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Why'd You Bring That?

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The moment Christopher Rawson said it at the bank,
I had a sinking feeling it just might be true.
With Anne, anything is possible, and the worse it is,
The more likely, I'd say. So when he came
Straight at me and started saying all those things--
How she'd given him the deeds to Shibden
As security against a 2000-pound note of credit,
I suddenly had visions of her swanning off
To Paris, Rome and Moscow, while the whole house
Was sold from under us. And then he made
A lewd comment about Mr. Abbott, who apparently
Is now engaged to Miss Greenwood. He said
He'd offer to marry me, but only to get at our coal.
Mr. and Mrs. Saltmarsh saw the whole thing,
And all his staff, and the townspeople sniggering
At me. Excruciating! I'm never going back.



I know Marian doesn't always think the best of me,
But I should have hoped she would know I'd never
Do that. It pains me that she would not believe
I hadn't until I pulled the deed out of the closet,
And she read it for herself. I almost forgave her
Her doubts, though, when I realized she was
In tears. He should never have spoken to her,
To my sister, like that. Well, I'll deal with him.