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Why'd You Bring That?

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Passing the potatoes, commandeering the carrots,
Gliding the gravy across the table, we casually

Put the magistrate on trial for behavior unbecoming.
Father says Rawson is often drunk in the morning,

Even while sitting on the bench, and Marian recalls
His odd ebullience when he was insulting and upsetting

Her. Aunt Ann questions what that makes us,
Halifax, if such one is at the head of our most revered

Institutions. I resolve to invite him to Shibden. Why?
To hear him apologize, first of all. And then... Well,

I can't have him stealing my coal ("our coal").
They think that he will refuse to come, but I know

A few tricks they don't know, and nor does he.
Certainly, if he can play dirtily, then so can I.