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Why'd You Bring That?

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She's off again, and it's a relief to both of us, if not
To Aunt Anne. Still there is one more thing. I tell
Her she mustn't be cross if I do have call her back
On account of our aunt's health. "I wouldn't do it
Lightly, you know that, but she is... old." She nods,

Then tells me about Thomas Sowden's trouble
With Suzannah Washington's mother not being for
The match, thinking Thomas and his family are
Beneath her. "Washington's for it, of course.
He can see how bright Thomas is, that he will do

Well for himself. And it's better for us if our tenants
Are settled, so... Perhaps you could take Father,
Pay a house call on the Washingtons. Tell them
That just occasionally, someone is born with
A nobility of character that belies their lowly birth,

And that's how we feel about Thomas." I do not
Show my shock at this uncharacteristic show
Of--dare I call it egalitarianism? No, she'd not like
That. So all I say is, "Certainly." She hugs me,
Roughly, as always. "Take care of yourself." "And you."