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Cause All of Me Loves All of You.

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The pitch-black room makes it impossible for the guy to get a look at his surroundings. He tries to grab his pounding head, only to notice the rope tied around his hands. He scuffles, as he tries to get up from what he can make out as a tile floor, but a sharp pain shooting through his back makes him collapse onto the floor. Giving up, he decides to think of a way to get himself out of the situation. Not being able to observe the things around is already bad enough as he is not able to think of anything that could have been the link to his current situation.

Judging from the way how he feels, he deduces that he was injected with Chloroform, that too accurate amount; just enough to knock him unconscious but not much to have caused adverse side effects. He knows it’s not Ketamine as he doesn’t feel a sense of disconnection from the surroundings. That means whoever has brought him here has impeccable knowledge and understanding of medicine. Someone related to the medical field? But what beef could a Medical-related person have with him?

His blurred vision catches a ray of light and his senses flicker back to sharpness as he sees the light getting wide. A door, he notices. His ears catch the faint sound of footsteps approaching but the sudden exposure to light and the trailing drowsiness makes it difficult for him to focus on the figure nearing him. He sits up, squinting his eyes as he tries to get a better look at the person, but the only thing he notices first is the eyes. The stranger’s eyes were shining a unique shade of light raspberry red. The light was hitting his features in all the angles that made the stranger look intimidating. And he could make out the smirk lacing the man’s face as he steps in his vicinity, looking down at him as he speaks,



“About time you were awake. Drowsiness should settle down in a few minutes. How are you feeling?”

“Who are you? And what do you want from me?”

“Amour de la Fleur.”

“What?!” The name startles him as he looks at the stranger, baffled. His mind quickly links the situation he is in with the florist of the shop. Definitely has to be it. “What is that?” He scoffs, trying to feign nonchalance.

“I do not have much time to deal with you. Being a psychology student, your sharp mind must have connected the dots by now. I had just exerted pressure on both of your carotid arteries by placing one arm around your neck, enough to make you go weak in seconds. If you don’t co-operate, I will not spare you so easily. It was just an exact amount of Chloroform before. Speak if you don’t want to face worst.” The stranger speaks, his voice is cold and gravelly as he bends down at eye level with him. His raspberry red eyes turning a shade dark, as a deadly emotion swirls in them taking the guy by surprise for a moment.

"How could you possibly know all that? You might be bluffing." He asks, keeping his demeanor calm as he returns the stranger's stare with his determined one.

"Do you want me to explain even after the fact that we picked you up from the area with a Psychology college within a vicinity of five hundred meters? Just the Psychology college? Not to mention the fact that average people won't last in the Psychology field. And judging from your get-up and the fantastic display of schooling your expressions just now, you don't seem as a fresher."

"Fine. I will tell you. It's nothing big really."

"That is for me to decide. Now speak. And remember, only the truth."





The smile never fades from the man's face as he walks out of the room, having ordered his guards to blindfold the guy and leave him back from where he had picked him up. His fingers work effortlessly on the phone screen, tapping in contact as he hums to himself quite happy with the plan he is about to reveal to his partners.

"Hello, my dear friend." He says, the smile never leaving his lips "We have found our Ace Card."