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Why'd You Bring That?

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With all her trunks and bags and things being piled
Out in the courtyard and Joseph and Thomas sweating up
Their livery carrying down yet more, the household
Is all aflutter. I wish she wouldn't travel so much. Yes,
It was good to get off to Wales that time, and yes, Paris,
For the most part was good, although the riots were,
To be quite honest, alarming. But now she is going off,
Again, without me--with just a lady's maid I know she has
Doubts of, and an almost untried footman. How can this

Be a good idea? She sits with me in the dining room
Telling me of her stops and addresses, in Leamington,
London until the 17th, Paris a week later. "And then,
From Paris, who knows? But you'll always know
Where I am, wherever I go. I'll come back at a moment's
Notice if there is anxiety about health." I say I know,
And I do, but that doesn't mean I like it much. That is
Also when she asks me to write to Ann Walker Sr.
From time to time, pass the news on to her. I will.