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Cause All of Me Loves All of You.

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A day off is always good, Dazai thinks as he rolls in his bed enjoying the mixed feeling of the cool breeze coming through the slightly open window and the warmth of his comforter.

His frustration at receiving a notification at 5 a.m. had quickly changed into a cheerful ‘YES’ once his eyes scanned the content of the text. ‘Lectures for today have been canceled.’, the words made him cancel the alarm snuggling into the comforter but not before sending a quick text to Chibi. After an unproductive day before yesterday and exhausting day at work as well as college yesterday, this is what he had been desperately craving. Letting Chuuya know that his lectures have been canceled and that he would not want to be woken up from his peaceful sleep (because he rarely gets it), he went back to sleep. His rare peace was interrupted as Ranpo called him at around 8 a.m. causing Dazai to mourn over his loss of sleep.

“Ranpo san, I was sleeping for once. Anyway, what happened?” Dazai pouts, rubbing his sleepy eyes as he answers the call of his favorite colleague.

"I just called you to tell you that I will be working your shift today. You need to rest and work on your assignment. A composition can quite be difficult that too if you have to write your own lyrics for it. "

"Ranpo san, should I even ask how did you know that?" Dazai sits up, fully awake now after hearing Ranpo's words. It's not a surprise that Ranpo can detect such things right away but it's interesting to see how he always arrives at these accurate deductions.

"Hmm. The smudge of ink on your finger tips yesterday told me that you were writing something. Now, it could have been just a submission but I heard you humming and blurting out random words and then going 'No. This doesn't fit right.' So I assumed you were working on wordings and given that you were humming a tune to it, it must have been your composition assignment. That too, the one where you have to write your own lyrics and compose the music." Ranpo chuckles as he hears Dazai sigh on the other end, "Am I right?"

Dazai could practically hear Ranpo chuckle and visualize the glint in his eyes as he explains his observation and deduction process. Ranpo, one of the persons to whom Dazai pays due respect. And Dazai is glad that he has someone like Ranpo in his life who understands everything without having to be told.

"Ah! Observant as ever our genius Ranpo san. And thankyou so much, I actually need the day off. I owe you one."

"You better get me that new chocolate whose advertisement is recently being aired on TV."

"Hahhaha. Okay okay. Whatever my Ranpo san wishes." Dazai laughs at the childish yet innocent demand, agreeing to the deal in no second.

"And Dazai,"


"I can tell this composition is very much important to you. Just try not to reveal it yet to the person about whom you are composing this. I have a feeling, you will get the chance soon."

"What -?" The line disconnects, leaving Dazai puzzled.


Ranpo's words keep on swirling around in Dazai's head as he tries to get up and force himself away from the pleasant warmth of the comforter. He needs to make the most of his day off and he has already lost a great amount of time by sleeping some more after Ranpo's call. It's past 11 a.m. , Dazai checks as he freshens up and heads into the hall. He sees the brat sleeping peacefully in his small bed and sees the empty bowl guessing Chuuya had taken care of brat's breakfast before leaving. He feels jealous of the dog, he really does. But the jealousy vanishes within a second as he sees that Chibi has prepared breakfast for him. He notices a small note next to the breakfast which is kept ready and covered on the table. 'Eat up. It will give you all the energy for the assignment. Fighting! :D'  , it says. A smile laces Dazai's face as he takes a bite of his favorite dish, Chuuya's special Egg udon noodles.


'The song has to be special' , Dazai gazes at the half finished lyrics and the piano with a determined look as he exhales the breathe he has been holding, recalling the melody he had come up with for the song. His fingers find the perfect chords as the words come to him like some magic,

Fate is twisted, and I wondered why?

Remembering a story, you told me once

Of sad ending but one true love

And now that I think

I have my answer just as twisted

Cause what would even be fate?

If it simply did what’s foreseen    


He smiles as he thinks of the twisted fate of Paethon and Cygnus,


So, can our story be a happy one?

The one of happy ending

Along with true love?



Dazai sings, losing himself in the song, the melody. The lyrics cloud his mind with the thoughts of his favorite redhead. Dazai smiles, as he pictures Chuuya's smiling face with his closed eyes, an image etched into his memory forever.


