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How Much Is A Kacchan Worth?

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“You’re dead, Dunce Face.” 

Denki raises his hands in defense. “It’ll be fun!”

“Having people bid on me will be fun?” 

“It’s just a date!”

“Dead,” Katsuki repeats. 

There’s no fucking way he’s letting himself be auctioned off. 



Katsuki’s going to kill Denki, and he makes that clear with the glare he shoots to the front row. Denki just smiles and waves, offering a supportive thumbs up. Katsuki considers blowing the entire building up. 

“Next up we have number 3 hero, Dynamite!”

Katsuki regrets every life decision that has led up to this point of his life. 

“Let’s start the bidding at 1,000 dollars. Do I hear 1,000?”

“100,000,” calls a familiar voice, and there’s no fucking way his luck is this bad. 

Katsuki scowls deep enough to cut, eyes swimming through the crowd to confirm that yeah, his luck really is this bad. 

Goddamn Deku. Of course he’s here! And of course he has to shove his money in Katsuki’s face. It’s so Deku. 

It’s been a few years since he’s seen Deku in person, 

but he’s seen him practically everywhere else. Leave it to Deku to fail at being a failure.

Katsuki steps down from the stage to meet his impending doom. 

“Been a while, Kacchan,” Deku says. 

Katsuki glowers. “Did you really have to bid 100,000?”

Deku smiles. It’s sweetness makes Katsuki sick. “You’re worth more than that,” Deku tells him, and then he flushes,  waving his arms around frantically, like he’s only just now realizing what he’s said. “I mean, um, I thought it would be a nice hello! It’s been...a long time. I mean, I see you on TV all the time—“

“Yeah, fucking same,” Katsuki intereupts. 

Deku pauses. “...You’ve been seeing a lot of yourself on TV, too?”

“No. I’ve been seeing you, idiot. The news won’t shut up about you.”

Deku’s eyes widen, a flare of dramatic innocence. “Oh! Oh—“ he scratches at the back of his head. “I did pretty alright for being quirkless, huh?”

Katsuki’s glare deepens. “You make three times as much as me.”

Deku laughs awkwardly, not disagreeing. “Working with Hatsume has been amazing! I feel like I’m still able to make a difference even though I’m quirkless…but soon people won’t need a quirk to become a hero! With the equipment we’re working on right now—“

“Are you going to spend our entire night talking about your lame support company or are you planning to take me home?” Katsuki interrupts, because there’s no point in delaying the inevitable. 

He hasn’t seen Deku in years , and he’s annoyingly successful, and hot—


“You spent 100,000 dollars on a date with me and you don’t want to fuck me? You? The biggest hero fanboy I know doesn’t want to fuck the number 3 hero?” 

Deku stares at him in shock. “I—didn’t know that was an option.” 

“I’m telling you it is,” Katsuki challenges.

Deku gets this look in his eyes, and it hits Katsuki how much he’s missed this. There’s no one in the world that looks at Katsuki the way Deku does and fuck—it already has his stomach in knots. 

“If someone else had won you, would you have slept with them?” Deku asks, an edge to his voice. 

Katsuki smirks. “Jealous?”

“Yes,” Deku says, without a second of hesitation. 

Katsuki swallows. Fuck Dunce Face. Fuck auctions. Fuck Deku. Fucking hell. He’s the number three hero and he’s seriously about to get a hard on ‘cause some nerd won’t stop looking at him like he wants to eat him alive. Pathetic. 

“Then get me the fuck out of here,” Katsuki demands



Deku has his mouth on Katsuki before they even make it through the front door of his apartment, his palms holding onto Katsuki’s waist. 

“You know, I would’ve paid a lot more for a date with you,” Deku mumbles into his skin, leaving a trail of kisses up his neck as they stumble into the apartment. 

“Oh yeah?” Katsuki mumbles back between kisses, kicking off his shoes on the way to the bedroom. “How much?” 

“For you, Kacchan, anything,” Deku says, and Katsuki hates this stupid nerd so goddamn much. 

