuna leaking the tape for the world to see. Megumi psyched himself up and sunked deeper into the blankets and wrapped his lips around Sukuna's cock. 


He rubbed circles around the bulbous head with his tongue in slow motions as Sukuna likes it. The taste of his cock brought a sense of familiarity in Megumi. Humming under his breath, he plopped the head inside his mouth and sucked. 


Sukuna sat up hissing in pleasure as he pulled on Megumi's hair violently. He groaned a little, which got more reaction from the older man. "What do you think you're doing?" His daddy asked. 


Megumi blinked his eyes at him, which made Sukuna's breath hitch as intended. The sense of satisfaction blossomed inside Megumi's chest. "Apologizing, sir," he says before trying to take more of Sukuna's member inside his mouth. When the head of Sukuna's dick pushed against the back of his throat and he didn't gag much, Megumi's confidence rose. Sukuna has trained his body well to accommodate him, so he might as well put it to good use. He dared himself to push in more of his length inside down his throat. He pushed little by little, and when he was done, he almost managed to fit the entire thing inside. Almost. Megumi wrapped two of his fingers around the remaining of his daddy's shaft and laid his palm on Sukuna's stomach. 


"Fuck! Fuck! Baby!" Sukuna roared as Megumi sheathed his member inside his mouth and down his throat. Tears are flowing freely down his eyes, but the dick stuffing his mouth doesn't feel as uncomfortable as before. Maybe he just got used to it, after all. Megumi took a deep breath before starting to bob his head up and down the shaft. He let his mouth water at the exquisite taste of his daddy's cock, which in turn makes the experience significantly better for Sukuna — and it's evident. Megumi has never heard Sukuna be this loud and agitated until today. Taking pride in his work despite the foreign feeling of getting a dick shoved down his throat, he continued bobbing his head up and down at the pace he knows his daddy likes as he allowed his tongue to clumsily play around the shaft. 


"Yes...yes!" His jaw slack, Sukuna is panting heavily as he snapped his hips violently. The grip on his hair tightened and Megumi writhed from the pain, but resisted. Then Sukuna thrusted a little too hard, which stabbed him harder on the back of his throat, and Megumi had to release the entire thing as he got reduced in a fit of coughing in response to fighting his gag reflex. Sukuna took the opportunity to flip Megumi over the bed, making him yelp awkwardly. Megumi spread his legs to accommodate his daddy's large body against him. 


"Daddy," he is sobbing again. Megumi needs to apologize, and he can't believe he is being reduced to this pathetic state again. He needs his daddy to forgive him so his secret won't get out. It was his fault after all. Swallowing his pride entirely, he took another deep breath and said, "Daddy. Please. I'm sorry. I'm so sorry. I'll do whatever you want just....please don't...don't…" he can't even bring himself to finish the dreaded sentence. He just wept. 



Sukuna caressed his cheek and made soothing noises, "Shh. You don't have to say it." Sukuna kissed him gently on the lips, and Megumi felt light again. This is much better compared to the rough kiss from before. Megumi wrapped his arms around his shoulders and pulled him closer to deepen the kiss. Sukuna starts rubbing his erection against his, which got him steadily erect too. "Do you mean that, baby?"


"Yes," Megumi said in a daze.


"Then be a good boy for me. Be a good mouth and ass for me, my sweet," Sukuna murmured as he began licking the tears off his face. 


"Yes," Megumi closed his eyes. This is his life now. He'll be Sukuna's little breeding ground. He'll be his palate cleanser and his meal at the same time — and the worst part is that he has to make himself available at all times or his dirty secret is getting out. Despite the new contract with the devil, Megumi isn't scared of it. 


What scares him the most is that he actually likes all this — Sukuna all over him, Sukuna being all kinds of rough and gentle, Sukuna murmuring words that are bitter or sweet or a mix of both. He then remembered how he thinked of all the intimate moments he shared with his professor while Kamo did things with him. Sukuna has imprinted it, and for better or for worse Megumi is not complaining. 



Turns out Sukuna has his ideas of prolonging the punishment. The older man made him sit up and put his hands behind his back. He then grabbed one of the ropes from the closet provided by the love hotel and tied his wrists shut. "Does that hurt?" Megumi nodded— which prompted Sukuna to tighten the knots even more. The rope's fibers are chafing through his skin, making him wince for a slight move. Sukuna then pushed him to the headboard and straddled him. They kissed once more, with Megumi moaning hotly against his mouth as Sukuna twirled and danced around inside the surface with his tongue. The older man broke the kiss to pamper him with burning trails of kisses all over his body. Megumi writhed. More than anything, his body is yearning to touch and feel his daddy's strong muscles but the ropes bounding his wrists aren't allowing him too. The best he can do is squirm around in an attempt to make contact with Sukuna's skin. 


Sukuna pulled him down by his legs and spread them open. Megumi freely let his moans out as the older man lapped hungrily at his balls before tracing patterns with his tongue down his hole. Megumi can't help but be flustered. Sukuna loves eating him down there, on what is probably the most disgusting part of his body. The way his hot soft tongue licked his rim clean makes him shiver all over. 


"As punishment," Sukuna peeked at him from between his legs. "I won't use lube."


Megumi's eyes widened. So Sukuna does intend to hurt him. "Daddy, no, please—"


"Oh hush," Sukuna covered the distance between the two of them with his lips to shut him up. "Let me finish, boy." He held up his two fingers and says, "You'll provide your own lubrication. Whatever you provide, I'll use. Nothing more, nothing less. Now," Sukuna pried his mouth open with his hand and stuck his two fingers inside. Megumi whimpered as the taste of sweat registered on his tongue. Getting the hint of what he's supposed to do, Megumi closed his mouth around the fingers and sucked on them like his life depends on it. He made his mouth water as Sukuna probed around inside his mouth experimentally to slick the fingers as much as he could. 


When he is satisfied, Sukuna yanks his fingers out and admires his work. His digits are now glistening with copious amounts of saliva. He absentmindedly licked some of them and nodded approvingly at the taste. He then lied down next to Megumi so that his erection was facing him and then instructed, "Spread your legs, babe."


Megumi obeyed. Sukuna leaned in closer to get back to his hole. He spat on his entrance, which caused him to flinch, before poking at the rim with his slicked fingers, "You know the drill, Megumi." Sukuna's cock throbbed enthusiastically, smashing the flesh into his face in the process. Taking the hint, Megumi inhaled as much of his dick as he could and sucked. Sukuna stopped his ministrations down there to moan loudly and bite on the inside of his thighs as he began burying his two fingers inside him. 


The scissoring motions Sukuna is doing makes him moan incoherently. His hips are jerking forward reflexively for more stimulation. The moans vibrated against the dick inside his mouth, which, together with his sucking and licking, makes his daddy call out for him over and over. Megumi just kept on slicking the member with his saliva just like what he did with the fingers eagerly. He doesn't need the punishment to hurt more. He can already taste something bitter spew out of the head but he kept going. 


"Fuck, fuck!" Sukuna growled as his hips snapped against Megumi's face. "Don't make me cum yet—shit!" he thrusted a few more times on his face before withdrawing his slick member out, panting. In retaliation, Sukuna sunk his fingers knuckles deep and curled, finding that one spot inside him that drove him insane. Megumi nearly moaned Sukuna's name out loud as his entire body jerked from the pleasure. 


Once he is done prepping him, Sukuna positioned him. Megumi braced himself to prepare for what is about to come as the older man hooked his legs on his shoulders and brought him closer. Sukuna kissed him more as he started positioning his cock on his entrance. 


His dick started breaching him, and Megumi yelped in pain. The lubrication from his saliva just won't suffice, and despite the preparation Sukuna did, it still burns when he starts pushing it in. His insides are clinging on to Sukuna's flesh in desperation from the searing pain. He badly wants to cling to his shoulders or to his back like he normally does in this position, but his hands are tied behind his back and his own weight crushing his wrists leaves him feeling chafed and burned. "A—ah!" He cries out when Sukuna sheathes his member inside hilt deep. "Daddy, please," he chews on his lips as he felt the member throb around his tight walls and touch him in places familiar and foreign to him. 


Sukuna caressed his thigh and licked the skin, "What is it, babe?" 


"Untie me," Megumi gasps out as Sukuna began with small thrusts, "Please, sir —mmnh!— I wanna...wanna touch you." 


Sukuna wrapped his hand around his throat and squeezed. Megumi hacked up into fits of coughing as he tried shaking the hand off his throat. "Do not order me around," Sukuna darkly says as his dick pummels his innards, slow and hard. Megumi's vision began dimming again, and he feels eerily light despite the constriction on his throat that causes the burning weight inside his chest. "Sorry!" He yelps, "I'm...I— ah! Ah! — sorry. Please. Stop— mmnnh! Agh!" He managed to croak out. His begging only seemed to egg him on further though, for the vice grip around his throat got tighter and his thrusts got harsher. Megumi can only plead for mercy as Sukuna snatches his own breath away from him with more tears running down his face. He hopes Sukuna is about to cum so this can be over. Or, alternatively, if Sukuna will kill him by choking him while having his dick buried inside him, then Megumi will embrace death. At least it would set him free for good. 


Sukuna released his grip on his throat and started pumping faster inside him like a piston. Megumi gasped for that much-needed air— only to get cut off by the older man pulling his hair back and shoving his tongue inside his mouth. Megumi whimpered and tried to pry the body on top of him off him so he can properly breath, but in lieu of his hand, Sukuna chose to suffocate him with his sweet kiss. Between Sukuna's grunts of pleasure and his own heart racing from being oxygen deprived, Megumi's ears rang. Sukuna speared through his prostate, and the best Megumi can do to acknowledge the pleasure is greatly arch his back and moan heavily as his daddy abused the area inside him. 


Megumi is seeing stars when Sukuna broke the kiss. Air filled his lungs as he was finally allowed to inhale. His hands feel sore already despite being stationary beneath him, and Sukuna is still hitting him there in that spot, which further tightens the familiar coil inside his stomach. "Daddy," he pants. The call sign agitated Sukuna, which opted him to nail him even more. Megumi watched the towering man above him— his eyes clenched shut, droplets of sweat running down his skin, his rigid arms holding his legs firmly, and the way his body trembles whenever he plunges inside him, these are all because of him. Megumi is the cause of the pleasure seeping from Sukuna's pores right now. He can't help but be proud of himself. 


Sukuna pulled his cock out and sat beside him. "Mount me," he says as he slaps Megumi's ass. Sukuna is eagerly stroking his cock as he admired him while he positions himself on Sukuna's lap. With his hands tied behind his back, Megumi tried to slide his daddy's cock back into place inside him, only for the member to slip and slide across his skin. Sukuna chuckled, amused at the admittedly adorable sight. The sound strangely echoed into the hollows of Megumi's empty self. 


Sukuna grabbed his ass cheeks and spread them apart, looking up at Megumi as he tried to shove the hard cock inside him without his hand. When the head managed to poke the hole, Megumi stayed still and began sitting on Sukuna's dick, screaming in pain and pleasure as the position hit more spots inside of him until he's buried deep. It's way deeper when it's in this position, and before Megumi can properly adjust to the length stretching him, Sukuna latched on to his hips and began thrusting upwards. The bed started squeaking and shaking like Megumi as he pounded into him. 


Megumi rolled his hips in sync with Sukuna's thrusts. "Ah! Ah! Ah!" He cries out as Sukuna found new angles to thrust inside. He managed to find the spot again and rammed his cock over and over into hitting that, which overloaded Megumi's frayed nerves with pleasure. Sukuna ran his tongue all over Megumi's chest and toyed with his hard nipples while Megumi rode him like his life depends on it. The aching pleasure from getting fucked in his hole and Sukuna's kisses and licks all over him tightened the coil of pleasure inside him even further. 


"Daddy," he groans, a warning. "Shit—ah, ah!— Daddy, I'm gonna cum. I'm gonna cum!" Megumi leaned forward and rested his head on the crook of Sukuna's neck. To his surprise, Sukuna didn't push him away; he wrapped his arms around him, which brought him closer to his body, and Megumi made a strangled noise. He's warm. Daddy is so warm. He jerked his hips erratically, and his own erection is rubbing on Sukuna's abs. Sukuna nibbled on his ear and neck as his thrusts became wilder. "Cum for me, my love," Sukuna gasps as his bruising grip clutched tighter on his skin, "C'mon, baby boy. Cum for daddy."


Megumi doesn't need convincing. He angled his hips so that Sukuna is hitting him precisely on his prostate. He bounced on the cock and forced the cum out of him by spearing his prostate. Megumi ends up muffling his scream by biting on Sukuna's shoulder as his orgasm came and thick ropes of semen spewed out of his throbbing cock and into the rock-hard surface of Sukuna's chest and stomach. He shuddered even more as a static wave washed over him while he keeps on releasing his cum. Sukuna, on the other hand, is pounding on to him desperately. His eyebrows are furrowed, and his teeth are clenched. Sukuna locked gazes with him as his own orgasm started approaching. "T-too tight!" Sukuna grumbled. Their mouths agape, Megumi watched as Sukuna gets himself lost in the sea of hisbown pleasure. He can't even feel if his dick is hurting him again despite the full-blown orgasm. "You're too tight. Shit, you're too tight! Megumi...Megumi," Sukuna lets his pleasure be known to the other tenants as he screamed his name on the top of his lungs while he filled him up. Megumi can feel the hot cum spew out of Sukuna with every throb and twitch of his cock inside him. Megumi got off his dick and a hot gush of semen almost immediately drooled out of his hole and down to the back of his thigh.



Sukuna untied his hands. The rope left rough red marks on his chafed skin. His daddy grabbed his wrists and planted kisses all over his sensitive skin. They both stared at each other's eyes and got lost in the moment. They just sat there covered in the remnants of their sex, with Sukuna rubbing circles idly on his hurt wrists. In the heat of the moment, one thought can be found running into their minds.



That was the best sex they've ever had. 













Chapter Text

Yuuji is understandably pissed when Megumi went home that night looking like a disheveled mess. His eyes are puffy from crying, his eye bags are somehow more prominent, and the glaring rope burns around his wrists and bruises all over his body are more than enough to set him off. Megumi insisted that he is fine — which isn't a lie because he is fine (for the most part anyway) but Yuuji wouldn't budge and demanded he call Sukuna. "This is totally uncalled for, dude." Megumi grumbles, "I'm fine. I swear—" 


"You don't look fine, Megumi." Yuuji insisted and handed his palm over. Knowing that he is not getting out of this, he just sighed and fished his phone. When Sukuna was done with him, he just fetched his clothes and left without another word. The so damn amazing tonight, but once he went back to earth from such a heavenly euphoria he decided that he needs to get away from Sukuna to process and let things sink properly — that he now has another leverage against him, and that Megumi is enjoying himself far too much for his own good. 


Turns out he doesn't even need to call Sukuna as the man's been blowing up his phone. 14 missed calls since he left, and his phone is probably ringing for the fifteenth time. "Put him on speaker," Yuuji ordered, conveniently ignoring that Sukuna's caller ID is 'daddy'. Megumi did as told and placed it on his desk. Sukuna's drowsy voice boomed inside the empty walls of the room. "Baby boy," he drawls. Megumi swears he sounds relieved— a sound so foreign to him. "Where are you?" He doesn't sound mad— just tired. Megumi can feel himself starting to collapse inside him a little. He fought against it. For one, he is not with Sukuna right now and he doesn't think Yuuji knows anything about aftercare. Plus, he has to remind himself that Sukuna has violated one more thing about him— his trust and privacy. 


"What did you do to my roommate?" Yuuji demanded. There was a pause on the other line. When Sukuna finally answered, he sounds far more blunt and awake, "We had sex. Consensual sex, I should add. Happy, brat?" 


"I don't believe you," Yuuji sneered at the phone. Megumi can feel another headache starting to pierce through his skull. He wants nothing more than to clean up and rest but Yuuji won't believe him, so now he has to sort this out. He doesn't wanna look in the mirror but he probably looks horrible if Yuuji is getting worked up over this. "My roommate," Yuuji says through gritted teeth, "Looks like he just got out of somebody's trunk and you seriously expect me to believe you didn't do anything?" 



Sukuna scoffs, unbothered, "You can go ask him, jesus." 


Yuuji looked at him, concerned. Megumi can only nod in affirmation. He feels dirty and stinky and he needs his daddy...but he needs his rest more. He just wants this day to be over. "I consented." He gulps a lump on his throat as the night's events started playing on the back of his head again, "I really did. I asked for all these." He gestures feebly at the bruises and marks littering his pale skin. Yuuji looks sorry for him. Megumi averted his gaze and just headed for the bathroom without saying a word to neither of them to clean up, fetching his pajamas on the way. 



He scrubbed himself clean of all the post-coitus filth and sweat lingering on his body, wincing a bit when his touch grazes on his bruised skin or his swollen ass hole. Good thing there aren't a lot of people in the station at this time of the night to spare him second glances. The clothes he wore are still damp from the rain, which meant he also stank horribly on the way home. While he does appreciate Yuuji being a good friend and looking out for him, him being pissed on his behalf is totally unnecessary. He is the only one who has the rights to be mad at the situation — except no matter how hard he tries, his blood sings for Sukuna, for daddy. When he's done, he dumped his clothes in the washer and slipped on his nightwear and headed back to bed. 



The lights are already turned off save for the study lamp on his desk that Yuuji left on for him. His phone is lying there. He checked it for notifications and sure enough — Sukuna is blowing up his phone with texts and calls. He thinks it's weird. Sukuna is never this clingy with him even during aftercare. Why now, all of a sudden? 



Brushing any and all lingering thoughts of Sukuna Ryomen off his brain, he put the phone on airplane mode and tucked it inside one of the drawers. He's had enough Sukuna for a night. Maybe the revelation that he now has a sex tape on top of his secret to hide filled him to the brim. He can't afford the tape and especially his secrets to leak. Yuuji wholeheartedly accepts him, yes, but the same can't be said for everyone else. 


Megumi lied there at the comfort of his soft mattress and heavy blankets, staring at the bottom of Yuuji's bunk as he attempted to lull himself to sleep. It feels like forever, but looks like sleep is elusive at him tonight. He feels drained to the bone, and yet he is wide awake like his is supercharged. 


Deep down, he knows what he needs. Megumi wants his daddy's hard muscles to hold him gently and his soft lips against him to make him feel lighter than air. He wants him to murmur sweet, gentle things to him as he rocked him against his chest until his own drowsiness takes over. The weariness is all over him, but it's sticking inside his frayed nerves. He needs daddy to do his thing and squeeze them all away outside his system. 


But daddy isn't anywhere because Megumi needs to breathe. He chose to walk away first...and yet while he can certainly breathe now and gather his thoughts, he can't help but feel like shit. He just laid there all night, mind racing, contemplating if exchanging a good aftercare for some breathing room is worth it. 


Long story short, Megumi attended the first day of second semester sleep deprived. Despite the fairly hot weather today, he opted to wear the only piece of thick turtleneck sweater he has with him to hide the rope burns and hickeys. To offset the heat somehow, he put on one of his baggier sweatpants and wore birkenstocks. After a quick breakfast consisting of instant ramen and two cups of black coffee, he headed to Gojo's office to borrow one of his sunglasses with a palpitating heart.


"Man, you look rough." Gojo mused to himself. He pulled out his phone and started taking pictures of his disheveled state. Megumi just looked away from him as he started bombarding him with his ridiculous questions. "Did you partied too hard last night? What's with the sweater? Are you experimenting on your fashion? Because I have to tell you — don't repeat this getup again it looks hideous." 


"Just lend me the glasses, jeez." Megumi covered his eyes with his hands as the lights inside the office stung his vision. Gojo eyed him. Megumi shifted on his spot as his guardian's inquisitive gaze weighed down on him. Gojo may be an overgrown child, but he is one of the smartest and most calculated people Megumi knows. 


Gojo looks like he wants to say something, but he thought better of it to Megumi's relief. He started rummaging inside one of the drawers for a pair of shades to aid him with his squint. "You know you can tell me anything, right?"



No, Megumi says internally. Gojo would lose it when he says exactly what is going on and he doesn't have 500 million yen lying around to pay back the money he used to buy him off. "Yes," is what he says to him. Because it is what Satoru Gojo wants to hear. 


"The least you can do is invite me next time if you're gonna party this hard," Gojo muses to himself. Because he has his back turned on him, Megumi cannot tell his expression. He returned with four pairs of shades and showed it to him, which earned him a groan from Megumi, "I'm gonna be late—"


"Nuh-uh," Gojo cuts him off and starts holding up one of the glasses in front of him, clearly judging if the shades would fit his outfit. "You're gonna be fashionably late. Your outfit is hideous, yes, but with a good pair of shades we can still turn this into something Billie Eilish would wear. You know Billie Eilish? Cool girl, amirite?" 


"Yes, whatever." Megumi dismissed him with a wave of his hand. "You're not that young anymore, plus Miss Iori would hate it if anyone in her class arrives late, especially on the first day of second semester."


"Oh, you're in Utahime's class?" Gojo perks up. Shit. "What a coincidence— I'm dropping over to her class too. Regulatory teacher's evaluation and all that." 


Great, just Megumi's luck. On top of feeling the worst today between the excessive amounts of caffeine in his system and the lack of sleep, he now has to be at the top of his game because his legal guardian is gonna do a class observation (which, Megumi should point out, is something Gojo hates doing). Gojo handed him a pair of dark shades with small rectangular frames. Megumi tries it on and sure enough, the pair brings out his eyes in the open by default. He has to fully adjust it so the lenses cover his eyes properly. "There you go. You look passable now." Gojo claps his hands enthusiastically like he has all the time in the world. "Next time wear skinny jeans over that but everyone would want a piece of you now. Bet on it."


Megumi's heart dropped. He knows Gojo means the words literally, but the sex tape started lingering in the back of his mind again. He shoved it back forcefully— only to feel himself trapped in the recesses of his mind. Like he is on spectator mode. 



"Are you trying to court Miss Iori?" He heard himself say because that is what Megumi Fushiguro would say in response to seeing Gojo fix his hair while humming a tune under his breath. "Nah, too old for my tastes. She hates it when I look good though." He can hear the words loud and clear but there is a reverbing echo, as if Gojo is speaking at him through a microphone inside a small auditorium. 


With his arm lying around his shoulders, Gojo escorted Megumi to Miss Iori's class. She is in the the middle of checking attendance when they entered the room. The gazes from the hallways courtesy of being with Satoru Gojo and from his other classmates for being at the presence of The Satoru Gojo, under normal circumstances, should feel uncomfortable; Megumi just feels numb. As if on autopilot, he went to grab a seat without a word while his legal guardian explains to Miss Iori that the two of them partied a little too hard last night and that he'll be emailing the note from the doctor's office to all his professors today thereby allowing him to wear shades inside the classroom. Miss Iori thankfully bought the excuse and proceeded with the class agenda for today's session. 


The class went on smoothly for the most part. It turns out having Gojo there is a blessing in disguise for Megumi because he wasted Miss Iori's time with his useless banter and teasing. His poor professor had to manage the class and reprimand Satoru Gojo for being his typical annoying self, which humored the latter even more. 


When the class is over, Gojo said his goodbyes as he headed back to his office. Megumi forgot his exact schedule for today. He browsed his phone to take a quick look. So there is a 30-minute break before his next class….which is Sukuna's Japanese History. Dread settled in his stomach. Still, he has to suck it up and pretend everything is okay. Oh to hell with that— everything is okay. Megumi will not stop saying that until it gets manifested from the shadows of his trainwreck of a life. 


Still, he can't shake off the fact that he's meeting Sukuna for his class again. Is he mad at him for ditching him? Megumi can only hope it's not the case. He is far too deep in his thoughts that when somebody bumped into him, he came crashing down the floor on his ass. He gasped as he made contact with the floor, and the pain is almost enough to snap him back to his usual self. Almost. Part of him still feels trapped, but it should be enough. 


"Shit! I'm so sorry," Megumi looked up to see who tackled him — and froze. "You okay?" Kamo says as he offers his hand to help him up. 


Megumi blinked his eyes at him. "Yeah. Yeah, I'm fine," he says as he tries to pull himself up with wobbly legs. Taking the hint, Kamo withdrew his hand and aided him in getting up instead by supporting him with his back. Megumi muttered his thanks as he swatted the dust off his pants. 


Megumi noticed he is staring at him. Kamo's eyebrows are furrowed, and his long hair is pulled in a neat manbun (which made him blush for some stupid reason). He slapped himself in the cheek to snap himself out of his delusions— which got his senior's attention even more. "You're definitely not okay, Fushiguro." 


"Don't put words in my mouth," he played the situation off by being rude because Megumi honestly doesn't know how to act around his senior whom he almost hooked up with at the convenience of his dorm. 


The man, to his puzzlement, ignored him. He just led them to one of the benches in the hallways. Megumi finds himself obeying. Kamo's hand...feels gentle pressed against his back. He doesn't wanna admit it, but he could use a pair of gentler hands right now. "Have a seat first," he orders. 


Megumi retorts, "I told you I'm fine."


To which Kamo retorts back, "You say that while your legs are about to give out." He says, which prompted Megumi to look at his legs to check. Sure enough, they're trembling. "Rest for a while here. Take your time. What time's your next class?"


"10:15," Megumi says. Kamo nods beside him and looks at his watch, "You have about 20 minutes to rest. Take your time, Fushiguro."



The two of them kept each other company despite the awkward silence filling the void around them. After a while, Megumi decided he cannot handle it. He looked at the man and apologized.


Kamo gave him a puzzled look, "What for?"


Megumi clasped his hands tightly, "For wasting your time. And for ditching you. know...when we…"


Kamo cuts him off to save him from the embarrassment of verbalizing his words. "You're not bothering anyone," Kamo squeezed his shoulder, "My first class is at 11. Plus I told you— it's okay. I'm not mad you left me hanging. You don't have to explain."


Megumi observed his senior's taciturn features for any malice or hidden agenda. There are none. There is a faint blush peppering his cheeks but Megumi thinks it's kind of cute. Relief washed over him as he realized that he means those kind words. 


"Thank you," he says. Megumi means that too. 


Kamo bit on his lip, as if he wanted to say something but held back. Instead, he nodded once more and says, "Look, I'll just accept your thanks."


"Thank you," Megumi repeats again. 


This time, Kamo chuckled rather softly. His deep chuckle pummelled him straight to the chest, but Megumi welcomed it. "I do hope you have a school doctor's note for the glasses, though," he gestured at the designer shades Megumi is wearing, "School policies and all that."


"Y-y-yeah. Yeah I have," Megumi looks away, flustered and self-conscious, which earned him another nod of approval from Kamo. 


"If you don't mind me asking," Kamo broke the silence between them again, "Are you out?"


Gojo and Tsumiki flashed inside his mind. There are two ways to approach the question. Tsumiki knows, Gojo doesn't. Because nobody knows who Tsumiki is, he opted for the latter, "Not really." He sighs, "To some of my friends, yes, but…yeah."


"I understand how you feel, Fushiguro." Kamo tapped his leg reassuringly. "I'm the same. That's why you can confide in me if you feel like it. Don't be shy."


"Why are you telling me all this?" Megumi asks as he feels his stomach get filled with butterflies. 


There is a certain sadness in his senior's gaze. "I can tell you're holding back a lot of things," he starts, "And I get that. Please don't get the impression that I'm pressuring you to spill your guts here with me. Just know that if you need somebody to vent out to, you're free to hit me up. I understand."


Megumi can feel himself getting sleepy from the man's kindness. The sweet, sweet kindness he has long craved. But he had to push it away. It's inappropriate in terms of timing, plus he needs to attend the next class. 


Kamo escorted him to Sukuna's classroom, no problem. The professor is too busy and lost in his own train of thought when Kamo knocked on his door. He cocked an eyebrow at the two of them — or, knowing Sukuna, Megumi deduced he is frowning at the limb wrapped around his shoulder. "Fushiguro fell down the hallways, professor," Kamo explained courteously, oblivious to the fact that Megumi lost all his color again. He patted him on the back reassuringly before leaving him alone at the mercy of his Japanese History professor, who, to Megumi's surprise, also looks like he hasn't slept too. When their gazes met, Megumi can't help but notice how cold and dead they look. It's almost like he's looking at his own reflection.


"Take a seat, Fushiguro," Sukuna says as he continues in preparing his materials. He said nothing about the shades. Maybe Gojo managed to email everyone in due time about it. Plus Megumi won't exactly let him say anything about it— he's the reason why he's wearing them in the first place Without another word, Megumi took his usual seat inside the room and prepped his own stuff. Sukuna then went on to proceed in explaining today's agenda: they'll be watching a documentary, and they'll be writing a two-page review afterwards. 


Megumi is as confused as the rest of his classmates. He is pretty sure this isn't in the syllabus for the first day of second semester. Sukuna seemed to have picked up the confusion as he clarifies in an irritated tone, "To be honest I am not in the mood for another round of meet and greets for the new students here. So just watch the damn film and save the introductions for a later date." 


The documentary is short of an hour long, and despite the length of the task, everyone including Megumi recognizes how deceptively hard the output for today is. The shorter the page count means there are less room for error and they all need to condense their ideas into the given page count while ensuring that it's up to par with Sukuna's standards. It goes without saying that the vast majority of the class is not even halfway done with their paper when the class ends. Megumi and the others braced themselves for an unsurprising rough start for this term when Sukuna announced in a tired voice, "For those who aren't done, just consider this as your homework. Pass it on our next meeting."


Which further confused everyone in the class who took Japanese History under him before to the point of whiplash. They said their goodbyes as they left the room in an awed shock. 


While packing his things, Megumi contemplated if he should ask Sukuna if everything is okay. His entire actions for the duration of the class is so unlike him. One look at the man, who looks like he is one shove away from snapping, convinced him not to try anything for fear that it might land him in a worse spot. So, like the rest of his classmates, he just left the room without a word and headed to the cafeteria for lunch. 


Megumi chose to take a seat on one of the two-seater tables where Kamo is currently working on something in his laptop. "Is this seat taken?" He politely asks. Kamo shook his head and gestured for him to have a seat. Megumi deliberately picked the spot because everywhere else in the cafeteria is being occupied by loud and obnoxious people, and he needs company from somebody as quiet as Kamo. 


Oh fuck that. Megumi is intrigued by his senior, who seems to be genuine at him for free. He wants to find out more about his motives. Surely there can be a reason why he is particularly nice at him. 


Kamo cocked an eyebrow up, "Is there something on my face?" 


Blinking his eyes, Megumi insisted that there is nothing on his admittedly handsome face. He is staring again. "It's not like that! I swear, I just...I just wanna ask you something."


Upon hearing that, Kamo shut his laptop closed and met his concealed gaze. At the corner of his eye, Megumi saw Sukuna take a seat two tables away from behind Kamo. His eyes widened and his breath hitched. Too late, though. He already spilled his guts. He just hoped Sukuna won't overhear. 


"What is it?" Kamo asks, his interest now piqued. 



"Why are you so nice to me?" Megumi says in a small voice. Now that he addressed the nagging thought in his mind, the baggage he's been carrying felt lighter. 


"Because you're not horrible to me, Fushiguro." Kamo answers confidently. "So I should not be horrible to you."


That makes sense. Megumi sees the logic inside Kamo's answer. Still, he can't feel but there is more to it. "You know what I mean, Kamo." 


Kamo blinked his warm coffee-black eyes at him. It took him a while to answer, but when he did, it swept Megumi off his feet which caused his heart to plummet. 


"If I'm being honest," Kamo tapped his fingers on the table anxiously, "It's because I think you're interesting, Fushiguro Megumi."














Chapter Text

Try as he might, the words and letters from all the papers Sukuna has been checking is merely swimming around his head. He cannot absorb anything, which is strange. He cannot tell if the outputs of his students genuinely became crappier or if his foul mood is translating to his vision. The words merely float around him, and he cannot, for the love of him, focus and check the damned things. Inside the comfort of his room, he let out a guttural cry and sent the papers flying to the floor. He doesn't give a fuck if his co-faculty neighbors can probably hear him right now. 


Running his hands on his messy hair, Sukuna looks back to that one Sunday night when Megumi walked out on him. That had to be the reason why he feels like shit. There are no other possible explanations. It's been a long time since he felt this horrible after such an intense sex with one of the most beautiful people he's had the pleasure to meet and bed. For nights, he tried wanking the bitter feeling settling on his chest off of him, but when he does, he seems to be making it worse; looking at Megumi's pictures and videos he has taken felt like small needles jabbing at his lungs. 


Sukuna remembers holding Megumi's lithe frame in his arms. He can recall just staying there, coated in semen and sweat while massaging the boy's wrists when Megumi broke down in tears. 


"I— I have to go," Sukuna can feel the cries of the boy echo inside his chest, "I need to breathe. Please."


Of course he initially thought Megumi wanted a late night walk this time as aftercare. So he offered a hot bath and an evening stroll down town, but Megumi only shook his head vehemently and wore the clothes still half-soaked from the rain. Between this, and the fact that the boy screamed at his face to leave him alone with tears falling freely out of his endless blue eyes, and the fact that he left the hotel in soaked clothes layered over the remnants of their tryst and is shaking from the cold weather like a leaf, and the fact that his moronic half-brother is the one who picked up the phone after tirelessly ringing it, the entire aftercare session was compromised pretty badly. 


And Sukuna is paying for the consequences of it. He really shouldn't have let Megumi leave. 


Still, he thought maybe one good wank would do the job. So Sukuna yanked his sweatpants down to his ankles and desperately fondled himself. He pulled out the same sex tape that he showed to the love hotel room's entertainment system from his personal laptop and played it. He tried focusing on Megumi bouncing up and down in the hotel loveseat while crying out for more. He mentally pictured last sunday night, when Megumi is in his arms moaning as he's taking his cock like a good boy and cumming all over him. 


But he can't get hard. 


