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Right Again

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I can’t just sit here and wait for her to come out and tell me she’s leaving, that she’s going back to England, leaving Mallorca and me behind.

I thought that we were finally getting somewhere, especially after what we shared at Jürgen Kuhl’s house.

I must be wrong.

Climbing into the car and sighing deeply, all I can think about is delaying the inevitable. I want to be alone with my memories, pretend that this isn’t happening.

As I click the seatbelt into place, she leaps over the door and settles into the passenger seat, surprising me. I look at her, my confusion evident.

She shrugs, reaching for her seatbelt as she does. “Compañeros, right?”

I nod, laughing.

“Yeah, compañeros.”

We put on our sunglasses and I start the car, ready to head off for our next adventure.

My heart lightens and I can’t stop smiling.

Everything is right again.