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The Immortal Viking

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839 A.D Ireland 


The battle raged on between the Irishmen and the Vikings as they fought over the land that they stood on. Amongst the Vikings, riding atop her horse and killing her foes, is Valkyrie, the greatest warrior in her clan, firstborn of Aric the fearless, and future chieftess. 


Valkyrie jumped down from her horse and clashed swords with anyone who dared to fight her. One by one they fell at her hand. Those who valued their life ran away from her but were soon killed by other Vikings. But something soon made the color drain from her face and could no longer hear the battle around her. After feeling a strange sensation, Valkyrie turned her head and just witnessed her betrothed being slain by the enemy. 


“No!” She cried out in rage before she ran with all her might up the hill to fight the man who killed her betrothed. When she reached the top of the hill, their two swords clashed and sounded like thunder. But before she knew it, a sword was runged through her chest and she looked into the eyes of her enemy and saw hatred. He withdrew his sword and before she collapsed, Valkyrie swung her sword and cut off his head. Like bolts of lightning, the energy left the man’s body and entered Valkyrie. Pain surged through her and she twisted in agony, receiving the power as it exploded in every corpuscle of her body.


As Valkyrie lay there on the ground, she felt being lifted up and carried away from the battle. Soon, she was placed next to the injured and dying Vikings. She felt immense pain coming from her chest, part was from the wound she had received and the other was heartbreak from seeing the man she loved being killed. Darkness soon consumed her, but it did not last long. Within moments, Valkyrie was healed of her wound and she opened her eyes. 


“How is this possible?” The healer asked. 


“It would appear Odin has made her immortal,” Horik breathed before taking out his sword, kneeling on one knee with his head bowed, “What is our next move, Valkyrie the Immortal?”


“We fight,” Valkyrie replied as she looked down at her sword laying on what was supposed to be her deathbed and held it in her hand, “We fight! And bathe in the blood of our enemies!” 


Valkyrie ran out of the tent, climbed atop her horse, and fought alongside the other Viking warriors killing the enemy. When the battle was over, Valkyrie had lead her army to victory over the Irish. The deceased Vikings were prepared for their funerals after the journey home.

Upon returning home, the deceased were unloaded from the ship and the families were informed. While Valkyrie sat atop her horse looking out at the distance, her father was being informed of what happened to her. She then heard the hoof steps of another horse and she didn’t have to look to know that it was her father and his horse. 


“I assume Horik told you what happened,” Valkyrie said. 


“He did,” Aric replied, “I am sorry for what happened to Ragnar, but he is now in the halls of Valhalla with others of our clan that has fallen during the battle.”


“Father, why was I healed from my wound, a wound that surely would have taken my life?” She asked. 


“When you were born, my daughter, I heard a voice speaking your name 'Valkyrie',” He confessed, “It was then that I knew that you would be a great warrior and lead our clan to countless victories. I knew that you would lead our clan to prosperity. Odin has granted you eternal life to guide our clan for generations.”


Later that night, under the star-filled, dark sky, the entire clan watches as the boats carrying the dead are pushed out into the ocean. Valkyrie, her father, and two younger brothers each sat on their horses watching the coats float away. 


Valkyrie lit the arrow on fire before pulling the string back and firing the arrow. The arrow landed on the boat with Ragnar, catching on fire. Many arrows followed, landing and catching fire on other boats. Valkyrie tried not to cry as the man she loved grew smaller in the distance, but a single tear rolled down her face. 

Valkyrie continued to lead her clan in many victorious battles and began to lead them to prosperity and gave them guidance when her father died a few years after she became immortal. And her brothers now have wives and children, who have grown into young men. Valkyrie had been chieftess for over 40 years before she first felt a strange painful sensation when a woman arrived on her land. A sensation she felt the night she became immortal.


“Who are you?” Valkyrie asked, gritting her teeth in pain, with her sword pointed toward the woman, who had just entered the great hall. The other Vikings in the great hall drew their weapons at the mysterious woman. 


“I am Alecta and I hail from Greece,” The woman replied, “And it would appear that the rumors of an immortal Viking are true.”


