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A Lie by Omission is Still a Lie

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A Lie by Omission is Still a Lie

Sometimes I wonder if this was how my entire life is going to be, as I was going through a divorce and work at the nineteenth precinct was starting to really piss me off and make me even more depressed. Okay, it wasn’t the lieutenant’s fault that I’d injured my ankle and only had desk work for the past three weeks, well now I was good to go and I was in desperate need of some action. Then I got called into Lieutenant Davis’s office and thought things were finally going to change around here, yeah well, I guess I was the only fuckin idiot around here.

“Sir, ya wanted ta see me.”

“Take a seat Kowalski while I just grab a file.”

I took a seat facing the large desk and waited, not that it bothered me as I was finally going to be free of my desk for a while. Then the lieutenant finally handed me a file and sat back down behind his desk, inside were some photos and an address along with another officers’ notes.

“Whatcha got for me, Sir?”


“Like hell…”

“Detective Kowalski, you will sit back down and listen to what I have to say.”

“Sorry, Sir.”

“I’m well aware that you want to be out there and doing things, but things like this are just as important too.”

“Yeah, and there’s plenty of detectives out there that could do it.”

“This will ease you back into things, detective. All you have to do is sit there and watch, look the twenty-seventh precinct needed someone and I figured you fit the bill.”

“So, I’ll be working with one of their detectives then?”

“Yes, it’s all in the file. You can go home for now and come back here tonight at ten.”

“Yeah, whatever…”

“Detective Kowalski, I want you on your best behavior too, that means no phone calls from lieutenant Welsh about you.”

“What me?”

I went back to my desk and grabbed my car keys, and soon I was on my way back to the apartment I now lived in while the divorce went through. I guess it felt lonely living on my own after so many years married, having no one there to make it feel more like a home. Not that it mattered as I only used the place to sleep and do the basics, I just preferred to be at work and around other people most of the time.

I made myself a coffee as I knew it would be a long night and I hated surveillance with a passion, well the coffee was good and I sat on the couch and opened the file once more. Shit, this was going to be one of the worst stakeouts in history, as apparently, we were to just watch and radio it in if the suspect left the premises. So, there would be no interaction or a reason to even get outta the car, and there was also the fact I’d never met the detective before.

I didn’t like working with people I didn’t know, and I knew that was one of the things that pissed off my lieutenant. He claimed it was hard getting anyone to work with me in the beginning, and now it was far harder what with the divorce and everything. Davis claimed that I’m argumentative when around others and I have very little patience too, that was why he said I had to be on my best behavior tonight and not let the station down, what me?

I grabbed a bowl of cereal and then headed for the shower before getting ready, then I dressed and headed back out towards the precinct to meet the other agent. At least the station was quiet at this time of night and I soon managed to park up, then I went inside and was pissed off within seconds, especially as the agent had already made himself at home at my desk. And then there were his clothes too and the guy looked like some style pig, and he was sat there looking me up and down as he spoke.

“Detective Kowalski, I presume.”

“Yeah, you must be Vecchio.”

“Yeah, Ray Vecchio.”

“So are ya ready to leave then?”

“As ready as I’ll ever be, Stanley.”

“It’s Kowalski, other than that everyone calls me Ray.”

“Hmm, too confusing as that’s my name, so it looks like you're stuck with Stanley.”

“Jeez, yer fuckin annoying.”

I ignored him and just walked outside behind Vecchio, then he walked over to a green Riviera and climbed inside. Great, so it turns out Vecchio really is a style pig after all and I might cramp his style somewhat and that made me laugh out loud. Then I got in the car and he was giving me such a dirty look, yeah, I knew the bastard thought he was way better than me and I was out of his league, not that I gave a shit.

We drove out to our location without saying anything and I knew this would get worse, it was bad enough doing a stakeout when you had someone to talk to and this would be hell. Vecchio parked up and it was as if I weren’t even in the car with him, that just made my temper rise and I wanted to hit out at the arrogant bastard, instead I decided to say something and see where that got me.

“So, where’s yer partner tonight?”

“What’s it to you, Kowalski?”

“Hey, forget I asked…”

“My partner got called away and had to deal with something else.”

“Not surprised he wanted to do something else, especially if he has ta work with you, Vecchio. Yer not exactly a bunch of laughs are ya, and yer partner must be a dumb fuck to want to work with ya.”

Vecchio never spoke straight away and he just sat staring straight ahead, and I noticed how his hands were gripping the steering wheel with more force than necessary. Well, it looked like Vecchio wasn’t as cool as he liked to claim he was and I liked that fact, shit then suddenly he turned towards me and had his hand around my throat.

“Get the fuck off me, Vecchio…”

“Don’t ever talk about Benny like that, the man is worth far more than you will ever be, capisce?”

“Whoa, chill man.”

Vecchio squeezed a bit harder and then finally let go of me, well the bastard would pay for that later as I wasn’t taking shit like that. It didn’t help though when I was getting turned on by what he did, yeah, I was a sick fuck and anything seemed to turn me on lately. Maybe it was all the years with Stella and what had happened, I didn’t want a relationship, I just wanted fast and hard sex. Oh, great way to think Kowalski, without thinking I grabbed my jeans and tried to relieve the pressure on my erection. And that was when I realized my mistake, Vecchio was sat there with a smug look on his face and had seen what I’d done.

“I can’t believe this; you get turned on by a bit of rough stuff.”

“Fuck you, Vecchio.”

“In your dreams, Stanley. Is that why no one wants to work with you, as I’ve heard all about you and how you are with others.”

“It has got fuck all to do with ya…”

“Maybe I should teach you some respect, Stanley, as you sure as hell need it.”

“I’d like ta see ya try, and call me Stanley again and I’ll kick ya in the head.”

