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Cause All of Me Loves All of You.

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Dazai sighs for the umpteenth time today. If someone asks, he will blame it on the big line of customers in front of him. But he knows that’s not true at all. He can’t really blame these people for wanting their coffee in the morning to kick start their day. He is one of them after all, his day never begins without having his special coffee, prepared by a certain someone. Plus its winter, so he gets it. But it’s human nature to blame someone else for your misery after all. And it’s not as if the person who is making him suffer like this has the slightest idea about Dazai’s misery. No, the person is clueless as fuck about Dazai’s internal breakdown. So, blaming it on the long line early in the morning it is.

"Fuck you damn stupid Chibi." Dazai curses under his breath as he prepares the coffee order of the customer in front of him.

“Excuse me?! What did you just say? That’s no way to talk to a customer.”

“Sorry? What’s your problem, sir?” Dazai arches a brow, a silent warning to the customer to shut the fuck up. But it seems like the customer was too dense to get the damn clue. 

“What do mean by that? Apologize right now!” The customer seems indeed furious for something Dazai didn't do.

'Great! Now I have to deal with an angry customer! Just great!'

Now, Dazai isn’t usually a bitch *cough* *cough* but he just couldn’t care less at the moment. Can’t the man see he is lamenting already? How bold of him to assume that Dazai would apologize? It isn’t even his fault. He has some dignity, thank you very much. So he does the most sensible thing he can do. He glares at the customer.

“Please don’t mind him. He has a habit of talking to himself sometimes. He didn’t mean to say it to you. Here, your order is ready.” And there goes his last shred of dignity.

“Kunikida Kun ~ ” Dazai whines totally ignoring the angry customer in front. 

“Sorry once again. Next order please.” Kunikida apologizes to the customer, saving the situation and Dazai along with it.

“Kunikida Kun ~ Why did you make a fool of me in front of that customer? It was clearly a misunderstanding. I didn’t even do anything.” Dazai whines while making his way to refill the machine as Kunikida handles the orders. Dazai knows that it’s Kunikida’s way of saying ‘Take a break and calm down yourself. You need it.’ and he couldn’t have asked for a better partner. Not everything should be told out loud, sometimes small actions are more than enough, and Kunikida knows it. He knows Dazai.

“I know Dazai. But we can’t make our customers angry. For the sake of this café. Also, you don’t seem good today. Is everything alright? Want to talk about it later?” And in moments like these, when Kunikida isn’t annoyed by Dazai and when he genuinely shows that he cares about Dazai, it reminds him of Odasaku. A best friend, a guide, moral support that he lost. And Dazai never thought that someone can take Odasaku’s place, but Kunikida comes close. Even Kunikida knows that he cannot fill Oda’s place in Dazai's life. But he still tries to be a good friend. It took time for Dazai to open up to Kunikida. But since he started to do so, there wasn’t a single day when Kunikida’s blood pressure didn’t shoot up. But there are days when Dazai is just not himself and Kunikida understands. Understands that Dazai needs a friend more than someone to look after him. And today is one of those days.

Dazai looks at Kunikida and gives a hesitant nod. A sad smile crossing his face and just like that his expression is back to normal within a moment. No one could have seen that sad look on Dazai’s face. But Kunikida is quick. One thing he had observed about Dazai was that - 'Dazai never shows his true emotions'. Even the people who seem to know him, have a hard time telling if he is being genuine or if it’s all a façade. So Kunikida had made a habit of observing Dazai’s expression and it had paid off. It had made Dazai trust Kunikida. He can also tell that the current situation of the brunette must be because of a certain ginger head. But for now, he decides to let the brunette be and continue with the work at hand.




"So, what's on your mind Dazai? Is something serious?" Kunikida watches as the brunette looks at him with wide eyes, mouth full of noodles as he tries to speak while still slurping on them. 'Disgusting.'

Deciding the place had been an easy decision for once, as both of them were starving after the shift. The hotel they chose was small and less crowded. It's not just noisy places, but sometimes it gets difficult to share one's feelings in the dead silence of the home. And Kunikida knows how nervous Dazai can get if he is confronted in silence. He might not say anything at all. So this place, less crowded and noisy enough was easiest to choose.

"Oye. Eat and speak! What are you? Five!" Kunikida frowns at his friend. He makes a mental note of teaching Dazai table manners later.

"You are like a mom Kunikida Kun ~" Dazai sing-songs and Kunikida refrains himself from strangling the man in front of him.

"Dazai -"

"Okay okay. I won't change the topic. I promise. So, you already know that Chuuya's parents are searching for a possible significant other for him. And Chibi told me yesterday that his parents want him to meet someone. Again! He will be meeting that guy tomorrow. It's the fifth guy now Kunikida Kun. All those previous guys rejected Chibi cause he "didn't fit their standards!". He broke down in tears after every rejection, and I can't even explain how hurt he must have been. I had to cuddle him to sleep all those times to make him stop crying. I..It hurts me too.. Kunikida Kun, to watch Chibi like t..that. I hate it when he cries. I just want to protect him you know? How dare they hurt him like that? So what if he is short and chubby? He looks cute no matter what. They don't even know how.. h-how beautiful my Chuuya is." Dazai's voice cracks as he tries to gather the right words. He wipes off the tears from the corner of his eyes and Kunikida wants to wrap his friend in a giant hug and comfort him cause he had never seen Dazai so vulnerable before. 

"He hates how he looks, I have seen him crying over it so many times. But despite every rejection he faced, he is still doing this for his family with the same enthusiasm. I feel so proud of him for being happy for others even after everything that he goes through. But I hate the days when he cries. Whenever his family arranges meetups, I always pray that those guys would reject him. I feel happy and relieved whenever he gets rejected. Just because it gives me hope." Dazai laughs, "Such a shitty person I am. But I feel like someone pierces my heart whenever I see my Chibi cry."

My Chibi? If only I would have been able to call him that.

"I want to make him happy Kunikida Kun. I want to take care of him, to be the one to hold him, to see him first thing in the morning and the last thing before going to bed, to listen to his problems, to give him random surprises, and make him smile. I want to be the reason for his smile. Is that selfish of me?" Dazai lets out a bitter laugh, hiding his nervousness. This is the first time Dazai has been true to his emotions in front of Kunikida. To be honest, he feels like he has successfully broken the blonde if Kunikida's surprised expressions were to say anything.

"I had no idea that you love Nakahara san to this extent Dazai." Kunikida says after processing the information for a few moments. "Why don't you tell him? Plus, his parents know you so they won't be opposed to your relationship I guess?"

"I don't think chibi likes me in that way. Also, all guys that his parents looked for him were rich. I'm no match for him. I think I will just suffer like this and have a final breakdown the day someone falls for my Chibi and marries him. Why is love so difficult Kunikida Kun?" 

"You must tell him Dazai. It's better for both of you. You won't know unless you try. And who knows, things might work out? If you truly love him, then I say you should go for it. Don't give up without asking in the first place." Kunikida never thought he will be having this conversation with Dazai of all people. But here they are, having a heart-to-heart conversation. And if someone asks him later, Kunikida will refuse about giving such advice to Dazai, ever. "You sure you can work on your report today? Go home and rest Dazai. You need rest."

"It's fine Kunikida Kun. We have to finish this report this week. Let's hurry to the library. I'm okay. Don't worry. Let's go!" Dazai says getting up, and he is out of the hotel within a moment.

Just then Kunikida realises -

"Oye Dazai! Don't you dare to put this up on my tab!" 

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They were six years old when Dazai first met his angel.

Dazai was lazing around in his bed when his dad returned with the news. Dazai had heard that a new family had been shifted in the house beside them. Dazai didn’t like being around new people. And to say the least, Dazai wasn’t at all happy when his dad told him that they were invited to the house welcome party by their neighbors. But apparently, Mori Ougai knew how to trick Dazai into doing things.

"But Dazai kun ~ They will be preparing your favorite chocolate cookies. Isn't it great? I know you are going to ask how exactly I know about this. I just talked to them outside. Would you like to buy new clothes that are perhaps not Black for today’s party?"

"No. Black is my favorite color Dad."

"Okay okay. Whatever you want Dazai kun ~ "

And that's how Dazai found himself in the Rimbaud household, sitting in the corner, warming the sofa in desperate wait of cookies while other people and their kids were enjoying the party. Kids his age were playing some game which was too boring for Dazai. He was just there for his chocolate cookies anyway. Just as he was getting bored of waiting, he was tackled down from the sofa by - an angel? A beautiful angel, that's what small Dazai thought the moment he saw the small boy for the first time. His red locks fallen loosely on his face, blue eyes shining down at him as the guy laughed.

"Got'chu!" The guy shouted and held Dazai's hands in his own. Dazai would have commented on how small his hands were compared to Dazai if only he hadn't been smitten by the crinkle of his eyes and that little nose scrunch when he laughed. Dazai had felt happy. Happy to have had found someone who had, for once, interested him. Dazai decided then and there to befriend this guy.

"Wh..why are staring at me? Oye! I.I caught you so it's your turn now." His angel said, looking at him with wide eyes.

"But I wasn't playing. I was just sitting here waiting for my chocolate cookies when a small chibi tackled me." Dazai smiled as he watched his angel's cheeks turned red.

"I'm not chibi! Also sorry for this." His angel said, letting his hands go and getting off of him, with a small pout. 'I'm Chuuya by the way. Come, I will give you cookies.'

"But the hosts will get mad. I can wait. It's fine."

"I'm their son. You are our guest and dad says we should be good to our guests. So come with me, I'm in charge of giving the cookies anyway." His angel said pulling Dazai along with him. Though Chuuya said that he was in charge of distributing the cookies, he quietly lifted the whole jar of cookies prying from everyone’s eyes and they both made a beeline for the front door.

And that's how they both ended up in the garden in the front yard, with a jar full of chocolate cookies. Dazai was buzzing with excitement. He finally had a friend who was sitting there with him, talking with him. And Dazai didn't even realize that there was only a single cookie left, until the moment his fingers touched the bottom of the jar. 

