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Private Dancer

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The sun had just begun to rise when Dani woke the next morning, her brain pounding against her skull and eyes blurry as she slowly blinked and took a moment to fully come to consciousness. She looked around the unfamiliar room, the shapes and shadows turning into Jamie’s dresser, Jamie’s plants, Jamie’s bed as her vision sharpened and realization of where she’d ended up after a night of drinking with the only real friend she’d managed to make so far in Bly. She grabbed Jamie’s pillow and covered her head as she groaned, the memory from the night before hitting her like a freight train both literally and figuratively as her headache pounded and raged in anger at last night’s decisions. So much for a night off.

Dani tossed the pillow to her side then sat up and ran her hands through her hair, embarrassment flooding her veins as she replayed the events from mere hours ago. A drunken kiss, a disastrous attempt at a half assed lap dance and feelings inadvertently slipping out - but not hers.


Dani’s headache dulled instantly, replaced by pure joy at the thought of Jamie’s admission of thinking about her, of thinking about sex with her and not the drunk kind. Not like this, she’d said, and a smile as bright as the morning sunlight that now fully filled Jamie's room eclipsed Dani’s face as she slowly removed herself from Jamie’s bed.

Dani paced around the room, unsure of the best way to proceed. She knew she wanted Jamie and while everything she had done wasn’t best to do while drunk, it did mirror her true feelings while sober as well. But Dani wasn’t used to things moving this quickly for her, she wasn’t used to letting herself falling hard and fast for someone she barely knew, and she definitely wasn’t used to being seen as a person worthy of respect and consideration rather than a prop, molded and placed however Eddie or Peter saw fit. She wasn’t used to showing vulnerability or drunken confessions, wasn’t used to showing up uninvited and throwing herself into Jamie and all the confusing feelings that twisted inside her mind to escape the demons that followed her from California. It felt reckless, the way she found herself aching and wanting a woman she hadn’t even known a full week, and yet Jamie was scaling each wall Dani had built up so carefully with ease as though she had no idea she was even climbing.

Jamie was different - Jamie was unexpected, Jamie didn’t use Dani when given the chance. Jamie was nothing like Dani accused her of being, wasn’t just another entitled prick taking whatever they pleased without asking, without an ounce of respect for Dani because she’s Skye and being the newest and hottest commodity comes with a price. Dani was used to paying the cost every night, shedding her true self at the door of the club and becoming the hollow character she’s learned to play too well, letting hands grab and touch and linger in places Dani would never allow anyone to take so freely were she not Skye instead. But Jamie didn’t see Skye, she saw Dani, and she refused to take what wasn’t willingly, soberly, offered.

Dani’s smile disappeared as what she needed to do dawned on her. Jamie deserved far better than Dani could ever give, than the burdens and sins she brought upon herself. Jamie deserved honesty, deserved simple and uncomplicated. She deserved someone whole, someone who could give all of herself and Dani wasn’t her, Dani was broken and chasing a distant dream. She let out a quiet sigh as she got dressed into her clothes from the previous night, then folded and left Jamie’s clothes sitting on the edge of the bed.

Dani quietly opened the bedroom door and slowly tiptoed down the hallway toward the front door. She saw the shape of a body under a blanket and breathed a tiny sigh of relief that she wouldn’t have to face Jamie just yet. She needed time to determine how she wanted to handle the situation, there was a lot to unpack and Dani wasn’t sure where to begin.

Dani slowly slipped her shoes on, making it a point to hold in her breath, afraid that even the slightest noise would wake Jamie up - and she was right. As she unlocked the door and slowly pulled it open, a creak echoed through the apartment.

“Poppins?” Jamie’s groggy voice came out of nowhere, causing Dani to jump in surprise. She let go of the door handle and the door swung shut with a loud bang. “What're you doing?” Jamie sat up and rubbed her face, squinting as she looked at Dani.

“Nothing, I was just heading back to the manor to make sure I would be home in time to get the kids up,” Dani whispered.

“Why are you whisperin’ when you’ve already woken me up?” Jamie mocked in a hushed tone. A lopsided smile appeared on her face as she stretched her arms above her head and swung her feet off the couch and onto the floor.

“I, well - good point,” Dani sighed.

Jamie grabbed her phone and her eyes widened. “Blimey, what’s the rush? The kids don’t get up until seven thirty, you could have slept a bit longer.”

“I uh, I couldn’t fall back asleep once I had woken up.” Dani stood awkwardly at the front door, playing with the zipper on her jacket.

“Too hungover?” Jamie got up from the couch and walked over to the front door, stopping in front of Dani.

“Something like that,” Dani mumbled.

“Look Dani, about last night-”

Dani quickly cut Jamie off, unable to face the pity or embarrassment that was surely about to follow. “Yeah, I actually don't remember anything that happened.” She dropped her eyes to the floor and forced out a laugh, her stomach sinking with guilt when she looked back up and saw Jamie’s clear disappointment.


Dani cleared her throat. “Well I should probably get going. I didn’t mean to put you out last night but I really appreciate you letting me stay, clearly I was too drunk to drive.”

“Yeah no, wasn’t about to let you leave in the state you were in.” Jamie chuckled as she rubbed the back of her neck.

“Right,” Dani cleared her throat, “makes sense. It was very chivalrous of you,” she smiled.

Jamie nodded and for a quick moment, Dani noticed the way Jamie’s eyes flickered from her eyes down to her lips, and then back up again. She sucked in a breath as Jamie took a step forward, positioning herself in front of Dani as she lightly pressed up against her. Dani could feel her heart pounding in her chest as she watched Jamie lean forward toward her, mouth turned upward in a lazy grin that Dani couldn’t take her eyes off of. Dani swallowed and without taking a moment to think things through, she closed her eyes expectantly and leaned in toward Jamie. It wasn’t until she felt Jamie’s body move away from hers and heard a loud click that she registered exactly what Jamie was doing. Dani opened her eyes and felt her cheeks grow warm when Jamie pulled the door open from behind her.

“I’ll see you in a few hours then, yeah?” Jamie smirked.

“Yeah,” Dani bit her bottom lip and nodded. She spun on her heels and whisked herself out of Jamie’s flat before quickly running down the stairs, desperate to save any shred of dignity she had left.

As Dani drove back to the manor, events from the prior night played on repeat in her mind. What was she thinking showing up unannounced and flinging herself at Jamie, drunk no less? Was she really going to screw up the only good thing she had going for her with her au pair position at the manor by trying to fuck the gardener? What was it about Jamie that was so intoxicating, convincing her to abandon her rules and proclivities for the touch of Jamie’s hands on her body? Would it really be the worst thing in the world for her to finally go after something she wanted, something she desired? Would Jamie give in if Dani gave her the chance? Her head swam as the questions ricocheted against her skull, uncertain of all but two guaranteed facts.

The first was obvious - Jamie knew how Dani felt. She had gotten drunk and carefree enough to let all her feelings out there, and it was more than obvious at this point how attracted she felt towards her. That made Dani feel vulnerable. There was one thing that Dani did not like feeling - and that was vulnerable.

Peter Quint made her feel vulnerable every time he sent her hushed reminders of her debt and past mistakes she had made. Subtly pointing out how much of a “slag” she was and informing her how she would never find anyone as good as Eddie, how she made her bed years ago the night she kissed Trish, the night Eddie’s life changed forever with the accident.

Eddie, who always made her feel vulnerable even if he didn’t mean to. With his puppy dog eyes and the gloomy look he shared whenever he felt like she was pulling too far away from him. Those moments when he knew, yet refused to see or believe what was right in front of him. Dani’s eyes lingering far too long on the waitress at their favourite restaurant. Dani falling silent when Trish, her childhood best friend and the first woman she’d ever loved, walked through the door of her and Eddie’s old high school during their ten year reunion. Dani could feel the butterflies from her youth return as her eyes found Trish from across the gym as though they were back at senior prom, staring at each other like they were the only people in the room, and Dani imagined everything that could have been had Eddie not claimed her as his, had he not noticed and swooped in, deciding for the both of them what was enough, what he deemed acceptable.

So many signs she’d left for him to see, so many signals and hints that Dani dropped, begging him silently to release her from the prison she’d locked herself in for him when she was too young to know better, too young to know how to take what she wanted and not just what was forced upon her. Eddie played the part too well, fit the script too perfectly, believed his lines so deeply he became the character they invented when they were kids and pretended to be married and play house. It wasn’t a game anymore for him, though, for Eddie it wasn’t a childhood fantasy. It was inevitable and destined and it was easy for Eddie, to want what Dani couldn’t want, would never want with him.

Mom is so excited, Danielle. She hasn’t stopped telling all her friends how she finally gets the daughter she always wished she had, and how absolutely perfect you are to fill that role. Can’t even think about what she would do if it were any girl other than you.

I don’t know what I would ever do without you in my life, Danielle. It’s like I’m Tony Stark and you’re my suit of iron. Without you, I’m just an average guy. But with you, I can soar through the sky and take on anything in the world.

The worst was her mom and the constant reminders of how she was nothing without Eddie. How Eddie had the real career out of the two of them, how she couldn’t do anything right in her life ever since she was a kid and honestly Danielle, you should be grateful that Eddie’s always around to save you and give you a reason for being.

