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Turnabout at Sea

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It was a gloomy day at the Wright Anything Agency. It was the middle of April, and the heavy rain hadn't stopped in about a month. Phoenix Wright found himself laying on the couch listening to the pitter-patter of the rainfall outside; not seeing the sun in so long was starting to effect his mood.

"Hey rain? Could you do me a favour and screw off already? I'm missing out on some much needed vitamin D!" Grumbled the defense attorney as he grabbed the remote next to him to turn on the TV.

And in other news, an old woman in Italy claims to have seen the face of jesus in her pasta sauce! Is the old hag lying? Or is there some truth to her discovery? Stay tuned to find out after these messages!

"Yeah right...and I saw Jesus in my Froot Loops this morning. What a joke, I can't believe this is news!"

God, Phoenix had been so damn bored lately it wasn't even funny. Apollo had been living in Khura'in for a few months now, Maya was busy in Kurain being a master spirit medium, and Athena had left early that morning to drop Trucy off at school and was now probably out for lunch with Simon Blackquill. The defense attorney felt...well, lonely.

The Los Angeles weather forecast for the next seven} days! What a surprise looks like we have more rain! Followed by...even more rain!

"What kind of Noah's Ark shit is going on here!?" Exclaimed Phoenix as he smushed a pillow over his face in frustration.

There had to be something he could do in this gloomy weather to make himself more productive. Maybe he could call someone? What about Larry? He was entertaining....right?

"Let's see, what kind of conversation did I last have with good ol' Butz?" Questioned Phoenix digging through the chat logs on his phone.


                                                       What is it? P:

L: Okay I ugh accidently
swallowed like half a litre of bleach
and now I don't feel as hot as I look man.

     Larry...why the hell did you drink bleach? :P

L: IDK...I just wanted to find out how it tasted!                                                                 

I...Umm..I think you should go to the P:

L: No way bro! They got rid of that hot nurse
I like and replaced her with some
old fat lady with saggy tits!

............... P:

L: Yo bro, do you think i'll turn
into spiderman now?

Phoenix sighed....there was no way in hell he was going to willingly deal with Larry's 'Larry-isms' anytime soon. In that case...there was always his other slightly more tolerable childhood friend; Miles Edgeworth. Just what was the last thing they talked about?

Hey. What's up? P:

E: What do you want Wright?

Sheesh...can't I just ask 'what's up' P:
without being called out?                   
E: No...Not with you.

  Fine! I just wanted to know if you  P:
were interested in catching up over 
lunch the next time you're in town?  
        I'll even pay this time :3                      

E: Alright, but please stop contacting
     me while i'm in meetings.

Great! I look forward to it! :D P:

E: K...

Phoenix couldn't help but scoff at the chief prosecutor's reply.

"Pfft....that bastard really has some nerve sending nothing but 'k'. I guess typing out 'I look forward to it as well Wright' is too difficult for the old oaf."

Phoenix threw his phone down on the much for calling up an old friend.

The boredom persisted. He hadn't even had a new case in almost a month; no one's needed his help lately...apparently murderers are allergic to the rain like the Wicked Witch of the West. How screwed up is it that he's disappointed in the lack of murder going on?

"Lonely...i'm Mr.Lonely! I have no-boooody for my owwwwwwnnn!!!!" Sung Phoenix to himself in boredom.

He was thankful that he was home alone so nobody could hear his god awful singing. The last time he sung to himself like this, Trucy and Athena took it upon themselves to record it...which resulted in the defense attorney's embarrassment as the two girls laughed their asses off to him singing along to Britney Spears.

This just in! we have breaking news! Another couple has been murdered upon the 'Love on the Waves" cruiseline. This is the fourth couple that has been brutally slain on the ship in a month. What is normally considered a ship for lovers has turned into a nightmare at sea! Detectives are investigating deeper into the matter...

"Fourth couple slain at sea? Now this sounds like a case I can definitely DIVE into!" Said Phoenix laughing at his own pun.

Phoenix knew he was pathetic and lonely...but if Maya wasn't here to laugh at his bad jokes...then he had to do it himself.

Bzzzzrrr Bzzzzzzr Bzzzzr

Phoenix was startled at the Steel Samurai theme coming from his phone. Someone was calling him...but who? He hoped it wasn't Trucy's school again. They called him one time before, because apparently the young magician scared the shit out of a boy in her class with Mr. Hat and made him cry.

"Detective Ema Skye? What could she want?" Questioned Phoenix as he looked at the caller ID.

"Mr. Wright! How are you!?" Exclaimed the young detective over the phone.

"I...erm....i'm fine. Ema, has something happened?" Asked Phoenix secretly hoping for some drama.

"No, not at all! I was just wondering if you were busy?"

"Hehe...has anyone been busy in this weather? No...i'm about as busy as a butcher at a vegan restaurant." Replied Phoenix with an awkward laugh.

"Umm...okay. Listen, do you think you could come down to the police station for a bit?" Questioned Ema munching on snackoos over the phone.

"The police station? I'm not in trouble am I?" Asked Phoenix thinking if he did anything illegal recently.

"'s just that we need to talk to you."

"Wait, WE...who's WE?"

"Hehe, you'll find out shortly Mr. Wright...anyways, we'll see you soon!"

"Hey, Ema wait-"

The detective hung up before Phoenix could ask anymore questions.

"Wait...i'm gonna have to walk my sorry ass to the police station in this weather aren't I?" Sighed Phoenix as he looked out the rainy window.

The defense attorney cursed himself for not being able to drive as he made his way on the wet city sidewalks. He could have easily taken transit...but he was too much a germaphobe for that shit. Why was he like this? All he had was a dinky ass umbrella to shield him from the downpour above.

"Stupid shitty umbrella! I bet stupid Edgeworth doesn't have to deal with stupid shit like this! He probably has a stupid shitty umbrella made of gold that he keeps in his stupid fancy ass car...because his stupid ass can actually drive!" Grumbled Phoenix to himself as he continued walking.

He didn't quite know why, but whenever he was frustrated the defense attorney saw it fit to take it out on Edgeworth...even if it wasn't his fault. There was just something about that pretentious prosecutor that struck a nerve for Phoenix.

"Whoo! Finally! Inside at last!" Panted Phoenix as he entered the police department with an awkward little celebratory dance.

The defense attorney felt immediate shame upon noticing that a bunch of police officers were staring at him.

"Oh...umm...hello." Replied Phoenix as he struggled to close the umbrella.

Great. Just great...the stupid shitty umbrella refused to close. Wasn't this bad luck or something?

"Stupid piece of shit! Stupid! Stupid! Stupid! You know what...I don't need you! I like the rain anyways!" Exclaimed Phoenix as he threw the umbrella on the ground in defeat.

At some point, Phoenix must have noticed how absolutely insane he must have looked; a grown ass man in the police station throwing a temper tantrum over an umbrella. All he could do was awkwardly grin as a familiar face came to save him from the social embarrassment.


"E-Edgeworth!??! What the hell are you doing here?" Cried Phoenix in surprise.

"Miss Skye told me to come get you when you arrive to join the meeting with us." Replied Edgeworth sternly.

"Meeting? What meeting? What's going on?"

"You'll find out soon enough...but what I really want to know is what kind of vendetta you have against that poor umbrella?" Asked the prosecutor with a devilish smile.

" saw that?" Asked Phoenix with a growing blush.

"Unfortunately....I did."

"Hey! In my defense the umbrella started it!" Cried Phoenix awkwardly.

"I'm sure it did Wright...would you care to take the matter to court?" Replied Edgeworth in a teasing tone.

"Shutup! You still owe me lunch!"

"If i'm not mistaken...I thought you said you'd pay for this one?" Laughed Edgeworth.


Phoenix walked silently beside the prosecutor to Ema Skye's office. Just what the hell was going on here? To his surprise, the defense attorney was met with many familiar faces as they opened the door to the office.

"Mr. Wright!!! You're finally here!"

"A-Apollo!??! B-But you were-"

"Isn't it great Mr. Wright! Apollo flew in with Nahyuta to help us out!"

"A-Athena?! You're here too?!?"

"Cykes-dono practically dragged me here with her as well." Said Simon Blackquill leaning against a wall.

There were too many familiar faces to take in at once. Though sure enough, he looked over to see Nahyuta standing next to Ema Skye.

"You certainly didn't forget about me Herr Wright?" Asked Klavier Gavin playing with his hair.

"How could I ever forget the man who stripped me of my badge and put me through seven years of hell." Replied Phoenix in a sarcastic tone.

"Haha, I'll take that as a compliment!" Laughed Klavier.

"Phoenix Wright! We meet again you foolish fool!"


The old familiar sting of a whip on his face...that could only be one person.

"Franziska Von's umm..nice to see you too." Replied Phoenix in pain.

"Is that how you greet an old foe? You are as pathetic as ever Phoenix Wright!" Said Franziska about to crack her whip again.

"Franzy....I think Wright's had quite enough already." Said Edgeworth coming to the defense attorney's aid.

" never let me have any fun little brother."

Phoenix Wright was quite certain that this was hell. The room was dripping with familiar prosecutors from left to right. Was this some kind of punishment for all the years that he kicked their asses in court?


Phoenix let out a sigh of relief. He knew that voice as well...and it definitely didn't belong to a prosecutor.

"Maya! Thank goodness you're here! I was thinking I was about to get eaten alive by prosecutors!" Laughed Phoenix as he hugged the spirit medium.

"You're telling's scary when they're all together like they have some kind of hive mind." Questioned Maya in contemplation.

"Err...wait....I'm glad to see you and all, but why are you here? Why are we all here?"

"Nick! Haven't you heard? We're going on vacation!!!!" Exclaimed Maya with glee.


All eyes were on Ema Skye...after all, she was the one who called them all in here.

"'s kinda true...I mean, we ARE technically going on vacation." Replied Ema shoving snackoos into her mouth with anxiety.

"Yeah...Nahyuta told me something about a cruise?" Asked Apollo in confusion.

"Well you see, we've been tasked with investigating the murders upon the 'Love on the Waves' cruiseline!" Exclaimed Ema as she started handing out pamphlets to everyone.

Phoenix took a look at the 'Love on the Waves' was cheesy as hell. Watch the sunset with your loved, one, drink fine wine and champagne, enjoy gourmet meals by the seaside. Hmm...they forgot to add in 'get murdered under the moonlight.'

"Okay...but why are we ALL here?" Asked Phoenix curiously.

"Easy...we'll be going undercover as couples to assure greater success in catching the culprits." Interjected Nahyuta.

"W-WAIT WHAT!!  YOU WANT US TO FAKE DATE EACH-OTHER?!" Cried Apollo with his familiar chords of steel.

"Precisely." Replied Nahyuta nonchalantly.

Phoenix Wright finally had the adventure he had been waiting for...though it wasn't exactly expected. Just who the hell was he about to be paired up anyways? He certainly hoped it wasn't stupid Edgeworth with his stupid glasses and his EXTRA stupid attitude.

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Phoenix had been on many interesting investigations during his career as a defense attorney, but having to fake date one of his cohorts on a cruise ship to catch a pair of murderers was something completely unexpected...even for him.

How would they all pair up? God, this was beginning to feel like an assigned partner project from his school days.

"So umm...who's fake dating who?" Asked Phoenix with hesitance that this is what's really happening.

"Well, Nahyuta and I have already paired up seeing as we're leading this investigation." Replied Ema nervously.

"WHAT THE HELL!! THAT'S TOTALLY UNFAIR!!" Exclaimed Apollo frantically.

"And...why would that be?" Asked Nahyuta with a glare towards the young defense attorney.

"B-Because you two are like practically together already! C'mon bro, you fly her out to Khura'in like every goddamn week!" Replied Apollo.

"It would seem that you still struggle with minding your own business...I can help with that." Said Nahyuta with a mischivous smirk as he threw his beads on Apollo's head.

"GWAAHH! NAHYUTA NO...NOT AGAIN!" Exclaimed Apollo in pain at the bead's tightening grip.

"Nick, this is so exciting! I wonder who i'm getting paired with?" Said Maya with a tight grip on Phoenix's arm.

"Maya, how the hell are you always this excited over EVERYTHING?" Asked Phoenix with a facepalm at the spirit medium's antics.

"Now for our next undercover pairing...Miss Maya Fey...umm...Franziska Von Karma has already put a word in that she wants to be paired with you." Said Ema nervously towards Franziska's glare.

"B-But...why does SHE get to choose." Exclaimed Apollo in confusion.

"Because I refuse to deal with any of you foolish men for any longer than I usually have there a problem with that?" Replied Franziska about to crack her whip.


"...Hey! Grow some balls!...." Beeped Widget from Athena's neck.

"Wow Nick...Franziska chose me? I wonder why? Either way...I hope we have fun together!" Cried Maya with glee.

Shit. Phoenix was hoping that maybe he would be paired with Maya. At least it wouldn't be an awkward disaster to fake date her because they have such a strong friendship.

" up is Apollo and-" Started Ema.

"Please don't be Klavier, please don't be Klavier, for the love of god...please DON'T be Klavier." Whispered Apollo to himself as he crossed his fingers.

"Apollo and Athena!" Finished Ema.

"Oh thank god! I thought I was gonna have to-"


"GWAAHH! CAN I STOP BEING UNDER ATTACK TODAY PLEASE!" Exclaimed Apollo as he was hit with a seemingly invisible blade.

Sure enough, everyone looked over at prosecutor Blackquill leaning against the wall. Phoenix had honestly forgotten he was even in the room at all.

"Justice-dono, i'm afraid I cannot allow you to be paired up with Athena." Said Blackquill with a glare.

"B-But....Why not!"

"Simple really...I don't trust you. How will I know that you're able to protect her aboard a ship with murderers on the loose?"

"C'mon Simon! I can protect myself! If anything, i'll be the one saving Apollo from any murderers that we might encounter." Begged Athena in frustration.

"I'm sorry Cykes-dono...but I cannot leave this up to chance."

"B-But Blackquill-" Started Apollo in protest.

"Taka!" Whistled Blackquill as his bird companion flew into the room from an open window.

"GWAHH! FINE! SHE'S ALL YOURS!" Exclaimed Apollo as he got attacked by the bird.

"...How lame! We don't need a babysitter!..." Beeped Widget expressing Athena's frustration.

Phoenix watched helplessly as poor Apollo got attacked for what seemed like the one-hundreth time in a day. At this rate, the defense attorney already had a strange hunch of what was to happen next.

"Okay...well, since that's taken care of...Apollo, I apologize in advanced, but it looks like you're going to be paired up with Klavier instead....i'm so sorry." Replied Ema munching on her snackoos again.

"W-WHAT!??! N-NOOOOOOO!" Exclaimed Apollo in defeat.

"What's wrong Herr Forehead? You should be grateful to be paired with the most beautiful person in the room." Said Klavier as he winked and blew a kiss towards Apollo.

"Somebody please kill me before I do it myself." Sighed Apollo in dejection.

Everyone was now paired up...everyone except Phoenix and Edgeworth. Which could only mean....Shit!

"Mr. Wright and Mr. Edgeworth, I think it comes as no surprise that you two will be paired up. After all, we always solve our greatest mysteries when you two team up!" Exclaimed Ema happily.

Phoenix turned around to awkwardly stare at the chief prosecutor who was currently giving off his signature death glare. Just what the hell was he thinking about?

" do you feel about us being paired up?" Asked Phoenix with an awkward grin.

" doesn't bother me Wright. This is a professional investigation, and I expect that we shall be able to treat it as nothing more than that." Replied Edgeworth nonchalantly.

"Err...umm...of course!"

"Alright everyone, we have only two days until the cruise ship sets sail. We expect everyone to read through the case file and be prepared to set sail. Remember, we are out to catch a pair of Bonnie and Clyde killers...this isn't a vacation." Explained Nahyuta.

The two days went by quicker than Phoenix had anticipated. He had to pack, read through the case file, and make sure Trucy would be okay on her own for a few weeks. Luckily, the magician assured him that she was practically an adult and that she wouldn't burn the office down with her magic tricks...or try to behead anyone...ahh, the joy of raising a teenager.


It was still raining when Phoenix arrived at the harbour where everyone would be boarding the ship...even though it was a murder investigation, he found himself excited. He had never really been on a cruise before.



Phoenix looked over to see Athena and Maya had also arrived. Even in the rain, the two were already dressed for more tropical weather; wearing tank tops, sunglasses, and flip-flops.

"Hey Mr. Wright!" Exclaimed Athena waving the defense attorney over.

"Nick! Isn't this exciting! It's also kind of scary." Said the spirit medium.

"Umm...because of the murderers on board?" Asked Phoenix curiously.

"No...because it's a giant floating ship at sea...but I guess the murderers are scary too." Explained Maya in contemplation.


Phoenix would know that loud booming voice anywhere. Sure enough, when he turned around he saw Apollo...wearing a bright orange life jacket around his neck.

"Umm...Apollo. Why are you wearing a life jacket?" Asked Athena staring at the young defense attorney.

"B-Because I don't know how to swim! Water and I don't mix...i'm not taking this off the entire trip!" Replied Apollo in defense.

"But...I'm pretty sure cruise ships are safe." Interjected Maya.

"No way! I've watched Titanic, so I know how this shit works! Klavier's gonna leave me to drown while he chills out on a door that clearly has enough room for the both of us!"

"Oh Herr adorable it is that you think you're the Jack to my Rose."

"Gwaahhh! K-Klavier? You've been here the whole time?!" Exclaimed Apollo with a blush.

"Indeed I have. But don't fear, I would never let anything happen to my precious little sweeheart." Replied Klavier as he kissed Apollo's cheek.

"Yeeeeep! W-What the hell!?!" Cried Apollo as he wiped off the kiss with his sleeve.

"Hmm...unlike everyone else, I intend to take this undercover business quite seriously. If we're gonna act as a couple, i'll have the balls to make it believable." Explained Klavier as he put his arm around an almost grief-stricken Apollo.

Yikes...they haven't even boarded the ship yet and Apollo already looked like he was having a rough time. Phoenix was antsy to know where his own partner was...Edgeworth was normally never late; everyone else was practically here already.

"Simon! Did you really need to pack an entire luggage full of SPF 100 sunscreen!?"

"Cykes-dono, you know as well as I do that my fair skin doesn't react well in the sunlight!"

"....Okay Mr. Vampire!..." Beeped Widget.

Phoenix stood alone by Maya as they waited for their partners. Eventually, they noticed the strange sight of Edgeworth and Franziska approaching....with about fifty different types of luggage being dragged with them.

"E-Edgeworth! Why the hell did you pack so much shit!?!" Cried Phoenix looking at all the heavy looking luggage.

"Because I can. I always like to be prepared Wright...unlike you." Replied Edgeworth as he glared at Phoenix's dinky suitcase.

"C'mon Edgeworth, I only ever see you wear like one thing!!"

"Hmm...I could say the same to you as well Wright."

"Ladies! Ladies! You fools can save your lover's banter for later! We have a case to work on here!" Interjected Franziska as she cracked her whip.

"Hey partner! I umm..I like your whip!" Exclaimed Maya trying to make small talk.

"Maya Fey....Thank you."

"No problem Franzy! You don't mind if I call you Franzy do you?" Asked Maya with a smile.

"Oh It's no problem at all." Replied Franziska nervously.

Strange. It appeared that Maya had the effect to turn the fearsome Franziska Von Karma into a shy young woman. Phoenix had never seen anything like it before.

"Alright everyone, it looks like we're all here! Time to hop on board and get to work! Try not to break your cover at all costs!" Exclaimed Ema as she approached the harbour with Nahyuta.

"Remember, there have already been four couples found stabbed to death in different areas of the ship. Please be cautious as we search for the suspects on board." Explained Nahyuta.

Phoenix watched as Ema and Nahyuta walked hand-in-hand towards the loading dock. Either they were really good at the whole fake dating thing, or Apollo was right about them actually having something going on. This got the defense attorney thinking of how much of a convincing couple could he and Edgeworth make anyways?

"Edgeworth umm..let me help you with some of that luggage." Offered Phoenix as he noticed the chief prosecutor struggling.

"Wright...I umm...thank you."

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Phoenix was out of breath by the time he and Edgeworth hauled everything to their cabin. When he offered to help with the luggage, he certainly didn't expect to be carrying EVERYTHING...with the prosecutor only taking one tiny suitcase.

"Seriously, just what the HELL did you pack? These things weigh a ton!" Panted Phoenix as he fell to the ground with the luggage.

"Oh you know...just the necessities." Replied Edgeworth with a smirk.

Boarding the cruise ship itself was quite the experience for the defense attorney; it was practically a lavish hotel on the ocean. Entering their private cabin proved to be just as fancy...Phoenix had never seen anything like it.

"Whoah, cool! We're like right by the ocean! Check out the view!" Exclaimed Phoenix as he stared out the porthole window in awe.

"I'm aware of it Wright...I've been on a cruise before." Scoffed Edgeworth as he rolled his eyes at the easily amused defense attorney.

"Well I haven't! So let me enjoy the moment! Look how awesome this room is! There's a mini fridge, a TV, and ummm....I umm..."

"What is it? What's wrong?" Asked Edgeworth raising his eyebrows on confusion.

"Edgeworth...there's only one bed. There's not even a couch in here...What are we gonna do?" Asked Phoenix awkwardly.

"'s a couple's cruise...what did you expect?"

"I...umm...I don't know. Do you think we can call in for a cot or something?"

"Don't be ridiculous Wright, you'll only blow our cover." Replied Edgeworth with a sigh.

"Well, umm...We could say we're in the middle of a nasty divorce...and umm, we're on the cruise to save our marriage!" Said Phoenix with a nervous grin.

"You're as pathetic as ever. It's a king bed...there's certainly enough room to build a pillow barrier between us."

"Hmmm....I suppose you're right."

"I always am." Smirked Edgeworth in reply.

At that, Phoenix threw himself on top of the bed in exhaustion. Only for his head to meet something hard beneath one of the pillows.

"Oww, my head! What the hell is this?" Asked Phoenix as he pulled a heart-shaped box out from underneath the pillow.

Opening the box revealed an assortment of chocolates. Phoenix smiled at the idea of Maya finding the same thing in her room and gobbling them down all at once. Though...there was something else hidden at the bottom of the box as well.

"Are these...GWAHH!"

"God, what is it now Wright?" Huffed Edgeworth tiredly.

"T-There's condoms in these chocolates!" Replied Phoenix with a blush.

"My god you're worse than a teenager. Once's to be expected on a couple's cruise. Hell, i'm surprised there weren't any flower petals scattered everywhere."

"It's just weird is are you so calm about all of this?"

"We're on an investigation Wright. That's it, that's need for added dramatics." Replied Edgeworth nonchalantly.

Phoenix sat in contemplation as Edgeworth began to unpack his horde of luggage. The defense attorney wondered how all the other 'couples' were handling things right now?

"KLAVIER THERE'S CONDOMS IN MY CHOCOLATE!" Exclaimed a very familiar voice through the wall.

"Haha, so there is Herr Forehead! We must put them to use at once!" Laughed another familiar voice through the wall.


Phoenix laughed at the outburst. He just found out who their room neighbours were in the most obvious way...though he didn't expect the walls to be that paper thin.

"Well Wright, we should be heading up to the deck now for introductions."

"Ummm....the what?"

"please tell me you read through the case file? This cruise line has an itinerary of set events that we need to follow daily." Explained Edgeworth as he held up a pamphlet for the ship.

"Pfft...of course I knew that! Umm...but do you think I could see that pamphlet for a moment...just as a refresher." Replied Phoenix as he rubbed the back of his neck.

"You're unbelieveable." Grumbled Edgeworth as he handed over the pamphlet.

Phoenix took a look at the itinerary. Introductions were to be held on the first day, followed by dance lessons, cooking lessons, and a quiz competition. How lame...he was really looking forward to having free reign on this ship.

"Pffft, sounds like Valentine's day everyday!" Pouted Phoenix in disappointment.

"I don't like it as much as you do...but we're here to catch a pair of killers. Now come on, we don't want to be late." Replied Edgeworth motioning towards the door.

As they arrived on the ship's main deck, Phoenix and Edgeworth were met with many familiar faces...while also being surrounded by an array of different couples.

"Nick! Come look at the view! Isn't it amazing!" Exclaimed Maya as she stood near the rails next to Franziska.

"Maya...what are doing?" Asked Phoenix curiously.

"I'm waving goodbye to everyone as we leave! That's what they always do in the movies!" Replied Maya happily.

"You make me nervous Maya Fey...leaning over the rails like's simply foolish." Grumbled Franziska in an anxious tone.

"Don't worry Franzy, i'll be alright! Besides, you'll catch me if I fall right?" Replied Maya in a gentle tone.

"Grr...I..umm...i'll try to." Blushed Franziska.

Phoenix looked over at Edgeworth and could tell that even he was stunned at his sister's behaviour around Maya. All the defense attorney could do was shrug towards him regarding the odd sight of Franziska being nice for a change.

"GWAAAHHH! WHY THE HELL DIDN'T ANYONE TELL ME THE BOAT WAS MOVING ALREADY!" Exclaimed Apollo as he wobbled onto the deck.

"Relax Herr Forehead, you'll be alright. I'll be right here with you the WHOLE time." Replied Klavier in a sarcastic tone.

"I...I think i'm gonna be sick." Replied Apollo as he ran to the rails to vomit over the side of the ship.

Phoenix winced at the sight of poor Apollo vomiting over the side of the ship while still wearing that ridiculous life jacket. A cruise with a cast of misfits like this was sure to be an interesting experience...

"C'mon Simon! The sun's not even that bad yet! You can't stay in the shade the entire trip!" Pleaded Athena towards Blackquill hiding underneath an umbrella.

"I'll do as I please to maintain my fair complexion." Scoffed Blackquill in reply.

"'s so nice out here! You can't possibly sit under an umbrella for the entire trip!" Exclaimed Athena in frustration.

"I can and I will." Replied Blackquill with a mischivous grin.

"'re the worst!...." Beeped widget.

"Such lovely friends we have here...wouldn't you agree Wright?" Asked Edgeworth with a heavy dose of sarcasm.

"'re telling me." Smiled Phoenix towards the prosecutor.

It was at that moment when Phoenix noticed Ema and Nahyuta walking towards them...with a very giddy looking young woman at their side.

"Hey Ema...who's this chick?" Whispered Phoenix as Ema stood next to him.

"She's our guide for the trip...the one taking us through the cautious of her."

"Why? Do you think she's a suspect?" Interjected Edgeworth.

"It's hard to say....there's so many people on this ship...this is gonna be harder than I expected." Replied Ema clearly wishing she had a bag of snackoos with her.


"Oh god..." Whispered Phoenix under his breath.

"My name is Lola Loving, and i'll be your guide on this trip to help you find happily ever after with your one true love!" Exclaimed the young woman with a twirl.

"Can you kill me instead?" Muttered Apollo to himself.

"Today is a day for introductions! I'll be excited to ask each couple questions so that we all get comfortable with each-other!"

"Can I whip this fool already?" Grumbled Franziska from the crowd.


"Now I can see that you folks are a bunch of loving people such as myself! So let's get started!" Exclaimed Lola as she threw a handful of heart-shaped confetti into the air.

Phoenix turned around to see a crowd of unhappy faces. They were really gonna have to up this whole fake dating thing...because right now everyone looked as if they were forced to be here at gunpoint...which wasn't exactly too far off from the truth.

Chapter Text

To say that Lola Loving was eccentric would be an understatement. Phoenix watched as the excitable tour guide went from couple to couple to ask them questions...all while throwing heart-shaped confetti everywhere. The defense attorney was sure that Lola wouldn't be so joyful by the time she got around to their miserable group of rejects.

"And now we have Ema and Nahyuta! Who I have already had the pleasure of meeting earlier! You two are such a beautiful pair!" Exclaimed Lola while throwing more confetti everywhere.

"Erm...should she be throwing that stuff around out here? I mean, it's going into the ocean!" Grumbled Apollo amongst the group.

"Well Herr Forehead, I suppose you better jump in to clean up and be the saviour of the seas." Replied Klavier with a wink.

"Meep! No thank you...I'll stay up here." Mumbled Apollo in fright.

"Miss Ema, I must ask...who are all these lovely people with you?" Asked Lola with glee as she looked upon a crowd of frowning faces.

"Oh...umm...these are my friends. We all decided to take our loved ones on this cruise together!" Replied Ema hoping that Lola will believe her excuse.

"Well, friends is a bit of an overstatement if-" Started Nahyuta

"Oh how wonderful! I must meet them all!" Said the young woman throwing confetti directly into a displeased Nahyuta's face.

Phoenix watched with anticipation as Lola Loving walked towards Athena and Blackquill. The defense attorney wished he had some popcorn, because this was about to get entertaining.

"Now who might you lovely loving people be?" Asked Lola with another twirl.

"Hehe...I'm Athena Cykes, and this is-"


"A'HEM! AND THIS IS!" Exclaimed Athena towards a disinterested Blackquill.

"Simon..." Replied the prosecutor nonchalantly.

"Ahhh how lovely! Now tell me, how did such pair like you meet?" Asked Lola with a fake plastered grin on her face.

"Oh...well it's sorta complicated. You see I was a kid when-" Started Athena.

"I went to prison for her." Mumbled Blackquill with a small smirk.


"W-What!? I need to know more!" Exclaimed Lola with curiosity.

"Eh...I went to prison for killing her mother."

At that statement, there were a bunch of gasps from Lola and the other couples on board.


The gasps were only accompanied by more whispering at Athena's outburst.

"Are they the Bonnie and Clyde killers of the ship?"

"They sure look like they could be...."

"......Well, you really did it now!...." Beeped Widget as a frusturated Athena glared at a still smiling Blackquill.

"Okay...umm....moving on to the next lovely couple!" Said Lola putting her fake smile back on.

Next up was Maya and Franziska...this should be interesting to say the least.

"And who are you lovely-"

"We're Franziska Von Karma and Maya Fey...please skip these foolish pleasantries before someone gets whipped!" Exclaimed the female prosecutor as she began to crack her whip.

"Oh my! What an exciting pair you seem to be!" Laughed Lola seemingly unphased by the threat.

"Why you foolish-"

"It's okay Franzy! I'll tell our story!" Said Maya as she jumped up and down with anticipation.

"Maya Fey, there's no need-"

"Franzy and I met at the all you can eat buffet! That's where she fought off a big hairy guy who was about to grab the last slice of pizza! It was love at first sight when she whipped him into his place!"

"Wow, how amazing-" Started Lola.

"But wait, there's more! The man was so angry that he turned into Godzilla and then he-"

"Maya Fey! Please! That's enough!" Replied an embarrassed looking Franziska.

"Godzilla! Wow!" Exclaimed a random woman from the crowd.

"I wanna hear the rest!" Cried a random man.

Phoenix broke into a fit of laughter at the spirit medium's story. He very much expected for Maya to compose some off the rails story leaving Franziska Von Karma an embarrassed wreck. Even Edgeworth was cracking a small smile at his sister's defeat.

"How interesting you all are so far! Next up is....oh my, what a beautiful man you are." Gushed Lola towards Klavier's piercing gaze.

"Ahh, Fräulein...It is I who is moved by your stunning beauty." Replied Klavier as he kissed Lola's hand.

"Oh kind you are" Said Lola timidly with a blush.

"Can we get this stupid thing over with already." Interjected a very frusturated looking Apollo.

Phoenix could already tell that this was about to be the most interesting meet-cute of the night.

"I must did a beautiful man such as yourself end up with...umm...him." Said Lola staring at Apollo.

"Hey! I'll have you know that-"

"Relax Herr Forehead...allow me to tell the story of our love...I remember it like it was yesterday."

"Why do I have a feeling i'm not gonna like this story?" Replied Apollo in defeat.

"It was at one of my shows....a sold out concert in fact. I was performing on stage when I saw him in the one could miss that giant forehead."

"C'mon, cut me some slack please!" Interjected Apollo.

"He was screaming the loudest out of all my fans. It looked as if he would faint at the mere sight of my glorious prescence! Like any groupie...he wanted to meet me after the show."


"When I met him backstage, I couldn't deny how incredible that forehead looked up close. From that day sweetheart and I have been inseperable ever since." Finished Klavier as he put his arm around a flabbergasted Apollo.

"Wow! That's every girl's dream to fall in love with a rockstar!" Exclaimed a woman from the crowd.

"Sigh....he's so dreamy." Said another random woman.

"I don't know how we're gonna top that one folks! That was the loveliest love story i've ever heard!" Cried Lola as she threw more confetti directly on top of a grumpy Apollo.

Phoenix rolled his eyes...though his frustration was quickly replaced with anxiety as he realized Edgeworth and him were next.

"You two lovely people are the last couple of the evening! Well...will you be our best for last?" Asked Lola with a large grin.

"Wright...will we?" Said Edgeworth with a nudge in Phoenix's side.

Great. It looks like he'll be the one doing all the talking.

" did you beautiful people find each-other?"

At that moment Phoenix saw no reason as to make up some far-fetched tale of how he met Edgeworth. After all, their real story was just as compelling.

"Well...err...we've actually known each-other since we were nine years old...we're childhood friends." Started Phoenix nervously.

" adorable is that!" Exclaimed Lola with glee.

"Yeah...umm, we had a classroom trial one day when everyone thought I stole his money. Everyone was against me....but Edgeworth stood up for me." Continued Phoenix with a smile towards the chief prosecutor.

"He stood up for you even though it was his money that was stolen?" Asked Lola in surprise.

"Yeah, that's how we became friends...though he moved away, and I didn't see him again for fifteen years."

Phoenix took a look at the crowd to see everyone absolutely fixated on his story. Some women even had tissues out while their husbands stared at them in confusion.

"Umm...and then I heard he became a that's when I decided to become a defense attorney; So...I could see Edgeworth again." Finished Phoenix with a bashful grin.

" picked your entire career just so you could see him again?" Asked Lola with tears in her eyes.


"T-That's unbelieveably romantic! It's real!"Exclaimed Lola now needing a tissue of her own.

"Pfft...that's not even mentioning the part when I defended him for murder, or when he faked his own death." Scoffed Phoenix.

"WRIGHT, PLEASE STOP." Interjected a now blushing Edgeworth.

"H-He did what!?!?" Cried Lola as if she were watching a soap-opera.

" totally broke my heart." Said Phoenix as he awkwardly rubbed the back of his neck.

" did?" Asked Edgeworth with genuine concern.

"But you two found each-other again?" Asked Lola.

"Yeah....we did." Replied Phoenix with a gentle smile towards his childhood friend.

Phoenix felt his face turn red as Edgeworth held his stare...normally he would be the first to break away. There was such a deep intensity in the chief prosecutor's eyes...Phoenix could probably stare into them for hours on end.

"Now THAT'S true love!" Sniffled a woman from the crowd.

"How wonderful that they're still together after all this time!" Exclaimed a man from the crowd.

Phoenix turned around, and to his surprise even Athena was getting emotional at his story....though she tends to get emotional about most things.

"Athena...why are you crying?" Asked Phoenix curiously.

"I...just...Mr. Wright, I had no idea that Mr. Edgeworth meant that much to you!" Cried Athena trying to stiffle back her tears.

"It's true! I was there for all of it!" Interjected Maya.


Phoenix ducked as Blackquill threw the all too familiar invisible blade in his direction...this couldn't be good.

"Wright-dono...I don't appreciate that you made Athena cry." Said a defensive Blackquill.

"C'mon, it's not my fault she's over-emotional!" Protested Phoenix.

"I suggest you make sure it doesn't happen again...or i'll be using you as target practice!" Replied Blackquill with a devilish grin.

"Simon, can you please go a day without threatening to kill my boss!" Pleaded Athena.

"Err...Edgeworth...can we get out of here please?" Asked Phoenix in fear.

"Wright...don't tell me you're actually afraid of Blackquill's empty threats?" Asked Edgeworth with a smirk.

"What? N-No way! I just...i'm tired...I want to call it a night." Replied Phoenix as he practically dragged the chief prosecutor off the main deck.

Phoenix barely noticed that he was running hand-in-hand with Edgeworth as they made their way through the ship's long hallways. Though they were abruptly halted when they came upon an interesting scene.

"Oh please! Can someone help me!" Exclaimed a middle-aged woman outside her cabin door.

"Ma'am...what seems to be the problem?" Asked Edgeworth.

"It's my husband! He's been kidnapped! I came back to our room to find it's been ransacked...and my darling sweetheart is gone!" Cried the woman now in tears.

Phoenix and Edgeworth gave each-other an all knowing look. Certainly this kidnapping had something to do with the mysterious murders on board the ship.

Chapter Text

Phoenix and Edgeworth took some time to question the distressed middle-aged woman about her and her missing husband. The couple were Mrs. and Mr. Hays; they were on the cruise to celebrate their 20th wedding anniversary. Mrs. Hays had gone up to the stern of the ship to take some photos of the sunset while her husband took a nap in their cabin. Upon her return, Mrs. Hays discovered the room completely destroyed and her husband missing.

"Mrs. Hays, was there anything else stolen from the room?" Asked Phoenix inquisitively.

"Why wedding ring is gone. I took it off only for a moment but- It doesn't matter now...I just want my sweet darling to be alright." Replied Mrs. Hays with a sigh.

"Don't worry ma'am, we'll do our best to assure your husband's safety." Replied Phoenix confidently.

"T--Thank you very much."

Phoenix couldn't help but think it was a bit odd that the only thing stolen was a wedding ring. What kind of suspect destroys an entire room just for one simple ring?

"Mr. Wright? Mr. Edgeworth? What on earth happened here?"

Phoenix and Edgeworth turned around to see Athena and Blackquill arriving on the scene. The young female defense attorney was clearly shocked at the sight of the ransacked room.

"I...umm...this poor woman's husband was kidnapped." Replied Phoenix motioning towards Mrs. Hays.

"Oh my goodness! That's awful!" Replied Athena in surprise.

"Kidnapped eh. Wright-dono, you don't think this has anything to do with the murd-" Started Blackquill.

"A'hem! Let's not mention anything about that 'situation' shall we...but yes...I think they're connected." Replied Phoenix anxiously.

The last thing Phoenix wanted to do was bring up the murders around an already distressed Mrs. Hays. He wanted to keep the hope in her heart that her husband was alive and well.

"Hmm...very well...I'll keep watch in the halls tonight for any suspicious activity." Said Blackquill as he crossed his arms.

"B-But Simon! You're gonna stay out here all night by yourself!?" Interjected a frusturated Athena.

"Does it look like I get any sleep regardless?" Asked Blackquill with a devilish grin.

"Umm...i'm afraid to answer that question." Replied Athena in fear.

".....It's a trap!...." Beeped widget.

"It's settled then. Blackquill...I trust that you'll stay outside Mrs. Hays' room all night to search for anything suspicious." Said Edgeworth in a stern tone.

" years in the clinker has prepared me for such situations." Smirked Blackquill in reply.

"But Edgeworth is this really a good-" Started Phoenix.

"Wright...this is what we're here for. We need to start this investigation somewhere." Replied Edgeworth as he walked away from the scene.

By the time Phoenix got back to their cabin, he found that Edgeworth was already busy with building a pillow barrier in the middle of the bed. Maybe he could use this time to try to get in touch with Trucy?

