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Why'd You Bring That?

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When she called Holt and me to Shibden
And told us the latest of that great sinner,
Christopher, it went straight to my heart.
I'm fond of Miss Marian, the little I see of her,
And I find I feel fiercely protective of her sister,

Even though she is a bit of an Amazon. Surely,
We two can help them sort this out. "He's still
Stealing your coal," said Holt, "Yes, that's what
This is about. He's fishing for information,
Frightened you might still have the money

To sink your own pit." She spoke of the third
Party's investment she no longer had, showed
Her agitation about risking income and estate,
Kept opening and closing her pocket watch.
She's never nervous. "We'll look again," I say.