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Surviving in an Apocalyptic world

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In this world full of chaos, people are desperate to survive. But for them to survive, they also need help. They could not achieve anything if they went alone. Anyone who does go and try to survive alone, they would later die a quick but brutal death.


They were humans who ate humans, much like a zombie. Though they refer to them as “Creatures” They had appeared suddenly in Seoul and started to chase and eat people like a beast.


Many months came by, people started getting radios or they would send someone to give letters to another shelter. Shelters were slowly building up and creating barricades to prevent the Creatures from coming in. Medical teams, Supply Team, and Scout Teams, they were all formed to make sure all the people would stay safe.


They soon later found out that the Creatures were more crazy and beserk at night, but when the sun came up, they were much slower and silent. It seemed like the daylight was blinding for their sight. 


It was an advantage whenever the Scout Team would forage for food, water, and other supplies.


But they do not know everything about the Creatures, sometimes Scout teams would not come back, presumed dead. Sometimes there are survivors. One survivor saw the head of the Creature was blown off but was still walking and standing. That was when they realised that the Creatures had different weak spots unlike humans. Most of the time they would die if they are stabbed or shot in the heart or brain.


Majority of Creatures do not think, they only think of biting a human person until they fully infect them, turning a human into one of them. Though, in special cases, a Creature would be incredibly fast and had instincts of a beast. They were called, “Enhanced Creatures.” Cut their head off, stab them in the heart, it would not work on them. Their weakness was later found in the middle of the stomach.


People found out about numerous information, but lost allies in the process. That’s why even if the shelters were far from each other, they would send information to one another and try to survive. They would also send supplies if they could not find any.


So far, there are only four shelters: 


“The Henituse Shelter” was known for having a lot of supplies, they were also known to be kind but dangerous when fought. They were also good at negotiations. The Henituse is a family of five who controls this shelter. 


“The Roan Shelter” was near the Henituse Shelter, even when in the middle of an apocalypse, leader-nims were known for both being good-looking and smart. Just like the Henituse Shelter, they were the Crossman family who controlled this shelter.


“Dragon’s Den” they did not have any name for the shelter until people from other shelter’s called this shelter “Dragon’s Den” because of how strong, intimidating and majestic they looked that it reminded them of the strength of a Dragon. This shelter is ruled by a man named, “Eruhaben” 


“Mercenary's Shelter” This shelter is owned by a man named Bud Illis. Even in a chaotic world, alcohol was popular in this shelter. Though Bud Illis was known for being alcoholic, he is also a lunatic and a sword master.


It has been two years since the apocalypse had started, people started losing hope in the government and decided to focus on the shelter and its people. The government looked weak compared to the leaders of multiple shelters. There were only four shelters, but they managed to expand the shelter slowly with walls and barricades with the help of connecting buildings.


“Hyung-nim!” A young boy about 17-year old ran towards the barricaded door that was slowly being opened.


“Basen.” The red hair looked back, “What are you doing outside the building?”


“Didn’t you already go outside last week? Why are you going again?” There was clear worry in Basen’s voice.


Cale sighed, “The government requested for back-up, they were ambushed in the lab yesterday.”

“Good thing is that there’s survivors who were able to contact us.”


“If they were ambushed, isn’t there going to be a hoard of those Creatures there? What if-”


“I’ll be fine.” Cale brushed off his brother’s worries, “I’ll come out alive like I always do, trust me.”


Basen frowned, “You better.”



The door slowly opened revealing the outside that seemed peaceful yet so deadly.


“That’s my cue.” Cale straightened his back.


“Hyung-nim, please return safely, Lily is also worried about you.”


Cale’s other foot was already at the door, “I’ll be back as soon as I can.”

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The group had walked quietly and stayed on the sides of the buildings where they could not be seen. Cale was the commander of the Scout team, he knew where most of the chaos was, he also knew where the safest route is. It was well-known that he was strategic and good at memorization.


All of them wore black clothes, with swords tucked to their belt. People started and made swords since they don’t attract the Creatures unlike a gun. Though day time had made the Creatures at a disadvantage, they needed to hurry up before the sun sets.


“We’re here.” Cale whispered while he and his team mates were hugging the wall.


“God, there’s a lot of them.”


The Creatures were all crowded at the front of the grey building. It had walls but it was clear that they managed to break-in.


“What if some of them are also at the back?”


“Then we’ll make a distraction.” 



A loud explosion had occurred on another building that was further. 


The monsters will clearly run to the building because of the noise. Creating an opportunity for the Scout team to rescue the scientists that were trapped. It was already four in the afternoon, they needed to hurry before it reached five.




Quick footsteps had surrounded the hollow hallway. Everyone ignored the corpses that were laying in the ground. No one knew how long it would take for them to turn into one of the Creatures. That's why all they had to do was rescue them and leave in the back door.


Cale looked at the watch in his right hand.

4:30 PM


There was one hour and thirty minutes before the sun set.




The scientist seemed terrified, they were all hiding behind the cabinets or somewhere they could not be seen. Good thing is that special research labs mostly have unbreakable glass. They slowly looked if one of them was bitten or possibly infected.


“All good.”


Someone in the team gasped, “Shit!”


The corpses that were once laying on the ground started to growl as if it was a hungry beast. It’s movement standing up was slow because of it’s broken bones and twisted joints, even with that they were able to stand up and try to balance themselves.


“Everyone snap out of it, go to the back exit!” Cale pushed them and let himself be in the back. He had enough experience, even when they were just corpses they could easily just stab them on the heart and the brain. But they were more complicated than that, it would only work only if they’re fully infected.


“It’s near this corner-!”


All of their footsteps were quick, they took advantage of the monster trying to stand up. They ignored more and more corpses in the sides of the hallways, they had learned to keep going from this seemingly endless nightmare.


“Fuck! Another one!”


The exit was wide and open but three monsters were waiting in that door, and one was just behind them, it was probably going to catch up sooner or later.


They were cornered.


The Creatures did not waste any time and started to attack them. Everyone pulled out their swords and focused on their weak spots. Cale glared at his watch after finding out what time it is.


4:58 PM


If they were to travel from here to the shelter… it would already be at least 5:30 if they were to fight these monsters right now, and probably more monsters may come. It was going to take a lot of their time.


“Just push them and go to the exit!” 


Cale was also sure that some monsters were going back to this area.






Blood spattered in his clothes, they were the same for the others as well. They let the scientist exit first before them, they needed to make time for them to run to the shelter. The shelter was far from here, that is why they could not afford to waste any more time.


“Go! Go! Go!” 


One of the members held the door, “Leader-nim!” 


More monsters were coming from the hallways. 


One of the scientists shouted, “Monster!”


A monster was also outside. No, more monsters were going to come after the shout.


“Fuck! Leader-”


“Go! Dammit.”


Cale was holding off four monsters. 


“I’ll be right behind you.” His voice seemed but quiet but they understood.


“Shit! We need to go! More of them are coming!” One of the members said while pulling their sword from the Creature’s heart.


Some of the members hesitated, and looked back at Cale. 


“Just go!”


Someone cursed under their breath, “Damnit, let’s go! It’s this way!”


Though, Cale knew they were going to be chased. But if they were near the shelter, people that were on the watch tower might spot them and quickly open the door and try to stop the monsters by snipping them. But he also needed to decrease the creatures that would follow them, the more the creatures, the more attention they would gather. It would make it hard for them to enter the shelter.


Cale looked at the Creatures who were once humans, “Hah… you bastards.”


Though the monsters didn’t seem to target him, they focused on his Scout Team more. Was it because they had more people? Or was it because they preferred something else? Or was there something that the scientist made that made the creatures want to target them first? 


Cale didn’t know, but he quickly tried to kill them off. 


Four monsters… Cale could see more in the distance. The monsters were increasing.


- Fuck.


Cale thought running now was the best idea.


Until he saw another person with black hair.

“Why haven’t they come back yet?”


5:54 PM


It was almost 6:00


Deruth Henituse glared at the clock.


He knew that it was dangerous. But his son insisted he could do it. But that did not stop the anxiousness he’s feeling now. He should have gone there instead of his own son but he felt ill in the past few days that he even threw up.


Medicine was rare nowadays, that’s why they started farms inside the shelters. His son spent most of his time planting the seeds they managed to find in run-down shops, while also spending his time looking for supplies outside the shelter. 


“There they are!” A shout caused him to instantly look at the distance.


Some of the members were waving their hands, as they were being chased by the creatures who seemed to be catching up.




Deruth frowned. 


Where was his son?

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Cale watches as the man that seemed younger than him, easily slices off the Creature's head off one by one, not even sparing a second for the Creature's to attack him. Not long after, the strange man was now surrounded by a pile of dead headless bodies and looked at Cale with narrowed eyes.

"Were you bitten?" He raises his sword in front of Cale's neck.

Cale waved both of his hands up, "No."

The young man didn't say anything else but slowly placed his sword away. But Cale knew that if he was a threat to him or was infected, this guy can easily kill him without any problems...

"What's your name?" Cale asks.

The young man stared at him for a moment, "...Choi Han."

"Then, my name is Cale." 

That's why Cale was planning to befriend him.

Cale looks at his watch, it was already 6:00 PM. If he and Choi Han were to run... they still wouldn't make it.

"I know a place." Choi Han seemed to noticed.

"How? All other shelters are too far from here."

Choi Han walked past Cale, "Just follow me."

Did this guy know places where they could hide? Or does he have a shelter of his own? If so, they have never made contact with the Henituse shelter, or the other shelter that's known. But it would be difficult for them to survive without any allies or support from anyone else. Afterall, how could someone survive on their own when Creatures goes berserk at night?

Once they step outside, more dead bodies without their heads were scattered, too many for them that Cale didn't know how someone could attack these Creatures one by one without getting tired or getting other more Creature's attention. Cale felt like Choi Han had the same stealth as Ron but his attacks and movements seems swift as if he's been killing off creatures for awhile that his strength could be compared with the one of the shelter leaders, Eruhaben.

After hiding and running for a while, they stopped at a run-down building.

"You do know that they can burst through wooden walls easily, right?"

"But they won't break down these walls, if we're quiet enough."

Cale couldn't argue with that, but this spot was too... risky.

"Do you stay here?"


"Then where do you stay?"

Choi Han doesn't respond.

"Don't tell me you move building to building."

Cale watches as Choi Han avoids his gaze, "Why don't you go to the shelters?"

"I was." Choi Han sits down in a wooden chair and cleaned his sword with a dirty fabric, "Until the shelter was ambushed."

Cale decided to sit down in a dirty couch, but it was oddly comfortable, "What was the shelters name?"

"The Harris Village."

Cale widens his eyes.

The Harris Village was also one of the known shelters but it only had a few people, their shelters were built like houses that seemed unique, until it was destroyed by the Terror incident. The Terror incident was seven months ago, the Creatures were berserk for a full day and night, that it destroyed small shelters and the only ones that are standing are the four known shelters.

"Why didn't you go to the other shelters for help?"

"There was a person." Choi Han's tone became darker, "A person who was just standing there, in the middle of all the chaos and... everything. The person was just standing there, the Creatures didn't even attack him or anything."

"Doesn't that sound weird?" Choi Han doesn't look at Cale.