"C'mon! Why won't this stupid thing work!" Exclaimed Phoenix as he paced back and forth in the room trying to get cell phone reception.

"Wright...we're in the middle of the ocean, I don't expect you to get cell phone service out here." Said Edgeworth with a sigh as he finished the pillow barrier.

"Wait! I got one bar over here! Now two! Shit...they're both gone now!"

"I'm sure your daughter's fine Wright." Replied Edgeworth glaring at the defense attorney holding up his cell phone in different areas of the room like an idiot.

"It's just...I miss her. I've never left her completely alone like this." Replied Phoenix with a nervous grin.

Deep inside Phoenix knew the truth; he was worried about Trucy being alone in that office. The last time he left someone alone there was his mentor Mia Fey...and that didn't end well. He carries the guilt of that event in his anxiety...especially when it comes to the people he cares about the most.

"Wright....Trucy's safe. She's a smart young raised her well." Replied Edgeworth with a gentle smile.

Why the hell was Edgeworth being so kind about this? Shit...the prosecutor had read right through him didn't he?

"Edgeworth...thank you. It's crazy you know...I was actually considering leaving her with Larry." Laughed Phoenix.

"Larry? Are you mad? I can guarantee you Trucy's safer on her own!" Replied Edgeworth in shock.

"I know! I know! Hell, she'd probably be the one babysitting him!"

"If there's anything you need to be concerned's her throwing a party. After all, she is a high school student home alone." Stated Edgeworth with a mischivous grin.

"Great...Now you give me something to worry about!" Replied Phoenix with a facepalm.

At that, the two of them got into bed; with Phoenix on one side of the pillow barrier and Edgeworth on the other. Shit...this was much more awkward then Phoenix thought it would be.

"Hey Edgeworth?"

"What is it Wright?"

"Can me a bedtime story?"

"Jesus Wright really? Just go to bed!" Groaned Edgeworth in frustration.

It was too quiet. How could Phoenix sleep in this awkward silence? Maybe he should sing to break the tension?

"She's a Killleeeeerrrr Queeeeeeeen!!" Sang Phoenix out loud.

"WRIGHT WHAT THE HELL!" Exclaimed a confused Edgeworth.

"What? Not a fan of Queen?" Replied Phoenix sarcastically.

"Oh yeah! Herr Wright showing off with the classics!" Cried a very familiar German voice through the wall.

"Jesus...why are these walls so thin?" Asked Edgeworth as he smushed his head with his pillow in agony.

"Well, at least SOMEONE appreciates my music taste." Laughed Phoenix as he happily snuggled his pillow.

Now that the tension was broken. Phoenix found it easy to fall asleep. Even so, the rocking of the ship on the waves was calming...much different than the murderous atmosphere throughout the rest of the ship.

"Whoo! Time to hit the pool deck!" Exclaimed Phoenix as he walked out of the bathroom in nothing but swim shorts.

It was early in the morning and everyone decided to meet at the pool deck before the next scheduled event to discuss Blackquill's overnight investigation...but to also get some fun in the sun for a change.

"Gwahh! Wright....can you please warn me first?" Said a blushing Edgeworth at the sight of Phoenix in his swim wear.

"Why? You like what you see?" Replied a sarcastic Phoenix as he jokingly flexed his muscles.

"Oh yes...I am very much in awe at your non-existent muscles and your scrawny calves." Smirked Edgeworth in a sarcastic tone.

"Hey! Who are you calling scrawny? At least I have the confidence to show myself off in public!" Retaliated Phoenix as he looked at Edgeworth still wearing his usual red suit.

"Hmphh...very well."

"Don't you 'hmphh' me! You're the one who packed like fifty suitcases but you still wear the same thing!" Exclaimed Phoenix as he chased after Edgeworth who was already walking away from him.

Why the hell was he flirting with Edgeworth like this? And why the hell was he enjoying it? Hmm...maybe this whole undercover couple thing was getting to him.

"Nick! Over here!"

Phoenix looked over to see a gleeful Maya waving at him on the pool deck from a table in the sun.

"Nick! it's so good to see you!" Cried Maya as she patted the seat next to her for Phoenix to sit down.

"Hey Maya, how are things with-"

"M-Mr. Wright?"

Phoenix looked across the table to see Apollo sitting there; he barely noticed him. The young defense attorney looked awful...with bags under his eyes worse than Blackquill's...not to mention that ridiculous orange life jacket around his neck.

"A-Apollo? You look look like shit." Said Phoenix with a nervous laugh.

"You don't think I know that! I slept on the floor all night! There's no way in hell i'm sharing a bed with that Europop princess!" Groaned a tired Apollo.

"Well, you could have just built a pillow barrier like Edgeworth and I did." Replied Phoenix staring towards Edgeworth as the other man rolled his eyes.

"You guys are silly! Franzy and I had no problem sharing the bed!" Interjected Maya.

"W-What? Really? Franziska shared the bed?" Asked Edgeworth in surprise.

"Yup. We had such a good time! Franzy's actually really funny once you get to know her!" Laughed Maya.

" my sister?...funny?" Asked Edgeworth in doubt.

"Of course! Now if you'll excuse me boys...i'm going back to suntanning!" Replied Maya as she skipped away.

Phoenix, Edgeworth, and Apollo sat at the table in shock. How was Maya adjusting to this so easily while they did nothing but struggle?

"Pfft...of course they shared the bed! They're chicks! They share bras and tampons and shit!" Grumbled a frustrated Apollo.

"Umm...Apollo, I don't think that's how women work." Replied Phoenix.

"Don't judge me! It's not my fault I was raised around men!" Exclaimed Apollo in defeat.

This undercover investigation was getting more interesting by the second. Just what shenanigans were awaiting them next?

Chapter Text

It was already mid-afternoon by the time Athena and Blackquill arrived at the pool deck with everyone else. Phoenix was curious to find out what came of Blackquill's overnight investigation.

"C'mon Simon! Are you really applying another bottle of sunscreen!?" Exclaimed a confused Athena.

"Cykes-dono, you know I won't be the one to risk the sun's harsh rays." Replied Blackquill as he applied an entire bottle of SPF 100 to his skin.

" just re-applied like 10 minutes ago! Not to mention we haven't even been outside for very long!" Rebuttled Athena in frustration.

".....What a thin-skinned samurai!...." Beeped widget.

Phoenix laughed at the sight of the samurai obsessed prosecutor, as Blackquill was covered from head to toe with sunscreen, was wearing sunglasses, and had his umbrella covering him...someone was clearly afraid of getting a tan.

"So Blackquill...onto more urgent matters. Did anything come of your private investigation last night?" Interjected Edgeworth.

"Well....yes and no." Replied the other prosecutor.

"Explain..." Said Phoenix curiously.

"It was uneventful really. The halls were quiet all night....that is until I heard a noise coming from our room."

"Wait.....our room!?" Asked Athena in surprise.

"Indeed. I went in to check where the noise was coming from. Though it turned out it was just a dolphin outside our porthole window." Continued Blackquill as he crossed his arms.

"Simon! JUST a dolphin!? You saw an adorable dolphin outside our window and you didn't tell me about it!" Pouted Athena.

"You were sleeping Cykes-dono....I didn't want to wake you." Sighed Blackquill at Athena's over-excitement.

"B-But....what if it was trying to tell you something? Maybe it knows something about the murders!" Exclaimed Athena.

"Oh, and what then? I don't suppose you want to conduct a therapy session on a dolphin?" Replied Blackquill with a sarcastic grin.

"Cut it out you two! Blackquill...what else did you find?" Asked Edgeworth getting impatient.

"Well I didn't find anything...but I did hear another noise. It sounded like it was coming from the upper-deck of the ship."

"W-What noise was it?" Asked Phoenix.

"It was odd....Some kind of 'Ratta-Tatta-Tat'. Almost like a ray gun of sorts." Finished Blackquill.

"A..ray gun?" Asked Phoenix getting wide-eyed at the familiar sound description.

Phoenix looked to his side at Edgeworth to see from his facial expressions that the chief prosecutor had come to the same conclusion that he did.

" don't think...I mean, it couldn't be her....right?" Whispered Phoenix.

"I...I don't know Wright. I think it's ridiculous to even consider that old hag a suspect." Replied Edgeworth in confusion.

Of course both of them were referring to the old security guard Wendy with a certain affinity for Edgeworth himself. The sound of her ray gun was practically ingrained into both of their minds. Though she couldn't possibly be on the ship? Admittedly, Phoenix did find the idea humourous that Oldbag became a serial killer on a couple's cruise was strangely fitting.

" that leaves our investigation nowhere." Interjected an exhausted Apollo who had probably fallen asleep for most of their discussion.

"Well...I'm gonna go suntan with the rest of the ladies, because I'M not afraid of the sun like SOME people!" Exclaimed Athena as she left to where Maya and Franziska were laying in the sunlight.

Phoenix sat alone with Edgeworth, Blackquill, and Apollo as they moped at their failure of an investigation. It would appear that all the men were miserable on this trip...well all except-

"Herr Forehead! Won't you come and join me in the water already?!"

The entire table turned around as Klavier emerged from the swimming pool; flipping his hair back as if he were in the little mermaid.

"I don't know how to swim...and even if I did, I would never swim with you!" Cried Apollo in protest.

"C'mon Apollo...Maybe give him a chance? After all, he is easy on the eyes." Laughed Phoenix as he stared back at Klavier sitting near the pool.

"Pfft...if you think he's so hot Mr. Wright, why don't you switch partners with me?" Pleaded Apollo in all seriousness.

Phoenix looked over again at Edgeworth to receive an icy glare from the chief prosecutor. Was Edgeworth actually getting a bit jealous?

" Sorry Apollo, but you're stuck with him." Replied Phoenix with an awkward grin.

"If my little sweetheart refuses to join me, will anyone else?" Asked Klavier with a laugh.

Phoenix shrugged. He was already in his swim trunks and it was hot as hell outside. Now was as good a time as any to take a plunge in the water.




Phoenix happily threw himself into the swimming pool. Though when he stuck his head back up for air he was met with many unhappy faces. Unfortunately, Edgeworth, Apollo, and the suntanning women were all in the splash zone.

"Wright....You moronic imbecile!" Scoffed Edgeworth as he stood up now soaking wet.

"Hehe....sorry about that." Replied Phoenix with a blush.

"Whoo! That's ten points for Herr Wright!" Cried Klavier clapping at the edge of the pool.

"C'mon Edgeworth, why don't you join me? Don't you know how to swim?" Asked Phoenix in a teasing tone.

"Don't be ridiculous, of course I know how to father taught me when I was young." Replied Edgeworth earnestly.

"Oh really?"

"Indeed...he threw me right into the deep end without a life-jacket."

"Well...that's umm...a bit extreme."

"Not at was a good lesson that would help me survive the rest of my life. My father would always say it was me and him against the universe." Said Edgeworth with a reminiscent smile.

Phoenix smiled at Edgeworth's fond memories of his father. He met Gregory Edgeworth maybe once or twice when he was a child...but not enough to really remember him. It was nice to have these rare moments with Edgeworth to find out more about the man who raised his dearest friend.

"Say...that's not a bad idea. What do you say Herr Forehead? Time for a swim!" Exclaimed Klavier as he got up to drag Apollo to the pool.


At that, Klavier mercilessly tossed Apollo into the deep end of the pool....At least it would help with the young defense attorney's exhaustion.

"GWAHHH! NOO! I'M DROWNING!" Cried Apollo as he sloshed around in the water.

"Apollo..." Said Athena.


"Earth to Apollo!"


"APOLLO!" Yelled Athena.


"Y-You're wearing a life-jacket for god's sake! Just stand up!" Sighed a frusturated Athena.

"Oh....I knew that." Replied Apollo as he stood up in the water with ease."

"Indeed...listen to the Fräuleins Herr very lovely they all are." Said Klavier checking out the women in their swim wear.

"Well...they're okay I guess but-GWAHH." Exclaimed Apollo as he was hit with an invisible blade.

Everyone turned around to see a not so happy Blackquill still sitting in the shade.

"Justice-dono...are you staring at Athena inappropriately? Asked Blackquill with a scowl.

"What! No! Why attack me when HE was the one staring at her!?!" Cried Apollo motioning towards Klavier.

"Tisk, tisk Herr Forehead...I expected better of you. Though there is one Fräulein missing." Said Klavier in contemplation.

He was right. Ema wasn't here...nor was Nahyuta. Phoenix hadn't seen either of them all day....this was bad. Had something happened to them too? What if the murderers got hold of them?

"Miss Skye...She's not here." Said Edgeworth with concern.

"Neither is Nahyuta....We need to look for them." Replied Phoenix with worry.

"Indeed. Dry yourself off and I are going on a mini investigation to find them." Said Edgeworth with a small smirk.

Phoenix smiled as he got out of the pool. He was worried for his friends...but he was looking forward to investigation time alone with Edgeworth. They always made their best discoveries together.

Chapter Text

Phoenix and Edgeworth spent what felt like hours looking for Nahyuta and Ema; it was like searching for a needle in a haystack. The cruise ship felt like a maze with large rooms, neverending hallways, and vast walkways that led to nowhere.

"Wright, you could have at least put on a shirt before we left." Scoffed Edgeworth at the still shirtless defense attorney.

"Why? Does it bother you?" Replied Phoenix as he raised his brows in question.

"N-No...but people are staring."

"So? It doesn't bother me....does it bother you that people are staring at my killer dad-bod?" Replied Phoenix in a flirtatious tone.

"No but-"

"After all, you were the one who said i'm scrawny with no there's technically nothing to stare at....right?" Said the defense attorney with a wink towards a now blushing Edgeworth.

"Very win this one."

As they continued walking throughout the ship's hallways, Phoenix heard two strange voices....coming from the janitor's closet?

"Gahhh, Nahyuta no!"

"Don't worry...i'll be alright."

" you hear that? It sounds like Nahyuta and Ema!" Exclaimed Phoenix in worry.

"Indeed I did...but what possible trouble could have come to them in a janitor's closet?" Replied Edgeworth with a tired sigh.

"I don't know...maybe the murderers have them locked up or something? We need to help them!" Cried a determined Phoenix as he ran towards the door.

"Umm...Wright...maybe we should knock first?"

"No need! I have experience with kicking down doors!"

Just as Phoenix raised his leg to kick down the door, it opened from the inside...causing the defense attorney to trip and fall over himself.

"Oww, my head!"

"M-Mr. Wright? Mr. Edgeworth? What are you doing here?"

Phoenix looked up from the floor to see Ema and Nahyuta emerge from the janitor's closet completely unharmed...though they looked very disheveled.

"What are WE doing here? What are you two doing here? Everyone's been worried sick about you guys all day!" Exclaimed a frustrated Phoenix as he stood up rubbing the new bump on the back of his head.

" see we were-" Started Ema.

"Miss Skye and I were conducting our own investigation. We're terribly sorry for causing the rest of the team to worry." Interjected Nahyuta as Ema nodded in agreement.

"Your own investigation? Which led you to the janitor's closet?" Questioned Edgeworth not buying their excuse.

"I umm...yes. You see, Miss Skye and I heard a suspicious noise coming from the we decided to investigate." Replied Nahyuta nervously.

"What did you find? Certainly you found something considering the physical state of the two of you?" Asked Edgeworth staring at Ema and Nahyuta's tattered clothes.

"Oh...umm...we found a...umm-"

"IT WAS A RAT!" Cried Ema anxiously.

"A what?!?!" Exclaimed Phoenix in disbelief.

"Ummm...of course! We investigated the strange noise only to find a rabid rat! It attacked us viciously, and I did my best to protect Miss Skye!" Stated Nahyuta with confidence.

"Riiiiiighhhhhttt...if you insist." Replied Phoenix at the ridiculous excuse.

"So are you saying our killers are just a bunch of rabid rats?" Asked Edgeworth with a sarcastic smirk.

" sir...umm...ah...look at the time! We need to get going now! Our scheduled dance class is soon! See you there!" Exclaimed a flustered Ema as she grabbed Nahyuta by the arm and dragged him away.

Phoenix could do nothing but facepalm. Were he and Edgeworth really sent on a wild goose chase around the ship only to discover these two fooling around in a janitor's closet?

" you think they were doing what I think they were doing in that closet?"

"It's none of our business Wright. Now come on...I suppose we need to show up to that dance class as well."

The two returned to their cabin briefly so Phoenix could put some real clothes on. He figured his usual blue suit shouldn't be too casual for a dance lesson? Though admittedly....he never actually had a dance lesson before.

"Mr. Wright! Mr. Edgeworth! It's umm...nice to see you two again this evening!"

Phoenix and Edgeworth were greeted again by Ema as they entered a large banquet hall on the ship. Though, both her and Nahyuta had a certain look of shame and embarrassment plastered on their faces. The rest of the couples were there as well...already fed up with another scheduled event....all but one anyways.

"Hey Nick! Aren't you excited about learning how to dance!?" Cried a cheerful Maya.

"I...umm...I mean, there are other things that I would rather be doing." Laughed Phoenix in reply.

"For once, it appears I agree with you Phoenix Wright." Mumbled Franziska as she crossed her arms in frustration.

"C'mon Franzy! It'll be fun!" Exclaimed Maya as she linked her arms around the female prosecutor.

"Maya Fey...errrr....very well." Replied a blushing Franziska.

Again, Phoenix and Edgeworth looked at each-other in dismay at how Maya was able to tame the beast that was Franziska Von Karma.

"Hello my lovely loving people! Are we ready to dance!?"

Phoenix found that he was hit with a now familiar handful of heart-shaped confetti. It looks like Lola Loving would be their dance instructor as well.

"Ahhh, if it isn't the lovely Fräulein! Tell me...what kind of dancing are we doing?" Asked Klavier with a wink.

"Oh my...ummm..we'll be doing a waltz! The most romantic dance of them all!" Replied a frazzled Lola.

The news of them dancing a waltz received nothing but groans from the much more cheesy could this trip possibly get?

"Ahh, a waltz! I just so happen to be an expert...isn't that right my little darling?" Said Klavier as he put his arm around Apollo.


Before poor Apollo could protest, Klavier had once again grabbed him...though instead of being thrown into a pool, the young defense attorney was swept into a dance.

"We move gracefully to the beat of 1, 2, 3, 4 as I spin you around the room!" Laughed Klavier as he spun Apollo around awkwardly.

"THIS IS UNWANTED PHYSICAL CONTACT!" Exclaimed Apollo in protest.

"Haha! I said gracefully Herr Forehead! Though i'm not sure you know the meaning!" Replied Klavier only tightening his grip on Apollo's waist.


"Bravo! Bravo! How wonderful you two are! Now let's see the rest of you try!" Clapped Lola as she turned on some classical music.

Phoenix began to feel the awkwardness of the situation. He and Edgeworth just stood there beside each-other like two teenagers at the school prom too nervous to ask the other person to dance. Maya on the otherhand took full advantage of her situation.

"LET'S GO FRANZY!" Exclaimed the spirit medium as she pulled Franziska in by the waist and began dancing with her.

"Maya Fey...I...ummm." Stammered a nervous Franziska.

"Just put your arm around my this!" Said Maya as she guided the other woman's hand to her shoulder.

"I umm yeah...I think I got the hang of it now." Smiled a blushing Franziska.

Phoenix couldn't help but laugh. Since when was Maya this smooth?

"Simon C'mon! Why can't we be more like them?!" Exclaimed Athena in anger.

" know i'm not very good with gentle movements." Replied  Blackquill in a stern tone.

".....But you're good with a blade!?...." Beeped widget.

Phoenix looked over to see Athena staring at Ema and Nahyuta with jealousy. The detective and the prosecutor were happily dancing with each-other while giggling at the same time. From the incident in the closet and now this, it was clear they had something going on.

"So umm....shall we?" Asked Phoenix with a nervous grin as he extended his hand towards Edgeworth.

"I suppose if we must." Replied Edgeworth reluctantly taking the other man's hand.

Shit. Phoenix should not be feeling this weird about dancing with his childhood meant nothing after all. Though the defense attorney felt a strange pit in his stomach at just how right it felt when his fingers interlaced with Edgeworth's.

" I don't really know how to do this." Said Phoenix with a blush as he put his hand on Edgeworth's shoulder.

" neither." Replied Edgeworth avoiding all eye-contact with the defense attorney.

"Hey Edgeworth...look at me please. I know this is awkward and all in front of everyone. Maybe pretend it's just you and against the universe."

At that, Phoenix was met with the familiar stare of the chief prosecutor. Though the look in his eyes was one of sent a shiver up the defense attorney's spine.

"Alright then....let's show these amateurs how it's done." Said Edgeworth with a smirk as he pulled Phoenix in closer by his waist.

"Whoah, where is all this coming from?" Asked Phoenix as he found himself swept away in a dance.

Phoenix was shocked to find out that Edgeworth was good at surprisingly good. They stayed on the beat as the defense attorney was spun around the room in a daze...Edgeworth not once breaking eye-contact with him. Why the hell was Phoenix finding this stupid dance strangely attractive?

"And now for the big finish." Smiled Edgeworth as he dipped Phoenix in his arms.

"" Said a breathless Phoenix with his arms wrapped around the other man's neck.

"Perhaps we should dance more often if it leaves you this speechless?" Replied a sarcastic Edgeworth.

What the hell? Since when was Edgeworth....this hot? Phoenix was sure the whole undercover couple thing was definitely getting the better of him; he needed to straighten himself out.

"Oh, my heart is full at watching that beautiful performance!" Exclaimed Lola as she threw more heart-shaped confetti into the air.

"Yeah Mr. were really getting into that." Said Athena teasingly.

"Nick...that was so amazing! You and Mr. Edgeworth are perfect dance partners!" Exclaimed a happy Maya.

"Hmpph...I should have known it would be my own little brother to outshine me." Interjected a jealous Franziska about to crack her whip.

" was nothing really." Said Phoenix awkwardly rubbing the back of his neck.

"Indeed. It was all for a good show." Replied Edgeworth now back to his well-composed self.

The rest of the team groaned as they left the banquet hall calling it quits for the night. However, Phoenix wanted to stick around...he wanted to question this Lola Loving character in regards to their investigation. Could she really be a suspect?

"Wright...what's wrong?" Asked Edgeworth noticing Phoenix's contemplation.

"Well, for one thing...where the hell did you learn to dance like that?" Asked Phoenix with a laugh.

"Eh...I had some lessons as a big deal really." Replied Edgeworth nonchalantly.

"Really? Well you were really good out there."

"Wright....err...thank you. Will you be coming back to the room right away?" Replied the slightly flustered prosecutor.

"No, go on without me....I have some questions I need to ask Miss Loving."

"Suits me just fine. Maybe i'll manage to fall asleep before you have the chance to pester me." Smirked Edgeworth.

"You know you love it."

Phoenix sighed as Edgeworth left the room. For some reason, he couldn't take his eyes off of the other man as he walked away. There was this strange undescribable feeling growing within him; something that had been buried for a long time, but has now resurfaced to see the light.

Chapter Text

"What's it like to be so in love?"


Phoenix had been so caught up with thoughts of Edgeworth that he had completely forgotten that Lola Loving was still in the room with him.

"Umm...what do you mean?" Asked Phoenix towards the ditzy young woman.

"The way you were looking at him...even after he left, it made my heart skip a beat!" Swooned Lola in reply.

"Who...Edgeworth? I...umm...I mean, he's a wonderful man to be around I guess." Said Phoenix with an awkward laugh.

The defense attorney felt himself growing shy...though he had no real reason to. After all, he and Edgeworth were supposed to be an undercover couple.

"I love this job you know! Getting to see all the loving couples be lovely together!" Squealed Lola as she twirled around the room in a love-struck daze.

"Oh really?"

"Indeed! I especially love it when I see people like you and your partner; like twin flames who are destined to be together in any universe!"


Phoenix found himself blushing at the idea of him and Edgeworth being kindred spirits. Would they still be as close as they are if they were born as caterpillars in an alternate universe? No matter...why the hell was he pondering this silly statement when he was here on a murder investigation?!?!

"So, Miss Loving, surely someone who's as in love with love as you are has a special someone of their own?" Asked Phoenix inquisitively.

This was it. Is this love-obsessed woman the real deal? Or is she hiding some sinister secrets?

"Oh my....well it's complicated." Replied the young woman shyly.

"Trust me, I understand....i've been in complicated situations before.

"O-Okay...if you insist. I do have a special someone...I love them more than life itself...b-but...they love someone else." Sighed Lola in defeat.

"Hmmm...unrequited love eh? I imagine that must be a difficult situation for you." Replied Phoenix with sincerity.

"It's truly terrible! I do everything and anything for them...but i'm still invisible in their eyes!" Exclaimed the young woman with tears welling up in her eyes.

"Oh...well umm-"

"WHAT CAN I DO!? WHAT CAN I DO FOR THEM TO LOVE ME!? I DESERVE IT AS MUCH AS ANYONE ELSE ON THIS SHIP!" Cried Lola in frustration as she frantically began throwing more heart-shaped confetti everywhere.

"Umm...well, just be yourself?" Stated the defense attorney now a bit afraid to be alone in a room with this unstable woman.

"M-Maybe you're right....maybe I try too hard to be a lovely loving person that i've completely forgotten about myself." Sniffled Lola as she brought her hand up to wipe her tears.

It was at that moment that Phoenix noticed something peculiar about Lola's hands....she was wearing a wedding ring on her left ring finger. Could this be the same ring that was stolen from Mrs. Hays?

"Miss Loving...can I ask you one more question? What do you think is happening with all these murders aboard the ship?

"Oh my! How terribly scary it's been for all of us! So many lovely couples torn apart so brutally on what's supposed to be a loving vacation!" Exclaimed Lola clearly taken aback by the question.

"So...what's come of it?"

"There's nothing to fear if that's what you're asking. Captain Coldheart has said he has everything under control and that our passengers are safe!" Smiled the young woman in reply.

"Captain Coldheart?"

"Yes! The ship's wonderful Captain! He's always so busy keeping everything in order around here!"

Strange. Phoenix had never heard anything about the ship's Captain until now...he would definitely have to question him sometime.

"Well...I should be heading off to bed now." Mumbled Phoenix now feeling even more unsafe on this murder ship.

"Farewell you lovely loving person!" Exclaimed Lola with a wave.

"Oh...nice ring by the way." Said Phoenix with a mischivous grin as he walked out of the room.

Phoenix gasped as he exited the confines of the stuffy banquet hall; the cool ocean air hitting his face in the night as he walked off in relief that he hadn't been murdered by Lola Loving. There was still so much to discover in this very odd investigation, but at least he could enjoy the view.

"Beautiful..." Sighed Phoenix to himself as he walked over to the edge of the ship to look out at the moon over the ocean.

He immedietly thought of Trucy, and how much she would enjoy this view as well. Maybe one day he would save up enough money to bring his hardworking magician daughter on a real vacation that she deserves.

"Shit! The moon always looks like a tiny pimple on camera!" Groaned Phoenix as he thought to take a picture of the moment with his phone to show his daughter when he gets back home.

The defense attorney then looked over the guard rails and down at the crashing waves below. He shuttered to think about the horror of plunging to the mysterious depths below. Which was saying a lot, considering how he once fell off of a burning bridge.


Phoenix was interrupted from his thoughts as he felt a shove on his back causing him to topple over the rails...someone was trying to push him overboard!

"NGHHH...NOOO!" Exclaimed Phoenix as he held himself on the rails to prevent him from falling off the side of the ship.

He felt his hands get slippery, but Phoenix clung to the rails as hard as he could; his life quite literally depended on it!

"Come on Phoenix! Pull yourself back up!" Stammered Phoenix to himself as he struggled to get himself back over the rails.

Forcing his upper-body strength to the best of his abilities, Phoenix was eventually able to get himself safely back on the ship. When he looked up, he saw the silhouette of his assailant running away!

"H-Hey! Get back here!" Cried Phoenix out of breath as he ran towards the mysterious suspect.

Phoenix kept running until he eventually bumped into someone.



Phoenix stopped and sighed. He hadn't caught the suspect in his grasps...but a terrified Apollo instead. It would appear that both of them thought the other was the murderer.

"A-Apollo? What are you doing out here so late?" Asked Phoenix beginning to calm down at the sight of the familiar face.

"M-Mr. Wright....I was...and then I saw...and then you." Huffed Apollo still in a panic.

"Apollo...relax. Tell me what happened?" Reassured Phoenix as he gripped the young defense attorney's shoulders.

"O-Okay...well umm, I was out here sleeping on a lounge chair, because I thought it would be more comfortable then the floor."

Phoenix couldn't help but roll his eyes. Was sharing a room with Klavier really all that intolerable?

"T-That's when I heard a scream and I woke up...I knew something was wrong! I peaked around the corner and that's when a mysterious figure ran past me! I...I wasn't fast enough to catch him!" Finished Apollo with a downtrodden sigh.

"Apollo...that scream you was me. That mysterious figure tried pushing me overboard!"

"M-MR. WRIGHT, SOMEONE TRIED TO KILL YOU!?!? WHAT SHOULD WE DO!!?" Cried Apollo in shock and disbelief that someone would try to kill his beloved mentor.

"I think we should keep this between you and me for now...we need to investigate more."

"B-But, the rest of the team will-"

"Will get worried...and I don't want that happening. We can't be making rash decisions without a plan...especially with murderers on the loose." Replied Phoenix as he crossed his arms in contemplation.

He now thought of Edgeworth. Just what would the chief prosecutor's reaction be to him almost getting killed tonight? Would he even care? Luckily, he would never find out.



The two defense attorney's turned around in a kung-fu fighting stance, only to find not the killer, but Klavier in a golden silk robe standing in an equally ridiculous fighting pose.

"Prosecutor Gavin?" Sighed Phoenix with relief at what seemed like the one-millionth scare of the night.

"I....I think I need an aspirin." Mumbled Apollo.

"You're telling me Herr Forehead. I thought you and Herr Wright were the murderers!" Exclaimed Klavier with a sarcastic smirk.

"Us!?!? We thought YOU were a murderer!" Cried Apollo extending his index finger towards the prosecutor.

This was just getting silly. Phoenix had almost gotten murdered tonight, but yet all he wanted to do was go to bed and not deal with this bullshit.

"Gavin...what are you doing out here this late anyways?" Asked Phoenix growing impatient.

"What does it look like i'm doing? I was looking for Herr Forehead!" Scoffed Klavier in reply.

"M-Me!? But why?"

"Simple. I was worried about you. You didn't come back to the room, so I thought something bad had happened to you and your magnificent forehead...there are murderers on this ship ja?"

"Yeah.....we know." Groaned Phoenix knowing the fact all too well by now.

"K-Klavier...I didn't know...I mean, I didn't expect you to worry about me." Blushed a flabbergasted Apollo.

"Of course I are my little darling after all." Laughed Klavier with a wink.

Gross. On second-thought, maybe being tossed over the ship doesn't sound like a bad idea after all.

"So, what do you say Herr Forehead. Will you actually stay in the room tonight?" Asked Klavier ad he extended his hand towards Apollo.

"Normally I would say no, but it seems safer than staying out yes." Replied Apollo as he reluctantly took Klavier's hand.

The two walked away hand-in-hand. Though barf-inducing, it was good to see those two beginning to trust each-other. This made him think of Edgeworth....was he okay after being alone in their room all this time?

"E-Edgeworth?" Whispered Phoenix as he slowly unlocked the door to their cabin.

No reply. Had he been kidnapped like Mrs. Hay's husband?

"Grrrr....huuuuu...i'll win next time'll see." Mumbled a familiar voice in the dark.

Phoenix laughed as he turned on the nightstand to reveal Edgeworth; who was talking in his sleep. The defense attorney's anxiety practically washed away at the odd sight.

"Oh really, Edgeworth? We'll see indeed." Whispered Phoenix sarcastically to the sleeping prosecutor.

As he got into bed, Phoenix couldn't help but peer over the pillow barrier to stare at the chief prosecutor's sleeping face. Edgeworth's face looked about ten years younger when he was completely relaxed like harsh lines from frowning all the time. This was the face Phoenix wanted to see more often.

"Oh...Miles, what a mystery you are...even after all these years." Sighed Phoenix to himself as he reached out to brush a strand of hair away from the prosecutor's forehead.

Phoenix felt himself blush at the strange instinct to touch Edgeworth's face. Maybe the defense attorney cared about this man more deeply than what he let on.

Chapter Text

"Wright, it's time to wake up!"

"Ngghh...five more minutes mom."

"I said now Wright!"


Phoenix found himself rudely awoken from his graceful slumber by being assaulted with a pillow to the face. Why the hell was Edgeworth so grumpy this morning?

"Okay, Okay! Don't get your panties in a twist!" Grumbled Phoenix as he sat up in bed to stare at the prosecutor standing above him.

"And just what are you staring at?" Scoffed Edgeworth as he furrowed his brows.

"' look different." Stuttered Phoenix with an awkward smile.

Phoenix could hardly believe his eyes. Standing before him was chief prosecutor Edgeworth wearing casual clothing...a t-shirt and shorts to be exact. The defense attorney was sure he was dreaming....Edgeworth never wore casual clothes even when they were kids!

"I told you I had packed other clothes for this trip did I not?" Replied Edgeworth with a small smirk.

"Yeah but...i'm just surprised you actually have a neck." Said the defense attorney in a sarcastic tone.

"Shutup Wright."


The defense attorney found himself attacked with another pillow, but he wasn't bothered by it this time...the sight of seeing Edgeworth in shorts was practically Christmas morning for him.

"So, what's on the agenda for today?" Asked Phoenix as the two men exited their room into the hallway.

"There's nothing on the schedule for today...which should give us plenty of time to investigate."


"Wright....are you even listening to me?" Snapped Edgeworth with a glare towards the defense attorney.

"Oh....ummm of course!" Replied Phoenix with a growing blush.

Truth was Phoenix wasn't listening to a single word out of the chief prosecutor's mouth. He was far too busy staring at the man's now exposed calves...while pale from not seeing daylight in god knows how long, they certainly weren't scrawny like his.

"By the way, what came of your interrogation with Miss Loving last night? I noticed you came back late." Questioned Edgeworth with curiosity.

" went okay. I wouldn't consider her a suspect...but she's not guilty either....other then that, nothing shady at all happened last night" Replied Phoenix nervously.

"Well everyone's guilty until proven innocent." Stated the prosecutor in all seriousness.

"Edgeworth...I don't think that's how it- err, nevermind."


"Cykes-dono...can you please settle down?"

"........not for dolphins you bozo!....."

Phoenix and Edgeworth looked up to see Athena and Blackquill walking towards them from the other end of the hallway. The female defense attorney beamed with delight while the disgruntled prosecutor stood at her side still holding an umbrella over him.

"Athena....Blackquill...what's with all the excitement?" Asked Phoenix as they approached the strange duo.

"Mr. Wright, you won't believe this! A pod of dolphins has been spotted swimming alongside the ship!" Cried Athena with excitement.

"What?!? That's amazing!" Exclaimed Phoenix in all earnesty.

"I know! Simon and I are heading up to the ship's main deck to get a better look at them!"

It was clear to Phoenix by Athena's giddy expression, that ever since defending an orca together in court...she has definitely developed a fascination with marine animals.

"I'm only making the sacrifice of walking out into the sunlight to see Cykes-dono happy." Mumbled Blackquill cowering underneath his umbrella.

"Umm...Blackquill...isn't it bad luck to have an umbrella open indoors?" Asked Phoenix nervously.

"Wright-dono...I believe i've had enough bad luck to last a lifetime." Replied Blackquill with a devilish glare towards Phoenix.

"Simon! Quit being such a debby-downer all the time! Mr. Wright and Mr. Edgeworth should actually join us!" Exclaimed Athena with delight.

"Cykes-dono, I thought we could actually get some time alone...."

Phoenix couldn't believe his eyes once more. Was the always brooding Blackquill actually blushing? No matter, It was an odd sight to see pigment on his face.

"Indeed...Besides, Wright and I were going to continue with the investigation." Interjected Edgeworth.

"Ohh...Okay, but if you change your minds you know where to find us!" Exclaimed a smiling Athena as she grabbed Blackquill's hand and dragged him outside.

"C'mon Edgeworth...why can't we see the dolphins!?!?" Pouted Phoenix as if he were a toddler throwing a tantrum.


"Edgeworth....what's wrong?"

Phoenix turned around to see the chief prosecutor staring at the door of someone else's room....wait...wasn't this Mrs. Hay's room?

"Wright....something feels off." Mumbled Edgeworth in contemplation.

Between Apollo getting along with Klavier, Edgeworth in shorts, and a blushing Blackquill....Phoenix would say a lot of things have been feeling off lately.

"It's Mrs. Hays. Don't you think it's rather odd that none of us have seen her since her husband's gone missing?" Asked Edgeworth.

"Well...I guess, but maybe she's just alone and depressed in her room?" Replied Phoenix as he awkwardly rubbed the back of his neck.

"No...I don't think so. We need to check on her. Wright, do you think you could do the honours?" Smirked Edgeworth as he motioned towards the door.

" want ME to kick down the door?"

"Of course....I thought you were good at it." Stated Edgeworth with a wink towards the defense attorney.

"Ugh...fine. But if I blow my back out you're paying for my chiropractor bill!" Huffed Phoenix in defeat.

Admittedly, he hadn't actually successfully broken a door down since he was in his twenties. Now being almost middle-aged, this feat would likely end with him in the hospital.

"Alright, stand back...1, 2, and 3!"

To his surprise, the door actually broke down. Though Phoenix was sure he would be feeling the pain in his muscles was worth it to see Edgeworth's surprised face.

"Whoo-hoo! I still got the moves baby!" Exclaimed Phoenix as he broke into a little celebratory dance.

"A'hem....that was very impressive Wright." Interjected Edgeworth with a blush.

"Oh really? I thought you said I was scrawny?" Replied Phoenix in a sarcastic tone.

"Shutup Wright."

The two men were taken aback at the pungent stench within the smelled as if something was rotting. That could only mean-

"Edgeworth....take a look on the bed."

"God, I hoped it wouldn't have turned out this way for poor Mrs. Hays."

Laying on the bed was Mrs. Hays...dead with a gaping hole in her chest.

"She must have been stabbed no you see a murder weapon?" Asked Phoenix as he stared at the body to investigate further.

"No...there's nothing." Replied Edgeworth now looking throughout the room.

Looking at the body for some time brought upon a strange revelation. On Mrs. Hay's left ring finger was a wedding ring...the one she had supposedly lost!


"What? Did you find something?" Asked Edgeworth now by the defense attorney's side.

"It's the ring! The one she lost!'s also the same one Lola Loving was wearing last night!" Exclaimed Phoenix in shock.

"Lola Loving had Mrs. Hay's ring? Why didn't you tell me this information earlier Wright?" Asked Edgeworth with a scowl.

"Hehe...I guess I forgot." Replied Phoenix with a nervous laugh.

"No matter...we need to inform Detective Skye right away!"

The next few hours felt like a whirlwind. Ema Skye was called to the room where she closed off the area as a crime scene. Unfortunately, Phoenix was kicked out of the room as she and Edgeworth continued a forensic investigation of the area. Now the defense attorney found himself lazing at the pool deck, anxiously waiting for more information.

