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A large group of people panicked as they were suddenly transported into a large field of clovers and dandelion puffs. It would have been a pretty relaxing scenery if they hadn't been teleported without their knowing to the middle of nowhere. 

One young man was especially worried about all the people he had been with at his villa. His reddish-brown eyes flickered from face to face to take account of everyone's presence and safety even as he shouted to some others for help, "Choi Han! Ron! Do you see everyone-"

"Yes, Cale-nim! Everyone's here!" Choi Han reported, though he quickly frowned not knowing whether that was a good thing or not. He didn't sense any enemies or threat in the vicinity, but something had mass-teleported seemingly each and every one of Cale's acquaintances (and more people that he did not recognize) and seeing how everyone was confused, this could easily be a prelude into a trap set by their enemies.

Before they could talk more or ask the others (like Alberu and that ancient dragon Eruhaben, Choi Han noticed) about anything they knew of the current situation though, a transparent talking hamster appeared out of nowhere, throwing its small paws in the air as it bounced with a shout,

"Welcome to The Space Which Transcends All Dimensions!!" The hamster said with a wide smile, "I am the Time Recounting And Sharing Hamster System or the TRASH System for short! Though please call me Hamustra hehe."

"The what?" Someone asked, blurting out the disbelief in everyone's minds.

"The Time Recounting-aaaah!!" The hamster shrieked as it got hit by a couple fireballs and blades before laughing playfully when all the attacks disappeared in the vortex of its body as if the magic were sucked by a black hole or the blades just harmlessly passed through an intangible projection. "Just kidding! Mou, you all are pretty trigger-happy! I promise that this system is an innocent, nice system with no intent to harm! Just here to help you have fun!"

"My apologies, TRASH System, but I am currently really busy right now." Alberu smiled brilliantly though his radiant smile felt like a blizzard. "If you could bring me back, that would be great."

"No can do!" The hamster smiled just as radiantly though it felt just like the sun. An unwanted glare of sun. "No one's going back until fun fun fun!!"

It continued genially. "But please don't worry. Relax all you want in this space for it is a space in which there is no time! One or two or even ten thousand days here can be zero seconds in the real world! Have a stack of paperwork to do? A nation to run? Some thugs to beat up? Don't worry! You won't waste or miss a single second in your world by being in The Space Which Transcends All Dimensions! We operate according to the TRASH system - that's right, me, who can take you back right where you originally started after everything is done! Haha, that's right! We operate not by the Land Operating Universal Time system, but by me! In here there is no LOUTs, only TRASH ahahahaha~!"

"I get that you're trying to tell a joke, but I don't think that makes me feel any better about this situation, which by all definitions is kidnapping and illegal imprisonment."

"No, no, believe me one word can make a lot of difference, can make you feel a lot better! After all, TRASH is way better than LOUT." The walking hamster said magnanimously before tweaking his bowtie and grinning, "Anyways, back to the topic... where were we? Oh that's right! Let's get started with... dun dun dun dun... watching the future!!! The Trivia Game-Style Future-Watching begins!"

"The future...?" Cale repeated, furrowing his brow because knowing the future was an ability he had not heard existed on Earth or in this world. Nor had he ever heard about the use of systems or talking hamsters in this world. He frowned, everything not making sense to him, but a look towards Rosalyn and Eruhaben and both shook their heads. Teleportation magic wasn't working. They couldn't escape.

This seemingly harmless creature was more powerful than he seemed and since they were stuck, Cale had to pay attention to its words for a way to convince it to let them out.

Still, the what now? A trivia game style future watching...?

"Yes, in the Trivia Game-Style Future-Watching, you can see the future!!!" Hamustra repeated with a toothy smile and bright eyes. "I will let you draw from a box of cards. On each card there will be a question! If you answer the question right, you get to see a related media of the future! If you answer the question wrong, you will see a random media of the past!"

With its words, a box of cards appeared in the air and fell lightly into Cale's hands like a falling feather.

Cale stared at the box of cards that appeared in his hands and then at the hamster in disbelief. Like hell he was going to follow the sketchy whims of some shady being with questionable motives-

"Ahem, whoopsies!" The hamster sheepishly said with a wink and a hand at the back of its head, "Looks like I chose the wrong one to start us off - skeptics be skeptics! Teehee, here, let's go with the happy kitty here!"

"Hey-" Cale began, narrowing his eyes at the hamster as he tried holding onto the suspicious cards to avoid it from being passed onto Hong. The box of cards slipped through his hands like a spirit through a wall though and slid straight into Hong's paws. Despite understanding Cale's wariness, Hong stared at the colorful shiny new cards and couldn't help but wag his tail in eager curiosity at the thought of knowing the future. What adventures and sights would he go on and see with Cale and his siblings? He peeked at the harmless looking hamster that didn't feel like an enemy before picking out a card before Cale could try futilely swiping the box from him.

"Let's just try one! This sounds fun! And I want to see the future, nya!"

-Human! I do too!!

Raon happily agreed and Cale helplessly watched as Hong read his card rambunctiously,

[Question: What will Cale name his Eastern Continent inn?

A. Hope and Adventure-Loving Inn

B. The Inn

C. The Henituse Inns

D. Grand Hyatt Seoul]

Cale stared at a loss for words. Why ever would he name his inn after a hotel chain on Earth? Did a city named Seoul even exist here? Actually, why would he even own a hotel in the future? Wasn't he rich enough to not do any work? And Eastern Continent? The kids wanted to travel, sure, but why would he ever go to the Eastern Continent?

A foreboding feeling filled Cale at the thought of needing to go to another continent and manage a hotel in the future? Did he lose the war and need to go in hiding or something?

"Cale-nim?" Choi Han asked, noticing that Cale was just as confused as everyone else, but inquiring for Cale to guess since Cale could probably guess the answer better than everyone else, being the subject of the question. All Choi Han knew was that the answer was definitely not D and that the odd hamster must know about Korea if that was even a choice. Choi Han wondered if the past included his forgotten memories of Earth. If he guessed wrong, could he be able to see a memory of his parents again?

Cale shook his head of his thoughts, choosing to temporarily forget about his endangered dream of being a slacker in the future.

"Probably A." Cale guessed, waving a dismissive hand. B wasn't marketable, C wasn't a name one would choose for hiding or any other intention Cale may have for opening an inn in the future, and D involved the city of another world.

[Correct! You have unlocked a reading of the future!!]

A reading? Cale's eyes blinked as he wondered if that meant media would be read like excerpts from the novel he had read before transmigrating.