‘Sharing is the best way to make friends Dazai kun ~’

‘But I don’t want to make friends dad.’ Dazai had replied to his dad, who was trying to give his son some tips on making friends.

"Here." Dazai gave the last cookie to his angel. Weirdly, he didn’t feel sad about not getting the last cookie. Instead, Dazai found out that he liked this. He liked this feeling of sharing something with others.

"Let’s eat half-half." Chuuya offered him half the cookie while eating the rest half. "Sorry. I didn’t ask your name."

"Osamu. Dazai Osamu."

"Oshamu?" Chuuya tilted his head cutely as if asking whether he got the name correct and Dazai just couldn’t help but smile widely, nodding.  

"Let’s be best friends forever Oshamu!" Chuuya looked at Dazai and in that moment, with the starry sky and moon in its full glow reflecting in his angel’s blue eyes,

"Yes. Let’s be best friends forever, Chuuya."

Dazai found out that maybe, maybe Blue was his new favorite color after all.



They were eight when Dazai thought : 'Chuuya is the kindest person he has ever known'.

If anything Dazai and Chuuya looked forward to in the School, it was lunch break. The duo had a fixed place, just for them, where they would eat their tiffins silently, away from the chaos and spend the rest of their time chatting with each other.

But that day, they saw a boy from senior kindergarten sitting in their place. The thought of confronting the guy vanished as soon as both of them saw tears in the boy's eyes. After a quick eye-to-eye conversation, the duo approached the boy. After talking to him and calming him down, the boy told them how he fell while running and dropped his tiffin.

"I'm hu..hungry." The boy sobbed.

“Don’t cry. You can have my tiffin.” Chuuya said handing his tiffin to the small boy.

"B..but what bout you…senpai?" The boy looked at Chuuya with wide glossy eyes.

"It's fine. I had a lot for breakfast. I'm not hungry." Chuuya gave a warm smile.

"I can share my tiffin with him. So you eat it okay?" Dazai said showing his tiffin.

"Th..thankyou Senpai!"

"Now smile. Like this - Eeeeee" Chuuya said making a face with a weird smile. The boy laughed seeing his funny face and Chuuya laughed along with him, gently ruffling the younger's hair.


'So kind of Chuuya.'


And in that moment, as sunlight perfectly shined through Chuuya's blue eyes while Chuuya laughed, Dazai found out that his favorite color comes in different shades.

And if Dazai had decided to learn more about blue shades since that moment to distinguish between the different shades of blue that he sees in Chuuya's eyes, Chuuya doesn't have to know.




They were twelve when Dazai thought : 'Chuuya is cool'.

Dazai was hurt. He didn't know that pointing out someone's stupidity could be this troublesome. Chuuya was fuming with rage as he cleaned and bandaged wounds on Dazai's body. Chuuya was quiet for now but no one could have stopped him after school. This is exactly why Dazai was dragged by him to the place where they knew the culprits for Dazai's condition would be.

"Now which one of you hurt Osamu?" Chuuya was angry. And those bullies had no idea what they had signed up for.

"Look. It's that scrawny's bodyguard. Leave or else we will beat you up too."


"Now, now. I told you not to pay attention to them Chibi. It's no use fighting with shitheads." Dazai said pulling Chuuya along with him.

"They beat you Osamu! I'm gonna teach them a lesson. They won't dare to bully anyone again." Chuuya tried to wriggle from Dazai's grip.

"Yo brat! Go and pick a fight with someone of your height." Oh no. A grave mistake. No one except for Dazai was allowed to make fun of Chuuya's height. No one! There was no use of holding Chuuya back now.

"Teme." Chuuya took a deep breath as he stepped in front of the group.

"Yare yare." Dazai sighed staying back for watching the show about to unfold. It would have been even better if someone had offered him popcorns. Five against One, if anyone would have seen the situation they would have called it unfair. But Dazai knew better.

Three minutes. It took three minutes for Chuuya to beat them all up.


'How cool of Chibi!'


Dazai approached the angry redhead who stood there placing his feet on the chest of the leader of the group while the rest of them laid on the ground, writhing in pain.

"I'm twelve and I'm still growing! How dare you make fun of my height?! And don't you dare lay even a finger on Dazai again. I won't be so kind next time." Dazai had never seen Chuuya this furious. But it was Chuuya after all. Mention his height and you are dead. Only Dazai was safe enough to get away with it. Even after getting a kick to his shin Dazai never stopped teasing Chuuya about his height. Cause he was shameless like that.

"Such a brutish Chibi. That's why I claimed you as my dog. All that practice was finally useful, ne? ~" Dazai walked up to his angel, amused by Chuuya's strength in action for the first time.

"I'm not your dog, you jerk!"

"Oh. Chuuya has a Jr.Black Belt. Sucks to be in your place guys. I couldn't even imagine the pain you must be going through right now. My apologies." Dazai smirked at the helpless boys rolling on the ground. "Let's go Chibi."

"Can't you be modest? Don't go around provoking people. Thank god it's just a slight injury. What would I have done if -"

"You have a bruise too. Here." Dazai lightly touched the corner of Chuuya's lips where it was bruised. "We have matching bruises now. How nice!"

"Yes, we do. It looks pathetic." Chuuya smiled as he lightly touched the bruise on the corner of Dazai's lips. And in that moment, looking at Chuuya's worried smile while their fingers still lingered on each other's corners of lips,

'That's Dark Azure Blue. Another beautiful shade of blue.'

Dazai was able to name another shade of his favorite color.




They were fifteen when Dazai thought : 'Chuuya is beautiful. Most beautiful person than anyone else he has ever seen'.


"Ane san! Why do I have to do this again?" Chuuya's older sister had forced him into wearing yukata and Chuuya was okay with it until she had uttered that one word 'Make-up!' Chuuya was horrified by the idea, to say the least.

"Come on Chuuya! You will put every beauty to shame just by applying little make-up. You will look gorgeous in the photos." She said as she began to apply make-up on him.

Chuuya felt relieved once they were finished. But his relief only lasted for a few minutes as he saw who was in charge of clicking pictures.

"Is my Chibi ready? Took you long enough!" Dazai smirked as he looked Chuuya up and down. "You look stupid. Bleh!" Dazai laughed as he saw Chuuya's patience withering.

"Ane san! You didn't tell me that Osamu was going to click pictures! I would have declined. And who are you calling Chibi? You shitty mackerel!" Chuuya yelled at Dazai ready to punch the sly bastard.

"Dazai is good at taking pictures. And like you said yourself, you wouldn't have been ready for this photo shoot if I would have told you before." Kouyou smiled.

"Now now Chibi. Who can capture your perfect angles other than your best friend? Also, it was a good chance of getting blackmail material. And like hell I will let it slide." Dazai snickered as he shielded himself and the poor camera from Chuuya's punches.

"Ow oww. Brutish Chibi!'

'You deserve it. You shitty Dazai!"

"Enough both of you." The duo immediately stopped their antics as they heard Kouyou's stern voice. "Let's go outside. And better not mess up the makeup and dress." She said giving a smile which was more of a warning for both the teens to stop their stupid bickering.

Kouyou made Chuuya pose dozens of poses and Dazai was capturing every single one of them without any trace of tiredness on his face. It seemed like Dazai was excited about this photoshoot rather than Chuuya. Which he was of course! But Chuuya doesn't have to know that.

"Ane san, I'm tired."

"Chuuya." Dazai said walking towards him "Let's click one last picture. Think about someone very close to you. And feel the first emotion that comes to your mind when you think of them. Would you be able to do that?"

"I will do it." Chuuya nodded with a smile.

And Chuuya posed. An expression that Dazai had never seen on Chuuya, ever. Chuuya was smiling, but at the same time, there was a lingering touch of sadness to his smile. Like he was there with the person he was thinking about but still far away from her/him. His eyes were focused on Dazai and Dazai could tell that there was something beautiful in them. An emotion that Dazai wanted to see in Chuuya's eyes only when Chuuya is looking at him. Chuuya in white yukata with a red rose tucked behind his ear and surrounded by falling cherry blossoms was beautiful. But this Chuuya,


thinking about someone very close to him, with this specific expression,


was beyond "Beautiful".

"Okay!" Kouyou's voice broke their trance and Chuuya rushed to Dazai's side to take a look at the pictures. If Dazai was jealous of the person Chuuya was thinking about, Chuuya doesn't need to know. As they browsed through the pictures, Dazai observed the last picture for a bit longer along with Chuuya. And in that moment, taking in the features of his angel,


'His eyes are Cerulean Blue here.'


Dazai made a mental note of crossing off 'Seeing Cerulean Blue shade in my angel's eyes' from his wish list.




They were sixteen when Dazai thought, no no, Dazai knew that 'Chuuya is his first-ever crush'.


The summer heat had reached its limit. To the youngers' delight, Chuuya and Dazai's dads had planned a beach trip together. And that's how they found themselves, relaxing on the beach. Elders had made themselves comfortable on the beach chairs under the shade of umbrellas. As Chuuya and Dazai came out of the changing rooms, Dazai's jaw dropped at the sight. And Dazai thanked Summer and all the gods above for the view in front of him. It's not like Dazai hadn't seen Chuuya without a shirt on. They were practically attached to hips ever since they became friends. But seeing Chuuya like this, on a place like beach, made something in Dazai's heart flip. Chuuya looked hot? Dazai shook his head, shaking off the unfamiliar feeling along with it.

"Oye! What are you shaking your head for?"

"Just seeing how small chibi is. You won't continue to grow anyway."

"Hah?! What kind of curse is that?! If I stopped growing, you will be the only person responsible."

"It's cute though!"

"I will kill you!"

Dazai ran towards the water, smirk never leaving his face as Chuuya chased after him, yelling strings of incoherent curses. They ran around, Chuuya chasing Dazai for a while when all of a sudden Chuuya fell. Dazai was immediately by his side, worried for his chibi. Chuuya smirked, looking at him and before Dazai could understand Chuuya's plan, he was pulled into the water. Chuuya laughed seeing a completely baffled look on Dazai's face. And just like that, it was Dazai chasing Chuuya around.