"Nothing makes sense...the person who killed Mrs. Hays....was it the same person who tried to kill me last night?" Mumbled Phoenix to himself as he sat with his feet in the pool.

"Hey Nick!"


Phoenix looked up to see not a murderer, but Maya Fey...standing above him happily.

"Relax Nick, i'm no killer! But it is crazy that you and Mr. Edgeworth found a dead body!" Exclaimed Maya in surprise.

"'s kinda the whole reason why we're here....though we kinda failed at preventing another killing." Sighed Phoenix in guilt.

"Now don't go blaming yourself like you always do! We're gonna catch these killers and get the victim's the justice they deserve like we always do!" Replied a determined Maya as she placed a reassuring hand on Phoenix's shoulder.

"Thanks always know how to make me feel better."

"Anytime Nick! you wanna join Franzy and I in a game of shuffleboard?"

"What the hell's a shuffleboard?" Laughed Phoenix in confusion.

"Beat's me...I think it's something that rich people play on cruise ships. Franzy said she would teach me!" Smiled Maya with delight.

"Well whatever it is, I think you should go along without me. Something tells me that Franziska probably wouldn't want me third-wheeling." Replied Phoenix with a sly smile.

" really think so?" Asked Maya shyly as she tucked her hair behind her ear.

"Maya...don't tell me that you actually like Franziska?" Laughed Phoenix in a teasing tone.

"I do not! Now umm...if you'll excuse me, I can't keep Franzy waiting for too long!" Exclaimed Maya as she left the pool deck with an anxious run.

Phoenix's smile quickly faded as the spirit medium was out of he was alone again, just as he was before this godforsaken trip.

Chapter Text

It was hot outside; one of the hottest days of the trip so far, and Phoenix found himself boiling in the sun's harsh rays. Over the course of a few hours, he had taken off his shirt and even dipped into the pool a few times, but the defense attorney still felt as though he were cooking in an oven.

"Just what the hell is taking Ema and Edgeworth so long anyways?" Groaned Phoenix to himself as he wiped beads of sweat from his forehead.

Edgeworth and Ema Skye were still conducting their investigation of the crime scene in Mrs. Hay's room where her body was found....Phoenix refused to leave the pool deck until the two returned with some answers.

"Simon, those dolphins were adorable! I think the baby one took a liking to you...he wouldn't stop staring!"

"Hmphh..more like he wanted to challenge me Cykes-dono."

"Not everyone's out to attack you Simon...maybe he just loved you!"

"If that's so, then why did he spray me and laugh afterwards?"


".......Tough love for the samurai!......"

Phoenix looked over to see Athena and Blackquill walking towards the pool deck. From their conversation, it would appear that they had an interesting time with the dolphins.

"Mr. Wright! There you are, Simon and I came as soon as we heard about the- oh...ummm, Mr. Wright?"

Phoenix took notice that Athena's look of relief was soon replaced with one of horror as she caught sight of him sitting alone by the pool....was there something stuck in his teeth?

"What's wrong Athena? Why are you staring at me like that?" Asked Phoenix with a confused laugh.

"M-Mr.'s just that you...your's's-"

"What she's trying to say Wright-dono, is that you look like an oven-roasted turkey." Interjected Blackquill with a smirk.

"I...What?" Stated Phoenix in confusion.

"........You're burnt bad baby!......." Beeped Widget.

At that, Phoenix looked down at himself and was appalled to see that his skin was as red as a tomato! How the hell had he let himself get sunburnt this bad?!

"I.....I feel like an oven-roasted turkey." Replied Phoenix in agony touching his now aching skin with a wince.

"Hmphhh....and you all judged me for being cautious of the sun." Scoffed Blackquill from underneath his umbrella as he re-applied some more SPF 100.

Sunscreen....that was it! How stupid was he that he forgot to apply sunscreen!?!? God, how grateful Phoenix was that Trucy wasn't here to mock her seemingly over-protective dad...the magician would certainly get a kick out of his appearance right now.

"Don't feel bad Mr. Wright....You were just pre-occupied with the murder of poor Mrs. Hays and-"



Phoenix leapt nearly five feet into the air when Athena placed her hand on his shoulder in order to console him....this sunburn is gonna be a bitch to deal with isn't it?

"....Anyways, you guys heard about the murder too eh?" Asked Phoenix gently rubbing his inflicted shoulder.

"Yeah...Simon and I were enjoying the dolphins when Nahyuta came and told us...he's at the investigation right now actually."

"Well....I guess all we have to do is wait." Mumbled Phoenix as he stood up to move himself into the shade.

It turned out that the three of them wouldn't have to wait Apollo and Klavier showed up to the pool as well; the two looking a lot more friendlier towards each-other than usual.

"Erm...Apollo, why do you look so....determined?" Asked Athena staring at Apollo's cheeky grin.

"Because today....Klavier is gonna teach me how to swim!" Replied Apollo confidently as he pulled a string that inflated the life-jacket around his neck.

"R-Really? You do know a murder just occured right?" Sighed Athena at the young defense attorney's antics.

"Ahh yes, it is true Fräulein. I thought teaching Herr Forehead how to swim would be an entertaining way to get our minds off this grim tragedy." Laughed Klavier putting his arms around Apollo.

"Hmmph...Justice-dono learning how to swim? This should be fun..." Scoffed Blackquill from underneath his umbrella.

Admittedly, Phoenix was in too much pain to join in on the was also hard for him to focus. The next thing he knew, Apollo and Klavier had jumped into the least that's what he thinks he saw...why the hell was everything suddenly blurry?

"Alright Herr Forehead...let's first start with treading's as simple as this!" Said Klavier as he demonstrated the basics for Apollo to follow.

" this?" Panted the young defense attorney as he struggled to keep his neck above the water.

"M sweet move with too much panic...try to relax more...float like a starfish." Laughed Klavier as he began to float on his back.

"Like....a starfish?"

"Let the water move you Herr Forehead."

Even in his pain, Phoenix couldn't help but chuckle at the impromptu swimming lesson...and how Apollo looked like an eager child following Klavier's every move.

"Good...Now to the most basic form of swimming. The doggy paddle. If I child can learn it, certainly you can too Herr Forehead."

"W-Was that an insult!?" Pouted Apollo in protest.

"Shush! Listen to your teacher my sweetest darling! I want to see you swim!" Retaliated Klavier as he put his finger up to Apollo's lips in order to quiet him.


"Also....I think it's due time to take off that ridiculous life-vest Ja?" Stated Klavier with a sly smile.


"My sweet Herr Forehead, believe me when I say i'll NEVER let you drown." Said the former rock-star placing a gentle kiss on Apollo's hand.

"O-Okay...I believe you."

Phoenix was amused at how easily swayed Apollo was in Klavier's prescence, as the life-jacket that the young defense attorney had been wearing since the beginning of the trip was slipped off with ease.

"Now....swim to me Herr Forehead!" Exclaimed Klavier as he stood at the opposite end of the pool.

"I....I can't! I'm gonna drown!" Cried a hesitant Apollo as he sloshed around in the water.

"You can do it baby! I believe in you!" Reassured Klavier.


"B-Butter on toast? Yeah....Yeah that makes sense!" Stated Apollo as he began to reluctantly doggy paddle.

"Herr Forehead! You're doing it!"

"Yeah! Look at me...i'm swimming! I'm actually swimming!" Exclaimed Apollo proudly swimming his way to the end of the pool.

"'re almost at the end. Swim into my arms!" Laughed Klavier as he held out his arms to catch Apollo from his first swim.

"I DID IT!" Cheered Apollo as he flung himself into Klavier's arms; the two meeting in a warm embrace.

"I am proud of you Herr-Forehead!" Smiled Klavier placing a kiss on Apollo's cheek.

"Haha...I never thought I would see the day of my little brother learning how to swim."

Phoenix and the rest of the group looked over to see Nahyuta standing over the pool to watch the monumental occasion. Ema and Edgeworth were standing right behind; the three must have finally finished their investigation.

"'re back!" Exclaimed a relieved Phoenix.

"Wright? What the hell happened? You look redder than my car right now." Asked Edgeworth glaring at Phoenix's sunburn.

"'s not important...what's important are the results of the investigation!" Replied the defense attorney with enthusiasm trying to conceal his visible pain.

"About appears we have a greater mystery than what we initially expected." Said Edgeworth staring off to the side in dejection.

"Why....what happened?" Asked Phoenix raising his brows with curiosity.

"Well, we conducted a full forensic's investigation...but nothing came up. We even tested for fingerprints, blood-stains, and was like a ghost commited this murder!" Scowled Ema looking completely stressed out without a bag of snackoos to calm her down.

"Relax Ema... remember the meditation technique I taught you...deep out." Stated Nahyuta putting a gentle hand on Ema's shoulder to calm the detective down.

"Right...okay, i'm's just that whoever committed this crime went through extra lengths to cover their makes our job more difficult." Pouted an exhausted Ema.

"Well there has to be some sort of evidence...where's the body now?" Asked Phoenix inquisitively.

"Oh...about that...err...the body of Mrs. Hays has been moved down to the ship's freezer room." Replied Ema nervously.

"The freezer room!?!? Like....where they keep the food!?!?" Exclaimed Athena in disgust.

"Indeed....but it's the only place to keep the body from decomposing. After all, we can't exactly get an autopsy performed on a ship in the middle of the ocean." Stated Ema in contemplation.

" just seems so cruel." Said Phoenix earnestly.

"It's the most humane option we have Wright. Besides, Captain Coldheart agreed to it as well." Interjected Edgeworth with a shrug.

"Wait....Captain Coldheart? You guys met the ship's Captain!?" Exclaimed Phoenix in shock.

"We did indeed....he seems to be a hard-working man. He said he's willing to help us with anything." Said Edgeworth nonchalantly.


The minute Phoenix stood up in defiance, he felt himself wobble over....everything was going blurry and the world felt off; almost as if he were drunk.

"Jesus long have you been out in the sun for?" Asked Edgeworth putting up his arm to prevent the defense attorney from toppling over.

"Errr...umm...a few hours I think."

Phoenix felt himself flinch as Edgeworth raised his palm to touch his forehead. Was he flinching at the touch because of his sunburn...or was it something else entirely?

"Wright you're burning up! You went and gave yourself heat-stroke!" Exclaimed Edgeworth putting a steady arm around the defense attorney's shoulder.

"No...No....i'm fine i'm just a bit tired and-"


Phoenix felt himself collapse completely into Edgeworth's arms. The last thing he saw before whiting out was the figure of a strange man watching them from the ship's upper-balcony.

Chapter Text

When Phoenix finally awoke, he found himself back in his cabin lying on the bed. Had Edgeworth really carried him all the way back here? The chief prosecutor must have done something to take care of him, as Phoenix noticed that an ice cold wash-cloth had been placed on his forehead.

"Uggghh, why is the room still spinning?"

Even having been hit by a goddamn car,  Phoenix had never felt his body in this much agony before. The air-conditioning being set on high in contrast to his boiling body temperature gave him cold sweats...not to mention he was still wearing nothing but his swim shorts.

"Wright...good to see you're finally awake."

Phoenix struggled to lift his head in order to see Edgeworth entering the room; the pain of the sunburn leaving him stiff.

"Ugggh...hey Edgeworth. How long was I out for?" Groaned Phoenix as he stared out the porthole window noticing how dark it now was.

"A few hours gave me-I mean all of us quite the scare. What on earth were you thinking Wright?" Asked Edgeworth with a sigh.

"I don't know....I guess I wasn't thinking hehe." Replied Phoenix as he tried to laugh, but was met with pain instead.

"I shouldn't be surprised by that....but no matter, I brought you some ice need to stay hydrated." Said Edgeworth offering the glass of water to the defense attorney.


Unfortunately, Phoenix found his body was in more pain than what he initially let on, as even the simple task of reaching out for the glass was impossible.

"Ohh...ummm, here let me help you." Said Edgeworth bringing the glass to Phoenix's lips to help him drink from it.

"You don't have to baby me y'know?" Replied a sarcastic Phoenix after reluctantly drinking from the glass.

"Hmm...after the little stunt you pulled earlier today, it's quite clear to me that I do." Scoffed Edgeworth with a sly smile.

Edgeworth continued to hold the glass as Phoenix practically chugged the rest of the water...he felt as de-hydrated as a shriveled old raisin; the chief prosecutor giving him a smile of pity as he absorbed the liquid like a sponge.

"So Wright, I was talking with the rest of the team....and we all think it's best that you sit out the rest of the investigation to focus on your health." Sighed Edgeworth placing the now empty glass on the nightstand.

"WHAT!? YOU CAN'T DO THAT TO ME! BESIDES, I FEEL TOTALLY-OUCH!" Exclaimed Phoenix yelping in pain when he tried to sit up in protest.

"'re not well. Your body needs time to heal from your negligence."

"B-But I-"

"Trust me, I'm not happy to kick you from the investigation...but it's in your best interest." Stated Edgeworth re-adjusting the glasses on his nose.

"Well then....what's the next course of action?" Asked Phoenix in regards to the investigation.

"It's quite obvious. From what we've gathered so far, it would appear that Lola Loving is the only suspect that makes sense...she was found with the victim's ring after all."

No. This wasn't right. Sure, Lola Loving had some secrets to hide...but Phoenix had a hunch that murder wasn't one of them. As if he were in court...every bone in the defense attorney's body was calling him to retaliate against Edgeworth's claims.

"OBJECTION!" Exclaimed Phoenix forcing himself to sit up and point towards Edgeworth.

"E-Excuse me? I wasn't aware we were in court Wright." Replied Edgeworth with a chuckle at the other man's theatrics.

"Lola Loving can't be our murderer! An accomplice...maybe, but she isn't the one with blood on her hands!" Cried Phoenix now standing up off the bed no matter how badly it hurt.

"Easy with yourself now do you know Miss Loving is innocent? And please, no mindless bluffs this time." Asked Edgeworth with a snarky smile.

"B-Because....she's simply not strong enough!"

"What are you on about Wright? Not strong enough? One doesn't need to be physically strong to stab someone." Stated Edgeworth rolling his eyes at the defense attorney.

Shit...he was really going to have to tell Edgeworth about his almost-murder wasn't he?

"You are correct...but a young woman her size isn't strong enough to push a grown man overboard!" Retaliated Phoenix pushing through his physical pain.

"Push a man overboard? What on earth does that have to do with anything!? Are you sure you didn't sunburn your brain as well?" Laughed Edgeworth in reply.

"Edgeworth...the other night after I was finished questioning Lola Loving, someone tried to push me overboard." Stated Phoenix as he sat back down on the bed much to his body's relief.


"And they almost succeeded. I managed to get a glimpse at the culprit's silhouette...I can assure you that their stature is much larger than that of Miss Loving." Finished Phoenix with an awkward grin.

Edgeworth closed his eyes and took a deep breathe; pinching the bridge of his nose...Phoenix was prepared to face the inevitable fury of the chief prosecutor.

"'re telling me that you were almost killed....and you kept it a secret from the rest of the team?" Asked Edgeworth through clenched teeth.

"Well...umm...Apollo knows....hehe." Laughed a nervous Phoenix ducking behind a pillow in fear.

"Hmmm....very well. You should take a cold shower'll help cool your body temperature." Replied Edgeworth staring off outside the porthole window.

"Err....but I-"

"Go...i'll be out here...I need some time to think things through."

"Oh...umm....okay?" Sighed a reluctant Phoenix as he walked towards the bathroom.

Phoenix found that even taking off his shorts and stepping into the shower was now a painful task...that damned wooden puppet Trillo from the Berry Big Circus was probably less stiff than he was right now.


As soon as the defense attorney turned on the shower, he was met with a cascade of steaming hot water; hitting his already burnt skin like a million bee stings.

" everything okay in there?" Asked a concerned Edgeworth knocking on the door.

"Errr...yeah....I just umm...dropped the soap." Replied Phoenix in a fluster.

Stupid...that was stupid, so why the hell did he say it? How come he only suffers from mouth-diarrhea when it comes to Edgeworth?

"Holy shit...everyone really wasn't kidding when they said my burn was bad."

Stepping out of the shower, Phoenix got a glimpse of himself in the mirror. His skin was raw, red, and gleaming; he looked just about ready to be served up at Red Lobster.

"Umm...Edgeworth, have you thought things through?" Asked Phoenix as he emerged from the bathroom with a towel wrapped around his waist.

"I believe i've reached my conclusion." Stated Edgeworth as he looked out the porthole window.

"Okay, what is it?" Asked Phoenix sitting down on the bed.

"Well I was thinking that-"

Edgeworth turned around mid-sentence to face the defense attorney; his face going as red as Phoenix's sunburn when he saw the man wearing nothing but a towel.


Phoenix felt his own face heat up at the prosecutor's intense stare. God, he was lucky that his entire body was red and hot right now so that Edgeworth wouldn't notice.

"Ahh, that reminds me...I have something for your burns." Said a flustered Edgeworth as he broke himself from his stare.

"What is it?"

"It's umm...this! It's aloe vera lotion. I managed to convince Blackquill to spare a bottle." Replied Edgeworth as he presented the small bottle of lotion.

"Thanks you umm, do you think you could help me apply it?" Asked a bashful Phoenix.

Stupid. Once again, that was a stupid thing for him to say. Why would he even suggest it? After all, there was no way in hell that-

"I...Ummm, of course i'll help you." Said Edgeworth shyly.

"R-Really? Thanks Edge-"

" need to stop thanking me." Laughed Edgeworth as he rolled his eyes.

"I don't think I want to." Replied Phoenix flirtatiously.

Oh shit, this was actually happening...wait, what was actually happening?

"So umm....I guess you should lay down to make it easier." Stated Edgeworth rubbing the back of his neck awkwardly.

Phoenix obliged and found himself laying flat on the bed once more. Edgeworth looked like a nervous schoolboy as he stood over him to apply the was kinda cute.

"Yikes! T-That stuff burns!" Exclaimed Phoenix as the lotion hit his chest.

"That means it's settle down please." Sighed Edgeworth as he tried his best not to stare at the practically nude defense attorney.

"'s so sticky though."

"WRIGHT!" Exclaimed Edgeworth with a blush.

Phoenix understood what Edgeworth was so worried about. After all, the walls of their room were paper thin; if Apollo and Klavier were next door, they might get the...err...wrong idea about the noises he was currently making.

" said you came to your conclusion about the investigation?" Asked Phoenix to break the awkward tension.

"Yes...i've decided to let you stay on the team....that is, if you're feeling up to it." Replied Edgeworth spreading the lotion on the other man's chest.

"Why the change of heart?"

"B-Because...the team....I mean, because I can't do this without you...I don't want to." Replied Edgeworth now making eye-contact with the defense attorney.

Phoenix couldn't take it any longer. Edgeworth sitting so close to him rubbing his chest, making eye-contact, and saying sweet words. The defense attorney soon found a different area of his body filling up with heat...and now he was stiff in more ways than one.

"Nghhh, shit!" Moaned Phoenix at the growing erection underneath his towel.

"Wright....what's wrong?" Asked Edgeworth raising his eyebrows in confusion.

" just burns. M-Maybe you should do my back now!" Exclaimed Phoenix as he quickly flipped on his stomach to hide his boner.

Shit, shit, shit! How much more embarrassing could he possibly get? Phoenix felt like some horny touch-starved teenager....over Edgeworth of all people!?!?

"Okay....I think i'm done now. Every square-inch of your body is covered." Stated Edgeworth nonchalantly as he placed the bottle of lotion on the bed.

Jesus, why did Edgeworth have to state it like that? It certainly wasn't helping Phoenix with his issue....down there...

"Err, can flip around now."

"N-Nope...i'm fine! It's umm...comfy like this actually!" Stated Phoenix in visible agony.

"You're one madman If you'll excuse me, I need to step out a moment...i'll be back soon." Said Edgeworth as he quietly exited the room.

Phoenix flipped over on his back the minute the prosecutor left the room. Finally, he was free of all that awkward sexual tension at last!

"God, what the hell is wrong with me? All this over Edgeworth....really!?"

Phoenix removed the towel from his waist to expose his aching erection. It was probably the only part of his body that wasn't currently burnt to a sizzling crisp.

"Should I? Shit...I can't believe i'm actually contemplating this!"

Phoenix eyed the bottle of lotion that was left on the bed and then stared back at his erection. Was he really thinking about jerking off right now....on the goddamn murder ship!?

"Screw it...i've been in weirder situations before." Sighed Phoenix as he grabbed the bottle of lotion.

Admittedly, Phoenix hadn't masturbated in a long time...maybe even a few years. After all, he had been keeping himself busy with work and raising his daughter to even put a second thought towards his sex life.

"Ahhh..shit!" Moaned Phoenix in pleasure as he began stroking himself.

For some reason, it had been Edgeworth of all people to make him realize how touch-starved he really is. Was this all just the effect of pretending to be a couple? Or was Phoenix actually feeling some sort of way for the chief prosecutor?


God, the prosecutor's name was caught in his throat. The thought of Edgeworth potentially walking in on this godforsaken sight only aroused Phoenix even more.

"Ngggh...Miles I want you...only you."

Phoenix was sweating now...though it wasn't the heat-stroke anymore. He envisioned Edgeworth walking back in, touching him again, kissing him everywhere as he moved his hand down to-

"Oh god! holy shit!"

Phoenix's fantasy caused him to reach his peak earlier than expected; sending a prickling sensation across his burnt skin...a juxtaposition of pleasure and pain spreading throughout his body.

"What the hell was that all about?!!" Sighed Phoenix as he faceplamed at his own embarrassing actions.

He was lucky he had a towel around his waist; it was easier to clean up the evidence afterwards. Phoenix made sure that the bed was still spotless as he slipped his shorts back on and tossed the dirty towel in a corner...just in time as he heard footsteps from outside the door.


In his panic, Phoenix turned off the lights and flopped himself on the bed...pretending to be fast asleep.

"Wright....are you awake?" Asked Edgeworth as he entered the room.

No reply. Phoenix pretended to snore instead.

"Oh, you miserable bastard....what am I to do with you?" Sighed Edgeworth to himself.

Phoenix tensed up as he could feel Edgeworth standing over him.

"Hmm...get well soon Wright."

The defense attorney was sure he was dreaming, as he felt Edgeworth place a gentle kiss on his temple.

Chapter Text

Over the course of a few days, Phoenix was able to quickly recover from his heat-stroke. The defense attorney practically bathed in aloe vera lotion until his sunburn started to peel and turn into a tan.

"Wright, I must admit that i'm surprised you're back on your feet so soon."

"Hehe...Well It seems I have developed a certain knack for escaping serious injuries."

Though his physical ailments were getting better, the defense attorney's emotional turmoil towards Edgeworth was now getting the better of him. Phoenix could barely look the prosecutor in the eye without blushing after what he had 'done' the other night. As of now, the two men were attempting to make small talk as they made their way to the rest of the group to continue the investigation.


"I know you had a bad sunburn Wright, but is it really necessary for you to use an ENTIRE bottle of SPF 100?" Asked Edgeworth embarrassed at the defense attorney's antics.

"Well I can't risk getting heat-stroke again now can I? Besides...who knew that Blackquill was hoarding so much of this stuff?" Replied Phoenix with a sheepish grin as he slathered himself in heaps of sunscreen.

"What's next...are you going to hide under an umbrella for the rest of the trip as well?" Scoffed the prosecutor with a sarcastic smile.

"I...Umm...i'm not good with umbrellas remember...hehe?" Laughed Phoenix awkwardly.

"You're not good with a lot of things Wright." Winked Edgeworth in reply.

God...things had gotten weird between him and Edgeworth. The defense attorney had come to the conclusion that the prosecutor kissing his forehead the other night was just some heat-stroke induced hallucination. Then why the hell was Edgeworth flirting with him now? Though more importantly, why the hell was Phoenix's stomach doing somersaults at the thought of being flirted with by Edgeworth?

"Wright...I think the bottle's empty now." Sighed Edgeworth as he watched the other man squeeze out every lost drop of sunscreen.

"Hey! Some of us grew up poor and need to get our money's worth!" Exclaimed Phoenix in retaliation.

"You stole those bottles from Blackquill's not even your own money's worth." Replied Edgeworth with a smirk.

"Hmpph....Well I....I mean....Objection!" Protested the defense attorney with his index finger extended towards the prosecutor.

"Tsk, tsk, Wright...always objecting when you don't have a stable argument to make. I don't suppose you want me to tell Blackquill of your thievery?" Replied a condescending Edgeworth.

"N-No! He already wants to use me as target practice! Please don't tell him Edgeworth! I-I'll get rid of the evidence I swear!" Exclaimed a panicked Phoenix.

"Hmm...that's what I thought.'re cute when you're scared." Said Edgeworth with a devilish grin.

Cute? Was Phoenix hearing that correctly? With Edgeworth calling him cute, the defense attorney had to hide the stupid grin that wanted to extend itself from ear to ear. Instead, he knew he had to retaliate back with some sort of clever banter.

"Cute? Who do you think you're calling cute? I am a grown-ass man Edgeworth! One who can make a solid argument...without umm....without....err."

Shit. Edgeworth's glare was getting more intense with every word that came out of Phoenix's mouth; it was melting the defense attorney's brain like butter.

"My point exactly're simply adorable." Said a smirking Edgeworth as he crossed his arms.

Damnit...he's doing this on-purpose now isn't he?!?

"Alright...fine! I'll throw the sunscreen bottle away!" Pouted a defeated Phoenix as he tossed the empty bottle in a nearby trash bin.


"Umm...Wright...I think that you might have injured that trash bin." Stated Edgeworth raising his eyebrows in confusion.

"W-What the hell?!?!"

Phoenix peered into the mysterious 'talking' trash can; only to roll his eyes when he discovered a familiar face hiding within.

"A-Apollo!? What the hell are you doing inside a trash can!?" Exclaimed the defense attorney in disgust.

"I'm here because i'm trash..." Replied the disgruntled voice of Apollo from the trash can.



"Okay fine! I'm here because i'm hiding from Klavier!" Exclaimed Apollo as he peered his eyes out from the bin

"Why hide from Klavier? I thought the two of you were getting along a lot better?" Asked Phoenix with concern.

"That's exactly it Mr. Wright! He's trying to love me!"

".....and that's a problem because?"

"W-Well it's not a's just that I...I umm...I need my space okay!" Cried the young defense attorney as he ducked back into the garbage.


"Shit, it's him! Don't tell him i'm here please!" Whispered Apollo as he buried himself even deeper in the trash.

Phoenix and Edgeworth casually rested their arms on the trash bin as Klavier walked by...though deep down inside, he was contemplating his co-worker's sanity.

"Ahhh, Herr Wright...have you seen my sweet little darling anywhere?" Asked a concerned Klavier.

"Apollo? Nope...I haven't seen him anywhere. I mean, he's definitely NOT in this trash bin. What kinda crazy person hides in a trash bin...definitely not Apollo!" Replied a flustered Phoenix with his signature goofy smile.


"Bless-you." Said Phoenix towards the sneezing trash bin.

From Klavier's expression, it seemed that he bought the half-ass excuse. Though Phoenix looked over to see Edgeworth remove his glasses, rub his eyes, and shake his head in shame. Was he not a good enough liar for the chief prosecutor?

"Thanks for the help Herr Wright...if you see my darling, please let him know i'm looking for him ja?" Stated Klavier as he walked away.

"Apollo, Klavier wanted me tell you that he's looking for you." Said a sarcastic Phoenix towards the trash bin.

"Yeah....I know...I heard." Replied a defeated Apollo as he poked his head back out of the bin.

"Very well Mr. Justice...we must be on our way now. Though...I would advise that you shower before joining the rest of the investigation." Interjected Edgeworth as he crinkled his nose at the smelly young defense attorney.

"Ahh...erm...yes! Of course sir!" Replied an embarrassed Apollo.

Well that was weird...Apollo hiding from his feelings? Maybe Phoenix wasn't alone after all....was anyone else having troubles?


As he and Edgeworth arrived at the ship's main deck, Phoenix looked up to see a smiling Maya waving them over; the spirit medium looking out over the sea next to Franziska Von Karma.

"Nick! You recovered from your burns! I'm not surprised're as strong as the Steel Samurai himself after all!" Exclaimed Maya with a mischivous grin.

"Oh...umm thanks Maya...though I wouldn't have recovered so quickly without Edgeworth taking care of me." Replied Phoenix awkwardly as he rubbed the back of his neck.

"Hmm...if I don't take care of you Wright, then who will? You do a pretty piss poor job of it yourself." Said Edgeworth nonchalantly.

"Edgeworth...I don't mind you taking care of me." Smiled Phoenix in reply.

Edgeworth opened his mouth to say something...though he was interrupted by the sound of Franziska's whip cracking.

"Enough chitter-chatter you fools! Little brother...I need to talk to you for a moment." Interjected an impatient Franziska.

"But Franziska I-"

"I said NOW! It's's important!" Huffed Franziska in frustration.

"Fine...have it your always." Groaned Edgeworth as Franziska dragged him away by the arm.

"Maya...what was that all about?" Asked a confused Phoenix.

"'s nothing really. I mean, it's not like anything happened or anything." Replied Maya shyly as she tucked a strand of hair behind her hair.

"Maya....what happened?" Prompted Phoenix with raised eyebrows.

"O-Okay...umm....the other day when Franzy and I were playing shuffleboard...I kinda....sorta...maybe....kissed her." Mumbled Maya almost inaudibly.

"YOU WHAT!?!?" Cried Phoenix with his mouth hung down low in shock.

"Nick! It's really not that big a deal! She had her arms wrapped around me as she was showing me how to play the game, and we both looked at each-other at the same I went for it." Explained the spirit medium with a blush.

"Maya sly dog! I didn't think you would be the one to make the first move."

"Oh was so romantic! The setting sun, the ocean waves...everything just felt right!" Sighed Maya in a love-induced daze.

"So...what seems to be the problem?"

"Well, Franzy's been acting weird ever since it she's even more standoff-ish than usual. Do you think she still likes me?"

"Maya...of course she likes you! She just has a hard time dealing with her's a side-effect of being raised by Manfred Von me, Edgeworth's like that too." Replied Phoenix placing a reassuring hand on Maya's.

"Speaking of's it going between the two of you anways?" Asked Maya perking up at the prospects of teasing Phoenix.

"W-What do you mean? We're undercover Maya....there's nothing to report on." Replied Phoenix with a blush.

"C'mon Nick! Think about it...if I end up with Franzy, and you end up with Edgeworth....we'll be like in-laws right?" Laughed Maya in reply.

"I...Ummm...I guess so but-"

"What are we talking about over here?" Interjected Edgeworth now standing over Phoenix's shoulder.

"N-Nothing....what did you and Franziska talk about?" Asked a flustered Phoenix.

"Just the investigation."

Though Phoenix knew that wasn't the case, he decided not to press any further. As the other couples arrived at the main deck, it was obvious to the defense attorney that he and Edgeworth weren't the only ones dealing with issues.

"Simon! Why the hell would I steal your sunscreen for!? I can't believe you're even accusing me!" Exclaimed an angered Athena.

"'re the only one in the room with me...making you a prime suspect!" Snarled Blackquill with a glare.

"Get over it already! Besides, it wouldn't kill you to get a tan!" Retaliated Athena.

"I go to prison for you...I would have died for you...and THIS is how you repay me!" Exclaimed Blackquill as he threw an invisible blade in frustration.

"Simon please...must you really blackmail me with the whole 'I went to prison' thing every time I screw up!??!"

"......We'll kick your ass samurai wannabe!......" Beeped Widget.

Damn....Phoenix swore he heard a flicker of what sounded like anger even in Widget's robotic voice. The murder ship was really having a negative effect on everyone.

"Herr Forehead....I can't believe you would hide from me!" Exclaimed Klavier with a look of betrayal.

"Klavier....i've been hiding from you the entire it really all that unbelievable?" Sighed Apollo as he facepalmed in defeat.

"Yes...but the trash of all places?!? I expected some more dignity....even from you Herr Forehead!" about trouble in paradise; quite literally actually. Amongst the beautiful backdrop of the sea, and everyone was arguing. Phoenix could do nothing but scowl to himself as a headache started to brew from all the sudden chaos.


Everything went silent as everyone turned to see a VERY angry Ema Skye....munching on a family size bag of snackoos. Oh boy...they were really in for it now.

"What the actual hell is wrong with you people!? We have what could probably be more than one goddamn serial killer on the loose....and you're all busy bickering over nonsense!" Growled Ema as she shoved a handful of snackoos into her mouth.

"Ema....the breathing and out." Reassured Nahyuta who stood by her side.

"No! I don't want to calm down! These idiots are putting the investigation at risk with their negligence!" Said Ema through a mouthful of snackoos.

" are correct. Have any of you been updated that more than fifty wedding rings have been reported stolen on this ship? Or were you too busy with your petty arguments?" Said Nahyuta towards the rest of the team with a glare.

Yeesh...Phoenix felt like he was being scolded by his parents.

"In all fairness, how are WE supposed to be happy when you two are the only real couple here? It seems a bit hypocritical if you ask me." Interjected a frustrated Apollo.

"Apollo....let it go." Said Nahyuta through clenched teeth.

"No I won't-GWAAH!"

Nahyuta started cursing in Khura'inese as poor Apollo was struck in the head by his constricting prayer beads.

"'s fine. There's no need for us to hide....we ARE a real couple after all." Stated Ema in defiance.

"That being said, we haven't drifted away from the investigation like SOME people. Mrs. Hays was found dead and none of you seem to care about catching the culprit...may the Holy Mother have mercy on your selfish souls." Replied Nahyuta closing his eyes in contemplation.

"Our love is real...perhaps by seeing us together, you all will be able to learn a bit more about love yourselves...because it seems that you all need it." Huffed Ema in disappointment.

"That is all we have to say on the matter...we expect that all of you be in your best mindset for our upcoming couple's cooking lesson. Hopefully, we'll discover something that'll bridge this investigation closer to the end." Finished Nahyuta as he and Ema walked off hand-in-hand.

The rest of the team groaned as if they had just been grounded by their looks like they would have to face their feelings head-on. Phoenix and Edgeworth did nothing but stare at each-other; looking away when they caught the other's gaze.

"So looks like Ema is forcing you to like me eh?" Asked Phoenix in a sarcastic tone.

For some reason, 'I want you Miles' were the only words echoing in Phoenix's head.

"Hmmm...remind me to lower her salary when we get back on dry land?" Replied Edgeworth with a smirk.

While looking back on the events of the past decade....everything suddenly made sense for Phoenix. In hindsight, it wasn't too far-fetched that the defense attorney kinda....sorta....maybe...had a crush on Miles Edgeworth.

Chapter Text

The team soon found themselves gathered in the ship's large kitchen for their next scheduled event; a couple's cooking competition. Phoenix felt more confident about this one. After all, cooking was far less embarrassing than least he'd hope so.

"Hello my lovely loving people! How happy I am to see you all again!"

Phoenix winced as he was hit square in the face with the all too familiar heart-shaped confetti....Lola Loving was here to host the event; this time lacking a certain wedding ring on her finger.

"Ahh, the beautiful Fräulein is back! Tell me sweet princess....what will we be cooking today?" Asked Klavier with a wink as Apollo rolled his eyes at the flirtatious prosecutor.

"Well, today everyone will be cooking noodles from scratch! Whichever couple makes the best tasting noodles will win a special prize!" Clapped Lola in response.

Phoenix groaned. Why couldn't they make something easy like scrambled eggs instead? This was starting to give the defense attorney flashbacks to middle school cooking class where Larry and him got food poisoning from undercooked chicken....Butz of course claimed that he thought salmonella would give them superpowers.

"Whoo! We got this one in the bag Simon! You know everything about noodles!" Exclaimed Athena with a little dance.

"Errr....he does?" Interjected Apollo with doubt that the samurai obsessed prosecutor is passionate about anything other than violence.

"Indeed Justice-dono. They put me on kitchen duty more times than I can count back when I was in prison." Replied Blackquill with a smirk.

".......You suckers are going down!....." Beeped widget.

Each couple moved to separate kitchen stations as they prepared for the competition; a set of instructions layed out for each pair to follow. Making noodles couldn't be THAT hard could it? After all, Eldoon makes them all the time out of a goddamned shack on wheels!

"Alright you lovely loving people! On your marks....get set....and go!" Exclaimed Lola with another toss of heart-shaped confetti.

At that exact moment, everything turned to chaos....there were certainly too many cooks in this kitchen.

"Wright, pass me the flour!" Asked a determined Edgeworth who already had a bowl of ingredients in front of him.

"Oh...umm, yeah of course!" Replied Phoenix in a fluster grabbing a random bag from the kitchen pantry.

"That's salt you imbecile! Go back and make sure to read what you grab this time!" Sighed Edgeworth as he facepalmed in disappointment.

Though it was a bad trait for a lawyer, Phoenix wasn't good under pressure...he was always fidgeting with anxiety. Especially now more than ever considering he had finally accepted the true nature of his feelings for Edgeworth.

"I got it Edge-WHAAH!"

Like an idiot, Phoenix had completely forgotten that his hands were still smothered with sunscreen. As soon as he grabbed the flour, the bag slipped out of his hands and onto the floor....covering the defense attorney from head to toe in white powder.

" ridiculous baffoon! Hahaha! What a priceless image though!" Laughed Edgeworth as he pulled out his phone to take a picture at the unamused defense attorney.

"Alright,'ve had your fun! Now let's get back to work!" Pouted an embarrassed Phoenix as he shook off as much flour from himself as he could.

"Hmm...i'm sure your daughter would get a few kicks out of this don't you think?"

"Edgeworth....don't you dare send that photo to Trucy! I'll never hear the end of it if you do!"

Phoenix had never seen him like this before...Edgeworth had to take off his glasses and wipe his eyes because he was practically crying from laughter. The defense attorney's heart warmed at the idea that his stupidity could make the chief prosecutor so happy....he should dump flour on himself more often.

"Nahyuta, can you crack three eggs into the bowl of flour please?" Asked Ema in a rather kind tone.

"Of course I can-OOPS!"

Phoenix laughed when he saw Nahyuta curse in Khura'inese as he dropped the three eggs on the looked like he wasn't the only one making a mess.

"Nahyuta, you pampered prince! Don't you know any basic life skills at all!?!?" Huffed Ema; her kindness immedietly turning to rage.

"Hmmph...says the one who lives off of chocolate snackoos! Do you even know what real food is?!" Retaliated Nahyuta with a scowl.

Damn...weren't the rest of the team supposed to be learning something from their supposed love? Guess that idea went down the toilet pretty quickly...

"I just....I just wish we could be more like them!" Exclaimed Ema pointing towards Athena and Blackquill.

"Cykes-dono, I need the rolling pin stat!"

"Will do Simon! I can start cutting the dough into noodles when you're ready!"

Phoenix raised his eyes in surprise at just how organized Athena and Blackquill were; running their station as if it were a surgeon's table. The pair were already halfway done while every other group had nothing but a mess made...Blackquill clearly wasn't lying when he said he was passionate about noodles.

".......Who's jealous now?......." Beeped widget.

Once again, Phoenix swore he heard inflections of real sarcasm in the robotic voice.

"Maya Fey, why on earth are you adding sugar to the dough!?" Exclaimed a disgusted Franziska.

