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Night & Day

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The first thing Ann felt as she woke was the insistent pounding of her head and the dry feeling in her throat that reminded her she desperately needed water. She groaned, trying to wake up properly and come to her senses. It took her a moment to realise there was a warm body pressed against her back, and she smiled when memories of last night flooded her mind.

It had been a great evening, and even though Ann felt a little terrible now with her hangover, she decided that it had been worth it.

She opened her eyes but since Anne’s bedroom was entirely dark, she couldn’t judge at all how late it might be. It made sense: Anne slept during the day usually and couldn’t be exposed to the sun, of course she would keep her bedroom in pitch black darkness.

Ann carefully turned on her back so as not to wake Anne, her heart leaping in her chest when the arm that was wrapped around her tried to pull her closer again as Anne breathed peacefully in her sleep. Oh, how much Ann wanted to stay curled up in this bed with her, but she needed the bathroom and a drink.

She extracted herself and tried to be as quiet as possible as she snuck out of bed and towards the door, a dim light shining through the lower part of the door guiding her way. She closed it behind her gently and looked around, pawing for the light switch in the hallway. Ann winced as the light made her eyes sting at first, her head immediately pounding in a reproachful manner to remind her she shouldn’t be up at all.

She quickly found the bathroom and the kitchen after to get herself a glass of water, greedily downing it. A painkiller would be helpful, but she had no idea where Anne would keep them – if she even kept any, as a vampire she probably didn’t need them. So Ann had to make do without.

Ann found her purse and checked her phone for the time. 10:14. That was plenty of time to get back to bed and cuddle close to Anne, she thought and brought it with her as she snuck back into the bedroom.

She put the phone on the nightstand and slipped back under the covers, finding Anne who’d turned on her back and snuggling close to her. She heard a content hum, unsure if she’d woken Anne or if she did it in her sleep.

“How late is it?”

Her voice sounded slightly raspy with sleep, her hand coming round to wrap around Ann and keep her close.

“A little after 10. Too early for you, I imagine.”

Anne hummed again, and Ann thought she felt her nod above her. “Stay in bed with me for a bit?”

Ann’s head still felt as if construction workers were drilling a hole inside and her limbs felt weak. That, and she wanted to be close to Anne. She most certainly had no objections to the softly spoken question. “I will.”

They stayed cuddled up like that and soon, sleep took them once more.

Ann woke again at the press of something warm to her forehead. She smiled when her senses returned to her and she recognised the feeling as Anne’s lips as they placed another kiss to her cheek. Ann hummed contentedly.

“How late?”

“Roughly 1.”

She felt Anne’s weight press into her from the side, and a moment after lips gently pressed to hers. She returned the slow kiss, blindly reaching out to hold her close as the remnants of sleep disappeared with each moment. Her headache had also mostly vanished and she felt much better.

Anne smiled when they pulled apart before remembering that Ann couldn’t see her in the darkness of her bedroom. She reached over for the switch of the bedside lamp.

Blue eyes met hers, and Anne was sure she’d never seen any sight more beautiful than a slightly sleepy looking Ann, her hair ruffled from sleep but her blue eyes vibrant as ever.

Her eyebrows went up as she remembered something. “You got a message, I think. It woke me,” Anne said, nodding over to her phone with a smile.

“Oh, I’m sorry. I should’ve muted it.”

Anne shook her head. “Don’t be, I didn’t mind.”

She laid to Ann’s side, looking away to give her privacy as she took the phone and looked. Still, Anne couldn’t help herself as she glanced over at her face and saw her brow furrowed in displeasure.

“What’s wrong? No good news?”

Ann looked at her, shaking her head. “No, it’s just- there’s this guy who doesn’t understand I’m not interested.”

Anne raised an eyebrow, an amused grin growing on her face. “I could pay him a visit. He’d think twice after that.” She chuckled.

Her grin dropped when she saw Ann’s eyes widen in response, her brow creasing with concern. Had her joke missed the mark?


“I don’t think that would be a good idea. He’s- he’s a vampire hunter.”

Oh. Anne licked her lips, nodding. “Well, it was only a joke anyway. I didn’t mean it.”

Not that she was afraid of one vampire hunter, they were only troublesome if they attacked in groups – which they usually did. But that wasn’t the point, it was still better to avoid them.