He thinks Megumi's limber body looks so graceful as he rides his cock, and he can almost taste the boy's sweat and skin all over his tongue again. He can hear his cries and pleas for more, and good god the lovely expressions he keeps on making when he's fucking him. Under normal circumstances those thoughts are enough to make him cum. 


Yet here he is, struggling to even get a half-mast while desperately tugging at his dick at the video in front of him like a horny teenager. When he pictures how good it feels to be inside Megumi, his mind wanders back to the boy's outburst when he revealed the existence of the sex tapes. He wants to hear Megumi's voice, but today is much worse because that uptight son of a bitch student leader Kamo and his declarations of interest for something that is rightfully his are all that echoes inside his head. To think he has the nerve to say that out loud when he's within earshot! The nerve! 


And, as if Megumi is rubbing salt on the injury, he blushed the prettiest shade of red...the same heatspell that is reserved for when he's moaning for daddy. 


He maybe sadistic, but Sukuna genuinely cannot touch himself to the idea of Megumi getting hurt without the context of sex even if he tried and the idea of other people showing interest in him that goes beyond his sexy, sultry looks disgust him. He just ends up looking back to when Megumi collapsed on him that Sunday night, and he can almost feel the icy fear he felt to the end of his nerves when Megumi went pale and his breathing went shallow, calling out for somebody named 'Tsumiki' again. He can't even bring himself to care whoever the fuck this Tsumiki person is. And then, when he looks back to that memory, he stumbles deeper to when Megumi ran away from him in the middle of the day when he's running a high fever to go god knows where, and then he'll remember how awfully familiar Megumi turning pale on him while barely breathing because that was a repeat performance of when he panicked in the middle of their dorm room. 


And then Sukuna would recall that Megumi stank of sweat and semen when he left, and his skin is littered with hickeys and bruises, and the rope burns on his wrists are as red as him when flustered, and then the fact that he was mentally falling apart when he left the room in rain-soaked clothes which most likely made him smell worse, and he'll get overwhelmed with a foreign sense of guilt. All the lust and desire he has for Megumi has been replaced since that day with guilt and to top it off with the constant stress of his job's workload and his personal life ensures he is a volatile mess of a trainwreck right now. For all he knows, Megumi might be having an episode right now and he is not there to fix him. He's the only one who can; Yuuji is too much of an idiot to even recognize what is happening, and that boy Kamo…


Sukuna furiously shook his head as he pulled on his locks. No. That boy Kamo may be competent, but he doesn't know Megumi's mind and body like he does. Only he can fix him back to a functioning state when he falls apart. 



Now that all these ideas run wild inside his head, the desire to be with Megumi became stronger. He grabbed his phone and called him. He waited...and waited...and waited…


This subscriber cannot be reached. Please try again later. 



Sukuna tossed his phone on his bed and sighed. Now, more than ever, he wants to run a bath with Megumi and scrub his pretty body clean, leaving tender kisses on the supple skin as he does. He'd put him in his dry clothes, and he'll be comfortable, and he'll snuggle close to him and tell him what's wrong. His clothes would fit his lean frame awkwardly, which would make him smaller than he is. Sukuna will be there to massage all the aching parts of his body, and he will be there to murmur assurances to him as he cards his fingers on his black licorice locks. But Megumi is nowhere to be found, and he is alone in his dorm with his damning guilt as company. So he did what he knows best. Sukuna dipped into the tub and scrubbed himself clean while picturing Megumi nestled in between his arms and legs. 



Sukuna hoped sleep would be much kinder to him. No. He barely slept, and when he does, it's far too light for his own convenience. One of the things he shares with his idiot brother is the fact that he's a heavy sleeper, so this disruption in his nightly routine is an unwelcome change. Sukuna would close his eyes, sleep for a bit, then find that he is being bugged by something that's an inconvenience on a minor level. Be it his clothes, or his sheets and blankets, or the way the chilly air feels annoying, his body won't let him rest. The space Megumi tends to occupy which happens to be beside him with his chest as a makeshift pillow is gone, replaced with the all-too familiar sense of guilt weighing him down. 


Getting even more annoyed at the situation, Sukuna stripped off all his clothes and tossed them on the floor. He cuddled one of his pillows and pretended the soft, cold thing was Megumi's warm body. As he laid there, doing his best to lull himself to sleep, his eyes caught sight of all the paperwork he had to finish. Groaning at the fact that he is slacking off like his worst students, he smothered his own face with the same pillow he's cuddling. 


Before he can even think of it, Sukuna is grabbing his phone again. He squinted a bit from the harsh brightness and turned it down a bit. He pulled up Megumi's number and called him again. Closing his eyes, Sukuna waited for the inevitable busy tone he was going to get. 


And then Megumi picked up. 


"What?" Megumi softly breathed over the phone. His voice sounds hoarse.


Sukuna perked up. He is not expecting him to answer, and because of that, every nerve inside him has jolted him wide awake. Megumi tried to hide a sniffle from the other end but it didn't slide away from his attention. His baby boy is crying. He knew it. Megumi needs him. 


"Have you been crying?" he coos over the line softly, like he knows how Megumi likes. Sukuna can practically picture him getting smaller and shuddering in his bunk upon hearing that. 


"So what if I am?!" Sukuna got caught off guard with the sharpness lacing the boy's voice. The guilt weighed him down even more. "What are you gonna do about it?" 


"Baby," he sighs. "Come to me. I can make you feel better." It's the truth. Megumi can deny it all he wants but he knows him despite only meeting him for sex. He can tell by the way that he sounds alone that all these are just a petty facade; this is his way of crying out for help. 


"I don't need you fucking me, Sukuna," Megumi hissed over the line, obviously trying to keep his voice down to not disturb his roommate. "I'm doing just fine—"


"We both know that's a lie," Sukuna snapped as gently as he could. He pinched the bridge of his nose as he felt another wave of headache coming to get him. He had to spell it out for his baby, but if that is what it takes for Megumi to learn, then he's gonna do it. 



This time, Megumi didn't even bothered hiding his sobs, "Fuck you," he says before hanging up. 


Before he even realized it, Sukuna was screaming at the top of his lungs as he thrashed his bedding like a maniac. The guilt on his chest bursted, and he found no other way to let it out. He needs to calm down and he's disturbing the neighbours but he is too distressed to care — and this is all after not having contact with the boy for two days. He's never gotten this bad. 


There was a knock on the door. Fuming, Sukuna put back on his discarded sweatpants as he answered the door. That stone-faced teacher Nanami is on the other side looking indifferent as usual. His blonde hair is framing his angular face, free from the thick pomade the man uses on a daily basis. "Sukuna-san," he acknowledges, "I understand that you are quite stressed and upset about something, but please do not let all of us here in on your anger."


How annoying. He hates Nanami's guts because of how unnecessarily formal he is. He slammed the door on the guy's face and yelled in response, "Yeah I get it. Sorry about that. Now fuck off." Not quite knowing what else to do, he opened both of his laptops and browsed for anything to busy himself. Hopefully working himself to exhaustion would do the trick. 


He allowed the sex tape from Shibuya to just play on the background as he checked his work laptop for additional work. Sukuna has already graded the papers that need them, and he is on the verge of giving up when his eyes darted to the spreadsheet from last semester. 


It was from Megumi's class. Sukuna remembers that among the classes he's handled, this particular class has the highest failing rate and unfortunately the smart pretty boy is part of the statistics despite the rigging he did on his final exams. He tapped on his desk idly, staring at the numbers aimlessly as he thinks of ways on how to use them to his advantage. He cannot afford to break down over something as trivial as lack of aftercare, so he has to take care of whatever is wrong with him. 


And then the inspiration hit him. Sukuna's heart flared to lightness at how ingenious the idea is. He opened an empty spreadsheet and erratically cooked up a list of students who failed his class last semester. When he's done, he sends it to Yaga for approval. Knowing the supervisor's unhealthy habit of staying up at night, Sukuna can expect and hope that his proposal gets approved next morning. He then sent another particular request to that old fart and went into detail about his plans in improving the students' grades at his class. He hates the higher ups people in general, but they love him too much. Gakuganji will think his plan is a brilliant one (it is) and would adhere to his simple request without reservations. 


Then, because he feels good about himself for being brilliant, Sukuna deleted the loveseat sex tape from his laptop. A large thorn wedged itself off his chest, and he feels significantly better compared to before. At least he has something to cling on to. 



The next day came on, and while Sukuna still lacks sleep, he is elated enough to at least act like his usual self. He went on to teach the classes he has for today. During lunch, he received an email from his supervisor about his proposal; it got approved, and Sukuna is grinning from ear to ear. Yaga also booked him one of the discussion halls for his little conference with the flunked students later on today. Wasting no time, he sent notifications to the said students on their online student portal, marking it as urgent for good measure. 


Good thing that his last class for today ends at 3:30. That gives Sukuna a lot of time to prepare his plan to "improve the performance of last semester's students who got a failing mark." He had finished setting up rather quickly and just waited for the students to arrive in the venue on the allotted time while reading one of the textbooks he intends to discuss for next year. 


Sukuna lost track of time fairly easily; freshman students are now flocking and occupying the seats. He glanced at the clock. They are all early, to Sukuna's delight; he does have a reputation of giving out harsh punishments to late comers after all. He spotted Megumi sitting alone in one of the corners, blue eyes distant. 


When he laid his eyes on him, the familiar pang of guilt tugged at him again. Sukuna composed himself and pretended that he is not a trainwreck of emotions as he started the little program. 


"I would like for all of you to look around everyone," Sukuna begins, pocketing his trembling hands inside his trousers, "And take a guess on why all of you are particularly gathered here, in this room."


Hushed whispers and uneasy glances darted back and forth across the room from every anxious student. Megumi can't be bothered to obey, as expected. Sukuna gave them ample time for the students to try and find out that they are all gathered here because of their failing marks on his class from before. 


A blue-haired girl whose uneven bangs looked like they were chopped sluggishly out of boredom hesitantly raised her hand. Sukuna nodded at her, a signal that she is good to go. What was her name again? Eh. It doesn't matter. "I think we are all here because we failed your class last semester, sir." There was a deafening silence as the girl addressed the elephant in the room. 


"Correct," Sukuna gestures at the girl to sit down. He then revealed the presentation behind him, showing the exact grades everyone got from last semester. Everyone's gazes focused on anywhere but the dreaded grades being projected. "As all of you can see, your performances are rather...alarming and subpar for this academy. I'd let it slide if you were only a handful...but as you can count, there are 51 of you here and that is not gonna be a good look for everyone else's reputation. It's not too late though," Sukuna then revealed the next slide, which reveals pairings drawn from all the flunking students. At this everyone started looking for their names in the ample projection, murmuring to themselves. Sukuna doesn't even care about who gets who; he focused his gaze on Megumi, who seemed to have found his name tucked in between the other pairs.


"These are generated randomly," Sukuna explains. That is a half-truth. While everyone else is borne out of a pair generator from Google, Sukuna purposefully turned Megumi into an odd man, conveniently making him alone. "And whoever you are paired up with, will be your partner for my class this entire semester. I have sent a copy of this file to your online syllabus. These pairs will work on the same output as everyone else and will be graded as a pair. You'll help each other study and pass my class this time. As for the one who doesn't have a pair," he paused and did his best to look at Megumi from his peripheral vision. He saw the boy tense up; he clearly picked up that this section will be for him, as Sukuna had planned. "He or she will be paired with me." There was a dreaded gasp from his audience. Sukuna ignored it and continued, "Whoever gets paired up with me will be under my personal supervision. They are required to always get a passing mark on all the activities and outputs they'll be passing; in exchange, I will serve as their personal tutor for this class the entire semester. But, if this person fails even once then they will automatically have the lowest failing mark for my class this semester."


Sukuna basked in the horror he painted on everyone's faces. Everyone started looking for their names desperately, and then once they had found their name, their shoulders would sag in relief. He smiled at Megumi— only for his smile to falter when he realized Megumi is as pale as milk, and that his chest is heaving. It took everything in Sukuna to prevent himself from striding towards him and pulling him into a hug. The all too familiar guilt started eating him up inside again. 


"Are we gonna be working on your every class? What about our schedules?" One of the students asked. 


"Good question," Sukuna acknowledges, "Here's the good part: how you will be working on your outputs and activities will be entirely up to you. You guys will do anything to work on whatever I'm handing out, be it by coordinating your schedules or anything of that sort. It's free for all for the pairings." 


More hushed murmurs erupted from the room. Sukuna raised his hand, and the students immediately got what he asked and shut up. The guilt in his chest tightened, because Megumi is not showing any color off his face at all. He needs to be beside him. He is clearly not okay. "That is all I have to say," he improvised, "Now, I will be giving you the rest of the time to meet your partners and discuss what you guys intend to do. And yes— you can leave this room now." 


The audience didn't need any more convincing. They scuttled like bugs as they hurried outside the room, leaving a thick tension in the air as they all made a beeline for the door. Sukuna can hear all of them finding their partners in the hallways. Sukuna tinkered with more documents as he waited for the crowd to clear up, pretending that he is not going crazy inside because for what feels like forever, he is alone with Megumi again. He needs to be alone with him and pamper him. Once the rowdy crowd has cleared out, Sukuna stood up his seat. Wasting no time, and heart pounding wildly inside his chest, Sukuna approached the lonely boy who didn't even budge despite the commotion.


He got down on his knees in front of the Megumi so that they are on each other's eye level. "How disgusting," Megumi hissed, "Did you seriously orchestrated this so you can have more chances of fucking me?"


Sukuna shook his head and planted a chaste kiss on Megumi's trembling fist curled on his desk. The contact felt like touching a live wire. The guilt blooming in his chest subsided just for a bit. The action feels...correct. He can't explain it, but it does. Funny how Sukuna needs to be alone with Megumi to make himself feel better — almost like the boy is a drug he is too willing to consume, yet all they do is fuck. 


"I am really concerned about your grades, Megumi," he sighs as he nuzzles his cheek on Megumi's fist. The boy in question was cringing, but didn't pull his fist away from him. "You're a bright student until halfway through the previous semester." That is true. Megumi is, for all intents, and purposes, intelligent and he initially predicted that Megumi would make it to the top of his class easily. Sukuna is legit baffled when he computed his grades and saw that he's getting a failing mark. He rigged a lot of his scores as realistically as he could— but Megumi's class performance took a nosedive before the semester was even halfway done. 


That isn't normal. Taking into consideration how Megumi is noted to be miserable by his roommate, there is something going on with the boy; Sukuna can't help but deduce it also involves his side hustle. The teacher in Sukuna wants to help. It just so happens that his methods are downright perverted and shady, but he does. 



And to the surprise of no one, Megumi voiced exactly just that. "Am I supposed to believe that?" He says in a low, shaky voice. Sukuna caressed the boy's face. Megumi stilled for a moment, then as if by reflex, also leaned in to his touch. "Yes," he says, "In fact, we are starting now. We're heading to my dorm."


At that, Megumi raised an eyebrow. "I thought students are not allowed in the teachers' dorms?" 


And that is also true. Sukuna had thankfully anticipated this issue and planned ahead. He reached for his pocket and showed the boy a large laminated ID. Megumi eyed the object, reading its contents. "Visitor's pass?" Megumi verbalized. 


Sukuna nodded. "I requested for this. Since I'll be tutoring you, I will be picking the spots where we'll be holding our lessons. Remember— you automatically fail if you flunk even one output. The administration has issued me this visitor pass for whoever I will be tutoring— which is you. Our first session begins now, and it would happen in my room." 


Megumi stayed silent as Sukuna clipped the ID on the collar of his uniform. He ruffled his hair then returned to his desk to fetch the books he had borrowed from the library for this occasion. He dumped them into the boy's desk, "Carry these for me, will you? Let's head to my dorm."


Megumi stared at him, puzzled. Sukuna matched his gaze, expecting Megumi to say something, anything. In the end, the boy kept his thoughts to himself and just sighed. He nestled the books on his arms and followed his beloved professor all the way to the teachers' dorms. 
















Chapter Text

The walk to the teachers' dormitory is quite tedious especially with the stacks of reading materials Sukuna made him carry. Megumi's arms feel like they're on fire from the weight he's carrying (literally), and on top of the warm sun starting to set, he is sweating buckets beneath his uniform. Add to the fact that his entire body feels numb and his ears may or may not be ringing at the prospect of being left alone with Sukuna inside his dorm room.



When Sukuna introduced the arrangement for every flunking student in Japanese History, Megumi didn't know what to feel. There is the original deal; on top of it is the sex tape and now the professor decided he wants to hold more stuff against him more by taking his grades as hostage. Megumi briefly wondered if he really should've asked Sukuna to give him extra credit in exchange for rougher and potentially more degrading sex. He was overwhelmed initially, like gravity is gluing him on his seat, at the idea of Sukuna having a lot of cards to play while he has none on his hands. There was disgust, yes, because he really didn't count on Sukuna stooping even lower. He also felt exhausted because now he has given a lot more on his plate — and he couldn't even finish the first servings. He's being stuffed, and any moment now, he feels like he would explode.


And then, the most traitorous part of himself feels elated and excited at the idea of having more alone time with his daddy. Megumi desperately needed to take a break from him to remember how to breathe without someone gnawing on his throat, but it somehow made things worse. His sleepless nights worsened, his irregular eating habits even more compromised. Maybe he shouldn't have ran away last Sunday. Now, he is in a much more pathetic state because every cell in his body is screaming at him to run into daddy's arms. Sukuna is right— he knows how to make him feel good and feel better. He will never admit it out loud, but it's the truth. He hates that truth. He is basically turning into a disgusting addict. Megumi scoffed at himself— how ironic, to become the very thing you hated and looked down upon; in lieu of mountains of alcohol bottles and beer cans, Megumi is hooked on all Sukuna Ryomen can give him. 


So with the storm of emotions brewing inside him, Megumi just settled for being numb. It's what he knows best. He doesn't know which emotion is correct and valid anymore. 


"Make yourself at home," Sukuna gestured for him to go inside. Gulping down the lump swelling inside his throat, Megumi kicked his shoes off and wandered inside, looking around the room to distract himself. To his surprise, the room is as plain and standard as it can be — a twin-sized bed, some plain sheets with matching curtains, a standard-issued work desk, plus a lot of drawers. There are no decorations nor memorabilia that can at least give a hint to who Sukuna Ryomen is on a personal level save from a couple of plaques, framed certificates, and awards that are testaments to his abilities as a teacher. This makes Megumi wonder just how sour Sukuna's relationship with his family is. 


Megumi placed the study materials on top of the desk. He jumped from his spot when Sukuna hugged him from behind and nipped at his ear while saying, "Would you like to take a bath first? You must be feeling icky." Then, to prove his point, Sukuna inserted his hand inside his shirt and rubbed the skin underneath while licking a trail on the back of his neck. Megumi stifled a gasp. His eyes started shutting, and he realized he is zoning out again. This is bad. He cannot have sex with Sukuna here. The residing teachers might hear them when this is supposed to be a study session, and he has an appointment with Doctor Ieri first thing tomorrow. 


"I thought we were supposed to study, sir?" Megumi exhaled. Sukuna ran one of his fingers slicked with sweat against his cheek, which made him grimace. The older man is really fond of touching him. "Relax, boy." He says as he squeezes his arm gently, "We are going to study and discuss but I don't want you uncomfortable. Or do you want me to wash you?"



You are making me uncomfortable, Megumi thought. He bit on his lip to stop himself from verbalizing that. When he didn't respond, Sukuna chuckled and turned him around, kissing him on the lips afterwards. That was the moment his body betrayed him again. He felt warm and gooey inside, as if being with daddy is the most correct thing to happen today. Megumi reflexively kissed back. 


"Your silence means yes," Sukuna smiled at him, which did a number on his erratically beating heart. "I'll run the bath. Just hang your clothes on one of the pegs and meet me in the bathroom, okay?" 


Not quite knowing what else to do, Megumi did as instructed. He shivered a little when the chill air hit his damp skin. He then borrowed one of Sukuna's slippers that fit loosely and went for the bathroom. As expected Sukuna is already in the clawfoot tub, treading the bubbles idly. He perked up when Megumi locked the bathroom door and snuggled himself inside the space between Sukuna's legs. His cock is standing proudly, twitching at the sight of his naked body. "I— I can't have sex right now," Megumi stuttered. Sukuna raised an eyebrow at him, but he looked rather amused. "I have a doctor's appointment tomorrow." Megumi hopes that Sukuna will believe him. 


Thankfully, despite the prolonged silence from the older man, Sukuna seemed to have believed him. He nodded thoughtfully and said, "I'm not leaving any marks. I won't put it inside your ass, so you can ignore it. I just want you here with me, Fushiguro Megumi."


Megumi blinked his eyes at him. Did...he heard those things right, or is he being delusional due to him being horny this time? "Huh?" 


Instead of saying anything, Sukuna wrapped his strong, capable arms around him and held him against his chest. Megumi watched him as he closed his eyes, his eyebrows furrowed, as Sukuna traced patterns on his back with his palms. He cannot help but whimper. His body is electrified again. This is as if it's the first time Sukuna has manhandled him like this, and it doesn't help that he is being awfully gentle to him. He doesn't know what is going on, and part of him wants to be on guard because Sukuna just might drop another bomb on him. His innermost desires won; Megumi pressed his face against his daddy's chest and just let himself feel. He can feel all the restlessness and unease leave his body as he sunk into Sukuna's warm embrace. Daddy wants him, and daddy is being gentle — in his pathetic state, that is all that matters to Megumi. 


"How are your wrists?" Sukuna interlaced their fingers with each other and pecked on his forehead. 


"Fine," Megumi mumbled. 


"You sure?"


Megumi nodded once more, basking in the heat radiating off his captor's skin. acting strange. He's been gentle with him, yes but never to this extent. The older man took his wrist on his palms and planted a kiss on it before rubbing circles on the surface. Megumi bit his lip to prevent another whimper from coming out. His body may no longer have a fight left, but his mind is still sane for the most part. "What the hell?" He found himself saying. 


"Do you remember hurting your wrist after we fucked last time?" Sukuna probed in as he shifted his attention on his other wrist. Megumi shook his head insistently. The physical pains are gone for the most part from that last night. It's the pain Sukuna had given him from the inside that needs tending to — but Megumi is absolutely not letting Sukuna know that. "Are you still hurting anywhere?" 


"I'm fine, Sukuna." Megumi quietly snapped. For some reason, he finds the entire ordeal right now off putting and out of place. They haven't done anything sexual and yet here is Sukuna, doting on him like his life depends on it. 


The older man stopped. Megumi braced himself for any sort of impact Sukuna will be giving him. He winced a little when Sukuna gently cupped his cheeks on his palms and met his gaze. "How are you feeling, then?" He patiently says. That cues Megumi in that something is wrong with him. Even in aftercare, if Megumi does so much as forget Sukuna's title, he'll get punished. "What does it matter to you?" He snarked back. 


Sukuna not hitting him on that blatant form of disrespect is a sign that something is going on. Megumi is frozen solid by the time Sukuna is swiping his thumb on his bottom lip. "You're my baby," he says huskily, "My sweet, beautiful baby boy. Of course I wanna know if you're doing okay."


"Well I'm doing okay," he snaps back once more. All the sweet tenderness from Sukuna is pushing him over the edge. Little by little, he can feel himself slipping back to that mindset. He has to fight it. He is pissed at the man for exploiting him in as many forms as he can...and yet, the same man is pampering him with affection he didn't know he craved— and right now, Sukuna is overloading him and Megumi is too eager to get it despite being overwhelmed himself. "Plus stop acting like you're my boyfriend. I'm just a fuckbuddy to you, sugar coating be damned." Despite the venomous nature of the words he spat out, Megumi delivered it with no real heat powering them. It's just a desperate attempt to claw back into reality because he is slipping and he is slipping badly. 


 Despite that, however, there was a flash in Sukuna's eyes which looked to be pain — or is it guilt? Megumi is too confused to break it down. Either way, Sukuna still isn't punishing him in any way, shape, or form and Megumi genuinely isn't sure if he should allow himself to let his guard down. 


Sukuna cupped his chin. Hard. Megumi hissed back in pain. When Sukuna spoke, the heat and venom from his last statement got dumped right back at him, "What about Kamo?" He says, his eyes reflecting an odd cocktail of pain and wrath. "Is he your boyfriend? And did he fucked you?" 


Megumi gasped at the bluntness. Ironically enough, the accusatory questions are what brought him back to earth and gave him a bit of his own willpower back. Before he even realized, he was already blushing— which hardened the glare from Sukuna. "No! Jesus, no!" He yelps when Sukuna dug his nails on the small of his back. "And so what if I am? What are you gonna do about it— ow! You're hurting me!" He tried to shove Sukuna's hand off his back, but the man further dug his nails deeper into his skin. "Daddy, please!" He hissed into his ear. That did the trick. Sukuna came back to his senses and loosened his grip.  


"Kamo might think you're an interesting person," Sukuna mocked, which brought Megumi back to the cafeteria when his senior asked to take him for dinner some time. He said yes because of course he did. He wants to be polite, plus he cannot afford to be rude to somebody as kind as Kamo. "But that is only because he doesn't see...this." he then fervently gestured at Megumi's whole body. Getting what the older man is trying to imply, Megumi's eyes started watering. "I'm sorry, babe, but do you honestly believe Kamo would still want you if he finds out about everything we're doing?" 


Megumi is tight-lipped. He has an answer to that; unfortunately for him, it's the kind of answer that is heartbreaking. He knows that Kamo is a decent man of luxurious upbringing. Sukuna is right— Kamo wouldn't even want to spare him another glance if he finds out that he's a filthy faggot whore who's also a personal sex doll. 


The thought of anyone not wanting him hurts. Megumi's chest heaved with heavy sobs as he started weeping against his professor's sturdy chest. Sukuna is taken aback; he haphazardly rubbed circles on Megumi's back and peppered him with kisses. Megumi observed that his chest is also rising rapidly. How dare he? Sukuna can't possibly be trying to copy whatever he's feeling. Only he has the right to panic right now. "Baby, baby," Sukuna cooed as he engulfs him into a passionate kiss. He then proceeded to wipe the warm tears off his face. Megumi is finding himself getting sent back to that pathetic headspace again as Sukuna's comforting actions sweep him off his feet. "I know that Kamo is a nice guy and getting rejected by him would suck. But you have me. I see you at your worst and your best. You have me, baby."


Megumi hacked into another round of sobs as he vehemently shook his head in disagreement. He only has Sukuna because of their deal. One fuck up on his end and it will disappear too. The most fucked up part is that he is snuggling Sukuna for comfort again. Because he is right — Sukuna knows how to make him feel better when he feels like shit albeit in a morbid, fucked up sense. 


He might hate the man for being so vile, but deep down Megumi knows that he'll come back running to him if he's in any pain. 


Sukuna carded his fingers on his scalp, which soothed him just a little. "Let it all out, babe," he says as he grabs a washcloth and begins scrubbing him clean. And just like that, Megumi fully allowed himself to cry his heart out from the validation. He is seeking comfort from the worst person in the world. How laughable. What a joke. Since when did Megumi become this pathetic? 


After their bath, Sukuna allowed Megumi to borrow some of his clothes. He settled for a muscle tank top with large holes on the sides, one of Sukuna's boxer briefs, and a pair of gray-colored track pants. Because Sukuna is twice his size, everything is baggy and loose just as he likes. To nobody's surprise, Sukuna only wore a fresh pair of underwear. There was a faint blush on his cheeks when he saw Megumi wearing his clothes. Megumi chose to ignore that and got back to work. 


"Would you like to eat anything?" Sukuna offers, "I'm almost out of groceries, but I think I can still make you something."


"I'm not hungry," Megumi says as he browsed through the textbooks in front of him. 


"Something to drink, then?"


Megumi stared at the man. If he doesn't know any better, he'd think Sukuna looks apologetic for god knows what, exactly. Still, he decided to humor his host. "Coffee?"



Sukuna nodded, "Do you want cream and sugar with that?"




Megumi lost himself on the words from the handout Sukuna had prepared for him. It's basically all key points and takeaways from all the topics he flunked — which easily compose more than half of last semester. His brain is still hazy, but he is doing his best to compare and contrast the failed topics from before to whatever is on the present syllabus. The strong aroma of coffee wafted his nose, and he can't help but loosen up a little more. "Thanks, daddy." He finds himself saying. Taken aback, he glances at Sukuna, who turned redder. The older man played it off by laughing at him then kissing him full on the lips, "No problem, baby boy." 


The coffee is far too creamy and sweet for his taste but he'll take it. For the next few minutes, the two of them just sat there and had a quick rundown of all the things Megumi needs to work on and all the things he can further improve. Sukuna has also set his expectations by laying down all the projected outputs and requirements he'll be passing under his tutelage, together with the breakdown of how the passing scores will be calculated. Between the words of affirmation from his professor and Sukuna's touches, Megumi slowly lost himself into the all too familiar headspace until such time when he found himself kissing Sukuna full on the mouth again— or is it Sukuna who initiated it? Megumi lost track. All he knew is they are tongue-tied, and that Sukuna is on top of him again, while he is being pinned down to the soft mattress underneath him. The older man made quick work of removing the clothes off their bodies. "Don't leave marks," Megumi gasps when Sukuna feasted on his neck, then kissed trails all over his torso. The older man spread his legs apart and before he can even say anything, took his aching member inside his mouth. 



Megumi bit on his hand as Sukuna sucked on to the shaft of his member. His eyes rolled to the back of his head and he writhed all over his sheets when his professor ran circles on his head with his tongue. Every so often, a whimper would escape him and he'd bite it back. The worries and anger got purged out of him by the heat of Sukuna's mouth and the moist tongue massaging his cock. "Fuck," he breathes. The familiar coil in his gut is on the verge of snapping. He watched Sukuna bob his head up and down his manhood. Megumi stared in fascination as he discovered that Sukuna is stroking his own cock in sync with the way he's blowing him. Sukuna would moan hotly from the sensation he's giving to himself, and the sound would echo on his rod. 


With his jaw slack, Megumi is being consumed by euphoria, and the fight between toning himself down to be discreet and letting his inhibitions go and moan for daddy is getting to a climax. "Daddy...daddy, I'm gonna cum—"


Upon hearing that, Sukuna pulled it out and kissed him full on the mouth. He briefly tasted his tongue before Sukuna entangled their hands with each other and mounted on him, pressing his hard member against him. "Not yet," he rakes his teeth on his jaw. 


"Please," Megumi bucked his hips against Sukuna's. The friction between their erect members made him squirm delicately. The man merely tutted at him and leaned over for another searing kiss as he began humping his member erratically. Mouth agape, Megumi can only stare at the man looming above him. The expressions of pleasure on his face look lovely. Sukuna took both of his hands and pinned them beside his head on the pillow while they rutted their lower bodies against each other. Megumi wrapped his legs around his waist. They didn't exchange any words. They just got lost in each other's eyes as their muffled sounds echo inside their ears. 


"Megumi...Megumi," Sukuna sighs. His grip on his hand tightened and his pace went faster. With furrowed eyebrows and closed lips, Megumi arched his back for more contact with Sukuna's thick shaft as the member slid all over against him in a sporadic manner. Heat started pooling inside him. He's about to cum as well. Megumi tried to stare at their genitals in wonder only for Sukuna to tilt his head back to its position from before. "Keep those eyes on me," he panted as he thrusted roughly, which stimulated Megumi's sensitive head, which led to him moaning softly as precum started bursting out of him in small spurts. Sukuna shuddered above him, apparently realizing the added fluid coating them both now. 


Sukuna lets his hands go and dives in for another deep kiss. Megumi whimpered on his mouth as he clung on to his shoulders. He allowed Sukuna to devour his mouth. He felt his shudders go harder and the primal noises seeping beneath his throat getting more prominent. Megumi closed his eyes as Sukuna moaned into his mouth, and hot, wet gushes splattered his cock and all over his stomach. His thrusts slowed down to a halt as Sukuna pulled out of the kiss and rested his head on the pillow as he rode his euphoria out. "Did you cum?"


Megumi shook his head slowly. Upon seeing this, Sukuna pecked him on the cheek and went down on him again. He stared at his erection first, which is now leaking more precum after being coated with Sukuna's own fluids before plopping it back inside his mouth — which scandalized Megumi. Sukuna retched at the taste of his own semen first, but went on to blow his shaft and massage his overstimulated head with his warm, soft, wet tongue once more as Megumi writhed and trembled underneath him. His short, spasmic gasps urged Sukuna on, making him suck harder. 


"Daddy," he gasps. Megumi briefly hesitated before tangling his fingers in Sukuna's locks. The heat inside him bursts out, and with curled toes, he came inside Sukuna's mouth in a breathless, soundless moan. His hips thrusted erratically as his semen pours out of him. Sukuna whimpered at the taste but gulped them all in one go. He then placed a kiss on the root before cleaning his dick with his tongue for any remnants. Panting, Megumi watched as his daddy cleaned him up of their tryst with his very capable tongue. When he's done around the genital area, he proceeded to lick his navel clean. Heat creeped out on Megumi's face as he felt lighter upon watching his daddy dote and pamper him after such a satisfying climax. When he's done, Sukuna gazed at him from his stomach and asks, "You okay?"


Megumi nods fervently. 


"Are you hurt anywhere?" Sukuna says as he trailed small kisses upstream. 


Megumi shakes his head. He still feels hurt and betrayed from Sunday, but the pleasure is enough to conceal it for the meantime. Besides, that is an entirely different discussion. 


"Are you sure, love?" Sukuna's face is looming above him again. He affectionately caressed his cheek, and for the first time, Megumi saw something lingering in his eyes that is far beyond the usual smoked out lust. He cannot quite place it— not that he needs to. He is feeling too euphoric from the names of endearment Sukuna is giving him to care. 