"It's called experimentation Franzy! We want to create something unique!" Smiled Maya as she turned the electric mixer on high; dough now launching everywhere across the room.

"B-But....we have instructions to follow!" Cried Franziska shielding herself from the flying gobs of dough.

"That's no fun Franzy! Learn to live a little!" Laughed Maya in reply as she herself was getting covered in dough.

God...Gordon Ramsay would certainly have all of them thrown out if they were on Hell's Kitchen.

"Herr Forehead, what are you doing? Do you not know how to boil water?" Asked Klavier as he nudged Apollo who looked as if he didn't know what to do with himself.

"O-Of course I do! Give me those noodles...i'll show you how it's done!" Yelled a determined Apollo as he threw all the noodles in the pot at once.

"H-Herr Forehead, I don't think that's a good-"


"Scheisse! Look at what you've done now!"

Phoenix looked over towards Apollo and Klavier as a bright orange hue now filled the kitchen; the young defense attorney having unintentionally started a stove fire.

"Stand back my sweet darling...i'll save you from the flames of hell!" Cried Klavier as he moved Apollo away from the flames to extinguish the fire with the lid of the pot.

"K-Klavier...I don't know what happened, I swear it wasn't me! It was almost as if the stove did it on-purpose!" Replied a scared Apollo.

A stove fire that started on-purpose? Phoenix couldn't help but wonder if that was the truth given the strange happenings on this ship

"Wright....those noodles look terrible." Said Edgeworth glaring at the dough that Phoenix was cutting into noodles.

"Hmmm? Oh...umm, I guess they're...umm...personalized?" Replied Phoenix looking at his noodles that weren't cut straight at all.

"Well...fitting to the chef I suppose." Teased Edgeworth as he put a hand behind Phoenix's back.

The defense attorney could get used to this; him screwing up in the kitchen while Edgeworth playfully mocked him from could life get any better?

"My lovely lovely people! I hate to interrupt everyone's progress, but it would seem that I forgot to gather one of the most important ingredients!" Interjected Lola Loving with a gasp.

"....and that would be?" Asked Phoenix with a raised eyebrow.

"The seafood for the noodles! Would two of you be ever so kind as to head down the hall to the freezer room to get it?" Asked Lola with yet another toss of confetti.

The freezer room? As in where Mrs. Hay's corpse is being stored? This could be a good chance for Phoenix to investigate more.

"Don't worry Miss Loving, Edgeworth and I will go." Said Phoenix with a reassuring smile.

"Oh thank you so much! You two truly are lovely loving people!" Replied Lola with a twirl.

At that, Phoenix and Edgeworth soon found themselves opening the door to the ship's cold storage. Flicking on the lights revealed a bunch of shelves stocked with food amongst a frozen wasteland; the room itself looking like an endless maze.

"J-Jesus...i-it's s-so c-c-cold in here. I-I c-can see my b-breath." Said Phoenix through chattering teeth as he hugged himself to warm up.

"Would you rather have heat-stroke then? I don't know why you had to volunteer us in the first place Wright. Let's hurry up and find that damned fish already!" Replied Edgeworth seemingly unbothered by the cold.

"That's not why we're here! This might be a good place to investigate."

"....The freezer room? You think there's something to find in this frozen tundra?"

"Hey, you never know what we'll-GWAAH!"

Phoenix found himself tripping over a blue tarp on the floor. Peering underneath the tarp revealed the now VERY frozen body of poor Mrs.Hays.

"HOLY SHIT!" Cried Phoenix in a panic as he quickly backed away from the body.

"Relax Wright....we knew the corpse would be here." Replied Edgeworth nonchalantly.

" just seems so messed up to keep her here."

"'s no different than keeping a body in a morgue."

Sure, Phoenix had seen his fair share of dead bodies throughout his career. Though there was something so unsettling about seeing Mrs. Hays quite literally frozen in if she were still alive.

"Alright Edgeworth, let's just get what we need and-"

They were interrupted as the lights in the freezer room suddenly turned off, making everything pitch black. Just what the hell was going on now?

"E-Edgeworth...are you okay?"

"I-I'm fine Wright."

Phoenix could tell by the sound of his voice that Edgeworth wasn't okay; the chief prosecutor had a bad history with blackouts after all. To make matters worse, the defense attorney heard footsteps....a third person was in the room with them.

"Ummm....Edgeworth, I think we might have some company." Whispered Phoenix with a nervous laugh.

"Y-You idiot Wright....I think you just dragged us right into the killer's trap." Growled Edgeworth through his teeth.

"M-Maybe it's just the zombified corpse of Mrs. Hays....hehe."

The footsteps in the room got louder as the two men heard another odd sound.


"I-Is that what I think it is?" Asked Edgeworth nervously.

The ray gun....the same one that Blackquill heard during his overnight investigation.


"Edgeworth...I think now is a good time to run!"

With that, the two started to run to the best of their ability in the pitch dark...the sound of the foosteps and ray gun following close behind. How the hell were they gonna find the door in this goddamn frozen maze of a room?

"W-Wright...I want you to stay close to me...please" Asked a panicked Edgeworth.

"O-Okay...don't worry, i'm right here."

Though he couldn't see it, Phoenix felt Edgeworth's fingers intertwine with his own as heat ran up his frozen body. Was the chief prosecutor doing this to comfort him....or to comfort himself? Either way, Phoenix had zero intentions of letting go anytime soon.


"K-Keep going! I think we're almost there!" Huffed Phoenix out of breath.

"Wright, I think we should-"


There was a loud crashing sound in-front of them which caused a slippery liquid to spread out across the floor; making both men slip and fall on top of each-other.

" this...olive oil?" Asked Phoenix sniffing his now drenched clothing.

"I believe it is....someone must have thrown a bottle down from the shelf to make us slip." Groaned Edgeworth in reply from falling flat on his back.

"A-Are you okay?" Asked Phoenix in concern.

"I will be...once you get off of me." Replied the prosecutor in a sarcastic tone.

At that, the lights flickered back on and Phoenix found himself toppled on top of Edgeworth...their faces only inches apart.

"Edgeworth...umm....hi." Said a blushing Phoenix.

".....hi." Replied a flustered Edgeworth trying not to make eye contact.

Phoenix had never been this close to Edgeworth before; he could no longer feel the cold of the room as he was flushed with heat from the tip of his ears to the bottom of his toes.

"Edgeworth....your eyes...I...umm...I never noticed how beautiful they were before." Said Phoenix as he gently placed a hand on the other man's cheek causing the prosecutor to flinch at the touch.

"....Errr, t-thank you Wright. Though I must say that yours are quite nice as well." Replied the nervous prosecutor as he reluctantly placed a hand on Phoenix's cheek as well.

This was it. This was the romantic moment that Maya was talking about when she made the first move on Franziska. Phoenix felt himself lean in as he parted his lips...Edgeworth closing his eyes; the two less than an inch apart when-


Phoenix pushed himself off of Edgeworth as the door opened to reveal Franziska, Klavier, and Apollo. The two men struggled to their feet again as they tried to regain some sort of composure.

"Franziska, what the hell are you doing here!?" Scowled Edgeworth in embarrassment.

"These two fools were both worried about you guys taking so I had to escort them over here." Huffed Franziska cracking her whip towards Apollo and Klavier.

"YOWCH!" Cried Apollo in pain.

"You are a tough one Fräulein...I like that." Said Klavier with a wink.

" need to worry about us. W-We're umm...we're fine!" Replied a flustered Phoenix as he awkwardly rubbed the back of his neck.

"Clearly. You two should be ashamed of yourselves! Especially you little brother! Sneaking away to diddle with Phoenix Wright!" Cried Franziska about to crack her whip again.

"Hey! There was no 'diddling' going on over here! We just....umm....slipped and fell on some olive oil!" Exclaimed Phoenix in protest.

"Suuuuurreeee. You fools owe me! Tearing me away from Maya Fey for even a second!" Scowled Franziska towards Apollo and Klavier as she stormed away in anger.

"Yeesh....what's her problem?" Asked Apollo when the female prosecutor was out of sight.

"Don't worry about Franziska. The bigger issue is why are you two here?" Asked Edgeworth as he tried to wipe to olive oil from his suit.

"Herr Chief, we thought the killers did something bad to you both." Stated Klavier in reply.

" guys were right. Edgeworth and I were chased by the killer in the dark. would appear he made his escape." Replied Phoenix tiredly.

"B-but how did the killer leave? It's a storage room with only one door!" Exclaimed Apollo rubbing his head in confusion.

Apollo was right. How did the killer make his escape? The four of them walked back into the frozen storage room to find out. Phoenix hoped that something good would come out of him being cockblocked. If not, someone was going to pay the price.

Chapter Text

Phoenix was overwhelmed by a new sense of determination as he investigated the cold storage with the other three men; the almost-kiss with Edgeworth still very much a prominent image in his mind. Maybe being cockblocked was a sign from the universe that the chief prosecutor and him just weren't meant to be?

"M-Mr. W-Wright, i-it's s-so c-c-cold in h-here!" Said Apollo through chattering teeth.

"Yeah, well get over it." Huffed Phoenix in frustration.

"Yikes...who pissed in your cereal this morning?" Replied Apollo as he unknowingly sat on the blue tarp that covered Mrs. Hay's body.

"My sweet darling, let's take it easy on Herr Wright ja? After all, he was just chased by a killer." Interjected Klavier with a sly smile.

"Indeed...and besides, at least I'M not the one sitting on a dead body." Said Phoenix glaring at the blue tarp.


At that remark, Apollo flung himself onto the floor; dragging the blue tarp with him. When the young defense attorney lifted his head, he was face to face with the frozen dead face of Mrs. Hays.

"GWAAAH! ZOMBIE!!!" Exclaimed Apollo as he bolted back to his feet in fear and disgust.

"Careful Apollo...I heard she bites." Laughed Phoenix in a sarcastic tone.

"Would both of you cut it out! We have pressing matters at hand, but you two are over here defiling a dead body!" Exclaimed Edgeworth with his signature death glare.

"Whoah! We weren't defiling anything!" Cried a now embarrassed Phoenix in protest.

"....No wonder why that tarp was so squishy." Mumbled a disgusted Apollo to himself.

"Herr Chief is right. I expected you both to show more respect towards the dead." Interjected Klavier shaking his head in disappointment.

"Enough about the dead body! Let's just continue the investigation...the sooner we're out of this frozen wasteland of a room the better!" Yelled Phoenix stomping his feet as if he were a child throwing a tantrum.

"Sheesh....What crawled up Mr. Grouchy's ass?" Mumbled Apollo to himself.

"Apollo...what was that?" Asked Phoenix with a growl.

"N-Nothing boss..."

Since the room was so large, the group decided it was best that they all split up to investigate each corner separately. Phoenix thought this would also be a good time for him to cool down a bit. The defense attorney was clearly taking his romantic failure out on the rest of the team.

"Shit, this room really is a maze...wasn't I just here?" Mumbled Phoenix to himself as he rounded what looked like the same corner more than once.

"Hmm, well maybe if I-YEEEEEEEP!"

As he rounded another corner of the room, Phoenix found himself bumping into Edgeworth. No matter how hard he tried to escape, the chief prosecutor would always be there. This man really was some sort of punishment wasn't he?

"J-Jesus Edgeworth, you nearly gave me heart attack!" Sighed Phoenix in relief as he clutched his chest.

"I would apologize Wright, but for the amount of stress you've put me through over the past decade, i'm rather surprised that I haven't suffered several heart attacks by now." Replied Edgeworth with a small smirk.

"Well that's good then...I mean, I think it would be bad if I gave you a heart attack...cause umm...that's not really what i'm going for." Said Phoenix with a blush as he awkwardly rubbed the back of his neck.

"Hmm...enough idle chit-chat. Have you found any clues yet?"

" How about you?"


Shit...this was getting awkward. Any amount of tension that was broken between the two of them had now been rebuilt. Phoenix prayed that something would happen...any kind of distraction that could get him away from this nightmare.

"HEY GUYS! I THINK I FOUND SOMETHING!" Yelled Apollo from across the room.

The two men broke from their thoughts as they followed the source of the voice. Phoenix had never been more grateful for Apollo's chords of steel in his life.

"Mr. Justice, what is it that you found?" Asked Edgeworth as he and Phoenix joined back up with the other two men.

"First of all Herr Chief, it must be noted that my sweet darling found nothing...for it is I who made the discovery first." Said Klavier in a cocky tone.

"Hey! You never would have discovered it if I hadn't pointed out how high the shelves are!" Retaliated Apollo in defense.

"Guys! It doesn't matter who discovered what! Just what the hell is it exactly!" Exclaimed an impatient Phoenix.

"Ahhh, of course Herr Wright. I advise that everyone look up at the highest shelf to see my amazing discovery!"

The entire group lifted their heads to see that at the top of the highest storage shelf was a ventilation shaft; and that the grate had been removed.

"Wow! How had we missed that before? The killer could have definitely made his escape through that vent!" Exclaimed Phoenix in surprise.

"Great discovery ja? One worthy of a pay raise....wouldn't you say Herr Chief?" Laughed Klavier with a schmoozing grin.

"Flattery will get you nowhere with me Gavin...what we need to figure out now is where that vent leads to?" Stated Edgeworth pushing his glasses back up to the top of his nose.

"W-Wait...that means....we have to climb all the way up there to find out?!?!" Said Apollo with a fearful gulp as he looked up at the high shelves.

"Well Herr of us has to." Replied Klavier in a teasing tone.

Phoenix knew it had to be him. Apollo was afraid of heights, Klavier wasn't one for physical labour, and admittedly...he didn't want to risk Edgeworth getting hurt.

"I'll do it." Stated Phoenix with a confident grin.

"W-What!? Mr.Wright...what if you fall? Or even worse, what if the shelves fall over while you're climbing them?" Cried Apollo in concern.

"I have to agree with Mr.Justice. Wright, I think you should let me handle this instead." Said Edgeworth nonchalantly.

"E-Edgeworth...but why? I'm more than capable of climbing a few shelves!" Pouted Phoenix in protest.

"I know you are, but you always end up getting hurt when you try to do something Wright." Sighed Edgeworth as he placed a gentle hand on the defense attorney's shoulder.


"You're keeping both feet firmly on the ground Wright...i'm not taking no for an answer!"

Phoenix silently obeyed as Edgeworth began to climb the storage shelves to reach the open vent. He watched along with Apollo and Klavier as the three of them were filled to the brim with anxiety with each new step the chief prosecutor took.

"Are you doing well Herr Chief?" Called out Klavier from below?

"Yes, i'm almost-GWAAH!"

Phoenix's heart dropped to his stomach when Edgeworth momentarily lost his footing. He looked over to see that Apollo was also now clinging around Klavier's bicep in fear.

"EDGEWORTH!" Exclaimed Phoenix in concern.

"D-Don't worry! I-I'm okay!" Called A reluctant Edgeworth from above.

Everyone eased up ever so slightly when the chief prosecutor successfully made his way to the open vent. Phoenix hoped Edgeworth would find something...anything to make this endeavor worth it.

"What do you see?" Yelled Apollo from below.

"I..I can't really see's too dark!" Exclaimed Edgeworth who was now peering inside of the open vent.

Shit....they should have brought a flashlight.

"Wait! I feel something! There's a strange object inside the vent!"

"That's great Edgeworth! Grab it and bring it down!" Exclaimed Phoenix.

Their excitement was short-lived, as at that very moment foosteps could be heard from outside the freezer room.

"My lovely loving people! What's taking so long? I'm ever so concerned about you!"

It was Lola Loving; she was looking for them.

"S-Shit...Edgeworth hurry up! We're supposed to be undercover....if Miss Loving finds us investigating we're done!" Cried a now panicked Phoenix.

Edgeworth was just making his way back down the shelves when the door started to open.

"Quick! We need a distraction!" Cried a frazzled Apollo.

"Herr Forehead! Kiss me now!" Exclaimed Klavier gripping Apollo's shoulders.


Phoenix's jaw dropped open as he audibly gasped in surprise as Klavier pulled Apollo forward in a kiss. Though he was even more surprised to see the young defense attorney melt into it; as he put his arms around the prosecutor to pull him closer.

"Wright...what's wrong? What's going on down there?" Asked Edgeworth halfway down the shelves.

"Err...nothing....just hurry up please!"

He should be weirded out about seeing his former employee in a situation like this...but honestly Phoenix was more jealous that even these two idiots got their kiss over him.

"There you are my lovely loving peo-"

Lola Loving stopped dead in her tracks at the sight of Klavier and Apollo kissing; her face immedietly heating up in an intense blush.

"Oh my! I'm so sorry! I didn't mean to intrude on anything!" Cried Lola in embarrassment.

"Ahh, Frä is I who should apologize. How shameful it is to do such things in public." Said Klavier as he broke away from the kiss...leaving poor Apollo in a daze.

"Oh don't be...this is a couple's cruise ship after all! Trust me, I've come across much more explicit public displays of affection before!" Laughed Lola in amusement.

Eww. Phoenix certainly didn't wanna know the type of people who were doing 'the nasty' in public on a cruise about unsanitary!

" the way, where would your partner happen to be?" Asked Lola towards Phoenix.

"Oh...umm....he's ugh-"

"I'm right here Miss Loving! With the fish you asked for as well!" Said Edgeworth as he appeared behind the group with a single frozen fish....though one hand was behind his back to conceal the mysterious clue from the vent.

"Oh, how wonderful! Now that everything's sorted, let's return back to the group then shall we?" Exclaimed Lola with a toss of heart-shaped confetti.

The five of them returned to the ship's kitchen as Edgeworth did his best to hide the mysterious object behind his back. It was clear that Phoenix wouldn't get further info on this until later.

"Pssst, Nick...where have you guys been? Franzy came back looking even more frustrated than before?" Asked a concerned Maya as the group finally returned to the kitchen.

"We umm....we ended up bickering with each-other in the freezer over what type of fish to get...." Said Phoenix with an awkward grin, hoping that the spirit medium would buy his excuse.

" is that what you men do?" Asked Maya sarcastically.

"You know it...."

Phoenix didn't want to tell anyone about the clue they found least until he himself knew what it was!

Chapter Text

They were back in the kitchen to finish up making their noodles, though Phoenix was just itching to figure out what Edgeworth had discovered in the freezer room's vent.

"Alright my lovely loving people, your time is up! It's time for me to taste your noodles and choose a winner!" Exclaimed Lola with a happy twirl.

Phoenix looked down in shame at their half-assed bowl of noodles; it looked like a combination of baby vomit and someone's internal organs all strung together....though it was probably still edible....right?

"Oh my...what do we have here?" Asked Lola towards Nahyuta and Ema's non-existent bowl of noodles.

"That would be a bowl of flour and an egg...quite the delicacy back in my homeland actually!" Stated Nahyuta trying to sound confident about their failure.

"Oh quit lying! We were too busy fighting the whole time to actually cook anything!" Huffed Ema with a glare towards Nahyuta.

"Oh no! How terrible it is for such lovely lovers to fight! You must make up at once!" Cried Lola in shock as she threw heart-shaped confetti directly into a disgruntled Nahyuta's face.

"Sorry for the lack of noodles....but I do have chocolate snackoos!" Said Ema sheepishly as she offered up the bag of snacks.

"Oh, how did you know those are my favourite!?!?" Smiled Lola grabbing a large handful of snackoos.

Phoenix rolled his eyes at the sight; it looked like the ship's 'golden couple' were undefeatable even when they failed.

"And what have my sneaky stowaways prepared for me today?" Asked Lola with a blush towards Apollo and Klavier.

"Ahh, my Fräulein...I can assure you we have prepared the most exquisite meal for such an exquiste woman." Said Klavier with a wink towards Lola.

"Oh're such a lovely loving person indeed!" Blushed a bashful Lola in response.

Leave it to Klavier to bullshit his way to the top...Phoenix could see that their bowl of noodles looked like black coal.

" a unique texture." Said Lola as she loudly crunched with each bite.

"Sorry, I think they're a bit burnt...that's my bad." Replied Apollo in shame.

" the HELL do you manage to burn noodles? I think it's literally impossible!" Interjected Blackquill in shock and disappointment.

"Pfft...well sorry, not all of us can be noodle connoisseurs!" Huffed Apollo in reply.

"Now calm down my sweet darling, you see...this was our artistic vision all along. Noodles...but with an added crunch!" Said a confident Klavier as he put a reassuring arm around Apollo.

"Well...I admire the honesty." Replied Lola trying to be complimentary.

Next up was Maya and Franziska. Phoenix wanted to keep a keen eye on this one; after all, it should be the most entertaining.

"What have you lovely loving-"

"Okay, so what we have are sugared noodles that we boiled in chocolate milk, with a fine topping of whipped cream and dinosaur sprinkles! Ta-Da! What we have are dessert noodles!" Exclaimed Maya putting her hands on her hips with pride.

Phoenix had to conceal his laughter as everyone in the kitchen went silent. Poor Franziska had her head down on the counter in embarrassment...even Edgeworth let out a tiny laugh that he played off as a cough.

"....Oh my, you certainly went off the recipe. completely." Replied a flabbergasted Lola.

"Well, I decided to add a bit of 'me' into the dish...isn't that right Franzy?" Exclaimed Maya as she teasingly shook Franziska's shoulders.

"....I tried to stop her...." Mumbled the female prosecutor almost barely audible.

"'s certainly VERY sweet." Said Lola as she clenched her face in disgust at the first bite.

"Oh, do you think it needs more whipped cream?" Asked Maya in all seriousness.

"N-No! Please no!" Exclaimed a now frightened Lola.

"So....did we do well?" Chimed Maya as clueless as ever.

"Umm....I'll give you points for creativity."

Phoenix was busy staring at Maya doing a little happy dance in celebration that he barely noticed Lola Loving approach Edgeworth and him.

"Okay, so what we have here is-" Started Phoenix.

He barely got halfway through his sentence, but Phoenix found that Lola was already gobbling down their bowl of noodles as if she hadn't eaten in years.

"I-I'm so sorry...I just need to eat ANYTHING to get that taste out of my mouth!" Exclaimed Lola with her face dripping of broth.

" does it taste?" Asked Edgeworth sarcastically.

"It looks like what you'd find in a baby's diaper, but I don't least it's edible!"

So their noodles were just a palette cleanser from Maya's horrific concoction? Oddly...Phoenix was okay with that.

"Ahh, finally something that doesn't look like a science experiment gone wrong!" Exclaimed a relieved Lola at Blackquill and Athena's noodles.

"Be prepared to taste the best noodles in your life!" Boasted Athena as she flashed a grin and a peace sign.

" is quite clear that you've saved the best for last." Said Blackquill with a devilish smirk.

Admittedly, their noodles looked damned good. Phoenix found his mouth watering at just how professionally made they appeared to be.

"Oh my lovely loving people...I must thank you for this delicious treat! This is just like the sun appearing for the first time after a long winter!" Exclaimed Lola after her first bite.

"Did you hear that Simon!?!? Your cooking is amazing!" Cried a delighted Athena as she hugged Blackquill in celebration.

"Oh....err....It's nothing really..." Replied Blackquill trying to conceal his growing blush.

"Well...I believe we have our winners right here folks!" Laughed Lola with a toss of heart-shaped confetti.

Phoenix groaned...just where in the hell was this woman keeping all this confetti anyways?

"......In your face losers!....." Beeped widget.

"So what's our prize!?!?" Asked Athena in anticipation.

"You and your partner will spend some quality time in the sun swimming with the dolphins!" Replied Lola with a twirl.

"DOLPHINS?!?" Exclaimed Athena happily.

"THE SUN!?!?" Grunted Blackquill in protest.

"Oh Simon, this is gonna be so much fun! Just you, me, and the dolphins!" Squealed Athena in excitement.

"But Cykes-dono-"

".....How romantic for a first date!..." Interjected widget.

"GWAAH! WIDGET NO!" Cried Athena grabbing widget in embarrassment.

"What was that?" Asked Blackquill with a smirk.


"Hmmph...very well. I'll go on this 'first date' with you if it'll make you happy."

"Oh Simon...thank you so much!"

They were finally out of that godforsaken kitchen; Phoenix was sure he would never attempt to make noodles ever's Eldoon's for life!

"So Edgeworth....where's the clue you found in the vent?" Whispered Phoenix as the two men were finally alone in the ship's hallway.

"I already passed it off to Detective Skye for fingerprint analysis."

"W-What!?!? I didn't even get to see it yet!" Pouted Phoenix in protest.

"Why does it matter? It was more important to get it to Miss Skye as soon as possible." Replied Edgeworth nonchalantly.

"B-but, can you at least tell me what it is?" Asked Phoenix with pleading eyes.

"Very well, it was-"

Edgeworth was cut off as the two men heard a strange noise from the janitor's closet....the very same closet that they caught Ema and Nahyuta fooling around in before.

"Klavier, stop! I'm ticklish there!"

"Herr Forehead, where are you NOT ticklish?"

Phoenix clenched his face in disgust at what was possibly going on behind that closet door.

" don't think-"

"I'd rather not find out Wright."

It looks like they had no choice in the matter, as the door swung open revealing Klavier and Apollo....looking even more disheveled than when Ema and Nahyuta had emerged from the same closet.

"GWAAAH! M-MR.WRIGHT! M-MR. EDGEWORTH! W-WHAT ARE YOU GUYS DOING HERE!?!?" Yelled Apollo in shock as he fumbled to zip up his open fly.

"....Apollo, what are you doing in the closet?" Asked Phoenix feeling like a broken record of having this conversation before.

"Herr Wright...I must ask instead, what are you NOT doing in the closet?" Asked Klavier with a sly smile.

"That doesn't even make any-" Started Edgeworth.

"No, no...he's got a point." Interjected Phoenix with a nervous laugh.

"Hmm, let me two were attacked by a rabid rat?" Asked Edgeworth in a sarcastic tone.

"Ummm....Y-Yes! T-That's it...How did you know!?" Asked Apollo trying to play along with the ruse.

"We've heard it before...those damned rats seems to be causing all sorts of troubles in this closet." Laughed Edgeworth as he began to walk away.

"So umm...we'll see you two at dinner later I guess? Apollo...I suggest you cover up that hickey on your neck before then." Laughed Phoenix as he trailed away behind Edgeworth.

"YEEEP!" Cried an embarrassed Apollo as he instinctively put his hand to his neck.

They soon found themselves at the ship's buffet area; nothing as glorious as the Titanic that was for sure. It was more like a bunch of tourists waiting in line to pile up their plates to more than what they could ever eat.

"Nick! Mr. Edgeworth! Over here!" Waved Maya from the buffet line.

"Maya...where's Franziska?" Asked Phoenix looking around for the female prosecutor.

"Oh Nick! You should have seen it! Franzy really did fight off someone for me! It's not just a story anymore!" Said Maya gripping Phoenix's arm with excitement.

"...My sister did what?" Asked Edgeworth raising his eyebrows curiously.

"A man was trying to get the last hamburger at the same time I was! That's when Franzy came in and whipped him for me! Though....he didn't turn into Godzilla as I thought he would." Explained Maya in slight disappointment at the lack of Godzilla from her tale.

"Oh...umm congrats?" Replied Phoenix sheepishly.

"Nick! This means that Franzy still likes me! I'm gonna ask her to come back to Kurain with me once this trip is over...i'm so nervous!" Clapped Maya with a happy little jump.

"Oh wow...Maya that's great! I'm sure you have nothing to be nervous about!" Said Phoenix with a gentle squeeze to the spirit medium's shoulder.

"Indeed...My sister is tough to get through to, but I believe she has a soft spot for you Miss Fey." Interjected Edgeworth with a small smile.

"R-Really?!? I'm gonna go check up on her in the washroom now! Hold my place in line Nick...I don't wanna miss out on the pasta!" Exclaimed Maya as she ran off.

Phoenix couldn't help but sigh as he looked back at Edgeworth. He was happy for Apollo, Athena, Ema and Maya for finding love...he just wished he could join in on the fun. It seemed that everytime he made progress with Edgeworth, the world tried to prevent anything real from happening.

" were gonna tell me what you found in the vent earlier?" Asked Phoenix trying to break the silence.

"There's not much to say about it was as we expected after all." Replied Edgeworth as they moved up in the buffet line.

"Don't beat around the bush Edgeworth! Just tell me what the hell it was!?" Replied Phoenix getting impatient.

"It was the ray-gun Wright. The same one that old hag uses." Mumbled Edgeworth in a terse tone.

"W-What!? Like....Wendy Oldbag? The security guard?!?!" Exclaimed Phoenix in shock.

"Indeed....I don't know what this means for our investigation." Sighed Edgeworth grabbing some salad from the buffet table.

" can't be her can it!?!? Even if Oldbag was a homicidal maniac on a couple's cruise ship, there's no way in hell she'd be strong enough to climb those shelves in the freezer, or push me overboard!"

"Don't jump to conclusions Wright. We still have clues to piece together; that ancient relic of a woman may be tied to this case somehow...or not at all." Said Edgeworth as the two men walked away from the buffet table.

"Right...I mean, surely there's a company that makes these ray-guns? It's probably just a coincidence..." Replied Phoenix with an awkward grin.

Edgeworth and him walked into a large dining area with their food in hand to meet up with the rest of the team. The fancy banquet hall and talks of Wendy Oldbag made Phoenix feel like he was at the Gatewater hotel again....just on the ocean this time around.

Chapter Text

The dining area was a sharp contrast in comparison to the tacky decor of the rest of the ship; with the fancy red carpeting and columns with gold-leaf finishing. Phoenix thought that they were really trying to over-compensate for what the rest of the ship lacked.

"Wow, you must really feel at home with all this gaudy decor around you Edgeworth." Laughed Phoenix as the two men took their seats at a white-linen lined table.

"Eh...I'd say it's a bit too flashy for my tastes." Scoffed Edgeworth with a glare towards the table's cheesy heart-shaped centerpiece.

"Too flashy? This coming from the man who owns a bright red sports car." Replied a sarcastic Phoenix with a smug grin.

"Well, at least I CAN drive unlike some people Wright." Laughed Edgeworth flashing a mischivous smirk.

"Pfft...yeah, well at least my bike isn't screaming for attention!" Huffed Phoenix in protest.

"Please Wright, I have no need to beg others for attention..." Replied Edgeworth with a scowl as he crossed his arms.

"Objection! Your fancy car practically screams 'Hey everyone, i'm chief prosecutor Edgeworth! Please look at me because i'm lonely!' You can't convince me you're not feeding for attention!" Retaliated Phoenix as he slammed his hand on the table.

"Hold it! If you're going to keep mocking me Wright I suggest that you-"

"Umm...Mr. Wright, Sir Edgeworth, do you mind if I have a minute of your time?"

Phoenix looked up to see Ema and Nahyuta standing near their table; both of them looking as fancy as their surroundings with Nahyuta in a white suit with his hair down, and Ema in a sparkly dress with her hair curled.

" BOTH look stunning!" Said a flustered Phoenix with a blush.

"Oh Mr.Wright, you're too kind!" Replied a bashful Ema.

"A' were wanting to speak with us Detective Skye?" Interjected Edgeworth with a glare.

The defense attorney noticed that Edgeworth's eye was practically twitching. Was this from their impromptu courtroom banter? Or maybe it was growing jealousy from Phoenix's compliments? If anything, it only proved his point that the chief prosecutor was starved for attention.

"Of course sir Edgeworth! You's about the 'special' piece of evidence you found." Stated Ema in a whisper to keep everything on the down-low.

"Well...what about it? I don't have all day Miss Skye." Scoffed Edgeworth impatiently.

" there's good news and bad news." Replied Ema nervously.

Phoenix began to feel anxious. What discoveries had been made about the strange ray-gun?

"The good news is we managed to find fingerprints on the evidence!"

"That's amazing Ema!" Said Phoenix as he slumped down in his chair with relief.

"....but...the bad news is the fingerprints don't belong to anyone we have on file." Sighed Ema with a frown.

Shit, the only chance of potential progress in the investigation and they blew it. Did this mean they were back at square one again?

"So, what do we do now?" Asked Phoenix in all earnesty.

"It means they need to get more fingerprints." Interjected Edgeworth nonchalantly.

"Right....we would need to gather fingerprints of everyone onboard." Sighed Ema tiredly.

"W-What!?! Everyone! T-That's a lot of do you plan to do it?" Asked Phoenix in shock.

"Well, Nahyuta and I are planning to pretend to be research students to get the other passengers to comply."

" far we have collected about 45 new sets of fingerprints." Interjected Nahyuta with a half-hearted smile.

"....out of?" Asked Edgeworth raising his eyebrows.

"Err....out of about 5,000 passengers and crew sir." Replied Ema with a timid laugh.

"Hmm...well it looks like you two have your work cut out for you. don't let us waste more of your time." Stated Edgeworth with a glare towards the two.

"Of course sir. We have faith that the Holy Mother will lead us to the truth." Said Nahyuta closing his eyes in prayer.

"Well....I hope you two enjoy your dinner!" Smiled Ema as she and Nahyuta walked off to their own table.

Phoenix looked across at Edgeworth and could tell by the growing lines on his face that the chief prosecutor was beginning to feel the stress of this investigation.

"Hey Edgeworth, don't worry about it...i'm sure Ema and Nahyuta have it under control. On the bright side, we're one step further in the investigation than we were yesterday." Said Phoenix with a reassuring smile.

"I know that Wright...but what if someone else gets killed again before we can help? I don't need more guilt on my shoulders with-"

"Hey, don't talk like that! We're in this together remember? I won't let you put yourself down Edgeworth...We always find the matter what." Replied Phoenix as he made eye contact with the prosecutor.

"But Wright-"

"No! No buts! We're gonna have a nice dinner tonight and enjoy ourselves okay?"

It was an instinctive move, but Phoenix stupidly reached his hand across the table to give Edgeworth's hand a reassuring pat. To his surprise, it was the chief prosecutor who reached back for the hand in a tighter grip when the defense attorney tried to move it away in embarrassment.

"Wright...thank you...I truly mean it." Said Edgeworth as he gently rubbed his thumb across Phoenix's knuckles.

"Ugh...hey...i-i''s no worries Edgeworth. I would do anything for you..hehe." Stuttered Phoenix with a goofy grin as he rubbed the back of his neck with his free hand.

"Hmm...funny enough, I actually believe that." Replied Edgeworth with a flirtatious smirk.

Phoenix wanted to pinch himself because surely he was dreaming. Was he really holding hands with THE Miles Edgeworth in public of all places?!?!?  It was almost like there was some dark empty void within the defense attorney's heart, but it became full with the chief prosecutor's touch. Nothing could possibly ruin this moment-


Phoenix and Edgeworth tore their hands away from each-other in a fluster as Maya and Franziska approached their table. Why the hell couldn't they just eat in peace!?!?

"Hey Maya, what's-AHHHH!"

Phoenix found himself startled at the image of Maya wearing the EXACT same outfit as Franziska; puffy shoulders and all...he had never seen Maya wearing such frilly clothing.

"Haha, did I surprise you? Franzy let me borrow one of her outfits for dinner tonight...don't I look good!" Exclaimed Maya with a turn to show off her new look.

"Maya, look umm-OUCH!" Started Phoenix as he was hit with Franziska's whip.

"Phoenix Wright you fool! Don't you dare say that Maya Fey is anything other than beautiful!" Scowled Franziska about to crack her whip again.

"B-But, I wasn't gonna say-OWW!"

"Franziska, that's quite enough. Now Miss Fey, I will say you look like a Von Karma in that outfit...take that as you will." Interjected Edgeworth with a devilish smirk.

"Yay! I'm taking that as a compliment! Now come on Franzy...I don't want my pasta to get cold!" Exclaimed Maya happy as she dragged Franziska away by the hand.

Phoenix took notice when everyone else entered the dining hall. Klavier and Apollo in purple and red suits; Apollo's looking about ten sizes too big for him, as the young defense attorney kept tugging his pants up. Athena and Blackquill both with their hair down, and the female defense attorney wearing a bright yellow dress. Looking down at himself, Phoenix felt rather under-dressed in his usual blue suit.

"Err...Edgeworth, was there a dress-code for this dinner or something? I feel like we missed a memo." Whispered Phoenix across the table.

"What do you mean WE Wright? I happen to always look's not my fault you feel plain in comparison." Laughed Edgeworth with a smile.

"Hey! I could probably make a onesie look good!" Pouted Phoenix in protest.

"If you insist're lucky you have that stellar personality to make up for your lack of style coordination." Replied Edgeworth with a wink.

"Pfft...says the man who wears a garment from the 1800's!"

Edgeworth was about to open his mouth with a rebuttle, though he was interrupted by a familiar voice speaking from the dining hall's stage.

"Hello my lovely loving people! Can you all hear me well? I hope everyone's enjoying their dinner so far!" Squeaked Lola through the stage's microphone.

Edgeworth and Phoenix glared at each-other. Just what the hell was Lola Loving about to put them through now?

"My lovelies! It's time for all of us to play a game! That's right...if everyone looks under their chair, you should find a bright red buzzer!" Exclaimed Lola with a twirl.

Sure enough, when Phoenix looked under his chair, there was a bright red buzzer. Along with everyone else, he hesitantly grabbed the buzzer and placed it on the table as if it were a bomb about to explode; which he was no stranger to.

"Now, I know you're all wondering what game we're gonna play with these buzzers! Well...we're gonna play the newly wed game! A game where I ask each couple a question, and they respond to see who knows the most about their partner!" Cried Lola as she tossed heart-shaped confetti from the stage.

Phoenix and Edgeworth groaned in unison...there was no way in hell they were getting out of this one easily.

"Let's start with table number six! What is your partner's favourite band?" Asked Lola reading from a que card towards Maya and Franziska.

"Ahh, I don't know! Do you even listen to music Maya Fey?!?!" Exclaimed a frazzled Franziska.


"Oooo, I know! I know! You told me this one before Franzy! It's that German metal band that you always listen to!" Cried Maya frantically as she hit her buzzer.

"That heinous noise that Franziska calls music...I unfortunately had to grow up with her blasting it from her room all the time." Groaned Edgeworth at the not so fond memory.

"Maya Fey, are you referring to Rammstein? Papa and little brother hated of course I played it as loud as I could." Said Franziska with a laugh.

"Yes, that's the one! Am I right?" Asked Maya with anticipation.

"Well, since you didn't know the name, I can only reward half a point!" Replied Lola half-heartedly as Maya slumped in frustration.

Phoenix watched nervously as Athena and Blackquill were next for questioning.

"Alright, table number seven! What's your partner's favourite genre of music?"


"Cykes-dono only listens to bubble-gum pop much to my dismay." Stated Blackquill as he casually hit his buzzer.

"S-Simon...that's right! Now for you...I don't know...umm...doom metal?" Asked Athena with an unsure expression.

"Country...I listen to country." Replied Blackquill with a small smirk.


"Easy Cykes-dono, don't judge a book by its cover...I very much enjoy Johnny Cash." Replied Blackquill as he slammed his hand on the table with laughter.

".....Err, alright, moving on. Table number three! What is your partner's favourite colour?"

Phoenix tensed up at the realization that they were table number three. Wait....why were they getting such a lame question? The defense attorney secretly wanted something juicier...


" blue." Replied Edgeworth nonchalantly as he pressed his buzzer.