“You’re still useless, Deku,” Katsuki tells him, because he’s not sure how else to react to someone saying they’d spend anything on him. “And obsessed.”

Without a semblance of shame, Deku asks, “Who wouldn’t be obsessed with you?”

Katsuki has half the mind to kill him, but then Deku’s teeth are sinking into his collarbone and Katsuki’s exhaling a breath that sounds like something between a hiss and a groan. 

Deku takes it as encouragement, dropping Katsuki onto the bed and towering over him, hands making quick work of Katsuki’s clothes. He has Katsuki’s pants halfway down his leg when he pauses. 

“Why the hell’d you stop?” Katsuki demands with a scowl, shuffling out of his pants the rest of the way. 

Deku looks at Katsuki like he wants to deavor him. Depraved pervert probably does. 

“Kacchan,” Deku says slowly. “Hypothetically...If I wanted you to wear a skirt, would you?” 

Katsuki’s eyes nearly boggle out of his head, but after the initial shock passes, he finds he’s really not that surprised. It’s fucking Deku. Who would Deku be if he didn’t bid 100,000 dollars for a date with him and then ask him to wear a skirt? Goddamn weirdo. Whatever. 

“It’s your date,” Katsuki grunts. “You can do whatever the hell you want.” 

Deku’s eyes light with unhinged desire, and despite the flutter that passes through his chest, Katsuki refuses to take it back. He won’t back down to Deku. 

“There’s so much I want from you, Kacchan,” Deku mumbles, lowering his lips to Katsuki’s stomach and kissing a trail to his lips. They spend at least ten minutes making out before Deku pulls away and slides off the bed, leaving Katsuki exposed and alone in the middle. 

Katsuki’s lips curl into a pout, and he tries to turn it into a glare before Deku notices, but too little, too late. 

“Don’t worry, Kacchan,” Deku all but purrs. “I’ll be right back.” 

Katsuki’s eyes follow Deku as he disappears, literally disappears, into his walk in closet. When he comes back out,  he’s bashfully holding a small school girl skirt.

“Oh my fucking god,” Katsuki gawks. 

“Is it too much?” Deku asks, a blush dusting his cheeks. Shit. Cute.

Katsuki ignores his racing heart in favor of rolling his eyes. “You just spend 100,000 dollars on a date with me and now you’re asking if a skirt is too much?” 

“I—I don’t want you to be uncomfortable!” Deku squeaks out, and Katsuki can’t stand how good embarrassment looks on Deku. 

“Give me the skirt,” Katsuki demands, and Deku’s eyes widen, like his brain is short circuiting trying to make sense of Katsuki’s words. Katsuki sighs and waits for Deku to catch up.

Finally, Deku gets with the program, making his way to the end of the bed and handing the skirt to Katsuki, who swipes it from Deku’s hand and wiggles it over his hips, not breaking eye contact with Deku the entire time. 

With the skirt clinging tightly to his waist, Katsuki rises to his knees, challenging Deku with his gaze. “Any other weird requests?”

Deku spends at least thirty seconds ogling over Katsuki before he pulls his head out of his dick and uses that annoying brain of his. 

“You’re serious?” Deku breaths, like it’s too good to be true. Katsuki’s heart bristles—Deku’s always treated him like the ground he walks on should be worshiped. “What does...what does Kacchan want?”

Katsuki leans in and grabs Deku by his tie, speaking against his lips. “This is your date. It’s not about what I want. Get your goddamn money’s worth.” 

“Oh, Kacchan,” Deku mumbles, their lips brushing. Katsuki closes the gap, tugging Deku onto the bed over him. 

“Just tell me what you fucking want from me,” Katsuki demands into his mouth, hips slotting together. 

“Oh god,” Deku babbles against him. “Everything.” There’s a pause before a blush takes over, and he pulls away slightly. “There is, um, there’s one thing…”

Katsuki raises an eyebrow.

