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Seducing the cavalry captain (for real this time)

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14th of February. Valentine's day. A year ago, Kaeya had been sure he’d spend it the same way as always – drinking himself into oblivion. But after Diluc’s shenanigans last year, his once broken heart was now long mended and there was nothing he’d rather do than shower his boyfriend with even more affection than usual. Truthfully, they turned out to be a rather clingy couple. Kaeya himself was a big fan of PDA – showing off their relationship every chance he got -, while Diluc liked to keep his feelings for the cryo-user a bit more private. It was cute, really. Most people would assume that the winery owner was as sophisticated in a relationship as he was in every other aspect of his life – but he really wasn’t.

Kaeya might be the one stealing kisses, hugs and touches in public, but in his humble opinion, Diluc was still the needier one. As soon as they were left alone anywhere, the pyro-user would make himself comfortable on Kaeya’s lap – ignoring how that made the cryo-user feel at times – and demand affection. Whether that entailed simple cuddling or a heated make-out session usually depended on the situation but it was glorious. The fact that he was the only one to witness this side of Diluc made it even better; and if people noticed Kaeya’s touches afterwards being just a hint more possessive than usual, no one questioned it.

Their first Valentine’s day together as a couple would’ve been reason enough to anticipate it, but what made it even more exciting was the rather mysterious letter Diluc had left him this morning. To Kaeya: I’ll be busy at the winery all day. If you want your Valentine’s gift, you should stop by in the evening. PS: At exactly 20 o’clock. Don’t be late and don’t (!) arrive earlier or you’ll be kicked out by Adelinde. I’m not joking. - Diluc. Needless to say, Kaeya could only look forward to what the redhead was planning this time.

Ignoring Diluc’s word of warning, Kaeya sauntered towards the entrance of Dawn winery about thirty minutes early – just to find Adelinde actually standing by the door like a guard dog. Which was unexpected. Putting on a charming smile, the cavalry captain approached her casually; they were somewhat close after all. “Adelinde! Long time no see. I hope you’re doing well.” The head maid only fixed him with a deadpan look and sighed. "Welcome ho- to the winery, Sir Kaeya. If my memory serves me correctly, you've visited us here yesterday. I'm as well as I've been then, thank you for your consideration." They stared at each other for a moment, until Kaeya realised that Diluc had been truthful in his letter.

"Surely I can-", he started to reason, but Adelinde quickly interrupted him. "I'm afraid not, Sir Kaeya. I've been stationed outside here for the last hour due to this exact reason." The last hour? There's no way Diluc is still working at this point. His lips turning into a chesire grin, Kaeya dared to test his growing suspicions on the head maid. "I assume he is still busy preparing my gift then?", the cryo-user asked as nonchalantly as possible, but his eye zeroed in on Adelinde to catch her reaction. Now, the maid had always been good at concealing her emotions – it was required for her line of work after all -, but even she couldn't stop the light pink blush tinting her cheeks at the question. Oh.

Very satisfied with the answer Adelinde had so unwillingly provided, Kaeya took a seat on one of the nearby benches and crossed one leg over the other, making himself comfortable. Feeling somewhat guilty for dragging the head maid into their whatever this was, he shot her a more genuine smile and asked: “Did you get a chance to taste the new mixture Connor came up with? It’s surprisingly much better than the rest of his experiments so far.” As she visibly relaxed at the change of topic, they fell into a comfortable conversation about the most recent developments regarding the winery; until there was a knock on the door – from inside the building.

Adelinde stiffened up once more and Kaeya couldn’t help but feel giddy in anticipation. The head maid normally rivalled his ability to keep a poker face no matter the situation, which meant that Diluc must’ve pulled something rather crazy this time. He couldn’t wait to see it for himself. Clearing her throat awkwardly, Adelinde curtsied and stepped away from the door. “Sir Kaeya, Master Diluc is awaiting your arrival. I’ll be leaving for today and, like the rest of the staff, returning tomorrow afternoon.”, she hesitated for a second, “Please don’t make too much of a mess.” The look on her face spoke for itself, so Kaeya just smiled at her charmingly and replied: “Of course, I’ll see to it. Thank you, Adelinde.” Once the maid had made her way to the road separating the vineyard, he turned back towards the door, a wicked grin forming on his face. Let’s see, shall we?