"Yeah...that's right! Umm...for you it's red.
..specifically alazarin crimson!" Replied Phoenix with a smile of pride at remembering his art school knowledge.

"Hmm...i'm impressed Wright." Smiled Edgeworth with a wink.

"Hurray! The first table to win a complete two points!" Exclaimed Lola happily as she tossed more heart-shaped confetti.

Phoenix felt a bit disappointed even though they did well...surely she would come back around again with another question?

"Table number one! Who wears the pants in the relationship?" Asked Lola towards Ema and Nahyuta.



"ME!" Exclaimed both Ema and Nahyuta as they pressed their buzzers in unison.

"WHAT!? NO WAY?!?" Huffed Ema in frustration.

"Umm....yes way. I'm the one who controls our affairs!" Exclaimed Nahyuta now clutching his prayer beads in anger.

"Nuh-ugh! You follow me around like a little puppy dog all the time!" Scowled Ema crossing her arms.

" points here folks!"

Yikes...not another argument between those two. It looks as though the tables have really turned on the ship's 'golden couple.'

"Table number two! What's your partner's favourite sex position?" Asked Lola with a wink towards Klavier and Apollo.

"WHAT THE HELL! WHY DO WE GET THE SEX QUESTION!?!?" Exclaimed Apollo in embarrassment.

Why was Phoenix a bit jealous that they DIDN'T get the sex question?


"Relax Herr Forehead...I know the answer. You enjoy the upside-down cowgirl position." Stated Klavier as he pressed his buzzer with a snarky smile.

"W-What!? B-But how did you-
N-N-EVERMIND! I REFUSE TO ANSWER!" Stuttered Apollo in shame.

"Okay....One point it is then!"

Lola went around every table and then some, asking mundane questions that anyone should know about their partner, such as 'what is their favourite food?' To Phoenix's surprise, Maya and Franziska managed to gather up lots of points when Lola circled back to them again.

"What is your partner's main aspiration in life?"



"Maya Fey aspires to be the greatest spirit medium in all of Kurain!" Answered Franziska with a smug grin.

"And Franzy wants to be a great female prosecutor! One who crushes 'foolish fools' like Phoenix Wright!" Exclaimed Maya with an impersonation of Franziska about to crack her whip.

"Amazing! Two points for both of you!"

Phoenix scoffed...that was an easy question. Lola's last question to Edgeworth and him was 'what's your partner's favourite math equation?' Like who the hell is supposed to know that!?!?

"Time to get personal table three! What's the steamiest sexual fantasy you've ever had about your partner?" Asked Lola towards Phoenix and Edgeworth.

Phoenix gulped as he began to blush. He had gotten the sex question, but was now beginning to regret it. The one and only sexual fantasy he's had about Edgeworth literally happened only a few days ago! There was no way in hell Edgeworth was gonna answer such a personal-


Phoenix's jaw dropped in surprise when Edgeworth hit his buzzer. The defense attorney felt his legs turn to jello at the piercing gaze the chief prosecutor was currently giving him.

".....The back of my car..." Mumbled Edgeworth under his breathe.

"W-What!?!?" Exclaimed Phoenix in shock.

"....the back of my car. I've thought about you and I in 'that way' before...and umm....we were in the back of my car." Replied Edgeworth now avoiding Phoenix's stare.

"B-But.....R-Really!??!" Asked Phoenix with an intense blush.

"Whoo! We love raw honestly! I'll give ten points for that! Which brings us to a tie-breaker between table three and table six!" Exclaimed Lola with a twirl.

Phoenix was in a daze; Lalaland at that. He felt as if he had heatstroke if he would simply topple over and faint. There were far too many questions running through his mind, he didn't even notice that it was him and Edgeworth against Maya and Franziska for the final round...

"Just to tell both couples what's at stake. The winner shall be recieving a romantic one-on-one candle-lit dinner on the ship's private balcony under the sunset with their partner!"

Phoenix looked over at Edgeworth to see a new sense of determination in his eyes...though Franziska had the same look as well.

"Alright...the final question. Who is the warrior of the fictional city Olde Neo Tokyo?"



Edgeworth and Maya slammed the buzzers almost immedietly in unison; their eyes locking with each-other as if they were facing off in court together.

"I know! It's the-"

"Miss Fey! I beg of you please! I'll give you any piece of merchandise you want!" Interjected Edgeworth desperately.

"Like what?" Asked Maya intrigued.

"Maya Fey! Don't listen to my fool of a brother! Just answer the question!" Begged Franziska tugging on Maya's shoulder.

"Miss Fey...I happen to own a platinum figurine from the series! I'll give it to trade required!" Pleaded Edgeworth.

"W-What!?!? A platinum figurine!?!? B-But, they only made five of those when the series first aired!" Exclaimed Maya in shock.

"Indeed...and I happen to own one. I paid a pretty penny for it on ebay."

"And you'd give it to me for free!?!? But Mr. Edgeworth, it's limited edition!"

"Maya Fey...don't be weak to my brother's will!" Exclaimed Franziska in frustration.

"I am well aware. It's still sealed in the box and everything....along with the collector's edition trading card that comes with it." Replied Edgeworth with a sly smile knowing he had just sealed the deal.

"S-SOLD!!!! ANSWER THAT QUESTION MR. EDGEWORTH AND TAKE NICK OUT TO A NICE DINNER!" Cried Maya as she jumped up and down with a clap.

"Maya.....No!" Sighed Franziska as she slumped her head down on the table in defeat.


"A'hem...the answer to the question is the Steel Samurai of course!" Replied Edgeworth confidently.

"Correct! We have our winners folks! Thank you all for playing!" Exclaimed Lola as she twirled away while throwing confetti everywhere.

Phoenix did nothing but smile like an idiot in Edgeworth's direction. It looked like the chief prosecutor had taken a page out of Blackquill's power of suggestion book when it came to swaying Maya over. Still...Edgeworth really gave up a valuable collector's item from his favourite series just to take his pathetic ass to dinner. Phoenix had so much he wanted to say...but now was not the right tim

Chapter Text

Phoenix found himself pacing back and forth in his room with growing anxiety, as today was the romantic dinner with Edgeworth that they had won at last night's game show. Though, Phoenix hadn't actually seen the chief prosecutor all day. Edgeworth left early in the morning claiming to search for more clues in regards to the investigation; this left Phoenix alone with his nerves for hours on end.

"C'mon, I must have something formal to wear!" Mumbled Phoenix to himself as he dug through his suitcase, throwing clothes everywear.

Unlike last night, he wanted to look presentable; maybe even fancier than Edgeworth himself. However, Phoenix was having a hard time finding something more dapper than his usual blue suit.

"Hey...what the hell is this?"

Peering into the bottom of his suitcase, Phoenix took notice of a neatly folded two-piece black tuxedo....this certainly wasn't something he remembered packing. There was also a yellow sticky note that was pressed atop the bundle of clothing:


Hey Daddy,

I hope you have fun on your trip! I know you'll be with Mr. Edgeworth, so I got your old suit dry-cleaned! Now you can really look the part of a sharp-dressed man!


Trucy :)


Phoenix's face was plastered with a wide grin as he read the note. He missed his daughter terribly, though he was grateful that even she came prepared when he didn't.

"Shit! It's almost 6:00 already, I need to get ready!" Exclaimed a flustered Phoenix as he stared at the bedside clock.

The dinner wasn't until 7:00, but Phoenix was sure he needed a good hour to prepare. After all, he hadn't gone on a real date in well over a decade; what should he even be expecting?

"Time to turn my scrawny ass into someone even Brad Pitt would be jealous of!"

After spending a good fourty minutes in the shower, Phoenix tried his best to glam himself up in front of the mirror. He caked on about ten layers of deodorant, made sure he was clean-shaven, and of course assured that his hair was EXTRA spikey. God, he felt like a teenager again...having no clue what to do for a first date.

"Jesus, I can't believe I actually brought this stuff with me..." Groaned Phoenix in embarrassment as he picked up a small glass bottle from the bathroom counter.

It was a cologne called 'deadly attraction'. Larry gave it to him as a birthday gift last year; according to Butz, this fragrance is what gets him all the ladies. Phoenix sighed in defeat as he reluctantly spritzed himself with the pungent perfume...Edgeworth was no different than a lady...right?

"Move over James Bond, i'm the new 007 baby!"

After putting on the black tuxedo, Phoenix stepped out of the bathroom to get a good look at himself in a full-length mirror within the cabin. To say he was feeling confident would be an understatement...he was dressed to the nine and he liked what he saw in the reflection.

"The name's Wright...Phoenix Wright." Said the defense attorney in impersonation of James Bond as he did a finger-gun pose in the mirror.

Hmm...he was a little rusty when it came to flirting. Maybe this was a good time to practice?

"So, Edgeworth...aside from being sexy, what else do you do in your free time?" Said Phoenix with a wink as he leaned against the mirror.

God...that was terrible. No way Edgeworth would fall for that.

"Hey Edgeworth...if you were a vegetable, you'd be a CUTE-cumber." Said Phoenix laughing stupidly at his own pun.

Nope...that wouldn't do it either.

"Hey...if you were a booger, i'd pick you first."

Okay, that was the worst one so far...

"God i'm hopeless..."

Phoenix's heart began to race and his palms felt sweaty as he saw that it was time to meet with Edgeworth for this date. Either this was about to be one of the best nights of his life...or one of the worst. He couldn't stop thinking about the chief prosecutor as he made his way to the ship's private balcony...would Edgeworth really reciprocate his feelings?

" goes nothing." Said Phoenix with a deep breath, adjusting his tie before opening the door that lead out to the balcony.

When Phoenix opened the door, his eyes grew wide as he let out an audible gasp; it was truly a beautiful venue. There was a fancy table in the center of the balcony, complete with food and candles. Not to mention the ocean view, as the sun was now setting...covering the area in bright hues of orange and yellow.

"I see that you finally made it...I was beginning to think that i've been stood-up."

Phoenix directed his glance back towards the table to see Edgeworth standing with a snarky smile. The defense attorney felt himself blush, as the chief prosecutor was also dressed in a much fancier red suit than usual.

" look great..." Mustered Phoenix as he rubbed the back of his neck awkwardly, still too nervous to get his thoughts in order.

"I...umm...thank you Wright. I must say, you look quite dashing as well." Replied Edgeworth with a gentle smile.

"Hey, what did I tell you...I can make ANYTHING look good!" Laughed Phoenix in a sarcastic tone.

"Indeed...I see you have proven me wrong."

Phoenix looked down at his arms swaying back and forth at his side as the two men stood together awkwardly. Normally, it would be a breeze for him to engage in banter with Edgeworth...but this whole date thing was beginning to feel too real.

"Err....I umm....I got this for you." Said Edgeworth shyly as he presented a single red rose towards the defense attorney.

"'s beautiful. I can't say anyone's ever gotten me flowers before." Said Phoenix sheepishly as he took the rose ever so gently as if it would break.

" deserve it..." Replied Edgeworth bluntly as he looked off to the side.

Phoenix's stomach was doing somersaults and he could feel the heat rising to the very tip of his ears. With a single red rose from the man he adored more than anything, he felt like he was on the Bachelor....err...not that he watches that show or anything.

"So...umm, shall we?" Asked Edgeworth motioning towards the candlelit table.

"Of course...this is why we're here isn't it?" Replied Phoenix with a goofy grin.

The defense attorney was about to pull out his chair for himself, but was surprised when Edgeworth interrupted him.

"Allow me Wright." Said Edgeworth as he pulled out Phoenix's chair for him.

"Wow, I didn't know you could be such a gentlemen Edgeworth." Said Phoenix with a blush as he took his seat.

"I've always been a gentlemen've just never cared to notice it." Scoffed Edgeworth as he took his own seat across the table.

"Hey, it's not my fault that I only really get to see the intimidating side of you in court." Sighed Phoenix in reply.

"Well what would you like me to do about that Wright? Do you want me to address you as 'Darling' or 'Honey' in court from now on?" Smiled Edgeworth sarcastically.

Yes....God yes....

"Umm no...nothing like that! I just wish I could see more of 'you' in the real you...not the you that Von Karma taught you to be." Said Phoenix reluctantly as he poked around the food on his plate to avoid the prosecutor's glare.

"....and what is it to you Wright? You always defeat me regardless." Glared Edgeworth as he crossed his arms.

"I just....I like the real you Edgeworth." Replied Phoenix as he stared at the red rose that now lay beside him on the table.

Edgeworth had no reply. The chief prosecutor deciding to opt out of the conversation in favour of eating his food in Phoenix did the same. It was a fancy dinner that's for sure; the kind with the fancy little smudges of sauce on the plate...though Phoenix could have done without the caviar. Just what the hell do rich people get out of eating fish eggs?

"So...who would have thought we'd end up here eh?" Interjected Phoenix to break the silence after the meal was finished.

"What do you mean by that?" Asked Edgeworth with raised eyebrows.

"You day we're nine years old in a classroom trial, and the next we're having a candlelit dinner on a freakin' murder ship! It's just....we've been through so much together." Finished Phoenix with a gentle laugh.

"Hmm...I would say it's because you're impossible to get rid of. I dare say you're worse than a fly!" Exclaimed Edgeworth with a devilish grin.

"Pfft...well too bad so sad! You're stuck with me full-time now baby!" Retaliated Phoenix with a laugh.

"It looks like I am...what a shame for me." Replied Edgeworth with a wink.

Edgeworth propped his elbow up on the table, resting his cheek in one hand as he stared adoringly at the defense attorney. Phoenix decided he would do the same. After all, he had never seen Edgeworth be so 'open' about his emotions before.

" about we open this bottle of wine?" Asked Edgeworth as he broke himself from the other man's gaze.

"....oh....umm, sure!" Replied a frazzled Phoenix.

Phoenix watched as Edgeworth cracked open what looked to be a $100 bottle of wine; pouring the drink out into both their glasses. The defense attorney wasn't really a wine guy...but for Edgeworth, he'd make any exception.

"So...I was actually going to toast this dinner to you..." Interjected Edgeworth nervously.

"T-To me?!?! B-But...Why!?" Exclaimed Phoenix in honest shock.

"Just this past decade, I don't think i've thanked you enough for all that you've done for me Wright. Defending me in court, bringing me back from the 'dead'...and most importantly, offering me your friendship when I was nothing but cruel." Stated Edgeworth as he closed his eyes in contemplation.

"Edgeworth, that's ridiculous! If anything, I'M the one who should be thanking YOU!" Protested Phoenix as he slammed his hand on the table as if he were in court.

"Really? Thank me for what?"

"Jesus Edgeworth, where do I even start? I wouldn't even be a defense attorney without're the one who inspired me! You helped me when Maya was kidnapped...err...both times it happened at that! Not to mention, I got my badge back thanks to you-"


"If I was still disbarred...who knows where i'd be now...probably in some shady shack playing poker, and dragging poor Trucy with me! You were always the one to save me Edgeworth...each and every time, because I failed to do so on my own. Truthfully, I wish I could be half the man that you are..."

Phoenix felt his eyes gloss over with tears as he finally said what he needed to get off his chest for years now. It was a weight off his shoulders....but Edgeworth remained silent for quite some time.

"Wright....i'm afraid that you're too good for me..." Interjected Edgeworth in a shaky voice as he made eye contact with the defense attorney.


"I don't deserve you...or your companionship..."

"Goddamnit Edgeworth, that's not true! I just poured out my heart about all you've done for me! Why the hell do you keep pushing me away from you?" Exclaimed a frustrated Phoenix as he slumped down in his chair.

"That's exactly the point Wright...I need to keep you away from me, if only for your own good. You're a good man...far better than me, and you could do so much better-"


Phoenix found himself standing up from his chair; extending his index finger in full towards the chief prosecutor. It was time for Phoenix to make his true feelings known...

"Wright, must you always be so ridiculous?" Sighed Edgeworth as he rolled his eyes.

"For you to listen...yes! The truth is Edgeworth, i'm not gonna find anyone better than you! You know why? Because the only person I want to be with is right in-front of me. It's you Edgeworth...and it's always gonna be you...ever since we were nine years old it's been you. I-I'm sorry it took me this long to figure out...i'm just...bad with this kind of stuff." Finished Phoenix as he rubbed the back of his neck.

His confession was quick, but phoenix meant every word of it. Unfortunately for him, it was almost impossible to read Edgeworth's reaction with that expressionless face of his.

"...Wright I....ummm-" Started Edgeworth nervously.

"Yes Edgeworth?"

"Would you umm...would you like to watch the sunset with me?" Asked Edgeworth with an earnest smile.

"It would be my pleasure."

At that, Edgeworth offered his hand out towards Phoenix, to which the defense attorney happily took hold off. The chief prosecutor lead him to the rails of the balcony; their fingers intertwining as they watched the sun set over the ocean.

"Beautiful view isn't it?" Asked Edgeworth looking out over the rails.

"Yeah...beautiful." Replied a lovestruck Phoenix staring at the chief prosecutor's face.

Edgeworth immedietly blushed and turned away as he looked over to see the other man staring at him; Phoenix thought it was cute. Though admittedly, the sunset was beautiful as well...maybe he should send a photo to Trucy.

"Really Wright? I wouldn't expect you to be one to ruin a moment." Scoffed Edgeworth as Phoenix took out his phone to take a photo.

"'s for Trucy." Laughed Phoenix as he shoved the phone back in his pocket.

" you think she would enjoy going on a cruise?" Asked Edgeworth with genuine curiosity.

"Are you kidding? She would love it! Her 18th birthday's coming up, as well as her high school graduation...I just wish I could take her on a special vacation or something...not that I can afford it." Replied Phoenix sheepishly.

"Hmm...I believe she might prefer a Disney cruise as opposed to a murder ship though." Stated Edgeworth with a sarcastic smirk.

"Hehe...of course! Man, she would really love that!"

"Tell you about we take your daughter on that special vacation for her birthday this summer? All expenses are on me."

"E-Edgeworth...I can't expect you to-"

"No objections this time Wright...I won't allow it."

"B-But...I....thank you Miles..." Said Phoenix with growing tears at the chief prosecutor's generosity.

"....You're welcome Phoenix."

The defense attorney felt himself melt as Edgeworth leaned in to place a gentle kiss on his cheek. In turn, Phoenix rested his head on the chief prosecutor's shoulder as the two continued to watch the sunset together...nothing felt more right in all his life.

"Is that cologne I smell?" Asked Edgeworth in a snarky tone.

" like it?" Laughed Phoenix flirtatiously.

"Well, it kind of smells like Larry...but it's on you, so I suppose i'll make an exception." Replied Edgeworth with a sarcastic smile.

The two men looked at each-other and laughed bashfully...Phoenix was sure that nothing would ruin this moment, nothing could possibly-

"Why hello there lovebirds!"


"Hehe...sorry, I hope I didn't interrupt anything!"

Phoenix and Edgeworth spun around in surprise to see who came through the door. To the defense attorney's surprise, it wasn't Lola Loving...but an elderly looking man.

"I umm....not at all Captain." Stated Edgeworth awkwardly.

"Captain?" Asked Phoenix in confusion.

"Hoho! I believe i've only met one of you haven't I? Allow me to introduce myself...I am Captain Coldheart! It is I who runs the 'love on the waves' cruise ship!" Hacked the old man with a laugh.

So this was the infamous Captain Coldheart that Phoenix had heard so much about? Well, he certainly looked the part with the large gray moustache, captain's hat, and a pipe hanging from his mouth.

"Captain's nice to meet you. But umm...what are you doing here?" Asked Phoenix a bit annoyed at the old man's prescence.

"Oh my! I came to visit your partner of course!" Laughed the captain with a long puff of his pipe.

"You need Edgeworth?" Asked a now concerned Phoenix.

"Well I just need to borrow him for a bit! You see, he was the one who called in the murder of poor Mrs. Hays...I would just like to follow up with him is all!" Laughed the captain with a hacking cough.

"How long will this take Captain?" Asked Edgeworth with a sigh.

"Now don't you worry! You'll be back in your lover's arms in no time! After all, that's what this darned ship is for...haha!"

"Alright...just give me a moment will you?"

"No worries at all! When you're ready, just come and meet me on the ship's port!" Exclaimed the captain as he left the balcony with one last hacking cough.

"Edgeworth, I don't like this...he wants to meet with you alone? What if he's the killer we've been looking for?" Asked a concerned Phoenix.

"Relax...he's a frail old man Wright. I have everything under control." Replied Edgeworth as he gave Phoenix's shoulder a reassuring squeeze.


"Don't worry...just go back to our cabin and relax...i'll meet you there tonight."

Phoenix reluctantly complied as he and Edgeworth went their separate ways for for the rest of the evening. The defense attorney soon found himself plopped on the bed in his room; holding onto the red rose that the chief prosecutor had given him, as he brought it to his nose to gently sniff the floral scent.

"Look at's like i'm a goddamn Disney princess!" Laughed Phoenix to himself in embarrassment.

He was a a grown-ass man and a father of a teenage girl, but here he was swooning like he was some kind of high school girl with a crush. Maybe it's a good thing though...the chief prosecutor makes him feel young again. It was at this moment of contemplation that Phoenix Wright relaized he was stupidly, madly, and utterly in love with Miles Edgeworth.

Chapter Text

Phoenix stared at the bedside clock that read 1:30 AM; Edgeworth still wasn't back from his meeting with Captain Coldheart yet. The defense attorney was still plopped on the bed in his tuxedo...waiting anxiously for the chief prosecutor's return.

"C'mon Edgeworth, where the hell are you?" Groaned Phoenix to himself as he let out a yawn.

He had managed to passout for a few hours after dinner. When he awoke, Phoenix was filled with worry at the empty spot on the bed where the chief prosecutor should have been.

"Screw it, i'm going out to look for him myself!" Exclaimed Phoenix to himself as he pushed himself off of the bed.

The defense attorney left his room quietly. This ship was quite eerie at this hour with no one awake; looking more like a ghost ship than anything else. Phoenix shuddered as he walked through the dark hallways, as he remembered that there was still a murderer lurking about.

"Come on Phoenix, pull yourself together...Miles needs you." Whispered Phoenix to himself as he roamed the quiet hallways of the ship.

He wished he would have brought a flashlight or something. Why the hell does the ship turn off all the lights at night? Are they really that frugal? Or perhaps it makes it easier to get away with murder...

"E-Edgeworth? Are you here? I-It's me...Phoenix."

His voice was practically trembling with fear. Not only was he worried for himself, but he was panicking over Edgeworth's safety. The day he confesses his feelings to the man and he goes wonderful. Was the universe really trying to keep them apart?

"Shit, it's like i'm stuck in a goddamn labrynth!" Said Phoenix in frustration as he  struggled to keep his voice down.

The defense attorney had investigated every nook and cranny of the ship's interior to the best of his ability; slipping and sliding in the dark banquet hall, almost tripping into a vat of ranch dressing in the buffet area, and stepping on soggy old noodles in the kitchen. His after midnight sleuthing skills clearly weren't what they used to be.

"Still no Edgeworth anywhere..." Said Phoenix with an exasperated sigh.

There was no where else left to search but the outer decks of the ship. Luckily, the light of the moon shining through a few windows guided Phoenix in the dark.

"God, why the hell does this stuff only ever happen to me? I'm getting too old for this shit! I've paid my dues already, it's never Athena and Apollo who have to-"

Phoenix's rant was interrupted as he froze in his tracks. For outside the window, he momentarily saw a shadowy figure walk past under the moonlight.

"H-Hello? I-Is anyone there? Asked Phoenix reluctantly, only to receive the echo of his own voice in a quiet room.

Shit. It was do or die time...Phoenix had to investigate the ship's outer deck; even with that mysterious figure. He had to make sure Edgeworth was okay...he just had to.

"O-Okay, have it your way buddy....i-i'm coming outside're gonna regret this!" Exclaimed the defense attorney trying to sound intimidating, though his hands were trembling as he opened the sliding glass door to the main deck.

Once Phoenix was outside he felt a chill up his spine from the cool night air; the shadowy figure was nowhere to be seen. All the defense attorney could see were empty lounge chairs, tables, and patio umbrellas rustling in the wind.

"H-Hello? I know I saw you...come out come out wherever you are!"

God, Phoenix was really regretting this right now. Just why was he speaking to a potential killer in the same way he used to talk to his daughter when they would play hide-and-seek together?

"Ugh....Pool deck it is then..." Phoenix groaned to himself as he cautiously made his way around the corner to the pool deck; looking behind him in paranoia every two seconds.

As he arrived at the pool deck, Phoenix was met with a parallel sight of lounge chairs and tables around the pool...though something was different this time. Leaning against the rails of the ship was Miles Edgeworth...looking out over the open ocean in contemplation.

"E-EDGEWORTH!?!? ARE YOU OKAY!?!? WHERE THE HELL HAVE YOU BEEN!?!?" Exclaimed Phoenix as he flapped his arms; no longer caring about keeping it quiet.

"Tone it down Wright...i've been alright." Replied the prosecutor nonchalantly as he turned to stare down the bewildered defense attorney.

"W-What do you mean you've been alright!?!? It's almost 2AM! You said you would come back to the room tonight!" Cried Phoenix as he shook Edgeworth by the shoulders, much to the prosecutor's dismay.

"That's true...though I didn't specify WHAT time tonight I would be coming back." Replied Edgeworth with a snarky grin.

"Y-You son of a bitch! Y-You're the worst! Do you even know the wild goose chase I went on tonight to look for you?!? Exclaimed Phoenix, now shaking the other man's shoulders more vigorously.

"Hmm...You were worried about me Wright?" Asked Edgeworth with a raised eyebrow.

"O-Of course I was worried about you! You're a goddman idiot Edgeworth!" Said Phoenix with a sigh of defeat, as he sunk his head onto the other man's shoulder with relief.

"My apologies...I didn't mean to cause you any trouble." Replied Edgeworth in a gentle tone as he wrapped his arms around the defense attorney in a hug.

With his arms wrapped tight around the prosecutor, Phoenix knew he couldn't stay mad at him...even if he wanted to.

"So...umm...what did the captain want with you?" Asked Phoenix awkwardly as the two released from the hug.

"I think he's onto us Wright." Sighed Edgeworth as he went back to leaning against the rails.

"W-What do you mean?" Asked the defense atrorney; now also leaning up on the rails.

"I think he knows about us being undercover....about our investigation on the ship. He kept asking me about what our group is doing here...and why we keep finding ourselves in situations we shouldn't be in."

"Well...What did you say?"

"I told him that we're a group of forensic's research students...and that we're intrigued to study the murders onboard; for research purposes...and nothing else." Stated Edgeworth running a hand through his hair.

"So he thinks we're here as students? Not to catch the culprit? Did he believe you?"

"I don't know Wright...though he didn't pry any further. I would say it's best for us to wrap up this investigation as soon as possible...before anything were to happen."

"So...if that's all the meeting was about, what the hell have you been doing out here by yourself for so many hours?" Accused Phoenix with a scowl as he put his hands on his hips.

"I've just been thinking....about you." Mumbled Edgeworth under his breathe.


Phoenix felt his face flush. He couldn't deny how irresistable the chief prosecutor looked under the moonlight; his silver hair shining bright as it blew gently in the wind. If Phoenix was a Disney princess, he was damn sure that Edgeworth fit the bill perfectly for his prince.

"Thinking about me eh? I umm...I hope that's a good thing." Laughed Phoenix with a goofy grin as he rubbed the back of his neck awkwardly.

"I just...didn't know how to face you tonight...after you informed me of your true feelings...I...I needed a few moments to process everything I suppose." Explained Edgeworth; closing his eyes and letting his head fall down in shame.

"H-Hey...don't worry about it Edgeworth. This is..umm...this is all new to me too. Let's figure it out together okay?" Phoenix said with a reassuring smile as patted Edgeworth's hand.

"'re too good to me, you know that right?" Replied the chief prosecutor with a sly smile.

At that, Phoenix felt the other man's arm slide around his waist. Even if there was a murderer out and about somewhere, the defense attorney immedietly felt safe in Edgeworth's arms.

" photo of the moon for Trucy?" Asked Edgeworth teasingly.

" me, i've tried it already." Replied Phoenix sheepishly as he remembered the night he was almost pushed overboard.

Phoenix stared up at the chief prosecutor looking out over the ocean. The defense attorney had a question he wanted to ask...but wasn't sure if the other man would oblige.

"Hey, umm...Edgeworth?"

"What is it Wright?"

"I was just umm...I was just wondering if you wanted to dance....with me?" Asked Phoenix shyly; almost cowering away from the prosecutor's intense stare.

"Dance? Right now? Why on earth would you want to do that?" Asked Edgeworth as he raised an eyebrow and crossed his arms.

"...Because I was impressed with how well you knew how to dance. I've been wanting to do it again ever since." Replied Phoenix with a nervous grin.

"We don't even have music..."

"I could sing! I know a mean Dean Martin!" Exclaimed Phoenix with excitement.

"No! On behalf of the entire ship, i'd say we've heard enough of your singing!" Cried Edgeworth in protest.

"Hehe...okay, no music then...we don't need it."

"But how will we keep a steady rhythm without-"

"Miles....just dance with me." Interjected Phoenix as he offered his hand out towards the other man.

To the defense attorney's surprise, Edgeworth reluctantly took his hand and placed his arm around Phoenix's waist. Of course the chief prosecutor was just as good a dancer as he was the other night. Though this time, the two found themselves dancing alone under the moonlight.

"This is umm...this is nice." Said Edgeworth nervously.

"Nice? It's can say it's romantic Edgeworth." Laughed Phoenix with an earnest smile.

"A'hem...okay...this is romantic Wright." Replied Edgeworth reluctantly, as if the words were foreign.

Phoenix couldn't help but laugh. Intimate words sounded almost alien coming out of Edgeworth's mouth...but he was trying, and Phoenix thought it was cute. The defense atrorney wrapped his arms around tightly around the other man's neck as they continued to sway under the night really was romantic.

"Hey...Edgeworth?" Asked Phoenix gazing adoringly into the other man's eyes.

"What is it this time Wright?"

"C-Can I umm...can I kiss you?" Asked Phoenix nervously as he stared at the prosecutor's lips.

"Wright...I umm...b-but...we don't need to...I mean, we're not undercover or anything..." Replied a now flustered Edgeworth.

"I know that. I'm asking because I want to."

Before Edgeworth could reply, the two were interrupted by a third party walking across the pool deck.

"Oh! My lovely loving people! I...Umm...I didn't expect anyone else out here so late!"

It was Lola Loving; carrying a giant black garbage bag that made a metallic rustling noise everytime it moved.

"Miss Loving? What are YOU doing out here so late?" Huffed Phoenix in slight frustration at being cockblocked yet again.

"Oh my! I umm...i'm just taking out the trash! Yup, we prefer to do things late out here as to not disturb the guests!" Chimed Lola with a fake plastered smile.

"Okay, so-"

"Well, I must be getting back to work now! Please don't let me interrupt your lovefest! Bye now!" Exclaimed Lola in a panic as she ran off.

"So you think she's suspicious?"

"VERY suspicious...."

Phoenix sighed to himself...they would have to investigate this wouldn't they?

"Well, you know as well as I do Wright...let's chase after her before she gets away with whatever she's doing." Stated Edgeworth with determination as he ran off after Lola Loving.

"Hey! Edgeworth, wait up!" Exclaimed Phoenix as he ran after the other man.

The two followed after Lola Loving across the pool deck. Though, it must have been they didn't see the 'caution-wet' sign that was by the edge of the pool. When they finally was too little too late.


"Edgeworth, are you- AHHHHH!"

In an instant, Phoenix found himself submerged in the swimming pool; gasping for air as he broke through the water in a state of shock.

"Edgeworth! Are you okay?" Asked Phoenix wiping water from his eyes, and brushing the hair from his face.

"I'm fine Wright."

After wiping the water from his eyes, Phoenix was able to see the prosecutor sloshing around in the pool next to him; glasses having flown off in the pool somewhere. Though he was laughing...Edgeworth was laughing. There was no way in hell Edgeworth would laugh at something like this...especially something that would ruin his suit! Maybe he hit his head on the bottom of the pool?

"Edgeworth, are you sure you're okay? Why are you laughing?" Asked Phoenix as he swam up closer to the prosecutor.

"Simple...i'm laughing because i'm having fun!" Laughed Edgeworth as he splashed the other man!

"Hey! Watch it!" Exclaimed Phoenix as he retaliated with an even bigger splash towards the prosecutor.

Yup, Edgeworth had definitely swallowed too much chlorine or something. As if they were children again; Phoenix found himself in an all out splash war with the chief prosecutor.

"I hit you with...a tsunami!" Exclaimed Phoenix as he formed a giant wave with both arms to splash Edgeworth.

"Oh yeah...well I'll hit you with a hurricane!" Edgeworth retaliated by spinning around in the pool to build up a large splash.

"Gwaahh! I swallowed some!" Cried Phoenix with a cough.

"Hey! Check this out!"

Phoenix watched as Edgeworth grabbed a pool noodle that was laying nearby; he then put his mouth on one end to blow out the other. The defense attorney never thought he'd see the day of the prosecutor putting his mouth on a dirty pool noodle.

"Haha! Now i'm invincible!" Laughed Edgeworth as he blew water in Phoenix's direction.

"Shit! You got water in my eye!

"Haha! My bad...are you alright?" Asked Edgeworth as he swam over to Phoenix's aid.

Phoenix tensed up as Edgeworth gently wiped the water from his eyes.

"There...better?" Asked Edgeworth as he brushed loose hair away from Phoenix's forehead.

"Yeah...better" Replied Phoenix as he traced his thumb across the other man's lips.

"Well...are you gonna kiss me or what?" Laughed Edgeworth with a smirk.

"I-I don't know seems that everytime I try, the universe tries to stop it from happening." Replied Phoenix with a nervous grin.

"To hell with what the universe wants, what do YOU want?"

It was with that statement, that the defense attorney practically threw himself into the prosecutor's arms; lips crashing together sloppily as their teeth knashed together. It was a kiss ten years in the making, so it was going to be a little messy. Phoenix felt his body heat up within the cold pool as Edgeworth gently pulled at his once spiky hair; small breathy moans escaping both of them as their tongues danced together with the faint taste of chlorine.

"Miles..." Moaned Phoenix breathlessly as the two released.

"Phoenix..." Sighed Edgeworth as he rested his head in the nape of the other man's neck.

" you know what i've always wanted to do?" Asked Phoenix suggestively.

"Hmm...what is that?" Replied Edgeworth as he kissed the defense attorney's neck.

"Skinny dip..." Stated Phoenix with a shy smile.

Phoenix raised his knee in the pool to rub it against the chief prosecutor's crotch; the other man softly wimpering in pleasure at the slightest touch.

"Phoenix...I umm...."

"Hey, it's okay if you don't want to...I mean, I understand if it's too soon and-"

"Too soon? I've been waiting for this for over ten years...if anything, i'd say it's too late." Interjected Edgeworth as he began to remove Phoenix's soggy tuxedo jacket.

With that, the two men began to frantically undress each-other in the pool; throwing their soggy clothing up over the edge of the pool until they were both completely naked.

"'re so perfect." Blushed Phoenix at the sight of Edgeworth's nude body.

"Shutup you idiot, you're beautiful!" Gushed Edgeworth as he embraced Phoenix.

Phoenix completely lost himself as he brought himself back to Edgeworth; moaning as the chief prosecutor began to gently bite at his bottom lip. The barrier of their clothes were gone, and skin on skin had never felt so good.

"Miles...I want you, and only you." Sighed Phoenix in pleasure as Edgeworth began to kiss down his chest.

"Hmm...i'm glad we're on the same page." Replied Edgeworth as he looked up with a devilish grin.

Phoenix pressed himself tighter towards Edgeworth, as both their erections rubbed up against each-other. The defense attorney dug his nails into the other man's back at the touch.

"Shit...Miles, you feel so good." Phoenix moaned as he continued to rub himself against the chief prosecutor.

" like that?" Said Edgeworth with a devilish grin quickening his pace as he rubbed himself up and down on the defense attorney's erection.

"Nghhh....Miles please" Moaned Phoenix as he pulled at Edgeworth's hair.

Phoenix could do nothing but kiss Edgeworth sloppily through his growing moans. As much as he didn't want it to happen in a public pool...the defense attorney was close to reaching his peak.

"My're my beautiful Phoenix." Said Edgeworth as he leaned his forehead against the defense attorney's.

"Ahh...My beautiful Miles." Said Phoenix through growing tears, which Edgeworth kissed away as soon as they appeared.

It was with that statement that Phoenix reached his a public swimming pool.

"Ahhh...n-no...not here!" Exclaimed Phoenix as he looked down at himself in shame and embarrassment.

"Look on the least there's no clean-up necessary." Laughed Edgeworth in reply.


The two didn't have time to process everything, as they heard footsteps approaching; Lola Loving was coming back.

"Lola's coming! We need to get out of here!" Exclaimed a now panicked Phoenix.

As if they were two teenagers afraid of being caught in the act, Phoenix and Edgeworth leaped out of the pool and ran back to their room butt-naked; using their soggy piles of clothes to cover their respective crotch area.

"I can't believe we just did that!" Laughed Phoenix in embarrassment.

"We? You're the one who defiled a public swimming pool!" Replied Edgeworth with a smirk.

"Pfft...and whos fault is that now?" Replied Phoenix sarcastically.

The two soon found themselves sprawled out on the bed next to each-other in their still naked state; legs tangled up together as the pillow barrier between them was broken down.

"Well no matter...i'm glad you had fun tonight...and that you're safe." Smiled Phoenix as he gazed up at the chief prosecutor.

"Hmm...if this is what it means to have fun...I suppose i'd like to do it again sometime?" Replied Edgeworth placing a kiss on the defense attorney's forehead.

Edgeworth quickly passed out as Phoenix lay gently on his chest. The chief prosecutor's arms were wrapped around him protectively; the defense attorney nuzzled up in his nape. The bed smelled of chlorine and musk; though Phoenix wouldn't have it any other way.

Chapter Text

"God Wright, I can't believe you actually dragged me in know i'm claustrophobic."

"'s not that bad. I actually think it's kinda cozy for a-YOWCH!"

"Ahh yes...nothing cozier than a mop falling on your head."

It was the morning after their little rendezvous at the pool, and Phoenix was still under the impression that he had dreampt the entire thing. One could imagine that the defense attorney was quite surprised to wake up snuggled up in Edgeworth's arms. Like some kind of giddy schoolboy, he found it hard to take his hands off of the chief prosecutor...that's how the two of them ended up in the ship's now infamous janitor's closet.

"You're going to add more stress lines to my face with the amount of times you injure yourself Wright." Sighed Edgeworth towards Phoenix rubbing the newly formed bump on his head.

"Pffft....that's not my fault! You're the one who's attracted to my pathetic ass!" Retaliated Phoenix with a smug grin.

"Unfortunately for're the curse I can't get rid of." Replied Edgeworth as he placed a kiss on top of the defense attorney's head.

"Come here you stupid idiot."

Phoenix wrapped his arms around Edgeworth as the two brought their lips together in a passionate kiss; the defense attorney huffing out a sigh of pleasure as the prosecutor ran a hand through his spiky hair. For a janitor's closet, it really wasn't all that bad for some alone wonder why the rest of the team snuck away in here.