A large transparent blue screen appeared before all of their eyes and Cale saw that it really was like The Birth of a Hero... except now the excerpt made him look like a main character. Urgh...

Well, at least his future self seemed happy about the inn? That was always a good sign when dealing with the future.

[Cale smiled while standing outside the inn.

Many mercenaries and adventurers, as well as residents of Leeb-An City, were busy starting their days.

He could see some street artists as well.

This seemed to be the gathering spot for all of the bright spots of Leeb-An City.

He was full of satisfaction.

The bandit leader had found a great spot.

“It’s full of energy.”

Cale turned his head.

He could see the part of Leeb-An City that was still dark and quiet. That was the red-light district and the location of the underworld.

He turned his gaze away from the side that would become vibrant during the night time and looked at the new plaque he placed over the inn entrance.

< Hope and Adventure Loving Inn >

Cale had come up with the name for the inn.

The old three-story inn. Starting today, this would become a place that adventurers and travelers come to find hope and love.

Of course, the hidden meaning behind the name was that there would be plans in the basement for the dream and hope of backstabbing the bad guys and the heart-pounding adventurers of going into the bad guys’ bases and making them kneel.

Isn’t it a great name?

“I really came up with a great name.”

Cale had a warm gaze as he looked at the old inn.

It was a good start.]

Cale had a warm gaze at the excerpt. That wasn't a bad reason to open an inn at all. He could definitely get a lot of money if he looted the bases in an adventurers' city.

Happy in his own thoughts, Cale didn't notice everyone else giving him an odd look. 

"I think I'm going to stay away from this guy," A blue-haired man murmured, backing away while keeping a hand on his wallet. Of course, he stayed next to his purple-haired friend. He didn't recognize many people in this odd place that he had been dragged into.

Hamustra grinned, "See?! Stress-free, money-free, relaxing clips of the future and fun!! What more could you want before you go back to paperwork and wars and all those horrible stuff?"

"It's not bad." Cale conceded at the thought of being able to slack a little bit more before the war against Clopeh and the others of the North started.

"Cale? Are you sure?" Rosalyn asked, still a bit wary of the hamster and idea. Surely, there was a catch to being able to watch the future in a space with no sense of time.

Cale paused before shrugging and reaching out for the box that he could now touch. Hong beamed at seeing Cale let himself be convinced. Hong couldn't wait to see more things of the future! 

"Why not? It's not like we can teleport out of here anyways." Cale nodded to himself as he picked up a random card. "It's not bad to relax and get free information of the future once in a while. Since it's trivial, it's not like the catch or visions would be that bad........."

"Cale?" Rosalyn asked, unable to help but quirk her lips at Cale's comedically blank face after saying that. Cale jolted at his name before trying to put the card back, but the box flew away to Rosalyn's hands and Hamustra beamed, taking Cale's card and reading it for him.

"Ah, what a relaxing question too! It's a food trivia-"

[Question: What drink will Cale drink almost every morning he wakes up in the future?]

Even with no multiple choice, Cale had a feeling and he wished that he didn't set up that flag earlier because this was not relaxing. This was extremely distressing and bad. This was scary.

"Please no..." Cale thought, even begged in his thoughts, but answered anyways, feeling the butler behind him smile with an expectant benign smile. "Lemon tea..."

[Correct! You have unlocked a montage of the future!!]

"Hohohoho," Ron chuckled while Cale nearly covered his eyes to preserve his sanity as images of him being served lemon tea appeared on the screen for a solid five minutes, one image per three seconds. He realized weakly that this was also an instance wherein foresight didn't matter and he may never escape from the sour drink in the future despite the foreknowledge.

Rosalyn chuckled as well at the badly disguised horror on Cale's face, "So are we continuing?"

"Maybe n..." Cale wanted to admit, but the blue haired man shouted,

"Continue!! Let's continue!! Why am I tied up on someone's bed in one of the scenes?! While you and that green-haired woman were drinking tea at that!! And hey! Glenn!! Why were you doing nothing as well?! You were in that picture too!!"

Cale stared blankly at the two people he didn't recognize and at the green-haired woman who the loud one was pointing at, flustered at one of the pictures. Did he even know them? Were they part of the novel? Were they important?

"Obviously because you're weak, dumbass." The classy woman who reminded him of Violan smirked. "Though I am interested in continuing to watch the future as well. It's been years since I had entertainment, dull as this has been so far."

Cale wondered. The woman with the demeanor of a queen wore less than elegant clothes and her words implied that she was either too busy or had absolutely no access to entertainment. An exiled princess then? With their appearance in his future, that made everyone in the room related to him in some way. He wondered who these three were though and what he would need to use them for.

If he could get little clues like this of the future even if the questions so far weren't serious, then maybe it was worth continuing...

Though he hoped nothing as traumatizing as lemon tea and its variations would appear again.

Seeing that Cale and the others were fine with it or wanted to continue, Rosalyn picked a card.

[Question: How many times does Cale faint in this world this year?

A: 5

B: 6

C: 7

D: 8]

Cale wondered if this place had something against him.

"Err... I wonder what it means by this world-"


Cale silenced, unable to say anything at the dangerous glares aimed at him. It's not like he wanted to faint either! Choi Han, stop looking so scary like that!! Why are you sharpening your dagger, Ron?!

"We're continuing." Rosalyn affirmed with a darkened expression, glaring at the question projected on the screen. They couldn't let this happen to Cale in the future. Was the war against the Northern Alliance that bad? 

-Human, I have not forgotten. I will destroy the world whenever you faint and I count down to zero from a hundred.

Cale trembled at the vicious words said in his mind. So much that Hong and On jumped to his shoulders,

"Cale!! Are you okay, nya??"

"Don't do anything reckless, nya."

"Ah, I promise to try."

Choi Han stared sternly at Cale before deciding to answer the question himself. Although Choi Han hoped that it was only five (he did not forget the worry in him when Cale fainted after trying out the Fire of Destruction against Arm's forces for the first time at the Elf Village), he decided to try the larger number.


[Bzzt. Wrong. The correct answer is C! You have unlocked a clip of the past!]

Cale ducked his head as the glares sharpened despite the answer being a lower number. He really likely didn't mean it!! Stop being so scary! Hamustra, what part of this is relaxing and stress-free?! Weren't all the questions supposed to be meaningless trivia??

[Playing: Sleeping Beauty in the Flower Garden!!]

Despite the horrible name that reminded him of something he didn't want to remember, Cale didn't comment as the glares only worsened as his friends who knew likely thought the same thing.

