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A Lie by Omission is Still a Lie

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Frase had a couple of fingers shoved deep inside my ass and soon his other hand was on my erection, then his finger brushed against my prostate and I was moaning like I was desperate. Okay, I was fuckin desperate and I wanted to come, yet Fraser grabbed the base of my cock tight and I knew it wouldn’t be happening anytime soon. Fuck, then the bastard went and removed both his hands and I wanted to scream in anger, not that I had time though, as soon he was pressing his own erection deep inside me and I welcomed the pain that came with it. I wanted him to possess me and take me, as I would only ever belong to him now.

Then Fraser leaned over me and his mouth was upon my own, and now he was literally fucking my mouth with his talented tongue. My head felt dizzy from the alcohol earlier and now the lack of air, not that any of it mattered as soon I was coming all over my own stomach. Then Frase sat back up and fucked me through the mattress as he got himself off, and I had the pleasure of watching his gorgeous face when he finally let go and came.

Frase was far different from anyone I’d ever known and he was all mine, I was the only one who would ever get to see him when he was like this, engulfed in nothing but sheer pleasure. Frase finally looked up and he gave me the most gorgeous smile I’d ever seen, and it was then when I realized it was all for me that I fell apart and started babbling. I’d come so close to losing him because I was afraid to tell him the truth.

“I’m so fuckin sorry, Frase. I fucked up and I was an idiot for doing what I did and I hated you at first, shit and I didn’t even know ya. Yer better than me and should be with someone else, please just go, Fraser…”

“Ray, just let it all out and talk to me.”

“I can’t…”

Fraser lay beside me and soon had his arms wrapped around my body, then my face was pressed against his warm chest and I felt so safe and loved, Fraser repeatedly kissed the top of my head and whispered things to me. While I on the other hand cried like a baby, I must be covering him with snot and tears and he just remained where he was. As the tears slowed my brain started working once more, and deep down I knew we couldn’t wait until morning to have that talk.


“Yes, Ray.”

“I’m so sorry…”

“Ray, you have nothing to be sorry for, I was the one who pushed you away and never thought how you might have felt.”

“I hated ya when I found out who ya were, I didn’t like love Vecchio or anything like that, I just thought…shit I dunno anything anymore.”

“I understand, Ray. You didn’t love him but he was there when you needed someone, then you felt cheated when he put someone else before you.”

“Yeah, I guess I wanted to make you feel like that, Frase. I was gonna make ya feel wanted and then dump ya so you would know how I felt…”

“Then you went and fell in love with me.”

“Yeah. Look I wanted to tell ya about Vecchio when I saw that postcard, but I figured ya wouldn’t want me if you knew who I was. Then I fell in love with you and wanted to tell ya the truth, but I couldn’t.”

“Why not, Ray?”

“Because I was afraid you would hate me and I’d lose ya. That you would stop loving me…”

“Oh, Ray, I could never stop loving you.”

“Yeah right, ya couldn’t leave me quick enough in Canada…”

“Don’t ever doubt my love for you, Ray. I didn’t like you at the time or what you had done, but I still loved you and that was what made everything so hard.”

“I ain’t too good at getting stuff right, and then Vecchio showed up and I was so sure ya wanted him instead of me. Look I thought…”

“You thought I wanted Ray Vecchio, that I’d only argued with you so I’d have an excuse to leave you!”

“Yeah, I guess…”

“So, you let him do what he wanted in that cupboard because part of you wanted me to suffer along with Ray Vecchio.”

“Yeah, I felt used and wanted ya both to suffer. I just thought you’d both used me and I was only good when it suited you both.”

“I’m as much to blame, Ray. Somewhere along the line we forgot to communicate, we were becoming stale once more, and look what happened last time that happened.”

“Yeah, I hit ya…”

“It’s the past, Ray, we both need to move forward and get over what happened.”

“Ya mean together, Frase?”

“Of course I mean together, Ray. As you’re mine and I’m pleased to have you as my partner, friend, and lover.”

“What was that last one?”

“My lover, Ray…”

“Was that hard to say, Frase?”

“Not at all, Ray, you are my lover as I am yours.”

“Yeah, yer my lover, yer still a freak though…”

“Understood, Ray.”

I buried my head back into the warmth of my lover’s chest and he held me once more, I’d loved Stella and then we split up, at the time I thought I’d never love anyone again and then Fraser came along. I’d managed to find love a second time around and wasn’t willing to lose what I had for anyone. Fraser was my life and without him I would be nothing, and we would have to learn to communicate better just like we had at the beginning.

First though, I had other ideas and my mouth was going to practice communicating with my lover’s erection that was now pressing against my thigh. And just maybe this communication thing was a good idea, after all, well I knew I would have plenty of fun learning all about it. As my lover was all for the communication thing too, and he was a Mountie after all and he was always right, plus he couldn’t lie either so it’s all good. And people say the Mountie always gets his man, well this time it was me that got myself a Mountie and I had no intention of ever letting him go again.

The End 

A Lie by Omission is Still a Lie

By CarolelaineD