Fuck feeling vulnerable.

The second thing Dani knew was that Jamie liked her back. Jamie admitted to thinking about being with her. Jamie cared enough to not take advantage of Dani’s drunken state and instead insisted that she sleep the alcohol off, likely with the assumption that they would continue the conversation the next morning with clearer minds.

She thought about how disappointed Jamie looked when Dani lied about not remembering anything from last night. Part of her felt guilty and wanted to admit to Jamie that she did in fact remember everything, that she wanted her so badly she'd even dreamed about being with her the night before while she slept in Jamie's bed. But Dani realised something when she walked out of Jamie's bedroom earlier - she realised that she never had people in her life care for her the way that Hannah, Owen, Rebecca and Jamie did. Dani wasn’t sure she wanted to jeopardize those friendships by attaching emotions and feelings to whatever was going on between her and Jamie, she wasn’t brave enough for that.

But the part of her that wanted Jamie burned loud in the back of her mind, desperate to be stoked and fanned and tended to. She'd spent her entire life doing what others wanted, never indulging in her own desires, what was the harm if she let herself have a little fun, flirt a little, tease a little, when Jamie was around? So long as Jamie was a willing participant, she wasn’t hurting anyone, right?

So as Dani pulled into the driveway of the manor and made her way up to her bedroom, she thought about how to redeem herself for the previous night. Allowing someone she barely knew to see her acting so vulnerable was something Dani had never intended to happen, and she was going to have to show Jamie just how unaffected she really was by it all. She took a long, hot shower in hopes of washing away all the embarrassment from the previous night. As she stood in front of the mirror in her room, her shorts and top carefully selected, she couldn't help but think to herself how today was a perfectly beautiful day to have class outside.



Jamie arrived at the manor and hopped out of her truck with a sigh, expecting a long day ahead. The conversation she had with Dani before she left had stuck with her, and she couldn’t help but feel like something wasn’t right.

When Dani arrived at Jamie’s flat not even eight hours ago, it certainly caught her by surprise. But when Dani sprung herself towards Jamie and kissed her like it was the only thing she’d ever wanted to do in the world, that was a completely different surprise - one she was not prepared to deal with in the slightest.

Pulling herself away from Dani’s warm touch and her soft lips was one of the hardest things to do, but Jamie wasn’t interested in taking advantage of Dani. Not when Dani made her feel things she hadn’t felt in years, things she hadn’t felt since the last time she allowed herself to care for someone else. Jamie couldn’t explain why she was so enraptured by Dani, but she knew better than to rush into a drunken mistake, she knew Dani was worth more than a night she might regret.

If Jamie were being honest with herself, it scared the shit out of her, feeling attracted to Dani in ways she hadn’t felt since Viola. But Dani wasn’t Viola, and yet Jamie still couldn’t shake the feeling that Dani was holding back, keeping Jamie at arm’s length, close enough to touch but not enough to feel, to connect.

So when she left Dani in her room with her clothing - and god how Jamie wanted to see Dani in her clothing - she did it with the expectation that everything would finally be addressed in the morning. However, Dani appeared to have other plans and pulled away instead. The way her eyes darted and she stammered out the words, Jamie couldn’t help but find it hard to believe that Dani didn’t remember anything about what happened.

It didn’t make sense, didn’t quite add up. Why didn’t Dani ask how she got to Jamie’s flat if she had no memory of the night before? Surely she’d been curious if anything happened between them when she woke up in Jamie’s bed. Did she seem embarrassed when she interrupted and said she didn’t remember? If anyone ought to be embarrassed it’s me, Jamie cringed silently at herself, recalling her own confession and the way Dani’s face had softened at the revelation.

Jamie sighed as she entered the manor and headed straight to the kitchen. “Morning,” she quickly nodded to Owen and Hannah, both sitting at the table sipping on their tea.

“And how are we this fine, beautiful morning?” Owen turned in his chair and smiled at Jamie.

“I’m alright,” Jamie walked over to a pair of mugs with steam flowing out of them. She looked back at Hannah and pointed to the one on the left.

“That one’s yours, love.” Hannah smiled.

“Cheers,” Jamie grabbed the mug and held it out. “How are you lot?”

“Not too bad, we’ve just been discussing how beautiful of a morning it is.” Hannah took a sip from her tea.

“Yes, it appears it’s going to be a hot one today.” Owen smiled. Just as Jamie grabbed her phone to check the temperature for the day, her attention was immediately drawn to a new presence entering the kitchen.

“You don’t say,” Jamie muttered. Her jaw hung slightly open as Dani walked towards her wearing a white, ribbed tank top tucked into a pair of high-waisted jean shorts.

“Good morning, how is everyone feeling today?” Dani smiled as she looked around the kitchen.

“Oh can’t complain dear, there's tea on the counter for you.” Hannah nodded towards the mug on the counter next to Jamie. Dani walked over to the mug and picked it up, brushing her arm against Jamie’s shoulder as she reached for her tea. “How are you feeling, did you get an alright sleep? I didn’t hear you come in last night, I was quite worried about you.” Hannah frowned.

“Oh I’m so sorry,” Dani lightly smacked her hand to her forehead as she turned back toward Hannah. “I meant to call you. I ended up staying at my friend Rebecca’s place.” Dani pursed her lips, watching from the corner of her eye as Jamie looked at her with a raised eyebrow.

“I see,” Hannah paused as she looked between Dani and Jamie. “Well it’s quite alright, love. I’m just glad you seemed to enjoy your night off,” Hannah smiled, sipping her tea.

The kitchen was filled with an awkward silence as the four of them all drank their tea, Dani’s presence nearly searing Jamie’s skin from how close they stood beside each other against the counter. She couldn’t help her eyes shifting over to Dani every few moments, as if she might be able to decipher Dani’s thoughts the more she looked at her. The oven timer beeped and snapped Jamie’s attention away from Dani and the previous night’s events - a welcomed distraction, Jamie thought.

“Ah, it appears my frittata is finally finished.” Owen got up from his chair and walked over to the oven.

“Oh, that sounds delicious. What kind of frittata?” Dani smiled as Owen slipped the pan out of the oven with a folded dish towel and placed it on top of another towel sitting on the counter.

“Bacon and mushroom,” Owen replied, throwing the towel over his shoulder and walking back to the table. “Just need to let it cool for ten minutes and it will be all set.”

“Perfect, I’ll go get the kids up and ready to eat.” Dani sipped her tea then placed it beside Jamie on the countertop before pushing herself off the edge of the formica.

As Dani started to head out of the kitchen, Owen called out to her. “Oh and Dani-” Dani turned around, an eyebrow cocked expectantly. “I’m bacon you, please don't take too long,” he smirked.

Dani laughed and rolled her eyes. “That one was weak, I knew it was coming before you even said it.”

Owen grabbed his chest and scrunched his face. “You’re bacon my heart, Clayton.” He laughed as Jamie quickly walked over to him and smacked the back of his head.

“You can’t use the same word twice, that defeats the element of surprise you muppet.” Jamie drank from her mug as she continued walking towards the kitchen door. “Alright, I’ll be out in the greenhouse if anyone needs me.” Jamie yelled back as she opened the door and walked outside, anxious to reclaim her morning to herself and distract her thoughts with the latest batch of seedlings waiting for her in the greenhouse - anything to get her mind off Dani.



A couple of hours had passed and sweat was dripping down both sides of Jamie’s face as she shoved her hands deeper into a pot of soil. It was unseasonably warm for early May and the air in the greenhouse felt even more humid than usual, tendrils of hair sticking to the back of her neck as Jamie worked through the late morning heat. Her attention pulled away from the plant she was rehoming at the sounds of Miles and Flora giggling and screaming, likely from a game they were playing.

Jamie decided a break couldn't hurt, she could use the fresh air and cool off a bit and if she happened to catch a glimpse of what Dani and the kids were up to, there was no harm in that. She grabbed a bucket and put her gardening spade inside. As she walked outside into the bright sunlight, she used the back of her glove to wipe her forehead.

Out of the corner of her eye, she could see Flora darting across the yard, as she laughed with joy. Jamie’s heart swelled as she watched Mile chasing after her, hose in hand and water spraying in every direction.

Jamie smiled as she heard Dani yelling out to the children in an attempt to get them to hydrate.

“Miles, take a quick break and make sure you have some water. It’s hot today, I don’t want you getting sick.”

“But I’m not thirsty,” Miles whined loudly. Jamie rolled her eyes as she watched him stomp his way towards Dani.

“Well water won’t hurt you, will it?” Jamie smirked as she watched Dani place her hands on her hips.

Jamie watched the chaos unfold as if time were moving in slow motion. Miles raised the hose towards Dani and with that familiar know-it-all voice that Jamie had come to hate with his age, he mockingly shouted out, “I don’t know, will it?” Jamie’s eyes widened as a blast of water shot from the hose, taking Dani by surprise and causing her to stumble back into the lawn chair and fall onto the grass with a thump loud enough that Jamie could hear it from across the lawn.

Jamie dropped her bucket and ran over to Dani, nearly tripping over the same lawnchair herself to get to her.

“Poppins-” Jamie quickly got onto her knees and brought her hand up to Dani’s shoulder. “Hey, are you okay?”