Alberu glanced at Cale oddly, though he frowned at the thought of Cale fainting so many times as well. So far, Cale had been a very useful person who had helped him get a dragon's dead mana, a brigade of skilled mages, and Mary's disguise bracelet from the Land of Death among other things. A really competent, good useful person that he had fun with looting treasure from the Church of the Sun God.

Alberu made a note to himself not to let the other overwork himself too much in the upcoming war.

[A clip played of Cale peacefully sleeping in a flower garden under a soft rain of beautiful petals. He wore a crown of World Tree leaves. Although Raon had been invisible, Cale saw the wrinkles of his shirt that indicated something was on him and remembered with a cold sweat, Raon's declaration to destroy the continent when he finished counting down from 100.

The scene panned out to show Ron, who was sharpening his dagger with a scary face, on the boundaries of the flower garden, and the others who were running towards Cale who had woken up. They still had the dried blood of their enemies on their black clothes.

“Finally, finally! You finally woke up.” Choi Han shouted in relief.

Choi Han made eye contact with Cale. Cale’s gaze seemed to be asking where they were located.

Choi Han spoke. “This is said to be the place with the strongest amount of life force and natural power. The Elves told us this was the best place for recovery.” ]

While Cale was glad that Raon had been invisible in the clip, many eyes bulged. "The Elves?"

Alberu's and Tasha's eyes were the most wide out of them all, the two knowing very well how the Elves were one of the most arrogant beings in the world and wouldn't have given treatment to normal human beings.

"What did you do?" Alberu asked, eyes shaking as he recalled the scenery of the clip and then realized that the Elves had actually let Cale near their World Tree branch. Which was good because that was the strongest place for recovery, but even normal Elves of the village wouldn't be allowed near that.

Tasha's eyes widened as she remembered Raon's existence and realized. She wanted to tell Alberu, but couldn't, having already sworn not to. Still, she was surprised at the treatment the Elves gave Cale. Cale really was amazing...

Cale averted his eyes, "Nothing, nothing. And we shouldn't talk about Elves that much." He excused himself, tilting his head to the three people with cool-colored hair that he still didn't really know or trust.

Alberu bit his lip, but nodded. He couldn't help but grumble as he grabbed the box though. "You're driving me nuts." 

How many crazy things did this person do a year? Actually, could it be that the incoming war was completely unrelated to why Cale fainted so many times? That Cale just fainted because of all the crazy things he seemed to get involved in?

[ Question: What has the White Star not suspected Cale Henituse of being?

A. A transmigrator

B. A person who has received the will of a god

C. His fated enemy

D. His son

E. Someone who has been moving from body to body to stop him]

Yes. Alberu faintly thought. It must be because of all the other things Cale was getting involved in.

Cale coughed, falling into a choking fit. What?

"Who the hell is the White Star? Just how crazy of a person do you have to be-" Cale shouted, eyes trembling at the first choice and mind going wild at the other inane choices.

Cale knew the answer had to be D because that was just crazy and definitely a reference, but that meant the other things were true and what kind of disorder must a person have to think that he is all those things?? 

Cale actually wanted to get the question wrong. He didn't want to see anything from the future related to this.

Cale opened his mouth to say 'A', but Choi Han quickly replied 'D'.

Cale's eyes shook. Meanwhile, Choi Han beamed. He understood that reference! Hamustra really must know Earth culture. Choi Han smiled happily that he actually did remember something from Earth, after years of forgetting everything but the name his parents gave him, though it was merely a movie reference.

[Correct! You have unlocked a clip of the future!!]

[A clip played of Cale and Choi Han standing across from a masked man with red hair like Cale's and a Bear in the middle of an underground city.]

Tasha's eyes widened. Alberu asked, "Isn't that-"

"Yes, the new underground city we were going to build." The plans fell through, but it seemed that they were going to use it for another purpose now?

Cale's brows furrowed as he listened to them and took in the details of these two people that seemed to be their future enemies. He didn't like that there was a Bear. Did that mean that they were going to fight against one of the strongest Beast Tribes then?

[The masked man laughed before speaking. "I found it weird."

Cale gave a signal to someone behind his back as he leisurely responded, "What is weird?"

“Both Choi Han and you have your time warped as I do.”]

"Warped?" Everyone asked, confused, though Choi Han's eyes widened and Cale's brows furrowed. 

Cale frowned as he wondered how the White Star could say something like that so confidently. No... How did the White Star know? Did he have some kind of power related to time? 

[“But even though I can tell that your time is warped, I couldn’t tell how it was warped.”

“Why is time warped for me? What nonsense are you spewing?”

“No. I did not speak nonsense. Rather, it must be that you are hiding something."

“The first Dragon Slayer who suddenly appeared in the world. Furthermore, Choi Han whose time is warped and similarly had suddenly appeared in the world. I was able to see the answer once I put the pieces of the puzzle together. That was why I tried to capture Choi Han.” ]

Everyone's eyes widened at that.


While some were interested in the mention of the first Dragon Slayer (Dragon Slayers existed? Can people even possibly scratch a dragon?), all of them wondered about the warped time business and why the White Star wanted Choi Han.

Choi Han gripped his sword. He wasn't going to let anyone take him nor hurt his people. Choi Han memorized the White Star's features to memorize the face of that whom he was going to cut down.

Meanwhile, Cale was confused. What did Choi Han have to do with Dragon Slayers? What kind of backstory and convoluted family tree or history was the author planning to give an already overpowered swordsman protagonist of a munchkin novel? And why did the White Star want Choi Han? Could it be that his blood could unlock legendary treasure or something? Cale unconsciously flipped through a list of tropes in his mind.

[“But you see. Cale, I can’t see through you. Your time is warped but I cannot see how it is warped.” ]

That is, until he heard the White Star's unpleasant voice continue.

[“How are you so sure about time?”]

The White Star must have said something telepathically or he was crazier than they all thought because the White Star began to speak triumphantly after a while.

[“From body to body. You moved around while preparing. For a very long time. You continued to live while jumping from body to body like that."]

Cale closed his eyes and looked at the fake sky of the space. 

"He's crazy, isn't he." The blue haired stranger spoke sympathetically. Had they been friends, he would have patted Cale's shoulder in pity for drawing the attention of such a ridiculous guy.

This was why Cale didn't want to answer the damn question correctly... 

Though he was extremely glad that D really wasn't going to happen in the future. If the White Star, this crazy bastard, pointed to him and said, "Cale, I am your father", Cale was really going to flip a table at him.

["Hehe. Yes, your thoughts and actions are not things that a mere eighteen or twenty years old could do. What do you think? Am I right?”


“Feigning ignorance again. Pfft.”]

Cale palmed his face. Alberu patted his back.