"It does sound weird." Cale was relieved that he at least learned some new information, "So you survived seven months all on your own? Trying to find out who the guy is?"

"That's right, I thought I saw him in the building you were in."

In all honesty, Cale was creeped out by Choi Han's stealth.



Rattle—! Rattle!


The two turns around where the sound was, Cale peeked through the window while Choi Han grabs his sword tightly. 

"What is it?"

Cale couldn't see much but he could make up what he was seeing, "There's people."

"Outside? At night?" Choi Han walks closer to the window, "Isn't there also a cage?"

"Cage?" Cale couldn't see any cage, maybe Choi Han's eyesight was better than him. 

"I'm going."

Cale turns to him but Choi Han was already near the door, "Wait- What are you doing?!" Cale tried to tried to tone his voice down.


Cale took his sword, "Don't go all on your own, who knows what they're doing."

Choi Han took a glance at Cale, "Don't die."

"Who said I would?"






Rattle—! Rattle! Bang!


"Don't move, you brat." A man who wore a coat that covered his face, spoke fiercely as he punched the cage.

The other man scoffed, "They're kinda late aren't they?"

"Maybe your clock s' messed up again."

"Damn it. Do you— Ack! "


"Huh?" The other man looked back, his partner was already in the ground unconscious, "What the— Gah! "

The man was punched in the back of his head, resulting him unconscious like his partner.

Choi Han looks at them with menacingly, as Cale walks up behind him, "I was right, they're humans."

But why would they be out here?

Cale lowers his height to take a good look inside the cage, "What the...?"

It was a young boy, who had messy black hair the same colour as Choi Han, the boy's skin was also covered in scars and other concerning injuries.

The young boy pushed himself back and scowled at Cale.


"Don't touch me!"


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Don’t touch me! ” 


Cale flinched at the voice.

The boy seemed frightened and went further away until he touched the cage’s end, seemingly glaring at him.

- What did they do to a child?

Cale saw how deep the boy’s injuries were that the infection seemed to already be spreading. Maybe if they went back to the Henituse Shelter, Cale can ask Violan, his step-mother, to tend the child's injuries.

But the child's state also reminded him of how he met On and Hong for the first time.

Cale looks at Choi Han, "Did you find the keys?"

Choi Han tosses the keys, Cale quickly catched them, turning to the cage, he tries to open it quickly as possible. They were in a middle of a road, it was a clear spot where the Creatures could see you, they were also quiet until they see a living person, those bastards were already hard to kill in daylight— If one or two Creatures appeared now, they'd already be dead.

That's why Cale tried to open the cage as fast as he can.





It felt like ages, but once they safely retreated back to the abandoned building, they placed Raon on the couch, "Here." Cale took off his jacket that covered his neck, although it was big for the child, it was enough to keep him warm.

"What's your name?"

"..." The child doesn't respond.

Choi Han looks at the child seemingly upset, Cale tries to ask him again, "Did your mom call you anything?"

The child gripped tightly onto the jacket, "I... I don't..." The child was stopping himself from sobbing, "I don't remember."

Cale sighs and sits down, the child was probably traumatized that it affected his memory, "Then, you don't mind me giving you a name?" Cale wasn't going to call a child by their gender or just child  itself. That's just terribly wrong.

The child looks at Cale carefully, "No."

Cale tried to think of a good name, even just something simple.

Raon Miru

"Raon Miru." Cale unconsciously said out loud. He actually didn't know why he thought of that name, but it seemed... fitting, somehow. He turns to the child with black hair, "Is that good enough?"

The child looked at Cale, "Mmm" Raon nodded.

Cale turns to Choi Han, who seemed more surprised, "What's wrong?"

"Cale-nim... Why did you think of that name?"

Cale looks at Choi Han oddly, "I don't know." He shrugged, "Isn't it a good name?"

Choi Han opened his mouth but closed it, Choi Han took a moment before he exhaled, "It is. It's a good name."

Cale looks at the cardboard box, "Is this everything?"

Choi Han nodded, "These are the only bandages and clean fabrics I could find."

"This is enough." Cale can always ask Violan to tend Raon's injuries, maybe solve the infection with antibiotics. He never did hang out with her that much but he knows the basics when it comes to tending injuries.

Raon looks at the cardboard box before looking at back at Cale and Choi Han.

"Here, at least the bleeding won't spread." Cale remembered how Raon hid the bleeding at the side of his neck.

"No!" Raon protested, grabbing tightly onto the oversized jacket.

Cale looks at Choi Han, asking for help. Choi Han gave a quick nod and tried to take the jacket off safely so Raon won't fall from the force.

"No! " Raon felt the jacket being pulled away from him, Choi Han managed to take it off, until he shook his eyes.

"Ah-!" Choi Han quickly let go of the jacket and gripped onto his sword tightly. Cale notices and looks at Raon,


Raon's neck seemed to have a slight cut but it already looked healed.


However, Cale didn't notice it, but Choi Han saw a Creature's bit mark on the back of Raon's neck






"Father! Father! " Basen runs towards the office, but was blocked by a hand.

Basen looks up, meeting eyes with his mother, "Mother?" He opens his mouth, "Mother! Where's Hyung-nim? I can't find him anywhere."          

Violan looks at her child with a comforting smile, "Your Hyung is... " Violan bit her lips, "He.. hasn't come back yet."

"Huh?" Basen froze, "What do you mean?"

Violan looks at the office door where her husband was, she then looks back at her son, "Go back to lily, I'm going to chat with your father."

Basen tried to speak back, but Violan ruffled his hair, "I'll be back." Basen watches as his mother slowly closes the door to the office, but he could see a glimpse of his father, distressed.

It was already sundown.

His... His brother—

"Basen!" A young voice calls out his name, Basen turns around to see who was calling him.

A young girl with a wooden sword looked at him brightly, "I learned a new trick from Captain Hillsman! Wanna see it?"

As Basen was about to respond, he sees two more children running towards them, "Lily! You- You run too fast!" The same child who had red-hair reminded Basen of his Hyung. 

"Yeah!" The older sister who had silver hair leaded her younger brother, "You're too excited!" Both of the siblings seemed out of breath.

"It's not my fault you two aren't athletic like me!" Lily grinned, teasing the two siblings.

"What? You- One day-" Hong seemed to be so out of breath that he couldn't speak, "We're going to- haaaaah... We- Someday-"

"You can't even talk properly!"

Hong took a deep breath, "We're going to be faster than you." 

"Oh reaally? "


Basen watches the three argue with each other.


Basen took a deep breath, and looked at the three younger children, he decided to held back the news for now and decided to play along.


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Cale was five when he lost his mother.

Cale’s mother, Jour Thames, had died in an “accident” at the research lab she had worked at. The whole building was set on fire, leaving no survivors behind. The detectives got onto the case, and found out that the fire was intentional from the fire pattern and left an oil barrel behind the building.

No sign of any fingerprints nor did the investigators find any CCTV footage because it was already tampered on. Leading to a dead end on the investigation, making the detectives close the case after five months.

Cale felt… lonely for the first time. Though he was mostly indoors, reading books, he didn’t play outside much. Though his parents would force him into playing catch or they would read bedtime stories every night.

If only Cale knew that it would disappear so fast… maybe he’d ask them to read more stories.

The first few months of her death, Cale saw how his father was… coping horribly. Cale wasn’t some sort of psychologist or a therapist, he was still a kid but he knows what his father was doing was unhealthy.

So he tried comforting him, he wasn’t the best at it but it was still worth a try. 


Cale later found out that his father also needed space.


And so he does.

They grew apart.

Ron, who was a servant, and Beacrox, a young chef, always accompanied him eating meals because his father was too busy drowning himself in paperwork. Cale would still visit from time to time, but lately the atmosphere was… weird and awkward, but he was still persistent. How could he let his father develop an unhealthy coping mechanism?

Ron had asked him once how he was feeling, Cale didn't know how to respond but he was feeling fine of course. But even after Cale had insisted he was fine, Ron looked at him with doubt or even worry.

After that, eating with Ron and Beacrox became normal, but from time to time his father slowly started to eat with him again, Cale was surprised how his comfort worked enough for his father to realize he's been drowning himself.

Carrying the burden alone... isn't it tiring?


Time flows by...

It’s been two years and Cale could see how his father was getting better but Cale isn’t stupid. He saw how his father was meeting another woman, and Cale didn’t interfere. It wasn’t his problem, afterall, maybe the woman was making his father move on, it felt better that way.

But a few months later, Deruth announced he’ll be marrying Violan.

Just out of the blue.

Nevertheless, Cale still supported his father's decision even if it seemed.. too fast.

But now Cale has a younger brother, after he's done with school work or reading, he would spend most of his time in the kid’s room and look after him from time to time. As an older brother, he’ll protect his younger brother and make sure he lives his life to the fullest peacefully.

Then few years later, Cale now had a younger sister.

He was like a tutor to both of his siblings, the three children were much closer with each other. Lily would always visit Cale's room since most of the time Basen needs help with his homework or projects that's too difficult for him.

But Cale had a hard time adjusting and taking time to call his step-mother, mother. It was weird but Cale needed something to move on, he knows he can't keep dwelling on the past as if it can do anything good.

That's why he'll try to keep looking forward.



Cale was now 18-years-old.

He graduated highschool and is now taking entrance exams. Cale would have loved to take a long break but he wanted to graduate college as soon as possible so he won’t have to worry about anything else, after this he'll take a year-long break in his room relaxing and just slacking..




Cale broke his thoughts and looked out of the window, a bright red-orange color covered the window, while at the same time the ground quivered badly that some students were pushed off their seats.

AAAH! ” some students screamed, “Everyone! Evacuate! ” The teacher who was under the table, yelled at them.

Cale felt his body get squished in the door because of everyone's panic. The whole building was shaking heavily, the sound of multiple explosions were still happening in the background. As Cale was running down the stairs along with the other students, he grabbed his phone and tried to call his father.

Riiiing—! Riiiiiing—! Riii—!

No answer. 

- Shit… 

Cale clicked his tongue out of frustration. He needed to run to the school where Lily and Basen were to make sure they won’t get hurt or get into any accidents, but he couldn’t drive so he had to run as fast as he can even though he has never exercised that much.

Once he went outside, it was pure chaos. Everyone was running left and right like a group of ants panicking. He tried to ignore the scream and cries and ran faster to the school before it was too late. The buildings were trembling, some of them even seemed like they were already in the midst of collapsing.

Fire was spreading in the distance, probably because of the explosions that were happening. Running while the ground was shaking is a terrible idea, but then how about his siblings? How can he know if they're safe?

Once he was finally at the school, some people were already leaving in hurry. The highschool building and elementary building was separated from each other, the closest one is the elementary building that's why Cale hurried to check if Lily's alright.

Hyung-nim!” Cale stops his steps, Basen was already holding Lily’s hand in his right hand, while his left hand had two more children. 




Booooom —!


More explosions had occurred on the distance, but Cale quickly looked at his siblings for injuries, then looked at the two children.

Basen looks at him, “It’s Lily’s classmates.” He really didn’t need to explain any further because Basen knows his Hyung-nim would still make sure Lily’s classmates were also safe.