"I am sure," Megumi firmly responded, "I am not hurt, daddy. Thank you." At this point, Megumi isn't sure if that is a truth or a lie anymore. He can't deny that he is hurting — but no way in hell is he gonna let Sukuna know about it. Doing so is basically giving him another card for his deck of all the things he can take advantage of. He doesn't need Sukuna having more leverage to fuck him and do as he pleases. 


On the other hand, whatever is going on between the two of them right now is driving him wild. He feels all kinds of warm and light and he is not sure if this is just an aftermath of all the pleasure or something else entirely. The line between pain and pleasure is blurring, and Megumi isn't sure which tightrope is he holding on to anymore with Sukuna. 


Still, he fully embraced the warmth coming from Sukuna's body and sighed. Sukuna seems to be relieved as well. "Then stay," he softly commands, "hold me until I fall asleep, Fushiguro Megumi."


Sukuna laid down on top of him. His weight feels uncomfortable, but Megumi is too puzzled to complain. Sukuna clung on to him and used his entire torso as his pillow as he slowly drifted to sleep. Then, it hits him that his visitor's pass is only effective until 6 p.m. "I can't stay."


"I'm not asking you to," Sukuna yawns as he sinks further into Megumi's hold. "I just want you here. Let me fall asleep, please."


Megumi hesitated, but he wrapped his arms around his daddy in response. He stared at the older man starting to slumber on top of him. He thought back to the other times they held like this. Sukuna would cuddle him and murmur sweet things to him until he falls asleep. Maybe Sukuna actually does need something like that, after all. Megumi doesn't know what to feel about that, and Sukuna isn't saying anything about it either. He thinks returning the favor is good, although Megumi still thinks Sukuna is not in a position to feel this way— or maybe he just isn't used to seeing Sukuna so vulnerable like this.


Megumi then remembered that he also have troubles sleeping. While he is aware that staying beyond the prescribed hours is against the rules, he thinks nobody would check on the teachers and their visitors. Plus— despite hating the dependency— Megumi has never felt so light. He figures he might as well benefit from it and get some much needed sleep. "What have you done to me?" Megumi softly whispers as he idly scratched the older man's scalp, earning him a deep rumble in the process. Megumi just laid there, toying with Sukuna's scalp and hair as he tries to find the answer to that question too. 







Chapter Text

Do you honestly believe Kamo would still want you if he finds out about everything we're doing?



The words bounced around inside Megumi's head as he tells Nobara of his recent encounter with his senior from the stupid hookup app. She is flabbergasted, as expected. Anybody would be shocked that Noritoshi Kamo, a very conservative Student Council president, is in a hookup app to get laid. In typical Nobara fashion, however, the lady managed to recover just as quick and proceeded to ask Megumi about his encounter with the older man. 



"He', gentle. Very gentle," Megumi recalls. Heat creeped on his face as he remembered Kamo's hands on his body that's as light as a feather and his soft lips like a cushion. When he pictures how he kisses and touches him, however, is a different story; try as he might, Sukuna's bruising kisses and searing touches are all that he can manifest. His body is so used to being used by Sukuna that the idea of having sex automatically brings him back to him. 


"And what about his body? And size? How far did you guys go?" Nobara fired the question with a teasing gaze as she's sipping on her boba tea. 


Megumi sipped on his hot coffee. He opted to lower his voice down when he realized more students are flocking in the cafeteria for their breakfast. He eyed the sugary drink her friend is having with a thick stack of pancakes drenched in syrup warily, thinking that much sugar can't be good for anyone. "We...just kissed while naked. I backed out," He admits. Just recalling how he bailed makes his stomach churn from guilt. He can't help but think he led the man on. Megumi did accept the proposition for a one night stand with his senior, so the least he can do is keep his end of the bargain. 


Nobara scoffed at him, clearly disappointed at his awful decision. Megumi is disappointed in himself too, but he doesn't need it to be rubbed on his face. "You could've at least sucked him off."


"Yeah well, I didn't," Megumi quietly snapped and dug into his eggs. He couldn't bring himself to admit that the reason why he couldn't go all the way with the senior that night is because every cell in his body is registering his kisses and touches as Sukuna's. It's not fair for the man that he's thinking of Sukuna while he's the one making him feel good. 


"And what about 9 inches?" Nobara decided that Sukuna is a far more interesting and appropriate topic. Megumi stiffened. The very root of all his problems is the one making him feel...all these weird things. Of course he's not gonna let his friend know that he is riding his professor's cock on the down low due to the secrets that he needs to keep. "Have you heard from him?" 


"Yeah," was all Megumi said, fearing that if he says any more than that, he'll break and spill. Nobara just would not understand even if he knows she can be trusted.  


"And you guys haven't…" Nobara left the question up and hanging in the air, well aware of the fact that Megumi wants to be discreet at such a public set up. She just gestured at him, which cued Megumi in. "No, no we haven't." Thanks to Nobara's probing, his thoughts got filled with more of Sukuna. Whatever transpired between them yesterday evening, when he ended up falling asleep wearing Sukuna's clothes while snuggling him, most certainly doesn't count as full blown sex. They just humped on to each other until they came...and they just kissed. They kissed a lot. Megumi can swear that he feels the tingle of the older man's lips all over his skin, mapping him well. 


"And you're blushing again," Nobara smirked. "You and I both know you like the guy. Just ask him out already so you can introduce me to him."


"No, I don't!" Megumi hissed rather defensively, which made his friend even look more smug. "He...he's just a good fuckbuddy. That's all." 


No way in hell is Megumi gonna ask Sukuna out. That is just flat out taboo — but then, he did say yes to Kamo taking him out for dinner this upcoming Friday night. Sukuna is probably old enough to be his biological father. There is also the pressing issue of their arrangement, and the fact that Sukuna is keen on blackmailing him for sex. And then there's also the mess that is whatever he is feeling; the storm of heightened emotions ravaging his innards is too messy to even sort out. When he thinks of the entire compromising arrangement, it makes him sick with disgust and horror. Sukuna preyed on him and exploited him being vulnerable; and yet, when he's actually alone with the man, every single fight and hatred in his body just disappears into the thin air, and he becomes a lightheaded, weakened trainwreck who is too eager to please Sukuna for his care and attention. 



"Yeah. I'm gonna pretend I believe you, Megumi," Nobara twirled a lock of her hair between her fingers. "You blush and zone out whenever I do so much as mention 9 inches."


"That's because it's a lewd codename," Megumi rebutted pathetically, "And because...because he's just good in bed. That's all." He lied. He can't tell Nobara exactly that he isn't quite sure what to make of Sukuna himself without looking like a masochistic freak with Stockholm Syndrome. 


Sukuna makes him feel light with his kisses and touches...yet also crushes him with the heavy pressure of everything that he is holding against him. He knows what to say to make him feel better or become worse. Megumi falls apart and becomes whole whenever Sukuna holds him at the same time. He is not sure if the feelings in his stomach are butterflies fluttering or a vile pool of disgust churning. He doesn't know what to do with all he resorted to being numb as usual. Nobara wouldn't get that. 


"And I'm only blushing," Megumi stood on the defense once more, stealing the chance to change the topic to get Nobara to stop talking about Sukuna because any more of him and he's gonna lose it. "Because...Kamo-san asked me out, and I intend to have sex with him." 


That did the intended job, alright. Nobara spat out her drink straight at Megumi's direction, making him yelp in disgust. "Woah!" Nobara hacked into a fit of coughs after that. Megumi took his handkerchief from his pocket and cleaned himself up, whining defiantly. "I thought he was supposed to be a one and done kind of thing?" She says as she also cleans up the mess she made using her spare paper napkins. Everyone in the cafeteria is staring at them now, which gratefully made him feel uncomfortable. At the corner of his vision, he saw Sukuna, who was frowning at his direction. He returned the man's gaze— only to blush even more when he realized the older man was biting on his lower lip as he hungrily eyed Megumi's soiled top. 


Megumi can only hope that Sukuna didn't overheard what he just said. He's gonna have sex with Kamo only because he feels guilty for ditching him and would like to make it up to him. Plus, he could use a break from Sukuna. Maybe sleeping with Kamo would do the trick and purge some of him off his system. 


Megumi wanted to laugh. He wants to purge sin off his body by using sin. Talk about fighting fire with fire. 


"So when is this happening?" Nobara recovered from her initial state of shock rather easily. 


"Friday night," Megumi mumbled as he finished the last bits of his breakfast. 


"And do you have anything to wear?" 


Megumi stared at his friend. He has more than enough clothes for a date night. "I'll just wear something comfortable, I guess."


Nobara tutted. "No you're not," she says, "You'll wear something that is gonna make you look sexy that's also easy to strip. Meet me at the main gate after your last class. What time does your last class end again?"


Megumi cocked an eyebrow. While he sees where Nobara is coming from, he just doesn't see the point in dressing up. It's just a casual date, and as his malicious friend has said, the clothes are gonna come off anyway so what gives. 


"I blew my clothing budget already," he lied. Gojo gives him an unnecessarily hefty allowance for food, clothes, and leisure — and the man also pays for his phone plan and buys groceries for him on a weekly basis. The money is just straight up overkill. Being a school administrator must be highly rewarding towards his guardian's paycheck. Megumi is thankful, of course; after all, almost all portions of his allowance goes straight to Tsumiki's medical bills under the table. She is his half-sister, but for all intents and purposes, in Gojo's world, she is an outsider and therefore extending help to her would mean punishment for Megumi. 


"But you do have a credit card under your name, right?" Nobara pouted. "I'm jealous, Megumi. Think Gojo-sensei has room for one more adopted kid?" 


"He's my legal guardian, not my stepfather," Megumi pointed out. Nobara rolls his eyes, "Same shit, my friend."


Ah yes, the dreaded credit card. Despite his objection, Satoru Gojo made him an authorized user on one of his credit cards and therefore gave him a card under his name. Did he mention that Gojo is an unnecessary spendster? The said credit card is tucked in the depths of his drawers. 


"I'm not using the credit card for something I probably won't wear again, Kugisaki," Megumi argues. "That's a waste of money."


Nobara shakes his head in blatant disagreement. "You, my friend, are lucky." She says. Megumi scoffed. He's feeling anything but lucky. "I'd kill to be in your position right now. Your legal guardian is loaded and he himself said that you can buy whatever you want with the card, right? He'll foot the bill. Treat yourself a little."


She's correct. Gojo even promised that he won't question him for any transaction he makes. His idea of taking care of someone is stuffing them with money and leaving them alone. As somebody who grew up in a poor and neglectful household, Megumi hates that.


He decided not to kill Nobara's vibe and just went with it. Megumi is too tired to argue anyways — and yes, he is well aware that the day has just begun. 



Megumi's definition of fashion leans more towards comfort and breathability, so when Nobara picks out an outfit for him, he is visibly annoyed and in sheer discomfort at her definition of 'sexy'. 


He stood right at the gates of the station where he's supposed to meet Kamo squirming uncomfortably at his outfit. It consists of a pair of dark blue skinny jeans ripped at the thighs and knees (which she's particularly fond of when he tried it on because it makes his ass look fat, apparently) tucked into light brown combat boots, a sheer black tank top with a deep, wide neckline and a matching leather jacket. Nobara even initially intended to have him wear a thick choker and some piercings but he vehemently protested against it, so they both settled for a cherry red skinny necktie hanging from his neck. The items hugged every inch of his skin, and despite him being fully covered there is something in the outfit that makes him feel naked. 


Megumi browsed his phone to kill time, anxiously reading the previous conversations he had with his senior. The last text is about 20 minutes ago, when Kamo texted him that he's preparing. 


Megumi spotted him first from the crowd, wearing what Megumi calls the typical Noritoshi Kamo outfit — a boxy, baggy fit plain shirt with wide sleeves, ankle-length work trousers, and leather shoes. His long raven locks are down, which Megumi finds quite unsettling; this is the first time he saw him without donning his hair up in a casual setting and he is honestly not sure if he prefers him with untamed hair or not. 


Two things instantly came into Megumi's mind when he locked gazes with his senior: one, amidst the baggy clothing, he thinks he is beautiful, the kind of beauty you see in marble statues in museums — all grace and litheness and angles with an aura of cold elegance all over them; and two, Megumi is somehow severely overdressed and underdressed at the same time. He feels like a weird hybrid between a biker, a librarian, and a stripper. 


Upon seeing him, Kamo's jaw dropped and heat creeped on his face. Under normal circumstances, Megumi would've laughed at him for his expression. Now, Megumi isn't quite sure what to make of it. "Fushiguro," he exhales, "You look nice." Upon closer inspection, Kamo is turning almost as red as his necktie — which also made Megumi blush. He honestly doesn't find the outfit sexy, but turns out Nobara is right. "Thanks," he says, "You...look good, too."


They took the train uptown, and after a few minutes of walking further the two of them reached this fancy hotel Kamo has described from their previous conversations. The in-house restaurant is not too crowded, and the warm, calm ambience did ease Megumi's frayed nerves. While the two of them looked out of place with their outfits for the restaurant's overall formal motif, the staff welcomed them lovingly. Kamo reserved a table for the two of them in the balcony, which gave them an ample view of Tokyo at night. Megumi stared at the city lights across his vision, hypnotized from all the bright colors contrasted by the dark shades of night. 


"Beautiful, isn't it?" Kamo murmured from across the table. Megumi can only nod in awe. 


Kamo ordered for the two of them. Megumi can't even pronounce most of what's in the menu, so he decided to just have what Kamo is having. He can just give his meal to the man if he doesn't like it. While waiting for their order to arrive, the two of them talked about a lot of things personal and impersonal; whether it is about their personal life, academics, school organizations, the program they are both enrolled in, or an improv teachers' evaluation (to which Megumi conveniently left out Japanese History), Megumi and Kamo bantered oh so casually. 


"My mom loves this place," Kamo fondly recalls, "I'd take her here whenever she gets to visit from Kyoto." 


Megumi felt something bitter pop inside his chest. He masked his envy with interest. He doesn't wanna know about Kamo's family, if he's being honest, but he wants to be polite. "And your dad?" 


There's a sad smile that formed from his lips. "He's...out of the equation, so to speak," Kamo sighs, "I'm a bastard, you see."


"Oh," Megumi feels stupid all of a sudden. Maybe he should've trusted his gut and dropped the family topic and just focused on the restaurant instead but it's too late to back down. "I'm sorry."


Kamo shook his head. "You have nothing to apologize for, Fushiguro," he grabbed his hand and rubbed it reassuringly. Megumi just let him do it. "I honestly can't hide that fact even if I want to. So might as well embrace it."


Megumi sees his point. How he wished he could be like Kamo— unafraid of expressing who he really is. A lot of his troubles would go away if only he was gutsy.



"Does your mom know?" Megumi fiddled with his fingers. Thankfully, Kamo caught on about what he is referring to and responded accordingly to spare him the effort of elaborating. "Yeah. She's been great about it," he says, "Her one condition though is she has to meet whoever I'm dating. She can be quite a nag though, especially if she doesn't like the person I brought. She has high standards, you see."


Megumi allowed himself to chuckle a bit. The idea of Noritoshi Kamo's mother judging his choices in love life in front of him is honestly quite funny. He can only sigh in envy, kind of wanting the same thing. 


"I think she'll love you, though." Kamo mused, an afterthought. 


The statement made Megumi's heart jump to his throat and dive back down to his stomach. Sukuna's words from before started echoing in his brain again. 


Do you honestly believe Kamo would still want you if he finds out about everything we're doing?



Absolutely not. That is the answer. Kamo...and to an extent, his mother would like him only because they are ignorant of what is really going on with him. He'll dump him first chance he can get when he does find out. 


There is a firm squeeze on his arm. Megumi stared at Kamo's hand digging on his flesh. "Hey," he says, concerned. Megumi wants to scratch it off his handsome face. "Are you okay?" 


"Yeah," Megumi can breathe again. "Yeah, I'm fine."


"Did I do anything—"


"No, you didn't," Megumi tried to smile to reassure his company. He can only hope it doesn't come off as a wince. "I just remembered something. That's all."


Thankfully, Kamo dropped the subject. Megumi is spared from further personal talk when their meal arrives. The steak Kamo got him looks juicy and tasty, further driven home by the fact that it also smells delicious. "Do you drink?" His senior asks him while showing a bottle of wine. Megumi nods. He could honestly use a bit of alcohol to loosen his tense self up. 


They ate their share in comfortable silence. Before he can even realize it, Megumi is starting to feel a little tipsy from all the wine he had consumed. He just kept pouring for himself and had practically treated the alcoholic beverage as if it's water — that's how nervous and agitated he is about the entire ordeal. Kamo wants him to meet his mom...but he knows for a fact that he'll get dumped once word that he's sleeping with his Japanese History teacher gets out. 


Kamo might think you're an interesting person but that is only because he doesn't see...this.


Megumi's leg bounced anxiously beneath the table, brushing against Kamo's at one point. Upon feeling this, Kamo cocked an eyebrow at him then smirked. Clueless, Megumi just stared at his company. Kamo is more than patient to elaborate. "We're at a hotel, you know," He says huskily as he caresses Megumi's agitated leg with the point of his shoe beneath the table. 


"Yeah," Megumi's mouth felt dry. He rinsed it off with more alcohol, and he is feeling a little bit warm and gooey again. "What are you gonna do, fuck me?" 


"Only if you want me to." Kamo leaned against his chair. He cracked his eyes open, and the dark-colored orbs concealed beneath them oddly reminded Megumi of coffee— warm, and the caffeine boost makes him far more alert. 


Megumi averted his gaze as a gush of heat wave swept on his face and in between his legs. His impending arousal hurts thanks to the tight fit of the jeans he's wearing. A strong gust of wind blew all over the two of them, making a mess out of Kamo's hair in the process. Megumi gulps at how sexy he looks while taming his hair with his long, slender fingers. He is suddenly reminded why he wants to have sex with the man, and decided that now is the best time to initiate. "Maybe," Megumi chews on his lips anxiously as gooseflesh started peppering his skin, "Maybe I want you to fuck me."



It is safe to say that they began tasting each other the moment they have finished their meal. 


Megumi locked lips with his senior as soon as they got inside the hotel room Kamo booked on the fly. He threw his jacket on the floor and pinned Kamo against the nearby wall as lust and desire overtook him once more. The feeling brought him an odd sense of deja vu as he hungrily lapped at Kamo's tongue, tasting the strong notes of the wine and the roasted flavor of the steak. Megumi moaned hotly at his mouth when Kamo snuck his hands inside his top and caressed his sweat-slicked skin. 


Megumi broke the kiss to take his top off— only to freeze a little when he realized that he was staring back at Sukuna grinning back at him. He brushed it off as him being a little too tipsy and clumsily stripped his tank top and undid his tie, letting them both fall on the floor. Kamo licked on his lips and down on his nipples as he fumbled for Megumi's belt. "Kamo-san!" He hissed as his senior tugged and kissed on his teat, taking extra effort to ensure that he was not moaning for daddy. He wants to be fair. This night is exclusively between him and Kamo. He succeeded in unfastening his belt and undoing his jeans, yanking them down and letting them fall on the floor. Kamo held him on his hips as he kissed him more while he guided him towards the bed. Megumi sat down to remove his boots quickly and set them aside. 


Megumi watched as Kamo rid himself of his own shoes and clothes. He wrapped his arms around his waist as he pulled the man closer to him and showed his admiration towards Kamo's lean body by grazing his lips against the toned surface of his stomach. Kamo buried his fingers on his scalp as he pulled Megumi closer to him. He wasted no time and undid his senior's trousers, yanking it down together with his underwear and letting his erection spring free. 


Megumi paused to stare at his senior's cock throbbing at him for his attention. He looked up towards Kamo for any sign of disapproval — only to find him leaning down to kiss him on the lips once more. He wrapped his hand around the shaft and gave it a few pumps. Kamo moaned, and there was saliva dripping away from his mouth. It was Kamo who broke the kiss first, and nudged his head towards his dick. Taking the hint, Megumi takes the hard member inside his mouth slowly. 


Because he is not hung like his daddy, the dick inside Megumi's mouth feels a lot less punishing and a lot more comfortable. There is more room to work around it, and work around it he did. He bobbed his head seamlessly as he savored the taste of his senpai's skin by letting his tongue massage the area instinctively. 


"Fushiguro," Kamo calls out, his hips jerking forward. Megumi can feel his fingers tread his hair soothingly while his other hand supports the back of his neck as he feasts on his flesh. Something fluttered in Megumi's chest, and while he can distinct the musk and salt of Kamo's member, he can taste something else getting mixed up and the lines between Kamo and Sukuna in terms of taste get muddier. 


Puzzled, Megumi tried shoving his senior's cock further down his throat to see if that could make any difference. Kamo clutched on to a handful of his hair, making Megumi wince a little. The sounds echoing inside their hotel room further caused confusion towards him because he genuinely cannot tell if the loud moans and words of affirmation are from Kamo or from Sukuna. 



The familiar bitterness of precum started coating the surface of his tongue. Megumi further constricted the member on his mouth and thrusted the head deep on the back of his throat as he gags uncontrollably. "Fushiguro— shit, wait!" Kamo growled, but the warning was a little too late. Thick, salty and bitter cum started rushing down his throat and covered his tongue. Megumi pulled out, spasming. He wanted to hurl. Daddy's hot sperm is too much to take this time. Still, he covered his mouth with his hand to prevent any of the liquid from leaking. 


Daddy caressed his cheek and made him look up. Megumi is perplexed to see Kamo looming over him, a look of concern all over his face. "Are you okay?"


"Yes sir," Megumi panted. Only then, did he realize that he is thinking of Sukuna while sucking on Kamo, and that there are stray tears running down his face. Not again. He furiously wiped the tears off him and reached for Kamo, brushing his lips against him. There is hesitation in Kamo's kisses. Megumi doesn't need him to hesitate. He needs him to help him forget Sukuna for even just a night. So he did what his body knows best — he tangled himself all over Kamo and pried his mouth open while letting gravity take over and fall to the soft bed, with the senior on top of him. "I'm fine," Megumi reiterated once more, "Fuck me like you mean it, Kamo. Make me feel good."


Help me forget about him just for a night. I would like to feel anything but him. Please let my mind drift anywhere but to him. Please. 


"Alright," Kamo lunged in for a kiss. For a few minutes there, the two of them are just an entanglement of limbs and body heat and an exchange of torrid kisses as they got lost in the passion. "Daddy," Megumi would whimper when Kamo would break free and kiss him all over his skin. The kisses felt like hot brands, and Megumi would jump and shudder at the sensation. Kamo would also suck him off while probing his hole with his long fingers, and Megumi would moan for daddy. Kamo is clearly uncomfortable with the call sign, but didn't protest. Megumi hated himself a little more. He is so lost in the euphoria that he can't help calling out for daddy as if it is second nature to him. Nothing is wrong with it except he isn't being taken to bed by Sukuna this time around. 


While Kamo has a condom packet inside his wallet, he apparently didn't anticipate that sex is gonna be included in their little date night and the hotel doesn't have any provisions for lube. They both had to make do with a lot of saliva coming from both of them. Megumi prepped Kamo's condomed cock while he fingered himself open in anticipation for the older man. Blowing it feels even weirder. It feels like Megumi is sucking on a meatstick wrapped in plastic — which, in hindsight, is technically correct. He figured Kamo is the type of guy who doesn't use flavored condoms. When he's done, Megumi goes on all fours, spreading his legs apart as wide as possible. Kamo responded by kissing his hole before giving it a few licks and spitting more. The action felt too familiar for Megumi, but he said nothing. 


Kamo started sheathing himself inside him. Megumi's long, drawled out moans started filling the room. He clutched at the sheets beneath him as his senior moved in and out of him, in an agonizingly slow motion. He peeked over his shoulder and watched as Kamo himself got lost in the pleasure he's getting from Megumi's ass — his hair sticking on to the surface of his skin damp with sweat, his eyes clenched shut, and his teeth gritted as he thrusted inside Megumi while holding on to his hips for support. There's no denying that Kamo is liking what is happening. 


The same can't be said for Megumi, however. The burning pain and the ecstatic pleasure of getting a dick plunged inside him is there, and Kamo does hit the right spots inside him which makes him cry out even louder, his mind and body keeps going back to Sukuna. "Harder, daddy." He gasped. Megumi just addressed Sukuna even if he isn't even here. He stared back at his senior. While there is a mask of discomfort on his face, Kamo obliged and fucked him a little harder and faster. Still, Megumi's body decides it's just not enough. Before he can even stop himself, the words started spewing out of him. "Please, daddy," Megumi mewls out, "Fuck me harder...fuck me harder, daddy!"



"I'm trying," Kamo leaned in closer, resting his head on Megumi's shoulder as he pistoned in him while the latter moans and squirms beneath his touch. "But— fuck! You're too tight, Fushiguro. So...damn...tight!" 


The comments went over to his head. Megumi's thoughts start getting a little bit hazy as pleasure overwhelms him while, wait. Kamo. Kamo is the one pounding his insides. Megumi mentally smacked himself for forgetting. Megumi wedged himself off Kamo's dick and laid on his back, spreading his legs in the air. His senior rested the pair of limbs on his lean shoulders and kissed him a bit more as he reentered him.  


Megumi held on to his back as Kamo found the sweet spot inside him and focused all his effort there, making him practically scream and shout as he got overloaded with pleasure once more. "Shit!" Kamo hissed. His thrusts became more erratic and shallow, a vain attempt at prolonging the agony on his end. "Fushiguro…shit, shit!" He moans deeply as his orgasm hits, causing him to shudder pretty violently. He pulled out of Megumi, heaving for air as he pulled him into another kiss. 


Kamo gripped Megumi's cock tightly. Megumi wantonly moaned as his own orgasm was about to hit him. "I wanna cum," Megumi pleads, "Please."


Kamo spat on his hand and hastened his firm strokes on Megumi's member. Megumi writhed and arched his back as he gets nauseous from all the pleasure he's been receiving. His ears started ringing, and he can hear daddy coaxing him. 


Good boy. Sweet boy. Cum for me. Cum for daddy. 


Megumi yelped as thick bursts of semen came out of him while thinking of Sukuna yet again. He stared at his own cock as the fluid gushed out of him, his legs still trembling from the wake of his orgasm as the shame and guilt of him thinking of Sukuna, the very thing he fought so hard to prevent, ended up happening. Once the wave of euphoria went off, Megumi felt numb. He feels horrible about himself for being such an unfair person. Kamo kissed him full on the lips and offered to help him clean up, but he adamantly refused. The last thing he needs is more of Sukuna invading his personal space even if he isn't here. 


Megumi just kept the faucet running in the hotel bathtub, ensuring that he will not be heard by his company. Once he was comfortable enough, he wept openly as he scrubbed himself clean. He cannot believe he just fantasized about Sukuna while he is at the mercy of a man that is significantly kinder than him. What a traitor. He really just used Kamo to try and relieve himself from all the pressure he's been feeling and even that didn't work, and now he feels horrible. 


Because the least he can do to repay the man's favor is to acknowledge him, not call out for Sukuna over and over. But he didn't, and now he feels shittier than ever. 













Chapter Text

Satoru is munching on a large bucket of caramel popcorn inside one of the meeting rooms in his estate while watching a horror movie when a familiar ringtone pierced through the horrified screams of one of the characters getting stabbed on screen. He didn't expect that the photos he requested would reach him first before his good friend Shoko, which is a pleasant surprise. That tells him either Shoko really took her time inhaling a pack of cigarettes or one of his many moles found something rather juicy. 


He fished one of his many encrypted phones out of the drawers and, sure enough, his mole has a lot of juicy photos to offer. Grinning, he browsed through all of them. They're just photos of Megumi and Noritoshi Kamo in uptown Tokyo. From their proximity and body language, Satoru can tell they're having a date night. Megumi looks equal parts elegant and enchanting thanks to the outfit one of his friends picked out for him — Kugisaki, was it? — and Kamo...looks very Kamo. No shade intended. He can overlook the fact that the senior has poor style and fashion taste because he'll be a good match for Megumi; he's acquainted with his father, and from what he heard he is a good student and a better leader than literally every other higher up that isn't him. As far as he can tell, the two of them enjoy each other's company — hell, they are all over each other's mouths in the last photo. 


Satoru wired the payment for the photos. Then, as if on cue, his work hotline rang. He picked up and put it on speaker. "Well?" He says while stuffing his mouth with more popcorn. Suddenly, his night became more interesting. 


"He looks nervous and agitated, but I didn't see anything that might suggest fear nor hostility," Tonight's mole number two reports, "For someone as introverted and antisocial as your kid, boss, he seems to be enjoying the company."


Satoru chuckled. That cements it — Kamo is not the main source of Megumi's distress recently. "That's all I need. Thank you so much for your work. I sent you extra for your discretion."


The mole said his thanks then hang up. Satoru feels relieved, now that he is confident that he can keep his connections with the Kamo family. Still, that opened up another set of questions. 


Satoru stared at the pictures pinned at a corkboard from one of the corners in the room. Megumi's dread is reflected in the shiny photographs, a stark contrast from the nervous but happy energy he is radiating from the photos he received. So Megumi is seeing someone — that is confirmed. But if he is dating Kamo, then who could he possibly be seeing in these photographs?


He heard the door open. Having a good idea of who it is, he just let the person be and eyed the photographs once more. "Did I mention how I think it's really creepy that you have pictures of your ward like that?" Shoko took a spot beside him and inspected the photographs too, "If you wanna find out something, just ask him."


"Yeah, well, he doesn't talk much." Satoru sighs. For as long as he can remember, Megumi has shut off everybody. At such a young age, he had sealed off himself in a box of shadows. Satoru can relate to that. He knows a thing or two about deadbeat family members after all. "Plus he won't tell me anything even if I force him too."


That much is true. He wouldn't even find out about Tsumiki if Ijichi hadn't spilled. He is well aware of the fact that he is giving way too much allowance for a freshman, but after finding out what happened, he decided that he can also play Megumi's game; since Megumi won't even talk about it, he overloaded the boy with money well aware of the fact that the boy will never ask him for assistance in Tsumiki Fushiguro's medical bills even if he insists and would rather give whatever he has for the estranged family member. 


Which brings him to the next issue — where does Megumi get all the money he's sending to Ijichi? He keeps tabs on how much he is giving to the boy on a weekly basis and monitors if there are any sketchy withdrawals on any of his bank accounts or suspicious balance transfers from his credit cards. As expected, Megumi doesn't cheat him of his money — which genuinely caught his attention because the math doesn't add up. 


Shoko handed him the findings from Megumi's last general checkup. He skimmed through it fast. "He seems normal for the most part. No sign of any stds nor other medical conditions we should look out for," she elaborates, "Save for the slight bruising I noticed on the soft palate at the roof of his mouth. That means either your ward picked up your habit of consuming a pack of lollipops in one sitting or he's performed oral sex for somebody. Is he seeing someone?" 


Satoru nodded and showed Shoko the pictures he just received. She whistled in appreciation, "He seems nice," she says, "Please tell me you're not stressing yourself at the fact that Megumi is gay."


"Nuh-uh," Satoru sing-songs. He saw this coming from a mile away. He did raise the boy after all. Megumi might not recall it, but Satoru can always remember the way he blushes whenever Zac Efron comes on screen like a kid with a crush (which he is). "Homophobia? In this household? No, ma'am."


"Please stop talking like that," Shoko rolls her eyes at him. She lit a cigarette and took a long drag. Satoru made a show of exaggeratingly fanning away the smoke, which the doctor ignored. "So you don't have issues with his sexuality. He doesn't have any disease he's been hiding. He also seems to be in a happy relationship so far. What's the issue here?"


"Beats me," Satoru says, "If he would just open up to me, I would have the answer to that right now."


He eyed all the clues he had gathered so far. Satoru Gojo then contemplates if he really is looking at the right place. 




Chapter Text

Sukuna had been faring better compared to the past few days after he had spent an entire study session kissing and touching Megumi. Strangely, hearing the boy say he isn't hurt from his antics did a number on him and made him feel good about himself — an ego stroke, if you would. That is the moment Sukuna had decided he wanted to be greedy. Something in him wants to shower Megumi more of his affection; by that, he doesn't mean just having lots of sex with the boy though that is an undeniable need, but rather expanding his bedroom title to a far more regular, non sexual context. The idea of Megumi calling him 'daddy' makes Sukuna feel all kinds of warm inside, a feeling he hasn't felt in quite a long time already. 


And yes, he is aware that he only has the privilege to be with Megumi because of all the things he has against the boy. Sukuna can just always sweep them all under the rug and retrieve it only when he deems it necessary (like, for instance, if his baby boy becomes a disobedient little prick). He never would have thought Megumi would have this kind of effect on him. Sure, he had lusted and fantasized about the boy even before he found out that he is a camwhore. Who wouldn't? Megumi is too beautiful for his own good. Now, he is so physically invested with him that when he sees what he saw on social media, anger flared inside his chest defiantly. 


That prick Noritoshi Kamo sure likes overstepping boundaries. Sukuna had started stalking him because he cannot help but notice that his Megumi is becoming closer to him in every sense of the word. He is supposed to be a failed one night stand and yet Sukuna sees the two of them having lunch dates and library sessions and in each time, Kamo is transparent with his intentions — eyeing Megumi like he's a piece of delicious meat (he is), blushing a little whenever the boy does literally anything, stealing looks and touches whenever he gets the chance while Megumi just lets him have his way. Each instance has turned Sukuna's misery into bouts of rage. 


Then, to add insult to injury, he saw Megumi asleep while lying on top of him in Kamo's Instagram Story. Sukuna would recognize the messy mop of raven dark hair anywhere— but the student leader's fingers entangling his precious boy's locks is an unwelcome visitor. The boy even had the audacity to caption it with 'pov'. He is pleasantly surprised that the higher ups aren't doing anything about this. So far he hasn't heard of any sanction for either of the boys. Sukuna can only deduce that it's because of the recent changes that got posted in the campus website, in particular, the provisions about the institution being inclusive and accepting of all genders and sexuality that also includes a statement from Satoru Gojo, one of the biggest sharks in the academy. 