“If it’s not too weird….um, ha—“ Deku scratches awkwardly at the back of his head.

“Just spit it out already, Shitty Deku!”

“I want you to call me daddy!” Deku squeaks, and oh. Why is Katsuki not even a little bit surprised? It’s Deku, of course he’d be into something like that. 

Katsuki takes one look at Deku in his stupid fancy ass button down and tightens his grip around Deku’s tie, pulling him closer with a grin. 

“Daddy, huh? I’m not surprised.” 

Red colors the tips of Deku’s ears, and he stutters out, “Y-You don’t have to.”

“Well I’m fucking going to,” Katsuki bites back, smashing Izuku’s mouth against his, and okay, maybe he was a bit too harsh, because that kind of hurt.

Deku smiles like he’s figured something out, and then he says, “Was I your first kiss, Kacchan?”

Katsuki bristles, and pushes Deku away. “No!” 

Deku bites back an unconvinced grin. “I was your first kiss.” 

Whatever. So what if Deku was his first kiss?! Katsuki was too busy being the number three fucking hero to care about kissing. 

Deku’s smile fades into a realization. “Kacchan, you’re a virgin.” 

“So what?!” Katsuki snaps, getting annoyed. If shitty Deku tries to reject him, Katsuki will fucking kill him, if—

“That’s so hot.” It’s then that Katsuki realizes Deku’s pupils are blown wide. “I’m gonna be your first time.” 

“Ew,” Katsuki says, scrunching his face together in disgust despite the rush of blood to his cock. “Are you seriously turned on by my virginity?”

Deku’s cheeks flush, but his gaze doesn’t waver. “Kacchan...I feel like I’m getting way more than I paid for. I mean—I thought maybe we’d get dinner! And catch up! And then maybe if I was lucky we’d meet up again after that...but I didn’t even think about sex—and it’s your first time! It should be special, it—“

“Deku,” Katsuki tries to interrupt, only for Deku’s mumbling to bulldoze right over him. 

“—should be with someone you really like! I don’t want to take advantage of you—“

“DEKU,” Katsuki says again, successfully cutting off Deku’s little freak out. “When the fuck have I ever done anything I don’t want to do? You really think you can take advantage of me?” 

Deku’s expression shifts thoughtfully, and he opens his mouth, but Katsuki grabs at his tie before he has a chance to say anything, harshly pulling Izuku’s ear to his lips. 

“I’m in your bed, in a goddamn skirt, and you want to waste time talking about your fucking morals?” Katsuki hisses in Deku’s ear, not missing the way his breath catches. Katsuki plants a hand against Deku’s chest and pushes him away slightly, meeting his eye in a challenge. “Are you gonna fuck me or not, daddy?” 

“Oh my god,” Deku breaths, his hands moving frantically to his tie. As soon as he gets that off, he’s working at the buttons on his shirt. Katsuki gets impatient and tugs Deku onto the bed with his shirt, half unbuttoned. “I can’t believe this is really happening,” Deku mumbles, and Katsuki’s only response is to grab Deku’s lips in his. 

Deku melts against Katsuki, who unbuttons his shirt the rest of the way and slips it from Deku’s arms. It takes a second for his hands to find Deku’s belt, his attention drawn to the tongue slipping inside his mouth. 

“I’ve wanted to do this with you for as long as I’ve know what sex is,” Deku mumbles against his lips. 

“That’s disgusting,” Katsuki murmurs back, tugging Deku’s pants down his hips. Deku wiggles out of them, kicking the material to the floor. 

Katsuki’s hand pauses midway to Deku’s thigh, a question gnawing at him. He finally asks, “How many times have you had sex?”

Deku’s movements slow. “....A few,” he says. 

There’s no way Katsuki’s jealous. Why would he care about Deku’s sex life? They haven’t seen each other in years—he doesn’t care that they never settled things, never talked. 

But Katsuki still bristles, thinking about Deku like this with anyone else. 