The older sibling seemed to have silver hair while the youngest has red-hair brighter than Cale’s. Both Lily and the two siblings looked like as if they had seen something they shouldn’t have, making Cale worried. He looks at Basen again, Basen looked at Cale with slightly squinted eyes while he bit his lips.

They had seen something they shouldn’t have.

Cale didn’t say anything else but looked at the four children, “Let’s go, I’ll get you to somewhere safe.” Cale didn’t know where, but they needed to get away from the shaking buildings and make sure the three children gets a check-up. Cale was already sure that his step-mother would agree.

Cale runs with the two children in his arms, while Basen leaded lily with his hands. Of course, the children were heavy, but they clenched to Cale tightly, obviously scared from what was happening. Cale looks at Basen at the corner of his eyes, “Did father say anything?”

“No! The signal still-” Basen’s face glared at the phone as if it had done something wrong, “There’s still no signal!” 

Fortunately, after a few minutes, the shaky ground had finally calmed down. There wasn’t much open-space where they were. But once the ground stopped shaking, Cale went to the most sturdies building he could see, it was a little cafe shop underneath a building still seemingly looking stable enough.

Once they took shelter, Cale drops the children slowly to the ground, it still wasn’t that safe, so all of them had to crouch down.

Hah-! ” Cale gasps for air, his sight was getting blurry. Probably because he wasn’t used to exercising, Basen saw and quickly took water from the the vertical cooler, taking out a bunch of cold water, he hands it out to the children then to Cale.

Cale brushes his head back, placing the cold water in his face. He remembered how his step-mother wouldn’t advise that sort of thing when he was a kid because he would get sick, but Cale would still got sick nevertheless.

Cale felt his clothes being pulled, he looks to his side, the young girl who had silver hair looked at him, “Th-thank you..” She seemed hesitant, while she held her hand with her younger brother, “Thank you, sir!” The young girl bowed slightly.

Cale looked at how dirty they were, Cale pats the young girl’s head, “You don’t need to thank me.” Cale looks back at Lily, she was already sleeping at her brother’s shoulder. Cale thought that was better so they can sleep the day off not having to worry about anything else.

He looks back at the two siblings, “What’s your name?”

The young silver head looked at her brother before looking back at Cale, “My name is On.” 

The red hair looked at Cale hesitant, “I-I’m Hong.”

“Excuse me for asking but…” Hong grabbed his clothes, “What’s that in your wrist? It looks like a scar.. does it hurt?"

Cale looks at his wrist, it was a birthmark. It looked like a scar because it had some sort of knife pattern, “It’s a birthmark when I was a kid, it’s not an injury.”

The two siblings seemed to be orphans, considering how they didn’t have any last names, “Do you want to rest? There’s probably some space in the employer’s room.” Since this building was a cafe, there should at least be one or two couches.

The two gave a slight nod, Cale was worried how someone so young had to go through something traumatic, Basen was clearly listening as he already waked Lily up so they can move to something more comfortable.

The employers room had two long couches with two other short couches, it was a wide space but papers and other things were scattered in the ground, Lily took one and the two siblings looked at Cale as if they weren’t sure if they could have this couch. Cale gestures his hands that it was alright and they should quickly rest.

Cale looked to his side,  “Aren’t you going to rest with Lily?”

Basen looks back at Cale, “What about you, Hyung-nim?”

“Don’t worry.” Cale shrugged, “I’ll guard the door to see if I can get any help.” 

Basen already looked tired like the two children but was still persistent, “I’m not a child anymore. I can stay up.”

“It’s bad to force your body.”


Cale pushed Basen’s body towards the couch, “Rest.”

Basen looked annoyed but didn’t protest any longer, Cale watches as the three children finally rests on the couch. He looks at his phone again, it was 3 PM in the afternoon. The signal was only one bar but it was enough to at least send a text to his father where they were, and how they were doing. 

Cale closes the door behind him and started to type to his phone






Jour inhaled sharply, trying to place away her anger, “You bastard.” She clenches her fist down the table, she looks at her computer with a document open, “You planned that  far? And for what?” She scoffed. The clicking tock in the background seemed like a timer.

“Even including my own family who did nothing  wrong?” She lowers her head, taking another glance of her work full of journals and documents, she lets the person on the other line speaks, refraining herself from punching the table of frustration. 

Jour’s eye’s twitched from what the the person on the other line said, she quickly placed away her phone and end the call without hesitation.

From her desk, she took a family photo that she cherishes so much, but she places it down and takes a deep breath.

Jour then took her laptop and the journals inside a bag, and left the room to the third floor. She can sense the regret and the weight of her heart that seemed to be holding her breath.


She already knew what was going to happen.


Chapter Text


Raon quickly ran towards Cale as Choi Han had his hands gripped tightly to the sword, “Choi Han!” Cale shouts at him, “What are you doing?!”

Cale grabbed Raon by his arms, “What-” Realization struck him like thunder, he looks back at Choi Han who seemed to be hesitant to draw his sword, “Choi Han, calm down.” 

Choi Han's eyes narrowed, “He’s one of them.”

“I know.” He looks at Raon who was trembling in his arms, “I know.”

Violan, his step-mother, was a general surgeon. She was smart when it came to these things, she had researched the creatures in her laboratory room she had made when she saw how the government seemed to be failing to get results of a cure. 

Of course, that took months and months of research, most of the time she skipped breakfast. But she gladly gave information she found to the shelters, one of the important information given was how long an infected would turn. It was most likely between 5-10 minutes for them to fully turn one, if you were an adult, the most it would take is about 5 minutes, but if it’s a child, it would at least turn in 10 minutes or less.

That’s why Cale was confused. They had been with Raon for 10 minutes, maybe even more than that.

“Choi Han don’t pull the sword out.” Cale knew that Raon was one of the creatures but another possibility came to mind.

“Raon.” Cale looks at him, though Raon avoided his gaze, “What did those men do to you?”

Raon grabbed tightly to Cale’s clothes, still looking down at the floor.

The child gritted its teeth before speaking, "You're not going to kill me?" Raon's voice was faint, much like a whisper.

"Of course not." Cale wanted information, "Why would we?"

Raon tucked his head lower to Cale's chest, "I don't.." Raon inhaled sharply, "I'm one of them, aren't I?"

"But you're still human." It was technically  true, creatures didn't have any thought process and attacks humans without hesitation, "That's why tell me."

"What did those men do to you?" Cale repeated the question while he saw a glimpse of Choi Han lowering his guard.

Raon took a moment, "...Chains."

Cale raised his eyebrow as Raon continued, "Everything's blurry.." Raon seemed to be focusing, "They would stab my shoulder from time to time.."

"I don't know.. It just.. hurts." Raon refrained a sob, "Everything just hurts.

Cale and Choi Han looked at each other, they both knew something was off from the start. 

Cale looks back down at Raon, he pats the child's head softly and brushed his hair, "You're fine now." 

"You're tired, go to sleep." Cale watches as Raon's eyes were swollen red, 


"You're safe now so don't worry."





"What do you think?" Cale asks Choi Han while he looks at Raon who slept on the couch, "It's most likely that someone was experimenting."

Choi Han slightly nods, "What if it's intentional?" Choi Han's tone became cold, "Someone who wants to see the world burn?"

Cale knew the incident in the Harris Village was an odd one, they never did get any reports from any of the shelters about someone who seemed immune to the creatures, as if invisible by their eyes.

"It can be." Cale sighs, and scratched his head, "Who knows? Maybe one day we'll get an answer to that."

"But how are we going to the shelter without... revealing Raon?"

Cale crossed his arms, "We can hide it with the jacket I gave, then we can give him a turtle-neck clothing." 

The two knew if they revealed Raon's identity it would cause panic and chaos, not only that but people who wants to take advantage of him will try to befriend him.

"Do you think there's a cure?"

"No." Cale said bluntly, "Not yet." 

Choi Han opens the door to another room, "There's still a bed here."

"You take it." 

"Huh?" Choi Han looks at Cale, confused, "What about you? Cale-nim? Aren't you tired?"

"No." Cale takes a wooden chair, "I don't sleep much even before the apocalypse, so don't worry about it."

Choi Han seemed overwrought by Cale's statement, "Don't push yourself too hard Cale-nim."

Cale was dumbfounded.

What the hell is he talking about?






"Miss Violan! Sir Deruth!" The door bursts open to the office.

The couple who were leaders of the Shelter looked at the guard, "What is it?" Violan was the first to ask.

The guard looked troubled— but also seemed to be in disbelief, "I-" The man gritted his teeth, "Just please come and check!"

The Henituse couple seemed confused but looked at each other before deciding to check what was causing the ruckus. 

"What is it?" A lot of people's attention were focused on the front of the barricaded door.

Deruth politely pushed aside some of the people who were blocking his view, the sunlight from the windows shined a familiar long red-hair.

He remembers someone, someone with the same hair and a bright smile.

A wife he had lost— a son he had lost. He could have done something yet he continued to turn a blind eye.

And yet...

Deruth looks at his son who was presumed dead.

He does not deserve such miracle, doesn't he?

Choi Han was was clearly covered in dirt and blood as Cale seemed tired but was carrying a child in his arms, wrapped with an oversized jacket.


Cale looks at Deruth.




Chapter Text


Violan comes out of the treatment room, pulling her gloves off, she looks at her son who was standing against a wall.

“So are you going to tell me?” Violan asks.

Cale sighs, “You noticed.”

“How could I not?” Violan looked at Cale solemnly with her arms crossed, “The child… how is he still alive?”

No, the child should have been dead by now. Multiple scars seemed deep enough for someone to faint because of blood lost, and the child’s body was thin as if he was starved, not only that but…

“How does the child still have his consciousness?”

The child was one of the creatures.

Cale seemed unbothered, “I don’t know, but he’s still half human. Isn’t he?”

Violan was taken by surprise, but quickly relaxed herself, “Well, technically  he is. But that doesn’t change the fact that he’s a threat. What if he suddenly goes beserk? Wild that it could destroy this shelter?” 

“That’s why we're keeping an eye on him.” Cale answered, “Trust me.” 

Violan looks at her soon mixed with doubt and worry, she sighs deeply before talking again, “You really are a softie huh.”


Violan looked away, “Anyways, I already gave the child some clothes— a turtleneck to hide his neck, sleeves and pants long enough to cover the scars and bruises.”

Cale bows his head slightly, “Thank you.”

“No need.” Violan turns her head back at Cale, frowning, “Shouldn’t you rest?”

“...Do I look that bad?” 

“Your eyes look like it's about to close itself.” 

Cale moved away from the wall, “Is it okay to bring food at the treatment room?”

“Do as you like, no one’s stopping you.”

Cale knew the only way to make Raon feel safe was to bring him a warm meal as a welcoming.

Warm meals can make people trust each other, right?

Raon looks at the long sleeves, it was strangely comfortable for him. He wasn’t used to sitting down in a comfy and soft bed nor was he used to seeing the sunlight touching his skin for the first time in a long time at the window.

It felt… odd.

Raon’s head shot up, there was a faint creek of a door opening behind him with a tasty smell he had almost forgotten about.

Cale held the serving tray with two pieces of apple pie. Raon looks at him with breaming eyes.