The idea of Megumi being cuddled and made love to by somebody else infuriated Sukuna. It has incurred a possessiveness he didn't know he had. Kamo is getting brave, stepping on his property just like that. 


From an objective standpoint, Sukuna is aware that the senior is oblivious to what is going on with the two of them and therefore is projecting. He took a breather and gulped some water. Lots of it. He recalls one of the tips he got from anger management — focus on the root cause of your issue. 


That's it. He should be bending Megumi over his desk and spanking him as punishment. Sukuna loosened his necktie and texted the boy to drop by his office asap. He finds himself unable to sit still and prances around the room tensely while waiting for any response from Megumi. He's getting bad again, and he needs Megumi, his sweet baby Megumi here with him. The boy has a weird way of grounding him back to reality and he needs the high from the thrill of doing it in such a high risk place to offset his white hot anger. 


There was a knock on his door. Wasting no time, Sukuna yanks his knob violently and is about to grab the boy he's expecting by his collar — only to freeze halfway through his action when he realizes he's got a different company. A familiar lump of blue hair and red lips on pale skin crossed his vision, and Sukuna felt the ground swallow his feet. "Oh my," Mei Mei drawls, twirling one of her chunky braids in her fingers. "You know, I think you're hot but I never would've imagined that the feeling is mutual. Let's get dinner first before you have your way with me, hmm?" 


Sukuna dropped the hand that was, in fact, about to grab the business professor by her ample bosom and scratched the back of his head awkwardly. "Mei," he says, "Can I help you?" 


The woman raised an eyebrow at him. "You okay, professor?" She probes, which further shortened his patience but he took conscious effort in hiding it. "Is your brother getting on your nerves again?"


"No," Sukuna snaps through gritted teeth, "Can I help you?" 


Mei Mei scoffs at him then rolls her eyes. "Straight to the point," she reaches out and traces a line on Sukuna's chest with her nail. "I like my men like that — though you're far too blunt for my own tastes, professor. I guess that's a compromise for your being such a sexy stud."


Sukuna mentally counted to ten, like his previous anger management therapist told him to do, before he responded in the most restrained, professional tone he can muster, "Professor Mei, are you wasting my time to flirt with me or do you actually need something? I'm busy." 


The woman pouted. Actually pouted like a kid. She is testing every last bit of Sukuna's patience and he wishes he can take back calling Megumi because this woman's advances are taking up the last bits of his kindness for today. "You're no fun," she muttered under her breath. "Fine. I'm actually looking into implementing your buddy system strategy in my class with a few modifications. I would just like to get your insight for what I have in mind — if it's okay with you, of course."


Sukuna detected the sarcasm dripping from the last statement and he briefly contemplated whether he should scream his disagreement at her pretty face or just shove her away from his office and slam his door to make a statement. But, he is in a professional environment so he has no choice but to entertain this ridiculous teacher's request. His only consolation is the fact that Megumi is at the corner of his vision, standing timidly while watching the two of them banter. He looks a little pale, but Sukuna can work with that. He politely ushered Mei inside his office and offered her a seat.



The two of them discussed the modifications Mei Mei has in mind. If Sukuna's focus group are the failing students, Mei wants to form a competition of sorts inside the class she's been handling wherein the top pairs will have to maintain their class standing and keep the bottom feeders at their place while the poor performing students will be rewarded in toppling those on top off their positions. Sukuna has to admit — he likes what the woman had cooked up. It's a rather funny commentary on how there is no such thing as fairness and equality and to reach the top the students have to play a little dirty. Plus it also sends the message to her students that they really have to be gutsy in the world of business and commerce. He's not sure how the higher ups would receive this due to its rather Machiavellian nature though. He voiced this concern to his co-teacher, who merely shrugged it off. 


Megumi showed up on his door, looking far too wary for his own good. Sukuna raised a finger at him to tell him to wait. Mei Mei followed his gaze and saw the boy, who jumped in his spot at the prospect of getting caught by two adults. She waved at him as she mused to Sukuna, "Ah, Fushiguro, was it? He was also in my class last semester."


"He failed mine last semester," Sukuna faked a sigh to conceal his interest and agitation towards seeing the boy again. "He's actually included in the program I have set up."


"Satoru Gojo's wimp failed a class? Now that's interesting," Mei Mei says as she leaned forward while emphasizing her breasts. Sukuna took extra effort to look away. He balled his fist beneath his desk. He doesn't need to be reminded that he is blackmailing a school administrator's ward for sex. "Fushiguro's grades did slumped halfway through the semester in my class, but fortunately he did so well at the beginning that he passed. Barely."


Sukuna's eyebrows raised. This is an interesting piece of information. So Megumi is on a downward spiral academically speaking. It's gonna take time to let it sink, but he is a smart boy. This is a surprise for him. Hmm. "The same thing pretty much happened to him in my class," Sukuna shares, "Except everyone is aware I don't condone mediocrity and I need everyone on the top of their game, hence why he is now taking extra activities to make up for his subpar grades last semester." He casually lays out, hoping that the woman would take the hint that he needs her to fuck off and leave him alone with the boy. 


Luckily for him, Mei Mei took the bait and said her thanks. Sukuna played off his own humility while tapping his shoe on the floor impatiently. He pretended to busy himself with his students' outputs so that he will not be obliged to escort the professor out of the room; the boner in his trousers would be hard (no pun intended) to explain, after all. 


He waited precisely five more minutes just to ensure that the woman is off his back for good before ushering Megumi inside his office himself, making sure that his arousal can be seen and acknowledged by the boy, who paled even more at the sight of it. "Keep standing," he orders as he fumbles for the lock and the plexiglas setting to reduce it to a humid blur. When he's done, Sukuna covered the distance between him and Megumi in two long strides, grabbed his baby by his shoulders and kissed him full on the mouth while pinning his body against the wall.


Megumi whimpered at the contact and tried pushing him away futilely. Sukuna grabbed the back of his neck and forced him to get closer to him so he can shove his tongue inside the boy's warm mouth. Megumi didn't object, but his body is still squirming away from him. Sukuna savored the taste of Megumi, allowing himself to get lost in the flavor and heat of the boy. He ran his free hand all over his body, basking in the smoothness of the skin and the strength of the muscles underneath it. Sukuna then remembers the main reason why he summoned the boy in the first place — the picture of him slumbering in Kamo's arms. Sukuna swore he tasted something foreign in Megumi's mouth when he remembered that. 


He broke the kiss, gasping. Then, before he can even think about it, Sukuna punched the area of the wall beside Megumi's head. "Explain yourself, Fushiguro Megumi," he growls, the anger and lust fighting inside him. "What the fuck are you doing with Kamo?" 


Megumi's complexion turned ghostly pale. Beads of sweat trickled down his forehead. His chest is heaving erratically. His pretty blue eyes are threatening to pop out of his eye sockets as he eyed the fist lingering beside his head. Sukuna grappled the boy's cheek and forced him to look at him. For a moment, he contemplated if he should take it easy because he cannot risk Megumi passing out on him again. It's not gonna look good the second time around and that brat Yuuji might snitch on him. He needs him awake and responsive because he needs to talk to him about this. Sukuna can only hope Megumi would understand where his anger is coming from. 


Megumi glared at him, but the fear and panic is very much evident in his eyes. Tears started brimming, but Sukuna can tell he is holding them back. "We fucked," he hisses at him. Venom coated his every word. It stung. Sukuna can feel his vision starting to go red. "I stayed the night. He bought me a fancy dinner. Is that what you wanna hear, daddy?" 


Sukuna clutched Megumi's shoulders and settled for shaking him rather violently. This time, the tears came down flowing freely. "We have a fucking deal!" Sukuna huskily said, doing his best to keep his voice down. 


"You never said I am not allowed to see or fuck anyone," Megumi pointed out, sobbing. His fists are clenched tight on his sides. 


That is correct. Their deal only revolves around sex. Yet, the longer Sukuna has spent time plowing Megumi's innards with his genitals, the more he realizes that he wants more than that. 


He doesn't know what is going on, but Sukuna definitely wants to be selfish. He doesn't want to share. He doesn't have an explanation in mind to what is happening to him, but he has a rough idea to say the least. Sukuna wants to be the one to touch and kiss Megumi, and he wants to be the body that Megumi is gonna snuggle at night. He wants to be the one who'll entangle his fingers around Megumi's messy locks. Sure. He can work with the idea. 


Which is why he hated it when Megumi just word vomited all over him. 


"You're fucked up, Sukuna," Megumi rambles, his tears a stream of emotions Sukuna cannot quite place. "I just wanted something normal! This...whatever the fuck is between's just sex, right? Then why are you acting like you're my fucking boyfriend?! Damn you, damn you, damn you!" 


Megumi pounded on his sturdy chest. Sukuna is too caught up in his own anger to care. The boy latched on to the collar of his shirt and buried his face on the same area where he had hit him and wept. 


Sukuna is seeing, hearing, and feeling red all over. Hot, searing, burning red. 


He caressed the boy's cheek tenderly before crashing him against the wall once more and locked his lips against the squirming boy once more. He is burning up a fiery red. Everything is in different hues of red. His desire and anger clashed inside him, fighting for dominance. Sukuna can only express the two conflicting emotions with the method he knows best. 


He unzipped Megumi's uniform jacket and slid his hand inside his shirt. Megumi held back a moan, but Sukuna wanted to hear him the school setting be damned. He wants everyone within earshot to hear the boy moaning for more because of him — even better if that upstart Kamo is around. So he broke the kiss again but proceeded to suck on the skin residing between Megumi's neck and shoulder. Realizing what he is trying to do, Megumi tries pushing him away but he will not budge. Sukuna will be heard this time. "Please, don't— mmgh!" He bit on his hand as Sukuna savored the taste of the skin damp with sweat, inhaling Megumi's delectable scent as he tweaked a nipple between his fingers. The shades of red started subsiding. As expected, Megumi's body calms him down. 


He wants more. 


Sukuna stopped kissing Megumi on his neck. Before the boy could say anything, Sukuna lifted his top and began caressing his chest. Megumi's heart is beating loudly from within. He bared his teeth and nibbled on the teat. Sukuna can feel his heartbeat thrumming against his lips as the nipple hardened against his ministrations. It is Sukuna's turn to moan when he feels Megumi's hand on the back of his head, massaging his scalp tenderly. It brought him back to that one night when Megumi held him in his arms and did the same thing. 


Red. Everything is red. Lust had completely taken over him. 


Or is it lust still?


Sukuna doesn't even know anymore. 


So he stopped thinking and let instinct take over. Once the nipple was erect enough, he popped it out of his mouth. He held Megumi's face in the palm of his hands, his lips swollen from the kisses he gave him. With the pad of his thumb, Sukuna wiped any remaining tears off his beautiful face. He then rested his thumb on his bottom lip, thinking to himself just how soft it is. He wants to be the only one kissing these soft lips. He wants these lips to wrap around on his cock and only his cock. 


Yes. Yes, Sukuna wants that. 


"You want normal, Megumi?" He huskily says, ensuring that he is looking at him dead in the eye. His own heart is threatening to get out of his chest, but he steeled his own resolve. "Fine. I'll give you normal. Go out with me."


"What?" Megumi said in a daze. 


"You heard me, baby." Sukuna licked the bottom of his lips. "Dump Kamo. He'll never want you. You've been a good boy for me for so long the least I can reward you is to give you what you want. You want normal? Fine. I'll give you normal, baby boy. Go out with me."


Megumi was silent for a considerable amount of time, eyes wide open. Sukuna patiently waited for his answer. He owes him that. "God," the breath that came out of the boy's chest is shaky. "You're not giving me a choice, are you?"


Sukuna remained tight-lipped. He will not answer that question because he knows that Megumi will not like what he'll say in response. He just held him by his face and got himself lost at his deep blue eyes. 


"Fine," Megumi grumbles, "Let me go."


"Fine what?"


"Fine. I'll go out with you."


Sukuna grinned and kissed him full on the lips once more. He could get used to this feeling. "You have until the end of the week to call things off with him, Fushiguro Megumi." 
















Chapter Text

Of all the highly questionable things Sukuna had made him do for the sake of keeping his secret, asking Megumi to break somebody else's heart is probably the worst of them all. He can endure the degrading sexual acts he's performing for Sukuna — he, or rather, his traitorous body rather enjoys it too much for his own sake but he will not admit to that — because contrary to popular belief Megumi can take the heat and abuse. At least only he will be the one who'll end up hurting at the end of the day. 


But what Sukuna is demanding from him this time is something that Megumi knows to himself that he just cannot do. Kamo has been nothing but kind to him. Megumi is yet to repay that kindness; sleeping with him isn't enough because he always ends up moaning for Sukuna anyways and going out on dates with him won't cut it because his rebel of a mind will wander off to imagine how Sukuna would take him out on a date. 


The funniest thing is that Sukuna is, in fact, offering to give him what he wants — a sense of normalcy that he is getting from going out with his senior. The price for it, however, is too much. He is asking Megumi to break the heart of one of the kindest people he's had the pleasure to meet. He cannot do it. Kind people do not deserve such cruelty — and the only sin Kamo has committed is to go out with him without knowledge of his current...affair (for lack of a better word) with his Japanese History professor. 


Megumi muffled his cries by burying his face into the softness of his pillow, hoping and praying that his roommate above him will not hear him. Yuuji can't afford to find out what is going on. He'll get even angrier at Sukuna, and he'll probably get angry at him too once he confirms that he is dating his older brother. Megumi is going to break if his good friend turns on him. No. He can't afford and risk that. 


So he did what he knew best — he isolated himself and wept as silently as he possibly could. Megumi has to follow through on what his daddy is asking him to do. Sukuna didn't give him a choice. Sukuna will not be taking no for an answer. Megumi has to break his senior's heart on or before the end of the week or he fears that he'll end up being the one in pieces all over the floor. It's him or Kamo. He isn't sure if he can take any more blows to his psyche. Kamo can probably take the pain. He's strong-willed, has a lot of emotional support around him in the form of his mom and his large group of friends, and his character is unshakeable. Megumi has only known him for a short time but he is certain that Kamo will not budge when Megumi yanks his heart out of his chest and crush it by his very eyes. So, from a rational standpoint and by process of elimination, Kamo should be the one taking the blow this time. Megumi fears he will break otherwise. 


Still, he can't erase the fact that Kamo will not be holding a grudge because of it. He'll be kind. Kamo will be civil about it— but Megumi knows the feeling of constantly being around somebody who's caused him pain and pleasure at the same time. He cannot gauge how much it would hurt for the man, but it's bound to suck nevertheless. He's like Tsumiki. Megumi hates that he reminds him of Tsumiki right now. He cannot break his sister's heart. There is no way he can break Kamo's.


But he has to. 


Megumi doesn't want to think about what could happen to him if he disobeys Sukuna. He cannot afford to be overwhelmed with the possibilities. He just has to come up with a plausible course of action to end things with Kamo as cleanly as possible. He can't believe he will be forced into this position where he'll be killing somebody else's feelings to save his. Megumi reminded himself that this is for the best. Something tells him that Kamo wouldn't last with him anyway. Sukuna is right in that regard. Megumi will get dumped by somebody like Kamo the moment even a sliver of his secret gets out, plus he cannot live a double life being Kamo's boyfriend and Sukuna's sex toy. 


It is safe to say that Megumi failed to catch any sleep that night despite crying himself to exhaustion. Insomnia is becoming a norm for him especially when he's an emotional wreck. He should probably get himself checked — but Megumi quickly brushed the idea off. He cannot afford to burden Gojo with more of his problems. He has wasted enough money on him as it stands. He had come up with scenarios and scripts on how to blow things off with Kamo as cleanly and as civil as possible. Luckily for him, he has a couple of options in mind on what exactly to do — but the execution is gonna be an entirely different topic. Megumi showered and dressed as fast as he could so he could avoid his roommate. Yuuji is not gonna be happy when he sees him like this and Sukuna would hate it if Yuuji will come for him over something as trivial as this. Megumi would very much like to minimize his over the roof stress levels, and he is doing his best in doing that. He dabbed more concealer underneath his eyes to hide the glaring dark, puffy circles decorating the area like how Nobara taught him then headed for the largest cafeteria in the campus to grab breakfast. 


The area is mostly desolated to Megumi's relief save for the handful of staff preparing meals and doing maintenance and the other students who are too engrossed in their own personal activities. Megumi settled for a bowl of rice and some eggs with black coffee on the side. To distract himself from the thoughts running wildly inside his head, Megumi pulled out one of the textbooks Sukuna had loaned him and browsed through it. He nibbled on his food as he watched the letters fly over his eyes, bouncing off him whenever he tried in his darndest to absorb anything from it. Getting frustrated at himself, Megumi slammed his head on the table. He is pretty sure that earned him odd stares from the other inhabitants but he could not find the energy in him to care. He just stabbed the innocent omelet to shreds with his fork through gritted teeth until the utensil flew off his hand. 


"Shit," Megumi cursed under his breath. With shaking hands, he bent over to pick up the fork. A familiar pair of slender hands picked it up for him. Megumi looked up to see Kamo looking back at him, smiling rather innocently. His heart twisted painfully inside his chest, fully aware of what he was about to do to the man. "Thanks," he says and grabs the fork back from the man. He can't even bring himself to meet his gaze. 


"Jeez," Kamo says as he takes the seat across from him to Megumi's despair. "What did the poor omelette do to you?" He playfully says. 


"Nothing," Megumi replies in a small voice. He shifted his focus back on his textbook. The words are practically jumbled now. "I just can't focus on my readings and it's frustrating."


That is half-true. While he cannot bring himself to focus and distract himself, that is not the reason why he is getting worked up so damn early in the morning. 


"Well, you've got to loosen up a little," Kamo leans forward to further take a look at the book, his bangs framing his face getting swept over. Megumi can't help but stare. "Seems like a minor subject. Try to relax a little, yeah?"


"Easy for you to say," Megumi mutters as he pretended to turn to another page. As expected, the same text on the next page is practically unreadable to him thanks to his state of mind. Should he drop the ball now and hope that it will make things easier for him? Megumi mentally smacked himself. Breaking somebody's heart is not a good way to start a day and he is far from ready. 


Kamo reached out for his hand and rubbed circles on his skin with his thumb. It made Megumi's breath hitch a little. Every breath he takes burns. He hates it. He wished Kamo would go away and leave him alone in his imploding misery. "My roommate is out until 7," he says in a low, silky voice, "Why don't you come over later to see if I can help you relax?" 


Megumi steeled himself and stared back at Kamo's dark eyes, which are now open. An indication that the man means business. He gulped a lump in his throat. He'll get punished if he lets himself have sex with Kamo again; but then, Kamo himself provided him the window of opportunity to call things off. It's almost too convenient for him. 


At that, Megumi made up his mind. "Sure," he says, pleasantly surprised that it came off naturally. "I'll come over later. Thanks." 


He'll take the offer. Of course he would. He doesn't have the heart in him to ask for Kamo's time and break things off with him. He just has to latch on to the opening the man has given him and hope for the best. Megumi has to work around it though; he'll have to make sure he won't end up naked in Kamo's bunk and that he'll end up delivering the alibi he cooked up inside his head all night long. 


Granted they've only been dating for a couple of days but still. Megumi had grown fond of his senior, so to speak. It would suck for both parties, but he has to do it. 


The breakfast bowl he's currently eating suddenly doesn't seem appetizing anymore. His stomach rumbled for more food, but Megumi chose to ignore it. He just sets the bowl aside and rests his head on his textbook and closes his eyes. His next class is at 8:30 and he still has ample time to rest. Maybe he can use the extra time to just rest. He could really use it. "You've really got to stop pushing yourself like this, Fushiguro." Kamo carded his fingers on his hair. The butterflies caged inside his stomach fluttered, making him feel sick and nauseous. "It's hard to watch. Really."


His senior would not be as kind when the inevitable comes. That's one more person added to the list of people who hate or will hate Megumi; the list isn't long, but the fact that it comprises people close to him sucks. His dad, his mom, and Tsumiki's parents he can ignore since he hated them back the same. But with the potential addition of Gojo, Yuuji, Kugisaki, and now Kamo all because he has far too many skeletons inside the closet, Megumi isn't sure if he can take it. 


He isn't sure when exactly, but Kamo left him alone to his relief. Megumi doesn't want to do anything. He just needs a break. His pain tolerance is being tested to its limits and he cannot bring himself to focus on anything else. 



Megumi attended Sukuna's class feeling the worst. His starved stomach feels hollow from the weight of what he's about to do. The sleep deprivation has dulled his senses while making everything hurt — from the bright rays of the sun to the beats of his own heart, and he isn't sure if he should blame the caffeine this time. The thoughts on his head are just mushed, probably from all the overthinking that he did. 


As expected, Sukuna is early inside his classroom, busying himself with the agenda for today. Megumi noticed that he's alone with him again, and his legs turned to jelly at the idea. And because Sukuna is his daddy, he immediately noticed that something was wrong. He left his work and tended to him. With a hand on his back, Sukuna helped him to his seat; not that Megumi needs it but the gesture is greatly appreciated despite every last rational brain cell he has is telling him to run. It's hard to be rational when your inhibitions are feeling warm because of daddy's doting. Sukuna pressed his warm soft lips on his forehead and murmured, "You okay?"


Megumi nodded his head weakly. He is far from okay but no way in hell is he gonna say that. "Yes, sir," he says and basks in the warmth of Sukuna's hands placed on his cheeks. Then, with the little fight left in him, he mustered, "I just have to work on the output you've asked me for. Please."


Sukuna paused before ultimately leaving Megumi alone to work on the commentary he assigned that is due Monday next week. He is pretty sure that he is writing crap because his head is wandering off to the impending doom that is him breaking somebody else's heart. He may be over dramatic and melancholic over something so personal, but he just can't find it in him to hurt somebody as good as Kamo even if it meant saving his ass. 


He just let time pass by. Students start arriving, and the class starts in an idle fashion but Megumi cannot absorb anything. He tried taking down notes but his vision is swimming and his hands feel too weak. The temperature in the room rose to inhuman levels and while he doesn't wanna interrupt his teacher in the middle of the discussion, he's afraid that the heat will kill him this time. He stood up and raised his weakened arm — only to realize that his legs felt like pool noodles. "S-sir?" He managed to croak out before his legs gave out beneath him and his vision spiralled into dimming lights until there was a soft thud and everything went to black. 


The next time Megumi wakes, the air feels chilly, and there is an itchy blanket draped over him. There was a dull throb on his forehead, and the white lights hurt his eyes. He met the blue eyes of his guardian, who was seated beside him. The details are still hazy, but he can recall feeling weak and pathetic before losing consciousness and now that he is back to reality, he doesn't know what exactly it is that he is feeling. The dread is still inside his stomach but now that Gojo is here with him, he can't help but be really anxious.


Satoru Gojo called for the nurse's attention. Moments later, he is being tended to by one of the school nurses — checking his vitals, performing routinary exams, and the like. Megumi only noticed the IV hooked on his left arm then. He stared at it, puzzled, while one of them made him take painkillers for the headache he gave himself by landing on the cold floor head first (they explained). Once all is said and done, the staff left him alone to talk to his guardian out of his sight. Gojo returns later, and he is wearing his serious face. He suddenly wished he is in the mood to troll because he'd rather be annoyed than anxious. 


"Good thing our campus is stacked in medical equipment," Gojo gestures at the IV bag hanging beside his bed. "We had to hook you up with nutrients because they're that low, Megumi. What's going on?"


Megumi stared at his hands, feeling rather guilty. Great. The very thing he is trying to avoid, getting Satoru Gojo involved in his well being right now, is happening. He hates it. "I'm sorry," he says, never quite feeling as small, "I forgot to eat."


Gojo raised an eyebrow at that. "You forgot to eat," He parroted, "Why? 


"Homework." Megumi lies. He's been telling so many lies lately he himself is slowly starting to believe whatever is coming out of his mouth. But, under any circumstances, Satoru Gojo can't know what is going on. He still has a sense of self-preservation and it's telling him to keep Satoru Gojo out of this. He expected a witty retort, maybe even a trolling comment from his guardian like he normally does. 


Nothing came. Gojo just stared at him blankly, as if he didn't know what to make of him. Megumi gulped, not knowing what else to say. 


"I'm putting you on medical leave for the rest of the week." Gojo announced, which made Megumi feel like he was doused with cold, icy water. "I'll email your teachers about it, don't worry."


"You can't do that!" Megumi hissed. This is exactly one of the reasons why he needs Satoru Gojo to get off his back. He has so many things to accomplish and he can't afford to slack off. "I have a lot of catching off to do—"


"Which your teachers surely understand, and therefore they will have to give you extensions and leeways," Gojo crossed his arms, "I'll also include that in my email for later."


"You can't do that," Megumi repeats in a more subdued fashion, "Please. It's not fair for the other students." That is true. The idea of his other block mates working their asses off while he gets time off for being such a half-assed piece of shit who can't even sort himself out doesn't bode well for him.


Satoru Gojo looked disappointed at him, which plummeted his heart down to his stomach. Megumi masked it just as quickly. "You're a good person, Megumi," he sighs, then stands up, and flicks him straight on the forehead with his finger. Megumi winced a little. He hates it when Gojo tries knocking some sense into him by doing that. "And a good student. I hope you'll be good to yourself too." 


Satoru Gojo used his influence to pull out Yuuji from his baseball practice to look after Megumi in their dorm room to his dismay. The last thing he needs is Yuuji getting upset and jumping into conclusions that this is because of Sukuna again (to be fair, Sukuna is the root cause of his problems but he'll be dead first before he admits to that). Gojo then ordered them a lot of food through Ijichi-san, with added instructions to Yuuji to ensure that Megumi eats. 


"I'm sorry, man," Megumi says as he slurps on takeout Ramen. "I got you dragged into this."


"Don't start that, Megumi, you're fine." Yuuji dismissed him and kept his eyes glued on the movie playing. "I don't mind. Really. Plus I could use the break, and Gojo-sensei hooked us up with lots of food, so the last thing I'm doing is complain about it."


He stared aimlessly at the Jennifer Lawrence film playing as he filled his stomach with more food per Gojo's orders. Between the bad films, the worst feelings of guilt and anger, and the terrible food his own body doesn't wanna keep down, Megumi feels like a prisoner, with his friend as his own jailor. He doesn't have anything better to offer in terms of entertainment, and he has to repress his own emotions because it can't be good for him to let it out, and Gojo specifically ordered Yuuji to watch Megumi eat so he has to suck it up even if he doesn't want to. 


Still, he can't afford to just mope around. Gojo robbed him of his chances to speak with Kamo on campus by putting him on medical leave on the succeeding days. He only has until 7 p.m to deal with the issue at hand. Megumi pretended to fiddle on his phone. As if a sign from above, he was greeted with a lot of texts from Sukuna. His heart skipped beats as he read through the messages dripping with worry and affection. He just hoped he isn't turning red in front of Yuuji. 


Text me baby. Please. 


Megumi quickly shot his reply. 


I'm fine, daddy. Gotta rest. 



"Shit!" Megumi acted as if something had occurred to him. That got Yuuji's attention. His roommate perked up and stared at him. "I have to go for a moment. I forgot I was supposed to share something to Kamo-san."


"Kamo?" Yuuji tilted his head to the side, "The student leader president? I have no idea you're close to him."


Oh, they were close alright. Intimate, even. But not after today. Megumi pocketed a flash drive. "We attended the same class last semester. He's asking me if I can lend him the soft copy of my paper that I wrote about third world country microeconomics for this research he's doing."


The best lies are all derived from the truth. Megumi knows this. To increase the effectivity of the lie to Yuuji Itadori, mix in a handful of heavy-sounding words. It works every time. He can see Yuuji slowly bleed out his brain cells just by saying his alibi. 


"Research, huh," he mused, "Well I mean I can just give the flash drive to him just tell me the file name. I can do that for you, man."


Megumi solemnly shook his head and squeezed Yuuji's shoulder reassuringly. So he really is gonna do this. He concealed the dread radiating from him. "I won't be long, I promise," Megumi reassured him, "Besides I feel better now and I did ask for some of his written outputs in return."


Yuuji briefly looks like he wants to argue, but ultimately decides to drop it. "Text me if something happens okay?" 


Megumi assured him that he is gonna text. Still, Yuuji watched him leave the dorm room and Megumi had no choice but to act normal and walk at a slow pace when he's itching to run so he can finish the job. Every step he takes hurts. He is really gonna break somebody's heart to save his selfish ass and to submit himself properly to Sukuna's sick arrangement. 


When he is finally out of the dormitory's — and Yuuji's — peripheral, he sprints for Kamo's dorm. Breathless, he didn't stop until he was right at the front door. He knocked while catching his breath. The senior picked up a few moments later, frowning when he realized that Megumi actually kept his promise for today. "Fushiguro?" The concern is evident in his voice. "Are you doing okay now?" 


Megumi merely nodded at him. He helped himself inside and sat on Kamo's bunk. He clutched the sheets beneath him tightly. Kamo returned with a glass of cold water in his hand and offered it to him. Megumi took it and downed the entire glass in one gulp. The chill numbed the edges of his frayed nerves a little. Kamo took a seat across from him and met his empty gaze, "Is everything okay?"


Megumi made himself stare at Kamo's eyes. The least he can do for the man is to appear sincere and genuine in a futile attempt to soften the killing blow. "No," he steadied his voice and exhaled through his mouth as he delivered the bomb, "I think we should see other people."


There is a long, painful silence between the two of them after that. Kamo's jaw slacked, and he looks like he can't believe what he is seriously hearing right now. "W-what?"


Megumi tore his gaze off. He cannot meet him in his eyes without tearing up. He steeled himself even more. "We're not going to work, Kamo-san. I'm sorry."


Kamo shook his head in disbelief, "But we are happy. Granted, we're only going out for a couple days but it never felt wrong, Megumi. Did I do something? Please tell me if I have done something. I like you, Megumi. I'd really like for this to work. Please."


Megumi's throat constricted. He suppressed a whimper and closed his eyes. This is the first time Kamo had addressed him by his first name. The words Megumi has been dying to hear has been said — but he decided that he doesn't wanna hear it from Kamo's mouth. 


I like you, Megumi. 


The words echoed in the hollows of his head, an infinite loop. Words Megumi has craved has been said to him by the wrong person at the worst possible time. Megumi shook his head defiantly. He only likes him because he doesn't know how disgusting he is. That will be out of the window once it gets out. Kamo is wasting his feelings on him, and the idea nearly drove him to tears. But Megumi had persisted and remained strong. He can't afford to break down now, when he is so close to accomplishing what daddy wants. 


"It's not you, Kamo-san. It's me," Megumi cringed at how cliché he sounds, but nevertheless he played the card he worked so hard to cook up, "I am not being fair to you. using you to get over someone but I — I'm still...still hung up on this person. I thought being with you would help but it didn't. When I'm with you, I get a sense of deja vu that I am with him. I-it's not fair to you, Kamo. I'm not ready for this."


"I don't mind, Megumi," Kamo is now on his knees, his hands clasped against his balls of fists. "I'll be a doormat, I don't fucking care. I want you. I'll help you forget...whoever the hell they are. Please give me that chance."


Megumi shook his head sadly. He is not expecting this response at all. Warm tears started bursting out of his eyes, and a wet sob escaped his chest. Maybe Kamo does mean the words he is saying, but Sukuna's words from before keep hammering on the facade he is putting up. 


"Let me have this," Megumi sobs, "Please."


Megumi came in here expecting a clean job. Yet here he is, and now that he is hearing the words he didn't know he needed to hear, his heart thrummed painfully inside his chest. He is crushing his own heart in the process too. Only then, did Megumi realize that he does like Kamo — but he told the truth in the lie he had concocted. He thought Kamo can help him with his addiction in Sukuna, and yet here he is cutting ties with him because Sukuna told him to and he is too eager to please him. 


He managed to stare at Kamo's face again. There are no tears on him, but still he can see the man's heart die slowly by the subtleties etched on his features. "If that is what you want," he shakily says, feeling rather defeated "Then yes. I'll let you go, Megumi Fushiguro."



Megumi did it. 


He can't believe he did it. 


The walk back to his dorm felt like an eternity. Inside his fists are the remnants of the hearts he had mercilessly crushed — his and Noritoshi Kamo's. There was a flash of pain when he did it, but when it died down, it settled back to numbness. It always goes back to numbness. 


Megumi called Sukuna as his heavy steps brisked against the pebbles on the pathway he was taking. "Daddy," he whimpers when Sukuna picks up. He is at his lowest point again, and now he needs his daddy more than ever. "I did it. I broke up with him like you told me to."


There was silence on the other line, then a sigh of relief. "Good boy," Sukuna's breathy voice peppered his skin with goosebumps. "Such a good boy for daddy, Megumi."


Something emerged from the numbness inside Megumi's gut. It is a nasty concoction of anger, disgust, euphoria, and glee. His breath comes off in shallow puffs of air, but he has never felt so light from such reassurance. "Daddy," he found himself whimpering. The mix of emotions exploded inside him — a mushroom cloud of nuclear proportions. It was the messiest thing Megumi has ever witnessed. 


Between this and numbness, Megumi isn't sure what he really wants to feel.


















Chapter Text

Megumi feels shittier. 

As promised, he went back to their dorm after what he did. Whatever he is feeling must be painted all over his face, for when Yuuji greeted him at their door he immediately doted on him again. It annoyed him, but Megumi doesn't have the strength to brush him off. He just wants the day to be over. He just wants a well-earned rest. Every noise coming out of Yuuji's mouth sends him over the edge. He is not even paying attention to whatever he is saying. He just stared at the empty space around the room as he kicked his shoes off and stripped to his underwear while dumping his clothes wherever he felt like it before curling up underneath the comfort of his blanket. 


