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Night & Day

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Anne paced up and down her living room. She was still in her tank top and boxers, her hair a little tousled from sleep. Still, she was wide awake after she rose and thoughts of Ann had immediately captured her mind with ease and stoked a sense of excitement that she found impossible to tame.

She wanted to take her out on a date and had spent the last minutes debating how she could do that when her options as a vampire were unfortunately rather limited. There were a few places in the mostly criminal-controlled part of the city that would allow them in and shut their mouths about it if they were paid enough, and while the restaurants weren’t shabby – mostly, anyway – this was still not Anne’s idea of a place to take her.

The problem was, the only other real option was Tib’s, her second home of sorts. This is where she’d been stuck, debating what she could do to take Ann to a place that would be suitable for a date.

Her phone chimed over on the coffee table, and Anne’s heart leapt as she figured it might be Ann. Picking it up, she felt a little disappointed to see Tib’s name on the screen, but she opened her messages anyway.

Tib: You comin round to the bar tonight? Or we could go shooting or something, haven’t been in a while 😎

Anne smiled. If this was a hint by fate, she would take it. She decided to give Ann a call and ask her. It didn’t ring long until she picked up.

“Hey Anne.”

She sounded excited, much happier than yesterday. A good sign. Anne wondered if it was because she called, but at the same time she started feeling a little nervous as she worried Ann would not think her idea was good at all. She took a deep breath as she mentally steadied herself.

“Hey. I was wondering something. Would you be up for going out tonight, together? Tib has a bar and I’d like to take you there. It’s a nice little place, and, well, there are other vampires but you’d be safe.”

She bit her lip, shaking her head at herself. Not exactly a great way to advertise the idea to someone who’d been bitten, was it? Anne felt like she’d just dug her own grave.

Ann audibly took a breath to respond, but it went over Anne’s head as she paced and started talking again.

“You see, the thing is, as you probably know, I don’t have many options where I can take you, and this is a nice place we can both go. Tib has humans round more often than you might think and it’s never an issue for anyone, so-“

“I’d like that.”

Anne blinked, stunned as that soft voice interrupted her and drew her out of her thoughts that seemed to be going hundreds of miles an hour.


“I said I’d like that,” Ann repeated with a smile in her voice. “I’m not scared. I know you wouldn’t take me if you didn’t think it was safe.”

Anne didn’t know what to say. She’d expected hesitation, had worried Ann would incredulously refuse her for even suggesting this. But just like that night she’d bitten her and Ann had shown interest in her, she surprised her again now.

“I trust you,” Ann added.

There was another moment as Anne processed what was happening until her confused mind caught up, a smile growing on her face as Ann’s words settled in her chest and she felt butterflies causing chaos in her stomach. She stood upright, straightening her shoulders as a sense of purpose filled her.

“Wonderful. Shall I pick you up then? At 8:30 if that’s alright for you?”

“Sounds good. I’ve got tomorrow off, so we can stay as long as we like.”

They hung up, and Anne quickly responded to Tib’s message and let her know she’d bring Ann. Usually she’d have to ask her for permission first with a new person and a human at that, but they’d talked enough about Ann that she had a feeling Tib would be more than keen to get to know her.

The message she received seconds after hers confirmed that. Letting her excitement fuel her, Anne rushed to get showered so she still had time to find someone to feed on before picking up Ann. Her thoughts were with her as she got ready, and she couldn’t recall the last time she’d felt so excited and looked forward to an evening that much.

She quickly checked that her flat was in good condition – just in case Ann would want to sleep at her place which was closer to Tib’s, she thought. Anne tried to contain her excitement at the thought of sharing her bed with her, reminding herself it was soon and even if Ann stayed the night, it was unlikely to lead to anything, especially if they were drunk.

It was getting colder, and Anne put on her long black coat for the night. Underneath, she wore a grey waistcoat over her black shirt, black pants and brogues. She brushed her hair so it sat in place neatly once more, pleased with her appearance. Her gaze landed on her favourite cologne, and she applied it gently before inhaling the strong musky scent and giving herself a little smile in the mirror and turning to leave.

Fate was on her side tonight and she had no trouble finding easy prey before setting off for Ann’s place.




“Have you asked her if she sleeps in a coffin?”