For all the guarding that had happened, the door itself wasn’t locked. Kaeya easily pushed it open and stepped inside, noticing that Diluc was nowhere to be seen. It was rather dark in the winery, his eye only slowly adjusting to the light provided by a few candles lit in the corner. Interesting. Once he wasn’t as disoriented by the darkness, Kaeya let his gaze wander throughout the room – until his dark blue eye met a pair of crimson ones. Before even taking in the rest of Diluc’s appearance, he felt a soft smile spread involuntarily on his face. The man was the light of his life after all. But when he finally shifted his attention – oh boy, it sure explained the flush on the pyro-user’s cheeks. Diluc was clad in a maid dress, which was way shorter than the ones his staff wore, the skirt barely reaching the mid of his pale thighs – showing off some faded bite marks Kaeya left on him a few days ago. There was a pair of cat ears adorning the crimson locks flowing freely down his back and a matching black tail peeking out from behind his legs. Of course, there was also a choker on his delicate and still bruised neck – at this point Kaeya wasn’t sure whose kink it originally was, but they had fucked more times with it on than with it off.

Diluc stood at the middle of the staircase leading up, his bare feet buried in the plush carpet and a rather calm expression on his face. “If you are done ogling, you could come up here and bury that thick dick of yours inside me instead.” Completely caught off guard by the crass statement, Kaeya only barely avoided choking on his own spit. “So bold, sunshine. But anything for my kitten, I suppose.” He tried his best to remain nonchalant, but apparently Diluc seemed insistent on seeing him lose it tonight. The redhead turned around with enough force to make the skirt fly up a bit more and due to the height difference right now, Kaeya suddenly realised that his boyfriend didn’t even bother wearing anything underneath the dress. “Archons, Luc.”, he cursed breathlessly, before almost sprinting up the stairs behind the redhead.

Resisting the urge to drag his hands all over the temptation in front of him, Kaeya followed his boyfriend all the way to the master bedroom – he had somewhat promised Adelinde not to make too much of a mess after all. Knowing her, that translated to something like ‘don’t leave cum all over the mansion’. So he’d keep it to ruining Diluc’s bedroom instead. When they finally stepped inside though, Kaeya found himself pushed against the wooden door before he could even make a move. How unusual. It wasn’t an unpleasant surprise at all, especially not the way Diluc leaned in to ravish his mouth like a man starved. He returned the kiss immediately, pressing back against the pyro-user and sucking on his tongue. The little whimpers and moans that earned him sounded like music to his ears.

When they both ran out of air a while later, Diluc pulled away, looking a bit dazed. It didn’t take long for him to regain his senses though. Slim fingers trailed down Kaeya’s sides, coming to a halt on his hips as crimson eyes focused back on his own. “If you want me on my knees, you better get rid of those clothes.” Kaeya didn’t need to be told twice. With a wicked grin, he replied: “Since you’re already being such a naughty kitten today, don’t you wanna help me with that?” Despite the darkening flush on his cheeks, Diluc only clicked his tongue impatiently and moved his hands to undo the clasp of the fur cape. Together, they made quick work of his clothes until Kaeya was only clad in his undergarments. Not wasting any more time, Diluc dropped to his knees, fingers digging into the dark flesh of the cryo-user’s thighs for support as he stared back up at Kaeya through his long lashes. Then, while holding eye contact, he stuck his tongue out to lick a stripe across the front of his boyfriend’s boxers. Kaeya almost came right then and there. The sight alone made his breath hitch and for a second he wondered if he had somehow fallen asleep somewhere and this was just another one of his wet dreams. But alas, the force with which Diluc’s nails dug into his skin left very little room for that argument – so he didn’t even need to pinch himself for confirmation.