"Did something happen?" Yuuji probed for what is probably the hundredth time. Megumi doesn't want to answer that question. A lot of things have happened in a short span of time and he doesn't wanna talk about it. He doesn't need to be reminded constantly of what he just did for Sukuna. For daddy. Dammit. 


"I'm fine, Yuuji." He is pleasantly surprised at how steady the words came out. Megumi just further sunk his head on his pillow and closed his eyes. It hurt. Everywhere hurts. 


"You don't look fine," Yuuji protested as he picked up the discarded clothes and hung them. He emptied the pockets then laid out its contents to Megumi's desk. When he is done, he then takes the shoes lying on the floor and returns them to the shoe rack where it belongs.  Under normal circumstances, Megumi would've laughed; he is the responsible one between the two of them, yet here is Yuuji cleaning up after him because he is too much of a mess to function properly. He is in too much pain to laugh, so he just settled for shutting his eyes even more. He is grateful for his roommate's presence and for looking after him regardless if Gojo ordered it or not. He just wished he would kindly fuck off so he can rest and make the pain go away until morning comes. "Do you want me to call Gojo—"


"No!" Megumi bolted upright, rage exploding inside his chest in short flaring bursts. He softened a little when Yuuji looked sorry for bringing it up. The last thing he needs is his guardian probing even more at him. Today has been suffocating enough as it is. "I'm fine, I swear! Just...please leave me alone." He didn't mean to raise his voice but Megumi can't exactly take it back now. He just pathetically curled up in his bed again, but this time with more weight of guilt pressing on his chest. Yuuji doesn't deserve his anger. He's hurt enough people for today due to his conflicting feelings. 


That is equal parts truth and lie. Megumi wants to be left alone, but he is far from fine. He is anything but fine — but he isn't saying that out loud. 


"Dude," Yuuji isn't sure if he should approach his roommate. Megumi didn't even bother hiding the fact that he was sobbing again. "You know you can tell me anything right?" 


Megumi knows that. 


Still, he cannot afford to drag anybody else to the mess that he has caused to himself. Sukuna is the obvious culprit here, but he also has himself to blame. A lot of things he could've avoided if only he were gutsy enough. Yuuji accepts him for who he is, yes, but he will not understand where Megumi is coming from. His messed up sexuality is the root cause of all these problems piling up against him. It almost feels like a punishment from above. If only he didn't like it when Sukuna is doing questionable things to him. If only he can find a getaway in a proper lady instead of Kamo. If only he had other means to pay for Tsumiki's bills other than selling himself off for everyone to feast on. Maybe, just maybe — he will be in a significantly better predicament. 


"Fuck off, Yuuji," Megumi managed to lower his voice. He loves his friend for always being there when he needs him, but he is on his own with the excruciating pain singing in every cell of his body. "Please. Leave me alone."


There was the welcome silence that Megumi would embrace. He'd turn the lights off himself but he can't even find it in him to stand up and do it. He feels bad for snapping at Yuuji like that. He'll apologize first thing in the morning for being so agitated. For a moment there, he just accepted the pain blooming inside him. He forced himself to taste it, to contemplate how he had broken the heart of somebody as kind hearted as Kamo. 


"I...there's still soup in the fridge, feel free to reheat it," Yuuji broke the silence once more, this time sounding more quiet. Megumi is not used to Yuuji being as quiet as him. Fuck. "Do you want me to turn the lights off?"


"Yes, please," Megumi says, though his voice is muffled from the pillow. "Thank you."


Yuuji, being the godsend that he is, accepted his thanks without another word and switched the lights off. Megumi can feel himself getting slightly lighter in the dark. The weight of his actions in recent memory is still there, but at least he can truly relax now without the lights blinding his puffy eyes. "Let's call it a night, yeah? I'll cook breakfast tomorrow. Don't get too worked up, man."




To nobody's surprise, sleep eluded him once more. No matter how hard he tries shaking it off, Megumi still replays what he just did in the back of his head. Kamo's words echoed in the chambers of his brain and etched themselves into his heart, with every carve a hot and painful brand to the flesh. Kamo says he likes him. He is willing to be a doormat. Megumi doesn't want that. Plus daddy is right — Kamo only wants him because he doesn't know what else he is hiding from him. It's not fair that he is thinking of Sukuna when he is having sex with his senior, and that he can't open up to everything he has to spill. Isn't it a point in a relationship, where the two people involved can share things and still be in love with each other? That's what people say at least. Not Kamo. Definitely not him. He has a reputation to keep and Megumi will be left to fend for himself once more when Kamo inevitably leaves him for being a filthy, used, whore. Sukuna is right about him. He has to be right about him — or Megumi isn't sure how he's gonna fare. 




Megumi's eyes adjusted to the darkness and scanned his surroundings. Is Yuuji asleep? There was a slight creak from the top bunk, an indication that his roommate is shifting slightly. Going against his better judgement, he got up and took his phone right where Yuuji left them, together with a pair of earphones. He plugged them in, and made sure that no sound was leaking, before texting Sukuna. 


Daddy. Call me. Please. 


With a quick follow up of: 


I'm okay. I need to hear you please sir. 


Megumi hates it. Megumi hates the fact that the first thing that comes to his mind whenever he is a mess is Sukuna, the devil incarnate himself. It was him who had caused all the trainwreck that is him in the first place, and yet every cell and every thought process in Megumi's vulnerable body knows how Sukuna is capable of breaking him and putting him back together all the same. Sukuna is where he gets the pain and the pleasure, the sickness and the health. Megumi loathes that he is entirely dependent on this man just so he can go back to functioning like a normal person. 


Still, Megumi doesn't have a choice. His own mind and body craves him. He is being betrayed by his own self. It doesn't help that Sukuna knows what he is doing all the time for the best and for the worst. He knows what to say and what to do to keep Megumi wrapped around his fingers. Unless Sukuna gets involved, Megumi will spend this night racked up in phantom pains again — and his health is severely compromised already. 


His phone vibrated. Megumi picked up before the first ring could even end. "Baby," Sukuna's deep, husky voice rumbled in his ears. Megumi can feel himself shake just a little. "Did you miss daddy?"


"Yes, sir," Megumi closed his eyes shut. 


"Are you doing okay?"


Megumi hummed under his breath. He still isn't used to hearing Sukuna worry over him, but nevertheless he just allowed the baritone of the man's voice to sweep him over. It's much better than the numbing pain, anyway. 


"Come over to my dorm tomorrow," Sukuna yawned as he said it, which oddly made him feel sleepy. Megumi recalled slightly that he is having a medical leave for the entire week and that Gojo pretty much banned him from doing anything academic. He cannot use Sukuna's extracurriculars as an excuse. He explained this to him as low as he can muster to minimize the risk of Yuuji overhearing him. 


There were faint sounds of keyboard clicks that Megumi picked up. "Looks like my last class for tomorrow ends at 11:30," Sukuna says as he clicks further away. "Let's meet at another hotel room instead. I'll text you the location okay, babe?" 


Megumi collapsed onto himself a little more upon hearing that. He isn't sure if he dreads that he'll be meeting up with Sukuna or excited that he'll be in daddy's arms again. In a way, there is a sense of thrill he can derive from there wherein he can't help but anticipate which Sukuna is he gonna get. 


"Daddy," he murmurs as he cuddles one of his pillows and pretends it's Sukuna's tough torso. "I can't sleep."


"Me neither, baby," Sukuna sighed from the other line. "How's your head?" 




"You sure?" 


Megumi can visualize Sukuna frowning at him upon hearing that, prompting him to feel smaller than he already is. "You fell pretty badly," Sukuna recalled. 


Yeah, no shit Sherlock. Megumi had deprived himself of sleep and food because he is too caught up in the stress from his situation. Plus he just broke somebody else's heart under his orders, so he thinks falling badly is a good way of downplaying what happened. It is safe to say that he is on a downward spiral because of Sukuna — and yet Megumi knows that only he can give him the high that he needs to survive. He is a pathetic, disgusting addict and the worst part is he would like to remain as such because he doesn't know any better. 

"I can't sleep, daddy," Megumi whimpers. More than anything, he just wants to sleep off the pain. Maybe it will go away tomorrow. Maybe it will get worse. Either way, Megumi is numb and drained and would just wanna deal with it all tomorrow with Sukuna's help. "Help me fall asleep. Please, daddy."


"What do you need, my love?" Sukuna murmurs. Megumi shudders. There it is again. This isn't the first time that Megumi has been addressed by Sukuna as such. He still hasn't figured out what it is exactly that lowers his inhibitions whenever Sukuna calls him by one of his many pet names, but this one by far has the strongest effect on him. He feels mushy, and he is shuddering all over just hearing those words from the older man. "Tell me."


"Tell me a story," Megumi gulps a lump off his throat. "Anything. Please stay, daddy. Don't leave until I fall asleep." He desperately begs as the call sign has resurfaced Kamo's confession inside his head. 


Sukuna then proceeded to tell him about his meeting with professor Mei. He opted to focus instead on his voice and on the words he is saying, forcing him to digest them even if they don't make any sense to him. Megumi is content enough in hearing Sukuna speak to him in such a gentle manner. 


The next morning, Megumi informs his jailors that he'll go out by himself to unwind. While both Gojo and Yuuji initially liked the idea at first and asked if they could just tag along, they both showed their reservations about it when he insisted he wanted to go alone. 


"You sure you're gonna be okay?" Yuuji is the first to ask. Thank goodness he didn't tell Gojo about his little break down from last night, and they seem to be okay again which is always good. 


"Do you still have enough money to shop, though?" Gojo asks with a frown and is in fact about to reach for his wallet when Megumi stops him. "I have more than enough thank you so much," he says, "Plus I also have the credit card with me."


The two men stared at each other, then shared a sigh and a shrug. Megumi got the permission he needed provided that he does a raincheck on either of them in case something comes up. He then began preparing for the day after they both left for classes and meetings they have to attend. 

After douching his hole just in case, Megumi sat in the tub full of water for quite a long time, scrubbing himself clean idly as he started replaying yesterday's events. The pain is still fresh, but strangely, Megumi feels numb about it. There was a dull, searing throb, a friendly reminder that it is still there but Megumi can still tolerate it — which is good. He could use his numbness to his advantage right now, when he is wallowing in self-loathing as he scrubbed on to the surface of his skin until it turns red. He isn't sure what exactly he is trying to wash off; from the two sets of phantoms ghosting every inch of his skin, he cannot discern which is Kamo's and which is Sukuna's and cannot decide which of the two he should get rid of. He has both men all over him in a literal and metaphorical sense, and forcibly cutting ties with one of them against his will has caused him great pain. 


He then settled for the ripped jeans and the leather jacket that he had worn on his first (and last) night with Kamo. Megumi is unsure what he is trying to pull off exactly by wearing pretty much the same thing, but he did got compliments for it and was hoping Sukuna would do the same. He complimented  it with a white shirt and a dark pair of high-cut sneakers. 


Megumi decided to not bring any extra stuff with him. For one, he is gonna end up buying more clothes in his time out there in the city to go along with his alibi. Plus, he is most probably gonna end up sleeping naked besides Sukuna so bringing nightwear is impractical. He roamed around the streets of Tokyo looking for anything worth buying. Everywhere he looks there seems to be an influx of Ultimate Mechamaru merchandise, from trailers up to t-shirts and posters. He is not caught up with comic book movies so he had deduced there's probably a sequel that just got released. Either way, the merch has painfully reminded him of Kamo's dorm room; In particular, the same Mechamaru poster plastered on the wall that bears witness to his own betrayal. 


Just his luck. Megumi is expecting a backlash of sorts for breaking up with Kamo because Sukuna asked him to, but he didn't expect it would come so soon and on such a bright, sunny day. Megumi brisked to the familiar mall where Nobara would go shopping for sanctuary. He stared at his phone and realized that Sukuna's last class had just finished, which relieved him. He can now retreat back to his daddy, where he is safe from the judgement of something as mundane as superhero merchandise. He just has to distract himself while waiting for Sukuna's text. 


Megumi allowed himself to get lost in the comfort of retail therapy. He now gets why Nobara loves shopping so much. The routinary procedure of finding something to try on, deciding if he likes it, then purchasing it when he does occupy his mind for the most part which is a total blessing. He is currently having a drink break when Sukuna texted him the address and the room number. Before he even knew it, he was already back at the streets and into the city as he navigated every nook and cranny. It's only five minutes away from where he is, so he figured walking is the way to go. He could also use the time to properly sort his feelings out. Now that he is about to be with Sukuna again, Megumi should stop thinking about whatever happened yesterday. Save it for later. His entire body ignited when the idea of Sukuna comforting him after what happened struck him. If he wants it, then he needs to be good for Sukuna. The confrontation can be done later; he can't handle another breakdown. 

Sukuna is still wearing his typical work day outfit when he greets Megumi to his door. He cupped his chin with his capable hands; Megumi closed his eyes as Sukuna kissed him on the lips before letting him inside the hotel room. He opted to leave the shopping bags beside the bed. He takes his shoes off and glances at the mounds of paperwork lying on the desk. Megumi gulped. Maybe this is a bad idea after all — Sukuna is clearly a very busy person and therefore has better things to do than give him much needed comfort. Sukuna seemed to have noticed his worried gaze, for he is now kissing him again, the eagerness evident. "Have you eaten?" Sukuna murmurs. Megumi shakes his head no. He then ruffles his hair and kisses him on the forehead. "You're just in time for lunch. How does stir-fried pork sound?" 


"Good," Megumi begins losing himself in that familiar headspace again, now that Sukuna is doting on him like he normally would. He leaned on to Sukuna's warm hand, "I feel icky, sir. Can I use the bathroom?" 


"Sure you can," Sukuna says as he goes back to his laptop and closes it shut. "Freshen up a bit. Lunch should be cooked when you're done."


Megumi obeyed. When Sukuna disappeared into the room's mini-kitchen, he began stripping himself to his briefs and taking one of the newly bought shirts with him to the bathroom. He made quick work of washing the filth from the urban pollution. He psyched himself up for the inevitable kitchen sex that's about to happen as he dried himself in front of the mirror. He's not necessarily in the mood for sex right now, but knowing Sukuna he won't give him what he needs if he couldn't get in between his legs. The entire ordeal is second nature to him already, given how all his encounters with Sukuna all end in sex one way or another whenever he ends up alone with him in a hotel room. 


So imagine his surprise when he walked barefoot to the dining area in t-shirt and briefs and saw that Sukuna still had his clothes on and was, in fact, preparing lunch. He watched Sukuna in awe as he prepared the meal in full concentration, not even acknowledging his presence in the room. The scent of whatever he's frying wafted his nose and his stomach  growled embarrassingly loud. The noise got Sukuna out of his stupor and laughed at him. Actually I laughed. The full on, resounding sound kind of laugh — which further confused Megumi. Sukuna wagged his index finger at him, and Megumi immediately closed the gap between them. Sukuna wrapped his arm around his waist and gave his buttocks a squeeze, "You hungry?"


"Yes, sir." Megumi hazily blinked his eyes. Aside from the usual lust, Sukuna's warm gaze on him has bits of affection splayed on to it. He can no longer find it in himself to be angry and rational at the man for subjecting him to the pain yesterday. Sukuna smiled at him and ushered him to one of the seats which he obediently occupied. In the middle of the table, there are two small cases of flavored sake. Megumi eyed the bottles wearily while Sukuna tended to his cooking. So maybe Sukuna is planning something sexual that involves drinks after all. His mouth went dry. He is a lightweight, and Sukuna always gets what he wants regardless of consent. To be fair, he did consented to a lot of the things they did even without a precognition of what was about to happen, but still…


Sukuna served him a plate with lots of meat and even more rice. Megumi stared at the meal. He cannot deny that the thing looks appetizing, but he is certain that he can't handle food this much even on a good day. "Sir, this is too much—"


"You fainted in my class yesterday," Sukuna pointed out oh so gently. Megumi stiffened. So this is why he is acting weird. Turns out his medical accident is a blessing in disguise too. "I don't know what you've been doing, but please don't let me see something like that again." 


At that, Megumi stared at Sukuna, only to find that his back is turned on him for he is getting portions for himself. He decided to just drop the lingering question in his mind after hearing that and just entertained his host.


What the fuck?!

Sukuna occupied the seat across from him and cracked a bottle open. He gestured for Megumi to take one too. "Daddy, I think it's too early for alcohol," he feebly points out. That is true. It's barely one in the afternoon and they're already drinking. 


"No can do, baby," Sukuna said, "You are too stiff, Megumi. That should help you loosen up a little."


Megumi grabbed one of the bottles and opened it. He has a feeling Sukuna isn't taking no for an answer. Turns out the alcohol is a good idea in terms of the meal though. Sukuna's meat tastes heavenly (pun not intended), and the sake compliments the warm, salty flavor quite nicely. He can't help but whimper at the taste. Looks like everyone in Yuuji's family can cook. Megumi didn't even realize how hungry he was; he practically inhaled the food and drink in one go. 


Sukuna helped himself with one more bottle before doing the dishes. Part of Megumi wants to chime in; it isn't fair for daddy to wash the plates when he already did the cooking. But Sukuna is far too engrossed in the task that he just left for the bathroom to brush his teeth quickly. Once he's done, he returns back to the bedroom, not quite sure of what to do. Sukuna would appear shortly afterwards, carrying the cases of sake with him. There's still seven of them left, and Sukuna is far from looking drunk. The man can hold his alcohol well. 


"I'll just take a shower. Wait for me here." Sukuna squeezed the inside of his thigh. Megumi gasped at the touch. He just stared helplessly as Sukuna headed for the bathroom. Upon checking the bedside drawers, there are packets of condoms and bottles of lube. He absent-mindedly ran his fingers on the soft, quilted sheets as he can imagine himself getting railed by his professor yet again on the same bed. 


Sukuna came out of the shower in his underwear, still drying his pink hair with a towel. Heat creeped on his face and he quickly looked away. Sukuna doesn't seem to mind that though. He went on to towel dry himself, hanging the towel back in the bathroom once done. He sat beside Megumi and offered him another bottle. Megumi eyed the bottle in his hand. Knowing that Sukuna wasn't taking no for an answer, he took the bottle and drank more. He can feel his head getting woozier as he consumes more of the alcohol. He stopped when he can no longer take the burning sensation running down his throat and stared at Sukuna, fully expecting him to be watching him drink. 

But no — Sukuna himself is getting inebriated too. Megumi is legit puzzled. His confusion must be evident for Sukuna had begun explaining to him, "Since this is our first date I figured we should know more about each other, baby boy." Megumi's breath clasped when Sukuna tucked a stray lock of his hair behind his ear. "The alcohol should help with any issues about honesty. How about this, Megumi? We finish five bottles each and we both get to ask five questions to each other. What do you say?" 


Megumi stared at the bottle he is currently attempting to finish. Two bottles in, and the room is starting to sway already. One upside, he supposed, is that the alcohol masks the burning pain he is feeling inside for now. 


"I'm a lightweight, daddy," Megumi can't help but feel embarrassed about that fact for some reason. Why is he getting worked up about something as textbook as that? 


Sukuna considered this, "Then drink to your limit. You can still ask me five questions." 


Something burned inside Megumi's heart. Did he hear correctly? He genuinely expected that Sukuna would make him finish all five bottles nevertheless. Not quite knowing what else to do or say, he just agreed with it and drank his hurt and confusion away. Megumi stopped halfway through the third bottle. It's as much as he can take safely — the room is spinning, and he feels even more drowsy, and his inhibitions are lowered, but he still feels safe because he is alone with daddy. That is weird. "Shall we begin?" Sukuna asks.


Megumi eyed the empty bottles on the floor, awed by the fact that Sukuna had finished five small bottles of the beverage in one go. Before he could even respond accordingly, Sukuna began firing his first question: "Who's Tsumiki?"




Megumi recalls that Tsumiki is lying in a hospital bed, still comatose. He recalls that Tsumiki is the only person who will understand what is going on, and who would still accept him regardless of what he does. He'd be the dirtiest whore in the world and Tsumiki would still see him as her little brother whom she raised until Satoru Gojo took him under his wing, separating him with his sister for good. Her grandparents are mad at him for leaving Tsumiki behind but she understood. She never hated him for it. She is so damn great. 


Wait… how did Sukuna find out about her?


"She's my sister," Megumi slurred. "How did ya— how did ya know her?"


"You were calling out for her one time," Sukuna caressed his cheek fondly. Megumi nuzzled his palm. Daddy's palm is so warm and fuzzy. "How is she?"


"None of your business, sir." Megumi firmly says. He doesn't give a damn if Sukuna would punish him for this. 


But Sukuna looks at him pitifully. He hates that look to his core, but for some reason Megumi is not getting pissed at him for looking at him like he is weak and pathetic. That's one of the many weird things Sukuna has been doing today. 


Figuring that it is his turn to ask, Megumi decided to point it out right off the bat. "Why are you acting so weird today, daddy?" 


It is Sukuna's turn to look confused. Man, he looks adorable with his head tilted to the side like that. Megumi giggled a little, but still, he couldn't shake the unnerving feeling of Sukuna acting all strange today. He drank a little bit more to calm himself down. 


"What do you mean?" Sukuna asks.


"You're not fucking me," Megumi raised an eyebrow. "You're being good to me. Tending to my needs and shit. Making sure I am well fed. Why? This a new kink or something?"

Sukuna said nothing. He just chuckled, then pushed Megumi down to the bed, leaving him gasping for air. His hands are beside his head, and they're locking on each other's gazes as they start breathing each other's hot air in. Megumi reflexively clung onto his broad shoulders. So Sukuna intends on fucking him, after all. 


"I thought you said you wanted something normal, hmm?" Sukuna nuzzled his nose against his cheek, "I'm giving it to you right now, my good, sweet boy."


"Daddy," he could not believe what he was hearing. Megumi shouldn't have brought it up; the pain from yesterday went back alive. He closed his eyes and allowed his hands to roam free. He entangled his hair in Sukuna's locks. He traced patterns on his endless skin. Megumi felt his rigid muscles. Daddy is here. Daddy is here. Every cell in Megumi's body is howling in pain now that daddy is here. He wants Sukuna to do something about the pain — yes, that's right. He came over because he is in great pain, and despite his hatred for the man, he knows that Sukuna will somehow patch him back up in his sadistic ways. "Daddy, I need you. Please, daddy."


Sukuna brushed more stuff away from his face — hair, tears, sweat, and the like. Megumi feels light at the touch. It's dulling the pain, but it is not enough. He needs more. He's an addict and he needs more. "What do you need, baby?" Sukuna huskily says. Megumi can feel himself getting aroused — which further dampened the pain. Still, it isn't enough. He needs more. The sense of normalcy he craves can wait. It won't do anything against the pain — but Sukuna will. His body trusts Sukuna too much and he hates it, but he has to rely on what Sukuna can give if he wants the pain to go away. 


"Fuck me," Megumi sobs, "I need you to fuck me, daddy. Make me forget. Fuck me hard until I forget. Please."

Chapter Text

It is an indisputable fact that Satoru Gojo is one of the strongest men in all of Japan at this day and age. 


Between his old money wealth, his contributions to the society as a functioning member, his investments on large franchises and properties, and his political connections over the surface and under the table, Satoru Gojo has quite literally everything at the palm of his own hands at such a young age. He may be the heir of the largest yakuza clan, but it was his skills and abilities as a prodigy that took his power and influence to new heights— the fact that he has the duality of a lowkey school administrator by day and a high profile clan leader at night speaks volumes at that. 


So imagine his surprise when somebody like Sukuna Ryomen dares crosses his boundaries without a care. 


Satoru stuffed his mouth with more bars of chocolate as he reviewed all the logs and documents that he had on file. That son of a bitch Sukuna is smart enough to use cash to pay for hotel rooms but he is also dumb enough to use his real name paired with a legitimate ID to check in. He then compared the photos he had compiled of Megumi; he stared at the dread that is evident on the young boy's features when he enters all the love hotels in the photos — the same hotels Satoru is running under his name, and some of them are conveniently of piss-poor quality to hide the money he's been laundering on rotation. His eyes then darted to the check in records he had managed to compile and, sure enough, Sukuna had requested for two key cards for every encounter.



One look at the boy's face in the photos and he can already tell most — if not all — of their meetings are either non consensual or forced consent. Add Megumi's misery and burnout into the mix and anybody with half a brain cell can deduce that Sukuna is the root cause of whatever is happening to the boy he had taken in and raised. Sukuna is defiling Megumi in between the sheets and for some reason Megumi is letting the deranged teacher use his body for his sick, twisted pleasure. The idea alone sickens him to the bone. 


Satoru poured himself more hot chocolate to wash down the disgust. Under normal circumstances, he would be pouring himself shots of whiskey despite him being a lightweight; hell, this situation calls for truckloads of alcohol. But he needs his full focus and attention to solve this outrageous situation. 


First things first — what does Sukuna hold against Megumi? 


Megumi would not go around having affairs with his own professor without a good reason. Satoru can deduce that his ward has a preference for older men when putting into consideration his celebrity crushes and the fact that the first man he had dated properly is Kamo. He may have found Sukuna attractive — but then, if he does, then why does all photos of him look like he doesn't want to do anything? The pervert must be holding something against the boy — and that is what Satoru is itching to find out. 


His first thought was the grades. Satoru scans Megumi's report card from last semester, and to his confusion, sees that he had failed Sukuna's class. So Megumi isn't whoring himself for extra credit. That didn't exactly calm him down but it's a start. 


Satoru then thought that maybe Sukuna was touting his own sexuality against him. Megumi is definitely still in the closet, and he is studying in one of the most conservative schools in Japan. Him getting outed will make it worse for him. The higher ups can't do anything about him since he is above all of them, but they sure as hell will make his campus life worse. The fact that the higher ups are on his ass for that statement he released proves this. Sukuna blackmailing Megumi for his sexual orientation is definitely a possibility — except for one thing. 


Satoru Gojo knows that Megumi will not let himself get abused and used because of his own sexuality. Besides, if that were the case, then Sukuna's plan is unrealistically fragile because all it takes to undo it is for Megumi to come out to everyone. 


So there has to be something else that Sukuna is using against him. This thing should be damning and damaging enough that would ensure Megumi's pain, and a certain other person getting caught up in the mess. Megumi would always cover for somebody else if they think they're worth it regardless if he overdoes it or not. 


It can't be him. For one, Satoru has kept Megumi out of the shady environment of the underworld as he had promised to the boy's biological father so he literally doesn't know anything about the Gojo clan. Besides, him being a yakuza leader is an open secret among the other administrators. 


So that narrows it down to another person that is important to the boy — Tsumiki Fushiguro. Whatever Sukuna is holding against Megumi has to have his step sister involved. 


Satoru browsed through the background check he had requested for Tsumiki and at the banking information he had gotten from his driver Ijichi. One mistake of Megumi is that he had trusted Ijichi with his secret. The man is deeply loyal to him, and also happens to be an awful liar even if he tries. Ijichi spilled the beans three days after being coerced by Megumi. He had asked the driver to keep up with the facade to see what was going on. Despite this, neither of them knows exactly what Megumi is doing for him to be able to wire large sums of money to the bank account meant for Tsumiki's bills. 


He could, in theory, hack into the boy's phone and laptop. That would make things easier. But Satoru Gojo had made a promise to Megumi that he will not invade his privacy especially in his phone and gadgets — which, in hindsight, is a stupid promise especially now, but Satoru is a man of his word. If he says he's not hacking into Megumi's accounts and gadgets, then he is not going to do that under any circumstances. 


Granted, it is hypocritical of him since he did paid for discreet photos of the boy but hey — he didn't promise to Megumi that he won't send paparazzi down his way if he does anything suspicious.


He cannot help but think that all these are interconnected somehow. He just needs that one puzzle piece that would answer the question of whatever Sukuna is holding against the boy. 


Satoru Gojo has definitely noticed from the getgo that Megumi has inherited his father's tenacity and grit, so seeing him miserable because of something so disgusting is upsetting. He had initially taken Megumi in with the clear intention of using him as another leverage against the Zenins, but when he raised him he couldn't help but become fond and attached to the boy in all things. As the years went by he eagerly embraced the figure role his biological father had left him. 


So it stands to reason that Satoru Gojo understandably and justifiably white hot burning, seething, flaring angry. 




Chapter Text

All five of Sukuna's senses are being overloaded with all things Megumi. His eyes are feasting at the sight of the beautiful boy on all fours— sweat dripping down on his creamy skin hiding lean flesh and bone, his thick dark hair splayed wildly on all directions, and the red handprints all over his ass together with the crimson bite marks and bruises decorating specific areas like they're bloodied ornaments complimenting the pink flush on the boy's face, ears and neck. "Harder, daddy! Agh! Ah!" Megumi would cry out; this, together with his mewls and whimpers, with the way his breath comes out shaking, and the rhythmic sounds of his flesh slapping against Megumi's and the squelching from all the lube he has poured in between the boy's ample globes are a cacophony to Sukuna's ears. Sukuna leaned forward and buried his face on the crook of his neck. "Megumi," he groans. Sukuna takes a whiff of Megumi's scent as he snaps his hips faster and runs his tongue all over his red ears and neck, closing his eyes as he does. The action made Megumi shiver, and the aroma of Megumi's sex together with the taste of his damp skin got him more erect inside the boy. Megumi is better than any aphrodisiac he can think of. Sukuna then runs his hands frantically all over the boy's body and allowed himself to feel — his skin is slick, his lips are soft, his mouth feels plush, his nipples are hard and his cock is even harder, leaking hot, sticky precum as Sukuna found his prostate and rammed it relentlessly. 


"Fuck," Megumi whimpers when Sukuna pulls out and flips him over so he's lying on his back. Megumi spreads his legs for him, and Sukuna happily reentered him, moaning a bit louder when he realized the boy is tighter and warmer in this position somehow. He paused as he took a moment to bask in how good his ass makes him feel. The warm rings and folds of muscle clamp on to him rather tightly. Sukuna is awed and intrigued just how Megumi maintains his tightness for him. His body heat makes his insides feel warm and welcoming, and Sukuna would thrust deeper and deeper so he can bathe himself with warmth. Megumi's heat ignites the cold, thick lube which coats both his insides and Sukuna's hard cock. It's all kinds of warm and pillowy inside Megumi — and Sukuna would kill to remain there, in his welcoming heat. 


But alas, good things must always come to an end. 


Sukuna can already feel his orgasm inching in closer. To prolong the inevitable, he puts his lips on Megumi's and engages him in a slick dance of teeth and tongue as he gives him shallow thrusts. "Daddy," Megumi whimpers as he eagerly kisses Sukuna back. The boy has gotten so much better at kissing. The way their tongues caress each other's mouths, and the way Megumi clenches and rubs on Sukuna with his tight walls sends the latter on an overdrive. Megumi Fushiguro is all over him in a literal and metaphorical sense — and he doesn't wanna let go. 


So Sukuna took the boy's hands and clung on to them, pinning them beside the boy's head as he throttled once more, sending the boy in a string of moans and whimpers. He rested his forehead against Megumi's as they inhaled each other's air. Sukuna's thrusts became more erratic; Megumi's insides became unbearably tighter.


"Daddy!" Megumi moans, his brows furrowed, and his mouth agape. Sukuna licked the drool dripping down his chin. "Please, daddy," Megumi squirms and trembles as he pants. He thinks it's sexy — which nearly made Sukuna bust. "I want to cum."


"Baby, baby…" Sukuna mutters a prayer for himself as he stimulates Megumi's prostate with his dick. He gently pressed against the sensitive spot as he planted chaste pecks on the boy's lips. "Cum for me. C'mon, baby. C'mon! Shit!" Sukuna's grip on Megumi's hands became tighter, an attempt at mirroring the tightness he's feeling. He's not gonna last longer. His head is getting cloudier, and he could already feel himself snapping any moment now. 


Megumi throws his head back as his back arches. Sukuna can feel the boy's cock rub against his torso as he keeps on thrusting inside him. "So good," Megumi sighs. "This feels so good." The boy's limber body started shaking even more. Sukuna felt the boy's insides spasm as Megumi cried out Sukuna's name while hot spurts of cum got all over their bodies. Some even caught on to the boy's hair. 


Hearing the boy cry out for him, specifically sent Sukuna over the edge. It feels correct. It feels good — scratch that, it's heavenly, to hear Megumi moan his name as he reaches his climax. It feels right — like Megumi was born to say the name he hates like that. He loves it when it comes out of Megumi's mouth. If it's him, he doesn't mind. 


Realizing what he had done, Megumi looked horrified. Sukuna let one of his hands go and caressed the boy gently on his face to soothe his agitated nerves. "Megumi," he sighs as he shoves his tongue inside the boy's mouth once more. Megumi snaked his hand on the back of his head and clung on to a fistful of his locks as Sukuna started filling him up with his seed. They kissed a little more as Sukuna kept on thrusting inside the boy until his member wilted. He wants more of him. He is too far gone to deny that. 


Sukuna ended up lying on top of Megumi. The two of them just lied there, covered in their own filth as they both caught their bated breath. The older man closed his eyes and let himself be soothed into a deep sense of relaxation with the deep thumps of Megumi's heart. Goosebumps littered his skin when he felt the boy wrap his arms around him tenderly. It does feel rather nice, being cuddled like this. Sukuna can no longer remember when was the last time he got held, nor the last time he felt this warm and relaxed. 


He had crossed every line and passed boundaries, and had used the best of his abilities to get this feeling. To think that the young man he's been ogling would one day be in his bed and in his arms is euphoria to someone like Sukuna, who had to fight and play dirty to get what he wants and needs. Granted, his methods have been questionable, but at the end of the day, Megumi is here with him. He's not leaving because Sukuna ensured that his grip this time is tighter — and he couldn't be happier. 


Sukuna kissed Megumi some more on the lips. God, he loves kissing Megumi, especially on the lips. His extensive libido would eventually run out, but never this desire to kiss him. "You okay?" He asks as he nibbles on the boy's bottom lip. Megumi merely nodded. He caressed his sides as he probed once more, "You sure?"