Ann giggled, shaking her head as she turned to present herself to Catherine. They’d spent the last hours trying to decide on her attire for the night – a hard choice to make, as it had turned out, especially with Catherine suggesting all her particularly revealing clothes when Ann wasn’t so sure if that wasn’t a bit much, at least for now. That, and it was also rather cold, a circumstance Catherine seemed to be conveniently ignoring with her suggestions.

“No, I haven’t. Come on, those are just silly stories, surely they don’t sleep in coffins.”

Catherine chuckled from her place on Ann’s bed. “Okay, okay. Maybe not. But I’d still be curious to find out. You look great by the way.”

Ann turned back to the mirror, admiring the white figure-hugging sweater she’d put on. Remembering how Anne’s gaze had lingered on her exposed shoulders the last time she’d come round and had seen Ann in just a towel, Ann had chosen an off the shoulder sweater that would hopefully draw Anne’s attention to her shoulders once more. She’d abandoned the idea to match it with a skirt with how cold it was and had instead put on a pair of jeans and lastly black boots.

She smiled at her reflection in the mirror, happy with her look and spurred on by Catherine’s support. She hoped Anne would like it too.

“If that doesn’t get you laid, she’s blind.”

Ann turned back to her friend. “Cath! That’s not-“

“Oh, don’t tell me you haven’t thought about it.”

Catherine was enjoying this, grinning as Ann rolled her eyes at her. “Well, yes, but…”

“But what?” Her grin widened.

“Isn’t it a bit soon?”

“Says who?”

Ann sighed. “I don’t know-“

It was in that moment that the doorbell rang, and Ann twitched in surprise as if she hadn’t been expecting Anne. She guessed she hadn’t, at least not standing in front of her door when she usually took the balcony entry.

“Oh, I’m so excited to meet her,” Catherine said as she jumped off the bed.

Ann gave herself another quick look, straightened her clothes and followed her to the door.

On the other side of the door, Anne stood waiting, the nervousness she tried to keep in check showing as she shifted back and forth where she was standing. The door opened, and for a moment Anne’s brow furrowed in confusion as she made eye contact with a brunette whose brown eyes eyed her with curiosity. Was she at the wrong door?

“Hi! I’m Catherine and you must be Anne-“

It was in that moment that a familiar face appeared next to her, and Anne’s attention was drawn immediately to the sweet smile and deep blue eyes. Ann put her arm around Catherine’s shoulder.

“Anne, this is Catherine, my best friend,” she said, “Catherine, this is Anne.”

Ah. It all made sense now. Anne reached out and shook Catherine’s hand.

“I’ve heard so much about you,” Catherine said with a smile.

Anne couldn’t deny that this was going well, she hadn’t expected Ann’s friend to be here but she was glad that apparently she seemed to have taken a liking to Anne already. Did she know what she was, though? Had Ann told her?

She hoped so, but knew that it would be revealed anyway once she spoke. Which brought her attention back to what she’d just said, a sly smile spreading on her lips and her eyes twinkling.

“Have you? All good, I hope…?”

Anne glanced at Ann, noticing how her cheeks had turned a fine shade of pink.

“Of course! You know, Ann can’t stop talking about you-“


It wasn’t easy to mess with Ann and strain her patience enough to get on her bad side, but as Catherine looked to her left and noticed the sideways glance she was getting, she knew a warning when she saw one.

“Well, I’d better be on my way,” Catherine said, grabbing her coat and putting it on.

“Nice meeting you, Anne, and I hope you two have a fun night together!” she said, glancing knowingly at Ann and winking at Anne before rushing past her down the stairs before Ann could shoot her another one of her glares.

Ann shook her head, smiling. “I’m sorry about that, Cath is sometimes a little silly.”

Anne grinned. “Don’t be. I like her, from what little I’ve seen.”

Ann was glad that Anne didn’t seem to mind her friend’s sometimes silly ways and her habit of teasing Ann occasionally. She knew after Catherine’s last words she would have to brace for another hour-long call tomorrow in which her best friend would demand all the details. Ann hoped that there would be many good things to tell by tomorrow, though she doubted it would be quite as spicy as Catherine hoped.

She brought herself back to the present, reaching for her own coat and putting it on before grabbing her purse and looking at Anne. “Shall we?”

Anne nodded, smiling at her. They made it downstairs where Anne’s car was parked, and she held open the door for Ann and closed it behind her, Ann smiling at the gentlemanly gesture. They drove off, and for a few moments were in a comfortable silence.