Fuck, Luc.” It took all of Kaeya’s strength to let the pyro-user do his thing and not just pin him to the bed and rail him into oblivion. As much as Diluc was the needy one in their relationship, that mostly concerned physical affection in general; the horny one of them was still Kaeya. And this right now was too much of a temptation. His hands found their way into Diluc’s fluffy hair, burying themselves in the crimson locks with enough care to avoid knocking off the cat ear headband. Taking it as an invitation, his boyfriend released his grip on Kaeya’s thighs to finally pull down the last remaining piece of clothing. Diluc’s hand was warm and soft, wrapping itself carefully around the throbbing shaft before him. Kaeya couldn’t help but relish in the slight furrow of his brows, those crimson eyes widening just a bit and the small gulp before the redhead leaned in painfully slow.

Diluc stuck out his tongue again, giving a few teasing licks to the tip before taking it into his mouth and sucking it like a lollipop. A pleased sigh left Kaeya’s lips as he watched the way the pyro-user’s eyes fluttered more and more closed the deeper he tried to take him. As hot as it was, it was also strangely endearing – Diluc had a terrible gag reflex, but he was clearly trying hard to please him regardless of it right now. And judging by the soft moans filling the room, he was succeeding. Kaeya himself didn’t really notice the sounds he was making, all his attention was on the beauty in front of him, his boyfriend, the love of his life. It was sappy, yeah, but the truth. Only when he suddenly became very aware of his approaching orgasm did he snap back into reality. “W-wait, L-luc-” But the redhead had already pulled away with a cocky smile.

As he raised back to his feet, Diluc grazed his fingers over Kaeya’s exposed chest and leaned in closer once more. His warm breath ghosted against the cryo-user’s face as he whispered: “Kae, if you’re going to cum, at least do it inside me, hm?” Who was this devil and what had he done to his innocent sunshine? Well, some of this was probably Kaeya’s own fault. Not that he minded. Wrapping his arms around that lithe waist, he unabashedly pulled Diluc flush against him – probably dirtying the dress with his pre-cum, but then again, it wasn’t the only thing he planned on ruining tonight. “Baby, there’s nothing I’d rather do than bend you over and fuck you until you can only remember my name.” His lips found their way to Diluc’s neck, licking and sucking on the delicate skin until he felt his boyfriend’s knees go weak. “But you don’t know how pretty you look choking on my dick, sunshine.” “O-okay, that’s enough-”

Whatever Kaeya had expected from that comment, it wasn’t this. Diluc forcefully turned them around and started walking them towards the other side of the room, where a rather plush sofa stood. It hit the back of Kaeya’s knees and he let himself drop down on it, staring up at his slightly blushing boyfriend. With an amused smirk, he decided to push his luck a bit. “So this is my present? You’re finally giving up on being a pillow prince?” An annoyed look crossed over Diluc’s face as his blush darkened. “Shut up. You know I lack the experience.” Not really an excuse, but Kaeya didn’t feel like arguing; he was satisfied with anything that involved him fucking his cute lover after all. So he watched with an almost predatory gaze as Diluc climbed onto his lap to hover above him, bunching up the puffy fabric to avoid it getting caught uncomfortably between them. Kaeya used the situation to sneak his hands past the redhead and onto his ass. The coldness made Diluc shiver a bit, but he didn’t seem irritated at all. Instead, he focused an intense gaze on Kaeya’s face and looked at him almost provocatively.

