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Rêverie du passé

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Sirens were wailing all through the Roan kingdom for the National emergency. Everyone was evacuated from the villages nearby the forest of darkness. Which was previously believed to be a forest inhabiting only mutant monsters was later discovered to be also a place for black mages who cultivated black mana for the biggest villain the world has ever seen, the White Star. Every part of the forest was drenched black and just like that a hero trying to purify the land died. Every one of the fighters died at the hands of the enemy, the only ones left were the White Star and the Guardian of Boulder.

Super Rock knew he was going to die but, the promise to protect the weak that he made to himself kept repeating in his mind. He thought to himself that if everything would end if he just sacrifices himself. Would the ending have changed if he fought with him head on instead of staying back to protect others? He unleashed his power once more. Knowing that the enemy was also in the same state as him helped clear his mind. 'Maybe just a little more, I'll push myself a little more and will land a blow on him' he thought.

He used the earth, a power which is so familiar to him and created a huge stone spear and will it to direct it towards the enemy, the villain that started all of this, the destroyer of the peaceful world. He faced his old arch-nemesis and saw the white star staring at him with his own power on top of his palm, the thunderbolts that fell from the sky itself.

"Let's see it to end, Super rock. Or if you just surrender, I might keep you alive. You can help me create the kingdom I like. You can be by my side while I rule the world", the White Star said.

Super Rock scoffed, "Hah, don't joke. What would a human like you understand what it means to protect? It's my responsibility as the guardian. I'll do my duty and keep my promise. Even if I have to die and sacrifice myself, I'll take you down with me."

"I didn't really want to kill you given our past but well, if you insist", the White Star sighed with a light frown on his face.

They faced off each other all the while their past flew in front of their eyes. The guardian of boulder remembered his childhood self, orphaned and abandoned, a young boy helping him in the orphanage when others made fun of him or bullied him...That White star. Yes, it was always him. He protected super rock all through his teenage years until the day he left. He left alone and came back years later as a devilish villain. No matter what the super rock said or did changed the, the man's mind. He recalled the past where they were still young hugging on to each other. He then recollected the warmth he felt in the protection of his friend. Then how the world was upturned by that very same person. His new friends with power like himself and lastly, he remembered his love for every living thing. He wishes to save everyone he loves. Thus, he becomes determined to fulfil his last desire. He puts his everything on line and strikes down.

On the other side was the White Star, his mind overflowing with memories of the former days. The way he always felt comfortable while holding the other boy, how he used to care for this strange boy who had the power to manipulate earth. Maybe he still does, maybe that was the reason he wanted to give a last opportunity. Then the path he chose to follow flooded through his mind. No, he'll destroy this damned world which had no sympathy for poor or weak and create a new one. He'll be the ruler and rule over all the beings that used to look down at his past weak self. Isn't that what he worked so hard for? Isn't that why he's now standing in front of his once very best friend and trying to kill him? His face then became a blank canvas as all petty emotions left his being. Determination ran through his veins as he got his power ready, ready to destroy everything on his path to become the god of the world. The Supreme Ruler.


As the earth and the sky faced each other, the earth looking up at the sky while the sky looking down. Both striking each other at the same time.  A loud explosion occurred and everything went black. The knights from both the sides surrounding the region all blew off. All that was left were few body armors belonging to both the hero and the villains. Their body was nowhere to be found and thus came the end of the prolonged war of the good and the bad.



" Rock!"

"...Super Rockkkkkkkk!!!"


He snapped back from his daydream to the present.

Huh. What was just happening? Why are they shouting so much?

"Why are you guys shouting?", the Super Rock asked his friends.

The Fiery Cheapstake scowled at him, "Just what the heck were you doing? I would've lost all my good money on worrying about you!"

"Wh- what?", Super Rock asked back.

"WHAT, WHAT? You damn old man, f**king made us so worried not responding and sh*t"

"Uhh... huh?", Super Rock couldn't understand what was going on because from what he believes they are still inside the black castle of the Dragon Lord. Nothing seemed to have changed.

"Calm down everyone. I think he confused himself a little bit. Let's explain to him calmly." the Crybaby, Heart of vitality told everyone.

The Glutton chimed in, "Okay, I'll explain. We were just betting on the Cheapstake's money and the Thief's stolen items about how much time it would take Cale to finally stop being so oblivious and stop denying his feelings for the Crown Prince. Cuz let's be serious they're obviously pinning for each other ever since they met. Of course, I bet that it would take at least another couple of months or so and the prince will give in f..."

"Aghhhh damn Glutton always straying away from the main point. Tell him why we were shouting his name! okay well we were betting and when we asked you for what you thought, you were so silent. We called for like half an hour but there was no sound so we got worried that something must've happened to you. Are you okay?", the Thief, sound of the wind finally explained with a concerned voice.

"Oh, I'm fine. Sorry for worrying you so much. It was nothing. Just some reverie..." , said the Super Rock still a little light headed from his flooding past memories. Everything is okay now, he reassured himself.

"Okay if you say so." The others said while still worrying for their older friend for they knew what he must've gone through in the past, and how he sacrificed himself to protect others. A comfortable silence followed where they began to process what happened the past few months. How they defeated the new White Star without many people getting sacrificed. They felt the stark difference between the ancient times and the present.

Everyone has their own traumas. So what if they were just part of a soul now? They could still feel emotions just well and recollecting the past was something they all had to do time by time. Only by remembering their past and comparing it to their present made them feel how real the victory this time was. Only then they could enjoy this peace.

"So, now then you are fine old man... who do you think will cave in and propose first? Cale or the Crown Prince?", said the Sky Eating Water.

Everyone cracked out laughing from his words. Wheezing at the silliness of their fellow friend and simultaneously forgetting to keep the host's mind muted.

Suddenly a voice called out to them.

"Huh, why are you guys so damn loud? Let me sleep!" Cale shouted.

All of them apologized and muted out as to not disturb the hero (well don't tell him they call him THAT) who brought the peace to the world. All of them believed that the boy truly deserved rest.

Finally, the Super Rock uttered,

"Oh, for what it's worth, it's definitely going to be the Crown Prince".

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