“I didn’t mean to-” Jamie could hear Miles panicking from behind her.

“Dani?” Jamie panicked as her eyes searched Dani’s for any signs of pain or discomfort.

“I’m alive,” Dani groaned with a soft chuckle.

Jamie blinked as she watched Dani’s face break into a grin. “You alright? Did you hit your head or-” Jamie stopped talking when she saw Dani shaking her head with laughter.

“No it’s fine, I'm okay honestly,” Dani started to lift her back off the ground and stopped when Jamie’s hand appeared in front of her face. “Thanks,” she smiled. She grabbed Jamie’s hand and allowed herself to be pulled back up to her feet.

“All good?” Jamie frowned. Her eyes searched the length of Dani’s body looking for any cuts or scrapes. As her eyes landed on Dani’s torso, she swallowed and did her best to ignore her incredibly soaked, see-through white tank top. Jamie’s eyes then traveled back up to Dani’s face, feeling her cheeks heat up as Dani eyed at her with a knowing look, a smirk playing on the corner of her lips.

“Yeah, I’m fine.” Dani bit her bottom lip, continuing to keep her eyes fixed on Jamie.

“Miss Clayton,” Miles tapped on Dani’s shoulder. “I am very sorry, it was only meant to be a joke. Are you okay?”

Dani’s eye flicked away from Jamie’s piercing stare and she turned around to face him, crossing her arms over her chest. “I’m fine, thank you for asking. But you know that was wrong to do, even if it was a joke.”

Jamie melted as Dani spoke with such firmness in her voice, and she couldn’t help but picture what it would sound like if she were to use that same voice on her while Jamie’s lips were-

“Jamie?” Dani’s voice broke her away from her very inappropriate thought. “Would you mind?”

“Hm?” Jamie looked between Dani and Miles, who were both looking at her as if she was the one who had just fallen.

“Would you mind going inside and grabbing me a towel? I would hate to get Hannah’s floors all wet,” Dani replied with a raised eyebrow.

“Right,” Jamie cleared her throat. “No, of course. I’ll uh, I’ll be right back.”

“Great, and Miles...Flora,” Dani looked behind at both children who were already wrapped in their towels. “Why don’t you both head inside and get changed? Lunch will probably be ready shortly.” Dani smiled as both children muttered their agreement and followed behind Jamie towards the manor.

A few minutes later, Jamie exited the front door of the manor and immediately saw Dani leaning against a large planter box to the right of the doorway. “Here you are,” Jamie approached Dani from the side and held the towel out for her.

“Thanks,” Dani flashed a shy smile.

Jamie nodded and took a step back as Dani bent forward and ran the towel through her hair. As she stood back up, Dani tossed her head back, causing a rush of thick wavy blonde hair to flip behind her back. Jamie blinked as Dani stood straight up and leaned her head to the left, letting her hair hang off her shoulder as she dabbed it dry.

Jamie could feel a heat rush through her body and down to her core as her eyes landed on Dani's chest, immediately spotting her pink bra showing through the wet shirt. Her eyes continued to travel downward in an attempt to avoid staring inappropriately, but she didn’t get far before her eyes stopped again. She swallowed thickly as she tried to not admire the way that Dani’s very wet tank top hugged tightly against her body, revealing her toned and muscular abdomen that Jamie had become all too familiar with seeing on a nightly basis at this point,

“Is there something wrong?” Dani’s voice pulled Jamie back to reality. She quickly looked up and could see the amusement flashing all over Dani’s face as her lips slightly curled upward.

“What?” Jamie cleared her throat. “N-no, uhm everything is perfect.” She shoved her hands into the pockets of her large overalls and looked down at the ground.

“Good to know,” Dani hummed.

Jamie looked up at Dani and swallowed when she saw a suggestive smirk and dark eyes staring back at her. “Is there-” Jamie paused as Dani lifted the bottom of her tank top up to wipe the sweat off her forehead. She could feel her own heart beating out of her chest as Dani’s wet skin was revealed.

“Is there what?” Dani let go of the bottom of her tank top, letting it fully cover her back up.

“Is there anything else I can do for you?” Jamie breathed out, having to force the words as images of Dani’s body imprinted into her memory.

Dani quirked an eyebrow, her smirk growing in size as she watched Jamie squirm. “What do you have in mind?”

Thoughts of Dani pinned up against the wall in her flat flashed through Jamie’s mind. Dani’s mouth running the length of her jaw, breathing heavily into Jamie’s ear as Jamie’s hands run the length of her body, warming every inch of her skin with her touch.

She boldly opened her mouth, ready to spill the words let me take you upstairs and show you, but the sight of Dani staring at her in a playful and knowing manner made her quickly change her mind. “Did you need another towel, or dry clothes?”

“I think I should be okay getting dry clothes, were you wanting to accompany me to my room?” Dani threw the towel over her shoulder and tilted her head to the side.

“What?” Jamie took a step back in confusion. “Are you serious?” She swallowed, her mouth going dry at the thought of Dani’s suggestion.

“No, Jamie,” Dani chuckled. “I should be fine to get myself dressed.”

“Right. Yeah, no, of course,” Jamie rubbed the back of her neck in embarrassment.

“We should probably get back inside.” Dani nodded behind her towards the entrance.

“Yeah, dinner is probably just about ready.”

Dani and Jamie both stood silently, neither of them moving or breaking eye contact as the tension clouded around them like a thick haze.

“Right, well I’ll see you inside,” Dani shook her head, causing Jamie to wonder what exactly was going through her mind in that moment.

She watched as Dani walked away and disappeared through the front door. Dani knew what she was doing just then, she had to know, Jamie thought. Dani enjoyed how flushed she’d made Jamie, she enjoyed working Jamie up just to pull her back down. If Jamie had doubts before, she knew for certain now. Dani definitely remembers everything from last night, including everything I said.



Jamie entered the club that night the way she used to before meeting Dani, full of swagger and confidence as she walked through the door like the club belonged to her. She had only one goal in mind tonight involving a certain American - she was going to make Dani as hot and bothered as Dani had made her earlier at the manor, no matter how many lap dances it took. She looked around and immediately noticed the tables and chairs that normally occupied the right hand side of the stage were replaced with a large mechanical bull. The bull was surrounded by a handful of people watching a drunk man wearing jeans and a cowboy vest hang on for dear life as the bull bounced up and down in an unpredicted manner.

Jamie shook her head at the ridiculousness of a strip club having a mechanical bull, not surprised in the least that Peter would come up with such a thing. Her face scrunched in disgust as country music blared through the club’s speakers, "Save a Horse (Ride a Cowboy)" by Big & Rich echoing through the crowded space. She approached the bar and smiled widely as Rebecca made her way over to her.

“Well, well, look who the cat dragged in,” Rebecca smiled.

“I think you mean bull,” Jamie nodded beside her towards the crowd of people.

Rebecca laughed and shook her head. “Saw that, did you? Pretty wild, right?”

“Pretty and wild are not the first words that came to mind when I saw that thing.” Jamie smirked.

“So does that mean you’re not going to take a crack at it then?” Rebecca wiped the bar-top with a rag in front of where Jamie took a seat.

“Definitely not. The only crack you’d be seeing is the one in my bloody skull if I got on that thing.” Jamie shouted as the beat of the song playing over the speakers swelled and pulsed through the club. “Requires some major leg muscle to stay on that thing, I'll be flat on my arse in no time.”

“Can’t say I’d be any different,” Rebecca replied, throwing the rag over her shoulder.

“Anyone crazy enough to try that shit deserves a proper crack, I’ll tell you that much. Knock some sense into them,” Jamie playfully shook her head.

“Something tells me you’ll be singing a much different tune not too long from now,” Rebecca winked.

“What’s that supposed to mean?” Jamie raised an eyebrow.

“Nothing,” she grinned. “You’ll see soon enough. Until then, d’you want the usual?”

“That’d be great, thanks Becs.” Jamie pulled her wallet out and placed a bill onto the bar-top.

Rebecca grabbed the scotch from the shelf behind her and poured Jamie a double before sliding the glass in front of her. “There you are.”

“Great, change is yours.” Jamie grabbed the glass and took a small sip from it. “I’ll see you in a bit.” She raised her glass in thanks and then walked towards the bull, begging for any distraction to pull her away from the country music playing throughout the club.

Jamie laughed as she watched guy after guy get on the mechanical bull, all approaching it with the same disastrous arrogance as the drunken meatheads before them. It always ended the same way - the bull would start up, a few kicks to the left and a few to the right and then a complete turn. Jamie could see the same horror in the eyes of the rider every single time - always right after the first set of turns when another turn would start and stop midway, then change direction with a large kick. It never failed at taking the rider by surprise - and often ended with them flat on their ass and a slew of curse words flying out of their mouth.

It didn’t take long before Jamie was on her second drink of the night. She’d just returned from the bar when nearly all of the lights in the club turned off and the announcer began to speak for the first time that evening.

Ladies and Gentlemen, we’d like to start by welcoming you to country night and we hope you enjoy yourselves. Our first dancer has chosen to do things a bit differently tonight, so saddle up for a wild ride, partner. Please welcome, Skye!

