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Why'd You Bring That?

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Feeling so very official in my new blue and gold
Livery, I held the door for Miss Lister as she climbed
Inside (Joseph Booth having told me that she don't
Like to be handed in), then I hopped up on the back.

The back's not so bad once you get used to it,
Though I will say the road to York wasn't exactly
The best of the roads I've suffered through. Still,
Autumn in Yorkshire is as beautiful as folk say,

And it never rained, so that's a mercy. But,
When we finally arrived at Dr. Belcombe's,
I was barely halfway down before she was out
Of the carriage and giving orders about

The postilion bating the horses and getting them
Back by 4:00 for our return to Leeds. She speaks
Fast, walks fast. I'm going to have to practice
Getting down faster, to get the door before her.