"Yes, daddy," Megumi sighs. 


Sukuna blinked his eyes at him. "Do you need anything?" Sukuna asks as he checks for injuries, phantom pains, and the like. No bumps nor cracked skulls as he feared when the boy collapsed in the middle of his class, so that's good. That is always good. Still, he can't be too sure. Megumi would say he's fine one moment and then break in front of him afterwards. He can't afford that. 



Megumi briefly considered before answering, "Clean up? I feel sticky, sir."


Sukuna huffed a laugh at that. He ruffled his hair and said, "Sure you do. Let's get you cleaned up."



Per his usual routine with Megumi, Sukuna proceeded to scrub every inch of Megumi's body clean, taking extra effort in going slow and gentle to the bruises and marks he implanted on the boy. The smell of sex on their skins got gradually replaced with the scent of lavenders, which made Sukuna sleepy. He still has to attend to paperworks, so he can't afford to be drowsy now — he'll just end up dozing off entirely. 


When he gives Megumi the chance to rinse his face, Sukuna eagerly watches him as he completes the task — and gasps softly when he sees the dark shadows underneath the boy's pretty eyes. The shadows beneath his eyes marred his lovely features, and something panged inside Sukuna's chest. His hand flew straight to Megumi's cheek; the boy leaned in to the touch. "Have you been sleeping, baby?" 


Megumi shakes his head sadly. "I can't sleep, sir. Even if I try."


"Why is that?" 


"Because," Megumi chews on his lip as he anxiously grazes his cheek against Sukuna's touch. "Because you made me break Kamo's heart...and because you're doing things to me and I like it. Daddy…"


Sukuna's gaze softened. In an effort to calm the boy down, he kissed him full on the lips. Megumi kissed back, but he can sense the hesitation this time. Sukuna wouldn't have thought that their arrangement forged in sex and blackmail would lead to this — to him getting oddly attached to the boy and his quirks. If only he can make Megumi understand that he did the right thing — breaking up with Kamo is the best course of action in both of their interests. Kamo would dump him the moment he learns about him and Sukuna. He is totally that kind of person. Megumi would be better off getting the sense of normalcy with him...and Sukuna would not feel the irrational feeling of jealousy anymore when Megumi is with him. 


One way or another, Megumi is his to keep. The marks and bites prove that. The ample amounts of blackmail material he has cements that. Only he gets to be with Megumi, for better or for worse. He had worked so hard to tie the boy to him, and he is not letting go under any circumstances. 


So judging from his thought patterns as of lately, it is safe to say that Sukuna's feelings for Megumi Fushiguro grew beyond lust. He doesn't know what to do about that, so he'll settle for just admitting that to himself for now. He needs Megumi to feel the same for him, though, in order to ensure that he'll no longer be able to let go. 


He'll play normal, like Megumi wants him to. Sukuna would give him everything that he wants, and Megumi would eventually love all of him — the good stuff, the bad parts, all of it. Megumi himself will never want to leave him. Yes. Sukuna would definitely like that. 


"We can take a nap after this, boy." He murmured softly as he pulled the boy closer and rubbed circles on his back. Megumi's shoulders sagged with relief, and his body sank into his arms once more just as Sukuna wanted. "You have the rest of the day with me. Sleep to your heart's desire. You deserve it."


The words of affirmation did the trick — Megumi yawned rather loudly, which nearly got Sukuna feeling drowsy too. "Sukuna," Megumi mumbles as he tiredly clings to him. "I'm tired of this. Please let me rest." 


So it's Sukuna, again. Not daddy. He loves the way the cursed name rolls of his tongue, but he doesn't like the words Megumi is trying to imply. 


"You know you can't exactly say no to me, sweetheart," Sukuna says as he fondles his cock to prove his point. It started getting half-erect. "We have the deal, remember? Plus i know your body likes it so just give in to me baby—"


Megumi placed a finger on his lips to keep it shut. Sukuna is too stunned to react. "I don't wanna hear it," Megumi slurs. He is clearly teetering in between his real self and his baby persona — the only side that Sukuna has access to — but he is visibly struggling again, from the way his cold, dead glares and warm shivers whenever Sukuna rubs him oh so slightly is contrasting. "Let me rest. Just let me fucking rest, Sukuna. Please."



Not quite getting what Megumi means, Sukuna just stared at the boy, dumbfounded. Megumi is painfully good at giving mixed signals and while Sukuna loves challenging himself at reading them, he finds this one particularly annoying. Not knowing else what to do, Sukuna opened his mouth and sucked on the digit. Wide eyed, Megumi gasped as Sukuna licked his finger clean. He closed his eyes and committed the taste to his memory. Before Megumi can fully voice out his objection, Sukuna released the finger. He grabbed the back of his head and kissed him fully once more. 


Megumi whimpered on his mouth. He struggled a bit against him, but eventually, Sukuna felt the boy's hands explore his body as their tongues engulfed each other once more. They simultaneously broke off the kiss to breathe. Sukuna can't help but smile, which made his company frown at him like he's gotten crazy. Their bodies are so in sync and so used to each other. 


"Okay, Fushiguro Megumi," he says, "I'll let you rest. I'll let you treat me like one of your pillows like a good boyfriend would. Is that what you want?"


Megumi stared at him, then sighed. "Fucking….fine."



Because his clothes are still pretty damp with sweat, Sukuna lent the beige sweatshirt he was wearing on top of a dress shirt before everything came off. The blush on Megumi's face turned brighter when he realized that the clothes he's wearing is too baggy even for his taste. Upon seeing that the neckline is showing too much of his bare shoulders, Sukuna could not help himself; he tugged at the waistband of Megumi's red silk boxers, pulling him close and raining down more kisses on the exposed area with a grin. Megumi whined at him, "I'm sleepy."


"I know, baby," Sukuna messed up his raven hair just a bit more — not that it needs it — and pecked on his forehead. "Let's go to bed."


Megumi frowned at him, then gestured at the stack of papers that he needs to tend to, "What about your work?" 


"Those can wait, dear," Sukuna says as he gave the boy's buttocks a firm squeeze, which earned him a light smack on his arm. "You need to sleep, baby boy, and you need daddy to tuck you to bed. Plus I could use a nap myself."


Sukuna jumped to his side of the bed first, clad only in his underwear. He tapped the empty space beside him and did a 'come hither' gesture at Megumi, who rolled his eyes and curled up on the spot, his back turned against him. 


"Hey, now don't be like that," Sukuna teased as he forced Megumi to face him. He resisted at first, but gave in when Sukuna smothered him on his chest. "Have your way with me, Megumi. I'll be your warmest pillow tonight. Cuddle me, drool on me, hell— hump the shit out of me. I'll be more than happy to let you," he says while squeezing his arm suggestively at the last statement. 


"I don't drool in my sleep," Megumi claps back, although he is becoming more drowsy as the time slips by. Sukuna thinks it's rather adorable and kissed him. "Yes, you do, my sweet. You wanna see the photos?" 


Sukuna happens to have a lot of photos of his baby. A lot of them are in compromising positions, yes, but he does have a handful of intimate shots capturing Megumi's delicate beauty. 


"No, thank you," Megumi says as he shuts his eyes close. "I'm trying to sleep. Let me sleep, please."


Sukuna nodded. Humming under his breath, he covered their bodies with the thin comforter provided. Sukuna held on to him closer, and Megumi was too sleepy to struggle. He closed his eyes as he focused on the scent of lavenders on Megumi's skin. The aroma lulled Sukuna into a state of safety, then straight to sleep. 


Despite achieving peak comfort, Sukuna remains a light sleeper especially when he has deadlines to meet. To his annoyance, he woke up from his slumber a few hours later, with Megumi still all over him. The boy is now clinging to him like a lifeline, and as much as he would like to stay with him for the rest of the day until tomorrow, he has work to do and can't wait. Grumbling to himself, Sukuna carefully wedged Megumi's limbs off him and replaced himself with his pillow. He tried getting off the bed carefully so as not to rouse the sleeping beauty on it, but somehow Megumi sensed that he was going somewhere. His arm flailed wildly until he grabbed hold on the hem of Sukuna's briefs. Megumi pulled him back to bed, pulling down the underwear and making Sukuna yelp when his ass got exposed to the cold air. 


"Dad," Megumi slurred in his sleep, "Don't leave me. Please."


That raised an eyebrow. This is the first time Sukuna has caught Megumi talking in his sleep. Dismissing it as a hopeless play on his title, Sukuna smiled at himself, pleased. He held on to Megumi's hand and kissed it. He rubbed small circles on its surface; the motions started to loosen Megumi back to his relaxed state. When he is certain that the boy is in deep slumber, he slowly lets the hand go and proceeds to his improvised workstation. 


Sukuna begins by checking the essays he had asked for a couple days prior. As expected, a great majority of the outputs are just straight up sewage, so he found himself relying on his red pen more for annotating comments and writing the big fat failing marks on the topmost part of every failing front page. As for Megumi, from an objective standpoint, he is showing progress in his grades and is improving though there is still lots of work that needs to be done. He is still in the red like most of his block mates; while the boy is undeniably Sukuna's bottom, Megumi is far from being one of the bottom feeders in their class as of the moment thanks to the student's hard work and the teacher's rigging. The poor boy is overworking himself to death as seen by the eyebags, so the least he can do is rig his grades to at least soften the blow. 


And speaking of overworking, Megumi is still very much active in camming. Sukuna would sometimes pull up his live streams in the background while he is working on his own requirements. Frankly, he doesn't give a fuck why the boy is resorting to such a degrading line of work when Satoru Gojo is keeping him loaded. Megumi must have a good reason to, of course. Still, he can't shake off the idea that Megumi is selling his own body online; the idea of his baby pleasuring himself in front of other people to see if they have enough money angers him. Only he gets to enjoy the lovely expressions and sweet moans from the boy — nothing more, nothing less. Still, Megumi must have a pretty convincing reason to remain in the industry. Sukuna would very much like to leave an impression to Megumi's subscribers that the best they can do is fap to his ethereal beauty and that their pathetic asses can only wish they were him.


Sukuna licked his lips hungrily. The idea of having sex with Megumi in front of everyone to see is so damn hot and tempting. Everyone will watch Megumi take his cock and moan for him and they would engulf themselves in lust and fantasize that the dick stuffing Megumi's pink, pretty hole is theirs, and when Megumi moans for daddy, they'll delude themselves into thinking the boy is referring to them. The idea is far too risky even for his standards. Under any circumstances, he cannot show his face. Nevertheless, the idea is too good to ignore— plus a collab will rake in more streams for the boy. 



Eh, Sukuna would want to do it regardless. He just has to convince and upsell the idea to Megumi — and he is fairly confident that he doesn't need to do much. 



Now, back to Satoru Gojo. 



For weeks, Sukuna has been digging the recesses of the internet in vain for any dirt involving Satoru Gojo. Once Megumi's guardian finds out about this, the man would undoubtedly come for him with guns blazing. Sukuna needs a leverage of sorts against the man if he caughts whiff of what he and Megumi are doing beneath the sheets. All he can find are articles, features, news reports, and interviews, and they all involve kissing the man's ass and patronizing him as if he is the second coming of Jesus Christ. If there is one thing Sukuna is certain of, it's that people like Satoru Gojo hide bigger skeletons in the closet — and unfortunately, he is just a measly commoner with vastly limited resources. 


Sukuna quickly closed the file of what he has managed to compile so far when he sensed that Megumi had woken up and was walking towards him. He pretended to be encoding grades while the boy weakly grabbed the back of his chair and pulled. Sukuna can't stop the smile on his face when Megumi begins straddling him in a lazy manner. He supported the boy by holding him in the waist.


Sukuna eyed the boy's facial features. His beautiful eyes are curtained by his long lashes and eyelids, indicating that Megumi is pretty much half-asleep. The dark circles underneath his sleepy eyes further gave emphasis on the effect. "Daddy," he mutters. 


"Baby," Sukuna mirrors. He planted a chaste kiss on his forehead. The action seemed to have loosened the boy up, so Sukuna decided to go one step further and kiss him on the lips. God, even Megumi's post sleep breath smells sexy. Sukuna breaks the kiss, and Megumi wraps his arms around him and rests his head on his shoulder. Sukuna pretended to work mindlessly as Megumi began snoring faintly, further muffled by his shoulder. 


Sukuna began losing focus at the job itself. Feeling Megumi's warm body this close against him, with his scent wafting his nose oh so closely, makes him feel lightheaded. Megumi is the best drug Sukuna has ever had the pleasure to get addicted to. This motivated Sukuna further to get leverage against Satoru Gojo. He always needs to have a back up plan. If he can't find anything about the guardian of the boy sleeping in his arms, then he needs to work harder and dig deeper. 


Sukuna has worked so damn hard to get Megumi for himself and not even Satoru Gojo can make him let go if worse comes to worst. 








Chapter Text

"I don't know, Kugikasi. I…"


Megumi nervously fiddled with the hems of his sleeve as he tried to make sense of everything that is going on inside his head to his friend, who is currently devouring a plate of pasta while listening to him. Between the break up with Kamo, and the weird, fucked up ways of Sukuna continuing to have his way with him, he doesn't know what to feel anymore. He is too tired to be numb, but he is also being overloaded with a lot of things all at once. Telling somebody he can trust should certainly help relieve some of the pressure that is crushing him — and, in turn, make life in general a little more bearable, at least for the meantime.


Obviously, Megumi can't tell everything. He has to be vague, and he has to lie. Nobara's impression of Sukuna so far is that he is a hung, hot dude he's been fucking for a long time who's emotionally distant. It's far from the reality of the situation, but it's correct. Nobara would immediately tell him to stop and would even rat him out to Gojo regardless of how much he grovels for her not to. While he does want to stop, he knows he can't. 


Nobara gave him a familiar look, indicating that he is about to get appraised to her own standards of love. Megumi sighed and braced himself for the bombardment of questions. "Alright, Megumi. I wanna help you sort your shit so I need you to be completely honest with me," she begins. She psyches herself up by drinking more of the boba tea she's having. "Do you like having sex with him?"


"Yeah," Megumi could not meet her gaze at that. It's technically not a lie, because while he is only letting Sukuna fuck him because of the copious amounts of stuff he has against him, he cannot deny that the older man is just excellent in bed. He knows what makes Megumi tick sexually, and he isn't lying when he declares he's gonna make him feel good. Sukuna knows too well how to make him feel like he's on cloud nine even if some of the acts they have performed are downright degrading. 


Nobara smirks, clearly expecting that response. "And do you want more from him? Way more than great dicking he's been giving you?"


"Yeah," Megumi closed his eyes and breathed. "Yeah, I do." Technically, that isn't a lie, either. More than anything, he wants the arrangement to stop so he can go back to his normal life and only have to worry about paying for Tsumiki's bills on the down low. That is just wishful thinking knowing Sukuna, though. Calling things off with Kamo has made him realize some things he'd definitely want, though. He wants to be admired, desired, and wanted — and he needs those to be coming from a place of love and affection, not blackmail and mind games. He needs to be touched and feel reassured that he isn't being abandoned, and that he is safe in the other person's arms. He needs to be looked at like he isn't some garbage dumped in a corner of the room. Megumi would be more than happy to humor Sukuna, if only Sukuna could do the same. 


"Like," Megumi elaborates to further sell the narrative, "I can't deny that I like how he touches me—" the ghosts of Sukuna's hands creeped out on him when he says that. Megumi suppressed a shiver. "— but I also want him to touch me and not ask for sex. Just touch me, and hold me." It came off rather feeble and pathetic, but Nobara considered his words nonetheless to his relief. Sukuna touches and holds him outside of sexual context, but Megumi thinks it would be nice if Sukuna would stop doing those like he is obligated and would start doing them because he wants to stop Megumi from falling apart entirely. 


"So you love the sex but you want more than that from him," Nobara tucked a lock of her hair behind her ear as she continued, "And yet he is too emotionally distant and you mind that. You have already established it, but I have to ask for formality — are you in love with him?" 


"W-what?" Megumi stutters, dumbfounded. "I never established anything—"


"Oh boy, you should see yourself how you act whenever I say anything about him," Nobara mutters. Megumi ignored her and continued, "— and I...I don't fucking know if I am, Kugisaki."


Truth of the matter is Sukuna is the cause of the emotional and mental overload Megumi is being subjected to. He feels a lot of strong emotions for the man. There's anger, disgust, fear...and yet he melts into a gooey puddle whenever Sukuna calls him 'baby'. He takes pride at the fact that Sukuna moans for him, and that he is feeling good because of his body. He thinks Sukuna is vile and conniving, and yet he'd run into his arms and sink into his torso whenever Megumi breaks a little. He can only hope he is conveying this to Nobara amidst the vague hints and half truths because he cannot lay this on the table without Nobara calling the cops on Sukuna. 


The fact that all his friends would call the cops on Sukuna in a heartbeat is a red flag in of itself, but still, Megumi is drawn. He feels like a used race car, being mounted and exhausted, and he has no choice but to go to the finish line where a bunch of red flags are waiting for him. 


"So talk to him about it." Nobara says, "He may be emotionally distant, but he should be able to help you sort out what you're really feeling about it. Plus, who knows — maybe he is also in love with you but he is too dumb to say it."


Megumi's breath hitched. He had to physically hold himself back from laughing out loud. All the things Sukuna did to him — he would not call it love. If only Nobara knew. Sukuna's mind operates on predatory instinct, not on something as abstract and absurd as love. 


Yet, why did his heart skip a beat, and why is his breathing pattern going haywire at the idea that Sukuna may be in love with him? It's delusional to think about it, at best. It's too absurd and unrealistic. The man has made it clear he's only keeping him around because he's a good fuck. 


And then...if he loses even that…


Megumi shook the invading thoughts off his head. If Sukuna gets bored of him, then he should be happy because that means the arrangement is gonna be off. That is worth celebrating. He shouldn't be dreading the idea that Sukuna might leave him if he gets bored of him — and yet here he is, extremely anxious at the very same idea. 


"Look I know how cliché it sounds but really. Talk to him." Nobara nudged him beneath the table with her leg. "Communication goes a long way. People give out that advice all the time for a good reason."


It's funny how it comes from Nobara of all people, who hooked up with Megumi's roommate by mistake and decided she can't be friends with him anymore. Apparently it's because of her moral code in the bedroom that says she cannot, under any circumstances, fuck a friend. But she is right — maybe he needs to let it out to Sukuna. The man is practically the root cause of it all. It might even relieve more stress and pressure off Megumi's fragile body. The worst Sukuna can do about it is laugh in his face and then bend him over his lap for being so absurd. 


Megumi psyched himself up. Maybe that is a good idea, after all. Plus Sukuna owes it to him to help him out with whatever he is feeling regardless if it's in the form of aftercare or not. He cannot disclose everything to Nobara, but, as fucked up as it sounds, all of him is at the mercy of Sukuna's very capable hands. 


"Yeah," Megumi twirls his phone absentmindedly in his hand. Nobara's advice makes sense. Maybe he really should try something about whatever is stirring him inside. 



And this is the precise reason why he isn't able to focus on the following days. Megumi's learning curve has been compromised severely— but the conflicting emotions and feelings inside of him have made it worse. Then, there is also the pressing issue of him dumping Kamo — a very prominent figure in the student body. When Megumi realized that he wouldn't be able to meet Kamo's gaze when they passed each other in the hallways, he decided to be more vigilant. Megumi would literally avoid him like the plague, and on the inevitable chance that they'll be stuck in a room, or a hallway, or an elevator together, Megumi would remain quiet and look at his shoes pretending like that's gonna make him disappear. And because Noritoshi Kamo is the student council president, he is awfully proactive in any and all activities related to the students. 


Which is why, between a weekly exam for Sukuna's class, the student government announcing the activities for the annual campus weeklong anniversary celebration, and his own blender of emotions, Megumi's Thursday is not looking good. 


For one, Sukuna had decided to be a little more aggressive and angry the moment Kamo showed up on his door. To the average onlooker, it would pass as Sukuna being his usual self; to Megumi, the sharp glint on the man's eyes and the tense posture indicate that he still hasn't forgotten that Kamo slept with Megumi. "As you can see, dear Mr. President," Sukuna sarcastically says as he crosses his arms on his broad chest, "My class is having an exam right now and therefore do not have time for any monkey business. Either you wait there for another thirty minutes or waste the time of the class next to me."


Kamo, the poor thing, looks innocent. Well, technically he is — he has no idea how badly he had offended the teacher, who is looming over him looking like he wants to punch something. Megumi watched the two men involved with him one way or another in a paralyzing fear. His body had literally shut down because he knows all too well what the hell is going on between them. His classmates think Sukuna is just being his usual impatient self but only Megumi knows the reason why. 


By pure chance, Kamo found his line of sight and locked eyes with him. He smiled rather sadly at Megumi, who immediately focused back on his work in an attempt to shut the pain blooming on his chest again. "I do apologize for the disturbance, professor," Kamo is as formal as Megumi knew. He bit on his lip angrily as he held himself back from crying out of nowhere. "We'll pay your class a visit some time."


Kamo leaves with his mini team, and Megumi can feel Sukuna's penetrating gaze all over him. He suddenly became more interested in the exam he's taking despite not being able to stock up on knowledge the night before. Still, despite his focus, Megumi barely managed to finish all the questions on time. He turned the paper into Sukuna, feeling rather ashamed of himself. 


"Sir?" He says as he hesitated to hand his work over. Sukuna has been kind enough to not badmouth his works in front of him — but something tells him the older man thinks his outputs are mediocre at best. Just like him. He shook the intrusive thoughts once more and steeled himself, forcing to remember Nobara's words of wisdom. 


"Yes, Fushiguro?" Sukuna says. He knows how to play dumb, but despite that, Megumi can see the glimmer on the older man's eyes upon seeing him. 


"C-can to you?" Megumi sputtered out pathetically, "A-a-after your class?" 


At the corner of his vision, he saw the older man's hand resting on the table twitch. Megumi gulped a lump off his throat. He isn't sure if Sukuna wants to hit him or touch him here and now. 


"Sure," Sukuna nonchalantly says. He licks his lips and locks gazes with Megumi, a dead giveaway that he means more than the words he says. "Meet me in my office after this. I also have something to discuss with you."


Megumi nodded his confirmation and brisked away from the man as fast as he could. He can feel Sukuna watching him, and the baggage he's been carrying inside suddenly got heavier. The emotions stirred up again, and it is now a perfect storm of cloudy anger and hazy desire. Sukuna's last sentence to him struck him so hard that he could only focus on those words even as Sukuna proceeded with his lecture. What on earth is it gonna be this time?


Megumi accompanied Sukuna all the way to his own faculty office in relative silence. His sweaty palms remained tucked inside his pockets, and every step he took felt heavy. Whenever the two of them get left alone in a separate hallway or a staircase, Sukuna would reach for his backside and fondle it for as long as he wants. Megumi grimaces whenever he does that but doesn't say anything for he is still caught in his own head. 


 So he really is gonna do it. Despite his initial objection at the idea of spilling his guts to Sukuna for fear that the man is gonna use it yet again as leverage, the whirlwind of intense emotions inside him has become too much to bear and he would really need to unload some of it to someone who understands. Sukuna, as much as a fucked up person he is, would understand — or at least Megumi hopes he would understand. 


Megumi occupied one of the seats inside the office while Sukuna locks his door and blurs the window setting as usual. "Don't sit there," Sukuna commands. He gestures at him to get off and follow him to his side of the desk. Sukuna sits down and caresses his own thigh while smiling suggestively at him. "Sit on my lap, baby boy."


"Yes, daddy," Megumi reflexively responds and does as he's told. He straddles Sukuna on his lap. He can already feel the man getting aroused underneath his pants. Megumi focused on his agenda for the day. 


"I wanna talk to you about something, daddy," Megumi says shyly as he refuses to meet Sukuna's gaze. 


"So you told me," Sukuna mirrors and cups his chin, thereby forcing him to meet his eyes. "What do you need?"



Megumi closed his eyes and said it front and center, "I feel weird, Sukuna. Really weird. There are so many emotions in me that I can't decide what to do with them."



The older man is silent for a considerable amount of time. Megumi's stomach plummeted at Sukuna's lack of response. Then, before he can elaborate, Sukuna pretty much confirmed his worst fears: "I'm gonna be honest, I am not the best person to seek advice to that kind of stuff—"


Megumi bit back a sob. Of fucking course. He didn't think this through. Sukuna only knows how to fuck. He tried to get off Sukuna's lap but the man wrapped his hands around his waist. "I sorry," the words came out of his mouth shakily, "Yeah, forget I said anything. This is stupid." 


Sukuna cooed at him, "Baby, baby." He caressed Megumi's cheeks. There it is again — the familiar flare of painfully warm bliss at being called such a pet name while being coddled. Megumi's breaths came in heavy puffs, but he managed to calm himself down. "You didn't let me finish, my sweet," Sukuna says as he swipes at his bottom lip with his thumb. The gesture made Megumi shudder. "I may not be the most fit person to give advice on emotional stuff but you want me to be a normal boyfriend right?"


Megumi nodded. Sukuna inserted his hand under his shirt and rubbed soothing circles on his back, prompting him to loosen up just a little more. 


"So I wanna try for you. Speak, Megumi." Sukuna says those words rather softly, but the authority in his voice compelled Megumi still. "What's bothering you?"


 He looked into the older man's reddish brown eyes, finding any malice. To his surprise there is none. While his reassurance softened the blow that this is a stupid idea, Megumi still hesitates whether he should just say it or not without feeling like a weirdo. Plus he is feeling lightheaded again, between Sukuna's gentle touches and gentler words, so it is safe to assume he is incoherent once more. 


"Daddy," he gulps. He held Sukuna's face on his palms and stared drunkenly at his soft, plush lips. He just can't find it in him to spill even if he tries, so he decided that he is gonna test for himself. Ignoring the erection forming on Sukuna's pants, Megumi closed his eyes and pressed his lips against him. 


When their lips touched, something ignited in Megumi. There it is again. Now that he doesn't have any alcohol running down his veins nor did he perform the action in a sexual context, Megumi can fully evaluate whatever he is feeling inside without bias. 


He's on fire. 


Something ignited in him, and he was suddenly engulfed in white hot flames. It bursted on his chest, then like wildfire, spread across his skin, replaced the blood singing inside his veins, and warmed up the coldest crevices inside of him. The kiss is meant to be a chaste peck, but the moment the heat engulfed him, Megumi decided it wasn't enough and slid his tongue inside Sukuna's mouth, who was too eager to receive it. As their tongues collide, Megumi keeps getting hit with such an epiphany. The flames are anger, the flames are disgust...but they are also something else. A positive and a negative. 


Megumi loves and hates the way Sukuna is touching him. His kisses and call signs make him lightheaded and stomach heavy at the same time. Every gesture Sukuna has made has filled him up with bitter disgust and sweet affection. And then there is everything else — the blackmail, the mounds of evidence pointing to his dirty work, the manipulation, the degradation. All the things he had suffered and endured had seared him with great pain and terror — and yet the cruel irony is that whenever Sukuna is having his way with him, Megumi has never felt so right. Every sexual encounter made him realize what his deepest, darkest desires are. They are taboo and questionable, but Megumi wants it. Sukuna would hurt him, but he will never leave him fending for himself like his father. Because Sukuna wants him; Sukuna thinks he is desirable whereas his father wants nothing to do with him while Kamo only wants him on a surface level. Sukuna can break him and put him back together. Megumi could be the most disgusting little faggot in the world and Sukuna would still accept him with open arms. He will not ostracize him, unlike Tsumiki's parents. Sukuna will look at him with every sexual intent, but his intense gaze makes Megumi warm and gooey. The same can't be said for literally everyone else who judge him for being gay and looking at him like he's trash. 


Well, he is trash — but Sukuna made use of him. He's actually useful. 


Megumi knows it is wrong. It is toxic. Sukuna will exploit him to no end. But here is the thing — pain is the only thing he's known. Tsumiki gave him everything but she is medically compromised to tend to him. Pain is a given when he is with Sukuna, but at least he's getting foreign concepts such as pleasure out of it. 


When Megumi broke the kiss to take a breath, his exhale cleared all the clutter inside his head. There is only a fog of intense feelings. He hates it. He loves it. 


"Is that it?" Sukuna taunts, giving him another squeeze on his butt. Megumi just nodded along for fear that his next words might betray him even more and say the set of truths he had discovered for today. 


He hates Sukuna Ryomen to the core because of all the things he did. 


He loves Sukuna Ryomen to the core because of all the things they did. 


He hates that he loves Sukuna Ryomen. 


Megumi will not voice it out, fearing that he'll truly manifest the feelings. It's kind of funny, actually — he is left powerless after knowing everything. The epiphany is too much for him to bear. 


"Yes," he said instead, managing to compose himself at the last minute. "I feel better now, sir. Thank you."


That is the truth. A partial truth, but a truth nonetheless. 


Sukuna grinned at him. There is a faint blush decorating his cheeks, which Megumi thinks it's cute. "Well," Sukuna pursed his lips. "I have something in mind too, Fushiguro Megumi."


Sukuna brushes a lock of his hair to the back of his ear. Megumi embraced Sukuna's warmth. A familiar sinister flash glazed on Sukuna's eyes, which made Megumi flinch. The older man gripped on his buttocks and squeezed, never letting go. "I'm thinking," Sukuna pops his tongue out and licked on Megumi's lips. "That I should join you in one of your shows."




"What the fuck?" Megumi's arms fell to his sides as darkness loomed all over him once more as his euphoric high got cut short and he is falling down back to earth in a flaming heap. Of course. He should've seen this coming. Sukuna's kindness comes with a price. It always does. This is a stupid idea, after all. Megumi rested his forehead on his shoulder, a vain attempt in stopping himself from breaking down in tears. 


"I wanna be kind to you, Megumi," Sukuna murmurs on his ear, nibbling at the shell as he kept on fondling his rear. "But I hate that strangers get to see you like that for a fee — and I don't have to ask you because I believe you have a noble reason why you're camming. I want your patrons to see that you belong to me. Only me." 


"You pig," Megumi croaks out, jaw clenched. And just like that, he is burning with anger again. It's funny how Sukuna can incite such intense feelings on him. It's either a slow burning one or a hellfire ten — no in betweens. "You do realize you're getting one of your cards against me revoked, right? You're crazy!" He did his best to moderate his voice, but he is on the verge of tears and his emotions are running wild again. 


Sukuna chuckled. He just shook his head and cupped his chin. This is not the reaction Megumi is expecting. "You probably forgot," he taunted, "That we go down together when any of these comes out. I wanna be a good, fair boyfriend to you, baby boy. That's why I am doing this."


"You wouldn't dare," Megumi bit on his trembling lips. He can't believe this is what he is getting after wearing his heart on the sleeve for once. How unfair. 


"I would," Sukuna retorted, "And you can't do anything about it, Megumi — unless you want that brat Yuuji to get caught in the crossfire too. His family cannot afford to send him here without my help."


Bile rose on his throat. Megumi is about to be sick. It's bad enough that Sukuna is dangling their fates he forcefully intertwined — but he is getting other people entangled in this mess too. "His family?" Megumi mutters in disbelief. "But he's your— why are you acting like he's not family?"


"That's none of your business, Fushiguro Megumi," Sukuna darkly says and swats his ass with his bare hand. Megumi bit on the crook of his arm to stifle his yelp. The sudden hit had forced his floodgates open, and he is now reduced to angry tears. "I want to join your live stream. Yes or no?" 


Megumi feels dizzy. The office space suddenly feels cramped. He needs to get out, and unfortunately he knows exactly what to do. "Yes," he pitifully sobs. 


Sukuna's expression softened. He wiped his tears clean and kissed him on the forehead. "Good boy," he sighs. "Do you have a camera that we can use?" 


Megumi solemnly nodded. The fight is leaving his body once more and this time it isn't because of him being horny. The weight of the situation sunk in further, and Megumi despaired upon the horrible realization that he is left powerless. 



So the two of them had booked a cheap love hotel room later that night. Megumi brought his work laptop and his camera with him. They took their time bathing each other as quickly as possible. Dread lodged itself in Megumi's stomach. Sukuna made him sit on the bed wearing nothing but his underwear as he set the system up for tonight. He had logged in to Megumi's profile and teased the stream that is about to go live in a couple of hours. When he's done, Sukuna had stripped naked and started recording him while he is positioned on the bed. 


Sukuna had taken close up shots of him, running the camera lens to show every inch of his skin. Megumi felt even more naked and uncomfortable being filmed like this. Then he made him look up to him. Megumi focused his gaze on the lens as instructed. The older man reached out with his one hand and caressed Megumi's cheek. "Aren't you beautiful?" He taunts, making sure that his voice is being picked up by the mic. "Such lovely eyes, and soft, lush lips," Sukuna narrates as he brushes his lips with his finger like he normally does — except this time, it's on camera. "Hot ass mouth. Open up, boy."


Megumi forced his jaw to go slack as Sukuna wedged his fingers inside and made him suck on to them, uttering obscenities for the audience's viewing pleasure. Megumi closed his eyes as he forced himself to savor the taste of the man's fingers. 


"What a good mouth," Sukuna sighs, "And you're so eager sucking my fingers off. Do you want more, baby boy?" 


Megumi nodded, as Sukuna had instructed. He forced himself to recede back in the depths of his mind because that is the only way he can take such beating to his soul without breaking down in tears. 


Sukuna plopped his erect member on the camera's view, stroking it for more fanservice. He rubbed the thing into his face while taunting, "Do you want the real thing, baby?" 


Megumi nodded. That is not a lie, but it is not the truth either. "Please, daddy," he murmurs. That is what Sukuna wants to hear. 


"What was that?" Sukuna decided to play dumb. 


Megumi gulped the bile threatening to burst out of his throat. He composed himself before saying, "I wanna suck your cock, daddy. Please."