[The White Star raised his right arm causing fire to rise from his palm to destroy the ceiling.

There was a little act between the White Star and Bear that made those in the know of the Land of Desert's environment realize that it was the time of dead mana smoke. Of course, it was just an act though and the White Star would protect the Bear as he destroyed the underground city. As the fire in the White Star's palm formed into an arrow, Cale shouted.


The White Star turned to face Cale.

“Why can’t I do it?”

As the White Star said that and started to smile, Cale smirked.

“It’s not that you can’t do it. It’s just that I wanted to do it first.”


A loud explosion filled the White Star’s ears. In this large underground city… The city’s dome-shaped ceiling… A part of that large dome had exploded.

“This is the beginning.”

Once Cale’s comment reached the White Star’s ears…

Cracks started to appear on the edges of the dome ceiling.

The fire sword then stabbed into the center of the dome ceiling, causing another large explosion.
That was the beginning. The explosions continued.

Explosions continued on the edges of the ceiling.

“Cale Henituse-!”

The White Star could see Cale who was smiling while looking at the exploding ceiling.

Then the ceiling of this abandoned underground city crumbled down.]

Cale smiled, appeased that he at least silenced the horrible theories of the future villain. And at the very least, the future clip wasn't on that guy's theory on him being related to a god. He didn't think he could handle that. That was something so scary and cringe that he really didn't want to hear.

Tasha smiled helplessly at the screen. It seemed that they were going to use the abandoned incomplete city as a trap to bury the White Star then. At least it had a useful end, she supposed.

Bud stared at the crazy man who actually destroyed a city in attempt to destroy an enemy. And used not a small amount of explosions. Yes. He was not going anywhere this guy who had to be crazy too.

Choi Han was satisfied with their fight against the White Star, but he still could not forget what the White Star had said. The White Star knew that his age wasn't exactly the same as his appearance. But what did it mean that he said Cale's time was warped as well? Was Cale like him? No, it couldn't be. He had a family. And he couldn't really be a transmigrator because he knew so much about this world and blended in so well with his family. Though there was Raon's name... Choi Han frowned in confusion.

Alberu stared and shook his head as the card disappeared. Crazy bastard driving him nuts. Turning, Alberu gave the box to Choi Han.

Choi Han absently took it, still in his thoughts, but since he also wanted to know more about this possible enemy (and why Cale would faint so often in the future because he had not forgotten that), he drew a card, hoping it continued on the path of the more important things about the future.

[Question: Who will Clopeh Sekka think is a god in the future?

A: Syrem

B. Cale-nim

C. White Star

D. Choi Han]

Cale wanted to believe... Cale wanted to think... Cale held his head, weakly asking. "Hamustra. I want out. This isn't stress-free or fun at all."

"No can do!!" Hamustra cheerily replied, happily watching Cale's misery while eating dandelion puffs amidst the clover field.

On patted Cale's head while Eruhaben shook his head, "Unlucky bastard", and Rosalyn giggled. All of them had the same answer then.

Alberu shook his head in disbelief. Clopeh was the Guardian Knight of the Paerun Kingdom that was going to lead the Northern Alliance and attack them in the spring. He led a Wyverns Knight Brigade and was the son of an influential duke. He was a known pragmatist who didn't believe in religion or legends.

What did Cale do to make this kind of person a believer into him?

No, actually, since Cale was the kind of person who found people thinking of him as even a hero troublesome, how does one possibly unintentionally make another person think of them as god?

"Sorry, Cale, but it's definitely B." Rosalyn spoke and the system appeared again.

[Correct! You have unlocked a reading of the future!!]

Cale closed his eyes.

[Rock’s pupils started to shake at that moment.


His son Clopeh was smiling brightly.

Cale quietly observed him from the side. Clopeh would follow his order in order to survive.
Since the Roan Kingdom seemed stronger than the Indomitable Alliance, he would want to stick with Cale in order to protect his household.]

It was a simple sentence, trivial to the section, but Alberu couldn't help but be happy and slump in relief that it seemed that they would do well in the future against the Northern Alliance. All their preparations and hard work will prove themselves in the end. Alberu had been most worried about the wyverns, but it seemed that Cale had won the battle and even captured Clopeh. 


The Roan Kingdom will survive and only continue to grow and flourish from here.

[Cale confirmed that in his mind as he looked toward Clopeh.



Cale flinched.

Clopeh responded brightly to his father.

“This esteemed sir is a god.”]

Rosalyn, Choi Han, Tasha, and Alberu coughed. They had not expected Clopeh to straight out say such a crazy thing. Think, yes, because that was the answer to the question, but actually say it to his father so happily?

"He actually said it to his father's face!!" The blue-haired man gawked in disbelief. He recognized this name. Yet was Clopeh Sekka really this crazy? And no one noted it down in the Directory profile for Clopeh? Or... Or was Cale so scary that he actually made this powerful kind of guy go crazy?

Wow, he really wasn't going to make this man an enemy. That said, what did Cale do??

[‘…What the hell?’

Cale looked toward Clopeh with true disbelief.

Clopeh spoke with an expression that seemed to be saying that he had achieved his dream.

“Father, I have escorted the legend here.”

‘…Did he really go crazy?’

Cale was at a loss for words.]

Cale was at a loss for words here too.

Cale held his head. Maybe, in the future, he should just not appear in the battle against Clopeh at all?

Alberu noticed and cheerily wrapped an arm around Cale's neck, "Nope! It seems that you really are the best for the Military Commander job! I foresee many satisfying victories from now on, dear Silver Shield of the Roan Kingdom."

Cale glared, "Why, I think people would be encouraged to see their marvelous sun shining radiantly on the battlefield as well."

"I still have a lot of things to prepare behind the scenes so that we can use our trump cards." Alberu easily and happily excused himself from the frontlines. While he didn't mind it, he'd prefer to continue to hide his strength as much as possible for now and it seemed that Cale really was doing a good job.

Cale huffed, feeling a tad bit better as he remembered how this war was going to be an opportunity for Mary and the Dark Elves to reveal themselves in a more favorable light as the heroes of the war. Maybe then, the spotlight would be taken from him and Clopeh would move on to worship them instead upon seeing that he was really no big deal. Cale nodded, happily.

Choi Han frowned. He wanted more information related to the more dangerous things in the future, but perhaps this was really a trivia only future watching. Well, at least the kids were having fun. Hong and On were barely hiding their amusement at how awesome their guardian was, blowing up cities and being viewed as a legendary god in another person's eyes. Under the invisibility magic, Choi Han imagined Raon to be bouncing happily too, talking mentally with the Cats about the things that they couldn't really clamor excitedly over within earshot of Cale.