Suddenly, the lights turned on right above the stage and Jamie blinked as Dani walked toward the pole, a rock cover of “Pony” by Far started up over the speakers. Jamie felt her mouth go dry as her sight finally registered the outfit Dani had on, starting with the white cowgirl hat she was wearing. Her eyes slowly traveled down to the white cut off vest she had on with fringed strips of white suede fabric dangling from the sides, the vest unbuttoned and pulled apart enough to reveal a white bikini top and Dani's distractingly toned stomach that Jamie always found incredibly hard to take her eyes off of.

She managed to do the impossible and her eyes continued their exploration down, admiring the matching white suede chaps Dani had on, also decorated with fringed strips of white suede fabric dangling from the sides down to her white heels. The chaps cut low around Dani’s mid-thigh, revealing a white thong with suede tassels and sending Jamie’s mind reeling as she silently praised the inventor of assless chaps for the gift she was bearing witness to.

I'm just a bachelor
I'm looking for a partner
Someone who knows how to ride
Without even falling off
Gotta be compatible
Takes me to my limits
Girl when I break you off
I promise that you won't want to get off

If you're horny let's do it
Ride it, my pony
My saddle's waiting
Come and jump on it
If you're horny let's do it
Ride it, my pony
My saddle's waiting
Come and jump on it

Dani approached the pole and reached up high, wrapping her hand around the cold metal. She held on as she kicked her feet off the ground and her body swung around a few times before stopping right in front of the crowd - in front of Jamie.

Jamie walked over to the left of the stage, watching as Dani’s back pressed up against the pole. She arched her back as she pushed her hips forward, her hands slowly running up and down the metal behind her. She then turned around and started swaying her hips left to right to the beat of the song.

Dani once again reached high and grabbed the metal rod, lifting her feet off the ground and tucking her legs into her stomach as she rotated around. Jamie watched in amazement as Dani’s biceps flexed, her hands gripped firmly to the metal to hold herself up with every spin around the pole. Dani straightened her legs as she stretched her body out, maintaining her grip near the top. She pushed her chest away from the pole as she continued to rotate herself around, shaking and flipping her hair in different directions.

Her hands and body slid down the cold metal until she landed on the floor, legs slightly parted before she dipped backwards and laid against the stage on her back. She thrust her hips into the air as she used her feet to push off and slide her body down the stage and away from the pole.

Dani lifted her hips high and pushed her legs up into the air before bending towards her head, rolling herself back and onto her knees. Once she was on all fours, she crawled her way back to the pole and reached her hand up, grabbing halfway up the metal bar and pulling herself up from the ground.

Sitting here flossing
Peepin' your steelo
Just once if I have the chance
The things I would do to you
You and your body
Every single portion
Send chills up and down your spine
Juices flowing down your thigh

Dani once again turned around away from the rod and faced the audience. She pressed her shoulder against the unforgiving metal and reached her hands up high, squaring her back parallel to the floor as she thrust her hips outwards to the audience. She slowly ran her hands and body down the shaft as her hips continued thrusting in the air until she was laying down.

Once her back was resting on the ground, she kicked her legs up and wrapped them around the pole, pushing her ass into the air before she lifted her upper body up its length. She reached just above her head and started climbing, pulling herself upwards using only her arms. Jamie watched the muscles in Dani’s shoulders tighten and bulge as she lifted herself, the look on Dani’s face seemingly effortless Once her hands reached the top, she unwrapped her legs and let them loosely hang as she slid her way back down and landed on her feet. She let go and walked to the end of the stage, her lips curled upward as her eyes met with Jamie’s for a brief moment.

Jamie took a drink from her scotch to distract herself from the heat radiating from her core. Dani bent forward, running her hands down the front of her legs as she did so. Suddenly, she grabbed the bottom of her chaps and as she went to stand straight again, she tore away at the fabric, ripping the chaps in two and throwing one to the left of her and the other to the right. Jamie watched as the suede flew above and past her to an older gentleman sitting behind her, smiling and waving it in the air as he caught it.

Dani smiled and walked to the edge of the stage. She reached out and grabbed the hand of a tall, burly-looking security guard who helped her jump off. Jamie scrunched her face in confusion as Dani approached the mechanical bull. She shook her head in disbelief, there was no way Dani would be crazy enough to attempt riding that thing in the middle of her strip tease, not with Peter lurking nearby.

Suddenly, she proved Jamie wrong as she jumped on the bull and got herself properly situated. Dani looked in her direction and winked as the bull started up.

If you're horny let's do it
Ride it, my pony
My saddle's waiting
Come and jump on it

If you're horny let's do it
Ride it, my pony
My saddle's waiting
Come and jump on it

If we're gonna get nasty baby
First we'll show and tell
'Till I reach your pony tail

Lurk all over and through you baby
Until we reach the stream
You'll be on my jockey team

Jamie made her way over to the metal bars that surrounded the mechanical bull and blocked the audience off from the rider, leaving the inside free for a soft landing if the rider flew off. Her mouth hung slightly open as she watched the bull start off with kicking left, and then right. Dani’s hands tangled in her hair as her hips motioned with the kicks, holding onto the bull with only her thighs.

Jamie wondered if there was any way Dani would survive passed the spin of death, where everyone she’d watched until now eventually flew off. The bull turned fast once, then twice, finishing with a kick in the air. Dani smiled as she thrust her hips into the saddle of the bull, her thighs continuing to grasp tightly on each side of the saddle.

The bull started to turn once again, but stopped halfway through and kicked to the right twice, which Dani met both times expectantly with another thrust of her hips.

The bull started to turn to the left suddenly, stopping again halfway and kicking twice once again to the left, and Dani’s hips grinded deep into the saddle with each kick like it was absolutely nothing for her. Jamie looked around and could see multiple jaws of previous riders hanging low as they watched her succeed where they couldn’t.

Suddenly, the bull started twisting and turning in different directions, kicking every few seconds. Jamie bit her bottom lip in fear that Dani would go flying off and possibly hurt herself, but each time the bull kicked, Dani proved Jamie wrong. Eventually, Jamie’s shoulders relaxed and she started to enjoy the performance as she realised Dani was far better at riding the mechanical bull than she could have ever imagined. Her thighs flexed and tensed as she held on, pulling Jamie’s attention to the muscles stretched taut against the saddle of the mechanical bull.

If you're horny let's do it
Ride it, my pony
My saddle's waiting
Come and jump on it

If you're horny let's do it
Ride it, my pony
My saddle's waiting
Come and jump on it

Dani’s hips continued to move with the bull’s every kick, and Jamie watched as her hands ran through her hair as she grinded forward against the saddle. She then tossed her head back and forth, causing her hair to flip around in the air. Dani looked over at Jamie and for a brief moment they held eye contact until Dani smiled and waved at Jamie, as though it took no effort keeping herself upright on the bull while it kicked left and right.

The bull came to a complete stop for a brief second and Jamie shook her head in disbelief as she watched Dani push her hips off the bull with her hands and swing her legs around, causing her entire body to turn and face the backend of the bull.

Jamie downed the rest of her scotch as she felt her heart pounding against her ribs. Her face felt hot, and Jamie convinced herself it must’ve been the excessively warm day she had endured earlier causing her face to flush, certainly not the sight of Dani grinding her hips against the bull she was riding in front of her.

She licked the remaining alcohol from her lips and caught Dani’s eye as she did so. Dani bit her bottom lip as the bull kicked into the air, and her hips thrust against the back end with it.

The bull then once again started to spin around in circles as it continued kicking left and right. Dani lifted her arms above her head, as she swung her hair around, causing her blonde waves to cover her face completely. Jamie could not remove her eyes from Dani’s thighs, admiring how much muscle and strength they had as they were the only things holding onto the angry mechanical bull.

Suddenly, for the second time that day, Jamie watched with wide eyes as Dani lost control and flew to ground - landing with a thump. Her body twitched as she went to jump over the bars blocking her off but before she could move, Dani quickly jumped up onto her feet, laughing.

The song came to an end and Dani took a playful bow before exiting out of the mechanical bull pit. Jamie watched as Dani walked towards her and felt her nerves tighten in her chest. The effect Dani’s performance had on her, watching the way her hips moved against the saddle as her thighs clenched against the bull to keep herself secure, sent waves of arousal crashing low between her legs.

“Enjoy the show?” Dani smiled.

Jamie’s mouth felt like a dried up lake in the middle of a drought as she dumbly nodded at Dani’s playful greeting. She threw her head back and downed the rest of her scotch in a quick attempt for a boost of liquid courage. “Yeah,” Jamie’s voice rasped. “Bloody impressive I’d say.” Jamie placed her empty glass down on the table to her left and smiled at Dani.

“Heading out for the night?” Dani looked at the empty glass and back up at Jamie.

Jamie shook her head. "Not yet. Was hoping to get a lap dance before I left.” Jamie could feel her heart race as she watched Dani raise an eyebrow. She knew Peter was here, and she knew in Dani’s world that meant she would actually have to get a lap dance. Jamie also remembered how the last time Dani brought up that very same point, Peter was actually absent from the strip club. Normally Jamie wasn’t one to speculate, but she couldn’t help but draw her own conclusions based off of the past few interactions they’d had together at the club, solidified even more by Dani’s impromptu visit last night. If nothing else, it certainly appeared that Dani enjoyed giving lap dances as much as Jamie enjoyed receiving them.