"Umm...Phoenix...can I...ugh...can I ask you something?" Stated Edgeworth shyly as the two released from their kiss.

"Anything." Replied Phoenix fondly as he grabbed the other man's hand and placed a kiss on top of his knuckles.

If he was being honest, Phoenix had no clue what Edgeworth was going to ask of him. If anything, he was still in a love-induced daze. The two had been making out in the closet for what felt like an hour; the defense attorney couldn't help it if they had ten years of built up angst and sexual tension to act upon.

"So last night in the pool...I just wanted to let you know that i've never done anything like that before....with anyone." Mumbled Edgeworth looking away in embarrassment.

"Oh...well i'm glad you chose me as your first candidate." Phoenix laughed hesitantly; rubbing the back of his neck awkwardly.

Was Edgeworth telling him he's a virgin? If so...why? Sure Phoenix had his share of uncomfortably awkward sexual encounters with Dahlia-err...Iris in college. Though he wouldn't say he was experienced...especially since last night was his first time being intimate with someone in over a decade.

"I wouldn't have done anything like that last night if I didn't care about you're irreplaceable to me." Edgeworth continued bashfully.

"'re irreplaceable to me too." Replied Phoenix with a blush as he squeezed Edgeworth's hand.

"A'hem...So...I was wondering if you would like to go steady with me?" Asked Edgeworth in a nervous tone.

"Go steady? Is that your fancy way of asking me out?" Phoenix replied with a cheeky grin.

"Well excuse me for wanting to be a gentlemen about such matters." Scoffed Edgeworth as he crossed his arms and glared at the other man.

"Pfft...well it's hard to be a gentlemen in a freakin' janitor's closet!" Laughed Phoenix sarcastically; glancing at all the cleaning supplies around them.

"And who's bright idea was that? I wanted something more romantic...but no...this is YOUR plan."

"Hey! I happen to think this is pretty darn romantic! I can't wait to tell our grandkids that THIS is where you asked me out!"

"Yeah but-wait...what did you just say?" Asked a frazzled Edgeworth with raised eyebrows.

"Haha...nevermind that! All you need to know is that i'll be your boyfriend Miles...or rather, i'll 'go steady' with you."

"R-Really? Y-You will?" Asked Edgeworth flabbergasted.

"Of course! What did you think I was going to"

"Well....I suppose it was a possibility that came to mind."

"Pfft...I would never! I mean, how lucky am I to be dating THE Miles Edgeworth!" Said Phoenix flirtatiously as he teasingly ran a hand down the prosecutor's back.

"Ahh...for once we agree on something." Smirked Edgeworth as he cupped Phoenix's face with his hands and brought him into a kiss.

He kept his composure on the outside, but on the inside he was freaking out. Phoenix Wright was dating THE Miles Edgeworth, and was making out with him in a janitor's closet on a murder was all somehow fitting, nothing could possibly-


Phoenix and Edgeworth released from each-other in a panic as the door to the closet swung open. They were soon met with a familiar whip sting, as standing outside the door was a horrified Franziska and a baffled Maya.

"Franziska, what are you doing here?" Asked Edgeworth through clenched teeth as he attempted to keep himself composed.

"What am I doing here? What are you two doing here? I did not need the sight of my little brother 'diddling' Phoenix Wright burned into my mind today!" Exclaimed Franziska; clenching her face in disgust.

"Nick! You and Mr. Edgeworth! You two are finally together!?!?!" Interjected Maya with glee.

"Look...umm...Phoe-I mean Wright and I were just in here investigating..." Stated Edgeworth nervously.

"Little you take me for a fool? What kind of investigation is going on inside of Phoenix Wright's mouth!?!?" Replied Franziska ready to crack her whip again.

"Whoah! We were investigating the deadly rats in this closet!!" Interjected Phoenix quickly.

"R-Rats!?" Said Maya fearfully.

"Yeah...haven't you heard? There's an entire infestation of them in here!"Exclaimed Phoenix as he used his fingers by his mouth to imitate rat teeth.

"....But that doesn't explain the-" Started Franziska.

"Ahh yes! I umm...I got bit by a rabid rat...on my lip! So umm...Edgeworth here came to my rescue to suck out the venom!"

"Nick...I don't think rats are venomous..." Interjected Maya as she shook her head with a small smirk at her friend's antics.

"B-But.....these ones are!"

Phoenix knew he was digging himself into a deeper hole here. The two women were glaring at him in disbelief, and even Edgeworth was giving him the side-eye.

"....Okay fine, Edgeworth and I are together." Sighed Phoenix in defeat.

"HURRAY!" Exclaimed Maya with a little clap.

" little brother and Phoenix Wright....what a putrid pair you two make." Scoffed Franziska as she crossed her arms with a smug smile.

"Thanks sis...though the real question is....just why were you bringing Miss Fey to this closet in the first place?" Asked Edgeworth with a devilish grin.

"Ahh...Umm...We..were...umm...the rat thing! We...we heard about the rat thing!" Cried a now frazzled Franziska.

"Haha! Give it up Miss Von Karma! You were here hoping to 'diddle' as well!" Said Phoenix as he extended his index finger towards the two women in an accusing manner.

"Nick! How could you!?!? I-It's not true!" Pouted Maya in protest.

"Relax Maya Fey...We'll just go elsewhere away from these foolish fools!" Scoffed Franziska as she put her arm around Maya and walked away; glaring back at the two men to give them the stink eye.

"Sheesh...why is she so crabby?" Asked Phoenix as the women were out of sight.

"Because she's Franziska and she's always crabby. Nevermind her Phoenix...we should join up with the rest of the team and see if any progress has been made with the investigation." Stated Edgeworth as he and Phoenix walked hand-in-hand together towards the ship's main deck.

It was the first time they had been outside all day, and Phoenix was quite surprised at what he saw. When they arrived on the main deck, the defense attorney was in shock at the thick, dense fog that surrounded the ship; he could barely see two feet in front if him.

" much for the tropical weather." Sighed Phoenix in dissapointment.

"Phoenix, i'm pretty sure this IS tropical weather." Answered Edgeworth with a sarcastic grin.

"Simon, that was so cool! We were practically one with the dolphins!"

"One almost bit me Cykes-dono..."

".......Because it loves you!........."

Phoenix had to squint to make out the sihouettes of Athena and Blackquill in the fog walking towards them.

"Ahh! Mr. Wright! Mr. Edgeworth! I didn't see you two in this stupid fog!" Exclaimed Athena in surprise as she accidently bumped into her boss.

"It's alright's like this fog came out of nowhere!" Laughed Phoenix in reply.

"I must say, it's nice to finally have some weather of MY preference for once." Interjected Blackquill with a grin.

"'re so lame can you possibly be more excited over fog than adorable dolphins!" Cried a frustrated Athena.

" guys swam with the dolphins today. How did that go?" Asked Phoenix curiously.

"Oh Mr. Wright it was amazing! They put us in this giant cage on the side of the ship and then submerged us with the dolphins! It was so cool....though I think Simon was afraid." Stated Athena teasingly.

"Was not...."

"Was too!"

"........Big Baby Samurai!....." Beeped Widget.

"It was cool and all....except there was one weird thing that happened." Continued Athena.

"What is that Miss Cykes?" Interjected Edgeworth with intense curiosity.

"The dolphins...they were...coughing up rings."

"R-Rings you say? What kind of rings?" Asked Phoenix nervously.

"I don't know....they looked like wedding rings to me. Poor babies shouldn't be eating such things! Who's throwing rings into the ocean!?!?" Exclaimed a confused Athena.

Phoenix and Edgeworth gave each-other an all knowing look. Last night they both saw Lola Loving acting suspicious with a garbage bag full of something metallic. Was she really dumping wedding rings over the side of the ship? Just why the hell would anyone do that?

" was nice talking to you two...but umm..Mr. Edgeworth and I need to go over a few things together." Said Phoenix in a panic as he quickly ushered Edgeworth away to the pool deck.

"Phoenix, do you really think that-"

"Yes...yes I do, there's no other possibility for-"


Phoenix was interrupted by Apollo yelling out to him from the pool; the young defense attorney wanting to show off his new swimming skills. Phoenix's heart dropped to his stomach at the sight of the pool...tingling memories of last night, but also poor Apollo swimming where he...umm....god, he really hoped that someone had cleaned the pool since then.

"'ve gotten really good at swimming!" Said Phoenix half-heartedly at Apollo's backstroke, but more so embarrassed by last night's actions in the pool.

"Hey...umm...Mr. Edgeworth? I found these glasses at the bottom of the pool...aren't they yours?" Asked Apollo by the edge of the pool as he presented the prosecutor's glasses.

"Ahhh! Yes...those are mine!" Gasped Edgeworth in surprise as he quickly seized the glasses.

"What were they doing in the pool? I haven't seen you swim the entire trip?" Asked Apollo with raised eyebrows.

"I umm.....I don't know...I must have misplaced them somehow." Blushed Edgeworth as he wiped his glasses with a hankerchief from his suit pocket and put them back on his face.

As Apollo was gripping onto the edge of the pool, Phoenix couldn't help but notice something odd. On one of his fingers was a gold ring that definitely wasn't there before.

"Umm....Apollo....what is that?" Asked Phoenix motioning towards the young defense attorney's left ring finger.

"'s an engagement ring." Replied Apollo nonchalantly.

"Oh okay, I thought it was-WAIT WHAT!?!?" Exclaimed Phoenix as his jaw dropped open in shock.

"'s not real."Laughed Apollo in slight dissapointment.

"W-What do you mean?"

"Ahh, So I see you have discovered my plan Herr-Wright."

Phoenix jumped as Klavier appeared behind him out of nowhere like a ghost. Goddamn this stupid fog...

"What plan is that prosecutor Gavin?" Asked Edgeworth curiously.

"This is how we catch our wedding ring thief ja? I made a bit of a public spectacle proposing to Herr Forehead this morning at breakfast. Everyone onboard was likely watching." Klavier said almost bragging at his public display.

Phoenix certainly would have paid good money to see Apollo's face when Klavier proposed to him....

"Anyways...if our ring thief was amongst the crowd, Herr Forehead's ring will likely be the next target...we then setup a trap to catch them in the act! Not a bad plan...right Herr Chief?" Finished Klavier with a wink towards Edgeworth.

"Nice try Gavin...but Wright and I already have a good idea of who our thief is. I'm afraid you'll have to try for that pay raise another way." Replied Edgeworth with a sly smile.

"Schiesse! I was so close too!" Groaned Klavier with a facepalm.

"Look...I say we go with the plan where my ring doesn't get stolen, because Klavier said I can keep it. It even matches with my bracelet perfectly!" Gushed Apollo as he held his hand out to admire the ring.

Their next course of action to catch Lola Loving was put on standby as a worried looking Ema approached them munching on a family size bag of chocolate snackoos.

"Jesus! For the sake of my aging heart, can you guys please stop popping out of the fog unannounced!" Exclaimed Phoenix gripping his chest in fright at Ema's prescence.

"Sorry Mr. Wright...i'm just really worried right now..." Sighed Ema as she munched on a large handful of snackoos.

"Fräulein, what is it that you worry about?" Asked Klavier with concern.

"'s Nahyuta...I can't find him anywhere! I've spent all day looking too!" Exclaimed an exhausted Ema grabbing another bunch of snackoos.

"Where did you last see him Detective Skye?" Asked Edgeworth.

"We were gathering people's fingerprints together...we only had two more people left to analyze."

"Who were they?" Asked Edgeworth impatiently.

"....The Captain and Lola Loving. Nahyuta left to print the Captain as I left to print Lola...that was the last time I saw him."

"T-THE CAPTAIN AND MISS LOVING!" Exclaimed Apollo from the pool.

"Well, we have no time to lose now! We need to hurry and save Nahyuta before anyone else-"Started Phoenix.


The group was startled as Maya plopped out of the fog as well; looking as if she had just seen a ghost.

"Maya! Calm down, tell me what happened?" Said Phoenix as he placed his hands on the spirit medium's shoulders for comfort.

"I-It's Franzy! S-She's gone Nick! She went back to our room to take a quick nap when I went to lunch...and when I came back she was gone! I can't find her anywhere! Oh...I should have stayed with her!" Cried a frantic Maya as tears began falling onto her cheek.

"M-Maya, please calm's not your fault. Look, all of us are gonna work together to find her okay? I promise everything will be alright." Said Phoenix as he pulled Maya into a hug.

Phoenix looked up Edgeworth with an expression of worry; first Nahyuta and now his sister. Poor Maya was balling her eyes out into his suit, and Ema practically devoured the bag of snackoos in an intense amount of stress. The defense attorney wanted to save his friend's partners...if only to see them happy again.

"Edgeworth, i'm sorry about Franziska-"

"It's the same as Mrs. Hay's husband. He went missing as he napped in his room's the same scenario." Mumbled Edgeworth in contemplation.

"Miles....what do we do now?" Asked Phoenix looking for an earnest answer.

"Gather everyone up on the main deck by 6:00PM....we'll think of a plan. Until then, nobody goes anywhere alone! I won't risk losing anyone else!" Exclaimed Edgeworth as he stared directly at Phoenix.

Phoenix held tightly onto Maya as he retuned Edgeworth's stare. The defense attorney always wanted to protect those he loved the most....the fact that someone was trying to inflict harm onto them filled him with an unfathomable amount of rage.

Chapter Text

Phoenix and Edgeworth were early to arrive on the ship's main deck at 6:00PM; finding that the fog was still thick in the air. Both of them were eager to get the rescue mission underway to save Nahyuta and Franziska from whatever harm they might have gotten into. The defense attorney's anxiety was on high as his body practically twitched with anticipation to find out just what the hell is going on around here.

"I...I still can't believe we have two people missing. We were all supposed to protect each-other, but now look what's happened." Phoenix sighed as he leaned over the rails of the ship; putting his hands on his head in defeat.

"We need to focus especially. I can't have you being over-emotional during a time like this." Scoffed Edgeworth in reply.

" the hell are you so un-emotional Miles?!?! I mean, Franziska's your sister for crying out loud!"

"Hmmph, don't be fooled...I am very worried about Franziska's whereabouts. Though I know we'll have more success in finding her if I remain calm."

"'re a lot better at that than I am." Replied Phoenix with a weak laugh as he sunk further into himself.

Phoenix felt himself relax ever so slightly as the chief prosecutor wrapped his arms around him from behind; the two gently swaying together as the defense atyorney held on tight to the other man's grip.

"We'll be okay...we always get through it together right? At least that's what you always tell me." Said Edgeworth with a smirk.

"You're right...I just...I feel like I always put the people I care about in danger." Huffed Phoenix in defeat.

"That's simply not true. You've saved more people than you know...myself included. I don't need you putting yourself down for things that are out of your control Phoenix."

"So...what you're saying is I should stop listening to my brain like the idiot that I am?" Laughed Phoenix sarcastically.

"Precisely...i've been telling you that for years now." Replied Edgeworth as he gently kissed the defense attorney's cheek.

Phoenix stayed in Edgeworth's comforting embrace until the rest of the team arrived on the main deck as well. He had managed to calm down a considerable amount, and was now ready to form their game plan.

"S-So are we gonna get Franzy back? Please tell me you have a plan!" Exclaimed Maya desperately.

Phoenix could see that the spirit medium's eyes were puffy from crying so much; he hated seeing Maya like this.


The panic was growing inside him again...the entire team surrounding the defense attorney with wide-eyes, clearly eager to listen to some kind of plan.

"....The ship's too large for us to make any real progress searching in one large group. We need to split up into separate groups." Interjected Edgeworth as he put a supportive arm around Phoenix's waist.

"Edgeworth's right....we can't go alone, but we also can't go together." Explained Phoenix in contemplation.

"May I propose a suggestion Herr Chief?" Asked Klavier with a smug grin.

"What is it this time Gavin?" Sighed Edgeworth tiredly as he rubbed the bride of his nose in exhaustion.

"I say we split up into two groups. Us prosecutors investigate one end of the ship, while the defense attorney's investigate the other....good idea ja?" Stated a confident Klavier.

"B-But....what about Miss Fey and I?" Pouted Ema in protest.

"Ahhh, yes....the two Fräuleins shall remain here together just in case their significant others were to return."

"What!?!? You mean I don't get to help save Franzy?!?!" Exclaimed Maya in frustration.

"And what about me!??! I'm a detective for crying out loud!" Ema Yelled as she put both hands on her hips in anger.

Phoenix sighed...he would have to get involved here wouldn't he?

"I'm sorry to say this...but I agree with Gavin. We need two pairs of eyes keeping watch up two are the sharpest we have." Said Phoenix half-heartedly with an awkward grin.

"Nick! How could you!??!" Cried Maya as she crossed her arms and began to pout.

"Maya...i'm sorry...but I need you to stay safe up here with Detective Skye."

"Don't worry Miss Fey...I assure you Franziska will be safe. You as well Detective Skye, finding Prosecutor Sahdmadhi is of our utmost concern." Explained Edgeworth trying to console both women.

"....Fine...i'll wait here..." Agreed Ema reluctantly.


The team seemed to agree that it was the best course of action to split up into two groups; prosecutors and defense attorneys. As with everyone else, Phoenix wasn't too keen on leaving his partner behind.

"Simon, promise me you'll be careful!" Pleaded Athena gripping onto Blackquill's arm.

"Cykes-dono...i'll be fine, I know how to fight better than anyone here." Scoffed Blackquill in reply as he rolled his eyes.

"I know that! J-Just keep those other prosecutors in line okay?" Replied Athena tightening her grip around Blackquill's arm.

" can let go of my arm now please." Sighed Blackquill in slight annoyance.

".....Haha! of course!" Laughed Athena awkwardly as she let go of the prosecutor's arm.

"........Don't leave us! We love you!......." Beeped Widget.


"W-What was that Cykes-dono?" Asked Blackquill with a growing blush.

"N-Nothing!" Replied an embarrassed Athena as she now gripped onto Widget in fear of it speaking up again.

Phoenix took notice that even Apollo was having a hard time letting go of his own special way.

"Klavier! You promised me we would recreate that scene from Titanic before the trip was over!" Exclaimed Apollo in frustration.

"Don't worry Herr Forehead...the trip's not over yet. We have plenty of time for you to be the Jack to my Rose." Laughed Klavier with a wink.

"Okay...but i'm warning you...i'm not a good artist."

"Haha, i'm sure you'll do fine!" Said Klavier putting an arm around a bashful Apollo.

Phoenix couldn't help but shudder in disgust at just what scene from the movie they were planning on recreating....

"I suppose it's time for us to finally go our separate ways on this trip."

Phoenix turned around and was startled by Edgeworth sneaking up on him in the fog. Though it was for the investigation, the defense attorney had a bad feeling in his gut about this whole splitting up thing.

"Haha....You should be thankful then, you're finally not gonna be stuck with me." Laughed Phoenix sarcastically.

"Oh...what a shame that is, just when I was starting to like you." Replied Edgeworth with a sly smile.

"Hey....umm....just stay safe for me okay?" Asked Phoenix shyly as he rubbed the back of his neck.

"I should be the one asking you that given the amount of times you land yourself into trouble." Edgeworth replied with a raised eyebrow.

"I'll try my best..."

"I suppose I will too..."

With that, the defense attorney found himself pulling the chief prosecutor into his arms; kissing him as if it might be their last one. He was so overcome with emotion, that Phoenix didn't even care that the rest of the team was staring at them.

"A'hem....Herr Chief, I believe it's time for us to go. You and Herr Wright can have fun when we return ja?" Interjected Klavier with a smug smile.

"Oh...of bad." Replied Edgeworth in embarrassment.

Phoenix eventually let go of Edgeworth's hand as reluctantly as he possibly could. He had to calm himself down...everything was gonna be okay...Miles was gonna be okay.

"AND WE'RE OFF TO SAVE THE DAY! PROSECUTOR POWER REJOICE!" Exclaimed Klavier as he leapt away like some kind of superhero; Edgeworth and Blackquill groaning to themselves as they followed behind.

Phoenix decided it was best to start their side of the investigation in Maya and Franziska's room...after all, that was the last place the female prosecutor was when she went missing.

"I think we need a name for our team! How about...the defense attorney demigods!"

"Really Apollo? That's the best you got? How about....the deadly defenders!!!"

"Ugh...Athena that's just lame...I like mine better!"

"No way! Mine's not lame! It's better than 'prosecutor power' by a landslide!"

Phoenix trailed ahead through the hallways as Athena and Apollo walked behind. He couldn't help but roll his eyes at his employee's ridiculous conversation.

"What about you Mr. Wright? What do you think our team name should be?" Asked Apollo curiously.

"I don't know...does it really matter? There are bigger issues at hand the two missing people on a murder ship!"

"Sheesh...don't be such a debbie-downer Mr. Wright. We're gonna need a cool name for when we save them!" Retorted Athena with a smug grin.

" about, 'The Losers of the Wright Anything Agency'." Replied Phoenix sarcastically as he glared back at the two young defense attorneys.

"See THAT'S a lame name."

"I don't know....I kinda like it actually....mostly because it doesn't refer to me anymore" Replied Apollo with a laugh.

Phoenix let out a sigh of relief as they finally made it to Franziska and Maya's room after what seemed like ages. The door creaked open, and it was quite clear to the defense attorney that Maya had made herself at home here on the ship.

"M-Mr. Wright? What is all this?" Asked a confused Athena.

"It's's the Steel Samurai."

Sure enough, Maya had Steel Samurai merchandise everywhere; pillows, action figures, and even a large bedsheet. Phoenix couldn't help but smile when he saw that the spirit medium had brought the entire DVD collection with her...and even more so that it looked like she and Franziska were watching it together.

"Hmm...looks pretty cozy in here, I can see why Miss Fey is always happy." Interjected Apollo as he inspected the room.

The bed was left unmade, as the large Steel Samurai blanket was clearly being shared by both women. Phoenix thanked his lucky stars that Edgeworth left all his merchandise at home...

"Hey...what's this?" Mumbled Phoenix to himself as he noticed a crumbled up note on Franziska's nightstand.

Phoenix picked up the note and unravelled it; feeling a twinge in his heart as he read the contents:


Dear Maya Fey,

I know I am not the best with expressing myself in words, but I wanted to let you know how special you are to me. Even though I don't show it on my make me happier than i've ever been before. I would love to come to Kurain with you one day to meet your cousin that you talk so much about....if she's anything like you, i'm sure she's amazing.


Your Franzy.

Phoenix could only assume that Franziska crumpled up this note herself; being raised by Von Karma, she was taught never to show her true emotions. The defense attorney knew Edgeworth was the same, and felt a bit of sadness in his heart for just how repressed the two siblings must have been.


Phoenix shoved the note in his pocket as Apollo's chords of steel disrupted his train of thought.

" mean what I found Apollo." Said Athena in protest.

"Again...I don't care about who found what...just tell me what it is." Explained Phoenix impatiently.

"Well you won't believe this...but I found another open vent!" Exclaimed Apollo as he crossed his arms proudly.

"Another one? Like what we found in the freezer?" Asked Phoenix curously.

"Yup! Take a look at the ceiling!"

Sure enough, the three looked up to see another open vent on the ceiling; the grate having been unscrewed from the inside.

"What the hell does this all mean?" Sighed Phoenix rhetorically.

"D-Do you think this vent could be connected to the one in the freezer? Maybe....maybe our killer is getting their victims using the ship's vent system!" Explained Apollo in deep thought.

"Good thinking Apollo, our next course of action should be to climb through here to see where-"


In an instant, the three of them were thrown off of their feet by an earthquake like rumble throughout the ship; a loud screeching noise filling the room.

"W-What in the HELL was that?" Exclaimed Athena as soon as the noise was over.

"WAS THAT AN EARTHQUAKE?!?!" Cried Apollo in fear.

Phoenix immedietly thought about Edgeworth as he always did when earthquakes occurred. The defense attorney panicked at the thought of the chief prosecutor going catatonic somewhere on the ship....he needed to get to him as soon as possible!

"I don't know...but we need to get out of here now!" Exclaimed a nervous Phoenix as he ran out of the room.

"Mr. Wright wait up!" Cried Athena as she and Apollo followed quickly behind.

Running through the hallways, they were met with a bunch of people emerging from their rooms...also worrying about the source of the rumbling noise.

"Miles! Miles are you here?!?!" Cried Phoenix in desperation as he made it back to the ship's main deck which was now packed with curious people mumbling amongst themselves.

"Herr Wright? Herr Forehead? Fräulein?"

Even through the crowd of people, the defense attorneys had no trouble spotting the glammed up rockstar that was Klavier, as he stood out like a sore thumb.

"Klavier! Are you okay!??!" Exclaimed Apollo as he ran to hug the prosecutor.

"I'm fine Herr Forehead. I came running up here with everyone else."

Phoenix looked behind Klavier, but saw that Edgeworth wasn't with him...nor was Blackquill.

"Gavin...where the hell is Edgeworth?" Asked Phoenix in a panic.

"And Simon...where is Simon!?!?" interjected Athena now just as panicked.

"Whoah...are they not with me? Herr Chief froze up in fear when the rumbling Herr Blackquill was helping him. I swear the two were behind me when we left." Replied Klavier as he looked behind him in confusion and worry.

"Well...they're not behind you now!!!" Cried an angry Athena as she pulled up her sleeves and held up her hands in fists.

"Relax Frä's not like I did it on-purpose!" Protested Klavier in fear.

"........We know judo!........" Beeped Widget angrily.

Phoenix wanted to be angry at the situation, but he was just too afraid to lash out at anyone. Edgeworth had to be safe...he just had to!.


The group turned to see a frantic Maya and Ema running towards them...thank god those two were okay.

"S-Seen what? What the hell happened!?!?" Cried Phoenix anxiously.

"Detective Skye and I were waiting on the ship's deck...and that's when we saw it! It came out of the fog...almost out of nowhere!!!!" Exclaimed Maya with frantic hand motions that made no sense.

"SAW WHAT?" Yelled a frustrated Apollo.

"For the love of god, a giant rock! The ship hit a giant rock!!!!!" Interjected Ema impatiently.

"W-WHAT!??! WE'RE ALL GONNA DIE!" Cried Apollo in a fluster.

Everyone else around them must have heard the conversation, as people went into full panic mode as they flailed around on the main deck; unsure of where to go or what to do.

"YOU IDIOTS MADE ME TAKE OFF MY LIFE-JACKET!!!! WE NEVER EVEN HAD EVACUATION TRAINING ON THIS DAMN SHIP! GODDAMN, DOESN'T ANYONE WORK HERE?!?!" Cried Apollo, as he too started running back and forth on the ship's deck in a panic.

That was a good point...just where the hell had all the staff gone to? Luckily, Phoenix spotted a man with a captain's hat running down to the main deck from the upper balcony.

"Umm...excuse you know what's going on?" Asked Phoenix as he approached the frightened looking man.

"Aye sir...I am the captain's first mate...we seem to have had a bit of a blunder i'm afraid." Replied the man in a thick Scottish accent.

"Yeah...the ship hit a rock in the fog? At least that's what i've heard..."

"Aye sir! Unfortunately that's true! But don't be afraid...she's a strong ship! She won't sink!" Said the man with a half-hearted smile.

"I feel like i've heard that one before..." Sighed Phoenix slumping his shoulders with a frown.

"Aye...please don't fret about it good sir! Captain Coldheart has everything under control and-"

At that moment, the captain's first mate was interrupted by someone talking on his walkie-talkie...Phoenix couldn't even make out what the frantic voice was saying.

"No...say it isn't true! The captain's nowhere to be found!?!? You think he abandoned ship!?!?" The first mate spoke into the walkie-talkie in disbelief.

Captain Coldheart was gone? Just great...

"Water's spilling into the hull of the ship you say?!? Start evacuation efforts!?!?"

Phoenix noticed that sweat was now pouring down the poor first mate's face. Though the defense attorney felt his own knees buckle at the new reality of the situation.

"No! We know nothing about evacuation! The captain's the only one who knows how to initiate the evacuation process!"

This wasn't happening....none of this could possibly be real.

"What do you say now? Only three hours until the ship sinks!?!? May god help our souls!"

The man got off the walkie-talkie and threw it over the edge of the ship and into the ocean in frustration.

"Aye sir....i'm afraid our noble captain has left us. Soon we'll all be swimming with the fishes." Sighed the man as he took off his hat and held it to his chest solemnly.

Phoenix turned to push himself through the gathering crowd of people. Some were still running aimlessly, others were crying, and some were even getting into physical altercations over who gets in the lifeboats first. In a matter of seconds, the 'love on the waves' cruise ship turned into a hellscape on the ocean.

Chapter Text

"Umm...either I have vertigo, or the ship is leaning heavily to one side." Stated Maya nervously as her body began to wobble where she stood.

"Hmmm, I don't know...I guess that has something to do with the goddamn ship sinking!" Huffed Ema angrily.

"Sheesh okay...I see someone's ran out of snackoos." Replied Maya sarcastically.

Twenty minutes had passed since news broke that the ship was indeed sinking. With the ship now leaning to the left side, tables, umbrellas, and chairs were sliding around everywhere on the main deck as if it were an ice rink. Phoenix stood aimlessly amongst his friends; unsure of what to do at this point. Ema and Maya were arguing, Athena was helplessly calling out Blackquill's name, and poor Apollo was rocking back and forth with his knees pushed in towards his chest as Klavier attempted to comfort him.

"W-We're all gonna die aren't we? I-I don't wanna go down with the ship! I wish men were allowed on the lifeboats too!" Apollo stuttered out as he continued to tremble with fear.

"Herr's not 1912 anymore, men are very much allowed on the lifeboats." Laughed Klavier as he gently rubbed the young defense attorney's back.

"Oh.....then why the HELL aren't we ditching this death trap!?!?" Exclaimed Apollo with frantic hand motions.

"...Because we now have four members of our team missing, and we don't leave ANYONE behind." Interjected a frustrated Phoenix.

"Easy for you to say Mr. Wright, near death situations are practically your bread and butter at this point!" Scoffed Apollo in retaliation.

"I wouldn't say that Apollo...besides I think you're giving me a run for my money in that territory." Phoenix replied with a small smirk.

"Listen to Mr. Wright Apollo, our friends need us...also, do you really want to get yourself involved in all of THAT?" Interjected Athena as she pointed towards the chaos near the lifeboats.

The young defense attorney slumped in defeat as he noticed the disorganization of the evacuation efforts. Everyone was pushing and shoving each-other, lifeboats were being released prematurely with only a few people onboard, and not to mention that the fog prevented people from seeing what the hell they were doing.

"Nevermind that right now...we need to form a rescue plan of our own. You guys can do what you want, but i'm not leaving until I know everyone's safe." Sighed Phoenix as he ran a hand through his hair in stress.

"B-But Nick...are you really planning to go back into a sinking ship!?!?! Are you insane!?!?" Cried Maya with concern.

"Yes...yes I am." Replied Phoenix confidently.

The defense attorney was putting up a strong front for his friends, as on the inside he was filled with panic. As selfish as it was, he wanted to push through the crowd of people and leap on a lifeboat. Phoenix knew he couldn't do that though...his love for Edgeworth was too strong for him to abandon ship.

"Well then...if Mr. Wright is insane than so am I! I'll go with you...I need to find Simon!" Exclaimed Athena with a fierce amount of intensity.

"What? No way...i'm not risking anyone else getting hurt. You're staying here where I know you're safe...and getting in a lifeboat if need be." Demanded Phoenix as he placed his hands on Athena's shoulders.

"B-But Mr. Wright, I need to do this!"

"No...I'll bring everyone back...I promise." Phoenix shook his head in reply.

"B-but I-



The group turned as Ema ran to Nahyuta; the prosecutor stumbling his way through the large crowd to embrace the detective. Phoenix noticed he wasn't in the best physical state, as his braided hair was coming undone, he was walking with a slight limp, and was soaking wet from the waist down.

"Nahyuta, are you okay? What the hell happened to you?!?!" Asked Ema in shock as she took in the prosecutor's appearance.

"'s a long story. Let's just say I went to take the captain's fingerprints...and he didn't like that idea very much." Replied Nahyuta, looking away with a sneer.

"What did he do to you?" Asked Ema as she placed a hand on the prosecutor's cheek.

"He knocked me out cold...when I awoke, I found myself tied up in what I can only assume was the boiler room...water was seeping in through the door and the captain was nowhere to be seen." Replied a frustrated Nahyuta.

"Word on the street is that the captain hightailed it out of here as soon as the ship hit the rock." Interjected Athena sheepishly.

"That fiend! May the Holy Mother smite his soul! I'm lucky I managed to escape when I did....the water was rising quite quickly." Continued Nahyuta as he clenched his prayer beads in anger.

"So you Macgyvered your way out of there? Nice one bro...wouldn't have expected it from you." Interjected a visibly impressed Apollo.

"Oh my poor baby! You went through so much!" Exclaimed Ema as she squeezed Nahyuta in a hug.

"Gwaah! Ema please!" Replied Nahyuta in embarrassment.

Phoenix was happy to see that Nahyuta was safe...but something wasn't sitting right with him. What if Edgeworth was also being held prisoner with Blackquill and Franziska? The defense attorney's heart clenched to think of the chief prosecutor alone in a room filled with rising water.

"A'hem...don't mind me asking...but did you happen to see Franziska, Blackquill, or Edgeworth anywhere while you were down there?" Asked Phoenix impatiently.

"N-No...why? Are you telling me that they're gone too!" Exclaimed Nahyuta in anger as he cursed in Khura'inese.

"Shit! Shit! Shit! What did I do to deserve this!?! I'm finally happy, and the universe decides to screw me over!!!" Exclaimed Phoenix; kneeling down with his hands on his head as he finally broke down in anger.

"Nick...I'll go with you."

Phoenix peered his head up, and through his tears was able to see Maya kneeling by his side...

" can't lose you too." Sighed Phoenix tiredly.

"You won't Mr. Wright, because i'll be by your side too!" Reassured Athena who was now kneeling by his other side.

"It's too dangerous, and I can't-

"Don't be stupid Nick! It would be more dangerous for you to go alone!" Cried Maya in protest.

" need us there with you Mr. Wright!"

Phoenix looked at the two women in disbelief. he wasn't willing to risk their safety...but at the same time he knew they were right.

"Nick, I love Franzy just as much as you love Mr. Edgeworth...I need to be there for her too." Sighed Maya sadly.

" two can come with me. But you stay close behind me the entire time!" Demanded Phoenix in a paternal tone.

"Hey, what are we supposed to do while you're gone?" Asked Apollo.

"Guide the evacuation efforts...get this disaster organized. I want to see every passenger safely off of this ship by the time I come back." Instructed Phoenix sternly.

"Y-Yes Mr. Wright...we'll do the best we can!" Exclaimed Ema with a salute.

Ema, Apollo, Nahyuta, and Klavier left to guide the panicked passengers to the lifeboats, as Phoenix and the two women made their way towards the ship's boiler room...all the way down to the lowest level.

"Ugh....this is so spooky." Mumbled Maya in fear as they descended the ship's emergency stairwell.

Phoenix had to agree; the ship was making odd rumbling noises as it submerged deeper into the ocean, and the lights were flickering on and off continuously. As they walked down the stairs, the trio struggled as they pushed through people running up in the opposite direction to safety; they received quite a few dirty looks from the panicked crowd.

"A-Are you ladies okay? You know it's not too late to turn back and hop on a lifeboat?" Asked Phoenix with a weak laugh.

"No way Mr. Wright! We're seeing this through until the very end!" Exclaimed a confident Athena.

".........We're the dream team baby!....." Beeped Widget.

They soon found themselves in a more industrial looking hallway, as everything was made of steel, pipes ran from the ceiling, and steam was pouring out of various openings on the walls. The defense attorney winced and looked down at his feet to see that they were now submerged in water.

"God...I cannot believe we're really on a sinking ship!" Cried Maya in disbelief as she lifted the bottom of her dress to prevent it from trailing in the water.

"Don't worry Maya, i'm sure we'll-"

"MR. WRIGHT LOOK!" Exclaimed Athena in disgust. couldn't be....Phoenix followed to where Athena was pointing and sure enough it was. There was a dead body floating in the water...facing upwards.

"T-This is....this has to be....Mr. Hays!!!" Cried Phoenix as he kneeled down to investigate the body.

He felt bad about it, but Phoenix actually felt relieved that the body belonged to Mr. Hays and not someone that they knew. Still...the defense attorney found it hard to look at the dead body. Water always does the worst damage after death, with the poor man's body having bloated up to the size of a balloon and was already quickly decomposing.

"Ugh....poor guy....I can't stand to look at it much longer!" Cried Maya with a clenched face.

"Look on the bright least he's with his wife now....hehe..." Laughed Athena awkwardly.

"........Now's not the time!!!"....." Beeped Widget.


"Name me one samurai that KNOWS how to break down a door!?!?"

The trio's ears perked up at the two familiar voices. Walking past Mr. Hay's dead body lead them to a steel door with a sign that said 'staff only'. Phoenix knew he had to act fast....the rising water was now just below their knees.

"Franzy! Oh Franzy! Is that you!?!" Cried a frantic Maya as she began banging on the door.

"Maya Fey!?!? Y-You came back for me!?!? W-What kind of foolish fool are you?!?" Exclaimed Franziska in reply.

"Of course I came back for you Franzy! I'm YOUR foolish fool after all!"

" two stand back." Instructed Phoenix as he got ready to break down the door.

The defense attorney never thought he could break down a steel door, but to his surprise his adrenaline allowed for it. Though to Phoenix's dismay, they were only met with even more water flowing through the doorway as it opened.



The spirit medium leapt into Franziska's arms as soon as she laid eyes on her. The female prosecutor looked visibly frightned, as she held on tight to Maya's embrace.

"Oh...I thought I would die down here with this foolish samurai wannabe!" Scoffed Franziska as she eyed Blackquill.

"Hey! Don't talk about Simon like that!" Retaliated a defensive Athena.

"A-Athena!?!? Y-You're here too!?!" Stated Blackquill in shock.

"Simon you had me worried sick about you! How dare you leave me like that!?"

"I-m sorry Cykes-"

Blackquill didn't have time to reply as he was interrupted by Athena attacking his face with an onslaught of kisses.

"........We love you!......." Beeped Widget.

"Ahh...umm...Wright-dono...what were you thinking bringing little Athena into this danger!?" Asked Blackquill as he put a protective arm around the female defense attorney.

Phoenix didn't answer....he was too busy scanning the room for Edgeworth....where the hell was Edgeworth!?!?

"M-Miles? W-Where's Miles?" Asked Phoenix almost inaudibly.

"Little brother...h-he...wanted to save me...that's why him and samurai over here got trapped too..." Stated Franziska in contemplation.

"W-What happened to him?" Asked Phoenix almost afraid to know the answer.

"The chief....he saw our captor and decided to chase him...that's the last we saw of him." Interjected Blackquill as he shook his head in dismay.

"WHERE!?! WHERE DID HE CHASE HIM TO?" Exclaimed Phoenix as he clenched his fists angrily.

".....D-Down there..." Motioned Franziska towards a descending stairwell.

"Y-You mean to tell me that there's a floor even lower than this one?!?!" Cried Maya in shock.

"B-But the water....the level's practically submerged already, nobody could possibly survive-" Started Athena.

