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A Time Honored Tradition

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It is a tradition of the Orvo Favonius, where the acting calvary captain will take newly minted knights to one of Mondstadt's finest brothels as a rite of passage.  No one is certain when the tradition started but according to Grandmaster Varka, it may be as old as the founding of the Knights.

This year will be Ser Kaeya Alberich’s 18th year to carry on this tradition. Usually the captain would be ecstatic, adding to the revelry and teasing the hotblooded young knights under his charge in the week leading up to that holy day.

Instead, his second-in-command finds him slumped over his desk with a half empty bottle of dandelion wine in his hand. Crescents of wine stain the reports he was supposed to turn in last night. 

Huffman knocks on the door to rouse him. “Captain? Something wrong?”

His normally quick-witted captain is so slow to respond that Huffman is momentarily concerned the man finally died from alcohol poisoning. His concerns are unfounded however when Kaeya turns his head to the side with a groan.

“Merely devastated that my coin pouch will be much lighter by the end of the week,” he says, voice slightly muffled from his desk.

That is a half-truth, delivered with uncharacteristic transparency. Huffman doesn’t pry, knows better than to if he values his job security. He gently reminds Kaeya to turn in those reports by end of day, and leaves the captain to his anguish.  

Kaeya is devastated, that part is true. Devastated that the rising star of this year’s graduating class of knights, the golden child of Monstadt, Diluc Ragnvindr, will be taking part in this year’s ‘coming of age’ ceremony. 

Kaeya is loathe to admit that his participation took him by surprise. He fully expected the sheltered young lord to be barred from these sorts of extramarital activities, knowing the projected life plan of Monstatd’s nobility. So when Diluc Ragnvindr shyly raised his hand among the 20 other knights in his year, it took every ounce of willpower not to jump on a horse, ride to the Dawn Winery, and strangle the living daylights out of the boy’s father.

No, Kaeya is better than that. And strangulation is a act he prefers to save for his lovers. 

Instead, he moves up his monthly visit to the Dawn Winery by a few days to casually raise the topic to his  dear old friend.

“Would this not ruin the boy’s marriage prospects? It’d break any girl’s heart to learn her betrothed has lain with another.”

To this, Master Crepus laughs. “If any young lady is holding out for her betrothed to be chaste, then I’ll say her family better arrange her with someone half her age.”

They’re hunting wild fowl on the estate grounds, seeing who can shoot more with bow and arrow. Since they were young boys, Master Crepus and Ser Kaeya have been highly competitive. They made a bet out of everything. How many drinks downed. How many lovers bedded. How many boars hunted. Naturally, the loser would treat the winner to a drink. 

Kaeya’s always been the wily one, winning time and time again over his friend. It stands to reason that besting the heir to a winery is the most likely culprit of Kaeya’s current alcoholism. Despite the repeat losses however, Master Crepus hasn’t lost his competitive spirit.

“You’re distracted Alberich. I think I’ve got you now,” Crepus crows, letting an arrow fly and dropping two fowl mid-flight. 

“Not on your life old man,” Kaeya mutters, whipping around and bringing the score to match.

“Old man? I’m but a month older than you!” Crepus urges his hunting dogs on and they tear through the brush, chasing out a squad of partridge.

“And you’ve never let me forget it!” Kaeya flicks his wrist, one, two, three fowl come rolling to a stop. 

Crepus grins at him ruefully, and eyes brightening, hops off his horse. He drops into a crouch and lowers his voice to a whisper.

“It will be a good opportunity for Diluc to bond with his classmates. Plus, it wouldn’t do for a young man’s pride to be left out in the ways of romance. He’d be laughed at by his peers.”

Crepus stills and raises his bow, lets an arrow loose with nary a whisper and in the distance, the body of a deer crumples. 

“Diluc has my blessing. See to it that he enjoys himself,” Crepus says with a grin, clapping his friend on the shoulder. “And I’ll say with confidence I’ve won this one.”

For once, Kaeya doesn’t argue the loss. But he’s never been a man to give up so easily. He decides to take matters into his own hands.