“You know Peter is here tonight, right?” Dani crossed her arms.

“Aye, I’m aware.”

“So I’ll actually have to dance for you?”

“Also aware, thank you.”

“And you’re okay with that?”

“Wouldn’t be asking if I wasn’t, would I?” Jamie smirked.

They both stood in front of each other in silence, Jamie watching silently as Dani’s eyes searched hers. She could feel her heart racing as she waited for Dani to reply, wondering if maybe asking for a lap dance was the wrong move, maybe she misunderstood the situation after all.

“Okay,” Dani’s voice came out as a soft breeze. “Follow me then.” She grabbed Jamie’s hand and led her towards the back of the club.

As they entered the back private room hand in hand, Jamie could feel Dani’s grip tighten as she closed the curtain behind them. Jamie wondered if maybe Dani felt as nervous as her, while also allowing herself to toy with the idea that the small gesture was done out of pure excitement over anything else - the thought alone caused Jamie’s heart to pound out of her chest.

Dani dropped Jamie’s hand and gestured towards the red sofa against the wall. “Go get comfortable,” she smiled.

Jamie nodded as she walked to the loveseat and sat down. The beat to “Give It” by Betta Lemme started up and Jamie watched as Dani slowly made her way over to her lap, her hips swaying left to right to the beat of the song.

I ask myself the same questions
I tell myself the same lies
The silver on your skin tastes like
The movie in my minds eye

I ask myself the same questions
I tell myself the same lies
The silver on your skin tastes like
The movie in my minds eye

Les nuits ne changeras pas
Les soirs quand tes plus la
Même si ca fait mal
Sois mon animals
Sentiments brutal
Les nuits ne changeras pas

Give it
Give it
Give it
Give it

Dani sank down in front of Jamie before pushing Jamie’s knees open and sliding into the space, closing what little distance remained between them. She slowly dragged the palms of her hands up and down Jamie’s thighs, moving them inward as she did so. Jamie swallowed as she looked down at Dani, eyes dark with want.

Dani arched her back as she stood and turned around, then sat herself into Jamie’s lap, her back pressed against Jamie’s chest as she pushed her hips down rough and slow. Dani started to move her ass in circular motions to the beat of the song against Jamie, resting the back of her head on Jamie’s shoulder. She turned her head so that her mouth was pressed against Jamie’s ear, her voice a whisper against the music pounding through the speakers. “You can touch if you want.”

She swallowed as Dani reached behind her and grabbed both of her arms, resting Jamie’s hands on her bare abdomen as her hips continued to grind into Jamie’s center. Jamie could feel her stomach tighten, waves of pleasure building as Dani’s ass pressed hard into her, moving and grinding to the beat of the song.

Jamie let out a shaky breath as her hands travelled across Dani’s skin, feeling the firmness of her abs as Dani rolled her hips down again and again. She closed her eyes as she felt Dani’s warm breath against her neck as Dani continued to grind into Jamie, applying more pressure. She could feel herself losing her grip on her own self control, she’d had dozens of lap dances before this and none of them felt the way Dani was making her feel because Dani wasn’t just any dancer in the club, wasn’t just Skye.

Dani was Dani, and Dani had been flirting with Jamie ever since she first danced for her. Dani had shown up at Jamie’s flat the night before, drunk and throwing herself at her. Jamie wanted Dani, and she hoped that Dani wanted her too. So with all the confidence Jamie could muster, she raised her hips as Dani pressed down again, and ground into her. A more intense wave of pleasure shot through Jamie’s core this time, causing a loud moan to escape. Jamie raked her fingers across Dani’s stomach and down her sides, towards her legs as she rested her head back onto the couch and enjoyed the sensation that Dani was providing her.

I ask myself the same questions
I tell myself the same lies
The silver on your skin tastes like
The movie in my minds eye

I ask myself the same questions
I tell myself the same lies
The silver on your skin tastes like
The movie in my minds eye

Les nuits ne changeras pas
Les soirs quand tes plus la
Même si ca fait mal
Sois mon animals
Sentiments brutal
Les nuits ne changeras pas

Give it
Give it
Give it
Give it

Dani grabbed Jamie’s hands and gently brushed them off her body as she got up from her lap and turned around to face her. She situated herself back onto the sofa while straddling Jamie’s hips, her knees pressing into the cushion. Dani’s hands rested against Jamie’s shoulders as she gently pushed her back into the sofa, her breasts grazing against Jamie’s face as she sat up tall.

Dani then reached behind her own back and undid the string to her bikini top, doing the same with the string around her neck. Jamie watched as the fabric fell onto her lap and swallowed as Dani once again leaned forward and grazed her chest against Jamie’s face.

“Christ,” Jamie breathed out.

Dani lowered her ass on top of Jamie's lap, bringing them face to face. She ground herself deep into Jamie as she wrapped her arms around Jamie’s shoulders, pulling her in closer to her. Dani bit her bottom lip as she rolled her hips in a constant and steady motion, with purpose as she did so. Jamie’s hands found purchase against Dani’s thighs, slowly rubbing her palms up and down the sides of them. She dug her fingertips into Dani’s hips and as she pulled Dani further down into her, raising her own hips as she did so. Another moan escaped as Jamie ground herself once more against Dani, feeling the right amount of pressure applied against her clit.

“Dani,” Jamie breathed freely. She bit back a groan at the sight of Dani’s bright blue eyes turned dark and clouded with lust. Dani continued to rotate her hips, her ass pressing hard into Jamie.

Just as the lyrics to the song started back up, Dani leaned forward and pressed her lips up against the side of Jamie’s face. Jamie closed her eyes and focused on Dani’s warm and steady breath lingering against her ear as she sang along in French, the sound of Dani’s voice against her skin burning red hot as Jamie sat frozen and fixated.

Les nuits ne changeras pas
Les soirs quand tes plus la
Même si ca fait mal
Sois mon animals
Sentiments brutal
Les nuits ne changeras pas

Dani pulled back, her eyes refusing to break contact with Jamie’s. The song was coming to an end and with every beat, Dani’s face would inch closer and closer to Jamie.

Give it
Give it
Give it
Give it

Même si ca fait mal
Sois mon animals
Même si ca fait mal
Sois mon animals

Même si ca fait mal
Sois mon animals
Sentiments brutal

By the end of the song, Dani’s forehead was pressed up against Jamie’s, Dani had ceased all movement and both women were breathing heavily as their eyes searched one another for approval. As much as Jamie wanted Dani, she refused to make the first move, not with how hot and cold Dani had been in the past.

But then the beat to “Dangerous Woman” by Ariana Grande started up and Dani toyed with her bottom lip between her teeth - and all sense of right and wrong went out the window. Jamie’s hands slid down to Dani’s ass, grabbing and pulling her in closer as the verse began.

Don't need permission
Made my decision to test my limits
Cause it's my business, God as my witness
Start what I finished
Don't need no hold up
Taking control of this kind of moment
I'm locked and loaded
Completely focused, my mind is open

“Jamie-” Dani whispered a soft plea that, if not for how close Jamie was, could have easily been lost in the music blaring over the speakers. Jamie could feel Dani’s heavy breathing against her lips as their mouths remained an inch apart, so close yet Jamie was sure Dani had never felt so far away.

“Yeah?” Jamie swallowed, an attempt to clear the raspiness that had overpowered her voice - a dead giveaway to how flustered Dani had her in that very moment.

Dani’s ass started to rotate in Jamie’s lap once again, somehow harder and more direct than before. “Do you want-” Dani’s whisper was cut off by a soft moan that flowed through Jamie’s pursed lips.

All that you got, skin to skin, oh my God
Don't ya stop, boy

Jamie sucked in a deep breath in an attempt to regain her self control. She exhaled slowly and blinked as Dani licked her bottom lip. “Do I want what?” Jamie rolled her forehead against Dani’s, nudging herself closer.

“Should I stop?” Dani ground harder into Jamie, causing another wave of pleasure as her arousal continued to pool. Jamie bit her bottom lip and lightly shook her head. Her fingertips traced Dani’s bare back as she begged for the moment to never end.

Somethin' 'bout you makes me feel like a dangerous woman
Somethin' 'bout, somethin' 'bout, somethin' 'bout you
Makes me wanna do things that I shouldn't
Somethin' 'bout, somethin' 'bout, somethin' 'bout

Jamie closed her eyes as she felt the pleasure slowly building. She only opened her eyes when she felt Dani’s nose nudging against hers. Jamie’s head spun as their lips grazed ever so slightly. She sucked in a breath and before Dani could say or do anything else, she wrapped her left hand around the back of Dani’s neck and pulled her in. Jamie’s lips crashed into Dani’s like a magnet pulling them together.

Jamie ran her hand up from Dani’s neck and grabbed a fist full of hair as they desperately tasted each other. Soft lips pressed together frantically seeking for more as they moved in a rhythm like they were made for each other. Dani’s tongue slickly ran along Jamie’s bottom lip before sucking it into her own mouth, gently biting down as she pulled back.