“Did Catherine know that I’m a vampire? Before meeting me. She didn’t seem surprised.”

Ann was drawn out of her excited thoughts about her night with Anne, turning to her. “Yes. I told her. About the bite as well.”

Anne hummed as she turned a corner. “She didn’t mind? Most people would, well… most people would be more than a little shocked. And they most definitely wouldn’t support it the way she seems to.”

Ann smiled even as her thoughts became a little sad for a moment as she envisioned the kind of treatment Anne must’ve had to deal with during her life as a vampire – it didn’t seem fair to her, but on the other side most people saw them as heartless killers and couldn’t know Anne wasn’t like that.

“I mean… she was surprised, of course, and concerned at first, but the more I told her about you, the more she liked you.” Ann chuckled, and so did Anne.

“Well, I’m glad.”

It was quiet once more before a thought occurred to Ann and she had to grin a little. Oh, she had to ask.



“Do you sleep in a coffin?”

Anne stopped in front of a red light, slowly turning her head to her with an incredulous gaze, raising an eyebrow. “What?”

The look on her face was a clear answer as much as it was the most amusing thing Ann had seen in a little while. She giggled. “Don’t look at me like that. Cath was the one who wanted to know.”

Anne had to smile too as she shook her head in disbelief. “There are some funny beliefs around about us, aren’t there? I haven’t actually heard of that one before.”

She accelerated the car. They were nearly at Tib’s now. “But to answer it, no, I do not sleep in a coffin. I have a bed like any other normal person.”

Ann smiled. “Cath will be disappointed to hear that.”

“Oh, I bet.”

Anne parked the car at its usual spot in front of the apartment building she lived in, walking round and opening the door for Ann to get out.

“We have to go the rest of the way on foot, alright? It isn’t far.”

Ann nodded when Anne held out her hand and she happily took it in hers. A smile spread on her lips – walking with Anne’s hand in hers was already one of her favourite things.

They crossed the street, and Ann was confused, to say the least, when Anne led her towards a clearly deserted, rundown building. Surely that was not their destination.


Anne stopped, turning towards her. “It has a back entrance. We have to be a little… low profile, you know. The vampire hunters would just love to raid this place and kill us all.”

Ann nodded. That made sense. She wondered what it must be like to live a life like this in constant hiding, having to worry about exposure at all times and being seen as essentially a dangerous element that didn’t belong with society and needed to be removed.

Ann understood the reasons behind it and she was sure there were vampires who deserved such a treatment, but Anne wasn’t one of them and in that moment she wished she could make everyone see that.

They walked towards the building, and Anne looked around suspiciously. Once no one was in sight, she pulled Ann with her towards the back and they stopped in front of a heavy metal door. Anne turned to her again.

“Usually, new people – humans – aren’t allowed in here without having been led here with a blindfold and any means necessary to prevent them from knowing where this place is. I trust you, and Tib trusts my judgement.”

Anne’s face was dead serious as she spoke, her voice a bit hushed not to draw attention but still firm to make it clear how important her words were.

“It’s crucial that you do not tell anyone about this, not Catherine or anyone else. Alright? Our lives may depend on it.”

Ann nodded. If anything could be said about her, it’s that she could keep a secret. “You can count on me.”

A smile replaced the grim look on Anne’s face as she squeezed her hand before letting go. “Good. Then let’s go.”

Ann felt a little uncomfortable as they entered and passed a guard towering over her who was eyeing her suspiciously as they briefly made eye contact. The message in his look was clear: I’m watching you.

She kept close to Anne, the uncomfortable feeling sticking with her even as they went down the stairs and the music became louder, the bass making her entire body vibrate as they stood at the entrance to a big room. Ann peaked inside, surprised to see that this bar had a dance floor in the middle as well.

Anne wrapped an arm around her waist, noticing Ann’s apprehension as she carefully looked at the place.

“Everything alright?”

Ann nodded, feeling more at ease as she saw the warmth in Anne’s eyes and felt her arm securely around her. She’d told her she trusted her, and she’d meant it. The reality was more daunting than her imaginations had painted it, especially considering Ann sometimes struggled with a bit of social anxiety as well, but in this moment with Anne by her side, Ann remembered she had nothing to worry about. She smiled.

“Yes. Let’s go in.”