The day of initiation arrives, and the Favonius barracks are a titter with ribald jokes and incessant ribbing. The young knights give it their all in their drills and duties, but as the evening draws near, their energy and motivation turns to nervous anticipation. The older knights running drills that day finally take pity and dismiss them an hour before sundown.

“Which girl are you going to choose?” Adler asks, pulling his breastplate over his head. 

“The blonde one I always see brushing her hair in the Mink’s window. She has the biggest tits I’ve ever seen on a girl,” Otto sighs.

“I like my women soft, someone with a sweet smile,” Porthos admits to the jeers of everyone in the room. He flushes. “Shut up! I know what I like!”

“Still can’t believe the Captain is treating us to the Velvet Mink, thought it’d be slim pickings from what I heard about the Fox’s Hole.”

“How ‘bout you Ragnvindr? Who are you interested in?” 

Diluc startles, not expecting to be addressed. He was sitting in the far corner of the room, hunched over his helmet as if hoping to be forgotten in the excitement. 

“I… haven’t thought about it.” He says, lowering his head to furiously buff the mouthpiece of his helmet.

“Oh come on Luc. Everyone’s thought about it.” Adler says rolling his eyes. “Are you a man or not?”

“He’s probably been promised to someone, a match set by his father,” Porthos pipes in. 

“Can’t say if I’m envious or not, at least you don’t have to worry about dying a virgin unlike Porthosoverher-“ Otto yelps, failing to dodge an empty scabbard thrown at his head.  

Porthos retrieves it and sheathes his sword with a huff. “So, who’s the lucky girl?”

Diluc sets his helm onto the armor stand and bends to inspect his boots. “Father says he’ll start accepting proposals when I turn 18. I haven’t been introduced to anyone yet.”

“Okay, okay. Then if you’re not tied down by any noble girl, then you don’t have to worry about breaking her heart or anything. Here-“ Adler digs out a stack of flyers from the chest at the foot of his bed. “Take a look at what the Velvet Mink’s offering. You don’t want to be left with the ugliest girl after everyone’s taken their pick.”

“Adler, you’d be lucky if the ugliest girl at the Mink even looked your way, have you seen a mirror lately?” Alder launches himself at Otto to a burst of laughter and quickly, Diluc is forgotten.

He sits down on a bench and flips through the flyers. They’re pretty, he supposes, his eyes passing over each face, not really looking. Diluc’s just about to set them on Adler’s bed when he reaches the last girl in the stack. 

Diluc pauses and considers. Then looking around, he quickly folds it into the pocket of his coat and sets the rest on Alder’s sheets.

“Okay you dogs, settle down.” 

The ‘coming of age’ tradition is as time honored for the Orvo Favonius, as it is for the citizens of Monstadt who frequent the pleasure district. It something of a spectacle to watch Ser Kaeya attempt to wrangle a group of twenty rowdy young knights into the foyer of the Velvet Mink, Monstadt’s Finest Brothel.

Finest is probably a stretch as paying for the most premium of what the City of Freedom has to offer would run the calvary captain’s savings dry. The Mink is old fashioned but respectable, a mid-grade establishment with outdated furniture, decent amenities, and middling quality of service. A fair choice given Kaeya’s salary.

In past years, the brothel of choice was something much shabbier but well within his budget. This year, Kaeya managed to secure a discount and upgraded their visit to the Mink (to no one’s complaint). What helps this relationship is the fact the Mink’s employees are all a part of Kaeya’s information network.

“I’ve already spoken to Madame Criss and we’ve arranged a selection of courtesans for your time this evening. Hey! Settle down!” A commotion erupts and stops just as quickly as several knights try to push their way to the front. Kaeya ignores the urge to massage his temples. Other than a thick curtain, the only thing standing between these hotblooded knights and their buxom beauties is his authority as captain. 

“There’s no use shoving. You’re going in order of the lots you chose. Swan, you’re up.” A bespeckled young man looks every bit peevish and excited to be first, stumbles through the curtain. “Make your selection quick or face the wrath of your classmates.” 

“Please don’t pick Mary. Please no one pick Mary.” Adler prays under his breath as one by one, the room empties.