Nothing to prove and I'm bulletproof and
Know what I'm doing
The way we're movin' like introducing
Us to a new thing
I wanna savor, save it for later
The taste of flavor, cause I'm a taker
Cause I'm a giver, it's only nature
I live for danger

Jamie’s eyes darkened as Dani continued pressing and grinding against her slick heat, intentionally seeking a reaction. The back of Jamie’s hand slowly ghosted along Dani’s skin and down her inner thigh. The tips of her fingers grazed against Dani’s soaked panties and stopped along the edge of the waistband as she watched Dani bite down on her own bottom lip. Desire-filled eyes searched her own as Jamie’s fingers toyed with the fabric.

“Jamie-” Dani rasped.

All that you got, skin to skin, oh my God
Don't ya stop, boy

Jamie swallowed as she moved her panties to the side, revealing her in a way she had only ever dreamed of. Her hand steadied, her fingers so close to Dani’s arousal that she could feel the heat radiating on the tips of them.

Somethin' 'bout you makes me feel like a dangerous woman
Somethin' 'bout, somethin' 'bout, somethin' 'bout you
Makes me wanna do things that I shouldn't
Somethin' 'bout, somethin' 'bout, somethin' 'bout you

Jamie waited for a signal or a sign. Any indication that Dani wanted this; that Dani needed this. And as though Dani wasn’t already doing enough to drive Jamie over the edge as it was, she removed her arm from Jamie’s shoulder and lowered it to her own heat. Jamie moaned in approval as Dani grabbed the back of her hand and pressed her palm against her, allowing her to feel just exactly how much of an effect she had on Dani.

Jamie leaned forward once again and pressed her lips against Dani’s, memorizing how perfect they felt. “You’re sure?” Jamie whispered as she pulled away, keeping their foreheads pressed against each other.

All girls wanna be like that
Bad girls underneath, like that
You know how I'm feeling inside
Somethin' 'bout, somethin' 'bout

“I want-” Dani moved up Jamie’s lap, pressing herself into Jamie’s palm and moaning quietly at the applied pressure.

“Say it,” Jamie whispered. “I wanna hear-” She swallowed in an attempt to soothe the dryness that overtook her throat, making it hard for her to speak. “I wanna hear you say it.”

“I wanna feel you inside of me,” Dani husked.

Without another word, Jamie’s palm slid against Dani’s wetness as she pushed two fingers inside.

All girls wanna be like that
Bad girls underneath, like that
You know how I'm feeling inside
Somethin' 'bout, somethin' 'bout

Dani’s eyes rolled to the back of her head as she felt Jamie press deep into her, then pulling her fingers out before pumping in again. Jamie watched Dani’s expression as she moved inside of her and felt her own wetness pool as Dani gasped in awe, like she had never been touched in such a way in her entire life. She memorized every detail, finding it difficult to pull her eyes away from the way Dani’s jaw hung slightly open as her tongue pressed on her bottom lip - only disappearing when Jamie curled her fingers in a particular way. She noted the way Dani’s eyes twisted shut and her head dipped every time Jamie pressed her palm against her clit, adding pressure that, based off the way Dani’s hips were grinding against her, seemed to be something Dani not only enjoyed but craved.

“God-” Dani moaned as Jamie slightly pulled her fingers out, only to push them deep inside again. “That- that feels good,” Dani stammered. “You feel good.”

Somethin' 'bout you makes me feel like a dangerous woman
Somethin' 'bout, somethin' 'bout, somethin' 'bout you
Makes me wanna do things that I shouldn't
Somethin' 'bout, somethin' 'bout, somethin' 'bout you

Jamie’s fingers picked up the pace as the palm of her hand worked against Dani’s clit. “Just wanna feel you,” Jamie’s grasp tightened around Dani’s hair. She pulled her head back to expose the crook of her neck. Jamie’s lips brushed along Dani’s collarbone before she started kissing her way along Dani’s neck. “Just wanna make you feel good,” Jamie mumbled against her skin. “Fuck, I’m gonna make you feel so good.” She gently bit down on Dani’s neck before sucking on her skin.

“You do,” Dani moaned. “Feels so good.” Her hips rocked to the rhythm of Jamie’s fingers, shocks of pleasure rippling through her body as she felt herself ache and crest closer to release, something she wasn’t used to. “Oh god, y-yes.” Dani gasped as Jamie’s palm pressed against her clit, massaging it ever so slightly.

“Gonna make you forget everything you ever knew about feelin’ good.” Jamie continued to pepper kisses against Dani’s neck.

All girls wanna be like that
Bad girls underneath like that
You know how I'm feeling inside
Somethin' 'bout, somethin' 'bout

“Can you-” Dani’s words were cut off as she felt Jamie push and curl deep inside, drawing another moan from her.

“Can I what?” Jamie’s eyes fixated on Dani’s as she lowered her head towards Dani’s chest, taking her nipple between her lips and flicking it lightly with the tip of her tongue.

“Faster,” Dani breathed out at the sensation of Jamie’s tongue pressing against her nipple as she took it into her mouth and gently sucked.

Jamie’s fingers started moving in and out of Dani’s folds faster and harder. Jamie pulled away from Dani’s chest and watched as her blue eyes shut tightly.

“Look at me,” Jamie husked. “I wanna see you when you-” Jamie’s words were cut off when Dani’s eyes snapped open and a loud moan filled the room.

All girls wanna be like that
Bad girls underneath like that
You know how I'm feeling inside
Somethin' 'bout, somethin' 'bout

“I- I think I’m get-getting close.” Dani wrapped her arms around Jamie’s shoulders once again. She raked her hands through brown curls, grabbing a handful as the waves of pleasure started hitting more frequently. “Kiss me,” Dani choked out.

She leaned forward and captured Dani’s lips into a heated and messy kiss. Dani gasped as Jamie’s fingers pushed in and out faster, working towards one purpose only.

“J- Jamie,” Dani whined. She pulled back and rested her forehead on Jamie’s shoulder as she started moving her hips against Jamie’s lap.

Jamie closed her eyes with a low groan as she felt Dani’s slick heat sliding up and down, coating Jamie’s palm in her arousal. “God-” Jamie’s words were cut off as Dani bit down into her shoulder, muffling her own moan.

Dani continued to move against Jamie’s fingers with quiet gasps. Jamie could tell how close she was getting with how frantic she had become, her rapid yet solid thrusts that carried no rhythm - only desperation.

Yeah, there's somethin' 'bout you boy
Yeah, there's somethin' 'bout you boy
Yeah, there's somethin' 'bout you boy
Yeah, there's somethin' 'bout you boy
(Somethin' 'bout, somethin' 'bout, somethin' 'bout you)

Jamie could feel Dani lifting her hips, causing Jamie’s fingers to move in and out of her slick heat at a much faster pace. “So good.” Dani cried out breathlessly as she ran her hands down Jamie’s back, dragging her nails against her shirt - feeling the sweat radiating from Jamie’s body.

“Fuck, how are you even real?” Jamie sucked in a deep breath as she felt Dani’s nails scratching against her, clawing down her spine. Dani’s hips continued to grind into Jamie’s hand, begging for release. Jamie wanted nothing more than to oblige, wanting to grant every wish and fantasy Dani had. She did her best to match the rhythm of Dani’s movement, pulling her coated fingers out, only to drive them back in as Dani’s hips thrusted forward.

Yeah, there's somethin' 'bout you boy
Yeah, there's somethin' 'bout you boy
Yeah, there's somethin' 'bout you boy
Yeah, there's somethin' 'bout you boy
(Somethin' 'bout, somethin' 'bout, somethin' 'bout you)

“God, I’m gonna-” Dani’s cries were muffled by Jamie’s lips pressed firmly against hers, needing to feel the connection one last time before the moment ended - before Dani had the chance to pretend and avoid. Something Jamie hoped would not happen, but given the last few days felt inevitable.

“I got you,” Jamie pulled back and started kissing along Dani’s neck once again. Jamie thrust into Dani once more, and Dani was done for. Jamie could feel Dani tighten around her and Dani’s hips pushed into Jamie’s hand erratically, body frantic as she rode Jamie’s fingers to completion, her orgasm crashing into her and rippling into cresting waves of pleasure.

“Oh my-” Dani’s mouth opened with a silent moan hanging off her lips. Jamie watched awestruck as Dani cried out, her nails dug deep into her back like it was her first time ever succumbing to the sensation - and Jamie thought for a quick moment that perhaps it was.

After a moment, Dani’s shoulders relaxed and Jamie slowly pulled her fingers out, subtly wiping them on her pants. Jamie watched Dani closely, curious about what her reaction would be like this time.

“Wow,” Dani laughed breathlessly, her eyes remained shut for a brief moment before she finally opened them to look at Jamie.

“Yeah, that was…” Incredible, Jamie thought, the word hanging on the tip of her tongue and threatening to spill from her lips.

“Fun,” Dani replied nonchalantly.

Jamie scrunched her face as Dani slid herself off her lap and stood back up to fix her panties. “Uh, yeah. Fun.” She followed Dani’s actions and stood up as well. She looked between the exit of the room and Dani, almost expecting Dani to turn and run without looking back. “Loads of fun.”

“So much fun,” Dani smiled with a slight nod. The two of them watched each other closely and Jamie watched as Dani chewed on her bottom lip. She wondered if Dani expected her to be the one to make a run for it, if Dani expected her to bolt upstairs to her flat without another word.