"This is fun. You look like a wet cat Osamu!" Chuuya laughed as they laid beside each other, rolling around in the sand.

"Chuuuuyyaaa! How could you do this to me? You look like a rabid dog that you are!" Dazai's offended tone got Chuuya laughing again and Dazai just watched. Watched as Chuuya's eyes crinkled as he laughed, a hearty and cheerful laugh, the way his body shook along with his laughter, the water droplets running down his body completing the look in itself.

'Is this what they call a crush?'

"I had fun today. Sea has always fascinated me. I would love to stay here forever." Chuuya said looking at the ocean, mesmerized.

"Let's come here again someday then. When we are adults. Okay?" And Dazai watched as smile reached Chuuya's eyes first even before settling on his lips.

"Promise?" Chuuya asked, holding up his pinky.

"Promise." Dazai smiled, linking his pinky with Chuuya's.

And in that moment, as Chuuya looked at their intertwined pinkies with wide eyes,


'Of course, it's Ocean Blue'


Dazai got a glimpse of how beautiful the ocean looked, reflected through Chuuya's eyes.




They were eighteen when Dazai thought 'Chuuya is adorable'.


Dazai was on cloud nine. He and Chuuya had graduated from high school and were living together in a flat. Seeing that they both got admission to the same college, their dads were kind enough to buy a flat for them so that they won't have to worry about rent. That meant Dazai got to stay with his Chibi 24*7 and Dazai couldn't be happier. So yeah, Dazai was happy but there was one thing Dazai was worried about, his Chibi. Chuuya had grown chubby in these two years due to some medical condition and it was making him self-conscious. No matter how many times Dazai told him that he is perfect no matter what, he could see that Chuuya felt bad about the whole situation.

"Chibi, where are you?" Dazai returned home from classes to find the hall empty and no any sound of his favorite person moving around in the house.

"Chuuya. Are you not home yet? Chuu -" He stopped dead in tracks when he saw the sight in front of him. Clothes were thrown all over the bedroom and his angel sat in the corner, hugging his legs close to his chest.

"Chuuya." Dazai sat beside the redhead, brushing fingers through his soft ginger locks. "Hey, what's wrong?"

As soon as Dazai pulled Chuuya close, Chuuya began to cry. So Dazai hugged him tighter while trying to calm him down. It pained Dazai to see tears in his chibi's eyes.

"Chuu. Calm down okay? I'm here now. Don't cry. Shhhh. Don't cry. I'm here." Dazai comforted Chuuya as he cuddled him close. "Can you tell me what happened?"

"The old..old clothes. They do..don't fit me Samu." Chuuya said through his tiny sobs. "I feel di..disgus..ting when I..I look into the mirror."

"Chuuya." Dazai's voice was soft "Chuuya. Look at me." He raised Chuuya's chin so that Chuuya can look at him. "Don't say that again, ever. Got it? You have no idea how beautiful you are the way you are. You are a beautiful person in and out. And that's what matters. Please don't think like this again. Promise?"

"But I look ugly." Chuuya said leaning back against Dazai's chest.

"Do you really not understand how beautiful and cute you are, Chuuya?" Dazai's voice was stern as he forced Chuuya to meet his eyes. "Don't you understand that it really doesn't matter? That it hurts me to see you like this?"

Chuuya was surprised to see Dazai this angry. He had seen the brunette get angry at others but this was the first time Dazai had been angry at him. 'That it hurts me..' Chuuya realised what Dazai just said.

"Sorry Osamu. I..I was being stupid -" Chuuya was cut off mid-sentence as Dazai placed his hands on Chuuya's cheeks.

"I never said you were being stupid. I said I don't like it when you say such things to yourself. I don't like it when you don't realise how precious you are. Don't think like that again, ever. Promise?" Dazai leaned in closer to Chuuya, his face so close to Chuuya's that he could count every single freckle on Chuuya's face, so close that Dazai could feel Chuuya's breathe on his lips, so close that he might just be able to, 

"Promise." Chuuya smiled intertwining their pinkies and hugging Dazai, bringing Dazai out of the daze.

'What the fuck was I going to do?! Shit! He is so adorable that I was gonna kiss him if he hadn't hugged me just now. Why is he so adorable? And for what?!'

"You are the bestest friend anyone can ask for. Thank you for being with me Samu." And in that moment, as Chuuya looked at him with his puffy eyes, yet with a cute smile adorning his face,

'The deeper your emotions, the deeper your eye color gets. What a melancholic shade, YInMn Blue.'

"I will always be by your side, Chuuya."

Dazai realised which shade of blue he would like to see the least, cause, although it's the most beautiful of all the shades it comes with a cost - Chuuya's tears.




They are twenty-two when Dazai thinks : 'Chuuya feels like home'.


"I'm back." Dazai places his shoes on the rack and takes off his coat throwing it on the couch.

"Hey. Library got the best of you?" Chuuya places his book down as his best friend plops on the couch, placing his head on Chuuya's lap.

"That bad huh?" Chuuya chuckles and Dazai groans burying his face in Chuuya's oversized t-shirt.

"Let's eat chocolate cookies. I made some cause your disgruntled vibes were so strong that I was able to sense them from miles away." Chuuya nudges the brunette to get up.

"Okay fine."

Chuuya makes some hot chocolate for both of them as it is cold outside. And on days like these, they feel glad that they decided to set up golden fairy lights in their balcony and Chuuya's brilliant mind decided to place a cozy sofa there so that they can watch the stars while laying in the balcony.

As they get comfortable on the sofa, cozy vibes surrounding them, Dazai plays a song on his mobile.

You know I want you,

It's not a secret that I try to hide..

And Chuuya smiles cause it's his favorite song. Dazai glances at Chuuya only to see Chuuya looking back at him, smiling. And Dazai doesn't look away, couldn't look away.

But fate is pulling you miles away,

And out of reach from me..

'You wouldn't know until you try.' And song hits close to the situation Dazai is in right now as it reminds him of Kunikida's words. Chuuya is getting away from him and all he can do is watch.

Say you were made to be mine..

But Chuuya is too beautiful and precious to fall in love with someone like Dazai. Someone as pure as Chuuya isn't made to be his.

You'd be the one I was meant to find..

No no. Chuuya was not meant for him to find. It's just his luck that he got him at least as a friend.

So why don't we rewrite the stars,

No. They can't rewrite the stars. Dazai is too much of a coward to do it. So he just stares at the love of his life, watching as Chuuya looks away from him, continuing to sip on his hot chocolate. And Dazai feels content. Dazai feels like this is where he belongs, in this little bubble of their own. Just the two of them, together. And Dazai thinks, this is it. This feeling, this moment, it 


'Feels like home. Chuuya feels like home.'


"Oye! Earth to Dazai! You alive there buddy?" Chuuya waves his hand in front of him, pulling Dazai out of his thoughts "Are you okay? What were you thinking about?"

"Yes. I was thinking about you. I mean.. About tomorrow. You have to meet that guy right? Why do you have to do it? They were all rude to you. I don't like them." Dazai pouts which makes Chuuya let out a cute laugh.

"You hate everyone who feels like so much as a possible threat to me. And yes, I would have to do this for my parents. And who knows, this one might be better?" Chuuya says excitedly while Dazai sighs internally deciding to hold in his confession, for now. He will wait for this once. Just this once, he promises himself. 

"And you are there to comfort me if anything goes wrong. So I think I will be okay. I have you, my best friend, by my side. Right?" Chuuya asks as he looks at Dazai with a wide smile.


'Best Friend again huh? Can't you see that I love you? You stupid Chibi. Can't you see the love in my eyes when I can tell apart every single shade of your eyes?'


"Always." Dazai smiles back.

And in that moment, as Chuuya munches on his cookies while looking at the starry sky, fairy lights casting a perfect glow on his face as they shine in his eyes,

'Midnight Blue. How beautiful.'

Dazai couldn't help stare as he loses himself in another shade of his favorite color. 

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Chapter Text

The cool breeze coming through the window makes Chuuya shiver. He opens his eyes, still hazy from sleep, only to realize that he is in his bed. He smiles -

After their little cookies snacking session, Chuuya had coaxed Dazai into drinking the new wine, that he had bought, with him. Usually, there is no stopping Chuuya when it comes to drinking but he knows his drinking limit around strangers. But around Dazai, he never cared about it. Cause Dazai was just Dazai and Chuuya knows he can trust him (Well there was that one incident when Chuuya got wasted and woke up the next morning to find mustache and beard doodled on his face, but Chuuya got his revenge on that shitty mackerel by packing him a bento only made of vegetables. Though it was annoying to hear the mackerel complain about it every now and then over the gazillion calls that Chuuya received from him, it was satisfying for Chuuya's ears to hear the damn bastard cry over something as stupid as a lunch box. So that was settled) and drink to his heart's content. But even with four glasses down, Chuuya was aware. Aware of his surroundings and everything happening. But most importantly, he was aware of Dazai. He remembers sleeping on the couch, resting his head on Dazai's chest, complaining to him about some customer at his flower shop who just wouldn't choose flowers according to their symbolism. He remembers feeling dizzy listening to Dazai's laugh as he listened to his tipsy ranting while running his fingers through Chuuya's hair, gently. He remembers Dazai carrying him to his room and placing him on the bed. He remembers Dazai sitting beside him, caressing his cheek. Chuuya remembers leaning into the touch and,


"Couldn't even handle four glasses huh? Don't worry, I've got you. Rest now, Chuuya."


Chuuya remembers, Dazai leaning close and kissing his forehead when he thought Chuuya is no longer awake, pulling the blanket over him as he left. And if Dazai had made Chuuya's heart race, he doesn't have to know.

6 am; Chuuya checks the time and gets up and out of the bed to get ready for the day. After finishing his morning routine, Chuuya comes out of his room, making his way to the kitchen, only to see Dazai sleeping on the couch in the hall.