“Keep that up and I’ll pick her just to spite you.” Otto whispers back.

“Don’t you dare.”

Otto instead gives a cheeky wave when he is called to the other room. 

“Ugh, that guy. I swear if he picks her just to piss me off, I might just run him through during practice tomorrow.” Adler mutters. “Diluc?”

“Hm?” Diluc startles.

“You’re really out of it today, you okay?”

“I- yes. Just anxious is all.”

“Hey it’s okay! As much as everyone’s been boasting, we’re all a little nervous. It’s everyones… well, most of our first times. The captain says he picked ones who know how to handle first timers. You’ll be fine even if you don’t know what to do.”

At Diluc’s forlorn expression, Adler backpedals. “Not to say you don’t know what to do. I mean.”

Silence hangs between them. “So… did you take a look at those flyers? See anyone you like?”

Diluc’s hand twitches to his lapel but before he’s able to say anything, Kaeya barks at them.

“Adler you’re up. If you keep dawdling, you’ll be sleeping with a corpse.”

Adler flushes and stammers an apology. Kaeya laughs and slaps him on the back. “I jest, I jest. Since it’s just the two of you left, feel free to take your time. I actually need a word with Diluc. Tell whoever’s left over to give us a minute.” 

Adler nods and flashes Diluc a nervous smile and with his exit, only Kaeya and Diluc remain.

“So,” Kaeya says lightly, “what’s this I hear about a flyer?” He sidles up to Diluc, noting how the tips of his ears pink as he nears.

“I-“ Before Diluc is able to do anything, Kaeya swiftly plucks the flyer poking out his coat lapel. The movement is so quick, Diluc doesn’t register what’s happened until Kaeya is whistling low and and appreciatively at the flyer he’s unfolded.

“Well, well, you certainly are unexpected Master Diluc.” 

The girl Diluc has selected is, unfortunately, not one of the options Kaeya provided for this evening. Her price for one, was out of range for the captain’s modest salary. And two, she wasn’t yet on his informant payroll. The Mink had recently acquired fresh new talent from Sumeru. Trained in the art of bellydancing as well being as a skilled chess player, the girl was a popular pick for clientele with more refined tastes. 

Interesting that Diluc would go for someone with these qualities. Or maybe not, considering his future was tied to Monstadt’s limited pool of eligible young noble women.

Kaeya peers over at  Diluc who looks like he’s about to sink into the floor. How cute. The mortification merely adds another degree to the grin plastered on Kaeya’s face. He decides to prod him.

“So tell me, what about this girl do you like? If I had known you had a type, I would’ve picked someone closer to your… specifications.”

Diluc turns red, refuses to look at him. Kaeya drops his gaze to his mouth, the boy worrying his bottom lip with his teeth, finding the words. Adorable. Kaeya leans in closer to him, voice dropping conspiratorially. 

“It’s not too late. As long as you keep it a secret from the others, I wouldn’t mind spending a little extra coin for you.”

Diluc swallows, his Adam’s apple bobbing. Kaeya wonders what it’d feel like to press his lips against it as he swallows.

“Captain?” Diluc says it so quietly Kaeya almost doesn’t hear it above the din of soft laughter coming from the other rooms. “Do- do I have to participate?”

Kaeya’s pulse quickens. Conversationally, he responds, “Oh? Not feeling up to it tonight?”

Diluc looks up at him with a pleading, guilt-wracked expression that makes Kaeya’s heart beat faster. “I’m not- I don’t-” He fidgets on the spot. Kaeya gives him the time to work through his words. “I don’t wish to give myself to a stranger,” he admits, shoulders curling inwards.

Diluc looks ashamed to say it. In an even smaller voice, he says, “Please don’t tell my father.”

Kaeya is thrilled but betrays nothing on his face, plays the part of an understanding superior. “Of course. But, what will you do the rest of the evening? Outside the obvious, there isn’t much to do here except drink.”

Diluc steels himself, then with as much courage as he can muster, looks up beseechingly at Kaeya.

“Captain, if it’s not too much trouble, could I stay with you?”