“Should we maybe...” Jamie paused and rubbed the back of her neck. “Talk about it?” She asked slowly, afraid that anything she could say would cause Dani to slip away.

“Oh,” Dani replied. Jamie immediately noticed the hint of hesitation and prepared for impact. “I, uh, I don’t think I can right now.” Dani took a step back. “I should probably get back to work.”

“Right, no of course.” Jamie nodded. “But are we going to talk about it some other time then?”

“Uh, okay,” Dani replied and Jamie scoffed, shaking her head. “I mean of course, I just don’t know when right now. But yeah, some other time.” Dani took another step back. “I should go though. That was-” Dani paused as she took another step back. “Fun.”

“Yeah no, you mentioned that thank you.”

“No I know, I just mean it was a lot of-”

“Fun?” Jamie finished the sentence for Dani, a slight smirk now playing on her lips.

“Yeah,” Dani breathed out laughter.

“Would you say it was fun enough to do again sometime?” Jamie took a step towards Dani, her arm reached forward and she grazed her fingertips along the back of Dani’s hand.

Dani drew her bottom lip between her teeth for a quick moment. “Well-”

Suddenly both Jamie and Dani looked towards the exit as the curtain quickly drew open. “Christ,” Peter appeared in front of them. “Been looking for you everywhere, the song ended two minutes ago.” Peter looked at Dani, and then at Jamie. “Jamie,” he nodded. “Nice to see you.” He then looked back at Dani, and Jamie noticed his jaw tightened as though he was preparing to say something unpleasant to Dani.

“Yeah mate, nice to see you too.” Jamie forced a smile. “Sorry about that, I was talking Skye’s ear off and she mentioned she had to get back to work but I wouldn’t shut up. Feel free to charge me for another song if ya need to.”

Jamie was relieved to see Peter’s jaw loosen as his lips curled upward. “Nonsense, Jamie. You’re one of my best customers, I don’t mind letting it slide this time.” Jamie wanted to laugh at how condescending Peter was.

“Right, appreciate that. I’ll uh, catch you both later.” Jamie nodded. She then left the private rooms and quickly headed towards the exit of the club, her mind clouded with confusion at Dani’s strange behaviour. She was desperate to figure out Dani, to get more than three words in and actually talk about what they were doing, but the desperation to get away from Peter before she could make things worse for Dani won out as she slipped out the side door and climbed the steps to her flat.



Dani walked out of the club at the end of the night, eyes already heavy with exhaustion. She couldn’t wait to get back to the manor and lay down on the oversized comfy bed that her room had to offer.

She checked her surroundings before closing the back door behind her and jogged to where her car was parked, quickly unlocking it and then locking it once she was situated inside. She turned her key in the ignition and groaned as her car stuttered while trying to start. Dani closed her eyes in frustration as she tried again and again, but had no luck in getting it to work.

She rested her head on the steering wheel and closed her eyes, nearly drifting to sleep as she sat and contemplated what to do next. She knew the answer was simple, and probably in bed by now upstairs in the building behind her. She was exhausted as it was, and hated waiting alone in the parking lot when the club closed as she had too many experiences in California with creepy drunk men sticking around after hours. But with what had just happened between her and Jamie earlier, Dani wasn’t sure she wanted to deal with the awkward tension that would likely follow if she knocked on her door at one thirty in the morning.

She opened the car door and quickly locked it before jogging over to the upstairs entrance for Jamie’s flat. As she approached the door, she could feel her stomach knotting with nerves. She took a deep breath before knocking.

Dani’s eyes fixed on the bottom of the door as she waited for Jamie. She noticed it was dark, it was likely that Jamie was asleep, as most normal people who have to work in the morning should be. Dani grabbed her phone from her pocket and was ready to order an Uber when she saw the bottom of the door light up. She sighed in relief as she heard footsteps approaching.

The footsteps stopped and Dani could hear a soft mutter as locks were being adjusted on the door. When the door opened, Jamie stood in front of her wearing a white tank top and grey sweatpants. “Poppins, everything alright?” Jamie squinted. “This isn’t another one of your drunken adventures is it?”

Dani shook her head. “No, it’s my car. It won’t start and I didn’t want to be alone outside while I figured out what to do next.”

Jamie blinked with a sad smile. “Course, I wouldn't want you doin’ that. Come on in,” Jamie stepped to the side.

“Thanks,” Dani smiled. She walked inside, stopping just past the door to slip off her coat and shoes.

“So,” Jamie locked the door and turned to face Dani, “what happened with your car?”

“I think it’s a dead battery, pretty sure it just needs a jump. I was going to call a taxi and see if they could do it for me-”

“Nonsense,” Jamie cut Dani off. “I can get that jump started for you no problem, a taxi will charge you up the arse for doin’ it.”

“Really?” Dani beamed.

“Sure, but Owen borrowed my jumper cables a few weeks back so I’ll need to run and grab ‘em in the morning.”

“Oh, don’t worry about it then. I can just take an Uber or something, it’s no probl-”

“Dani,” Jamie cut her off and rolled her eyes at Dani’s stubbornness. “It’s nearly two in the morning and you have to get the kids up in five and a half hours. Just stay here tonight and I can get it all sorted for you in the morning. Owen lives only a few minutes down the road. S’not a big deal, yeah?”

Dani chewed on the inside of her cheek, the thought of spending the night with Jamie right after everything that happened causing her chest to tighten. “Yeah, that uh, that works.” Dani pushed down her nerves and forced a smile.

“Great,” Jamie nodded, “you can take the bed again and I’ll-”

“Jamie,” Dani’s stern tone cut her off. “I’m not putting you out two nights in a row. I’ll take the couch and you can keep your bed.”

“Absolutely not, my couch is shite and you barely get sleep as it is,” Jamie shook her head. “You’ll take the bed and I’ll-”

“Sleep with me,” Dani once again cut her off before she could finish.

Jamie quickly coughed to cover up the surprised laugh that escaped with Dani’s words as the memory from a few hours earlier lingered inside of her mind.

“That’s-” Dani’s eyes widened as she realised the effect her words had. “That’s not what I meant,” Dani covered her face with both hands and shook her head. “I really should just go,” she muffled through her fingers.

“Nonsense,” Jamie grabbed both of Dani’s hands and lowered them from her face. “It’s fine Poppins, I know what you meant and if you’re sure you’re okay with it then we can share the bed, it’s a double anyways,” Jamie smirked. She released Dani’s hands and gestured down the hallway towards her bedroom. “Dunno about you but I’m bloody exhausted, so shall we?”

Dani nodded and watched as Jamie turned the light off, following her down the hall and to her bedroom. “I can just wear the same thing as last night, if you still have it?”

“Already in the hamper, but s’not a problem.” Jamie opened her dresser and pulled out a dark blue pair of sweatpants and grey t-shirt. “Here, the bathroom is just outside the door and to the right if you wanna use it.”

Dani nodded as she accepted the change of clothes from Jamie. She walked out of the room and went to the bathroom. Once she was changed, she looked in the mirror and let out a shaky breath as she ran her hands through her hair.

She entered the bedroom and Jamie was already lying on her back on the right side of the bed. The covers were pulled up to her chest and her hands were folded and resting overtop of the blanket against her stomach.

“All good?” Jamie smiled.

“Yep,” Dani placed her folded clothes on Jamie’s dresser. She walked over to the left side of the bed and got under the covers, making sure she kept as much space between herself and Jamie as possible.

The room went quiet as the two of them laid on their backs and stared at the ceiling. Dani could see Jamie’s fingers drumming against her stomach and was expecting her to bring up what happened between them earlier in the night. Instead-

“Well, goodnight Poppins.” Jamie turned off the lamp beside her and Dani watched as the room went dark.

‘Night,” Dani sighed softly. She then turned to the left, facing herself away from Jamie.

Five minutes passed and the room was filled with silence. Dani’s eyes were wide open as she let thoughts of Jamie run marathons inside, keeping her awake and all too aware of her surroundings. The knowledge of how close Jamie was, mere inches under the sheets, if Dani really wanted to reach over and finish what they started was almost too much to bear.

“Dani,” Jamie’s voice was quiet and Dani assumed this was because she was unsure if she was awake or not. It would have been easy to close her eyes and pretend she was sleeping, she was exhausted enough that it would have been believable. But her curiosity got the better of her.

Dani turned around on her other side so she was now facing Jamie, who was still laying on her back. “Yeah?” Dani whispered.

“What happened earlier-” Jamie paused, and Dani watched in the darkness as she laid perfectly still. “What was that?”

Dani swallowed and closed her eyes to think of an appropriate answer, because that was the big question wasn’t it? What was it? Dani was so hellbent on keeping her distance from Jamie, knowing the way she made her feel - but at the same time could not ignore the invisible hold Jamie somehow already had on her.

She knew she wasn’t ready for anything serious, maybe ever again after what happened with Eddie. But she also was tired of denying herself from things she enjoyed or wanted, and right now she both enjoyed and wanted Jamie.

“Fun?” Dani winced at her own words as she recalled the awkwardness from earlier when that was all she could reply with.

“Not this again,” Jamie groaned.

“Well, I don’t know what you want me to say.”

“Anything but fun at this point,” Jamie finally turned on her side to face Dani.

