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Surviving in an Apocalyptic world

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In this world full of chaos, people are desperate to survive. But for them to survive, they also need help. They could not achieve anything if they went alone. Anyone who does go and try to survive alone, they would later die a quick but brutal death.


They were humans who ate humans, much like a zombie. Though they refer to them as “Creatures” They had appeared suddenly in Seoul and started to chase and eat people like a beast.


Many months came by, people started getting radios or they would send someone to give letters to another shelter. Shelters were slowly building up and creating barricades to prevent the Creatures from coming in. Medical teams, Supply Team, and Scout Teams, they were all formed to make sure all the people would stay safe.


They soon later found out that the Creatures were more crazy and beserk at night, but when the sun came up, they were much slower and silent. It seemed like the daylight was blinding for their sight. 


It was an advantage whenever the Scout Team would forage for food, water, and other supplies.


But they do not know everything about the Creatures, sometimes Scout teams would not come back, presumed dead. Sometimes there are survivors. One survivor saw the head of the Creature was blown off but was still walking and standing. That was when they realised that the Creatures had different weak spots unlike humans. Most of the time they would die if they are stabbed or shot in the heart or brain.


Majority of Creatures do not think, they only think of biting a human person until they fully infect them, turning a human into one of them. Though, in special cases, a Creature would be incredibly fast and had instincts of a beast. They were called, “Enhanced Creatures.” Cut their head off, stab them in the heart, it would not work on them. Their weakness was later found in the middle of the stomach.


People found out about numerous information, but lost allies in the process. That’s why even if the shelters were far from each other, they would send information to one another and try to survive. They would also send supplies if they could not find any.


So far, there are only four shelters: 


“The Henituse Shelter” was known for having a lot of supplies, they were also known to be kind but dangerous when fought. They were also good at negotiations. The Henituse is a family of five who controls this shelter. 


“The Roan Shelter” was near the Henituse Shelter, even when in the middle of an apocalypse, leader-nims were known for both being good-looking and smart. Just like the Henituse Shelter, they were the Crossman family who controlled this shelter.


“Dragon’s Den” they did not have any name for the shelter until people from other shelter’s called this shelter “Dragon’s Den” because of how strong, intimidating and majestic they looked that it reminded them of the strength of a Dragon. This shelter is ruled by a man named, “Eruhaben” 


“Mercenary's Shelter” This shelter is owned by a man named Bud Illis. Even in a chaotic world, alcohol was popular in this shelter. Though Bud Illis was known for being alcoholic, he is also a lunatic and a sword master.


It has been two years since the apocalypse had started, people started losing hope in the government and decided to focus on the shelter and its people. The government looked weak compared to the leaders of multiple shelters. There were only four shelters, but they managed to expand the shelter slowly with walls and barricades with the help of connecting buildings.


“Hyung-nim!” A young boy about 17-year old ran towards the barricaded door that was slowly being opened.


“Basen.” The red hair looked back, “What are you doing outside the building?”


“Didn’t you already go outside last week? Why are you going again?” There was clear worry in Basen’s voice.


Cale sighed, “The government requested for back-up, they were ambushed in the lab yesterday.”

“Good thing is that there’s survivors who were able to contact us.”


“If they were ambushed, isn’t there going to be a hoard of those Creatures there? What if-”


“I’ll be fine.” Cale brushed off his brother’s worries, “I’ll come out alive like I always do, trust me.”


Basen frowned, “You better.”



The door slowly opened revealing the outside that seemed peaceful yet so deadly.


“That’s my cue.” Cale straightened his back.


“Hyung-nim, please return safely, Lily is also worried about you.”


Cale’s other foot was already at the door, “I’ll be back as soon as I can.”