The mechanisms in Kaeya’s brain that forever spin his web of plans grinds to a halt. He hears himself say, “Of course, I’ll ask the Madame to arrange a room for us.”

Diluc’s shoulders drop in relief. “It’ll only be for a few hours, just enough to convince my father I… um… did the deed. I’ll tell him I wished to sleep in my own bed and left early.


“Are you sure it isn’t too much trouble? I don’t want to keep you from-“ Diluc gestures to the walls. 

“It’s no problem at all,” Kaeya says with the calmness of a cracking glacier.

He gives a quick word to the Madame, telling them to not wait up. He had gone through such great lengths to arrange what would’ve been the most disappointing sexual encounter in young Diluc’s life. From rigging the lots so Diluc would go last, to changing the brothel at the very last minute, Kaeya spared no effort in his plan to prevent Diluc’s deflowering.

They’re lead into a tea room courtesans use to entertain guests before leading them to bed. It’s furnished with a couch, some small tables, and an upright piano. The room has been recently used, wine glasses and other bits and bobs left here and there.

Diluc sits down on the far end of the couch, back straight, feet planted firmly on the carpet, the movement trained into him. Kaeya sinks into the other end much more languidly, body stretched over half the couch. He crosses his legs, the tip of his boot nearly touching Diluc’s knee. The closeness doesn’t go missed as Diluc shifts his leg away.

Neither of them speak, with only the ticking of the grandfather clock to break the peace. Kaeya glances at the time and estimates he has an hour to work with. He waits a minute longer, lets the suspense work its way into Diluc, then with the casualness of someone enquiring about the weather, he asks.

“Your father’s bound to ask you questions about your first night. Do you have a story prepared?” 

“A… story?” Diluc looks alarmed.

“Yes. You know, what you did, what she did. I’ll bet he’ll ask as politely as he can but knowing him as long as I do… well. Best to have a story. And if not him, then the other knights will want to hear details.”

“Um. I haven’t prepared anything like that.”

There’s a pause. Kaeya doesn’t need to look over to sense the panic setting in. He counts down in his head, waiting for Diluc to break the silence.

“Captain, what should I do?”

“Referencing off your fantasies would be a good place to start,” Kaeya says as if he’s had this conversation a million times. “And remember to keep your names straight. Can’t count the number of times I’ve seen men thrown out by their mistresses for calling them by the wrong name.”

“I’ve never…thought about that before.”

“Well of course you wouldn’t, you don’t seem like the type to cheat.”

“No, not that. I mean. I’ve never fantasized about them before.”


“Not with, um.” He draws an hourglass shape in the air with his hands.

Oh, young Diluc will be the death of him.

“Captain, you’re… experienced in these matters, are you not?” 

Kaeya keeps his voice steady, picks at an errant thread on the couch to keep himself from doing anything impulsive. “You can say that I am. It comes with my line of work.”

“Would you be willing to give me some pointers?” Diluc realizes what he says, eyes widening in mortification. “I mean, just to help me. Illustrate my story.”

Kaeya hides a grin and turns to face him, fingers steeped. “What would you like to know?”

It takes a moment for Diluc to answer. His face is bright red. “How do girls feel? What do they look like… down there?”

Kaeya tilts his head in thought. “Well, the women of the sensual arts are generally softer than you or I. Though if it’s strength you’re interested in, Madame Criss has a selection of girls who could easily throw you around.”

Kaeya smiles at him. “Is that what you like?”

Diluc glances down in embarrassment, chewing his lip.


Kaeya grabs his hands and places them on his sides. Diluc reflexively twitches in his grasp but doesn’t pull away. He holds Kaeya stiffly, unsure of what to do. 

“They tend to be narrower at the waist and pleasing to hold. Well, I’ve been told I’m quite slender here but I digress.” Diluc nods an affirmative, unable to meet his gaze.

“If you were to hold her closer to her breasts,” Kaeya guides his hands up close to the warmth of his underarms, “they’re softer here where the breast tissue will spill.” He grabs his hands and pushes into the meat of his pecs. “Have you ever wondered how they feel?”