With a frustrated pout, Katsuki’s hand cups Deku’s cock, pulling a surprised moan from Deku. Katsuki grins, palming at Deku’s erection. Who fucking cares how many people he’s slept with? None of them were Katsuki—none of them could make Deku feel the way Katsuki could. 

“Bet you wished they were me,” Katsuki says, and Deku bucks his hips into Katsuki’s hand with a whine. 

“Shit,” Deku breaths, and Katsuki works Deku’s underwear down. 

“You swear now?”

“Only when I’m worked up,” Deku says, and Katsuki grins, letting Deku pull his underwear down the rest of the way. 

Katsuki wraps a hand around Deku’s length and asks, “Where do you keep your lube?”

Deku’s response is stilled with a moan, and Katsuki may be a virgin, but he knows Deku is easy. “U-Um...nightstand drawer.”

Katsuki stretches his hand to the nightstand, carelessly moving around the contents until his fingers wrap around a bottle. 

Deku’s looking all bashful and embarrassed when Katsuki’s attention returns to him, and he fights off the flutter that attacks his stomach. “What are you thinking?” Katsuki asks, because he knows Deku. It might've been years since they’ve seen him, but Katsuki has burned every memory of Deku to the back of his brain. 

Every unsaid word between them taps anxiously at his mind, but Katsuki focuses on the moment, on Deku currently straddling his hips. Now isn’t the time for an apology. 

“I’ really want to do this...with me?” 

Katsuki grabs Deku’s hand and presses it against his cock. “What does it feel like I want?”

Deku swallows, taking his hand off Katsuki’s cock to grab the bottle of lube from him, their fingers brushing. 

“I promise I’ll make your first time amazing,” Deku says, and Katsuki blushes redder than a rose. 

“Fucking...prove it then, asshole,” Katsuki manages to get out through the pounding of his heartbeat clouding his thoughts. 

“Okay, Kacchan,” Dekus promises, ten times too intimate for Katsuki comfort. And then, more hesitant, “Can you—um—can you ask daddy to get you ready for his cock?” 

It makes Katsuki want to bury himself into the blankets and hide away, but he’s not about to step down from the request. Deku wants this, and...and Katsuki wants to give it to him.

He wants to give Deku a lot more than this. 

So, he bites back the humiliation and husks, “Please get me ready for your cock, daddy,” like some ridiculous porn star. Whatever. It works . Deku’s eyes are bright with lust or attraction or desire—feelings that Katsuki’s never been familiar with.

It’s not like he’s never felt them before, it’s just...rare. Katsuki didn’t have time to think about stuff like that. Villains weren’t gonna stop existing so he could take a break to masturbate. 

“You want me, babyboy?” Deku falters on the last word, like he’s afraid he’s doing something wrong. 

Babyboy. Katsuki’s stomach twists. He can meet Deku in the middle. 

“I need you,” Katsuki whines, because that seems like the kind of thing they’d say in porn. And fuck—it’s embarrassing, but it’s also… .it feels good. 

Deku lubes up his fingers and meets Katsuki’s gaze. “I’ll take care of you, Kacchan. I’ll make you feel good.”

Katsuki already feels good, and Deku hasn’t even touched him yet. 

If Deku’s easy—

Katsuki’s a fucking beginner. 

He can change that. He won’t let Deku surpass him in this, in anything— except for his fucking salary, apparently. 

“Please, daddy,” Kacchan begs, trying to be the good little boy Deku wants him to be. He’ll show Deku how good he is at this. 

Deku’s hand wraps around Katsuki’s thigh, and he hoists his leg up, massaging lube onto Katsuki hole with his other hand. Katsuki gasps quietly at the touch, the skirt fluttering up over his hip. 

“Kacchan’s always been so cool,” Deku murmurs, pushing his finger in to the knuckle. Katsuki wiggles at the sensation, trying to get accustomed to the feeling inside him —someone else touching these parts of him. 

The idea of anyone but Deku doing this makes his skin crawl. 