"So you put me to bed and slept here instead of sleeping on the bed in your room? Shitty Dazai." Chuuya chuckles as he sits beside Dazai, ruffling the brunette's hair. They are fluffy and soft and Chuuya loves to ruffle them at every chance he gets. Chuuya watches the peaceful expression on Dazai's face as he sleeps. Dazai sleeps like a baby and Chuuya feels giddy watching Dazai in such a soft element. He quickly snaps some pics of 'sleeping beauty' from ridiculous angles and even takes a selfie of sleeping Dazai with himself. As he scrolls through the pics, his smile fades.

"You know Osamu, I'm doing this for my parents and also because - "


He stops immediately as he feels the brunette stir next to him. Chuuya hurries to get up but is pulled back and engulfed in Dazai's arms.

"What are you shitty Dazai? A koala?" Chuuya tries to free himself from Dazai's hug, but Dazai's hold can get ridiculous strong at times, making it difficult even for Chuuya to free out of it. 

"Warm.." Dazai mumbles and if Chuuya's brain short circuits because of Dazai's raspy morning voice and what Dazai said, he doesn't have to know.

"Osamu. Get up, you have to get to work and I have to meet that guy. You are already late. I will prepare your coffee. Come on! Get up." And Chuuya can't tell if it was his imagination or he felt Dazai's grip around his torso tighten for a moment just now.

"Fine fine. Chibi is so mean." Dazai finally gets up freeing Chuuya from his hug and rushes into his room to get ready for work.

"Chuuuuyaaaa! Gimme my special chibi coffee. You know I get grumpy if I don't get my daily dose of special chibi coffee." Dazai whines as he plops himself on the couch, not really caring about water drooping from his wet hair. He knows Chuuya will fuss about it, but whatever. If it leads to Chuuya drying off his wet hair for him, then who is Dazai to deny such a great opportunity of being taken care of by Chuuya.

"You are always grumpy in the morning. And for god's sake, dry your hair after the shower! You are getting the cover wet!" Chuuya hands Dazai his coffee and Dazai looks at him, expectantly, with those puppy dog eyes that he knows Chuuya can't resist. And Chuuya, well, he just rolls his eyes as he picks up the towel discarded on the couch, as he gives in to Dazai's puppy dog eyes. Like he always does.

"Idiot! You can catch a cold if you leave them wet like this. How many times do I have to tell you?" Chuuya continues to fuss over Dazai's wet hair as he dries them off himself. "Such a child."

Chuuya knows that Dazai is too careless to look after himself and it makes him worried about the man. Dazai is literally like a baby in an adult's body. A giant baby, who is way too careless about his health and needs constant care and attention.


' Who would look after you the way I do once we go our separate ways?'


And the thought makes Chuuya's heart clench. The thought of someone else doing these things for Dazai, someone else caring for him the way Chuuya does, it makes his heart clench with a painful feeling, that Chuuya has come to realize over the years as jealousy.

"You are my dog Chibi. You have to look after me after all. Chibi would make a great wife thou-  Oww! Chibi what the fuck!" Dazai yelps as Chuuya's sudden kick to his shin makes the hot coffee spill on his hand. "Fuck you chibi! It burns like hell!"

"Complete that sentence and you are dead." Chuuya glares. No, he doesn't feel bad about Dazai's burnt hand. That mackerel deserved it. He, however, does feel bad about the spilled coffee though.

"Oye Osmau. Thank you for yesterday. For putting me to bed.. I mean."

"Why of course ~ All the trouble that I have to go through to take care of my stupid dog. Say Chuuya, wouldn't I make such a great husband?"

"Uh huh. Definitely. I can only pray for the person who ends up with you."

"Mean chibi. Anyway," Dazai says as he envelopes Chuuya into a hug. "I hope it goes well this time. I hope that he is the one. Good luck."

"Thanks. I really need it. I will inform you as soon as I can." And if Chuuya wished for Dazai to hug him a bit longer, he doesn't have to know.

"See you later, Chuuya."

"See you later, Osamu."

And Chuuya can't tell if it was his imagination or Dazai's eyes were glossy just for a moment now.


Winter, Chuuya's favorite season. Chuuya has always loved winter cause nature looks peaceful as if covered in a soft and fluffy white blanket of snow. It's nice, it's peaceful. And even though it's freezing cold, the snowfall makes Chuuya's heart feel a certain kind of warmth that he cannot describe in words. Chuuya watches as the snow falls quietly, adding more layers to its fluffy blanket on the land.

He is pulled out of his thoughts as the bell chimes.

'A customer this early?'

"Morning! Welcome to Amour de la Fleur. How can I help you sir?" Chuuya asks as he takes in the condition of the customer who seems like he would burst into tears any moment now.

"I need a bouquet for the person who is very close to my heart. A bouquet that can express my feelings. A perfect bouquet to tell her how much I love her. I actually wanted to make a request. Would that be okay?" The customer, a kid who might be in his seventeen, says. A bit over dramatically if Chuuya may add.

'Kids these days.' Chuuya sighs internally, readying himself to hear some ridiculous request. This was a common occurrence, so yeah, Chuuya is used to it.

"Of course. What do you want me to do?" Chuuya smiles nonetheless.

"I need you to think about the person you love the most and make a bouquet that you will gift them to confess your feelings. Would you be able to do that?"


And it feels like a Deja-Vu -

'Think of a person close to you. And think about the first emotion you feel.'


"Sure. Why not."


And so Chuuya thinks, of the same person he had thought back then, when they had clicked that one picture in white yukata, under cherry blossoms. Chuuya hadn't meant to think about 'him' but he was the very first person who came to his mind when Dazai had told him to think.

And now, it's the same person that comes to his mind as he prepares the bouquet. The only difference is, Chuuya hadn't realized why he had thought of him back then. And now, Chuuya knows why he thought of him right now.

'Bouquet that I would gift him to confess my feelings huh?'


And Chuuya puts his all in the bouquet. He works on perfectly arranging Purple lilacs expressing first love, red camellias for deep love and passion, velvet-blue gladiolus for infatuation, white baby breaths for pure and ever-lasting love along with ten red roses. Chuuya smiles, satisfied with his bouquet. Perfect!

And if Chuuya had thought about Dazai, while the photograph incident; causing Chuuya's cheeks to turn pink on seeing Dazai whisper 'Beautiful' while looking at him, or like now, while preparing bouquet, thinking about the one he loves, he doesn't have to know.

Dazai doesn't have to know that it wasn't without reason that Chuuya had thought about him back then. It wasn't the first time that he had thought of Dazai as someone closest to him.

Chuuya remembers when he had first thought of Dazai as the person closest to him. When he had felt giddy because of Dazai. It happened when they were laughing over their matching bruises after Chuuya had beaten up those bullies. Chuuya remembers being scared to see his friend hurt. Remembers being angry and on the verge of tears thinking about the possibility of losing his friend someday. It was at that time, Chuuya realized how important Dazai is to him. And if Chuuya's heart had skipped a beat when Dazai touched his bruise, he doesn't have to know.


And there are many moments when Chuuya had felt something. Something unfamiliar yet pleasant.


The time when they went on a beach vacation. If Chuuya's throat had gone dry thinking how hot Dazai looked like that, he doesn't have to know.

Or the time when Dazai had told him how beautiful he is while cuddling him close. If Chuuya had felt a buzzing warmth in his heart by having Dazai close to him, he doesn't have to know.

Or the moments like yesterday, where Dazai being all soft and giving forehead kiss had made Chuuya's heart flutter, he doesn't have to know.

And that 'Something', Chuuya had come to realize, is nothing but 'Love'. So what if Chuuya is in love with Dazai? It's just that, he doesn't have to know.

"Osamu.. I have to do this not only for my family but also for you. Because I love you and I know I'm just a best friend to you. I don't know how long I can keep going without making my feelings obvious. So I have to do this for you, for our friendship. Cause I don't wanna lose a friend like you, Samu." Chuuya smiles, placing the finished bouquet neatly on the shelf.


Sitting near the window, as Chuuya looks out to continue watching the falling snow, he spots a box outside his shop's door. And to Chuuya's horror,

"What the fuck?! Did that thing just move?"

The redhead rushes out, to inspect the thing. Slowly, carefully, he approaches the box.

'It's not tightly packed.'

He picks up the box and brings it to the side. Once the movement stopped, he pulls the loosely tied rope and opens the box only to see meet with a pair of honey-brown wide eyes staring at him. It reminds him of a certain brunette's puppy dog eyes but Chuuya ignores the thought.

"A puppy!" Chuuya's eyes sparkle as he picks up the little ball of fur into his arms. "Well, aren't you cute? Who could have possibly not wanted to keep such a cute thing like you? It doesn't matter now. You are safe with me. Well, Osamu won't like it."


"Yeah right. Who cares though? You are staying with us now." Chuuya chuckles, cradling the puppy in his arms.

"Woof woof!"

"Yes. Who is the good boy,?"


"Yes, you are! I'm gonna call you Bruno."

"Woof!" And Chuuya laughs, forgetting about his current misery.


But little did he know,


That his beautiful laugh had caught someone's attention.

"How beautiful."



But what that stranger doesn't know is, he is being watched.

"Hello. Boss? I sense trouble."

Chapter Text

"Hello, Boss? I sense trouble."

"What is it?" A voice devoid of any emotions cuts through the receiver making the man flinch. "I see. Let me know when you have found the information about that person. We can't have him ruining our plan or maybe he can be of help? Let's see." 

A tall man with a slender physique, in his forty; sits in his dimly lit office room, contemplating over the call he received just a moment ago. His fair, slender fingers move rapidly over his cell, unbothered by the wind causing the loose strands of his dark black, chin-length hair to obstruct his vision. His purple eyes gaze at the view outside the window every now and then as he waits for the other line to receive his call.

"Hello, my dear friend ~ We have a problem. Cannot be explained over call. I would request you both to meet me in person. How about my place? ..... Yes? Okay then."