Eruhaben snorted as Choi Han gave him the box, carelessly taking a card out. As interesting as some little details were (like how the first Dragon Slayer that even he had little information about apparently came from another world and the concept of a power related to time) and as amusing as it was to see the antics of the unlucky bastard that the kid followed, this future viewing session really was lackadaisical and insignificant as its name suggested despite the potential of being able to know the future.

Lazily looking at the card that was likely to be about something ridiculous about the human again, Eruhaben read. And closed his eyes, now really understanding Cale's feeling when he pulled the lemonade card.

-Oh? What is it Goldie Gramps?!

Raon asked in his mind.

Eruhaben ignored him and wondered why he could never fully learn why it was inadvisable to tempt fate in his thousand years of living.

"Not going to read?" The hamster cheerily spoke up as it normally did when there was silence. "Then I'll do it!! Eruhaben's card!! Oh my-"

[Question: Which of the following does Eruhaben not become a month later in the future?

A. Homeless

B. Poor

C. Freeloader

D. A Father]




"...pfft." Despite the scary implications of the question, Cale couldn't help but hold back his laughter at someone else's misery for once. Muffling his mouth, Cale tried to hold back the schadenfreude within him to more seriously think about the question that was implying an ancient dragon would lose its money and hoard.

The room was split in half.

Those in the know stared, eyes trembling at the card. Those not in the know wondered why the others were so shocked, concerned, and even a bit frightened. Was it that serious if a super handsome guy was going to be put out on the streets?

Alberu arched a brow. He remembered that this man had appeared as Cale's guard knight to Section 1 of the Jungle when they made the alliance between the Breck, Roan, Whipper Kingdom, Whales, and Jungle. He didn't seem that significant at the time either.

Eruhaben sighed, choosing to ignore Cale and just get it over with. He needed to see who would dare destroy his home anyways.

"Aigoo... It's definitely D."

He was definitely not going to be a father with about only one more year to live and no interest.

[Correct! You have unlocked a reading of the future!]

[–It’s been a while.

Eruhaben had the majestic air of a Dragon, as usual.]


Half of the room began choking on their breath. What?! Wait- WHAT?!

Turning to the golden-haired beautiful man standing amidst them in the space, they stared. HE WAS A DRAGON?!

Eruhaben sighed. It seemed that the information really did leak out despite his wishes anyways. Thankfully, it was a reading so at least Raon could still remain a secret. And that it seemed that most of these people would be related to Cale one way or another whether now or in the future such that by the end of the session, he might be able to trust them to not tell others about him.

More eyes began trembling as they realized and now understood the expressions on the others' faces. What caused a dragon to lose their home?


Alberu and Tasha turned their heads to Cale, him and his group having not been surprised.

This crazy bastard, Alberu thought. Since when did he became friends with a dragon? How many things did this guy do in a year or two?

Tasha stared stunned. Not just one dragon, but two. In her more than hundred years of life, she had never seen one before and somehow Cale knew two.

Cale averted his eyes from their stunned ones back to the screen to keep reading.

[Eruhaben looked at Cale, Raon, Mary, and Choi Han at the other side of the screen and started to smile.

He then noticed the look in Cale’s eyes.

– …Why are you looking at me like that?

Cale bluntly asked his question.

“Do you have a son?”]

Eruhaben turned his head to Cale. Cale could feel the judgment in the ancient dragon's eyes.

Cale held his hands up. If he was asking such a ridiculous question in the future, it was probably valid in some way. He wasn't the White Star.


Choi Han choked while Mary gently put down the fork in her hand. At the same time, Raon’s round eyes were looking toward Cale.

However, Cale was thinking about someone.

The Dragon half-blood with white gold hair.]

"A Dragon half-blood?" Eruhaben asked in wonder. He didn't think that he would ever hear about one in his lifetime. They were just not physically possible.

Cale frowned. He met a Dragon half-blood in the future? Were mixblood beings in this world powerful as in some other fantasy worlds? Was it a powerful being he couldn't handle with his friends and needed the help of another dragon?

The others also frowned in thought. While they would ordinarily be surprised at the term, their suspension of disbelief was already higher because of Eruhaben's dragon reveal and so they focused on the implications of Cale meeting such a being.

The reading continued.

[Dragons were said to each have their own unique colors.

Cale did not know anything about the Dragon half-blood, however, if they had a mix of Dragon and human blood, wouldn’t they follow the Dragon’s color as well?

The only white gold Dragon Cale knew about was Eruhaben. Cale’s calm gaze headed toward Eruhaben, who was looking right back at him.

-Yes. I guess the chaos of war can make a human go crazy. I understand. Has it been that hard?

‘You unlucky human, tsk tsk.’]

Cale frowned at the patronizing words, sulking. He hadn't gone crazy. It was really a valid question.

[Eruhaben clicked his tongue as he looked toward Cale with a pitiful gaze. Raon’s paw that was covered in sauce patted the back of Cale’s hand as well.

“Weak human, the white gold hair from earlier was from magic.”]

Alberu's brows furrowed. Who was Raon? He had never heard this name or seen them around Cale. Was it a new companion from the future? If it had a paw and referred to Cale as human, was it like the Cats?

Cale sighed in relief that it was a reading. Raon was probably not invisible in the scene and he didn't want to deal with Alberu asking why he knew two dragons.


Choi Han and Mary let out a gasp while Cale was at a loss for words. That was why Raon explained the story of the Dragon half-blood to Eruhaben instead. Eruhaben said just one word after listening to the story.]

Cale frowned. So they wouldn't get the story of their encounter. Choi Han sulked. He wanted to know more about the dangerous threats in the future to protect Cale and his other friends.

[– …Interesting.

Cale looked back toward the ancient Dragon.]

The blue haired swordsman's knees went weak. He was even an ancient dragon? Shit, was he going to die in this space if he just accidentally insulted the ancient dragon?

Really, who was Cale. Being called god by a Guardian Knight, fighting against strong people and beings, being acquainted with an ancient dragon. This guy was scary too.

[– He would normally die.

“Excuse me?”

Cale asked in confusion as Eruhaben tilted his head and answered back.

– Do you know why Dragons are an unmatched existence? It is because nobody else can handle them. Of course, the Dragon Slayers eat Dragons. However, eating them and receiving the bloodline of a Dragon are completely different things.]

Many eyes widened. Tasha especially stared. There were people who could eat dragons? That would harm the most powerful and beautiful race in the world? Her grandfather would go berserk if he knew this.