“You’ve always been a loser,” Katsuki shoots back, because insults are familiar. They ground him. 

Deku smiles, because he’s fucking Deku, his finger slowly stretching Katsuki open. They keep eye contact the whole time, and even though Katsuki’s cheeks burn, he doesn’t look away. He doesn’t let Deku win. 

A second finger joins the first, and Katsuki lets out a shaky breath, struggling to keep his eyes on Deku. “Does it feel good, Kacchan? I want you to tell me if you like it.” 

Deku’s trying to kill him, Katsuki thinks. 

“I l-like it,” Katsuki all but whispers. 

Deku shoves a third finger in and says, “Like you mean it.” 

“I like it,” Katsuki says again, like he means it, and the worst part is, he does. 

Deku fingers him like he knows exactly what he’s doing and it’s fucking annoying but it’s also amazing and maybe, maybe he’ll have to thank Denki for signing him up for the stupid auction afterall. 

Actually, fuck that. He doesn’t owe Denki shi—

“O-hhhh,” Katsuki groans, Deku cutting his train of thought off with a rough thrust of his fingers before he pulls them out entirely, leaving Katsuki to squirm at the loss of contact. 

Deku leans down and places a kiss to Katsuki’s forehead. “You have no idea how badly I want you,” Deku murmurs, and Katsuki’s stomach stirs. He forces himself to keep Deku’s gaze. 

“Then take me, dumbass,” Katsuki says, and Deku scrambles for the bottle of lube, like he’s afraid if he takes too long, Katsuki might change his mind. 

Katsuki is way past changing his mind at this point, but Deku doesn’t need to know that. 

“You’re so beautiful, Kacchan,” Deku tells him, stroking the lube onto his cock. Katsuki’s heart actually fucking skips a beat, and he blames it on the fact that he’s never done anything like this before.

Deku sets the bottle on the nightstand and positions himself at the end of the bed, hands gripping Katsuki’s legs and pushing them up. Deku plants one hand on the bed next to Katsuki’s shoulder, his other hand rubbing at Katsuki’s thigh. 

Katsuki’s body shivers unwillingly under the touch, much to Deku’s delight. 

“Does that feel good?” Deku asks, and Katsuki’s only response is a glare. 

Of course it fucking feels good. And ugh, when the hell did Deku’s hands get so big?!

Katsuki resists the urge to groan in annoyance, focusing instead on the feeling of Deku’s hand on his thigh. 

Katsuki can make Deku feel good, too. 

Hell, Katsuki can make Deku lose his goddamn mind, and that’s exactly what he plans to do! Deku might have experience, but Katsuki’s a fast learner. 

Katsuki swallows down the last bit of his embarrassment and lets the want in his eyes shine through, because if anything’s going to turn Deku on, it’s going to be Katsuki’s attraction to him. 

“Everything you do feels good,” Katsuki admits, his body hot with the admission, but it’s worth it to see the way Deku’s eyes widen. 

“Kacchan…” Deku breathes. 

Katsuki tilts his head to the side, feeling encouraged. “I thought I was your babyboy?”

“Oh my god.”

The look on Deku’s face can only be described as completely and utterly whipped and it stirs a heat in Katsuki’s stomach. Shit. He’s supposed to be turning Deku on, but he’s turning himself on, too. Or Deku’s reactions are turning him on. Ugh! Whatever. The details don’t matter, what matters is that Shitty Deku fucks him already. 

“Are you going to spend all night staring at me, or are you going to take what’s yours?”

That seems to do the trick, because the next thing Katsuki knows, Deku is pushing his leg back further and lining his cock with Katsuki’s entrance, the tip pushing slowly inside. 

Katsuki sucks in a deep breath at the intrusion, and then he locks eyes with Deku and says, “I can take it, daddy.” 

“Oh my god,” Deku says again, like those are the only words he’s capable of. “Do you have any idea what you do to me?” He asks, and Katsuki has a cocky response on the tip of his tongue, but when he opens his mouth all that comes out is a moan, Deku shoving roughly inside. 