Cale places down the tray in the table as Raon followed behind him,”It’s hot.” 

But Raon was already sitting down, he looked back to Cale, “What is this? What is it called again?”

“It’s apple pie.”

Raon’s mouth became ‘O’ shape, he took the fork and sliced a part of the apple pie releasing the steamy aroma surrounding the room.

“It’s delicious!”

“Mm.” Cale nods.

Raon ate a huge bite, “Isw Delwitcous!” Raon tried to talk but ended up saying gibberish because of the apple pie in his mouth.

Well, beacrox did make it.

Cale didn’t underestimate Becarox’s cooking skills since he had been cooking since he was a child— Maybe even when Cale was a tiny baby.

Cale looks at Raon who was already going to eat the second piece of the apple pie, Raon didn’t seem to be in a rush, it was more of a child finally getting what he was loathing for a long time.

Meanwhile, he had ordered Ron to take Choi Han to a room somewhere available. The Henituse shelter had conquered three buildings, all of them connected to each other in a way, as wooden spiked barricades surrounded the buildings as protection from the farm they have on top of buildings.

Each room had at least 5-7 people in them, most of them are families, close friends, or co-workers, but there are also Traveler’s room, in which people from other shelters visit another shelter for business, such as trading, giving resources/information, or people who simple wants to visit the shelter in their own reasons.


Raon puts the fork down on the plate, with his face all messy from the pie. Cale took out a napkin, he already had enough experience in handling children, “Your face is a mess.”

“Mmm-!” Cale wiped the crumbs in Raon’s face

Once Cale was done wipping off the crumbs, Raon continued to stare at Cale.

Cale noticed, “What is it?” 

“You really aren’t going to kill me?”

“Didn’t I tell you?” Cale pats Raon’s head, “You’re still human, you’re a survivor. That’s what's important, isn't it?”

Raon looks down at the floor as if he was in deep thought with his fists clenched together.

“Don’t worry, everyone here is friendly.” No one would hurt an injured child of course.

Knock—! Knock!

The door opened, “Cale-nim?” It was Ron, an old butler of Cale’s, “I advise you to start resting.”

“Huh?” Cale held back from flinching at the old man’s words, but it was more of how the man kept his benign smile.

“I was told that you didn’t sleep last night.” Ron looked at Cale, “Isn’t that two nights in a row, Cale-nim?”

Choi Han…

Cale completely forgot he stayed awake last night.

“It’s bad for your health.”

Cale took a deep sigh, “I know, I know.”

Scary old man.

Even when Cale was a child, Ron seemed that type of servant who could have been a potential assassin.

Cale looked back at Raon, “I’ll be back later.” Raon gave a short nod.

As Cale was walking back to his room, although he couldn't hear Ron’s footsteps, he knew he was following him. Maybe it was some sort of telling that he needed to rest or something like that.

“How’s Choi Han?” Cale asks before going inside his room to rest.

“He’s fine, though he is quite a dangerous young man.”

That was understandable considering how Choi Han killed four creatures on his own, maybe he had some sort of sword art that either came from his family or because of his experience from moving buildings to buildings for who knows how many months.

Cale had another thought of someone, “How about father?” His father didn't say anything more, his father did stutter a couple of times that it made Cale worried if something had happened while he was gone.

“Your father is quite in shock but he’s glad you came back home safely.”

“Is that so?”

It was understandable considering the majority of people would die at night time without going or making their own shelter without attracting the creatures.

“The children also want to talk to you after you rest.” 

“Ah…” Cale recalled how Basen looked at him furiously telling him how stupid and reckless he was. Well he was right but he managed to come back right?

“I’ll keep that in mind.” Cale takes a step in his room, “I’ll go rest now.”

The door from Cale’s room closed. 

Choi Han looked at the children who seemed eager for answers.

“How good are you at handling the sword? Can you teach me? Any tricks? Like how-” Lily was interrupted by Basen,

“You’re asking too many questions!” 

“But I’m curious!” 

Hong also seemed interested, “How did you get out of there?”

Choi Han smiled sheepishly, “It’s a long story..”

“But still! It’s surprising how you managed to come out well! Right, noona?” Hong looked eagerly at his sister.

On who was silently listening, while eating cookies, “Well, it's because they’re strong, right?”

Lily nodded, “Oppa is weak but he’s really fast!” 

“But Hyung is too reckless for his own good.” Basen sighs, seemingly stressed.

Choi Han watches as the four start to chat with each other maybe it was a debate even. Basen and Lily were Cale’s siblings yet they looked so different from each other considering the hair color.

Tiii—nng! Tiing! Ting!

A faint bell rang across the building, Choi Han turned to the door where some people were also looking.

“What is it?” Choi Han asks the children without looking back.

“It’s probably visitors from the other shelter.” Basen answered, “Don’t worry about it.” 

Choi Han watches as the door opens to reveal two individuals.

One was a rose-haired woman and the other was a silver-haired man seemingly tall.

“Who are they?” 

“Oh! The red-hair is Miss Rosalyn. Though she uses traps and her bow and arrow when fighting, she's also really smart!” Lily points from the red-hair woman to the silver-haired man, “And that’s Sir Lock! He’s also a swordmaster, oh! maybe he’s here to train with Captain Hillsman!”

“...Isn’t that the guy who you kept asking to fight with?” Hong asks and turns to Lily.

“Listen! He looked strong, okay! I needed to train myself!” 

Choi Han could still hear the children playfully argue with each other.

It felt peaceful, but still Choi Han was still wary about the visitors and...





Cale was sitting with piles of books and papers surrounding him.


It seemed like a library he hasn’t seen before, maybe because of the apocalypse, he forgot some places..


Or maybe he was truly somewhere else.


Cale stands up and looks at the pile of books that read, “랭크 1 몬스터 기록”


Cale seemed like he knew what it meant but it also seemed foreign.


Cale places down the book in defeat and looks around the room.


Getting out of the mountains of books and papers, he felt as if a force had made him stop his steps.




Cale turned around where the voice seemed to be but was met with nothing but the blue sky.


“ 언젠가 농장을 짓자, 알았지?” 


The clouds covered the blue sky and Cale could see a reflection slowly appearing as the sun was covered.


A reflection of someone else’s.






Cale wakes up with his face sweating, his heart beating rapidly that he could hear it from his ears. He quickly pushed himself up as he gasped for air, he clenches his chest and looked down at the bed sheet.

The sunlight from the window looked peaceful with the birds singing in the background, yet it just felt like he had some sort of nightmare.


He really hates it when he dreams of something that doesn't make sense— so vague and fuzzy but it felt like he could reach it and find an answer,


Yet he would wake up forgetting it.


What a headache...



Chapter Text


Cale fixed his bed and opened his cabinet to wear a new white shirt with long sleeves.

He stares at the mirror as he takes off his clothes, he touches his left arm which was mostly covered in scars, so did his right. He didn't know where they came from but he had his own speculations that he felt like wasn't much of importance.

Actually, he wasn't the best at swords, maybe he was better with handguns with silencers but the Roan shelter hasn't given them supplies of bullets yet since it took them time to produce bullets while also creating a terms and agreements between shelters.

Cale leaves his room after changing his clothes, he closes the door and is met with a familiar man with white hair who seemed to be waiting for him.

“What do you want?” Cale asks the scientist who they saved from the laboratory building.

The man smiled innocently, “Question, don’t worry it’ll be short.”

Cale raised an eyebrow, “Why me? Why not ask my father?”

“Mmm.” The man tilts his head with a sheepish smile, “He’s quite busy, isn’t he?”

“What’s your name?” Cale asks.

“Clopeh.” The man smiled, “Clopeh Sekka. Can I ask the questions now?”

“Make it quick.” Cale remembered that his siblings were going to talk to him.

“Then… Who’s the child?”

Cale's head shot up as the question caught him, “Child? Do you mean Raon?” 

“Is that his name? The black-hair boy?”

“Yeah. We found him in a building alone.”

“Is that so?” The man sighs, “I may know someone who owns the child.”

Cale frowned, it wasn't like it was bad news, it was more of... something he couldn't trust, “Who’s this person?”

Clopeh smiles, “We’re good friends. Her son went missing for years, but the description looks like him.”

“I think the child should stay here for a while. He’s still healing, afterall.”

“I can go to the Roan shelter so the child can reunite with his mother.” Clopeh suggested.

“No.” Cale starts to walk away, “I don’t see why you're in a rush.”

Clopeh sighs, “I just want the father to reunite with his son. Afterall, wouldn’t it be nice for the child to know his mother is still waiting for him?”

Cale stops, narrowing his eyes from an unpleasant memory, “The child doesn’t remember anything.”

“But still. A parents love is important, right? Even if the child doesn’t remember.”

Cale sighs heavily, before walking away again, “He'll rest in this shelter for a while, I'm sure the mother can understand.”

Clopeh hums, “Alright, it was nice chatting, Cale-nim.”







"What do you think?" Cale asks Raon who laid on the bed, "Do you want to see your mother?"

Raon slightly bit his lips, "But what if she finds out? Wouldn't it be the same?" He gripped tightly to the white bed sheet.

Cale sighs, "But wouldn't she be glad that her son is still alive after all this time?" He pats Raon's head, "Have a little faith."

"But what if—even if she  does  still accept me— what if she thinks I'm weird? What if she gets scared?" Raon held his breath as he looks up to Cale.

"You're not alone." Cale says, "Plus, do you think me and Choi Han are scared?"

Raon looks down to his hands again, "Then... I want to at least... help."

"Hm?" Cale dazed at the young child, "What do you mean?"

"I want to help! I'm strong enough!" Raon beamed at Cale, "I'm strong enough to destroy the creatures!! I can help!!"

Cale flinched, "Why are you saying such things? You're still a child, you don't have to fight.

"I'm not a child! I'm strong enough— stronger than you!!" Raon protested.


Cale realises that Raon and Lily was much alike with the thought of wanting to help and thinking they're strong enough even though they're still children.

"No, it hasn't even been a full week yet, your injuries are still healing." Cale wasn't going to let a child go outside and risk their life when they haven't even lived long enough yet!

"I'm feeling better- look!" Raon pull his sleeves, the harsh and red bleedings were now gone and replaced with scars but it was the same color as Raon's skin which was pale, "See? I'm better!"

Cale touches Raon's arm with a confused look, who wouldn't? Deep scars and bleeding suddenly starts to heal within a day? That seemed impossible, but considering the fact that Raon was somewhat experimented... there was a tiny bit of possibility.

"That doesn't excuse you to be in the battlefield."

"I can prove it!"



"No. "

Cale thought for a moment, ignoring Raon's persisting protest, "Are you bored?" 

"...not really." Raon eyes looks away, "Maybe a little bit."

"You don't mind meeting people the same age as you?" Cale thought maybe Raon felt lonely, and it was a good thing that Lily, On and Hong were good company.

"I don't mind." Raon answered, but he seemed hesitant.

Cale was going to make sure that Raon would live a easy life rather than a path of suffering.




"Cale-nim.." Choi Han called faintly after Cale talked with the children, "What happens if they somehow find out?"

"Don't worry, Raon's not that reckless." Cale reassured Choi Han's concern, "That reminds me... I heard that there's visitors."