Ann smiled softly. “I know. I just- God, I just wish he’d leave me alone.” She put her phone to the side, done with Thomas and his pestering messages as she turned to Anne.

Anne wrapped an arm around her waist, her thoughts filling with concern as she worried how far this man’s harassment had gone. “He’s not- he’s not tried anything, has he?”

The thought alone made her sick, anger flickering up in her belly. If he had, she would change her mind on her little joke and pay him a visit he would not forget.

She searched Ann’s face for any clues as she shook her head. “No. The worst that’s happened is I’ve ended up on unwanted dinner dates with him.”

Anne nodded. She was still not happy with that, but at least from Ann’s response it looked like she didn’t seem overly afraid of him, more annoyed.

They turned their heads when Ann’s phone started ringing. Perhaps it was Catherine asking how she was and demanding all the details, Ann thought as she took it. But it wasn’t. She really wasn’t in the mood for this.

“It’s him. I’ll just ignore that.”

She was about to press the mute button when Anne cradled her hand.

“Let me talk to him.”

Their eyes met, the sincerity and affection in Anne’s gaze taking all worry away from Ann as she nodded. “Okay.”

She handed over the phone and Anne picked up, putting him on speaker.

“Hello. I’m assuming you want to speak to Ann.”

“Hello…? Yes, I do, in fact. And who am I speaking to?”

His voice was about what Anne would’ve expected. Snobbish, the words rolling off his tongue as if he was used to giving orders and having them followed without question. Her lip curled in disgust.

On the other hand, she already had a perfect response laid out on her mind that turned her frown into a smirk. “Someone who’s been kind of busy with Ann when you called and interrupted us. You can imagine I’m not too pleased about that.”

There was silence on the other end for a moment as her words seemed to settle in, and her grin only widened for it. Glancing at Ann, she saw her watch in intrigue.

“Well, does she not have a minute? I was wondering, well, I wanted to ask her out.”

Anne blinked. Had her words just gone over his head entirely and he’d understood ‘busy’ in a purely innocent manner or was he just incredibly self-centred and rude? She wouldn’t be surprised if both were the case.

Well, then. She could be more precise. “Look, in case you haven’t noticed, she isn’t interested. You’re not her type.”

Looking at Ann, she saw her biting her lip as she tried to keep quiet and held back a grin. Anne raised an eyebrow.

“Oh? And who is her type, then?” Thomas responded, an edge to his voice that Anne didn’t like.

She paused to let him squirm a moment before letting the reply roll of her tongue. “Well, me.”

“Now, if you’ll excuse us, we’d like to go back to what we were doing.”


She didn’t wait for his full response, hanging up with a grin on her face.

The moment she turned to Ann, the blonde broke out in laughter. Anne joined her.

“Oh God, I think you just gave his ego the biggest blow,” Ann laughed.

“He deserves it if he’s too stupid to get the message otherwise.”

Ann leaned in, kissing her softly. “I hope he does now. He’s been after me for, oh, at least a decade at this point.”

Anne’s eyebrows went up. “Really? Someone is persistent. And deaf, apparently.”

Ann smiled. “Apparently. I mostly ignore him these days, but it’s still unpleasant occasionally.”

They stayed in bed cuddled up for a few minutes longer before Ann showered and they had a late breakfast before Ann had to leave to run a few errands. They agreed to meet again at her place in the evening, something Anne looked forward to for the rest of the afternoon as she stayed inside and read while she waited for it to get dark.




The pleasant savoury smell of food hit Anne’s senses the moment Ann opened the balcony door for her and she was let into her home. She smiled, kissing her briefly on the lips. Her gaze wandered, noticing the revealing v-neck of Ann’s blue shirt and lingering on the black skirt that ended just above her knees as Ann led her over to the dining room table where a bottle of red wine sat ready for them and two sets of cutlery were neatly laid out.

Ann had clearly put a lot of work into this, and Anne felt appreciated as she eagerly awaited her to return with their food. She did before long and they dug hungrily into the chicken risotto that she’d made. It was delicious.

“You’re a good cook,” Anne complimented her as she wiped her mouth with the napkin.

Ann smiled, a blush tinting her cheeks. “Thank you. I’m glad you liked it.”

Anne nodded and finished her glass of wine.

As Anne rose to refill it, their gazes met. “There was something I’ve wanted to bring up, about your family. If you don’t mind.”