“Look, Jamie.” Dani sighed. “Can we just agree that-” Dani bit her bottom lip as she reasoned with herself to just say the words, to just give herself something she wanted - something she craved, “that there is clearly something here and if sometimes things happen then they just...happen?”

“Is that what you want?” Jamie’s voice was low.

Dani wondered if she felt just as nervous as she did. “Hm?” She was grateful for the darkness as she felt her cheeks grow warm.

“For things to maybe keep happening?”

“That depends,” Dani swallowed.

“On what?” Jamie husked.

“Does it always feel like that?” Dani could feel Jamie shift in the bed and immediately regretted the question, feeling exposed as though she had just given herself away.

“Gonna have to be a bit more specific than “that”, Poppins."

"I mean," Dani sighed, "does it always feel that good.” Dani bit her bottom lip at the memory of the effect that Jamie's fingers had on her earlier in the night.

“It can, yeah.” Jamie cleared her throat. “I mean it should, shouldn’t it?”

“Yeah, it should,” Dani frowned and thought back to all the times with Eddie where it didn’t feel like that, even though he had done the same things to her that Jamie had done earlier. “What do you think it means if it doesn’t?”

“If it doesn’t what?”

“Always feel like that.” Dani shifted closer towards Jamie.

“Why do you ask?” Jamie’s voice lowered.

“Well it’s just-” Dani pursed her lips and closed her eyes. She exhaled before reopening them, her eyesight adjusting to the dark until she was able to see Jamie staring at her, waiting patiently. “With my ex. He was never, to-”

“Ah.” Dani could hear the pity in Jamie’s voice and silently berated herself for her own honesty, hating that Jamie might look at her any differently. “Do you mind if I ask you somethin’ personal? You don’t have to answer of course.”

“Yes- I mean no, I don’t mind.”

“Did you want your fiancée?”

Dani slowly inhaled as her heart pounded inside her chest. She had never admitted the truth to anyone other than Rebecca and yet, for some reason, she wanted Jamie to know. “No, never.”

“Then that’s why it’s never felt like that before.” Jamie cleared her throat.

“I wonder-” Dani paused. She wondered lots of things while laying in Jamie’s bedroom in the dark alone with her. She wondered if Jamie’s heart was racing like hers was, fast and steady and pounding against her chest like a stampede. She wondered if Jamie’s mouth was dry like hers, as if she was stuck in the middle of the Sahara desert. And as Dani shifted even closer to Jamie, she wondered if Jamie minded when her foot slowly grazed up against her leg.

“Dani-” Jamie’s voice quavered.

“I wonder if it would feel the same for you, as it felt for me?” Dani cut Jamie off.

Jamie breathed in a sharp breath as Dani’s foot continued to rub against her leg. “I reckon it would, yeah.”

“I’ve never-”

“You don’t have to do anything you don’t want to,” Jamie reached forward and grabbed Dani’s hand. “I mean it, I’m fine with just sleepin', I never expected anything from you and never will.”

“I know, “ Dani swallowed. “But I want to, I just don’t know what I’m doing and I want it to feel good for you. Can you show me?” Dani’s thumb ran across Jamie’s knuckles and she smiled as she felt Jamie’s grip tighten. “Teach me what you like.”

“Christ,” Jamie laughed breathlessly. “You’re gunning to kill me, aren’t ya?”

“No,” Dani shook her head. She moved impossibly closer, pressing herself into Jamie as the smell of Jamie’s perfume overwhelmed her senses and set her nerves on edge. “Just wanna make you feel as good as you made me feel,” Dani whispered.

She leaned forward and slowly nudged their noses together before pressing her lips softly against Jamie’s. The kiss started out slow but heated within seconds as Dani reached behind Jamie and placed her hand on her lower back, pushing her hips closer into her. Dani ran the tip of her tongue against Jamie’s bottom lip and smiled as Jamie wasted no time in meeting her tongue with her own.

Dani could feel her arousal build as Jamie massaged her tongue against hers, their kiss growing faster and more desperate.

“Show me,” Dani pulled back and ran the tips of her fingers against the hem of Jamie’s sweatpants.

“Yeah, we’ll take it slow though,” Jamie breathed out. "And if you want it to stop at any point, you tell me. Okay?"

"Okay," Dani nodded.

Dani felt the bed shake as Jamie lifted her hips from the mattress to pull her sweatpants and underwear off.

“Talk me through it?” Dani leaned forward and slowly kissed along Jamie’s jaw, down to her neck. Her hand snaked its way up Jamie’s shirt and ran over her breast, grazing her hardened nipple with her palm.

“Fuck,” Jamie groaned. “Well, you seem to have gotten that part down.” Dani pulled back and watched as Jamie’s eyes shut when her fingers started to rub against her nipple, pinching it softly and massaging her thumb gently over it.

Dani’s hand slowly traveled back down Jamie’s stomach and stopped when she felt wet heat against her hand, her fingers ghosting along Jamie’s folds.

“Guide my hand to start.” Dani whispered against Jamie’s ear.

“Yeah, okay,” Jamie’s voice was a soft whisper. Dani felt Jamie’s hand rest on top of hers, gently holding it and guiding it against her wet folds. “First, you wanna make sure you gather some wetness.” Jamie moaned as she moved Dani’s fingers and slightly pushed them inside, dragging them up to her clit afterwards.

“Now start moving your fingers against my clit- yeah like that,” Jamie moaned again, “right there.” Dani bit her bottom lip as she felt Jamie’s fingers resting on top of her own, pressing them against her swollen bud. “You wanna start slow- fuck, Dani,” Jamie moaned again as Dani moved her fingers on her own accord back into Jamie’s folds to gather more wetness.

Dani felt Jamie’s hand drop beside her onto the mattress as her fingers started circling Jamie’s clit again, applying more pressure. “Is that okay?” Dani kissed along Jamie’s jaw.

“More than,” Jamie nodded with another low moan. “Y- you can go faster,” Jamie stammed as her hips started grinding into Dani’s hand.

Dani nodded as she circled faster, using her fingers to apply more wetness every so often. “Shit, you feel good.” Jamie moved her hand to Dani’s thigh and gripped her sweatpants. “Don’t stop, y- you have me s- so close.” Jamie closed her eyes as her moans started getting louder and more frequent.

“Yeah, fuck- just like that,” Jamie nodded when Dani applied more pressure.

Dani watched as Jamie’s eyes snapped open and a loud moan filled the room with her name. She continued moving her fingers in the motion Jamie showed her, until she felt Jamie’s hand on top of hers once again ceasing her actions. Jamie’s hips thrusted into the air as her grip tightened around Dani.

“Fuck,” Jamie breathed out. She looked over at Dani and smiled, “that was pretty fuckin’ great for your first time.”

“Thanks,” Dani smiled and bit her bottom lip. “You're a great teacher. I wouldn't mind learning like that again sometime.” She shifted away from Jamie and laid back onto her side.

“Good to hear then,” Jamie smirked. “It’s really all about practice anyways.” Jamie turned onto her back and looked up at the ceiling. “Though practice only does so much.”

“What do you mean?” Dani pulled the covers up to her chin and squinted, swearing she saw Jamie frowning.

“It’s just really about getting to know someone at the end of the day.” Jamie whispered. “Just being with someone enough times that you learn what they like. What particular areas make them weak and what keeps them on the edge. What makes ‘em come fast and hard and what drags it out, builds it slow and makes it last. One night stands, you don’t really get to experience that. So they’re okay, they get you by. But they’re nothing compared to the real thing.”

Dani watched as the frown remained and wondered if there was more to what Jamie was saying. “So is that your preference then?”

“Is what my preference?” Jamie turned her head to the side to face Dani.

“Commitment over one night stands?”

Jamie blinked as she looked at Dani, silence lingering in the air. “Once upon a time it used to be, yeah.” Jamie whispered.

“What happened, if you don’t mind me asking?”

“Should probably get some sleep, Poppins, that’s a bit of a long story. One meant for another time, another lifetime, even.” Jamie smiled softly.

"Right, of course," Dani flushed as she realised she'd thrown Jamie's night time routine off enough by showing up on her doorstep unexpectedly and then practically insisting that she learn how to get her off. Trying to pry into her past was certainly a bridge too far. "Goodnight, Jamie. Thanks again for...everything."

Jamie smiled and let out a tired chuckle. "Happy to help," she murmured as she shifted around to face the opposite side. "Night, Dani."

As Dani turned to face the other wall she couldn't help but reflect on Jamie's last comment. She wondered if the 'happy to help' was referring to helping Dani with her car troubles and giving her a place to stay for the night, or if Jamie truly was happy to be giving as well as receiving. While Dani wasn’t quite looking for a proper friends with benefits arrangement, she wasn’t opposed to having a friend that she could practice with every so often if the situation were ever to arise again. Our situation would be different, she thought to herself as she closed her eyes, it doesn’t have to mean anything if it’s just physical.

Dani brushed aside the unsettling feeling of Jamie not wanting to fully open up to her; there was clearly something in her past, something she wasn't willing to talk about yet. Or ever. They were friends, nothing more. And Dani didn't want anything more, didn't deserve anything more. She let out a sigh as she settled further under the covers. What they had - whatever it was they had, it was enough.