"That's right, but what are they doing here?" Choi Han asks, visiting another shelter was a risk, what about walkie-talkies or some sort?

Cale rests his face on his right hand on the table, "There's a big project between shelters. Do you remember the Terror Incident that killed off minor shelters?"

Choi Han hands flinched, "Yes."

"The four main shelters: Henituse Shelter, Roan Shelter, Mercenary's Shelter, Dragon's den... All of us came to an agreement to fix the subways. For easier access to other shelters or when the shelter is under attack or is breached, the people have easier ways to evacuate. The only problem is, a lot of the creatures were underground because most of them are sensitive to light."

"My prediction is it's going to take years, especially when people have to distract the creatures and kill them off. That's probably why Rosalyn is here since she's popular with creating traps and ideas for the project."

"That's a lot of work... considering the limited resources." Choi Han thought aloud.

Cale took a deep breath from getting reminded of the amount of work he also had to do.

Choi Han looks at Cale again, "Also... what about the white hair guy?"

"Hm? That guy? What about him?"

"Isn't he creepy?" Choi Han frowned, "It's making me want to punch him for some reason.."

Cale froze.

This guy's a crazy bastard...

"What did he even do?" Cale asks how Clopeh would have somehow angered Choi Han.

"He asks too many questions.."

"That's it??"

Choi Han thought for a moment before slightly nodding. Cale refrained from sighing again, he should really be careful when he's with Choi Han.


Choi Han and Cale quickly stood up from their chairs, the ground shook for a moment as a clear orange explosion was near the windows. 

"Fuck.." Cale curse under his breath, "Choi Han! Hide the children in the back, there's an emergency room there!"

Choi Han nodded and runs to the children meanwhile, Cale walks up the stairs onto the watchtower where he heard Basen was, "Basen!"

Basen looks down, "Hyung-nim! I'm alright!" 

Cale bit his lips, it wasn't like Basen was a young boy anymore, but he was still younger than him, "Then retreat when it's dangerous!"

"I know that!" Basen looks responds while holding his bow and arrow, aiming for the creatures who was slowly climbing to the crumbles of the stone wall.

Basen's eyesight was sharp enough, so he trained himself to use bow and arrows and at this point he made sure to hit the targets on the spot, but it was a fact he was never in the Scout Team or went outside unlike his Hyung. That's why he could hear his heart beating even from the chaos, he could see his hands shake for a bit but he tries to snap out of it to get better shots.

This time, its his turn to help his family.






"Eruhaben-nim!!" One of the workers shouted, "Explosions near the walls! Also on the distance!"

The handsome man with golden hair takes a sword near his side, he looked both annoyed and angry, "Have you told the others?"

"Yes! Is there anything else we can do?"


"No. Order the civilians to hide in their rooms."


"It's going to be a bloodbath."


Chapter Text


Basen clicked his tongue, “Damn it.” 

The ground shook heavier than it had before, the watchtower was now in the brink of collapsing. Basen saw multiple people running away in the corner of his eyes, he should start running away too, but what about the creatures?

The barricades were starting to fall off one by one as the creatures were starting to come after them. Basen didn’t know if they were Enhanced or not since most creatures would scowl in fear or disgust by the sun's light..

Is this why they weren’t dying even though Basen had shot most of them in the head?

Basen clicked his tongue, he needed to get out of—


Basen inhaled sharply as the watchtower he was standing started to collapse behind him, “Shit!’ 

He let go of his bow and his body had been tossed to the ground with stone rubbles making his fall much more painful. Basen gasped for air as he could see scrapes in his hands and blood tearing down from his forehead.

“Sir Basen!”

“Hillsman?” Basen’s vision was blurry but he could recognise the voice that was coming towards him. 

Hillsman carried Basen’s body in his arms, blood splattered in his hands from grabbing Basen’s chest. The boy ached in pain and looked at the person who was carrying him as he ran,

“Did… Something stab my chest?”

Hillsman didn’t look back at him, “Yes.”

“The- creatures..” Basen needed to tell them but his chest ached so badly, “Some of them.. Enhanced.”

Hillsman looked at Basen with his eyes widened but he ran even faster, maybe it was because of the information Basen gave or because Basen was bleeding to death. Perhaps both.

“The emergency area is full!” One of the people shouted, “Everyone go to the subway area! There’s a barricade there so don’t worry!”

There were still more people outside so it was most likely the subway area would be full.

Hillsman saw a familiar black-haired man, 

“Choi Han!” Hillsman called him, “Where’s Miss Violan?” 

Choi Han was about to answer until he saw Basen’s situation and his eyes winced from an unpleasant memory, “She’s in the emergency room treating wounds.”

Hillsman cursed under his breath, “I’m sure there’s at least one person on the medical team in the subway area… Come on!”

Choi Han patted Hillsman’s shoulders, “Go without me. I don’t see Cale-nim anywhere, I’ll go looking for him.”

“You’ll die out there!” Hillsman saw creatures were already slowly coming to the base.

Basen had his arm to his chest, the hole of the bleeding was small but he guessed the steel from the buildings had stabbed him, “Save my brother.” He inhaled deeply after saying that, “He’s an idiot, so please.

He made a promise.

Basen’s thought was a mess.

Hyung-nim wouldn’t break a promise.

Basen could recall a time in his childhood. How Cale gave up the inheritance to his father's company and placed it to Basen, but they promised that they would live a peaceful life as his Hyung-nim seemed to want to build a farm somehow.

Basen asked why, and his Hyung took a long time to respond before finally looking back to him.

Living a peaceful life..

He really... wants that now.. 

Hillsman clicked his tongue as he sees Basen's bleeding, “I’ll go now, please return as soon as you can.”

Choi Han nodded and started to run to the deadly field

He suddenly stops his tracks when he sees a familiar white-hair walking outside from the corner of his left eye. The white-haired seemed to be talking calmly to someone else despite the chaos around the shelter.

“Where is he?” Clopeh asks

“He’s coming, we can’t lose that boy. Sooner or later, that child will start talking.”

“That’s true.. So when-”


Choi Han’s attack was blocked by a middle-aged man.

“Oh my.” Clopeh seemed to not take Choi Han as a threat yet but seeing him now made him think otherwise.

Choi Han charged first at the middle-aged man rapidly attacking, mostly he tried to stab the man in his chest. The two of them were on par with each other but it was clear that Choi Han was much faster than the man who was baffled at his strength.

“You-” The man dodged Choi Han’s attack, but the sword was actually aiming for his arm.


The man gasped in pain as his arm was deeply cut, he unconsciously let his sword down and Choi Han took that as an entrance and slashed the man’s chest without any mercy.

Choi Han exhaled deeply, he could hear the man screaming in agony but he didn’t spare any glance longer and locked his gaze at Clopeh who was now looking at him nervously.

“Woah- Hey.” Clopeh places his hand in front of him, “Wait a minute-”

Choi Han punched Clopeh’s head seemingly hard enough for him to pass out that instant. 



“Raon!” The treatment rooms where upstairs, the building was already so close to collapsing. 

Cale hadn’t seen Raon anywhere so that had meant he was maybe in the room still.

“Raon!” Cale opened the door to the room,  but no one seemed to be there.

Cale entered the room more and quickly looked around.

Cale sees Raon sitting shakily in the corner with his hands covering his ears. 


Raon didn’t look back.


Cale slowly reached out his hand to the child.


Cale’s hand was suddenly pushed away, it’s strength was rough and quick, surprising that it came from a child.

Raon looked at him with both fear and anger yet his face was filled with tears. Raon’s emotion in face slowly disappeared and was replaced with fear alone. 

“Raon?” Cale calls out again as he massages his hand, “The building is collapsing, let’s go.”

Raon gritted his teeth, “No… I-” 

Cale slowly placed his hand to Raon’s hair and shuffled it slowly, “I told you. You aren’t alone anymore. That’s why let’s get out of here together, okay?”

Raon inhaled sharply, fighting off the tears, “No- you don’t- This happened because of me!

“People... are going to die because— of me. ” Raon looked at Cale, he was afraid. Not of anyone in the shelter nor the building collapsing. But himself.

“Then survive.” Cale said, “What you said earlier. If you really have strong strength or something, you can use that to protect others can you?”

“But- I don’t want…” Raon imagined a family of his own, distorted, “I don’t want to ruin and hurt   a family because of me.”

Cale seemed to slowly hug Raon but he carried him in his arms. Of course he was heavy but they needed to get out of here fast before they get trapped.

“You’re strong. Rather than killing, you want to protect right?” 

Raon couldn’t understand it. They should’ve killed him right then and there. It kept running in his mind why just… let him live? He had done so many  things he regrets.

Raon felt guilt.

Raon felt guilt for not telling them something.

A truth perhaps? Or was it something he wants to forget?

He wants to tell him.

But deep down he also doesn’t want to be left alone in the dark again.

He just can’t.

But the lives of so many..

Raon’s thought was flushed away as he could hear another man’s voice enter the room.

It wasn’t Cale’s voice since it was much lower and colder.

“Give the boy to me.”

It was someone who had the same red-hair as Cale or even his mother but much   more different.

A cold-hearted man.

Cale frowned, he felt chills run down his spine, “Who are you?”

The man looked down at Cale with no other emotion whatsoever.

The man's eyebrows twitched, "Just like her... You'll walk in the same path."

A sword quickly flew towards Cale's neck, aiming to split it to pieces.


The man flinched and looked to his left where the door was.

"How did you get there so fast?" The man could see drops of blood hit the ground from Cale's arm.


Cale's fast movement—That didn't even seem human at all—had the unknown man freeze.

"You... Who are you?"




Jour brushed her hair back as she laid her head on the table, frustrated. She had been working overnight and she wanted to go home so badly.

“Cup of coffee, Miss Jour?” 

Jour pulled her body back to the chair and sat lazily, “Can you, please? Investigating is such a pain.”

The woman with white haired silently laughed, “How’s your child?”

Ahhh… You’re making me want to go home even more..” Jour complained.

A cup of hot coffee was placed on the table. 

“Thanks, Sheritt-nim.” Jour took the cult of coffee and took a sip.

Sheritt sat down on the sit in front of Jour, “How is it? Any clues?”

“People might think I’m crazy.” Jour scoffed.

“Then if we catch some hard evidence, we can file to the police.” 

“True… Do you really think he’s a reincarnator?”

Sheritt sips her coffee, “Who knows. Gods, Goddesses, ancient wars… They seem unbelievable now. Don’t they?”

Jour groaned even more, “It’s weird.” She looked at her family journals and seemed to be lost in thought.

Sheritt sighed, “The only problem is… what’s his goal? Everytime we try to investigate, it’s either we almost get caught or end up in a dead end.”

“I don’t want my family to get involved in this.” Jour thought aloud, “I know one day, they will get involved but…”

Jour looked at the ceiling.

The thought of her family's investigations and numerous notes in old journals…

Theories of what the guy’s motive can be… what he wants…

It just seemed like it came out of a fantasy novel.

Jour closes her eyes.


Did she really want to know what’s going to happen?


She felt like the key she opened to a door had more doors in front of her.




Even if there is a God of some sort.