It didn't take long for his partners to arrive. Tension fills the air as the man leads them inside, through the hallway into his office room. To the outsider, it might have looked like they are about to have some serious discussion. But,

"What is it?" A tall, pale man of slim build with vacant, tired gold eyes and long black hair that reaches past his mid-back, speaks as he takes a seat beside the man he arrived with. 

"Someone is stalking my to be son-in-law."

"You do know that he is our son right?" Another man with blue eyes and braided blond hair that reaches his shoulders, glares at the man in front of him. 

Having such discussions isn't infrequent for them. But this news, it's something new and something to be worried about. The action was needed to be taken as soon as they caught the wind of this news.

"Anyway, who is the guy? Can't have him stalking my baby like that."

"He told me that the guy he was supposed to meet didn't come." 

"About that, my man told me, the guy returned without meeting him. Whatever the reason, it turned out in our favor."

"Yeah. If only our oblivious son can be true to his feelings."

"It's not his fault. It's my son who is a scaredy-cat when it comes to expressing his feelings."

"Don't say that. He has gone through a lot."


Ougai Mori met a three year old kid when he had paid a visit to an orphanage. The kid was too sharp for his own good and Mori had immediately brought the kid home, taking the kid legally under his wings. Dazai Osamu is Mori Ougai's everything. He did everything to give the kid a happy childhood. But Dazai seemed closed off. Seeing the kid so detached and quiet used to crush Mori's heart. But he decided to never give up on his kid. And Mori believes that luck was on his side, cause he happened to meet Paul Verlaine, Arthur Rimbaud, and their son Nakahara Chuuya, during a hospital visit.

Paul Verlaine and Rimbaud Arthur, were more than delighted to return to their homeland. They wanted their son to grow up in their homeland while learning its culture and tradition. Chuuya Nakahara is their world. The couple had adopted the boy during their stay in Paris and since then Chuuya has been the most important part of their happy family. 

Chuuya was Dazai's age. Just by taking a look at Chuuya, Mori's genius and intuitive mind had already deciphered that he would turn out to be a great friend for his son. So being the best father that he is, Mori suggested Rimbaud family to shift beside them. Paul and Arthur happily agreed to it. 

Since the day their sons met, they could see the budding friendship between the two. Something pure and innocent. The dads were happy to see their kids getting along so well. Dazai and Chuuya were inseparable. The kids had their weird fights every now and then, getting all grumpy with each other, but they just couldn't stay away from each other. A vicious duo indeed! And the bond between them just got stronger than ever as they grew up. 
So Mori knew that luck was indeed on his side. But luck smiled brighter on him when he noticed his son's crush on the said redhead. When he talked about it with Paul and Arthur, they came to a realization that the feeling was mutual. It's just that, their sons were too oblivious, which was getting painfully embarrassing for the fathers to watch. And Mori, being the great father he is, proposed a plan and surprisingly Paul and Rimbaud agreed to it.

That's how Chuuya finds himself meeting up with these men who can supposedly be his significant other. It was all part of the plan to make their oblivious sons realize their feelings. And well why Chuuya had to meet up with these guys you ask? Cause Mori knows his son. He knows Dazai and how to push Dazai's buttons. He knows that Dazai will not admit his feelings unless he is made aware of them in such a way. And Chuuya, that kid is too pure for this world. Till now everything was going according to their plan. But now, their plan seems to have taken a step back by this unwelcome news. 

Mori Ougai; Boss of secret underground organization Port Mafia, Paul Verlaine and Arthur Rimbaud; his subordinates, Yokohama's most feared Mafiasos. But their priority was, is, and will always be their kids. That being the reason for their secret meeting today. They know Chuuya doesn't need anyone to protect him. After all, the kid has a black belt and both Chuuya and Dazai are trained by Paul himself. But still, it doesn't stop them from worrying about their kids. They have kept their real profession a secret from their kids, living a simple life in simple homes, making their kids believe that they are just ordinary people, with enough money to meet their needs, that's all. The light in which they couldn't grow up, they want their kids to experience it. They want their kids to be free from the bloodshed that their parents have to witness every now and then. All they want is a peaceful life for their kids. But that doesn't mean they won't hesitate to slit someone's throat if someone lays eyes on their precious kids. 

"So now what to do?"

After all, their blood is Mafia Black. And most importantly, one should never underestimate a Father's Love. 





No. Absolutely not. Dazai is not at all jealous of a stupid puppy! It's not been even a day since Chuuya has brought that leech home but the puppy is sticking to him like glue. And how Dazai loathes that leech for stealing away his Chuuya from him! Chuuya is busy getting the room and things ready for the puppy as it follows him everywhere around the house. And the time Chuuya used to spend with Dazai is taken away from Dazai just like that. All because of this damn puppy. And the damn thing has the audacity to look at Dazai with its wide, honey-brown eyes and wag its tail. So lame.

But Dazai thinks it's okay to let the puppy stay. Cause for the first time in a while, he sees Chuuya this excited about something. The way Chuuya's eyes sparkle when that brat wag its tail and runs towards him, or the way Chuuya's voice sounds loving and cheerful while talking to that brat, makes Dazai's heart flutter, a warm feeling engulfing him. So Dazai thinks it's okay to keep the puppy. He also notices that Chuuya isn't feeling sad in the slightest about today's meet-up. He only told Dazai that the guy never showed up and that's that. So Dazai thinks it's okay after all. Cause Chuuya is happy, and Dazai can tolerate a damn chibi hogger if it means he can get to see that beautiful smile, every day. 

Dazai's thoughts are interrupted by his obnoxious ringtone. A ringtone set especially to annoy Kunikida. But that's something Kunikida will never know.

"Hello. Dazai kun~"

"Hi, dad. What's up?"

"The ceiling right now."

"Dad - That's it, I'm blocking you."

"Fine. I heard about Chuuya Kun's date today. Man, I wanted them to meet so bad. After all, I had suggested that guy to his parents."

"You did what now?! Dad! Stop suggesting guys to chibi's parents!" Dazai whisper shouts, not to let Chuuya hear in on the conversation. 

"And why is that? Chuuya Kun is like my son too. Of course, I would be worried for him."

"Then suggest someone for him who actually loves him. Not these guys who hurt him. I swear if he sheds even a single tear, I will beat that guy up."

"But there is no one we know of who likes Chuuya kun. Do you know someone, Dazai Kun?"

"Yes. That's -"


"I mean. That's not difficult. We will find someone one day who will love him."

"I see. And Dazai Kun,"


"Take care of yourself and Chuuya Kun. We all miss you both."

"Yes. I will dad. Miss you all too."

'Dazai Kun, when will you stop running away from your feelings?'

Mori smiles as he disconnects the call, looking fondly at his mobile wallpaper. A picture of six years old Dazai and Chuuya, looking at each other and smiling while showing off their intertwined pinkies.

'Your dads will do anything to protect your smiles. All we want is for you guys to find your happiness. That's what a father wants for his child after all.' 


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Chapter Text

Something doesn’t fit right with the current situation. The lack of noise makes him feel strange. And as if sudden realization hits him,

“Shit! Am I late for the lecture?!” Dazai shouts, rubbing his flat ass as he topples to the ground while trying to free himself from the clutches of his warm blanket. He rushes out of the room in a flurry, searching for his Chibi only to find the home empty. There was no sign of redhead and even the brat. Dazai rushes back into the room, searching his phone and dialing Chuuya’s contact. Even the seconds felt like ages as he waited impatiently for Chuuya to answer the call.

“Hello, Osam -”

“Hello, Chuuya!! Where are you? Are you alright? Also, Bruno is not in the house. I swear I didn’t do anything! But first, tell me are you okay? Where are you?!”

“Osamu, Osamu, calm down. I have taken Bruno out for a walk; we will be back in a few.”

“But -” Dazai’s words are cut off as Chuuya ends the call. He is pissed, to say the least, and wanted to complain to his Chibi for not waking him up and leaving without giving him any idea, implying that he won’t be getting his special coffee today. Dazai checks the phone to see that it’s only 6 a.m. and laments over his lost half an hour of precious sleep.

Dazai is on a mission. This is his chance to turn the meter of favorability towards him and show that brat that he is Chibi’s favorite one. Making breakfast, a decent one at that is not a big deal; they both had their days when they did all the chores single-handedly while taking care of the sick one. It’s just that Chibi is the more organized one between them. He likes to tease Chuuya that he can be a good ‘wife’ (let it be known that Dazai doesn’t overdo it because he knows it’s not fair. He knows it’s not fair to put a label like that on someone just cause of their nature. He knows that it’s absolutely unfair to generalize particular nature to a particular gender. So, he doesn’t overdo it. However, he does think that Chuuya would be a sweet, loving, caring, and sweet husband) , but truth be told, even Dazai has it within him. He makes his way into the kitchen after freshening up, finding the things he will be needing, easily. This is his chance and Dazai will give it his all.

Meanwhile, on the streets of Yokohama, making his way downtown (*cough cough* back home ) a confused Chuuya thinks about the call, wondering since when the sharp-witted, 200 IQ brain, Dazai Osamu has become dumb to not being able to put the two and two together and connect the dots.

The chirping of birds seemed like a peaceful melody, taking over the silence in the apartment. And making breakfast while listening to it while taking your own time, Dazai thinks it's peaceful. He sings along, to the melody that has been stuck in his mind for some days now, flipping the pancake over in the pan. Light and fluffy, perfect! Adding it to the plate with the rest of the pancakes, he perfects the dish by drizzling some honey and maple syrup and placing the slice of butter on the top. While he adds some chocolate chips on top of his. The smell of pancakes makes Dazai feel proud about his overall efforts.

‘This is not enough’ , Dazai thinks as he prepares the table for breakfast. And so he decides, to outdo himself this time. Dazai busies himself with crema and steamed milk, as his hands work their magic on the Caffe Latte.


A delicious smell wafts through the air as Chuuya steps into the apartment. He had anticipated that Dazai would have finished preparing the breakfast till the time he returns back. But the sight in front of him made him break out into a gentle smile. Dazai had gone all out today and judging by the look on his face, Chuuya could tell that he was indeed feeling proud about his work.

