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Why'd You Bring That?

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She always thinks she knows so much, and so much
Better than anyone else, as if she were the expert,
Just because she's read all those books on geology
And the like. So when she comes to say farewell,
And just happens to mention that the pit is being
Sunk, starting now, and won't say where the money
Came from, and Holt and Washington in charge, and
Only they and their men know about it, and if those
Blasted Rawsons don't find out, all the better, well...

I can only hope she actually does really know
What she's doing. She says the money is "tight,
But it's manageable, and if all goes to plan, we could
Be getting the coal within a year." "Shouldn't you
Be here to manage it?" I ask, frustrated. She says,
“That's the perfect cover. How can I be up to something
If I'm not even here?" "I've told you before," I say,
"It's an unpleasant business, coal." She says nothing,
Just kisses me, nods, and goes out to her carriage.