Why would they let a man like him become something too powerful for humanity?


Jour sighed.


She'll find the bastard's base and take evidence.


Even if it takes her last breath.


Chapter Text


“Who are you? ” The voice was deep and harsh. 

Cale could feel his arm slowly bleed from a scar. He had the ability to move faster than any ordinary human could do. Of course, he thought there were no consequences until scars started to appear in his body and severe bleeding. He tried to hide this fact from his family, but his brother, Basen, was smart and found out.

He remembered a promise they once made.

Though, Cale had a feeling that something was bound to happen, making him break that promise.

“That’s none of your business.” Cale responded back to the man as he could feel Raon’s gaze as he carried him. 

A clock is ticking right now and he doesn’t have time. His hands were slowly moving to the doorknob.

The other man ran up to and tried to grab him, Cale quickly opened the door and shut it in an instant. Cale had no idea who the man was or what nonsense of fate he was talking about, but Cale didn’t care about that and ran down the stairs.

From the corner of his eyes, he could see Rosalyn in the distance using her bow on the second building’s third floor as a younger silver-haired man was beside her ruffling a brown bag looking for something.

“Lock!” Rosalyn lowered her bow and placed a fabrice on the tip of the arrow, she took out a firelighter and glanced at Lock.

Lock took out what seemed to be a bunch of little brown bags that seemed to be the same size of his palm, “Is this going to work?”

“Are you doubting my creation?” Rosalyn smiled and reassured her friend.

Lock threw the little brown bags to the floor in front of the rubbles that was holding the creatures back. Rosalyn lit the fabric on the tip of her arrow as Lock continued to throw more of the bags. 


Rosalyn watched her arrow slowly shoot the bags, she stood up and quickly turned around.


The ground shook a bit as if an earthquake, Rosalyn could feel Lock grabbing her back and arm to make sure she didn't fall, 

“Huh?” Her eyes met with another red-hair in the distance that was running towards the evacuation area with a child.

“Cale-nim!” Rosalyn shouted and waved her hand, “It’s close! They closed the doors even in the train area! There’s a room on the second floor!” 

Cale looked back at them, he took a glance at where the explosion was and ran to the building where Rosalyn and Lock were

“Let’s hurry!” Lock said and ran with Rosalyn to the second floor. The second floor was the safest thing they could think of right now in case the buildings collapse.

Once they were in the room, Cale shortly followed them. Rosalyn locked the door and looked back at Lock who was already getting the wardrobe box to block the door.

“Why were you out there?”

“I could ask the same for you.” Rosalyn responded rather than answering the question. She looked at the child whose hands were shaking and grabbing tightly to Cale’s clothes.

Cale glances back at Raon, “We’re fine now.” He knew that words wouldn’t do much but he placed Raon on the couch and placed the sheets on his lap, “You’re safe.”

Rosalyn continued to watch the child, living in this world was already traumatic itself. Someone this young having to deal with… this. it made her heart sunk deep like when she had heard about Lock’s family.

Rosalyn took a deep breath, “A man named Choi Han was looking for you.”

“What?” Cale looked back at Rosalyn.

“He took back a man that could have caused this.” Rosalyn explained, “I decided to at least push them back and buy a bit of time to look for you.”

Cale didn’t like how the two sacrificed themselves just for him, “Did the guy Choi Han took say anything?”

“He kept saying things about being a legend and a God.”

“.. What?

Rosalyn sighed, “He spouted a lot of nonsense.” 

Cale looked down to the floor and thought for a moment. The other red-hair man he met didn’t chase him after he ran away, which had been weird for Cale since he could have done something else. 

Cale glances at Raon who was breathing in and out heavily. He had a lot of questions in his mind but he knew most of them could be answered by Raon.

Cale ruffled Raon’s head and sighed.

His mind was a mess right now.

Basen’s injury was severe, the doctor said that he shouldn’t move around much for now or else the bleeding might worsen. On, Lily and Hong were all in the evacuation area which was at least a bit safer than where he was.

"Didn't you say that it's alright to run away? So why are you-"

Basen Remembers a promise the two of them had.


"If we're in trouble, let's call each other for help then."


Basen took a deep breath and turned the radio on.


Sheritt hears her name being called out on the radio, “Who is this?”


“Basen..” Sheritt mouth opened for a moment before asking a question, “Are you alright? Are the children hurt?”

“Everyone is…  I think they’re alright.”

“I’m sorry to call you in short notice but… are they attacking at your shelter?”

Sheritt looked outside the window which was pure chaos of explosions and fighting, “You’re right.”

Eruhaben, Mila… everyone was fighting with guns and grenades from Rosalyn. They were trying to create a huge and large rubble as a wall enough for the creatures not to breach in.

“There might be someone.. I don’t know. A spy, I guess.” 

Sheritt could hear Basen out of breath, “Are you alright?”

“Yeah, Fine. Fine. I’m…   Just tired. Some of the creatures might also be enhanced so please be careful.”

“Just rest, don't push yourself. We’ll investigate it.” Sheritt said and turned off the radio. She brushed her hair back and looked at the amount of people who were injured.

“Fredo-nim.” Sheritt looked at the other white-haired man who was treating the patients. 

“What is it?”

“Please take care of the infirmary for a while, I’m going back to my room.”

Fredo’s head perked up, “Isn’t that dangerous?”

Sheritt beat her lips, “I need to.”

Sheritt left the infirmary and ran to her room. She remembered the journals that Jour wrote, even if she doesn’t have the original copy, she remembered some of her thoughts and hypotheses. 

Sheritt frowned as she remembered her missing son, she tried to move on but who could simply move on that simply? 

She opened the door to her room and searched for her diary. The thames family research was something huge yet unbelievable at the time where both of them were naive. But now some of the research actually made sense from what she could only remember.

Sheritt knew that Jour hid the documents and journals somewhere in the research building where she died. Thankfully, the research building was not stable and had been abandoned for years after the tragedy.

There could still be a chance of her getting those documents and journals.




The Thames research was not done by the family only. It also had a few people… But Jour never mentioned any names. She had only said that those extra people made a giant impact on the research, having vast knowledge like asking and contacting a ghost of how they died and who might have killed them. It was weird how she described them, but it was now certainly interesting.

I remembered what Jour once said, 


“Can humans become Gods themselves?”




Chapter Text


Jour and Sheritt were good friends, close enough for Jour to trust her with most of her family’s research. Though Jour had the tendency to do things all on her own.

And that caused her own death.

From the research of her family, the person who is called the White Star, was a reincarnator who was cursed from 100 years ago. Because of that curse, he went mad and killed everyone who dared to step on his way. 

Though, it felt incomplete. 

The journals Jour had were full of speculation and theories of her family but never a theory proven correct except for one: His goal is to become a God. Was it to battle the God that placed a curse on him or is it to kill the Gods who dared to oppose him?


She looked away from her journal and saw her friend at the door, “What are you doing here?”

Sheritt sighed, “You’re burning yourself out.”

“I’m fine.” Jour smiled reassuringly and closed the journal, “I feel like I’m a step ahead, y’know?”

“By the way, the name written there is the same as your son’s and our manager's right?” Sheritt said.

“I noticed that.. I didn’t even realize they had the same name.” Jour frowned at the thought of naming her own son the same as the man who was in these journals.

“Our manager also has red hair.. His name is also Cale, right? I forgot his last name..” Sheritt shared her thoughts.

Jour lets out a little laugh, “I feel like there’s just Cale’s everywhere at this point.” 

“See? It’s so weird..” 

“By the way, how are you going to prove that these theories are real?”

“I don’t know.” Jour admitted, “One of the things written here is a shrine name but no other information.”

Sheritt took the journal, “Let me see.” 

On the bottom right of the page, “Ishiki” was written as if in a hurry, “Ishiki? Isn’t that an abandoned shrine?”

“I know right..” Jour laid back on her chair, “It’s a restricted area.”

Sheritt placed her hand on her chin, “Hm.. But what’s even important there?”

“Maybe more journals?” Jour thought aloud, “Should we visit it?”

“You just said  that it was a restricted area.”

“Well, no one would know right?” 

Sheritt bit her lips, frowning at her friend’s recklessness, “I.. It’s still not right!”

“Alright, alright.” Jour waved her hand, “I won’t.”

“Are you sure?” Sheritt looked at Jour with doubt.


Jour went to the shrine alone.

It wasn’t like someone would catch her.. She just wanted to take a little peak of the shrine. Though, Sheritt would be really upset with what she’s doing right now. 

The shrine looked ominous and creepy, maybe it was because she’s alone.. Or maybe it was because of how abandoned it looked. She stepped closer to the shrine, there was nothing much inside. It was just a huge space filled with dust and dirt. 

Jour looked around more in the rooms, maybe she’ll find something. Why would this shrine be written in the journal if it didn’t have anything related to the research? It was just weird for Jour. 


A sudden soft wind with a little whistle went up against her.

She was in a room with no windows or a door leading outside.

A wind coming out of nowhere had sent chills down her spine as her whole body froze. Jour inhaled deeply before slowly exhaling, she looked around the room and locked her eyes on a table with a single notebook.

Jour frowned and glared at the book as if it had done something wrong. She went one step closer towards the notebook and even with the distance, she reached it with her right arm and flipped it open. 


Jour took her arm back and as she stepped backwards, her foot slipped and fell causing her to freeze on spot. It was a voice out of the notebook.

“A Thames.”   Another voice spoke out of it.

“. .yes? ” Jour managed to speak in a low, quiet voice.





It was the people who—beside the Thame’s family—had contributed to the research. They could only speak from the notebook, but were able to help the family to try and kill the White Star even if no one had done so for over several years— even decades.

“He’s not human.”  One of them told her, 

“The only way to kill him is by if the person has the Thame’s family blood.” 

Jour scoffed with an uneasy smile and brushed her hair back,  “You.. How do you think a human could kill someone not  human?” 

“The sword.” 

Jour lifted her head off the table, a sword had been placed elegantly for show like how museums would place them.

“What are you saying?” Jour stood up from the ground and took the sword out of its holder, “Are you saying I can kill him with this?” 


“ That doesn’t do much! It’s still a matter of how. That man has lived for years, right? He would surely know what this is!” Jour looked at the notebook, “ Not only that but my family didn’t teach martial arts and I was only taught self-defense at school.” 

“It doesn’t hurt to try, right? Sooner or later, it’s in this generation where he might let those beasts out. ” 

Jour bit her lips and closed her eyes. She was worried for her family. She just had a son and she can’t bear to lose him because of her.. Selfless selfish actions. But wouldn’t that also result in the same thing in the future if it does happen?

“I need time.” Jour took a deep breath and closed the notebook, “I need.. To at least have more time for my family.” 



For the past three weeks, she’s been at the house with her husband and her son, spending more and more time with them to die peacefully and rather than being filled with regret. But she’s been stalling for a long time and so…

“Hey.” Jour opened the notebook as she was outside in the balcony, “Do you know where his base is?”

“It’s been several years now.. Maybe he’s still on that hill.” 

Hill?” She looks around her surroundings and her eyes locked onto the hill far from her home, “That hill?” 