"Chuuyaaa~ Go freshen up and let's have breakfast." Dazai singsongs, pointing towards the neatly arranged breakfast table and the mouth-watering dishes placed on it. Chuuya doesn't take much time as the loud growl coming from his stomach reminds him how hungry he is. Setting the dish for Bruno, he joins Dazai at the table, eyes sparkling at the sight of honey drizzled pancakes and his favorite cheese omelet sandwich. He digs in immediately, not even waiting for Dazai.

"So mean. Not even waiting for the person who prepared it."

"There's a fire in my pit right now, set ablaze due to the wonderful aroma wafting off the delicacies that thou have cooked. Let me savor the taste for I cannot wait for the fire to calm down." Chuuya sings through a mouthful of pancake, relishing in the taste.

"Hahhahaha. I can see that you are in a very great mood. Allow me to make it even better," Dazai laughs at Chuuya's antics. He removes the cover from Chuuya's mug, taking absolute pride in his talent by seeing the look on Chuuya's face.

"You..You just did not! Woww! Osamu this is absolutely stunning!" Chuuya all but cried, fishing out his phone and clicking the pics of the latte art that Dazai had specially made for him. Chuuya just could not stop fawning over the art and the person in the art none other than the handsome 'Levi Ackerman'. Knowing Chuuya's obsession with the said AOT character, Dazai was absolutely sure of his plan being a success. He looks at Chuuya, fondly, who is currently busy admiring and gushing over Dazai's latter art talent; that reminds him why he had gone to the extreme end. He looks at the brat who is currently licking his face clean and smirks, letting him know that he is being praised at the moment. And just as when Dazai thinks that he has secured his spot as Chuuya's favorite,

"He isn't cute as Bruno though. My baby is the cutest!" Chuuya coos, picking up the brat and cuddling him close.

The Brat has the audacity to look at Dazai and wag his tail as if telling him that it ain't that easy. As if he is laughing at the perplexed expression on Dazai's face. Dazai is going to get back at this. Oh, he definitely will one day. But for now, Dazai adds one more pic of his Chibi, smiling brightly while cuddling the puppy close to him, to his gallery.


The time goes slow as usual as it always does during winter since the business is not in high spirits during Winter. Chuuya finishes cleaning around the shop and watering the plants. He checks the register for the flowers they have on hand and the flowers that he needs to order and also checks the tab for new orders and pending ones. His little routine is disturbed by the chime of the bell. ‘A Customer’, his boredom instantly vanishes as he peeks over the counter to greet the customer.

"Good Morning! How can I help you?"

"I want a bouquet of Yellow Alstroemerias, Delphinium, White Peonies with a Yellow rose. A beautiful bouquet of Friendship it would be." The customer says, making it known to Chuuya that he clearly knows what he is looking for.

"Indeed. And when do you want it? And to whom should it be addressed?" Chuuya smiles, happy seeing one of the rare customers who have knowledge about the language of flowers.

"To you." The customer smiles, looking directly at him.

"Excuse me."

"Don't get me wrong, but these flowers are so beautiful. They bring smiles to the faces of people to whom they are gifted. Yet, I don't think that anyone gifts these beautiful flowers to the one who prepares it for them." The customer steps in close, closing the distance between him and the counter

"So these are for you, the beautiful person who cares for these beautiful flowers. Will you be my friend?"


Chapter Text

Northern Cross shines in all its beauty in the northern sky, the sight of it making eyes sparkle with joy.

He had been lounging in the balcony for quite some time now, trying to think of a theme for the new song for his assignment. It was an hour until Chuuya arrives, an hour until Dazai gets to share his idea with his Chibi. So, he decides to give up on thinking choosing to spot the constellations in the sky instead, something which he has learned from Chuuya. He feels overjoyed as he can spot a few of them, his happiness increasing tenfold when he spots it, Cygnus.

It's quite easy to find the Cygnus constellation or the Northern Cross as they call it, all you need to do is,

"You have to spot Ursa Minor first. Do you see that? Those three stars in the perfect line forming a tail as if it's connected to those four stars who are forming a rectangle? That's Ursa Minor, also known as 'The Little Bear'."

"But there are two such shapes, which one should I look for? Also, why 'The Little Bear'?"

"Cause if you imagine, it forms a shape similar to bear. And you look for the shorter one, the one that has Pole star. Now you have to look at Polaris that is the Pole star, the last and the brightest star at the end of tail, and trail an imaginary line from it connecting it to the brightest star in the same path. That is Deneb, the brightest star in Cygnus, the end of the tail of the swan. You know, Cygnus is symbolised as Swan. Can you see Cygnus now?"

"I can see it! Woah , this is amazing. The tail of Bear connected to the tail of swan!"

"What the?! Hahahaha!!! Yeah yeah! It is pretty cool right?"

Chuuya's laugh rings in his ears as clear as the moment, making Dazai smile as he remembers the glint in the Astronomy major's eyes every time he talks about the sky and stars.

"Yes, it is pretty cool!' He gazes at the Cygnus, still remembering the first time he was able to spot it in the sky without Chuuya's help. Not that it was the first constellation or star that Chuuya had shown him to spot. But this one holds a special place in his heart.

Cygnus, the asterism of Northern Cross or Swan, representing friendship, love, and devotion has beautiful myths involving itself. But one particular myth moved Dazai's heart,

'It is said that Phaeton, the son of Helios the sun god, and his close friend Cygnus were racing each other across the sky. They however came too close to the Sun, unable to control the reins, forcing Zeus to destroy the chariot (and Phaethon) with a thunderbolt, causing it to plummet to the earth into the river Eridanus. According to the myth, Phaethon's close friend, Cygnus, grieved bitterly discovering his dead friend's body trapped at the bottom of the river. Being unable to recover the body, he made a pact with Zeus that being, if the god gave him the body of a swan, he would only live as long as a swan usually does. Once transformed, Cygnus dived into the river for days, retrieving Phaeton's body at last giving his friend a proper burial. Being moved by Cygnus' devotion and sacrifice, Zeus placed him in the sky after his death. Hence the name Cygnus.'

"What an amazing friendship! Isn't our friendship just like this Osamu ?"

"Indeed! This makes me love the constellation even more."

"I know right! It's like I'm viewing this constellation in a totally new light."

He remembers it vividly, the way Chuuya's eyes sparkled causing Dazai to distract from the topic they were discussing. The look of pure innocence and happiness on Chuuya's face made Dazai's brain halt,

"And it was like I was viewing you in a totally new light."

Dazai likes to agree with Chuuya that their relation is similar to that of Phaeton and Cygnus'. But deep down he feels that there is more to this beautiful friendship between Phaeton and Cygnus. Cygnus takes the form of Swan for his friend's sake. Swan, the symbol of pure and one true love, the one who stays loyal to its mate all its life long. And that's the most beautiful thing about it. The true depth of their relation is barred to the whole world as Cygnus' sacrifice shines in the sky, representing true love in the form of Swan.

Some say they were friends, some say they were lovers. Dazai likes to think that they were friends who felt deeper emotions about each other yet too naive to see the trueness of their emotions, keeping them from being lovers. And he thinks that it's the same with him and Chuuya. He might be selfish for thinking so, but he knows that their friendship runs deep; though not deep enough to return his love. It's just that Dazai is not naive cause he recognizes and accepts his feelings. But Chuuya seems to not get his feelings. And Dazai doesn't want them to end up like Phaeton and Cygnus no matter how adorable the idea of their friendship being just as strong as theirs is. He wants to be more than that to Chuuya, more than just a close friend. Dazai thinks it might not be that simple, judging from the events that are currently happening in their life. But he can always hope that one day, Chuuya might realize his feelings, and maybe, Chuuya's friendship might be just as deep? The emotions he holds for Dazai may be more than just a mere deep friendship? Maybe?

Dazai lets out a sigh, looking at the night sky, tracing out the imaginary lines of Cygnus forming a swan. Just as he connects the last dot completing the constellation,

"This is it. The theme for my new song." Dazai smiles, looking at his favorite constellation as the music major finds the inspiration for his assignment, words of the song already forming in his mind revolving around the one and only Nakahara Chuuya.

Chuuya walks into the apartment to the voice of piano playing in Dazai's room. The melody is melancholically soothing, a longing laced in the flow of the notes. Chuuya might be an Astronomy major, but over the time he has learned to read the mood in Dazai's compositions. Dazai always shares his thoughts on every piece he composes, and Chuuya being ever observant when it comes to Dazai had picked up to differentiate between the moods that his compositions hold. He tiptoes around the room standing quietly at the door of Dazai's room, peering inside to take a look. He sees the mess of scattered papers on the floor, a sign that Dazai has been seriously working on this composition. Chuuya smiles, taking in Dazai's features, focused gaze, furrowed brows, eyes glinting in determination as he hums his incomplete melody while working his fingers on keys of the board. He looks the same when he was learning Clair De Lune, Chuuya thinks, remembering the time when Dazai learned to play one of Chuuya's favorite melody,

"You cannot play it Osamu . I'm sure of it."

"Oh yeah? Watch me slug!"

"Calm down. I'm just saying you cannot play it just yet, you are not on that level. I didn't mean you won't be able to play it ever."

"One day. Give me one day and I will play it for you."

"You will? Really?!"

"I will. I know it's your favorite since you heard Debussy gave the title based on the title of the poem of your favorite French poet. But let me tell you, it was going to be named 'Promenade sentimentale ' at first."

"Which, is also a title of one of Paul Verlaine's poems. Go cry about it!"

"What?! Debussy, you Paul Verlaine simp! And even the Chibi ! I cannot believe this!"

Shut up! I-I just happen to read the article about the melody being named after Verlaine's work as IwasscrollingthroughsearchresultsaboutVerlaine'spoem . So, I listened to it and I loved it."

"Fine fine. I will play it if Chibi loves it so much."

"Really?! I would love to hear it!"