Diluc shakes his head. Ah, what a pure kid. “Breasts come in different shapes and sizes. Small, voluminous, fun to grab.” He begins to use Dilucs hands to massage his chest, his palms glide over a stiff nipple and Diluc gasps. 

Kaeya stifles a moan, peers down at Diluc with half lidded eyes. “Have you ever played with yourself here?”

“What?” Diluc is barely able to think with Kaeya continuing to move his hands about his chest.

“Your nipples. You know, for some, they’re an erogenous zone. You can pinch and pull them. Your imaginary lady friend, does she like being toyed with here?” 

“I-I don’t know.”

Kaeya smirks. “Why don’t you give it a try.” He releases Diluc’s hands to loosen his shirt from his waist belt.

Diluc crosses his arms, tucking his hands under his armpits as if to physically retrain himself from touching. “I can’t. I’m sorry Captain. This feels wrong.”

Kaeya cants his head, absentmindedly brushing over his chest with his hand. The way Diluc’s eyes track the movement does not escape him. “No need to be so formal, you can address me by my name in private Diluc. Didn’t you used to call me Uncle Kae when you were young? I miss that.”

“I don’t want to be treated differently from the other knights,” Diluc says, unable to tear his eyes away from Kaeya rolling his nipple with a finger.

“I try not to play favorites,” Kaeya agrees, “but in private, I don’t see any reason not to. I’m your godfather after all. We’re practically family.”

“Well, I suppose if it’s just us, I can. But regardless, I can’t… touch you like that,” Diluc finally looks away and uncrosses his arms to grip his knees shamefully.

Kaeya extricates his hand from the dip in his shirt and rests it along the back of the couch. “You’re a good kid Diluc.”

Diluc’s heart drops. Kid? Is that what the captain thought of him? Diluc feels ashamed, he had been doing so well up until now and he had to open his mouth and disappoint him.

“You can demonstrate on me, if you’d please. I can handle that.”

Kaeya looks at him seriously. “Are you sure Diluc? I wouldn’t want to make you uncomfortable.”

“I’m sure!” Diluc leans in closer, chasing after his approval. “I- ah!” Diluc whimpers at the feeling of rough fingers thumbing him through the thin front of his shirt. 

“Hm? What did I tell you to call me?” He leans closer. “It’s just the two of us, remember?” He rolls a nipple between two fingers, pulls Diluc’s shirt from his belt with the other. 

“U-Uncle Kae!” Diluc stammers, red faced and shaking. He doesn’t know where to put his hands so Kaeya grabs them and puts them on his hips. 

“The Minks’ girls are quite experienced,” he murmurs, not really listening, “even if you’re green and trembling, they know just where to tease.”

He drags his palm up Diluc’s feverish torso, brushes over the other nipple with a cool finger hardening the nub. “Like so.”

“O-oh.” Diluc curls away from the contact but doesn’t push Kaeya away, keeps himself anchored at arm’s length.

“How does that feel?”

“…Good.” He says with his eyes closed, mouth tight with restraint. 

Diluc is nearly lain flat on the couch at this point, unable to keep his posture. It’s overwhelming. The feeling of rough hands covering the expanse of his chest. Groping. Teasing. Something overwhelming overtakes him, a heat he’s afraid to confront. He doesn’t want to embarrass himself. 

Diluc finally peeks one eye open when Kaeya momentarily pauses in his assault.“Uncle Kae? On second thought, I think I should be the one to do this.” 

Kaeya blinks. “Ah, of course. I simply wanted you to experience what it’s like to be on the receiving end to… get a fuller picture of the experience.” He sits back and pulls Diluc to a seated position as well. 

“What else would you like to know?” Kaeya says roughly, leaning against the backrest of the couch.

Diluc looks down, suddenly coy. “Well, there’s also kissing right? Shouldn’t I know how to do that?” 

Kaeya swallows. He thinks he sounds hoarse when he responds. “Right you are. Have you ever imagined yourself kissing anyone?”

Diluc averts his eyes. “In a matter of speaking, yes.” He doesn’t see Kaeya licks his lips. 

He must restrain himself but DIluc makes it so hard sometimes.