“Aye, Odin himself blessed my sister,” Jarl, Valkyrie’s younger brother, spoke.


“Why are you here?” Valkyrie demanded. 


“I came to speak with you, chieftess. I can help you understand who you are,” Alecta replied. 


“How do we know that you are not lying? How do we know you are not the enemy?” Ivar, Valkyrie’s youngest brother, questioned. He stepped closer to the woman as he readied his sword to kill her. 


“Ivar, stand down,” Valkyrie ordered and her brother returned to his seat next to her. 


“That is for your sister and I to discuss,” Alecta told him. 


Valkyrie looked at the woman for a moment, “Everyone leave at once!” She ordered while some obliged others were hesitant to leave their leader. 


“But sister-’ Ivar began. 


“I said leave!” She interrupted him. 


One by one, the Vikings left the great hall on the orders of their leader. When the last two Vikings were leaving the great hall, they closed the doors and the two women were now alone. 


"Now, why do you wish to speak with me?" Valkyrie questioned. 


"I speak with you about who you are," Alecta answered. 


"What do you mean?"


"Perhaps I should be more clear on this matter. I am Alecta, I hail from Greece, and I am immortal," Alecta said. 


"Immortal? Like me?" Valkyrie asked. 


"Yes, we are the same, Valkyrie," She answered, "We are sisters. I was born thousands of years ago in the year 384 B.C. and I have come here to train you."


"Train me?” Valkyrie scoffed, gritting her teeth in pain, “I already know how to fight."


"Fight mortals, yes, but not Immortals, who have spent years, centuries at their craft. And I must teach you both the rules for the Immortals and our rules."


"What do you mean of rules for the Immortals and our rules? What is the difference?" Valkyrie questioned. 


Alecta smiled before explaining, "There is a reason that we were able to sense each one another. We are different from other immortals. We and few others like us are the guardians, protectors of immortals and mortal, and enforcers of the rules. Unlike other immortals, immortals like us can sense others like us and normal immortals, but we can not be sensed by normal immortals. And that only women can become immortals such as us.” 


“And what are the rules?” 


"The rules are that any immortal will not fight on holy ground for that is where we are safe, not even the most despicable immortal would dare break that rule, there can only be one on one duels no two or more immortals may attack another or interfere with an immortal duel, we can kill immortals like us and the others, but the normal immortals can not kill us."


"What happens if they do?" Valkyrie inquired. 


"I can not say that I know for sure, but I heard that one immortal had beheaded one of us and it caused the destruction of an entire civilization, and another had caused something horrific to the immortal. But those are mere rumors, and I doubt any immortal is willing to see if they are true," Alecta answered before noticing Valkyrie’s pain continuing, "The sensation you're feeling is the Quickening. It happens when Immortals meet and it becomes stronger after a beheading. Then the Quickening is when the receiving of all the power and knowledge another immortal has obtained throughout his/her life. When new immortals begin their new life they are assumed a brief grace period in which they are trained and protected by an elder immortal, we must keep our affairs secret from the world, and there can only be one: one immortal like us and one immortal that is not. In support of this rule, we are subject to the effects of the Gathering, which forces us to seek out other immortals until, as I said before, there is only one of each us." 


 Valkyrie stood up from her seat at the table and walked over to the wall that held the tapestry of her father and that adorned tapestries of past chiefs. She held her hand out to touch the tapestry, "Since I became immortal and my father had passed, I have felt as if I was part of something else that the gods had destined for me," She turned around to Alecta, "I believe that this is what they had planned. But another thing has been on my mind since I became immortal and that is why me?"


"Why does the sun come up? Why is the sky blue during the day? Or what is the meaning of life?" Alecta smiled at Valkyrie, "I do not know, except that we were born different. From the dawn of time, we came, moving silently down through the centuries. Living many secret lives, struggling to reach the time of the Gathering, where we will be drawn to a far away place and where the few who remain will battle to the last. That is our story..."


"I'm ready," Valkyrie told her. 


"Then let the training begin,” She said.