"NO! I'LL SAVE HIM DAMNIT! HE NEEDS TO BE OKAY!" Cried Phoenix in denial.

"B-But Nick, that's practically suicide!" Cried Maya as she gripped onto the defense attorney's arm.

"....I-I don't guys need to head up to safety now!"

"Mr. Wright, this doesn't sound like a-"

"I SAID NOW DAMNIT!!!" Demanded Phoenix as he slammed his fist on the metal wall.

The rest of the group jumped in fear as they quickly left the room to run back up the stairs to safety....all but Franziska.

"Phoenix would really risk your life for my little brother?" Asked Franziska in all seriousness.

"Of course...I love him." Replied Phoenix nonchalantly.

"Pfft...what a foolish reason."

"Oh really? Because I think you know a thing or two about love Miss Von Karma." Said Phoenix as he presented the crumbled up note that was still in his pocket.

"You scoundrel! You've been snooping through my personal belongings!?!?" Cried an embarrassed Franziska as she quickly seized the note.

"I don't know why you crumbled it up...Maya's crazy about you."

"So what are you saying to me Phoenix Wright?"

"I'm saying that you should give it to her...I think she would really appreciate it."

"Pfft...what is this? Are you giving me your approval to date Maya Fey?" Scoffed Franziska as she crossed her arms.

"No...i'm just saying that both you and your brother have more capacity for emotion than what you let on." Replied Phoenix sheepishly.

"Hmm...Very well...i'll consider it. Now enough wasting time with idle chit-chat! The ship is sinking as we speak!" Huffed Franziska in frustration.

Phoenix began his way down the stairwell when Franziska called out to him from above.

"Oh...umm...Phoenix Wright?"

"Yes?" Replied Phoenix as he turned his head around.

"Take care of my little brother have my approval as well." Said the female prosecutor nervously.

"I will....and you take care of Maya." Said
Phoenix in all earnesty.

Franziska nodded confidently as she bolted back up the stairs to join the rest of the group. Phoenix soon found himself staring down at the ominous stairwell that he was about to descend; water surrounding the entire area. Was he really about to risk his life like this all in the name of love?

Chapter Text

There wasn't much walking involved in descending the lower stairwell, as after only about two steps, Phoenix found that he was already submerged in water up to his waist. The defense attorney felt a shiver up his spine as his body made contact with the cold ocean water; the smell of salt and fish overwhelming his senses.

"M-Miles? Miles are you down here? I-It's me Phoenix!" Exclaimed Phoenix through chattering teeth as he sloshed around in the water.

The lower level of the ship appeared to be some kind of storage unit, as various cardboard boxes and crates were now floating amongst the rising water level. It was hard enough for Phoenix to swim in the freezing water, but now he would have to push all this crap out of his way as well. Not to mention that the lights were flickering more than ever...the defense attorney knew he had limited time to find Edgeworth.

"Miles please!? Are you here anywhere!?!" Phoenix pleaded as he aggressively continued pushing boxes out of his way in the flooded hallway.


The defense attorney raised his head at what sounded like his name. Unfortunately, the constant rumbling of the ship and the rising water pouring into the room made it difficult to hear where it came from.

"Miles it's me!!! W-Where the hell are you!? Call out to me again!" Yelled a now frantic Phoenix.

"I-I'm over here...down the hallway!!!"

Like some kind of madman, Phoenix tried his best to run to the source of the voice at the end of the hallway. Though that was short-lived; the weight of the water making it almost impossible for the defense attorney to lift his legs. He eventually tripped and fell over a box...finding himself now fully submerged underwater.

"Gwaah! D-Don't worry Miles! I-I'm here to save you!!" Exclaimed Phoenix, now trudging himself through the water as he held onto the wall for balance.

God...the water was freezing, but he had to push through...he had to save Miles no matter what!

"Phoenix you idiot...w-what the hell are you doing down here?!?"


Phoenix looked up where he was to see Edgeworth standing on the other side of a steel door with a glass pane window; the chief prosecutor looked as if he was being held captive in some kind of storage room.

"Look what you've done! You've put both of us in danger now!" Scolded Edgeworth from the other side of the door.

"I found you...I finally found you! T-Thank goodness you're still alive!" Gushed Phoenix in relief, completely disregarding the chief prosecutor's statement.

"Hmm...not for very long it seems. Admittedly, I would have died happier knowing you were safe..." Sighed Edgeworth as he leaned his head against the door's glass window in defeat.

"You're not gonna die Edgeworth! I won't allow it!" Protested Phoenix as he leaned his head against the other side of the door.

For once, Edgeworth didn't have some kind of snarky comeback. He instead looked around at the rising water in the room, and stared back at Phoenix with pleading eyes...almost as if to say 'save yourself'.

"....Miles....what happened? Who did this to you?" Asked Phoenix in frustration.

"I was still with Klavier and Blackquill when we went to save Franziska...and that's when the rumbling happened. I blacked out like I usually do. when I came to, I found myself trapped with Franziska and Blackquill."

Phoenix remembered that Nahyuta said he was knocked out cold when he was kidnapped. Perhaps Edgeworth already being catatonic gave the killer an advantage?

"That's when I saw him run down here....Captain Coldheart. I managed to chase him into this room...though the cretin outsmarted me by locking me in." Finished Edgeworth with an exhausted sigh.

"W-Wait? Captain Coldheart? B-But we've been told that he abandoned ship?" Asked Phoenix, raising his eyebrows in shock and disbelief.

"That's bullshit Phoenix...that creep's still aboard somewhere. Hell, I wouldn't be surprised if he crashed the ship on-purpose." Scoffed Edgeworth in reply.

"Goddamnit! He's going to pay for what he did to all of us! C'mon, let's get you out of here so we can stop him once and for all!" Exclaimed Phoenix passionately as he hit the palm of his hand with his fist.

"...I'm afraid you'll have to stop him yourself Phoenix...." Stated Edgeworth as he turned away to the side.

"W-What the hell do you mean by that?"

"I've tried to budge open this door multiple times, it's no's jammed shut."

Phoenix took notice that the rising water was now at their chest level....he was running out of time.

"No! Don't you even begin to talk like that! I can break down doors remember!!!" Retaliated Phoenix angrily.

"But Phoenix I-"

At that, Phoenix tried as hard as he could to kick down the door; he tried again, and again, and again...but it was no use. The water pressure was now too heavy for the door to swing open.

"OPEN DAMNIT!" Cried a flustered Phoenix who refused to stop kicking the door in frustration.

"Phoenix! Listen to me please, you need to leave right now! I...I don't want to drag you down with me!" Edgeworth yelled to get the attention of the defense attorney who still refused to listen.

"Nuh-ugh...screw that Miles! Screw all of that! Don't think you get to play the hero this time!" Scoffed Phoenix in protest.

"Y-You stubborn bastard! YOU'RE the one who always wants to play the hero! Now you're willing to kill yourself...and for what...for me?"


Phoenix slammed both of his fists on the door's glass pane window, and rested his head against it in defeat. When he glanced up, he saw that Edgeworth had his palm pressed against the window, and tears were forming in his eyes.

" beautiful Phoenix...who would have thought it would end like this for me?" Said Edgeworth with a weak laugh.

"I'm not leaving you Miles...not ever." Stated Phoenix in a stern tone.

"Oh yes you have a daughter waiting for you at home...and friends like Miss Fey who adore you. Not to mention your employees who look up to you...people need you Phoenix. Me....nobody needs me."

"M-Miles that's not true...all the people you just talked about care about you too. And what about Franziska? She asked me to take care of you y'know...and...what about me? I can't live without you...I just can't...I don't want to"

Soon enough, both the chief prosecutor and the defense attorney had tears running down their cheeks; both of them staring adoringly at each-other through the glass window. The water level was now at their shoulders.

"Phoenix, for the love of god I need you to leave now! I...I love you too much to see you sacrifice yourself this way. Make me yourself." Said Edgeworth in a shakey voice through his tears, now visibly afraid of his fate.

"Miles...please don't do this...don't have me make this decision!" Cried Phoenix as he slammed his fist against the glass pane of the door.

"Don't worry about least I got to see you one last Phoenix." Replied Edgeworth with a loving laugh and the largest grin he could muster up.

"Miles...we wasted so much time. If only I could have been a real man and told you how I felt sooner...we could have...I mean maybe we would have-"

"Shhh...there's no time for the 'could haves' Phoenix. As I see it, every second, every minute, every hour....and certainly every year I spent waiting for you was worth it. Even if we only spent a short amount of time together....I would do it all over again in a heartbeat."

"M-Me too Miles...Me too"

The water was now just below their chins, and the lights had flickered out completely, but Phoenix felt strangely calm. He and Edgeworth were staring at each-other through that godforsaken door; they nodded in unison as they both rested their heads against the glass if accepting their fate together.

"Damnit Phoenix! You stupid fool! I still don't understand...why would you do this for me?" Edgeworth asked weakly against the window.

"Wherever you go, I go too..." Replied Phoenix with a reassuring smirk towards the defense attorney.

"Hmm...I love you Phoenix Wright...I always have, and I always will." Said Edgeworth with a grin.

"I love you too Miles Edgeworth...being able to know you...i-it was one of the greatest gifts of my life." Phoenix replied with an affectionate smile.

With that, Phoenix and Edgeworth took a large breath at the same time as the rising water fully submerged their bodies. Was this really it? Out of everything that he's ever been through, and THIS is how the defense attorney was going to die?


Squinting the best as he could in the saltwater, Phoenix noticed that the glass pane on the door was starting to break under the water pressure! There was a glimmer of hope...perhaps the universe wanted to repay the defense attorney after all...


With whatever adrenaline he had left, Phoenix began to smash the cracked window with his fist.


Almost instantly, the glass burst into pieces as bits of it began to float around in the water. Though, Phoenix now found that his knuckles were bleeding and had to swim his way through his own blood amongst chunks of glass to grab Edgeworth.


The ship was rumbling more than ever as it submerged deeper into the ocean. As best as he could see in the water, Phoenix managed to make out the hazy sihouette of Edgeworth's body and grabbed him by the arm; managing to swim both of them back through the now broken window pane.

Phoenix knew he couldn't hold his breath for much longer.

Though he had a reputation for escaping death on numerous occasions, at the end of the day he was still only human. The flooded hallway was impossible for the defense attorney's fading brain to navigate...not to mention the boxes and crates that were floating everywhere.


He felt himself let out his last aching breath as he scanned the hallway for a way out...did he come in from the left? Or was it the right? Where was that goddamn stairwell? Was this...the end...was it really-

Phoenix began to feel his body go numb as he gave up on trying...but that's when he saw the figure of someone swimming towards them. The defense attorney's eyes closed as the figure grabbed hold of his hand in the water.

He recognized this mysterious was none other than Apollo Justice. The next sensation that Phoenix felt was a heavy amount of pressure as he was dragged from out of the water; emerging back into air from the cold depths below.

"M-Mr. Wright? Mr. Wright can you hear me? It's me Apollo!"


Phoenix opened his eyes in a panic as he felt a harsh slap on his cheek. He inhaled a much needed breath of air and steadied his gaze to focus on Apollo sitting in front of him with a worried look on his face. The defense attorney scanning his surroundings to see that they were flopped over the stairwell that he had initially descended from...the water still rising fast.

"Thank god you're okay...sorry I slapped you...I just...umm...didn't know what else to do." Said Apollo sheepishly as he rubbed the back of his neck.

" saved us...thank you...that was very brave of you." Replied Phoenix gratefully.

" was nothing...Athena came back and sounded worried about you I decided that you might need some help."

"You came back into the sinking ship that you were so afraid of?" Asked Phoenix, impressed at the young defense attorney's actions.

" inspired me Mr. Wright. You're my friend just as much as you were my boss! And besides...I didn't learn how to swim for nothing!" Exclaimed Apollo with a cocky smile.

Phoenix let out a weak laugh as his brain slowly re-adjusted to being back above water. That was when he looked down to notice that Edgeworth was still lying in his arms...unconscious.

"MILES!" Cried Phoenix as he cradled the chief prosecutor in his arms.

"Mr. Wright, I tried to wake him up I really did! I slapped him like ten times! H-He wouldn't budge!" Exclaimed Apollo with worry.

"No, no, no....Stay with me Miles....please." Pleaded Phoenix as he held onto Edgeworth's hands.

"Mr. Wright...we can't help him here...we need to get out of this now!" Demanded Apollo in a hurry.

Phoenix looked around to see the water level rising into their current room...there was no way in hell he was gonna be caught below water again anytime soon!

"You're right...we need to leave..." Agreed Phoenix as he started to pick Edgeworth up in his arms.

"Do you need help carrying him?" Asked Apollo earnestly.

"No...I got him...just lead the way back out."

Either Phoenix was physically strong, or Edgeworth was incredibly light, because the defense attorney had no trouble scooping the chief prosecutor up into his arms. Miles looked peaceful as he was being carried...almost as if he were asleep; Phoenix prayed that he would be able to see the man's beautiful smile again.

"Don't worry're gonna be okay...I got you."

Chapter Text

"Nick! Thank goodness you're okay, we were all beginning to get so worried about-"



Phoenix was soon met with the familiar sting of Franziska's whip as he and Apollo made their way back up to the ship's main deck...well, whatever was left of it. The defense attorney noticed that the ocean level was now much closer to where they were standing, and that the port of the ship was now about to be consumed by water...but he didn't have the time to care; Phoenix's main concern was resuscitating Edgeworth.

" Mr. Edgeworth, I mean, is he...y'know?" Asked Maya in a solemn tone as she stared at the unconscious chief prosecutor in Phoenix's arms.

"What? No! J-Just...everyone move out of the way so I can perform CPR...he's gonna be okay! I just know he is!" Exclaimed a frantic Phoenix.

The team slowly backed away as they made room for Edgeworth to be gently placed on the ground; Phoenix now hovering over him anxiously. Admittedly, the defense attorney hadn't done CPR since college when he had to take a mandatory class...and even then it was on a mannequin. This however was real...and it was Edgeworth of all people. Phoenix felt his hands tremble...he knew he had no time to waste.

"C'mon Miles...wake up!"

Phoenix was now putting all his strength into performing chest compressions; from what he remembered, it was thirty at a time followed by two rescue breathes. The defense attorney gently tilted Edgeworth's head back to blow air into his mouth. He kept switching between the chest compressions and rescue breathes...but the chief prosecutor still wasn't responding.

"M-Miles please...for the love of god, please wake up!" Phoenix cried in a panic as he quickened his pace with the chest compressions.

"Mr. Wright...he..umm...he was down there for a long time without oxygen..." Stated a disheartened Apollo.

"Apollo's right, maybe it's too late for us to-" Started Athena.

"Stop it! Just all of you be quiet, I need to focus!" Lashed out Phoenix in anger and denial.

"For once I agree with Phoenix Wright, all of you fools need to shutup! Y-You all have no idea how strong my little-my big brother is." Exclaimed Franziska with a noticably shakey voice.

"'s okay." Said Maya gently as she placed a comforting hand on the female prosecutor's shoulder.

"Maya Fey, i'm's just that my brother...Miles...ahhh, what a foolish fool he is!" Cried Franziska as she broke down in Maya's arms.

Phoenix's focus was still on Edgeworth, but he could hear Franziska crying behind him as Maya consoled her....was this really the end? Was Edgeworth really dead?


Phoenix pushed the thought out of his head as soon as it arrived...he would never give up on Miles...not ever!

"C'mon baby, just stay with me please...we all love you...I love you...just please stay." Phoenix pleaded as tears began to form in his eyes.

The defense attorney was putting all his body strength into the chest compressions; his frustration causing him to use more force, with pressure that was probably enough to crack a few ribs.

"You deserve to see it deserve to see all these people who care about you..."

Tears began to blur Phoenix's vision as they fell from his face....he could still hear Franziska crying from behind.

"Nick....I think it's time to let go now." Interjected Maya gently as Franziska continued to cling to her for comfort.

"B-But...Maya...I...I can't-"

Phoenix felt that he was too weak for words; his body going numb as the familiar feeling of failure filled him with an agonizing guilt. God...this felt like losing Mia all over again. To be too little too late to save someone he cared it was all his fault.


Phoenix slumped over Edgeworth's still form and clung tightly to his shirt in frustration; letting his tears fall freely onto the unconscious man.

"Miles...i'm so sorry, I should have been the one to save you. M-Maybe the universe was right....maybe we weren't meant to be...."

In his anger, Phoenix balled up his fist and slammed it down as hard as he could onto the chief prosecutor's chest...which may have unintentionally been the best decision the defense attorney could have made.

"M-Miles?...." Sniffled Phoenix through his tears.

In what must have been an answer from the universe, Edgeworth's eyes flickered open as he immedietly began coughing up water and gasping for air....Miles was alive!

".....Phoenix? A-Are we dead?" Asked a weakened Edgeworth with an almost inaudible groan.

"N-No baby, we're alive! Y-You're alive! We made it!" Exclaimed Phoenix in relief as he embraced the chief prosecutor tightly.

"Ahhh! Take it easy! I think you might have broken a rib or two..." Edgeworth winced in pain at the touch as he instinctively clenched his chest.

"Shit really? I'm so sorry Miles...I never wanted to hurt you, I was just trying to save you because I was so afraid of losing you and-"

"Phoenix, it's okay. For once i'm actually grateful that i'm alive....I finally have something to live for." Interjected Edgeworth with a weak smile as he stared at Phoenix.

The defense attorney returned an equally weak smile as Edgeworth reached up to wipe the tears from his face. Though the chief prosecutor was alive...the shock of him almost dying was still too much for Phoenix's conscience to bear.

"Miles...i'm so sorry. This should have never happened to you in the first place, I should have been there to protect you from harm at all costs!" Said Phoenix turning his head away in shame.

"You're only human're not the Steel Samurai. You can't keep sacrificing yourself at the expense of others; the guilt it gives you is too much." Stated Edgeworth earnestly, wincing in pain as he forced himself to sit up and make eye contact with the defense attorney.

"But Miles...I almost lost you...what was I supposed to do?" Asked Phoenix as he ran a hand through his wet hair in exhaustion.

"But you didn't lose me Phoenix...i'm right here in front of you, and whatever guilt you may have from almost losing me...we'll share it together. I'll bear that burden with you." Edgeworth continued weakly, gently caressing Phoenix's cheek with his hand.

"Oh Miles...I love you so much!" Cried Phoenix as he wrapped his arms around Edgeworth in a warm embrace.

"Ahhh! I love you too Phoenix...but please keep in mind of my broken ribs!" Winced Edgeworth in pain.

"Shit! I forgot! A-Are you okay?" Asked a concerned Phoenix as he quickly pushed himself off of the chief prosecutor in a panic.

"....I'll be okay."

Phoenix had his hands on Edgeworth's shoulders; the two of them staring at each-other adoringly. The defense attorney closed his eyes to lean into a kiss when-



Phoenix was met once more with the familiar sting of Franziska's whip. Both he and Edgeworth turned around to see the female prosecutor; her face was all red and her eyes were puffy from crying. In fact, she actually looked more relieved than angry that Edgeworth was alive. It was clear she was disguising her true emotions with a facade of anger.

"Franziska....have you been crying over me?" Asked Edgeworth with a sarcastic smirk.

"What? D-Don't be ridiculous little brother! All you did was waste our precious time on a sinking ship with your foolery!!" Exclaimed Franziska in a fluster.

"She totally cried...I have tear stains on my dress to prove it." Interjected Maya with a laugh.

"Maya Fey!" Franziska turned around to give Maya the stink eye, but the spirit medium retaliated with a mischivous wink which only made the female prosecutor more flustered.

"Well's nice to know you care about me after all." Said Edgeworth in a teasing tone.

"Whatever you fools...I say we should focus on getting off this damned ship!" Replied Franziska eagerly trying to change the subject.

"As much as I hate to ruin this beautiful moment...she's right....we need to leave ASAP!" Interjected a worried Ema.

"Ema! How did the evacuation efforts go? Is everyone safe?" Asked Phoenix now fully aware of his surroundings again.

"Everything went well Mr. Wright. We managed to get every passenger on a lifeboat. There's only one left now...which is saved for us." Replied Ema with a hopeful smile.

"Well, what are we all waiting for..let's get going! We can finish this investigation once we're all safe on dry land!" Stated Phoenix eagerly.

"....Dry land does sound REALLY nice right about now." Interjected Apollo with an awkward laugh.

Phoenix helped Edgeworth to his feet, but the chief prosecutor was still too weak to walk on his own...not to mention the broken ribs that he now had. The defense attorney had to steady him as they walked slowly behind the rest of the group. Which made Phoenix nervous, as the port of the ship was now almost fully toppled over into the ocean.

"Mr. Wright, do you need any help?" Asked Apollo, turning behind him to look at the two men struggling.

"W-We're fine Apollo...just go on ahead, we'll be right behind you." Reassured Phoenix with a nod.

"Phoenix...I feel so i'm slowing you down." Stated Edgeworth with a groan.

"Shutup, I said I've got you!" Huffed Phoenix tiredly as he hoisted Edgeworth's arm over his shoulder to help him walk.

"Phoenix, your hand is bleeding...what happened?" Asked a concerned Edgeworth, staring at Phoenix's bloody knuckles.

"I had to punch out the glass window to save big deal." Replied Phoenix with a shrug.

"I'm got hurt on my behalf." Sighed Edgeworth in reply

"Really? You're the one who almost frickin' died and you're worried about me?" Phoenix laughed in amusement.

"I always worry about you..."

Phoenix softly smiled as he placed a gentle kiss on Edgeworth's forehead. He thanked the universe that he was gifted with more time with this beautiful man...even if it meant just a few more moments like this.

"We finally made it! We're gonna get off of this ship!" Exclaimed Athena at the sight of the vacant lifeboat.

".......We live to die another day!......" Beeped widget.

Phoenix looked to see that they had indeed approached the final lifeboat. It was a large wooden canoe big enough for ten people hanging off the edge of the ship; ready to be lowered into the ocean.

"Alright everyone, we have no time to lose now! Let's get on as quick as we can!" Demanded Ema fiercely.


The entire team's jaws dropped in shock almost in unsion at the unexpected interruption. For guarding the last lifeboat was none other than Lola Loving...standing with a large kitchen knife in hand and pointing it towards anyone who dared to approach her. Just what the hell was going on now?

Chapter Text


Indeed, this wasn't just some terrible nightmare after all. Phoenix and the rest of the team were currently being threatened with a knife on a sinking ship by the usually cheerful Lola Loving. For some  reason, the young woman was deadset on claiming the final lifeboat for herself.

"Ahhh, well it would seem that the lovely fräulein isn't so lovely after all." Interjected Klavier with a facepalm and a sigh.

"I...I mean it! Don't get any closer! I'm not afraid to use this thing!" Exclaimed Lola in a defensive stance as she wielded the blade around.

".....Oh really, because it looks to me that you are." Scoffed Blackquill with a smirk.

" have no idea what i'm capable of!"

Blackquill broke out into a fit of laughter at Lola's empty threat. "Being a master of the blade myself, I would say not much...seeing as how much you're trembling in fear."

Sure enough, the samurai obsessed prosecutor was right. Phoenix could see that Lola was actually quite frightened; sweat pouring from her forehead as the blade shook in her hand. Why was she even attempting a charade like this to begin with?

"Why so hostile? I mean, i'm pretty sure you can fit on the lifeboat with us as well!" Maya chimed in with an optimistic smile.

"No! I mean...that's not what HE wants! I..I need to be brave for him!" Protested Lola anxiously.

"He? Who is this he you're referring to?" Asked Ema with a raised eyebrow and crossed arms.

"N-Nobody! It's really none of your business!" Cried Lola defiantly as she tightened her grip on the knife.

"Miss Loving, I must say i'm quite disappointed in your behaviour. What happened to us being your 'lovely loving' people?" Asked Phoenix in a sarcastic tone, clearly not taking the young woman's threats seriously.

"W-Why you stupid-you think you know everything about me eh?" Replied Lola with a snarl.

"B-Be careful Phoenix...i'm not too sure we should be antagonizing the woman with a knife." Interjected Edgeworth weakly.

"Don't worry about it, we have at least three prosecutors here with deadly weapons..." Smiled Phoenix as he eyed Blackquill, Nahyuta, and Franziska; the three of them giving him a dirty look in return.

Phoenix honestly didn't know what to do in order to get Lola to back down. Though from Athena's expression of contemplation, he had an idea that the female defense attorney had a trick up her sleeve.

".....Athena, are you thinking about what I think you are?" Whispered Phoenix as he nudged the red-headed defense attorney.

"...I believe so. I'm sensing a lot of discord in her voice Mr. Wright, her emotions are all over the place!" Athena replied with a sigh, gripping onto widget around her neck.

"Athena, are you kidding? You really wanna conduct a therapy session on a sinking ship!?!?" Exclaimed a worried Apollo.

"Hmmph, well do YOU have a better idea Justice-dono? If so, i'd like to hear it." Threatened Blackquill as he reached under his coat for his own blade.

"N-No! Go ahead, don't let me stop you!" Stuttered Apollo as he hid behind Klavier for protection.

At that, Athena opened up widget's mood matrix; the holographic screen opening up in front of her as she prepared to get to the bottom of Lola's erratic emotions.

"Alright Miss Loving, do you mind if I ask you a few questions? After all, therapy is much healthier than resorting to violence!" Chimed Athena with a smile as she flashed a peace sign.

"Err....okay, but make it snappy!" Replied a slightly confused Lola.

"So...why threaten us with a knife? You were always so kind...why the sudden change of heart?" Asked Athena inquisitively.

"Pfft...we're on a sinking ship! At this point it's everyone for themselves! I could care less if you people die!" Scoffed Lola in reply.

"Hmm...I don't think so. Miss Loving, I couldn't help but notice that you exhibit a great amount of sadness when talking about us potentially dying." Questioned Athena.

"I...umm...I mean, it's not like I WANT you guys to die. It's just...umm...i'm just following orders!" Retaliated a now nervous Lola.

Phoenix could see from widget's holographic screen that the discord in Lola's voice had dropped ever so slowly. The defense attorney subtley gave Athena a reassuring nod of approval to keep the therapy session going.

Athena continued asking questions, hoping to now pry further into what was really going on here. "Who are you taking orders from Miss Loving?"

"C-Captain Coldheart of course! He ordered me to reserve a lifeboat for just the two of of course I obliged!" Lola Replied nervously as her grip on the knife loosened up.

"You mean to tell me that bastard really is still onboard the ship!?!?" Exclaimed Edgeworth with a wince.

The chief prosecutor's sudden outburst caused him to clench his chest in pain; seemingly forgetting about his new injuries. Phoenix outstretched his arms to prevent Edgeworth from toppling over completely....the man just never knew when to take it easy on himself.

"Miss Loving....there's a great amount of happiness when you mentioned Captain Coldheart's name...." Continued Athena.

"...T-That's because he's our brave and noble captain! Of course I have a great amount of respect for him as his most loyal employee!"

Phoenix could see that Lola's palms were sweaty. Whatever grip she currently had on the knife wouldn't last much longer.

"Maybe...but that happiness is also accompanied by surprise when you talk about reserving a lifeboat for just the two of you."

"....Captain Coldheart, he never notices me. So when he asked for a boat for just the two of us...I got excited." Repied Lola with a sigh.

"Why would that excite you?" Asked Athena curiously.

"I do the man's bidding...everything he asks of me....I do. Though, I sometimes take matters into my own hands." Continued Lola as she glanced shamefully at the knife in her hand.

Once again, Phoenix was relieved to see the discord in Lola's voice go down. They needed to get on with it faster though...the ship was now in its final phases before being fully submerged.

"What kind of things have you done for the captain?" Athena asked anxiously, now also aware of their limited time.

"I'm not the murderer if that's what you're asking! B-But...I suppose I can be considered an accomplice of sorts. After all, I've known what's been going on the entire time." Replied Lola in a guilt ridden voice.

"SO YOU'VE BEEN PROTECTING THE CAPTAIN THIS WHOLE TIME!?!?" Interjected Ema angrily as she clenched both her fists.

"Ahhhh! N-No! It's not like that I swear! I've done things on my own accord that he didn't know about! Like...umm...stealing people's wedding rings! That was all me!" Exclaimed a defensive Lola.

"So you really are our wedding ring thief? May I ask why you would do something so ridiculous to begin with?" Asked Nahyuta as he clenched his prayer beads in frustration.

"I just.....I's not what you think I swear!"

"Shit, the mood matrix is going crazy! Her emotions are out of control!" Huffed Athena in a panic.


In an instant, everyone was thrown off of their feet as another earthquake-like rumble was felt throughout the ship. Phoenix did his best to shield Edgeworth to prevent further damage to his already injured body....though the chief prosecutor still suffered mentally from the shaking sensation.

"Ughh...please dad no...I can't go into that elevator again...let's take the stairs instead!" Mumbled Edgeworth to himself as he blacked out.

"Miles! It's okay, you're're with me and you're going to be safe!" Reassured Phoenix as Edgeworth trembled in his arms.

"P-Phoenix? Am I really going to be okay this time?" Asked Edgeworth nudging himself into the defense attorney's chest.

"You will be...I promise."

Phoenix gently rubbed the chief prosecutor's back as he rocked him back and forth while whispering words of comfort in his ear. He did this until Edgeworth was able to ground himself in reality again...though these actions weren't gone unnoticed by Lola Loving.

"The way you took care of your lover just was truly beautiful. I mean, you immedietly went to his aid in a moment of danger when you could have saved yourself instead." Explained Lola as tears began to form in her eyes.

Athena opened the mood matrix once she was back on her feet, and her face contorted in confusion at what she saw.

"It's two are SO in love. I had no idea, I mean I could never even imagine what that must be like." Sighed Lola with a weak laugh.

"Miss Loving....I must note that you exhibit a strange sense of anger when speaking about love." Explained Athena nervously.


Lola broke down into a fit of tears as she threw the knife down on the ground in defeat. Phoenix's jaw dropped as he was finally able to put two and two together.

"Miss Loving....don't tell me you're in love with Captain Coldheart?" Asked Phoenix earnestly.

"Ewww...don't be ridiculous Mr. Wright, she's like twenty something years old and he's a crusty old man!" Cried Apollo in disgust.

"It's true actually...." Replied Lola as she slouched over in shame.

"W-WHAT!?!? B-BUT YOU'RE BEAUTIFUL AND HE'S...UMMM...OLD!!!!" Exclaimed Apollo in shock.

"Love is a strange thing Apollo..." Smiled Phoenix as he patted the young defense attorney's shoulder.

At that, all the discord in Lola's voice was gone as the mood matrix closed. They had finally caught their they just needed to find Clyde.

"Miss Loving...You did everything for Captain Coldheart because you loved him?" Inquired Ema curiously.

"Yes....he would do the killing and I would help him hide the bodies and the evidence. I never even asked why he killed...I was just so blinded by the idea of love, I did whatever I was told." Explained Lola as she wiped the tears from her eyes.

"....and the wedding rings?" Continued Ema.

"I guess that was something I did out of spite. I was so jealous of the couples that came aboard this ship....I wanted to experience their love for myself. So I would steal the rings and wear them...just to pretend that someone loved me."

"Hmmph, and you discarded them in the ocean once you had your fun as to not draw suspicion to yourself?" Asked Edgeworth with a glare towards the young woman, clearly not buying into her sob story.

"It's ridiculous I know....." Sighed Lola in embarrassment.

"Sounds like the power of suggestion to me. I believe that the captain is well aware of your feelings for him, and is manipulating you to do his dirty work in return for a love that you'll never receive." Scoffed Blackquill as he shook his head in contemplation.

"You're probably right. God...i'm so pathetic!" Cried Lola as she buried her face in her hands.

Phoenix couldn't help but sigh. As he normally did, Phoenix felt a strange amount of sympathy towards the suspects involved in his cases. He's seen it too many times before...where a good person gets involved in crimes for reasons beyond their control.

"Miss Loving...if it helps any, I think you can do better than that greasy old geaser." Said Phoenix with an awkward smile.

"R-Really?" Lola asked as she peeked back up from her hands.

"Of course! You're eccentric and loyal...there's bound to be plenty of people who appreciate that!" Continued Phoenix enthusiastically.

"B-But, I could never get Coldheart's attention...all he did was talk about that dreadful woman all the time. What makes you think other people will appreciate me?"

"Dreadful woman? What dreadful- ?" Started Edgeworth.

"Miss Loving, you made our trip soooo much fun!" Chimed Maya with a little clap.

"Indeed frä are much too young and beautiful to be with an old murderer!" Said Klavier with a wink.

"Yeah....and I mean, in a weird way, you kind of brought all of us together! So you really do have a special way with love!" Smiled Athena happily.

"Oh you guys really mean all of that?" Asked Lola sniffling back her tears.

"They're right. Unfortunately, you'll have to serve time for your crimes...but once you get out, you'll still have a whole future of opportunity ahead of you! Unlike our dear captain, you're still young and full of life!" Finished Phoenix with a reassuring smile.

"Oh really ARE lovely loving people! I'm so sorry for all that i've done...I promise i'll make amends for all the harm i've caused!" Smiled Lola as she confidently tossed one last handful of heart-shaped confetti into the air.

"Thank you for your co-operation Miss Loving...but I need to ask, where is Captain Coldheart right now?" Asked Phoenix anxiously.

"Oh...he's in the bridge of the ship. Last I heard, that's where he was waiting for me to return for him after I got the lifeboat."

Phoenix looked up to see the small cabin on what used to be the upper balcony...the bridge of the ship; the control room where the ship itself was commanded from. It was probably the only area of the ship that wasn't yet touched by the rising water.

"Great...all of you escort Lola Loving into the lifeboat and I'll go capture the captain. I shouldn't be long...we'll depart once I get back." Demanded Phoenix sternly.

"Phoenix don't be ridiculous....i'm coming with you." Scoffed Edgeworth in pain.

"N-No way! You almost died like twice already! Which is two too many times for me!" Protested Phoenix in response.

"Hehe...I think I almost beat your record." Replied Edgeworth with a small sarcastic smile.

Phoenix rolled his eyes. He was unaware that they were making a competition out of who's had the most near-death experiences.

"Whatever're getting on the lifeboat with the others whether you like it or not! I mean, you can barely walk for god's sake!" Retaliated Phoenix with frantic hand motions.

"Nope. Not going to happen. We started this together, and we're going to finish it together. Besides....I have a hunch that you'll need me." Edgeworth replied with a devilish grin.

"MILES, YOU SON OF A-" Started Phoenix

"Wright-dono, calm yourself! If the chief wishes to assist you, then so be it...I can supervise the both of you if need be." Interjected an annoyed Blackquill.

"Simon, you'll really go with them?" Asked Athena with concern.

"Indeed...besides, I don't think it's too smart for a man with broken ribs and a clumsy defense attorney to go after a serial killer alone." Continued Blackquill with a smirk.

"Y'know...i'm not even gonna argue against that one." Sighed Phoenix as he slumped in defeat.

With that, the group found themselves separating for what one could hope was the final time. Athena had a hard time letting go of Blackquill, but eventually gave into his demands as she climbed onto the lifeboat with the rest of the group and Lola Loving. The samurai obsessed prosecutor lead the way to the ship's bridge as Phoenix helped Edgeworth walk. The chief prosecutor winced in pain with every step, but looked more determined than ever was finally time to bring this investigation to an end!

Chapter Text

"Miles, are you sure you can handle this?"

"Nghh....i'm fine Phoenix. I need to do this. I need to bring this bastard down myself."

Phoenix and Edgeworth were slowly trailing behind Blackquill as they trudged their way up to the bridge of the ship. The sinking of the boat made for a steep uphill climb as the three of them tried their best not to topple over completely.

"It's just're starting to look paler than Blackquill...i'm worried about you." Phoenix panted as he pushed himself to walk with Edgeworth around his arms.

"Paler than Blackquill? I don't even think that's possible." Replied Edgeworth with a weak laugh.

"....Are we talking about me?" Blackquill turned around with a glare towards the other two men.

"No sir!" Phoenix and Edgeworth exclaimed in unison as if they were school children getting scolded by a teacher.

God, Phoenix wished that Edgeworth wasn't so stubborn. The chief prosecutor clearly needed medical attention, but refused to step down. The defense attorney couldn't help but sigh in defeat...after all, their hard-headed nature was something they had in common.

"Why do you insist on coming with me? If it's for my protection, i'm pretty sure Blackquill has that covered." Said Phoenix eyeing the menacing form of the prosecutor in front of them.

"....It's not that entirely Phoenix. It's something that Lola Loving mentioned in an offhanded remark that I have a bad feeling about." Replied Edgeworth nervously.


"I won't bring it up now though...mostly because I hope i'm wrong." Stated Edgeworth with a grimaced expression.

"But I thought you were never wrong?" Teased Phoenix with a smirk.

"I know....that's what scares me." Edgeworth replied with a wink.

Soon enough, the trio had successfully climbed their way up to the bridge of the ship; now staring down a door that most likely lead to the captain's quarters.

"...It's locked." Groaned Blackquill as he tried twisting the doorknob.

"No...really? I thought maybe the mass murderer would have left the friggin' door open for us! Maybe leave out some tea and crumpets while he's at it!" Scoffed a very sarcastic Phoenix.

Blackquill let out a tired sigh, and turned around with a death-glare towards the defense attorney. "Wright-dono, you're making me want to hurt you...and that's not a good thing."

"I have to agree with Blackquill on this one. You're crabbier than usual...and that's saying something." Interjected Edgeworth with a mischievous grin.

"'s just been a long day, cut me some slack" Sighed Phoenix tiredly as he ran a hand through his hair.

The two prosecutors were still giving him the stink eye...but Phoenix intended to change that by being the only one who can break down the door.

"Blackquill, can you hold onto Edgeworth for a moment?"

"Why?" Asked the prosecutor with slight annoyance.

"Because unlike some people here, I can actually get us through this door." Replied an impatient Phoenix as he handed Edgeworth over to Blackquill.

Blackquill groaned as he silently gave in to the defense attorney's demands. Meanwhile, Phoenix rubbed his hands together as he prepared to break down the door.

"Please for the love of god, let this be the last time I have to do this!"

Phoenix was once again surprised that he was able to kick down the door in one swift motion....though his aching back would probably feel it in the morning.

"You two stay back...I'll survey the area first." Stated Blackquill as he handed off Edgeworth back into Phoenix's arms.

This ship's main control room was eerily empty; Captain Coldheart was nowhere to be found. As a precaution, Blackquill unsheathed his blade as he looked around the corner.

"H-Hello? Is anyone there?" Asked Phoenix nervously.

"Really? You're going to ask a mass murderer where he is, as if he's going to reply. This is how idiots like you get killed in horror movies." Scoffed Edgeworth as he rolled his eyes towards the defense attorney.

"Sheesh...who's the crabby one now?" Replied Phoenix sticking his tongue out in a teasing manner towards the chief prosecutor.

"Why you little-"

Blackquill stopped where he stood, holding his blade up defensively. "Will you two lovebirds quit your bickering already....I hear something."

"I don't hear any-" Started Phoenix.


Blackquill held his stance as he turned his head to see where the sound was coming from....that's when Phoenix heard it as well. The sound was coming from an open vent on the wall.