So they did, and it didn’t take long until Ann saw a tall woman in a baby blue suit approach them. She had a feeling she knew who that was.

“There you are! About time!”

Anne’s head turned at the familiar voice, and before she knew it, strong arms wrapped around her as Tib hugged her.

“Nice to see you too, Tib.” Anne smiled sardonically.

Tib turned to Ann as they parted. “See this? This is what I put up with on a regular basis.” She grinned and held out her hand. “I’m Tib.”

Ann’s gaze dropped to the clearly visible fangs without her being able to help it. She’d known Tib was a vampire too, and yet seeing it still took Ann aback a little as realisation truly set in that she was here, in this pub, among vampires. She nearly forgot to take the proffered hand, drawing herself out of it and quickly shaking it, hoping Tib wasn’t offended by her stare and hesitation.

“Don’t worry, I don’t bite… unless you want me to,” Tib said with a grin, winking at her.

Anne groaned from beside Ann. “Tib…”

Ann felt the tension that had settled in her shoulders lighten at the exchange, Tib’s humorous way to respond to her and Anne’s annoyance with her friend – Ann could easily imagine how Tib would rile Anne up for fun, and it amused her. She chuckled, drawing both their attention.

Tib gave Anne a triumphant gaze, as if to say ‘look, she found it funny’ before turning back to Ann.

“You’re welcome here, don’t worry.” She smiled, and so did Ann as she nodded.

After that, Anne led her over to the coat rack where they took off their coats and put them up. Ann found Anne already staring at her when she turned back to her, and her own gaze lingered on the waistcoat that accentuated her strong frame nicely and offered a good contrast with her other black clothes.

Anne couldn’t not let her eyes linger on Ann’s exposed shoulders, and she wondered what it would feel like to place kiss after kiss along her soft skin, how it would feel under her fingertips while Ann was squirming impatiently under her-

She stopped that thought before it went any further, meeting Ann’s gaze, who looked a little flushed herself – or was Anne imagining it under the warm light?

“Shall we?”

Ann nodded, shaking off the inappropriate thoughts she’d just had and following along as Anne moved to the bar and sat down. She thoughtlessly took the menu even though it was rare for Ann to venture too much and order anything other than her usual favourites. She looked through the list, noticing that most drinks had a little S next to them.

“What does the S stand for?”

Anne looked at the menu in Ann’s hands before smiling. Of course Ann wouldn’t know this. She leaned closer so Ann could hear her better over the music.

“Silver. You know, so we can get drunk too.”

Ann’s brow furrowed in confusion as she tried to make sense of what Anne was saying. She knew vaguely that silver was apparently the only thing other than the sun that could harm – and kill – a vampire, but what did that have to do with drinks? Perhaps there was something Ann wasn’t seeing, perhaps it was also just harder to concentrate with Anne so close to her and every breath she took resulting in a fresh wave of her cologne hitting her senses.

Anne chuckled. “I’m assuming you know silver is our one weakness, yes?” Ann nodded. It didn’t surprise Anne after she’d seen the vampire hunters campaigning so everyone knew about it – not that that really posed a big threat to most vampires since they were faster than any human trying to reach for their little silver dagger, if they even had it nearby during an attack.

“Well, our bodies detox fast. Very fast,” she explained, gesturing with her hands. “Normal alcohol doesn’t cut it. So if we still want to get drunk, we add a few flakes of silver to our drinks that keep the alcohol in our systems for longer since they stop our healing.”

Ah. It all made sense to Ann as she nodded in understanding. However, one thing concerned her about this method. “Isn’t this dangerous though?”

Anne smiled at Ann’s thoughtfulness. Without thinking, she wrapped her arm around waist, noticing the way Ann immediately leaned into her touch. “Well yes, it is dangerous if I drink too much in one evening. Same thing as with humans. Other than that, no.”

Ann returned the smile, enjoying the way Anne’s arm felt around her. “So you can order your drinks with or without it.”

“Yes, most of them. Some don’t work very well with silver.” She pointed to the menu. “Do you know what you want?”

Ann closed the menu and put it aside. “I’ll have a tequila sunrise.”

Anne decided for a beer – with silver – and they took their drinks over to Tib’s table after Ann had given her okay. She was a little nervous about meeting these new people but she could see from the glimmer in Anne’s eyes and her smile that she appreciated her wanting to make an effort. It helped that Tib had been nice and Ann was curious to get to know her.