Chuuya remembers Dazai spending the whole day trying to learn to play the composition, his features focused exactly in the same way as they are at the moment. He remembers being mesmerized when Dazai finally played it, not being able to take his eyes off of Dazai as he felt himself getting lost in the melody only to be broken out of whatever spell he was under by Dazai's teasing laughter. Clair De Lune, a masterpiece of Debussy that he happened to stumble upon as serendipity, will forever be special to him because,

"I know why you love it."


"It's quiet, it's contemplative, having a slight touch of melancholy to it. It makes you feel the feeling of taking a solitary walk through the moonlit garden. And yet, it has that romantic touch making it complete in every sense. It's simple but at the same time intricate. It suits you."

The feeling of dejection clenches Chuuya's heart as he thinks about the melody that Dazai is currently playing. It is beautiful, it's calming, feeling of love and longing blending in perfectly with the soothing effect of the melody. It breaks Chuuya's heart by how sadly beautiful it sounds, almost as if, as if Dazai is in love. Dazai in love with someone, that someone not being him; even the thought makes Chuuya feel sad as he wonders who the lucky person might be.

A loud whine pulls Chuuya out of his thoughts, silence taking over the apartment. Chuuya inwardly curses himself for getting lost in thoughts, missing the end of the melody that Dazai was playing. Now he wouldn't know how the piece ends just yet, and waiting to listen to it later was a torture. He tiptoes back to the door, feigning as if he has arrived just now not wanting to let Dazai find about his little trespassing.

"I'm home." He says as he plops himself on the sofa. A sound of loud clattering and a whine later, Chuuya finds his name being called in the most atrocious way which he has somehow seemed to grow fond of over the years.

"Chuuyaaaaa! You are back! I will prepare the plates till you freshen up. I made dinner since you texted me you will be late. How did the study session go?" Dazai chirps, practically pulling Chuuya up from the sofa, ushering him to his room to freshen up.

"Tachi just gave up studying within half an hour. Gin and I did all the research. Finished studying part of the newest all-sky map of the outermost region of our galaxy. And let me tell you, it was damn interesting." Chuuya almost shouts from his room, in the middle of washing up his face "There is this thing," he continues, rushing out of the room within a minute, too excited to share the details "A small galaxy called the Large Magellanic Cloud has sailed through the Milky Way's galactic halo," Chuuya goes on, ranting excitedly about the newest topic they researched as Dazai sets and serves the plates.

"And that's all the amazing things we got to explore today. What about you? Did you receive your assignment?" Chuuya asks through a mouthful of rice, shamelessly gobbling down the food as if he was starving for ages. Dazai laughs as the redhead chokes on the rice earning a glare from him which was not terrifying at the least.

"Oh yes! I got an A+ . But they have given us a new assignment today. We have to compose music for a song and the lyrics should be our own as well."

"And have you decided on the theme?"

"Yes. I'm going to write a song based on the story of Cygnus. But I will be modifying the story plot a bit."

"You really love that constellation, don't you?" Chuuya asks, remembering the infatuation of the brunette with Cygnus.

"It is beautiful." Dazai shrugs, continuing to fill his mouth with the meat all while keeping a keen eye on his food so that Chuuya doesn't get the chance to steal.

"I know why you love it."

"And why is that?"

"The Swan. It's a symbol of pure and one true love. Patheon and Cygnus' friendship takes a deeper meaning cause of the Swan asterism of the constellation. It's simple but at the same time intricate." Chuuya looks at Dazai, a soft smile reaching the tip of his lips as he gazes into Dazai's eyes, trying to read the emotions swirling in those honey-brown orbs "It's the kind of love you wish to have but minus the hesitation in their relation and the tragic end, right?"

Dazai freezes at the exact explanation, his actions faltering for merely a few seconds before schooling his expression back to normal. He thinks of saying it right here right now but decides against it, too afraid to cause damage that he won't be able to fix even at the cost of his life.

"I-It's nothing like that! It just happened to be the first constellation that I saw as I was thinking about the theme. That's all." Dazai stutters, a beautiful shade of light crimson red dusting his cheeks.

"Oh my god! You are unbelievable, you know that?" Chuuya lets out a hearty laugh, making the room brighter than a constellation full of stars ever can.

"Chuuyaaaa!! That was my meat! Give it back!" Dazai screams, too late to defend his food as Chuuya manages to steal a piece of meat from his plate, still laughing at Dazai's offended expression.

Having finished all the chores, the duo decides on watching the new season of Yūkoku no Moriarty which they had been desperately waiting for. Dazai sets up the laptop while Chuuya closes the curtains and switches off all the lights, creating a perfect mysterious atmosphere for the detective anime. They plop together on the couch, Dazai spreading out on the floor as time progresses while Chuuya uses his back as a footrest. Sensing the coolness in the air, Dazai looks around to check for the source of the chill breeze entering inside, spotting one window left wide open. He's about to comment on it but stops as he spots a glass filled with flowers placed on the small table near the window, illuminated by the moonlight falling on it.

"Did you bring those flowers Chibi? Are they for me?" He asks, looking up at Chuuya and back in the direction of flowers.

"Oh damn! No bitch! Those were for me. I got so invested in the research talk that I forgot to tell you about that. A weird guy gave them to me today. Weird as in, he placed an order for these flowers and when I asked to whom should I address them he said,"

"To you." The customer smiles, looking directly at him.

"Excuse me."

"Don't get me wrong, but these flowers are so beautiful. They bring smile on the faces of people to whom they are gifted. Yet, I don't think that anyone gifts these beautiful flowers to the one who prepares it for them." The customer steps in close, closing the distance between him and the counter

"So these are for you, the beautiful person who cares for these beautiful flowers. Will you be my friend?"

"Sir, I don't even know you. I really can't accept these flowers." Chuuya says, trying to keep his calm.

"The flowers are yours, there is no harm in keeping them right? Please don't say no to the flowers. I really don't mean any harm." The guy pleads, making Chuuya do a double-take at that.

"Did you get his name?" Dazai asks, his curiosity (as well as jealousy) piquing from the overall situation.

"I tried to ask but,"

"Can I at least get your name?" Chuuya sighs, giving in to the guy's plead as he senses no danger in the overall ordeal.

"Oh that's - One second," His words are cut short as a loud ringtone suddenly blares and the guy picks up the call "Yes, I will be there in a few minutes." He says, hurriedly placing 3000 Yens on the counter and rushing out of the shop within a flash.

"I even called him out and followed after him outside the shop to return the amount, but he was too quick." Chuuya feels highly exasperated just by remembering the incident, to say the least.

"I see." Dazai says, his voice sounding dangerously low and monotone, alerting Chuuya about Dazai's overprotective mode kicking in.

"Dazai. No. He didn't do anything dangerous. Let's not take immediate actions." Chuuya says, bringing Dazai out of the trance by kicking his back.

"Ou Ouch. That hurts! I wasn't going to do anything! You are so rude!" Dazai lets out a fake cry as he rubs the spot on his back where Chuuya kicked him, pouting at the brutish Chibi who is currently smiling at his pain.

"I know you Osamu. Don't do anything stupid."

"I won't."

They continue to watch the show, but Dazai couldn't focus on it, not anymore. A feeling of fear grips him,

'What if that guy is genuinely interested in my angel?'

'Is this finally happening?'

'Are we going to be separated now?'

'Chuuya is gonna leave me now.'

Dazai glances outside the window, Cygnus still shining brightly in the night sky. Chuuya's excited squeal forces him to look back, his eyes settling on the most beautiful person he has ever known. As he stares at Chuuya's pretty face illuminated by the screen making him look all adorable and soft, Dazai feels calm; the feeling of fear slowly vanishing as he feels happy at the sight of Chuuya's smile.

'You do shine bright Cygnus, but my angel shines the brightest of all.' 

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Chapter Text

The pitch-black room makes it impossible for the guy to get a look at his surroundings. He tries to grab his pounding head, only to notice the rope tied around his hands. He scuffles, as he tries to get up from what he can make out as a tile floor, but a sharp pain shooting through his back makes him collapse onto the floor. Giving up, he decides to think of a way to get himself out of the situation. Not being able to observe the things around is already bad enough as he is not able to think of anything that could have been the link to his current situation.

Judging from the way how he feels, he deduces that he was injected with Chloroform, that too accurate amount; just enough to knock him unconscious but not much to have caused adverse side effects. He knows it’s not Ketamine as he doesn’t feel a sense of disconnection from the surroundings. That means whoever has brought him here has impeccable knowledge and understanding of medicine. Someone related to the medical field? But what beef could a Medical-related person have with him?

His blurred vision catches a ray of light and his senses flicker back to sharpness as he sees the light getting wide. A door, he notices. His ears catch the faint sound of footsteps approaching but the sudden exposure to light and the trailing drowsiness makes it difficult for him to focus on the figure nearing him. He sits up, squinting his eyes as he tries to get a better look at the person, but the only thing he notices first is the eyes. The stranger’s eyes were shining a unique shade of light raspberry red. The light was hitting his features in all the angles that made the stranger look intimidating. And he could make out the smirk lacing the man’s face as he steps in his vicinity, looking down at him as he speaks,



“About time you were awake. Drowsiness should settle down in a few minutes. How are you feeling?”

“Who are you? And what do you want from me?”

“Amour de la Fleur.”

“What?!” The name startles him as he looks at the stranger, baffled. His mind quickly links the situation he is in with the florist of the shop. Definitely has to be it. “What is that?” He scoffs, trying to feign nonchalance.

“I do not have much time to deal with you. Being a psychology student, your sharp mind must have connected the dots by now. I had just exerted pressure on both of your carotid arteries by placing one arm around your neck, enough to make you go weak in seconds. If you don’t co-operate, I will not spare you so easily. It was just an exact amount of Chloroform before. Speak if you don’t want to face worst.” The stranger speaks, his voice is cold and gravelly as he bends down at eye level with him. His raspberry red eyes turning a shade dark, as a deadly emotion swirls in them taking the guy by surprise for a moment.

