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Olivia’s World Turned Over: The Spoiled Rich Kid AU or As You Will

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The week before Lando’s fight was as boring as the week before a fight usually was. They went days only texting shortly at night because he had to sleep early. He said it was easier to stick to his diet if he didn’t go out, which was fine. But he also believed he could focus better if he didn’t have sex, which Ros wasn’t so fine with. It didn’t matter if it was only a week, the prohibition made him insane.

So, on the night before the fight, Ros decided to do what would’ve been unthinkable a few weeks earlier, and went to Ted’s. They only accepted the invitation because V had been the one who made it (and because Celia and Oliver were having a romantic night out). Ros did like V better than Ted. Well, lately Ted had been so busy living his life, Ros almost missed him, to be honest.

V opened the door, wearing their hair in a wolf-tail, and a t-shirt so big that it had to belong to Ted. They hugged each other, V walked them to the living room, where Ted and his friends Val and Curio were already getting started to play. They were surprised to see Andrew was there, but he was obviously the most excited about Dungeons and Dragons, and it was like he had never tried to start a fight with V, in the first place.

“Why Lando didn’t come?” he asked.

“He has to avoid worldly temptations before a fight,” Ros reminded him.

“Does that include you?” Andrew asked, to everyone else’s amusement.

“Unfortunately, it does,” Ros admitted.

After the game, they smoked weed and had pizza, two things Lando couldn’t have participated in. Ros groaned impatiently. “I’m so pathetic, I can’t stop thinking about him,” they confided to V, who smiled and said: “Lando’s a very lucky guy.” Ros didn’t know about that. “My boyfriend's home right now, thinking about another guy,” they said, phrasing it in the strangest way they could think, which made the whole group laugh.

As the night winded down, and they ran out of things to talk about, Andrew started a new topic: “Did you guys know Olivia’s going out with Will?” He didn’t get much of a reaction, two of those people didn’t know who Andrew was talking about, two others had good reason to pretend they didn’t know either. Ros, however, was curious about the second name. “Will from school?”

“Yeah! Yellow Socks, can you believe it?” he said in outrage.

“Ew!” They really couldn’t believe it. Not that Will had ever said or done anything directly to them, no one did, he just twitched his upper lip whenever he looked at them, and that was enough for Ros to remember him in the worst light possible. “When you say they’re going out…”

“Restaurants, museums, those are dates, right?”

“Maybe, maybe not,” Ros said, hoping Andrew was wrong.

But on the following evening, Olivia showed up in Will’s company. He didn’t wear yellow socks anymore, but he managed to make a completely black outfit look as boring as a uniform. Even his careful head-to-toe felt all too familiar. But Ros let that slide, because even her own father was a little surprised at her hyper-feminine presentation. Fortunately she had more important things to worry about.

Things like the very real possibility of Lando getting hurt, or the hilarious panicky look Ted gave her, when Dad all but asked V what their intentions with his nephew were. It was enough, she had no room for anything else in her mind right now. And as long as he didn’t speak directly to her, it was easy to ignore his existence.