Cale frowned and patted Raon's head. He wouldn't let anyone eat Raon.

[Eruhaben had a serious expression that was also full of curiosity.

– Interesting. Usually, Dragons and humans do not make children. The child is unable to handle the Dragon’s blood and thus dies after suffering for a bit. Even if Dragons are shameless, they wouldn’t go to that level.

Dragons are rational creatures. Although they are violent and emotional on the outside, they are rational enough that even if they fell in love with a human, they would not get them pregnant.

That was their natural instincts telling them it wouldn’t work.

– But you are saying there is someone who managed to survive?

Eruhaben’s curiosity about the Dragon half-blood only continued to grow. The fact that he was alive was shocking.

– The fact that he avoided the little kid and ran away should mean that he’s at least gone through his first growth phase.]

"Then is he weaker than Raon?" Cale contemplated. He really wished there was more information.

[“Goldie! Dragon half-bloods go through growth phases as well?”

– Of course. There is Dragon blood inside of them.

“Ah, I see!”

Raon seemed to be happy to see Eruhaben for the first time in a long time as he asked all sorts of questions in order to continue to conversation.]

For them, however, the conversation ended and Cale frowned, palming his face. This really was styled after trivial facts. There was no mention of how Eruhaben had lost his home, which was important because an organization that could afford to piss off an ancient dragon was definitely something to be wary about. 

Although a new enemy had been mentioned, they knew little about its combat prowess among other important details.

Cale sighed, wondering what random information they would learn next. 

Ah, whatever, he hadn't been expecting much in the beginning, having also wanted to continue to just take it easy in a timeless space before it start to get busy.

Though he could really do without these types of questions.

[Question: How has Cale not answered a video call with Crown Prince Alberu before?

A: While unbuttoning the top buttons of his shirt]

"Oh my," Tasha giggled while Alberu looked at Cale incredulously. He had been growing used to Cale's lack of concern over his posture and setting, but this was a new level of impropriety.

"It could be the wrong answer" Cale defended.

[B: While getting held hostage by a tree in the middle of an underground dead mana labyrinth]

Cale held his head while everyone turned to him in even more disbelief and concern. Mostly concern.

[C:  After tying up a sword master]

"My my, is it Alberu or Choi Han?" Tasha teased and Cale glared,

"This is definitely not referring to Choi Han."

[D: While being covered in fake blood]


[E: While sealed in a parallel world.]



Cale held his head. It had to be E. He hoped it was E. That was the most ridiculous of them all, even more so than the second choice which absolutely didn't make sense because trees were inanimate and who owned an underground dead mana labyrinth?!

"E." Cale hoped and the system answered.

[Correct! You have unlocked a clip of the future.]

Cale didn't even know which one he would be alright with seeing more than the others.

[A clip played, opening with a scene of a large underground labyrinth being destroyed by crazy Dark Elves, Elves, and other people. Dead mana spurted everywhere as walls crumbled. Magic and arrows flew into the air, clashing against the attacks of knights and shamans. 

Ron, Beacrox, and Choi Han looked especially vicious as they rampaged throughout the landscape. 

And Cale, Cale was being held getting held hostage by a large black, gnarly tree that was pointing a sharp branch at Cale's neck.]

"Never mind. I do have a preference." Cale couldn't help but blurt aloud, horrified by what he was seeing. Why were the assassins and protagonist so scary? In both the video on the screen and next to him in real life.

"Cale-nim, you are not allowed to go near any trees."

Choi Han said and Cale looked helplessly at him. There were trees everywhere! Where was he allowed to be then if he was banned from a tree?

"Young master Cale, it seems that we do need to keep a close eye on you." 

Cale didn't dare protest at the sharp, benign smile on his head butler.

Alberu didn't know what to say. He had never saw that much dead mana in one place before. He also hadn't ever thought that the Dark Elves and Elves could ever cooperate before. He also had never saw someone get captured by a tree... Crazy bastard was one thought... but the other was. Wow. He really did have to worry about this guy who was getting caught in the most ridiculous situations.

-Human. No worries. I am very great and mighty. I will destroy all the trees in the world.

"Please don't." Cale whispered, patting the little dragon's head. He will make sure to educate Raon on the importance of trees later. Trees were very important. They were important for breathing, for shade, for shelter for the little animals in the world. Very important.

The blue-haired swordsman shook his head.

The green-haired woman stared before laughing. They glanced at her. She had been quite quiet, choosing to observe for now, but now she was laughing and smiling widely.

"Ha!! Take that!" She grinned before finally deciding that the group she was with was alright. "I've decided. My name is Jopis, sister of Queen Elisneh of the Molden Kingdom." Cale's eyes widened. Really a royal then. "Although there's a lot more details now, that's our palace's underground labyrinth you're destroying and her people that you are fighting." Jopis smirked vindictively. "Right now, I'm stuck in a ghost village, but if you can free me, I wouldn't mind helping you destroy it again in the future."

Before Cale could really think about it, Choi Han was already shaking hands with Jopis, eager to destroy this place that dared hurt Cale even if it was in another future (because Choi Han definitely wasn't going to let this happen again).

Cale closed his eyes. Ah, whatever. If both Elves and Dark Elves were working together, this probably involved the World Tree - and having that in the enemy's hands was an extremely dangerous prospect Cale needed to prevent or end. 

In all the thinking, he didn't realize that the clip hadn't ended yet. It continued when it had their attention.

[The clip zoomed ahead to where the black tree was beginning to hold Cale tighter, squeezing him, though it didn't seem like it was intending to cause them harm with how both Choi Han who was now next to Cale and Cale seemed unconcerned.

A video communication device suddenly appeared in the air and headed for Choi Han’s hand.
The red video communication device was immediately connected.

– Why did you take so long to answ-! …Dongsaeng. Are you captured somewhere?

Alberu who had answered the call with a look of urgency looked confused.

“It’s nothing much, sir. What is going on?”

– Tsk.

– We got information that some suspicious individuals have entered the northwest region.

– They seems to be the White Star’s subordinates as we expected.

“I see. In that case-”

– That is why I am busy. I will send the important info via messages.

“Excuse me?”

– I’m busy. Until later then. Take care of your body.


The call ended.]

Cale's friends nodded in approval. Give Cale, their idiot who was always getting hurt, a break and a reminder to take care of himself. He needed a lot of reminders.

Cale frowned, ignoring the other information for what was more important to him. "The White Star is going to invade the northwest region?" That was bad. The White Star was powerful from what he had seen. The northwest region of the Roan Kingdom was weak. This was dangerous.