Anne’s expression shifted as she looked at her. She hadn’t expected this, and her mind had been straying in entirely other directions, spurred on by Ann’s outfit and the affectionate looks they’d been sharing. She’d been looking forward to a relaxed evening together that would potentially lead to more, unsure if she was ready for such a heavy topic tonight.

Her brow furrowed as she weighed the options on her mind.

Ann sat back down after she’d refilled her glass, shaking her head. “Never mind, I- I didn’t mean to make you uncomfortable.”

She felt a little stupid – it was clear this wasn’t an easy topic for Anne, and they’d been having a wonderful evening so far. Why ruin it?

The warmth of Anne’s hand on hers brought her back. “I’d like to hear it.”

Ann looked into those beautiful brown eyes. “Are you sure? We can just discuss this another time.”

“Yes, I’m sure. Tell me. I can tell this is something you’ve been thinking a lot about.”

Ann straightened her posture. “Okay. What I’ve been thinking about is that you mentioned you’re afraid to reveal yourself to them.”

Anne nodded, leaning back in her chair as she listened to her.

“And I thought it makes sense that it’s of course very daunting to do that, to ring at their door and try to explain to them what happened to you,” Ann continued, trying to sort her thoughts as she went on.

“So I thought, have you considered trying to get one of them on their own? When the others aren’t around. It might be easier if you reveal yourself to perhaps the one you think is most likely to accept you and see where that leads you.”

Anne rubbed her chin as she thought about it. She hadn’t really considered this, perhaps because Shibden was rarely a lonely place – even when she still lived there it had been rare for her to have the place to her own, and especially now that they got older, her aunt and father didn’t leave the house quite as often anymore from what she’d seen.

“It’s a good idea, but I don’t think there are any opportunities to catch any of them home alone.”

Ann hummed in thought, taking a sip from her wine. “Well, it doesn’t have to be at home though. Do they have any places they go where they might be alone for a bit?”

Anne hadn’t thought about that. She went through her mind, trying to think of anything. It was hard considering she didn’t exactly stalk her family and didn’t know all that much about what they were doing, plus she could of course only try to catch one alone in the evening hours – where they mostly stayed at home.

But then it hit her. Her eyebrows went up as it came to her. “The graveyard.”

Ann gave her a puzzled look.

“My family goes to visit my grave every few weeks, but sometimes Marian goes alone. It’s usually Sunday evening I believe.”

Ann smiled at how proud Anne looked that she’d thought of this idea. “That could be a good opportunity. You just might have to make sure not to scare her to death showing up at your own grave.”

She chuckled, and so did Anne. It did have something morbid about it for sure, and while meeting Marian at her grave was a possibility, she didn’t know if it was a good idea for that reason. The last thing she wanted was to scare her sister. A funny thought considering it had been a favourite hobby of hers to prank her when she’d still been a human.

Her smile faded as she thought it over. “I’m not sure if it’s a great place to meet her, but it might be my only choice.”

Ann could see the uncertainty in her face, the doubt and apprehension. She’d thought that Anne wasn’t afraid of anything but right now she felt like she’d revealed perhaps the one thing she feared. To face her family and be rejected. Ann could empathise with that.

“I think you should go for it. You’ll never know if you don’t try. And who knows, they might not care and just be happy to have you back, you know.”

In that moment, as their gazes met, Anne was nearly overwhelmed with affection for this kind, caring woman. Someone cornier than her might’ve told her she must’ve lost her wings when she fell from heaven, but Anne could only take her hand and bring it to her lips to kiss her knuckles while not taking her eyes off her for a second.

“You’re right,” she said eventually. “I’ll find her on Sunday.”

The thought of rejection terrified her, but Anne knew that she’d never find peace if she didn’t try. Hope for a good outcome filled her with excitement and made her feel lighter, while fear of a negative one made her limbs heavy and her chest tight. The two were fighting within her but being in Ann’s presence helped her ease her nerves and stop overthinking it to instead focus on the pleasant evening she was spending with her.

They sat together for a little longer before Ann removed the plates. Anne followed her to the kitchen, sneaking up on her as she stood at the sink and tidied the worst of the mess. Ann had no chance as arms wrapped around her waist from behind and caught her off guard.

She took a sharp breath, tensing and placing the plate she’d been holding in the sink. “You… you scared me!”

Anne chuckled close to her ear, and Ann laughed too despite the way Anne’s voice so close to her ear was making goosebumps prick up all over her skin. She pressed back into the warm body holding her, closing her eyes the moment lips pressed against her neck.