Chuuya was feeling great today. The highlight of today being Dazai wanted to sleep in, implying, Chuuya's morning didn't start with him having to be shouting and pestering the brunette for getting ready on time. This is a once in a blue moon occurrence and Chuuya enjoyed the peaceful atmosphere of the morning while making Dazai's favorite Egg udon noodles. He knows Dazai and that's why seeing him occupied with assignment and work for last two days and him asking Chuuya to not disturb him from the sleep today, Chuuya thought that Dazai might need this. Egg Udon noodle that he cooks are instant boost of energy after all! And Chuuya wanted Dazai to eat something healthy while working on his assignment. Chuuya is always worried about his best friend's health, cause Dazai can turn into a freaking mother hen when it comes to Chuuya's health but the idiot is not at all serious when it comes to his own health. Dazai is like that, always putting Chuuya before him. That's why Chuuya had felt a bit relieved seeing the text when he woke up, knowing that Dazai would get to rest properly. Though he couldn't help but sigh when he noticed the time of the text.

"Be a good boy and don't trouble Osamu. Okay?" He pats Bruno as he fills his bowl with food.


The puppy looks at Chuuya with his big, adorable honey brown eyes and Chuuya couldn't help but smile at the display of cuteness. After checking the schedule for his afternoon classes and calling Ryuu to cover the shop later, Chuuya sets out. He didn't forget to leave an encouraging note at the breakfast table before leaving.


Enjoying his little walk over the white blanket of snow Chuuya arrives at the shop only to be reminded of the only reason he dislikes winter, just a little bit. The cold weather isn't ideal for flowers as they tend to wither quickly due to lack of moisture. Chuuya had a great knowledge about maintainence of flowers but somehow in his three years time of running a flower shop he couldn't figure out how to deal with this issue. He tried everything which he could label as safe for flowers, but no use. And the thought of something going awry was always gnawing at the back of his mind making him hesitant in trying out seemingly weird methods. He stares at the flowers painfully thinking about their beautiful yet short life. It amazes him seeing the different kinds of meaning they can give to someone's life. But at the same time, it pains him knowing that the life of these flowers who hold such beautiful and unique meanings is short-lived.


"Something bothering you?"

Chuuya flinches at the sudden words being spoken close to him. He was so engrossed in his thoughts that he didn't even hear the bell.

'Great! Now the customer must be thinking that I'm rude.'

Chuuya curses himself inwardly and turns to look at the customer, schooling his features and ready to apologise,

'It's you! You are the guy from that day." Whatever Chuuya wanted to say is long forgotten as he sees who the customer is "We need to talk!"

"Sure sure. But first, is there anything you are worried about? You seemed deep in thought just now. Anything the matter with flowers?" The guy asks, pointing towards a sample bouquet. A few flowers from it had been withered.

Chuuya hesitates for a bit before speaking,

"It's the cold. Flowers wither quickly. I tried everything that I think is safe, but nothing works." He says, picking up the sample and replacing it with the new one. Generally, Chuuya wouldn't entertain a stranger like this, but he remembered how detailed the guy's order was. And even now he seemed genuinely curious to know about flowers. Chuuya could tell, so he decided to tell him about the issue.

"Try adding vinegar to the pail in which you store the water for your plants. And sugar for nourishment."

"Just that?"

"Yes. But just a little bit." The guy smiles, holding up his hand and pinching fingers close to show just how much he means by little bit.

"Alright thank you! I will try it on one or two flowers first. I'm very hesitant to try anything in case I ruin it more." Chuuya says, returning the smile. He is starting to respect this guy a little bit.

"No worries. You can try it out first. This method is helpful actually. Anyway, how are you doing on a fine cold day?"

"Absolutely fine. Thanks for your help."

"Ah. It's not a big deal. You keep people's mood fresh with your beautiful flowers. I can atleast help to keep your mood great by helping you to keep your flowers fresh." The guy smiles, catching Chuuya off guard by the compliment.

"T.. Thanks." Chuuya stutters, his cheeks flushing slightly due to the genuine compliment.

"So Chuuya, Friends?" The guy grins as he extends his hand towards Chuuya.

"I don't even know your name!" Chuuya yells trying to hide his flustering.

"Three guesses. You have three guesses to figure out my name."

"What is the condition?" Chuuya asks, completely serious at the mention of challenge.

"Is condition needed for everything? I just want to see what names you come up with. That will let me know what people think of me without knowing anything about me."

"Can you make it five?" Chuuya pouts, realizing that this is just a normal guessing game and no challenge involved.

"Nope." The guy grins again, dangling his hand in front of Chuuya.

"Fine! Friends." Chuuya says, shaking his hand and grinning in return. "Also, about that day, you don't have to pay for that. So take back your money."

"No. That was from me. I bought it. So it's only fair that I pay. And I will be a regular customer from now on. Cause frankly speaking, the flowers in your flower shop are fresher than all the other flower shops here. I will be buying a white rose today." The guy smiles as he picks up a white rose from the shelf.

'He doesn't seem bad. It couldn't hurt to befriend him right?'

Chuuya thinks, as he watches the guy who left with a single white rose, but not before paying and exchanging number with him.