Alberu also thought the same thing and he frowned as he realized that they really had more things to prepare for than just the war against the Northern Alliance in the future. They had prepare for war against the White Star who could possibly be behind the reason why Eruhaben lost his home among many other things.

This was a bit frustrating. 

He hoped that the next question would have more information on what else he needed to prepare for.

Mary passed the box to Tasha who drew one out.

[Question: Who is Raon's mom?

A. The Ruler of Space and Time

B. Cale

C. The Dragon Lord

D. An Ancient Dragon ]

Never mind, Alberu thought. The scale was too large and even if he had a decade to prepare, he was still going to be unable to prepare for any trouble that appears as a result of Cale Henituse's and his trouble-making group.

All stared at the options. 


Cale frowned, rubbing circles in Raon's head. Was the dragon shaking because he was going to find out about his parents? Cale hadn't thought they were that important because he thought Raon was an orphan, but were his parents still alive? Cale smiled. It would be nice if that were true. Kids should have parents. He tenderly caressed Raon's scales in a soothing way to show his support to stand with him as he learns the truth and to help him find his parents later.

Unlike his thoughts, however, Raon stuttered, fidgeting in his arms.

-Human! I-I wouldn't mind if you were m-my m-mo-


-If it's alright with you, c-can I call you-

Cale's eyes widened and before he realized it, he corrected out of horror of being called mom by the kid and the kid getting mercilessly teased by others for using the incorrect vocabulary,

"dad. I'm not female so it'd be dad."


"..." Cale closed his eyes. That wasn't quite what he wanted to say either.

Either way, it was said and Cale was sure everyone could see it as his shirt crinkled up and down as Raon bounced in his arms, wings fluttering rapidly, creating gust. Though he was invisible, Cale could feel his bright smile and eyes as he shouted in his mind.

-DAD!!! Dad Dad Dad Dad Dad!!!

He must have told the Cats because they turned to him with wide eyes and shouted,

"Wait!! I want to call you dad too!! Cale, Cale, we can call you dad too, right?"

"You're our dad too, right, nya?"

"...yeah, sure."

"Yes!! Dad!! Dad dad dad dad-"

"Cale is our dad, nya!!"

The kittens shouted while circling around his neck, dancing on his shoulders. Cale closed his eyes, not wanting to see the others' eyes (too bad, Choi Han looked like he was going to cry, the smile of awe and adoration too bright for Cale's eyes). 

Although he was more of a guardian than their father, he couldn't take it back anymore.

"Eruhaben, what do you think?" Cale asked weakly, trying to ignore the kids' happiness and affectionate, excited, and loud repeats of that word.

Eruhaben stared at him before shaking his head and frowning. Since Raon was a dragon, there were only two real options. However, Eruhaben had not heard of any other ancient dragon besides him and Olienne (and Olienne would tell him if he had children right?) and the last Dragon Lord appeared thousands of years ago. So while it couldn't have been him or Olienne, the Dragon Lord was a bit implausible too since Raon was currently six.

Eruhaben stared at where the kid was with mixed feelings before deciding to go with the Dragon Lord. He had always had an odd feeling about the kid and the kid's quick learning speed.


Eyes widened at Eruhaben's guess and even more so when the system confirmed it.

[Correct! You have unlocked a clip of the future!]

A child of the Dragon Lord? Cale thought, expression turning weird. How did Raon end up in the hands of Arm and then the Stans then?

The clip began.

[“There were two children.”

The scene opened with Raon in Cale's arms and a white Dragon standing before them.]

Alberu's eyes widened. Raon was a dragon. Cale knew two dragons and, with how close they seemed in the clip, the little dragon probably followed him around.

Tasha beamed. Alberu knew now and she could see the appearance of another beautiful dragon. Of a Dragon Lord!

Meanwhile, Cale frowned at the information that Raon had a sibling. A sibling he never heard of... which likely meant that they were dead. Cale's arms wrapped around Raon in a closer, warm embrace.

[“One was very big and gave off a strong presence. He was so strong that he could affect all of the mana around him even while in his egg.”

The white Dragon made eye contact with Cale.

“It was as if he was born with both of the Dragons’ presences in one.”

A faint smile appeared on the white Dragon’s face.

“And the other child was small. The size of his egg was smaller than normal too. That egg was very weak.”

The white Dragon’s short front paws gathered together. It was as if she had something precious on top of her two paws.

“I could feel just how small and weak the child inside the egg was.”

The atmosphere around the white Dragon who was looking down at her empty paws instantly changed.

“I realized something at that moment.”

Pat. Pat.

Raon was listening carefully as Cale continued to pat his back.

“Because one child was too weak and one child was too strong… I realized that it would take them both a long time to break out of their eggs and come out into the world. I only had about two hundred years left of my lifespan at that point.”]

So that was what it was, Eruhaben thought as he listened carefully to the Dragon Lord, a dragon he had only heard about in legends from ancient dragons when he was a kid. Awe filled him as he thought of how Raon's egg span was thousands of years, much much longer than any dragon he knew. Egg span was a sign of potential, meaning that Raon, even despite being the weaker one of the two eggs, was going to become extremely strong one day.

Cale solemnly listened, patting the soft scales of Raon's back just as he was in the clip.

[Raon’s body started to shake.

Raon clenched his eyes closed even though his face was already buried up against Cale.

The white Dragon watched Raon’s back with a sad expression on his face.

“It would be great if they would be born within 200 years, but I had to prepare for their futures just in case they didn’t.”

The white Dragon’s wings started to move.

She flew toward Cale.

“Until the child could break out of the egg and hatch. I needed a strong spell that would be able to stand a long period of time.”

The white Dragon put her front paw on top of Raon’s back.

She then started to whisper.

“I needed to make it so that the children could live happily without lacking anything whenever they hatched.”

Raon opened his eyes.

He then turned his head.

The white Dragon looked young, but her eyes seemed to show traces of her long life. The white Dragon started to smile brightly once she made eye contact with Raon.

The white Dragon continued to speak.

“That weak and small child is in front of me now.”

The white Dragon smiled at Raon who hid his crying head in Cale's shoulder.]

The tears soaked his shirt in the space as well and Cale promised that they would find this place, find the mother so that they could meet each other again. Even if it was a bit too late, it was always good for mother and child to reunite.

[“…How did your castle end up like this, ma’am?” Eruhaben spoke up, asking about the destroyed castle and about the two precious children the castle was meant to protect.

“It was because I trusted too much. I asked my close friend, the Dragon Slayer of that generation, for a favor before I died. I asked if they could protect this castle generation after generation. That Dragon Slayer swore an oath that they would keep that promise generation after generation.”