“Apologies, I just couldn’t keep my hands off you.”

Ann shuddered, deciding in that moment that Anne’s voice was one of her favourite sounds in the world, especially when it lowered and deepened like that, words smooth like silk rolling off her tongue while hands moved to her hips and traced the outlines of her curves through her clothes.

Her mind became foggy with desire, and she took Anne’s left hand in her own and brought it up to place it over her breast, letting out a breathy moan when Anne took the invitation and found the nipple straining through her clothes.

If Ann weren’t holding herself up against the counter, she was sure she would’ve lost balance already, though no doubt Anne would keep her up anyway. Lips nipped at her neck again, taking away whatever focus she still had left as her body heated up with her increasing need for Anne.

She turned in her arms, her breath taken away at the sight before her: Anne in her white dress shirt that clung to her defined strong body, the grey cravat around her neck and her tight black pants, her long hair in a low ponytail with a few wisps falling into her face and her brown eyes wild and darkened with desire as she eyed Ann.

Ann put her hands on her shoulders, pressing her body against her as she looked up at her.

“I want you,” she breathed. It’d never been clearer to her.

Anne swallowed as she kept gazing into those stunning blue eyes, feeling Ann’s words to her core. She was glad they’d waited last night, that they didn’t rush it when desire overcame them while drunk. No, she wanted to savour this and make this a night they wouldn’t forget.

She leaned in, kissing Ann with fervour and grinding her hips against hers as Ann responded with earnest. Small hands kept her close, their want growing with each ongoing second.

Ann reluctantly broke the kiss to take Anne’s hand and guide her towards her bedroom. Anne could only follow, mesmerised by her beauty and her want for Ann alike. She closed the door behind them, finding Ann’s lips as she wrapped her arms around Anne.

Ann pressed against her, walking her backwards. Anne decided to allow it – she usually preferred taking charge, but many things seemed different with Ann and her taking the lead right now thrilled Anne.

The backs of her legs hit the edge of the bed and she sat down, Ann standing between her legs, panting audibly. Their eyes met, and Ann kept eye contact while she reached down to slowly open the first buttons of her shirt, taking her cravat and untying it until it hung loose around her neck. The simple action and the way Ann was looking at her made Anne’s core throb in anticipation.

Her gaze dropped to Ann’s lips, the tension nearly unbearable at this point. She was about to pull her down into a kiss, but then Ann’s hands found her belt, the jangling of the buckle filling the quiet of the room as she opened it.

The button and zipper followed before Anne kicked off her shoes and shifted so Ann could pull her pants down. She stayed where she was on her knees in front of Anne, licking her lips as she looked up and slid her hands over her strong thighs.

Anne tensed in anticipation, was she going to…? She could barely recall the last time anyone had, the last time she’d let them. A flicker of uncertainty took hold of her; was she ready to be vulnerable with her like this? To open herself up entirely and just trust Ann?

Ann seemed to sense it as she moved her right hand to where Anne’s was on the bed, holding it. “Do you… do you want this?”

Where there’d been unbridled desire in her eyes before, part of it was overshadowed by worry as she looked up at Anne with her brow creased. The last thing she wanted was to force anything on her. She wanted to make Anne feel good, to taste her, but if that wasn’t what she wanted, then Ann would respect that.

Looking back into Ann’s eyes told Anne everything she needed to know, the small hand holding hers only emphasising the warmth spreading in her chest as her doubt was replaced with affection and a new depth of trust.

She nodded, rubbing her thumb over her knuckles. “Yes. It’s just… been a while. Since anyone has,” she gestured vaguely, “done this.”

Ann couldn’t understand why. She knew she’d spent countless moments – especially lately – fantasising about Anne and what it’d be like to taste her, among many other scenarios. But maybe Anne hadn’t allowed others the privilege? In that case, Ann would feel honoured that she trusted her enough to let her.

She dipped her fingers in the waistband of Anne’s boxers, looking up again and when Anne nodded, she pulled them down to discard them.

The moment Ann’s lips connected with her knee on a slow tantalising trail upwards, Anne forgot all about any remaining concerns and let herself sink into the feeling as her mouth wandered closer and closer to where she needed her, almost there-

Until she pulled away, repeating the same treatment on her other leg. With each ongoing second, Anne was changing her mind – maybe there were other ways to kill a vampire, maybe it didn’t need silver or the sun but the teasing touches of a certain blonde could be just as deadly.


