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Why'd You Bring That?

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It always hits me sharply, every time I am near her
Again, her perfume, and all the memories good and bad
It stirs in my imagination: meeting, falling, discovering
What we liked from each other. Then the proposal, his,
Her marriage, every adulterous connection we've had

Since then. The "three steps" business and Scarborough,
When she said she would wish me different, basically
Saying she would wish me to be not-me. That stung,
And the sting has never completely gone away. So now,
When she seems surprised when I finally tell her more

About my understanding with Ann, how I had asked her
To marry me, move in to Shibden, take the sacrament,
It's odd and ironic for her to say, "But Freddy, you are
Married to me!" "Yes," I snap. "And then you married
Charles all those years ago." She is annoyed, I can tell,

And jealous, saying, "I'd no idea it had got that far
Between you." "Yes, well, it did." And I lie there,
Thinking how her perfume is so strong compared
To l'eau de toilette Ann wears, like the oil portrait
Compared to the watercolor. My tastes have changed.