“Pull it out.” The cryo-user felt a wicked grin form on his face at the unexpected boldness. He didn’t need to be told twice. So, his fingers wandered closer to the furry appendage, gripping it tight to give it an experimental tug, while his dark blue eye flitted to Diluc’s face, hoping to catch his reaction. Letting out a breathy gasp, the redhead jerked at the sensation, eyes widening in surprise before glaring back at his boyfriend. Kaeya only chuckled in amusement and moved his hand towards the base of the plug, clasping it firmly and slowly easing it out of Diluc. Judging by his reaction, this was absolutely the right thing to do. Diluc’s hands let go of the dress and shot up to Kaeya’s shoulders, his head coming to rest on the broad chest before him. Soft pants and occasional groans left his mouth until the butt plug slid out with a pop. Kaeya eyed it curiously for a moment and couldn’t help but tease his lover for what he saw. “Sunshine, you could’ve went for a simple silicone one, but you went with this? What a naughty kitten you are~”

Not getting bothered by the provocation, Diluc reached over to the nearby table where a bottle of lube stood. “What can I say, I love the feeling of your big fat cock up my ass. And this gives a similar sensation.”, the redhead drawled as nonchalantly as he was able to. The furious blush on his cheeks betrayed him, but still- “Diluc-!” Kaeya might just pass out right about now – who allowed him to be this seductive? It wasn’t funny any more. A small chuckle left the redhead at the reaction. “What? Can’t handle your own medicine?” He really couldn’t. Thankfully, it seemed that Diluc was getting just as impatient as he was. Coating his hand in a generous amount of lube, he fixed Kaeya with a meaningful stare. The cryo-user smiled back at him and lifted the puffy skirt once more – damn, so he wasn’t the only one who was painfully hard right now. It didn’t help that Diluc immediately began lathering lube all over Kaeya's dick with way too much care than necessary. “O-okay, I think that’s-” “I agree.” And with that statement, Diluc steadied himself to sink down unceremoniously on the throbbing erection below.

They both hissed at the sensation and Kaeya couldn’t help but watch as the redhead took him all the way to the base. Both of Diluc’s hands went back up to the cryo-user’s shoulders, gripping them tightly as his pale thighs trembled. “You really prepared yourself well, huh?”, Kaeya couldn’t help but comment, although it was more pleased satisfaction than proper teasing. Unconsciously, he raised the skirt a bit higher to take in the sight more clearly. “Of course I did”, Diluc replied breathlessly and pressed an open-mouthed kiss to his lips. Kaeya wasted no time in ravishing him, licking into his mouth as the redhead started to move – slowly lifting himself up to drop back down. With both of them moaning against each other’s lips, Diluc gave him one last kiss before pulling away to set a proper pace.

He really looked beautiful like this, the dazed expression, furrowed brows and tinted cheeks as he bounced on Kaeya’s dick like a desperate whore. The slapping of skin and the cacophony of their moans and whimpers echoed throughout the room, none of them bothering to silence their sounds - after all, they had the entire mansion to themselves. When their eyes met again in a heated gaze, Kaeya couldn’t hold himself back any more. He thrust up forcefully, hitting Diluc’s prostrate instantly and causing his boyfriend to quiver like a leaf in a storm. “F-fuck, Kae~”, he whined and tightened his grip on Kaeya’s shoulders, nails digging painfully into the tan skin. Encouraged by this reaction, the cryo-user continued his assault on the spot until they were both desperately rutting against each other, chasing their approaching orgasm. When they came, it was together.

Diluc immediately collapsed on top of Kaeya, who let go of the maid dress to wrap his arms tightly around his boyfriend’s waist instead. He pressed a kiss to Diluc’s cheek and whispered: “Thank you for the present, sunshine. I love you so much.” Then, with a more playful voice, he added: “I assume you’d prefer getting your own valentine’s gift another time?” Diluc groaned softly against him, shifting slightly and causing them both to hiss from the overstimulation. “I-I can take it”, he replied defiantly. Kaeya could almost hear the pout in his voice – so adorable. “I never said I was talking about sex though, sunshine”, he teased and gripped him a bit tighter, “Is someone getting insatiable?” “It’s all your fault...”, Diluc mumbled, “and... I love you too.”