They took the only free seats around the big round table, with Ann next to Tib, Anne to Ann’s left and a young woman next to Anne.

The tension Ann was feeling dissolved as time passed and everyone was friendly and the mood was good. That, and she was sure the alcohol helped too. The only thing Ann was sure she decidedly didn’t like was the way the woman next to Anne eyed her, but Anne seemed oblivious to it.

Tib lit a cigar next to Ann, turning to her. “So Ann, what do you think about this place?”

She gestured around herself, pride evident in her movements.

Ann took a sip of her drink. “It’s good. I like it. To be honest, I was a little nervous at first. But I like it here.”

“I’m glad to hear that! And like I’ve said, you’re safe here. I’m sure everyone knows better than to fuck with Anne – or me.”

Ann smiled. It was good to see that Tib was so welcoming, no doubt because she was close with Anne and wanted to do the best to support her. Still, Ann hoped that she’d made a good first impression and Tib perhaps genuinely liked her too.

She was about to respond when she noticed Tib’s gaze moving past her to Anne next to her, and Ann turned her head to look as well. She hadn’t noticed it over the loud music and talking to Tib, but the woman next to Anne was talking to her. Ann leaned closer to hear what was being said.

“How’ve you been doing, Anne? Haven’t seen you in ages.”

Anne put down her drink. “Fine really, and you?”

The woman leaned close, making sure her cleavage was presented openly to Anne. Ann did not like this, but kept in the background as she watched silently for now.

Anne’s gaze dropped down to the woman’s breasts without her being able to help it as she tried to search her mind for her name. Jillian? No. Jane? She couldn’t think of it. It must’ve been ages since they’d ended up in bed together, and it hadn’t been particularly remarkable either.

“I’m doing well. Happy to see you here tonight,” the woman responded, placing her hand on Anne’s knee as she looked up at her in a way that laid out her intentions crystal clear. Ann furrowed her brow, pressing her lips together as the sour feeling of jealousy brewed in her stomach.

Anne cleared her throat, wrapping her arm around Ann next to her and trying to think of a good way to break it to her that really, Anne’s mind was elsewhere.

Ann had seen enough. Emboldened by the alcohol flowing through her system, she leaned forward so the woman could see her, meeting her gaze with a steely glare before cupping Anne’s cheek, pulling her close and pressing her lips to hers insistently.

Anne groaned, and so did Ann as she kissed her fiercely. Anne responded eagerly, tangling her fingers in blonde locks as Ann opened her mouth and their tongues met. Heat was pooling in Ann’s core as they kissed, images of how badly she wanted Anne’s hands all over her body crowding her mind. She shuddered when Anne’s hands possessively wrapped around her waist.

“No fucking in my bar! Get a room, you two,” Tib yelled from next to them, making them pull apart in an instant. Her roaring laugh could be heard well even over the pounding bass of the music.

“You should see your faces.”

Ann looked like a deer caught in headlights, but when she met Anne’s gaze and saw the raw desire in those darkened eyes, she forgot all about her embarrassment as her core clenched with need.

That, and a quick glance to the woman next to Anne confirmed Ann’s message had been received clearly and she’d backed off Anne. Ann was pleased.

Anne took a long sip from her beer to calm herself – she needed it after that kiss, her heart still pounding in her chest as desire for the beautiful blonde coursed through her veins. She hadn’t expected it, this clear show of possession that had taken her breath away. The part of her that was becoming increasingly drunk was urging her to take her hand and lead her to her flat so they could follow up on the tension she was feeling between them, but she controlled herself.

They were sitting closer after that, their legs touching and Anne’s arm around Ann most of the time as they chatted with Tib and the others. Every now and then, they’d smile at each other or shoot each other otherwise intense gazes.

Time was passing, and with it drink after drink was downed. Soon, everyone was rather drunk, laughing together. The music changed, an 80s dance song being played that Ann recognised immediately. She bit her lip, excitement and her drunk state taking over as she looked at Anne and took her hand in hers, tugging as she already rose from her seat, slightly unsteady.

“Let’s dance, come on!”

Anne looked at her baffled, but the twinkle in Ann’s eyes and hopeful look were enough to convince her as she stood, too drunk to notice Tib’s amused look as Ann giggled and dragged her with her towards the dance floor.