An idea pops into mind. Leaning back, he swipes a tube of rouge from a side table one of the courtesans must’ve left behind. He twists the tube and gestures at Diluc to come closer.

“A detail you won’t want to miss out is how she tastes. Each girl who works here wears a different shade and flavor of lip wax.” Kaeya dabs a little to the tip of his index and grabbing Diluc’s chin, he dabs the color to Diluc’s lips. It looks rather fetching, the soft peachy pink going well with his fair complexion. “Here, taste.” 

Diluc’s tongue darts out and runs over the rouge. “It tastes flowery. I’m not sure if I recognize it.”

He watches Kaeya licks the remaining pink off his finger. “This must be Ophelia’s rouge. Honeydew and Cala Lilies I believe. But enough of that, I’m here to teach you how a woman feels.”

Kaeya takes the tube and with two strokes, paints the approximation of a pair of lips on the back of his fingers. Holds it out to Diluc. He thinks he might’ve seen a flash of disappointment flit across the boy’s face. 

“You’ll want to moisten your lips, no one likes kissing dried, chapped skin.” Diluc licks them, sucks his plump bottom lip to wet them. “Good boy, now show me.”

Diluc turns pink at the praise and hesitates for just a second, then, with a bit of boldness, grabs ahold of Kaeya’s hand like he would cup the face of a maiden, and brings them to his face.

Diluc’s lips are soft, small, but plump. He places a chaste kiss against the joints of his fingers, then rubs them against the rouge. He pulls back, looking at Kaeya as if for feedback.

“That was good. A perfect kiss from Prince Charming,” Kaeya says with a lopsided grin. His gaze darkens, “But you’re not here to be Prince Charming are you? You want to be someone else.” Diluc’s lips are deliciously pink, Kaeya want to close the distance between them and lick them clean. 

Instead, he busies himself with reapplying the rouge. “Again. This time, don’t be afraid to open your mouth and use your tongue.” Diluc’s mouth drops open just a sliver and Kaeya presses his fingers to them, spreads them open. “Lick,” he commands.

Diluc’s eyes flutter shut and he tentatively flick a tongue out, touching Kaeya’s index. “More.”

Diluc, ever the model student, furrows his eyes in concentration and lathers his digits. “That’s it, you’re doing so well. Now, what will you do if she were to do this?” Kaeya presses his thumb into Diluc’s mouth, rubs the wet softness of his cheek. 

Diluc catches on and sucks at the invading digit, licks and pushes back with his tongue. He’s good at everything he does, Kaeya thinks and pulls his thumb away.

The boy nearly chases after his thumb, how adorable. He stops himself and looks up at Kaeya, wet lipped and blushing. The image goes straight to Kaeya’s cock. 

“Very good, you’re a quick learner,” Kaeya says, capping the rouge and Diluc smiles as the praise. “I think you’re ready to move onto the next lesson.”

Diluc shifts in his seat and Kaeya realizes he’s hard as well. “Keep your clothes on,” Kaeya says roughly as he shrugs off his heavy vest, stuffs it under his hips and lies down. “For this last piece, I’ll need you to lay on top of me.”

Emboldened by the praise, Diluc doesn’t hesitate to place his hands on Kaeya’s chest. Kaeya grabs his hips and tugs them to seat him on his abdomen. With one hand, he gently brings Diluc’s head down close to him. In a low voice, Kaeya says, “Now, you’re going to have to use your imagination, seeing as I lack some of the necessary anatomy for the next part in the story.”

“She’ll have shed her clothes by now, and helped you out of your trousers. Now, this next part is important. You’re going to need to make sure she’s ready for you. Which means,” Kaeya stretches above him and snags a vial from the nightstand drawer, “both of you need to be wet enough.” With his teeth, he pulls off his gloves and pours out a healthy amount onto his palm. Then grabbing Diluc’s hands, rubs the viscous fluid through their fingers. 

“It’s slimy.”

“It’s your best friend.”

“You’re going to get yourself nice and wet,” Kaeya rumbles taking one of Diluc’s hands and stroking the length of it, “Don’t be stingy with the lubricant. And then, you’re going to guide yourself into her.”