Ann paused, pulling away slightly to look up. The wild look in Anne’s eyes told her all she needed to know, her own underwear soaking through as she decided she’d teased her long enough.

Anne opened her legs wider as she got into position, wrapping her arms around her legs before pressing her lips to her folds in a first tentative touch.

Anne took in a sharp breath, her hand tangling in blonde locks as Ann’s tongue swiped along her folds, sending sparks like lightning through her body. She moaned the moment that tongue flicked over her clit, her hips pressing upwards into the touch.

Ann hummed against her, keeping her in place against her face as well as she could as they settled into a rhythm and Anne started grinding against her. Already Anne was feeling the familiar feeling of her orgasm start to build, her eyes closing as all she could focus on was the magic Ann’s mouth was working on her.

When lips enveloped her clit and sucked, Anne cried out, her fingers tangling more firmly in Ann’s hair as heat travelled from her core through her body, her body tensing in preparation for the wave Ann was about to set off.

“Ann, I’m-“

With a final series of flicks by Ann’s tongue, she was sent over the edge, a final moan breaking free as the powerful release overwhelmed her. Her heart was racing in her chest, sweat having gathered on her temple when she came back to her senses.

Looking down, she found Ann on her knees looking up at her with affection in her eyes, a smile growing on her lips as their gazes met.

Anne held out her hand to help her up, speechless for now as she still tried to process the explosive high she’d just had and the contentment that was spreading within her. Instead, Anne pulled her close and into a passionate kiss that she hoped would convey how she felt without words.

Ann’s moan was swallowed by her lips, and when she placed her hands on her shoulders, Anne pulled her into her lap so she straddled her. Her hands trailed down her back, making Ann shudder as her fingertips traced over the outline of her spine all the way down until her hands found the curves of her behind.

Ann’s grip on her shoulders tightened, her hips starting to grind into her lap driving Anne wild. They’d waited long enough, she decided for herself and wrapped her arms around Ann to pick her up, turning around and dropping her on the bed.

She looked down at her, her gaze just as full of desire as last night when they’d found themselves in a similar position. But tonight, Anne would not deny her any longer, hastily opening and removing her shirt, noticing Ann’s gaze trailing down her almost uncovered body as Anne climbed on top of her.

Ann pulled her close by the cravat still hanging loosely around her neck, kissing her fiercely as she threw the cravat to the side and Anne groaned. She let her hand travel south, briefly cupping a breast and smiling into their kiss when Ann pressed her chest into her touch as she circled her nipple through the fabric before moving on.

Anne stopped at the waistband of her skirt, sitting back slightly and letting her gaze linger on Ann’s still fully clothed body. She suddenly found herself torn between her impatience to have her now and her wish to undress her and take her time with her properly.

Her gaze flicked up, finding blue eyes already on hers with desire written clearly in them.

“What’s up?”

Anne shook her head, smiling as she let her hand trail to where her skirt ended and slipped underneath, pausing on her thigh. Her smile dropped as her tongue darted out to wet her lips.

“I just couldn’t decide whether to take this slow or rip your underwear off right now.”

Ann let out a shaky breath – she knew what her answer was. Reaching down, she found Anne’s hand and led it closer to her throbbing core, keeping her gaze firmly on hers.

“Come here,” she said softly, the breathlessness of her voice underlining how worked up she was.

Anne swallowed. She didn’t know what was hotter – the way Ann had just grabbed her hand and showed her exactly what she wanted, her unwavering gaze, or the soft affection in her voice that travelled straight to her heart as much as her core.

She lay on top of her, letting her fingertips brush against the inside of her thigh until she found her core and the soaked piece of fabric clinging to it. She let her finger tease her clit, rewarded with a soft moan. There was plenty of time to take it slow another time, Anne thought as she found the waistband of her panties and slid them down and off.

Ann tensed in anticipation, eagerly accepting Anne’s lips as they captured hers. The first touch to her folds made her hips buck forward into Anne’s hand, her moan muffled by her lips.

Anne dragged her finger through her wetness, brushing against her clit occasionally before placing the tip at her entrance. She pulled away from those soft lips to meet her gaze, looking for permission.

Ann pulled her closer, wrapping her arms around her tightly as her eyes glimmered as if Anne was the only person that mattered to her right now. She nodded.