“Of course you can take it,” Deku murmurs, pulling out to slam back in. “You’re so strong, babyboy. You can take anything I give you, can’t you?”

All Katsuki can do is nod, all the air knocked from his lungs. His chest is fucking swimming like a whirlpool. What the hell is Deku doing to him? 

Deku’s hand moves from Katsuki’s thigh to his chest, fingers stopping to play with his nipple. Katsuki lets out a small gasp at the sensation, his reactions completely out of his control.

Like this, he’s at Deku’s mercy. 

Whatever Deku wants to do to him, Katsuki can take it.

“You like that?” Deku asks softly. 

Katsuki nods again. 

“I wanna hear you say it.” 

Katsuki bites so hard at the inside of his mouth that he draws blood, forcing out, “I like it.” 

“You know, Kacchan,” Deku muses, fucking into him slowly. “You’re lucky I was at that auction. What if someone else had won you? Someone who wanted to take advantage of you?”

Katsuki forces himself to keep Deku’s gaze, because if he looks away, he loses. 

“I don’t want you doing this with anyone else,” Deku says, and then, upon realizing what he’s said, Deku has the decency to look embarrassed.

“I—“ Deku starts. 

“I don’t want to do this with anyone else,” Katsuki forces out, before Deku can get any shitty ideas in his head. He’s not sure what the hell he’s saying, or what it even means, but it seems to satisfy Deku.

“Good,” Deku says, and Katsuki’s cock twitches in response to the possessiveness. 

Deku continues to fuck into him slowly, fingers playing with Katsuki’s nipples and squeezing softly. Katsuki’s patience is wearing thin, and with each thrust of Deku’s hips he finds himself growing desperate for more. 

If he begs, does that mean he loses?

Katsuki considers that for a moment and decides that begging will actually put him closer to winning, because it’ll turn Deku on, and the whole fucking point is to prove that he can make Deku feel good. 

Shit. Katsuki’s cheeks heat at the thought of that stupid word dropping from his lips. He’s gonna tease the hell out of Deku when this is all over. 

With a determined thrust, Katsuki rocks his hips to meet Deku’s movements. “Please, Daddy, I need it harder. Please, fuck me.”

Katsuki has no idea what’s he’s saying, but Deku’s looking at him like a wild animal, and Katsuki’s feeling like a fucking winner. 

Deku’s hand pulls of Katsuki’s chest to hold his leg in place, and then he’s pounding into Katsuki hard and fast. Katsuki’s reduced to a string of incoherent sounds that unfortunately sound a lot like “daddy” and “fuck” and “ohgod.”

Katsuki’s losing his fucking mind, literally feels like he’s about to feel stars, cock hard as a rock against his stomach. He wants to touch himself so bad he might die, but Deku hasn’t told him to, and for some reason, that makes Katsuki feel like he’s not allowed to.

“You feel so good, babyboy, so good, oh god, you’re perfect, you know that? So perfect, I can’t believe I get to fuck you like this.” 

Deku’s sputtering out a goddamn essay, and every word is going straight to Katsuki’s cock, the pressure building until he’s spilling onto himself. 

It’s like seeing Katsuki cum forces the last bit of Deku’s self control out the window, because the next thing Katsuki knows he’s being fucked within an inch of his life and he’s starting to think that maybe Deku’s quirk is being really good at sex. 

It’s not long before Deku’s shooting hot white ropes into Katsuki, his thrusts slowing. Katsuki’s coming back from his orgasm high, the exhaustion sinking in. 

Deku pulls out, his cum leaking from Katsuki’s ass. 

Katsuki’s plops onto his stomach and mumbles, “I’m not fucking moving.”

Deku ruffles—literally ruffles —Katsuki’s hair, a smile in his voice when he says, “I’ll clean you up.”

Katsuki grunts noncommittally, arms wrapping around the pillow in front of him as he drops his chin on it. 