Sukuna devilishly grinned above him. "Of course, you can. Here you go." He says as he begins shoving his dick inside his mouth and into his throat. Megumi winced a little and took a pause when the flesh stuffed his throat close to breathe. Sukuna didn't like this; he jolted his hips forward, which caused the thing to glide inside his mouth. 


"Look into my eyes, boy," Sukuna cooes. Megumi looked up the camera lens hovering above him as he began working his mouth around the thing like he usually does. 


Sukuna would pamper him with caresses and scratches to his scalp while raining him down with praises and pet names as he sucked on his dick. On normal circumstances, the attention would make him feel over the moon. Now, given the context, it makes him feel dirty and disgusting — and it's not a good thing. 


Breaking Kamo's heart had to be the most painful thing he had done but this is gonna be the most degrading thing he did for Sukuna. Everything is for Sukuna, for his daddy. 


The older man stopped filming briefly for some foreplay. He showered him with more kisses and touches and Megumi can only receive all of them. He got lost in the sensations that when Sukuna stopped once more to film, he had to be spanked in order to get back to reality. The older man is lying on his back, and he ordered Megumi to stand up and bend over for the camera. 


"You're always so tight for me, sweetheart," Sukuna says as he traces his rim with his thumb. More bile rose from his stomach as Sukuna fingered him for the world to see. He did his best to hold back his noises but Sukuna just knows his body too well. One press on that bundle of nerves inside him, and he is left screaming for more. With trembling legs, he endured the scissoring motions inside of him. 


And then, when Sukuna has decided he's ready, Megumi started sheathing his cock inside of him. His full frontal view is on frame. Megumi decided to give up. No one is saving him from this humiliation. He has to make the best out of the situation so he can at least feel good (or slightly less worse) for himself. 


So he rode on to Sukuna and pretended that the camera lens that the older man is making him stare at is his eyes. He bounced up and down faster than he normally would. It hurt. Nothing about it is pleasurable. His ass feels like it's on fire — and he is certain Sukuna had prepped him with lots of lube. Still, he endured it all because he is not after the pleasure nor his own release; the sooner he can get Sukuna off, the better. 


He disguised his cries of pain to moans of pleasure. Sukuna would tell him he's doing good, and he is looking good, and still it won't do anything against the jabbing pain. The older man spat on his hand and grabbed his erection firmly then stroked. This gave him just the right amount of pleasure needed to even out the pain. "Daddy...daddy!" He quivered as Sukuna tightened his firm strokes. The older man's thrusts became more erratic and shallow — the usual indication that he is nearing his orgasm. "I want to cum...please— fuck!"


"I bet you do, sweetheart," Sukuna eggs on. He rubbed circles on the head as he pumped his erection in sync with his thrusts. "Who do you belong to?" 


"Yours," Megumi whimpers helplessly. 


"Mine," Sukuna growls darkly, "Only mine, baby boy. So cum. Cum for me."


"Yes, sir," he gasped as he rolled his hips even more. He'll say whatever he has to say to get the man off. "I'm yours. Only yours. Please…"


Megumi drawled out long, spasmic moans as he came all over Sukuna's hand. The thick bursts blanked his mind out. He felt numb save for the hard thrusting from Sukuna, who let out a guttural cry as he came inside him yet again. Before he can even process it, Sukuna flipped him over so he's now lying on his back and spread his legs open. He is too tired and too drained to complain that Sukuna is filming his own cum drip out of him, and then focus the frame to the sight of his body heaving for air, slick in sweat and sex. 


Both of them cleaned up shortly afterwards. As usual, Sukuna ensured that Megumi was well taken care of. Megumi decided he is done for the day and would just like to sleep it off so he just said what Sukuna wants to hear, completely disregarding the fact that he feels disgusting and dehumanized over what just happened. 


Before they went to bed cuddling, though, Sukuna had shown him the profits of the last stream. He was bug-eyed when he realized that he had made three days' worth of profit within the first hours the video went live. Megumi ignored the lewd, perverted comments directed at him and focused on the money. His heart fluttered at the amount of the money he had managed to rake in. This is more than enough to cover Tsumiki's bills for the entire week. 


"You did so well, baby," Sukuna kissed him on the shoulder. Admittedly, the praises started getting to him again. Still, he feels like he is the most disgusting thing to walk this earth. Despite this, the amount of money he had earned had told him that everything he has endured is worth it. Tsumiki will be taken care of, and Tsumiki will be waking up soon. She has to. 














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The first thing that Megumi did after the live stream was take a long, cold shower. He had locked himself in the hotel bathroom and ignored Sukuna's pleas to let him bathe him pretty like he normally does. Maybe he is still in that headspace, but he cannot shake off the fact that he had been defiled and used on camera for the whole world to see. He wants Sukuna to take responsibility and take care of him to make up for it, but whenever the man touches him, bile bursts out from his stomach and to his windpipe and he could not breathe. The warmth emanating from his body felt too much to bear, and Megumi feels like he is being seen from all angles— like there are eyes that are salivating at the sight of his bare skin all around him. He'll recall how Sukuna filmed him, and Megumi will think that he is being kissed, touched, and fucked by everyone who watched the stream for a fee. There's too many hands and too many mouths and Megumi would like to wash all of them off. His own traitorous body cannot discern his daddy's touches from the rest of them — which is a welcome change for Megumi. He needs Sukuna more than ever because for the entirety of the scene, there is no euphoric high — just an endless stumble down all the way to hell as Sukuna fucked him with his dick while other watched. 


So as much as he needed the comfort, he had to make do on his own. Megumi had to clean up all alone, feeling even more miserable as he scrubbed himself clean on the cold waters filling the tub. He knows that he needs Sukuna's warmth to gain a semblance of stability within him, but he is far too disgusted whenever he processes what just happened between the two of them. He had let Sukuna have his way with him again — and it is becoming a norm. Hell — he can't even find it in him to cry this time. To make things worse, Megumi can't find it within him to deny the man not that he could. Sukuna now has decided that he would use his own brother against him. Megumi thought for a second that Sukuna was joking, but he dangled Yuuji's fate in the university at the palm of his hands like it was nothing. 


Sukuna had taken everything from him — his virginity, his peace of mind, his voice, his dignity, and now his heart. Despite the abject horror of being sexualized for money, Megumi's body still yearns for daddy's warmth and his heart is still cursing his name. More than anything, Megumi wants Sukuna to atone, to reciprocate the feelings he's holding for him properly. As fucked up as it sounds, Sukuna knew how to take care of him. There is a sense of freedom when they are having sex, a sense of belongingness when Sukuna cuddles him to sleep, and a genuine feeling of love whenever Sukuna looks after him, making sure that he is taken care of. 


Now, none of the three is appearing and Megumi hates himself a little more for being such a trainwreck. If his conflicting emotions are hard to deal with already, the state of his mind right now is practically unbearable. He is teetering between love and hate, affection and disgust — and him swinging back and forth simultaneously from both sides is giving him a whiplash and sickens him to the core. This must be his punishment from above for being such a sinful man, who lusted and fell in love with somebody from the same sex. Everything he's been doing is wrong.and yet he has never felt so right and so good. 


Sukuna banged his fists on the door, making Megumi jump. While his entire body is shivering from the cold and from the fear, Megumi quickly cleans himself. When he's done, he let the tub drain itself as he towel-dried himself hastily. He still feels gross and dirty after the shower, but Sukuna's wrath is emanating from the other side of the door. Every cell in his body is racking at him to get out of the place. It made his ears ring, and his vision halted to a blur. He warily opened the door for Sukuna — only to get his jumpy body frozen on the spot at the sight of Sukuna in all his naked glory in front of him. 


And then, because he is in a state of limbo, the sight of Sukuna made him wanna jump into the man's loving arms. Megumi is in pain. He needs to be tended to. Daddy….daddy will help him. Daddy will soothe the pain away. 


But daddy is Sukuna, and Sukuna is the one causing him pain. It took every ounce of willpower in him to stop his masochistic self from jumping straight into the man and weep. Because he wants Sukuna to hold him close to his toned chest and listen to his heartbeat as he cries his heart out. More than anything, he wants Sukuna to tell him he is sorry while he is tousling his hair. 


"Baby," Sukuna reached his palm out to caress his cheek but Megumi jerked his face away from the contact and slid away from the man. He hastily dresses himself, ignoring all the wrinkles on his clothes as Sukuna starts pestering him with his pet names and call signs. Every call to him is another rationality jumping off the ship, which further urged Megumi to act faster. If he doesn't leave fast enough, he'll end up in bed with Sukuna again. He wants to cuddle with the older man, but he needs the space to breathe more. 


Megumi is in the process of packing his laptop and camera when Sukuna grabbed his wrist and made him look at him. The older man is equal parts menacing and gentle. "Talk to me, babe." His words are gentle and soothing — a stark contrast to the aching vise grip on his wrist. Megumi doesn't know how to react properly. He ended up letting out a pitchy whine which voiced out the pain and the pleasure. "What's wrong? What do you need?" 


"Leave me alone," Megumi's voice falters. He can already feel the emotional dam threatening to break. He needs to get out. Now. "Please...please, let me breathe. Leave me alone."


"You know I can't let you do that," Sukuna cooes at him even more. This time, he added a certain firmness to his gentle tone. The sound of his voice sent delicious shivers down Megumi's spine. His legs quivered. "The last time I did, you ended up having such a terrible drop. I want to take care of you, baby. Please let me take care of you." 


Megumi blinked. Was it eagerness that he heard or desperation? He dared himself to look at the man in the eyes and inside those orbs are a flurry of emotions too intense to be expressed into words. Huh. So the feeling is mutual in that regard, apparently. 


"Let me be a good boyfriend to you, Megumi," Sukuna purrs. There is a foreign sense of sincerity in the man's expression as he says that, which further shell-shocked Megumi. Should he let his guard down or should he fortify it? Every move and decision he makes when it regards anything involving his daddy is a risky gamble. Sukuna caressed his cheek and kissed him on the lips before adding, "Please, baby boy. Talk to me. Is the scene too intense? Say something."


The walls crumbled down to dust, and his own legs gave out on him as Megumi crumpled on the floor and wept. He hugged his own knees and rocked himself back and forth as he allowed the coldness of the floor seep through his muscles to somehow quell the warm flames of passion Sukuna had ignited in him. 


"Please leave me alone," Megumi begged desperately. "Daddy, please. I want to be left alone." 


Sukuna's gaze darkened. For a moment, Megumi contemplated if he had done the wrong thing. Irrational fears came back crawling up his legs. Maybe he should let Sukuna have his way again. 


But the room feels too suffocating and he fears that he'll choke to death when he lets Sukuna comfort him like usual. Megumi cannot deny that Sukuna has him addicted, and therefore would need him and all he can offer to treat himself. He needs it now, but he needs to breathe first and take in things. In order for him to breathe, he needs to leave and he only needs an hour's worth of space. In hindsight, that is probably not enough for him but Sukuna would most likely disagree. 



Sukuna had stood up and set himself aside. Unmoving, Megumi observed the man for any signs of retaliation. Aside from the stone cold stare and the frigid posture, Megumi is not getting any signal that Sukuna will issue punishment. So he got up to his feet albeit wobbly, headed for the door, and left. Sukuna would give him back the laptop and camera — he knows he would. With loose tears running down his face, he walked down the hallway with a limp. He had to take extra caution in walking because his ass still burns from how hard he got fucked. And then it sunk in that tonight is extra cold because there is a heavy downpour outside. Megumi cursed. He doesn't have any umbrellas with him. Maybe the rain is a blessing in disguise. He could use it to cool down even more. The rain pelleting him would be enough to make him forget about his desires. 



There are heavy footsteps behind him. With dread lodging in his throat, Megumi turned to take a look and realized that Sukuna was trailing him, looking as serious as ever. He is buttoning his shirt awkwardly as he follows Megumi to the hallway. He opted to brisk walk, wincing at every step but he had to endure the literal pain in his ass. He wants to be left alone — and Sukuna has no intentions of letting him do that. Biting back a sob, he headed for the elevators desperately hoping that Sukuna would take the hint. 


But guess he didn't — or wouldn't. 


Sukuna cornered him inside the elevator, pressing him against the wall with his own warm body. In hindsight, Megumi should've just taken the stairs. He can only cry and close his eyes as Sukuna kissed him fervently again, and he can only watch from a distance as his own body betrays him once more and all the fight in his body leaves him. 


"Don't leave," Sukuna commands. He ruffles his hair as he placed kisses on his jaw and on the side of his neck. Megumi can only moan wantonly as lust takes over him. He clung on to Sukuna's shoulders as he tried pushing him away. He needs to breathe. 


"I need to breathe, sir," he manages to stutter out. 


"Then breathe with me," Sukuna says as he cusps his face and leans his forehead against him. He then exaggerated his breathing, as if showing Megumi to do the same. The elevator dinged, and while rolling his eyes, Sukuna pushed the button back to their floor then returned back to what he was doing with Megumi — breathing the same stuffy cold air he's consuming. 


Megumi closed his eyes as he forced himself to inhale. This is as good as it gets. He can no longer get the space he craves but at least Sukuna is decent enough to provide him with what he needs. The older man is murmuring sweet nothings to his ear. He ignored them and focused on his own well being. Sukuna is not letting him go. His stomach is about to turn itself upside down at the prospect of it, but his heart is doing somersaults inside his chest at the idea. Daddy isn't leaving. Sukuna isn't leaving. That's good. That's bad. 


Megumi ended up being pressed against one of the window panes on the hallway back to their floor, with his legs wrapped around Sukuna's waist. Tongues colliding and hands flailing, Megumi moaned and whimpered inside the older man's mouth. They are well aware that they are inside a love hotel, and therefore should be taking this action back to their room or else they might get kicked out. "Daddy," Megumi breathes on Sukuna's ear as the older man pressed kisses on the side of his jaw. "Not here. We might get caught."


Sukuna paused his ministrations to give him a teasing look. "Don't you wanna try that?"


Megumi shook his head, hoping that his expression is more than enough to convince Sukuna that he doesn't want to let the man have his way with him out in public like this. 


Sukuna licked him on his lips. "Where do you wanna do it, then?" He says as he assaults Megumi's face with small, wet, kitten-ish licks, with each hit making Megumi gasp. 


"Bedroom. To the bedroom, daddy. Not here."



Megumi is a little worse for wear. 


He had been taking longer baths and shorter sleeps. He either skipped meals or gorged on plates of food in one go to prevent another fainting incident to occur. He found himself wanting to be with Sukuna even more after the livestream. Sukuna can somehow make the very monsters he had created go away whenever they're together. The feelings of being taken care of, of being pampered and protected got more intense when the older man is in vicinity — which is ironic because it was the same man who made him highly dependent on his care and presence. Because daddy keeps him clean, and when Megumi is in daddy's arms he feels truly alone. He's with Sukuna and only with Sukuna — no prying and unwelcome audience to be seen. 


Guess it is safe to say that Sukuna had broken him, and while Megumi will hate him for that, he would always need Sukuna to put him — or whatever is left of him — back together. He loathes Sukuna to his core...and yet he cannot help but love all of his daddy all the same. 


And because the feeling of being used and violated by a lot of people at the same time didn't go away when Megumi sent the largest sum of what is probably the dirtiest pile of money for Tsumiki's bills, he had called Sukuna again. This time, he arranged for a sleepover in his dorm under the pretense of more studying for his subject. Yuuji isn't home yet, which probably means he got dragged to one of Todo's antics yet again. It turns out to be a blessing in disguise for him. He won't have to be paranoid over Yuuji keeping tabs on him when he is left alone with Sukuna even if it is for academic purposes. 



It's honestly a pleasant surprise that he and Sukuna haven't been caught having sleepovers in the teachers' dorm yet. Despite the dorm pass he had been issued, Megumi can count the number of times he had stayed the night. Weirdly enough, between those nights spent in his professor's bed he only had sex with Sukuna twice — and one of them only consists of dry humping. Seems like Sukuna draws the line on having sex with his colleagues within earshot. Even he is not crazy enough to pull it off. He thinks it's funny how the dorm room ended up becoming a safe haven for him. 


Megumi is greeted by the sweet scent of something cooking when Sukuna opens the door for him. It has become a custom that Sukuna would always make him food whenever he comes over regardless if it were instant ramen or pork cuts. One of his redeeming qualities is that he is an even better cook than Yuuji — and that is from an objective standpoint. 


Megumi kicked his shoes off and stripped his socks, replacing them with the pair of room slippers Sukuna had generously bought him. Then, per usual, Megumi strips himself bare for Sukuna, leaving the boxers and his shirt on. Sukuna grinned at his general direction upon the sight for a moment then tended back to his cooking. 


The main course for today looks to be like stir-fried vegetables. Sukuna handed him a plate and gestured to help himself while he dishes on his own bowl. Megumi doesn't really feel hungry, but the food legitimately looks and smells delicious and it would be rude to waste somebody's efforts in making food even if it was from someone like Sukuna. They ate their food in homely silence. After their meal, before Sukuna can fully object, Megumi fetched their soiled tableware and took them to the sink. 


Sukuna hugged him from behind, pulling him close to his chest and inserting a hand inside his shirt. "You're my guest, angel," he murmurs as he rubs circles on his stomach. Megumi suppressed a moan and exerted extra focus on the work at hand. "Let me do this, daddy. Please."


Sukuna hummed beneath his breath. Pressing his lips on the space below his ear, he asks, "Do you still feel dirty?" 


Megumi's hand slipped. The ceramic plates landed right back on the sink with a loud crash. Good thing they didn't shatter because he cannot afford to pay for anything with his body right now . He only managed a weak nod. Despite slipping back to the headspace, Megumi still feels like outside of Sukuna's arms there are hordes of people who'd want to get their hands all over him. And there are cameras as well, plus if Megumi focused hard enough he can hear the types and the clicks and can picture the disgusting and rancid comments about him. 


"Hey, hey," Megumi must've tensed even more, for Sukuna is pulling him into a tighter, warmer embrace. Sukuna made him face him, and he peppered his lips with pecks, with each impact a volt of electricity overloading Megumi's frayed nerves. "Baby. You're okay. I'll run a bath. Finish that and join me in the bath afterwards, alright?"


"Yes, sir," Megumi will never admit it out loud, but he likes it when Sukuna is gentle like this. The man had been too unpredictable especially these days, but it is in these rare moments where he isn't sticking his dick in him that Megumi truly appreciates. He rested his forehead against Sukuna's chest and felt the beats of his heart thrum from the skin. "Thank you," he says. Sukuna merely huffs and kisses him on the forehead, before leaving him to tend to the dishes. 


Sukuna massaged his scalp with the shampoo he's been using. Megumi sank further into the man's hold as the scents of sandalwood wafted his senses. He allowed himself to be a bit noisier as a means of showing Sukuna that he appreciates the gesture greatly. He gets lost in the different sensations present in the space around him — the warmth radiating from Sukuna's body, the comfortably cold bath water, the rough pads of his fingers rubbing circles on his scalp, the smooth skin of his captor, his soft words of affirmation together with his hard cock. Despite his arousal, Sukuna didn't coerced him into fucking. Because Megumi needs him to make him feel safe and is vocal about it. Because the walls in Sukuna's dorm are paper thin. 


They towel-dried each other afterwards then jumped back to his bed. The two of them are always cramped whenever they share the issued bed because it was always meant to house one person, and Sukuna has a tall, muscular build. Sukuna had lent him one of his shirts and boxers for him to wear. Megumi is snuggling Sukuna's torso while he rubs more circles on his temples. "What's bothering you this time, my sweet?" Sukuna drawls. 


Megumi didn't manage to answer instantly. There are a myriad of things that are 'bothering' him per say, and he doesn't know where to begin. He could say that he still feels horrible after their last scene on camera, and Sukuna would reassure him and maybe even kiss him more. He'll get showered with praise, and Megumi will like it. 


But deep down, he has another big thing that has been bugging him. 


"I have something new in mind, daddy," he looks Sukuna in the eye as he asks, "Promise you won't get mad?"


"I promise I won't get mad much," Sukuna raised an eyebrow. Megumi can almost see the gears turning in the man's head. "What is it?"


At first, Megumi had thought that the reason why Sukuna kept his dorm free of memorabilia from anything relating to his family is a personal choice to keep the space minimalist and professional looking. But Sukuna did touted Yuuji's scholarship and education right at him that night, when he initially refused the sex stream offer. At first he had thought that the anger between the brothers is just typical sibling rivalry — but the way Sukuna can use his own brother against him like he is worth nothing, and actually seeming like he means every threat he spews about Yuuji bugs and scares Megumi a great deal. 


"Yuuji," Megumi says in a small voice, "Why do you hate him so much?"


Sukuna became rigid beneath him. He could see his gaze darkening at the sight of him. Megumi gulped a lump in his throat and started bracing himself for the punishment. Bad idea. He should've dropped the topic. He hates that he doesn't think things through. 


But Sukuna remained silent for a long amount of time. Megumi shifted uncomfortably in his arms. He is in the process of cooking up a lengthy apology when Sukuna rolled him off him and headed back to the mini-kitchen without a word, leaving him dumbfounded. 


Sukuna returned with a small case of flavored beer. "Let's play any five questions," he says as he angrily sets the case on the floor with a loud thud. 


Cold, chilling fear creeped into Megumi's core. He had fucked up big time. He warily eyed the bottles and shook his head fervently. 


Sukuna glares at him. The heat of his gaze did nothing to neutralize the coldness Megumi is feeling. The older man quietly snapped at him:


"Either play any five questions with me or you're not getting an answer to that question and you will be forced to drop it. Your choice, Fushiguro Megumi."





Chapter Text

Satoru Gojo needs to unwind or else he is gonna wreck somebody and that can't be good for anyone.  


He had brought more desserts and new films to binge with Yuuji Itadori, whom he pulled out of his class for "evaluation" which literally involves the two of them having a slumber party in their dorm room. The boy doesn't look too happy about getting pulled out of the class after missing quite a lot of them already due to his commitments to the varsity team; when Gojo told him to relax and that the only reason why he did that is so the two of them can chill, Yuuji remained unenthusiastic about it. Sure, he laughed and said that it would be nice to take a break but that is just him being his polite self. Satoru Gojo really should've picked up a parenting book or two. 


But he has to appraise Yuuji Itadori now. The boy is innocent, yes. The boy is a good friend of Megumi, yes. But Gojo has to make sure that Yuuji is unlike his monster of a half-brother, and that he is not a willing accomplice in Sukuna's antics. 


So he crashed into their dorm. Megumi is conveniently unavailable and when he asked, all Yuuji said was: "He says he has some catching up to do."


Satoru Gojo browsed Megumi's desk under the pretense that he is arranging the clutter to make room for the dvds. He didn't notice anything regarding Sukuna's subject, which means that Megumi probably took them with him as his alibi for the man. This further confirms that Sukuna is having his way with his ward, while here he is, determining if he should include Yuuji in his impending doom.


Two can play this game. 


So Satoru Gojo took out a large bowl and poured all the chips he bought there, mixing all the good stuff together. He kicked his shoes off as the first film began playing. When he was certain that Yuuji was in a comfortable state, he wasted no time and dropped the bomb. 


"I know about Megumi and your brother."


Yuuji spilled his bowl's contents on his shirt. He cussed out loud as he cleaned up the mess he had unintentionally made after being caught off guard. Satoru watched the boy gather himself rather patiently. 


"How did you know?" Yuuji paled. He is evidently taken by the revelation. 


"I saw them," Satoru simply said nonchalantly, as if he isn't a walking time bomb right now. It isn't a lie, technically speaking. He did see them through the eyes he had hired and paid for, after all. One could argue that he even saw too much. 



Yuuji remained silent for quite a while before saying rather sadly, "I keep talking Megumi out of it, Gojo-sensei. I swear. He says he's fine but he is clearly not." 


The statement raised a green flag in Gojo's head. Still, he has to make sure. 


"What did Megumi tell you about them?" He conveniently worded. This way, Yuuji will not be able to deny everything. 


The young boy sighed, "He says he's only...doing my brother to experiment. That was a few months ago, though. Megumi won't budge when I ask him about their current standing."


Funnily enough, Satoru remembered giving Megumi poor advice of getting a fuckbuddy to loosen up. How ironic. How pathetic that all these mess transpired under his nose and he wouldn't have found out if he didn't choose to see for himself. Megumi followed his advice, alright. He got himself a fuckbuddy and the worst part about it is there is no way everything they've been doing is 100% consensual. 


He might need to find Megumi a good therapist after this gets sorted out. Maybe have him take a rape kit too. Possibly an extensive STD test to ensure that demon didn't give him anything nasty. Satoru Gojo might need to force Megumi into doing both of those things, though, knowing how incredibly hard headed the boy is when it comes to his own well being. But this is for his own good, and while Gojo is aware that he is severely lacking in the parenting department, he's gonna make Megumi do both of them. 



"I see," Satoru balled his fist on the sides. He mentally calmed himself down before acknowledging Yuuji, "Thank you for your honesty."



"I can't talk Megumi out of it, sir," Yuuji says, "And now that I know that you know, I feel relieved. Please talk him out of it, Gojo-sensei. a terrible person."


Another green flag for Yuuji Itadori. The little bit of information the boy had given him had piqued his interest. "That's funny," he says, "Shouldn't you be vouching for your brother?" And that's true. The fact that Yuuji himself is saying Sukuna is bad news rings more alarm bells. 


"Half-brother," Yuuji pointed out. "Plus he never treated me like one, so why should I do the same?" 


Satoru cannot help but feel sorry for the boy. To think that he can just hate the person related to him by blood like that — Sukuna must have done something so unwarranted that Yuuji Itadori, one of the most wholesome people Gojo has had the pleasure to meet, hates Sukuna. 


"Well, he is paying for your tuition here," Satoru played it off coolly. He wants to stick his nose into the Itadori family drama so he can also appraise the kind of monster that he will be disposing off. 


Yuuji shook his head. "That's only because dad made him. Sukuna hates all of us, but he especially hates dad the most — which greatly bothers me. Dad is the best. Plus both of them are trying to get approval from each other."



"Does Sukuna hate you because your dad required him to cut portions off his salary?" Satoru frowned. 


Yuuji chuckled. Despite the gesture, Satoru can feel the sourness coming from the sound. "He hated me the moment I was born, Gojo-sensei."


Satoru scoffs. "Well that explains why he is resigning."


This time, Yuuji spat out the soda he's been sipping to ease himself. Satoru patted the boy in his back as he coughed out all the fluid. "What?" He says. He can totally tell that the revelation caused Yuuji to panic. 


Satoru shrugged, "I heard he's only staying for one more semester. The higher ups are getting worked up about it because he is undeniably one of our best, but no amount of salary increase nor privileges could change his mind."


That is a lie. A lie that Satoru Gojo would manifest to become the truth. He would very much like to fire Sukuna instantly, but the higher ups will not get off his back when he does that and that's even more annoying. Plus if word of this gets out, it would become a large scandal. He's talking nationwide, prime time television discussions scandal. Megumi would not want to suffer on national television. Satoru does not want this to blow up for Megumi's sake even if he badly wants to. He wants to ruin Sukuna Ryomen for all the world to see in a poetic manner. He wants every camera pointed at him, every comment section to be filled with horror and disgust at him— just like what he did to the poor boy who had to fuck him on camera for everyone to see.  He wants to burn the man's reputation to the ground and put him to jail himself. 


But he cannot do that because Megumi got involved. The boy will not be able to take the heat and the storm that Gojo wants. He had fucked the boy up entirely once already. He's not gonna have a repeat performance, especially now that Megumi had been handed a lot on his plate — Tsumiki's condition, the academic stress, Sukuna's deviance, the cyber sex world….


Satoru Gojo will have to settle for breaking Sukuna on the down low in the shadows just like what the man did to the boy he had raised. 


"Well fuck," Yuuji says sadly, "Looks like I'll be dropping out if that's the case."


Satoru shakes his head. Yuuji is a brilliant student and, unlike his filth of a brother, represents all the right and progressive things this academy could use. He's not letting him get caught in the crossfire for the mess his brother had made. 


"Absolutely not," Satoru squeezed the boy's shoulders encouragingly. "I'll figure something out for you. Just chill, alright?" 








Chapter Text

"Either play any five questions with me or you're not getting an answer to that question and you will be forced to drop it. Your choice, Fushiguro Megumi."



Megumi warily eyes the bottle Sukuna is handing to him. He's almost on the surface of his mind again; he nearly broke out of the headspace, but it seems like it isn't enough. Of course, Sukuna wouldn't let him have answers unless he'd give something in return too. But what could Sukuna possibly want to find out about him? Confessing about Tsumiki is hard enough as it was under the same forceful circumstances. Now, Sukuna wants to play the game again. 


Does Megumi really wanna find out the answer? 


He thought of Yuuji. Good old Yuuji Itadori, who has been nothing but kind to him despite his sexual orientation. The same person who hates Sukuna to his own core for existing. It can't be because Sukuna is into guys too. There must be a good reason why the brothers hate each other, and Megumi would really like to know why Sukuna would use his own friend against him so he can have his way again. 


But Megumi genuinely doesn't know how else he is gonna condense all of his issues and concerns about the man in the four other questions. Megumi has so much to ask and has so little wiggle room. He could, in theory, ask for another round but he cannot take in more than three alcohol bottles without passing out — and it is ten times worse when he gets drunk around Sukuna. His body becomes more compliant and traitorous and Sukuna will happily exploit his vulnerability. He also cannot risk Sukuna being angry at him because only god knows what he will do to him considering all the cards the man is playing. There is also the pressing issue that he might be overpaying yet again for such a simple, stupid answer. Truth be told, Megumi is done paying Sukuna more than he had bargained for. He isn't sure if his body and mind can take it if Sukuna forces him to be emotionally vulnerable. 


He cannot, for the love of him, open up. Megumi has built his walls high and thick. But this is Sukuna we're talking about; if he can destroy Sukuna's perception of love, break his heart over and over, then destroying the walls he had built to protect and isolate himself isn't past him if it means he'll get access to more of Megumi. Sukuna had already enslaved his body, had conquered his heart, invaded his mind, and had plagued his soul. Does he want to give Sukuna more for an answer?



Sukuna grabbed his handy can opener and popped the cap off the bottle and handed it to him bottleneck first, his eyebrow raised. "Well?" He says and slightly shakes the bottle at him. An enticement. An invitation. A hint that Sukuna is not taking no for an answer and that choice is but an illusion.



Fearing what Sukuna will do to him if he refuses the game, Megumi took the bottle and drank. He barely halved the bottle, for he retched at the cold, sour taste combined with a flaming sensation as the beverage glided down his throat. He wiped his mouth with his hand and reiterated, "Why do you hate Yuuji so much?"


Sukuna stared at the pathetic amount that Megumi drank. He then rolled his eyes and proceeded to dunk half a bottle down his hatch like it was water. Megumi internally cringed at that. No way do such amounts taste any good. "You've got to be more specific than that," Sukuna says. 


"Does me being specific burn through all my four other questions?" Megumi frowns. 


Sukuna groaned his disapproval. "Fucking fine. Whatever follow ups will not count."


Megumi sighed in relief. "Okay," he says, "Yuuji has been nothing but kind. He treats you like family and you've been nothing but horrible to him to the point that you are using him to blackmail me. Why?" 



Something clenched painfully around Megumi's heart after saying that. It hurts to think that he is being left powerless like this….and it hurts even more when somebody innocent like Yuuji is getting caught for his own mistakes. To make things worse, Yuuji is oblivious and unaware how deep and involved Megumi is with Sukuna. 


He thought back to his relationship with Tsumiki. He treated her like his true older sister, and Tsumiki loved and raised him. Surely it can't be that bad between Sukuna and Yuuji? Now that he mentioned it, the two of them don't even share a last name….



After what seems to be an eternity's worth of silence from him, Sukuna finally answered with fury visible in his eyes. Megumi braced himself because the man is so gonna get back at him for that. "That punk," he says, "robbed me of the life that is meant for me. I am supposed to be in his place but no — I get to be the stupid mistake conceived during prom night and tore my poor, young, impressionable biological mother's cunt and uterus open while he gets to be the perfect youngest son whom that old fart finally got right after getting hitched for the second time." 


Sukuna finished his bottle. He discards it on the floor afterwards, letting it roll idly. "Does that answer your question?"  


Megumi got caught off guard. He didn't expect that Sukuna would actually answer his question in the most brutal, blunt way with such calculated wording. It condensed all the ideas he wanted to say in as short a time as possible while leaving more questions in its wake in the process.


He realized he's shaking when he tried to take a sip off his bottle to calm himself down. Megumi doesn't handle emotions well, and seeing that Sukuna just dumped an overload of information at him in one go, he doesn't know what exactly to do with it. Should he dissect it? Should he ask more? He stared helplessly at the man — and flinched when he realized that Sukuna was glaring at him coldly. 


"Don't look at me like that," he growls. A warning. Megumi didn't even know what he did exactly to offend the man, but nevertheless, he uttered, "I'm sorry, sir."


There is a lot to unpack from Sukuna's outburst but Megumi has a rough sketch already. A motherless and neglected Sukuna, and Yuuji Itadori who has both sets of parents and all the love and care in the world. He'd be rightfully jealous and spiteful too, if he were in his place.


Megumi, to his own horror, realized how similar him and Sukuna are, and how they vastly differ. His mother died giving birth to him — and his alcoholic father would remind him of that always in the most painful way. 


And yet, despite that, the differences are glaring too. 


One: Sukuna seems to be tolerated for his sexuality, judging from how Yuuji can accept him like it means nothing. 


Two: Megumi has Tsumiki, who also didn't have everything. She provided and filled the role of both parents as best as she could when she couldn't and had accepted him for him until a road accident took her away. In her place, Satoru Gojo took him in — who can provide him all things material but is just too irresponsible and incompetent to look after himself let alone other people. Plus he also won't tolerate homophobia, judging from how he presents himself. 