Anne slowly pressed inside, revelling in the way her walls clung snugly to her as her warmth enveloped her finger. She stayed still for a moment, their gazes on each other.

The moment Anne pulled out, Ann gasped, digging her fingers into her strong shoulders as she filled her again. If she had one wish, she’d want to live in this moment forever. Anne picked up her pace, placing kisses along her jaw and cheek towards her ear.

“Anne… more.”

Anne knew one thing: She could not resist that pleading voice even if she tried. Not that she wanted to. She pulled back, both moaning when she pressed back inside with two fingers.

“You’re so beautiful,” she whispered next to her ear as she filled her with deep long thrusts.

Ann moaned, her mind clouded by her want and the growing intensity of Anne’s touches that would soon push her over the edge. However she’d imagined this moment, it fell short of reality.

Anne plastered kisses along her neck, sucking at the sensitive skin when an idea came to mind. It was very hit or miss, but she wanted to try it.

“Ah- don’t stop,” Ann gasped when Anne continuously hit that perfect spot within her that made her insides tingle.

She was distracted, however, by the feeling of something sharp against her neck just gently scraping against her skin. Goosebumps pricked up immediately in its wake, and Ann shivered as the sharp feeling against her sensitive skin travelled straight to her core and made her clench.

Her eyes widened as she realised what Anne was doing – and that it was, in fact, turning her on a great deal. To think that she was at her mercy, that Anne could go for the bite any moment and yet Ann trusted her not to was incredible, not to mention that it also felt really fucking good.

The fangs scraped against her skin once more, a little more firmly as Anne’s thrusts became harder and faster. The moment her thumb brushed against her clit Ann cried out, her hips lifting off the bed as she reached her peak. Anne guided her through it until her body slumped on the bed and only their laboured breaths filled the silence as she pulled out.

Ann opened her eyes, smiling when Anne was already looking at her with a hint of smugness on that handsome face.

She bit her lip, hoping that Anne didn’t see the way her cheeks took a pink shade. “I- your fangs…”

She was at a loss of words. Did she really need to say anything when Anne clearly noticed that she’d liked it if her smirk was anything to go by?

Still, it was kind of odd that she liked it, wasn’t it? Ann felt like she should feel embarrassed, like it was wrong.

The smirk turned into a smile as Anne leaned down and placed a kiss to her forehead. “Nothing wrong with liking it. Some do, and I went for a gamble and gave it a try.”

Ann nodded, the uncomfortable feeling that she did something wrong easing as she saw the sincerity in Anne’s eyes. She pulled her in for a kiss.

Both smiled at one another when they parted, and Ann briefly considered if there wasn’t time for a less rushed round two. But then a yawn broke free, interrupting that line of thought as she noticed just how tired she was getting. Anne chuckled.

“It’s getting late, isn’t it?”

“It must be… and I think my body is still a little exhausted from all that alcohol last night.”

Anne could imagine, though of course for her it wasn’t an issue since her healing had long kicked in again and she was fine. She wished they had more time though, but understood that their different schedules would likely always be in the way to some extent.

“You can’t stay, can you?”

Ann looked up at her with a hint of sadness in her eyes that broke Anne’s heart a little. She took her hand, squeezing it.

“I can for a little, but I still have a few things to do tonight.”

Ann nodded – she’d figured that. “I’ll go and get changed real quick. Lie with me for a bit after?”

Anne smiled. She could most definitely do that. While Ann went to change, she put her clothes back on and lay down.

Soon Ann joined her and pressed just as tightly against her front as last night, Anne’s arm around her waist as she nuzzled into her hair and inhaled her scent. They chatted briefly about Ann’s upcoming day, what Anne had planned for the night and when they could see each other next in the next few days. They agreed to meet again on Sunday night.

A pang of nervousness took a hold of Anne as she remembered she would seek Marian out at the graveyard on Sunday, but Ann only entwined her fingers with hers and told her it would be okay as if she’d crawled into her mind and read her thoughts.

She could do this; if Ann believed in her, she could do anything.

Anne carried that thought with her as she carefully extracted herself from Ann when she’d fallen asleep in her arms, gently kissing her forehead before turning off the light and sneaking out of the bedroom. She quickly tidied up the kitchen and left, saddened that she couldn’t spend the night but happy at the evening they’d had together.