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Why'd You Bring That?

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Once again, I find myself in debt to Miss Lister, for surely
She put her sister and father up to visiting the house,
Talking my wife into coming around on the match
Between Suzannah and Thomas Sowden. Nobility
Of character? That's Miss Lister's phrase, you may rely
Upon it. So, wasting no time, I rode to the farm, catching
Thomas just as he was building a proper staircase
With his younger brother. I told him that we would
Like to give him our blessing, and then Suzannah would
Surely like to hear the good news from him direct.
His mother did mention a letter from Sam Sowden's
Brother, Ben, which I did think odd. If a man did do
A drunken runoff, why would he go to his brother?
And would the brother then let the wife know? But
Perhaps it was done so that she need not worry.