The white Dragon’s front paw pointed toward the white crown in Cale’s hand.

“That crown was an item that belonged to the Dragon Slayers. The door to this castle would open if someone had that crown and a different power. And they kept that promise until 1,000 years ago.”]

Cale's gaze turned peculiar. A white crown. He didn't have a white crown yet so he must have found it in the future. The different power must be referring to an ancient power, but he needed to find a white crown belonging to the Dragon Slayers to enter the castle to bring Raon to his mother. He would find it. 

For now, he recorded the information and details of the castle. He could try pinpointing the location later if it was not going to be mentioned in the clip.

[“The Dragon Slayer from 1,000 years ago broke that oath and the castle ended up like this.”


It was Choi Han.

Choi Han looked toward Raon in Cale’s arms before asking the White Dragon the rest of the question with a stiff expression.

“Why did you let the White Star, that Dragon Slayer, do this?”]

Cale's eyes widened. Then that meant the White Star was a thousand year old Dragon Slayer. That was who he was fighting in the underground city. That was going to be his enemy in the future... The White Star is who was likely behind Eruhaben's destroyed lair.

Eruhaben frowned as he realized the same thing. It was likely the White Star who was the leader of Arm, the reason behind his home being destroyed... and this home being destroyed as well.

His hands clenched. He was nearing his end, at the last year of his life, but he was going to use the rest of his days to help Cale defeat the White Star as he probably was doing so in this future that they were watching.

Choi Han frowned. He had to get stronger. Strong enough to beat a thousand year old Dragon Slayer. He had no time to waste. It was probably because of the White Star and his organization of people he probably collected over the years that caused Cale to faint seven times this year. Choi Han wasn't going to let Cale faint even once in this timeline. He will get stronger faster.

The others also made the same resolve upon now finally seeing and understanding their enemy. They had to get better even faster.

Alberu clenched his hand as he remembered that the White Star was going to invade the northwest region of his kingdom. He had to make more preparations to stop that invasion.

[Choi Han looked toward the White Dragon with a gaze full of sorrow. “You were strong. You were strong enough, so why-”

However, he was cut off.

The white Dragon’s voice echoed in the room.

“I, I was a sealed existence until I met my children.”

Choi Han could not say anything. The white Dragon started to frown. The white Dragon’s voice was calm and cautious unlike her expression.

“This illusion is an existence that grows along with the children’s growth speed. And only this castle is my territory. I cannot do anything if I leave the castle. My seal was removed once this child appeared in front of the castle. Because I wanted this to be the children’s hometown. That was why I wanted to create a space they could always return to rest even if they left. That was why the castle gate opened and I appeared now that my child had returned.”

The white Dragon then raised her paws that were as small as Raon’s and patted Raon’s back. There was a silence as the white Dragon continued to pat and caress Raon’s back.]

Raon turned his head to watch attentively as his mother caressed his future self's back. He wanted to feel it. And he wanted his mother to be able to see him as well.

[Then the silence broke.

“…Even if you trusted someone, how could you allow free entry into the castle when you didn’t know how the future generations would be-”]

"I'm there." The blue-haired swordsman realized. He really was with these guys in the future. He was there with Cale and his crazy group at the castle. He hadn't realized, having been so moved by the emotions of the clip of the future that they were watching, but now his future self spoke. Mumbled in frustration and sadness.

[Cale broke Bud's accusation-sounding mumbles with a statement.

“You said that the Dragon Slayer swore an oath.”

Raon flinched at his statement and raised his buried head. The others looked toward Cale as well.

However, Cale was only looking at the white Dragon.

“What was the oath?”

The white Dragon had a sad smile as she responded back.

“An oath of death. The oath was made with the title of Dragon Slayer. Do not harm this castle nor anything inside it. Do not get in their way. Do not negatively influence them. Most importantly, do not harm my children in any way. However, you may fight with them if they show you ill will.”

Cale observed the white Dragon’s eyes.

“…What would happen if they went against the oath?”

The white Dragon calmly answered back. Her low voice reached everyone’s ears.

“The moment a Dragon Slayer who breaks this vow appears… Your family, tribe, and anyone precious to you will die.”]

Their eyes widened at the horrible, cruel words - and then at the realization that the White Star chose this. Chose to break the oath and let everyone close to him die.

"What a horrible person."

[“Only you will be left alone in a world without anyone precious to you, in a world where you cannot cherish anything ever again.”

“You will never be able to experience the peace that eternal death has to offer, you will face the most painful death over and over and feel the pain of living over and over again without being able to rest.”]

"That's it then." Cale realized. "That's how he was able to live for over a thousand years. He kept reincarnating again and again because of the oath."

[“The last Dragon Slayer. The one you call the White Star destroyed this castle and stole the eggs. The oath of death struck down on that bastard."

" He was smiling.”

“He said that he was waiting for this. He smiled while saying that he was waiting for this oath.”

“He said this would let him become a stronger existence than the Dragons and rule the world.”

The corners of the white Dragon’s lips were slightly shaking.

“I could only watch all of that in my sealed form.”

“…That bastard, he is alive, right?”

There was intense anger buried deep inside the white Dragon’s eyes.]

They could feel it even through the screen and they could feel a fraction of it echoing in their own sentiment after hearing that the White Star had chosen to let all of his family, tribe, village - everyone that was precious or could be precious, innocent and ignorant as to what went on the castle - The White Star chose to let all of those people die so that he could rule the world.

He destroyed a castle made for children and took the eggs of unhatched babies. They didn't know what happened to the red egg, but Raon - those who knew Raon and his story felt more anger at how he had given an egg to a bastard with no morals. Raon had spent four years in pain because of the White Star.

Although they didn't know all the things the White Star would do in the future to make them enemies even before hearing this, they all firmly declared him as their enemy, wanting to viciously destroy all of his plans and desires as he had to the hopes and dreams of the white dragon.

Luckily, they had an idea of what was going to happen in the future, so this time they wouldn't be caught off guard. And if they were luckier, then they might get even more chances to catch glimpses in the future that would give them more advantage against the White Star.

They glanced to the cards that led to sights of future and past.

Time to draw another.






Author Note: Author can fall asleep now. This was going to be the next question, but fading into darkness so just going to leave here and go...


[Question: Who of the following does not ever use the nickname Bob?

A. Alberu]

"Wow, Alberu, I would never use the name Bob. That's such a generic name-"

"Wow, Cale, look. Your name appears next in the options."

[B. Cale

C. Toonka

D. Choi Han]

"Choi Han can't act so it has to be D."

Clip is of Endable Kingdom