“Maybe… But shouldn’t you get another person to make sure you’re safe?“  

“ Mmm..” Jour thought of her friend but she might not like how she was able to get information, but she didn’t have to tell her anyway.

“I have one person.” 

“A walkie-talkie?” Sheritt looked at Jour with utter confusion, “ I don’t get it. Why?” 

“Investigation.” Jour’s lips perked up, “Trust me.” 

“ It’s not.. Dangerous right?” 

“ Of course not!” 

Sheritt looked at the walkie-talkie and back to Jour, “I have children, Jour. What if we get in trouble for.. whatever you’re doing? ” 

“Then, I’ll make sure no one finds out.” Jour said as if reassuringly, “But, that’s why I want you to stay here.” 

Sheritt exhaled heavily and nodded her head slightly, “I’m with you. Just don’t do anything stupid.” 

“Of course, I won’t!” Jour smiled, her friend would always be there for her.

She did   bring the sword and is carrying it in her hand right now. She didn’t even know if the White Star was still here but she still needed to feel somewhat safe. 

She went behind the hill and looked at the green bush, she cut the bush into half, opening a hole was underneath it. Jour frowned and inhaled. It was all or nothing.


She slid down the ground and stood straight up though the place was dark and she couldn’t see anything. She took out the walkie-talkie from her pocket and said, “Hey, you’re right. It’s really dark.” 

“It’s inside a hill, Jour. Use the flashlight.” 

Jour placed back the walkie-talkie and opened her flashlight. The light revealed some sort.. Of the underground base. It was full of crates and such but nothing abnormal or anything for what she could see.




Jour inhaled sharply and took a step back, the light on the ceiling appeared so suddenly as if it awaited her. She turned off her flashlight and looked around, 

A person with red-hair the same as hers and the boss she worked with.

“Do you really think that we wouldn’t guard outside the base?” The low voice seemed to be taunting her, “Stupid.” 

Shit. ”  Jour mumbled under her breath and reached for her walkie-talkie until she could hear someone else sliding down from the ground behind her.

“How annoying..” The man seemed bored coming from his tone, “Kill her.” 

Jour looked away from the man and turned around to the man who was about to slice her in half. She was able to step back further away even if the tip of the sword slightly cut her clothes. She takes a glance at the man in red-hair before running to her right.

She couldn’t go outside since that was already a death-trap. As she was crossing between the large crates to confuse the man that was chasing her—


A crate was shot in front of her. The White star was holding a gun in his hands and tried to shoot her. She didn’t need to spare time any longer and ran inside one of the rooms on the corner right. 

“Goddammit!” The man was still following her from behind, she takes the walkie-talkie from her pockets again, “Sheritt! Send the police here!” 

“What? I can’t— Po—Ice?” 

“Police! Police!” Jour takes a sharp turn in the hallways of the building, “Goddamnit! Sheritt!” 

“Wai—! Com— Ss—!”  

Jour gritted her teeth and kept running, she knew that Sheritt knew what she said so that was enough for her, even if she dies right here right now, there would still be a chance—!

She could see a dead end.

The footsteps of a man were coming nearer and nearer by the second.

She opened the room to her right in a hurry, but once she was inside the black dim light room her whole body froze in the spot.

There were bodies. Corpses. Jour’s eyes met with a man’s dead eyes like a mackerel fish, the man was filled with different sorts of scars and his pale body seemed to be badly bruised.

“What the hell?” Jour covered her mouth and looked in both distress and fear just by looking at the corpse that was staring at her as if it was a warning. 

She looked behind her as she could see the silhouette of a man standing in the door 

“Hey.” Jour called out, her voice seemed shaky as her lips shaked, “Why are you doing this?” 

The man placed his sword up, preparing to slice her neck. Not sparing her an answer. 


Jour crouched her body down as the sword flew across her head. She looked up and ran across her right, she quickly blocked the sword coming at her once again. Her hand was trembling as she tried to block it. 

She moved back and the man quietly stared at her as he prepared his next move. In both ways, Jour would still die either from this man right here or the White Star who was waiting for her outside. 

“Hey. answer me.” Jour narrowed her eyes at the man, she made her voice louder, “Are you a coward?”

The man seemed to take offense to that and scoffed, “What kind of place are you to say that?” He pointed his sword at her.

“Then answer me!” Jour retorts back and braces herself for another swing of the sword.

The man didn’t attack her at that moment and simply said, “The world needs to be cleansed.” 

“.. what? ”  

The man didn’t say anything else further and charged at her once again, Jour bent her knees down and blocked his attack from below. Inhaling deeply she tried to push the sword back with all her might. 

Pushing the man a little, she slid back near the hallway and looked at the door that was just near her. 

There was no handle from the inside. 

The other man also noticed this and tried to sprint as fast as he could but his whole body was blocked by Jour pulling the door to lock the man inside. 

Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang!

The door banged furiously as Jour’s knees started to collapse as her hand was still at the door handle. She could feel her own heart beat, her vision becoming vague, she clenched at her chest and took multiple deep breaths to calm herself down.

She knew that her whole body was trembling from fear. 

What was she thinking?

Jour closed her eyes tightly and even with the banging of the door, she brushed her hair back and slid it down to her face. 

She’s not a hero. She doesn’t have any sorts of abilities. She was just… ordinary.

Jour grabbed the door handle to support herself, even with her trembling body, she needed to get up. She needed to get out of here.

But even if she’s ordinary, she needs to kill him. She needs to.

Jour slowly stood up and grabbed tightly once again to her sword. She took the walkie-talkie out of her pockets once again and turned it on.


There was just static from the other end.


Another static.


A static answered her.

Jour bit her lips and turned the walkie-talkie off. Maybe Sheritt had gone to get the police so.. She didn’t need to worry about how…

Jour took a deep breath and walked in the hallways. 

She doesn’t want innocent people to be caught up in this mess. 


Jour crouched down and took a glance outside the building. There was no one but she was sure that the White Star was waiting. 


A name was called out on the radio, she quickly took it and hid back in the wall, “Sheritt?” 

“Signal—I— Come back—” 

“I.. I don’t know if I can.” Jour admitted, she looked at where the White Star was previously at but he was nowhere to be seen, “I don’t know.” 

It’s— Cale—” 

Jour froze as she heard her son’s name, “ What..? ” 

“Sheritt. What do you mean?” 

“Th— House— Red-haired sort- I don—” 

“ Sheritt! Godamnit!” Jour punched the radio growing in frustration, she looked outside of the building and narrowed her eyes.

She stood straight up and ran to the place where she previously came in. Not giving attention to her surroundings and kept walking around the crates just in case he might use a gun again— If  he’s here. 

Even though she was climbing back in the hole in a hurry, the way there was no one stopping made her heart beat rapidly. It was because there was a chance that her family was getting involved in her mess.

As she ran down the hill, she took the radio out again, “ Sheritt!” 

“Jour? I.. I only heard police from your side.” 

“No I— Godamnit, just- what’s happening? What do you mean Cale?” 

There was a sharp inhale on the other hand as if trying to hide the pain, “Cale. You know how.. He’s going home and all that, right? I saw a red-haired man taking him.” 

“What did you do?” Sheritt wouldn’t just have stood there, “Don’t tell me that you’re..” 

“I’m sorry.” There was a hint of sob on the other end, “He knew I was with you in this operation. He shot me.” 

“I’ll call the ambulance!” Jour was going back to get her phone in the research facility since the hospitals were further away. 

“No. I already did. Just.. Get the journals.. first and hide them...” 

“Will it even arrive on time?!” Jour was in the midst of both losing her son and friend, “Sheritt!” 

There was no answer on the other end.

“Sheritt!” Jour gritted her teeth and turned the radio off. She had faith. She had faith.

Once she was at the research facility, she ignored the people who were there talking about the sword in her hand and went to her room.

She took her phone and called the ambulance and the police, talked to them how her son was abducted by a red-haired man and even if Sheritt already did contact the ambulance, she still contacted the hospitals and asked for help.

As she was getting the journals to her bag, her phone rang once again.

It was an unknown number.

Nevertheless she still took it.


“It’s me.” 

It was the same low and cold voice.


“You know.. I let you live when we met.” 

Jour was taken back at the other’s statement, “What do you mean?” 

“The day of the interview.” 

Jour stopped breathing and froze. The interview. The same red-hair. The same tone.

How could she not have noticed?

“Then- Are you saying.. Everyone here.. Works for you?” 

“They’re just like dolls who don’t know that they’re being placed in a play.” 

Jour walked left and right, brushing her hair back out of frustration, “I let you near my son once.” She realizes, “I let you meet my family because-” 

Jour scoffed and gritted her teeth of how stupid she was, “What did you do to my son?”

“Simply made him what I wish.” 

“Get him out of.. Wherever you are.” 

“Go on top of the building. I’ll let your son go and place him back to bed as if nothing happened.” 

“You-” Jour gritted her teeth and punched the table, “I hope one day you’ll rot in hell.” 

“As if hell would be able to take me.” 

Jour ended the call without hesitation and packed her journals to the bag and grabbed the sword. She runs up the stairs as she could feel the overwhelming regret and sorrow, she had lost from the very beginning and even got people she cared about, involve in such dangerous mess. 

Sheritt also had children and had recently gave birth to another. There's a chance that... The White Star was going to do something to them. 

She opens the door to Sheritt's room and opens the lower cabinet which had a jet black safe inside. She places most of her family's research there even if the bitter feeling was still flowing inside of her.

She then stared at one notebook and opened it.

“I failed.” 

“I’m sorry.. We couldn’t do anything.” 

“Does the sword burn?” 


“Thanks.” Before closing the notebook she sighs, “Can other people hear you?” 

“Yes. If they are near the journal.” 

“Then, please tell Sheritt and.. My son. I’m sorry.” She places her head down, and lets out a quiet sob, “I’m sorry.” 

“..We will. Don’t worry.” 

“We both know there’s no other way so… Goodbye.” 

Jour closes the safe and locks it, she grabs the sword and hides it in the large tall cleaning cabinet. 

She goes up to the building and sees the White Star with the mask. 

“Where’s my son?” 

The white star opened his phone and took out a picture, “Safe.” 

“What the hell did you give him?” 

“I already answered that, though I’ll be honest, I don’t know if it would work especially since he’s from your bloodline.” 

Jour frowned, “I know what you’re doing.” 

The White Star did something on his phone and stood still, “Goodbye.” 

Jour closed her eyes tightly, even if it's him that she’ll last see.. At least her son would live a good life at least for a while.

Deep inside, she wanted to be selfish and not do anything. She would have still been able to wake up every morning and see her family’s bright face that sent her relief every morning as if all the stress would be swept away like the ocean and the beach.

And yet.. Here she was.


It's weird isn't it?

How one day, despite the hardships and how we would always wake up everyday without any worries..

You'll realize that... life gave you too little time. Not enough time to grow old with your husband, not enough time to see your son grow..


But she's still glad to be able to live even if its just for a while.


Chapter Text


“Hey, you bastard.” Choi Han grabbed the white-haired ad slammed in the wall, “Aren’t you going to say anything?”

“Hey, wait a minute.” Clopeh gave his hands up, “I have nothing in this.”

Choi Han pointed the sword to his neck, digging deeper making blood drip from the man's neck,  “I won’t hesitate.”