" that what I think it is?" Asked Edgeworth nervously, his face going even paler than before.

"T-That's impossible, I mean we already confiscated the ray gun....right?" Asked Phoenix with a stupid grin plastered on his face.

"Shhhhh...I think I see something moving in the vent." Cautioned Blackquill as he slowly inched his way closer.

The three of them gasped in fear as a wrinkled hand suddenly emerged from the vent.

"OH SHIT! IT HAS TO BE OLDBAG! I KNEW IT! SHE'S OUT HERE TO KILL US ALL!" Exclaimed Phoenix in fear as he cowered behind Blackquill.

Edgeworth practically squealed like a little girl at the implication of Oldbag being out to get them. "Noooo! I won't go back to being 'Edgey-Poo!' I won't do it!" The chief prosecutor now cowering behind Blackquill's otherside.

"What the hell is an Oldbag?" Asked a very confused Blackquill.

The figure in the vent continued to crawl through until they squeezed their way into the room. It wasn't Oldbag at all...but Captain Coldheart carrying a replica of the old security guard's ray gun.

Phoenix let out a sigh of relief that his initial assumption turned out to be wrong. "Oh thank god, it's just Captain Coldheart.......wait."


It was an odd sight to behold; the old man was soaking wet, but yet somehow still managed to have a lit pipe in his mouth. He was currently standing in front of the trio with the ray gun pointed directly towards them.


"Jesus...I actually think i'd prefer Oldbag." Mumbled Edgeworth to himself.

"Hoho! Unexpected Visitors! What a pleasant surprise!" Hacked the old captain with a cough.

"Can it with the pleasantries captain...we know you're a murderer! Lola Loving told us everything!" Exclaimed Phoenix fiercely.

"Oh did she now? What a shame that seems that even her love has wavered for me after all. Haha! Not that I ever needed it!" Laughed the captain with a long puff of his pipe.

"Silence you fiend! You're under arrest!" Said Blackquill as he pointed his blade towards the old man.

Coldheart placed his hand on the tip of Blackquill's blade and pointed it downward. "Hoho! How rude it is my dear boy to intrude on me with such weapons! Hasn't anyone taught you any manners?" Finished the old man as he blew smoke in the prosecutor's face.

"W-Why you! I'll gladly go back to prison if I get to end you right here and now!" Coughed Blackquill, bringing his blade back up to strike.

"Easy least your weapon is more potent than his little toy." Scoffed Edgeworth as he glared at the ray gun.


"Hmphh...I thought you were dead my boy! My disappointment is immeasurable, and my day is ruined..." Scoffed Coldheart as he gave Edgeworth the stink eye.

"I'll have you know that It takes a lot more willpower to take down Miles Edgeworth!" Exclaimed Edgeworth pointing an accusing finger towards Coldheart.

"It's true...I know from experience." Interjected Phoenix sheepishly.

"Hoho! I see you have your little boyfriend with you as well! If I had it my way, he'd be sleeping with the fishes as well!" Laughed Coldheart as he twirled his moustache in a snobbish manner.

" were the one who tried to push me overboard that one night!?!?" Cried a now furious Phoenix.

"It's always the stupid ones who find love...I wonder why that is?" Mumbled Coldheart to himself.

The captain took another long puff of his pipe; seemingly unphased by the prospects of being arrested. Phoenix knew there was still one last piece of the puzzle to connect before this ship could be put to rest once and for all.

Phoenix began his interrogation as if it was a cross-examination in court. "So tell me Captain Coldheart? Why did you do it? Why kill all those people?"

"Who are you people anyways? FBI? CIA? Jehovahs Witness?" Asked Coldheart impatiently.

"We're just concerned citizens who care about the slaughter of innocent couples!" Continued Phoenix.

"Innocent? Hoho! That's a good one my dear boy....innocent my arse!" Laughed Coldheart with a hacking cough.

"How weren't they innocent? Mr. and Mrs. Hays? They were nothing more than a kind couple looking for a getaway vacation." Interjected Edgeworth angrily.

"Hoho! That is the point my dear boy! Loving couples come aboard my ship and I just can't stand it....all the affection! As a matter of fact I absolutely loathe it!"

"Then why run a couples cruise to begin with?" Asked Blackquill as he crossed his arms.

With that statement, Coldheart shook his head and sighed as he walked towards the window overlooking his now sinking ship.

"I did it all for her. A love that no one but me can understand. Hoho! Now look at her! Not so beautiful anymore in this state! I destroyed her....but I had to...I had to let go eventually." Stated Coldheart earnestly as he looked out on his ship.

".....Please tell me you're not really in love with your goddamn ship!?!?" Snarled Edgeworth through clenched teeth.

"I suppose I am...though she's merely been a substitute for a love once lost. I named her the S.S. Wendy as tribute." Laughed Coldheart as he lovingly rubbed the control panel of the ship.

Phoenix and Edgeworth gave each-other an all knowing look as poor Blackquill looked more confused than ever before.

"THE S.S. WHAT?!?!?" Cried Phoenix in shock.

"W-WAS THIS INFORMATION READILY AVAILABLE THE WHOLE TIME AND WE MISSED IT!?!?" Exclaimed a flustered Edgeworth wincing in pain with each word.

"....Can someone please fill me in? What's so important about the ship's name?" Asked Blackquill anxiously.

"Indeed my dear boys....the ship was named after my sweetest first love. We spent many days together as a young couple, I would take her sailing almost everyday, and she would threaten people with her ray I loved her so." Coldheart reminisced with a smile.

"....What happened to her?" Asked Edgeworth almost afraid to know the answer.

"Our love fell apart when she became a security guard....she became obsessed with young hollywood actors and some ridiculous show called the Steel Samurai. It ruined our relationship!" Exclaimed Coldheart as he tugged at his moustache in frustration.

"Just out of curiosity, what's her full name?" Asked Phoenix with a coy smile.

"My beautiful Wendy of my life...the one who inspired me to use these ray guns to threaten imbeciles like you" Continued Coldheart now clutching onto the ray gun as if it were a precious artifact.



"I feel like I missed a memo here...i'm still very much confused....."

Phoenix and Edgeworth had their jaws hung open in disbelief as Blackquill looked to them for some sort of answer that he would likely never receive.


".....Yes my dear boy. I lost my one sweet love, so why should others deserve to experience what I can't have?" Laughed Coldheart maniacally.

"Do you two know this Oldbag person? Asked Blackquill curiously.

"Well, sorta...she kinda has a thing for-"


Phoenix smiled shamefully as he realized what the chief prosecutor would be worried about. Surely it would be a bad idea to explain that Oldbag has the hots for Edgeworth in front of the man who literally murdered in the name of her love.

"A' as we were saying, I believe you are under arrest captain." Stated Edgeworth as he tried to change the subject.

"Hoho! What makes you think i'll go with you willingly my dear boy?" Stated a cocky Coldheart as he blew more smoke from his pipe.

".....I think I have something that may change your mind."

At that, Edgeworth reached inside his coat pocket and retrieved a photograph. It was one of Wendy Oldbag at the Gatewater Hotel; fishbowl over her head and ray gun in hand.

"Miles what the hell!?!? Why are you carrying around a photo of Oldbag?" Demanded Phoenix with his hands on his hips.

"It's not my fault! The woman keeps sending them to me...they're practically everywhere at this point!" Protested Edgeworth in defense.

Coldheart eagerly snatched the photo away from Edgeworth to analyze it for himself.

"This is ridiculous...there's no way in hell he's gonna recognize her with that stupid fishbowl over her-" Started Phoenix.

"I-It's her! My beautiful Wendy! I would recognize the curve of that fishbowl anywhere!" Beamed Coldheart as he happily gazed at the photo.

Once again, Phoenix's jaw dropped in disbelief as Edgeworth gave him the 'I told you so' look.

" do you know my dear Wendy?" Asked Coldheart curiously.

"Errr.....we're friends....we umm...we've worked together in the past." Laughed Edgeworth nervously.

" I see."

"If you come with us willingly, I should be able to put you in contact with get one phone call at the detention center after all." Said Edgeworth trying to successfully bribe the captain.

"WOULD YOU REALLY!?! HOHO! TAKE ME AWAY MY DEAR BOY! I'M COMING FOR YOU WENDY!" Exclaimed Coldheart as he willingly put out his wrists to be handcuffed.

Phoenix sighed....this was all too crazy. At this point, all he wanted to do was go home and sleep. God, he almost felt bad for poor Oldbag...her and Coldheart must have been quite the interesting couple back in the day.

Blackquill was the one to practically tackle the old captain as he bound his wrists together. "I should say you'll look good in my old handcuffs." Continued the prosecutor into a cackling fit of laughter.

".....Oh, and I guess you have the right to remain silent. Save it for the court I suppose...which is also us by the way." Laughed Edgeworth as he snatched the pipe away from the old man's mouth.

With Blackquill holding a tight grip on their suspect, they were finally able to leave. The trio quickly regrouped with everyone else as they hopped onto the final lifeboat just in the nik of time...the damned thing didn't even need to be lowered, as it was already at ocean level by the time they were ready to depart....Everyone watched safely from the sea as the ship was engulfed by the water like some kind of black hole.

"Whoah! What a force of nature!" Exclaimed Athena with her hands to her face.

"........Damn nature! You scary!....." Beeped widget.

".....The ocean's almost hungrier than I am!" Cried Maya as she held her growling stomache.

"GOODBYE WENDY! HOW I LOVED YOU SO!" Cried Coldheart as Blackquill rolled his eyes and tightened his grip on the man's wrists, which made the captain wince in pain; Lola Loving giggling at the sight.

" we're off of the what do we do?" Asked Apollo scratching his head.

Phoenix looked around and could see that their lifeboat was surrounded by many others filled with confused looking passengers. Just what were they supposed to do now?

"Well liebling, I suppose we just have to wait." Said Klavier as he put a comforting arm around Apollo.

"Wait for what...death?" Asked the young defense attorney.

"Not at all! Nahyuta and I may have called in for some backup when we were evacuating!" Chimed a hopeful Ema.

"What kind of backup?" Asked Phoenix curiously

"Well...the Military actually! They're sending out a rescue ship for us as we speak!" Smiled Ema in reply.

Apollo slumped down in frustration. " you're telling me that we have to get on ANOTHER ship!?!?"

"Justice-dono, we're in the middle of the else do you propose we get back to land safely?" Scoffed Blackquill sarcastically.

"I don't know....maybe a helicopter or something! Man, i'm just so sick of boats! I'm never going on one again!" Pouted Apollo with crossed arms.

With their two fugitives in tow being guarded by Blackquill, all the team could do was sit in silence in their lifeboat until help arrived. Phoenix hoped that it came as soon as possible for Edgeworth's sake. The chief prosecutor was lying in his lap; the pain clearly getting worse being unattended for so long. The defense attorney gently caressed the other man's face and played with his hair in hopes of getting his mind off of the pain. Soon things would be back to normal...and they would finally be able to start their new life together.

Chapter Text

"Hey Nick...who are we gonna eat first?"

"What the HELL do you mean by that Maya?"

"Ugh, it's just that we've been on this lifeboat for so long...i'm starving!"

Phoenix couldn't help but sigh as the spirit medium clenched onto her growling stomach. In all reality, they have been waiting on their lifeboat for about an hour now. According to Ema Skye, the military ship that she and Nahyuta called in for should be well on its way.

"Eh...maybe we'll eat Apollo first, he looks kinda tasty." Replied a sarcastic Phoenix with a laugh.

"Hey, why me!?!? If anything i'd say that Athena looks the most edible...I mean, her yellow jacket kinda makes her look like a honey mustard dipped chicken nugget!" Cried Apollo in protest.

"Says the one who looks like a bright red tomato!" Retaliated Athena as she clenched her fists in anger.

Blackquill broke out into a fit of laughter at the female defense attorney's response. "Indeed Justice-dono...we could probably make quite the tasty salad out of you with my blade."

"STOP! YOU'RE MAKING MY HUNGER WORSE!" Exclaimed Maya, now clenching her face in agony.

Phoenix let out a large breath as he slumped down into the lifeboat; at this rate, everyone was getting on his last nerve. Edgeworth was still in his lap, though the chief prosecutor had fallen asleep...which the defense attorney was jealous of, considering he now missed out on all the 'beautiful' bickering happening amongst them.

Nahyuta sighed as he restlessly fiddled with the prayer beads around his neck. "I could really go for what you Americans call a 'chicken nugget' right now." He then licked his lips as he stared longingly at Athena's yellow jacket.

".....Well why are you staring at me when you say that?" Stated Athena nervously.

Klavier shook his head and let out a laugh. "Leave the Fräulein alone. If anything, we should be eating THEM." The prosecutor protested pointing towards Lola Loving and the Captain.

"N-No please! Not me! Eat him instead!" Retaliated Lola as she nudged towards Coldheart.

The captain was clearly now more insane than usual. "Hoho! Yes indeed! I believe I'll make quite the tasty treat!" Exclaimed Coldheart with a cackling laugh.

"YOU HUNGER DRIVEN FOOLS! NOBODY'S EATING ANYONE GODAMNIT!" Cried Franziska in protest as she cracked her whip as a threat.

"B-But Franzy, how else are we gonna-" Started Maya.

"Will all of you shutup for a second! I think I see something in the distance!" Interjected a hopeful Ema.

Sure enough, when Phoenix squinted his eyes and placed a hand above his forehead, he was able to make out the sihouette of a ship coming towards them. Surely this had to be their help...they were finally safe at last!

"M-Miles, wake up! Help is finally here!" Stated a gleeful Phoenix as he poked the chief prosecutor's face to wake him.

"Nghh...I don't wanna go to school dad...I always get paired up for projects with Larry..." Mumbled Edgeworth to himself in a sleep-induced daze.


"Ugh...Phoenix gets paired up with the girls all the's no fair...why can't it be me?" Continued Edgeworth still half-asleep.



Edgeworth sat up in a startled panic as he finally awoke from his slumber; Phoenix gently kissing his cheek as he shot the chief prosecutor a cheeky grin.

"Dreaming about me eh?" Asked Phoenix in a teasing tone.

Edgeworth looked away in embarrassment as he began to blush. "S-Shutup!"

Eventually the military ship came to their rescue, and the rest was a blur. Each lifeboat was hoisted up from a large door on the side of the ship. Once they were inside, every passenger was offered food, drinks, and warm blankets. There was certainly no all you can eat buffet; the military ship being far more industrial than a cruise liner. Soldiers were everywhere as they came to people's aid for medical attention....Phoenix distinctly remembers Edgeworth giving him a dirty look as he may have checked out one of the more handsome soldiers that assisted him with his cut hand. Either way, the defense attorney soon found himself in the ship's infirmary...resting on a bed after getting stitches on his knuckles.

Phoenix sighed to himself as he plopped himself down onto the infirmary bed's stiff pillow. "Ugh...well this sure was an adventure ro remember." He let out a half-hearted laugh as he stared at the stitches now imbedded into his knuckles.

He had to admit that this is the first time he felt comfortable in days; the nurses onboard had given him a plain white T-shirt and gray sweatpants to change into...the closest thing to home he's felt in awhile.

"N-Nick? Are you in here?"

"Maya, is that you?"

Phoenix sat up and smiled as the spirit medium shyly peeked through the curtain surrounding his bed; inviting her in with a friendly wave.

"Hey Nick! How are you doing? I mean...with your hand and all?" Asked Maya with concern.

"Oh...'tis but a flesh wound' I suppose!" Laughed Phoenix as he tried to impersonate the popular Monty Python skit.

"Haha! Well that's good to hear...boy, i'm sure glad we're all safe after an investigation like that! It's almost a miracle that we all survived!" Exclaimed Maya with a sigh of relief.

"Tell me about it....that's the most dangerous mission we've been on so far!"

Maya began to blush as she tucked a piece of hair behind her ear shyly. "Well....some good things came out of it though...."

"Oh? Is there something you want to tell me?" Asked Phoenix, crossing his arms with a sly smile.

Maya sighed as she sat on the edge of Phoenix's bed. " Franzy just gave me a letter..."

"A letter?" Stated Phoenix pretending not to know what she was referring to.

"Oh Nick! It was the most romantic letter in the world! Franzy said she wants to come to Kurain with me to meet Pearly! She really wants to be with me!!!" Exclaimed Maya with glee.

"Wow, congrats Maya! I'm really happy for you!" Phoenix smiled earnestly in reply.

"Thanks, i'm happy too! What about you and Edgeworth? What's the status of your relationship?" Teased Maya as she playfully slapped Phoenix's knee.

Phoenix nervously grinned and rubbed his forehead. "Oh...ummm, I mean I guess we're dating. Though, I haven't really gotten the chance to talk to him since shit hit the fan."

"You should talk to him now! I think Franzy's just checking up on him too!" Maya reassured with a smile.

With that, the spirit medium skipped off back behind the curtain; probably off to find something to finally eat that hopefully wasn't a person. Phoenix groaned as he pulled himself off of the bed...surely Edgeworth was somewhere in this infirmary as well.

"Hey Mr. Wright!"

As soon as he popped out from behind the curtain, he was met by Detective Ema Skye...who was currently tending to Nahyuta and his sprained ankle on another bed.

"Hey Ema...Nahyuta, how are you feeling?" Asked Phoenix awkwardly.

"I've been better...but i'll live. The Holy Mother has given me much well as my lovely partner here." Nahyuta stated as he flashed a smile towards Ema.

Ema laughed as she playfully pinched the prosecutor's cheek. "Awww, you're actually really sweet when you're not being a condescending jackass."

"Well that's good to, any word from our Bonnie and Clyde?" Asked Phoenix curious to know about Lola Loving and Captain Coldheart's whereabouts.

"Oh! The soldiers have them is don't worry, they won't be doing any murdering on this ship!" Chimed Ema with a small smile.

"What about their trials? Any idea on what's gonna happen?" Continued Phoenix.

"Well, I know I'll be in charge of prosecuting for Miss Loving's it is, i'll try to go as easy on her as I can...." Interjected Nahyuta with a sly smile.

"....As for Coldheart, I think Blackquill has his case....I would expect the death penalty and nothing else." Stated Ema sternly.

Phoenix ran a hand through his hair and sighed. He was grateful that Lola Loving would be given a lenient sentence...though ever since Dahlia, there was something about the death sentence that disturbed him deep inside.

"Ummm, well...thanks for everything and-" Started Phoenix.



Phoenix turned around to be met once more by the sting of Franziska's whip. Just how many of them were sent to this goddamn infirmary!?!?

"Franziska...what an honour it is to see you again." Stated a sarcastic Phoenix as he rubbed the whip sting on his arm.

Franziska rolled her eyes and scoffed. "Hmpph...If you should know, I just got finished visiting with my little brother."

Phoenix perked his ears up at any mention of Edgeworth. "Oh really? How is he?"

"...He's alive I suppose. Though the doctors gave him some really heavy painkillers."

"Is he taking them well?" Asked Phoenix earnestly.

"Ugh....hardly. He just called me his beautiful little sister that he loves and was absolutely disgusting!" Exclaimed an embarrassed Franziska as she clenched her face in repulsion.

Phoenix couldn't help but burst into laughter...the thought of Edgeworth saying something that sentimental was completely absurd that he couldn't even imagine it....he had to see it for himself.

"Anyways...he's as high as a kite right now. I'd rather he act lovingly in front of you than towards know how I feel about that kind of stuff."

"Oh really? Because Maya just told me that you gave her a certain romantic looks like you've caved into emotion after all." Said Phoenix with a devilish grin.

"Why you- it had nothing to do with you!!! I was going to give Maya Fey that letter no matter what!" Cried Franziska in retaliation, threatening to crack her whip again.

Phoenix raised his eyebrows doubtfully. ".....You were going to give her a crumpled up letter?"

"Ugh! Whatever....J-Just go visit my love-struck brother already! I need to go find Maya Fey!" Huffed Franziska as she stormed off in frustration.

Phoenix shook his head in confusion as Franziska walked off....these Von Karma's sure were a strange breed. The defense attorney then brought his attention to seeing Edgeworth...who was supposedly drugged up behind one of these infirmary curtains.

"M-Miles?" Asked Phoenix in a coy manner as he peeked behind one of the curtains.

" that you nurse? It's about time you showed up...i've been in so much pain."

It was Edgeworth alright; lying on a bed and clearly drugged out of his mind. The chief prosecutor was wearing the exact same gray sweatpants as Phoenix...though was shirtless with a large bandage wrapped around his chest to keep pressure on the broken ribs.

"Miles, i'm not your-"

Edgeworth sat up weakly as he stared at Phoenix and bit his bottom lip. "Though I must are much sexier than the last nurse that was in here..."

"M-Miles!!!!! I'm not....I mean....jeez!"

Phoenix was flabbergasted as he felt his entire body heat up....he had never heard Edgeworth speak like THIS before. Drugged up Miles was sure to be entertaining....

Edgeworth winked as he tried to flirt with the man that he was unaware was actually his boyfriend. "Hey, don't be shy about're here to change my bandages aren't you?" Continued the chief prosecutor through a slurred voice.

"N-No!!" Protested a flustered Phoenix.

"What a shame...I think I would pay money for a man like you to touch me." Edgeworth slumped his head down into his pillow with a weak laugh.

Phoenix was absolutely speechless...this was turning into the intro of some very bizarre porno, and the defense attorney wasn't quite sure he liked it or not.

"Miles, do you really not recognize me?" Asked Phoenix nervously as he rubbed the back of his neck.

"Well sure I recognize're the man of my dreams." Continued Edgeworth as he eyed the defense attorney up and down.

"Oh really? What are your dreams about? Asked Phoenix trying to play along.

"Well...I'm pretty sure I usually dream about being the Steel Samurai's sidekick! We kick ass together as we save the day!" Edgeworth laughed as he playfully punched the air.

".....Wow, I guess I was expecting something more deep." Replied Phoenix sheepishly.

"Hmmm, well you didn't let me get to the part where I save the beautiful man with the spiky hair from certain doom...I think we live happily ever after." Edgeworth continued with a drug-induced giggle.

Phoenix smiled in return as he kneeled down next to the chief prosecutor's bed and held his hand.

"Miles, it's me Phoenix....your childhood friend?"

Edgeworth was wide-eyed as he stared emptily into the defense attorney's soul.

"Umm....your courtroom rival?"

Nothing....just more empty blinks from Edgeworth.

"Ugh....we're kinda, sorta," Finished Phoenix as he squeezed Edgeworth's hand.

"W-WHAT?!! YOU'RE TELLING ME I ACTUALLY SCORED A HOT PIECE OF ASS LIKE YOU!?!?" Exclaimed Edgeworth as he sat up which caused him to wince in pain.

"Ugh....yeah....I suppose you did...but have you looked in the mirror lately?" Asked Phoenix flirtatiously.

"Wow....are you sure i'm not dead?!?! I mean, you must be an angel!" Edgeworth facepalmed as he laughed in disbelief

"'re very much alive and well!" Laughed Phoenix bashfully.

"So....if we're dating, does that mean we kiss?" Asked Edgeworth curiously.

Phoenix rubbed the back of his neck nervously as he replied. "Umm...we do...I mean we have...and I hope we'll continue to do so."

"......Do we have sex?" Asked Edgeworth innocently.

Once again, Phoenix felt a certain amount of heat circling within him....this time in more areas than one.

"Holy shit Miles! I mean....umm...I mean, we've been intimate before. I ugh...I hope to do more when the time is right." Blurted out Phoenix, clearly taken back by the question.

"Hmm, well if the timing was right, I would bend you over this bed and have my way with you right now." Stated Edgeworth nonchalantly.

"MILES YOU DIRTY DOG! IS THIS WHAT YOU REALLY THINK ABOUT!?!?" Exclaimed a flustered Phoenix in shock and surprise.

"Hmm...will you at least lay on the bed with me?" Asked Edgeworth with the biggest doe eyes that no one could possibly refuse.

At that, Phoenix climbed onto the bed and nuzzled himself against the chief prosecutor; Edgeworth holding him tightly in his arms as if he never wanted to let go.

"So....How will I ever repay you for saving my life?" Asked Edgeworth as he ran a hand through Phoenix's hair.

"I don't know....with sexual favours I guess." Phoenix replied in a sarcastic tone.

Phoenix was then caught off guard when he felt Edgeworth grab his crotch...the drugged out chief prosecutor clearly had confidence that had to be admired.

"M-MILES, I WAS ONLY JOKING!!!" Phoenix flinched at the touch as he moved Edgeworth's hand away.

"Really? Because I wasn't...." Laughed Edgeworth with a wink.

"We're not getting frisky in a goddamn military ship's infirmary for multiple reasons!'s unethical! Two...i'm not taking advantage of you while you're under the influnce! have broken ribs! And four...I want our first time together to be perfect!"

"Can we at least kiss?" Pouted Edgeworth as he stuck out his lower lip.


Phoenix tilted Edgeworth's face to his own as he brushed away a stray strand of hair from the chief prosecutor's forehead. He then brought their lips together in a kiss that was slow, soft, and sweet. The defense attorney couldn't help but smile through the kiss as he found that Edgeworth's mouth still tasted of sea water. Everything felt perfect for a moment...that was until the drugged up prosecutor decided to squeeze Phoenix's ass.

"H-HEY! I DID NOT GIVE YOU PERMISSION TO TOUCH THE BUTT!" Exclaimed Phoenix as he backed away with a growing blush.

"Oops, well I guess it's too late...I touched the butt." Replied Edgeworth with an almost child-like smile of innocence.

Phoenix shook his head and sighed as he kissed the chief prosecutor's forehead and snuggled up next to him....he couldn't resist Edgeworth no matter what.

"Hey Phoenix?" Asked Edgeworth shyly.

"Yeah Miles?" Replied the defense attorney who was now nuzzled up against the chief prosecutor's nape.

".......I think i've always loved you, like since we were kids."

"R-Really? I mean, I was always kinda jealous of you actually. I wish I could have stood up for myself the way you stood up for me back were my hero Miles." Phoenix shook his head in reminiscence of his childhood.

".....So you love me too?"

"Miles....I love you as much as someone could ever love another person."

It was silent for a moment...and Phoenix could tell that Edgeworth had something to say.

"Hey Phoenix?"

"Yes Miles?"

".........Will you Marry me?"

Phoenix sat up and gasped at Edgeworth's impromptu proposal.....surely the chief prosecutor was just drugged out of his mind?

"M-Miles?!? You have no idea what you're talking about!!! I're high right now!" Exclaimed Phoenix in shock.

"No...that's not true. For once I think I actually know what i'm talking about. Scoffed Edgeworth in reply.

"B-But....I thought you didn't like the idea of marriage!??!"

"Pffft....yeah, because I only ever wanted to get married to you, and I thought I would never have the chance..."

Tears began to form in the chief prosecutor's eyes, and Phoenix wiped them away as soon as they appeared. Even if Edgeworth was high right now...Phoenix couldn't deny that this was somwething he wanted as well.

"Miles....of course i'll marry you." Replied Phoenix with a large grin.

"R-Really? You will?" Asked a surprised Edgeworth.

Phoenix nodded silently as he placed a gentle kiss on the chief prosecutor's lips; the two of them snuggling up together until this voyage was finally through. The defense attorney couldn't help but smile...whatever was to happen in the future, he knew he would always have Edgeworth by his side.

Chapter Text

It took two long weeks; two weeks of sailing aboard the military ship until Phoenix and the team were finally back on dry land again. Though his ribs were healing well, poor Edgeworth was high on painkillers in the infirmary for the entire duration of the trip...much to the defense attorney's amusement.

"Psst, Phoenix....come closer."


"Because I have a secret to tell you."

Phoenix let out a laugh as he tilted his head towards the prosecutor in question. The defense attorney was currently sitting in an uncomfortable plastic blue chair; reading a magazine next to Edgeworth's infirmary bed.

"What kind of secret?" Phoenix slumped down in the chair and attempted to play along with the chief prosecutor's antics.

".....You have to come close so that I can tell's a VERY big secret." Giggled Edgeworth as he sat up in his bed.

Phoenix threw the magazine he was reading onto the bed and leaned forward in his chair. "Ugh....alright, what is it Miles?"


Phoenix raised an eyebrow in confusion, but hesitantly brought his face closer to the drug-induced prosecutor.

"Just a teeny bit more...." Explained Edgeworth trying to hold back a giggle.

Phoenix rolled his eyes and sighed; reluctantly moving his face in so that it was about an inch away from Edgeworth's

"Okay Miles, what's so important that I had to-"


Phoenix pulled his face back and blinked in confusion, for Edgeworth did all that just to poke the tip of his nose; the man now breaking down into a fit of cackling laughter as if it were the funniest thing in the goddamn world.

"Miles, what the HELL was that?!?!?" Sighed Phoenix as he slumped back into his chair.

Edgeworth was now wiping tears out of his eyes from the laughter "Haha! I booped your snoot!!! You hardly stood a chance against my attack!!!" He then shot a playful smile towards the defense attorney.

"God, I can't believe under all that brooding you're ACTUALLY worse than a child." Phoenix shook his head and returned the smile.

"Hehe...maybe I should get high more often?" Questioned Edgeworth to himself.

"NO! FOR THE LOVE OF GOD NO!" Cried Phoenix in protest.

"Why? I feel so carefree this way!" Pouted Edgeworth in reply.

".....That's what i'm worried about." Phoenix laughed half-heartedly as he sheepishly rubbed the back of his neck.

"Phoenix, i've been having dirty thoughts about you all day without a single ounce of's amazing!" Explained Edgeworth in a flirtatious tone with a wink towards the defense attorney.

"Gwaahhh! S-See this is what I mean! Let's keep those thoughts private, okay?" Asked a flustered Phoenix now beginning to blush.

Edgeworth sighed in defeat as he plopped himself down into his pillow. "'re no fun."

Eventually, Phoenix and the team made it home at last! When they arrived back in L.A., the city was just as rainy as it was when they had first departed...though it was nice to be on solid ground again.


It was Apollo who flung himself to the concrete as soon as he got off of the ship; the young defense attorney kissing the ground beneath him.

"Liebling, please save those kisses for me." Laughed Klavier as he pulled Apollo back up to his feet.

"I'm sorry, i'm just so relieved to NOT be on a floating death machine anymore." Replied Apollo with an awkward grin.

Indeed, it would appear that everyone was happy to be back on dry land; Phoenix observed as the team regrouped at the harbour where they first departed from.

"...I cannot believe Klavier actually performed an entire solo show for all the soldiers onboard!" Scoffed Ema as she shook her head in disgust.

".....Or that Athena cried throughout the entire concert." Interjected a disappointed Blackquill.

"W-What?!?! The man can perform a beautiful melody!" Exclaimed Athena as she had to stifle back her tears from falling once more.

".......Have some emotions for once!...." Beeped Widget.

Franziska groaned as she crossed her arms. "Ugh, that fool's music is much too fruity for my tastes."

Maya wrapped an arm around Franziska and giggled. "C'mon Franzy, he wasn't THAT bad."

"I thought it was quite nice...hopefully he comes back to Khura'in with Apollo. I imagine that Rayfa would appreciate 'drill head's' musical stylings as well." Laughed Nahyuta with an earnest smile.

Phoenix shook his head and smiled at the 'youngling's' shenanigans...he was grateful that they all made it back in one piece, even if they did get on his nerves sometimes.

"A'hem, Phoenix?"

The defense attorney was startled out of his thoughts as he swung around to see a noticably sobered up Edgeworth standing behind him.

Phoenix smiled as wide as he could in the prosecutor's direction. "M-Miles! How are you feeling?" He felt Edgeworth's breath on his neck as he brought the man into a gentle embrace.

Edgeworth pulled back slightly to see the defense attorney's face. "Hmm...I would say whatever they did to me worked. Physically I feel fine, but I don't remember a goddamn thing since we were first rescued."

" mean you remember nothing? Like....not even a little bit?" Phoenix gulped as a new realization set in.

"Can't say that I do....why? Did I do anything embarrassing?" Asked a now eager Edgeworth.

"Umm....I mean, not really." Replied Phoenix through an obvious lie.

Edgeworth shot a glare towards the defense attorney. "...Tell me now"

"Okay, well I will say that drugged-up you is EXTREMELY, worse than Larry horny." Phoenix replied sheepishly as he began to blush.

If it was even possible, Phoenix would say that Edgeworth's face immedietly turned fifty different shades of red. "I-I didn't! I mean, we....ummm...I...w-we didn't do anything did we!?!?" Exclaimed an embarrassed Edgeworth looking for answers; desperately clutching onto the defense attorney's shirt.

"W-What!?! N-No! Don't be ridiculous Miles! I would never take advantage of you in that state! Also, you were kind of annoying...major turn off to be honest." Replied Phoenix as he awkwardly laughed and ran a hand through his hair.

Edgeworth let go of Phoenix's shirt and let out a sigh of relief. "T-That's good then...anything else I need to know of?"

"....Well, you kinda proposed to me." Stated Phoenix so quietly that it was barely audible.

"I WHAT!?!?!?"

Edgeworth grabbed both of Phoenix's shoulders and began to shake him...clearly the chief prosecutor wasn't taking this very well...


"M-Miles, can you please stop shaking me! It's bad enough I still have sea legs, I don't need to be dizzy too!" Pleaded the defense attorney as he was being shook.

At that, Edgeworth released the now wobbling Phoenix. "S-Sorry....I'm just surprised is all." Sighed the chief prosecutor as he rested his head on the defense attorney's shoulder.

Phoenix ran a hand through the other man's hair and laughed. "Hey, it's okay...I mean, I was surprised too! After all, you didn't mean it." Finished Phoenix a bit sadly.


Edgeworth looked up to meet the defense attorney's eyes and shot him a nervous grin.

"I mean, I suppose the offer's still on the table...that is, only if you want to!" Stated a flustered Edgeworth; scratching his head as he quickly looked away to avoid the other man's gaze.

"Wait, you mean you still wanna marry me?" Phoenix's face transitioned from confusion to happiness in almost an instant.

".....Yes." Mumbled Edgeworth shyly.

"O-Of course i'll marry you Miles! Man, how lucky am i? Getting proposed to twice in the span of two weeks!" Laughed Phoenix with a grin.

Phoenix happily leapt into Edgeworth's arms as he cupped the prosecutor's face into a passionate kiss; the defense attorney being engulfed in the other man's tight embrace.

Phoenix pulled away as the two rested their foreheads against each-other. "Okay, so maybe we should keep this on the down low for now so that-"


The two were startled to see Maya jumping up and down with delight...well shit, there goes the whole 'secret engagement' idea.

"M-Maya please, don't tell anyone-" Started Phoenix.

"Phoenix Wright you fool! How ridiculous it is that my little brother must wed before me?!!?" Interjected Franziska as she threatened to crack her whip.

"Franziska, can you please-" Started Edgeworth.

"MR. WRIGHT, YOU'RE REALLY GETTING MARRIED!?!?" Exclaimed Athena as she broke into tears.

Phoenix couldn't help but facepalm as Edgeworth glared at him...there was really nothing they could do at this point.

"Hey Mr. Wright...wouldn't it be cool if we could have a joint wedding?" Asked Apollo as he put an arm around his former boss.

"....Umm Apollo, I thought you and Klavier weren't really engaged." Phoenix asked, raising an eyebrow.

"Yeah, well...umm...I still have the ring! So i'm sure it has some legitimacy to it!" Cried Apollo as he held out his hand to stare at the gold ring on his finger.

Klavier then showed up as he put an arm around Phoenix's other shoulder. "Well Herr Wright, how about it? Care to have a shotgun wedding with my Liebling and I?" Asked the prosecutor with a suggestive wink.

"N-NO THANK YOU!!!" Excalimed Phoenix as he pulled away from both of them.

After the chaos over Phoenix and Edgeworth's engagement was finished with, it was finally time for the team to head their separate ways.

"Well Mr. Wright, it looks like the four of us are heading back to Khura'in." Sighed Apollo sadly.

"The four of you?" Asked Phoenix curiously.

The young defense attorney rubbed the back of his neck sheepishly. "Yeah...umm, Ema's going back with Nahyuta, and Klavier agreed to come with me. He said he wants to perform for some of the locals."

"Oh! Congrats then Apollo!" Phoenix smiled and brought the young defense attorney into a hug.

"OH APOLLO, I'M GOING TO MISS YOU...AGAIN!!" Cried Athena as she joined in on the hug.

".......Agency Grouphug!......" Beeped Widget.

So Athena, where are you headed off to?" Asked Apollo curiously.

Athena wiped her tears away and smiled towards Blackquill. "Well, Simon and I are going to grab some lunch....he's actually paying this time!"

Phoenix smiled and waved as Athena and Apollo left...which left an excited Maya by his side.

"NICK! CAN I BE YOUR MAID OF HONOUR!??!? AND PEARLY CAN BE YOUR FLOWER GIRL!!!" The spirit medium chimed in as she clung onto the defense attorney's arm.

"Ugh.....sure." Phoenix rubbed the back of his neck and smiled awkwardly.

"Oh my god, this is sooooo exciting!! I can't wait to tell Pearly the big news when we get back to Kurain!"

"Speaking of which, shouldn't we be well on our way...." Interjected an unamused Franziska.

"Oh, of course Franzy! You're going to love it there! I mean, it's no Germany but-"

"Oh shush! I'm sure i'll love it!" Exclaimed Franziska with a smile.

The female prosecutor shot one final scowl towards the defense attorney before she was dragged away by a giddy Maya.

"....And then there were two." Stated Phoenix as he faced a contemplating Edgeworth.

"Phoenix...should I buy you a ring?" Asked Edgeworth anxiously.

"Really? Is that what you're thinking about? I mean I don't need one...your love is enough Miles." Smiled Phoenix as he held onto the prosecutor's hand.

"Hmm...I think i'll get you one anyways. Something that's nicer than the one Mr. Justice has." Continued Edgeworth with a devilish grin.

"Oh, so you were jealous of the ring Klavier bought Apollo? Well Miles, I hardly think that-"


Phoenix was taken back when his phone started going off inside his pocket; the device now regaining cell service. He flipped open the phone to find his inbox full of messages...all from Trucy.

Edgeworth raised his eyebrows curiously. "Hmm, i'm surprised your phone survived being underwater."

"....It's a Nokia, it can survive the apocalypse." Laughed Phoenix in reply as he checked his messages.










Phoenix's face turned white as he shoved his phone back into his pocket....of course Larry had to be Larry and cause chaos...

"Phoenix what's wrong?" Asked Edgeworth with concern.

"It's Trucy....Larry showed up and-"

Edgeworth's eye twitched at the mere mention of Larry's name. "Say no more, let's go save your daughter from the Butz."

"R-Really? I mean, i'm not sure if you want to be dragged into the whole 'dad' thing right away..." Said Phoenix shyly.

Edgeworth placed a kiss on top of Phoenix's knuckles where his new stitches were. "Your family is my family now...we're in this together." Replied the prosecutor with an earnest smile.

"A-Awesome! I mean, you're gonna love it Miles! Trucy's already crazy about you too...there's so many things we can do together now-"


"You can teach her how to drive! Cause i'll be damned if Athena was going to do it-"

"Earth to Phoenix..."

"Oh! And that means we're finally elligable for the family pass at Disneyland and-"



"Let's go home."