Either way, he had somebody. It scares Megumi how easily he could've turned into somebody like Sukuna — a predatory monster who'll stop at nothing to get its wants and needs. 



Sukuna popped another bottle open and drank some more. He sighs, "Won't you look at me, boy?" 


Megumi forced himself to look at the man straight in the eye even though he is still digesting what Sukuna had revealed to him and what it means. Sukuna tuts, sets his alcohol aside then crawls towards him and yanks him forcefully by the hem of his shirt. Megumi yelped and cowered as the older man glared down at him. "Don't look at me like that," he says, "I can't stand it."


The best Megumi can do is stare at Sukuna's soft, chapped lips. "S—sir—"


Sukuna closed the distance between them and kissed him. The impact caused Megumi to tumble down the floor with a whimper, which caused him to take Sukuna down with him. Megumi moaned hotly in his mouth as he couldn't decide if he should push him away or keep on kissing him back. Between the alcohol pooling inside his stomach, the aftertaste on Sukuna's tongue, and the warmth of Sukuna's weight all over him, Megumi started sweating profusely as he got swept under a heat spell. 



Sukuna broke the kiss, a thin thread of saliva connecting the two of them. "My turn," Sukuna sighs. He cusps Megumi by his cheek and forces him to look him in the eye while straddling him. Megumi can only hope whatever is showing in his face doesn't reflect the horror and pity of what Sukuna just confided to him in this stupid game. He is in a bad spot and in a worse position to do anything that might offend the man, so he did what he knew best — stay still and take the beating. 



"Satoru Gojo," Sukuna says, "What shady businesses does he run?" 


Megumi blinked his eyes. Even if he knew that his guardian is involved in shady shit, no way he is gonna rat out the man who had taken him in and raised him. Plus why is Sukuna asking this all of a sudden? 


"I don't know," it is the truth, but still, Megumi feels horrible for saying such. "He wouldn't tell me even if he is." 


That is precisely the main reason why he never bothered asking for his help in Tsumiki's condition. Satoru may be filthy rich, but his money is a finite source. Megumi just knows that Satoru Gojo, aside from being a school administrator, runs a few fast food franchises under his name. What could Sukuna possibly need to the point that he's asking if Gojo is a shady businessman? Megumi knows Satoru Gojo better than anyone although it might not seem like it. He can't be a horrible monster like the one who is currently on top of him. 


Sukuna pried him further. He made Megumi look into his lost, drunken eyes as he caressed his body absentmindedly. Megumi's breath will hitch when Sukuna tickles him on his sides. "You're not lying, are you?"


"Yes, daddy," Megumi laced his shaky voice with conviction. 


Sukuna nodded once in satisfaction. He pressed his thumb inside his mouth. Megumi whimpered at the salty taste of Sukuna's finger probing on his tongue. The older man pried his mouth open and ordered, "Keep it open like that."


Megumi weakly nodded. Dazedly, he followed Sukuna's other hand with his gaze and watched him take his beer bottle. Sukuna drank from it to his puzzlement — only to jump from his spot on the floor as the older man dove for his open mouth and poured the liquor inside. Some of the fluid escaped their entwined mouths and dripped on the side of his jaw. Megumi forced himself to gulp the contents that the older man spewed inside him. He got reduced to a fit of coughing when Sukuna broke the fiery, alcoholic kiss. 


Upon seeing this, Sukuna sat on his knees, pulling Megumi up with him. He cradled him as he patted his back while he coughed out. "Your turn," Sukuna huskily murmurs in his ear, which littered Megumi's bare skin with gooseflesh. 


When Megumi finally caught his breath, he proceeded to ask his second question, "Why are you like this? To me?" He sighs as exhaustion starts creeping on to him. The alcohol running in his veins isn't helping matters, either. Still, he can't help but demand an answer from Sukuna. He hates the man, he loves the man. Sukuna has done awful things to him and he'll always come back running to his open arms. Maybe, just maybe, a concrete explanation from Sukuna would alleviate some of Megumi's dilemmas and conflicts. 


Sukuna remained silent for a considerable amount of time. Megumi tried looking at him — only for his face to get buried on Sukuna's shoulder with the man's hand on his nape. Megumi just gave up entirely. He decided he might as well make himself comfortable and nestled his cheek on the crook of his neck and inhaled Sukuna's scent. He still smells of soap, but this time, the wafts of alcohol are getting stronger, which made him hazy and warm. 


Megumi felt Sukuna's shoulders slump when he clung on to the man. This eased Sukuna a bit into speaking up. "Because you're beautiful, baby," Sukuna simply says as he sighs in his ear. "And you're mine."


Every word he says is purposefully vague and calculating. It just left Megumi with more questions. While the compliment makes him feel warm and gooey, what exactly does Sukuna mean by saying that he belongs to him? Surely Sukuna is not delusional enough to think that Megumi is just a property to lay claim on. And then there is also the context of his open hatred for Yuuji. Everything just got stacked amongst one another and Megumi got stuck in the endless possibilities of what Sukuna can possibly mean. 


Damn him. 


Hate and love blossomed even more in his chest, fueled by the liquor he is digesting. He hates him more because of this. He loves him more because of this. Kamo's words from what seems to be an eternity ago suddenly start buzzing in his head. 


We are the same. 


I like you, Megumi Fushiguro. 


Now, if only Sukuna would just say the same things, then that would be great. Megumi still won't forgive him, but that would be a great start. 


Or maybe he is the delusional one, after all. Megumi wants to laugh at himself for thinking that a monster like Sukuna will fall in love with the likes of him — battered, used, and dumped — regardless of the similarities they share. Hell, he wants to slam his head on the wall until he bleeds if that means he can knock some sense into him and stop himself for falling for the same man who had taken advantage of him over and over. 


"Tell me more about Tsumiki," Sukuna's question broke off his thoughts. 


"That's not a question," Megumi mutters. Nervousness started creeping in on him. Does Sukuna intend to use Tsumiki against him too? He is confident that Sukuna hasn't put two and two together and deduces that Tsumiki is the reason why he is camming. 


"Fine," Sukuna huffs, annoyance evident in his tone, "What's Tsumiki like to you?" 


"She's great," Before he could even stop himself, Megumi started rambling about his older sister. It had been easy, partly because his inhibitions are getting lowered therefore leading to less self control and mostly because Tsumiki is a great person and Megumi would scream at the top of every mountain how amazing he is, that is how proud he is of her. He had began telling stories and anecdotes, of tears and joy and of pain and happiness. It's a miracle he had managed to leave out his biological father or Tsumiki's accident. Megumi has spilled so much that he didn't even realized how much he's been crying until Sukuna faced him and wiped the tears off him oh so gently. It felt nice being able to tell someone about Tsumiki like this coupled with how daddy is doting on him. "I'm jealous," is all Sukuna said when Megumi stopped rambling and went on a crying fit. He grabbed his bottle and drank some more. 



Sukuna left another mouthful of beer inside the bottle he's been holding and handed it to Megumi, who took it with wobbly arms. Fuck. He is past his limit. Still, he feels thirsty from all the crying and he is too lazy to fetch water and he doesn't wanna ask Sukuna to get him a glass of cold, chilly water because daddy is so comfortably warm and he'd very much like to remain like this. Megumi finished the bottle and belched pretty loudly, which earned a laugh from Sukuna. A deep, rich, rumbling sound. 


Megumi doesn't mind the sound of Sukuna's laugh. He thinks it's sexy. Not as sexy as his moans and grunts whenever he's having his way with him, but yeah. Sukuna ruffled his hair and took the bottle away from him, setting it beside one of the bedposts on the floor. "Let's go to bed," he says. 


"I dun wanna fuck—" Megumi slurs. His vision is swimming pretty badly and his legs may have fallen asleep on him first, but they aren't even halfway through the game. "I wanna ask more."


Sukuna tuts. "You're past your limit already, boy. You can't finish the game and it's not fair if I'm the only one who finishes all five bottles." He stood up on steady legs and lent a hand to Megumi. He took it and helped him stand up and gently led him to his bed. 


"You're one to talk about being fair," Megumi tiredly mumbles as he yawns. Sukuna said nothing as he gently urged him to the bed and he curled up to his side. 


Sukuna then lied beside him and wraps a protective arm around him as he lays down on his side too, facing him. Drowsiness swept over Megumi's legs and he slowly allowed himself to sink into the mercy and bliss of sleep. Sukuna ruffled his hair, planted a kiss on his forehead, and mumbled something. He tried reading his lips but he felt too dizzy to be able to decipher what Sukuna said to him. Unfortunately, his curiosity isn't enough to give him one last push to ask Sukuna to repeat himself. 




Megumi woke with a cold gasp in the dead of night — or is it early morning? Sukuna is sprawled on the space beside him, and he is greeted with a pounding headache. Realizing that he had sobered up, and realizing where he is exactly, Megumi scuttled as silently as he could despite the headache he's getting and fetched his stuff. He clothed himself as fast as his sleepy body could manage. He had kept Sukuna's underwear on but he left his shirt hanging on one of the chairs. Once he was out in the hallways, Megumi looked around warily even as he finally made it back to his dorm, making sure that nobody saw him sneak out of the teachers' dorm early in the morning. Good thing he has his keys with him. Yuuji was fast asleep in his bunk when he arrived. Megumi took the chance to strip to his underwear and fetch a glass of water before heading back to bed, lulling himself back to sleep by picturing he's in daddy's tender arms. 



And the morning after is so much worse. The headache got more intense, and Megumi's senses were overloaded. Still, he dragged himself off his bed and prepared himself for his first class. Miss Iori would hate it if anybody comes to her class with a hangover, but she will hate it more if somebody comes to her class hungover and late. 


He made it in time just barely. Good thing today's session is just an hour or two's worth of lecture. Megumi took his notebook out and jutted down notes — or tried to, anyway. His fuzzy head and noodle-y arm makes for a bad combination, and he still can't get his head off Sukuna's outburst from last night. And then there is also the fact that his last memory is of Sukuna saying something to him as he drifted to sleep. What is it exactly that he said? 


His jumbled train of thought got cut off when the familiar sing-song voice of his legal guardian cut through the comfortable silence inside Miss Iori's classroom. "Utahime-chaaaan!" He whines at her door. 


Needless to say, Miss Iori, who is calm and collected most of the time, snapped. She threw the first thing she had managed to grab, which is a whiteboard marker at Satoru Gojo with surprising accuracy. Megumi watched the marker fly square towards Gojo's forehead. 


Gojo made an exaggerated show of getting hit painfully on the head. His dramatic antics angered Miss Iori more, who had practically screamed at the man in front of her class, "What the fuck do you want?!" 


Safe to say the entire class is left shook, given that Miss Iori just screamed at a school administrator. 


"I feel the love here, Utahime-chaan," Satoru Gojo plays off. "I just need to pull Megumi Fushiguro out of your class due to important matters, jeez."


















Chapter Text

The walk to Gojo's office is uncomfortable for two reasons: one, Megumi's headache still hasn't gone away, and two, Satoru Gojo is awfully quiet — which is unlike him. The man in question is just whistling an unfamiliar tune with his hands stuffed in his pockets. When Megumi asked what's going on, all Gojo said was, "I'll explain when we're there." And then he proceeded to laugh and muse at himself for sounding like a side character in some lame Hollywood movie. 


Except Megumi doesn't find it funny. There is no punchline, and between all the skeletons that he stuffed inside his closet, he has every right to be paranoid and on edge. It just sucks that it had to be while he's having a pretty bad hangover. 


So Megumi decided to be more specific — a lesson he had learned from a certain drinking game. "Am I in trouble?" 


"You're not," Satoru Gojo said ominously, which didn't exactly help Megumi's case at all. Still, he has no choice but to follow and hope for the best; granted, Megumi has been doing this advice for a lot of times and none of them are successful but he has no cards left to play — only secrets to hide and conceal. 


Oh shit. Did Gojo somehow find out about his business with Tsumiki? Surely Gojo or even Ijichi would've said anything if word of him meddling with an outsider's affair comes out. Plus Ijichi swore on him that he won't rat him out. But then, maybe the reason why Satoru Gojo has summoned him is because of the precise reason that he is heavily involved in cyber sex and would ask him to leave the campus. That can't be good for anybody — especially for him. The doctors will pull the plug on Tsumiki because no way is Satoru Gojo gonna fund an outsider's medical expenses. He's gonna end up a whore in the red light district — the very thing he hated and feared manifesting. 


Oh god.


Megumi can feel his heart race wildly inside. His mind is spiraling to depths he wouldn't explore on a good day. Tension and unease fuels him and the coffee he's had for the hangover is not exactly helping things. He's being paranoid...right? This is nothing but paranoia. The same paranoia that Sukuna had implanted on him. He tells this to himself repeatedly — a mantra or a prayer, if you would — as he follows Gojo to one of the administrator buildings on the brink of the heat from the rising sun. His head pounds on him, and his heart is becoming more erratic and everything hurts and is a little too much for him to take in. And to make things worse, he wants Satoru Gojo to say something...anything. The man annoys him to no end, with his crazy antics, devious trolling, and adamant teasing, but Megumi can't believe he'd rather have that side over this disturbingly silent man. His back is turned on him and he is painfully quiet. The silence from the man is killing him. Gojo may have said he is not in trouble, but from the way his guardian is acting Megumi can't help but think that he is in deep shit. 


After what seems to be forever, the two of them have finally reached their destination — meeting room 4b. One of the many meeting rooms in the campus. Satoru Gojo unlocked it and then gestured for him to enter first. This...further settled the dread in Megumi's bones. Is the issue bad enough to warrant an audience from the entire administration? Surely that can be the explanation why Gojo is taking him here instead of his office — but then why is it locked? "After you," Gojo would say, gesturing in grandiosity at the door in typical Gojo fashion. 


Megumi gulped a lump off his throat. Whatever is waiting on the door...cannot be good. The possibilities are endless. The door, Gojo's blue eyes glinting sharply at him, the amount of skeletons Megumi is trying so hard to conceal — they felt awfully heavy. It's like he got pushed into a cold bottomless lake in the dead of night with boulders shackled around his ankles, and the boulders keep on getting bigger the deeper he gets. 


Still, Megumi has no choice. Steeling himself, he enters the room with legs that feel like putty and is greeted by pitch-black darkness. Gojo went after him and flicked the lights on. Megumi ignored the faint click of the lock as his eyes adjusted to the light inside the room. The meeting room is decorated in a weird cross up between modern and traditional. Tatami mats lining the floor with a large lacquered wooden table in the center of the room. The chairs are in dark vinyl which can't possibly be comfortable to sit in but at least it fits the home theater set up in one of the walls and the darker metal accents. In one of the walls, there is a cork board covered in pictures of — 


What the fuck?!?!?!?!


With his heart practically threatening to burst out of his chest and his lungs getting smaller in return, Megumi frantically ran for the cork board and yanked one of the photos to take a closer look. It's him and Kamo sharing a passionate kiss on the hallways in that hotel. His hand shook so bad he had dropped the photo on the floor. So he yanked out another one. It's him in the middle of a crowded street. It looks inconspicuous and normal, save for the fact that Megumi recognizes the street, and knows all too well where he is headed. Gasping for air, he yanked another one in the sea of accusations and grabbed a photo of him getting fucked by Sukuna in front of a window in one of the many hotels they checked in. His fist closed into the photo, crumpling it. 


"You don't have to say anything, Megumi," Gojo has the nerve to say that somberly behind his back. Megumi turned to his heel to face his guardian. He is seeing red. Heat is boiling inside him. It must be showing in his face because Satoru Gojo, the motherfucker, stopped in his tracks and remained frozen there. "I know." He says, an obvious attempt at appeasing Megumi. 


Megumi thought of all the things he had endured and had done to get to this point. Degrading himself on camera for money. Lying to Ijichi. Lying to his guardian. Lying to his friends. Allowed Sukuna to use his body as his personal cum dumpster and ego stroker. Fell in love with Sukuna. Had sex with Sukuna for all the world to see on camera against his will for more money. All of these, he had taken just to help the one thing that matters that most to him. 


And yet none of it fucking matters. It's all for naught. Satoru Gojo, his legal guardian, the man he is blindly loyal to and had entrusted his well being to after halting his sale to god knows who, had known. It doesn't matter how much he knows and for how long — he knows. End of story. 


Megumi tried taking a deep breath. It felt like small knives were plunging inside his flesh as he did. It burned when he exhaled. All he sees are red. The pain he had suppressed from all these months had come back to him all at once — a tremor so loud every cell in his body is being wrecked. His already shattered heart got crushed and his soul...emptied. Drained. 


Because Satoru Gojo knew, and did nothing about it until now, and even went as far as invading his own privacy. 


Megumi snapped. 


He cried out from the pain that is racking up in his body, but he can move again. He threw the crumpled photo at Gojo then punched him square on his jaw, effectively sending the man to the floor. His knuckles burned, but it's nothing compared to the phantoms in his body and the words ringing in his mind. His being touched by too many hands. Caressing him. Groping him. Probing him. Fondling him. Scratching him. And the worst part is that he can hear all the comments from that god-forsaken livestream, and his mind had registered that the voices belong to those hands. 




Yes like that. 


Fuck you're hot taking that dick. 


God i wish that was me fucking you baby. 


Shit i want a round too. 






Nice baby.


I came three times watching you no joke. 


That ass can take dick. 








How much for a night


How much for a night


Dm me i pay you to ride me like that




Let me fuck you like that


I can fuck you harder than that man 


Damn i'd pay good money to wife you 


How much for a night?


How much for a night?


How much for a night?


"WHAT THE FUCK IS ALL THIS?!" Megumi straddled the man, grabbed the collars of his stupid shirt and yanked at them. He screamed at the man's face in a vain attempt to drown the rancid comments. He had thrown in a couple of punches. Most of them missed, but some of them landed pathetically on Gojo's chest and face. The man in question has the nerve to look dumbfounded. Clearly, this is not the reaction he is expecting. Damn him, damn him, damn him!  


Megumi has never felt this betrayed. "What is all this?!" He screamed repeatedly until his voice got hoarse. 


Gojo seemed to have knocked back to his senses. He had managed to get a hold of Megumi's flailing wrists and caught his breath. "Calm down," he calmly says. "Let me explain, please—"


"Don't fucking tell me to calm down!" Megumi snaps. "You're as bad as hi—" 


Megumi's thought process got cut when all the breakfast he had eaten lurched out of his mouth and landed into Satoru Gojo's shirt. Heaving, he snatched his wrists away from the man and with wobbling legs, stood up and threw up some more on the table that probably costs more than him. He didn't realize he'd been crying until then, when the warm tears dripped down alongside all the sick pooling on the table. Megumi hugged his stomach as he tried to hold it back because he cannot afford to faint here of all places, where he is especially vulnerable. The walls he had worked so hard to build to prevent other people from interfering had come down crashing on him, and he is buried in the rubble. The funny thing is that it wasn't Sukuna who had destroyed the walls like he had expected. But all the filth had decided to expunge itself. 


Satoru Gojo had stripped the shirt off and cleaned himself with it, leaving him topless. Megumi can feel him watching him. As he begins catching his breath he starts asking why Satoru Gojo has revealed this now. Will Satoru Gojo blackmail him for sex too? He is straight. But if he can invade Megumi's privacy like it is nothing, then he wouldn't put it past him to want to use his body for pleasure regardless if he is straight or not. Megumi will not allow that. He'd run off to the red light district and whore himself out. At least he will be used by strangers who don't know shit about him. 


The man had fetched him a glass of water. Megumi took it and thrashed the glass across the room, turning it into a rain of shards and splatter. "I don't need a fucking drink," he says, "I need a fucking explanation, Gojo!" 


"I'll be more than happy to," if Megumi didn't know any better, he'd say Satoru Gojo sounded apologetic. "But I need you to calm down. Please." 


Megumi considered, "Do you have a bottle of beer, a case of wine, anything in here?" 


Seeming to get what he tries to do, Gojo shakes his head adamantly. "We're not discussing this under the influence of alcohol, Megumi." 


Megumi balled his fists. "I will calm down and hear you out," he growls, "If you get me something strong. So either get me a fucking drink or get lost and leave me alone!" 


What sickens Megumi the most is that he finds himself looking for Sukuna after his outburst. He needs daddy. Daddy will take care of him. Sukuna is horrible to him, but Megumi will give it to the man — he is not a backstabbing little bitch. But because Sukuna is not around, he needs the next thing that would remind him of him. Alcohol. From all the stupid games he played. He needs the warmth because Sukuna is not here to hold him close. He needs the alcohol running in his veins because it gets his inhibitions lowered, and with that, the voices and the hands will be kept to a minimum. It's not even a band aid solution, but it will do. 


It's funny, really; Megumi is seeking solace from the very man who had hurt and defiled him. But what can he do — his trust had been broken. Might as well seek comfort from a man who is known to be horrible. Because before this, Satoru Gojo was a good man and Megumi can't disregard that fact if he wants to crucify him in his stupid antics. In the end, Gojo ended up becoming like Sukuna — violating and invading his trust and privacy. 


And if Satoru Gojo wants to fuck him here and now, Megumi will let him.



Satoru Gojo ended up pouring him a glass of red wine, his expression remained impassive. "That has one of the lowest alcohol contents here," he says as he occupies the seat across from him. "Barely enough to take the edge off but you'll be needing the entire bottle to be tipsy."


"Then hand me the fucking bottle too."


Megumi matched Gojo's solemn gaze with a heated glare. For a moment, the two of them just sat there, in a match of wills, without a word exchanged between the two of them. Satoru ended up giving in and fetching the entire bottle as requested. 


Megumi practically inhaled the first glass, that's how famished he is. The man isn't lying when he said this is weak. He had to pour himself another full glass to numb himself enough so he could dissociate himself from the intolerable levels of pain and wrath just barely. "Explain," he says. 



Satoru Gojo took a deep breath. Megumi can't even bring himself to stare down the other person to force the words out of him. He just stared pathetically at his hands entwined on the table, focusing on his bloodied and bruised knuckles. He rubbed circles around the area to soothe the pain, like how Tsumiki would do it after he gets in fights when he was a boy. 



"I don't know where to start, if I'm being honest," Gojo finally said something and it had to be that. Megumi couldn't stop himself — he laughed like a maniac, earning a puzzled stare from his guardian. The cold, emotionless laugh echoed in the four soundproof walls around them. It had to be soundproof, because it explains why nobody has walked in on them yet despite the mess he had made before. "Just fucking explain yourself, jesus," he says when he finally catches wind of his breath. 


"I know you're gay," Gojo says. Fucking finally. "I've always known since the day I took you in. I didn't say anything because it's not my place to tell it's yours and I only want you to confess if you feel like it. You don't have to hide it from me, anymore. It doesn't matter to me, if I'm being honest. As long as you are not hurting anyone, then I'm okay with it."


Megumi just felt numb hearing that. He should be relieved, ecstatic even. His legal guardian approves of him. The validation he's yearned for so long is now being handed to him on a silver platter. But no — he is too numb to even care. 


Satoru Gojo continues, "So now that it's out in the open, we can proceed. I had a hunch when you started acting miserable. You are taciturn and antisocial, yes, but never miserable. So I knew something was wrong when Yuuji-kun started telling me you've been skipping meals."


Yuuji. His friend. His roommate. The first thing that Megumi thought was that Yuuji snitched on him — which is scary, honestly. "Did you bribe Yuuji into this?" 



Satoru Gojo quickly jumped on the defense. "I didn't do anything. He just began telling me. He's looking out for you. Please don't be mad at him."


"Okay," Megumi doesn't honestly think he can still believe the man. Plus of course it speaks to logic that people who are working together won't snitch each other out. Still, he has to put up the facade so he can hear Gojo explain. 


"And I would've asked you what's going on," Satoru Gojo says, "But you won't tell me anything so I had to resort to...those."


He nodded at the wall of photographs. Each photo is a reminder that Megumi had been defiled. Megumi shudders when he thinks about how he has been consistently photographed even before the livestream. On the streets, in hotels — the feeling of constantly being watched has now cemented itself in Megumi's core and that irrefutable fact is the last straw. He wants to be alone. He needs to be alone. Daddy. He wants and needs Daddy, but Sukuna isn't here, so he pours himself another glass. 


"So it's my fault now?" He sneered at Gojo, who raised and shook his hands in defense. "I don't mean to put it like that," he says. "I'm just saying that you never trusted me with anything about you—"


"—As I should."


"—so the thing that i did—"


"Is stalking me behind my back and taking discreet photos of me," Megumi finished the thought for the man. He washed down the sick that was threatening to burst out of him with more wine. 


Satoru, to his credit, ignored his snide approach and kept on explaining. "And then I found out that you were seeing someone. Kamo. I had thought he was treating you like shit and that is why you're all gloomy and miserable but then I saw that you're happy with him so I crossed him out." 


Megumi remained silent as Gojo stood up to fetch more documents inside one of the locked drawers. He ended up getting a cream folder with a thick stack inside and handed it to Megumi, who opened its contents. With furrowed eyebrows, he cannot digest most of the text but it looks to be like something pertaining to a timetable for reservations and check-ins. 


"Those are check-in records from the love hotels that I own," Gojo helpfully supplied. The revelation that his guardian owns love hotels came as a shock to him but he ignored that so Gojo can continue explaining. "The same love hotels where you've been photographed having sexual affairs with Professor Sukuna Ryomen." 


Sukuna. Daddy. The mere mention of his name made Megumi shiver with fear and affection. The wine churned inside his stomach. He needs daddy. 


"So I put two and two together and have deduced that Sukuna is the root cause of your misery," Gojo transitions, "and Yuuji...has spoken ill of his own brother's character, so my math adds up. Did I got that right, Megumi?" 


Yes. Megumi has gotten worse especially after being entangled with Sukuna. But Gojo will not understand that he felt good doing it with Sukuna, with daddy. Sure, the consent is, in some cases, out of the window, but Megumi always ends up screaming for daddy when he cums so all is fair. Gojo will not get the conflicting emotions he feels for the older man. He doesn't know how he's gonna answer the question, so he just let his silence speak for him. 


Gojo took the hint too and proceeded to continue. "My first thought is Sukuna is blackmailing you for grades so I had your class performances pulled up and saw that you were doing horrible in his class. So I thought that can't be it." 



Oh, Sukuna is blackmailing him, alright. Megumi now thinks that Gojo had found out about his side hustle, and had correctly deduced it's what Sukuna is holding against him. The sinking feeling in his stomach tells him he is probably correct.


Still, he had remained unresponsive from his seat. Megumi is afraid of what he'll give away at the mere thought of Sukuna. He despises getting involved in the first place...yet part of him is calling oh so desperately for daddy to get him out of here and into his strong, warm embrace. 


"And then taking into account the bank account you have set up with Ijichi where you are wiring money on a daily basis," Satoru added. "I thought you got yourself involved into something shady so I had to scour the dark depths of the internet—"


"And you found my cam page," Megumi closed his eyes and pinched the bridge of his nose. The headache is starting to kick in again. He doesn't know what to say. The betrayal seems to be coming from all directions. 


As if reading his mind, Gojo came in to defend the poor driver. "Don't get angry at Ijichi, either. He is loyal to me first, and he is a terrible liar, but he means well." 


Megumi took another sip. The wine is giving him much needed courage to speak his mind. Under normal circumstances, he would've walked away. Now, he wants to spill and then walk away. Hopefully for good. "So what I got here," it is his turn to deduce shit, "Is that you realize something is wrong with me but you took it upon yourself to solve it and treated me like one of your puzzles. You could've just squeezed an answer out of me." Megumi scoffed. Shaking his head, he decided to pour himself more wine. Satoru Gojo cocked an eyebrow at that. 


"You're drinking too much," he says. 


"Good. You're pointing out the obvious."


"Please stop. That much alcohol can't be good for an empty stomach." 


"Stop acting like you're my dad," Megumi snaps and drinks more. "Or that you know how to be a competent one."


To his surprise, Gojo nodded and this time Megumi swears he looks apologetic. "I know," Satoru fiddled with his fingers. "I'm not the most cut out for a parental figure out there and for that let me make it up to you. Sukuna. What would you like to do with him?" 


Megumi stopped sipping through his glass and stared incredulously at his guardian. "What?" 


Under normal circumstances, Gojo would spit out a clever retort. But he remained patient. "Sukuna must've found your page and blackmailed you using it. I wanna get back at him for doing such horrid things to you, but I wanna be kind to you and act out of your own will. So tell me. What would you like to do to Sukuna?" 


What a sketchy thing to ask. 


There are a lot of answers to that question and all of them are correct. Megumi wants Sukuna to apologize for ruining him. He wants to beat the man up the same way he did to Gojo for taking advantage of him and exploiting all his vulnerabilities and insecurities. But he had grown to love Sukuna. His own heart and body, mind and soul had betrayed him. More than anything, he wants Sukuna to fetch him out of here while carrying him in his arms bridal style. He wants Sukuna to cook for him to replace the sick that he had vomited out. He wants Sukuna to hold him in his arms and tell him he's okay, that he did good. He wants Sukuna to make love to him and make him feel good about himself while driving the horrible monsters away. 


He loves Sukuna. He wants him to do the same. He wants him to say those words too. 


But unfortunately, all of these are wrong answers for Gojo, judging from his tense posture, and the quiet anger reflecting in his blue eyes. 


Because he had been quiet, Satoru Gojo had decided he wanted to put words into his mouth again. "I can arrange something," he opens. "I'll get him fired without the sexual abuse angle."


Megumi shakes his head. He doesn't want that. That means Yuuji will be forced to drop out and Sukuna will be going back to Sendai, to the family he despises. "Yuuji—"


"I will personally shoulder Yuuji-kun's academic expenses." Satoru says without hesitation. "That also includes an allowance stipend."


"No," Megumi breathes. That is not what he wants. Only Sukuna will be able to patch him up. He can't afford to have him fired. 


Satoru Gojo hesitated this time. "I can go far," he says, a suggestion. "Get him castrated. Maybe cut off his dick entirely. Add in an arm and a leg. Is that what you want?" 


Megumi laughed dryly. "What are you, yakuza?"


Satoru Gojo remained silent at him, staring with wide eyes. Megumi had meant that as a sarcastic quip, but Gojo meant every word he said. He's not even joking. He seriously wants him to consider mutilation and murder. The silence from Satoru Gojo is enough for Megumi. Looks like he had dug up another dirty dish from his guardian. Great. As if things couldn't get any worse he is actually involved in the yakuza. 


"Oh for fuck's sake," was all Megumi can say. He ditched the glass and drank straight from the bottle. This is becoming too much for him. "You're not even joking, are you?!"


Satoru Gojo merely replied rather sternly, "Megumi, this isn't time for games. I don't think you understand the gravity of what happened to you—"



"No." Megumi cuts him off. No one gets to tell him that he doesn't understand because he does. He knows it's wrong. Sukuna being of the same sex as him isn't even the worst thing about it. Sukuna is a literal predator — a beautiful, manipulative, cunning apex predator who has used, abused, and manipulated him time and time again. But he cannot help it — he fell for the man. Something is wrong with him and he knows that. He doesn't need it to be spelt out for him. 


"I don't understand," Satoru Gojo quips. He runs his hands on his snowy locks and Megumi can tell the gears are turning frantically inside the man's head. "He had hurt you in the worst ways imaginable and yet you're — why?!"


"Because I fucking love him, alright?!" Megumi found himself yelling again. "I hate him to the core because of what he did to me, but I can't help myself. I love him. There. Are you happy, Gojo?"


Saying it out loud feels oddly liberating. The conflicting emotions brewing inside of him feels seen and validated after the revelation. He feels light. But Megumi is feeling a little too light. He needs Sukuna to keep his feet on the ground. God, what did this man do to him? This is beyond addiction. 


Satoru looked shaken at the confession. He seriously didn't took all these into consideration — that is the only reason why he looks so dumbfounded. "Megumi," he sighs, "you need help."


"Fuck off," Megumi snaps. Maybe he does need help but he sure as hell isn't getting it from the man. 


Satoru isn't listening to him, though. "I will have that man gutted like a fish, and you will be seeing a therapist."


"What if I don't want both?" 


Gojo crossed his arms stubbornly, "I'm afraid it's not up for consideration."


"No!" Megumi wants to get back at Sukuna, don't get him wrong but he sure as hell doesn't want him dead. His heart swelled painfully inside of him at the idea of Sukuna dying in his arms. Sukuna, the only man who is capable of fixing and breaking him at the same time. "Don't hurt him. Please."


Satoru rubbed circles around his temples. "Megumi—"


Before he can even think it through, Megumi leapt out of his seat and straddled Gojo in his lap. He began erratically rolling his hips against his crotch. Satoru is obviously shocked. He tried to pry the boy away but Megumi resisted. He'll do whatever it takes to keep Sukuna. Anything. 


"I'll do whatever you want," Megumi begs. Tears started forming once more as he grinded fervently against his guardian. The older man started protesting. Satoru is not getting hard, so he decided to put in more work. He knelt in front of him and started unfastening his belt as he wagers, "I'll be your whore. Just leave him alone. Please."


He can't believe he is seriously using his body as a bargaining chip to protect a monster. God, maybe he really does need an intervention. 


"Megumi. Megumi!" Satoru gripped his wrists and made him stand up. The older man is visibly trembling now. "Listen to me! I am not him! Let me help you."


"And how is killing him gonna help me?!" Megumi angrily asks. That did the trick. Satoru Gojo had shut up and left him alone. Megumi took the seat beside him, hid his face beneath his hands, and wept as he contemplated what he just did. Damn Gojo. Damn Sukuna. Damn them both for making him like this. 


After what seemed like a long time, Gojo decided to bargain again. "Fine," he says. Defeat is evident in his tone of voice. "I'll only get him fired. I will not lay a finger on him. But in exchange, you will never see him again and you will be undergoing therapy. Would you rather have that?"