Usually, it was rather simple for Anne: she didn’t dance. She wasn’t good at it, had never been, and even Tib’s most insistent pleas, briberies or anything of the sort had fallen on deaf ears. She would say it was her drunken state making her more open to the idea, but in the past even that hadn’t swayed her.

So here she was, convinced by bright blue eyes and a huge smile, swaying – or trying to – to the fast beat of a song she’d heard often enough while Ann did the same next to her. They probably looked ridiculous, two drunks trying to dance, but the happy smile on Ann’s face was reward enough for Anne not to care.

She wouldn’t admit it, but after a bit she got into it too, forgetting everything around them but the music and Ann as her body became more and more comfortable moulding to the beat as she danced.

It felt like the song ended far too soon, but Anne was rewarded by one of the most beautiful sounds of all as Ann laughed. Her own grin was swallowed by Ann’s lips as she kissed her firmly.

Suddenly there was cheering from the background, and Anne turned back to their table, meeting Tib’s eyes.

“Didn’t know you were such a good dancer, Anne,” she called over. Anne could only roll her eyes, the grin still in place as a sense of carefreeness enveloped her that she hadn’t felt in a long time.

She felt at peace, just happy enjoying Ann’s presence and the silly fun they’d just had while everything around her was a little fuzzy and spun if she moved too quickly.

Then Ann took her hand, their gazes meeting. “Take me to your place.”

Anne was more than willing to. They said their goodbyes and left the bar, slightly unsteady on their feet, though Ann more so than Anne. She steadied her with her arm around her waist as they walked back the short distance until they reached her flat, Anne fiddling with her key to get it in the keyhole as her own drunken state caught up to her and Ann giggled next to her.

“You’re s-so drunk,” she slurred slightly.

Anne grinned as she pulled her inside. “So are you.”

She kicked the door closed behind them, and Ann arched an eyebrow, looking at her with darkened eyes as she shrugged off her coat. Anne discarded her own in a heartbeat, licking her lips before pouncing.

Both moaned as their lips connected for a sloppy kiss, and Anne pressed Ann against the nearby wall as their kiss grew more heated quickly. Ann’s hands desperately looked for purchase at her shoulders, lifting her leg to wrap around Anne.

Anne held it up, meeting her gaze as they parted for air and she effortlessly lifted her other leg to wrap around her and then picked Ann up as if she weighed nothing.

If Ann’s underwear hadn’t been soaked before, it would’ve been now with this impressive show of strength. She held her arms around Anne’s neck as she was carried to what she presumed was the bedroom – she couldn’t see much in the nearly completely dark flat and her state but trusted Anne to find her way.

They stopped and Anne kissed her before clumsily dropping her on the bed, losing her balance a little. But the sight below her took her breath away: Ann on her back with her legs open, looking up at her with want in her eyes.

Anne had to have her – and yet. A voice in the back of her mind asked her if this is how she wanted to remember their first time together. If she’d remember it at all, that is. She knew the answer to that question.

Ann looked at her questioningly until Anne finally climbed on the bed as well, but not on top of her as she’d hoped. Lying next to her, Anne smiled even as her desire for Ann was still trying to take the reins against her better judgement.

“I think we should wait. We’re far too drunk… for this.”

Ann turned on her side to face her. The buzz in her brain made it hard to think but she could still acknowledge that Anne was right. Anne, who looked so ridiculously handsome in that waistcoat and was looking at her in a way that made it hard for Ann to listen to the voice of reason.

She leaned close, trying to place a kiss on Anne’s lips but ended up kissing the corner of her mouth instead as she giggled.

“You’re probably right. We should sleep.”

Anne had no idea how late it even was, if it was already time for her to sleep at all. But the alcohol had taken its toll and she started to feel a content sleepiness cloud her mind as they got up to undress themselves for bed.

She offered Ann one of her shirts and a pair of boxers for sleeping, admiring how beautiful she looked in the oversized shirt before she put on her own tank top and they laid down under the covers together.

Ann turned her back to her, looking over her shoulder expectantly as Anne shifted closer until her front was flush against her back and she could wrap her arm around her.

Ann sighed, pressing against her. “You’re comfy.”

Anne smiled, closing her eyes and enjoying the feeling of Ann’s warm body against her, their curves moulding together perfectly. It didn’t take long for a restful sleep to take them both.