Clopeh sighed heavily, “I can’t speak that much if this thing is… here.”   He pointed to the sword.

Choi Han frowned and only slightly moved the sword back, “Speak.”

“Fine, fine.” Clopeh drastically waved his hands, “I don’t have anything to say.”

The sword changed the direction and faced at Clopeh's side, showing to cut his neck in half. 

“Okay— Wait!” Clopeh screamed, “What do you want to know?!”

“Everything.” Choi Han said bluntly,

The light footstep came closer to the two of them, interrupting what they were doing, “Mister.” 

It was Basen who was grabbing his chest tightly, he looked at Clopeh with his eyes narrowed, “Can I ask him the questions?”

Choi Han looked at Basen for a moment, there was a hint of concern because Basen wasn’t much on the battlefield and such sight might effect him.

“It’s alright.” Basen said, “Because I also want to know some answers.” Basen groans as he took a seat on the railings. 

“Is there a mastermind?”

Clopeh scoffed at such obvious question, “Of course. Why wouldn’t there?”

Choi Han stabbed Clopeh’s leg causing the man to scream in pain.


“It’s vague.” Choi Han said as he slowly took the sword out, “Be more specific.”

“Mister.” Basen called him, gesturing at Clopeh’s leg. They needed information and Clopeh was their only way to getting a step of what's actually happening.

Choi Han took his coat out and started to wrap it, “Speak or I’ll stab your other leg.”

Hah…” Clopeh scoffed, “Fine.”

Basen asked another question, “Who is it?”

“I don’t know.” Clopeh simply answered until he realized what Choi Han was about to do, “I really don’t know!  No one knows his identity apart from being called the White Star!”

“What a lame name.” Basen mumbled, “Then, why are you helping him?”

“A legend,” It seemed as if Clopeh was chuckling, “Don’t you want to be a part of history?”

Both Choi Han and Basen glared at Clopeh. It was a petty move if someone wants make or be a part of history.

“What’s the next plan?” 

“Destroying the shelters, making all of you scatter like ants. But I don’t know the next part except how he’s going to make a new era.”

“Is there any way to stop it?”

Clopeh laughed, “I don’t know. No one knows his weakness. Either way, all of you will die.”

Basen looked at Choi Han for a moment before taking out the walkie-talkie from his hands, “I’m contacting Raon Shelter. Is anyone there?”

Only statics answered him. 

“I repeat. Is anyone there?”

“----N---Lp” More statics before a clear voice, “--Hello?”

“Hello?” Basen took a deep breath, “Did everyone evacuate?”

“Yes, well not all. We’re in a dire situation. We also cannot contact the Dragon’s den.” 

“Everyone has been attacked and unfortunately we cannot help. But is there survivors on the subway area?”


Basen looked at the wall that was barricading the subway tunnel, “We may have to try and fix the tunnels in order to connect with one another.”

“What?! Are you crazy?! There’s probably creatures that way!”

“No, there won’t be. Enhanced creatures are outside that means there’s not much creatures there.” Basen theorized, “There were a lot of them outside so I think the plan would work if we move fast.”

“But that’s a risk!”

“Well, are you willing to die there then?” Basen said coldly, annoyed at how persistent the man was in this situation.

There were nothing in the other end for a moment.

“We’ll try. We’ll also tell it to other shelters if possible.”

“Thank you for your cooperation.” Basen turned the radio off and looked at the two men, 


“We’ll have to move quickly.”



“Goddammit…” Rosalyn peeked outside the window, “WE really have no other way than just stay here for a while.”

Cale frowned, “Do you have any more explosives to distract them?”

“No. Ran out.” Rosalyn sighed, “Do you think we can make shield out of the things here?”

“Wouldn’t that make us weigh more?” 

“That’s true..” 

A child's voice suddenly came onto the conversation, “I can help.”

The two turned around. Rosalyn looks at Cale waiting for him to at least tell the child no. But Cale had said the opposite. 

“Raon. Will you be alright?”

Rosalyn exhaled sharply, “ Wha- What do you mean?! He’s a child! Right Lock?!”

“I’m sorry Cale-nim but I’m with Miss Rosalyn’s side. Why would we need a child in front?”

Cale sighed and looked at Raon. Of course anyone else would react like this, but Raon was much different. Cale had doubted it for a long time, maybe the thought of the child having trauma had stopped him from pushing him.

“Because I trust him.”

“That still doesn’t make sense! We’ll die out there! The shelters are closed too!” Rosalyn argued.

Cale didn't respond and was still looking at Raon, “Can you do it?”

Raon’s hands gripped as he took a deep breath, “Yes.”

“Hey wait a minute!!” 

Without a second being spared, Raon ran to the door and broke the barricades even with such a small body.  

“The hell?” Rosalyn watched as the child slowly straighten his back.

Raon looked at the creatures that we're in front of him, he felt as if he couldn't breath, holding his breath unconsciously. He couldn't keep making others make the choices for him. 

Even with such strengths, he can still be good. Right?

Cale turns to Rosalyn and Lock, “Run to the subway area, the evacuation area might already be filled.”

Lock bit his lips before accepting whatever was happening in front of his eyes, he had already seen so many things that seemed supernatural. 

The four of them ran down the stairs as Raon attacked in front while Lock defended on the back. 

"Why the hell is there so many of them?!" Rosalyn looked at the space where most of them were standing. Enhanced creatures were supposed to be on the dark most of the times so why were most of them out now on the day?!

"The door!" Cale looked at Raon. The subway area had a door that was blocking them, it was like those garage doors with lock son them. Raon goes through the door and pulled it upwards, causing such creek to be so loud. There were also other barricades but Raon pushed them aside, ignoring the fear and stares of the people inside the subway area.

"Lock!" Rosalyn stopped as Lock was still tryin got fend off one of the creatures, "There's no time!" 

Lock gritted his teeth as he sees them waiting for him so they can close the garage door, "Goddamnit!" Even though the creature could grab him within seconds, Lock made a run for it and slid himself in the new evacuation area.


The door closes and a hand was cut off brutally. 


Chapter Text


Rosalyn huffed as she pulled Lock from the ground. Although she can feel the amount of gazes that were glued to them, she looked at Cale then at Raon.

“What the hell?” Rosalyn was in disbelief.

Cale didn’t respond to her, he didn’t need to since Raon himself has shown it. He looked around avoiding the gazes and saw most people were breaking down the barricades. 

Cale turns around to the people who were staring at them, “What are they doing?”

“Ah-!” Most of them seemed hesitant.

“We’re breaking down the barricades so we can connect to the other shelter as Sir Basen ordered.”

Cale opened his mouth slightly, “Basen? He’s here?”

“Yes. He’s currently with Sir Basen right now.”

As Cale was about to ask them where his brother was, he looked at Raon who was staring at his hands, “You did a good job.”

“Cale-nim!” Choi Han calls out, relieved of him being able to come back, “Are you hurt?”

“No.” Cale answered as he walked with Choi Han, “Where’s Basen?”

“He’s currency resting.. There’s no sort of sheets here so we had to use cardboard boxes.” Choi Han and Cale stopped at the area where most people were resting and were injured. 

“What’s Basen’s plan?” Cale turned to Choi Han.

Choi Han thought for a moment, separating the minor and major important details, “The plan is to take off the barricades there and be able to connect with the other shelters. We can share resources and needed materials to connect with the two more other shelters.”

“Which shelter are we trying to connect to right now?” Cale stared at the people who were taking off the heavy barricades. 

“The Roan shelter.” Choi Han answered, “Sir Basen also contacted the Dragon’s den, he thinks that there might also be spies in every shelter.”

Cale looked back at Choi Han, “What do you mean?”

Choi Han points towards Clopeh who was on the ground, sleeping or probably passed out, “There’s one in ours.”

That guy?

Cale always knew that this guy was ominous so it didn’t come as a surprise for him, “What about the Mercenary Shelter?”

Choi Han didn’t have an answer and took the radio, “We haven’t contacted them yet.”

Cale placed his hand on his chin. 

The Mercenary Shelter had good defense and healers but to connect with it, they needed to connect with the Roan Shelter then the Dragon’s Den. It would be much faster if the Dragon’s started to connect with the Mercenary Shelter. 

“Give me the radio.” 

Choi Han gave the radio as Cale had asked him to.

The people Cale knew outside the Henituse Shelter were the Crossman family, Sheritt and Bud Illis. He can trust these people to follow his plan since there’s no other way to continue. 

Cale turned the radio on.

“Hello. I’m contacting the Dragon’s right now. Is anyone there?”

There were few static noises before a clear voice spoke.

“Yes--?” A woman’s voice said on the other line.

“Please use subways to connect with the Mercenary Shelter.”

“I’m sor--- I ca---- you-” 

Cale walked near the door for a clear signal, “Use the subways to connect with the Mercenary shelters. The Henituse and Roan shelter are already planning to connect with one another.”

“A--- Es--- May--” It was quiet for a moment, “We heard. We will-- Co---tinue the pla--”

Cale frowned at the low signal and tried to make it work by shaking it and placed it upwards. There were still no clear signals but Cale was sure the response had accepted the plan. 

“Choi Han, help them move the barricades.” Cale ordered him, “There’s more cardboard boxes and such in the near corners. Make sure to split them in half so you can save materials.”

“Cale-nim.” Choi Han turns to him, “There might be holes on the subway’s roof once we open it.”

“That’s why you’re the bodyguard.” Cale answered as he placed the radio away, “Make sure to check the holes above and cover the holes from above.”

There was a train here once the barricades were fully removed. Choi Han could deal with the creatures if there are ones in the train but that seemed unlikely.

The only thing he was worried about was the stops of the train station since that leads to the outside.

“Choi Han. Don’t use the wooden boxes. Once you see those stop stations, make sure to barricade it or barricade the entrance there as quietly as possible.” Cale added, “You can accompany Lock and Raon with you.”

“Eh?” Choi Han was dumbfounded, “Raon? Why? Isn’t he just a child? Why are we bringing him in front of the field?”

Cale sighs, “Didn’t you already have weird vibes about him?” 

Choi Han opens his mouth but shuts it, hesitating to answer as he thought for a moment for Cale’s reasons. 

“Are you saying that he can stop them?”

“Of course not.” Cale looked at Raon who was with Rosalyn, “Raon can slowly barricade the entrance with the boxes once you help him. There’s a chance that because he’s a half creature, they won’t notice him that easily.”

“But that’s still a risk!” Choi Han knew how strong the other creatures were, “Once a creature falls here, we’re all doomed.”

“You’re right.” Cale looked in front of him, planning what he could do, “That’s why this plan needs to be perfect.”

“What if the Roan shelter accidentally takes the creature’s attention? Wouldn’t that also affect us?” Choi Han knew there were numerous ways that this plan could fail, and that was what made him hesitant.

“Then, let's block two areas once we clear them. First the hole of the subway, aka the path to connect with the Roan shelter and then the stops. Once we clear the stopping area of the subway we can take out its barricades and use it for the next area.”

Choi Han listened to Cale’s plan and looked in front of them where they were going to connect with the Roan shelter.

Choi Han had a bad feeling about this but was there really any other choices?