“Into her?”

“Yes, she’ll be there to help you. It’s her job.” 

“Then what do I do?”

Kaeya wipes his hands on the couch and grabs his hips, raising them off his stomach and then in one swift motion, pull his hips forward. Kaeya stifles a moan but DIluc gasps, feeing his hardness trapped between this thighs. “You’ll do that and rinse and repeat. The motion will come naturally to you.”

“When do I stop?”

“When do you-? You stop when you release.” 


Kaeya blinks. Slowly sits himself up while keeping Diluc from toppling off. “Don’t tell me… you’ve never brought yourself off?” He could feel his hardness against his lap, feel the heat radiating off of the boy.

“I’ve gotten hard in the mornings sometimes!”

“What do you do then?”

“I wait for it to go away. Or I take a cool bath.”

Kaeya groans. This kid is going to kill him, if not, then at least land him in jail for what he’s been restraining himself from doing all night. 

Diluc chews his lip. “Did I say something wrong?”

“No, no you’re perfect. Did your father never teach you?”

“He’s always been busy. And I was too embarrassed to go to him like this.”

Crepus, oh Crepus. If Kaeya were his father, he would’ve taken him a long time ago. Visited him in his bedroom every night to mold him to his body.

This wasn’t the time for fantasizing with the subject of his obsessions right in front of him. But he would definitely tuck this piece of information away for use later. 

“Sometimes, I feel like I’m close to losing control. It’s uncomfortable.” He pulls at the hem of his shirt, trying to hide his erection.

Kaeya brushes a few locks of Diluc’s hair from his face, cups his cheek fondly. “That’s not a bad thing, to lose control. You’ll feel better afterwards.”

Diluc clambers off his lap and sits back on the couch. Kaeya lets him. Any longer and he might do something reckless. He glances at the front of the boy’s trousers.

Kaeya is tempted to finish him off but now isn’t the time. He’s still too skittish and likely to tell his father if something feels wrong. Kaeya just needed a little more time, a little more trust from the boy to make this work. He clears his throat.

“In any case, I think you’ve gotten the gist of it. I have faith in you to convince old Crepus with what you’ve learned.”

Kaeya crosses his legs and tosses the lube back into the drawer. “You best be getting home now. And I expect to hear how it went next morning,” he says, eyes twinkling.

Diluc almost looks reluctant to depart but after righting his clothing, he salutes and exits the room. Still too formal but he’ll be broken out of that habit with time.

After a minute or two, Madame Criss pops her head into the door.

“Ser Kaeya, will you be needing Elizabeth’s services this evening? I saw the young lord leave.”

“Change of plans, Madame, have her sent to my regular room and have her attend to me. Here’s payment, as promised.” After the Madame excuses herself, skirts heavier with coin, Kaeya grabs a bottle of opened wine off the table and takes a swig.

He allowed Diluc to walk out of these doors unblemished and pure as snow, but Kaeya couldn’t promise he’d remain unsullied the next time. Elizabeth would be enough to sate his lusts for the time being but eventually, he would make his Diluc his.

Diluc manages three steps out of the room before rushing down the hall to the lavatories and collapsing into a stall. He yanks his trousers down and feverishly works himself to completion. It doesn’t take long, he bites the back of his sleeve to muffle a shout. His cum splatters against the door and he twitches in his grip in the aftershock of his orgasm. 

Diluc stays slumped against the door, panting openmouthed like a debauched whore. Cum keeps leaking from the tip in small spurts, his hips can’t stop canting into his hand, milking himself for all he’s worth. 

Diluc doesn’t know how long he’s spent in there before he finally lifts his head away from the door, hair sticking to sweat damp face. He realizes he cried at some point when he touches tears at the corners of his eyes. He looks like mess. Diluc looks down at his palm sticky with spent. A lot came out. 

Taking a moment to center himself, Diluc thinks. He weaves a story in his mind, the shapes and features of the person he spent the night with. The feelings, the sensations, the blankness of ecstasy at the moment of release. The one thing the captain failed to educate him on. 

But now Diluc knows and he hates himself more for it.