“Later then as we have work to do.”

The stakeout was long and boring and we hardly talked at all, yet I noticed that Vecchio was watching me when he thought I wasn’t looking. Yeah well, he really would get a kick in the head if he pissed me off again, that made me wonder if this was how he acted when he was around his partner, and I was just thankful that it wasn’t me. It didn’t help that I was uncomfortable too and couldn’t relax in this fuckin car and the man glared at me if I so much as touched anything in it, then it was nearly over and I could finally relax. Just one more hour and I got to go home and have breakfast before grabbing some sleep, at times I really hated working the night shift.

Then I thought back to my dad and how many hours I’d spent on the GTO with him, now that was a car and I would give anything to still have it now. I’d driven to the twenty-seventh in a crappy ford as that was all I could afford at the moment, then suddenly I was pulled back to the present as Vecchio’s cell started making some god damn awful noise, and I just sat there listening in to the call.

“Good news, Kowalski.”

“What’s that?”

“We’re back on at ten tonight.”

“What, fuck that!”

“Do you want to tell your Lieutenant how you fucked up and refuse to work with me?”

“Fine, I’ll be at the station at ten.”

“No need, you might as well leave your car there as I can drop you off now and pick you up tonight.”

“Yeah, I guess so.”

“So where do you want dropping off, Kowalski?”

I gave Vecchio my address and wondered how the hell I would survive another night with him, not that I had a choice though as Davis would be pissed if I fucked up and he’d put me back on desk duty, not that this was any better. We pulled up outside and Vecchio switched the engine off and just sat there, then he asked if he could take a piss as he’d drank way too much coffee on the stakeout.

We both went up to my apartment and I searched for my keys, Vecchio had a strange look on his face and I had a really weird feeling about having him here with me. Finally, I managed to pull my keys out and unlock the door, Vecchio followed me inside and I pointed towards the bathroom and watched as he walked away, only then did I pull my jacket off. Then I threw it down on the chair and bent down to remove my boots, as I was really tired and in desperate need of a strong coffee. Not that anything went as planned, soon Vecchio walked into the kitchen and started pissing me off all over again.

“So, Stanley.”

“Don’t push it, Vecchio, I’m too tired for any of yer mumbo jumbo.”

“Aww, poor Stanley.”

“Are ya always a prick, Vecchio?”

“You still need to learn some manners, Stanley.”

“Fuck off back to yer partner if that’s what ya want.”

“Benny can wait, right now it’s you I want.”

Within seconds Vecchio had me pinned against the fridge and his mouth was on my own, fuck I couldn’t breathe as he deepened the kiss and then forced his tongue inside. I realized that I was kissing him back too, and I wasn’t even attempting to stop this as his hand went to my jeans and started unfastening them. I was already rock hard and desperate for the touch of another person, as I’d only felt my own hand for the past few months and it was so lonely. Finally, I could breathe once more as we were both in need of air, and then Vecchio removed his hand from my jeans and took a step back as he watched me.

“So, yer a cock tease then, Vecchio?”

“Far from it, Stanley. I want you to strip for me, then I want you on your knees with that pretty mouth wide open.”

“What the fuck?”

“That, or I can walk out of here right now. So, what will it be, Stanley?”

Jesus was this guy for real, my mind was refusing to cooperate and my mouth was doing no better as I was unable to speak. Vecchio stood there looking at me and I knew that he wouldn’t wait forever, then I remembered that he didn’t ask me to talk at all, he’d asked me to undress and get on my knees. Part of me was wondering if this was some sort of fucked up joke, would he wait until I was down on my knees and then laugh at me for doing as he asked and then call me queer or something.

“One minute and then I’m out of here, Stanley.”

Fuck it, it wasn’t as if anyone else was here and I could always deny it if Vecchio opened his mouth and made an issue of it. I’d already removed my jacket and boots so it was easy to remove the rest, I removed my harness and gun before pulling my tee-shirt over my head and off, and then I froze. I looked at Vecchio once more and could see the hunger there and I knew this was for real, so I opened my jeans and then pulled them down and off along with my underwear, now I stood here totally naked and felt so small.

“On your knees now.”

I knelt down and looked at the floor as I heard him open his pants, then suddenly he grabbed my hair and yanked my head back and it was hard enough to bring tears to my eyes. So Vecchio wanted to play rough did he, maybe he should remember that I had teeth and wasn’t afraid to use them either.

“Look at me, Stanley. I want you to use that pretty mouth and show me how talented you really are.”

Vecchio placed his erection against my lips and held it there until I opened my mouth, then he was inside and wasted no time nearly choking me in the process. I tried so hard to keep a rhythm going as I sucked him off, yet Vecchio was far from gentle and seemed to get off on hurting me and the power he had over me. Even so, I still did the best I could as I was hard and desperate myself, and slowly I worked one hand down between my legs and found my own erection, shit, and then Vecchio spoke and I let go.

“Remove your hand or I’ll cuff you, Stanley.”

I couldn’t even answer him as my mouth was already full and Vecchio was far from small in that department, then he started moaning and I knew it was only a matter of time before he came. The only thing that worried me was the name he kept saying, as the last thing I needed right now was some jealous lover at my door giving me shit, then he was coming and I swallowed every bit as I had very little choice and only then did he pull away from me. And to my surprise, he was fastening his pants back up and straightening out his clothes, while I just sat here looking like some desperate slut.

“Catch you later, Stanley.”


With that Vecchio was gone and I was left sat naked on my kitchen floor, I was also rock hard and as desperate as fuck to come. How the hell could the selfish bastard just leave me hanging like this and just walk out, well I would have to take care of myself as some things never change no matter what I do. And as for Detective Vecchio, well it was only a matter of time before I could tell him exactly what I thought of him.