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Why'd You Bring That?

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She's quiet yes, is Ann, but nothing like
What we were told to expect. And she does
Not like company, but then she never did,
Much preferred conversation with just one
Or two friends, rather than parties
And the like. I go to her, as she is drawing
Flowers and ask her if she might make
A compromise with her own preferences
To make my life easier--as I've got one
Child nursing, one in the measles, and
Sackville utterly unmanageable...
"It's just that the captain has invited
His mother and cousin to dinner
On Wednesday and hopes you might
Come join us. I know you prefer it
Upstairs here, but Captain Sutherland
Would count it a great kindness, as would
I... And don't think there's anything
Behind it, just a family gathering.
You'll be all right with that, won't you?"