He’s feeling incredibly exposed all the sudden, the skirt still sitting on his hips, flopped up to expose his ass. As much as he wants to, he can’t bring himself to flip it down. 

Katsuki swallows. What the hell does this mean? He hasn’t seen Deku in years, and Deku’s feelings—they don’t make any sense. Katsuki’s never even apologized for all the shit he said when they were kids. How could Deku like him? 

And...does Katsuki want him to? 

The bed dips with a weight, jolting Katsuki out of his thoughts.  A towel presses against his ass a moment later, Deku taking care to wipe the cum from his skin. Speaking of cum—shit.

Katsuki had rolled onto his stomach while it was covered in cum, the sheets were now disgusting. 

“How are you feeling?” Deku asks calmy.

“Disgusting,” Katsuki says. 

Deku is quiet, and when he’s managed to wipe all the cum out of Katsuki’s ass, Katsuki rolls onto his back and snatches the towel from Deku. 

He’s scowling when he says, “Stop looking like a kicked puppy, I don’t feel disgusting because of you.”

Deku gives him that pathetic pleading gaze. “Are you sure?”

Katsuki wipes the cum from his stomach before setting it over the part of the sheet he’d been laying on. “Your sheets are disgusting.”

Deku says, without missing a beat, “I have a second bedroom.” 

Before he can doubt himself, Katsuki says, “Give me something to sleep in.” 

Deku nods, scrambling from his bed and to his dresser, like he thinks Katsuki will change his mind if Deku doesn’t move fast enough. Fuck that. Katsuki’s not about to turn back. 

Deku riffles through his drawer before he turns, holding out All Might pajama pants and an All Might t-shirt in his hands, a stupid little grin pulling at the corner of his lip. “How’s this?”

Katsuki rolls his eyes, forcing back a smile. “Still a nerd, then?” 

Deku throws the clothes at Katsuki, and upon further inspection, it seems there are All Might underwear in there, too.

“So are you,” Deku says, and Katsuki hates that he’s not wrong. 

Some things never change, it seems. 

Katsuki slips into the fresh clothes while Deku grabs something for himself, the two of them changing in silence, giving Katsuki’s heart time to unwind.

“Where’s your second bedroom?” Katsuki asks when he’s fully clothed. 

Deku turns while slipping into a pair of black sweatpants. Shit. They look good. All of Deku looks good. 

“Down the hall,” Deku says, making his way to the end of the bed. He looks at Katsuki like there are a thousand thoughts swimming around in his head, and if Katsuki knows Deku, which he does, then that’s not far off. 

Katsuki slides off the bed and makes his way to Deku’s side. He feels fucking ridiculous in his All Might attire, but that doesn’t stop him from grabbing Deku’s hand and pulling them together. 

“I want to stay,” Katsuki says, because he spent way too much time fighting off his feelings when he was a teenager to do it now. 

Deku looks at him with wide, sensitive eyes, and looking at them is too much, so instead he leans forward and presses their lips together, heart pounding obnoxiously loud in his chest. 

When they pull away, Deku says, “I don’t want this to be a one time thing.” 

“Are you asking me out?”

“Would you say yes?”

“Only one way to find out.” 

Deku’s lip pulls up in a half suppressed smile. “Let me take you out, Kacchan.”

And Katsuki, because he gets off on being an asshole, says, “That’ll be 100,000 dollars.” 

He expects Deku to laugh it off—what he’s not expecting is for the goddamn idiot to say, “Sure, Kacchan. Anything for you.”

Katsuki blushes a storm, and it doesn’t matter how hard he scowls, the heat in his cheeks refuses to leave. 

“You’re ridiculous,” Katsuki grumbles, but he finds himself leaning in before he can help himself, letting his body weight droop against Deku. He’s too tired to worry about being vulnerable. 

Deku wraps his arms around Katsuki and places a gentle kiss to the top of his head. “I really missed you, Kacchan,” Deku says. 

Maybe it’s the exhaustion that lets Katsuki say back, “I missed you, too.”