"How could you possibly know all that? You might be bluffing." He asks, keeping his demeanor calm as he returns the stranger's stare with his determined one.

"Do you want me to explain even after the fact that we picked you up from the area with a Psychology college within a vicinity of five hundred meters? Just the Psychology college? Not to mention the fact that average people won't last in the Psychology field. And judging from your get-up and the fantastic display of schooling your expressions just now, you don't seem as a fresher."

"Fine. I will tell you. It's nothing big really."

"That is for me to decide. Now speak. And remember, only the truth."





The smile never fades from the man's face as he walks out of the room, having ordered his guards to blindfold the guy and leave him back from where he had picked him up. His fingers work effortlessly on the phone screen, tapping in contact as he hums to himself quite happy with the plan he is about to reveal to his partners.

"Hello, my dear friend." He says, the smile never leaving his lips "We have found our Ace Card."

Chapter Text

A day off is always good, Dazai thinks as he rolls in his bed enjoying the mixed feeling of the cool breeze coming through the slightly open window and the warmth of his comforter.

His frustration at receiving a notification at 5 a.m. had quickly changed into a cheerful ‘YES’ once his eyes scanned the content of the text. ‘Lectures for today have been canceled.’, the words made him cancel the alarm snuggling into the comforter but not before sending a quick text to Chibi. After an unproductive day before yesterday and exhausting day at work as well as college yesterday, this is what he had been desperately craving. Letting Chuuya know that his lectures have been canceled and that he would not want to be woken up from his peaceful sleep (because he rarely gets it), he went back to sleep. His rare peace was interrupted as Ranpo called him at around 8 a.m. causing Dazai to mourn over his loss of sleep.

“Ranpo san, I was sleeping for once. Anyway, what happened?” Dazai pouts, rubbing his sleepy eyes as he answers the call of his favorite colleague.

"I just called you to tell you that I will be working your shift today. You need to rest and work on your assignment. A composition can quite be difficult that too if you have to write your own lyrics for it. "

"Ranpo san, should I even ask how did you know that?" Dazai sits up, fully awake now after hearing Ranpo's words. It's not a surprise that Ranpo can detect such things right away but it's interesting to see how he always arrives at these accurate deductions.

"Hmm. The smudge of ink on your finger tips yesterday told me that you were writing something. Now, it could have been just a submission but I heard you humming and blurting out random words and then going 'No. This doesn't fit right.' So I assumed you were working on wordings and given that you were humming a tune to it, it must have been your composition assignment. That too, the one where you have to write your own lyrics and compose the music." Ranpo chuckles as he hears Dazai sigh on the other end, "Am I right?"

Dazai could practically hear Ranpo chuckle and visualize the glint in his eyes as he explains his observation and deduction process. Ranpo, one of the persons to whom Dazai pays due respect. And Dazai is glad that he has someone like Ranpo in his life who understands everything without having to be told.

"Ah! Observant as ever our genius Ranpo san. And thankyou so much, I actually need the day off. I owe you one."

"You better get me that new chocolate whose advertisement is recently being aired on TV."

"Hahhaha. Okay okay. Whatever my Ranpo san wishes." Dazai laughs at the childish yet innocent demand, agreeing to the deal in no second.

"And Dazai,"


"I can tell this composition is very much important to you. Just try not to reveal it yet to the person about whom you are composing this. I have a feeling, you will get the chance soon."

"What -?" The line disconnects, leaving Dazai puzzled.


Ranpo's words keep on swirling around in Dazai's head as he tries to get up and force himself away from the pleasant warmth of the comforter. He needs to make the most of his day off and he has already lost a great amount of time by sleeping some more after Ranpo's call. It's past 11 a.m. , Dazai checks as he freshens up and heads into the hall. He sees the brat sleeping peacefully in his small bed and sees the empty bowl guessing Chuuya had taken care of brat's breakfast before leaving. He feels jealous of the dog, he really does. But the jealousy vanishes within a second as he sees that Chibi has prepared breakfast for him. He notices a small note next to the breakfast which is kept ready and covered on the table. 'Eat up. It will give you all the energy for the assignment. Fighting! :D'  , it says. A smile laces Dazai's face as he takes a bite of his favorite dish, Chuuya's special Egg udon noodles.


'The song has to be special' , Dazai gazes at the half finished lyrics and the piano with a determined look as he exhales the breathe he has been holding, recalling the melody he had come up with for the song. His fingers find the perfect chords as the words come to him like some magic,

Fate is twisted, and I wondered why?

Remembering a story, you told me once

Of sad ending but one true love

And now that I think

I have my answer just as twisted

Cause what would even be fate?

If it simply did what’s foreseen    


He smiles as he thinks of the twisted fate of Paethon and Cygnus,


So, can our story be a happy one?

The one of happy ending

Along with true love?



Dazai sings, losing himself in the song, the melody. The lyrics cloud his mind with the thoughts of his favorite redhead. Dazai smiles, as he pictures Chuuya's smiling face with his closed eyes, an image etched into his memory forever.


Chuuya was feeling great today. The highlight of today being Dazai wanted to sleep in, implying, Chuuya's morning didn't start with him having to be shouting and pestering the brunette for getting ready on time. This is a once in a blue moon occurrence and Chuuya enjoyed the peaceful atmosphere of the morning while making Dazai's favorite Egg udon noodles. He knows Dazai and that's why seeing him occupied with assignment and work for last two days and him asking Chuuya to not disturb him from the sleep today, Chuuya thought that Dazai might need this. Egg Udon noodle that he cooks are instant boost of energy after all! And Chuuya wanted Dazai to eat something healthy while working on his assignment. Chuuya is always worried about his best friend's health, cause Dazai can turn into a freaking mother hen when it comes to Chuuya's health but the idiot is not at all serious when it comes to his own health. Dazai is like that, always putting Chuuya before him. That's why Chuuya had felt a bit relieved seeing the text when he woke up, knowing that Dazai would get to rest properly. Though he couldn't help but sigh when he noticed the time of the text.

"Be a good boy and don't trouble Osamu. Okay?" He pats Bruno as he fills his bowl with food.


The puppy looks at Chuuya with his big, adorable honey brown eyes and Chuuya couldn't help but smile at the display of cuteness. After checking the schedule for his afternoon classes and calling Ryuu to cover the shop later, Chuuya sets out. He didn't forget to leave an encouraging note at the breakfast table before leaving.


Enjoying his little walk over the white blanket of snow Chuuya arrives at the shop only to be reminded of the only reason he dislikes winter, just a little bit. The cold weather isn't ideal for flowers as they tend to wither quickly due to lack of moisture. Chuuya had a great knowledge about maintainence of flowers but somehow in his three years time of running a flower shop he couldn't figure out how to deal with this issue. He tried everything which he could label as safe for flowers, but no use. And the thought of something going awry was always gnawing at the back of his mind making him hesitant in trying out seemingly weird methods. He stares at the flowers painfully thinking about their beautiful yet short life. It amazes him seeing the different kinds of meaning they can give to someone's life. But at the same time, it pains him knowing that the life of these flowers who hold such beautiful and unique meanings is short-lived.


"Something bothering you?"

Chuuya flinches at the sudden words being spoken close to him. He was so engrossed in his thoughts that he didn't even hear the bell.

'Great! Now the customer must be thinking that I'm rude.'

Chuuya curses himself inwardly and turns to look at the customer, schooling his features and ready to apologise,

'It's you! You are the guy from that day." Whatever Chuuya wanted to say is long forgotten as he sees who the customer is "We need to talk!"

"Sure sure. But first, is there anything you are worried about? You seemed deep in thought just now. Anything the matter with flowers?" The guy asks, pointing towards a sample bouquet. A few flowers from it had been withered.

Chuuya hesitates for a bit before speaking,

"It's the cold. Flowers wither quickly. I tried everything that I think is safe, but nothing works." He says, picking up the sample and replacing it with the new one. Generally, Chuuya wouldn't entertain a stranger like this, but he remembered how detailed the guy's order was. And even now he seemed genuinely curious to know about flowers. Chuuya could tell, so he decided to tell him about the issue.

"Try adding vinegar to the pail in which you store the water for your plants. And sugar for nourishment."

"Just that?"

"Yes. But just a little bit." The guy smiles, holding up his hand and pinching fingers close to show just how much he means by little bit.

"Alright thank you! I will try it on one or two flowers first. I'm very hesitant to try anything in case I ruin it more." Chuuya says, returning the smile. He is starting to respect this guy a little bit.

"No worries. You can try it out first. This method is helpful actually. Anyway, how are you doing on a fine cold day?"

"Absolutely fine. Thanks for your help."

"Ah. It's not a big deal. You keep people's mood fresh with your beautiful flowers. I can atleast help to keep your mood great by helping you to keep your flowers fresh." The guy smiles, catching Chuuya off guard by the compliment.

"T.. Thanks." Chuuya stutters, his cheeks flushing slightly due to the genuine compliment.

"So Chuuya, Friends?" The guy grins as he extends his hand towards Chuuya.

"I don't even know your name!" Chuuya yells trying to hide his flustering.

"Three guesses. You have three guesses to figure out my name."

"What is the condition?" Chuuya asks, completely serious at the mention of challenge.

"Is condition needed for everything? I just want to see what names you come up with. That will let me know what people think of me without knowing anything about me."

"Can you make it five?" Chuuya pouts, realizing that this is just a normal guessing game and no challenge involved.

"Nope." The guy grins again, dangling his hand in front of Chuuya.

"Fine! Friends." Chuuya says, shaking his hand and grinning in return. "Also, about that day, you don't have to pay for that. So take back your money."

"No. That was from me. I bought it. So it's only fair that I pay. And I will be a regular customer from now on. Cause frankly speaking, the flowers in your flower shop are fresher than all the other flower shops here. I will be buying a white rose today." The guy smiles as he picks up a white rose from the shelf.

'He doesn't seem bad. It couldn't hurt to befriend him right?'

Chuuya thinks, as he watches the guy who left with a single white rose, but not before paying and exchanging number with him.


Chapter Text

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